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Haven Episode 1.9 9. Life After

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  • Haven Episode 1.9 9. Life After

    This is the ninth episode of "Haven", an original series written by me. I hope you enjoy reading it! If you have any feedback, positive or critical, please post it here, thank you

    Haven Episode 1.9 9. Life After

    Written and Produced by Alex Hart
    Edited by Lex

    Special thanks to Heather

    Disclaimer: The series “Haven”, its characters, locations and ideas are all creations belonging to Alex Hart. The work is fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only. No unauthorised usage of anything in “Haven” is permitted without prior permission, thank you.


    OPEN ON:


    “Fill My Little World” by The Feeling plays. The camera slowly zooms away from a close-up of a clock-radio on a bedside table. The time displayed is blurred by a glass of water next to it.

    The song suddenly comes to life. The camera moves over to an IV tube, water dripping down it slowly.

    An elderly woman’s face comes into view. She is bald and frail. The camera moves round to show that she is in bed. A boy of about 12 with dark brown hair is stood next to the bed.

    ‘I had a dream we went away,
    Left this city for a day,
    You took me southwards on a plane,
    And showed me Spain or somewhere’

    The boy’s young face is stained with tears. The old woman smiles at him sadly and nods, placing her hand over his own. The boy’s lip quivers as he steps towards the IV.

    ‘But in reality you’re
    Not so keen to show me anything,
    And I thought you liked me’

    The boy slowly injects a syringe of something into the IV tube. The old woman looks peaceful as she continues to smile kindly at the boy who stares at her unhappily. She closes her eyes.

    ‘Hey show some love,
    You aint so tough,
    Come fill my little world,
    Right up,
    Right up’

    The boy raises his eyebrows slightly and looks at the woman’s hand. He clutches it in her own but she no longer clasps back. The camera pans away from the scene slowly.

    ‘Someday you’re going to realise.
    I want you to fill my little world,
    Right up,
    Right up,
    Right up’


    FADE TO:


    Josef is lying in the bed, staring into space, his naked shoulders visible above the covers. A woman’s hand appears on his chest. The woman comes into view: it’s Bethany. She lies her head next to Josef’s, her chin on his shoulder; she narrows her brow as she stares at the side of his face.

    Bethany: Where’d you go?

    Josef turns his head slightly to look at her, narrowing his brow also.

    Josef: What?

    Bethany raises her eyebrows.

    Bethany: Something tells me you weren’t really around this time.

    Josef smiles attempting to shrug off Bethany’s question.

    Josef: I’m here.

    Bethany: Physically?

    She glances down at his waist.

    Bethany: I noticed. You were rockin’ my world.

    She smiles slightly, rubbing his left nipple with her fingers. The corner of Josef’s mouth makes a slight smile. Bethany notices, her own smile fading.

    Bethany: I’m not so sure I was rockin’ yours though.

    Josef sighs, turning his head away from Bethany.

    Josef: It’s not you Beth.

    Bethany: No? Then how come you’d rather look at the bedside lamp than me.

    Josef turns back. Bethany tries to look sympathetic.

    Bethany: Is it the drugs thing? Cause you know you can’t feel too sorry for yourself about that what with all the almost-death and stuff-

    Josef: No. Look that’s not the best thing that could’ve happened to me but...I’m over it.

    Bethany considers this.

    Bethany: Then what are you not over?

    Josef hesitates looking serious. He makes eye contact with Bethany.

    CUT TO:


    Gael and Grace are sat before Juliet’s desk, where she is sat, looking subdued. Liliana is stood next to Juliet smiling in her professional way. Grace and Gael look taken-a-back. Grace opens her mouth, looking from Juliet to Liliana.

    Grace: The what I do, what makes you think I’ll be any better anywhere else?

    Liliana attempts a more pleasant style.

    Liliana: The Board are concerned with the amount of...fraternizing during working hours. I’m sure you’re aware of the result problems with illicit substances; only the latest in a series of events that have been allowed to escalate and which could have cost lives.

    Grace and Gael both look unyielding in their understanding of the situation. Juliet avoids their eye contact. Liliana swallows and continues, stepping forward.

    Liliana: Now, your individual capabilities are not under discussion. I’m more than convinced, Grace, that you are an essential asset to the running of this hotel. However the relationship between the two of you...

    Gael glances away looking angry. Grace rolls her eyes.

    Liliana: ...may not be in the best interests for Haven, overall. Of course, spending some of your working hours in the kitchen isn’t out of the question, however we feel the majority of your time should be spent...elsewhere.

    Grace says nothing.

    Liliana: Equally, The Board and I both feel that it would be beneficial to the expansion of the hotel for there to be two kitchen staff who are able to cook, rather than one.

    Grace and Gael both frown as they consider this.

    Gael: Expansion?

    Juliet sighs.

    Juliet: They want to re-open the third lower-corridor.

    Gael looks serious. Grace looks surprised.

    Grace: And that is a good idea, why?

    Juliet sighs looking like she is no happier about this idea than the others. Liliana hesitates.

    Liliana: We’re all aware of what happened. However, The Board feels that sufficient measures have been taken-

    Gael: Sufficient measures? It was less than a year ago Liliana.

    Liliana narrows her eyes, almost unnoticeably.

    Liliana: You’re right Gael. Which is why, The Board have made it a priority to make the third lower corridor safe, and habitable once again.

    There is a pause. Juliet glances at Liliana.

    Juliet: You really think all this is absolutely necessary?

    Liliana: If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have rearranged my plans to come here today, would I?

    Juliet doesn’t look very upset at Liliana’s sacrifice. Liliana looks around at the others.

    Liliana: Fourteen rooms are not enough to accommodate the rapidly increasing amount of guests that are arriving. Relaxed attitudes are not enough at a time where Amethyst’s leaders are growing ever closer to-

    The alarm from the lobby begins to sound, a red light flashing in the corner of the ceiling. Grace looks relieved and stands up.

    Grace: Thank God for that.

    She heads for the door. Gael stands also, staring at Liliana seriously, before walking out also. Liliana looks unphased as she glances at Juliet who is getting up.

    Liliana: I hope you understand that my greatest interest is Haven’s security.

    Juliet looks annoyed.

    Juliet: What I understand is that you have come here to criticize our commitment in maintaining that security when you really no nothing about how Haven works.

    Juliet narrows her brow slightly but continues to smile, somewhat amused.

    Liliana: I’m intrigued that you would say that Juliet; considering that I helped to build it. Consider that I might just know what I’m doing?

    Liliana raises an eyebrow. Juliet looks annoyed and walks away.

    CUT TO:


    The alarm sounds. Tegan is reading the incoming information on her computer. Grace appears around the corner followed by Gael.

    Grace: Tell me we have an axe murderer.

    Tegan raises an eyebrow, glancing at Grace. She looks back at the monitor smiling slightly.

    Tegan: Sorry; gonna have to make do with armed robbery today.

    Grace weighs this up.

    Grace: That could work.

    Gael smiles a little also as Juliet appears and walks behind the desk to read the monitor. Tegan looks at her.

    Tegan: Jules you know this means we have twelve full rooms right?

    Gael looks at Juliet; she returns his glance but then nods at Grace.

    Juliet: We’ll manage.

