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Haven Episode 1.2 2. A Little Less Than Five Star

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  • Alex
    ACT IV

    Tegan and Grace also look shocked. Aura and Mark walk in from the dining area, having witnessed the scene. Josef looks up from a table there.

    There is a pause. Suddenly Rebecca grabs for the door handle, but Grace slams it firmly shut, giving Rebecca a dark look. Juliet steps toward Rebecca and Larius.

    Juliet: What the hell have you done?

    Anger seems to be building in her tone. Rebecca looks awkward. Larius looks stone-faced. The others all watch them.

    Larius: We did what we came here to do.

    Juliet narrows her eyes, trying to understand what she is hearing. Tegan looks at Devyn, as if she has only just seen the cuts on his face. Juliet looks at Devyn. He swallows.

    Devyn: They wanted information. I...I conned one of their friends a long time ago. They thought I knew where their money was.

    He glares at Larius. Josef has not walked over to see what is happening, as has Kelcie. Rebecca looks around at everyone staring at her, regarding her with hatred, confusion, shock. A slightly fanatical smile appears on her face.

    Rebecca: I find it very amusing that all of you look at me with hate...all of you that have done the same and worse to get what you wanted.

    She laughs a little. Juliet steps towards her again, her expression icy.

    Juliet: You tortured a man within these walls...that is something I cannot accept.

    Rebecca looks almost regretful.

    Rebecca: I’m sorry for that. But Larius and I have what we need. You’ll gain nothing by keeping us here.

    There is a pause. Devyn looks at Juliet wondering what she will do, as Rebecca has made an interesting point. Tegan hesitates and looks at Devyn.

    Tegan: Did you tell them?

    Devyn looks at her. He pauses.

    Devyn: I told them...where they could find money equal to what I took.

    Grace frowns.

    Grace: Why? They wouldn’t have been able to-

    Devyn: I know that they have the power to send someone in here if I’d lied. I can’t afford to live my life in fear. That’s why I came in here.

    He avoids eye contact with Juliet as she looks at him sadly; he is another person she failed to protect. Suddenly Rebecca lunges at Grace and grabs her. Everyone is surprised by the sudden turn of events. Rebecca immediately holds the piece of wood, still stained with Devyn’s blood, against Grace’s chin. Grace struggles, but Rebecca’s grip is firm. She steps backward towards the wall. Larius regards what she is doing calmly. Rebecca looks around at the many faces staring at her, also trying to maintain a calm persona.

    Rebecca: This is very simple. Allow Larius and I to leave, and she won’t-

    Rebecca suddenly gasps. As if from nowhere, a knife is protruding from her skull.

    “Saving” by Thirteen Senses begins to play.

    Grace takes the opportunity to pull away from Rebecca. She turns behind her to look at the person who threw the knife with such precision. It is Juliet. She lowers her hand slowly, staring seriously at Rebecca.

    'I see so little time
    My eyes are crossed, my hands are tied
    All I wanna do is that great thing'

    Larius stares, wide-eyed as she falls back, dead. He glares at Juliet angrily, taking a step toward her. However Tegan and Royce quickly grab his arms. Aura and Mark also hurry over to help restrain him. Devyn stares at Juliet. She turns slowly to look at him. The two retain eye contact.

    'I never see a passer-by
    My skin is cold, it's turned to ice
    And everything I do, I want leaving me'

    CUT TO:


    Mark is at the till. He stares forward. Larius and Juliet are walking towards the entrance. Through the windows, Belview’s night atmosphere can be seen. Larius walks out of the door being held open by Aura. She stares coldly at him as he walks past.

    'And I guess it's a might
    With a light that you fight'

    Larius turns as he looks back into Summertime General and at Juliet, the woman who gave him shelter and almost allowed him to escape. She stares at him emptily and then closes the door in his face. He stands for a moment; alone.

    'You turn a blind eye
    To the world in the sky'

    CUT TO:


    The instrumental of the song plays a little but begins to die away. Devyn is sat in a chair in front of Juliet’s desk. He stares into space, the cuts on his face barely healing. Juliet walks in from the corridor. She stares at the back of Devyn’s head, hesitantly, but she walks forward nonetheless. Devyn glances at her as she walks past him, and then to her seat in front of her desk. She sits down and pulls her chair up the desk, placing her hands together. She stares at Devyn.

    Juliet: Our financial a little complicated. I can explain things to you in more detail when we come to them. As well as giving you everything else you’ll need. Uniform, a few forms...and your security knife.

    Devyn doesn’t respond. Juliet looks awkward.

    Juliet: The hours...they can be pretty intense, if you’re not used to them.

    Devyn nods.

    Devyn: Think I can adapt.

    He smiles pleasently. Juliet nods back. There is a pause.

    Juliet: You’ll uh, need to move to a room on this floor. It’s not much, I mean even less than what you have now, but technically you’re no longer a guest and we really need the room-

    Devyn: It’s fine, Juliet. I’ll get on it.

    Juliet nods. She smiles momentarily.

    Juliet: You can move tomorrow. I mean, you should get a chance to rest soon.

    Devyn nods. Juliet exhales and aims for a smile.

    Juliet: All right then. Welcome to Haven.

    She tries to smile more genuinely. Devyn smiles back, but his eyes look tired, as if he looking past her. Juliet’s smile begins to fade. There is a pause as she opens her mouth to speak.

    Juliet: I know there should be more for me to say, at this point.

    She glances into space, just past Devyn.

    Juliet: What happened today...that was inexcusable, on my part.

    Devyn stares at her.

    Devyn: You didn’t knock me unconscious Juliet. You didn’t tie me up. You didn’t cut me open. Don’t blame yourself for any of the things you didn’t do.

    Juliet closes her eyes.

    Juliet: That’s all true. But you said yourself; you came here to live without fear. Now this has can anyone feel safe here again?

    She looks pained. Devyn pauses.

    Devyn: You can never be sure what people are gonna do. Especially people like us. That woman...Rebecca was right about one thing, you know?

    Juliet narrows her brow.

    Devyn: Most of us have done exactly what she and Larius did other people. We all know about risk. Up there. And down here. And you know maybe, maybe people will learn something from this.

    He holds up his hand to his face. Juliet stares at him pensively.

    Juliet: I think I have.

    Devyn stares at her. Juliet looks upset, almost. She then gathers herself.

    Juliet: At least...Larius won’t be back here. I’m sorry that I had to let him leave but there’s not really an alter-

    Devyn: I can get the money moved, I mean if you’ll...if you’ll help.

    Juliet looks a little surprised, but nods slowly. Devyn smiles, but Juliet’s expression suggests she’s not convinced by it. He stands up.

    Devyn: I start tomorrow right?

    Juliet nods quickly. Devyn smiles as best he can.

    Devyn: Goodnight.

    Juliet exhales.

    Juliet: Goodnight Devyn.

