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  • Favourite Star Trek series

    Star Trek -- a classic show in many forms. What's your favourite Trek series?

    I am not sure where to place the shows that have come out in the last 12 months. My personal favourite Star Treks are the original -- I remember staying up late to watch marathons of it. And of the 20th sequels, Deep Space Nine is my favourite because it took some risks -- mainly because the franchise empire was focused on TNG and Voyager.
    Star Trek (the original series)
    Star Trek: The Animated Series
    Star Trek: The Next Generation
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    Star Trek: Voyager
    Star Trek: Enterprise
    Star Trek: Discovery
    Star Trek: Picard
    Star Trek: Lower Decks
    I don't like any version of Star Trek

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    Others might be better acted or written, but this is one time where I have to choose sentiment over sense.


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      I was talking to my kids about Star Trek only yesterday in fact as the cartoon Teen Titans did a parody episode on it. The point I was raising with them was about its longevity and how it really successfully created new visions of itself in the different shows that came out over the years. I've enjoyed all the ones that I have watched, some I've seen more of than others and I really love Picard. But it has to be the original because that's where it all started.


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        For me being hard core Trek fan I ended up being incredibly disappointed with both Star Trek Discovery and Picard. The writing in both and the plot holes they conveniently forgot about drove me up the wall, to the degree in Discovery's case I stopped watching mid way through season 2. I doubt If I'll ever feel tempted to watch it again. I don't think my blood pressure could stand it.

        Thing is is what you get when an old franchise is taken over by people who think they know all about the how and it's characters, but in reality they don't. This is why I was so impressed with how Disney did the Mandalorian. That was so beautifully done and by people who genuinely understood the franchise.


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          When I said I loved Picard, I meant the character and was thinking back to his first introduction, I haven't seen the recent Picard series.

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        I watched The Original Series in my early twenties and until I watched Buffy it was my favorite tv show. I even own a VHS cassette of the unaired pilot and Spock was my first crush.

        I found both Picard and Janeway to be unsufferable and Deep Space Nine to be boring. So, I kinda gave up on the franchise two decades ago. I don't think I will come back to it for the Picard series.

        Can anyone recommend the Enterprise series? I might give that one a try.


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          Voyager was my first series and after that I watched some episodes from each of the older seasons. In the end I went with DS9 as the next one to watch. I still have plenty of episodes left, but I did vote for it because of the cast. Of all ensembles, DS9 has my favourite group of characters. I understand flow's comment about it being boring though. I did turn it off a few times during s1.

          I also enjoy Disco, but I do have the feeling that it is re-inventing itself in s3 and want to give it a bit more time before I rate it.


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            The only ones of these I have really watched are the original Star Trek and Voyager. And I I have seen some episodes of TNG, but not the rest. So for me the choice is limited and although I enjoyed Voyager a lot, I agree with the majority here that nothing beats the original series.


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              flow Enterprise was a good concept and I thought Scott Bakula was a fine lead. But the execution was for the most part lousy. It along with Voyager turned me off of Trek - I still don't thinK I've seen all the episodes of either series.. With both those shows they squandered good premises.

              I can list a lot of issues with Enterprise's early years - including when they got a bit too militaristic after 9/11. And they overdid the prequel aspect. The Founding of the Federation is a good idea. The hints of the Romulan wars is a good idea. But doing an episode about the ancestor of Data's creator being a worshipper of Khan Noonian Singh and featuring genetic experimentation, all so they could have a Brent Spiner appearance and tie Data's creator's first name of Noonian to Khan was nuts. Or then going one further and using "augment DNA" from that episode explain why Klingons look different. Or the episode where the Defiant from The Tholian Web travelled back to Archer's era in the Mirror Universe. Or having the last episode be a holodeck simulation of Riker's set in the middle of a TNG episode. It was just too much. It's like the old Superboy comic books. "This issue - the teenage version of Superman runs into a young Bruce Wayne! Next issue - Aquaboy guest stars! And look out for the teenage Lex Luthor, coming up!"