    Tegan cocks her head slightly but shrugs. Devyn enters from the dining area. The others look over at him. He nods and smiles in greeting. Juliet walks around from the other side of the reception desk.

    Juliet: Hey. Work ok?

    Devyn: Yeah, yeah, just thought I’d take an interest.

    Liliana OS: I’m glad to hear that, Devyn.

    Liliana walks into view. Grace rolls her eyes, looking away. Devyn smiles awkwardly noticing the friction between everyone and Liliana, who smiles at him pleasantly.

    Liliana: It looks as if you’re time here is being well spent.

    Juliet folds her arms, looking at the ceiling. Devyn notices but smiles at Liliana nonetheless.

    Devyn: What can I say? It’s a good place to...

    As he speaks the main door opens. Mark walks in, followed by a blonde woman and Bethany. Devyn cocks his head in disbelief as he sees the woman; it is Molly McKenna, last seen in his arms, years ago. However she looks as if she has faded somehow, despite her expensive-looking cream coloured coat with a fur rim, and stylish black high-heels. She smiles slightly, with tired eyes, but there is no surprise in her expression.

    Molly: And here you really are.

    Juliet stares from Devyn to Molly, curious about their connection. Devyn stares at Molly, confused and speechless.



    THEMESONG: “Not Gonna Get Us” - Tatu

    The eerie start of the song plays as we see grey smoke. “Haven” in black, torn letters fades in. It disappears as the drums start. The smoke is gone also. There are a series of quick shots: a gun being fired. A high-heeled foot stepping next to a pole. A syringe injecting someone’s arm. A knife being raised. A key turning in a lock. Coins scattering on a table. A close up of a woman’s lips as she applies lipstick. A shovel being forced into the ground. A close up of someone handcuffing another person’s wrists. A hand flicking a cigarette lighter on. A pair of pliers approaching someone’s finger. A dagger covered in blood hitting the ground. A hand grabbing on to someone’s arm. A close up of an eye opening wide.

    As the song suddenly becomes more energetic, there is a montage of criminal records, each face only seen for a fraction of a second.

    The camera zooms towards Juliet looking shocked.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Juliet walking with a neutral expression on her face. There is a shot of Juliet pointing a gun looking resolute. There is a shot of Juliet turning her face, looking serious. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of Juliet, Grace and Tegan running. There is a shot of the illuminated “Summertime General” sign.

    There is a shot of Devyn reaching out for something.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Devyn punching someone. There is a shot of him leaning against a wall. There is a shot of him smiling, a little smugly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a little girl with a knife in her hand. There is a shot of a gun being fired into the air.

    There is a shot of Tegan typing on a computer.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Tegan turning, the flash of sirens causing her to shield her eyes. There is a shot of Tegan putting her hand over mouth. There is a shot of Tegan cocking her head slightly, smiling. The credit flickers away.

    A shot of a woman walking down a corridor of Haven, purposefully. A shot of a man and a woman kissing.

    There is a shot of Gael holding out a large knife.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Gael hugging someone. There is a shot of a tear streaming down Gael’s face. There is a shot of Gael laughing. The credit flickers away.

    A shot of the main entrance opening. A shot of Mark and Aura turning looking surprised in Summertime General.

    There is a shot of Grace carrying a plate of food.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Grace putting her head in her hands. A shot of her putting her finger over her lips. A shot of her smiling a little. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of an explosion. A shot of Grace crying in Gael’s arms.

    There is a shot of Aura sat at one of the tables in Haven’s kitchen.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Aura turning looking shocked. A shot of her at the till in Summertime General. A shot of her smiling kindly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a hand being placed on the identification pad. A shot of Bethany kissing someone.

    There is a shot of Mark walking down the first lower corridor.


    The credits flicker on to the screen. There is a shot of Mark looking troubled. A shot of Mark diving out of the way of something. A shot of Mark stroking someone’s hair.

    There is a shot of Royce punching someone. A shot of a man moving over a man’s bare stomach.

    There is a shot of Jackie sitting in a chair, her index finger on her temple. She looks thoughtful.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Jackie turning, looking out of breath. A shot of her walking looking formidable. A shot of her examining a gun. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a corridor in Haven. The camera zooms through to the lobby, spinning around, backing through the front entrance. The doors close.


    Guest Starring:

    KELLY CARLSON – Alandra Stone
    KEITH CARRADINE – Jackie’s Boss
    JOSH DUHAMEL – Dominic Healy
    FAMKE JANSSEN – Liliana Redgrave
    ALI LARTER – Molly McKenna
    MARY McDONNELL - Ms. Alders
    JASON MOMOA – Josef Porter
    AMANDA SEYFRIED – Bethany Thyme
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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    The scene picks up from where we left it. Juliet looks from Molly to Devyn and then back at Molly again. She attempts to smile professionally.

    Juliet: Ms McKenna, uh, welcome to Haven...

    Molly looks at her and smiles weakly. She glances back at Devyn who is still staring at her. Juliet looks at him and raises her eyebrows prompting him to explain. She catches his eye and he glances at her. He hesitating, gathering himself.

    Devyn: Uh...Molly and I...used to know each other.

    Grace raises an eyebrow.

    Grace: And was there anyone here that hadn’t got that part already?

    Devyn looks uncomfortable. Juliet looks at Grace who makes an expression as if to say “what?” Gael looks awkward.

    Gael: Let’s uh, let’s go sort of lunch Grace, yeah?

    Liliana coughs. Gael glances at her and looks annoyed as he realises what she is hinting at. Grace rolls her eyes looking irritated. Gael sighs and looks at the ground and then across the room.

    Gael: Bethany...fancy giving me a hand?

    Bethany looks confused. But nods.

    Bethany: Uh, ok, sure.

    She smiles still looking a little puzzled.

    Grace: I’ll guess I’ll go and be an “essential asset” downstairs.

    Grace’s eyes flicker across to Liliana before she exits via the fire lower corridor stairs. Gael watches her go and then walks over with Bethany to the dining area. He nods at Molly kindly before leaving. Liliana looks at Mark and smiles.

    Liliana: Mark would you care to escort me upstairs? I don’t think we need to intrude upon this reunion.

    Mark nods and opens the front door. Liliana nods at Juliet.

    Liliana: Juliet I’ll be back later for our meeting.

    She nods at the others.

    Liliana: Tegan, Devyn. And Ms McKenna is it?

    Molly nods. Liliana smiles pleasantly.

    Liliana: Enjoy your stay.

    She turns and walks out followed by Mark. Juliet, Devyn, Tegan and Molly are left in the lobby. Juliet tries to break the ice, smiling at Molly.

    Juliet: Uh, Ms McKenna your room will be ready shortly, I’m very sorry about the wait. We’ve had a lot of business lately.

    Molly smiles weakly once more.

    Molly: Don’t sweat it.

    She glances at Devyn. Juliet hesitates.

    Juliet: Can I get you anything else? Maybe a tour of the hotel?

    Molly glances from Juliet to Devyn.

    Molly: You know, what I’d really like is a somewhere to talk with Mr Rhys here.

    She raises an eyebrow looking insistent. Juliet looks to Devyn for confirmation. Devyn hesitates but then nods. Juliet smiles awkwardly at Molly.

    Juliet: Feel free to use my office.

