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    So a possible major leak related to WandaVision just came out:

    Reasons this is most likely real:

    Talk about Halloween, there's a leak about WandaVision having a halloween-themed episode, that came out AFTER this video was posted(it's from 2 months ago, either it was private or just flew under the radar until now).

    The kid is called Timmy and mentions Adam. Months ago there was a casting call for kids to play Timmy and Adam(fake audition aliases for Tommy and Billy) on Big Red(working name for WandaVision).

    3)It would just be weird as f---- for someone to make a kid pretend to audition for something, and coming up with a fake script for it and everything....
    The kid is a real actor, supposedly he's brother to the kid that played Talbot's son on SHIELD.

    So this hints heavily we'll get Wiccan and Speed; Wanda and Vision's kids.

    So this also means
    is likely coming back, undoing Whedon's
    big death
    from AOU.

    Wandavision is clearly pulling from House of M which has the comic fans excited though it's going to be extremely loose in adaption.

    LGBT fans are cautiously excited since Wiccan is gay and has a beloved relationship with Hulkling in the comics. Hulkling is half-Kree and half-Skrull and that space war was part of Captain Marvel already.

    If they're redoing the Inhumans as guests in Ms. Marvel then
    has a relationship and daughter with Crystal of the Inhuman Royals.

    It also likely hints to a Young Avengers show or film coming within the next few years. Wiccan, Speed, Kamala (Ms Marvel), Kate Bishop (new Hawkeye) Cassie/Stature, Scott Lang's daughter and possibly Hulkling.

    Just thought people might be interested.

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    Superbowl trailer

    Falcon with the shield looks cool. Not sure what surprised me more, Wanda's comic costume or the fact they're on The Brady Bunch set.


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      Originally posted by DanSlayer View Post
      Superbowl trailer

      Falcon with the shield looks cool. Not sure what surprised me more, Wanda's comic costume or the fact they're on The Brady Bunch set.
      I haven't an actual clue what's going on, but I really enjoyed the Wanda Vision bits, that looks like so much fun.


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        Got to say I'm mainly looking forward to the Loki mini series.


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          New Wandavision trailer. Still no firm release date but apparently it will be 2020.

          Looks trippy and unique. Even with some comics knowledge I don't know exactly where' they'll go. And hey, Kitty Foreman!


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            Looks a tad 'Legion' like, so I'm in! LOL This series is meant to be a lead to the next Dr Strange movie apparently.


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              Giant updates from the Disney Investors Meeting tonight.

              WandaVision 2nd trailer (Jan 15th)

              Falcon and Winter Solider (Mar 19th)

              Loki (May 2021)

              What If? (Summer 2021, animated)

              Ms Marvel (Late 2021) (Really interested in this since I like the comic, plus the lead is from my neck of the woods).

              Also confirmed:

              Black Panther will not be recast.

              Secret Invasion Nick Fury show. (Skrulls, Talos from previous movie).

              War Machine/Don Cheadle Armor Wars show about what happens when Stark tech falls into the wrong hands.

              Ironheart aka Ruri Williams show played by Dominuque Thorne. Young girl reverse engineers Tony's tech as her own to protect her neighborhood.

              Guardians of the Galaxy will have a 2022 Holiday Special on Disney+

              I Am Groot series of animated shorts.

              Mark Ruffalo and Tim Roth (Abomination in the 2008 film) will reoccur on Tatiana Maslany's She-Hulk show. She-Hulk will also interact with surprise characters.

              Hailee Steinfeld confirmed and seen on set as Kate Bishop for Hawkeye recently.

              Rachel McAdams is returning for Dr Strange 2. Also features Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez. March 25 2022

              Shang Chi filming done; July 9th 2021

              Moon Knight will be an Indiana Jones type show exploring Dissociative Identity Disorder and Egyptian mythology.

              Jon Watts will direct MCU's Fantastic 4 movie.

              Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantamania. Katheryn Newton is now Scott's daughter Cassie. Will feature Kang the Conqueror as villain. (Johnathan Majors).

              Ms Marvel and Monica will appear in Captain Marvel 2 (November 2022).

              Christian Bale in Thor Love & Thunder as Gorr the God Butcher.

              Spider-Man 3 is a multiverse film, will also tie into Dr Strange 2. Bunch of old actor rumors swirling around though Jamie Foxx as Electro and Alfred Molina as Doc Ock again have been confirmed recently.
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                Can't wait, particularly for the Loki series. The trailer looked wonderful.


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                  All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

                  What's said in this post/comment is what I remember, my opinions, etc.

                  * I'll have to wait for the reviews.

                  I'm not sure why AT&T isn't spending more on HBO content. DC in ways is actually better than Marvel in terms of world-building and storytelling.

                  The only 2 actually good Marvel movies are Iron Man and The Avengers. Most of the DC animated movies are good or better. Smallville is relatively underrated. Etc.

