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  • Favourite Game of Thrones character(s)

    Hello fellow GoT fans! As the third season has just started and most of us are very psyched about that, I thought it would be nice to start a favourite characters thread. Please pick one or more of the characters above and explain why you are drawn to them. For book readers, please use spoiler tags if you mention reasons that include details from the books. Plus if you mention events from A Dance with Dragons, I’d be grateful if you could state that in your post since I haven’t finished reading this book yet .

    Let me start us off. My favourite GoT/A Song of Ice and Fire characters are Jaime Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark.

    Jaime Lannister is my favourite character both on the show and in the books, it must be my love for bad boys rearing its ugly head again. This being said, I love grey area characters and characters who undergo major development and Jaime fits both of these criteria. While I’m not crazy about Jaime sleeping with Cersei, I like that in his heart he considers himself to be faithful and loyal because she is the only woman he is interested in. I also really enjoy Jaime’s sense of humour and how he constantly teases and mocks people (poor Brienne carrying the brunt of that).

    Book 3 and 4 spoilers:
    And of course I’m a sucker for bad boys reforming and redeeming themselves so Jaime’s storyline in ASOS and AFFC blew my mind (as stated above, I haven’t finished A Dance with Dragons yet). I loved how his relationship with Brienne developed, how he came to respect and even like her, how her sense of honour rubbed off on him and influenced him even when he got back to King’s Landing. As a Jaime/Brienne shipper I was of course overjoyed when Jaime decided to go back to Harrenhaal and rescue Brienne from the Bloody Mummers. Suddenly Jaime Lannister the Kingslayer and oathbreaker wanted to honour his oaths and be an honourable knight of the Kingsguard, as evidenced by Jaime not wanting to shed Tully blood again. Of course I’m sad that Jaime lost his sword hand and hated to see him suffering but it did make him humble and less arrogant. How he continues to struggle with his stump and not being able to properly fight with his left hand is described so well in the books and my heart went out to him. I also found it very interesting how his relationship with Cersei changes throughout the books, from him being obsessed with and very much in love with her to his feelings gradually cooling and him becoming annoyed and irritated with her, culminating in Jaime not going to Cersei’s aid when he received her note at the end of AFFC. I cannot wait to see how Jaime’s character is developed further by George R. R. Martin and sincerely hope that he and Brienne will meet up again at some point. What I also love about Jaime is the relationship he has with his brother and how refused to believe that Tyrion murdered you know who. I love that Jaime helps his brother escape and I’m sad that their brotherly relationship is so fractured at the end of AFFC with Tyrion being mad at Jaime for his role in the whole Tysha thing and Jaime being mad at Tyrion for (wrongly) believing that Tyrion killed you know who.

    Tyrion Lannister is also one of my favourite characters, even more on the show than in the books. Casting Peter Dinklage as Tyrion was a stroke of genius, he brings so much to the role. He can excellently play both Tyrion’s funny, sarcastic side and his more emotional, sadder side as witnessed in the season 3 premiere. Tyrion also has a very interesting journey in the course of the show and the books. I like how the show focused on the complex and complicated relationship between Tyrion and Cersei. They hate each other but they also seem to understand each other on some level. I also like how despite everything his family put him through he sincerely loves his family (well apart from Joffrey).

    I’m looking forward to seeing Tyrion further explored in season 3. Book 3 spoiler:
    After Tyrion was mostly on top of the world in season 2 (well apart from after the Blackwater battle), things won’t be so great for him in season 3, which was already hinted at in the s3 premiere. It will be interesting to see how Peter Dinklage will play Tyrion as a powerless character to whom horrible things happen and how (huge spoiler!)
    his marriage with Sansa
    will play out on screen.

    Daenerys Targaryen

    Dany is another favourite because I absolutely loved how her character developed in the course of season 1, how she changed from a submissive little girl into the strong mother of dragons in the s1 finale. Unfortunately, season 2 did not treat Dany’s character kindly but her storyline in season 3 is certainly off to a good start. I’m totally rooting for Dany to reclaim the Iron Throne and I hope she will succeed with the help of her Dothraki friends and the Unsullied army. I’m looking forward to seeing the dragons develop and I cannot wait to see Dany ride one of her dragons for the first time.

