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[Justice League] Snyder cut v Joss Whedon cut comparison/review

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    Originally posted by Lostsoul666 View Post
    Why would anyone want to watch four hours of a Snyder movie?

    I just want DC to make fun superhero movies again instread of continuing to copy Christopher Nolan's boring more "Grounded serious" take on superheros.
    Oh lord ditto!


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      Snyder thinks that he's making "Big Boy" movies.
      The Saturday morning Justice League cartoon is way more mature then Snyder's crap.
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        Well that's certainly terse.

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      All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

      What’s said in this post/comment is what I remember, my opinions, etc.

      AtS = Angel.

      A&F = Angel & Faith

      AtF = After the Fall

      * Well, it's April 2021 and I haven't seen or heard of anything that actually warrants Joss Whedon's being "cancelled".

      A bunch of nerds and geeks and such simply wanted this "Synder Cut" to happen and were quick to 'pile on' Joss Whedon. Some reviews go so far as to diss Joss Whedon's writing and directing in general. Ummm. WHAT?!!!

      As far as I can tell, 'The Synder Cut' is a mediocre movie at-best. Even the Christopher Nolan Batman movies are only good if you pretend that none of the other major DC superheroes exist.

      And Smallville has Clark Kent being more powerful than the Arrowverse and DCEU Superman. I ignore the Arrrowverse crossover nonsense. Smallville's Superman (especially considering the Season 11 comics) would probably stomp all the Arrowverse superheroes and DCEU superheroes all at once.

      And the DC Animated stuff always does much better with the Justice League stuff than the movies can.

      And you're much better off watching Harley Quinn than watching the DCEU stuff. Even Wonder Woman is far better in the Wonder Woman animated movie.