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Haven Episode 1.10 10. All My Sins Remembered

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  • Haven Episode 1.10 10. All My Sins Remembered

    This is the tenth episode of "Haven", an original series written by me. I hope you enjoy reading it! If you have any feedback, positive or critical, please post it here, thank you

    Haven Episode 1.10 10. All My Sins Remembered

    Written and Produced by Alex Hart
    Edited by Lex

    Special thanks to Heather

    Disclaimer: The series "Haven", its characters, locations and ideas are all creations belonging to Alex Hart. The work is fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only. No unauthorised usage of anything in "Haven" is permitted without prior permission, thank you.


    OPEN ON:


    "Wolf at the Door" by Radiohead plays. We see the dining room of a house from the other side of the window. A man and a woman in their 40s kiss quickly before smiling at one another. The camera pans away from them as the man puts his hand on a boy's shoulder. The boy looks up at him as the two converse. As the camera pans back further, revealing the brick exterior of the house and the shrubbery climbing the wall, a girl walks into view on a mobile phone, leaning against the table.

    As the lyrics of the song begin, the back of a woman's head come into view; she is standing about five metres away from the window, hidden in the darkness.

    ?Drag him out the window
    Dragging out your dead
    Singing I miss you
    Snakes and ladders flip the lid
    Out pops the cracker
    Smacks you in the head, knives you in the neck, kicks you in the teeth'

    She slowly raises something: a sniper rifle. She shoots. She remains in view as, in the background, the girl and woman turn looking shocked as an entry wound appears on the man's chest. He screws up his face in pain, as he stumbles and falls.

    ?Steel toe caps takes all your credit cards get up get the gunge
    Get the eggs
    Get the flan in the face, the flan in the face, the flan in the face
    Dance you f***er, dance you f***er
    Don't you dare
    Don't you dare
    Don't you flan in the face
    Take it with the love its given take it with a pinch of salt take it to the taxman'

    The gunman walks away, revealing herself to be Juliet. She is dressed in black, including gloves. The camera follows her as she walks through the garden, and out. She pushes some of her hair aside as it is blown in the night air, looking nonchalant. She reaches the roadside and the camera continues to follow her as she approaches a car. Ms Alders looks up from the driver's seat as Juliet gets in.

    ?Let me back, let me back
    I promise to be good
    Don't look in the mirror at the face you don't recognise
    Help me call the doctor put me inside
    Put me inside
    Put me inside
    Put me inside
    Put me inside'

    The two share a look as they begin to drive away. As she does the camera moves up and away as the woman runs out of the house, desperately looking for the person who shot her husband.

    ?I keep the wolf from the door but he calls me up
    Calls me on the phone
    Tells me all the ways that he's gonna mess me up'

    CUT TO:

    INT. CAR

    Juliet stares forwards as the car is driven on, her face without expression.

    ?Steal all my children if I don't pay the ransom
    And I'll never see them again if I squeal to the cops'


    FADE TO:


    Juliet is sat at the table. She stares into space looking serious.

    Grace OS: Juliet.

    Juliet looks up, startled. Grace folds her arms and looks at Dominic who has a pair of oven gloves over his shoulder.

    Grace: What about her?

    Dominic laughs hesitantly.

    Dominic: Um...

    Grace: Come on, you're not doing so badly so far, don't screw it up now. A person's inner fruit will reveal itself to you, you just have to look...within.

    She nods, affirming her statement. Juliet smiles desperate her other thoughts. Gael is cooking nearby. He has a neutral expression on his face as he glances over at the others.

    Dominic: How

    Dominic looks hopeful. Juliet looks at Grace, who appears unimpressed and raises an eyebrow.

    Grace: She really says kiwi to you?

    Dominic shrugs.

    Dominic: I'm kinda guessing each time here.

    Grace: Ok...but kiwi? That's gross.

    Dominic: I like kiwis.

    Grace: They have a peel that takes like an hour to remove successfully. Plus, you can't even eat it.

    Gael smiles, without looking round.

    Dominic: Says who?

    Grace looks appalled.

    Grace: You know, Juliet, if you wanna hit him, it would be acceptable right about now.

    She nods at Juliet who narrows her brow, still smiling.

    Juliet: I'll let it slide this once.

    She gets up. Dominic smiles. Grace sighs.

    Dominic: You know, I'd think that oranges who be a much bigger issue if we're talking problems with peel, cause, the amount of times I've been covered in juice.

    Grace rolls her eyes. Gael looks at Juliet as she stands.

    Gael: Jules?

    Juliet: Got stuff to sort out. You guys seem to be working this out all right, so I'll leave you to it.

    Grace looks at her.

    Grace: Uh huh. Oh, and just so you know, you are a cherry.

    Juliet looks uncertain as to how to react to this so she simply smiles.

    Dominic: Oh, ok, I see that. I mean who doesn't like cherries?

    Grace turns to him. She looks pleasantly surprised.

    Grace: Yes. Exactly! Now, try Gael.

    Juliet turns to leave. The camera focuses on her as the voices of the others' are still heard.

    Dominic: Uh...I'm not sure I'm really qualified in the man-fruit department.

    Grace: Oh, whatever. Look if I can do Juliet, then you can do Gael.

    Juliet's expression changes to one of anguish once again as she walks out.

    CUT TO:


    Juliet walks down the corridor, looking apprehensive. She stops before Room 11 and hesitates, closing her eyes. She swallows and then knocks finally. After a few seconds Ms Alders opens the door. She is wearing a pair of glasses which she takes off as she stares at Juliet. She smiles, somewhat darkly, folding her arms.

    Ms Alders: You've had enough time to consider?

    Juliet looks conflicted but nods, her hatred towards Ms Alders clear.

    Juliet: What is there to consider?

    Ms Alders glances away, her smile remaining fixed. She looks back at Juliet and nods.

    Ms Alders: We better sit down for a little while then.

    Juliet walks in hastily. Ms Alders stares forwards for a moment, before closing the door.



    THEMESONG: "Not Gonna Get Us" - Tatu

    The eerie start of the song plays as we see grey smoke. "Haven" in black, torn letters fades in. It disappears as the drums start. The smoke is gone also. There are a series of quick shots: a gun being fired. A high-heeled foot stepping next to a pole. A syringe injecting someone's arm. A knife being raised. A key turning in a lock. Coins scattering on a table. A close up of a woman's lips as she applies lipstick. A shovel being forced into the ground. A close up of someone handcuffing another person's wrists. A hand flicking a cigarette lighter on. A pair of pliers approaching someone's finger. A dagger covered in blood hitting the ground. A hand grabbing on to someone's arm. A close up of an eye opening wide.

    As the song suddenly becomes more energetic, there is a montage of criminal records, each face only seen for a fraction of a second.

    The camera zooms towards Juliet looking shocked.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Juliet walking with a neutral expression on her face. There is a shot of Juliet pointing a gun looking resolute. There is a shot of Juliet turning her face, looking serious. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of Juliet, Grace and Tegan running. There is a shot of the illuminated "Summertime General" sign.

    There is a shot of Devyn reaching out for something.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Devyn punching someone. There is a shot of him leaning against a wall. There is a shot of him smiling, a little smugly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a little girl with a knife in her hand. There is a shot of a gun being fired into the air.

    There is a shot of Tegan typing on a computer.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Tegan turning, the flash of sirens causing her to shield her eyes. There is a shot of Tegan putting her hand over mouth. There is a shot of Tegan cocking her head slightly, smiling. The credit flickers away.

    A shot of a woman walking down a corridor of Haven, purposefully. A shot of a man and a woman kissing.

    There is a shot of Gael holding out a large knife.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Gael hugging someone. There is a shot of a tear streaming down Gael's face. There is a shot of Gael laughing. The credit flickers away.

    A shot of the main entrance opening. A shot of Mark and Aura turning looking surprised in Summertime General.

