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  • Haven Episode 1.5 5. Access

    This is the fifth episode of "Haven", an original series written by me. I hope you enjoy reading it! If you have any feedback, positive or critical, please post it here, thank you

    Haven Episode 1.5 5. Access

    Written and Produced by Alex Hart

    Special thanks to Heather

    Disclaimer: The series “Haven”, its characters, locations and ideas are all creations belonging to Alex Hart. The work is fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only. No unauthorised usage of anything in “Haven” is permitted without prior permission, thank you.


    OPEN ON:


    The camera moves across the cupboards of the kitchen. Sunlight is caressing the walls of the room, gently filling the room. Sobbing and quick breathing can be heard. The camera moves down, but not closer to, two men. One is lying on the floor, his expression of one of pain, shock and confusion. There is a wound on his shoulder, blood seeping out. His face is very pale and clammy. He is in his early twenties. The other man next to him is also in his mid twenties and is frantically trying to stop the bleeding from the other man’s shoulder. He is holding a cloth over the wound, pressing both his hands down on it. He looks terrified as he stares down from the wound to the other man’s face.

    Blood trickles down across the man’s grey top. He stares up at the man who is trying to save him. They make eye contact. The wounded man opens his mouth slightly wider, narrowing his brow a little. The other man stares down at him, unable to say anything. There is a wide shot of the two of them, alone.


    FADE TO:


    The man seen crying in the previous scene is sat in the room on one side of a small table. There is nothing else in the room apart from one other empty chair. The man looks anxious. He looks up at the corner of the room. There is a security camera pointing at him. He glances away from it. The door of the room opens. Jackie walks through. She has a pleasant smile on her face but the man looks wary.

    Jackie: Mr Palmer. My name is Jackie Stevens.

    The man (Mr Palmer) doesn’t look pleased by her introduction, but looks slightly fearful.

    Mr Palmer: Don’t I...get a lawyer?

    Jackie smiles, hesitating. She sits herself down on the chair on the opposite side of the table from him.

    Jackie: I realise that this may be a difficult and confusing situation for you. I imagine you’ve gone through a lot these last few weeks.

    Mr Palmer stares at her, not acknowledging this other than the fact he remains serious. Jackie smiles more genuinely.

    Jackie: Unfortunately, things won’t get easier for you before they get harder. Of course, by volunteering to come here you’ve definitely chosen the less rocky of two uphill paths.

    Mr Palmer narrows his brow.

    Jackie: Here at Amethyst, Mr Palmer, we’re sympathetic to your case. More than a jury would be, at least. We want to help you.

    Mr Palmer looks anxious.

    Mr Palmer: Why?

    Jackie smiles kindly.

    Jackie: Because we want to rehabilitate individuals like yourself, who’ve been thrown aside by the law because of something they didn’t mean to happen. What good would putting you away really do for the world?

    She gives him a sympathetic look. Mr Palmer glances away looking troubled.

    Jackie: Our track record is very high. We can help you get back to your life help us.

    Mr Palmer looks at her.

    Mr Palmer: How?

    Jackie leans closer to him, criss-crossing her fingers as she puts her hands together.

    Jackie: We’ve been trying to locate a group of criminals who have been attempting to undermine the justice system of this city. We’d like you to help us locate them.

    Mr Palmer looks uncertain.

    Mr Palmer: Aren’t...aren’t you basically undermining the system by taking me out of it?

    Jackie’s smile fades slightly. She leans back a little.

    Jackie: If you’d like to turn down our offer, Mr Palmer, I assure you that you will face at least twenty years, possibly less with parole, but that’s if you’re lucky. Your regret will mean very little in a courtroom, when people learn there’s a dead man involved.

    Mr Palmer looks uncomfortable. Jackie attempts a softer approach, leaning back in.

    Jackie: I want you to know, that I’m not going to let that happen, if you just agree to our terms. After you help’ll be free.

    Mr Palmer looks away, conflicted. He looks back at her.

    Mr Palmer: There’s gotta be some catch to this. But I don’t really have any other choice right now but to do what you want so, tell me: what is it you want me to do?

    He looks defeated, but Jackie smiles kindly.

    CUT TO:


    Jackie walks in on her mobile phone.

    Jackie: He’ll begin tomorrow, sir...yes I’m going to check on the situation in a moment.

    Jackie smiles as she listens to her superior on the other end of the phone.

    Jackie: Thank you, sir. Yes, have a good evening.

    Jackie takes the phone away from her ear and presses a button to end the call. She dials another number and then puts the phone back. She waits for a few seconds.

    Jackie: It’s me. How’s it going?

    CUT TO:


    Bright lights shine down from the ceiling, illuminating Neil, Jackie’s co-worker from “A Little Less Than Five Star”. He is wearing a black suit with black gloves. He has his own mobile to his ear.

    Neil: Just been taking a little break, actually.

    CUT TO:


    Jackie looks unimpressed.

    Jackie: We don’t have time for breaks.

    CUT TO:


    Neil narrows his brow, smiling.

    Neil: You were the one who told me to keep people alive. A high pressure approach wouldn’t be the best way to do that.

    CUT TO:


    She looks serious.

    Jackie: Then you better find a good balance quickly, because both I and Mr Dalen would expect a little more than you have right now.

    CUT TO:


    Neil sighs.

    Neil: Fine.

    There is a pause as he listens.

    Neil: Yeah, well, I’m sure you’ll check up even if I don’t. All right.

    He puts the phone away, rolling his eyes. He then turns round. He smiles.

    Neil: Ok, so, Jackie wants things to get a little more intense. Hope that’s ok with you?

    The camera moves round to show Trey tied to a chair by his wrists and ankles and gagged with a bloody gag. He is naked and has various cuts and bruises across his torso and face. He stares with hatred at Neil before him. Neil does not look phased, staring at Trey as if his glare is a challenge. He looks to his left; there is a table, wrapped with Clingfilm, with various instruments on it, some splattered with Trey’s blood. Neil steps over to it and surveys it. He picks up a long black stick. He clicks a button on the side of it and flame bursts out from the top. Neil looks satisfied and turns to Trey.

    Neil: Man...all you need to do is talk. Guess that might be difficult for you with the gag and all but...just grunt if you can’t take it, ok? I’ll let you know when I’m ready to hear you.

    He smiles sadistically and walks towards Trey with the lighter turned on.



    THEMESONG: “Not Gonna Get Us” - Tatu

    The eerie start of the song plays as we see grey smoke. “Haven” in black, torn letters fades in. It disappears as the drums start. The smoke is gone also. There are a series of quick shots: a gun being fired. A high-heeled foot stepping next to a pole. A syringe injecting someone’s arm. A knife being raised. A key turning in a lock. Coins scattering on a table. A close up of a woman’s lips as she applies lipstick. A shovel being forced into the ground. A close up of someone handcuffing another person’s wrists. A hand flicking a cigarette lighter on. A pair of pliers approaching someone’s finger. A dagger covered in blood hitting the ground. A hand grabbing on to someone’s arm. A close up of an eye opening wide.

    As the song suddenly becomes more energetic, there is a montage of criminal records, each face only seen for a fraction of a second.

    The camera zooms towards Juliet looking shocked.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Juliet walking with a neutral expression on her face. There is a shot of Juliet pointing a gun looking resolute. There is a shot of Juliet turning her face, looking serious. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of Juliet, Grace and Tegan running. There is a shot of the illuminated “Summertime General” sign.

    There is a shot of Devyn reaching out for something.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Devyn punching someone. There is a shot of him leaning against a wall. There is a shot of him smiling, a little smugly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a little girl with a knife in her hand. There is a shot of a gun being fired into the air.

    There is a shot of Tegan typing on a computer.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Tegan turning, the flash of sirens causing her to shield her eyes. There is a shot of Tegan putting her hand over mouth. There is a shot of Tegan ****ing her head slightly, smiling. The credit flickers away.

    A shot of a woman walking down a corridor of Haven, purposefully. A shot of a man and a woman kissing.

    There is a shot of Gael holding out a large knife.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Gael hugging someone. There is a shot of a tear streaming down Gael’s face. There is a shot of Gael laughing. The credit flickers away.

