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Haven Episode 1.8 8. Smack, Crack and Roll

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  • Haven Episode 1.8 8. Smack, Crack and Roll

    This is the eighth episode of "Haven", an original series written by me. I hope you enjoy reading it! If you have any feedback, positive or critical, please post it here, thank you

    Haven Episode 1.8 8. Smack, Crack and Roll

    Written and Produced by Alex Hart
    Edited by Lex

    Special thanks to Heather

    Disclaimer: The series "Haven", its characters, locations and ideas are all creations belonging to Alex Hart. The work is fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only. No unauthorised usage of anything in "Haven" is permitted without prior permission, thank you.


    OPEN ON:


    "Combinations" by Eisley plays. A hand comes into a view. Then another. The second hand gives several money notes to the first. The camera pulls back to show that the first hand belongs to Gael. He stares at the owner of the second hand: a woman, barely 20. She has black-dyed hair and is sweating profusely. Gael hands her a small packet. She quickly takes it, smiling briefly, before she quickly walks out of the room.

    Gael watches after her for a second and then looks at the money. He slowly takes out his phone, leaning back on the rugged chair he is sat on as he texts a message. With his free hand he takes a smoking joint and puts it to his lips, taking a drag. He stares at the message screen looking content.

    ?I, I saw you there, wanted you there
    I, I knew that it was best for me'

    CUT TO:


    Gael sits down and crosses his legs. He has been joined by a man with blonde hair in his early 20s. The man smiles slightly and holds out his hand toward Gael, only his index finger extended. There is white powder on his fingertip. Gael grins and leans forward sucking the white powder of his finger. The man's free hand caresses Gael's knee.

    ?You brought me back to that place in my heart
    I thought was gone, oh so long
    I was unhappy now it's gone
    And I'm moving on, moving on
    I'm moving on'

    CUT TO:


    There is an aerial view of Gael as he lies down on the floor behind where he was just sat, staring at the ceiling, intoxicated. The camera turns slowly as it zooms towards him. The other man is seen moving his hands under Gael's shirt, kissing his bare stomach. He begins to unbuckle the belt of Gael's jeans. As the camera moves very close, Gael's pupils are seen to dilate as he continues to stare dully at the ceiling, enraptured.

    ?I went for so long
    And I was so wrong
    And then I met you
    And now I can't live without you
    And I don't want to
    I've done that all my life up till now'


    FADE TO:


    Gael stands behind the canteen, serving food. Dominic walks up. He smiles a little.

    Dominic: Hey man. Just soup for me, thanks.

    Gael nods, smiling back a little also, handing Dominic a bowl of soup. Dominic takes it, nodding slightly as thanks and walks back to his table. Gael's glance moves to Devyn who is sat at the far end of the dining area, working on his laptop. Gael stares at him uncertainly.

    Grace OS: Staring again.

    Gael turns quickly to his right. Grace is stood next to him. She smiles a little raising her eyebrows.

    Grace: It's kinda stalkerish. Just so you know.

    Gael smiles, rolling his eyes.

    Gael: Yeah, right.

    Grace smiles a little wider taking the menu and writing something else on it. Something catches her eye. Callista has walked in with her baby. Angela walks up to her smiling widely. They appear to be talking about the baby. Angela gently takes the baby in her arms and looks delighted. Callista smiles.

    Behind the canteen, Grace looks sceptical.

    Grace: Wow. You have a kid and suddenly everyone forgets you're a double-digit serial killer.

    Gael exhales.

    Gael: Probably better they do forget: for the baby's sake.

    Grace looks unconvinced.

    Grace: Is it just me, or are there major red flashing lights surrounding this?

    Grace and Gael watch as Mitch appears. He smiles at Angela and then at Callista. Callista smiles but it appears to be a little false. Mitch walks past her and to the baby. He takes her from Angela and looks down at her smiling. Grace sighs.

    Grace: Definitely something weird going on.

    Gael watches them.

    Gael: Yeah...maybe...

    Grace looks back at the board but then winces slightly, reach for left shoulder with her right hand. Gael looks at her. She sighs.

    Grace: I'm almost out.

    Gael looks sympathetic.

    Gael: Jules'll get more in soon. You should take one if you need one.

    Grace raises her eyebrows.

    Grace: This is you telling me to take a pill?

    Gael smiles.

    Gael: Don't like seeing you in pain.

    Grace smiles back and then walks toward the kitchen. Gael watches her and looks thoughtful, as he turns back to placing food containers on the canteen. He stares down for a moment, the other noises in the dining area growing quieter. Suddenly there is a crash.

    Gael looks up in surprise. Heads are all turned towards one table in particular. Marissa gets up looking alarmed.

    Marissa: Oh my God, Warren!

    She puts her hand over her mouth. Warren is on the floor, shaking. Gael's eyes widen.

    Devyn stands, and begins to head towards him. Gael quickly hurries round as well, heading into the dining area.



    THEMESONG: "Not Gonna Get Us" - Tatu

    The eerie start of the song plays as we see grey smoke. "Haven" in black, torn letters fades in. It disappears as the drums start. The smoke is gone also. There are a series of quick shots: a gun being fired. A high-heeled foot stepping next to a pole. A syringe injecting someone's arm. A knife being raised. A key turning in a lock. Coins scattering on a table. A close up of a woman's lips as she applies lipstick. A shovel being forced into the ground. A close up of someone handcuffing another person's wrists. A hand flicking a cigarette lighter on. A pair of pliers approaching someone's finger. A dagger covered in blood hitting the ground. A hand grabbing on to someone's arm. A close up of an eye opening wide.

    As the song suddenly becomes more energetic, there is a montage of criminal records, each face only seen for a fraction of a second.

    The camera zooms towards Juliet looking shocked.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Juliet walking with a neutral expression on her face. There is a shot of Juliet pointing a gun looking resolute. There is a shot of Juliet turning her face, looking serious. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of Juliet, Grace and Tegan running. There is a shot of the illuminated "Summertime General" sign.

    There is a shot of Devyn reaching out for something.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Devyn punching someone. There is a shot of him leaning against a wall. There is a shot of him smiling, a little smugly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a little girl with a knife in her hand. There is a shot of a gun being fired into the air.

    There is a shot of Tegan typing on a computer.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Tegan turning, the flash of sirens causing her to shield her eyes. There is a shot of Tegan putting her hand over mouth. There is a shot of Tegan cocking her head slightly, smiling. The credit flickers away.

    A shot of a woman walking down a corridor of Haven, purposefully. A shot of a man and a woman kissing.

    There is a shot of Gael holding out a large knife.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Gael hugging someone. There is a shot of a tear streaming down Gael's face. There is a shot of Gael laughing. The credit flickers away.

    A shot of the main entrance opening. A shot of Mark and Aura turning looking surprised in Summertime General.

    There is a shot of Grace carrying a plate of food.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Grace putting her head in her hands. A shot of her putting her finger over her lips. A shot of her smiling a little. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of an explosion. A shot of Grace crying in Gael's arms.

    There is a shot of Aura sat at one of the tables in Haven's kitchen.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Aura turning looking shocked. A shot of her at the till in Summertime General. A shot of her smiling kindly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a hand being placed on the identification pad. A shot of Bethany kissing someone.

    There is a shot of Mark walking down the first lower corridor.


    The credits flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Mark looking troubled. A shot of Mark diving out of the way of something. A shot of Mark stroking someone's hair.

    There is a shot of Royce punching someone. A shot of a man moving over a man's bare stomach.