    There is a shot of Grace carrying a plate of food.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Grace putting her head in her hands. A shot of her putting her finger over her lips. A shot of her smiling a little. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of an explosion. A shot of Grace crying in Gael's arms.

    There is a shot of Aura sat at one of the tables in Haven's kitchen.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Aura turning looking shocked. A shot of her at the till in Summertime General. A shot of her smiling kindly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a hand being placed on the identification pad. A shot of Bethany kissing someone.

    There is a shot of Mark walking down the first lower corridor.


    The credits flicker on to the screen. There is a shot of Mark looking troubled. A shot of Mark diving out of the way of something. A shot of Mark stroking someone's hair.

    There is a shot of Royce punching someone. A shot of a man moving over a man's bare stomach.

    There is a shot of Jackie sitting in a chair, her index finger on her temple. She looks thoughtful.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Jackie turning, looking out of breath. A shot of her walking looking formidable. A shot of her examining a gun. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a corridor in Haven. The camera zooms through to the lobby, spinning around, backing through the front entrance. The doors close.


    Guest Starring:

    CHARISMA CARPENTER ? Callista Pearson
    JOSH DUHAMEL ? Dominic Healy
    MARY McDONNELL ? Trish Alders
    JULIAN McMAHON ? Mitch Pearson
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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    The caption says "three days ago". The door opens and Ms Alders walks in, followed by Juliet who looks angry. She shuts the door quickly and then stares at Ms Alders as she turns around slowly.

    Juliet: Talk. Now. How did you find me Trish?

    Ms Alders (Trish): By chance, apparently.

    Juliet looks confused. Trish continues, with her calm tone.

    Trish: I didn't come here for you, Juliet; I came because over half of the people that we have ever worked with have disappeared, I'm sure you're already aware how.

    Juliet looks serious.

    Trish: I was surprised, I must say, to see that you too hadn't succumbed to Amethyst and its numerous resources, or something else equally unfortunate.

    Juliet rolls her eyes.

    Juliet: Sorry to disappoint.

    Trish narrows her brow very slightly, her smile still fixed.

    Trish: Oh no, no, Juliet. Seeing you alive, and surrounded by your accomplishments, restores my faith that we will survive this...purge.

    Juliet pauses.

    Juliet: You expect me to believe that you don't have an agenda.

    Trish hesitates.

    Trish: I didn't when I arrived. Of course...your presence changes things, as it always did.

    Juliet looks suspicious.

    Juliet: What do you want Trish?

    Trish: You don't intend to help me. Why ask?

    Juliet: If it'll get you out of here quicker, I will open any doors you want. But keep in mind I have a job to do, and I can't abandon that for you.

    Trish smiles distantly.

    Trish: I know that seeing me again must cause you a lot of unease. But this reunion has definitely enlightened me to the opportunities it could provide.

    Juliet narrows her eyes.

    Juliet: What do you want?

    Trish hesitates.

    Trish: I want to survive, as I'm sure you do. Remaining here for a time appears to be my only choice, but when I do return to Belview, I don't want any loose ends waiting for me. I understand that your responsibilities are important of course, but you could help me with one job. One that I have been unable to complete so far.

    Juliet narrows her brow. Trish smiles a little wider, but without much emotion.

    Trish: You are one of the best I have ever met, Juliet. Your talent is wasted within these walls, become what you once were; show Amethyst who they are truly dealing with.

    Juliet looks angry at this suggestion.

    Juliet: You know I can't go back to any of that. You know I wouldn't,

    Trish: Why? Because you claim to have found some moral code? Please. We sacrificed morality too long ago. And it seems that so too has the city.

    Juliet shakes her head.

    Juliet: There's nothing moral about any of this.

    Trish considers this.

    Juliet: Trish...I can't; the surface is too dangerous, you know as well as I do-

    Trish: Yes, I am aware.

    Trish seems to be thinking about something.

    Trish: You know, of course, what happens to those of us unable to perform to the standard that is expected of us. My life is always at risk, because I choose to risk it, but...rejection by my own kind, that is something I am not prepared to endure. I am sure you can understand...why the thought of it, is a strong incentive to finish what is currently unfinished.

    She narrows her eyes slightly, a shade of malice in her smile. Juliet looks at her, dubiously.

    Trish: If I can't have you...then...

    She begins to walk towards Juliet slowly.

    Trish: The people, that you work alongside, who I am sure, trust you as their keeper...shall know who they are truly dealing with.

    Juliet looks shocked. Trish is close to Juliet now.

    Trish: As I have created an illusion for them, because you fear what they might say and do if they looked behind the curtain.

    She leans close to Juliet's ear, almost whispering.

    Trish: If you want to maintain that illusion I strongly suggest you consider what I have offered.

    She leans back. Juliet stares at her, rage in her eyes.

    Trish: I have less than a week to finish the job. Once you have decided what to do...please let me know.

    She attempts a more pleasant look. Juliet looks at a loss for what to say. She walks out quickly. Trish stares at where she was just stood, her smile widening.

    CUT TO:


    CUT TO:


    Jackie is sorting through some files, but she appears to be going through the motions. There is a knock at her door. She looks up, wearily.

    Jackie: Yes?

    The door opens. A woman in her late 20s walks in. She has long brown hair and is dressed in a maroon-coloured suit. She looks concerned. Jackie smiles formally.

    Jackie: Gina. What can I do for you?

    Gina hesitates, closing the door.

    Gina: Ma'am...I need to talk to you about something important.

    Jackie's brow narrows a little but she nods.

    Jackie: Take a seat.

    Gina swallows and walks over to her desk. She sits down and leans forward earnestly.

    Gina: I heard Alandra Stone's been released.

    Jackie's smile stiffens. She nods, reluctantly.

    Jackie: You heard correctly.

    Gina looks troubled.

    Gina: Ma'am, I don't wanna be rude, but...why was this permitted?

    Jackie hesitates but tries to smile.

    Jackie: Mr Alvis believed that she had given us all the information she had to offer. There...was no need to keep her in our custody any longer.

    Gina narrows her brow further, leaning back slightly.

    Gina: With all due respect ma'am...I don't buy that.

    Jackie looks concerned by Gina's attitude. She leans into her desk.

    Jackie: Why?

    Gina realises that Jackie is asking a genuine question. She lowers her voice slightly.

    Gina: Six months ago, when Mr Simms was in charge...another informant working for Haven was brought here.

    Jackie looks surprised.

    Jackie: I wasn't informed about this.

    Gina hesitates.

    Gina: No, ma'am, you wouldn't have. Everyone involved was given specific instructions to keep the entire incident classified.

    Jackie cocks her head, frowning.

    Jackie: Classified?

    Gina nods.

    Gina: He was released only three days after his capture; Mr Simms gave me the same reason that you have. I didn't wanna question it at the time...but after this, I can't help but think that something is wrong here.

    Jackie considers this.

    Gina: Ma'am the reason, I came to you about this, is because I know that you value the truth and are determined to find Haven. And...

    Jackie stares at her.

    Gina: I'm not sure that our superiors...are.

    Jackie looks serious.

    Jackie: What are you suggesting?

    Gina looks hesitant.

    Gina: I don't want to accuse anyone-

    Jackie: Yes you do.

    Gina looks worried. Jackie leans into the desk, leaning into the desk.

    Jackie: You came here to do just that. Give me a reason to believe you over the people I am paid to trust.

    She stares at Gina seriously. Gina inhales.

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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      The caption says “Present Day”. Tegan is typing something. She glances over to see Devyn appearing from the first lower-corridor steps. She looks pleasantly surprised as he walks up to the reception, smiling vaguely.

      Devyn: Hey.

      Tegan smiles.

      Tegan: Hi. How are things?

      She looks awkward. Devyn smiles however.