    Devyn turns and walks away. Juliet watches his for a second before wiping her hands across her face wearily.

    CUT TO:


    Jackie is sat at her desk. She looks a little troubled as she reads from a piece of paper she is holding.

    Voice OS: Something wrong, Jackie?

    Jackie looks to her right; a man with blonde, spiked hair, wearing a suit is stood next to her, leaning against the desk. He raises an eyebrow, waiting for a response. Jackie smiles falsely.

    Jackie: Well, I do find a little difficult to adjust to the amount of casual murders that are committed here, I have to admit.

    The man smiles back just as falsely.

    Man: You should try and get used to that.

    Jackie’s smile fades.

    Jackie: Did you manage to get any information?

    The man stands up straight, clearing his throat.

    Man: It’s a work in progress.

    Jackie: I see.

    She looks at the paper and then back at the man.

    Jackie: Then I suggest, Neil...that you start letting the people we have here talk rather than die. If that’s not too difficult.

    She hands the paper to him and raises an eyebrow. Neil’s smile is fixed on his face as he takes it from her.

    Neil: I’ll get on that.

    As he walks away his smile disappears and is replaced by a sneer. Jackie looks forward looks pensive. She then picks up the mobile phone next to her and dials a number. She waits.

    Jackie: Hello, it’s Jackie Stevens, I’d like to know if you’ve heard anything from Thomas Westler yet.

    There is a pause. Jackie frowns a little.

    Jackie: I see. Yes, thank you, that would be very helpful, this number is fine...all right, goodbye.

    She puts the phone down and looks troubled.

    CUT TO:


    The camera focuses on one of the large fridges. Mark and Bethany are lifting Rebecca’s body into the fridge. The camera speeds past them quickly, into the fridge’s interior and shows the frozen body of Westler from above.

    If only Jackie knew.


    Not your whore
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  • Alex
    Not your whore

  • Alex

    CUT TO:

    INT. ?

    The screen is black. Water can be heard, falling at high pressure. Light fills the camera, several images blurred by water trickling down.

    We see Devyn, water from a shower pouring down his face. He has a nasty looking cut on his right temple, presumably from when Larius knocked him out. His lip is also bleeding. He opens his eyes, squinting as the water pours over his face. Rebecca is holding the shower above him; as she sees he is awake she moves the shower head away from him, reaching up to turn it off. She continues to stare at him intently.

    Devyn tries to move his arms. He realises his wrists are tied above his head, to the main part of the shower. He struggles. He looks down to see he is shirtless, several bruises developing across his chest from the attack he just endured. He stares at Rebecca.

    Devyn: Who are you...why are you...?

    Rebecca hesitates.

    Rebecca: I'm sorry I deceived you. You appear to be...a decent man. Yet you're also a criminal. Perhaps that makes what we're about to do to you a little more...just.

    Rebecca smiles weakly. She has no malice in her eyes. Devyn looks worried as he stares at her, breathing deeply. Larius appears at the entrance to the shower, staring down at Devyn, a menacing look on his face. Devyn stares at his face and then looks down at his hands: he is holding the piece of wood that he carved to a sharp point, seen in the pilot. Devyn looks worriedly at Rebecca.

    Devyn: I don't know you.

    Larius: No you don't. But you know a colleague of ours. Michael Verenas.

    Devyn's expression stiffens, noticeably. He opens his mouth to say something, looking hesitant.

    Devyn: Your colleague...

    Rebecca: Yes. Until he was arrested. But that doesn't concern us, because luckily you are still with us.

    She smiles in a way that could be mistaken or kindly in a different situation. Devyn swallows, staring at her.

    Devyn: I don't have the money I took from him. It was, it was a long time ago I...

    Larius narrows his eyes slightly.

    Larius: I'm sure, even if you're telling the truth, you still have some idea of where it is.

    Larius inches towards Devyn, stroking the edge of the sharpened piece of wood with his thumb. Devyn stares at it, fear in his eyes.

    Devyn: I...I know who I gave it to but-but they...they're dead. I have no idea where...

    Devyn trails off as he stares at Larius.

    Devyn: Help!

    Devyn shouts suddenly. Larius immediately punches him in the face. Rebecca grabs a piece of cloth and quickly shoves it in Devyn's mouth. Devyn tries to resist but Larius holds his jaw firmly as Rebecca leans behind Devyn, tying the gag around the back of his neck. Devyn stares at his captors, breathing deeply, yet quickly, a small stream of fresh blood appearing from where Larius just hit him. Rebecca looks at the ground.

    Rebecca: I had hoped we could keep this relatively simple.

    She glances up at Devyn.

    Rebecca: We need what you took, Devyn. If you can't tell us where it is now...we may have to discuss reimbursement. Unless your memory becomes a little less...rusty.

    She looks serious now. Larius approaches Devyn. He kneels down in front of him and moves the piece of wood towards Devyn's chest. Devyn's eyes widen as he prepares for the pain he is about to experience. Rebecca stares into his eyes, placing a hand on Larius' thigh.

    CUT TO:


    Tegan is lying on her bed, the lights off. Her face is stained with tears. She stares up at the ceiling, as if there is something worth staring at. The door is ajar. Grace peers round. She stares at the sad figure of Tegan before her. Grace opens the door fully. Tegan turns her head as the dim light from the corridor enters her room. She narrows her eyes as she tries to adjust to the light. As they make eye contact, Grace cocks her head slightly, looking serious. Grace pushes the door, almost closing it. She exhales. Tegan hesitates. Grace walks up to the bed and sits down on the edge. Tegan sits up, clutching her elbows in each hand. Grace stares at the walls.

    Grace: You know what I miss?

    She looks at Tegan who shakes her head slightly.

    Grace: Windows. Artificial lighting and not-particularly-reliable air conditioning don't really cut it.

    Tegan smiles a little.

    Tegan: Yeah windows are good.

    Grace smiles back slightly.

    Grace: I think this is a bad place for you to be.

    Tegan's smile fades.

    Tegan: I want it.

    Grace hesitates.

    Grace: Ok. Are you sure you don't just think you want it? I mean I'm hardly the relationship guru, having had a total of 1.7, but I think this is kinda cliché. And not healthy for you.

    Tegan pauses, looking to one side.

    Tegan: Things seem less complicated in the dark.

    Grace: Well they're not. They're easier to walk into, in fact.

    Tegan looks at her. She sighs.

    Tegan: What do you suggest?

    Grace: I suggest some form of ice cream.

    Tegan smiles despite herself.

    Grace: And then...whatever you want.

    Tegan nods a little, thankful that Grace has come to her. She slowly leans over to the light and turns it on.

    CUT TO:


    The camera pans across a swivel chair. A man is sat in it, reading a book. He is young, African-American, with a short, black afro, wearing fairly casual wear. The room is seen to have a variety of computers in, some of them showing CCTV footage of Summertime General. It is indicative that this is Haven's surveillance room.

