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Haven Episode 1.13 13. A Heaven or a Hell...

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  • Haven Episode 1.13 13. A Heaven or a Hell...

    This is the thirteenth episode of "Haven", an original series written by me. I hope you enjoy reading it! If you have any feedback, positive or critical, please post it here, thank you

    Haven Episode 1.13 13. A Heaven or a Hell...

    Written and Produced by Alex Hart
    Edited by Lex

    Special thanks to Heather

    Disclaimer: The series “Haven”, its characters, locations and ideas are all creations belonging to Alex Hart. The work is fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only. No unauthorised usage of anything in “Haven” is permitted without prior permission, thank you.


    OPEN ON:


    The streetlamps dimly illuminate the park which is silent; until a figure appears, running. It is Aura.

    She appears to be jogging, listening to some kind of music on an iPod. She slows down and kneels, to do her shoelace up. There is a blur as something flickers past in the bushes in the foreground. Aura looks up, frowning. She looks around her, anxiety in her eyes. She slowly rises and starts her run again, a little more urgently than before.

    She continues through the park, looking over her shoulder repeatedly, convinced someone else is out there. Suddenly she runs into someone and gasps as he grabs her shoulders. It is a man in his 40s, scruffy looking, and unshaven. He smiles nastily, exposing his badly-cared-for teeth. Aura narrows her brow as he stares at her.

    Man: Shouldn’t be out here alone miss...there are bad folk around at this hour.

    Voice OS: Yeah, I know.

    The man has barely any time to turn his head when he is hit in the back of the head by a large branch. The man cries out slightly as he falls to the ground unconscious. Aura stares at the holder of the branch: Mark. He raises his eyebrows at her. Aura looks a little exasperated.

    Aura: Better be the right guy.

    Mark widens his eyes slightly.

    Mark: You think it might not be?

    Aura smiles, rolling her eyes. Mark gives her a look, smiling.

    Aura: Just kidding. Here, help me get him up.

    They crouch down and pick the man up, dragging him as they walk towards the bushes, struggling slightly.

    Aura: Damn this guy is heavy.

    Mark: Yeah. Hope this is the last for a while.

    Aura: You know it’s not gonna be now you said that.

    Mark smiles slightly.

    Aura: But yeah, hope you’re right. Only so many times I can let some guy scare the hell out of me.

    Mark: S’all right, I was here the whole time.

    Aura: Yeah, well you didn’t feel him grab on to you like he was never gonna let go. But...thanks.

    Mark: Anytime.

    They continue to drag him away. “2 + 2 = 5” by Radiohead begins to play.


    FADE TO:


    The camera slowly pans away from Aura’s face as she walks forwards towards the shop. She reaches for the “open sign”...and changes it to closed.

    CUT TO:


    Mark walks in from the front door. Bethany looks up from the reception. She smiles at him. He smiles back slightly and then heads to the door to the surveillance room.

    ‘Are you such a dreamer
    To put the world to rights?’

    CUT TO:


    Aura walks back over to the counter. She passes it, taking her name badge off, and walks over to a shelf. She begins to take packages down; revealing boxes hidden behind.

    ‘I stay home forever
    Where two and two always makes a five’

    CUT TO:


    The camera moves over to a table where Marcia, Lucas and Tegan are sat. The song quietens but can still be heard in the background. Marcia looks grave.

    Marcia: Part of me thinks they’re already dead.

    Tegan looks serious.

    Tegan: Part of me does too.

    Marcia looks at her. Tegan tries to look supportive.

    Tegan: But there is no point torturing ourselves by thinking about that.

    Marcia and Lucas say nothing. Tegan looks between them.

    Tegan: I need to talk to Juliet. I’ll be back.

    Marcia nods slowly, as Tegan gets up and walks away.

    ‘I'll lay down the tracks
    Sandbag and hide
    January has April's showers
    And two and two always makes a five’

    The camera moves over to show Grace and Dominic talking in the background.

    ‘It's the devil's way now’

    CUT TO:


    Tegan walks through looking serious. She and Bethany share a civil smile.

    ‘There is no way out’

    CUT TO:


    The door opens. Mark walks in looking serious. Sam is sat down, staring at one of the monitors, his brow narrowed. He looks over.

    Sam: Hey, Mark. Something weird’s going on with Aura’s feed, I’m not getting anything.

    ‘You can scream and you can shout’

    Mark walks over to him.

    Mark: Yeah, I know.

    ‘It is too late now’

    As Sam is about to look around, Mark suddenly lifts something from his belt: his gun. He hits Sam over the back of the head with it. Sam splutters slightly, before falling forward. Mark looks a little shocked by what he has just done...before he looks up at the monitors; black.

    It is time.

    You have not been
    Paying attention
    Paying attention
    Paying attention
    Paying attention’



    THEMESONG: “Not Gonna Get Us” - Tatu

    The eerie start of the song plays as we see grey smoke. “Haven” in black, torn letters fades in. It disappears as the drums start. The smoke is gone also. There are a series of quick shots: a gun being fired. A high-heeled foot stepping next to a pole. A syringe injecting someone’s arm. A knife being raised. A key turning in a lock. Coins scattering on a table. A close up of a woman’s lips as she applies lipstick. A shovel being forced into the ground. A close up of someone handcuffing another person’s wrists. A hand flicking a cigarette lighter on. A pair of pliers approaching someone’s finger. A dagger covered in blood hitting the ground. A hand grabbing on to someone’s arm. A close up of an eye opening wide.

    As the song suddenly becomes more energetic, there is a montage of criminal records, each face only seen for a fraction of a second.

    The camera zooms towards Juliet looking shocked.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Juliet walking with a neutral expression on her face. There is a shot of Juliet pointing a gun looking resolute. There is a shot of Juliet turning her face, looking serious. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of Juliet, Grace and Tegan running. There is a shot of the illuminated “Summertime General” sign.

    There is a shot of Devyn reaching out for something.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Devyn punching someone. There is a shot of him leaning against a wall. There is a shot of him smiling, a little smugly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a little girl with a knife in her hand. There is a shot of a gun being fired into the air.

    There is a shot of Tegan typing on a computer.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Tegan turning, the flash of sirens causing her to shield her eyes. There is a shot of Tegan putting her hand over mouth. There is a shot of Tegan cocking her head slightly, smiling. The credit flickers away.

    A shot of a woman walking down a corridor of Haven, purposefully. A shot of a man and a woman kissing.

    There is a shot of Gael holding out a large knife.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Gael hugging someone. There is a shot of a tear streaming down Gael’s face. There is a shot of Gael laughing. The credit flickers away.

    A shot of the main entrance opening. A shot of Mark and Aura turning looking surprised in Summertime General.

    There is a shot of Grace carrying a plate of food.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Grace putting her head in her hands. A shot of her putting her finger over her lips. A shot of her smiling a little. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of an explosion. A shot of Grace crying in Gael’s arms.

    There is a shot of Aura sat at one of the tables in Haven’s kitchen.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Aura turning looking shocked. A shot of her at the till in Summertime General. A shot of her smiling kindly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a hand being placed on the identification pad. A shot of Bethany kissing someone.

    There is a shot of Mark walking down the first lower corridor.


    The credits flicker on to the screen. There is a shot of Mark looking troubled. A shot of Mark diving out of the way of something. A shot of Mark stroking someone’s hair.

    There is a shot of Royce punching someone. A shot of a man moving over a man’s bare stomach.

    There is a shot of Jackie sitting in a chair, her index finger on her temple. She looks thoughtful.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Jackie turning, looking out of breath. A shot of her walking looking formidable. A shot of her examining a gun. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a corridor in Haven. The camera zooms through to the lobby, spinning around, backing through the front entrance. The doors close.


