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Haven Episode 1.6 6. Snatch

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  • Haven Episode 1.6 6. Snatch

    This is the sixth episode of "Haven", an original series written by me. I hope you enjoy reading it! If you have any feedback, positive or critical, please post it here, thank you

    Haven Episode 1.6 6. Snatch

    Written and Produced by Alex Hart

    Special thanks to Heather

    Disclaimer: The series "Haven", its characters, locations and ideas are all creations belonging to Alex Hart. The work is fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only. No unauthorised usage of anything in "Haven" is permitted without prior permission, thank you.


    OPEN ON:


    "Fa-Fa-Fa" by Datarock plays.

    The sun is shining down on the street. People are going about their business, walking in and out of shops, sitting down and eating, talking on mobile phones.

    CUT TO:


    The camera moves through the crowd, walking with the majority. It focuses on one woman in particular, with dark brown shoulder length hair, gradually moving round to show her face. It is Tegan. She has a neutral look on her face.

    She walks towards the camera for several seconds as it moves with her. She glances slightly at those passing her, taking no particular interest in anyone. She checks her mobile phone and starts to use it.

    "I need a shot
    I need a shot of ambition"

    Suddenly a man runs out in front of her and knocks into another woman in her 60s, knocking her shopping out of her hand. Tegan looks surprised as the woman looks after the man, angrily. She sighs as most people ignore her. She bends down in an attempt to gather up her shopping. Tegan walks over.

    "I need a hit
    I need a hit of nutrition"

    Tegan: Here, let me help you.

    Tegan kneels down and helps the woman. The woman looks grateful.

    Woman: Thanks honey.

    Tegan smiles as she puts the last piece of fruit back in the woman's bag. She helps her up.

    "I need a fix
    I need to fix my ignition"

    Woman: People are so...busy these days.

    Tegan nods.

    Tegan: Yeah, well at least some of us have some time.

    The woman smiles. She puts her hand on Tegan's arm.

    Woman: Luckily for me. Thank you again.

    "If you want to whip me into shape
    I need a plan or a mission"

    Tegan smiles and watches the woman as she walks away. She turns and starts to walk herself. She flicks open her phone.

    "Cause I'm gunna ride fast, going nowhere"

    She reads a message and smiles slightly. She turns down an alley.

    "And I left my brain in the past"

    She walks along the alley. The man who bumped into the woman is leaning against a wall. He looks up and smiles at Tegan, standing up straight. Tegan smiles back.

    Tegan: Is this good for you?

    "I'm gunna ride fast
    To where I don't care"

    The instrumental part of the song continues as Tegan holds up a silver bracelet. The man's smile widens.

    Man: It's perfect.

    He puts his arms around Tegan's neck as she puts hers around his waist. The two kiss passionately. The song fades out.


    FADE TO:


    Tegan and Juliet are both sat in front of Juliet's desk.

    Tegan: Everyone's angry with someone. I can't even make eye contact with Aura...though it's not like we were best friends before.

    Juliet looks serious.

    Tegan: I don't see what she has to complain about, she got what she wanted.

    Juliet frowns.

    Juliet: I don't think anyone wanted things to be this way.

    Tegan hesitates and then nods slightly. There is a pause.

    Tegan: I spoke to Gael and he seems ok, I guess.

    Tegan bites her lip.

    Tegan: But I know I'm not exactly so...I'm not really sure how he can be. I know it was only a few days, but he seemed really into Eric.

    Juliet glances away. She exhales.

    Juliet: He came to me. Just before...everything.

    She looks back at Tegan.

    Juliet: He wanted me to offer Eric a job here.

    Tegan narrows her brow.

    Tegan: Doing what?

    Juliet: I don't know. I'm not sure he did either, really. So you're right.

    Juliet sighs.

    Juliet: I don't see how things can repair themselves.

    Tegan shrugs.

    Tegan: Someone's gotta make the first step. But I don't see Gael stepping in any direction right now.

    Juliet shakes her head.

    Juliet: Devyn's not gonna back down and say he was wrong.

    Tegan looks serious. Juliet looks at her.

    Juliet: I don't know what to do with him.

    Tegan hesitates.

    Tegan: I...think that he sees a problem and tries to solve it. And that's all it is to him. He doesn't care about after. Which can't really work around here.

    Juliet stares at her.

    Tegan: But he's scared like we all are, and he's prepared to do what most of us couldn't. I didn't wanna see Eric dead but...

    Tegan glances away and then back at Juliet.

    Tegan: Two days ago I washed two specks of blood out of my blouse. The last time I had to do that was when the police shot Greg. And there was a lot more to wash out that time.

    Juliet stares at her, listening. Tegan sighs.

    Tegan: I think that if Amethyst finds out about us there'll be enough bloodstains to go around. Devyn sees that maybe even more clearly than you and I do. We're gonna need him, Jules.

    Juliet hesitates.

    Juliet: Maybe you should talk to him.

    Tegan looks awkward.

    Tegan: Really?

    Juliet nods.

    Juliet: Yeah. Cause I agree with what you're saying. But it's the times he decides to do what he wants when it's gonna cause more hurt than resolution that scares me.

    Tegan considers this.

    Tegan: If anyone can smooth out what doesn't fit with him, it's you.

    Juliet hesitates.

    Juliet: I'm not sure, T. Do you think you could at least try for me?

    Juliet looks hopeful. Tegan hesitates.

    Tegan: I don't wanna hurt Gael. But...ok.

    Juliet looks grateful. Juliet glances at her watch. She exhales.

    Juliet: Liliana is imminent.

    Tegan: And that's my cue to leave. We'll talk more later.

    [i]Tegan smiles and stands. Juliet watches her walk out.

    CUT TO:


    Tegan is at the till. Mark is stood nearby stacking shelves. Tegan glances up looking hesitant.

    Tegan: If you wanna take the till, I don't mind taking on the cereal box saga.

    Mark: Oh, ok.

    Tegan smiles slightly as she walks over to the shelves. She sighs. She glances over at Mark.

    Tegan: So are you...doing?

    She looks hesitant. Mark looks over. He notices her look.

    Mark: I'm fine.

    Tegan smiles and nods. Mark smiles weakly also, but for a different reason.

    Mark: You know, uh, you don't have to act like things have changed.

    Tegan: I...I'm not.

    Mark: Right, so you would usually be really interested in my life.

    Tegan narrows her brow, smiling a little in surprise.

    Tegan: I-I always ask you how things are.

    Mark raises an eyebrow. Tegan gives him a look.

    Tegan: I do!

    Mark smiles a little to himself.

    Mark: Well usually that's as far as it goes. But it's cool, I mean we all know the score, not like I'm complaining.

    Tegan looks troubled, despite what Mark has just said. She opens her mouth to speak. Suddenly the door bursts open. Four figures covered from head to toe in black run in, each of them with a gun.

    Figure #1: Hands up! Hands up!

    Mark and Tegan look shocked as Tegan drops the cereal box she is holding to raise her arms. Figure #1 one points his gun at her but says nothing. Tegan stares at the figure seriously. They slowly lower their gun. So does the figure nearest to Tegan. Tegan glances at them. She looks confused as she looks between the two.

    Tegan: Um...was this just like a training exercise or something?

    There is no response but Figure #1 slowly takes their balaclava off, revealing himself to be the man seen in the flashback with Tegan. Tegan's eyes widen as the other figures take their own hoods off; two women and two other men. Tegan's open mouth turns to a slight smile as she looks around, lowering her arms. The man from the flashback smiles looking very surprised.

