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When Good Characters Have Bad Arcs

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  • When Good Characters Have Bad Arcs

    If this is in the wrong part, feel free to move it. I was conflicted as to where to put this as it involves a few different shows.

    So, in my (too long) absence, I've caught up with a few TV shows. (YAY TV!) However, while watching, I started to really hate characters that I used to like. So here is probably a good thread to vent all of your "Bad Character Arcs" in the shows you watch.

    So first thing is first;


    I used to really like Joey Quinn.
    I started to dislike him once Deb broke off their relationship and he plummeted into a downward spiral. Naturally, he was allowed some time to be upset...however what we got was the complete opposite of what Quinn was. He'd been an ass before, but in Season 6 he really took the biscuit. He really had no excuse to always turn up late for work drunk and he just got worse. Especially in Season 7 where he turned into the worst kind of cop I could think of, taking vital evidence which would have helped put away Isaak...(although to be fair, I ended up liking Isaak.) If I am being completely honest. I wouldn't mind if someone plants a bullet in Joey within the first 30 seconds of Season 8.

    I don't exactly know when I started disliking LaGuerta, maybe when she started dating Angel. It just didn't seem right and the way she acted...from Season 5 onward, everything LaGuerta did just grated on me. Which is a real shame because I genuinely used to like her in the first few seasons. (Weirdly, I even hated her in Season 7 when she was correctly accusing Dexter of being the Bay Harbour Butcher. I was thinking to myself, "Oh just leave him alone!)

    I even started off liking that intern, Louis Greene which Masuka hired. It wasn't so much his arc that I disliked, it is just...he was a completely pointless character who originally had some potential.
    Like, all of his vendetta against Dexter was just because he didn't like his game? Louis set out to be a complete thorn in Dexter's side because he gave him an opinion and he didn't like it. I'm sorry but WTH?! Even going to ruin Dexter's boat...I mean...seriously. Just a completely pointless character who was there just to be a pain in the ass. He started off so well too.

    Once Upon A Time

    OUAT started out with so many amazing characters, who continued to be amazing in S2. Now, however, there are a few characters who I just do not like, and a few who need to change their arc because the path they're on isn't good.

    Seriously, Snow! She was such a good character! This whole "evil Snow" that they're on right now, I'm not liking it. I don't know where they're going with this but they need to un-blacken Snow's heart STAT. I mean, Cora was a threat. Snow did what I probably would have done in her situation. It's not as if it was the same situation as her mother. Her mother would have lived if someone innocent had died.

    Henry: Whiny. Annoying. *sigh* Next.

    Needs to get interesting. He's spent the better part of Season 2 being pretty dull. The most interesting thing he has done was being put under the sleeping curse.

    ONLY because at the end of 'Selfless, Brave and True' he was turned back into a boy. I'm really not happy with that. (Simply because I was secretly hoping for August and Emma to get together and now it just looks inevitable that Emma and Neal will be together and just NO especially because if my hunch is correct, as well as being Rumple's son, I also think Neal is
    Peter Pan
    and, again, NO!


    However I'm only a little way through season 6, so I'm currently stuck with souless Sam, not knowing what happens in later episodes. However, Sam has consistently been getting on my last nerve since Season 4. The writers really better have reverted Sam back to Season 1-3 Sam by the end of Season 6 or else I may just have to cry.

    Okay, that is it for now. I'll probably add more characters later.
    Y'all can vent about your characters who you loved but lost to bad writing / bad arcs / pointlessness / other.

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    I've loved Once Upon a Time since it premiered but after almost two full seasons it's starting to show fatigue. Maybe it's not so surprising if a show like that turns out to be at its best in its first season when they are just starting out with lots of ideas. Keeping it going requires skillful and consistent storytelling.

    As for making Snow White commit murder, yes I was shocked. It's not as though Snow White was originally presented as absolutely pure - we first saw her thieving in survivalist fashion last season. But murder is another level. I'm bothered by the whole Regina and Cora story and not convinced that the episode "The Miller's Daughter" from this season is consistent with what we saw of Regina and her mother in "The Stable Boy" from last season. Even between two back to back episodes "The Queen is Dead" and "The Miller's Daughter" we got very different pictures of Snow's mother Eva - kind and angelic in the first and haughty and malicious in the second.

    At this point I'm really confused about Regina/Evil Queen. Her long and complicated (and [imo] inconsistent) story with her mother has confused her relationship with Henry and I don't know whether she is supposed to be redeemable or not.


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      I actually feel this about the Eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who - he's a great character, beautifully played by Matt Smith, but I don't feel that his stories always live up to his character. Sometimes, yes, but Moffat's obsession with wibbly wobbly timey-wimey means that sometimes linear storytelling isn't given enough weight - sometimes, you need things to go from A to B in narrative terms, rather than B-Z-C-A1-B-C-D1-A, in order to have enough narrative drive!

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        I dedicate this post to all those great characters that we've seen ruined by horrible story writing.


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          For me the only character I can think of is Willow. I liked her when I first watched Buffy but over the years I've grown to hate her. I don't think any other character has gone that way for me, though I could just not be remembering off the top of my head. I've watched way too many different shows