    Guest Starring:

    JULIE BENZ – Erica McArthur
    BRADLEY CONNOR – Greg Maxx
    PERCY DAGGS – Sam Shaw
    JOSH DUHAMEL – Dominic Healy
    MERRIN DUNGEY – Marcia Maxx
    GREG GRUNBERG – Jethro Pedanski
    SAM JONES – Lucas Pedance
    PETER KRAUSE – Warren Jeffers
    MARLENE LAWSTON – Amy McArthur
    CHRIS LOWELL – Rick Parkman
    JASON MOMOA – Josef Porter
    HUNTER PARRISH – Jason “J” Carrish
    JAMES PICKENS JR. – Royce Appleby
    JOELY RICHARDSON – Marissa Jeffers
    AMANDA SEYFRIED – Bethany Thyme
    SARAH SHAHI – Francesca DeSisto
    EVAN RACHEL WOOD – Nicole Lindstrom
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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    CUT TO:


    Mr Dalen walks in, followed by Jackie. She looks anxious as she follows him. He goes and sits down behind his desk. Jackie sits down in the chair opposite. Mr Dalen places his hands together as he surveys her.

    Mr Dalen: You know why you’re here, Stevens.

    Jackie hesitates.

    Jackie: If I may say, sir, I was given clear instructions by Ms Kyre-

    Mr Dalen: You were given clear instructions by me. Ms Kyre is not familiar with our objectives. What I tell you what you should concentrate on.

    Jackie considers this.

    Jackie: Are you asking me to ignore the chain of command, sir?

    Mr Dalen’s eyes narrow. He leans forward.

    Mr Dalen: I’m asking you to consider what you are told by Ms Kyre...and then apply your own initiative when deciding how closely to abide by her wishes.

    Jackie looks frustrated. Mr Dalen stares at her.

    Mr Dalen: If you want to say something, then say it now. I won’t hold it-

    Jackie: What we’re doing makes no sense at all.

    She looks angry now.

    Jackie: We will never achieve anything if we’re held back by “image”. I cannot understand why this decision has been made.

    Mr Dalen pauses.

    Mr Dalen: Stevens-

    Suddenly the power is cut. A distant hum is heard, lowering in pitch as Jackie and Mr Dalen look around. The room is left in dull light, as the small windows hardly light the room. They both stand.

    Mr Dalen: Probably a fault in the grid.

    He walks through. Jackie hesitates but then follows.

    CUT TO:


    Mr Dalen and Jackie walk in. People are hurrying about, some talking on mobile phones, others sat down watching security cameras. A man looks up.

    Man: Sir, ma’am: we’re running on emergency power, we’re getting reports of some kind of attack on the main generator.

    Jackie looks surprised. Mr Dalen remains serious.

    Jackie: Attack? What about the cells?

    Man: They’re secure; we’re tightening security around the area.

    Jackie still looks concerned. The camera focuses on a security monitor, showing a line of cells.

    CUT TO:


    Prison guards walk down hurriedly as various prisoners stare through the transparent walls of their cells. Greg and Fran are two of them.

    Fran: Something’s going down.

    Greg looks at her.

    Greg: If we get a chance-

    Fran: I know.

    Greg nods, looking hopeful. He turns back as a guard faces them on the other side of the wall.

    Guard: Centre of the room, now!

    Fran: Or what you gonna glare us to death?

    There is suddenly an explosion nearby. The guard is blasted back by a ball of fire as it explodes down the corridor, other guards also engulfed in flame. Greg and Fran back away as cells begin to smash, and an alarm starts to sound. Sprinklers turn on immediately. Fran and Greg look around, alarmed.

    CUT TO:


    Mark walks in from the door to the surveillance room stairs. Bethany looks up at him.

    Bethany: Sam ok?

    Mark puts on a pleasant smile.

    Mark: Uh, yeah, you know there was something wrong with my tag’s feed, so just wanted to check it out with him.

    Bethany: Oh, really? Maybe I should go ask him about mine-

    Mark: No.

    Bethany has began to sit up. Mark hesitates.

    Mark: He sorted it out, don’t worry.

    Bethany nods.

    Bethany: Oh, ok. Guess it’s back to minesweeper for me. I’m totally nailing Expert.

    Mark smiles weakly and walks to the front door. Bethany shrugs at his lack of response and returns to her game. A close-up of her computer screen shows her clicking a few times. Suddenly she hits a bomb, and the game is over. Bethany looks annoyed.

    Bethany: Dammit!

    Marissa and Warren appear at the top of the stairs, Marissa carrying the bag she arrived with. She smiles slightly at Bethany who smiles back.

    Bethany: Hey, you ready to check out?

    Marissa: Uh, yes, thanks.

    Bethany: Ok, uh, hang one minute while I get Juliet.

    She gets up. Marissa smiles thankfully. Warren looks serious as the two stand in silence. He looks at her and she looks back, but looks less than pleased.

    Marissa: What?

    Warren hesitates.

    CUT TO:


    Mark appears from the doorway to Haven. Aura turns round. No sound can be heard other than voiceover from the scene in the lobby.

    Warren OS: You don’t wanna hear what I have to say.

    As the conversation continues Mark and Aura stare at the door. They are waiting.

    Marissa OS: You’re right. But please don’t look at me like you expect me to change my mind-

    CUT TO:


    Warren looks upset.

    Warren: I’m sorry I told you how I felt but I can’t change that now-

    Marissa: No, you can’t. I am going. And you won’t see me again. There is nothing to work through, with us anymore, Warren. You have to accept that.

    Warren looks as if this is the last thing he wants to do, but nods glumly.

    CUT TO:


    Devyn, Tegan and Juliet are stood looking serious, Juliet leaning against her desk, her arms folded.

    Juliet: I wish I had a suggestion, but I have nothing.

    Tegan: What about Liliana, can’t she at least try and find out something?

    Devyn: Like what?

    Tegan looks at him, looking angry.

    Devyn: I’m not trying to tell you to give up hope but I’m getting the feeling Liliana’s no more mainstream than we are. She has power over us, sure, but what else can she do?

    Tegan looks like she wishes she had an answer for this, but has nothing. She shakes her head bitterly.

    Tegan: So what? Greg and Fran are just gone? And we never find out what happened to them? How can that be something we accept?

    Juliet looks serious.

    Juliet: People are disappearing every week. That it something I have had to accept. Sooner or later it was gonna be someone we knew. I am sorry that it’s Greg and Fran, but it changes nothing T. If we can help anyone other than ourselves, we’d have done it a long time ago.

    Tegan looks to be in denial, when there is a knock at the door. Juliet looks over at it.

    Juliet: Yeah?

    Bethany enters looking apologetic.

    Bethany: Hi, uh, sorry to interrupt your thing, but Marissa’s wanting to go pretty much now

    Juliet sighs slightly but nods.

    Juliet: Right.

    She looks at Tegan looks sympathetic.

    Juliet: I’m sorry.

    She walks towards the door and out. There is a moment of silence, and then Devyn looks at Tegan.

    Tegan: I know.

    Devyn looks confused.

    Tegan: I know you’re gonna tell me something like I should know how this was gonna go. God, I know.

    Devyn looks serious.

    Devyn: Actually I was gonna say...I wish we could do more to help them.

    Tegan looks at him. Devyn hesitates and then walks out.

    CUT TO:


    Devyn walks out and smiles, distractedly, at Bethany who is stood outside the door. She hesitates and then heads back in to Juliet’s office.

    CUT TO:


    “How Do I Fix My Head” by Straylight Run begins to play. Tegan appears to be deep in thought. Bethany walks a few steps forward looking awkward.