      Devyn: Better, thanks. Thought it was probably time to emerge from my room, seeing as how it seemed to shrink every time I stared at the walls. Which was a lot.

      Tegan smiles sympathetically.

      Tegan: Yeah...I did the same when Dustin and I...uh, not that that’s the same situation at all.

      She looks awkward. Devyn shakes his head, smiling weakly.

      Devyn: Maybe not but grief is grief right?

      Tegan smiles cocking her head left and right once to indicate she agrees.

      Devyn: Anyway I better get on with some work.

      Tegan: Really? I mean, if you need more time, I’m sure Juliet’s not gonna mind if you-

      Devyn: Thanks, T, but I’m not gonna trade staring at walls downstairs for staring at walls up here. ‘Bout time I got on with something a little more constructive.

      He smiles at her, but his eyes indicate his mind is still preoccupied. He walks away to the dining area. Tegan watches him. She glances into space, smiling slightly, mouthing “T” to herself. She then frowns, shaking her head hurriedly, and looks back at the screen attempting to concentrate upon it.

      CUT TO:


      Juliet emerges from Room 11. She closes the door behind her quietly, looking extremely troubled. Raised voices can be heard from nearby. Juliet looks to her right to see Callista bursting out of Room 14 with her baby. She looks angry. Mitch appears in the doorway.

      Mitch: You’re gonna have to listen to me sooner or later.

      Callista walks away not looking at Mitch.

      Callista: Not if I can’t hear you.

      Mitch rolls his eyes but smiles slightly heading back into his room. Callista walks on, smiling weakly at Juliet as she hurries past. Juliet watches her, perhaps wondering whether Callista’s problems compare to her own. She looks back at the door she just left from and then follows Callista in the direction of the stairs.

      CUT TO:


      Devyn is sat at a table, typing on his laptop. His eyes look tired. The camera moves over to show Aura cleaning a table. Mark walks over from the direction of the lobby. He looks concerned as he stands next to her.

      Mark: (quietly) Aura.

      She looks at him, her smile of greeting soon fading as she sees his expression.

      Aura: What is it?

      Mark glances nearby to make sure Devyn is not looking at them. He stares into Aura’s eyes looking fearful.

      Mark: He came back.

      Aura closes her eyes, exhaling. She looks at Mark, concerned.

      Aura: What’d he say?

      Mark hesitates.

      Aura: (earnestly) Mark!

      Mark: (whispering) They’re coming!

      Aura looks pained to hear this. She glances at the table, starting to wipe the table again so as to not attract any attention. The camera moves over to show Dominic watching them from behind the canteen. Grace appears next to him carrying a large saucepan full of food.

      Dominic: Who are they?

      Grace looks up to see Mark and Aura across the room.

      Grace: Oh that’s Mark, and Aura.

      Dominic: They like to whisper a lot huh?

      Grace: Yeah, they have their own thing. Except when Aura has an opinion, then she doesn’t.

      Dominic glances at Grace and smiles slightly.

      Dominic: And you’re not opinionated at all?

      Grace frowns.

      Grace: Didn’t say she wasn’t entitled to speak her mind. She just happens to be wrong most of the time.

      Dominic: Ah. Good job I’m getting to know the girl who’s right most of the time then. Except about movies, of course.

      He raises an eyebrow smiling. Grace raises an eyebrow too, the corner of her mouth smiling.

      Grace: Fine, I will watch Life of Brian again, if you can find a copy, and you can show me where the amazing part is. As long as you watch Rosemary’s Baby.

      Dominic grins.

      Dominic: You’re on. How ‘bout dinner too?

      Grace raises an eyebrow again, a little more surprised this time.

      Grace: What did you have in mind?

      Dominic: Well, you know, sometimes people eat and watch movies and enjoy the experience of doing both at the same time. I guess we can add heated debate to the list too.

      He smiles. Grace smiles too, looking pleasantly surprised by his sincerity.

      CUT TO:


      Juliet appears to be unpacking a box. There is a knock on the door. She looks up, startled and quickly puts things back into the box.

      Juliet: Who is it?

      Tegan OS: It’s me. Can I come in?

      Juliet hesitates.

      Juliet: Uh, yeah, sure.

      Tegan opens the door and steps inside.

      Tegan: Hey, uh sorry if I’m intruding-

      Juliet tries to smile like nothing is wrong.

      Juliet: No, no you’re fine. What’s up?

      Tegan: Well, actually I came to see what’s up with you.

      Juliet’s smile falters.

      Juliet: Oh?

      Tegan hesitates and then walks over to the bed. She sits down next to Juliet.

      Tegan: You’ve seemed kinda on edge these last few days. Ever since Trish arrived. You wanna tell me what’s goin’ on?

      She raises her eyebrows expectantly. Juliet opens her mouth and then smiles awkwardly.

      Juliet: I...I’m ok, Tegan-

      Tegan: Jules. Seriously: I watch people walk past me every day. I’ve gotten pretty good at reading into expressions. You’re not ok.

      Juliet’s smile vanishes. Tegan looks at her sympathetically. Juliet sighs, considering how to proceed.

      Juliet: You know Trish and I go back a long way.

      Tegan nods.

      Tegan: Yeah, you said.

      Juliet nods once.

      Juliet: She didn’t expect to see me again; now she has...she wants my help with something.

      Tegan narrows her brow.

      Tegan: I’m guessing that ‘something’ isn’t 100% law abiding?

      Juliet shakes her head. Tegan inhales.

      Tegan: Ah.

      Both women stare into space. There is a pause. Tegan looks at Juliet.

      Tegan: You’ve already decided to help her I’m guessing.

      Juliet sighs.

      Juliet: I have a compelling incentive.

      Tegan frowns.

      Tegan: Because it’s Trish?

      Juliet hesitates, looking conflicted.

      Juliet: ...Yes.

      Tegan looks troubled.

      Tegan: Look, I know I’m not in a position to tell you not to do this. I went with Greg and Marcia without much consideration because I knew them was something I felt I had to do. Turns out it wasn’t. I don’t need to tell you what happened.

      Juliet looks her in the eye.

      Juliet: No you don’t. And I can’t tell you what’ll happen this time...though I think I already know.

      Tegan frowns.

      Juliet: I can’t tell you much more, I wish I could-

      Tegan: If it’s, you know, bad, I’m not gonna be shocked.

      Juliet looks awkward.

      Juliet: It’s not that. Just know that...if I don’t help Trish, there’s more at stake than what she thinks of me. I...

      She trails off looking weary. Tegan looks serious.

      Tegan: You obviously wanna deal with this yourself.

      She stands. Juliet looks at her.

      Juliet: T-

      Tegan turns quickly.

      Tegan: There’s always something “more at stake” Jules. Especially now. You think I won’t understand what you’re going through?

      Juliet pauses. She looks down.

      Juliet: It’s not that you won’t’s’s a different world.

      She looks like she doesn’t know how else to explain. Tegan inhales and looks down also. She nods to herself and looks at Juliet.

      Tegan: And here I was thinking we were both living in this one.

      She walks away. Juliet looks like she wishes she could tell her what is really going on...but she remains silent. She looks back at the box beside her which she continues to unpack. She seems to have found what she was looking for as she takes out a black case. She exhales and opens it: revealing a least fifteen silver knives, each of them shimmering in the case. She removes one of the larger ones, examining it. Taking a sharpening block she hesitates...and then begins to scrape the block against the blade. Twice. Three times.

      CUT TO:


      Mark is lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. Aura sat near his feet. They both look serious.

      Mark: I don’t think we can do this anymore Aura. Not alone.

      Aura’s expression stiffens slightly, but she does not look shocked to hear this.

      Aura: We have to.

      Mark looks at her.

      Mark: We’ve been so afraid of what the others might think if they knew what we were doing...why? Maybe they would understand if-

      Aura: You know we’re never gonna be a part of their group. We don’t get the right to be understood.