    A shot of the main entrance opening. A shot of Mark and Aura turning looking surprised in Summertime General.

    There is a shot of Grace carrying a plate of food.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Grace putting her head in her hands. A shot of her putting her finger over her lips. A shot of her smiling a little. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of an explosion. A shot of Grace crying in Gael’s arms.

    There is a shot of Aura sat at one of the tables in Haven’s kitchen.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Aura turning looking shocked. A shot of her at the till in Summertime General. A shot of her smiling kindly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a hand being placed on the identification pad. A shot of Bethany kissing someone.

    There is a shot of Mark walking down the first lower corridor.


    The credits flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Mark looking troubled. A shot of Mark diving out of the way of something. A shot of Mark stroking someone’s hair.

    There is a shot of Royce punching someone. A shot of a man moving over a man’s bare stomach.

    There is a shot of Jackie sitting in a chair, her index finger on her temple. She looks thoughtful.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Jackie turning, looking out of breath. A shot of her walking looking formidable. A shot of her examining a gun. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a corridor in Haven. The camera zooms through to the lobby, spinning around, backing through the front entrance. The doors close.


    DAVE ANNABLE – Eric Palmer
    KELLY CARLSON – Alandra Stone
    JUSTIN CHAMBERS – Trey Caylin
    PERCY DAGGS - Sam Shaw
    SARAH HAGAN – Kelcie Mannings
    FAMKE JANSSEN – Liliana Redgrave
    JASON MOMOA – Josef Porter
    JAMES PICKENS JR. – Royce Appleby
    JOELY RICHARSON - Marissa Jeffers
    KEVIN RAHM – Neil Greys
    JOELY RICHARDSON – Marissa Jeffers
    AMANDA SEYFRIED – Bethany Thyme
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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    Kelcie and Juliet walk through from the first lower corridor. Tegan is sat behind her desk. Aura is stood by the desk. She smiles at Kelcie, who is carrying a small suitcase.

    Aura: And look at you girl. All ready to face the big bad world.

    Kelcie smiles.

    Kelcie: I have you all to thank for that.

    Juliet smiles a little.

    Juliet: I think you mostly have Aura to thank for that.

    Aura smiles, embarrassed. Kelcie smiles from Juliet to Aura.

    Kelcie: Maybe at the beginning, she was the only one who wanted to help me but...things seem to have changed around here in only a few weeks. I didn't expect to find what I did in here.

    The others look glad. Tegan leans forward little, looking a little concerned.

    Tegan: Where are you gonna go?

    Kelcie's smile shrinks slightly.

    Kelcie: My dad is still out there. I think he can help.

    Juliet looks serious and nods.

    Juliet: I hope so. But Kelcie, my God you have to be careful. We don't they work, how they're able to find people.

    Her tone is laced with fear. Kelcie looks grateful for Juliet's concern.

    Kelcie: I know. I see why people stay here for so long, and I'm glad that they can, but...that's not me. It just...isn't, you know? My whole life seems to have been me hiding away, and I think I'm done with

    She looks very much decided. Juliet smiles and nods.

    Juliet: Ok.

    Tegan screws up her mouth, still looking anxious.

    CUT TO:


    Mark is at the till; he looks a little anxious as he stares towards the door at the other end of the shop. Gael is stacking shelves nearby. He glances at Mark and then does a double take as he notices his expression. He hesitates as he continues to place tins of food on the shelf.

    Gael: Look like you're expecting damage.

    Mark looks over at Gael. He half smiles.

    Mark: I suppose this whole "spy" thing's changed the way I look at whoever walks through the door.

    Gael nods, putting down a tin. He walks over to Mark slowly.

    Gael: Yeah, same, actually.

    Mark: Feels kinda weird...hoping that the next person to arrive will just be a-a murderer or something.

    Gael looks pensive.

    Gael: Even if, someone does come here, someone like Westler...we're in a better position to deal with them than we were before. Expecting the worst's not such a bad thing.

    Mark considers this. Something catches his eye outside. Liliana is walking across the street towards the shop. Gael notices and sighs.

    Mark: Is she gonna show up a lot?

    Gael looks at him and raises his eyebrows.

    Gael: As I said...expect the worst.

    Liliana walks in, wearing a stylish black trouser suit and white blouse. She takes off her sunglasses, smiling at Gael and Mark.

    Liliana: Good morning, gentlemen.

    Gael nods.

    Gael: Liliana.

    Gael glances at the security camera behind him.

    CUT TO:


    Devyn is reading a file. Grace walks in from the kitchen, carrying two dirty dishes. She raises her eyebrows at Devyn.

    Grace: Going ok?

    Devyn looks up. He smiles slightly.

    Devyn: Yeah, just uh, doing some sums in my head.

    Grace nods and puts the plates next to the sink. She flinches slightly and puts her hand on her shoulder, massaging it. She looks to be in discomfort. Devyn notices and stares at her from behind. Grace takes a glass and fills it with water. She places it down and opens the draw next to her, taking out the same bottle of pills as usual. She takes one out and swallows it with the water.

    Devyn: You ok?

    Grace turns to him. She smiles vaguely.

    Grace: Um, sure. Just pain killers.

    Devyn nods.

    Devyn: You get them easily?

    Grace hesitates and shrugs.

    Grace: Juliet deals with them. I guess Liliana brings them in or something.

    Devyn nods to himself as Grace puts the bottle of pills back.

    Devyn: I wonder when I'll get to meet her.

    Grace looks at him sceptically.

    Grace: Liliana? Trust me; she's not someone you go out of your way to meet.

    Devyn looks curious.

    Devyn: Well, even so, she's still pretty much in charge of this place, right?

    Grace: She likes to think so.

    Devyn looks a little confused.

    Devyn: I thought Juliet was waiting for her to arrive so that...things...can be sorted out?

    Grace: Oh she's, here right now.

    Grace takes another sip of her water. Devyn looks interested.

    CUT TO:


    Liliana is sat in Juliet's chair. Juliet is stood over her waiting as Liliana reads a page on her laptop. Juliet watches Liliana anxiously, waiting for some kind of response, but Liliana gives no clue to what she is feeling. Juliet frowns slightly.

    Juliet: Have you...finished reading?

    Liliana looks up. She smiles pleasantly.

    Liliana: Oh, I read it a few days ago, I'm just going over it again.

    Juliet frowns more noticeably as Liliana turns back to the monitor.

    Juliet: You...aren't worried by this?

    Liliana looks up at Juliet again. She notices Juliet's look of concern. She smiles kindly.

    Liliana: If I got worried, every time there was a report like this, I'd be in a padded cell. This kind of thing, Juliet, it's not uncommon.

    Liliana stands up. Juliet looks unimpressed by Liliana's attitude as she begins to walk round the desk. Juliet walks after her.

    Juliet: This isn't just a report, Liliana, do you not remember me telling you five minutes ago about the man with the tattoo-

    Liliana turns round and smiles knowingly. She pauses.

    Liliana: I do, of course, and you were right to alert me about all of this. The thing is...there's more to that tattoo than you know.

    Juliet looks confused.

    CUT TO:


    Juliet is sat at her desk. She is looking at several printed sheets of paper in front of her. The Amethyst symbol can be seen, with an article about it. There is also a picture of Westler. Liliana stands on the other side of the desk, waiting as Juliet reads. Juliet looks up at her. Liliana smiles.

    Liliana: As you can see...Westler had his tattoo five years ago. This, "Amethyst", corporation have only just started to use the symbol.

    Juliet considers this.

    Liliana: I must say it's an interesting choice of identification: something that represents harmony.

    Juliet looks her in the eye.

    Juliet: This doesn't prove that they don't have a connection. What about the stuff that Westler was telling the other guests, about-about healing.

    Liliana hesitates.

    Liliana: Well I would have thought that being so concerned with Westler's intentions, you would have read his file more thoroughly.

    Juliet looks confused.

    Liliana: Westler had been on some kind of...path of redemption, since before he got that tattoo. He'd done a lot of work with various churches, before they discovered his true identity and he had to leave. I imagine he wanted to continue his

    Juliet considers all of the information she has just been told. She still looks doubtful.