    There is a shot of Jackie sitting in a chair, her index finger on her temple. She looks thoughtful.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Jackie turning, looking out of breath. A shot of her walking looking formidable. A shot of her examining a gun. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a corridor in Haven. The camera zooms through to the lobby, spinning around, backing through the front entrance. The doors close.


    Guest Starring:

    KELLY CARLSON ? Alandra Stone
    CHARISMA CARPENTER ? Callista Pearson
    JOSH DUHAMEL ? Dominic Healy
    PETER KRAUSE ? Warren Jeffers
    JULIAN McMAHON ? Mitch Pearson
    JASON MOMOA ? Josef Porter
    JUSTIN HARTLEY ? Reuben LaVelle
    KEVIN RAHM ? Neil Greys
    JOELY RICHARDSON ? Marissa Jeffers
    KEITH SZARABAJKA ? Jacob Tomlinson
    JULIE WALTERS ? Diana Tomlinson
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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    CUT TO:


    Jackie is on her mobile phone. Her expression stiffens.

    Jackie: Good. Bring her in.

    She hangs up. She puts her phone down and looks conflicted: something has changed.

    CUT TO:


    Guests are stood around watching in shock. Mitch tries to hush the baby as she cries. Marissa looks very worried.

    Marissa: What's happening to him!?

    Gael and Devyn watch, uncertain as to what they should do, when Warren stops moving. Gael's eyes widen and he quickly kneels down next to him, feeling for a pulse.

    Gael: He's alive, but his pulse is weak. He's sweating like mad as well.

    Marissa looks upset. Devyn looks at her as Gael begins CPR.

    Devyn: Does he have any health problems?

    Marissa reluctantly tears her eyes away from Warren, her mouth open in shock. She tries to concentrate, shaking her head.

    Marissa: N-not that I know of, I mean he didn't when we were together...

    She looks back at Gael and Warren. Gael presses on Warren's chest to get him breathing. Warren suddenly gasps and breathes uneasily. Gael leans back, looking glad. Marissa looks somewhat relieved and kneels down next to Warren.

    Marissa: Warren?

    Warren looking at her still panting. She smiles back slightly. Everyone else watches still somewhat concerned. Gael looks up at Devyn. Devyn nods at him, as if to say "well done". Gael nods back, but does not smile. He looks back at Warren.

    CUT TO:


    Gael walks up the stairs from the first lower corridor. Juliet is waiting by the reception desk; Tegan is sat behind. Gael approaches them. Juliet looks concerned.

    Juliet: How's he doing?

    Gael: Antibiotics are doing all right, but the infection's pretty bad.

    Juliet glances away.

    Tegan: Are we talking...something really bad here?

    Gael hesitates.

    Tegan: Cause, I'm thinking this isn't just food poisoning or whatever. Things'd be a lot messier right?

    Gael exhales and nods slightly.

    Gael: Something's obviously got into his system. And he's not been anywhere for more than a month so...

    Juliet knows what this means.

    Juliet: We have to check everything.

    Tegan frowns.

    Tegan: I can think of a good place to start.

    Juliet and Gael both look at her.

    Tegan: Josef.

    A look of realisation comes over Juliet's face as Tegan says this. Gael stares at Tegan seriously.

    Gael: You reckon he was dealing to Warren?

    Tegan shrugs. Juliet shakes her head, staring into space.

    Juliet: I knew something like this would happen with him eventually.

    She begins to walk hurriedly in the direction of the first lower corridor.

    Gael: Wait, wait, Jules; Josef supplies to more than one person in here. How come no one else is-

    Voice OS: Oh my God!

    Everyone turns to the doors of the dining area. Juliet and Gael hurry quickly.

    CUT TO:


    Aura is lying on the ground, seemingly unconscious. Callista is staring looking shocked, as are several other guests. Juliet and Gael appear next to her, their eyes widening. Tegan also hurries in, a little bit behind.

    Juliet: Aura...

    She crouches down quickly and turns Aura over. She is sweating and stirs slightly, wavering back into consciousness. Tegan and Gael watch looking anxious. Callista looks appalled.

    Callista: What the hell is going on? Do you people have ebola coming out the walls or something?

    Juliet looks up, not wanting to answer Callista.

    Juliet: Aura, c'mon. C'mon!

    Aura's eyes open blurrily.

    Aura: (quietly) Jules?

    Juliet smiles, a little relieved. She turns to Gael. He nods, anticipating what she's about to say.

    Gael: Antibiotics. Won't be a minute.

    He hurries off past Tegan. She walks over to Juliet as she helps Aura up. Aura moans in pain slightly.

    Juliet: It's ok, Aura, it's ok, Gael is gonna be back in just a minute...

    Aura: What's happening...

    They begin to approach the door as the other guests look on.

    Tegan: It's ok, you just took something a little...extra-curricular. Right?

    Aura's eyes widen a little more.

    CUT TO:


    Tegan and Juliet help Aura.

    Aura: Took something?

    She looks confused and then appears to realise something.

    Aura: Oh...oh hell...but Mark and I...

    Juliet looks at her quickly.

    Juliet: Mark?

    Aura looks in pain but also looks anxious. Tegan looks at her seriously.

    Tegan: Aura are you gonna be all right for one-

    Aura nods uneasily.

    Aura: Go.

    Tegan glances at Juliet quickly and then hurries off down the main corridor.

    CUT TO:


    Mark is lying on his bed looking even worse than Aura. Gael is helping him drink from a glass of water. Mark leans back, having had enough. Tegan is stood with her arms folded, looking anxious.

    Gael: Those should start to take effect pretty soon.

    Mark appears to be in too much pain to reply. The door opens slightly. Juliet peers round and then walks in.

    Juliet: Aura's stable, I think.

    Gael nods. He looks back at Mark and then stands up. He goes to the door.

    Gael: You should stay with her.

    Tegan frowns.

    Tegan: W-wait are you gonna confront Josef-

    Gael: I am.

    Juliet looks concerned and takes Gael's arm gently.

    Juliet: Gael, wait-

    He turns to her.

    Juliet: I know this is...sensitive for you; but I wanna handle this as much as you do. So let me.

    Gael hesitates and then nods slowly. Juliet looks at Tegan.

    Juliet: T can you find Devyn, tell him to stay with Aura?

    Tegan nods. Juliet looks at Gael.

    Juliet: You first.

    Gael nods hesitantly and leads the way.

    CUT TO:


    The camera focuses on the number "10" on the door in view. Suddenly the door is forced open as Gael and Juliet barge in.

    CUT TO:

    INT. ROOM 10

    Josef is lying on his bed, shirtless, reading a magazine. He looks alarmed as Gael and Juliet stand before him, and jumps to his feet.

    Josef: What the hell is-

    Gael: Don't piss around Josef.

    Josef stares at them angrily. Gael steps towards him.

    Gael: People wanna stuff themselves full of the crap you sell? That's was their problem; until today...when it suddenly became yours.

    Josef stares at him, quickly realising what this is about. Juliet stares at him coldly.

    Juliet: You saw what happened to Warren. What did he take?

    Josef hesitates, his eyes darting from one area of the ground to another. Juliet looks impatient.

    Juliet: I don't have time Josef, no one else is dealing drugs around here, but if you really wanna test my patience-

    Josef: All right! All right, I did it. I gave them...

    Gael looks serious.

    Juliet: Gave them what? Crack?

    Josef hesitates.

    Josef: To Warren. I only gave Weed to Aura and Mark.

    Juliet and Gael look unconvinced.

    Gael: Only Weed?

    Josef: It was supposed to be.

    Juliet looks sceptical.