      Mark frowns.

      Mark: Juliet isn’t ruthless. But you know the people in Amethyst are. How long are we gonna survive, even if all this goes ahead as planned? Vaoro can’t protect us from what’s up there anymore and he can’t protect Nicole or Rick or-

      Aura stands quickly looking angry.

      Aura: You think Valoro’s just gonna say “ok then” and let all this go? He’s been preparing for months Mark! He ain’t gonna stop. And if he thinks we might, you know the others are gonna suffer...maybe more than suffer. As long as one of them is alive...he’s still got us. That’s what I know. Maybe Amethyst are gonna be after us, but I’d rather be running with Nicole and Robert and the others than hiding down here while they die.

      Mark stares at her, realising how true her statement is. Aura hesitates, looking down.

      Aura: Gotta make up Room 2.

      Mark nods. Aura walks out. Mark leans back, staring at the ceiling once again.

      CUT TO:


      Tegan is stood leaning against the table. She looks troubled.

      Tegan: Am I the only one that can see a problem here?

      She looks around. Grace walks past carrying two dirty plates. Dominic is washing up nearby.

      Grace: Uh...well you did the same thing, right?

      She places the dishes down. Gael is leaning against the wall nearby.

      Tegan: But I told everyone what was going on.

      Gael pushes himself away from the wall, and approaches Tegan.

      Gael: Cause you wanted to T. Doesn’t mean Jules has to.

      Tegan looks exasperated.

      Tegan: Well...ok so I told everyone what I was doing and I went up there and a woman died. Devyn almost got totalled along with his car by. I could probably think of like another five examples of how upstairs equals bad and most of them come back to the bunch of people are just waiting for an opportunity like this. Besides, considering the kind of people Juliet used to deal with...who knows what’s gonna happen.

      Even Dominic seems to be considering this. Grace looks uneasy for the first time. Gael exhales.

      Gael: Maybe Jules knows it will be bad...but she still feels she has to do it.

      Tegan sighs, folding her arms.

      Tegan: Why can’t she tell that to us?

      Gael: Cause we’re not like her.

      Tegan looks at him. Grace stops washing up to see where Gael is going with this. Gael looks a little hesitant as he sees that all eyes are on him but he looks at Tegan and continues.

      Gael: We all tell her that we don’t care about who she was and what she did...but that doesn’t make it any easier for her to tell us. Juliet still has a lot of guilt...she doesn’t want us looking in and being a part of stuff like this. Besides Tegan, you were quick to suspect Molly too. I hate to say it were wrong then.

      Tegan considers this.

      Tegan: What if I’m right now?

      CUT TO:


      Devyn walks through from the dining area. Juliet is stood by the reception, a small, black bag hanging on her shoulder. She is dressed in a black coat. Devyn smiles a little but looks puzzled by her attire. Juliet looks pleased to see him but smiles awkwardly.

      Juliet: Hey...

      Devyn: Hey...where are you going?

      Juliet: Oh, just out. Something I have to do.

      Devyn narrows his brow.

      Devyn: I know I don’t need to tell you it’s dangerous...

      Juliet looks thankful for his concern and shakes his head.

      Juliet: Probably looks like I’m being reckless by going outside but...I’ve had a few days to think it over, and this really is important.

      Devyn nods slightly but still looks troubled. He glances at the reception desk.

      Devyn: You’re not planning on letting the others know?

      Juliet exhales.

      Juliet: I told Tegan’s probably easier that I just go and then come back without a big scene.

      Devyn considers this.

      Devyn: You’re going alone?

      Juliet shakes her head. Trish appears at the top of the stairs, wearing a coat and carrying a bag similar to Juliet’s. Juliet turns to look at her as Devyn also stares. Trish smiles pleasantly.

      Trish: Hello.

      Devyn smiles weakly.

      Devyn: Hi.

      Trish walks towards them. She looks at Devyn.

      Trish: I’m Trish. I’m not sure I recognise your face?

      Devyn hesitates.

      Devyn: I’ve not really been around these last few days. I’m Devyn. I work here.

      Trish nods, smiling.

      Trish: I see. I hope you enjoy your work as much as Juliet.

      She glances at Juliet. Juliet smiles but is clearly uneasy. Devyn appears to notice.

      Devyn: I enjoy it as much as I can.

      Trish nods. She looks at Juliet again.

      Trish: Well, Jules, we should be going.

      Juliet nods. Trish walks toward the front door. Devyn looks at Juliet for an explanation of some kind. Juliet however only shakes her head slightly.

      Juliet: I don’t know what time I’ll be back, but can you let the others know it’ll be before tomorrow?

      Devyn looks worried by what is going on but nods. Juliet smiles awkwardly, but genuinely and then follows Trish to the door. She then stops and looks at him.

      Juliet: I hope the fact you’re up here means you’re feeling...I dunno if “better” is the right word.

      Devyn hesitates, smiling awkwardly.

      Devyn: I’m not worse, anymore, at least.

      Juliet considers this and nods. She turns and walks away. Devyn watches her, seemingly helpless to intervene.

      CUT TO:


      Dominic glances around.

      Dominic: Uh, I know I’m the new guy here so feel free to ignore me...but Tegan you could have a point.

      The others look at him.

      Dominic: This Trish lady? She seems kinda scary.

      Grace: Scary isn’t exactly abnormal around here.

      Dominic: No, I know, but...well sometimes I watch people.

      Grace raises an eyebrow. Dominic shrugs.

      Dominic: Not in a stalkerish way. I get bored. Anyway, with all the tough guys out there, you know the kinda danger you’re facing. This woman don’t know she could do. If she’s asking Juliet to do something she’s not happy about...maybe she hasn’t got a choice but to go along with it.

      Gael and Grace begin to look concerned as well as Tegan now.

      Gael: You reckon she’s being blackmailed?

      Dominic shrugs but his expression indicates he does. Grace frowns, stepping forward.

      Grace: This is just random guesswork...though it does sound plausible.

      She smiles very slightly at Dominic who nods, realising what she is trying to say. She looks at Gael.

      Grace: Juliet knows Trish better than we ever will. Only way we’re gonna find out what’s actually going on is if we ask Jules herself-

      Devyn walks in suddenly looking a little troubled. Everyone turns. Tegan smiles.

      Tegan: Hi.

      She notices his expression and narrows her brow a little.

      Tegan: Are you okay?

      Devyn: I, uh, I had a weird encounter with Juliet. She was with this lady; I guess she’s arrived the last few days. Any of you guys know where they’re going?

      The others share looks.

      Gael: When did they go?

      Devyn looks surprised to see that Gael is speaking to him directly for the first time since what happened. He hesitates.

      Devyn: Uh, about five minutes ago. Is there somethin’ going on?

      The others look uneasy.

      Grace: Guess we have to wait for this one.

      There is a pause.

      CUT TO:

      INT. CAR

      The camera shows Trish sat in the passenger seat and Juliet driving...just like they did in the past. They are sat in silence. The camera moves past Trish as she glances at Juliet, who stares forwards, the imprint of what she must do stained heavily on the road in front of her.

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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        CUT TO:

        INT. DARK ROOM

        Jackie is sat down, staring at a monitor. Gina is stood behind her, also watching. Jackie glances away and then switches off the monitor with a remote. Gina swallows.

        Gina: I don't think this was the first time either...Alandra might not be the last. It's almost like they don't wanna find Haven.

        Jackie turns her head to look at her.

        Jackie: Almost? Or exactly that?

        Gina hesitates.

        Gina: What do you think ma'am?

        Jackie looks back the now black monitor and sighs.

        Jackie: I think something has gone wrong somewhere down the line.

        Jackie glances at Gina.

        Jackie: I need to know that you're willing to help me discover the answers, Gina. It could be dangerous. At the very least your job could be at risk-

        Gina: I know, ma'am.

