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Haven Episode 1.4 4. Recently Applied Concealant

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  • Haven Episode 1.4 4. Recently Applied Concealant

    This is the fourth episode of "Haven", an original series written by me. I hope you enjoy reading it! If you have any feedback, positive or critical, please post it here, thank you

    Haven Episode 1.4 4. Recently Applied Concealant

    Written and Produced by Alex Hart

    Special thanks to Heather

    Disclaimer: The series "Haven", its characters, locations and ideas are all creations belonging to Alex Hart. The work is fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only. No unauthorised usage of anything in "Haven" is permitted without prior permission, thank you.


    OPEN ON:


    "Sugarcane" by Missy Higgins plays.

    A close up of a stocking being put on a bare foot

    ?Baby Ballerina's'

    A close up of a button being done up on a mint green blouse

    ?Hiding somewhere in the corner'

    A close up of nail varnish being applied

    ?Where the shadow wraps around her'

    A close up of blonde hair being brushed

    ?And our torches cannot find her'

    A close up of mascara being applied

    ?She will stay there till the morning'

    A close up of pink lip-stick being applied

    ?Crawl behind us as we are yawning'

    The camera moves over to the cheek of the woman applying the lip-stick. Only the lower part of her face can be seen. She gently touches her cheek, flinching slightly as she does.

    ?And she will leave our games to never be the same'

    The camera slowly pans out showing more and more of the woman's face; it is the woman that was seen in the dining area in "Tricks Up His Sleeve". She is in her 50s with attractive features, yet her face has a pained expression as she holds her fingers against the seemingly perfect skin of her cheek; bruising can be seen despite the foundation that she has tried to hide it with.

    ?So grow tall sugarcane
    Eat that soil, drink the rain
    But know they'll chase you if you play their little games'

    The camera suddenly moves around to show a man half lying on the double bed behind her, unconscious. He has a wound on his temple, fragments of pottery scattered across the sheets and the floor.

    ?So run, run fast sugarcane'


    FADE TO:


    Devyn walks down from Carla's room. He also looks troubled.

    CUT TO:


    Sam is sat in his chair. Juliet is sat next to him. She looks down at a photo in her hand; it is of Westler's tattoo: the strange letter A and the number "25171". Juliet looks up and stares intently at the computer monitor that Sam is typing at.

    Sam: Think it's like a serial number?

    Juliet shakes her head slightly, still staring at the screen.

    Juliet: I dunno. If we can just find anything about it on his record then maybe we could get somewhere...

    Sam concentrates on the screen. After a few seconds he sighs.

    Sam: Not here.

    Sam looks at her.

    Sam: You know maybe he just liked prime numbers.

    Juliet gives him a look. Sam smiles awkwardly.

    Juliet: I just have a feeling about this Sam, I can't put my finger on it.

    Sam: Yeah well, I'm having trouble putting any kind of limb on this right now. There ain't hardly been anything about what the Council's doing since that article I showed you.

    There is a pause. Juliet looks at the photo again and then seems to think of something.

    Juliet: Go back on the report.

    Sam raises an eyebrow.

    Sam: You remember you had me read it like seventeen times, right?

    Juliet rolls her eyes, but smiles a fraction.

    Juliet: Just do it ok?

    Sam shrugs and types something. He then begins to scroll down as he and Juliet read the article.

    Juliet: Keep scrolling down.

    Sam: Yes ma'am.

    Juliet brushes off Sam's comment and continues watching. Suddenly she notices something.

    Juliet: Stop!

    Sam looks confused and moves his hand away from the mouse. Juliet takes it and scrolls up the page slightly. She then stares, intrigued.

    On the screen is part of the article; next to it is an image of a letter A, the same one as is on Westler's arm. Sam seems to notice.

    Sam: Oh!

    Juliet nods quickly.

    Juliet: Uh huh. [i]Oh.



    THEMESONG: "Not Gonna Get Us" - Tatu

    The eerie start of the song plays as we see grey smoke. "Haven" in black, torn letters fades in. It disappears as the drums start. The smoke is gone also. There are a series of quick shots: a gun being fired. A high-heeled foot stepping next to a pole. A syringe injecting someone's arm. A knife being raised. A key turning in a lock. Coins scattering on a table. A close up of a woman's lips as she applies lipstick. A shovel being forced into the ground. A close up of someone handcuffing another person's wrists. A hand flicking a cigarette lighter on. A pair of pliers approaching someone's finger. A dagger covered in blood hitting the ground. A hand grabbing on to someone's arm. A close up of an eye opening wide.

    As the song suddenly becomes more energetic, there is a montage of criminal records, each face only seen for a fraction of a second.

    The camera zooms towards Juliet looking shocked.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Juliet walking with a neutral expression on her face. There is a shot of Juliet pointing a gun looking resolute. There is a shot of Juliet turning her face, looking serious. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of Juliet, Grace and Tegan running. There is a flash of a woman screaming. There is a shot of the illuminated "Summertime General" sign.

    There is a shot of Devyn reaching out for something.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Devyn punching someone. There is a shot of him leaning against a wall. There is a shot of him smiling, a little smugly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a man looking upwards in despair. There is a shot of a little girl with a knife in her hand. There is a shot of a gun being fired into the air.

    There is a shot of Tegan typing on a computer.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Tegan turning, the flash of sirens causing her to shield her eyes. There is a shot of Tegan putting her hand over mouth. There is a shot of Tegan cocking her head slightly, smiling. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of swords clashing together. A shot of a woman walking down a corridor of Haven, purposefully. A shot of a man and a woman kissing.

    There is a shot of Gael holding out a large knife.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Gael hugging someone. There is a shot of a tear streaming down Gael's face. There is a shot of Gael laughing. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of Juliet diving from gunfire. There is a shot of a hand being placed on the identification pad. A shot of the main entrance opening.

    There is a shot of Grace carrying a plate of food.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Grace putting her head in her hands. A shot of her putting her finger over her lips. A shot of her smiling a little. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of an explosion. A shot of Grace crying in Gael's arms. A shot of Devyn turning to Tegan looking shocked.

    There is a shot of Jackie sitting in a chair, her index finger on her temple. She looks thoughtful.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Jackie turning, looking out of breath. A shot of her walking looking formidable. A shot of her examining a gun. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a corridor in Haven. The camera zooms through to the lobby, spinning around, backing through the front entrance. The doors close.


    Guest Starring:

    RYAN CARNES ? Mark Newton
    JUSTIN CHAMBERS ? Trey Caylin
    PERCY DAGGS - Sam Shaw
    DANA DAVIS ? Aura Lewis
    PAM GRIER ? Woman
    PETER KRAUSE ? Warren Jeffers
    LAURIE METCALF ? Andrea Ball
    JASON MOMOA ? Josef Porter
    JOELY RICHARDSON ? Marissa Jeffers
    AMANDA SEYFRIED ? Bethany Thyme
    SARAH THOMPSON ? Carla Ross
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    ACT I


    Carla is looking under the bed, searching for something. She is wearing only a dressing gown. There is a knock at her door. She looks up looking annoyed.

    Carla: Come in?