    Juliet: How do you know all this?

    Liliana smiles, a little less genuinely.

    Liliana: When a guest dies, under any circumstances, I always check their file. Something I thought you might have done, too.

    She and Juliet stare at one another. Juliet glances away.

    Juliet:'s a good job you have enough time in your day to do the things that I wish I could.

    Juliet stands up, looking confrontational. Liliana looks non-phased.

    Juliet: But this still doesn't mean we're out of the woods, you can't say that Amethyst are just another small step by the city council, they are a giant leap. They have a goddamn website!

    Liliana hesitates and then looks as if she is trying to appear understanding.

    Liliana: I'm sure The Board are already aware of Amethyst and are making sure than Haven, and everyone connected to it, are kept safe.

    Juliet looks unconvinced. Liliana notices.

    Liliana: I'll check as soon as I leave, and come back tomorrow to let you know what action is being taken.

    Juliet exhales but then nods.

    Juliet: Thank you.

    Liliana smiles nodding. She hesitates and then takes something out of her pocket. It is a gun. Juliet is taken back.

    Liliana: This is for you. case.

    Liliana walks over to Juliet and holds the gun handle out for her to take. Juliet looks uncertain. Liliana sighs and places the gun on the table.

    Liliana: I'm not telling you to use it, Juliet. I just don't want to see any of you hurt like Devyn was.

    Juliet considers this. There is a knock at Juliet's door. Juliet looks over at it. She quickly places the gun behind a pile of papers.

    Juliet: Come in?

    Devyn walks in. He smiles awkwardly.

    Devyn: Oh, um, I didn't mean to interrupt.

    Liliana smiles widely. Juliet is about to speak.

    Liliana: That's quite all right, we were just finished. You must be Devyn, yes? Well your face certainly adds a more appealing quality to the hotel.

    Juliet rolls her eyes at Liliana's routine. Devyn puts his thumbs in his pockets, smiling awkwardly. Liliana steps towards him.

    Liliana: I hope you're settling in more comfortably after your, uh, difficult introduction.

    Liliana looks sympathetic. Devyn still looks awkward, but manages to a smile.

    Devyn: I am, thank you.

    Liliana looks pleased to hear this.

    Liliana: Good. Well I'm afraid I have to go, but, it was nice to meet you, Devyn.

    She turns to Juliet. Her smile fades very slightly as she does.

    Liliana: Juliet.

    Liliana turns back to Devyn and smiles pleasantly before walking out. Devyn looks at Juliet. Juliet sighs and smiles wearily at him.

    Juliet: So, uh, what can I do for you?

    Devyn smiles embarrassed.

    Devyn: Actually I...came in to see Liliana for myself.

    Juliet's smile drops.

    Juliet: Oh.

    She narrows her brow, smiling confusedly.

    Juliet: So you...planned to interrupt?

    Devyn smiles past this.

    Devyn: I just wanted to know what was going on.

    Juliet looks more understanding. There is a pause as she sighs once again.

    Juliet: Take a seat.

    Devyn looks grateful and walks towards her. He glances at her desk: the papers where Juliet has put the gun.

    CUT TO:


    Liliana walks in from the main corridor. Tegan looks up. Liliana smiles at her. Tegan smiles back, unenthusiastically.

    Tegan: Ready to go back up?

    Liliana: I am, thank you.

    Tegan nods, her smile faltering as she gets up and walks over to the door. As she does the door opens. Tegan looks surprised to see Gael facing her. She smiles.

    Tegan: Hey.

    Gael: Hey, sorry if I made you jump.

    Tegan shrugs, brushing it off. She looks past Gael and looks back at him.

    Tegan: I won't be a minute.

    Gael nods smiling. Tegan walks past, followed by Liliana. Gael smiles in a similar way at Liliana as Tegan did. Gael exhales and turns round. He smiles more genuinely.

    Gael: Just gotta wait for Tegan to come back down, she's the receptionist. Then we can get you into a room Mister...

    Gael waits for the man to respond as he steps forward. He looks very anxious but smiles.

    Mr Palmer: Call me Eric.

    He begins to look around the lobby.

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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Eric is sat at the desk, reading something. Jackie is sat opposite him. The camera focuses on the page before Eric: the piece of paper with "Crazy Nuts, Haven" that Jackie received in "Crazy Nuts" is stuck down, followed by an article. Eric frowns.

      Eric: I don't understand what these are.

      He looks up at Jackie, confused.

      Jackie: Neither do we, fully. What we suspect is that "Haven" is some kind of refuge for criminals.

      Eric stares at her.

      Jackie: Dangerous people that we have been tracking for months have disappeared and we have...

      She hesitates.

      Jackie: ...evidence that they're being offered sanctuary by this place...this "Haven".

      Eric stares into space. Jackie cocks her head slightly as she watches him.

      Jackie: Don't.

      Eric looks at him, torn out of his daydream. Jackie looks at him unsympathetically.

      Jackie: Don't wish that you found them before we found you.

      Eric pauses, looking troubled. He avoids eye contact with Jackie as she stares at him with a steel gaze.

      Jackie: The people that are being harboured in that place are not like you, Eric. They didn't make a mistake. They knew what they were doing, and they still do. They think that the law doesn't apply to them because they've been offered a twisted little lifeline from people who are even worse. They would take you in and spit you back out again, giving you the illusion that you're invincible.

      Eric looks back at her.

      Jackie: You'd only have ended up dead.

      She looks like she is about to speak as she begins to lean towards Eric slightly, putting her hands together.

      Jackie: This way you can make a difference, Eric.

      Eric looks frustrated.

      Eric: You assume that I want to?

      Jackie surveys him.

      Jackie: No. But I assume that you're going to, regardless of what it is you want.

      Eric looks away, defeated. Jackie takes the file of paper next to her and passes another sheet to Eric. Eric takes it, reluctantly and looks at it. Jackie leans back.

      Jackie: The list of locations you're looking at are some of those we think that Haven's clients go to get the information they need to find it.

      Eric frowns as he reads the locations.

      Jackie: But we don't just need to know how to get there. We need full access, and details on those working there. A location alone isn't enough. One of our operatives previously attempted to go uncover, but without an activated conviction chip and a record...they didn't get far.

      Jackie smiles very slightly.

      Jackie: It should be...a lot easier, for someone like you.

      Eric looks up at her.

      CUT TO:


      CUT TO:

      INT. HAVEN, ROOM 9

      Eric is sat on his bed, his suitcase next to him. He looks around, taking in what he sees around him. He looks forward and then reaches down to his suitcase.

      He places a notepad down on his bed. He takes a pen and hesitates as he looks down at the paper. He glances away and then back, placing the pen on the paper. He writes a word and underlines it:


      CUT TO:


      Marissa and Aura are sat together, both with a cup in front of them. Aura looks confusedly at Marissa.

      Aura: I don't understand.

      Marissa smiles, looking tired.

      Marissa: You think I should hate him?

      Aura frowns and nods.

      Aura: You got every reason to.

      Marissa exhales and looks at the table. She looks back at Marissa, smiling with her brow narrowed.

      Marissa: My life is too short, Aura, I can't hate one man for the rest of it.

      Aura doesn't respond. Marissa presses her lips together, looking at the table again.

      Marissa: He's not going to be here forever. Nor am I. You know, you've been a great friend for me this last week, you've tried to help me so much, and I'm grateful.

      She puts her hand on Aura's arm. Aura stares at her, listening.

      Marissa: But Juliet helped me realise something too. He will always be a part of me if I feel anything for him. Love, hate, they're both so strong, and that is what kept him so close. Now I just feel like...he's someone I once knew. I can cut him off, and be free.

      Aura hesitates, but then smiles slightly. She puts her hand on Marissa's.

      Aura: You know a hell of a lot more life than I do.

      Marissa smiles back but her eyes look deeper.

      Marissa: You learn a lot, from pain, Aura.

      Aura's smile fades a little. Marissa smiles a little but it is plain that she has been damaged.

      Marissa: I hope you don't learn all that I have.

      She goes out of focus. Behind her, Eric is sat, glancing over at them, listening.