    Tegan: Oh, my God!

    Mark looks at Tegan, utterly confused.



    THEMESONG: "Not Gonna Get Us" - Tatu

    The eerie start of the song plays as we see grey smoke. "Haven" in black, torn letters fades in. It disappears as the drums start. The smoke is gone also. There are a series of quick shots: a gun being fired. A high-heeled foot stepping next to a pole. A syringe injecting someone's arm. A knife being raised. A key turning in a lock. Coins scattering on a table. A close up of a woman's lips as she applies lipstick. A shovel being forced into the ground. A close up of someone handcuffing another person's wrists. A hand flicking a cigarette lighter on. A pair of pliers approaching someone's finger. A dagger covered in blood hitting the ground. A hand grabbing on to someone's arm. A close up of an eye opening wide.

    As the song suddenly becomes more energetic, there is a montage of criminal records, each face only seen for a fraction of a second.

    The camera zooms towards Juliet looking shocked.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Juliet walking with a neutral expression on her face. There is a shot of Juliet pointing a gun looking resolute. There is a shot of Juliet turning her face, looking serious. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of Juliet, Grace and Tegan running. There is a shot of the illuminated "Summertime General" sign.

    There is a shot of Devyn reaching out for something.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Devyn punching someone. There is a shot of him leaning against a wall. There is a shot of him smiling, a little smugly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a little girl with a knife in her hand. There is a shot of a gun being fired into the air.

    There is a shot of Tegan typing on a computer.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Tegan turning, the flash of sirens causing her to shield her eyes. There is a shot of Tegan putting her hand over mouth. There is a shot of Tegan cocking her head slightly, smiling. The credit flickers away.

    A shot of a woman walking down a corridor of Haven, purposefully. A shot of a man and a woman kissing.

    There is a shot of Gael holding out a large knife.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Gael hugging someone. There is a shot of a tear streaming down Gael's face. There is a shot of Gael laughing. The credit flickers away.

    A shot of the main entrance opening. A shot of Mark and Aura turning looking surprised in Summertime General.

    There is a shot of Grace carrying a plate of food.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Grace putting her head in her hands. A shot of her putting her finger over her lips. A shot of her smiling a little. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of an explosion. A shot of Grace crying in Gael's arms.

    There is a shot of Aura sat at one of the tables in Haven's kitchen.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Aura turning looking shocked. A shot of her at the till in Summertime General. A shot of her smiling kindly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a hand being placed on the identification pad. A shot of Bethany kissing someone.

    There is a shot of Mark walking down the first lower corridor.


    The credits flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Mark looking troubled. A shot of Mark diving out of the way of something. A shot of Mark stroking someone's hair.

    There is a shot of Royce punching someone. A shot of a man moving over a man's bare stomach.

    There is a shot of Jackie sitting in a chair, her index finger on her temple. She looks thoughtful.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Jackie turning, looking out of breath. A shot of her walking looking formidable. A shot of her examining a gun. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a corridor in Haven. The camera zooms through to the lobby, spinning around, backing through the front entrance. The doors close.


    BRADLEY COOPER ? Greg Maxx
    MERRIN DUNGEY ? Marcia Maxx
    JOSH HOLLOWAY ? Rex Courtier
    FAMKE JANSSEN ? Liliana Redgrave
    SAM JONES ? Lucas Pedance
    JAMES PICKENS JR. ? Royce Appleby
    SARAH SHAHI ? Francesca DeSisto
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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    Juliet is sat behind her desk. Liliana is sat opposite her. There is a tense silence. Liliana smiles attempting to diffuse the situation.

    Liliana: I am sorry, Juliet. If I had taken your concerns seriously things might be different.

    Juliet looks tired.

    Juliet: Your theory was pretty convincing. And, uh, none of us suspected anything about Eric. I let him walk in here, no questions asked.

    Juliet looks awkward. Liliana pauses.

    Liliana: Questions should have been asked a lot earlier than that.

    Juliet looks at her, a little confused. Liliana purses her lips.

    Liliana: The Board were having...concerns about the amount of guests who directly approached midway operatives.

    Juliet frowns.

    Juliet: I thought you did it the other way around.

    Liliana nods.

    Liliana: Usually. Unfortunately reaching people who can't afford to stay in one place is difficult, even if we can track their conviction chip signature.

    Juliet waits for Liliana to continue. She inhales.

    Liliana: I made this point and convinced The Board to keep things as they were.

    Juliet narrows her brow.

    Juliet: Eric approached one of your people didn't he?

    Liliana stares at her.

    Liliana: Yes.

    Juliana glances away, exhaling.

    Liliana: He had everything legitimate. The operative who gave him access had no reason to suspect-

    Juliet: Are you sure she was looking hard enough?

    There is a short pause.

    Liliana: I trust my staff as much as you trust yours. Or at least as much as you trust the majority.

    Juliet narrows her eyes slightly.

    Liliana: The point I'm trying to make clear to you is that it's not her fault. If you want to blame someone then you should blame me.

    Juliet looks unconvinced. She smiles at the situation.

    Juliet: How righteous of you, Liliana, to hold your hands up and admit responsibility.

    Liliana pauses.

    Liliana: You have a right to be angry.

    Juliet: Well I'm glad you know that, but I'm not, actually. What I am is curious. Like, why you kept all this to yourself. And why you'd give me a gun where the first five shots are blanks.

    Juliana stares straight at Liliana who looks unprepared for this question.

    Liliana: I wanted to make sure...that you would use it when you needed it.

    Juliet: You know damn well that I know how to use a gun effectively.

    Liliana smiles.

    Liliana: Of course. Though your skills at hiding one aren't quite as proficient.

    Juliet looks frustrated at Liliana.

    Juliet: Why did you give me this position if you didn't want me to lead?

    Liliana smiles slightly.

    Liliana: People respect you Juliet. You are a wonderful leader. But you only lead people in one direction. An organised direction, which is trying desperately to cling on to ideas like good and evil and give them meaning, when we both know that order has no real place here. Some people can see that more clearly than you. Luckily for you, they were the ones willing to shoot to kill.

    Juliet does not respond.

    Liliana: Your "trial" was a noble effort. But I find it interesting that you decided to carry it out without me. I don't think I'm the only one trying to divert power.

    Juliet looks angry as Liliana stands up.

    Juliet: You're just gonna walk away?

    Liliana turns her head, stopping.

    Liliana: Of course not. A lie detector will be installed upstairs. Whoever is working up there will be able to ask anything they want. Sam, and anyone else in the surveillance room will be able to see the results.

    Juliet considers this.

    Liliana: It's not a solution. But it's a start.

    Liliana turns and walks out. Juliet sighs and wipes a hand over her face wearily. She stares down for a few seconds. There is a knock at the door. Juliet looks up.

    Juliet: Yeah?

    The door opens and Tegan walks through. She looks excited but also a little concerned as she surveys Juliet.

    Tegan: Um, hey, uh are you ok?

    Juliet smiles despite her feelings, but her eyes look tired.

    Juliet: More or less. What's up?

    CUT TO:


    Tegan and the five men and women from before are stood before Juliet's desk. Juliet is leaning against her desk looking pleasantly surprised.

    Juliet: So, let me try again; Greg, Marcia, Lucas, Rex, Fran?

    She looks at each of them individually as she attempts to remember their names. Greg nods, smiling.