        Gina inhales.

        Gina: I thought I was working for the people who could actually make a difference...I still have faith in one of them...I wouldn't have come to you if I didn't think it was worth it, ma'am.

        She looks resolute. Jackie looks pleased to hear this, but her smile fades back as she considers the seriousness of what the near future may involve. She nods at Gina.

        Jackie: Come to my office tomorrow morning at 8.

        Gina hesitates as Jackie does not continue.

        Gina: Have you...decided what to do, ma'am.

        Jackie: You'll find out at 8.

        Gina nods slowly and walks away. Jackie watches her for a second before glancing into space. She looks troubled by what she has learned.

        CUT TO:


        The camera moves past several recycling bins, eventually focusing on Juliet and Trish, parked next to the back of the supermarket.

        CUT TO:

        INT. CAR

        Both are sat staring forward, in silence. Trish glances at Juliet.

        Trish: I didn't expect you to be so calm. But never were what I expected.

        Juliet turns to her looking serious.

        Juliet: You think I'd forget how this goes? Nerves kill, right?

        Trish smiles very slightly.

        Trish: Right. I'm glad you've remembered. This might go more smoothly than I had anticipated.

        She looks out of the windscreen Juliet stares at her for a few more seconds and then looks at the windscreen also.

        Juliet: You never stopped did you?

        Trish continues to stare.

        Trish: Of course not. Why would I?

        Juliet narrows her brow.

        Juliet: I can't honestly believe this is what you wanted your life to be-

        Trish: But it is.

        She turns to Juliet.

        Trish: I am not here for you to analyse Jules. You are not going to help me find an epiphany. You are not going to remind me of what I could have had. Because I already have everything, except security. And that is something that you are going to help me find.

        She smiles pleasantly and looks back at the windscreen. Juliet looks unfulfilled.

        Juliet: What if you hadn't found me?

        Trish hesitates.

        Trish: Then I would be sat in this car alone, with less certainty that I would be alive in an hour's time.

        She looks at Juliet again.

        Trish: Consider yourself...a blessing.

        Despite Trish's smile, Juliet does not look pleased to have received this name. Trish's expression suddenly changes.

        Trish: There...

        Juliet turns to look to see that a man has appeared from a doorway in the distance. His stature is that of a bouncer, and he looks quite formidable. Trish glances at Juliet.

        Trish: After you.

        Juliet looks at her and then opens the car door.

        CUT TO:


        The man stares vacantly, his focus varying very little. He scratches his nose. Someone suddenly jumps down behind him. He begins to turn when something is injected into his neck via a syringe. He gasps and grabs the arm holding the syringe: Juliet's.

        She does not struggle; a second later his grip loosens. His eyes look hazy as he falls to the ground. Juliet stares at his unconscious body. She kneels down and takes the syringe in her gloved hand. She stands as Trish appears next to her.

        Trish: He won't be unconscious for long. Come.

        She walks into the door that the man appeared from before. Juliet hesitates and then follows.

        CUT TO:


        The warehouse is dimly lit and filled with various storage. A woman in her late 20s takes a drag of a cigarette. She has long brunette hair in a high pony tail, and is wearing a simple black halter top. She is sat at a small table; in the background several figures in black suits can be seen. The woman smiles at someone opposite her and speaks with a southern accent.

        Woman: Hope this means the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

        A man in his 30s is sat opposite her, his arms folded casually. He has short spiked hair and is wearing a fairly casual black blazer and white shirt ensemble, with several of the buttons undone. He smiles also.

        Man: I don't doubt that.

        He leans forward, putting his hands together.

        Man: Just let me know what kinda partnership you're interested in mak-

        He suddenly gasps, shuddering. The woman's smile vanishes as she sits up, the guards around the table looking around, alert. The man splutters as a small trickle of blood emerges from his mouth. His body then falls forward on to the table, a knife protruding from his back. The woman stands, her eyes wide. She quickly backs away from the table as a bullet hits the chair she was sat upon. She looks up at the highly stacked crates and takes out her own gun. She shoots up as the men surround her, their own guns pointed in the same direction. She runs out of bullets. All that can be heard is her deep breaths. Suddenly she gasps; a bullet hole has appeared on the top of her head, blood dripping from her hairline. She falls to the ground as the men all aim their guns up at the crates behind them. Juliet has already began running. They shoot repeatedly but shots from another direction confuse them. They look around, uncertain of where to shoot. Trish looks at them from behind a crate. She turns away and begins walking toward an exit.

        CUT TO:


        Juliet emerges from the exit, hurrying back. As she does, the man she injected before raises his head. He looks groggy but points a gun at Juliet. He shoots: Juliet cries out in pain as a bullet hits her in her calf. The man collapses again, too weak to continue, but three men appear from the doorway. They point their guns at Juliet, who widens her eyes while clutching her leg. She grabs a knife from her waist...but suddenly the three men are each shot in the chest. They each fall to the ground, clenching their teeth in pain. Juliet looks behind her to see Trish standing, her gun raised. She lowers it quickly and helps Juliet up. With Trish's assistance, Juliet limps away in the direction of the car. She looks back at the bodies they have left behind...nameless and bleeding. She squeezes her eyes closed as the pain begins to take its toll.

        CUT TO:


        CUT TO:


        Gael holds a chip between his thumb and index finger. He stares into space as he takes a bite. The sound of a door opening is heard. Gael looks over to see Devyn walk in. Devyn comes to a halt as he realises he and Gael are the only ones in there. Gael smiles awkwardly, and nods. Devyn smiles back in a similar way, slowly walking towards where Gael is sat.

        Devyn: You waiting up for Juliet too?

        Gael exhales.

        Gael: As much as I wanna believe she'll be fine...kinda feel I have to.

        Devyn nods.

        Devyn: This intense privacy she has...not unusual huh?

        Gael smiles weakly.

        Gael: To be honest, I was surprised she gave the "talking to guests" thing the go-ahead. "Don't ask don't tell" worked for her a long time.

        Devyn nods.

        Devyn: Yeah I guess it would.

        There is an uncomfortable pause. Gael glances down at the plate of chips in front of him. Devyn inhales.

        Devyn: Well...could be seeing the sunrise so better get some caffeine in me.

        He heads towards one of the cupboards. Gael watches him, looking hesitant. He opens his mouth.

        Gael: Devyn.

        Devyn looks at him, uncertainly. Gael tries to smile a little wider.

        Gael: You, might as well stick around. If you want.

        Devyn narrows his brow slightly.

        Devyn: You sure?

        Gael hesitates but nods.

        Gael: Yeah.

        Devyn considers this for a moment but then nods back and slowly makes his way to the table. He pulls out a chair and sits.

        Devyn: I'll leave the coffee for now. I don't think you asked me to stay to hang out.

        He raises his eyebrows. Gael glances at him, awkward.

        Gael: I suppose I've come to realise that us avoiding eye contact isn't gonna get us anywhere.

        Devyn puts his hands together, nodding.

        Devyn: Ok. Me neither. Though it's not my place to decide whether that should change. If we can, you know, work things out then I'm all for that, but I'm not gonna apologise. You know that right?

        Gael pauses, but nods.

        Gael: I know.

        Devyn looks uncertain.

        Devyn: I'm not really clear on what you want to happen now?

        Gael looks down and then looks Devyn in the eye.

        Gael: Then I'll make it clear.

        Devyn waits for him to continue.

        Gael: I shouldn't have acted like you had no reason to shoot the gun. Even at the time I knew, I knew that we're not living in a world where we can afford to take the safe route. But...that terrifies me. Sooner or later we're all probably gonna have to make the same choice you did that day, and kill without thinking about whether it's the right thing to do, because there will be no time.

        Gael looks worried even as he says this. Devyn hesitates. There is a long pause.

        Devyn: Killing someone doesn't make you who you are.