    Josef: My Goddamn supplier died, ok!? I had to find some other in two days while stuck in here. I was desperate; I went with a guy who was pretty much well recommended.

    Juliet: For what? Almost killing his customers?

    Josef looks angry. Gael looks serious.

    Gael: Who?

    Josef looks at him. He exhales.

    Josef: Damn it...his name's Saracen.

    Gael looks shocked as he hears this name. Juliet looks at him, somewhat worried by his reaction. Gael glances at the floor, as he comes to terms with what he has just heard.

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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Gael is stood on the balcony, above the back alley two floors below him. He takes the last drag from the cigarette between his fingers as he stares into the night. He drops the cigarette end over the edge and watches it fall for a moment. He then turns and goes inside.

      CUT TO:


      Gael is sat on a comfortable looking chair next to a double bed. A woman in her 50s is lying in the bed in a purple dressing gown. She looks pale and unwell, but her face is still animated. She laughs at something Gael has said. Gael is smiling.

      Woman: I hope you showed him that you wouldn't be beaten by the fact three-quarters of the ingredients were missing.

      Gael laughs a little.

      Gael: Guests seemed to like it. Think he was a bit annoyed that our make-shift frenzy worked out all right.

      The woman smiles.

      Woman: Of course it did! You were born to cook, I've always said that. I'm looking forward to when I can get out of this blasted bed and actually taste some of your newer creations.

      She coughs for a few seconds. Gael's smile fades and he hands her a glass of water.

      Gael: Go on, mum.

      Gael's mother holds it, smiling and takes several sips. She passes it back to Gael and sighs. Gael puts it back looking serious.

      Gael's mother: Anyway, how's Reuben? Haven't seen him for a while.

      Gael looks back, his serious look fading.

      Gael: Oh, he's good. Busy.

      Gael's mother: Mm I'm not surprised, the amount of coverage in that magazine of his. I suppose the one good thing about being bedbound is that I've had a chance to finally read it...very, uh, illuminating. You learn a lot.

      She raises her eyebrows. Gael nods, glancing away slightly. Gael's mother narrows her brow a little.

      Gael's mother: Gael? You would tell me, if something know, wrong, wouldn't you?

      Gael smiles and nods.

      Gael: Don't worry mum. We're fine. Better than fine, actually.

      Gael's mother looks persuaded.

      Gael's mother: Well that's all right then. You know, you should invite him to come down here, for a meal or something, I mean he's basically my son-in-law isn't he-

      Gael looks taken-a-back.

      Gael: Mum!

      Gael's mother grins. Gael rolls his eyes.

      Gael's mother: It'd be nice though. The meal, I mean.

      Gael smiles more genuinely.

      Gael: Yeah, it's a good idea. Speaking of, better get dinner on. Lasagne good?

      Gael's mother nods.

      Gael's mother: Of course.

      Gael grins and stands up. Gael's mother watches him for a second looking pleased.

      CUT TO:


      Gael walks out of his mother's bedroom and down the stairs. He checks his phone and his smile fades as he comes to a halt on the half landing. There is a close up of his phone: "7 missed calls, 1 text message". Gael looks serious and presses a button. They are all from Reuben. He hesitates and then opens the text message:

      "Need you now. Saracen's back"

      Gael stares down at the message, looking anxious. The camera moves to his side as he begins to walk downstairs, as the background of the second floor hallway comes into focus. A figure is stood at the entrance of one of the other rooms: Jacob. He stares at where Gael just stood, narrowing his eyes.

      CUT TO:


      CUT TO:


      Jackie is stood with her arms folded, staring forwards.

      Jackie: You're supposed to be a professional. I don't wanna find in five hours time that she's dead, and we have nothing.

      Neil is opposite her. He rolls his eyes.

      Neil: Relax. I can explore other methods for a while. You can do a lot with a megaphone, a lighter and your hands.

      Jackie looks slightly disgusted. Neil smiles slightly.

      Neil: God you could never be a torturer.

      Jackie narrows her eyes.

      Jackie: Yes Neil, because I don't get turned on by removing people's fingernails.

      Neil's smile fades a little.

      Neil: That is such a cliché-

      Jackie: Shut up. Do your job, and get back to me.

      She walks away. Neil watches her, glaring and then walks through the door opposite him.


      Gael is leaning against the wall, near Juliet's office door, staring into space. Juliet walks around the corner. Gael looks up. Juliet exhales.

      Juliet: I told Josef that if he buys anything from Saracen again, he'll be selling it on the streets.

      Gael swallows and nods. Juliet looks concerned.

      Juliet: Who is he, Gael? I know you have secrets, and you are entitled to them as much as any of us, but-

      Gael: He's not a secret. I used to work for him a while back.

      Juliet takes this in. Gael looks serious.

      Gael: Everyone knows he's crooked. Apart from Josef, apparently.

      Gael hesitates.

      Gael: I could have killed him and...I hesitated for one second longer than I should've done. I'd kinda convinced myself someone had stopped him, before now, you know? That he wasn't still out there destroying people from the inside out.

      Juliet looks serious.

      Juliet: Are you wanna be that someone now? Get another chance?

      Gael pauses. He looks down.

      Gael: I don't even know. All the drugs and...and everything, they're so far behind me, I...

      Juliet nods. Gael looks at her

      Gael: But's always been easy for me to blame him for how everything in my life was torn apart back then. Other than Jacob, obviously.

      Juliet looks sympathetic.

      Juliet: It's up to you. But...

      Gael looks at her, waiting for her "but".

      Juliet: If you want to do something about this Gael...I can't help you. I can't be that hypocritical.

      Gael looks serious. Juliet hesitates.

      Juliet: I mean not that you would be...

      Gael: Right...

      He looks away. Juliet looks awkward.

      Juliet: This is your deal, Gael; your choice. If I was in your situation...yeah, I would probably kill him. But I'm not, I'm just another killer and all the awful things that he has done, are probably not much worse than what I-

      Gael: Jules. It's all right.

      His expression softens.

      Gael: I'll go, and sort this out one way another.

      He smiles weakly and then walks away. Juliet watches him.

      Juliet: Gael.

      Gael stops and turns to her. She looks back.

      Juliet: You don't have to go alone.

      Gael considers this for a moment.

      Gael: Are you gonna suggest Devyn?

      Juliet hesitates and then nods slowly. Gael looks down.

      Gael: I don't need him.

      Juliet walks towards him.

      Juliet: You have not been out for years. Like it or not Gael, he has more experience in this kind of thing than you do.

      Gael hesitates. Juliet looks sympathetic, but serious.

      Juliet: If you really wanna do this, you don't have room for any other grudge than the one you're about to revisit. I know Devyn is not gonna win an award for ?man-of-the-year', I'm not asking you to like him as a person...but at least respect that he is capable of saving your life.

      Gael stares at her. Realising she is right, he nods.

      Gael: Who else?

      Juliet: Well that's up to you, and them. With one exception.

      CUT TO:

      INT. ROOM 10

      Josef is standing looking angry.

      Josef: There is no way I am going back up there!

      Juliet is stood opposite him, her arms folded.

      Juliet: Huh. And yet, you went up just last week.

      Josef looks frustrated.

      Josef: Each time I go up I make sure my contacts know when I'm coming back! I won't get protection-

      Juliet: You'll have protection.

      Josef scoffs.

      Josef: Gael!? I think I can do better than some faggot-

      Juliet: I would seriously consider not finishing that sentence.

      She narrows her eyes at him. Josef scowls as he is once again put in his place.

      Juliet: I think Gael can do better than you but you're the only one who knows where Saracen is.