      Gael OS: All right?

      Eric jumps slightly, startled. Gael smiles a little, standing next to him.

      Gael: Sorry, seem to be doing that a lot today.

      Eric smiles a little.

      Eric: S'ok. Guess I'm just naturally jumpy.

      Gael nods.

      Gael: Have you uh, been finding everything all right?

      Eric smiles past his awkward feeling.

      Eric: Sure, I guess.

      Gael nods, smiling kindly. There is a short pause.

      Gael: Well if you do need anything else, or just someone to talk to, let me know, yeah? I work in the kitchen mostly so...I'll, uh, see you around.

      Eric nods, smiling. Gael smiles again and then walks away. As he does he exhales. He bites his lip. Eric is left alone. He looks at the table next to him. Marissa and Aura get up, chatting together. Eric watches.

      Eric VO: Haven.

      CUT TO:

      INT. ROOM 9

      Eric is sat on his bed. He is concentrating hard on what he is writing.

      Eric VO: This is more than somewhere to hide. The people here think they can change something. They think they can help. They think...

      Eric hesitates. A second later he starts writing again.

      Eric VO: That people can still be saved.

      The camera moves down to the notepad. There is a close shot of Eric's writing. Below what he just said, is something new, underlined:


      CUT TO:


      Juliet and Devyn are sat together, apparently having just finished lunch.

      Devyn: Something tells me you're not putting a lot of faith in Liliana's...assessment.

      Juliet rolls her eyes and sighs.

      Juliet: Possibly because she's a serial manipulator. She acts like we're...looking after this place for her and her "Board". And you can always count on that little smile, when she reminds you that she knows you're beneath her.

      Devyn looks at the table. Juliet looks tired.

      Juliet: I kinda just hoped that she'd solve all of this. I mean she probably thinks she has, but...

      Juliet pauses. Devyn waits for her to continue. Juliet looks at him and smiles slightly.

      Juliet: I didn't want to have to be the one to deal with this.

      Devyn narrows his brow. Juliet smiles at herself.

      Juliet: It was probably stupid to rely on the unreliable.

      Devyn smiles back but his brow is still narrowed.

      Devyn: Maybe, but...Juliet you're not alone.

      Juliet cocks her head from side to side.

      Juliet: I know, I know, I have you guys, and God if I didn't, I don't know what the hell I'd be doing right about now.

      She and Devyn share a smile. There is a pause as they do. Juliet exhales, her smile fading slightly.

      Juliet: I knew what I was taking on when Liliana offered me this job. Responsibility over so much. I couldn't do anything else. Nothing ever stops here, but I don't want it to.

      Devyn considers this. Juliet glances down.

      Juliet: I couldn't imagine this place not being...the way it is. And I'm scared that it might.

      She looks at Devyn. She looks worried.

      Juliet: It might stop.

      There is a pause. Devyn opens his mouth to speak. The door suddenly opens and Grace walks in. Juliet turns to see her. Devyn closes his mouth. Grace raises her eyebrows at them both in greeting.

      Grace: Hey.

      Juliet smiles.

      Juliet: Hi.

      Devyn smiles as Grace walks over to her apron on the wall. Juliet looks at Devyn.

      Juliet: Well, I have work to do so...thank you for eating with me.

      Devyn: Anytime.

      They share a smile again and Juliet gets up. Grace turns and walks back out to the kitchen. Juliet walks out of the door to the main corridor. Devyn is left on his own. He sits for a few seconds staring into space. He rubs his brow slightly and then looks over at the draw where Grace put the bottle of pills. He clears his throat and then walks over to the draw and opens it. He takes the bottle. His expression changes to a frown as he reads the bottle's label. It says "Serzone". Devyn frowns as he examines the bottle. Grace walks back in suddenly. Devyn looks surprised and moves his hand to his waist. Grace stop in her tracks as she sees he has the bottle and frowns. Devyn smiles a little, holding up the bottle.

      Devyn: Hope you don't mind, I've had a headache.

      Grace hesitates and then smiles.

      Grace: Oh, well those are kinda strong, you should probably ask Juliet for...something better.

      Devyn considers this. Grace walks up to him. Although she does not move, she eyes the bottle in his hand. Devyn hesitates and then passes it to her. Grace looks thankful and puts it in her pocket. She turns, looking awkward. Devyn watches her, curiously.

      CUT TO:


      Tegan is sat at her desk, her hand supporting her head as she scrolls down her monitor. Gael walks in from the dining area. Tegan looks up. Gael smiles.

      Gael: You look like you're entertained.

      Tegan raises her eyebrows.

      Tegan: Mm, I'm almost contemplating spider solitaire.

      Gael: Ah. Two suits?

      Tegan: If I'm feeling dangerous.

      Tegan grins. Gael laughs. Tegan sits up and then rests her elbows on the reception desk as she faces Gael.

      Tegan: What's up with you?

      Gael: Oh, not much really, just had a few minutes and thought I'd come see you.

      Tegan: And you're currently in my top three most exciting events of today. So thank you.

      They both smile. Gael kisses his teeth. Tegan raises her eyebrows as he looks hesitant.

      Tegan: Did any chance have an ulterior motive?

      Gael opens his mouth to speak and turns it into a smile.

      Gael: Well, I mean...maybe.

      He smiles sheepishly. Tegan rolls her eyes slightly.

      Tegan: Shoot.

      Gael looks engaged.

      Gael: You know um...the guy that arrived today.

      Tegan smiles a little more knowingly.

      Tegan: I do.

      Gael hesitates.

      Gael: He's a nice guy. Was wondering what he did.

      Tegan gives him a look. Gael tries to look innocent. Tegan turns to her computer without changing her expression. She clears her throat and starts to type. Gael looks anticipative as he waits. Tegan presses a few more keys and then reads the screen. Her brow narrows slightly. Gael looks concerned as he watches her.

      Gael: Is it bad?

      Tegan looks at him, as if her train of thought has been disturbed.

      Tegan: Uh, well, he was convicted of second degree murder.

      Gael takes this in. After a few seconds he nods to himself, staring into space.

      Gael: Right.

      Tegan looks sympathetic.

      Tegan: Well, I mean, compared to most people in here...

      Gael: Yeah, not sure that really works as an argument T.

      He smiles despite this, looking grateful for her support. Tegan exhales through her nose.

      Tegan: You like this guy?

      Gael looks hesitant and shrugs.

      Gael: I've only known him for about five minutes. But...damn, he's a pineapple, and we haven't had one of those for ages.

      Tegan smiles.

      Tegan: Maybe it would be a good thing for you to find out a little more about him, that's not to do with his conviction. I mean on the plus side, you've got the dark and secretive part out the way before everything else so, the rest has gotta look kinda good from here on.

      Gael smiles.

      Gael: Cheers T.

      Tegan smiles as Gael walks away. She turns back to her computer, suddenly in slow motion. She wipes her hands across her face and then rubs her hands together before she starts typing again.

      Eric VO: The system is impressive.

      CUT TO:


      Gael walks into the dining area, also in slow motion. He looks optimistic.

      Eric VO: Haven is run by professionals. They work hard to preserve what they have.

      The camera moves over as Grace walks past. She walks up to Gael and they start to talk, but the camera moves over from them.

      CUT TO:

      INT. HAVEN, ROOM 9

      Eric is writing on the notepad once more.

      Eric VO: Not that that's a lot. I don't think that's the point. There aren't many people working here, but they seem to manage. They seem to have managed for a while. I'm not sure what keeps this place together; maybe it's the way the people working here trust each other.

      We see a close up of the notepad:




      Eric VO: But they're a little too trusting. They employ their staff through the guests that stay here. They did so recently.

      We see the page again. Eric has written something new:


      Eric stops writing. He looks at what he has written.

      CUT TO:


      Devyn is sat typing away. Bethany walks up to him. They two smile at one another as they have a conversation

      EricVO: They trust him. After a few days they trust a man they barely know.

      CUT TO:

      INT. ROOM 9

      Eric is sat on his bed still writing.

      Eric VO: This might not take as long as I thought.

