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    Sigh...young people. I haven't the faintest idea what anyone's talking about (except for AoS) so I've just started Jessica Jones.


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      There's a lot of corporate power plays and both film and television to consider.

      Marvel almost went bankrupt in the 1990's. To stay alive they sold the film rights to many of their most popular characters to other companies, most notably Spider-Man to Sony and X-Men/Fantastic 4 to Fox. This resulted in the Toby McGuire Spider-Man movies, the X-Men movies and two F4 of the early-mid 2000's. Also smaller ones like Ben Affleck as Daredevil. Marvel Studios made iron Man 1 themselves, spearheaded by Kevin Fiege; and then Marvel as a whole was bought by Disney.

      Marvel Studios expanded to television first with AoS. Ike Perlmutter that is in charge of Marvel TV, comics and other related products supposedly didn't want to do films like Black Panther or Captain Marvel. He also apparently pushed the Inhumans film as a replacement for the X-Men while also burying the X-Men and F4 in the comics for a number of years recently. Fiege really wanted these things, had enough and got enough sway to break the film division into it's own entity under Disney. Perlmutter still has TV and other elements to this day.

      After Spider-Man 3 flamed out Sony took a brief break from the property but soon came back with the Andrew Garfield reboot. By this time the MCU and it's shared universe had really proven profitable so Amazing Spider-Man 2 was reportedly subject to a lot of studio interference to try and set up for there own Spiderverse of characters but the movie was received mixed at best, and Garfield pretty much left. After Seth Rogen inadvertently helped cause the Sony Hack, Sony was left in a real weak position and negotiated with Marvel/Disney to share Spider-Man for a limited time, resulting in Tom Holland showing up in Civil War and beyond.

      In this time it was discovered most of these character rights had a time limit of being used at least once every 10 years else the rights go back to Marvel/Disney; Daredevil did this, allowing Marvel to make a show, and Ghost Rider that appeared on AoS. As such, Fox rushed out Fan4stic to really negative reaction that killed any hope of relaunching that property and crossing it with the X-films that never really stopped and even got into R territory with Deadpool then Logan.

      Throughout all this Netflix went from a little DVD-rental company to a small thing the big fish thought could promote their stuff on the side, to a massive company up-heaving the television industry. Binge-watching was invented. A TiVo that could skip ads was terrifying enough, but Netflix soon promoted no ad breaks ever along with an actual hour of content rather then a network TV hour of 42 minutes. Not to mention the lack of censors and global release for original content.

      Back when streaming was gaining steam but not as big as it is now, Marvel/Disney announces an ambitious 4 show pack with Netflix: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist plus bringing them all together in a 5th show called The Defenders. Global release of all 13 episodes at once. DD and JJ S1 both set the world on fire, and The Punisher even got his own show after his appearance on DD. Luke Cage was more mixed and Iron Fist S1 was a critical and fandom disaster, so much that it damaged The Defenders that aired it's 1 planned season and then was dropped. DD and JJ both made it to 3 seasons each while LC, IF and Punisher all have 2. Despite things like IF Season 2 improving under a new showrunner, this corporate stuff killed them all. People were a little surprised but understanding that IF and LC got the ax, but after DD was loved by fans and critics and still got canceled- people suspected it was all just feuding between Netflix and Disney.

      With the Murdoch family getting out of a shrinking network television and film industry, Disney is now on track to buy all Fox properties including Buffy and X-Men/FF again. With every major company wanting their own streaming service now, Netflix is having to double down on original content that they own solo rights to as outsider shows get pulled to go onto an in-house streamer for their owners. Disney+ is coming while with the Fox deal, Disney will have a controlling 60% of Hulu; which they also want to go international. Hulu international will have adult stuff Disney+ will be strictly family-friendly, though with an international launch Hulu won't be a total R rated fest as they'll need as much content variety as possible to get a wide international subscriber base. Disney doesn't want their Marvel properties to promote a competitor like Netflix so these shows went bye-bye, though Netflix will still have seasons already made still available. Supposedly in 2020-2021 in the earliest Disney could use the character rights again.

      Marvel Studios is having massive success still, aside from the James Gunn thing throwing GotG 3 up into the air.

      Marvel TV has really shrunk lately. Aside from the Netflix Six, AoS has gotten a surprise renewal every year, now guaranteed for a S7 actually. Agent Carter was critically loved for the most part, but the small audience made ABC pull the plug. They passed *twice* on the Hunter/Bobbi AoS spin-off. A few rumored Marvel pilots have never got off the ground for ABC. Inhumans got shoved to TV after Fiege dumped the film away and it quickly flamed out. (From the same guy behind Iron Fist S1).

      Disney/Marvel already started Runaways on Hulu which is heavily hinted at being good for a Season 3, likely safe as Disney will control the 60% as long as the international growth of Hulu doesn't mess with it. Just last week 4 adult animated Marvel shows were announced to join together as The Offenders in a 5th show. Features Dazzler, an X-Men character so our first hint of the merger letting Marvel use those characters.

      Cloak & Dagger Season 2 starts in April on Freeform, safe because it's already Disney owned. Pretty much confirmed a Runaways crossover is coming too.

      Disney+ will be under Marvel Studios control so it'll have Fiege's film characters like Loki, Scarlet Witch etc. Technically not Marvel Television.

      Fox films still have Dark Phoenix and New Mutants to get out before the expected Marvel reboot of the characters. FX's show Legion confirmed to end in June with Season 3. Fox's show The Gifted has 2 episodes left in Season 2, largely expected to be cancelled.

      Sony still has to play with Marvel for Far From Home film but also has the film rights to 900 Marvel characters and launched Venom on their own, it did well financially so Venom 2 and Morbious the Living Vampire are going forward. The animated Into the Spider-Verse did well both critically and with fans so they want(ed) a TV show around it but Marvel still has solo television rights to all Spider characters. So another animated movie is likely but that takes a lot of time to make. Will be interesting where those characters end up in a few years based on negotiations. Could even see Spider-Man out of the MCU but Tom Holland forced to show up in a Venom 3 or something.

      Yeah, so that was my long winded explanation for the corporate stuff going on around all this which will also impact any Buffy properties going forward as well.

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      A more concise summary of what I said.
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