      Josef still looks amused by this suggestion, shaking his head.

      Josef: You really think he's gonna be able to kill someone like Saracen?

      Juliet glares at him.

      Juliet: I have no idea what Gael is capable of.

      Josef's smile disappears.

      Josef: Saracen dies, and I lose my supplier. My business...and my protection go out the window. I'm gonna be here forever.

      Juliet stares back seriously.

      Juliet: So am I. Let's not pretend we deserve anything better.

      Josef looks angry, not wanting to reply to this. Juliet exhales.

      Juliet: Besides; you still owe for the door. You do this for me, and we'll consider the debt clear. Until the next time you break something, anyway.

      Juliet turns and walks out. Josef is left considering this, still looking frustrated that he is being forced into this situation.

      CUT TO:


      Gael is stood leaning against the wall, his arms folded. Grace is stood nearby; they both look serious.

      Grace: Are we now gonna have the conversation where I say I'm going with you and then you tell me that it's too dangerous and I then I go anyway?

      Gael looks at her, frowning.

      Gael: Maybe, though the ending will be different.

      Gael pushes himself away from the wall and walks over to the fridge. Grace rolls her eyes, not giving up as Gael opens the fridge and takes out a carton of milk.

      Grace: This is important to you. I wasn't able to be a part of your life before you came here-

      Gael turns quickly looking angry.

      Gael: You think I want you to be? Grace, my past isn't something I can look back on with any kind of pride or-or nostalgia.

      Grace: And, what, you think I can? You're not perfect, Gael, ok, it's not a newsflash. I see the bad and I see all the good stuff too.

      Gael looks down, not replying. Grace approaches him.

      Grace: I see the whole damn picture with you, ok?

      Gael begins to look upset.

      Gael: There are some deleted scenes...that you haven't seen before.

      Grace looks serious. She steps closer to Gael and exhales.

      Grace: You can kill that bastard Saracen. You can kill the people who work for him, God you could kill Josef; I'm not gonna run away because you have flaws. Especially considering mine.

      Gael looks touched but still uncertain. He shakes his head.

      Gael: You could get hurt. More than hurt.

      Grace hesitates and nods.

      Grace: Yeah. So could you.

      Gael: I don't want it to be because of me.

      Grace narrows her brow slightly as she considers this. Her tone becomes softer.

      Grace: Last time I checked, the one who makes my decisions is me. This is what I want.

      Grace smiles slightly. Gael looks down, exhaling deeply. He looks back up and nods slowly.

      Gael: We're taking guns.

      Grace: We better be. Now drink your milk, it's getting warm, and I am not gonna break into the semi-skimmed.

      Gael smiles despite the situation. Grace half smiles and walks over to the washing up. Gael watches her for a second; his invaluable ally.

      CUT TO:


      Tegan is sat next to Mark's bed. Mark lies on the bed looking a little better and is staring upwards.

      Mark: I know what you're probably thinking.

      Tegan glances at him.

      Tegan: Really?

      Mark turns his head to look at her, still resting his head on the pillow.

      Mark: You must think we were stupid to take anything from Josef.

      Tegan hesitates.

      Tegan: You're not exactly the first people to buy from him.

      Mark stares back up, shaking his head.

      Mark: We should'a known better.

      Tegan: Yeah, maybe you should.

      Mark looks back at her. She shrugs.

      Tegan: Or maybe, you made a mistake, and everything you said in the last forty seconds is completely useless.

      She raises her eyebrows. Mark considers this.

      Tegan: Just concentrate on getting back to ok. Then you can think about how much you're not gonna buy anything from Josef ever again, all you want.

      Mark smiles slightly; Tegan returns the smile, raising her eyebrows. There is a knock at the door.

      Mark: Come in.

      Devyn walks in. He smiles at Mark and Tegan.

      Devyn: Hey. How ya doing?

      Mark: I'm getting there. Is Aura-

      Devyn: Oh, yeah, she's doing good too. Juliet's gonna keep an eye on her.

      Tegan looks at him.

      Tegan: Going back to work?

      Devyn: Uh, no actually. Juliet asked me to...go with Gael.

      Tegan frowns, standing.

      Tegan: Go where?

      Devyn hesitates.

      Devyn: Kinda a long story but, basically, Gael found out that the guy supplying Josef with the screwed up drugs was a guy he used to deal with. He needs back up with him, again.

      Tegan looks unconvinced. Mark seems to realise.

      Mark: "Deal"? As in kill?

      Devyn exhales.

      Devyn: I imagine...that's one possible scenario, yeah.

      Tegan looks at the ground.

      Tegan: Oh my God.

      Devyn looks concerned.

      Devyn: It's ok. I'm gonna be there, and so's Josef and Grace-

      Tegan looks at him, surprised.

      Tegan: Grace is going? Then-then I should go too-

      Devyn: No, Tegan, four is enough.

      Tegan frowns.

      Tegan: Devyn I don't need to be told what I can and can't do. I can help.

      Devyn: What about Mark?

      Tegan hesitates. Mark doesn't respond.

      Mark: I'm ok-

      Devyn: That's not the point. Look, with Callista and Mitch and now this, the fact that we're still being targeted by Amethyst and who knows who else has been kinda overlooked, but they might have been assembling something way bigger in that time, and no offence Mark but you're not exactly in the best condition to deal with that. Nor is Aura.

      Mark cocks his head momentarily as if to say "that's fair". Devyn looks at Tegan.

      Devyn: Juliet needs strong people around. Not just Royce, and Sam and Bethany. She needs you.

      Tegan and Deyvn stare at one another. There is a pause. Tegan finally exhales.

      Tegan: Fine. But something for me, if Gael tries to kill-

      Devyn: If you're gonna ask me to stop him...I'm not going to.

      Tegan frowns.

      Devyn: He has to do what he has to do, I can't intervene.

      Tegan: Why not? You've managed it so many other times.

      Mark looks awkward. Devyn looks serious.

      Devyn: Maybe I've learned something from those times.

      Tegan looks frustrated.

      Tegan: Gael...Gael doesn't know what it's like to kill, he shouldn't have to know. He shouldn't go through what I...

      She trails off as she realises Mark is listening. Her eyes move as if to look at him, but her head is turned away. Devyn begins to look a little sympathetic.

      Devyn: If Gael needs to do this, then he's gonna do it no matter how hard you, or I, or anyone else tries to stop him. I will be help him, but this is a battle he wants to fight, and I respect that.

      Tegan stares at him.

      Tegan: Even if he doesn't respect you?

      Devyn looks down. He shrugs.

      Devyn: Probably gotta on that one. But getting in his way sure isn't gonna help anything.

      Tegan exhales.

      Mark: Well; good luck man.

      Devyn looks at him and nods, smiling. Tegan stares at him as he makes eye contact with her.

      Tegan: What he said.

      Devyn smiles slightly, not certain if Tegan is still resenting his attitude. He turns and walks away. Tegan watches. Mark watches her also, as he fades into the blurred background.

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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        "I'm Not Driving Anymore" by Rob Dougan plays. The lights of the corridor flicker on and off. A girl is kneeling on the ground and leans her head back against the wall, closing her eyes slowly. The camera moves down slightly to show track marks on her arm. Something catches her eye and she turns lazily to look. Gael appears down the corridor. He glances at the girl and then at another man lying down nearby, apparently unconscious.

        CUT TO:


        As the beat of the music grows, Gael walks across the room, which can be seen to be filthy even in the darkness. Gael comes to a halt and stares forwards.

        Gael: Saracen.