    The door opens and Devyn walks in. He looks a little surprised to see Carla kneeling on the ground.

    Devyn: Hey babe, you ok?

    Carla smiles, pleased to see Devyn. She gets up.

    Carla: Yeah, yeah it's fine. Just lost my ring is all.

    Devyn closes the door behind him.

    Devyn: Oh, that sucks.

    Carla: Mm.

    She shrugs.

    Carla: It'll turn up.

    She smiles more widely as she puts her arms around Devyn's waist.

    Carla: So you got work soon?

    Devyn puts his own arms around Carla.

    Devyn: ?Fraid so.

    Carla: As is soon soon? Or just the regular kind.

    Devyn strokes her hair momentarily.

    Devyn: Pretty much in five minutes. But you can always come and distract me.

    Carla grins.

    Carla: I don't think the others'd appreciate that kind of influence. Especially in the middle of the dining area.

    Devyn: Hmm I guess not. Guess I'll have to wait till later.

    Carla smiles. Devyn kisses her quickly. Carla looks happy.

    Carla: Have fun with your subtotalling and all.

    Devyn: You have summed up my entire day.

    Carla smiles.

    Carla: Well mine isn't gonna be much better. Probably gonna be looking for a while for my ring, it's not anywhere I've thought of so far.

    She looks around as if the ring might appear suddenly. She looks troubled. Devyn stares at her, his smile fading.

    Devyn: It means a lot to you huh?

    Carla smiles in a reflective way.

    Carla: Yeah it was my mom's. Kinda the last thing I have of hers.

    Devyn looks serious. He then smiles.

    Devyn: Like you said; it'll turn up.

    Carla smiles back positively.

    Carla: Yeah.

    She kisses Devyn quickly.

    Carla: Better get going.

    Devyn nods, still smiling. He squeezes Carla's arm and walks out. Carla turns, looking at her room. She looks troubled, biting her lip.

    CUT TO:


    Juliet is stood by her desk. Gael, Tegan and Grace are stood around. Tegan looks at the concerned faces around her.

    Tegan: Ok, so-so let's say that everyone working for these guys has a weird tattoo like Westler?

    Juliet looks at her.

    Tegan: We just need to check everyone's arms for one.

    The others consider this.

    Gael: They might not all have them in the same place...

    Tegan's hopeful expression diminishes. She exhales.

    Tegan: I withdraw my suggestion.

    Juliet smiles for only a second.

    Juliet: I had the same idea. But we don't know enough about...any of this, to start accusing people.

    Grace: So why don't we ask Liliana?

    Juliet: I'm going to. But she won't be back here for another two days, and until then...

    She wipes her fingers over her mouth looking anxious.

    Juliet: I dunno. I really don't.

    There is a pause.

    Juliet: I guess...we just keep on watching as usual.

    Tegan: And not tell anyone else?

    Juliet looks at her.

    Juliet: I don't wanna risk anyone else knowing.

    Gael: Not even Devyn?

    Juliet looks awkward.

    Juliet: He could tell Carla.

    The others shift slightly.

    Tegan: You noticed their thing huh?

    Grace: Who couldn't?

    Juliet sighs.

    Juliet: He's been here for the less than two weeks. That's not even a probation period.

    Gael: But you did trust him enough to employ him.

    Juliet: I've never trusted anyone when I employed them.

    The others look a little surprised at the implications of this. Juliet looks she regrets saying this.

    Juliet: But I trust you all now; to keep this between us.

    There is a pause. Gael nods slowly. Tegan and Grace do also. Juliet looks smiles weakly.

    CUT TO:


    Devyn is typing at his laptop but looks impatient. He stabs his finger on the "enter" key several times. It appears nothing happens. He sighs. Bethany appears next to him.

    Bethany: Oh, Juliet gave you one of the ones with Windows? That sucks, Apple Macs are like way better.

    Devyn looks at her.

    Devyn: Uh, thanks for the info.

    Bethany smiles.

    Bethany: Welcome.

    She looks up to see Carla walking in to the dining area. The woman seen in the teaser seen is sat at a table nearby with Aura. Bethany looks from Carla to Devyn and smiles.

    Bethany: And it's been fun, see ya later.

    Devyn watches her walk away; he smiles a little at the way she is. She and Carla smile at one another as Carla approaches Devyn. Devyn more widely as he sees her but he appears awkward behind this.

    Carla: Hey, how's it going?

    Devyn: Oh, computer crashing, as you can always rely on that.

    Carla smiles sympathetically. Devyn notices Carla's hand.

    Devyn: You found your ring.

    Carla grins, raising her fingers slightly.

    Carla: Yep! It was in the corridor, must have slipped off or something, which is kinda weird seeing as it's never done that before but...

    The camera moves past her as she and Devyn continue to talk. Aura and the woman's conversation is heard as the camera focuses upon them.

    Aura: If you did nothing you'd be dead. You can't let this jackass haunt you like this.

    The woman closes her eyes and shakes her head, opening them again.

    Woman: He always will.

    The camera moves past to Josef sat on a table on his own. Bethany walks past. He glances at her, his gaze following her as she walks away.

    The camera moves past further to show Gael carrying several plates. He walks through the door into the kitchen.

    CUT TO:


    Gael walks through the door and stops, staring forwards. Grace is sat down, placing her spoon into a chocolate mousse. There are five other empty mousse pots. Grace hesitates and then waves her spoon around in the air slightly.

    Grace: These are acceptable.

    She smiles. Gael smiles back a little but looks distracted. He walks over to one of the sinks. Grace watches him as she puts her spoon in her mouth.

    Grace: You want one? Cause there about another twenty-five and I was planning on eating only another seventeen maybe.

    Gael smiles at her a little more widely.

    CUT TO:


    Grace and Gael are now both sat eating chocolate mousse. They look thoughtful as they both stare into space. There is a fairly large pile of mousse pots on the counter behind them.

    Grace: You see Devyn and Carla out there?

    Gael: I did indeed. Those crazy kids.

    Grace shrugs, staring at the wall.

    Grace: How is it he's here for like ten minutes and he finds a match?

    Gael looks at her.

    Gael: Our above average yet not particularly enlightening sex not enough anymore?

    He raises an eyebrow, smiling as he slips a spoonful of mousse into his mouth. Grace smiles a little also.

    Grace: I think we're not very usual. I mean the fact that you want a man and I want a straight man does kinda make things...less. Cause let's face it you're getting gayer by the day.

    Gael laughs.

    Gael: Don't take it personally.

    Grace: Oh, I do.

    Grace grin, taking a mouthful. She narrows her brow slightly.

    Grace: I think I am mousse'd enough.

    Gael: We better put another order in.

    Grace scoffs.

    Grace: They can cope with vanilla.

    She gets up and walks over to the opposite corner. She takes a key out of her pocket and unlocks a draw. Gael puts down the mousse pot he just finished and looks a little serious as Grace takes out a bottle of pills. She takes one out and then notices Gael's expression. She smiles, narrowing her brow.

    Grace: By your expression you'd think I had cancer.

    Gael sighs and his expression softens, though he still looks uncomfortable.