    Greg: She's good.

    Juliet smiles.

    Juliet: I guess I feel kinda honoured. Tegan talks a lot about you guys.

    Marcia smiles.

    Marcia: It ain't all true, don't worry.

    Tegan grins and looks at Juliet.

    Tegan: I said the guys could stay here a few nights, that's ok right?

    Juliet: Uh, sure, I think we have room with Carla and Trey leaving, so...yeah, you're welcome for as long as you like.

    The group looks grateful.

    Rex: We don't wanna intrude.

    Tegan: C'mon, I told you guys this place is for people like us. Besides, it's been like forever since I saw you all, so you have actually don't have a choice.

    They smile at Tegan who smiles back.

    Greg: Well we can't stay too long, but uh, thanks, Juliet.

    Juliet smiles.

    Juliet: Sorry about taking your guns, by the way. It's...a security measure.

    Greg nods.

    Lucas: ?S all right. We did try and rob your store so it's understandable.

    Juliet smiles and flicks her wrist as if to say "it's fine".

    Tegan: It's not like I wouldn't have done the same thing once upon a time.

    Greg smiles and looks at Tegan. The share eye contact for a second. Marcia notices and looks at Juliet.

    Marcia: I don't suppose I could use a bathroom?

    Juliet: Oh, sure, um Tegan?

    Tegan: On it. You guys come with me.

    Tegan starts to walk away. The group begin to follow.

    Tegan: It'll take a little while to get your rooms completely ready but-

    Fran: Hey we can do that T, don't worry bout us ok?

    Tegan: Hey you are our guests right now, so accept your room service gracefully.

    Fran laughs a little. The group walk out of the door. Juliet watches, curiously, as she sees Tegan reunited with her past.

    CUT TO:


    Greg and Tegan are stood talking. Greg looks around the room.

    Greg: You know we coulda done with knowing about this place a few times before now.

    Tegan smiles.

    Tegan: Yeah I can think of a few too.

    Greg smiles a little and sits back on the bed. He looks around a little more and then at Tegan.

    Greg: So you've been, uh, here all this time huh? Who knew?

    Tegan shrugs and approaches the bed.

    Tegan: I know I didn't. But Juliet gave me a big break after...

    She trails off. Greg seems to know what she means.

    Greg: Lucky for her. Musta realised what this place was missing.

    Tegan smiles, rolling her eye slightly. Marcia appears at the open doorway. Tegan and Greg look up.

    Tegan: Hey.

    Marcia smiles slightly.

    Marcia: This is a nice place you got here. For a criminal hideout, I mean.

    Marcia walks over to the bed and sits in the space between Tegan and Greg.

    Tegan: Gotta have standards.

    Marcia and Greg smile.

    Marcia: Isn't it a little cramped though? I mean what do you do for fun?

    Tegan smiles hesitating.

    Tegan: is less had, it's true, but I can't imagine myself doing anything else.

    Greg looks a little surprised.

    Greg: Things definitely change.

    Tegan shrugs slightly.

    Tegan: Anyway what about you guys!? I haven't heard anything yet.

    Greg: Well, uh, we're still doing the holdup thing as you might've been able to tell, but not as much these days.

    Marcia: It's gotten too dangerous. But we get by. We have better things to think about.

    Marcia and Greg glance at each other, smiling slightly. Tegan looks curious.

    Tegan: I'm guessing you're talking about something specific?

    They look back at Tegan, a little hesitantly.

    Marica: Well...

    Marcia holds up her hand slightly. A silver ring is on her finger. She puts her other hand over Greg's and he clutches it. Greg smiles a little awkwardly. Tegan raises her eyebrows, aiming to look pleasantly surprised as she stares with her mouth open.

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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      The warehouse is artificially lit. Fran, Lucas, Rex and Marcia are sat around a dust bin, the inside of which is on fire. The doors suddenly open and Tegan and Greg walk in. The others look up. Fran smiles.

      Fran: And that'll be 5 bucks honey.

      Lucas rolls his eyes and reaches into his pocket. Tegan smiles looking confused.

      Rex: Bets have been out on whether you guys'd actually come back this time.

      He smirks taking a swig from a beer bottle. Marcia looks less impressed.

      Marcia: You've been gone more than twelve hours. Wouldn't have hurt to call in, let us know that weren't in a jail cell.

      Greg: Come on, we're always careful.

      Marcia: So are the police.

      The others' smiles fade slightly. Tegan looks awkward.

      Tegan: We got kinda caught up.

      Lucas: Uh huh.

      He raises his eyebrows. Tegan smiles and rolls her eyes. Tegan looks at Marcia.

      Tegan: Sorry, Marcia ok? Next time we'll communicate. And for what it's worth we do have some good news.

      The others look interested. Greg smiles.

      Greg: Oh yes people, our latest catch just got us $850!

      Greg flicks out the money. The others look shocked but happy; even Marcia looks impressed. Fran, Lucas and Rex stand and walk over to look at it more closely. Greg begins handing it out equal portions of it.

      Rex: What the hell did you sell for $850?

      Rex flicks through the money looking delighted.

      Greg: Some silver bracelet from some old lady. Courtesy of Tegan.

      He grins at her. She smiles back.

      Fran: Can't wait to see your faces when I take $85 off each of you next bet.

      She smiles at Rex and Lucas. Tegan's smile fades.

      Tegan: You wanna blow this on bets?

      Fran looks at her. She smiles but narrows her brow.

      Fran: I'm only messing round, T.

      Tegan doesn't look amused. She holds up her portion of the money.

      Tegan: This is the first serious we've made in months. It's gonna be our life for who knows how long?

      Lucas hesitates.

      Lucas: Come on, there isn't any harm getting excited.

      Tegan looks at him.

      Tegan: Sure. But then comes that part where it's all gone and we have to go back out there again.

      Greg looks at her concerned.

      Greg: What are you saying T?

      She looks back at him behind her.

      Tegan: I think...we should start saving.
      Fran looks confused.

      Fran: For what?

      Tegan looks round at her. She shrugs.

      Tegan: Something better. I dunno about the rest of you but I'm kinda hoping that I won't still be doing this by the time I'm 40.

      There is no response. Tegan looks back at Greg for support.

      Marcia: She's right.

      Tegan looks at Marcia, as do the others. Marcia exhales.

      Marcia: We always complain about this place, but we never really try and get somewhere else. Maybe we can make a start.

      Tegan looks at Marcia. She smiles slightly at her unexpected ally. Marcia smiles back a little.

      CUT TO:


      Tegan is stood leaning against the wall. Juliet is sat down at the table. Grace is washing up nearby. Grace looks round.

      Grace: Is it a good ring?

      Tegan hesitates looking annoyed.

      Tegan: Yes. He never stole anything that good for me!

      Grace and Juliet give her a look.

      Juliet: You think he stole her wedding ring?

      Tegan gives her a sceptical look.

      Tegan: It's not as tacky as it sounds when you're in the thieving business.

      Grace raises an eyebrow. Tegan sighs.

      Tegan: But...the fact I'm getting angry is. Greg's moved on, so had I...

      She trails off still looking irritated.

      Juliet: You loved him though. I'd be upset too.

      Tegan considers this. Juliet looks sympathetic.

      Tegan: It's good that they're happy and all...I just thought that I'd be the one doing the marriage thing first I guess.

      Grace looks round.

      Grace: Would you rather still be out there though?

      Tegan looks at her. She shrugs. There is a pause. Then Juliet stands up.