      He looks conflicted as he takes the pen away from the paper, wondering whether what he is doing is truly what he has to do, or is there another way. There is a knock at his door. Eric looks alarmed and quickly snatches the notepad and stuffs it in his suitcase.

      Eric: Uh...just a sec!

      Gael OS: Oh, I can come back...

      Eric stops, considering what to do next. He makes a decision.

      Eric: No, I'm um, just getting dressed. I won't be long.

      CUT TO:


      Gael raises an eyebrow. He shakes it off.

      Gael: Oh...right.

      The door opens. Eric is stood facing Gael. Gael smiles. Eric breathes a little heavily, trying to look friendly.

      Gael: Um...sorry, I know I said come to me if you wanted a chat or anything but I, well, upstairs isn't exactly a place where two people can really talk, exactly, so...I thought I'd come down and, see if things were...things, I mean...

      Gael looks frustrated with himself. Eric doesn't seem to know what to do with this situation.

      Eric: Well thanks but...I'm ok, actually.

      Gael smiles but is clearly a bit deflated.

      Gael: Oh that's...that's really good.

      Eric hesitates.

      Eric: But, now you're down here, you can come in, for a little while if you want. If you have the time.

      Gael looks pleased to hear this, but tries to be subtle. He nods. Eric stands aside to let Gael into his room. As he does, Eric's smile fades a little. What is he doing exactly? He doesn't even seem to be sure himself.

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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        CUT TO:


        A woman takes a cigarette out of her mouth as she listens to several other people stood around, talking. She is wearing a peach top and jeans.

        CUT TO:


        A man wearing a black leather jacket counts a wad of cash, surrounded by two other men.

        CUT TO:


        A man has his hand around the wire fencing on the edge of the court. He smiles at the woman facing him.

        CUT TO:


        Eric is wearing a hooded jacket and jeans. He walks past the various figures on the court, looking around. He notices someone in particular. He hesitates and then begins to head in their direction.

        Before him is a small crowd of people. Most of them are wearing casual clothes, black leather jackets and jeans. However there is someone in the middle who is different: a woman with blonde hair. Eric stops, staring at the woman. She is wearing a green dress with a low neckline and a hemline just above her knees. She has blonde curly hair and looks stunning. It is not hard to see why she is surrounded by so many men. She is smiling as a man talks to her. Her glance lands on Eric a few metres away. Her smile fades slightly. She walks over to Eric slowly, looking cautious. Eric looks awkward.

        Woman: Who are you?

        Eric attempts a smile but looks nervous.

        Eric: I'm Eric. Are you...Alandra?

        The woman hesitates and then nods once. Eric looks glad.

        Eric: I...heard that you can help...people.

        Alandra eyes him carefully looking intrigued.

        Alandra: Did you?

        Eric looks a little concerned that he has made a mistake. However he nods. Alandra's expression softens a little.

        Alandra: Come with me.

        She turns around and walks back to the crowd. Eric looks confused but follows.

        CUT TO:


        Eric and the Alandra are stood on the edge of the court, away from everyone else. Alandra looks at him.

        Alandra: Give me your arm.

        Eric looks uncertain but does so. Alandra doesn't smile exactly, but her eyes show a non-threatening look. She looks at Eric's arm and takes something out of her pocket. It is a pocket computer. She holds it over Eric's arm and types something. He watches as she waits. Something appears on the screen. Alandra cocks her head slightly as she reads. Her eyes flicker up at Alandra. She smiles slightly.

        Alandra: You took a big risk coming here, Eric.

        Eric narrows his brow.

        Alandra: Most murderers go somewhere...a little less open, to get what they need.

        Eric looks serious. Alandra' smile becomes more voluptuous.

        Alandra: Don't worry. I'd be the last one to judge you.

        Alandra puts her computer back in her small bag. She purses her lip into a smile again.

        Alandra: Lift up your shirt.

        Eric looks confused. Alandra narrows her brow still smiling.

        Alandra: Relax, this is the part where I give you what you want.

        Eric doesn't look entirely convinced but lifts up his shirt revealing his toned stomach. Alandra takes a pen from her bag and smiles slightly at Eric before crouching down. She places the pen on Eric's stomach and start to write. Eric looks surprised, his lip quivering into a smile as Alandra continues to write on his body. After a few seconds she stands up. She places the lid on the pen. Eric pulls his shirt back down. Alandra stares at him.

        Alandra: That's where you need to go. Ask for Crazy Nuts.

        Eric nods.

        Eric: Thank you.

        Alandra smiles slightly and then walks away. Eric watches her go.

        FADE TO:


        CUT TO:


        Grace has a pill in her hand. She pops it into her mouth and then finishes off a glass of water. Tegan walks in from the main corridor. She looks tired and sits down clumsily at the table.

        Tegan: God give me food.

        Grace turns to her and raises her eyebrows.

        Grace: I'm guessing I'll be playing the role of God in this scenario.

        Tegan gives her a look and puts her hands together as if praying. She raises her eyebrows hopefully. Grace rolls her eyes smiling slightly as she begins to walk across the kitchen.

        Grace: You might have to manage with bacon.

        Tegan leans back.

        Tegan: Right now, anything that isn't coffee is fine.

        Grace smiles a little, opening the fridge and taking out some bacon. She heads to the cooker and looks at Tegan who is rubbing her hands across her face.

        Grace: Were you up late or something?

        Tegan sighs.

        Tegan: Not as much lately, I have to admit. But a 7 o'clock start is a 7 o'clock start no matter how early you try and sleep.

        Grace puts the bacon in a pan.

        Grace: Uh huh, try 6:30.

        Tegan looks sympathetic. Grace looks up at the clock.

        Grace: Dammit, where is Gael?

        Tegan hesitates, glancing away. Grace notices and narrows her eyes.

        Grace: Oh, right. With pineapple guy.

        Tegan smiles slightly.

        Tegan: You cannot be jealous.

        Grace looks at her, scoffing.

        Grace: No.

        Tegan nods. Grace turns back to the oven and then pauses. She looks back at Tegan.

        Grace: But I mean how is that guy gay?

        Tegan shrugs.

        Tegan: My gaydar is as good as my fruitdar these days.

        Grace sighs. Tegan watches her.

        Tegan: Maybe...they're just talking.

        Grace gives her a look. Tegan shrugs again.

        Grace: Well, whatever it is they've been doing the last three days, I will damn well join in if it means that Gael'll be back up here more quickly.

        Tegan smiles. She hesitates.

        Tegan: He won't leave you.

        Grace turns to her. She looks agitated.

        Grace: I know...

        Tegan nods and then stands up and walks over. Grace looks at her.

        Tegan: I think I can probably manage from here. Think the espresso is finally working its way in. I should let you get back.

        Grace looks grateful. She begins to walk away.

        Grace: One of those is for me, by the way. You better not burn them.

        Grace points her finger at Tegan as she heads towards the door. Tegan rolls her eyes.

        CUT TO:

        INT. HAVEN, ROOM 9

        Gael is sat on the end of Eric's bed. Eric is sat near the head of it. Gael looks serious.

        Gael: Jesus.

        Gael looks at him.

        Gael: I can't imagine what you went through.

        Eric looks grateful for Gael's compassion.

        Eric: Good. No one should have to.

        Gael looks away shaking his head.

        Gael: Makes me so angry they try and punish people for something like that.

        Eric glances away looking serious. Gael looks over.

        Gael: I'm glad you found your way here.

        Eric smiles slightly.

        Eric: Me too.

        Gael nods. Eric hesitates.

        Eric: I, uh, wanted to tell you so you'd know why I was a little...hesitant to get involved with, uh, anyone else.

        Gael hesitates but then nods.

        Gael: Course.

        Eric smiles slightly again and looks away.

        Eric: Lee was the first guy I was ever with and, uh, first person I thought I loved.

        Gael frowns slightly.

        Gael: Thought you loved?

        Eric looks at him. He looks grave.

        Eric: How could I love someone that died because of me?

        Gael looks troubled. He is looking for something to say but doesn't find anything. Eric looks at the ground and shakes his head.

        Eric: I didn't deserve him. I deserved what they were gonna do to me.

        Gael looks at him and shakes his head.