        He looks at Gael.

        Devyn: It just shows how desperate you are to defend who you are. And desperation can be bad. A lot of the time. But for us? Well...what else've we got?

        Gael hesitates.

        Gael: Each other.

        Devyn looks at him.

        Gael: I've managed to cope with, well...everything, because I'm not the only one having to cope. I've learnt things from kinds of people I didn't even know existed...and maybe even if things are desperate at the best of times...I can learn something from you too.

        Devyn considers this.

        Gael: I'm sorry about Molly.

        Devyn looks at him. He smiles more genuinely.

        Devyn: Thanks.

        Gael nods. There is a pause.

        Devyn: How d'you take your coffee?

        Gael smiles back.

        Gael: I don't, actually. Hate to live up to the stereotype, but I'm a tea man. But, thanks.

        Devyn nods, smiling.

        Devyn: I think I can adapt to this.

        He turns and heads back to the cupboard. Gael watches him, smiling curiously.

        CUT TO:


        Grace is lying in her bed, the lights off. She stares into space and then changes position, breathing in an irritated way. She lies for a few more seconds and then sighs.

        Grace: Fine.

        She sits up and turns the light on and looks around her room.

        CUT TO:


        Grace walks along the corridor in the direction of the lobby, wearing a t-shirt and loose shorts, but notices that there is light from under one of the doors. She cocks her head looking curious and then steps quietly towards the door. She puts her ear to it and listens. She hesitates and then gently knocks. There is no response for a second.

        The door then opens, to reveal Dominic standing a dressing gown. He looks a little surprised to see Grace, who smiles awkwardly.

        Grace: Hi.

        Dominic: Uh, hi. Are you ok?

        Grace: Uh, well, I've been better.

        She smiles weakly. Dominic hesitates. Grace glances down at his bare legs. Dominic follows her gaze and raises an eyebrow.

        Dominic: Are my shins of particular interest?

        Grace glances up. She opens her mouth, hesitating.

        Grace: Uh, you have no pants. I was noting this fact.

        Dominic narrows his brow.

        Dominic: No...I usually don't wear pants in bed. I think there might be laws against that in some states.

        Grace hesitates. She looks behind him to see that his bed is unmade.

        Grace: Wait you...are awake right? I mean you were before I knocked. I saw the light was on...

        Dominic: Um, I was...drifting between various stages of unconscious thought. I sleep with the light on sometimes.

        Grace: Oh. That's very...not energy efficient of you.

        Dominic doesn't seem to know quite how to reply to this. Grace looks awkward.

        Grace: I'm sorry. I assumed, and the stupid motto is playing out right now so I should probably go.

        Dominic smiles, despite himself.

        Dominic: I am awake. And so are you, so come on in.

        Grace smiles hesitantly but then walks in. Dominic closes the door.

        CUT TO:


        Dominic: So, uh, the whole Juliet thing keeping your eyes open?

        Grace looks at him and exhales.

        Grace: I get worried that I'll wake up and she won't be around. And I blame Tegan for this entirely because she never worries like this, I mean not really, and now...I have to worry too.

        She sits down on Dominic's bed looking irritated, but also concerned. Dominic hesitates and sits next to her.

        Dominic: Shame we don't have any cult movies at hand. They usually help with the worrying, I find.

        Grace looks at him. She smiles thankfully.

        Grace: We didn't have dinner.

        Dominic smiles back, shaking his head.

        Dominic: Nope. But there will be other dinners. I mean I assume, and I know we already established the dangers of that but...I will take the risk. And suggest, I dunno, this weekend?

        He raises his eyebrows hopefully. Grace smiles slightly.

        Grace: Hmm, yeah. Ok.

        Dominic smiles, pleased.

        Dominic: Great!

        Grace nods.

        Grace: Oh, you know I figured it out.

        Dominic looks puzzled.

        Grace: Your fruit.

        Dominic looks a little uncertain.

        Dominic: Oh, ok. Am I...gonna like this?

        Grace gives him a look.

        Grace: The fruit never tries to insult. Well, mine doesn't anyway.

        Dominic smiles, looking down shaking his head. Grace smiles too.

        Grace: You are a star fruit.

        Dominic looks at her and smiles. He nods.

        Dominic: Star fruit. Yeah ok. I can deal with that. What does it mean?

        Grace: Ah, there are some aspects of the fruit teachings that can't be revealed to just anyone.

        She nods earnestly, but not entirely seriously. Dominic smiles, narrowing his brow.

        Dominic: Ok. I better become someone then, huh?

        Grace smiles, cocking her head from left to right to indicate that this might be an idea. Dominic smiles wider, nodding.

        CUT TO:


        Tegan is sat at her computer, her chin resting in her palm. She is playing minesweeper. She clicks absent-mindedly around, when she hits a bomb. She sighs and clicks off the game. She hears something behind her and looks to see Mark standing at the entrance to the first lower corridor. She smiles.

        Tegan: Kitchen obey your needs?

        Mark smiles.

        Mark: Yeah. You know, Devyn and Gael are in there too.

        Tegan looks surprised.

        Tegan: Uh huh...

        She smiles to herself.

        Mark: Guess sleep's not really on anyone's agenda right now.

        Tegan's smile fades. She shakes her head.

        Tegan: Doesn't look like it.

        She looks down. Mark looks serious.

        Mark: You think Juliet knows we're all like this?

        Tegan exhales.

        Tegan: I doubt she's had much time to think about it.

        Mark nods slowly.

        Mark: Maybe she should though.

        Tegan frowns slightly. Mark continues.

        Mark: What's it gonna mean for us if Amethyst find her? Devyn wasn't that far from gettin' caught; if it happens to any of us, everyone else is immediately in danger too. I worry about Jules too but...gotta think about myself, you know?

        He looks anxious. Tegan hesitates.

        Tegan: She knows this city. She knows how to survive. I have to believe that's enough.

        Mark rubs the back of his neck uneasily.

        Tegan: have a right to worry Mark. I'm not saying you don't.

        There is a pause.

        Tegan: I just...don't think staying safe is the thing we have to worry about.

        Mark narrows his brow.

        Mark: Then what?

        Tegan: Secrets.

        Mark frowns very slightly. Tegan exhales.

        Tegan: Life is private, sure, but we're closed off enough as it is. Asking for not asking for an invasion. I'm not so sure Juliet sees that way. And I don't think she's the only one.

        Mark looks to be trying his best to keep his expression neutral. Tegan shakes her head.

        Tegan: Devyn was right to begin with. Lack of communication is gonna kill us.

        Mark nods very slowly, swallowing.

        Mark: I hope not.

        Tegan smiles weakly.

        Mark: Anyway, I'm tired suddenly. Probably means bed for me. Don't, uh, don't stay up here all night ok?

        Tegan smiles a little wider.

        Tegan: I hope I won't. Sleep well.

        Mark nods and walks away. His smile disappears as he reflects on the opportunity he chose not to take. Tegan turns to the computer. She sighs as she starts another minesweeper game. She clicks on the screen. There is a close up of the smiling face as it gasps as she clicks.

        CUT TO:


        Tegan is lying on the desk, apparently asleep. She opens her eyes as she hears something. She looks up, startled to see Juliet being supported by Trish. She stares at them, wide-eyed, waiting for an explanation. Trish smiles, surprisingly calmly.

        Trish: Would you mind giving us a hand?

        Juliet makes eye contact with Tegan, still looking in pain.

        CUT TO: BLACK
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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:


          Juliet is sat on her bed, putting down a pair of crutches. Gael help her lift herself fully on to the bed, revealing her wounded leg to be bandaged. She grits her teeth.

          Juliet: God I forgot how painful, ah...

          Gael looks sympathetic as stands next to her.

          Gael: How many bullet wounds is this now?

          Juliet looks up to him.

          Juliet: Well, second, and this is more of a graze but...the pain factor is still fairly present.