    Bethany: Hey.

    Tegan looks over at her. She smiles weakly.

    Tegan: Hi.

    Bethany: Uh, I couldn’t help overhearing just now...

    ’Here in this yellow room
    Blocking the screaming sounds from the stage’

    CUT TO:


    Juliet walks in, followed by Devyn. She begins to talk to Marissa, smiling professionally, but her words cannot be heard. Warren looks awkward as Marissa tries to return Juliet’s smile.

    ‘Their silhouettes passing by in the doorway
    I pay no mind’

    CUT TO:


    The door opens and the camera moves forward from the point of view of someone walking towards Aura and Mark behind the till. The get closer and closer.

    ‘You're half-dressed and star-struck
    Will they pull you out?
    Will they bring you back?’

    Aura and Mark watch, looking visibly anxious, breathing heavily. The camera slowly moves around, but cuts just before we see who has entered.

    ‘We both know what's coming
    You aren't the first, you won't be the last’

    CUT TO:


    Royce walks through in the direction of Juliet’s office, his bucket and mop in hand.

    ‘So take it all off for them’

    Marissa nods, as Juliet talks to her.

    ‘Take it all off for them’

    Suddenly Juliet is distracted by the red flashing light from the monitor.

    ‘I swear, they'll like it’

    The song quietens slightly as the sound of the alarm sounds. Juliet walks round to the monitor, expecting to see information...but is instead staring at a large question mark in the centre of the screen and “Conviction chip not found” repeated several times. Her neutral look turns to a confused frown as the camera zooms towards her face.

    ‘I'm listening to what they say
    Feeling less and less okay
    But it's the same old story’

    Devyn watches Juliet looking curious as he witnesses her expression change.

    Devyn: Jules?

    Juliet looks distracted by what she sees. She doesn’t look at Devyn as she considers something.

    Juliet: Hang on a sec...

    She walks up the surveillance stairs door and opens it. Devyn, Marissa and Warren are left looking perplexed.

    ‘How do I fix my head?
    How do I fix my head?’

    CUT TO:


    Aura and Mark enter codes in the metal detector room. They head through.

    ‘Living in a world where changing what you got makes you better’

    CUT TO:


    Juliet hurries up the stairs and opens the door to the surveillance room.

    ‘Why's that plastic surgery's
    Just what you need
    Then you'll be happy’

    CUT TO:


    Juliet stops dead as she enters the room. Sam is lying on his front, some blood staining his shirt from the wound in the back of his skull. Juliet’s eyes widen. She rushes over to him and turns him over as gently as she can, reaching for his pulse. He stirs slightly.

    Juliet: Sam!

    She looks slightly relived to find he is alive, but still in shock to find Sam this way. He opens his eyes a fraction.

    Juliet: Sam who did this?

    Sam tries to speak.

    Sam: M...Mark...he came outta...nowhere...

    Juliet’s expression freezes as “assured” is sung.

    ‘Surrounded by mirrors and people who stare
    Silently judging
    Dependent on make-up and being adored
    Can't be self-assured’

    She slowly gets up and begins running in slow motion.

    ‘I wish that I could make you see
    How do I make you see
    Without it all
    You're lovely’

    CUT TO:


    Aura and Mark walk; several figures can be seen behind them, but the light is too dim to make them out.

    ‘I'm listening to what they say
    Feeling less and less okay’

    CUT TO:


    Juliet runs down the stairs.

    ‘But it's the same old story’
    CUT TO:


    Juliet appears. Devyn turns and looks shocked as he sees her looking urgent. She reaches for her leg and takes out her gun. Devyn knows that he must act too and takes his out, approaching her as she opens the front door.

    ‘How do I fix my head?
    How do I fix my head?’

    Juliet: Get into the kitchen! Tell the others we have an emergency.

    Devyn is about to ask what is happening when he and Juliet look up the flight of stairs, distracted by a noise.

    ‘How do I?’

    Something bounces down the steps in slow motion. A grenade. The camera follows it down the stairs as Juliet’s eyes widen. She turns ready for impact when...

    ‘How do I fix my head?
    How do I fix my head?

    ...yellow gas explodes from the grenade and fills the lobby.

    The instrumental remainder of the song continues in the background.

    Warren and Marissa shield their eyes from the gas as it fills the area. Juliet appears out from the yellow cloud coughing.

    CUT TO:


    Gael’s eyes widen as he witnesses the smoke bomb’s effects. Behind him Erica pulls Riley and Teya close to her instinctively. Marcia and Lucas stand, as do various other guests, all of them looking alarmed. Grace walks through from behind the canteen looking confused; until she sees the cloud. Juliet stumbles into the dining area still coughing.

    Grace: What the fu-

    Gael looks scared.

    Gael: It can’t be Amethyst...

    Juliet: It’s not. It’s Mark.

    The others look confused. The room is full of panic as Devyn appears from the smoke cloud too. Juliet turns. Erica tries to get past Juliet but Gael stops her.

    Gael: Hey wait, wait, wait where are you going?

    Erica: Amy is downstairs I need to go to her!

    Riley: Mommy why is the smoke all yellow?

    Teya: I don’t like it!

    Erica looks down at her children helplessly when suddenly more smoke grenades are thrown into the dining area. Everyone tries to shield their eyes, as they begin to cough.

    Juliet: Get everyone into the kitchen!

    However this command sees futile as the entire area is engulfed. Guests starts to scream, as Erica can be seen crouching down clutching her children.

    CUT TO:


    Tegan and Bethany appear to have been talking; they suddenly look up as they hear the screams from the dining area. They share a look of alarm and they then begin to head to the door; when it opens suddenly. Royce hurries in from the main corridor and closes the door behind him. Tegan and Bethany look surprised.

    Tegan: Royce what’s going on out there?

    Royce: It’s an attack.

    Bethany: Oh God, those Amethyst guys!

    Royce: Maybe.

    Tegan’s eyes widen.

    Tegan: W-what are we gonna do, we can’t just stay here.

    Royce walks past her.

    Royce: Yes we can. Come on.

    Tegan and Bethany look confused as Royce hurries up to the bookshelf. He takes a chair and steps on it, reaching up for a specific book. He opens it; there is a remote inside. Tegan looks shocked as he presses it: part of the bookshelf moves away to reveal a tunnel. Bethany and Tegan stare open-mouthed.

    Tegan: Oh my God...

    Royce: You can be shocked when we’re inside. Quickly!

    He indicates them to hurry. They require little more persuasion and rush over as Royce places the book back and then follows them in. As the bookshelf slides back to its original position, the door opens: another smoke bomb. Figures in gas masks walk in, guns raised.

    CUT TO:


    More figures run down, opening the doors to the rooms. Room 1, 2, 3, 4...throwing smoke bombs into each of them as they do. A woman turns as smoke explodes around her.


    Dominic almost runs in to Grace as she bursts in, the yellow smoke swirls in after her. Dominic looks as confused as she does.

    Dominic: We have to get out of here.

    Grace: There’s nowhere to go!

    She coughs. Dominic suddenly pulls Grace away from the doorway; more figures in masks have appeared, aiming their guns. As the gas fills the room, Grace begins to look faint.

    CUT TO:


    Gael falls unconscious on the ground. The camera moves over to show other unconscious bodies lying around: Erica, her children, Marcia, Lucas, Devyn, and finally Juliet...barely conscious. A figure stands over her. She stares up and looks faint as she gives the figure a look of contempt. She finally falls as the gas clouds her from view.