                  I'm still behind on TV shows and movies.


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                    If anyone wants a quick movie plot summary of Wanda and Vision so far:


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                      Back in the 1980s I read a 12-issue Vision and Scarlet Witch mini-series where they moved to the suburbs, and during which Wanda became pregnant and had kids. The comic certainly played with sitcom tropes, although in quite the meta way that the TV shows appears to do.


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                        PuckRobin There was a more recent 12 issue Vision series with a similar spin:

                        I think their maybe using both as influences.


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                          Anyone seen the first two episode of Wandavision? I kinda liked it, but was delighted to see Emma Caulfield making an appearance as 'Dottie' Wanda's bossy neighbour. Coming across like a kind of older version of Anya.


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                            Originally posted by Silver1 View Post
                            Anyone seen the first two episode of Wandavision? I kinda liked it, but was delighted to see Emma Caulfield making an appearance as 'Dottie' Wanda's bossy neighbour. Coming across like a kind of older version of Anya.
                            I have. I liked it as well but I was surprised how light these first 2 episodes were on the 'mystery.' I assume that will grow and take more prominence as the series progresses but I just wasn't expecting the sitcom premise to take up the entire episode/s.

                            The series looks magnificent and I really enjoy Olsen in the role. And I agree that it was fun seeing Emma Caulfield again.

                            I was a bit disappointed to learn that they'e releasing 1 episode a week. I had assumed the whole series was being released and planned to have a lazy Saturday binging it. Oh well

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                              I'm one of those old fashioned folk who prefer to not binge watch shows If I can help it. I like that I will have something to look forward to each week, rather then 'eat' it all at once and then It's over all too quickly.

                              The only criticism I'd have in after say thing that the maybe mystery behind all this a bit too slow in moving forward the plot? I think Legion I think did this gag a lot better and with more genuine intrigue but I do like this and will keep watching.


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                                I haven't seen it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I have fond memories of Wanda and Vision being the heart and soul of the Avengers in the comics, and of their various spinoff mini-series. Also, I grew up with reruns of all the vintage sitcoms it's parodying.


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                                  Is anyone keeping up with WandaVision? I am absolutely LOVING the show. I am not even all that invested in the MCU and I blown away by how fantastic this series is. Episode 4 was fantastic and the Episode 5 promo looks insane.

                                  A couple of weeks ago I said that I wasn't sure if the slow reveal worked well for a weekly format as I was a little surprised at how much time Episode 1 & 2 stayed in the sitcom world. But now that we're getting answers (and so many more questions) I think it is perfect. It's great having a week to speculate between each episode and I love having a new episode to look forward to each Friday.

                                  If people aren't watching this incredible show, I can't recommend it enough.

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                                    Yep, I'm also enjoying this a great deal. My only criticism would be I wish more the underlying plot had been leaked out in the previous episodes as this felt too much like 'the exposition episode'. One boat load of plot thrown out in one huge chunk. Still very much enjoying it al though, and Marvel is doing a bang up job with the entire production as per.


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                                      Yeah I think that's a valid criticism. It worked for me in the sense that Darcy and Jimmy were stand-ins for the audience (asking all the questions we have been) so I found it all highly enjoyable. However, I do agree that the series could have worked equally as well if they'd sprinkled this more through the first 1-2 episodes.

                                      I can definitely see why they decided to release Episode 1 & 2 together. I actually think Episode 1 is highly enjoyable in it's own right (I just rewatched all 4 episodes with my mum and she was laughing along at the classic sitcom hijinks which made me appreciate the humour much more) but it was so light on exposition/plot that it wouldn't have hooked a lot of viewers. I think Episode 3 actually balanced the sitcom world/mystery pretty well and it looks like moving forward it's going to be far more prominent.

                                      I have such a newfound appreciation for Elizabeth Olson. I liked her perfectly fine in the films but this series has really let her showcase her talent and she really did have that old school charm that would have made her a star back in the 1950s/1960's.

                                      My prediction is that Vision and Wanda will eventually come to blows. I also think she's animating his dead corpse this entire time

                                      And yes the production values are truly fantastic. They have done such an utterly superb job of replicating the sitcom styles from the various eras and Episode 4 felt/looked like a MCU film. Honestly, I know they have a much, much bigger budget for this then they did the other shows so far but this puts any other Marvel series to shame.

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                                        Just watched all four episodes available and... I mean, it's good, but it hasn't been at all surprising, the "reveal" appears to be "yep, it's pretty much what you could have assumed from the initial teasers of the series". It has a chance to play at being something like a Marvel AHS series but without the gore, and it's a cool showcase for a lot of the supporting character backbench, but it's basically going to be a very high concept study in dealing with grief and trauma.

                                        Olsen and Bettany are committed as hell to it, though, and that's going to carry it.
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