    Devyn nods and walks past Molly. Molly raises her eyebrows and follows him toward Juliet’s office. Juliet and Tegan watch him go. After a second, Tegan looks at Juliet and opens her mouth.

    Tegan: Wow.

    Juliet looks at her as Tegan smiles slightly.

    Tegan: Was there was a long story behind those glances or what?

    Juliet looks curious.

    Juliet: Uh huh...

    She continues to stare as the camera moves towards her face.

    Tegan OS: Wonder what she did to make him look at her like that?

    The camera continues to move closer.

    Juliet: Yeah...

    CUT TO:


    Molly is sat down on a chair looking around, her legs crossed. Devyn is stood nearby with his arms folded.

    Molly: Nice decor.

    Molly looks at him and smiles slightly.

    Molly: So you work for her huh?

    Devyn looks troubled.

    Devyn: Yes I work for her.

    Molly nods and looks around more. Devyn stares at her, confused.

    Devyn: Molly what...what are you doing here?

    Molly looks at him. She flips her palms out.

    Molly: I’m a criminal. Where else is there to go these days when you’re like us?

    Molly looks at him, knowing that the question is rhetorical. Devyn looks uncomfortable at her use of the word “us”. He exhales looking unconvinced.

    Devyn: Come on, you knew I was here Molly. How?

    Molly sighs.

    Molly: Friend of mine was here a few weeks back. We used to talk a lot back in ’06 when we were...

    She cocks her head for a second, raising an eyebrow. Devyn looks serious.

    Molly: He heard your name and, well, I figured there can’t be too many Devyn Rhys around one city. Looks like I was right.

    Devyn stares at her. He unfolds his arms, clutching his right bicep with his left hand.

    Devyn: And what? You came here to catch up?

    Molly doesn’t reply. Devyn looks angry.

    Devyn: You came all this way for me and now nothing? You owe me an explanation after...everything.

    Molly cocks her head slightly and smiles, staring past Devyn, into space.

    Molly: Wondered how long it’d take to get on to what I “owe” you.

    Devyn stares at her. She makes eye contact with him and exhales.

    Molly: There wasn’t a person in the world you wanted more than me back then, was there?

    Devyn shakes his head.

    Devyn: You don’t know me.

    Molly shrugs.

    Molly: Maybe not; but I did. You always intrigued me you know? You treated me with so much respect...and treated everyone else like they were nothin’.

    Molly smiles. Devyn continues to look serious.

    Devyn: So, what, after five months you just decided to teach me a lesson? Is that it?

    Molly considers this but shakes her head.

    Molly: No...though I guess I did, here you are all...redeemed right?

    She wiggles her fingers. Devyn says nothing. Molly exhales.

    Molly: I just kinda wanted all the money. And seeing how you stole it all in the first place...made me feel a little less guilty. You should know that I gave like, a third of it all to cancer research. They were totally lovin’ me.

    Devyn considers this. Molly smiles weakly.

    Molly: The ironic part of all this is just coming up, don’t worry.

    Devyn narrows his brow, confused. Molly sighs and claps her hands together once.

    Molly: I am HIV positive.

    She smiles a little too widely. Devyn looks shocked.

    Molly: I know; you try and do a good thing, and turns out you donated to the wrong place.

    Devyn doesn’t laugh. Molly’s smile fades a little.

    Molly: You shouldn’t worry; it happened after you and I...

    She moves her head from side to side insinuating their involvement. Devyn looks surprised by this and looks at the ground in shock.

    Devyn: I...hadn’t even thought about that.

    Molly smiles more.

    Molly: Just thinkin’ of me huh? Well you shouldn’t.

    Devyn looks at her.

    Molly: I’ve been on the cocktail for a while, but those white blood cells of mine just keep on vanishing. All time low, as of last week.

    Devyn looks grave.

    Molly: Dunno how long I got but...since things are getting a little extreme on the surface and since I can still get around...thought I’d come see you.

    Devyn hesitates.

    Devyn: Why?

    CUT TO:


    There is a close up of Alandra’s forehead. A damp cloth is applied to one of the cuts on her forehead. She winces slightly, pulling away. She glares at Jackie who is sat behind her desk. The woman with the damp cloth applies it once again. Alandra pulls away again, frustrated.

    Alandra: Would you stop already?

    The woman glances at Jackie. Jackie nods at her and the woman swiftly exits. Alandra breathes heavily as she stares at Jackie furiously. As the door closes she begins to speak.

    Alandra: What are you doing?

    Jackie attempts to look confused.

    Jackie: Helping your recovery.

    Alandra can’t help but smile at this and stares at Jackie incredulously.

    Alandra: Are we gonna talk pretending that these cuts...

    She points at her face with her index finger.

    Alandra: ...and bruises and all the other fun little reminders of my recent experience were authorised by someone other than you?

    Jackie stares at Alandra but maintains a smile.

    Jackie: Alandra-

    Alandra: Bitch, you just had me tortured for hours. We are so not on a first name basis. And you can drop that smile of yours right now.

    Jackie and Alandra stare one another down. Jackie puts her hands together, clearing her throat.

    Jackie: If I could find Haven by walking through the streets of this city then I would do just that. Unfortunately, we both know that isn’t remotely possible. And that is why you are here...Miss Stone.

    Alandra looks unimpressed.

    Alandra: And you think going all good cop’s gonna make me sing for you?

    Jackie hesitates. She leans towards Alandra very slightly.

    Jackie: I can get you out of the state, out of the country...even across the Atlantic if you want.

    Alandra glances away but then rolls her eyes smiling slightly.

    Alandra: Right and I accept your generous offer only to find myself staring at twenty police cars at the airport?

    Jackie pauses.

    Jackie: If I have Haven...why on earth would I need you?

    Alandra looks away, angry.

    Jackie: Besides; how many other offers of a new life are you going to get?

    Alandra stares at her.

    Alandra: What makes you think I want a new life?

    Jackie: The fact that you can’t go back to your old one. Regardless of whether you talk to me...or not, you have no future with Haven. You might want to consider that I am your last chance.

    Alandra pauses and then leans her head forward.

    Alandra: I consider that you, and all your other righteous friends have deeply underestimated who you’re dealing with.

    Jackie stares back looking serious as Alandra leans back in her chair. She shakes her head.

    Alandra: You can drop the whole nobility act and start your boy off with the red hot pokers again honey, because I’m not giving you anything.

    Jackie cocks her head.

    Jackie: Defiance after all you’ve been through...remarkable.

    Jackie stands up. Alandra rolls her eyes. Jackie notices and her expression becomes more pleasant.

    Jackie: Don’t worry Miss Stone. There will be no “red hot pokers”.

    She walks around the desk. Alandra watches her and then looks down at her wrist, handcuffed to the arm of the chair. Jackie walks towards the door.

    Jackie: All you will have to endure is time...and reflection. Until you are able to reconsider your options.

    She opens the door while staring at Alandra. Alandra frowns looking uncertain as two men walk towards her. Jackie continues to stare.

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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Bethany is preparing food behind the canteen. Aura walks through from the main dining area with a mop and bucket. Bethany looks up and smiles.

      Bethany: Hey.

      Aura: Hey girl. Didn't expect to see you behind here? What happened to Grace?

      Bethany shrugs.

      Bethany: Liliana was here so I guess there's been a change or somethin'.

