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    That's an interesting link, I've made a note and will look at it next time I watch through. I've honestly found something to tie between all chronologically consecutive episodes of the two shows all the way through BtVS 4, 5, and 6 just watching them one each every time. At a glance the way they have sometimes matched two eps of one show it just changes which order they are watched, not really the ones that follow each other between the two shows. So, taking S6/3 as an example, you would still see say AtW/Billy, OMWF/Offspring, TR/Quickening, Smashed/Lullaby, Wrecked/Dad, Gone/Birthday, Provider/Doublemeat, WitW/Dead Things, OaFA/Couplet, Loyalty/AYW, Sleep Tight/Hell's Bells, Normal Again/Forgiving, it is just which you watch first might switch here and there. But then it falls a little in placing Double or Nothing and The Price before Entropy. The progression to where they have gotten to in Seeing Red and the significance of the past on the present in The Price work well together, but that way you would have Entropy and A New World before Seeing Red. But there are a lot of common themes present so it's totally possible slight shifts in sequence probably still bear fruit, so to speak, just different ones possibly.

    Just watching an episode each time really wouldn't work for 7&4 though, not just to tie the crossovers, but to meet big points of thematic ties within them I think. Unsurprisingly, at a glance, that suggested order meets those I've noticed following the air dates too. I just feel like I have lost the story of BtVS a little in watching it with these gaps this time to tie the two shows. I don't feel as engaged with the characters and what they are going through as much as I have before because of the breaks in the flow sometimes meaning there are a couple of weeks between eps. I really have enjoyed watching the two shows together overall though and I think I'll do it again the next time I watch BtVS through. But I'll probably just watch in quicker succession when I get to S7/4 rather than watching two eps once a week, like I have been with my relative.


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      I quite like what I call Buffy+ too , where you cherry pick what Angel crossovers you fancy ...and finish with season 5 . That way you can skip whatever you find annoying . A good way to focus in on favoured characters too . Been meaning to do a 'WesleyWatch' for years .

      My 'problem' with Angel is I don't like the 'big' story arcs that much .I love a good apocalypse ...but Darla, Holzt, Connor , 'dark' Angel and others , were all big arcs I could have lived without . Episode by episode , I still love the show . It's just the big picture can be a bit bleak .


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        It is bleak but I'm a total stickler for watching chronologically, I know a lot of people like to dip in and out for favourite bits but it is the entire paths for the characters across both shows that I love the most, so I don't skip anything. Even the bits I'm tempted to.

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        Yeah I can't cherry pick individual beloved episodes to watch willy-nilly like some fans either . I get to watch my favourites once per viewing . This is probably where my Wesleywatch falls down . The notion of starting in season 3 is alien to me . I used to skip Restless a fair bit though .