      Juliet: Well I gotta work.

      Tegan nods.

      Tegan: Me too.

      Grace smiles at them a little as they walk out.

      CUT TO:


      Tegan and Juliet walk through. Marcia, Greg and Lucas are sat around a table with Devyn. They are in mid-conversation. Juliet cocks her head slightly looking a little surprised. Tegan notices.

      Tegan: Guess he's just the guy people talk to.

      Juliet looks at her and hesitates.

      Juliet: Uh, yeah, apparently.

      Tegan raises her eyebrows and walks through. Juliet follows looking thoughtful.

      CUT TO:


      Tegan walks towards the group. They look up and smile.

      Greg: Hey!

      Tegan smiles. Devyn looks past her and sees Juliet. The two make eye contact as Devyn's smile fades a little. Juliet walks away to the lobby. Devyn looks deflated.

      Tegan OS: So what are you guys up to?

      Devyn returns to the conversation.

      Devyn: Just getting to know your friends here.

      Tegan nods.

      Lucas: You got time to chill?

      Tegan: Sadly I have to work.

      Lucas: Man I forget people actually have to do that.

      Tegan smiles. Greg and Marcia look at one another.

      Greg: Um, T I wanted to ask you about something else, if that's ok?

      Tegan looks puzzled but smiles.

      Tegan: Uh, sure.

      Greg: Can we talk over here?

      Tegan looks more puzzled but walks with Greg over to the lobby. Marcia and Devyn both watch them. Marcia then turns to Devyn.

      Marcia: So...what were saying about the man whose dog you conned out of him?

      Lucas: Yeah, how'd you manage that one?

      Devyn laughs slightly.

      Devyn: Well, mm, that was interesting one...

      The screen moves over as they talk. Gael watches them from behind the canteen. He looks serious. He turns and walks to the kitchen.

      CUT TO


      Grace walks over to the cupboard. She looks surprised as she sees Gael walking in. She smiles.

      Grace: You're here!

      Gael smiles very slightly and nods.

      Gael: Am indeed.

      Grace hesitates.

      Grace: Can I...offer you a selection of exciting jobs that need to be done?

      Gael smiles a little more.

      Gael: Course.

      Grace smiles and looks behind her.

      Grace: Right, well, uh take anything you want. I think we're gonna need more pasta for dinner cause of Tegan's army.

      Gael considers this.

      Gael: They'd be the ones sat out there with Devyn then?

      Grace turns to him. She opens her mouth slightly, a little awkwardly.

      Grace: I guess so.

      Gael nods. He walks over to the wall and puts an apron on. Grace watches him.

      Grace: So you're back right? I mean...I understand if you need more time, or-or anything but things get a little tense when it's just me in the kitchen.

      Gael looks at her and nods smiling more genuinely.

      Gael: Don't worry. And sorry for leaving you to deal with everything these last few days.

      Grace shrugs as if to tell him it's ok. Gael looks down as he fastens the apron around him, walking over to the fridge. Grace still looks uncertain. Something catches her eye: Devyn is stood in the open doorway leading to the dining area. He eyes widen slightly. Gael looks over. His face freezes as he stares at Devyn. Devyn looks awkward. Grace looks as if she wants to turn to Gael but freezes.

      Grace: Hi...Devyn.

      Devyn smiles for a second but is looking at Gael. Grace finally glances over at Gael who shuts the fridge door shut firmly.

      Gael: Gonna have to get some more pasta from upstairs Grace.

      Grace: Oh...well I can get that-

      Gael: No.

      Gael has already begun to walk towards the door. He smiles very slightly at Grace.

      Gael: It's fine.

      Gael shoots a dark look at Devyn before walking out to the main corridor. Grace and Devyn are left in silence. Grace sighs.

      Grace: I don't think you're gonna achieve what you want right now.

      Devyn looks serious.

      Devyn: I'm not trying to explain myself. I just wanted to see if he was ok...and apparently he's not.

      Grace glances away. She nods slightly. She looks back at Devyn.

      Grace: For what it's worth...I don't hate you.

      Devyn looks surprised and then nods a little.

      Grace: I mean...I think if he had been just another guy, and not someone Gael felt close to...I woulda voted the same as you did.

      Devyn considers this.

      Devyn: Everyone is "just another". If he was someone none of us knew or even if it was someone who I felt close to...I woulda done exactly what I did.

      Grace hesitates.

      Devyn: It just runs deeper cause he was someone Gael was starting to trust. That's what hurts more. I don't expect anything from him but I thought maybe I could...I dunno, make him see that this wasn't about him.

      Grace considers this. Devyn exhales.

      Grace: I think he knows it wasn't.

      Devyn nods slightly. Grace smiles for a moment and then turns and starts to take cutlery out of a draw. Devyn hesitates and leaves.

      CUT TO:


      Juliet is at her desk typing. There is a knock at her door. She looks up.

      Juliet: Come in?

      The door opens and Tegan walks through, followed by Greg. Juliet stands up.

      Juliet: Hey.

      Tegan: Hey, uh, there's something I need to talk to you about.

      Juliet nods.

      Juliet: Sure.

      Tegan hesitates and looks at Greg. She looks back at Juliet.

      Tegan: Ok so we've been talking...and Greg and Marcia and the others...have asked me to help them with something.

      Juliet narrows her brow slightly.

      Juliet: With what?

      Tegan hesitates.

      Tegan: With a job.

      Juliet looks concerned. Greg and Tegan look apprehensive.

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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        Greg walks across towards the back wall where Tegan and Marcia are sat on a sofa.

        Greg: All banked.

        Marcia: Good job.

        Greg smiles. Tegan smiles but looks ambivalent. Greg's smile falters.

        Greg: It's what you asked me to do T.

        Tegan: Oh, I know, I'm glad you did. I just don't think the others are so happy.

        Marcia rolls her eyes.

        Marcia: No one ever said we all had to do the same thing. We're all able to make our own choices, let them make theirs.

        Tegan looks at her and realises she is right. Greg hesitates and then sits down next to Tegan.

        Greg: You really want out of this don't you?

        Tegan looks at him. Marcia looks serious. Tegan smiles in an attempt to comfort Greg.

        Tegan: I want in to something a little more...stable. Don't you?

        Greg pauses.

        Greg: This was my life way before it was yours. I think I'm kinda stuck in it, you know?

        Tegan considers this and nods a little. She looks at Marcia. Marcia shrugs.

        Marcia: Kinda the same. But...I'd like to think that maybe one day I won't be.

        Tegan stares into space.

        Tegan: Why do I have the feeling that it's always gonna be one day?

        She glances at Marcia. Greg looks serious and clutches Tegan's hand. Tegan looks at him. They share a smile.

        Greg: Guess I can do my best to bring that day closer for you.

        Tegan smiles at his gesture. Suddenly the door bursts open. The three of them turn to see a man middle-aged walking in. They stand looking alarmed.

        Marcia: Who are-

        The man raises a gun.

        Man: I'll ask the questions!

        Everyone looks worried. Fran, Rex and Lucas run through. The man points the gun at them. They halt suddenly, raising their hands.

        Rex: Jesus!

        The man looks uninterested in them and points his gun back at the others. He steps towards them.

        Man: You.

        He stares at Greg, pointing the gun directly at him. Greg breathes quickly.

        Greg: Yeah?

        Man: You sold a silver bracelet at the pawnbrokers last week.

        Greg hesitates. The man looks angry.