    Gael: You know how I feel about those things.

    Grace looks like she understands as she fills a glass with water.

    Grace: I know, I know, but without them I can say goodbye to walking or moving in any way at all.

    Gael hesitates, but then nods. Grace raises her eyebrows and then swallows the pills with the water. A thought seems to occur to her as she does.

    Grace: Tell you who was looking for a little more than a muscle relaxant though; only Devyn's little miss.

    Gael looks at her, a frown emerging on his face.

    Gael: Really?

    Grace: Mm hmm.

    She lifts up the bottle of pills.

    Grace: Looked at these like they were, well, something better.

    Gael looks serious.

    Gael: Reckon Devyn knows?

    Grace shrugs.

    Grace: If he doesn't; I guess it's only a matter of-

    The door suddenly bursts open. Gael and Grace turn to see the woman who was speaking to Aura just a moment ago. She looks pale. Aura appears behind her looking confused.

    Aura: Marissa,

    She smiles awkwardly at Grace and Gael. The woman (Marissa) looks distressed and suddenly her legs seem to give way and she collapses next to the counter, grabbing onto it desperately in an aim to support herself. Aura, Grace and Gael look surprised and rush to her aid, crouching beside hr.

    Grace: Uh, Marissa what-what's wrong?

    Gael: Are you hurt?

    Marissa: He's here...

    Marissa closes her eyes as she says this. Grace looks at Aura looking confused. Aura shrugs and looks behind her through the now open door. A man in his late 30s has walked through and is looking around. It is the man seen unconscious in the flashback of Marissa at the beginning of the episode. Juliet is talking to him, introducing him to the area. Aura narrows her brow. Gael notices the man as Juliet and he walk out of view.

    Gael: Who's he?

    A tear streams down Marissa's cheek as she looks down, trying to hide her face. Grace and Gael look at Aura for an explanation. Aura stares at Marissa.

    Aura: Warren.

    Marissa recoils as Aura says this name. Gael looks concerned; he can tell that something is very wrong here. Grace looks at Aura, confusedly.

    Grace: (quietly) Bad breakup?

    Aura swallows.

    Aura: Bad marriage.

    Gael suddenly looks more concerned at Aura's tone. Grace looks down at Marissa who looks ashamed. The camera moves down to her legs. The skin between her shoes and the bottoms of her trousers on her left leg is visible. A large patch of the skin is scarred.

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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Marissa is sat on a chair in the kitchen, staring into space. She looks numb. Gael is sat beside her. He sits with her in silence.

      CUT TO:


      Juliet is stood next to Grace, looking serious. Aura is stood near the door with her arms folded. Juliet looks serious.

      Juliet: We're just gonna have to keep them apart.

      Grace raises an eyebrow.

      Grace: The entire time they're here; you think that's realistic?

      Juliet frowns.

      Juliet: I think expecting trouble the moment he sees her is realistic.

      Aura: He could hurt her again.

      Juliet looks at Aura and holds her arm out as she looks at Grace, indicating she agrees. Aura unfolds her arms.

      Aura: He gon' have to go.

      Juliet looks at Aura surprised.

      Juliet: We can't throw him out.

      Aura's tone becomes angry.

      Aura: Have you seen that woman's arms? She has scars. The scars he gave her.

      Grace looks awkward. Juliet swallows, pursing his lips.

      Juliet: We can't judge him on that.

      Aura looks angrier.

      Aura: This is about protecting Marissa from the man who ruined her life; a life she came here to get away from.

      Grace: And why did he come here?

      Aura looks at Grace, surprised by her question.

      Grace: Sure wasn't for the menu.

      There is a pause. Juliet looks at Aura.

      Juliet: We will help Marissa to cope while she and Warren are both here.

      Aura scoffs.

      Aura: You think we can help her?

      Juliet: Yes, we help, I mean isn't that what you wanted?

      Aura puts her hands on her hips, looking at the ground. Juliet walks towards her.

      Juliet: I will not let Warren lay a finger on Marissa.

      Aura looks serious.

      Aura: How can you promise that?

      Juliet exhales. She glances at Grace.

      Juliet: Gonna have to rely on some help for that.

      Juliet looks back at Aura.

      Juliet: But if either of them leave because they just happened to be forced together...we will have failed.

      Aura looks as if she is considering this. Grace hesitates.

      Grace: Where's Warren now?

      CUT TO:


      Warren is knelt by his bed. He appears to be praying. There is a knock at his door. He opens his eyes and looks irritated. He turns his head.

      Warren: Come in.

      The door opens and Tegan walks in, carrying a towel.

      Tegan: You're gonna need one of these.

      Warren nods and looks grateful. Tegan smiles back politely and walks past to his en suite. She places the towel on the door. Tegan turns to see that Warren has placed several crosses by the headboard of the bed. She shrugs and walks away. Warren has gone back to his prayer.

      CUT TO:


      Tegan walks out from Room 2 towards the stairs. Grace walks down them. Tegan smiles.

      Tegan: Hey. Don't worry about the towel in Room 2, I got it-

      Grace: Yeah, I doubt you do.

      Tegan looks confused. Grace raises her eyebrows looking awkward as she prepares to explain.

      CUT TO:


      Devyn is sat typing. He looks up to see Gael and Marissa walk out behind the canteen. They are talking quietly but Marissa looks angry.

      CUT TO:


      Marissa: You can't for one second expect me to stay here if he is here.

      Gael: Marissa-

      Marissa: No, you do not know me, you cannot tell me that it'll be ok, because it won't be!

      Gael hesitates. Marissa's face shakes as she closes her eyes, trying to regain control of the situation. She looks at Gael.

      Marissa: I will leave if he doesn't.

      Gael stares at her.

      Gael: And then what?

      Marissa avoids his gaze.

      Gael: Seriously, what would you do? Run? Believe me, that's not a game you wanna play.

      Marissa: I've done it before.

      Gael: And you ended up here.

      There is a pause. Marissa screws up her eyes, gritting her teeth.

      Marissa: So I could be safe.

      She opens her eyes and exhales quickly.

      Marissa: I'm not safe. Why don't you see that?

      She looks pained. Gael looks sympathetic, but is unsure how to answer.

      CUT TO:


      Devyn watches curiously. Juliet walks in. He looks at her and gets up, walking over.

      Devyn: Hey, uh, something going on? I'm getting vibes.

      Juliet smiles awkwardly. She takes Devyn's elbow and guides him away from where some of the guests are sitting.

      Juliet: A battered wife and the husband she knocked unconscious in self-defence are both here.

      Devyn raises his eyebrows as he reacts to this.

      Devyn: Wow...

      Devyn looks behind him. Marissa and Gael are just in view; Gael is reasoning with her. Devyn looks back at Juliet.

      Devyn: She's with Gael right?

      Juliet nods.

      Juliet: Her husband doesn't know she's here. I wanna keep it that way for now.

      Devyn looks unconvinced.

      Devyn: This place isn't that big, they're gonna walk into one another eventually-

      Juliet: Yes they are, but not until we're ready to deal with the consequences of that.

      Devyn looks curious; Juliet hesitates.