    The door opens. Juliet walks through. The man looks surprised and quickly places his book down on the desk next to him. Juliet has opened her mouth as if to greet the man, but then notices the book. She raises an eyebrow. The man smiles a little guiltily.

    Man: Hey Jules. You're looking...really nice today.

    She smiles a little.

    Juliet: You know studies have proven that reading in this kind of light damages your eyes.

    The man smiles awkwardly.

    Man: Good job I ain't playing Halo though right? Guess I'd be blind by now.

    Juliet rolls her eyes and walks over to man.

    Juliet: Whatta you got for me Sam?

    The man (Sam) looks more enthusiastic.

    Sam: Oh right, good job you came round...

    He turns to the keyboard nearest to him and starts typing. Juliet leans over looking at Sam a little concerned, as if she didn't expect Sam to have something important to show her. Sam types for a few more seconds and then leans back.

    Sam: There you go.

    Juliet puts one hand on Sam's chair as she leans forward, reading what is on the screen. She frowns.

    Juliet: "New Regime"?

    Sam glances at her.

    Sam: I know right. Read on.

    Juliet reads on for a few seconds. Her brow narrows. She leans back slightly exhaling.

    Juliet: Guess that explains where some of our regulars have gone.

    Sam looks anxious.

    Sam: Think they might find out about us?

    Juliet looks at him.

    Juliet: Depends how good they are at interrogating. And if I know Belview's city council, the answer is good.

    Sam looks worried. Juliet relaxes a little, not wanting to worry him.

    Juliet: But it's not like they can get in here easily, even if someone does talk.

    Sam: The trouble I'm finding with that is the "easily" part. You know these guys Jules, they're pretty damn determined.

    Juliet hesitates.

    Juliet: So am I. They wanna crack down on criminals? They can go ahead. We all see their idea of "justice" for what it is. As long as there's people like us around, they won't get what they want.

    Sam looks a little reassured.

    Sam: You're good at that, you know?

    Juliet smiles a little.

    Juliet: You bet I do.

    She looks at the monitor again, her smile fading.

    Juliet: Keep me posted.

    She puts a hand on Sam's shoulder and walks away. Sam watches her ago and then returns to looking at the monitor. He exhales. The camera shows the screen for the first time. Jackie is seen shaking hands with another man, smiling widely.

    CUT TO:


    Juliet walks out of the small door next to the main entrance. Mark is nearby.

    Mark: Hey Jules. Sam having fun up there?

    Juliet hesitates.

    Juliet: Oh he's fine. Reading some horror novel.

    Mark smiles slightly, oblivious to what Juliet and Sam have just discussed. Juliet looks past Mark to the dining room. Josef and Trey can be seen sat down. Behind them Kelcie is talking to Aura. Juliet frowns a little as she sees them together but then looks at Mark again.

    Juliet: Do you know if Devyn is in there?

    The camera moves around from them to show Rebecca stood around the corner, near the entrance to the first floor lower corridor. She narrows her eyes slightly as she overhears Juliet.

    CUT TO

    INT. ROOM 12

    Devyn's head is slumped to one side, small cuts down the side of his face that can be seen. He breathes deeply, as the camera moves down showing more cuts across his chest. Larius is sat across from him, holding the piece of wood, now stained with blood, between his hands. He looks tired.

    Larius: You know something?

    Devyn looks up slightly; it can be seen that the rest of his face is also cut. He stares at Larius with a look of contempt. However Larius continues.

    Larius: I've never done this before.

    Devyn doesn't respond. Larius smiles to himself slightly as he stares at the ground.

    Larius: If you'd told me a few months ago that I was going to torture a man today...I'd have laughed.

    Larius looks at Devyn.

    Larius: I want you to know that this isn't about you. I have no feelings for you one way or the other. It's about the information you have. What I need from you.

    Larius hesitates and then pulls the gag out of Devyn's mouth. Devyn coughs slightly and then stares away, smiling slightly.

    Devyn: It makes everything feel so much better knowing that you and I could be best friends in another life.

    Devyn looks at Larius. Larius looks serious.

    Larius: This can stop very easily, Devyn.

    Devyn: I told you; I don't remember.

    Larius: So you keep saying.

    Larius sits up fully on his knees in front of Devyn.

    Larius: And if you really are sticking to your should seriously consider telling me where I might find money equal to what you took from Michael.

    Deyvn stares up at Larius. Larius looks down at Devyn's chest. He lowers down, sitting on his calves, still on his knees. He presses the piece of wood against Devyn's chest. Devyn flinches slightly as Larius presses harder. A bead of blood appears at the tip of the wood. Larius looks up at Devyn. There is a pause.

    Larius: Do you really want to die here?

    Devyn: I can give you money.

    Larius pulls the wood away slightly as he listens to Devyn. Devyn breathes more quickly. Larius watches Devyn carefully.

    CUT TO:


    CUT TO:


    Gael is walking along the street, wearing a thick coat and gloves, a scarf wrapped around his neck, covering his mouth. He moves his scarf down slightly as he looks up at the terraced house looming over him. He stares at the black-spiked railings and looks anxious; but he knows he must go in. He slowly walks up the steps to the front door. He closes his eyes for a second and then knocks, opening his eyes as he pulls his hand back. There is a pause.

    Several seconds later, the door opens a fraction, the chain still fixed across. A man in his 50s stares through the gap. He looks surprised.

    Jacob: Gael...

    Gael stares through the gap at the man.

    Gael: Hello.

    Jacob hesitates and then pulls the chain away. He stares at Gael.

    Gael: Can I come in?

    Jacob looks uneasy. Gael exhales.

    Gael: I'm not here for trouble Jacob, just let me in the house yeah?

    Jacob hesitates but then stands back. Gael exhales and walks in. Jacob watches him for a second, before closing the door.

    CUT TO:


    The room is quite well furnished, the walls a dark yellow colour. Gael walks in, looking around. He looks thoughtful.

    Gael: You've redecorated.

    Jacob appears behind him.

    Jacob: Yes, the uh, the walls needed doing so you're mother and I...

    Jacob trails off.

    Jacob: I take it you're here to talk.

    Gael nods slightly.

    Gael: You bet I am.

    Jacob stares at Gael seriously. He looks away and then starts walking across the room. He takes a decanter of what appears to be brandy and starts to pour a glass. Gael watches him.

    Jacob: You'll understand if I'm a little surprised to see you.

    Gael: Couldn't exactly ring and let you know I was coming, could I?

    Jacob hesitates and then takes the glass of brandy in his hand. He turns to Gael, downing the glass in one.

    Jacob: What is it you want to say to me Gael?

    Gael hesitates as he glances at the ground and then back at Jacob. He exhales.

    Gael: I want you to tell me exactly why you did what you did.

    Gael stares at Jacob; Jacob doesn't reply straight away.

    Jacob: Your mother had a right to know.