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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Aura is sat wearing the same casual clothes she was wearing in the teaser. Mark is sat near her. They sit in silence. The only door into the room opens. Mark and Aura look over as a man enters. He is in his late 30s, and with short dark hair and has a thick layer of stubble. He closes the door and then stands before them. Mark and Aura both look at him expectantly. A smile slowly appears on his face.

      Man: You guys did a good job.

      He raises his eyebrows slightly as he says this, a twinkle in his eye. Aura and Mark both look pleased as they share a congratulatory smile and then look back at him.

      Mark: He’s gonna join us?

      Man: Oh, definitely! Once I pointed out that the pros really obliterate the cons as if they were never there, he came around in no time.

      He smiles more widely. Aura and Mark look glad.

      Man: Course we need more than just brawn. I have a few other potentials in mind, think I can count on you guys to get ‘em for me?

      Aura smiles and glances Mark before looking back at the man again.

      Aura: No problem. When?

      Man: Not for a few days. Gotta find out where they’ll be, you know the drill by now.

      Aura and Mark nod. The man smiles.

      Man: I, uh, arranged a little something for you. For your first catch just the two of you.

      Aura and Mark look intrigued.

      Man: Come on.

      He retains his smile as Mark and Aura get up, looking at one another, smiling curiously. They follow him out the room.

      CUT TO:


      The man walks down, followed by Mark and Aura. They pass another man and a woman; they share a quick nod with each of the others as they pass. Then the man with Aura and Mark stops by a door: he unlocks, and then opens it.

      CUT TO:


      Aura and Mark walk in. The man shuts the door and then flicks on a light switch. He smiles darkly.

      Man: Surprise...

      Aura and Mark find themselves staring at a policeman, tied to a chair. He is bruised and cut across his face, his shirt open revealing burn marks across his chest. His shoes have been removed, the rope tying his ankles to the chair legs have cut into his flesh, and are soaked in his dried blood. He is unconscious currently, a ball gag tightly fastened behind his neck. Aura and Mark look alarmed as they stare at the broken man; they do not know what to do, but they begin to realise what their boss intends them to do as they see a table near the wall with a series of sharp and blunt instruments, each of them shimmering misleadingly...


      FADE TO:


      The security monitor shows fire burning in the cell room. The camera quickly moves away from the screen to show people rushing past. Mr Dalen’s usual reserved expression is fading fast, his eyes indicating his concern at what is happening. Jackie is stood nearby, showing her concern and shock more freely.

      Mr Dalen: They can’t be allowed to leave the building.

      Man: Yes sir.

      A woman on a mobile phone leans round.

      Woman: Sir, security is closing in but they’re having to take the stairs due to the power outage.

      Mr Dalen narrows his eyes as he stares at the monitor; many of the cells are now empty.

      Mr Dalen: They’re not enough.

      He turns quickly to look at Jackie.

      Mr Dalen: Stevens you’re going to take a group down there yourself. These people are our responsibility, we need to deal with this first hand.

      Jackie looks like she wishes she could say what she is thinking, however she nods slightly.

      Jackie: Yes...sir.

      Mr Dalen turns away without any further acknowledgement. Jackie hesitates and then turns and walks out, looking apprehensive about what she has just been ordered to do.

      CUT TO:


      Juliet’s eyes slowly open. The camera shows her blurred perspective of the room; the yellow smoke has vanished and as her vision sharpens, figures can be seen moving to and fro; the figures who were previously wearing gas masks, but have since removed them. Juliet looks confused and then alarms as the last few minutes before she passed out come flooding back to her. She tries to move by finds that her hands are chained tightly behind the back of a chair, and her ankles are also bound together. She begins to struggle, attracting the attention of one of the figures: the same man from the flashback with Mark and Aura. Another gradual smile appears on his face. He is stood with Mark who looks down at Juliet, but cannot make eye contact with her.

      Man: Well, well. You join us at last.

      Juliet looks at him. She gives him a seething look.

      Juliet: What have done with the others?

      Mark: Oh don’t you worry about them, they’re fine; as long as they behave themselves. I wouldn’t go around aimlessly hurting people, unless I hated them.

      Juliet looks unconvinced. Her eyes fall on Mark. She narrows them, her gaze deadly. She purses her lips firmly.

      Juliet: How could you do this?

      Mark closes his eyes, as if he knew this was coming. The man looks at Mark and then at Juliet.

      Man: Aw, don’t be so hard on him, he’s only following my orders. He’s a smart kid, you know? Or maybe you don’t, actually....

      Juliet looks back at him. She tries to look unphased by what is happening.

      Juliet: Who are you?

      Man: My guys call me Valoro. S’kinda stuck, over the years, so I guess you can call me that too. As long as I get to call you “Jules”. It’s cute.

      Juliet doesn’t respond. Valoro hesitates and then looks at Mark.

      Valoro: Mark why don’t you go upstairs, check the others’re getting the hang of things ok.

      Mark hesitates, but then nods very slightly, still not looking at Juliet. She watches him as he walks away. She then looks back at Valoro.

      Juliet: Who do you work for?

      Valoro narrows his brow, as he smiles puzzled.

      Valoro: Do I give off a ‘henchman’ vibe? Really? That’s not good, maybe I should rethink the image-

      Juliet: Answer me.

      Juliet grits her teeth as she glares at him. Valoro smiles widely.

      Valoro: There she is. Aura said you could get fierce. I like it.

      Realisation dawns on Juliet.

      Juliet: Aura...

      She looks deflated.

      Juliet: Of course.

      Valoro nods.

      Valoro: My little prodigies sure had you fooled huh? Gotta admit even I didn’t think they’d pull it off, but here we are!

      He shrugs, raising his eyebrows for a second. Juliet tries not to look as concerned as she feels. Valoro steps towards her.

      Valoro: To answer your question: I work for myself. And everyone else works for me. I know I don’t need to tell you about the kicks I get from that kind of power.

      He leans towards her, smiling, quite close to her face now. Juliet stares back, unrelenting.

      CUT TO:

      INT. ROOM 5

      Grace is lying on the floor. She stirs slightly, as Gael kneels over her looking concerned.

      Gael: Grace?

      Grace sits up slowly, clutching her head in pain. She looks at Gael and then around to see Marcia sat nearby, and also Erica sat on the bed, her face stained with tears. She clutches Teya and Riley tightly, both her children trying to hide their faces from view. Grace looks unimpressed with the situation.

      Grace: This is all still part of my inexplicable yellow smoke dream, right?

      Gael looks serious.

      Gael: ‘Fraid not.

      Grace nods slowly.

      Grace: What have I missed?

      Marcia: Not much. We all woke up here. Door’s locked; some guys told us they’d shoot if anyone tried anything.

      Grace raises an eyebrow.

      Grace: Friendly.

      Gael: No, but, least they haven’t killed anyone.

      Marcia: Yet.

      Gael looks at her. He knows she might be right. Grace frowns.

      Grace: So “they”...are we talking Amethyst?

      Erica: No.

      Grace turns her head, not expecting Erica to answer. She looks angry.

      Erica: Your own people did this.

      Grace stares at Erica as if she can’t believe this is true. Gael looks at Erica seriously.

      Gael: Not all of them.

      Marcia: But she’s right. Inside job.

      Grace looks at her. Gael looks seriously at Grace.

      Gael: Mark...and Aura.

      Grace takes in this information, staring at the ground. She smiles bitterly.

      Grace: And I told myself I was a being ridiculously cynical in doubting them.

      There is a pause.

      Grace: Are...we gonna try something?

      The others hesitate. Erica looks down.

      Marcia: Way more of them than us. Plus they have the advantage of actual weaponry.

      Grace looks serious.

      Marcia: Don’t you have some kind of secret plan you can initiate when something like this happens?