        A man in his 40s is sat on a grimy bed, leaning against the wall. He has greasy hair and is wearing particularly unappealing clothes. He turns his head and smiles darkly.

        Saracen: I wondered when you'd come.

        'You tell me I can't slow down'

        Gael approaches Saracen, looking angry. Saracen slowly stands.

        Gael: Listen: I'm not your damn puppet all right-

        ?You tell where I've gotta be
        I speed into the darkness'

        Saracen: Oh I know that. If you didn't act on your own accord, you wouldn't be here now would you?

        ?But I swear that I can't see
        A thing in front of me'

        Gael narrows his eyes. Saracen approaches him, smiling to himself.

        Saracen: And I'm glad you did; 's been a while.

        ?You know it's true
        I'm not driving anymore
        I can't keep up with you'

        Saracen slowly hooks his thumb over the rim of Gael's trousers. Gael quickly snatches at Saracen's wandering hand. He glares at Saracen.

        Gael: You know why I'm here; and it's not for you, or your hands.

        'You're closing in behind me
        I've got headlight in my eyes'

        Saracen's smile does not falter as he draws his hand back.

        ?Don't you get too close to me'

        Saracen: Poor Gael. When will you realise...that for you, it's always gonna be about me.

        Gael looks disturbed as Saracen smiles at him. Gael steps closer, threateningly.

        ?Can't you see that we'll collide
        And end up casualties?'

        Gael: Stay away from Reuben.

        ?There's just no room'

        Saracen turns and walks over to a cabinet.[/i]

        Saracen: He owes me a lot of money.

        Gael begins to looks desperate.

        Gael: Please Saracen.

        'I'm not driving anymore
        I can't keep with you'

        Saracen has opened a draw of the cabinet and takes something out. He turns to Gael and holds out his palm. A small white pill is in the centre of it. Gael narrows his brow as Saracen approaches.

        ?So leave me on my own'

        Saracen: There are ways that you can pay his debt for him.

        Gael begins to look very anxious and shakes his head as Saracen comes to a halt in front of him.

        ?Run me down and race away from me'

        Gael: No. I can't.

        Saracen's smile does not fade but he closes his palm.

        Saracen: Then I'm gonna see Reuben some time...this week.

        'I've got nowhere to go to'

        He begins to walk away. Gael grabs his shoulder, despairingly.

        Gael: Wait.

        ?And I don't think I can get back on my feet'

        Saracen smiles knowingly, reopening his palm. Gael slowly reaches out and takes the pill.

        ?Back on my feet'

        Time suddenly speeds up as he places the pill in his mouth and the camera zooms towards his face.

        CUT TO:


        Gael's body falls back on the bed.

        ?You came right out of nowhere'

        He stares up at the ceiling emptily

        ?Eyes wide and terrified'

        There is an aerial shot of him, as the camera zooms out slowly, revealing Saracen poised over Gael's waist. Gael's face flashes between discomfort and unwanted pleasure.

        ?And I can't put my brakes on
        And I can't swerve to save your life
        'Cause then I'll lose control
        And I can't choose
        I'm not driving anymore
        I can't keep up with you'

        CUT TO:


        Gael is slowly fastening his belt, stood away from Saracen who is sat on the bed, smoking a joint.

        ?So leave me on my own
        Run me down and race away from me'

        Gael turns to Saracen with a look of hatred. Saracen simply stares back. Gael realises he is done and grabs his jacket, walking out

        ?I've got nowhere to go to
        I don't think I can get back on my feet
        Back on my feet'

        CUT TO:


        Gael walks towards a car looking agitated.

        ?Get me out of harm's way
        Can't you see I'm paralyzed?'

        He slowly opens the driver's door and sits.

        CUT TO:

        INT. CAR

        Gael turns to the passenger seat. Reuben is sat looking anxiously at Gael. Gael looks at him. Reuben raises his eyebrows as Gael says nothing.

        Reuben: What-what happened?

        'I wanna fade out gracefully
        But you keep keeping me alive
        To face another day
        Can't you see I'm through?'

        Gael hesitates but manages a smile and nods. Reuben smiles back, reading into what Gael's actions. He slowly leans in to kiss Gael, closing his eyes. Gael's smile fades in the second before Reuben's lips touch his. He closes his eyes also as they kiss.

        'I'm not driving anymore
        I can't keep up with you
        Can't keep up with you'

        As they begin to kiss more passionately the camera moves away from them and toward the edge of the clearing. A figure stares at the car from a distance:


        FADE TO: GREY

        FADE TO:


        Gael walks along looking deep in thought. Grace is stood next to him, Josef and Devyn just behind. All of them are wearing dark clothing, in an effort to remain inconspicuous. Grace looks at Gael, and takes his hand. Gael looks at her and smiles distantly at her. Josef and Devyn look uneasy.

        Grace turns back to them as they continue walking. She looks at Devyn, raising an eyebrow.

        Grace: Something wrong?

        He looks back.

        Devyn: Haven't been out in the open for a while.

        Grace's expression softens. She nods, knowing how he feels.

        Josef: Least you're only running from the law, not the entire city.

        Grace looks at him, unsympathetically.

        Grace: And whose fault is that?

        Josef glares at her; she looks back at Gael.

        Grace: Besides...this won't take that long; right?

        Gael glances at her.

        Gael: Shouldn't think so.

        Grace nods back. Gael glances back at Devyn, considering what Juliet told him earlier. Devyn makes eye contact with him and Gael immediately turns forward. The four of them continue walking.

        CUT TO:

        INT. HAVEN, ROOM 1

        Warren is lying in bed. He takes a sip from a mug. Marissa is sat nearby, watching him. Warren puts the mug down and stares at her.

        Warren: You know, if you wanna go-

        Marissa: I'll go when I'm ready, Warren; when I know that whatever you've taken's done all the damage it's going to do.

        Warren exhales, looking at the bed.

        Warren: I'm fine now.

        Marissa: Yes, well, you weren't less than two hours ago.

        Warren sighs.

        Warren: I'm sorry-

        Marissa: Don't apologise to me.

        Warren looks at her. Marissa's tone was sharp, but her expression is less so.

        Marissa: We're not...bound by anything, anymore, Warren. Your life is your life.

        Warren pauses.

        Marissa: Though I have to wonder would take that stuff.

        She looks at him waiting for an answer. Warren looks back, seriously.

        Warren: You've been settle in here...make friends, relax...hasn't been so easy for me.

        Marissa stares at him. Warren exhales.

        Warren: I'm not gonna pretend like it should be but-

        Marissa: Warren.

        Warren looks at her.

        Marissa: You are not the worst person in the world. You've done some...awful things, in your life, but you only have to go upstairs to find people who have done worse.

        Marissa pauses.

        Marissa: As for "settling in"'re wrong. I haven't been able to "relax" for seven years. Nothing has changed in here. The difference between you and that you refuse to make an effort. You should try.

        Warren looks seriously at her. Marissa looks down, hesitating.

        Warren: and I...could, you know, be...not friends, but, something?

        Marissa looks at him. He looks hopeful. Marissa smiles sadly and shakes her head.

        Marissa: That won't happen.

        She stands up, her smile disappearing into unhappiness. Warren watches her as she walks around his bed to the door.

        Warren: Marissa.

        Marissa stops and looks at him.

        Warren: Do you care about me?

        Marissa stares at him, wearily. She slowly nods.

        Marissa: Yes. I care

        Warren opens his mouth.

        Marissa: And if your next question hasn't anything to do with forgiveness, the answer is still no, Warren. And that is gonna be my answer long after we have both left here.

        Warren looks disappointed. Marissa narrows her brow.