    Gael looks angry, as he takes his hands out of his pocket, stepping toward Jacob slightly.

    Gael: It wasn't your place to tell her that-

    Jacob: That her son was a criminal? I think it was.

    Gael and Jacob stare each other down. Gael narrows his eyes, shaking his head.

    Gael: You and me both know you didn't tell her out of the goodness of your heart.

    He starts walking towards Jacob.

    Gael: Tell me: have you spent all her money yet? Or have you put some aside for something nice.

    He stops three feet away from Jacob. Jacob places his glass down on the table behind him, still staring at Gael.

    Jacob: I could call the police, you know that.

    Gael smiles, unimpressed.

    Gael: Right. Go on then.

    Gael raises his eyebrows, waiting for Jacob to do something. Jacob eyes the door, not giving away his emotions.

    Jacob: I see your juvenile, provocative behaviour hasn't changed.

    Gael takes another step toward Jacob.

    Gael: And I see you're still acting like a moralistic bastard.

    Jacob: That's where you're wrong. I freely admit that I took advantage of your mother's condition. That's not to say I didn't love her; deeply. But I needed money. She was dying. I told her the truth so she would change her will, and so that you would no longer be a part of our lives. That is why, Gael.

    Gael stares in silence.

    Jacob: I don't expect you to accept what I've just told you-

    Gael suddenly grabs Jacob's neck and shoves him into the liquor cabinet. The empty glass that Jacob placed down falls from the force and smashes on the ground. Gael looks enraged as he clasps Jacob's neck in his hand. Jacob slowly places his hand on Gael's wrist.

    Jacob: If you do this you will prove that what I did was necessary. I'd quite like to die with that satisfaction. So if you're going to do it, do it now.

    Gael narrows his eyes further, tightening his grip on Jacob's neck. Jacob wheezes slightly, as he finds himself unable to breathe. Gael clenches his teeth, grimacing. He suddenly throws Jacob aside. Jacob, hits the floor several feet away. Gael stands looking angry with himself, for more than just what happened. He doesn't look at Jacob and starts to walk away. Jacob looks up, rubbing his neck slightly as he pulls himself up. Gael stops walking and looks around the room.

    Gael: The colour's crap, by the way.

    Gael walks out. Jacob watches after him.

    CUT TO:

    INT. ROOM 12

    Rebecca quickly walks in and closes the door behind her. Larius is seen knelt on the other side of the bed.

    Rebecca: They're looking for him. We should hurry.

    Larius looks at her and smiles slightly.

    Larius: Don't worry Rebecca. We already have what we need.

    Rebecca cocks her head slightly, a smile forming on her face. The camera moves across from her and through to the en suite. Devyn breathes deeply, looking in pain.

    CUT TO:


    Grace and Tegan walk in from the main corridor. Juliet is standing by the counter. Tegan smiles awkwardly.

    Tegan: I know, I was a long time, I'm sorry I just needed some time and stuff...

    Juliet: Oh, I don't care about that, it's fine.

    Tegan looks relieved.

    Juliet: Have you guys seen Devyn?

    Tegan narrows her brow.

    Tegan: I generally try not to.

    Juliet: Just I knocked on his door, and there was no answer. He's not in the dining area, or anywhere else it seems.

    Grace: Still trying to talk to him about the job?

    Juliet VO: I've been trying to.

    CUT TO:


    Rebecca and Larius walk out of their room, closing the door behind them. They are carrying the luggage they arrived with. They walk determinedly towards the end of the corridor. The camera focuses on the empty corridor for a second. Moments later, Royce appears from Room 13, a bucket and mop in hand. He notices Rebecca and Larius disappear up the stairs and looks at Room 12. He pauses for a moment and then shrugs, and walks up to their door. He reaches for the door handle.

    CUT TO:


    Rebecca and Larius walk through from the first floor lower corridor stairs. Everyone turns to see them. Rebecca smiles pleasantly.

    CUT TO:


    Devyn looks up from the shower as he hears movement in the room. He starts exclaiming through his gag.

    CUT TO:

    INT. ROOM 12

    Royce looks surprised as he pushes the door to. He quickly walks over to the shower. He looks surprised as he sees Devyn before him, bloody and bound. He and Devyn make eye contact.

    CUT TO:


    The scene carries on from before.

    Juliet: You're leaving?

    Rebecca: We have important business to attend to outside. It's quite urgent.

    Juliet: Will you be back?

    Juliet looks at Larius. He and Rebecca's expression stiffen slightly.

    Larius: I doubt it. But we'll certainly see.

    Juliet nods, smiling, a little surprised.

    Juliet: All right. Uh, Grace, Tegan could you...?

    They nod and head to the front door. Grace reaches for the handle of the main entrance doors.

    Devyn OS: Stop!

    Everyone turns. Juliet looks alarmed as she sees Devyn before her; he is now wearing a shirt but some of the cuts on his chest can still be seen around his collar bone, and of course the cuts on his face are in clear view. He is breathing heavily. Rebecca and Larius look shocked also. Royce appears behind Devyn looking serious. Juliet frowns as she stares at Devyn. She opens her mouth to speak.

    Juliet: What...?

    Devyn glances over at Rebecca and Larius.

    Devyn: You might wanna save your questions for them.

    Juliet looks taken a back as she looks over at Rebecca and Larius in shock, and slight horror.

    Not your whore
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  • Alex
    Not your whore

  • Alex
    ACT II

    CUT TO:


    Tegan is typing on her computer. She stands up and flicks through a pile of papers on the reception counter. Trey appears next to her. She looks up.

    Tegan: Trey.

    She smiles very quickly before turning back to the computer. Trey smirks.

    Trey: Heard you and your guy broke things off.

    Tegan doesn't look at him, and continues typing.

    Tegan: You did, huh?

    Trey leans on the counter with his arms folded, his smile widening. He cocks his head slightly.

    Trey: Sounds like you could use a friend.

    Tegan looks at him and smiles falsely.

    Tegan: A friend who's not you.

    She stares at him for a second and then looks back at the computer. Trey rolls his eyes.

    Trey: Come on, I see you looking at me sometimes.

    Tegan glances at him.

    Tegan: Yeah and I think "when is that ass.hole gonna finally leave".

    Trey's smile fades for a moment but he regains it.

    Trey: I'm not always an ass.hole. I dealt with Westler for Jules.

    Tegan screws up her face.

    Tegan: That's your example of a good deed? You threw the guy through a table.

    She stands up and begins to walk to the other end of the reception. Trey follows her on the other side of the counter.

    Trey: Yeah, but he was a jerk. If you heard the stuff he was talking about-

    Tegan looks irate, and turns to him.

    Tegan: Trey, please do not try and convince me you're a good guy ok? I'm already convinced otherwise, because you know, I've spent more than five minutes with you.

    Trey smirks to himself, accepting this with humility. Devyn appears from the dining area. He smiles as he sees Tegan. Tegan sighs and smiles back.