      Aura rolls her eyes.

      Aura: Guess that's something we just have to go with huh? Couldn't let us know what's actually going on.

      Bethany shrugs again as Aura walks past her and puts down the bucket and mop. She looks over at Bethany.

      Aura: How ?bout your boy Josef. You two still good?

      Bethany looks up.

      Bethany: Oh, yeah, yeah we'll always fine.

      Aura sighs.

      Aura: Never gonna know what you see in him.

      Bethany rolls her eyes but smiles.

      Bethany: That's cause you haven't seen him in action.

      Aura raises an eyebrow as Bethany raises both of hers suggestively.

      Aura: Think I'll pass.

      Bethany grins.

      Bethany: Well there was no offer for you Miss Aura so guess that's just as well.

      She sticks her tongue out and goes back to sorting out the food. Aura smiles slightly but looks pensive.

      Aura: Don't it bother you that he could hurt you?

      Bethany looks like she has been asked this kind of question before and her cheerful expression looks a little strained as she takes out an empty tray.

      Bethany: Noo...because, I know he won't.

      Aura looks unconvinced. Bethany looks at her.

      Bethany: You see a thug cause that's what he wants people to see. There's more to him than that though, he just doesn't like showing it.

      Aura considers this and exhales, relinquishing slightly.

      Aura: All right; you seem to know what you're doing.

      Bethany: I do, I do.

      Aura nods.

      Aura: Just hope he keeps showing you the deep down and none of that surface crap he shows everyone else.

      Bethany sighs.

      Bethany: Believe me Aura; I got through the surface a long time ago. Deep down ain't so hard with him; give him a little chance huh?

      Bethany nods encouragingly and walks back through the kitchen door. Aura considers this but doesn't seem so enthusiastic.

      CUT TO:


      Devyn is sat on the edge of his bed, staring at the ground seriously. Juliet is stood nearby looking uncertain as to what to say. She unfolds her arms slightly.

      Juliet: How long were your involved with her?

      Devyn looks up. He glances down, recollecting.

      Devyn: Five months; and a few days.

      Juliet listens. Devyn smiles bitterly.

      Devyn: What I hate is that she's right; I did want her, so much. She was the only person I ever felt I could share life with. I didn't need to censor myself, or try and explain anything to her. She just accepted...

      FLASH TO:


      The screen is black and white. A man in a suit signs a piece of paper and hands it to Molly who is sat across a desk, wearing glasses and a white suit. Her hair is tied behind her head. She smiles, taking the piece of paper. She looks at the figure next to her, smiling knowingly. It is Devyn, also wearing a suit. He smiles back knowingly, and then at the other man, who is all too unaware.

      Devyn VO: ...and relished in who was.

      FLASH TO:


      The screen is still black and white. Molly takes off her glasses and lets her hair flow free as she smiles widely at Devyn who grins back. The two kiss passionately and as Molly pulls Devyn's jacket off of his shoulders they fall back on to the bed.

      Devyn VO: Until...

      FLASH TO:


      Devyn holds the note in his hands:

      "Thanks for everything,

      Molly xx"

      Devyn looks around in shock.

      FLASH TO:


      The colour returns to the screen as we return to the present. Devyn exhales. Juliet stares at him, pensively.

      Juliet: You still care about her don't you?

      Devyn looks up.

      Devyn: She's dying. How can I not?

      Juliet considers this. Devyn sighs.

      Devyn: I never thought I'd have to think so hard about taking so much money.

      Juliet stares at him.

      Juliet: Maybe because you know it won't make up for losing her?

      Devyn considers this and glances away. Juliet walks toward him slowly and sits down on the bed.

      Juliet: I know what it's like to lose a part of yourself to someone. But maybe it was better you did.

      Devyn looks at her, frowning slightly. Juliet hesitates.

      Juliet: I only mean...look at where you are now. Look at who you are. I don't think you're the kind of person who would try and make a living conning people anymore.

      Devyn pauses and shakes his head slowly.

      Juliet: I can't tell you what to do; but maybe the reason you're so unsure about accepting this money, is because you know it represents everything you've left behind.

      Devyn looks at the ground, considering this.

      CUT TO:

      INT. ROOM 2, HAVEN

      Mark and Grace spread out a sheet over the bed. Mark half smiles.

      Mark: Think one thing we can all agree on is that Liliana sucks.

      Grace sighs.

      Grace: So why does she continue to exist? Am I so wrong in thinking that if the majority of the staff hate her then there is probably something wrong with her. Can't she just be asked to leave? Or else threatened with knives?

      Mark smiles slightly.

      Mark: Not sure Jules is really in a position to make that call.

      Grace looks annoyed.

      Grace: So we let her tell us do whatever the hell she wants?

      Mark shrugs. Grace pauses and then shakes her head.

      Grace: No. No I'm not gonna do this!

      She throws the pillow she is holding down on the bed. Mark raises his eyebrows as Grace looks at him.

      Grace: I'm not gonna do this just cause she thinks it's a good idea. It's not. All this is doing is making me angrier, and there is no way that is helping anyone.

      Mark does not look like he needs to be convinced.

      Mark: Uh huh.

      Grace rolls her eyes.

      Grace: I am gonna tell Jules that she should take a stand against Liliana and her stupid third-lower corridor ideas-

      Mark's smile suddenly disappears as he looks very concerned.

      Grace: ...and just tell her that...that things are the fine the way they are.

      Grace looks at Mark for a response but he still looks shocked. Grace raises an eyebrow, confused.

      Grace: What?

      Mark looks at her worriedly.

      Mark: She wants to open up the third lower-corridor again?

      Grace sighs.

      Grace: Yeah, I know. You'd think she and her Board would know better after what happened but apparently the past doesn't exist.

      Mark doesn't respond.

      Grace: Are you ok with the rest of this?

      Mark looks at her and nods slightly, but looks very distracted. Grace smiles a little before leaving Mark staring into space.

      CUT TO:


      Juliet is stood in front of the reception desk. Tegan is sat behind.

      Tegan: Do you know whether he's gonna take it?

      Juliet shrugs.

      Juliet: No. But it's understandable that he's more concerned about her right now.

      Tegan raises her eyebrows for a moment.

      Tegan: I guess.

      Juliet looks at her. Tegan hesitates.

      Tegan: It's sad, I know. It's not like I don't care that she's dying. I just have a problem with the idea that everything is fine now cause of that. Death does not wash away everything someone does in their lifetime. Like, if I were to get cancer tomorrow, that's not gonna mean too much to all the people I stole from. And he just forgives her.

      Juliet pauses.

      Juliet: I'm not so sure he does.

      Tegan looks at her.

      Juliet: I don't mean all the money she stole. I think he knows that was never his to lose. But I think she also stole his heart. I think that's what he can't forgive her for.

      Tegan narrows her brow.

      Tegan: Then why is he down there with her?

      Juliet pauses.

      Juliet: He hasn't given up trying.

      Tegan takes this in.

      CUT TO:

      INT. ROOM 4, HAVEN

      Devyn and Molly are both sat on her bed, several feet apart. Molly looks at him.

      Molly: You know I didn't know what to expect. For all I knew, you would take it all back without a second thought. Fact that you can't is probably a good thing, but who am I to know?