        Man: Didn't you!

        Greg pauses.

        Greg: Yes-

        The man takes several steps forward.

        Man: You stole it from my mother! You stole the last thing she had that my father gave her!

        There is a pause as his words echo through the warehouse. The man looks angry, tears in his eyes.
        Greg opens his mouth.

        Tegan: He didn't!

        Tegan looks worried. The man looks at her.

        Tegan: It was me. I stole it.

        There is a pause. The man looks at her hatefully. He points the gun at her and a click is heard. Greg's eyes widen and he steps in front of Tegan as the man shoots at her. Tegan's eyes widen in shock as Greg is hit by a bullet in the shoulder. Blood splatters on Tegan's shirt as Greg falls back into her, knocking her to the ground. Marcia looks down at the scene in front of her in shock. Greg clutches his shoulder, his face contorted in pain. Marcia looks at the man as he aims to shoot again. She runs towards him, as do Fran and the others. The man shoots but as he does so Marcia pushes his arm, and the bullet hits the wall a few feet above where Greg and Tegan lie. Tegan looks up fearfully and then looks horrified at Greg's wound. Marcia struggles with the man for the gun, as Rex grabs him. She is finally able to take the gun from her. She turns to look at Greg and Tegan as blood seeps from Greg's wound.

        FADE TO: GREY

        FADE TO:


        Tegan looks serious.

        Tegan: Turns out his mom had died from a stroke a few days before.

        Greg looks awkward. Juliet looks serious.

        Juliet: Why do you wanna do this now? It's been years.

        Greg hesitates.

        Greg: None of us ever killed anyone...except this woman. Not directly, sure, but by taking the bracelet we took her life as well.

        Juliet nods slightly. She glances at Tegan.

        Juliet: I don't wanna be pessimistic Tegan but...are you expecting this guy to forgive you, cause-

        Tegan: No. That's not why I wanna do this.

        Juliet: Then why?

        Juliet stares at her seriously.

        Tegan: If we can give this guy back the bracelet...then at least he has that. I've never tried to make amends for anything I did, I mean how could I? It's not like I'm desperate for atonement or whatever anyway.

        Greg and Juliet listen to her.

        Tegan: But this is something that sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night, Jules. We have a chance to try and fix that.

        Juliet hesitates and leans back against the desk.

        Juliet: If you're able to steal the bracelet will you even find this guy?

        Greg: Fran and Lucas tracked down his address a few weeks back. We were gonna get some money together for the job...involving robbing you. And then we found Tegan.

        Greg looks at her.

        Greg: Weird how things work out.

        Tegan smiles a little and looks at Juliet. Juliet knows she is waiting for an answer. Juliet looks undecided.

        Juliet: I can't tell you not to do this. And I can see why you want to, but...knowing how things are out there, with you really wanna risk what might happen?

        Tegan hesitates but then nods.

        Tegan: I do. For this, I do. Greg and the others have a car, and they knew where to go. I'm not gonna be gone more than a few hours.

        Juliet hesitates and the nods.

        Juliet: When are you gonna do this?

        Tegan: Tonight.

        She looks at Greg and smiles reflectively. Juliet looks across at Tegan anxiously.

        CUT TO:


        Aura walks down the main corridor. Gael is unlocking his door. He looks up. He immediately looks down avoiding eye contact with Aura as she walks up to her own door. She glances at him and then puts the key in the door lock.

        Aura: This is how it's gonna be for a while huh?

        Gael looks at her. She looks back.

        Aura: You act like I'm not here, and I have to deal with that cause I was "wrong"?

        Gael does not respond for a moment.

        Gael: What do you want me to say to you?

        Aura turns to face him fully.

        Aura: Maybe you should say to yourself whether all the effort you're putting into ignoring me and whoever else is really worth it.

        Gael frowns.

        Gael: I'm not ignoring you to prove a point. I'm ignoring you because I'm hurt.

        Aura: Yeah and I'm sorry you are; but so's everyone else. Pain ain't something new that just arrived in town last week for you. I know you've got through a hell of a lot worse than this and survived.

        Gael considers this. Aura looks down and the at Gael again.

        Aura: I ain't asking you to act like nothing happened. Just don't let how you're feeling dominate you're life, there ain't time for that around here, especially now.

        Gael pauses.

        Gael: So what you're telling me to to get over it, because that would make things a lot easier for you?

        Aura exhales and turns to her door.

        Aura: Ok Gael, you do what you want.

        Gael looks angry.

        Gael: He was executed like a...

        Aura looks at him.

        Aura: Like what? A criminal?

        Gael avoids eye contact with her looking upset. Aura swallows and walks into her room. Gael turns to his own door solemnly.

        CUT TO:


        CUT TO:


        Grace is at the till. Tegan is stood opposite her wearing a coat. They are in mid-conversation.

        Grace: You get a chance to talk to him about...things not involving thievery?

        Tegan exhales.

        Tegan: Minimally.

        Grace nods. Tegan shrugs.

        Tegan: I think about how that conversation might go; like he'll say he only married Marcia cause I left, and that every day he thinks about how things might have turned out if I hadn't...and then I realise that my version of events is a little biased.

        Tegan sighs. Grace ponders this.

        Grace: Never know.

        Tegan nods.

        Tegan: You're right. I won't. Cause I'm not gonna try and find out and make this all about me, so don't look at me like I should.

        Tegan raises her eyebrows at Grace. Grace tries to look innocent and opens her mouth to speak when the door behind them opens. Grace shuts her mouth as Greg, Marcia, Fran, Rex, Lucas and finally Juliet walk in. Tegan smiles at them.

        Tegan: Hey you guys. Ready?

        Rex: Damn right. Be like old times.

        Tegan smiles a little.

        Marcia: Except this time we're breaking the law to help someone else, rather than us.

        Tegan cocks her head for a second as if to say "that's true". Greg looks at Juliet.

        Greg: I know letting people like us stick around is your thing, but...thanks again.

        Juliet nods, smiling.

        Juliet: You're always welcome to come back if you ever need to. Even without your chips activated, we'll know it's you.

        Greg and the others look glad.

        Tegan: Guess we should go.

        The others nod and begin to walk out. Grace smiles a little at Tegan. Tegan looks from her to Juliet.

        Tegan: I will be back. Don't worry.

        Grace exhales and nods. Juliet hesitates.

        Juliet: Wait, Tegan...

        She walks around to the other side of the till. Tegan looks curious. Juliet stands before her and then takes out something. It is the gun.

        Juliet: I was giving the others back theirs and...I thought that you might need one too.

        Tegan looks at the gun as Juliet hands it to her. She doesn't look entirely pleased.

        Tegan: This is Royce's...

        Juliet swallows and nods. Grace raises her eyebrows. Tegan looks at Juliet, confused.

        Juliet: You know that one works.

        Tegan hesitates. Grace looks awkward. Tegan eventually nods and puts the gun inside her jacket.

        Tegan: Thanks, Jules.

        Juliet smiles a little and nods. Tegan smiles again at Grace and then walks away. Juliet and Grace watch, a little anxiously.

        CUT TO:


        Tegan and the others are stood waiting on the edge of the field, next to a suburban area. They are all wearing black, complete with gloves. They are staring intently at one house in particular. The door of the house opens, and a man and a woman come out. The woman locks the door behind her. Tegan inhales.

        Tegan: There we go.

        She looks at Fran.

        Tegan: Any idea where it is?

        Fran gives her a look.