        Gael: No, Eric, you have no idea how the justice system works in this city, it's not like other places. It's merciless.

        Eric looks at him, considering this. Gael hesitates and then shifts himself closer to Eric. Gael stares at him.

        Gael: Believe me, people that have done things five times worse than you what you did...not even they deserve that worst of what this city can inflict.

        Eric looks upset.

        Eric: How do you know that I'm not just as bad?

        Gael hesitates.

        Gael: Because I've seen them. And I see you. You have good in you.

        Eric looks slightly touched. Gael hesitates and then leans in slightly. Eric doesn't resist as Gael kisses him. A tear rolls down Eric's cheek. Gael slowly pulls away and looks flustered.

        Gael: I-I'm sorry, doing that after what you just told me-

        He stands up and steps towards the door.

        Eric: No, please.

        Gael stops and looks at Eric. Eric stares up at him.

        Eric: Don't leave me.

        Gael pauses and then backtracks. He slowly sits back down next to Eric. Eric looks down at the small space between them. He inches his hand towards Gael's, eventually slotting his fingers through Gael's. Gael looks hesitant but then holds Eric's hand more tightly. They share a smile. Eric exhales.

        Eric: Um, listen, there was something else I wanted to talk to you about.

        Gael nods.

        Gael: Sure.

        Eric bites his lip.

        Eric: I'm, uh, not sure how to really ask you this but, I mean I like it here, and I don't really have anything to go back to and I...I figured it was worth asking you...if there's a job vacancy around here?

        Gael looks surprised, cocking his head. Eric looks anticipative.

        CUT TO:


        Gael stands before Juliet who is sat in her chair. She glances away exhaling and then looks back at him.

        Juliet: Gael...

        Gael: I know, we don't exactly need anyone else right now, but none of us get enough sleep around here as it is, an extra pair of hands could really help us out.

        Juliet looks reluctant to say what she is about to.

        Juliet: Maybe, but this isn't exactly the best time to introduce new blood.

        Gael frowns.

        Gael: What about Devyn?

        Juliet gives him a look.

        Juliet: You know why I hired him. Tegan was gonna collapse if she did any more extra hours.

        Gael: Yeah, well, aren't we gonna be on alert a lot more? That's gonna be a strain on everybody.

        Juliet hesitates.

        Juliet: I know you like this guy, Gael.

        Gael frowns.

        Gael: Jules come on, don't patronise me.

        Juliet: I'm not.

        Gael stares at her. Juliet stares right back.

        Juliet: Tell me that you're not doing this because of that. I mean would you do it for Angela if she asked you to?

        Gael hesitates. Juliet exhales through her nose.

        Juliet: I wouldn't employ her, Marissa, or anyone else right now either. I'm sorry Gael.

        Gael pushes his tongue into his cheek and looks back at Juliet.

        Gael: Well I know it's not cause you don't trust him, cause you made it clear to us all the other day that that wasn't an issue when it came to employing us.

        Juliet looks serious.

        Juliet: I knew that there was potential for each of you. Potential that's still developing for Devyn, and maybe some of the others too.

        Gael stares at her.

        Juliet: I'm sorry that my trust levels are low right now, but I hope you can understand why.

        Gael looks deflated.

        Gael: How do you know he doesn't have potential too?

        Juliet pauses.

        Juliet: I'm not going to change my mind for you Gael.

        Gael exhales and nods, not looking at Juliet. He turns to walk out. Sam is stood in the doorway. Gael looks surprised, but his surprise turns to concern as he sees Sam's expression: severe worry. Juliet looks equally concerned.

        Juliet: Sam what is it?

        Sam hesitates.

        Sam: Liliana just called.

        Juliet frowns.

        Juliet: She never calls.

        Sam hesitates.

        Sam: I know.

        Juliet and Gael begin to look worried.

        CUT TO:


        Juliet is standing with her arms folded. She looks serious as she watches something. Gael is stood next to her, also watching. Sam is sat in front of them, his hand on the mouse of his computer.

        The three of them are watching a surveillance video. It shows the entrance to a building. A car pulls up. A man gets out, followed by someone else: Eric. He is in handcuffs. A third man gets out of the car and he and the first man escort Eric towards the building. Sam clicks the mouse and the video stops.

        Sam: This is dated a week ago.

        Sam turns to Juliet.

        Sam: He should still be there.

        Gael stares at the frozen image of Eric emptily. Juliet glances down. Sam hesitates.

        Sam: Liliana also sent a copy of his conviction report.

        He looks serious.

        Sam: It ain't the same as the original. Between the time he was arrested and now, someone changed it.

        Juliet swallows.

        Juliet: You should come downstairs for this Sam. Could you uh, could you gather the others in my office, please?

        Sam nods slowly.

        Sam: Ok.

        Juliet nods and turns, walking to the door. Gael turns and watches her.

        Gael: What's gonna happen?

        Juliet pauses and turns to him. She hesitates.

        Juliet: I guess we better go and find out.

        There is a pause as everyone stands still. Gael knows he must follow Juliet, but at the same time, he can't bear to.

        CUT TO: BLACK
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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:


          Eerie music plays as the camera moves down the corridor slowly.

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN ROOM 9

          Eric is sat on his bed. He stares down at the notepad below him, not writing, just staring. The camera moves down the page, showing that Eric has written several sentences after each of the names of the staff. Everyone’s name is there. Eric looks unhappily at the paper; the words below him have the power to ruin live; he has what Jackie wants.

          Suddenly the door bursts open. Gael is stood at the entrance. Eric looks surprised and quickly reaches for the notepad.

          Eric: Gael-

          Gael stares at him coldly. His eyes dart to the notepad that Eric is trying to conceal. His brow begins to narrow. Juliet walks past Gael, followed by Devyn. Eric’s eyes widen as he tries to find something to say. Juliet looks down at him callously. She too notices the notepad and stares directly at Eric.

          Juliet: Mind if I see that?

          Eric looks speechless.

          He has failed.

          He stares at Gael. He shakes his head desperately.

          Eric: I...I...

          Devyn pushes past Gael and grabs the notepad from Eric’s hand. Eric narrows his brow, fearful. Devyn gives him a dark look as he looks down at the notepad. He looks grave as he reads what is on the page. He hands it to Juliet. She reads it too. There is silence. Her eyes flicker upon Eric once more, looking angry.

          Juliet: Nice report. Would’ve been quite a read.

          Gael glances at the notepad, urgently wanting to see it for himself. He holds out his hand. Juliet looks at him and hesitates but then hands him the notepad. Gael’s eyes indicate his gratitude as he looks down. Eric’s gaze falls to the ground. Gael reads. He looks hurt as he looks back at Eric.

          Gael: “Easiest way to proceed” eh?

          Eric has nothing to say. Juliet looks at Devyn and nods slightly. Devyn begins to approach Eric. Eric looks terrified.

          Eric: No, no, Gael-

          Devyn grabs Eric’s shoulder. Eric tries to struggle free. Juliet however goes to assist Eric. Eric tries to struggle further but can’t break away from those both. He looks at Gael desperately.

          Eric: Please! Gael I didn’t want...I couldn’t...

          Juliet: Save it. You won’t have to wait long.

          But Eric still stares at Gael. Gael looks at him pitifully as Juliet and Devyn force him up and towards the door.

          Eric: (shouting) I didn’t want this! I didn’t lie about everything Gael, I couldn’t have lied about you!

          Gael looks away as Devyn and Juliet push Eric past him.

          Eric OS: (shouting) Gael! Please!

          Gael closes his eyes, trying not to hear Eric’s pleas.

          CUT TO:


          Guests are sat around looking restless. A man is stood by the canteen looking irritated. Bethany walks past with several dirty glasses. The man notices her and turns.

          Man: Are we gonna have to wait all day for a bite to eat?

          Bethany smiles awkwardly. Josef is sat nearby and notices the exchange.

          Bethany: I’ll be with you in a sec, sorry.

          The man looks annoyed and turns away. Bethany walks away, worry clear in her expression. Josef stands up and takes her arm gently.

          Josef: What’s going on Beth?

          Bethany smiles awkwardly.