      Devyn looks at her.

      Devyn: You seem kinda reluctant to admit that you're not so bad. You know you're not.

      Molly exhales.

      Molly: Devyn, you've grown into something I never will. You shouldn't feel bad about that...but know that I don't feel the need to try and...redeem myself or whatever. I don't have the time for the kind of crap.

      Devyn looks at her.

      Devyn: Then why are you doing this?

      Molly: I just don't like the idea of things lying around with no one using them. Who else am I gonna give money like this to?

      Devyn: There's always charity.

      Molly: Yeah, charity always delivers.

      She raises an eyebrow. Devyn looks at her seriously. Molly hesitates and looks around the room.

      Molly: Look at this place; sure it's good, but it can always be better. You don't wanna use the money for yourself? Fine. Use it for something bigger.

      Devyn considers this.

      Devyn: How much is left?

      Molly thinks for a moment.

      Molly: Uh, just over a third.

      Devyn looks a little surprised. Molly smiles slightly.

      Molly: Funnily enough, learning how to not throw money away was something you taught me.

      Devyn smiles nostalgically, but only for a moment. Molly stares at him.

      Molly: And I still have Lucy.

      Devyn looks at her. Molly smiles slightly. Devyn smiles back a little, more genuinely.

      CUT TO:


      Josef is sat at a table. He looks grave as he stares into space. He sniffs slightly and wipes a tear away from his cheek. Bethany is talking to Aura when she turns her head.

      Bethany: Give me a sec, ok?

      Aura notices she is looking at Josef and sighs but nods. Bethany smiles and walks over to Josef looking concerned.

      Bethany: Honey...sitting here alone is not good therapy.

      Josef looks up. Bethany looks at him sympathetically.

      Josef: Much rather sit with you're lookin' kinda busy.

      Bethany smiles.

      Bethany: I finish at five...there can be sitting then, if you want? Lying, even.

      She smiles more widely hoping that Josef will return it. However Josef continues to look docile.

      Josef: Not really in the mood Beth. Sorry.

      He looks at her, genuinely. Bethany smiles kindly.

      Bethany: Not all lying down has to lead to sex; though I know it usually does for us.

      This time Josef does smile. Bethany looks pleased to see it.

      CUT TO:


      Gael and Grace are behind the bar watching Bethany and Josef. Grace frowns slightly.

      Grace: Out of everyone here...they are really not the two people I'd put together as most likely couple.

      Gael considers this.

      Gael: Would you put us together?

      Grace realises this is true.

      Grace: Though we are no longer making fruit juice.

      Gael looks at her, slightly appalled. Grace looks a little disgusted also.

      Grace: Ok, that was gross. Let's consider I said something else...

      Gael smiles.

      Gael: Gotta admit, Josef is a pretty good pineapple candidate. And Beth's at least a mango.

      Grace frowns.

      Grace: I am mango. There are no others.

      Gael smiles.

      Gael: Of course.

      Grace nods, reasserting her status. She looks at Bethany and Josef once more. Josef gets up and smiles very vaguely. Bethany smiles back but then looks sadly at him. Josef wipes away another tear as he walks away from her. Grace turns to Gael.

      Grace: Well something's wrong. Though when is there something right these days?

      Gael shrugs.

      Gael: I'd say things are pretty right for you and me.

      Grace flinches.

      Grace: Oh please do not say that; you know we are gonna break various limbs in the next few days now.

      Gael grins. Grace sighs.

      Grace: Wonder what it takes to make a guy like Josef cry?

      Bethany: If you really wanna know...

      Grace and Gael turn. Bethany is stood near the canteen returning several dirty dishes.

      Bethany: should ask him.

      Grace looks unimpressed with this idea.

      Grace: I don't care that much.

      She turns and walks to the kitchen. Bethany sighs and smiles slightly at Gael before walking back to clean an empty table. Gael watches her, curiously.

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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        Juliet and Devyn are stood together. Juliet looks serious. Devyn hesitates.

        Devyn: I’ve thought about it...and it’s just something I need to do.

        Juliet looks unconvinced.

        Juliet: You need to go with her? What are you expecting to find?

        Devyn opens his mouth, glancing away. He closes his mouth again. Juliet looks concerned by his inability to answer.

        Devyn: I don’t know yet, but...she’s dying, Juliet. Within a few months I will never see her again. I already thought that-that I she would never be a part of my life again, and I thought that was ok...but now that she’s back, I can’t just turn my back on her.

        Juliet still looks troubled.

        Juliet: How do you know she won’t do something like before? How do you know she isn’t hiding the rest of the money somewhere else, or is conning you in some other way?

        Devyn glances away and then back at Juliet.

        Devyn: I can tell that she doesn’t want to spend the last part of her life ruining mine. Maybe I can make hers a little better. Besides...not like she can hurt me more than she already has.

        Juliet acknowledges this. She slowly nods and then begins to walk to her desk.

        Juliet: She’ll need her chip deactivated.

        Devyn opens his mouth.

        Devyn: Actually, I already asked Tegan if she wouldn’t mind taking care of that...

        Juliet stops and looks at him. Devyn smiles weakly.

        Devyn: Didn’t know how to do it myself. I figured it’s the routine, right?

        Juliet hesitates but nods.

        Juliet: Yeah...yeah, it is.

        Devyn nods. Juliet purses her lips.

        Juliet: Let me know before you go.

        Devyn nods. Juliet smiles back weakly. There is a pause.

        CUT TO:


        We see a room in the hotel that we have not seen: it is fairly small and the lighting is fairly low. Electrical equipment lines one of the walls and the camera moves over to reveal Tegan sat, typing something into a computer. She looks serious. Molly is sat on a metal surface behind her. She watches Tegan curiously. Tegan stares at the monitor for a second and then swivels round in her chair to look at Molly.

        Tegan: Scanner’s ready. If you put your arm there for a few minutes it’ll do what it does.

        She indicates the clear surface next to Molly’s left arm. Molly obliges. As she does, a green laser begins to move back and forth across her arm. On the monitor, the computer begins to read the chip’s data. There is a pause. Molly glances at Tegan.

        Molly: ‘S good of you to help me out.

        Tegan glances at her, but then away again.

        Tegan: Part of the job. You wouldn’t last ten minutes outside without this.

        She looks at Molly who nods slightly. She smiles, to herself.

        Molly: “Outside”...

        Tegan looks at her.

        Molly: I guess it’s like this whole other world to you. And this place...gotta be Belview’s best kept secret. Devyn’s lucky he got his foot in the door around here.

        Tegan doesn’t respond. Instead she glances over at the computer. Molly stares at Tegan.

        Molly: Then I come along and screw everything up for him, right?

        Tegan looks at her. Molly raises an eyebrow smiling weakly.

        Molly: You can hate me. It’s fine. I don’t really know who the hell you are, and I’m probably not gonna be around long enough to find out whether I value your opinion.

        Tegan frowns.

        Tegan: What I...hate is how you throw in little reminders like that; about your HIV. Might work on Devyn, but I see what you’re doing.

        Molly cocks her head.

        Molly: Oh really? And what is that, exactly? What do I have to gain by coming here and giving everything back to him?

        Tegan glares at her.

        Tegan: I don’t know. That’s what makes me suspicious. People that are capable of ruining their lovers usually don’t act out of the kindness of their hearts.