      Gael and Grace share a look.

      Gael: This has never happened before. Maybe Juliet has something up her sleeve, but I wouldn’t-

      The door suddenly unlocks and opens. Gael, Grace and Marcia stand as two men and a woman walk in, aiming guns at them. Erica clutches Teya and Riley close to her looking upset. One of the men approaches Gael.

      Man #1: You’re coming upstairs with us.

      Gael looks like this is the last thing he wants to do, but the other man and woman are pointing their guns at Grace and Marcia. Grace looks at the men and woman angrily.

      Grace: What do you want with him?

      The man points his gun at her looking serious.

      Man #1: That’s something you ladies can think about for a while.

      The man grabs Gael’s arm. Gael looks back at Grace as he is escorted away. The other man and woman follow Gael and the first man out. The door closes.

      CUT TO:


      Juliet stares up at Valoro as their conversation continues.

      Juliet: Why are you here?

      Valoro looks amused, and leans back, grabbing a chair and sitting down, crossing his legs.

      Valoro: I guess I do owe you some kind of explanation, since I’ve basically overthrown your entire way of life.

      He looks up, deciding where to begin and then looks at her.

      Valoro: Ya see the thing is, Jules I’m kinda feeling a little guilty, which you should know, is rare for me. Cause we’re not too different you and I, when it comes down to it. See, I’ve been working on something myself for a long, long time now. Something to fight back against those bastards who make life so difficult for you and me.

      Juliet looks scornful as he compares himself to her.

      Valoro: We’re called “The Response”. Maybe a little simple but I’m not big on creativity, and we don’t exactly have a calling card.

      He sighs a little.

      Valoro: It’s a damn shame that all you do is hide away down here while the rest of us have to cope with what’s going on in the real world.

      Juliet stares at him, frowning. He stares back, shaking his head.

      Valoro: You could be doing so much more than waiting around and hoping the big bad authorities go away.

      Juliet’s gaze does not falter. He places his hands on his knees sharply and then stands.

      Valoro: Luckily, I noticed you just in time. Couldn’t have done it without Mark and Aura of course, but, what can I say...I have an eye for untapped potential.

      Juliet swallows.

      Juliet: You really think you can fight Amethyst?

      Valoro: They’re not invincible. There’s always a weakness, you just gotta find it and squeeze.

      Juliet realises how convinced her is.

      Juliet: Haven is not a weapon. You won’t be able to just take it-

      Valoro: Baby, I already have Haven. Look around you.

      He sweeps his hands around him. Juliet remains resolute. She dares to smile back.

      Juliet: Knowledge about this place doesn’t end with me. It’s only a matter of time before others realise something’s wrong.

      Valoro considers this, his smile fixed.

      Valoro: Huh. Maybe. But the only way they can do something about your little predicament is if they get inside. Which they can’t really do on their own, can they?

      Juliet does not respond, but Valoro knows he has the upper hand. A blonde woman in her late 20s appears. Valoro turns as she walks up to him.

      Woman: Passwords got us through to the main database, but there are some others in the way. Administrative access only.

      She glances at Juliet slightly. Valoro nods.

      Valoro: Thank you Nicole.

      He looks at Juliet and begins to walk towards her slowly.

      Valoro: So...

      He crouches down and stares directly at her. She stares back uncertainly.

      Valoro: I guess that means you.

      His smile widens very slightly. Juliet looks concerned.

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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        Aura, Mark and Valoro are stood as they were in the first scene of Act II. Valoro glances at them, as they both stare, not exactly overjoyed by their “surprise”.

        Valoro: What are you waiting for? You guys feel free to...experiment.

        He holds his hands out towards the table with the instruments on. Mark and Aura don’t move, glancing at one another. Valoro looks curious.

        Valoro: Not what you expected?

        Aura gives him a sideward glance.

        Aura: Not exactly. I didn’t think The Response was ‘bout this kind of thing.

        Valoro pauses.

        Valoro: Sometimes it is. You think any of us can afford not to get our hands dirty?

        She does not respond. Valoro looks at Mark.

        Valoro: You feel the same?

        Mark opens his mouth as if he wants to reply, but has nothing to say. Valoro sighs.

        Valoro: All right Spinner, get up.

        The man on the chair’s head suddenly snaps up, his eyes open. He looks bored as he pulls his hands away freely and stands. Aura and Mark look at him in disbelief. He looks at Aura.

        Spinner: Another time, maybe.

        He smirks at her and walks away. Valoro nods and smiles momentarily at him as he walks out. There is a pause. Mark and Aura look confused.

        Aura: What the hell is this?

        Valoro’s brow narrows a little.

        Valoro: Isn’t it obvious? This was just a test, Aura. Looks like Spinner was as convincing as usual, he’s good huh?

        Mark and Aura do not look impressed. Valoro rolls his eyes.

        Valoro: I needed to know what you two’d do for me. Torture’s a no-go area. Shame, I was hoping for more.

        The duo stare at him.

        Valoro: Guess I’m gonna have to push a little harder.

        Valoro smiles slightly and then walks away. Aura and Mark are left alone, considering what just happened.

        FADE TO: GREY

        FADE TO:


        Aura is sat opposite Juliet’s desk. She doesn’t look entirely comfortable as Nicole types at Juliet’s laptop. She types something and then sighs. Aura rolls her eyes.

        Aura: Juliet ain’t a fool you know. Only way you’re gonna get that password is if she gives it to you.

        Nicole looks at her. She smiles darkly.

        Nicole: Guess we’ll have to wait for Valoro to give her some incentive then huh? Though I’m guessing that’s happening right

        Nicole grins. Aura looks serious. Nicole smile fades. She stands and regards Aura with a pitying look. Aura looks annoyed.

        Aura: What?

        Nicole: You know I’ve been wondering since we arrived...what did this place do to you?

        Aura stares up at her looking surprised.

        Aura: Excuse me?

        Nicole looks disdainful.

        Nicole: I remember Mark, he was never anything special. But had fire, girl.

        Aura: I still got it.

        Nicole: Right, you sure working behind a till for a year’s turned you soft? Cause, word amongst the elite and Mark tried to sneak off the radar. Did ya get scared?

        She smiles unkindly. Aura looks confrontational and steps forwards Nicole.

        Aura: You don’t know me. You never did.

        Nicole: Yeah; bet you’re as broken up about that as I am.

        She smiles falsely and walks away. Aura watches frustratedly. She sits down, looking conflicted. The camera however remains on the bookshelf, and slowly moves closer to it, moving round to the wall.

        MOVE TO:


        Behind the bookshelf, the tunnel winds away, the camera moves down and then reaches some steps. The camera moves lower as the steps spiral downwards several floors, until they finally reach another small tunnel. The darkness is lit up slightly as Royce comes into view, holding a lighter. He, Tegan and Bethany are all leaning against the walls of the tunnel; nearby a panel can be seen, the obstacle stopping them going any further.

        Bethany: Wish we knew what was going on.

        Royce: Only one way to find that out.

        Bethany nods slightly, knowing this to be true. There is a pause. Tegan looks at Royce.

        Tegan: Gotta say I’m a little shocked.

        Royce looks at her.

        Royce: What do you want me to say? “You’ll get over it”?

        Tegan gives him a look. Bethany looks anxious.

        Bethany: I thought it was Juliet who knew all the secret stuff.

        Royce: There’s a lot she doesn’t know.

        Tegan looks intrigued by this insinuation. Bethany smiles weakly.

        Bethany: Wow, I’d feel really excited if it wasn’t for the whole infiltration thing.

        Royce and Tegan both look serious.