      Juliet: I need to ask you if you could stay with the husband in his room and keep an eye on him.

      Devyn cocks his head.

      Devyn: Why me?

      Juliet: Because you're a guy. And you're able connect with people. I think you can deal with this better than-than I can.

      Juliet looks serious. Devyn exhales.

      Devyn: All right. I'll...try.

      Juliet smiles. She looks over at the canteen. Marissa and Gael are no longer there. Juliet looks at Devyn.

      Juliet: Room 2.

      Devyn nods. Juliet looks grateful and walks away towards canteen door. Devyn hesitates and then walks over to get his laptop.

      CUT TO:


      Tegan is sat behind the desk, typing. Devyn walks through, his laptop under his arm. Tegan glances up.

      Tegan: Hey.

      Devyn smiles a little.

      Devyn: Take it you know about the husband/wife thing.

      Tegan nods.

      Tegan: I know about the husband anyway. Met him just now.

      Devyn pauses.

      Devyn: Is he...

      Tegan: Evil? Not that I could tell.

      Devyn looks serious.

      Devyn: Juliet asked me to keep him down there.

      Tegan reacts to this.

      Tegan: You're afraid of what you might find down there aren't you?

      Devyn nods slowly.

      Devyn: Yes.

      Tegan hesitates.

      Tegan: Well the scariest part might just find someone that isn't so different from everyone else.
      Devyn hesitates. Tegan attempts a smile.

      Tegan: Good luck.

      Devyn smiles momentarily.

      Devyn: I'll leave this here if that's ok.

      Devyn places his laptop on the counter. Tegan nods. Devyn walks away. Tegan seems to be in thought as she stares at her monitor.

      CUT TO:


      Juliet and Gael are sat opposite them. Marissa is sat at the end of the table between them. They are in mid-conversation.

      Juliet: It's your choice Marissa. I'm not going to ask you to put yourself through this...I don't know how I would be able to go through it.

      Marissa sits in silence.

      Juliet: But if you leave here, you will be admitting that he can still control your life.

      Marissa looks at her seriously. Gael looks uncertain as to where Juliet is going with this. Juliet looks into Marissa's eyes.

      Juliet: I think you came here to get the control back. Regardless of Warren or anyone else. Because that's why I came here.

      Gael glances at Juliet. Marissa considers what she has just heard.

      CUT TO:

      INT. ROOM 2. Devyn is sat near the wardrobe looking awkward. Warren is still knelt in prayer.

      Devyn: Just wanted to uh, to check you had everything you needed. It's routine.

      Devyn glances at the crosses tied around the bed. There is a pause.

      Warren: What is it you think I need, other than what I already have?

      Devyn hesitates. Warren looks at him.

      Warren: I'm sure some of the people who come here are crying out for a chance to talk to someone about their fear. I'm not one of them. I have God for that.

      Devyn stares at him.

      Devyn: God huh?

      Warren looks up. He looks like he is looking beyond the ceiling.

      Warren: Yes.

      He looks at Devyn.

      Warren: You know I never used to be religious. And then I did so much that I regret and...I found myself. And him.

      Warren smiles. Devyn looks sceptical.

      Devyn: How convenient.

      Warren's smile twitches.

      Warren: I'm not looking for redemption. I can't redeem what I've done, and I don't think I have enough time left to begin to try. But what I can do is try to be forgiven.

      Devyn listens.

      Warren: And forgive.

      CUT TO:


      Juliet cocks her head slightly.

      Juliet: Forgive him?

      Marissa nods, her lips pursed tightly together.

      Marissa: I've been trying to for a long time.

      She looks at the table.

      Marissa: Maybe I was beginning to. Seeing him again wasn't part of the plan.

      CUT TO:

      INT. ROOM 2

      Warren: If I saw her again...I think I'd be able to finally do it.

      Devyn looks confused, even disturbed.

      Devyn: I don't understand this; you're talking about the woman you abused.

      Warren looks confused; Devyn realises what he has said.

      Devyn: We have the information from your conviction chip.

      Warren nods slightly.

      Warren: Clearly.

      Warren smiles very slightly.

      Warren: Looks like you've already decided what to do with that information.

      Devyn looks serious. Warren hesitates.

      Warren: Those scars on your face; they were given to you by someone that might want to forgive some day.

      Warren stands up. He lifts up his shirt. There is a large scar across his stomach. Devyn looks surprised as he stares at it.

      Warren: This is what I have to forgive my wife for; the scars she gave me. I just hope she'll forgive me for what I've done to her, as God has.

      He smiles calmly. Devyn looks uncomfortable with what he has just heard. There is a knock at the door. Warren glances from Devyn to the door.

      Warren: Yes?

      The door opens; Grace is stood at the entrance. She smiles awkwardly but avoids eye contact with Warren. She looks at Devyn.

      Grace: You're needed upstairs.

      CUT TO:


      Grace and Devyn walk down. Grace stops once they are a fair distance from Warren's room.

      Grace: She wants to see him.

      Devyn looks surprised.

      Devyn: She really thinks that's a good idea?

      Grace: Well I'm not sure how much of it is really her idea and how much of it is Juliet's...

      Devyn looks away and nods slightly.

      Grace: But we might as well do this now, because it's gonna happen and I don't know about you but I'd like to get to sleep before 3 tonight.

      ]"The Salt Wound Routine" by Thirteen Senses begins to play.Grace raises her eyebrows. Devyn exhales.

      CUT TO:


      Juliet walks through followed by Marissa. Marissa looks scared as Juliet turns to her. She smiles supportively and holds out her hand. Marissa clasps it within her own. Gael stands behind the two as Juliet leads Marissa gently towards the kitchen.

      CUT TO:


      Grace walks up the stairs from the first lower corridor and stands by the entrance to the main corridor. Aura is stood talking to Tegan. They both look over as Warren appears from the stairs. He barely looks at the women staring at him as he turns to Devyn who walks up beside him. Devyn looks awkwardly from Grace to Aura to Tegan and then turns to Warren.

      ""Red letters on the dashboard, oh what a gift
      They pursue us to the deep end and then depart"
      Watch as the cracks in the wall feel pain
      For only patterns on a snake's back give us genuine fear "

      Warren: I've already had this tour.

      Devyn: You haven't seen everything yet.

      Warren walks past the desk. He makes eye contact with Aura. She stares at him coldly. Tegan watches him with a neutral expression on her face.

      "And I cannot lie, faces drop into the fire"

      Warren looks forwards. Devyn stands aside. Warren's expression changes to shock.

      "I get by all the time on a shelf above the door"

      Marissa is stood near the canteen with Juliet and Gael. She looks very nervous. There is a pause.

      "And it shouldn't be clear but it's not for me to decide
      It's a delicate degree
      It's a number I can see"

      Marissa: Hello Warren.

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      Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6


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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        Tegan is still sat behind the reception desk involved in her work. Grace walks in from the direction of the main corridor. Tegan looks up and smiles a little.

        Tegan: Hey. Are they still...

        Grace nods.

        Grace: It's weird in there. Luckily, I have to go serve dinner, so see ya later.