    Arya Stark

    Just like with Tyrion, I enjoy Arya Stark’s character and storyline much more on screen than in the books. Maisie Williams does a great job of portraying the little rebel, giving her much depth and heart. Of course as someone who is strongly opposed to the evil doings of the Lannisters, Arya is very easy to root for (unlike Sansa who gets a lot of hate in fandom because she was initially seduced by the Lannister way of life and because she betrayed her father). I enjoy Arya’s relationship with Gendry and the GoT writers did an excellent job in creating the scenes between Arya and Tywin last season. Those two played off of each other brilliantly and made Arya’s stay at Harrenhaal one of the highlights of season 2 for me. For a young girl her age, Arya has been through a lot and so far she has handled herself well.
    Book 3 spoilers:
    I’m sure seeing Arya’s reaction to the Red Wedding will be absolutely heartbreaking. I’m curious to see how her scenes with the Hound will play out on screen, I think Maisie will be able to play Arya’s hatred towards to him well.

    I also have a soft spot for Brienne of Tarth and Ygritte because both of them represent strong female characters who have a considerable influence on the men they interact with (Jaime Lannister and Jon Snow, respectively). I especially enjoy how Ygritte teases Jon and tries to make him uncomfortable with her womanly wiles and how Brienne does not let herself get provoked by Jaime’s mocking and teasing but sticks to her mission. I also love her sense of honour and how she passes it along to Jaime.
    Tyrion Lannister
    Cersei Lannister
    Jaime Lannister
    Tywin Lannister
    Daenerys Targaryen
    Jon Snow
    Samwell Tarly
    Robb Stark
    Catelyn Stark
    Arya Stark
    Sansa Stark
    Bran Stark
    Eddard Stark
    Petyr Baelish/Littlefinger
    Lord Varys
    Davos Seaworth
    Stannis Baratheon

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    I could have checked almost any box. Shocked there's no choice for Viserys! ... but do kinda wish there was a choice for Khal Drogo. Leaving aside the overall moral discussion of the Dothraki culture, his "imma conquer Westeros" speech was e-pic.

    Tyrion... what can I say? From his brazen and unapologetic introduction to the show, you just can't stop watching him. His plots, his schemes, how they almost blow up in his face, how you see his moments of frankly un-Lannister seeming compassion (like the plans for Bran's riding harness). I think it might be the TWOP recapper who takes a moment to point out that he walked out of the Eyrie with no money, no nothing, just one sell sword he could probably not turn his back on, and walked out of the forest into his father's camp with a small army on his side. But honestly, my favorite moment in the whole series so far has been his battle speech at Blackwater. There's a comment or note somewhere -- oh yes, the HBO inside look for the episode -- where Peter Dinklage made the choice himself to say the line twice ("I'll lead the attack"), it wasn't scripted that way, and that he plays the first as though he's surprised himself by realizing he will, that he can, and then announces it. And how even in the midst of whipping up all that pre-battle rhetoric, he remembers he's Tyrion -- "let's go kill them!" Season 3 brings him a bit low so far, but I don't think I could stop myself from focusing on his arc.

    Arya is also probably another favorite. I learned something from my shiney DVD extras that amazed me... and apparently also amazed every veteran actor on the show, about Maisie Williams. The girl is not left handed! She made the choice, without even telling anyone, to learn all her combat stunts as a southpaw solely to be authentic to the books. And she brings that commitment to every scene. Seeing her match Charles Dance's presence as well, another great feat. But I've enjoyed that character from the start, her little mantra of reciting the names of all those to blame for her father's death and what's happened since. I love her keeping Sylvio's lesson as she looked for escape from Joffrey's men (not today). I love her gambit with Jaqin, the bluntness of it.

    I put Eddard mostly because I think that if I didn't commit to Ned's crusade and his overall sense of honor and purpose, I wouldn't have committed to the show. Sean Bean is one direly unappreciated actor, since he plays so many mustache twirling villains, but he is great in this. Heroic but blind to deception and too merciful to survive in the world of the likes of Littlefinger, Varys, Cersei.