        Tegan: We need to go. The others have no chance without us.

        Royce nods slowly.

        Royce: All depends on what we might find on the other side. We’ll be in Room 21. They might be in there.

        Bethany looks worried but narrows her brow.

        Bethany: It’s worth the risk. I think.

        Tegan looks at Royce.

        Tegan: I agree.

        Royce nods.

        Royce: Then go ahead. But be prepared.

        He looks down. Tegan hesitates and then reaches down to her leg; she unclips a gun from its holster. She looks at Bethany and then walks towards the panel and inhales, pushing it. It opens, revealing a trap door, and a ladder leading up it. Tegan looks back at Royce and approaches it, climbing up. Royce and Bethany prepare to follow.

        CUT TO:


        Valoro stares at Juliet smiling very slightly.

        Valoro: Come on; you know how this is gonna go if you don’t give me what I need.

        Juliet remains resolute. Valoro stands, sighing.

        Valoro: Bring ‘em in.

        He keeps eye contact with Juliet. Juliet however looks worried as footsteps are heard.

        From the lobby several of Valoro’s men and women walk in; leading Gael, Marissa, Warren and Devyn. Marissa and Warren look scared; Gael and Devyn look immediately at Juliet. All their faces show a mixture of relief when they realise that each other are alive, and fear as they realise what they are about to face. Nicole appears in the background also from the lobby, watching with her arms folded.

        CUT TO:

        INT. ROOM 21 EN SUITE

        One of the floor tiles moves up as Tegan peers up. She looks apprehensive as she looks around; but the room is silent. She exhales in relief slightly as she climbs up fully.

        Tegan: No one here.

        As she stands, Bethany’s head appears. She looks around.

        Bethany: Remind me never to shower in this room.

        Tegan smiles as she clambers out. Tegan peers round the corner into the actual room, looking cautious as she clutches her gun. Royce climbs out after Bethany and the trio stand looking hesitant.

        Bethany: What now?

        Tegan shrugs.

        Tegan: We have one gun. I doubt we outnumber them.

        Royce: But we do have an advantage. They don’t know we’re here.

        Tegan: Yet.

        Royce does not reply. Suddenly there is creaking sound from under the bed. Tegan looks alert, suddenly raising her gun. However Royce pushes her arm down slightly, staring at the bed also, shaking his head.

        Royce: Wait.

        Tegan looks at him, uncertainly.

        Royce: Come out.

        There is a pause as the three of them watch the bed. Then, a figure slowly emerges. Tegan immediately lowers her gun.

        Tegan: Amy!

        Amy stares up at her looking scared.

        Tegan: What are you doing here?

        Amy: Hiding.

        She still looks scared. Tegan puts her gun in her belt and relaxes slightly. She walks over to Amy quickly crouching down. She hugs her comfortingly. Amy hugs her back.

        Tegan: You’re ok. You’re ok.

        She exhales. Bethany smiles slightly as she watches. Tegan and Amy part. Tegan looks at her seriously.

        Tegan: Amy do you know...what’s going on?

        Amy looks from her to Bethany and Royce and then back again.

        Amy: I was in our room sleeping. Then I heard people screaming, and running, and...I came down here. Some people came in but...they didn’t find me.

        Tegan nods and then smiles slightly.

        Tegan: You sure outsmarted them.

        Amy looks serious still.

        Amy: Do you know where my mommy is?

        Tegan’s smile fades. She hesitates.

        Tegan: No. I’m sorry. But me and Bethany and Royce, we’re trying to work out a way to get to her.

        Amy consider this.

        Amy: How?

        Tegan hesitates; she doesn’t have an answer yet.

        CUT TO:


        Mark walks down towards two men in their 20s standing at the foot of the stairs. They regard him. One of the men smiles widely.

        Man #1: Dude, what’s up? Ain’t got a chance to catch up yet.

        Mark smiles but looks a little awkward as the two of them exchange a hand shake.

        Mark: Rick, J.

        Mark and the second man shake also. The second man smiles slightly too.

        J: Been a while man.

        Mark: Yeah, I know.

        The other two nod.

        Rick: So you been down here all this time huh? How was that?

        Mark hesitates.

        Mark: Absent of natural light, mostly.

        Rick and J nod sympathetically.

        J: Sucks.

        Mark smiles weakly.

        Mark: Listen, uh, I saw the others taking people upstairs. D’ya knows what Valoro’s planning.

        Rick shrugs.

        Rick: I dunno.

        Mark looks worried. Rick narrows his brow.

        Rick: Hey.

        Mark looks at him.

        Rick: They ain’t your friends man. We are, remember?

        Mark hesitates but then nods, trying to smile genuinely. Rick smiles back. He turns to J.

        Rick: You wanna check on the ladies and the two kids?

        Mark’s smile fades as he hears this. J nods, and begins to turn.

        Rick: I’ll check on the dudes in a sec-

        Mark: Wait. Two kids?

        Rick and J turn looking confused.

        J: Yeah.

        Mark looks worried.

        Mark: There should be three.

        J and Rick look at one another.

        Rick: Hell, if Valoro finds out we let a kid get past us-

        Mark: It’s ok, listen, uh, J stay here, Rick come with me, we can check downstairs.

        Rick and J both nod as Rick prepares to follow Mark downstairs to the lower corridors.


        Valoro frowns slightly as he stares at the new arrivals.

        Valoro: I said three.

        Woman: This one wouldn’t leave her.

        She shoves Warren slightly. Marissa closes her eyes looking scared. Warren stares at Valoro looking scared.

        Warren: Please. Take me instead, whatever you’re gonna...

        He glances at Juliet. She stares back silently. Warren stares at Valoro again.

        Warren: Take me instead.

        Marissa looks at Warren tearfully; the man who once made her life a misery now willing to give up his own for her. Valoro narrows his eyes. He suddenly raises his gun and shoots. Warren gasps. Marissa splutters slightly, a small trickle of blood down her temple. She falls to the ground. Juliet stares at her body, her eyes wide with shock. Devyn and Gael also stare in horror. Nicole unfolds her arms, looking at the very least surprised. This was not what she expected.

        CUT TO:

        INT. ROOM 5

        Grace looks alarmed as she hears the gunshot.

        CUT TO:

        INT. ROOM 21

        Tegan turns her head quickly as she hears it too.

        CUT TO:


        Aura stands up looking shocked.

        CUT TO:


        Mark and Rick freeze, turning their heads in the direction of the gunshot.

        CUT TO:


        Warren stares at Marissa’s body, tears welling up in his eyes. He looks up, rage clear on his face. Valoro looks unaffected. Warren steps towards Valoro but is held back by the men either side of him. Valoro immediately raises his gun again, pointing it a few inches from Warren’s head.

        Valoro: You wanted to take her place. Now you can.

        He turns his head to look at Juliet.

        Valoro: Time to choose, Juliet. I got a bullet for each of your staff, each of your guests. You willing to test me on how far I’ll go? All I need is one password, and everyone gets to live.

        His eyes flash slightly. Juliet looks at Devyn. He stares back at her, the silence in the room cutting between them. Valoro cocks his head slightly. Juliet breathes quickly.

        Juliet: D M R D S D D F J D K N.

        Valoro smiles slightly and glances at one of his men, who is writing it down. The man smiles at Valoro and then heads away to the lobby. Juliet closes her eyes as she realises what she has given Valoro.

        Valoro lowers his gun, still smiling. He looks at the men and women holding Gael, Devyn and Warren.

        Valoro: Take Jules here, and one of the others to the kitchen. The other two can stay in the lobby. Might be needing them again soon.