        Fran: Ain't like I can see through walls, T. All I know is the guy who bought it took it back here a few days ago.

        Tegan looks back. The man and woman have gotten into a car. The car reverses and they drive off. Marcia stares at the house.

        Marcia: House looks alarmed.

        Fran: Could be. Window in the conservatory roof should be ok though.

        Rex: We all know what happens if we get that call wrong.

        Fran shrugs.

        Fran: Hey, I never said this was gonna be easy. Wasn't me who wanted to do this anyway.

        Greg glances at her.

        Greg: You've done half the work for us. Thanks.

        Fran cocks her head for a second as if to say "you're welcome". Tegan looks at Greg.

        Tegan: Plan of action?

        Greg ponders this for a second.

        CUT TO:


        Tegan and Marcia walk round they look up at the house. They speak very quietly, crouching down by the fence.

        Tegan: Hope she wasn't too excited about the bracelet.

        Marcia: Probably has another few like it if the Mercedes is anything to go by.

        Tegan smiles slightly. Marcia looks awkward.

        Marcia: I, uh, asked Greg if I could get some time alone with you.

        Tegan looks like she knows where this is leading.

        Tegan: Oh...

        Marcia smiles slightly.

        Marcia: Just in case we don't get another chance.

        Tegan looks up at the house.

        Tegan: Probably have a minute or two before Greg and Rex are done.

        Marcia nods. Tegan looks back at her.

        Tegan: So...

        Marcia hesitates.

        Marcia: I wanted to be the one to tell you...that I didn't plan to steal Greg from you.

        Tegan pauses.

        Marcia: I only saw him as a friend when you two were together. And then...things grew, I guess.

        Tegan still doesn't respond. Marcia looks worried.

        Marcia: Greg was worried you might take it like this.

        Tegan turns quickly.

        Tegan: No, I...

        She hesitates and then smiles slightly.

        Tegan: Greg and I are in the past. Way past. You're the one he loves, and...I'm glad, that some people are still able to be happy. I'm glad that you are.

        Marcia smiles a little. Movement from the house catches her eye. She and Tegan look as Rex opens the back door. The hurry over and walk in as Rex smiles.

        Rex: People still getting these cheap-ass alarms. Think they'd be able to afford something a little less easily overridden.

        Tegan smiles a little.

        Tegan: They never learn.

        Rex closes the door.

        CUT TO:

        INT. HOUSE - NIGHT

        Tegan looks around at the dark interior of the house. It looks very normal. She notices that the fridge is covered with pictures. Though there is very little light, a picture of the man and woman just seen, with two children, can be seen. Tegan stares at the picture for a few seconds.

        Marcia: Tegan?

        Tegan turns. Marcia is waiting by the entrance to the hallway. Tegan walks over to her. Marcia looks a little confused by Tegan's hesitation but follows her.

        CUT TO:


        Greg is throwing various clothes on the ground from a draw. Marcia walks in, followed by Tegan.

        Marcia: Anything?

        Greg: Not yet.

        Tegan walks over to the dresser and opens as Greg pulls the draw out completely, dropping it to the ground. He looks up at Tegan.

        Greg: Already checked.

        He pulls out another draw, tossing it aside casually. Tegan looks troubled. Greg glances at her and then does a double take as he notices her expression.

        Greg: What is it?

        Tegan hesitates and shakes her head, pretending nothing is wrong. Greg looks confused but continues to search. Tegan turns to a table and opens a draw just under the top. She looks over at Marcia who is tossing clothes from a wardrobe casually behind her. Tegan gathers her thoughts and starts to examine the contents of the draw. Greg stands, having been unsuccessful at finding anything in the chest of drawers. Tegan carefully places the contents of the table's draw. Greg watches and walks over.

        Greg: Come on T, we don't have much time.

        He pulls the draw out hurriedly, breaking the wooden supports, but he doesn't seem to care. Tegan hesitates.

        Tegan: I forgot that we had to pretend no one's gonna have to fix what we break.

        She stares at him. Greg looks at her. He frowns.

        Greg: If you wanna go out with Fran and Lucas, I'm not gonna stop-

        Marcia: Hey!

        Tegan and Greg both turn to Marcia. She lifts up a small open box. She reaches in and takes out the silver bracelet that caused so much damage so long ago. The three of them stare at it. Marcia looks pleased. Tegan looks thoughtful.

        Suddenly a bang is heard from downstairs. The screen goes into slow-motion. "Falling Again" by Lacuna Coil begins to play. The instrumental introduction of the song plays as Tegan turns quickly. Greg and Marcia both look deeply shocked. The three of them rush out of the room, Marcia taking the bracelet in her hand. She drops the box she was holding to the ground.

        CUT TO:


        They run down the stairs. The guitar section of the song begins. As Tegan reaches the bottom she sees a hand lying over the entrance to the house's living room. Greg and Marcia notice also. It is Rex. Tegan runs up and then stops in her tracks. A woman in her 40s is standing near the front door with a shotgun. She narrows her eyes at Tegan and the others and points the gun at them. Real time returns.

        Woman: Thought you were clever didn't you? Lucky for Jean and Barry that I keep my curtains open isn't it?

        'I lay, looking at my hands
        I search in these lines'

        Tegan and the others don't answer. She looks at them hatefully, rage in her tone.

        'I've not the answer'

        Woman: One of you call the damn cops already! Or you'll join your buddy down there!

        'I'm crying and I don't know
        Watching the sky
        I search for an answer'

        There is a pause. Greg steps forward.

        'I'm free, free to be
        I'm not another liar
        I just want to be myself...myself'

        Greg: Look...I know what you think we're doing...but it's more complicated than that-

        Woman: Don't try and talk your way out of this buster. I'm not an idiot.

        There is a pause. Greg steps forward.

        Greg: If you just let me explain-

        The woman however points the gun at him and shoots. A hole is blasted in the open door, inches away from Greg's arm. The gun zooms towards Tegan as she takes out her own gun and shoots. The woman is hit by a bullet just above her right eye. Marcia's eyes widen.

        'And now the beat inside of me
        Is a sort of a cold breeze and I've
        Never any feeling inside'

        The woman gasps slightly as blood trickles down her face. She sways for a moment, before falling to one side, losing hold of her shotgun.

        'Ruining me...
        Bring my body
        Carry it into another world
        I know I live...but like a stone I'm falling down'

        There is a pause. The instrumental part of the song continues in the background.

        Tegan breathes quickly, but quietly. She slowly lowers her gun and turns to the others.

        Tegan: We gotta go.

        They hesitate.

        Marcia: What about Rex?

        She looks upset as she says this. Greg looks down at his body.

        Greg: There's no evidence the rest of us were here.

        Marcia looks at him. Tegan realises what he means. She slowly kneels beside Greg and places her gun next to his gloved hand. She looks at him gravely and then stands. Marcia and Greg both look serious.

        Greg: Come on.

        He quickly turns. Tegan follows. Marcia looks reluctant but follows as well, giving one last look at Rex's body. The front door shuts behind them, leaving behind the destruction caused in so little time. "Falling Again" ends.

        FADE TO: GREY
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          ACT IV

          FADE TO:

          INT. DARK ROOM - NIGHT

          The room is untidy and looks almost derelict. The camera moves over slowly to reveal a mattress. Greg is lying on it, shirtless, a bandage over his shoulder. Blood stains the bandage, but it looks dry. Tegan is sat beside Greg, staring down. Greg's eyes slowly open. He stares up for a moment and then looks at Tegan. He shifts, coughing very slightly as he tries to sit up. Tegan turns.

