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To all our newbies (and oldies too) - do you want to play a game?

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  • To all our newbies (and oldies too) - do you want to play a game?


    one of the things we regularly do on this board besides discussing the show, sharing pics and news, and chatting, in general, is playing games. Everyone is very welcome to join our games.

    At the moment we are playing the BtVS and the AtS best number episode game. The concept is quite simple even if it might look confusing at first (it took me a while to understand it). The no. 1 episode of each season are pitted against each other. They all get a certain amount of points to start with and in turns, we take away points from one episode and give it to another episode. In the end, we have a winner for the no. 1 episodes and move on to the no. 2 episodes. It's only played for fun, there is no deeper meaning behind it but we often discuss aspects of an episode while we are at it.

    We also have ongoing games that don'T really end but sometimes go on a hiatus. Name 5 movies that is one of those ongoing games that is currently active.

    You can find all games in the subforum Games but I am going to link the ones that are active at the moment for you to easier find them.

    We are always happy to see new people joining the game!


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