        Grace walks away looking tired. Tegan watches her. She then looks in the direction of the main corridor.

        CUT TO:


        Juliet is leaning against the front of her desk. Marissa is sat near her. Warren is sat across the room. Devyn is stood with his arms folded nearby. There is a pause.

        Warren: I'd like a minute alone with my wife.

        Juliet looks at him and shakes her head.

        Juliet: No.

        Warren looks irritated.

        Warren: You're worried about her safety? I wonder if you're worried about mine. I've already shown Mr Rhys...

        He glances behind him at Devyn, who shifts uncomfortably. Warren looks back at Juliet.

        Warren: ...the electrical burns on my stomach that Marissa gave me. Would you like to see the scars on my legs?

        His eyes dart to Marissa as he says this. She shakes slightly as if he just hit her. Juliet looks at Marissa and then at Warren.

        Juliet: I imagine Marissa has enough scars of her own that she doesn't have to show.

        Warren narrows his eyes slightly. Juliet exhales.

        Juliet: We're not here to discuss the past. We have to deal with now.

        Warren moves his hands apart and then together again.

        Warren: I don't see why we can't just go about our business alone, as we have done for the last year. You may not believe it but I'm a changed man.

        Marissa: You could never change.

        Warren stares at her. He looks less collected than before, perhaps more sincere.

        Warren: You have every reason to think that I couldn't. But I have Marissa.

        She still avoids his gaze, breathing quickly. Devyn clears his throat.

        Devyn: Whether that's true or not, Marissa obviously doesn't wanna take the chance. Neither do we.

        Warren looks at him.

        Warren: If I attacked Marissa here, I wouldn't be able to hide it. You'd throw me out, and then I'd have nothing.

        Juliet stands up straight, pushing herself away from the desk.

        Juliet: So let's assume you won't. You have to promise something more than that.

        Warren: I think my wife can speak for herself-

        Marissa: (shouting) I am not your wife!

        She stares into his eyes looking angry.

        Marissa: Do not pretend that we have anything but hate for each other!

        Warren looks serious now.

        Warren: Is that what you want...forever? Hate? We could rebuild something Marissa, God wants us to rebuild

        Marissa looks at him incredulously.

        Marissa: How naive do you think I am Warren? I'm not gonna fall for your "God wants us to be happy" crap this time. The best thing I ever did was leave you! The second best being knocking you unconscious before I did.

        She glares at him, seething. Devyn and Juliet make eye contact.

        Warren: I don't think you're naive. I think you wanted to see me though, tell me I'm wrong.

        Marissa stares at him.

        Marissa: I wanted to tell you...that you no longer define me. I'm not an appendage of you anymore. And I never will be again.

        She stands up and forces a smile upon her face.

        Marissa: I forgive you. For everything!

        A confused smile appears on Warren's face. He is about to speak.

        Marissa: Please get on with your life, with God, or whoever you want to be with.

        She narrows her eyes and speaks with gritted teeth.

        Marissa: (slowly) Stay out of mine.

        She walks away. Warren watches her. He, Juliet and Devyn are left in silence.

        CUT TO:

        INT. ROOM 12

        Marissa sits on the edge of her bed facing away from the door. There is a knock at the door. Marissa closes her eyes and exhales.

        Marissa: Yes.

        Juliet walks in. Marissa turns her head to look at her. Juliet smiles.

        Juliet: Do you really forgive him?

        Marissa turns back away. She shrugs.

        Marissa: I don't know, maybe.

        Juliet begins to walk towards her.

        Juliet: No one expects you to.

        Marissa: Yes, well, it's either that or live under the shadow of what he did while I'm in here, and every day after.

        Juliet stands next to her and frowns.

        Juliet: You can't force yourself to do this if you're not ready.

        Marissa looks at her and frowns.

        Marissa: I'll never be ready.

        Marissa hesitates.

        Marissa: It's hard to not despise him, but I've managed things that are far more difficult.

        Juliet sits down beside her looking sympathetic.

        Juliet: I can imagine.

        Marissa: You know putting on foundation every day was never the hard part. Putting on a smile whenever someone asks how my husband is...

        She looks at Juliet.

        Marissa: That is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

        Juliet listens looking serious.

        Juliet: What changed?

        Marissa looks at her.

        Marissa: I decided I wasn't gonna pretend that everything was fine just so people wouldn't be upset.

        She shakes her head repeatedly as she wipes a tear away from her cheek quickly.

        Marissa: People should be upset, this is an upsetting world. A smile isn't gonna change anything.

        Juliet considers this as she looks away from Marissa.

        CUT TO:


        Josef and Warren are sat together talking. Gael watches from the canteen. He looks serious. Grace walks up to him. Gael turns to her.

        Gael: Hey.

        Grace smiles for a second but looks concerned.

        Grace: I think you should take a step back.

        Gael narrows his brow.

        Gael: What?

        Grace: You're staring at him. You were staring five minutes ago when I looked in through the door.

        Gael looks confused.

        Gael: I'm getting the canteen clear for tomorrow-

        Grace: Yeah, you've got really far with that.

        Grace looks at the canteen still full of dishes. Gael looks awkward but tries a smile.

        Gael: I'm just making sure that everything's ok.

        Grace: No, this is more than that. You know I think I get why Juliet was so against us trying to help so much before; it's cause we don't just help, we get swallowed up by these people's problems, and end up staring at them for half an hour.

        Gael frowns.

        Gael: Grace, if you hadn't noticed, this was something that needed to be dealt with.

        Grace: Maybe you haven't noticed that it has been.

        They stare at one another. Grace exhales.

        Grace: We experience enough darkness on an ordinary day, I don't wanna see you throw yourself in front of any more than that.

        Gael looks at her; he knows she is thinking of him but his expression is serious.

        Gael: Darkness is gonna come Grace, we can't stop it. All this stuff Juliet's told us about, it's not gonna go away. More and more people are gonna be driven down here by Amethyst or whatever, and not just people like Trey or Warren, but more people like Marissa. And Angela you know? We're basically their last chance, and I want to make sure they don't screw it up. So if that means watching them for half an hour...then that's what I'll do.

        Grace looks out at the dining area. Angela is in mid-conversation with another guest; a conversation she might not be having had it not been for Grace. Grace looks up at Gael and nods very slightly.

        Voice OS: What's Amethyst?

        Grace and Gael turn to see Devyn standing at the entrance to the kitchen. He looks serious.

        CUT TO:


        Juliet is typing at her desk. Devyn walks in. Juliet looks surprised.

        Juliet: Oh, Devyn, hi-

        Devyn quickly closes the door. He looks serious.

        Devyn: I want to know about how safe we are here.

        Juliet's smile disappears. She looks serious.

        Juliet: Who have you been talking to-

        Devyn: I overheard. Seems like no one wanted me to know about things like Amethyst. And how there could be spies walking around here with all of us completely unaware.

        Juliet purses her lips.

        Juliet: Sit down.

        Devyn shakes his head. Juliet glances away and then looks back at him.

        Juliet: Fine.

        She stands.

        Juliet: I didn't tell you because you've been here for so little time, I couldn't be certain you wouldn't tell Carla.