        Marissa: You're looking at me like I owe you something.

        Warren: No, no I...I think I was fooling myself.

        Marissa looks serious but nods, glancing away from him. There is a pause. She looks back at him.

        Marissa: What know, "God"? Don't you have him?

        Warren stares at the bed and shrugs.

        Warren: I don't know. I think I never really did before...and now, I don't know. I don't know where he is.

        There is a pause as the couple stare at one another.

        Marissa: Keep looking.

        She slowly turns away. Warren looks serious as she walks out; he is alone once again.

        CUT TO:


        The lights are lit low; several guests sat talking. The camera moves over to Juliet, who is preparing some food at the canteen. Tegan appears from the lobby. She cocks her head as she notices Juliet and begins to walk over.

        CUT TO:


        Tegan walks into the canteen section. Juliet looks up and smiles.

        Juliet: Hey.

        Tegan: Hey. Didn't expect to find you here.

        Juliet shrugs.

        Juliet: Guests still demand food every ten minutes. I really wonder sometimes how Gael and Grace manage.

        Tegan: I think they have a system. Which involves Grace staring down anyone who complains.

        Juliet smiles slightly. Movement in the main dining area catches her eye. She looks over to see Marissa walking in. Angela greats her and Marissa smiles wearily. She glances at Juliet and then smiles more genuinely, nodding slightly. Juliet smiles slightly back. Tegan watches as Angela and Marissa sit down together. Juliet turns to look at Tegan.

        Juliet: Thanks for staying. I know you probably wanted to go with Gael and the others.

        Tegan looks at her, momentarily looking serious. She constructs a smile.

        Tegan: It's no problem. I doubt I'd be much use to them anyway. Plus, with Mark and Aura still in our makeshift rehab, can't really leave the whole place for you, Beth and...Royce, to deal with.

        Juliet nods. There is a short pause as they both look out at the dining area.

        Tegan: You think they'll be ok? Gael and the others?

        Juliet looks at her. She hesitates.

        Juliet: Gael knows what he's doing.

        Tegan narrows her brow but nods. Juliet glances away

        Tegan: It's weird...

        Juliet looks back.

        Tegan: I see Gael now...and I can never imagine that was involved with all the drugs stuff.

        Juliet nods slowly.

        Juliet: Sometimes I have trouble imagining anyone here...the way that they were.

        Juliet exhales. Tegan hesitates.

        Tegan: Would you ever go back?

        Juliet looks at her, a little surprised. She shakes her head.

        Juliet: No, never.

        Tegan nods.

        Juliet: I mean I understand...why you did. Going back would just mean something very...different for me.

        Tegan looks at her.

        Tegan: I didn't go back. I know it's kinda awful but, back for me is...not so bad. When I was with Greg and Marcia and the others...I went somewhere else.

        Juliet considers this.

        Juliet: A good or bad somewhere?

        Tegan pauses. She shrugs.

        Tegan: I still don't know about that one. Ask me another day.

        Juliet looks concerned by Tegan's answer. Suddenly a red light above the canteen flashes. Juliet and Tegan look up, knowing that a new arrival is imminent. Tegan smiles awkwardly.

        Tegan: Better go look professional.

        Juliet nods as Tegan turns and walks back to the main dining area. Juliet follows, still uncertain about the conversation she and Tegan just had.

        CUT TO:


        Gael, Grace, Devyn and Josef appear around a corner. They are all looking around the interior of the corridor as they walk.

        Grace: Wow; and I thought Haven had problems.

        Gael: Actually...compared to where he was before, looks like Saracen's moving up in the housing market.

        Grace raises her eyebrows.

        Grace: Oh.

        Something catches her eye. She narrows her brow and then swallows.

        Grace: What about him?

        The others look. A man of about 19 is lying across the corridor several metres away. His eyes are open very slightly, staring dully into space. Gael looks serious and walks towards the man and kneels down to feel for his pulse. The others watch, Devyn and Grace looking anxious. Gael looks serious and stands slowly.

        Gael: He's alive.

        He looks at the others.

        Gael: Saracen's gotta be near. Josef?

        Josef looks uncertain having come this close to the results of his trade.

        Josef: Down the hall.

        Gael nods and begins to walk past the teenager on the ground. The others hesitate. Grace looks confused.

        Grace: Aren't we gonna help him?

        Gael turns to her. He glances down as the teenager stirs slightly. Gael shrugs as he looks back at Grace.

        Gael: Not much we can do. Not for the next forty minutes anyway. And then...I guess it depends how much he wants to be helped.

        Grace looks a little surprised at Gael's attitude as he turns and continues on. Devyn glances at Grace and then follows Gael and Josef. Grace glances at the teenager again as the others step over him and then follows.

        CUT TO:

        INT. DARK ROOM

        Gael's face is visible through the narrow gap between the door and the wall. He peers forward and then opens the door wider.

        The room is similar to the room seen in the last flashback, in that it is very dirty and mostly unfurnished except for a mattress on the ground and a table on the far wall. Food wrappers and clothes are spread around the room. A figure is sat with his back to Gael as he walks into the room followed by the others. The figure is reading something and is tapping their fingers rhythmically on the surface of the table. After a few seconds they appear to sense Gael and the others' presence. They turn their head and slowly move around, revealing they are in a wheelchair.

        It is Saracen. His hair is greying and he looks very ill. He stares at Gael for a moment in surprise. Gael stares back, equally shocked. There is a pause.

        CUT TO: BLACK
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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:


          Gael hurries down looking anxious. He spots a female doctor and stops next to her.

          Gael: Excuse me can you tell me where to find Diana Tomlinson?

          The doctor stops looks at him.

          Doctor: Are you family?

          Gael: Yeah I’m her son.

          The doctor looks a little surprised. Gael narrows his brow as he notices her expression.

          Gael: What is it?

          The doctor attempts to cover her surprise with a smile.

          Doctor: Uh, nothing, I just wasn’t aware Mrs Tomlinson had a son.

          Gael looks serious.

          Gael: What, you want me to give you some ID or something?

          The doctor smiles awkwardly.

          Doctor: That won’t be necessary. Follow me please.

          She turns in the opposite direction she was just walking. Gael looks a little uncertain but follows her.

          CUT TO:


          The doctor walks through the curtains surrounding the cubicle. Gael’s mother is sat in a bed looking frail and attached to an IV. She looks up as she sees the doctor.

          Doctor: Mrs Tomlinson, you have a visitor.

          Gael walks in behind her. He smiles looking relived. Diana however begins to look serious. The doctor looks awkward as Gael’s expression begins to change to confusion.

          Doctor: Perhaps I should leave the two of you alone.

          She looks at Diana. Diana nods slightly. The doctor quickly slips away. Gael approaches his mother trying to smile past the look she is giving him.

          Gael: Mum...God I was worried.

          Diana stares at him sadly. Gael sits next to her quickly.

          Gael: I’m so sorry I didn’t come sooner, I-

          Diana: Three days, Gael. It took you three days to find out that I was here.

          Gael looks guilty. Diana looks upset.

          Diana: Where were you?

          Gael hesitates.

          Gael: I was...I was so busy, and Reuben and I were trying to sort things out...

          Diana closes her eyes looking grave. Gael’s brow narrows more.

          Gael: (concerned) Mum?

          She opens her eyes again and gives him a look of despair.

          Diana: (quietly) I’m desperately trying not to believe...what he told me.

          Gael frowns more.

          Gael: What...who?