        The two women who were holding Marissa before walk over to Juliet and unchain her hands from the chair. However she is still handcuffed. She gives Valoro a dark look as she is lead away roughly, followed Devyn, and those forcing him along. Gael and Warren are also taken away to the lobby; Warren looks behind him as Marissa’s body grows ever more distant as he walks away.

        CUT TO:

        INT. ROOM 21

        Amy stands, looking serious, clutching the frame at the end of the bed.

        Amy: That was a gun, wasn’t it?

        Tegan looks worried but tries to maintain a calm demeanour as she looks at Amy.

        Tegan: We don’t know what happened yet.

        She glances at Royce who is giving her a look. She avoids his gaze and turns as she appears to try and think of something. Amy watches her and lets go of the frame.

        Amy: You have one too, right?

        Tegan looks at her again. She considers protecting Amy for a moment, but then realises there’s no use.

        Tegan: Yeah.

        Amy considers this.

        Amy: Are you gonna shoot the bad guys upstairs?

        Tegan pauses. Bethany looks serious as she waits for Tegan to answer. Tegan walks up to Amy and crouches down.

        Tegan: I don’t want to. Even if I did...unfortunately, there’s a much bigger chance that they would shoot me first.

        Amy looks worried.

        Amy: My dad used to say the ones who shoot first, are the bad guys.

        Tegan smiles slightly. Suddenly voices can be heard. Bethany turns towards the door looking scared. Tegan’s smile disappears as she stands quickly. She reaches for her gun, but Royce stops her, shaking his head quickly.

        CUT TO:

        INT. ROOM 21

        Mark opens the door slowly. He walks in and looks around. Rick follows, his gun slightly raised. Mark turns and frowns.

        Mark: You don’t need that.

        Rick does not comply.

        Rick: What if she tries something?

        Mark looks sceptical.

        Mark: She’s eight.

        Rick shrugs.

        Rick: Dude, kids can be harsh-

        Suddenly Royce bursts out from the cupboard. Rick prepares to shoot instinctively, but is caught off guard and Royce grabs him around the neck in a sleeper hold. Mark looks panicked and then turns as he hears footsteps. Tegan heads forward looking determined, pointing her gun, followed by Bethany and Amy. However they all look shocked as they realise who they are staring at. Tegan looks at Rick, who is still struggling in vain to escape from Royce’s vice-like grip, to Mark. She narrows her brow. Amy looks confused.

        Amy: Isn’t he one of the good guys?

        Mark swallows as he realises the predicament he is now in.

        CUT TO: BLACK
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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          Aura and Mark walk down the corridor. Mark looks anxious. Aura looks at him seriously as they continue to walk.

          Aura: Come on; you know this is right.

          Mark looks at her. He nods, smiling weakly. Aura smiles back as best she can and then stops outside a Room 507. She knocks on the door twice and then pauses. She knocks another three times, as if in rhythm. She and Mark then wait looking expectant. Nothing happens for a moment, and then the door opens a fraction, a chain across the small gap that has appeared. An eye surveys them, and then the chain is removed. A man in his 30s is staring at them. He smiles slightly at Aura who looks pleased to see him.

          Man: Glad you could make it.

          He turns to Mark.

          Man: Mark, right?

          Mark nods.

          Man: I’m Jethro. Come on in.

          He opens the door. Mark and Aura walk in.

          CUT TO:


          The apartment is nothing spectacular but Jethro has tried to keep it in as good as condition as possible, adding rugs to the dingy sofas, and wind various ornaments decorating the walls and surfaces. Mark looks around, but Aura stares directly at Jethro as he goes over to a table and opens a bottle of beer. He takes a swig as he turns to look at Aura and Mark.

          Jethro: I’d offer you both a beer, but, if I did that for everyone who came in here I’d have to charge.

          He smiles slightly. Aura and Mark smile weakly at the joke. Jethro exhales.

          Jethro: Ok here’s the deal; I can tell you where to go, and what you’ll need to get in...but the rest is up to you.

          Aura nods.

          Jethro: Still serious about this?

          Aura and Mark glance at one another. Aura then looks at Jethro.

          Aura: Like I said...we can’t stick with our crowd no longer. We’re serious.

          Jethro nods. He looks at Mark.

          Jethro: You too?

          Mark looks up and nods. Jethro hesitates and then gets up. He walks over to a draw and gets a piece of paper out. He starts writing.

          Jethro: the address...and the codeword.

          He turns round and hands Aura a piece of paper. Aura and Mark both look at it. Aura narrows her brow and looks at Jethro.

          Aura: “Crazy nuts”?

          Jethro nods, smiling slightly.

          Jethro: Don’t ask.

          Aura and Mark nod...they look at one another and share a slight smile. There chance has come.

          FADE TO: GREY

          FADE TO:


          Aura is carrying a tray with some food on it, and three glasses of water. She walks in to Room 6, followed by a woman working for Valoro, who looks barely 20. She holds her gun ready.

          CUT TO:

          INT. ROOM 6

          Dominic, Josef and Lucas look over as Aura enters. Josef gives Aura a filthy look as she tries to avoid eye contact with each of them. The other woman points her gun in their direction, looking at them as if she is daring them to try anything. Josef walks towards her slightly. The woman narrows her eyes.

          Woman: Hey, you’ve got nice arms. You really want a bullet in one of them?

          Josef stops, looking confrontational. He then glances at Aura.

          Josef: What the hell you think you’re doing?

          Aura places the tray on top of the dresser and continues to look down.

          Aura: You still gotta eat, right?

          Josef looks unimpressed.

          Josef: Don’t pretend you care about us.

          Dominic looks serious. Josef shakes his head smiling bitterly.

          Josef: Bitch.

          Aura looks at him now. She glares at him as he gives her a challenging look.

          Aura: Don’t choke on it.

          She begins to walk away. Josef watches her, seething. The other woman backs away and then follows Aura out of the door. Josef looks at the tray of food and then walks towards Dominic and Lucas. Dominic looks up at him from where he is sat.

          Dominic: We shoulda’ asked where that gunshot ended up.

          Josef looks serious.

          Josef: What good’d that do?

          Dominic: Least we’d know.

          Josef looks troubled. Lucas exhales.

          Lucas: I talked to her last time I was here. She was a little quiet maybe, but she seemed to care about this place. What happened there?

          Josef shrugs slightly looking serious.

          Josef: God knows.

          Lucas frowns looking contemplative. He stands up and walks towards the tray. He takes a sandwich and takes bite. Josef sighs and follows him. He hesitates before taking a drink. Lucas swallows. He seems to be thinking.

          Lucas: She had a look on her face, you know? Somehow I don’t think this is sitting right with her.

          Josef looks at him frowning.

          Josef: You think the rest of ‘em are forcing her to do this?

          Lucas gives her a look.

          Lucas: No. I think that maybe it’s more complicated than it looks.

          Josef looks down, shaking his head.

          Josef: Ain’t nothing complicated ‘bout what she’s done. No one’s ever sold Haven out before. One thing can we all rely on is that no one’s gonna be stupid enough to try. ‘Til now. It ain’t right.

          Lucas looks at Josef seriously.

          Lucas: Maybe there ain’t no right for her.

          Josef looks at him.

          Josef: She made the wrong choice. Now, someone’s dead, and it could be anyone.

          Lucas hesitates, knowing this to be true.

          Dominic OS: Guys.

          They turn. Dominic is looking from the floor to the bedside lamp. He looks up at them and swallows.

          Dominic: I have a slightly drastic idea.

          CUT TO:

          INT. ROOM 5

          Marcia is pacing up and down, looking agitated. Grace is sat leaning against the wall looking tired. Her eyes follow Marcia for a few seconds.