        Devyn walks towards the desk quickly.

        Devyn: Do you think I'm an idiot?

        Juliet stares at him frowning and shakes her head.

        Juliet: No. But I know you do what you think is right, and that could include going against my wishes.

        Devyn looks at the ground and then at Juliet.

        Devyn: You don't wanna trust me. I get that. But don't expect me to trust you.

        Juliet stares at him.

        Devyn: You hide so much from me. I don't even know what you did.

        Juliet's expression stiffens.

        Juliet: That's not-

        Devyn: Relevant? No, I guess nothing ever is until you want it to be. Let me guess, you didn't tell Aura or Mark or Bethany about this either.

        Juliet hesitates. Devyn takes this as a no.

        Devyn: Right. Well we're your staff, Juliet; we are just like Tegan, Grace and Gael, we are all the people that you asked to maintain this place, treat us with some Goddamn respect!

        Juliet stares at him coldly.

        Juliet: Are you done?

        Devyn: Yes I am!

        He still looks angry. Juliet exhales deeply.

        Juliet: No one knows what's going on here. We've never had to deal with the risk of infiltration like this before. To be honest, I am making up choices as I go along. I look ahead...and I see danger. I wish it was as easy as giving you all the respect that you deserve Devyn, but I hope you'll at least try to understand that that isn't at the top of my very, very long list, right now.

        Devyn stares at her. He looks away, unable to find fault with what Juliet's just said. He looks at her again.

        Devyn: Do you think there's someone here right now that-

        Juliet: No.

        She sits down.

        Juliet: Most people here right now have been here before. If they were working with Amethyst something would have happened by now.

        Devyn: What about the ones that haven't?

        Juliet: Angela, Marissa, Warren...Carla.

        Devyn frowns.

        Devyn: You think she.

        Juliet: I dunno. You tell me. I imagine you've seen all there is to see when it comes to Carla. Did she have a tattoo?

        Devyn looks at her, not liking her tone.

        Devyn: What has that got to do with anything?

        Juliet: Westler had a tattoo on his arm, the same one that's on the Amethyst report. Could be their calling card.

        There is a pause.

        Devyn: She has a black star at the base of her spine. Nothing else.

        Juliet hesitates and then nods.

        Juliet: All right then.

        She sighs.
        Juliet: Liliana, my uh, my superior is gonna be here in a few days. When she arrives then we might have a better plan of action than watching everyone. But that's it right now.

        She and Devyn stare at one another. Devyn eventually nods.

        Devyn: Ok. I can do that.

        Juliet: Let me know if you see-

        Devyn turns and begins to walk out.

        Devyn: Yeah. I will.

        Juliet watches him. She looks down at her desk.

        CUT TO:


        Josef walks away from the table he and Warren were sat at. Carla is sat at one of the other tables. She watches Josef, looking anxious. She taps her fingers quickly across the table, biting her lip. She gets up clumsily and walks over to Josef hurriedly. He is about to walk into the lobby.

        Carla: J-Josef.

        She speaks nervously. Josef turns to see her. He regards her anxious state.

        Carla: I need more. Please. I have money. I-I can get money I just need-

        Josef: Sorry. I'm all out.

        Carla breathes quickly looking desperate.

        Carla: What am I supposed to do?

        Josef shrugs and walks away from her into the lobby.

        CUT TO:


        Carla grabs Josef's arm. He pulls away defensively. Tegan looks up from the reception. Josef stares at Carla seriously.

        Josef: I can't help you. You'll have to find some other way.

        Carla looks like she is about to cry. She exhales and walks in the direction of her room. Josef watches her for a second and exhales. He walks in the same direction.

        Tegan: Does it make you proud?

        Josef stares at her. She smiles bitterly at him.

        Tegan: Watching people reduced to that?

        Josef watches her carefully.

        Josef: I have a broken door to pay for. Not to mention a few chairs and a plate or two. There aren't many ways for me to get the money I need for that.

        Tegan nods slightly.

        Tegan: Just so we're clear; this is you justifying selling drugs to desperate people, right?

        Josef looks away.

        Josef: They'd find it some other way. They always do.

        He walks away. Tegan watches him leave, frowning. The camera moves away from her and through the open door to the dining area. Angela and the guest she was talking to earlier walk past the table that Warren is sat at. The other guest glances at him for a second and then mutters to Angela.

        Woman: You know he beat his wife. She's in here too.

        Angela looks surprised.

        Angela: Really?

        Warren overhears them. He exhales and looks at something that is in his hand. It is a cross on a necklace. Warren seems to consider it.

        CUT TO:

        INT. ROOM 12

        Marissa is in her en suite. She stares at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, leaning on the sink, and exhales. She seems to make a decision and walks out. She heads to the door and opens it. As she does something falls to the floor. Marissa looks down; it is the cross that Warren had only a moment ago. She frowns as she stares down at it. She looks undecided as to whether to pick it up.

        CUT TO:


        Aura is lying on the bed; the room is hers. Mark is sat on the end of her bed.

        Mark: We get by don't we?

        Aura glances away and smiles a little.

        Aura: Sure. That ain't the hard part.

        Mark smiles sadly.

        Mark: You got me and Beth you know. Even Sam.

        Aura: I know, I know. I could have no one, I ain't complaining about that Mark. I just wanna feel like I'm being treated like an adult and not some kid who's talking when she shouldn't.

        Mark pauses.

        Mark: Power's been handed out. We didn't get lucky.

        Aura: Yeah, damn right.

        She looks irritated. Mark looks sympathetic.

        Mark: Look don't give a damn about what they think of us; we both know we're doing a good job, and as long as they don't stop us we can keep doing it.

        Aura nods slowly as she considers things. She looks at him.

        Aura: You know...thinking about what we really owe Jules...makes me feel like it don't matter. Like we're entitled to...

        She trails of but Mark seems to know what she means. He frowns and stands up. Aura looks worried that she might have said something.

        Aura: But I know we ain't-

        Mark: Yeah, well, we don't really have a choice do we so...

        His expression softens. Aura looks at him, a hint of worry in her face.

        Mark: It's not about right and wrong cause there's no question.

        Aura nods grimly.

        Aura: I know.

        Mark exhales.

        Aura: I...just...I can't help but think about what we'll do, when the time comes.

        Mark looks at her. He looks serious, fear present across his face.

        Mark: I try not to. Just gotta keep at the job.

        Aura looks fearful also but nods. Mark smiles to break the ice.

        Mark: I gotta let Gael off the till. I'll be back up later.

        Aura smiles and nods. Mark walks away. Aura's smile fades as she sinks back into her pillow.

        CUT TO: BLACK
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        Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6


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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN LOBBY

          Tegan is sat behind the reception desk. She looks tired. She looks at the time in the bottom right corner of her computer screen; it is 11:03. She exhales and stands up. She jumps a little as she sees Carla standing before her, looking agitated. Tegan relaxes. Carla smiles awkwardly.

          Carla: Sorry.

          Tegan smiles. However her smile begins to fade as she notices Carla is carrying the bag she arrived with and is wearing her coat.