          Diana opens her mouth a little to respond. Her eyes dart to the end of the bed. Gael follows her gaze. Jacob is standing there, with a glass of water in his hands. He fixes Gael with a dark look. Diana swallows. Gael looks confusedly at his mother.

          Gael: Mum talk to me-

          Jacob: I think it that it’s me who should talk to you Gael. Your mother needs to rest.

          Gael looks at him again, distrust in his gaze.

          Diana: No. I want to talk to Gael, Jacob. Alone, please.

          She gives her husband an earnest look. He looks hesitant but nods slowly, and begins to leave. Gael quickly stands.

          Gael: Wait!

          Jacob turns to Gael, meeting his look of anger.

          Gael: What have you told her?

          Jacob pauses.

          Jacob: The truth. Finally.

          Diana glances at her bed, looking grave. Gael turns to her, wanting some reassurance, but finds none. He tries to find something to say.

          Jacob: I have always been suspicious of you Gael. I hoped that I was wrong...but after a while I had no choice but to find out for myself. I followed you.

          Gael turns to him quickly looking angry.

          Gael: What!?

          Jacob narrows his eyes.

          Jacob: Do not play innocent, Gael. I spoke with a friend of yours that night. “Saracen”. He was very...informative.

          A hollow drum beat plays as Gael’s face freezes. He turns in slow motion to his mother who avoids his gaze. Gael opens his mouth but closes it again looking in pain. He swallows, closing his eyes. Jacob stares at the scene.

          Jacob: I’ll leave you to talk.

          Jacob walks out. Gael turns to say something but Jacob has already gone. He looks desperate as he turns to his mother. He shakes his head.

          Gael: Mum, please-

          She screws up her eyes and looks in pain.

          Diana: No. Gael, please.

          She shakes her head at him unhappily. Gael looks back at her unhappily.

          Diana: Everything I thought I knew about you...isn’t real, is it?

          Gael looks hurt.

          Gael: Not everything, mum, please listen to me-

          Diana: I tried to tell Jacob it was a mistake, that the man he spoke to was talking about someone else. And then I realised...all the money you asked for; it was all for drugs, wasn’t it?

          A tear runs down her cheek. Gael looks ashamed.

          Gael: I am so sorry. I never wanted you to find out-

          Diana: No, I’m sure you didn’t.

          She looks angry now.

          Diana: What made you think...that you couldn’t tell me? If-if you were in trouble, or pressured into-

          Gael: I wasn’t pressured.

          Diana stares at him. Gael hesitates.

          Gael: I was just...swept into it, I suppose.

          He looks as if he knows this is neither an explanation nor an excuse. Diana closes her eyes and exhales. Gael stares at her desperately.

          Gael: I never meant to hurt you I...I wasn’t trying to.

          Diana: No? Well you have.

          Gael looks tearful now as well.

          Diana: There comes a time Gael, when sorry isn’t enough. And it won’t be, not for a long time. I’m too weak to try and overcome this, I can’t physically manage it. Do you understand?

          She stares at him sincerely. Gael looks upset but nods slowly. Diana gasps as more tears fall down her face.

          Diana: I wish...that I could forgive you, I should be able to. But I can’t. I fell to the ground when Jacob told me what you were doing.

          Gael looks her in the eye.

          Diana: I fell, and I can’t help but feel...that I’ll keep on falling with you around.

          Gael looks at her sadly.

          Gael: So I just leave and then-then what? I mean, mum, I can get clean, and I know it’ll take time but I can give you back all the money-

          Diana: It’s not about that, Gael! Obviously I want to be rid of all those things, but this cuts deeper than the money. I mean this must have been going for years and...for all that time, I now find, that I didn’t know you at all. I have only got so much time left Gael, before I will die. I’ve accepted that. And I hope beyond anything that I will see you again before I do. But in order for that to happen...I need you to go. And to stay away.

          Gael looks at her, wishing that he was not hearing what his mother is telling him. Tears run down his cheeks.

          Gael: Mum-

          Diana: Please. Don’t.

          There is a pause. Gael looks upset and stands slowly. He wipes the tears from his cheeks as he walks away from his mother. She watches him sadly, closing her eyes.

          CUT TO:


          Gael walks out of the cubicle. His eyes are still red. He looks over to see Jacob staring at him several metres away. The two stare at one another for a few seconds, the rage in Gael’s eyes clear. And then he walks away.

          FADE TO: GREY

          FADE TO:

          INT. DARK ROOM

          Gael, Grace, Devyn and Josef stare at the sight of Saracen, a shadow of his former self, which was hardly inspiring in the first place. Gael swallows and turns to Josef.

          Gael: Why didn’t you tell me he was like this?

          Josef shrugs looking defensive.

          Josef: Thought you knew.

          Saracen observes them as Gael looks back at him.

          Saracen: Don’t worry. Just cause I’m a cripple don’t mean I bite.

          Gael looks confused. Saracen looks at Josef.

          Saracen: Already got through what I sold you? Must have some high demand.

          Gael looks even more confused as Saracen looks past him directly at Josef. Josef looks awkward.

          Josef: Uh kinda, yeah.

          Saracen moves across the room in his wheelchair over to another desk where he reaches over to .

          Saracen: Gonna have to take the money upfront like last time.

          He turns back to Josef.

          Saracen: You after the same as before?

          Josef looks at Gael for help. Grace walks forward, looking serious.

          Grace: We’re not here to buy anything from you.

          Saracen stares at her cocking her head.

          Saracen: Then why are you here little girl? People come to this neighbourhood for two things, and I doubt you need the other one, what with all these fine looking boys stood around you.

          He smiles slightly at Devyn. Grace looks unimpressed. Gael still looks confused as he steps towards Saracen.

          Gael: You really don’t remember me do you?

          Saracen stares at him, his smile fading.

          Saracen: Sorry; if you wanted to talk to the guy I was before all this, then you’re gonna be disappointed, there ain’t much of him left. Hope he didn’t cost you too much.

          Saracen wheels himself back to the desk he was originally sat at. There is a pause as the others contemplate what he has just said.

          Devyn: Whether or not you’re the same man Gael remembers...

          Gael glances at Devyn.

          Devyn: ...the stuff you’re supplying is definitely not user-friendly.

          Saracen turns to him and smiles slightly.

          Saracen: Does anything about me say “friendly”? Cause that’s probably where you’re going wrong.

          Devyn narrows his eyes. Gael looks serious.

          Gael: So you still don’t give a crap that people are dying because of what you are selling them.

          Saracen stares straight at him.

          Saracen: When you’re dying manage to lose the ability to care. Forgetting who you’ve given a lethal dosage of cocaine to also helps.

          He laughs a little but then starts to cough. Gael surveys him.

          Gael: You might not remember how you used to be Saracen...but I do.

          Saracen stares at Gael, looking somewhat intrigued.

          Saracen: You do look a little familiar.

          He wheels himself towards Gael. Gael looks down at him pitifully as he stares up. Saracen then glances at Gael’s waist making out the outline of a gun. He glances at Grace’s waist, staring at her gun also. He looks back at Gael and smiles.

          Saracen: Did you come here to finish something?

          Gael looks awkward. The others glance at him. Saracen looks amused.

          Saracen: Well...don’t I feel special again. Been a long time since someone came here looking for me in person.

          He wheels himself back a little, not taking his eyes of Gael. He holds out his arms.

          Saracen: You came here to kill me handsome? Go right ahead.

          Gael looks conflicted. Devyn looks from him to Saracen waiting for what will happen. Grace looks at Gael.

          Grace: Gael?