          Bethany: I don’t-

          Josef: Come on, I’m not an idiot. I don’t think they are either.

          Bethany turns to see Marissa sat nearby she glances at Bethany looking curious. Bethany hesitates and looks at Josef. He stares at her, waiting for an answer.

          Bethany: I can’t tell you yet. I think everyone’ll know soon though.

          Josef considers this. Bethany smiles hopefully.

          Bethany: But I can get you a coffee.

          Josef smiles back a little and nods. Bethany raises her eyebrows smiling and then walks away, but her smile soon fades.

          CUT TO:


          The camera moves up a chair. Eric’s hands are tied together behind it, and also to the chair itself. He hangs his head, not looking at those surrounding him. He goes out of focus as Tegan and Aura come into focus to his left. Both of them stare at him seriously. On the other side of the room the camera moves past Sam, Royce, Grace and finally Gael, who is the only one not staring at Eric, but at the ground. Devyn stands next to Juliet by her desk. The door opens. Everyone turns as Bethany walks in. She smiles for less than a second, closing the door behind her and then slips next to Mark who is next to Aura. Juliet exhales looking around.

          Juliet: Ok...

          She looks around.

          Juliet: Everyone knows what’s going on.

          Juliet looks at Eric who is staring fixatedly at the ground. She stares coldly.

          Juliet: Do you work for Amethyst?

          Eric looks up slightly.

          Eric: No.

          Devyn: He’s lying.

          Eric looks at him quickly.

          Eric: I’m not!

          Devyn looks unconvinced. Eric hesitates.

          Eric: After I was arrested...they took me somewhere, I dunno where, I guess it was where they work. There was a woman...she told me that I could either go to jail, or do what she said and...and come here.

          Aura smiles bitterly for a second, shaking her head.

          Aura: So you decided to hell with all of us, as long as you’re ok.

          Eric looks at her and then looks away as he sees the hatred in her eyes. Juliet looks serious.

          Juliet: She knows that we’re here?

          Eric shakes his head.

          Eric: I found out myself.

          There is a pause.

          Tegan: Why didn’t you just tell her when you could?

          Eric hesitates.

          Eric: She said she wanted full access. She said even if they find out where you are, they can’t get in. None of them have chips or records, they needed...

          Grace: Someone easily controlled?

          Eric looks at her. Grace’s eyes lack any empathy.

          Eric: And if you were all perfect you wouldn’t be here now, would you?

          Grace looks away. Some of the others seem to consider this. Juliet looks from Grace to Eric. She shakes her head slightly.

          Juliet: I don’t know what each person would do if they’d been in your situation. But we’ll never know each of those scenarios. We have to deal with this one.

          Eric stares at her.

          Eric: You gonna kill me?

          He tries to look defiant but there is an element of fear in his eyes. He glances at Gael he looks affected by this question. Juliet doesn’t respond. Gael looks at her.

          Gael: Are we?

          Juliet: (quickly) I don’t know.

          Bethany frowns, staring at Eric.

          Bethany: He took a big risk coming here.

          As she says this we:

          CUT TO:


          The scene between Alandra and Eric flickers on to the screen for a moment. Alandra echoes Bethany’s words.

          Alandra: ...risk coming here.

          CUT TO:


          Eric closes his eyes, trying to block out his memories. Juliet looks at Bethany. Bethany looks back.

          Bethany: He was desperate. We all know what that’s like.

          Sam looks at her.

          Sam: We didn’t try an’ sacrifice the people helping us.

          He glares at Eric.

          Eric: No you just murdered, or stole or hurt people. You wanna try and draw a line between me and you huh?

          He looks around. He looks at Gael. He looks at him pleadingly.

          Eric: Gael you told me that this city’s government do more than just put people in jail. My life was on the line.

          [i]Gael looks conflicted as he at last makes eye contact with Eric. Eric looks around.

          Eric: And hey it’s easy for you all to say that I shoulda been noble, but I wasn’t when it came down to choosing who lives and who dies.

          Eric looks at Gael again.

          Eric: Everyone has everything inside of them. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t be running Haven.

          There is a pause. Mark looks around at everyone.

          Mark: Maybe this shouldn’t be about what Eric deserves. It should be about making sure he doesn’t talk.

          Eric looks at him, worried about the implications of this. Aura stares at Eric pitifully.

          Aura: Only one way to do that.

          Juliet looks at her, uncertain whether she is truly right. Tegan looks troubled.

          Tegan: Why can’t we keep in confinement somewhere?

          There is no response to this.

          Tegan: That’s where he would be...if this were any other place.

          Devyn looks at her.

          Devyn: Right, and are you gonna cook his meals every day from now on?

          Tegan looks at him.

          Devyn: He would have to stay here until he dies, or as long as Amethyst’s around. Something tells me they’re not gonna disappear in a hurry.

          Gael: You just wanna kill him then Devyn?

          Gael looks at him seriously. Devyn nods.

          Devyn: Yes. I think we have to.

          Bethany looks troubled.

          Bethany: We’re not a jury.

          Aura: Yeah we are.

          Aura looks at her.

          Aura: Today. We are.

          Eric looks at a loss. Juliet looks conflicted. Royce looks up. He looks like he has been deep in thought.

          Royce: May I say something?

          Juliet looks at him and nods.

          Juliet: Of course.

          Royce hesitates.

          Royce: I don’t know this man. None of us do.

          Gael stares at the ground.

          Royce: But what I do know is that too many people have sacrificed too much to protect this place from...organisations. If it were to fall apart because of this man...I know I’d want him to die.

          Eric looks at him.

          Royce: He hasn’t been able to reveal anything about Haven yet. I think we’re all capable in much assurance we need, that he won’t get the chance to.

          Royce looks around. Juliet purses her lips.

          Juliet: Then we vote.

          Bethany looks unhappy with this decision. Grace looks anxious. Eric stares at the ground, awaiting his fate. Devyn looks at Juliet, who exhales deeply.

          Juliet: All in favour of keeping Eric alive, and imprisoned here...

          Juliet looks around. Bethany raises her hand. Tegan raises hers slowly. There is a pause. Mark raises his hand. Aura looks at him, not understanding. Juliet looks at Gael. He stares at the floor but slowly raises his hand. Juliet looks undecided and looks at Eric. Eric is staring at Gael, looking gracious. Juliet exhales and slowly raises her hand. Devyn looks at her but says nothing. Gael glances at Grace next to him, her hand not raised. Juliet looks around; she can already tell what is going to happen, as can the others, but she must continue regardless.

          Juliet: All in favour of his execution...

          There is a pause as she and the others lower their hands. Aura slowly raises her hand. Sam raises his hand. Devyn hesitates. Juliet looks at him expectantly. She nods, as if telling him that she won’t judge him. Devyn raises his hand. Juliet looks at Royce. He raises his hand. Everyone’s eyes are on Grace. She looks troubled and then shakes her head looking at Juliet.

          Grace: No. I’m not gonna do this.

          There is silence.

          Grace: I’m not gonna be the one to decide if this man lives or dies. I abstain.

          Everyone stares at her.

          Aura: If you do then you just decided it anyway.

          She looks unimpressed. Grace stares at her, frowning.

          Grace: I’m sorry, Aura, if you were expecting bloodshed in this room, but that’s not gonna-

          Tegan: Devyn!

          Everyone turns. Devyn is pointing a gun at Eric. Eric stares at him, his eyes wide with fear. Gael and Juliet stare at Devyn in shock. Devyn makes eye contact with Tegan but then back at Eric. Juliet breathes quickly.

          Juliet: Devyn-

          Devyn pulls the trigger. Tegan gasps. Eric screws up his face as he prepares for the impact.

          But there is nothing.

          Eric slowly opens his eyes breathing quickly. He stares at Devyn, his mouth open. Everyone looks shocked. Devyn frowns slightly. He shoots again. Gael looks away impulsively. Nothing.

          Devyn looks frustrated. He shoots again. And a fourth time.

          Juliet: Devyn!

          She speaks with a severity we have not heard before. She grabs for the gun. Devyn holds it for a second staring at her. She stares at him powerfully. Mark watches, waiting.