          Tegan: Going somewhere?

          Carla nods quickly.

          Carla: I have to.

          Tegan hesitates.

          Tegan: This is "some other way" huh?

          Carla looks ashamed, as she realises that Tegan overheard her conversation with Josef.

          Carla: You can't imagine how I feel.

          Tegan sighs.

          Tegan: Maybe not. But I've known a lot of people who'd be able to.

          Carla looks at her. Tegan looks sympathetic.

          Tegan: Does Devyn know?

          Carla hesitates. Tegan draws her own conclusion.

          Tegan: Right.

          Carla: He doesn't need to know.

          Tegan frowns slightly.

          Tegan: Don't you think he deserves some kind of explanation?

          Carla: We're not in a relationship. was nice but how can anything last in a place like this?

          Tegan considers this. Carla looks sad.

          Carla: Maybe I'll be back but...who knows?

          Tegan pauses. She then types something on the computer. Carla waits. Tegan walks around to the other side of the reception and walks to the door. Carla breathes a sigh; a mixture of relief that her departure has gone smoothly and anxiety at what may come. Tegan walks to the door and opens it. She then looks at Carla.

          Tegan: If you leave here you'll be dealing with the drugs and everything else on your own. Are you sure you can do that?

          Carla looks at her.

          Carla: Guess I'll find out.

          Tegan still looks ambivalent concerning Carla's decision but stands aside to let her pass. Carla looks grateful and smiles very slightly as she walks through. Tegan follows, closing the door behind her.

          CUT TO:


          Gael is washing up. Grace is sorting through packets of food. The door from the main corridor opens; Juliet walks through. Grace and Gael look up and immediately look guilty. Grace puts the packet she is holding down.

          Grace: Before you say anything, you should know Devyn did that thing, with the whole turning up out of nowhere at the wrong time, and overhearing one little word, which happened to be "Amethyst" and then asking questions...

          Grace looks awkward as she trails off. Gael seems to be waiting for Juliet's response. Juliet rolls her eyes, unable to stop from smiling.

          Juliet: Well it doesn't really matter now cause I filled in the blanks you didn't and, you know maybe it's better after all.

          Gael: Yeah? Well I agree.

          Juliet smiles at him.

          Juliet: He thinks I should tell Aura and the others.

          Gael and Grace ponder this.

          Grace: Guess he doesn't really know how things work with them.

          Juliet looks serious.

          Juliet: But why does it work like that? I mean when did we decide it was "us" and "them".

          Grace and Gael don't seem to have an answer.

          Gael: I think it just sort of happened; they do less hours and that's, well...that. But they don't seem too fussed about it.

          Juliet shakes her head.

          Juliet: That's not the point. They know more about what's going on here than we do, and we act like they're kids; they're not that much younger than you Gael.

          Gael pauses. Juliet looks conflicted.

          Grace: So you wanna change everything and bring them into the loop?

          Juliet shrugs as if to say "why not".

          Juliet: They could help. A lot, if things head where I think they're headed.

          Gael frowns.

          Gael: And where's that?

          Juliet swallows.

          Juliet: Somewhere dark. Darker than this anyway. Even with Liliana's help, we're gonna need everyone equally on board.

          Gael and Grace consider this. Juliet looks anxious. She attempts to remove the tension.

          Juliet: Think I'm gonna go to bed. You guys should get some sleep too.

          Grace: Yeah, we're almost done.

          Juliet smiles a little, nodding.

          Juliet: Goodnight.

          Gael: Night.

          Juliet walks out. Gael and Grace are left in an awkward silence. Grace looks at him, her face tense.

          Grace: Are you scared?

          Gael looks at her and pauses.

          Gael: I dunno. But Juliet is. And that's never good.

          Grace considers this. She turns back to the packets of food next to her, trying to focus on normality.

          CUT TO:


          Devyn walks down the corridor and knocks on Room 7's door. The door opens. Devyn smiles, but looks surprised to find himself facing Bethany. She smiles in a friendly way.

          Bethany: Hey there! How are you Mr Devyn?

          Devyn smiles despite his confusion. However his expression soon becomes more serious as he looks past Bethany to see that the duvet and mattress have been stripped. He looks at her.

          Devyn: Where's Carla?

          Bethany narrows her brow a little but smiles.

          Bethany: Um, she's gone. She didn't tell you?

          Devyn looks shocked.

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN LOBBY

          Tegan appears to be clearing up for the night.

          Devyn OS: You just let her go?

          Tegan looks up. Devyn stares at her seriously. Tegan opens her mouth, looking for something to say.

          Tegan: I...didn't exactly let her.

          Devyn: Right you just opened the door.

          Tegan narrows her brow.

          Tegan: Carla made a decision, how is it my place to stop her from doing what she wants? Cause you and she were sleeping together?

          Devyn doesn't respond. Tegan exhales, her expression softening.

          Tegan: I told her to tell you. She decided she couldn't.

          Devyn looks away. He looks more hurt than annoyed now. He looks at Tegan.

          Devyn: Didn't she say...why?

          Tegan hesitates, wondering whether to tell Devyn what she knows.

          Tegan: I think she wanted to find out...whether she could manage this alone.

          Devyn looks serious.

          Devyn: She didn't have to. I thought she knew that.

          Tegan looks sympathetic and walks up to Devyn.

          Tegan: Maybe she wasn't who you thought she was.

          Devyn looks at her. Tegan looks back, contemplating something.

          Tegan: It happened to me too. I mean, I was with a guy recently, and I thought that he knew me, maybe even better than I knew myself. I was wrong. He left just like that.

          Devyn looks serious.

          Devyn: That sucks.

          Tegan smiles a little.

          Tegan: Always.

          There is a pause.

          Tegan: Thing is, everything you do with another person is just as much about that person as it is about you. My ex left cause he was scared of losing, and I guess now I can kinda begin to understand that. Carla might have left cause of what she was scared of gaining.

          Devyn looks serious.

          Devyn: I wish she hadn't.

          Tegan looks sympathetic.

          Tegan: Me too.

          Devyn and Tegan are left in their mutual discontent.

          CUT TO:


          Marissa walks down the stairs looking serious. She stops outside the first door on the left; Room 1. She knocks. There is no answer. She hesitates and then opens the door. Warren is knelt next to his bed in prayer. He turns to see Marissa and looks surprised. Marissa closes the door behind her. She holds up the cross that Warren left outside her own door.

          Marissa: I believe this belongs to you.

          Warren pauses.

          Warren: I wasn't expecting to get it back.

          Marissa's gaze darts to the ground. She looks at the crosses around Warren's bed and then at him. She frowns. She holds up the cross a little higher.

          Marissa: You can't try and use this to make amends. Amends can't be made. Not now, Warren.

          Warren stares at her; he looks sad.

          Warren: I said-

          Marissa: That I forgive you?

          She sighs, shaking her head.

          Marissa: The truth is that I don't. And I probably never will.

          She doesn't look angry, just calm, as she looks down at him. Warren turns and stands up. Marissa's eyes do not leave his own. Warren begins to look a little tearful.