    Dany is awesome. I don't have a problem with her arc in Season 2 as a character, just how stationary that whole plot is as a whole. If it has been 2 episodes of progress instead of 10, it would have been great. I was not surprised at all, didn't approve or disapprove, when she condemned her two betrayers to be walled up in that safe. I like seeing the penny drop when she's like "uh, yep, Jorah's in lurve". I'm pretty much rooting for her in all this. Her existence is also a reminder that even Ned's honor, for instance, is highly fallible, since his unfailing loyalty was to an illegitimate king. It has yet to be stated in the show if Westeros follows a male-preference cognative primogeniture a la the UK, maybe it's stated in the books, if a woman can succeed. But assuming it does, she herself is by blood and right, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms right now. So I'm pretty much rooting for her. Not to mention that events north of the wall could probably benefit from making the woman with the dragons happy
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      I don't really have favorites, I like to see what happens with most characters (except Robb, that guy is annoying and boring.) but none of them stole my heart. Well perhaps Osha, there is something so endearing about how much she cares for the little Stark boys. And she is awesome.

      Storywise I like Jon, the guy is almost as boring as Robb but his story at least involves all these big forces behind the wall. And I love Ygritte, perhaps she can make Jon himself more bearable. Also I suspect that Jon will play a much bigger part in the future, I don't buy it that he is Ned's bastard. Dany also has this great story, but it drags a bit now. I guess her moment still has to come and her arc was great in season 1. I can't wait until she finally shows up at King's Landing. And I can't wait for whatever happens at KL, no matter if it's Sansa, Tyrion or the rest of his crazy family. But mostly because of the political games played....


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        Originally posted by KingofCretins View Post
        I could have checked almost any box. Shocked there's no choice for Viserys! ... but do kinda wish there was a choice for Khal Drogo. Leaving aside the overall moral discussion of the Dothraki culture, his "imma conquer Westeros" speech was e-pic.
        Trust me, I wanted to add a lot more characters to the poll but unfortunately our polls are limited to 20 options. Which is why I put the "other" option at the end so people could pick that and then explain their choice in thread.

        Tyrion... what can I say? From his brazen and unapologetic introduction to the show, you just can't stop watching him. His plots, his schemes, how they almost blow up in his face, how you see his moments of frankly un-Lannister seeming compassion (like the plans for Bran's riding harness).
        Indeed, I forgot to mention that. Being born a dwarf, Tyrion has much more compassion and sympathy for other people than the rest of his family combined and I love seeing this softer side of him.

        I put Eddard mostly because I think that if I didn't commit to Ned's crusade and his overall sense of honor and purpose, I wouldn't have committed to the show. Sean Bean is one direly unappreciated actor, since he plays so many mustache twirling villains, but he is great in this. Heroic but blind to deception and too merciful to survive in the world of the likes of Littlefinger, Varys, Cersei.
        I completely agree! Sean Bean did a fantastic job as Ned and I totally rooted for him during season 1 even though I knew it would end badly for him. At least Ned died like the honourable hero who sticks to his principles he was in life. I only did not choose him as a favourite character because compared to the other characters his storyline is rather short, we have just seen more character development of the other characters.


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          I read the books before the show began so my feelings were first developed by the books and where both Tyrion Lannister and Arya Stark won me over pretty much immediately. Both have been put through the ringer in the books and left in some pretty scary places, but I still root for them to pull through and have whatever passes for 'triumph' in GOT in the end.

          Show-wise, Dany really raised her score with me (though I liked her in the books and loved her in Book III. THere's a 'hell yeah, Dany!' moment coming this season that I look forward to.) She is also a fave.

          Also, while I know that Catelyn Stark has many detractors, in the book I find her to be a very sympathetic character (though her blind spot about Jon Snow is hard). I do wish they hadn't changed the fact that in the book she found out about Bran and Rickon's 'deaths' prior to deciding to do whatever it took to 'save her girls.' I think it worked somewhat better the way it was staged in the book.

          Still, overall I'm fine with 99% of the changes from book to screen so I don't quibble much.
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            Tyrion and Dany are my faves. Though I also like Arya a lot too (just a little harder to find child-characters fully rounded perhaps?). I do wish that they (or rather GRRM) would bring Dany into Westeros soon, I'd love to see her interact with more characters. There's something about her story that's a bit out on a limb.