        Molly narrows her eyes.

        Molly: What about you and all your friends around here? What makes you different to everyone else who walks into this place? I make no apology for who I am or what I did; I doubt you do either. Save your judgement for someone you can actually take the moral highground with...I’m guessing not many.

        The scanner beams and the laser flashes off. Molly looks from her arm to Tegan.

        Molly: Are we done?

        Tegan hesitates but nods. Molly immediately gets up and walks a few feet. She stops and then turns around.

        Molly: You know it’s funny how much you care about a man who’s only been here a few months.

        Tegan looks serious.

        Tegan: What happens to him affects everyone else here.

        Molly nods but looks unconvinced.

        Molly: Right...but see I know a little something about human behaviour; people protect what they want. And when it comes to Devyn? You have bigger competition than me to worry about.

        Tegan looks unsettled by the implications of this, but tries to put on a defiant front.

        Molly: Thanks for your help.

        She turns and leaves. Tegan is left to consider what Molly has just said. Suddenly a beep is heard. Tegan looks up at the wall: the red light of the alarm is flashing and beeping. Tegan exhales and stands, returning back to the job.

        CUT TO:


        Tegan appears from the main corridor as Grace walks through from the dining area. She raises in eyebrows in greeting as Tegan sits down.

        Grace: Guess this one makes a full house.

        Tegan looks at her and nods.

        Tegan: Uh huh. At least until Liliana conquers the weaknesses of structural support downstairs.

        Grace looks unimpressed.

        Grace: Which reminds me; gotta talk to Juliet about that.

        Tegan looks at the monitor and around the lobby. She looks at Grace.

        Tegan: Where is she?

        Grace: Oh, with Devyn of course.

        Tegan’s face stiffens very slightly. Grace does not notice.

        Grace: Sorting out his expedition with whatever-her-name-is. I swear this isn’t gonna end well.

        Tegan says nothing. The front door opens: Gael and Aura walk through with a woman of about 60. She has brown hair and looks very out of place in her homely outfit. Grace cocks her head in surprise as the woman looks around, smiling gently. Gael notices Grace’s look but turns to the woman.

        Gael: Your room should be ready, Ms. Alders...

        He looks at Tegan for confirmation. She nods.

        Tegan: Yeah, Room 11.

        Gael looks at Ms. Alders and smiles.

        Gael: If you’d like to follow me; uh, we can also get you anything else you might want?

        She smiles at him warmly.

        Ms. Alders: Oh don’t worry about me; I’ll be fine for the time being.

        Gael nods and walks with her to the first lower-corridor. Aura walks to the dining area. Grace exhales.

        Grace: Dinner for fourteen to work on. See ya.

        Tegan nods as Grace walks away. Juliet, Devyn and Molly walk in from the main corridor. Tegan looks up. Molly gives her a sombre look. Juliet looks slightly awkward.

        Devyn: We won’t be too long.

        Juliet nods.

        Molly: Promise I’ll bring him back in one piece.

        Juliet: Just be careful.

        She looks earnestly at Devyn. He nods reassuringly. Tegan watches them. Molly glances at her. Devyn turns to Tegan and smiles before he turns away. Molly smiles slightly at Juliet before following. Both she and Tegan watch as the former lovers make their way back to the outside world.

        CUT TO:


        Mark is washing a table but looks distracted. He glances up as Aura walks in. He stops instantly and hurries over to her looking annoyed.

        Mark: You been upstairs all this time?

        Aura looks surprised at his manner.

        Aura: Uh, yeah, kinda known as my shift, what’s up?

        Mark pulls her over to the side of the dining area, looking shifty. Aura still looks confused.

        Mark: We need to move everything. Today.

        Aura suddenly looks concerned.

        Aura: What the hell are you talking about?

        Mark: They are gonna be down there soon, they wanna re-open the whole thing.

        Aura’s face freezes.

        Mark: Too many guests for the first and second floors to deal with, I guess, but either way we have to act fast.

        Aura pauses for a second, shocked, but then nods.

        Aura: Yeah...yeah, right, we can, uh, get down there tonight.

        Mark nods slowly. They go out of focus; behind them Dominic is sat. He looks curious as he sees their expressions but shrugs, and turns back to the book he is reading.

        CUT TO:


        Gael is at the entrance of Room 11, closing the door behind him. He walks past Josef’s door and hesitates looking curious. He puts his ear to the door in an effort to hear what is behind it. As he goes out of focus, a figure walks down the stairs: Josef. He stands at the bottom of the stairs watching Gael looking at him suspiciously.

        Josef: What are you doin’?

        Gael looks up, startled. He stands back from the door.

        Gael: I...thought you were in there.

        Josef narrows his brow.

        Josef: And what if I was?

        Gael hesitates but then frowns.

        Gael: Maybe I’m just curious.

        Josef walks towards him and looks him in the eyes.

        Josef: Ain’t none of your goddamn business.

        Gael smiles bitterly shaking his head.

        Gael: Hard to believe that someone who’s such a twat most of the time invokes the sympathy of someone like Bethany.

        He turns to walk away. Josef stares after him, clenching his jaw.

        Josef: Never asked for your judgement Gael!

        Gael is stopped by Josef’s tone and turns back. He looks serious.

        Gael: Hard not to judge what I see straight in front of me. You call me weak, “not ready” do exactly the same.

        Josef narrows his eyes.

        Josef: You had...the perfect chance, the perfect motive...

        He glances away. Gael frowns.

        Gael: So did you.

        Josef: I didn’t have a gun.

        Gael considers this. Josef turns to his door looking serious, and opens it. Gael’s expression changes.

        Gael: Wait...Josef, did he-

        The door slams shut. Gael is left alone in the corridor, contemplating his own thoughts.

        CUT TO:


        Devyn is stood next to a convertible car of ocean blue. He smiles as he runs his hand across the bonnet. Molly is stood on the other side of the car, her arms folded. She smiles as she watches him.

        Molly: You might notice the paint job; thought she could do with one.

        Devyn looks at Molly, smiling peacefully.

        Devyn: She looks great.

        Molly nods. There is a pause.

        Molly: So we gonna take her for a ride or what?

        Devyn’s smile widens slightly.

        CUT TO:

        INT. CAR

        Devyn drives down the road looking at peace. The camera pans back to reveal Molly sat next to him, also looking content. “Nothing Left to Lose” by Mat Kearney begins to play in the background.

        ‘Something’s in the air tonight
        The sky's alive with a burning light’

        Devyn: Feel like I could go anywhere.

        ‘You can mark my words something's about to break’

        Molly turns to him. She smiles reflectively.

        Molly: Don’t get any ideas.

        ‘And I found myself in a bitter fight’

        Devyn’s smile widens, but fades a little.

        ‘While I've held your hand through the darkest night’

        Devyn: Not sure that there’s anywhere else left, anyway.

        Molly’s smile wavers.

        ‘Don't know where your coming from but your coming soon’

        Molly: Who says?

        Devyn considers this. Molly stares through the windscreen.

        Molly: I have a feeling about these things Devyn. You’re not gonna be underground forever. Just remember this, if nothing else.

        ‘To a kid from Oregon by way of California’

        She looks at him. He returns her gaze, and the couple’s smiles return once again.

