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Prequel to The Sopranos finally released on HBO Max

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  • Prequel to The Sopranos finally released on HBO Max

    Just read that a prequel to The Sopranos will be on HBO Max starring some pretty great actors - Leslie Odom, Jr. and Ray Liotta among others. And I guess Tony Soprano is played by the actor’s son in real life. Interesting.
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    I wish this was a series rather than a film, but I'd still like to see it.


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      It's been a while since I watched Sopranos, but I'll check this movie and see if I'll remember anything at all.


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        According to critics you have seen it and everything else, it seems that it is mostly focused on Dickie Moltisanti (played by Alessandro Nivola), as the title also suggests. (Moltisanti = "many saints"). But I hope Jon Bernthal will have decent screentime as Johnny Boy Soprano, I love him. (Benrthal, not Johnny Boy.)

        Vera Farmiga already seems perfect as Livia.

        Of course the young man playing young Tony looks just like him - since he is James Gandolfini's son. (He also really looks like AJ Soprano, that kid was also cast well.)

        We also get to see Corey Stoll as Junior, Billy Magnussen as Paulie (I was surprised to see his name, but it makes sense when you see him with dark hair and brown contacts), and I also spot a young bald guy as Silvio before he started to wear a toupee, and someone who looks like a young Pussy. I don't know who Lamar Odom Jr. and Ray Liotta play - the former apparently an enemy of Dickie's, the letter some mafia leader who's in jail...
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