          Gael’s eyes flicker towards Grace. Saracen continues to stare at him. Gael’s hand wavers over where his gun is. There is a pause. Saracen narrows her eyes, still smiling. He shakes his head.

          Saracen: You shouldn’t let the wheelchair fool you; you must know what I’m capable of or you wouldn’t be here.

          Gael stares at him, knowing what he came here to do, but suddenly unable to do it. Saracen wheels himself back to the desk.

          Saracen: If we’re done; I’m sure you got better things to do than stand around here.

          Gael and the others don’t move. Gael looks down and turns. Devyn frowns and walks toward him.

          Devyn: Gael...

          Gael looks at him.

          Gael: (quietly) I know. I know all right? I just...

          He glances back. Saracen is still at his desk. He shakes his head and walk out. Devyn and Grace look at another; they and Josef follow.

          CUT TO:


          Gael walks out, followed by the others. Grace looks earnestly after him.

          Grace: He’s not gonna stop. You show him mercy and-

          Gael: And he’ll be stopped sooner or later. He’s not exactly gonna last long.

          The others pause.

          Devyn: You’re gonna leave that to fate?

          Gael looks troubled and exhales.

          Gael: I thought I’d be able to do this but...the man in there isn’t who I was expecting to find.

          Josef: Still the man who’s gonna supply this whole area.

          Gael looks at him.

          Gael: But not you.

          Josef scowls. Gael stares at him seriously.

          Gael: What did you expect Josef?

          Josef narrows his eyes.

          Josef: I expected you to kill a man. Guess you’re not ready for that.

          He begins to walk away. Gael stares after him seriously. Grace looks at Josef.

          Grace: You think being able to kill someone makes you better?

          Josef stops and turns to her. He slowly nods.

          Josef: When you’re surrounded by murderers every day? Yeah. Sure doesn’t make you worse.

          He turns and continues walking. Grace looks serious and then glances at Gael. Devyn looks awkward and slowly starts walking. Gael and Grace begin to follow.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          Jackie and Neil are stood in the corridor. He sighs.

          Neil: Seems like she took endurance training.

          Jackie looks serious.

          Jackie: Nothing?

          Neil shrugs.

          Neil: ‘Less you want me to start something a little more creative...

          He raises an eyebrow. Jackie looks at him, an element of disgust in her gaze.

          Jackie: No.

          She sighs, staring at the wall. She then looks back at Neil.

          Jackie: I wanna spend some time with her.

          Neil looks sceptical.

          Neil: You think she’s really gonna be persuaded by tea, after the last few hours?

          Jackie: You underestimate what I’m capable of.

          Neil: Well I know what you’re not capable of, or I wouldn’t’ve been hired to rough up pretty little faces for you.

          Jackie narrows her eyes.

          Jackie: Most torturers actually get results from what they do, Neil. Something I’m still waiting to see from you.

          Neil rolls his eyes, smiling.

          Neil: What, you wanna go down there and show me how it’s done?

          Jackie considers this.

          Jackie: That’s exactly what I’m going to do.

          She walks past him. Neil turns and watches her go, looking unconvinced.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          Gael, Grace, Juliet and Tegan are sat around the kitchen table. Gael looks at Juliet.

          Gael: Hope you understand.

          Juliet looks back at him quickly.

          Juliet: Oh, I do, I do. I just hope that Josef does.

          Grace: He knows what it’d mean if he started dealing with Saracen again.

          Tegan: Yeah, he’s gotta value this place more than his reputation.

          Juliet looks serious.

          Juliet: Sometimes I’m not so sure.

          There is a slight pause. Grace looks at Gael who looks sombre.

          Grace: You know Josef is an ass right? So you didn’t kill an evil man, there are millions of other people who don’t kill the evil people in their lives. Otherwise a lot of world leaders would be a lot less existent.

          Gael smiles slightly.

          Grace: It’s not like you had a responsibility.

          Gael considers this.

          Gael: Sort of told myself I did.

          Tegan shakes her head.

          Tegan: Don’t even think that. There are worse things than mercy.

          Gael considers this.

          Gael: Not gonna be much consolation for his customers.

          Juliet: Hey. You know you cannot blame yourself for their choices.

          Gael: It’s not always a choice-

          Juliet: No, Gael. I know what you went through, but you made a choice too: a choice to stop. If they haven’t, then who else can they blame?

          There is a pause.

          Grace: And like you said right: he’s not gonna last much longer?

          Gael nods slowly.

          Gael: Guess it all depends on who replaces him. And how long they last.

          Juliet: It’s a whole other world, Gael. But not yours. Not anymore.

          Gael nods slowly. He looks over at the kitchen, his world now. Grace moves her hand over his. He looks at her and smiles a little.

          “Falling Man” by Blonde Redhead begins to play. Everything goes into slow motion.

          FADE TO:


          Marissa gets up from her table.

          ‘Tell me how you seek your man
          And tell me all your secret spells’

          She sees Warren sat at a table nearby. She glances at him. As he glances up she looks away and continues walking.

          ‘Tell me how you learn
          To tell by his voice that he fell ‘

          Devyn is sat nearby typing on his laptop. Juliet walks past from the lobby to the kitchen. She glances at Devyn, considering him for a second before carrying on.

          ‘I know a ghost will walk through walls
          Yet I am just a man still learning how to fall’

          Devyn looks up as she breaks eye contact. Instead his gaze rests upon Tegan who is getting a coffee. She looks over and begins to walk past, smiling a little. Devyn smiles back.

          ‘Try to re-imagine me
          And I’ll re-invent myself
          Still I remember scenes
          Of when you looked at someone else’

          The camera moves to Josef and moves around him slightly. He takes a drag from his cigarette, staring into space. It then moves back to Tegan as she follows Juliet into the kitchen.

          ‘I know a ghost can walk through the wall
          Yet I am just a man still learning how to fall’

          CUT TO:


          Grace stands next to Gael, both of them preparing food.

          ‘When you start doubting me
          Then I start to doubt myself
          And never look through me
          Cause I’ll keep close to myself ‘

          Grace looks at Gael and smiles slightly. Gael smiles back. They both go back to what they were doing. Gael stares down, his reflection clear in the shiny surface of the kitchen side. He glances away, remembering things he wish he couldn’t.

          ‘I know a ghost can walk through the wall
          Yet I am just a man still learning how to fall’

          CUT TO:


          The instrumental section of the song plays. Saracen is behind his desk. He senses someone behind him. He looks weary and speaks without turning round.

          Saracen: What’ll it be?

          He turns and looks alarmed. Facing him is the girl seen taking drugs from Gael in the teaser. She looks far older than her actual age, her skin and hair ravaged by what she has taken over the years. Tears stained with hastily applied makeup run down her cheeks. She is pointing a gun at Saracen. He opens his mouth slightly as the girl’s lip quivers, her finger trembling over the trigger.

          The music fades.

          CUT TO:

          EXT. AMETHYST HQ – DAY

          CUT TO:

          INT. AMETHYST HQ

          Jackie is sat in one of the interrogation rooms. She sits with her legs crossed, and looks to be waiting patiently. Heavy breaths can be heard off screen. Jackie leans forward, choosing her words carefully.

          Jackie: Do you really want to die here? Because...Neil is very efficient at taking people over the edge. I don’t want to see you go that way. If you cooperate...with me...I assure you, that you won’t have to. I have no reason to watch you suffer. One...small detail will save you...

          The camera moves around slowly. A woman is sat, bound to the interrogation chair. Cuts line her face, a line of blood descending from her lip. She stares at Jackie with fire in her eyes.

          Jackie: ...Alandra.

          CUT TO: BLACK

          THE END
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