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    I'm currently watching the fantasy police procedural 'The Watch', inspired by Terry Pratchett's Discworld characters in the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. It was originally released in America at the start of the year (I think), but I only just downloaded the episodes and started to go through them last week.

    After the first episode I really wasn't sure I could enjoy it. There are main characters missing (currently at least) and most of the characters included that I know and love from the novels just don't look like I had them pictured (or how Josh Kirby and Paul Kidby depicted them) at all. I'm still struggling a little with Richard Dormer's physical mannerisms for Sam Vimes, although I think some of his character struggles are being explored very interestingly. I had expected to find this with Vimes though when I knew Dormer was cast for the part I thought it was an unusual choice. But I *love* Richard Dormer, adore his accent and the timbre of his voice, so I was ready to try to roll with it and see what they were trying.

    I'm two episodes in now and once that initial surprise of shifted expectations had passed, I did find myself settling into it a bit more. It helped to remind myself that it is only 'based on' too. I'm looking forward to seeing where they take the story and if there are any other characters I know that will be included.

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    I've relaxed into this series even more. I think Carrot is the closest to the original character and to be honest, otherwise just don't see them as being the same. I can almost imagine they are future generations of the same families. It's still enjoyable as its own thing and I've come to love Richard Dormer's gurning 'Sam'.

    I got up to The Dark in the Dark ep6 tonight which dug into breaking outside of social expectations, prejudice and gaining confidence in yourself. I can see the appeal in modern times of exploring the mix up of people drawn to Ankh Morpork and using the series for considering some general othering issues, individuality and acceptance of self. Interested to see where they are going to go with the idea of scouring multiple universes and finding 'the worst version' of Sam.