    Tegan: And now my day is complete.

    Devyn walks past them however, toward the vending machines several metres away. Tegan looks a little surprised that he didn't talk to her. Trey follows her line of vision. He narrows his brow.

    Trey: You like him.

    Tegan looks at Trey, an eyebrow raised.

    Tegan: Oh please.

    Trey smiles.

    Trey: So I haven't got any competition.

    Tegan grits her teeth.

    Tegan: Honey, Westler is your competition. And currently he's way out in front. If you wanna join him though, be my guest, and I'll get back to you.

    She looks irritated and turns away. Trey suddenly places his hand on Tegan's. She looks surprised as he clenches his hand on hers slightly. Devyn notices and watches the scene. He looks hesitant as he decides whether to intervene. Trey leans in toward Tegan.

    Trey: I killed bitches like you.

    Tegan narrows her eyes.

    Tegan: You say that to all the girls? Or am I special.

    Trey leans back. He smiles a little and loosens his grip. Tegan pulls her hand back from the counter. Trey stares at her and then walks away. Tegan watches him walk away and then exhales. Devyn stares after Trey for a second and then walks up to Tegan.

    Devyn: Are you ok?

    Tegan looks up. She closes her eyes and smiles, nonchalantly.

    Tegan: I'm used to it. Thanks...

    Tegan turns and looks down at the papers she is sorting out. Despite what she said to Devyn, she does look affected by Trey. Devyn stares at her.

    Devyn: Is that supposed to make me go away and not be concerned?

    Tegan turns round quickly.

    Tegan: I don't need you, ok?

    Devyn pauses. Tegan exhales, her expression softening.

    Tegan: He wouldn't have done anything anyway.

    Devyn frowns.

    Devyn: What he did do was bad enough. But why are you so sure-

    Tegan: Cause he knows he won't last a day out there. He needs this place. Can't cross the line.

    Devyn is still frowning.

    Devyn: And you just put up with that kinda crap? I mean what happens if they get carried away and do cross the line?

    Tegan swallows.

    Tegan: I keep a knife on me.

    Tegan and Devyn stare at one another for a few seconds. The computer begins to flash red as the alarm sounds. Tegan and Devyn both turn, surprised for a moment. Then Tegan composes herself and heads round to the computer. Devyn watches her for a few seconds. Juliet appears from round the corner. She looks at Tegan.

    Juliet: Hey. Whatta we got?

    CUT TO:


    Mark walks through the main entrance, followed by a woman in her mid-30s with wavy brunette hair. Behind her walks a younger woman with light brown hair, wearing a similar uniform to Mark. Her name tag says "Bethany". Juliet and Larius are stood in front of the counter. Devyn is stood a little further away. The new guest smiles as she sees Larius.

    Woman: Finally.

    Larius smiles back. He walks toward the woman. The two of them embrace and then kiss on the lips, quickly but passionately. Juliet smiles a little. Larius moves aside a little as the woman looks at Juliet, then Devyn, then back at Juliet again. Juliet smiles more widely.

    Juliet: Ms Jade. Welcome to Haven.

    Ms Jade smiles. She speaks with an English accent.

    Ms Jade: Thank you. Though I do prefer Rebecca.

    Juliet nods.

    Juliet: Your room is two floors down. Next to Larius' in fact.

    Rebecca and Larius both look pleased.

    Rebecca: That was considerate of you, thank you.

    Juliet: It was no trouble. If you like I'll show you to your room?

    Larius: Don't worry, I know where it is.

    Juliet smiles and nods slightly, indicating this is fine. Larius and Rebecca smile back as they walk on. Juliet and the others watch them go.

    Bethany: Well don't they look happy?

    She speaks with a Texan accent. She raises an eyebrow. Mark smiles at her.

    Mark: Criminal lovers. Wonder what that'd be like.

    Bethany considers this. Juliet's face falls into a frown. She turns and looks at Mark and Bethany.

    Juliet: One of you guys should probably go help Aura out upstairs.

    Mark nods.

    Mark: I'll go.

    He smiles at Bethany and walks away. Bethany smiles back. Juliet turns to Tegan.

    Juliet: You thinking of dinner soon?

    Tegan looks up. She smiles, looking tired.

    Tegan: Sure.

    Juliet smiles back and walks past. She half smiles at Devyn as she walks past. Devyn smiles back, a little distracted. He looks at Tegan and then turns. Bethany has been looking at him.

    Bethany: Are you the banana guy?

    Devyn turns to her. Tegan glances up. She exhales. Bethany smiles to herself as Devyn looks puzzled.

    Bethany: Oh, oh, oh yeah, yeah.

    She nods profusely, looking between Tegan and Devyn. Tegan looks weary. Bethany smiles at Devyn.

    Bethany: And I'm Bethany, by the way. Unless you read my little badge. Not everyone can, it's kinda dirty.

    Devyn smiles a little awkwardly.

    Devyn: I'm Devyn.

    Bethany smiles looking pleased. Tegan looks up.

    Tegan: Beth, maybe you should go make up Room 6?

    Bethany turns and sighs.

    Bethany: Ok...

    She walks away, smiling at Devyn as she does. Devyn hesitates and looks at Tegan.

    Devyn: Banana?

    Tegan glances up.

    Tegan: I'm...sure you look like a man who enjoys his fruit.

    Devyn looks unconvinced. Tegan half smiles and then continues typing.

    CUT TO:


    Rebecca is sat on the side of her bed, smiling a little vacantly. Larius walks in and closes the door behind him, making sure it is firmly shut. He looks at Rebecca and smiles. She smiles back and stands up.

    Rebecca: How've they treated you?

    Larius: Well. Very well. I was surprised.

    Rebecca: They do seem very kind. It's a shame we have to abuse their hospitality.

    Larius' smile does not shift. He walks up to Rebecca and they kiss more passionately.

    CUT TO:


    Gael is undoing his apron. Grace walks in, carrying several dishes.

    Grace: These are the last. Thank God.

    Gael: Nice one.

    Grace walks over to the sink and places the dishes next to it. She looks back as Gael hangs up his apron.

    Grace: You want me to finish up here? It's kinda late and I know you wanna...

    She cocks her head slightly, indicating something. Gael seems to understand what she is insinuating.

    Gael: Cheers.

    She smiles.

    Grace: I expect many, many latt?s in the morning.

    Gael grins. He grabs a coat that is hanging up. Grace hesitates.

    Grace: Good luck.

    She smiles genuinely. Gael looks glad to have Grace's support.

    Gael: Thanks. I'll let you know who it goes.

    Grace: You better.

    Gael smiles again and walks away. Grace looks a little anxious as he disappears from view out of the door. She returns to the dishes.

    CUT TO:


    Gael walks along for a few seconds. He sees the door of Juliet's door and hesitates for a second. He looks at his watch and then at the door again. He seems to decide that he has enough time to spare and goes to her door.