          Devyn relinquishes the gun. Juliet takes it and immediately unloads the blanks. As she does something falls to the ground. A bullet. She looks down at it and then at Devyn. Either one or two more shots would have killed Eric. There is silence. Eric stares from Devyn to Gael. Gael stares down at him; a sense of relief in his eyes. Eric closes his eyes, also relieved, and in shock. He bows his head. There is silence once more. Royce looks serious.

          Suddenly he takes something. His own gun. Juliet gasps very slightly as Royce points it at Eric. Eric sees Royce move out of the corner of his eye. He looks over as Royce shoots.

          A bullet hits Eric just above his left temple. Eric is forced back by the impact.


          FADE TO:

          INT. CORRIDOR

          Jackie walks down the corridor. She turns and opens a door.

          CUT TO:


          Jackie walks down the steps which become more illuminated as she walks down them. As she reaches the bottom we see that she is now in the dimly lit room where Trey was being tortured earlier. The room’s single light is shining down on Neil who is crouched down and washing blood off the chair. He turns to see Jackie stood in the dim light. Jackie looks emotionless. Neil stares back. Jackie exhales through her nose and folds her arms.

          Jackie: You didn’t get anything did you?

          Neil hesitates.

          Neil: Both as stubborn as you.

          Jackie looks unimpressed. Neil stands slowly and stares back at Jackie, somewhat challengingly.

          Neil: Pretty impressive though. Girl had one hell of a scream but she took her pain well. Guess I pushed her a little too hard, in the end.

          Jackie stares at him, her gaze steely.

          Jackie: What about Trey?

          Neil hesitates and then shrugs.

          Neil: He bled a lot.

          Jackie exhales.

          Jackie: Well done, Neil. You’ve managed to kill the two most valuable pieces of evidence we had. Ms. Kyre is not gonna be happy.

          Neil stares back at her.

          Neil: Hey, I don’t see you having much success with your boy. It’s been a week. Looks like he went the same way as Westler.

          Jackie doesn’t respond for a second.

          Jackie: You don’t know that. Westler was a prototype. He was too weak not to get caught. Eric had something to fight for.

          Neil: Right. Or maybe he had the sense to realize he was better off siding with the girls and boys at criminal central.

          Neil gives her a false smile. Jackie glares at him and then walks up the stairs.

          Jackie: I want those bloodstains out by tonight.

          Neil looks annoyed but crouches down. As Jackie ascends the stairs, her confident look dwindles...

          CUT TO:


          Devyn is sat in front of her desk. He stares into space looking serious. He goes out focus as Juliet walks in behind him. She looks equally serious. She walks over to the desk resolutely, but does not sit down. She stands above Devyn and stares down at him. Devyn looks up at her.

          Devyn: I’m not gonna sit here while you reprimand me or whatever, Juliet. So don’t try.

          Juliet’s expression doesn’t change.

          Juliet: All right Devyn. You want me to cut to the chase?

          She leans towards him very slightly.

          Juliet: As of this moment, everything you do will be strictly monitored. You will not be given be access to anywhere else but your room, the dining area and the lobby. You will tell me anything that you suspect, and you will do your job. Is that clear?

          She narrows her eyes a little. Devyn stares back.

          Devyn: What about Royce? What happens to him?

          Juliet moves away slightly, glancing elsewhere.

          Juliet: I don’t know yet.

          Devyn: You gonna throw him out?

          Devyn gives her a challenging look. Juliet stares at him angrily.

          Juliet: No.

          Devyn looks down. Juliet stares at him, shaking her head slightly.

          Juliet: You really don’t regret any of this do you?

          Devyn stares back and shakes his head. Juliet hesitates.

          Juliet: I thought that we were beginning to build something here. And then you just go and do what you wanted.

          Devyn: What half of us wanted. Maybe more than that, if some people weren’t trying to keep on the good side of their friends. At least Aura and Sam were willing to stand up for what they thought was-

          Juliet: (shouting) It wasn’t your call!

          Devyn: (shouting) Why!?

          Devyn stares at her angrily, standing up. His chair falls to the ground behind him. Juliet looks incredulous.

          Devyn: That man endangered everyone here! He would have been responsible for all our deaths.

          Juliet: You think I would have just let him walk away!?

          Devyn: Like you did with Larius?

          Juliet stares at him.

          Juliet: Is that what this is about?

          Devyn doesn’t respond.

          Juliet: It is isn’t it?

          Juliet narrows her brow.

          Juliet: What is it you think I should have done, Devyn?

          Devyn hesitates.

          Devyn: (quieter) I understand why you let Larius walk. I don’t understand why you think Eric could have been left alive.

          Juliet stares at him.

          Juliet: And so it was easy for you, was it?

          Devyn: Of course not, it was a difficult decision to make! But I made it because I thought no one else was going to, and if trying to kill the guy who was writing down our names to hand to some, some corporation who wants to throw us all in jail or worse, makes me someone that you can’t understand, then maybe I don’t understand you either.

          There is a pause.

          Devyn: I thought that, that you knew about how serious this was, isn’t that what you told me when we met?

          Juliet looks angry.

          Juliet: You have no idea what I have seen, don’t you dare act like I’m taking this lightly!

          Devyn stares at her.

          Devyn: I won’t...if you remember what you’ve seen and then think about Eric and realise that you’d see it all again if he succeeded in what he was trying to do. Regardless of what he was promised, or what he was going through, he was willing to throw away our lives to save his own. Haven wasn’t built for people like Eric, Juliet. We both know that.

          Juliet stares at him. Devyn shakes his head and begins to walk away. He stops and turns back.

          Devyn: Before you decide what to do with might consider how much he saved, for one more day. Cause you know that this kind of thing isn’t gonna stop. It’s gonna grow.

          Juliet stares at him.

          Devyn: If I have to kill someone else who threatens my life tomorrow, I will. You know I’m not the only one who’s gonna have to make that choice. And you know what I think?

          He steps towards her.

          Devyn: I think you made that choice before. And I think you did exactly what I did.

          Juliet glances away looking irritated. Devyn narrows his eyes.

          Devyn: Tell me I’m wrong.

          Juliet: Get out.

          She turns away and faces the bookshelf. Devyn stares at her back for a second and then turns to leave. Juliet looks upset as she stares upwards slightly. There is a close up of the corner of her desk. Juliet fades into the background. The gun comes into focus.

          CUT TO:


          There is silence. Guests are talking to one another at various tables but their voices can’t be heard. Bethany walks past with several dirty plates. She looks serious. Mark is stood by the canteen, unloading cutlery, looking equally serious.

          CUT TO:


          Sam is sat on his own, staring at the monitor.

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN LOBBY

          Aura walks past. She avoids looking at Tegan who is sat behind the desk. Tegan looks up at Aura for a second but then looks back down.

          CUT TO:

          INT. ROYCE’S ROOM

          Royce is sat on his bed quietly. He looks peaceful, his expression neutral.

          CUT TO:


          Grace is washing up. She does so furiously. Alone.

          CUT TO:


          Juliet walks down the steps from the main corridor. She walks along to Gael’s room. She hesitates and then knocks on the door slightly. There is a no answer. Juliet turns slightly as if to walk away and then stops. She looks back at the door and slowly places her hand on the door knob. She twists it, opening the door.

          CUT TO:

          INT. GAEL’S ROOM

          Gael is sat on the ground next to his bed. He is drinking from a bottle of what appears to be vodka. He looks ill. Juliet stares down at him sadly. Gael looks up at her. Juliet swallows and quietly walks over to him. She sits down on his left, leaning against the bed. Gael glances slightly in her direction, but does not move his head to look at her properly. Juliet stares into space, purposefully not making eye contact with him. Her hand moves toward his slightly. Gael closes his eyes as she wraps her hand around his. Gael squeezes her own hand back.

          Eric VO: I see connections here. It’s weird, I know; but it’s almost like these people treat each other like family. I guess they’re all they have.

          The two sit. Nothing to say.

          Eric VO: It’d be a lie to say that Haven could have been my home. Cause it kinda has been. For a little while.

          CUT TO: BLACK

          THE END
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