            I've read all the books but a bit behind on the TV version - currently in season 2. Loving it, but there is something of a mindbind involved in watching a TV show you've already read the book for. The show is a lot funnier, though, I really appreciate that. Jon Snow's hilarious on the show, while in the books, less so.

            Also... when watching the news in the UK, every time a presenter called Jon Snow comes on screen, me and my wife say: YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW.

            Never stops being funny.

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              Ok my favourite characters are;

              Tyrion ? who doesn't love him? I love Peter Dinklage as Tyrion but I don't think the depth of his character is fully explored on the show, but this is expected, you can't get inside his mind in the same way a book can allow. With the childhood he had, the way his father and sister despise him, not to mention that he's a dwarf.. in spite of all that he has such strength, compassion, he loves and cares for people, not to mention the ability to joke and make fun of himself. It's just a joy to witness on screen, and even more so when the chapters starts with ?Tyrion'

              I really enjoy the complex family dynamic of the Lannister's, how much Tyrion loves his brother simply because he was the only person who was ever nice to him growing up, he forgives him anything. The way he and Cersei are together is captured brilliantly on screen. I love him so much that whenever something hurts or embarrasses him it's like a tiny stab wound to my heart!

              I am just so afraid the character won't have the happy ending I need him to have!

              Daenerys ? I am in love with her grace and strength. From the moment she knew she was to be sold to Khal Drogo it felt like she embraced the dragon blood in her veins. She grew to love him and become the khaleesi, even standing up to her brother, all from a slip of girl who dreamed of a lost home and a simpler life. I loved her relationship with Drogo, despite her young age she was acting like a woman.

              Season 2 wasn't a great season for her, I felt that the good Dany bits from the book didn't make it on to the screen, and when they did they were cut down to the point where the meaning and prophecy wasn't included. However season 3 started off really well so I'm pleased for that. She is definitely who I'm routing for to win the game of thrones!

              Arya is another strong character. I loved her tom boyishness right from the start. I would be the same, much better to be out in the yard fighting than doing needlework!

              I love her story, her escape from Kings Landing, her friendship with Gendry, the time at Harrenhaal. Especially loved her scenes in the show with Tywin! That was just brilliant acted! I am also looking forward to her story in season 3, it's going to be really good and I'm sure there will be some awesome moments, Maisie Williams plays her brilliantly. I'm really excited for her to be re-united with Nymeria. In the books the relationship with the wolves is so much deeper, I don't know how they'll do some of that stuff in season 3, but I'm sure it will be good. It's very powerful in the books.

              Book 4 onwards..
              I'm not really enjoying her storyline in the later books, I'm not sure I like her giving up her personality, it's the thing I love the most about her. It feels like, for the moment at least, she's lost herself and it doesn't make me enjoy reading her chapters so much. I'm sure she's going to be back by the end but where she is now.. she's not the character I love.

              Robb He stands up to be the lord of Winterfell when needed. The way he leads the army to avenge his Lord father's death.

              Jon Much more so in the show than the books for once! Really looking forward to his storyline this season I love how he found his true home with the Watch, and his friendship with Sam is some of my favourite Jon bits, especially in the books.

              Ned Hands down the most honourable character ever! I still am not over his death. Sean Bean was just perfect as Ned.

              Brienne is also awesome! The way she deals with Jamie putting her down for her size and her love of Renly is just great. Can't wait to see more of their relationship this season


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                First of all, I'm not a book reader. I tried reading the first book, but after taking 1 year and a half to read half of it, I finally gave up. It's just not for me... I don't like fantasy literature, and this is no exception.

                So my impression is based almost exclusively on the show.

                This show has such a huge cast... and it keeps growing and growing. I have a hard time keeping up with who is who (except for the main characters, that is).

                Pretty much all the character are interesting and well-portrayed, but I enjoy some storylines more than others.

                My absolute favourite characters are Tyrion and Danaerys (they were also in the book, for what it's worth!!).

                I just love Tyrion so much. So vulnerable, yet so strong and clever. I feel terrible for him, for the life he has lived, and I'm grateful towards any character that shows him kindness. If I were writing the books, I would put him on the Iron Throne in the end!! He would deserve it, and he would be a better king than most. And Peter Dinklage is so great, he plays all his complexities perfectly.