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                I tried rewatcing TOS and TNG at the beginning of the pandemic and couldn't get in to either although there was a time I lived for TNG. They both seem to dated to me now. I did rewatch and enjoy both voyager and enterprise and liked both of them more than i did when they first aired.

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                  For me Next Gen aged remarkably well. Mainly because back then they expected their audience to actually have brain, and not just rely people shouting plot points at each other every five minutes and flashy effects.


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                    I think TNG's highpoint was mid-3rd season to the 5th season. If you look at that last batch of season 3, there are some very strong episodes - including although it's not on most people favourite episode list "Tin Man" guest-starring Harry Groener. His performance was great, and when he turned up as Sunnydale's mayor I recognized him from his TNG appearance almost a decade before.

                    I found the first couple TNG seasons had issues. And if I had criticisms of TNG as a whole (and most 80s and 90s Trek), it would be that often it felt like people giving a lecture on a story than an actual story. There was a sense of distance that wasn't there in classic Trek. And I felt that it wasn't as progressive as it could have been given the times. I mean, it took Star Trek until Discovery to have an actual human gay character.

                    DS9 always had a lot of potential, although the first season stumbled a bit. Once the writers were able to ring permission to do serialized storytelling out of their corporate masters, it really picked up. DS9 had the advantage of being based around a static location so elements like the aftermath of the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, the Bajoran religion, and ultimately the Dominion War could get their full due. And it allowed for a truly great cast of recurring characters -- although I think by the end (like Tara), it might have only been contracts that kept Garak, Dukat, Weyoun, Damar, Martok, Vic Fontaine, Rom and Nog from being listed as regulars.


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                      Definitely Deep Space Nine. Even though I love Leonard Nimoy's Spock. Like every other Trek show (except TOS), DS9 struggled to find itself in season 1 and only got good at the very end, with Duet (such a great episode) and In the Hands of the Prophets. But when it was dealing with the Bajoran/Cardassian backstory or when it went full into the Dominion war storyline and got really arc-based instead of doing the TOS/TNG format (which always made more sense for DS9, being set on a space station), it was amazing. Unlike TNG, it had a strong cast regular and recurring characters that were all well fleshed out, complex and had character development, with no weak link. Kira is one of my favorite female characters of all time, Sisko was a great captain, and Odo, Quark, Bashir, Dax, Garak, Dukat, Damar, Weyoun, Martok, Winn - and O'Brien and Worf, who originated on TNG - were all so well developed and played.
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                        Deep Space Nine with the Serialised Story Telling no question


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                          Another trekkie, present!
                          I have to say I am a very late fan of ST. I think I started to see Star Trek since the series were streamed on Netflix. It was a franchise long time on the radar for me, but never dared to get into it, because it was a very long run, and I know myself, and I know that once started, I have to watch everything. Until I finally dared. I started to watch ALL trekkie stuff in scrupulous airing order. So I started with ST TOS on Netflix, then ST The Animated Series, then ST The Next Generation. I also purchased a Blu-ray set with all the old movies in it, so I could watch as well the ST movies in order as they came out.

                          Currently I am watching Deep Space 9 and Voyager together, because they aired partly at the same time during the 90s. I reached DS9 S5-Voyager S3.

                          I love this universe. It has become almost a life-style This franchise is so huge that you could watch one episode per day an several years might pass till you get done with all the stuff . I am SO eager to watch Picard, but I know I have to be patient if I want to watch the entire franchise in order. Its time will come. I never get tired of watching Star Trek. Love the theme, the pacifist background, the ideal of a world with no gender, race or nationality inequality/discrimination (despite Ferengis and Klingons ), a world with no major diseases. And hey! replicators. Never forget replicators. I loved it since the first episode of the first series.

                          For what I already watched, I'd say my favorite series is The Next Generation. But I have to move forward and see what's yet to come for better judging.