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  • 3. Miri (Star Trek 1967-8)

    Kirk, Spok, and McKoy go down to a planet
    inhabited by no one but children: due to a
    genetic experiment, they are hundreds of
    years old, but doomed—set to die after a
    week of madness once puberty sets in...

    (Aside from Deep Space 9, I am not a
    passionate Star Trek fan, but I remember
    seeing this as a tiny child, on afternoon
    reruns, being haunted: images, voices
    remain with me... )


    • Degrassi Junior High - and the related shows.


      • 5. Eight is Enough

        Oh, God, this brings back the infamous "Eight is Enough" theme to mind, which has to be the sappiest theme song - and lyrics - of all time.

        There’s a magic in the early morning we’ve found
        When the sunrise smiles on everything around
        It’s a portrait of the happiness that we feel and always will
        For eight is enough to fill our lives with love

        Though we spend our days like bright and shiny new dimes
        If we’re ever puzzled by the changing times
        There’s a plate of homemade wishes on the kitchen window sill
        And eight is enough to fill our lives with love

        The sunrise smiling - days spent like bright and shiny new dimes - a plate of homemade wishes on the kitchen window sill - who WROTE this slop?

        I see it's a woman named Molly-Ann Leiken who wrote a few songs for forgettable 70s movies and now teaches a class in how to be a 'master songwriter.' Yikes!

        The images against the lyrics are even worse.

        Which brings us to the next one:

        Name a TV show that has a theme song with words that you can't stand - even if you like the show. The lyrics can't be written later - they have to be sung on the actual show.

        And please quote the lyrics so we can all enjoy! Even better, share a You Tube link!
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        • Stoney
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          Wow, those lyrics are just, yeah...

      • 1. Silver Spoons

        Here we are, face to face
        A couple of Silver Spoons.
        Hopin' to find, we're two of a kind
        Making a go, making it grow.

        Together, we're going to find our way.
        Together, taking the time each day.
        To learn all about those things you just can't buy.

        Two Silver spoons together.
        You and I together (We're going to find our way)
        You and I together (We're going to find our way)
        You and I together.

        I suspect I'd hate the show if I saw it now.

        And a bonus one as it's a technicality.

        Star Trek

        Beyond the rim of the starlight,
        my love is wandering in star flight.
        I know he'll find
        In star clustered reaches
        Love, strange love
        A star woman teaches.

        I know his journey ends never.
        His Star Trek will go on forever.
        But tell him while
        He wanders his starry sea,
        Remember me.

        Lyrics by Gene Roddenberry - created solely so he could claim 50% of the royalties off Alexander Courage's music.
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        • American Aurora
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          Ha, as soon as I saw the opening line, I started cracking up. The Star Trek ones are the usual 'bad lyrics wedded to fun instrumental score' typical of the time period. I think The Pink Panther had the same kind of awful bombast.

      • 3. The Love Boat

        Exciting and new
        Come Aboard
        We're expecting you!

        And Love
        Life's sweetest reward!
        Let it flow
        It floats back to you!

        The Love Boat
        Soon will be making another run!
        The Love Boat
        Promises something for everyone!

        Set a course for adventure,
        Your mind on a new romance!

        And love
        Won't hurt anymore!
        It's an open smile
        On a friendly shore!

        Welcome aboard!

        I thought The Love Boat was a dumb show, but the theme song is terrible.

        An open smile on a friendly shore is bad but the idea of love flowing and floating back to you is really bad but funny.

        I always felt sorry for the special guest stars who were always mismatched - like Charo and Larry Linville from MASH as a couple. Weird.
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        • This list deserves some Power Rangers. Sadly enough I no longer remember the lyrics of all shows, just that all of them were corny. So it's very well possible there was a worse one in the series.

          4. Power Rangers Turbo

          Most of it was the line "Go Power Rangers Turbo", but there was also this:

          Mighty engines roar
          Turbo charged for more
          Drive four on the floor

          Target fixed on lock
          Evil take a walk!
          Rangers set to rock

          Shift into high gear
          Turbo Power's here
          Rangers with no fear

          It was catchy though.


          • American Aurora
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            I love the “Evil take a walk!” contrasted with the Turbo Power mighty roaring engines of good. I guess the Power Rangers weren’t big exercise fans.

        • Not that I loved the show, but I enjoyed watching it as a child but the theme tune drives me batty...

          5. Happy Days

          Okay, name 5 TV shows where a character that had been seemingly killed off was brought back. Perhaps we should put the show and then give the character and ep in spoilers for this one?


          • 1. Game of Thrones
            - Home (Jon Snow)


            • Stoney
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              I thought later, spoilers would probably be a good idea for this one so I added them to the prompt and your post.

          • 2. Heroes - pretty much everyone

            Nathan was brought back so many times I lost track of it and he probably did too. Sylar too.
            You keep waiting for the dust to settle and then you realize it; the dust is your life going on. If happy comes along - that weird unbearable delight that's actual happy - I think you have to grab it while you can. You take what you can get, 'cause it's here, and then...gone.


            • 3. EastEnders
              Den Watts, or 'Dirty Den', was killed off in 1989 when he was shot by a criminal organisation and then brought back fourteen years later, it being revealed he'd survived and fled to Spain.