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Planned Supernatural prequel surprises major cast member who was not included

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  • Planned Supernatural prequel surprises major cast member who was not included

    I haven't watched Supernatural, but I thought this story was interesting.

    Last week, Jensen made the announcement that he was developing a prequel show named The Winchesters. The prequel show would revolve around John and Mary Winchester and be told from Dean's perspective, with Jensen returning as the narrator.

    The news took Jensen's co-star Jared Padalecki by surprise, and he tweeted that he was "bummed" and "gutted" to have no involvement in the project.

    Eric responded to the situation by admitting that he incorrectly assumed Jared knew about the spin-off.

    He had earlier tweeted that he "loved" the concept of the show and described Jensen, Danneel Ackles, and Supernatural producer Robbie Thompson as "the perfect people to make it".

    "Guys. When I wrote this, I assumed Jared knew. I was wrong," he wrote in a now-deleted tweet. "I already apologized to him & @jarpad & @JensenAckles worked it out. I love them both like brothers, both equally contributed to #SPN.

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    After that many seasons I can understand why the actor felt gutted by being left out and not talked to before the announcement. It's horrible though that there was any need, or he felt there was any need, to ask people to not send threats because of it!

    On a tangent, I was pleased to see there was a complete box set. When that drops in price a little I'll definitely get it and finally watch the show which I'm 99.8% unspoiled for.


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      Yeah that set the fandom for that show on fire a bit. The show has one of the most passionate fanbases around. A bit of a breakdown for those not in the know:

      Jensen and Jared our are main leads. While there's been doubts as to how close they "really" are in real life; they were at each other's weddings, their kids supposedly call the other one Uncle Jensen or Uncle Jared etc. I do actually believe they are personally close. They both live in Texas and in the before pandemic times would apparently fly home to their families almost every weekend from Vancouver where the show was filmed.

      The show ended after 15 seasons and a delay thanks to the pandemic in late 2020. It's one of the Warner's/The CW's most popular shows. Even as it was ending there was a sense that it was only "for now." A lot of the crew were long haulers as well and they've stated many times over the years how much they all enjoy working on it.

      Jared actually met his wife Genevieve through the show, she played a demon named Ruby. The show went meta with this in a Season 6 episode The French Mistake. The entire episode is the characters Sam and Dean being pulled into an alternate world where they are actors Jared and Jensen on the show Supernatural; that doesn't even film in America!

      Jensen's wife Danneel also appeared on the show a few times in later seasons as Sister Jo/Anael, an angel. The final season even had a flashback episode about Ruby and Anael.

      After the show ended, Jared went straight to the lead role on Walker on The CW, this time he got to stay in Texas. Jensen's currently going to appear on Season 3 of Amazon's The Boys in Toronto, another show by Eric Kripke, creator of Supernatural. Jensen's company is working with Warner/The CW for this. While Jared is still on The CW too, Walker is technically owned by CBS. CBS and Warner share 50/50 of The CW.

      Now, narration can be done anywhere in the world. Most people agree Jared had a right to be upset. But he also had his own deleted tweet at the guy who also worked on Supernatural and will be involved with the prequel, calling him a coward. Some people didn't like that, nor Jared sending the Twitter mob after Jensen for this. Any personal conflict could have been handled privately without bringing the mob into it. And for all we know Jensen could have been under an NDA before the official announcement.

      Misha Collins who played the angel Castiel from Seasons 4-15 and is for all intent and purposes the third lead had a much more measured, slightly tongue-in-cheek twitter response, while still signaling he'd be interested too if possible.

      The next day Jared tweeted out not to send hate. Shortly after that he stayed he had a private, productive call with Jensen. Jensen then tweeted about bumps in the road but still being brothers. it also sounds like this is in super early stages with not even a proper script finished yet.

      While Eric Kripke is the original creator, he hasn't been involved since Season 5. He must still have some of the rights though to hear about this attempted new spinoff. This is the third attempt. The first one "Bloodlines" had no real support in the fandom since it was all new characters and setting. The second attempt Wayward Sisters was the exact opposite. The idea kicked around a few years in the fandom because the setup with established supporting characters was there; and had the actors support and a real movement in the fandom. It had a backdoor pilot episode. The CW still didn't pick them one up. They didn't consider it strong enough, and it was also the year the new Charmed and Legacies were picked up so the fandom thinks maybe they didn't want another female led supernatural show/spinoff. The CW President said at the time, maybe the magic of Supernatural was just with Sam and Dean.

      Mild Supernatural spoilers from this point:

      Now as for this prequel concept, fan response is mixed, if cautiously excited at new content. Some feel there were better options even for a prequel. Some don't like the idea because John was a poor, neglectful father that some argue was abusive in some ways. Mary died before the main story began, but did get brought back for 3 of the later seasons. People have mixed feelings on her character as well. The 200th episode where John came back for a day and Sam and Dean actually got to be with both of their parents for a little while since Dean was 5 years old and Sam was a baby was beloved though. Backstory/lore-wise they'll probably have to retcon some things. We've already seen John and Mary's major relationship points in the other show, in part due to time travel. it also establishes John didn't know about the supernatural at all until Mary's death. It's also established most of Mary's hunting career was comparatively lower monster-of-the-week type cases versus what her sons and husband would face later so there's a few creative hurdles. Some thought it could be about Mary in flashbacks and John after her death in the "main" story but that doesn't work with the love story angle. Which, by the way we know largely only happened in the first place because cosmic forces pushed them together so Sam and Dean were born. So a lot of complications with the idea itself.
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