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  • Legacies VS Buffy

    Which did it better?

    Watching Legacies, there is absolutely no need for a Buffy TV reboot while this show is on the scene. It is so similar to Buffy, but for a 2020 teen audience. Who's seen it? I'm only on season 2, but its my preferred out of the TVD spin offs.

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    I only get Sky and when Legacies first started it wasn't available so I haven't seen it.


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      I've not seen it either, but I'd like to know why it's like Buffy? Would I have to have seen all the other Vampire Diaries shows to understand what was happening here?


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        Legacies stands well on its own but does reference the other shows in it's 'verse. You would not have to see The Vampire Diaries or The Originals to understand Legacies. It ensures the audience knows exactly what and where each character comes from. It has a bit of a Harry Potter vibe set in a school for magical beings, mixing a bunch of the supernatural elements into a cute tv show for teens. It is not as shallow as it seems, funny, quirky and interesting. Having such a solid universe to build on means the lore is more consistent than Buffy and the range of good demons enhances the show for use of the flashy magic fun. It is much lighter than the other shows within its universe, aimed at a younger audience.

        Some of the monsters of the week are near on identical to Buffy, especially in season 1.(I could list them if you want but it may be spoilerish). Season 2 ups the humour and seriousness of the whole situation, addressing a range of teen problems and general life lessons for a young audience. The step from season 1 to season 2 is very similar to that of Buffy, the first season being more centred on the monsters, while the second centred on the relationships of the characters and the power of self. Not an episodes passes without some sort of teen advice, yet it does not come across as preachy. Just a fun show to watch.

        It is easy to see where they gain their inspiration from. The dynamic between the principal and the protagonist is akin to the watcher and slayer. Alexis Denisolf even stars in season 2. The main characters are updated to be more appealing to todays social climate, but they have not lost the chosen family vibe. Season 2 was laugh out loud funny, while also being incredibly serious with their own Black Willow storyline, and a little Once Upon a Time thrown in.

        I really hope to see this series continue and its fanbase grow. It is the Buffy 2.0 I didn't know I needed.


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          You make it sound really great. If i get a chance I'll definitely watch.

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        Wonderful description, Quake, regarding "Legacies." I think you are quite accurate and I think that people who haven't seen it may enjoy the intricacies between ideas of fate and destiny, as well, that make for this kind of "X-men" school.

        As for "consistency"-I rather admire the ?simplistic' take of season 1 regarding "vampires" and slaying: ?it's like falling off a log?' in which the discovery of "absolute evil" and "absolute good" were ?givens' in the world. After all, without learning to the subtleties of evil's ?face,' Buffy never would have allowed Angel or Spike to exist, nor to determine how difficult and how much evil would come from the many species of monsters, (not to mention one's own "inner demons" of weakness, fear, ignorance, bias, vengeance, impatience, etc; but how one's own learning and strength to even fight also had to be developed, while maintaining one's humanity and compassion for the self and those close, and those who one will "never know" and are indeed "the world."

        For example, I appreciated that Willow was not just some "presto" spell girl. She had to gain knowledge, focal energy and make spells that actually had consequences to her. She would near faint in the expenditure, for example. Just sayin' I will always choose Buffy first among all these ?supernatural' "journey tales."

        And yes, I do watch "Legacies" and also understand that I am not the "same age" as the protagonist(s), as when I was so "wowed" by Buffy. (I didn't like "Vampire Diaries," even though I "followed some of it," and ?wished it would just die, already." Too much like "Bad" Buffy. I preferred ?Laura Mars.' However, I thought "The Originals" was a huge hoot. Some of this I got on DVDs for the Binge. Hee hee.

        Did anyone survive every single episode of 'Supernatural?" I am aware there is a thread for this show, and I just think we have to speak to "fan loyalty" that makes room for all of us to "find that "more" within a show. AFterall, humans may be complicated, but we also exhibit "patterns" that help give us grounding and reference through time.


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          I never saw the end of TVD nor The Originals, but both played to the audience trends at the time, rather cleverly, taking the ideas that work and making them... Prettier. Legacies does the same thing. Fans of the genre are calling for a Buffy reboot and here's a show that basically does it (although perhaps for a slightly younger audience, we'll see where it goes as it grows). I get what you mean about fan loyalty and I hope Legacies expands passed that alone, as it is a lot of fun to watch. Some supernatural shows have lost that sort of lovely life lesson lightness and humour. Legacies is what I would expect from a Buffy series set in 2020. Especially after seeing the rebooted Charmed with the sort of characters and customs expected from todays teen audience. It would suck if people didn't give Legacies a go, or put others off it simply because they didn't enjoy TVD storylines. Fandom snobbery.

          The loyalty has worked throughout the superhero scene, DC combines its worlds as a fan service and seems quite successful. I have not seen much of it but am enjoying Legends of Tomorrow right now without being familiar with its source material. Supernatural was carried by the boys and it is doubtful any spin off would have been as successful without them, beyond loyal superfans. The 100 is probably counting on loyalty to get its spin off going (another world with so much more to explore). I don't think it is a bad thing to expand on the stories that have proven popular, even if they aren't the best we've ever seen. I love having an abundance of supernatural shows, they don't all have to be top notch in order to be enjoyable escapism.

          Your point on Willow also applies, almost exactly, to Josie. Her use of black magic has consequence, not just for her. Both the Wolves and the Vampires struggle with their dark urges and powers, and Hope has all 3 to contend with. The Necromancer is quite similar to Spike, superficially, I picked him as a fan fave from the get go. It isn't going to connect with OG Buffy fans on the level Buffy did, but it might really click with the kids of Buffy fans. Buffy was the first of the genre to hook me, and without it I would have missed a lot of good tv, Legacies may act as that same sort of "gateway show" for teens today. I hope some Buffy fans will also give it a go, even if only to decide who did it better. I don't expect hard core fans to ever "switch sides" nor would I, but personally, I am pleased to have new content to watch and others with the same taste might enjoy making the comparison too


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            I hate to say it but I tried watching it. Alexis Denisoff is on it this season. I just couldn't make it through. I did like some characters but it falls flat for me.
            Can we agree that the writers made everyone do and say everything with a thought to getting good ratings and being renewed. This includes everything we love as well as everything we hate.