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    I just started watching this this week and am half way through. I was really excited to see it when I saw it had links to the creative team behind Big Little Lies which is one of my favourite recent shows. With Nicole Kidman starring in it as well I was delighted by the first episode and thought the tone felt very like Big Little Lies. But I'm a little more dubious about it having now seen the second and third episodes.

    It isn't just because the story it feels is taking just very predictable turns, but it is the possibility of the ones to come being the same. I am hoping I'm wrong and I've no idea for sure where it is going, but the casting of Donald Sutherland and the title sequence I feel are possibly overly flagging where it might go. The film Deep Blue Sea long ago taught me that such assumptions can prove to be false, but I just can't see then casting DS in the role if he doesn't have a bigger part to play. So that is affecting my expectations.

    Hopefully, I'll watch the next episode tonight and will finish it up this week. I'm hoping I'm going to be surprised.

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    Okay, episodes 3 & then 4 definitely made it more intriguing. It's still heading down paths we'd been speculating on though I think, but seems to be abandoning what I saw as a more 'presented' possibility. So the latter will probably rear as the 'shock' reveal.

    I actually think there's some clear holes in the police investigation that there is the need to suspend disbelief over and if it goes where I currently think it will, which has been hinted more gently throughout, it's going to be somewhat harder to explain. But we'll see. We're likely to finish it up tomorrow evening. I'll be interested to hear what others thought of it who've seen it too.


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      Okay, it didn't head into anything unexpected, but I'm glad they didn't try to take it in too much of a 'surprise' direction which would have been far more problematic to pull off and make believable. I think they actually did a fairly good job of keeping some tension and keeping you wondering up to the end. Even if it did go in a predictable way, exactly how the end of the court case would play out, which elements would be brought up, was more uncertain and helped keep that tension going.

      I think the strength of this show was in the character analyses and how that played a part of the storyline. It would be an interesting one to rewatch in hindsight. If I caught it on tv again I probably would rewatch the earlier episodes in particular.

      I was perhaps surprised most by how underused Donald Sutherland was, but I think it was a good choice and he played his character well. There were a few questions I had about him that were never answered, so it made him more interesting by default. Nicole Kidman was good again, but it didn't get near the brilliance of Big Little Lies.

      It seems it will stay as a limited one season series, which I think would work best. But then I wasn't convinced when Big Little Lies got a second series and I loved that. It is nice though if some things are left at just the first story and they don't always try and stretch them out. Did no one else see this at all when it was originally out?


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        One of the most disappointing shows I've seen recenrly. Great cast, great performances, but one of the worst endings and, as it turned out, a very uninteresting story.

        I don't understand this "let's make the story completely predictable and one-dimensional, it's such a twist that there is no twist" mentality that David E. Kelley must have had while making this.
        You keep waiting for the dust to settle and then you realize it; the dust is your life going on. If happy comes along - that weird unbearable delight that's actual happy - I think you have to grab it while you can. You take what you can get, 'cause it's here, and then...gone.


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          The resolution in his response to being cornered was quite hard to swallow and it did feel like it was just an attempt to keep you guessing right up to the final moment. But as it turns out there weren't any big surprises, so that final part with his son just really lacked tension and almost broke what they had built before. You just were left more wearily willing him to give it up than anything. I think we came up with a host of more intriguing ways it could have gone while watching it.

          One thing that I would say in its favour was actually seeing the murder in the end was quite chilling. The disassociation and cold disregard were extreme. It made some of what had been said about the character more interesting and is why I think revisiting those early episodes with hindsight could be interesting. But overall I can't disagree that it was a disappointing show on balance. It didn't have nothing going for it, but with the cast I really was hoping for more.


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            The story is way too predictable


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              Originally posted by AnnaMia View Post
              The story is way too predictable
              Hi AnnaMia, welcome.

              Have you seen any new shows in the last few years that you've been really impressed with and would recommend?