          She shifts trying to get more comfortable. Gael sits down.

          Gael: Yeah I can tell.

          Juliet smiles thankfully at him.

          Juliet: You don’t have to stick around Gael. I already kept everyone up most of the night-

          Gael: Shut up.

          He smiles. Juliet can’t help but smile.

          Gael: I wanted to stay up. And I wanna be here now. So take advantage of the fact you don’t have to do anything for a bit.

          Juliet rolls her eyes.

          Juliet: If only that were true. Time off is never really gonna be an option.

          Gael: Well neither is working while you can’t actually walk. It’ll be fine.

          Juliet sighs, but smiles.

          Juliet: I guess I have to love the free health care; even if Liliana’s stolen all the meds.

          Gael grins.

          Gael: Illegal times call for illegal measures.

          Juliet laughs a little. There is a knock at the door.

          Juliet: Yeah?

          Trish walks in. Juliet’s smile fades a little, but she manages to retain it. Trish smiles in her usual, pleasant but not exactly warm, way.

          Juliet: Trish.

          Trish: Hello. I thought I’d come to see how you are.

          Gael looks from Juliet to Trish and then back to Juliet again.

          Gael: I’ll leave you guys to it.

          Juliet smiles at Gael. He smiles back.

          Gael: Rest, ok?

          Juliet rolls her eyes but nods. Gael gets up, nods politely at Trish before closing the door behind him as he leaves. There is a short pause. Trish makes her way over to the chair where Gael was sat.

          Juliet: Not like you to worry.

          Trish looks at her as she sits down.

          Trish: I had no doubt you would recover well.

          Juliet hesitates.

          Juliet: Still. Thank you.

          Trish nods very slightly.

          Trish: I suppose, you should consider yourself lucky considering how close a bullet has come to your heart, in the past.

          Juliet glances down, attempting a neutral look. She looks at Trish.

          Juliet: You’re right. I do.

          Trish narrows her eyes very slightly. Juliet looks a little more serious.

          Juliet: So that’s it. That’s the job. Done.

          Trish nods slowly.

          Trish: It’s done. You were impressive, Jules. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

          Juliet doesn’t look flattered. She hesitates.

          Juliet: I expect you have another job waiting for you.

          Trish smiles a little wider.

          Trish: Of course. There always is.

          Juliet nods once. There is a pause.

          Trish: And you’re wondering when I will leave to accomplish that job.

          Juliet stares at her.

          Juliet: I am.

          Trish pauses.

          Trish: Soon.

          Juliet seems to relax a little.

          Juliet: All right.

          She nods.

          Juliet: I’d wish you luck always seem to have some to spare.

          Trish’s smile widens.

          Trish: That’s true. It was luck that brought me to you after all.

          Juliet doesn’t reply. Trish continues to stare at her.

          Trish: Of course...a chance like this can’t be overlooked.

          Juliet begins to look puzzled, while Trish retains her smile.

          Trish: You’ve always been an asset to me Jules. You may have been injured this time but...who knows where that bullet would have headed had I been alone.

          Juliet looks concerned at the direction the way the conversation is heading. Trish leans in slightly, speaking more softly.

          Trish: I can’t be...alone, again. Not now this opportunity has presented itself. I plan to stay.

          Juliet’s expression freezes as Trish stares at her. “Monster” by The Automatic begins to play in the background.

          Trish: I know I represent everything you wish you weren’t. But you are, and my absence is not going to change that. I am not going to let you deny me the sanctuary you offer so many, because of your personal feelings.

          ‘Brain fried tonight through misuse
          Through misuse, through misuse’

          Juliet stares at her, looking shocked.

          Juliet: You can’t expect me to help you.

          ‘You can't avoid static abuse
          Abuse, abuse‘

          Trish leans even closer to Juliet so her face is only about ten inches away from Juliet’s. Her eyes have suddenly lit up with a new energy, and her smile has faltered.

          Trish: Oh I expect you to offer your help whenever I want it. When I need assistance to eliminate a particularly difficult individual, you will be there to aid me. Because you owe me your life. And make no mistake, Juliet, if you refuse me now, I will ruin yours.

          ‘Without these pills you're let loose
          You're let loose, you're let loose
          Take off, get out, no excuse
          No excuse, no excuse’

          She leans back as the chorus of the song begins. Juliet stares in horror at the woman who has just threatened her. Trish stands slowly and turns, making her way out the room. Juliet stares after her, at a loss.

          ‘What's that coming over the hill
          Is it a monster? Is it a monster?
          What's that coming over the hill
          Is it a monster? Is it a monster?
          What's that coming over the hill
          Is it a monster? Is it a monster?
          What's that coming over the hill?’

          CUT TO:


          The song continues as we focus on Callista and Mitch talking, Callista looking angry.

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN LOBBY

          Callista holding the baby and Mitch are seen in the background. Devyn talks to Tegan who is sat behind the reception.

          Tegan: I’d love to ask her and get all the answers but, I know I won’t. Not yet anyway.

          ‘Confused, mind bruised, it seeps out
          It seeps out, it seeps out’

          Devyn nods looking serious.

          ‘Face down, home town looks so grey
          Looks so grey, looks so grey’

          Devyn: But you know something I don’t.

          Tegan looks confused.

          ‘Convexed you bend, twist and shout
          Twist and shout, twist and shout’

          Devyn: You know what her crime was.

          Tegan looks awkward. She hesitates. Suddenly there is a crash.

          ’Stand up brush off get moving
          Get moving, get moving’

          Tegan and Devyn turn to see Callista has smashed a plate on the ground and is standing, looking furious at Mitch who looks relatively composed. The baby cries loudly.

          ‘What's that coming over the hill
          Is it a monster? Is it a monster?’

          CUT TO:


          Callista: You can’t control us!

          Mitch cocks his head as if to say “oh no?”

          ‘What's that coming over the hill
          Is it a monster? Is it a monster?’

          Mitch: Looks to me like you’re the one out of control, sweetheart.

          Callista looks disgusted and storms out, making little effort to calm the baby.

          ‘What's that coming over the hill
          Is it a monster? Is it a monster?’

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN LOBBY

          Callista walks past, paying no attention to Tegan and Devyn as they watch. She heads past Juliet also, who has appeared on her crutches. She walks Callista hurry past, almost in tears. Juliet frowns as she watches this and then looks over at Tegan and Devyn who both smile, somewhat surprised to see her up.

          Tegan: Hi.

          ‘What's that coming over the hill?
          Is it a monster? Is it a monster?’

          Juliet smiles back, not entirely enthusiastically. She glances at Devyn...and then past him. Trish walks past in the dining area, as Grace can be seen looking irritated at the smashed plate. Juliet purses her lips looking deep in thought.

          The song fades out.

          CUT TO:


          Grace walks in, with the pieces of the smashed plate in a dustpan. Dominic and Gael look over from the cooking area.

          Gael: What was all that about?

          Grace: Oh, just another person who thinks we don’t have to pay for china around here.

          Gael acknowledges this. Grace sighs.

          Grace: I’d ask why Callista stays with Mitch except I already know their deal.

          Dominic: Their deal?

          Grace: Yeah, they uh, they have this twisted competition where they try and kill everyone.

          Dominic raises his eyebrows.

          Dominic: And I offered to babysit.

          Grace looks at him as if to say “why” as she fills a glass of water. Gael sighs.

          Gael: I reckon they do care about the kid. Though, I doubt social services would see things quite that way.

          Grace nods, taking a drink from her glass. She exhales.

          Grace: Right. Back to table duty.

          Gael smiles, nodding. Dominic smiles too as Grace walks out. He goes back to washing up.

          Dominic: We’re safe though...right?

          Gael looks at him.

          Gael: Oh, yeah. I mean we’ve had worse before now, and no one’s ever one’s ever been’s, uh, rare.

