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    Sorry, an easy pass for me...


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      Originally posted by Silver1 View Post
      Sorry, an easy pass for me...
      As it is for many people I find it fun. There are so many stories, essentially exactly the same, drawing crowds that are frightened of touching the source material.

      1) it could not make up its mind about whether it aspired to be a myth about the dangers of creating autonomous artificial life (old hat, but fascinating and edifying if executed well) or a parable about the pathological attachments formed from the lack of accountability in playing video games (newer hat, but less ambitious);
      I do agree with this (sorry I cant figure out how to quote your name war and peaches ). It touches on topics, but doesn't expand in any meaningful way. It showed as evil was allowed, evil spread. There was no lesson, no consequence for it. Simply a "situation supported" spiral into sociopathy.

      I have nothing but time on my hands, so I might watch season 3 when it is finished. I saw bits of the first episode but am in no rush to keep up as it airs. I think it was better to have watched s2 in binge format as weekly would have been even more frustrating to follow. I managed to finish an entire crochet scarf while watching s2


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      Getting stuck into season 3 (and a new crochet jumper). Pretty much on the track I thought it would go, so far. It wasn't a twist to know who was in the replacement hosts, but I think it was supposed to be. I like that they are still circling the concept of creation and creator God.

      I prefer this opening sequence too, circle of black thorn Also a YAY moment when the end of the game is criminal insanity as those who dropped it in season 1 predicted. Got more thoughts on that but no order to them I'm counting stitches. Still a few eps to go. Short seasons are disappointing but there are some good one liners throughout the series which seems to be the memorable point.

      Finished it (the show, not the jumper) . Nothing too thrilling, interesting again how biblical it continues to be, although they've tried to distract from it with blasphemy. Maybe that was just pinpointing Satan though. "357 Hope street" was as on the nose as Season 2's death on a white horse.

      The pattern of dead boring switching to sort of artistic keeps on keeping on. Deloris/Jesus was completely predictable as was caleb but it wasn't tall bad on the way there. Some fun elements. I don't think there needs to be a season 4, does anyone know if its planned?
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