        ‘All of this is more than I've ever known or seen’

        The song increases in volume.

        CUT TO:


        The camera pans around the car as Devyn drives down the almost empty road.

        ‘Come on and we'll sing, like we were free’

        CUT TO:

        INT. CAR

        Molly hesitates and then begins to write something on a small piece of paper. Devyn looks at her.

        ‘Push the pedal down watch the world around fly by us’[/i]

        Devyn: What’s that?

        Molly: Pin number.

        She folds it in half.

        Molly: Since it’s gonna be yours, thought it makes sense to-

        ‘Come on and we'll try, one last time
        I'm off of the floor one more time to find you’

        Suddenly the side of the left side of the car is hit by something. The song is cut off abruptly. Devyn and Molly barely have any time to take in what has happened as Devyn hits his head on the dashboard.

        CUT TO:


        The car spins round several times, eventually rebounding off of a brick wall.

        CUT TO: BLACK
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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:


          Juliet looks up quickly. Grace is staring at her.

          Grace: Does that mean I have your permission to disregard everything she has and will ever say?

          Juliet smiles slightly.

          Juliet: When she's far, far away then yes. But, think she's gonna notice about the kitchen sooner or later.

          Grace looks irritated.

          Grace: I guess.

          Juliet: Look, if you can find anyone, then that's good. I mean there's gotta be someone you and Gael approve of.

          Grace: Uh, have you met me? I'm like the least accommodating person ever.

          Juliet smiles but raises her eyebrows. Grace sighs.

          Grace: I shall observe. But promises I do not make.

          Juliet nods as Grace walks over to hang her apron. She looks at Juliet.

          Grace: You gonna wait up for Devyn?

          Juliet shrugs.

          Juliet: Maybe.

          Grace looks over at her.

          Grace: Worried about his pumpkin?

          Juliet smiles, rolling her eyes.

          Juliet: There's pumpkin now? Really?

          Grace: Uh huh. Gael's allergic, so, standard label for anyone problematic. Even if better fruit categories could apply if based on looks alone.

          Juliet smiles slightly, with a hint of distaste.

          Juliet: Molly's ok. At least Devyn seems to think so.

          Grace: Yeah, sure he does.

          Juliet's smile fades slightly.

          Juliet: Whatta you mean?

          Grace: Well, you know, you play in the shallow end of the pool and small fortunes seem pretty damn good.

          Juliet frowns.

          Juliet: He's not after the money.

          Grace: Yeah? Well if gotta wonder what he is after.

          Juliet considers this looking serious. Grace sighs realising she has taken the conversation in a difficult direction.

          Grace: Look, I just generally see the worst in people. You may have noticed this before.

          Juliet smiles despite her concerns.

          Juliet: Uh huh?

          Grace rolls her eyes, smiling.

          Grace: You clearly know more about him than I do; and I will be happy to stubbornly refuse to admit that I was wrong, if it turns out that I am. Though I will say that I don't think you should worry too much; I'm sure they're catching up on good old times when they used to live on other people's money, or something.

          Juliet raises an eyebrow. Grace hesitates.

          Grace: Or...about something entirely different?

          CUT TO:

          EXT. ROADSIDE

          Devyn and Molly look in a state of shock as both of them breathe heavily. There is a stream of blood trickling from Devyn's temple. Molly looks around frantically.

          Molly: What hit us?

          Devyn looks confused as well, but suddenly her question is answered: Molly's door is opened. A figure dressed all in black, complete with a balaclava, grabs her arm. She begins to struggle as Devyn looks surprised. Devyn's door is suddenly opened as well, and he is approached by a second figure, dressed the same as the first. Devyn reacts quickly however and pulls the door back, shutting it. He quickly locks the door and tries to help Molly. However, his window shatters as the second figure breaks it through.

          Devyn turns in surprise as a hand tries to grab him too. The first figure now has their arms around Molly and is trying to drag her out of the car. However she bites their finger, causing the figure to cry out, and loosen their grip. Devyn punches the second figure and then attempts to tear the figure's arms away from Molly as she ducks beneath his clutches. Molly kicks the figure in the chest and they are forced back. She takes the opportunity to close the door. She turns to Devyn, seeing the second figure approaching once again.

          Molly: Drive!

          Devyn has the same idea and quickly starts the ignition, reversing quickly away from the figures who try and pursue, but within seconds Devyn is driving the once perfect car back the way they came, leaving their attackers far behind.

          However the attackers return to the vehicle they used to collide with Devyn and Molly: a large mini-van. One of the figures takes a mobile phone and opens it as the rush to the mini-van.

          Man: We're in pursuit.

          CUT TO:


          Jackie is sat behind her desk, on her own mobile phone.

          Jackie: Good. Keep me updated.

          She flips the phone closed and looks forwards. She smiles.

          Jackie: As we suspected sir, she returned to the vehicle. My men are closing in as we speak.

          The camera moves round to show Jackie's boss from "Crazy Nuts" sitting opposite her. He smiles back.

          Jackie's boss: Very good Stevens. Your initiative is as strong as I suspected it would be.

          Jackie smiles.

          Jackie: Thank you sir. Hopefully I'll be able to make progress with Alandra Stone, shortly.

          She stands, as does her boss, but his smile appears more fixed.

          Jackie's boss: Actually there's no need, Stevens...

          Jackie hesitates looking a little confused.

          Jackie's boss: We have that particular situation under control.

          Jackie's brow narrows.

          Jackie: Sir?

          Jackie's boss hesitates and begins to walk around to Jackie's side of the desk.

          Jackie's boss: You were asked to join this case, Stevens, not just because of your ability, but also because of the image you present. Another man in a suit was not going to galvanize public support.

          Jackie's smile dithers, but he continues.

          Jackie's boss: You display competence and discipline each day; unfortunately there is more at stake than accomplishment.

          Jackie look confused.

          Jackie: I don't follow you, sir.

          Jackie's boss: Stone has been released.

          Jackie looks angry.

          Jackie: Sir!?

          Jackie's boss: I'm not at liberty to disclose all the details, should know, Stevens, that finding Haven this early was not thought to be possible when this investigation began.

          Jackie continues to frown.

          Jackie's boss: My superiors feel that it would be beneficial to...postpone, our eventual discovery. Considering the long term benefits that we may gain.

          Jackie looks lost for words.

          Jackie: B-benefits?

          Her boss hesitates.

          Jackie's boss: No one truly knows what Haven is, how long it has existed, or how close it is to homes, schools...and innocent lives. Fear generates faith; something we will use. When the time comes, you will be seen as the saviour of this city. For now...the people just aren't scared enough.

          Jackie considers this but looks less convinced.

          Jackie's boss: But they will be.

          Jackie looks worried by the implications of this. Her boss smiles a little darkly.

          Jackie's boss: I'll see you in the morning, Stevens.

          He turns without waiting for an answer as Jackie sits back down, looking pensive.

          FADE TO: GREY

          FADE TO:

          INT. CAR

          Devyn is driving along in the darkness still looking troubled after his ordeal. Molly is sat looking pale. Devyn glances at her and then back at the road.

          Devyn: Think we're safe by now?

          Molly looks at him.

          Molly: I don't know. They found us pretty easily. Are we near the hotel, I can't tell. Feeling kinda queasy, not sure I can walk too far.