                My other favourite is Dany, who I'm cheering for as far as the final victory goes. I love how she adapted to an awful situation (being sold to a savage tribe) by embracing it and taking control of her life and legacy. I loved her with Drogo and I was very sorry when they he was killed off, I found him very interesting in his otherness.

                These are my hook characters. I feel a lot less passionate about all the others, even though I really like Arya, Samwell, Margaery, Brienne, and many more.

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                  Honorable 1 st place goes to Brienne, although Arya and Daeneris share the second place. I lost my love for Tyrion after the last book, and strangely enough got very invested in Theon and Asha Greyjoys.
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                    I'd almost forgotten about Brienne, I'm loving her in the current season of GOT.

                    My overall favourites are, Tyrion I love him so much although I've only read book 1 so far but all the show, I just think he is an amazing character, Arya and Denny are my second fav's I just love that strong female character, thanks to Joss lol but I think they are great Arya for the spirit she has and Denny for the force of will. and Jon Snow I'm surprised he only got 3 votes, but I'm really interested in finding out about his mother?? I have my theory but will have to wait and see.
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                      Tyrion - that's why.


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                        My favorite character is Daenerys Targaryen ! This girl is very strong and beautiful. I hope she will succeed.


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                          Probably not the most populair opinion, but I love the Lannisters, accept for Tywin. Especially after reading the books, I started to like Cersei more and more. Same goes for Jaime. And of course, Tyrion, but he's a likeable character anyway. Apart from my Lannisterlove, Arya has a special place in my heart too, because she's such a strong and independent girl despite her age.
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                            Ayra Stark, well ... she is a cute young girl that is still alive. And all she wants, is to be alive and live out her life.


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                              I have so many favorites, it's not even funny. My top 2 weren't on the list though:

                              Jorah Mormont - love, love this devoted guy. If I was Dany, I'd be all over him, lol. I like him best in the show, he is more flawed in the books. Plus, Iain Glen.

                              Sandor Clegane(The Hound) - this is definitely influenced by having read the books. I think he is such a tortured character, who has done awful things, but deep down wants to be good and honorable. I ship Sandor/Sansa. When I first read the books I thought I was alone in liking them, only to come online and find out they are one of the largest aSoIaF shipper groups! Sandor is younger in the books.

                              I also LOVE Ned Stark, I still miss him so much. Sean Bean is amazing. Also, Jaime Lannister, as he begins to slowly be a better person. Jon Snow; whether Ned is his biological father or not, he has a lot of Ned in him. Brienne; kick-ass, honorable knight who is helping Jaime become a better man. What's not to love? I love how lumbering she is, yet so capable in combat. I agree with Olenna - she's marvelous!
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                                Robb Stark for me. Watching the show at Red Wedding, I was so mad, that I wanted to stop watching GoT. But then again, there is our lovely Mother of Dragons Khaleesi I enjoy every scene where she is in. I actually want more of her. I am sure season 7 will be a game changer.


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                                  I stopped watching GoT soon after Tryion arrived and was the obvious choice to be Dany's Hand of the Queen. The TV series made Dany too powerful too fast and then ridiculously hamstrung her by having her make stupid decisions: locking up her dragons, not ridding of the threat of the former masters, having her seem to forget that she had 93 ships, not doing anything when Westeros was at war with itself, etc. And then it had the supposed greatest warriors in the world be easily killed.

                                  Dany's so powerful she could have taken all the wealth of Quarth, killed all the masters and took all their wealth, subdued the Iron Bank and start running it, and easily be the Queen of all of Essos.

                                  Finally, there's the obvious problem of Essos is actually much nicer than Westeros.

                                  Now, Jon is a possible contender for the Iron Throne but it's very silly that R&L didn't simply get married. That would have ended the war and easily kept the Targaryens in power.

                                  Jon is a male heir but he's a bastard and he's a former brother of the Night's Watch. By law, he's not 'next in line'.

                                  Given "A Song of Ice and Fire", I've always assumed the endgame was to have Dany and Jon marry. Jon's now being "King of the North" puts more legitimacy to that.


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                                    Rhaegar was married to Elia Martell, so there was no such thing as "simply" to his affair with Lyanna.

