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Reacting to Reactions! - BtVS Season 4

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  • Reacting to Reactions! - BtVS Season 4

    Just like the other threads, this is intended for any/all reaction vids for the fourth season of Buffy.

    Feel free to post your thoughts/recommendations/comments on any reactor's vids on a S4 episode in this thread.

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    Having caught up with alley box's S3 wrap up earlier today I was really keen to see her start S4 of BtVS and have just watched her YouTube reaction for The Freshman -

    I always forget how much I enjoy this episode. I loved her excitement at seeing the new credits and then her reaction after seeing Cordelia was missing from them. Seeing the reverse of the latter with AtS is going to be funny. She relates so much to the college intro. Great comments on the mood conveyed with the camera work. Glad she enjoyed Xander's return. I remember being quite floored by Giles at the start of S4 but it does start to make sense in how adrift he is. I can't agree with her about Willow's hair though. I think she looks adorable at the start of S4.


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      Just caught alley box's YouTube reaction for Living Conditions -

      Her shocked response at the face tear was funny. She enjoying the humour of this episode a lot and it sounds as if the direction really aided that for her. I was surprised how much she liked Kathy to be honest. Interesting point made about Kathy's situation being an incident of a demon being given a sense of humanity.

      Definitely going to be some disappointment with where things go with Oz, even though it isn't where any of her ideas wandered. I'm hopeful that she's developing more of a liking for Xander.

      The impression I've been getting of her feeling initially more distanced from AtS and not connecting with it appears fair as it sounded like that has been emphasised to her in her response to this episode after seeing a couple of Angel eps. It's early days with that though.


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        When it comes to Angel I suspect she'll go the way of many a youtube reactor and that is like the early to middle seasons but then dislike/loos interest the rest. It's like "We Watch Whedon" (or whatever the hell they like to call the channel these days) where they really, really don't like the Lilah/Wes sex scenes.

        Come to think of it they pretty much hate ANY scenes with sexual overtones. They're gonna get far.


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          I'm not sure with alley box. I think she really likes the humour and friendships of BtVS so she might struggle with S6 especially and will warm to AtS more when there is the best Wes/Gunn/Cordelia vibes.

          EDIT: I've just been checking where failwhale34 has actually watched up to and he's at the same point in S4...

          The Freshman -
          Living Conditions -