          Tegan: Oh God.

          She looks relieved, smiling. Greg looks at her but winces in pain as he sits up further. Tegan looks concerned.

          Tegan: No, careful. Don't strain anything, those stitches might not hold.

          Greg looks at his wound and looks confused. He still looks in pain.

          Greg: Who did this? Where are we?

          Tegan: The who is Lucas. A year of med school finally pays off. And the where...well it has a roof, and there's no one else living here. So it's good for now.

          Greg takes this in, staring upwards. He breathes deeply.

          Greg: The guy who-

          Tegan: He's gone.

          Tegan looks serious. Greg looks at her.

          Greg: Where?

          Tegan shrugs.

          Tegan: Rex knocked him out, and we left. And now we can't really go back.

          Greg looks serious.

          Greg: Looks like karma finally caught up with us huh?

          Tegan looks at him. She begins to look tearful.

          Tegan: I guess so.

          Her voice becomes weaker. Greg glances at her noting the change of tone. Tegan's eyes are glazed over with tears. He looks at her kindly.

          Greg: Don't worry T, I'm ok-

          Tegan: I know. I...I'm glad.

          She smiles as a tear streams down her cheek. She hesitates. Greg stares at Tegan wishing her could help. Tegan looks to have something more on her mind. She speaks quietly.

          Tegan: I realised something.

          Greg looks at her, his brow narrowing slightly, but he retains his smile. Tegan begins to look more upset as another tear follows the first. Tegan shakes her head.

          Tegan: I've been doing this for so long...I...think I'd become a little numb to it. I guess it was a little bit like a dream.

          She pauses, swallowing.

          Tegan: Yesterday...everything became real a-again.

          Greg looks confused. "Where I Stood" by Missy Higgins begins to play. Tegan bites her lip, looking even sadder.

          Tegan: I don't think I can live with what...w-with...with everything. I...

          'I don't know what I've done, or if I like, what I've begun.'

          She looks away as she struggles to explain herself. Greg frowns, looking surprised.

          Greg: T...T I'm all right, I'll be all right-

          Tegan looks at him.

          Tegan: But you might not have been.

          'But something told me to run and honey you know me, it's all anon'

          Tegan: I don't know how it took so long for something like this to happen, we've been too lucky. The next time could be around the corner, and-and I can't deal with that possibility...

          'There were sounds in my head, a little voice is whispering'

          She cries more fully now. Greg begins to look tearful too.

          Greg: What are you saying?

          Tegan shakes her head sadly.

          ?That I should go, and this should end, but then I found myself listening'

          Tegan: I'm gonna stay until you're ok. But then...

          Tegan looks at him sadly. The music swells. Greg stares at her, narrowing his brow trying to comprehend what he is hearing.

          ?Cuz I don't know, who I am, who I am without you
          All I know is that I should?

          Greg: You're just gonna...leave?

          Tegan exhales, glancing at the ceiling.

          ?And I don't know if I could stand, another hand upon you,
          All I know is that I should'

          Tegan: I wish I didn't have to-

          Greg: Then don't!

          He looks angry. Tegan stares at him sadly.

          'Cuz she will love you more than I could
          She who dares to stand where I stood'

          Tegan: You're never gonna give this up. Not even for me.

          'And I won't be far from where you are if ever you should call'

          Greg hesitates. He looks more upset than angry now. He grabs for her hand, but his grip appears to pain Tegan as she closes her eyes.

          Tegan: Please don't...Greg.

          ?You meant more to me than anyone I ever loved at all
          But you taught me how to trust myself ?

          Greg: Nothing's changed-

          She opens her eyes slowly and looks at him.

          ?And so I say to you...
          This is what I have to do'

          The song grows quieter.

          Tegan: I have.

          Greg shakes his head as his own eyes begin to fill with tears

          'Cuz I don't know, who I am, who I am without you'

          Greg: I can't do this without you T.

          Tegan: I...I can't do it with you.

          'All I know is that I should'

          Greg looks at a loss as he stares at Tegan's tear-stained face. She wipes away a tear quickly and stands. Her hand parts from Greg's. She turns away from him.

          Tegan: Let...let me know if you need anything...

          ?And I don't know if I could stand, another hand upon you'

          She fights against her emotions as she says this, knowing that Greg is staring at her intently. She walks away and out of the room. Greg looks empty.

          ?All I know is that I should'

          CUT TO:

          INT. VAN ? NIGHT

          Lucas is driving looking grave. Fran is sat next to him, her face tear-stained. The camera moves back to Marcia and Greg sat in the middle section of the van, staring out of the windows either side of them, both of them looking grave.

          ?Cuz she will love you more than I could'

          The camera moves back to show Tegan sat next to an empty seat. She looks at the seat and then forwards. The side of Marcia's head is just visible in front of the seat's head rest. Tegan stares forwards looking sombre.

          ?She who dares to stand where I stood
          She who dares to stand where I stood'

          "Where I Stood" ends. Everyone sits in silence as Lucas drives.

          CUT TO: BLACK

          CUT TO:


          The camera follows behind Juliet as she walks down the corridor. She passes Mark who smiles a little and walks on. Juliet continues walking as she turns to look after him, looking thoughtful. She then faces forwards again, turning down towards the rooms. She stops outside a door right at the start of the corridor. She hesitates, looking anxious, exhaling, and then knocks on the door.

          Royce OS: Yes.

          Juliet hesitates but then opens the door. Royce is sat on his bed, reading "The Other Side of Dawn" by John Marsden. He looks up at Juliet stood before him. She stares back, and for a moment there is nothing. Royce closes his book.

          Royce: I'm surprised you haven't locked the door.

          Juliet hesitates and then closes the door behind her.

          Juliet: You're not a prisoner.

          Royce: Is that right?

          Juliet looks serious.

          Juliet: I've never been able to work you out. Now I've even less sure about who you are. You never say more than a few words to anyone here, and then you go and do something like this...

          She looks troubled. Royce pauses.

          Royce: I'm sorry if you expected something else. I never said I was someone that you could..."work out".

          Juliet stares at him, looking thoughtful.

          Juliet: You know why there's a problem here.

          Royce: Of course. You and several others think that I've done something terrible. I disagree. As does Devyn, I imagine. I am...a problem, for you.

          Juliet glances away.

          Juliet: What do you think I can do, Royce? I sincerely doubt that you can promise me not to do something like this again.

          Royce considers this.

          Royce: You're aware of what happened to my family before I came here, aren't you?
          Juliet looks confused but nods slowly. Royce glances away.

          Royce: The people that decided that they should be punished for my crime did so using a trial very similar to the one that took place here. They worked their way into my life and destroyed most of what I loved, because they saw it as a fitting punishment.

          Juliet stares at him. Royce stares back bitterly.

          Royce: They worked for this city. A city which has a heart founded in cruelty. Justice is only a shadow behind it. You know that as well as I do. I won't let them take the last thing I have...these walls.

          Juliet considers this.

          Royce: I can promise you that I will always do what is needed to keep Haven as it is. I will save your life without hesitation, as I will save my own. If that's still a problem...then I'm not sure I can help you solve it.

          Juliet pauses.

          Juliet: As long as you're prepared...for what I might do to keep things as they are.

          Royce hesitates. He then nods.

          Juliet exhales. She walks out. Royce watches where she was standing.