                                    I find it amusing that the biggest shipper speculation of this series on TV at this point is whether or not a man will be involved with either his aunt (Daenarys is Jon's father's sister) or his cousin (Sansa is Jon's mother's brother's daughter). That's how effed up this show is.
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                                      Originally posted by KingofCretins View Post
                                      Rhaegar was married to Elia Martell, so there was no such thing as "simply" to his affair with Lyanna.
                                      Simply, not, but many people do think they got married. Targaryens were known to practice polygamy in the past (Aegon the Conqueror was married to both his sisters), though the last one to do that was Maegor the Cruel, almost 300 years before the present events, and the Faith did not react well to it. Whether people would accept that marriage as legitimate or not, and who would accept it, is another matter. But the reason why people believe they were married is because the behavior of the Kinsguard members at the Tower of Joy. They could and probably would have accepted a marriage between Rhaegar and Lyanna as legitimate, and this is really the only explanation why they would have been so determined to give their lives protecting Lyanna's baby from his own uncle. Ned asked them why they were not with Viserys instead, as their heir to the throne and legitimate king in the eyes of Targaryen supporters after Aerys' death. If Jon was a bastard, he would have no claim to the throne, and it would be odd for Kingsguard members to focus on protecting the late crown prince's unborn bastard child. But if he was seen (by them, at least) as legitimate, they would have seen him as their next King. And their vows are about protecting the King, primarily.

                                      Now, that doesn't mean that Jon will become the King of Westeros. I don't think he would want that, and I don't think he'd have much support. He's also not the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne or to anything, regardless of his legitimate/illegitimate birth status, because he is a member of the Night's Watch. He has sworn to hold no lands or titles. That can't simply be handwaved away, as the show is doing (but the show has handwaved a whole bunch of things and stopped making sense a while ago) and I don't think it will in the books.

                                      The books offer a more logical way that Jon may be crowned King in the North at some point (before his death, not suspecting he would be killed at a wedding but thinking he may die in the campaign he was about to set on after getting more soldiers from the Freys, Robb made a will that most likely legitimized Jon, released him from his vows and/or made him his heir. This is at least a common fan speculation. The will is in the hands of some of Robb's prominent supporters whose whereabouts are currently unknown.) Jon being KITN in the show makes no sense - he has neither been legitimized nor released from his vows, Sansa is right there, and both of them know that Bran is still alive. Jon didn't even do anything worthy of being made King, he made a mess of the battle and was lucky that the knights of the Vale saved his arse. And I think Jon (at least in the books, I find show versions of character unrecognizable at this point) would really feel terrible about this and would never allow it. He told Stannis "Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa" (and book Jon doesn't know that Bran and Rickon did not get killed by Theon back when he took Winterfell) when Stannis was offering to legitimize him, release him from his vows and make him Lord of Winterfell. Being chosen KITN over his legitimate siblings is something Jon would hate. In the show, he's practically confirming all of Catelyn's worst fears - he is taking her children's birthright from them.

                                      I find it amusing that the biggest shipper speculation of this series on TV at this point is whether or not a man will be involved with either his aunt (Daenarys is Jon's father's sister) or his cousin (Sansa is Jon's mother's brother's daughter). That's how effed up this show is.
                                      I think you meant his sister. They grew up as brother and sister and think of themselves as such. They aren't going to decide to marry or fall in love because "oh, we're just cousins" (as the Jonsa shippers are insisting). It doesn't work like that. (The same goes for people who ship Jon/Arya in the books.)

                                      They are some people who ship Jon/Sansa in the books, but it's a minority. The only reason it's become so popular in the show is because people are shallow and don't apply much logic when they see two good-looking people of opposite sex and acceptable age range interacting.
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                                        I have only really watched the first 3 seasons, so don't judge me too harshly for forgetting or not caring about someone who has proved themselves in later seasons.

                                        My favourites are in sections, so the good - Arya Stark, Gendry, Daenerys Targerian, Jorah, Davos Seaworth (I would also count Ned Stark in this, but I've decided to only count the living)

                                        The neutral (so far) - Lord Varys, Sansa Stark

                                        The bad - Joffrey, The Hound, Lord Baelish, Tywin Lannister

                                        I've also got a soft spot for the Tyrells and hope they prosper