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  • Thoughts on season 4

    Just finished season 4 the day before yesterday and all in all, I?m pleased. There were some stuff that didn?t sit right with me and the season had a lot of unfulfilled potential but I?m happy with the season and will return with season five. Oh, and much better than season three.

    What I didn?t like:
    Eric/Sookie love fest. I found it nauseating and I don?t buy for a second that Sookie is already in love with him in the span of two or three episodes. Also, they had cheesy dialogue.
    Andy and Arlene. God, those are boring characters! And the baby plot was weird especially its resolution.
    Tara. I still dislike her.
    Lafayette possessed by Marnie in the finale felt weird and uncomfortable and the scene in the cemetery was again cheesy.

    What I did like:
    The witch storyline and Marnie was very interesting, although it had more potential to go beyond.
    Jessica and Bill, Jason, Nan, Pam.
    Jesus was very interesting this season.
    Bill as King is super interesting as well as Bill as a solo character.
    I actually liked Sam?s story, and Luna.
    Very strong beginning

    From what I read, most fans were disappointed with the season. I?m gonna say why I wasn?t disappointed. I was pretty disenchanted with season three, so my expectations towards the fourth season were pretty low and even as I began to like it, I was always fearful that they might screw up.
    They did screw some stuff up but I was surprised to find out that I really liked the season.