          Grace: Seriously.

          Marcia stops and looks down at her.

          Grace: There’s a reason why I hate tennis.

          Marcia looks awkward.

          Marcia: Sorry.

          She turns and sits on the chair. Erica stares into space blankly. Teya appears to be asleep. Riley looks up at Erica.

          Riley: Mommy is Amy in trouble?

          Erica looks down at him. She looks weary.

          Erica: I don’t know honey.

          She looks over at Grace.

          Erica: How did this happen?

          Grace stares back.

          Grace: Because people are stupid.

          Erica looks unfulfilled by this answer. She looks down at the bed. Grace sighs and stands.

          Grace: Ok. Ideas, anyone?

          She looks at Riley.

          Grace: Now is a good time to reveal the various things you steal, because you’re a child.

          Erica closes her eyes.

          Erica: Do you really think it’s worth entertaining the idea that we won’t be shot, even if we break out of this room?

          She looks at Grace seriously. Grace stares back.

          Grace: Yes. Because the alternative is sitting here, waiting for our inevitable doom, and eating our poorly made sandwiches. To be honest, I’d rather take a bullet.

          Erica looks angry now.

          Erica: You might be able to afford to throw your life away but I have a family to look after. A daughter who could be dead.

          Marcia: We all have people that we’re worried about-

          Erica: Do you have children?

          Marcia swallows.

          Marcia: I will do.

          Grace looks at her. Marcia looks a little awkward at what she has revealed. Erica still stares at her.

          Erica: You won’t know what “worried” really is, until then.

          Grace: We get it. Parenting is hard. Let’s move on, and try and get out of here for the sake of the people who are not yet dead, but soon could be; and that includes all of us.

          Erica looks angry.

          Erica: I didn’t come here to suffer because of your inability to live up to your reputation. This isn’t a “haven”. It’s a hell...and my family are not gonna die in it.

          She clutches her children. Grace walks over to the bed. Erica watches her.

          Grace: If these people take hold of Haven for good; the one thing I guarantee you is that we will die here. Maybe not today, or tomorrow...but soon. Because this place was built for one reason, and it was not for amateurs to walk around and pretend to know what they’re doing, when they are clearly way out of their depth. You wanna let them decide your future, or are you gonna take charge yourself?

          Erica hesitates. She looks down at Riley who looks confused. She realises she has to make a choice.

          CUT TO:

          EXT. AMETHYST HQ

          CUT TO:


          Jackie walks down a corridor, holding a gun with both hands. She walks cautiously, when suddenly her phone rings. She jumps slightly and then acts quickly, not wanting to draw attention to herself. She quickly answers the phone.

          Jackie: What is it!?

          CUT TO:

          INT. OFFICE

          Mr Dalen looks angry as he speaks to Jackie.

          Mr Dalen: Stevens I gave you an order to go with a team to the lower levels, they just told me you’ve disappeared, what are you doing? And I think missed a “sir” of the end there.

          CUT TO:


          Jackie looks angry.

          Jackie: team is nearby, I’ll return to them shortly.

          She hangs up and turns her phone off. She looks irritated for a second before a noise is heard behind her. Jackie turns her head slowly, suddenly afraid. A figure is standing at the end of the corridor, cast in shadow. Jackie raises her gun. She swallows. The figure moves forwards slightly. It is Greg. He looks fearful himself.

          CUT TO:


          Aura stands with the woman who accompanied her into Room 6 previously. J comes down the stairs. He looks anxious. Aura narrows her brow slightly.

          Aura: J?

          J: Hey, uh, you guys seen Mark? He said something about-

          Erica OS: Oh my God! Oh my God help, help please!

          They all turn. The other woman rolls her eyes.

          Woman: Jesus...

          She heads down the corridor and prepares to open the room door. J follows, curiously. Aura looks more serious and stays put.

          CUT TO:


          Juliet and Devyn sit on the floor, both of their hands handcuffed around two cupboard handles. They look like they have given up trying to break away as they sit in silence, staring into space. Devyn looks at her.

          Devyn: You and I both know that Liliana can’t go too long without interfering with our lives. Once she finds out something’s wrong...

          He trails off. Juliet smiles vaguely at his attempt at humour.

          Juliet: She’ll save the day?

          Devyn hesitates.

          Devyn: She has resources doesn’t she?

          Juliet: Yes. We are them.

          Devyn looks awkward. Juliet exhales.

          Juliet: I dunno; if she has a secret army of thousands somewhere, she never told me. Which probably means she does.

          Devyn smiles back. Juliet looks at him. She looks upset.

          Juliet: Why couldn’t we see that something was so wrong with Aura and Mark? Something this wrong, and we all overlooked it.

          Devyn pauses.

          Devyn: I don’t know. But from what I can tell, it was just accepted that they never really...fitted in. Even Mark said that.

          Juliet looks troubled.

          Juliet: Maybe that’s why they did this.

          Devyn looks serious, shaking his head.

          Devyn: No. They did this because they’re scared. I know when someone is trying desperately not to show their fear...and I saw Mark before, and it’s written all over his face.

          Juliet looks down.

          Juliet: I shoulda done way more to make them feel welcome. I never even, really got to know them. I imagine the chances of that happening now are slim.

          She sighs.

          Juliet: I guess they never really tried either but-

          Devyn: Their loss.

          She looks at him. “Our Hell” by Emily Haines begins to play. As the piano plays Devyn and Juliet stare at one another, smiling slightly. Juliet looks tired as she leans her head on his shoulder. They stare into space, neither one of them knowing what will happen.

          ‘First went wrong is hard to find’

          CUT TO:


          The woman who was with Aura begins to unlock the door to Room 6. J stands next to her. As she unlocks the door, readying her gun, J looks down, frowning slightly. He is standing in water.

          J: What the...

          He sees the puddle is coming from Room 5. He goes to unlock Room 5’s door, and does so.

          ‘We’re paralyzed, we apologize; our hell is a good life’

          CUT TO:

          INT. ROOM 6

          Woman: One of your kids better by lying in a pool of blood or I’m gonna-

          CUT TO:

          INT. ROOM 5

          Dominic: Now!

          Lucas throws down the bedside lamp into the puddle of water which extends under the door. Sparks fly as the electricity from the lamp travels through the water.

          ‘Last went wrong but where's my prize, under the lights?
          Can we call it in? We'll be on the road.’

          CUT TO:


          J cries out as he is shocked by the electricity. He falls unconscious as Aura’s eyes widen. She hurries forward as the female Response member turns, alarmed by J’s falls. Suddenly she is met by Marcia who grabs her gun and tries to pull it from her grasp. The woman looks angry as Dominic, Lucas and Josef run out of Room 5. Dominic and Grace's eyes meet, and share a quick smile as they register each other's safety. However they have little time for this as the woman pushes Marcia to the ground. She then aims her gun, a deadly look in her eyes. Each of the others makes to stop her. Aura realises that Marcia is going to be shot.

          ‘Can we stop? When we stop,
          My back will turn your face towards the fence.’

          She takes her own gun as the other woman is about to pull the trigger and shoots. Everyone looks shocked as the other woman gasps, as she collapses to the ground, killed by Aura’s skilful shot in her back. Everyone looks at Aura as she stares with her eyes wide, as she realises what she has just done.

          CUT TO:


          Jackie steps closer to Greg, still aiming her gun. However Jackie looks hesitant. Suddenly someone smashes a bar across her head. Jackie gasps and falls to the ground. Fran stands over her, the bar in her hand. She and Greg look at one another from down the corridor.

          ‘What I thought it was it isn’t now
          What I thought it was it isn’t now’

          CUT TO: BLACK

          THE END
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