    CUT TO:


    Juliet is typing on her computer. There is a knock on the door. Gael pops his head round as he opens it. Juliet looks up.

    Juliet: Oh, hey. What's up?

    Gael: Hey, mind if I talk to you for a sec?

    Juliet: I even do minutes now.

    Juliet smiles.

    Juliet: Take a seat.

    Gael nods.

    Gael: I haven't got long, I've gotta get to Blake Hills before 8:30.

    Juliet looks more serious.

    Juliet: Oh. You're seeing Jacob right?

    Gael sits down. He nods, a little wearily. Juliet looks sympathetic.

    Juliet: I can't believe you're not angrier.

    Gael: Oh, believe me, there was anger. Now there's just...a desire to get it sorted.

    Juliet nods.

    Gael: But, yeah, I didn't come to talk about that, cause God knows, I'm gonna have enough Jacob-orientated conversations to have when I come back.

    Juliet half smiles.

    Gael: I actually wanted to talk to you about Devyn.

    Juliet looks surprised.

    Juliet: You did?

    Gael: Yeah, I figured it was important in case you were having second thoughts.

    Juliet sighs.

    Juliet: I'm that easy to read?

    Gael: Well it's not hard to tell you and Tegan aren't his biggest fans but...earlier I saw him with Carla Ross, you remember her?

    Juliet narrows her brow.

    Juliet: Yeah I remember.

    Gael: Then you know how she was when she came in. Devyn was talking to her, and he was making sense. She looked...calmer.

    Juliet hesitates.

    Juliet: I'd like to think that he was trying to help her Gael, but I doubt there are many women that man wouldn't try to charm-

    Gael: No, you didn't see him Jules, it wasn't about that. I think he could do what a lot of us can't...actually talk to the other guests, make their lives easier.

    Juliet frowns.

    Juliet: You know why we don't talk to them too much? Because then we get involved. And then things can get very complicated, very quickly.

    Gael pauses.

    Gael: Is that always a bad thing?

    Juliet exhales.

    Juliet: I know what you're saying, I do, I...I wish it were as easy as talking to the guests and trying to help them, but...a lot of them don't even want our help.

    Gael stares at her.

    Gael: What about those that do? And are too scared to ask?

    Juliet: There's a wall between us and them for a reason.

    Gael looks disappointed that Juliet doesn't share his view. Juliet looks hesitant.

    Juliet: But I will consider what you've said. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic.

    Gael smiles a little.

    Gael: Thanks Jules.

    Juliet smiles back.

    Juliet: I hope Jacob is less Jacob-like than usual.

    Gael: That'll be the day.

    He gets up as he says this.

    Juliet: I'll talk to Devyn tonight. About the job. If I can manage not to look like an enormous hypocrite.

    Gael smiles.

    Gael: Want me to tell him to come here?
    Juliet: Don't worry; I'm sure I'll find him eventually, wherever he is.

    CUT TO:


    Devyn is walking out of his room. As he begins to walk down, Rebecca's door opens. Devyn turns. Rebecca smiles at him.

    Rebecca: Oh, fantastic timing, uh my shower isn't working, I'm just so tired I really just need to have one.

    She laughs a little.

    Rebecca: Is yours working?

    Devyn: It was working this morning; do you want me to go check?

    He points behind him with his thumb.

    Rebecca: I think it's probably something wrong with the mechanism actually; I don't suppose you could take a quick look?

    She looks hopeful. Devyn's smile fades as he looks into her eyes.

    Devyn: You're lying.

    He looks confused. Rebecca's face stiffens. Devyn steps back. Larius is suddenly behind him and places his hand firmly over Devyn's mouth. Devyn looks surprised as Larius pushes him into Rebecca's room. Rebecca stands aside, making sure no one saw them. She quickly enters the room.

    CUT TO:

    INT. ROOM 12

    Rebecca quickly shuts the door and locks it. Devyn struggles against Larius and manages to elbow him in the stomach. Larius growls in pain but grabs a piece of wood from the bedside table. Devyn reacts quickly as Larius swings a piece of wood down. He catches it, inches away from his skull and then thrusts it back. Larius recovers quickly as Rebecca moves round the two men as they fight. Larius swings at Devyn again. He dodges. Devyn punches Larius in the face and goes for the door. Larius hits Devyn across the shoulder with the piece of wood. Devyn gasps and then turns to see Rebecca. She kicks him in the stomach. Devyn doubles up as Larius swings the piece of wood down on Devyn's back. Devyn hits the floor, still gasping in pain. He looks up to see Rebecca and Larius looking down at him. We see them from Devyn's perspective. Larius hesitates and then swings the wood down at Devyn's face.

    CUT TO:


    The same scene from earlier plays, when Rebecca arrived. She looks at Larius as she did before.

    Rebecca: Finally.

    We now see that Rebecca was looking slightly past Larius, to the figure behind him: Devyn. He is looking awkwardly in Tegan's direction. Rebecca and Larius embrace. Rebecca looks down for a moment, smiling, and then back at Devyn again; a dark look in her eyes.


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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    Tegan and Gael are sat on her small bed. Both of them are wearing their work uniforms. Tegan stares at the ground as Gael listens to her talk.

    Tegan: Part of me just wants him to go. And be gone.

    Gael glances away nodding.

    Gael: That's fair enough.

    Tegan nods once. She exhales.

    Tegan: The rest of me...wants him to come back. So I can ask everything I didn't get the chance to before.

    Gael hesitates.

    Tegan: I mean he obviously stopped loving me a while ago, why did he stick around if he was so unhappy?

    Gael: Maybe he didn't wanna hurt you?

    Tegan looks at him.

    Gael: Not that I'm defending him. He's a complete knob.

    Gael nods earnestly. Tegan smiles a little. She looks away again.

    Tegan: I guess the good news is I don't have to pretend to be Vanessa Grey or Alicia McDonald to go see him anymore. I can just be Tegan.

    Gael nods.

    Gael: Yeah, that's good.

    He smiles. Tegan nods too, but doesn't smile. There is a knock at the door. Tegan and Gael look up.

    Tegan: S'open.

    The door opens and Grace walks in.

    Grace: Hey. Jules wants us upstairs.

    CUT TO:


    There is a close up of Gael. He is frowning.

    Gael: You offered him the job before asking us?

    The camera moves past him to show Juliet sitting behind her desk. She looks awkward.

    Juliet: I asked Grace...

    Gael looks at Grace who is leaning against the wall. Tegan, who is stood by the door with her arms folded, also glances in her direction. Grace leans back slightly in a defensive manner.

    Grace: Hey don't look at me, I told Juliet you guys would be mad, and she went ahead and asked the pineapple guy anyway-

    Juliet: Yes, thank you, Grace.

    Gael looks at Juliet.