          He looks awkward. Dominic smiles uneasily. Something catches his eye. He stares at the hob;
          Gael has just turned the gas on. The flame flickers under the pan. Dominic stares intently. Gael
          notices. His brow narrows.

          Gael: Dominic?

          Dominic glances up quickly.

          Dominic: Oh, sorry, uh, I got thinking too much again.

          He smiles. Gael smiles back, nodding as Dominic turns back to the washing up. Gael’s smile wavers a little as he considers what he just saw.

          CUT TO:

          INT. ROOM 13

          Callista seems to have calmed the baby down. She herself still looks flustered by what happened before. There is a knock at the door. Callista closes her eyes.

          Callista: Mitch if that is you, I swear I will-

          Tegan: Uh, no, it’s me, Tegan.

          Callista looks at the door, surprised. She walks over and opens it. Tegan smiles awkwardly.

          Tegan: Hi, uh, hope you’re ok.

          Callista shifts slightly.

          Callista: I’ve been worse. What do you want?

          Tegan: Um, actually Juliet wanted me to ask you...if you’d go see her.

          Callista looks confused, her brow narrowed.

          Callista: Why can’t she come herself?

          Tegan: Well, she has a slight injury, right now, stairs are an issue.

          Callista still looks dubious.

          Callista: What does she want?

          Tegan shrugs.

          Tegan: Maybe she saw how you were before. It’s not exactly like it’s the first time either...

          Callista stares at Tegan, not appreciating what she is saying. Tegan tries to smile civilly.

          Tegan: I think she just wants things to run as smoothly as possible.

          She waits for a reply. Callista pauses.

          Callista: Fine, I’ll go.

          She sighs and turns back to the baby who she lifts up carefully. Tegan smiles slightly.

          Tegan: What’s her name?

          Callista looks over.

          Callista: Rachel.

          Tegan smiles more widely.

          Tegan: That was my mom’s name.

          Callista looks at her.

          Callista: Good for her.

          She walks past Tegan, closing the door behind her. She walks away leaving Tegan looking awkward.

          CUT TO:


          Some other guests glance over at Mitch as he drinks from a mug. As he looks at them they look away. He rolls his eyes as he realises they are talking about him. Devyn appears next to him.

          Devyn: Can’t be surprised.

          Mitch looks up.

          Devyn: You and your wife do create a lot of subject matter.

          Mitch smiles slightly.

          Mitch: Let them talk. Can’t say I care one way or another.

          Devyn nods.

          Devyn: Ok then.

          He steps away. Mitch hesitates.

          Mitch: You spoken to Cal?

          Devyn looks at him. He shakes his head. Mitch nods.

          Mitch: Huh. Most do. They think cause she’s the woman, and the one with the baby all the time...she must be the one who’s right.

          Devyn considers this.

          Devyn: You want me to say I think you’re right?

          Mitch smiles, shaking his head.

          Mitch: I don’t need you to defend me.

          Devyn nods.

          Devyn: I wasn’t offering.

          He stares at Mitch for a second and then turns and walks away. Mitch’s smile fades. Callista appears with Rachel. She no longer looks angry. Mitch looks surprised to see her. Devyn walks behind the canteen, looking curious. Callista stands before Mitch.

          Mitch: I thought you’d be furious for at least another few hours. It’s been, what, two at most?

          Callista sighs.

          Callista: Who says I’m not? I’m tired, gonna take a nap so...she’s all yours.

          Mitch looks down. Callista stares at him earnestly.

          Callista: May I remind you of your role as father-

          Mitch: Spare me.

          He holds out his arms, indicating for her to give him Rachel. Callista looks satisfied and passes the child over. Mitch looks at Rachel fondly and then looks up at Callista.

          Mitch: How long are you gonna be.

          Callista: Well you’ll find out when I’m back.

          Mitch sighs as Callista turns to walk back the way she came. Devyn watches.

          CUT TO:

          INT. JULIET’S ROOM

          Juliet is lying down, staring at the ceiling. She looks serious. There is a knock at her door.

          Juliet: (quietly) Come in.

          Devyn walks in. He smiles.

          Devyn: Hey. Hope I’m not disturb-

          Juliet: No. You’re not.

          Devyn smiles.

          Devyn: Mind if I...?

          He indicates the chair next to Juliet’s bed. She nods quickly and he walks over and sits down.

          Devyn: How’s the leg?

          Juliet: How does it look?

          Devyn: Well, yeah, guess I already knew the answer really.

          They share a smile, but Juliet’s fades quickly. Devyn notices.

          Devyn: You ok?

          Juliet: Oh, yeah, just tired I guess.

          She nods again. She swallows. Devyn nods back.

          Devyn: Hey, uh, how’d it go with Callista. She was looking as a little less...explosive just now.

          Juliet hesitates. Devyn notices, his brow narrowing.

          Devyn: What is it?

          Juliet opens her mouth.

          Juliet: She’s got a lot to deal with. I mean they both have’s harder for her. As sick as it is...she has a lower score than he does.

          CUT TO:


          Callista walks down the corridor slowly, purpose in her eyes.

          CUT TO:

          INT. JULIET’S ROOM

          Devyn looks uncomfortable but nods.

          Devyn: Can’t say I feel much sympathy for either of them.

          Juliet nods slowly. Devyn stares at her.

          Devyn: Ok...I’m gonna just ask this....

          She looks at him. He pauses.

          Devyn: What did you have to do...that got you a close encounter with a bullet?

          Juliet looks down.

          Juliet: Devyn...

          Devyn: No, please don’t “Devyn” me. Is it so wrong for me to wanna know what you’ve been doing that’s put your life in danger? I know you didn’t wanna tell me when we first met but that was a while ago, I mean...please.

          Juliet doesn’t respond at first. Devyn looks at her seriously. Juliet swallows and exhales.

          Juliet: All right.

          Devyn looks earnest as she looks back at him. Juliet glances at the wall and then back.

          Juliet: I was an assassin.

          Devyn looks somewhat surprised. “The Dress” by Blonde Redhead begins to play. Juliet stares at him, waiting for any kind of response. Devyn looks pale and looks down.

          Devyn: For how long?

          Juliet hesitates.

          Juliet: Long enough.

          ‘Tears you see on my face, you do have something to do with
          Fear starts creeping up when you have so much to lose’

          CUT TO:


          Callista continues walking. She turns to look at Room 11.

          CUT TO:

          INT. JULIET’S ROOM

          Devyn looks serious still.

          Devyn: Sorry I uh...I didn’t think...I didn’t think this.

          Juliet looks down, not sure what to make of his reaction.

          ‘Your love waits you while you're cheating
          Lightning strikes you when you're moving’

          Devyn looks back at her.

          Devyn: Thank you.

          ’The light you see in my eyes, you do have something to do with’

          CUT TO:


          Mitch smiles at Rachel as he rocks her gently.

          ’Play the game namely love, play it like you have nothing to lose’

          CUT TO:

          INT. JULIET’S ROOM

          Devyn gets up and begins to walk away. Juliet watches him, somewhat sadly. The camera focuses on Devyn as he walks towards the door.

          ‘Horse loves you when you move with him
          People hate you when you're changing’

          CUT TO:


          Callista looks both ways and then slips out something from the pocket of her jeans...

          One of Juliet’s knives. She opens the door.

          ‘Don't let the dress trick you’

          CUT TO:


          Devyn walks down, not sure what to make of the information he has just learnt. He looks around...perhaps he is now truly realising where he is. Killing is only the beginning. He stands alone in the corridor.

          ‘I love you less now that I know you
          I won't count the scars again
          I love you less now that I know you’

          CUT TO:


          Callista walks out of Room 11, her expression void. She closes the door behind her, and locks it, and then walks away, the number “11” on the door the only thing to be seen.

          CUT TO: BLACK

          THE END
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