          CUT TO:

          EXT. STREET ? NIGHT

          It is raining gently. A van is pulled up on the side of the road, and Tegan and the others are stood next to it. There is a sombre atmosphere. Fran nods at Tegan.

          Fran: So long, T.

          Tegan smiles at her. Fran glances away not knowing what else to say.

          Lucas: Maybe we'll see you again some time.

          Tegan nods, smiling.

          Tegan: Maybe.

          Tegan hesitates.

          Tegan: Uh, I think we all need to get out of here.

          Marcia: You sure you'll be ok getting back?

          Tegan: Yeah, it's only a block or two.

          Marcia nods. She moves toward Tegan slightly but then hesitates, not knowing whether to hug her or not. Tegan looks hesitant but also but then moves in and hugs her anyway. Marcia closes her eyes looking regretful. The two part. Marcia smiles for a moment, glances at Greg and then gets back into the van. Greg and Tegan are left alone. There is a pause.

          Tegan: Didn't think I'd ever have to do this again.

          Greg looks at her.

          Tegan: Say goodbye.

          Greg hesitates and nods.

          Greg: Yeah. I'm not sure whether this time feels worse or not.

          Tegan glances away for a moment before looking back at Greg.

          Tegan: I guess last time I didn't really know if I was leaving behind what I was meant to do. Cause it was all I knew. Now...I know I'm going back to what I'm meant to do.

          Greg nods.

          Greg: I kinda figured.

          Tegan smiles sadly.

          Tegan: Are you sure you'll be ok? Not just getting the bracelet back's changing and I don't wanna find out that any of you've disappeared or whatever.

          She looks genuinely concerned. Greg smiles a little.

          Greg: I'm with...the right people. So are you.

          Tegan smiles back a little.

          Tegan: Good luck Greg. And stay safe.

          Greg nods.

          Greg: You too, T.

          They hesitate and then hug, both of them staring into space as they embrace.

          FADE TO: GREY

          CUT TO:

          EXT. STREET ? DAY

          Tegan and Greg hug in the flashback. Marcia, Fran, Lucas and Rex are stood in the background, looking serious. Tegan and Greg part. The bandage over his shoulder can still be seen, though it has mostly healed now. Tegan looks at the others for a second, smiling and then looks back at Greg. Tears are present in her eyes. Greg looks upset.

          Greg: I've tried so hard to understand this, T. I'm still not sure I can.

          Tegan's smile fades a little, but she looks understanding. She touches his hand.

          Tegan: Maybe in time, you will.

          Greg looks at the ground.

          Greg: Time hurts.

          Tears fall down Tegan's face. She nods.

          Tegan: Yeah. And then it heals.

          She strokes the bandage just below his wound, very lightly. She then looks at him and smiles.

          Tegan: I-I know you're with the right people for that.

          Greg looks at her.

          Greg: Who's gonna heal you?

          Tegan hesitates. She shrugs.

          Tegan: Guess I'll have to keep my eyes open.

          She smiles sadly. Greg nods a little. Tegan exhales.

          Tegan: Goodbye.

          Greg looks at her, not wanting to offer his last word.

          CUT TO:

          INT. STREET ? NIGHT

          In the present day, the scene continues. Greg and Tegan part. Greg stares at Tegan.

          Greg: Goodbye.

          Tegan hesitates.

          Tegan: Take care of Marcia.

          Greg nods. Tegan turns and begins to walk away. She closes her eyes as she feels Greg's gaze behind her, burning through her, yet she walks on without turning back. He and the others go out of focus.

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN LOBBY

          The front door opens and Tegan walks in. She looks weary. She walks up to her desk and places her bag down on the reception counter. She pauses, staring downwards. She begins to cry softly, putting her left hand across her face as she takes in all that has been lost this night. Behind her in the entrance to the dining area, Devyn comes into focus. He stares at her, concerned. Tegan moves her hand away, attempting to gain her composure and turns to the dining area. She jumps slightly as she sees Devyn. She smiles as best she can, wiping her eyes.

          Tegan: Hey...

          Devyn smiles back a little.

          Tegan: Didn't think anyone'd be around this late.

          Devyn shrugs.

          Devyn: Had a little work to do. I'm not really tired till late these days.

          Tegan nods.

          Tegan: Right.

          There is a slight pause. Tegan considers something.

          Tegan: I was gonna get some much-delayed dinner.

          Devyn nods and stands aside. Tegan hesitates and then walks into the dining area. Devyn hesitates and then follows.

          CUT TO:


          Tegan and Devyn are sat together. Tegan sips from the mug between her hands, staring downward. Devyn watches her.

          Tegan: I know that you could probably try and help me to rationalise what I did'd be stupid to even try.

          Devyn looks serious.

          Tegan: I don't want it to be justified. I don't wanna feel like I had no choice. I wish that...

          She exhales.

          Tegan: That I could feel like I haven't just become something else. Something I don't even recognise.

          Tegan looks at him.

          Tegan: There've been so many times when I could have killed someone who threatened my life, the lives of people I love. There's nothing that makes this time any different. But everything was different. And the worst part is, afterwards, I was thinking about where I stand with Greg and Marcia, and...and it felt ok to think about them and not her.

          She looks upset. Devyn pauses.

          Devyn: I destroyed a lot of lives. Doing what I did. I never felt guilty about any of them. Then I found, some old letter...I'd got a woman to sign over everything she had when she died. It was years later...but suddenly I felt like it was the first time I'd ever hurt anyone.

          Tegan watches him.

          Devyn: One time is all it takes to find something you didn't know you had. Maybe the woman you shot...didn't know that she could actually shoot someone either, until she shot your friend.

          Tegan considers this.

          Devyn: Doesn't change everything. Unless you think it should...

          Tegan pauses.

          Tegan: I hope to God it doesn't. Is that enough?

          Devyn hesitates.

          Devyn: It was for me.

          Tegan considers this. Devyn takes a sip from his own drink as the two sit in silence. Tegan stares into space.

          FADE TO:


          The sun is only just rising. Police cars are surrounding the house Tegan and co. visited last night, which is now taped off. Neighbours are standing, talking worriedly. A man and a woman are being consoled by police officers next to the police tape. An officer walks under the tape towards the house. The camera follows him inside. Forensic teams in white protective clothing are taking pictures of Rex and the woman's bodies. Inspectors are stood around. The policeman that the camera has been following stops in front of Jackie who is talking to another man. She turns as the policeman approaches her.

          Policeman: We have an ID ma'am. Rex Courtier. He's eluded authorities for several years now.

          Jackie looks serious.

          Jackie: His chip's turned off. Just like all the others.

          Jackie looks frustrated. The man hesitates.

          Policeman: There may be some better news, ma'am.

          Jackie looks at him.

          Jackie: Then tell me.

          Policeman: Courtier was part of a group. The majority of crimes that he's connected to also involve the other members.

          Jackie looks interested.

          Jackie: You have IDs?

          Policeman: Yes ma'am.

          He hands over a file. Jackie looks pleased.

          Jackie: Good work.

          The policeman looks glad to receive praise from Jackie.

          Policeman: Are there any signs of any other intruders in the house ma'am?

          Jackie looks at him. She smiles slightly.

          Jackie: They're good. But I'm sure we'll be able to find something...before long.

          She glances at the forensics team. One of them raises her camera. Rex's body lies on the ground, still. The woman takes the picture. The flash engulfs the screen.

          CUT TO: BLACK

          THE END
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