    Juliet: Look, things have been a little desperate lately, I wanted to see what Larius' answer would be before I made it seem like the position's been filled.

    Tegan pushes herself upright.

    Tegan: To be honest, I don't really care that you didn't tell us.

    Gael looks at her, incredulously.

    Tegan: Sorry Gael, I don't. Jules is right, the job needs someone. It needs someone now.

    Gael: Yeah, fair enough, but isn't that something we should be involved with?

    He glances at Juliet. She sighs.

    Juliet: I'm sorry. As it happens he said no anyway, so we're back to square one, and we can all give the other one candidate marks out of ten, or whatever.

    Tegan frowns a little.

    Tegan: Please don't tell me the "one" is who I think it is.

    Grace: Oh, banana, right?

    Tegan glares at Grace. Grace raises her eyebrows, turning away slowly as she realises that this may have been the wrong thing to say. Tegan turns to Juliet, a little desperately. Juliet hesitates, looking for a word.

    Juliet: Well, I don't see anyone else who can do the job Tegan, I mean I wish there was but unless you wanna keep doing ten extra shifts...

    Tegan leans back against the wall again, folding her arms. She hesitates, looking annoyed.

    Tegan: No...

    Juliet nods.

    Juliet: Ok then. I'll ask him...soon.

    Tegan sighs. Grace smiles a little. Gael looks at Juliet. She glances back.

    Juliet: And that was me officially telling you all before I do.

    Gael smiles a little. Juliet smiles back a little, but looks tired.

    CUT TO:


    Devyn is drinking from a cup at one of the tables. He goes out of focus as Carla appears in the background, sat at another table with her own cup. She notices Devyn, hesitates, and then gets up and walks over to him.

    Carla: Hi.

    She looks at the empty chair next to him.

    Carla: May I?

    Devyn moves his hand toward the chair and smiles.

    Devyn: Go ahead, it's uh, a free hotel. If you wanna call it that.

    Carla sits down looking around her as she does.

    Carla: I'm not sure what to call it, really.

    Devyn nods slightly.

    Devyn: I'm Devyn.

    Carla smiles back a little awkwardly, nodding.

    Carla: Carla.

    Devyn: Oh, right, you arrived yesterday. I've only been here two days myself.

    Carla looks glad to have found someone new to the hotel, like herself.

    Carla: Oh. You looked like you kinda knew the people that work here.

    Devyn smiles.

    Devyn: Nah, I just like making conversation. Don't think that's too welcome around here.

    Carla smiles back more genuinely.

    Carla: It's nice. I mean, for those of us who wanna talk.

    Devyn looks pleased to have made a connection with Carla. Carla looks down at her cup, smiling a little, as she clasps it between her hands.

    Devyn: What are you in here for?

    Carla's smile fades noticeably. Devyn realises this may have been untactful and looks worried.

    Devyn: Uh, not that that's any of my business, sorry I-

    Carla: No, I...I don't mind talking about it.

    She smiles weakly.

    Carla: I just haven't, for a while.

    Devyn nods, understanding. Carla smacks her lips nervously.

    Carla: My boyfriend dealt crack. A lot. Eventually...I got involved.

    Devyn lets her continue as he looks at her.

    Carla: It's not like I wanted to, exactly. But we were a big part of each other's lives and...drugs were a big part of his...and after a while I-I couldn't watch anymore, I wanted to learn why he...why he needed it, and why needed to deal it. I still don't really know the answer to the latter.

    Carla looks down, as if ashamed by what she has just told Devyn. Devyn looks serious and hesitates, biting his lip.

    Devyn: I'm a conman.

    Carla looks at him.

    Devyn: I cheat people out of their money, or possessions, on a daily basis, usually. Until I came here, anyway.

    Carla nods slightly, uncertain how else to respond. Devyn smiles weakly.

    Devyn: For a long time, I didn't know what it was that made me feel I needed to do it. But eventually I beyond what most people consider life...

    He stares at the table.

    Devyn: That in itself was...was something I became addicted to.

    Devyn looks at Carla. She stares back. There is a pause.

    Carla: I think I was starting to feel that way too...about the thrill. I just don't think I was cut out for the ride. Probably why I got caught and he...he's probably still doing what he does, somewhere out there.

    Devyn nods.

    Devyn: Well uh, not being cut out for being a-a hardened criminal...isn't exactly a sin.

    Carla smiles. Devyn smiles back. Behind them, Gael watches, as he piles up dirty plates. He considers what he sees.

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    started a topic Haven Episode 1.2 2. A Little Less Than Five Star

    Haven Episode 1.2 2. A Little Less Than Five Star

    This is the second episode of "Haven", an original series written by me. I hope you enjoy reading it! If you have any feedback, positive or critical, please post it here, thank you

    Haven Episode 1.2 2. A Little Less Than Five Star

    Written and Produced by Alex Hart

    Special thanks to Heather

    Disclaimer: The series “Haven”, its characters, locations and ideas are all creations belonging to Alex Hart. The work is fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only. No unauthorised usage of anything in “Haven” is permitted without prior permission, thank you.


    OPEN ON:


    “Feel Good Inc.” by The Gorillaz plays faintly in the background.

    'Feel good'

    A pair of hands type on a keyboard.

    'Feel good'

    There is a close up of a man’s eyes watching, flickering slightly from left to right as the typing continues.

    'Feel good'

    There is a wider shot of the scene, from behind the man; we see that he is working in a small office cubicle, staring at the plasma monitor of the desktop computer in front of him as he types.

    'Feel good'

    The desk area around him is meticulously tidy. He is wearing a short-sleeved white shirt, indicating that he is at work. Cut to a front view of the man; it can now be seen that the man is Larius, though clean-shaven.

    'Feel good'

    A walkway can be seen outside of the cubicle, daylight shining in through the windows. A man wearing similar formal attire pops his head around the side of Larius’ cubicle. He is in his late 40s and has thin grey hair.

    'Feel good'

    Larius looks over. The man smiles and raises and eyebrow.

    'Feel good'

    Man: You should take a break Darnes; you’ve been on there for hours.

    A fraction of a smile appears on Larius’ face.

    'Feel good'

    Larius: Sorry sir, I got a little caught up.

    'Feel good'

    The man walks into full view.

    Man: Well, you’re not playing Solitaire so I guess I should be thankful. Go on, get a coffee, you deserve it.

    'City's breaking down on a camel's back'

    Larius hesitates, looking back at his monitor, but then he smiles very slightly again and gets up. He gets his jacket and walks past his smiling boss.

    'They just have to go 'cause they don't know wack'

    As Larius goes out of view, his boss peers round to watch him walk down the walkway. After a second, his smile fades and he hurriedly sits down at the computer. He begins typing.

    CUT TO:


    Larius is at a coffee machine. He presses a button, filling a polystyrene cup with coffee.

