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User Settings - DST changes to make

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  • Stoney
    The posts per page has now been set to be the site default so it shouldn't be necessary to make individual setting changes for this any longer.

    I've removed the note about the posts per page settings change but kept note of it here under the spoiler in case I need to refer back.
    Posts per page setting
    Just to emphasise the recent fix found to help improve speed and regain access to the threads that wouldn't open, we recommend that members change the number of posts set to load on each page.

    In the top right corner, click the down arrow after your username and select "User Settings"
    Then select the tab "Account"
    Under the heading "Conversation detail option" change the "Posts per page" (I opted for 20 per page)
    Don't forget to "Save changes" at the bottom right.

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  • Stoney
    started a topic User Settings - DST changes to make

    User Settings - DST changes to make

    *Updated to remove the previous items that are fixed.*

    Time settings
    If you haven't already done this, then under 'Account' in your user settings tab you can find the time settings. If anyone is seeing the incorrect time please turn your setting to DST off and then switch this when daylight saving changes to on. The automatic detection isn't working. Don't forget to "Save changes" at the bottom right.

    **If anyone has any other problems please let me know in the New Forum Glitches/Report Problem thread.**

    Thanks everyone.