          Devyn nods.

          Devyn: We're pretty near. There are a few places we could stop.

          Molly nods. She closes her eyes as if in pain.

          CUT TO:


          Devyn drives the damaged car into an alley.

          CUT TO:

          EXT. ALLEYWAY

          "Passenger Seat" by Death Cab For Cutie begins to play.

          Devyn gets out of the driver's seat looking in pain. There is a close up of his temple as he wipes away a new stream of blood.

          He walks around the car's bonnet, frowning slightly at the once perfect condition of the vehicle. He stands by Molly's door and reaches to open it when he freezes, staring through the window. Molly's head is lying against it.

          Devyn frowns and quickly opens the door, only to catch her body as she limply falls from the seat. Devyn holds her in his arms in shock; her pale skin is lifeless, as are her eyes.

          ?I roll the window down
          And then begin to breathe in'

          Devyn shakes his head, almost to himself. His mouth can be seen calling her name, but no sound can be heard. He closes the car door frantically, and looks at Molly's body, searching for a sign, an explanation. There is none. He shakes her, desperately.

          ?The darkest country road
          And the strong scent of evergreen
          From the passenger seat as you are driving me home'

          Molly's eyes stare blankly, unresponsive. Devyn's own eyes fill with tears as he come to terms with the fact he is holding a body and nothing more, any longer. He reaches for her hair but then pulls back, not wanting to disturb her complexion.

          ?Then looking upwards
          I strain my eyes
          And try to tell the difference'

          He looks at a loss for what to do, not wanting to believe that this is it. He touches her hand with his fingers, but she is not there.

          ?Between shooting stars and satellites
          From the passenger seat as you are driving me home'

          His face grows more fixed, the emotion draining from him. He slowly reaches towards her face and closes her eyes.

          ?"Do they collide?"
          I ask and you smile
          With my feet on the dash
          The world doesn't matter'

          The camera slowly pulls away from the couple, and into the night sky.

          ?When you feel embarrassed then I'll be your pride
          When you need directions then I'll be the guide
          For all time
          For all time'

          The instrumental ending to the song continues and finally ends. On the last note we...

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN, ROOM 10

          Josef is lying in bed, the bedside light on. Bethany is taking off her earrings at the end of the bed.

          Bethany: Not everyone is as bad as you think, you know?

          Josef looks unimpressed.

          Bethany: I'm just sayin'.

          She slips off her shirt, almost off-screen. Josef looks tired. Bethany gets under the covers with him, looking concerned.

          Bethany: He's been through a lot of the same stuff you have. You know his mom-

          Josef: It's not the same at all.

          Bethany hesitates.

          Bethany: Well, what about Saracen-

          Josef: Beth, I really don't wanna talk about Gael right now. Ok?

          Bethany sighs.

          Bethany: All right.

          Bethany lies back. Josef glances at her.

          Josef: Sorry.

          Bethany nods, without looking at him. Josef exhales. Bethany glances at the clock on the bedside table.

          Bethany: It's gone midnight.

          Josef looks over at her. She looks at him sympathetically. Josef nods.

          Josef: Good.

          Bethany says nothing.

          Josef: I'll be better today; just needed the day.

          Bethany nods.

          Bethany: Ok.

          Josef nods also, as if convincing himself. Bethany reaches for the light and turns it off.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN LOBBY

          It is still early. Juliet is sleeping at the reception desk, her head on the counter. The front door opens. Juliet looks up looking surprised. Devyn is standing before her looking weary; he has not slept. His eyes are red, his energy spent. Juliet can clearly see something is wrong. She gets up without saying anything and walks over. Devyn stares at her, as Juliet continues to look concerned. Finally he opens his mouth.

          Devyn: We're not safe.

          Juliet looks even more anxious.

          CUT TO:


          Grace is cleaning a table furiously. As she moves her arm she knocks over a jug of water across the table. She sighs looking annoyed. Dominic looks up from his book nearby. He gets up quickly.

          Dominic: Hey, you want a hand with that?

          Grace glances at him.

          Grace: It's fine, I can handle water.

          Dominic nods but then notices Grace's expression as she stares at the table she has begun to clean once more.

          Dominic: You seem kinda stressed today. As in, more than usual.

          Grace exhales.

          Grace: I'm all right. Just...someone died, and now that is all that's on everyone's minds.

          Dominic looks serious.

          Dominic: Oh. Someone you knew?

          Grace: Not really. Not this time.

          Dominic nods, seeming to understand.

          Dominic: Let you get on with what you have to.

          He walks back to his table. Grace watches him for a second as he sits back down. She hesitates.

          Grace: Can you cook?

          Dominic looks up, surprised.

          Dominic: Uh...yes?

          Grace nods.

          Grace: You wanna work in the kitchen here?

          Dominic smiles, his brow narrowed.

          Dominic: Ok, uh, random. What...makes you think I'm staying around here.

          Grace shrugs.

          Grace: I read your file.

          Dominic looks serious.

          Dominic: Oh.

          Grace puts her cloth down.

          Grace: That was a lie. I never read anyone's. But, you've just confirmed that you are sticking around so...wanna work here?

          Dominic hesitates, his mouth open, but smiles slightly.

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN LOBBY

          Tegan is sat by the reception. She looks up as Juliet walks out from the main corridor. They share a troubled smile.

          Juliet: Don't think he's gonna be coming out of his room for a while.

          Tegan nods.

          Tegan: What about her? She's still out there. Shouldn't we...try and bring her back?

          Juliet hesitates.

          Juliet: I don't think there's much...we can do. Looks like they chipped the car, but, Devyn thinks it's too much of a risk.

          Tegan looks serious but nods slowly.

          Juliet: Did you check the pin number?

          Tegan nods.

          Tegan: Yeah there, uh, there's a lot in the account. She was telling the truth.

          She looks troubled.

          Tegan: And I thought she was playing him.

          Juliet looks grave.

          Juliet: Not the only one who thought she could be.

          Tegan exhales.

          Tegan: Doesn't really matter though does it? I thought I knew exactly who she was and what she was gonna do; Amethyst must look at all of us and think exactly the same. She died trying to do one good thing because of them. How many more people are gonna die because of what we assume we know?

          Juliet pauses.

          Juliet: It's always gonna be that way. We aren't in a position to really trust anyone here, same way most people wouldn't be in a position to trust us either. Just have to make do with what we know and go from there.

          Tegan consider this.

          Juliet: But maybe we can go a little further.

          Tegan nods slowly. Juliet smiles weakly.

          Juliet: See you in a little while.

          Tegan returns her smile as Juliet walks on into the dining area.

          CUT TO:

          INT. DINING AREA

          Juliet stands at the entrance, watching Grace and Dominic talking. She smiles slightly as Grace appears to be enjoying the conversation.

          Voice OS: I must say this is quite pleasant.

          Juliet turns, still smiling. However her smile suddenly vanishes as she sees Ms. Alders stood beside her. Ms. Alders retains her pleasant smile as she watches Grace and Dominic. She glances at Juliet.

          Ms. Alders: I'm impressed, Jules.

          She smiles, a hint of darkness in her expression. Juliet looks shocked as she continues to stare at the woman...a face she has seen before.

          CUT TO: BLACK

          THE END
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