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Anyone watching "Awake"?

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  • Anyone watching "Awake"?

    Decided to give this show a try - interesting premise. Dueling realities that even the *victim* can't tell apart - they both seem equally real.

    Anyone watching? If so, any thoughts?

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    Do you like it so far? I thought it sounded so interesting, but only caught a few minutes in the middle of the second episode and wasn't sure how I felt about it.


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      I watched the first two eps and was fairly intrigued.

      I'm trying to get my husband to watch these eps before I move onto the third ep. There seems to be a lot of emotion and the concept of dreams, consciousness, or alternate realities intrigues me. I think the filming is great in being able to quickly determine which world we are in depending on the coloring. One looks a bright warm gold and the other a cool dark blue. Although I'm seeing reviews call the colors/worlds as red and green.

      For me, the police investigations are the least engaging part of the show. So many police procedurals these days, I wish he had a different occupation. I like the focus on his psychiatrist visits and his family interactions.

      Lydia made the punch!


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        I had the first 3 eps on DVR, so decided to try them. *no spoilers*

        Not that many shows totally hook me in the 1st ep and Awake wasn't an exception. The pilot set up the circumstances and I wondered how the show was going to take the concept forward *without* becoming just another police drama with an interesting twist.

        The 2nd ep set the hook. I have to admit that I was so into the alternate realities that I hadn't wondered about the "accident". The "possibilities" door was kicked wide open!

        The 3rd ep continued to keep me engaged. The colliding realities is a very thoughtful development.

        Of course, BD Wong and Cherry Jones are awesome as the dueling psychiatrists! Having Michael read from the Constitution was brilliant - *I* was stumped!

        Awake isn't for action, shoot-em-up lovers. It's much more psychological and thought provoking. Neither Michael nor the viewer know what is "real". The very definition of "real" is not clear. What is the Britten's backstory? Is Michael "awake" at all? Are *either* of Michael's "realities" what is *actually* happening? Was the accident actually an accident? What would happen if Hannah or Rex were killed in one of the "realities" now? This show takes self awareness, reality and even consciousness itself and turns our expectations upside down.

        I will definitely be keeping an eye on this one. I hope it finds its audience.