          Warren: I've tried to convince myself for so long that I wasn't as awful as I am.

          He shakes his head in dismay.

          Warren: I thought God could help me. But he can't.

          Marissa exhales looking at a loss. She looks back at him, forcing her lips together.

          Marissa: You can't find peace with God, until you find peace with yourself.

          Marissa exhales deeply and steps towards Warren. Warren looks surprised as a tear streams down his cheek. Marissa hands back the cross he gave her.

          Marissa: I may not forgive you...but I hope that you're able, maybe one day, to live your life, without being haunted by what you've done. You should never, ever forget...but you should be able to wish for something more. I'm not sure if I can wish you happiness with someone else, if you can ever return to a normal life...but if you do...I hope you never put anyone through what you put me through.

          Marissa looks serious. Warren looks contemplative as he stares at her.

          Marissa: And if you find God...I mean truly find, and know that you're forgiven...then I hope you remember how long it took to get there.

          Warren hesitates and then holds out his hand. Marissa drops the cross into his open palm. She stares at him.

          Marissa: You know, in the split-second it took me to pick up that iron, and slam it into your stomach...I knew that I'd thrown away any chance of getting you locked up. But it felt good. I felt it was what you deserved.

          There is a pause.

          Marissa: Now? I don't know what you deserve. And who knows if you'll get it?

          Warren hesitates.

          Warren: I hope you get what you deserve, Marissa. You should know that I never stopped loving you, even for a second.

          Marissa stares at him and nods slightly.

          Marissa: I loved you for you a long time too. I guess for you, love wasn't enough.

          She turns and walks away. She opens the door and closes it behind her. Warren watches her. He is left alone.

          CUT TO:


          Gael is unlocking his door. Devyn appears looking depressed. Gael looks up and smiles. His smile fades as he witnesses Devyn's state.

          Gael: What's up?

          Devyn shrugs.

          Devyn: Nothing that I can change.

          Gael looks sympathetic.

          Gael: Wanna talk? I got a beer or two.

          Gael smiles a little, raising his eyebrows. Devyn manages a smile.

          CUT TO:

          INT. GAEL'S ROOM - HAVEN

          Gael is sat leaning back against the wall at the head of his bed. Devyn is sat at the end of his bed. Both are drinking from pint cans of beer.

          Gael: For what it's worth, people rarely stick around here for that long. I mean even the regulars come and go, no one ever knows who's gonna come back.

          Devyn doesn't respond. Gael narrows his brow.

          Gael: You never know...she might.

          Devyn looks at him.

          Devyn: Right. Then I can just wait for her to leave again without telling me.

          Gael exhales.

          Gael: Yeah that's harsh.

          Devyn takes a swig of beer.

          Gael: You think you know somebody eh?

          Devyn looks at him.

          Devyn: That's the ironic thing...

          Gael smiles glumly, taking a swig of beer. Devyn looks down.

          Devyn: She didn't know me either.

          Gael stares at him.

          Gael: Well, yeah, I mean everyone's got more to them than you can find out in a week-

          Devyn: No I'm not talking about everything before here...well, I guess I am kinda.

          Gael looks confused. Devyn looks at him awkwardly.

          Devyn: I've kept trying to maintain that I'm not who I was. That I have changed.

          Gael waits for him to continue. Devyn looks at the wall and sighs.

          Devyn: I stole from her. I don't even know why I just...I saw her ring, and I took it. Before I knew what I was doing, I'd taken it, and for a second, I didn't care.

          Gael looks serious. Devyn blinks slowly, shaking his head.

          Devyn: I put it back where she'd find it later, and she never even knew. I was worried she would but she left anyway. I never got a chance to see if she could handle the part of me I'm not even sure I have a hold on.

          He sighs and looks at Gael.

          Devyn: After everything...I'm still a conman. I think I always will be.

          Gael hesitates.

          Gael: Well I guess that means I'm still a drug dealer.

          "What Can I Say?" by Brandi Carlile begins to play

          Devyn looks surprised. Gael smiles very slightly but looks serious also. The camera pans away from the duo.

          CUT TO:


          Grace is lying in bed, her eyes wide open, her worry clear in their reflection. The camera moves to the clock on the bedside table nearby. It is 3:15am.

          ?Look to the clock on the wall
          Hands hardly moving at all'

          CUT TO:


          Juliet is scrolling down her computer monitor re-reading the article about Amethyst, searching for something, anything more that can help.

          ?I can't stand the state that I'm in
          Sometimes it feels like the wall's closing in'

          CUT TO:

          INT. ROOM 1 - HAVEN

          Warren is lying on his bed. He stares at the cross that Marissa gave back to him, still clutched in his hand.

          ?Oh, Lord, what can I say?
          I'm so sad since you went away'

          CUT TO:

          INT. ROOM 12 ? HAVEN

          Marissa is at in front of the mirror in her bathroom. She wipes a patch of cotton wool across her face, slowly removing her makeup. She hesitates and then throws the cotton wool away.

          ?Time, time, ticking on me
          Alone is the last place I wanted to be
          Lord, what can I say?'

          CUT TO:


          Tegan switches the light off in her room. She leans back, staring upwards. She screws up her eyes in an attempt to block out her troubles.

          ?Trap all my troubles away
          Drown my sorrow the same way
          Seems no matter how hard I try
          It feels like there's something just missing inside'

          CUT TO:


          Devyn walks out of Gael's room, ready to return to his own solitude. Aura walks past in the direction of her own room. She smiles a little. He smiles back. As they stare into space once again, their smiles fade to looks of ambivalence.

          ?Oh, Lord, what can I say?
          I'm so sad since you went away
          Time, time, ticking on me
          Alone is the last place I wanted to be
          Lord, what can I say?
          Oh, Lord, what can I say?'

          FADE TO:


          The song quietens. A woman and a man walk down the street. They are Carla and Trey. Carla looks more relaxed than she did before. Trey is smiling.

          Carla: I don't know how to say thank you to you.

          Trey: Maybe you just did.

          ?How many rules can I break?
          How many lies can I make?'

          Carla smiles. She looks at him.

          Carla: You never told me why you left.

          Trey hesitates.

          Trey: Time just came I guess.

          Carla considers this. Suddenly Trey gasps.

          ?How many roads must I turn
          To find me a place where the bridge hasn't burned?'

          Carla looks startled. Trey falls forwards, a dart sticking out of his neck. Carla looks around and then suddenly gasps also. She too falls. Figures in black rush forward and begin to retrieve their unconscious bodies

          ?Oh, Lord, what can I say?
          I'm so sad since you went away'
          Time, time, ticking on me
          Alone is the last place I wanted to be'

          One of the figures puts a phone to their ear.

          Figure: We have them, ma'am.

          ?Oh, Lord, what can I say?
          I'm so sad since you went away'

          CUT TO:


          Jackie is on a mobile phone. She smiles.

          Jackie: Good work. Bring them in.

          ?Time, time, ticking on me
          Alone is the last place I wanted to be'

          She moves the phone down. She looks relieved.

          ?Lord, what can I say?
          Oh, Lord, what can I say?'

          CUT TO: BLACK.

          THE END
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