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  • SMG Interview

    Just dropped a few hours ago. Says she still speaks to Seth Green and MT of course and also to Emma Caulfield and Mark Blucas .

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    Really like her new hair colour.

    That's nice that she spoke with Marc Blucas recently. I've never heard her speak about him before and he's so regularly ignored in interviews and questions about the show so happy to hear they keep in touch. Another new bit of information

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      I love the balayage hair colour too! also, it's cool to hear she's in touch with MT (which doesn't surprise me) as they always seemed friendly.

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    Keeping up with MB seems a bit new. I don't think she's ever mentioned him before, not that it means a whole lot. I wonder if there's a project in the works or something. I think he lives in PA. Or maybe they have bonded over dogs. Buffy_saison_4_on_the_set_021206_(3).jpg


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      She's looking good ! I'm glad that she is keeping in touch with the rest of the cast, and yes, her mentioning MB is "refreshing" for lack of a better word ^^
      What a challenge, honesty
      What a struggle to learn to speak
      Who would've thought that pretending was easier


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        I like her haircolour even better in this pic (sorry, I only found the pic today and it fits so perfectly here )

        She must have been close friends with Seth Green for a long time. She very recently posted a collage of pics on her Instagram account of the two of them through the years.

        I understood she only recently talked to MB. To me it sounded as if they had reconnected, not that they had been in touch all the years.

        Hasn't she been on a family vacation with AH once or am I confusing that with someone else?