    'So all you fill the streets it's appealing to see'

    CUT TO:


    Larius’ boss is typing fast. His expression changes, as he begins to breathe deeply; something has come up on the monitor. He quickly grabs his mobile phone from his pocket and dials a number. He puts it to his ear.

    Larius’ boss: It’s like we suspected.

    'You wont get out the county, 'cos you're bad and free'

    CUT TO:


    Larius drinks from his cup. A figure rushes past him. Larius turns to see the man walk hurriedly down the corridor. He walks into Larius’s cubicle. Larius freezes in mid sip. He lowers his cup. He hesitates and then quickly places down the cup on the table next to the coffee machine.

    CUT TO:


    'You've got a new horizon it's ephemeral style
    A melancholy town where we never smile'

    Larius’ boss, a man in his 50s and a woman in her later 30s are all watching the monitor in his cubicle. They all look serious.

    Woman: How did he manage this under our noses?

    Larius’ boss: Apparently Mr Darnes is more proficient in the art of embezzlement than any of us realised. These records have been falsified, for months.

    The other man shakes his head.

    Man: Where is he now?

    Larius’ boss: I told him to take a break.

    'And all I wanna hear is the message beep.
    My dreams, they've got to kiss, because I don't get sleep, no...'

    CUT TO:


    Larius walks through the lobby, towards the camera, putting on the coat he is seen wearing as he enters Haven, as various workers walk by, concerned with their own business.

    'Windmill, Windmill for the land
    Turn forever hand in hand'

    CUT TO:


    Larius walks out of the main entrance of the building. He calmly walks away into the distance.

    'Take it all in on your stride
    It is sinking, falling down'

    Larius’ boss VO: He’ll be back.

    'Love forever love is free
    Let's turn forever you and me
    Windmill, windmill for the land
    Is everybody in?'

    But Larius is already gone.


    FADE TO:


    In the present day, Larius drinks from a cup of coffee yet again. He stares into space as he does. He goes out of focus, as Juliet comes into focus in the background, walking in from the lobby. She looks at Larius and then notices Grace through the gap between the kitchen and the dining area. She looks at Larius again and then walks on.

    CUT TO:


    Juliet walks in. Grace turns to look at her. She has been washing up.

    Grace: Oh, hey.

    Juliet: Hey.

    Grace: How ya doing today?

    Juliet: Uh, good, yeah...

    Grace looks at her and looks sceptical.

    Grace: Yeah you sound ecstatic.

    Juliet smiles a little.

    Juliet: I’ll be fine.

    Grace smiles back a little. She smacks her lips and turns back to the dishes.

    Grace: Ok.

    Juliet hesitates for a second.

    Juliet: You know Tegan stayed here last night after all?

    Grace turns looking surprised.

    Grace: She was here? I was out here until 3am and-

    Juliet: I think...she and Dustin are having problems. Big, problems.

    Grace’s annoyance fades.

    Grace: Oh.

    Juliet sighs.

    Juliet: Yeah.

    Grace looks awkward.

    Grace: You talk to her?

    Juliet: Not really. She looked pretty tired.

    Grace nods as her gaze wanders to the wall. She looks Juliet in the eye.

    Grace: You know Jules...I was wiped out after one night of what Tegan does every night, and-

    Juliet: I know, I know. And I think...I’ve maybe found someone.

    Grace looks surprised.

    Grace: Really?

    Juliet nods. Grace smiles a little and narrows her eyes.

    Grace: Devyn?

    Juliet: No. I’m talking about Larius Darnes.

    Grace’s smile is replaced with a look of confusion.

    Grace: The pineapple guy?

    Juliet rolls her eyes.

    Juliet: If you say so.

    Grace still looks confused.

    Grace: Why him?

    Juliet: I was talking to him last night. He embezzled a lot of money from his company.

    Grace frowns.

    Grace: And you don’t think his experience with dealing with money is kinda nullified by the fact he’s also experienced in stealing it?

    Juliet: We’ve all stolen things.

    Grace: Not to that extent.

    Juliet: Tegan stole from Oprah.

    Grace hesitates. She sighs.

    Grace: You barely know this guy.

    Juliet steps toward Grace. She narrows her brow.

    Juliet: His reservation is until further notice, he’s not going anywhere. Grace, last night you were begging me to find someone; I really think I have.

    Grace looks at the ground and then at Juliet.

    Grace: You better know you have before letting him anywhere near our money.

    Juliet half smiles. Grace exhales.

    Grace: Do the others know?

    Juliet’s smile wavers a little.

    Juliet: I was planning on...waiting a little before I told them.

    Grace narrows her eyes.

    Grace: Like, after you hire him huh?

    Juliet looks annoyed that Grace has seen straight through her.

    Juliet: God we work too closely together.

    Grace shakes her head.

    Grace: So you’re going straight to Liliana?

    Juliet: Oh she does know. Not like I could go above her head.

    Grace: Wouldn’t be the first time.

    Juliet gives Grace a look. Grace smiles a little and sighs.

    Grace: Look, you can do what you want, if you think he’s good for the job, and if Liliana thinks he’s good for the job, then, what the hell, I guess he’s good for the job. As good as embezzlers can be, anyway. Just don’t be surprised if Gael and Tegan aren’t too thrilled when they find a new playmate’s arrived out of the blue.

    Juliet hesitates, but nods a little.

    Juliet: So what do you think he’ll say?

    Grace shrugs.

    Grace: Guess you’ll have to ask him.

    Juliet nods. She looks out of the opening between the kitchen and the dining area. Larius has gotten up and heads for the door to the lobby.

    CUT TO:


    Juliet sits in the chair in Larius’ room. Larius is sat on his bed. Juliet looks like she is waiting for Larius to say something. Larius stares at the ground, as if in thought.

    Larius: This is...unexpected.

    Juliet: I understand.

    Larius: You don’t really know me very well.

    Juliet: I know. But I like what I do know. And I think you could be just what we’ve been looking for.

    Larius pauses. He looks at Juliet calmly.

    Larius: I think that a job...something stable, once again...could be exactly what I’ve been looking for as well.

    Juliet smiles.

    Larius: But I can’t take your offer, Juliet. I’m sorry.

    Juliet’s smile fades. She looks disappointed.

    Juliet: Why?

    Larius pauses.

    Larius: You know what I did...the reason I’m here.

    Juliet nods.

    Larius: I have a job waiting for me outside, too. An embezzlement job.

    Juliet folds her arms, and nods slowly, still not fully understanding.

    Larius: My business partner said she’d try and arrive here in the next few days. When she does...we’ll have to leave very shortly.

    Juliet looks disappointed.

    Juliet: Oh. I see.

    She smiles weakly. Larius nods, smiling back a little.

    Larius: Sorry.

    Juliet: No, it’s uh, fine, I’ll find someone else.

    Larius: Hope you do.

    Larius gets up. Juliet watches him for a second and then sits down behind her desk, sighing. Larius walks away, his civil smile fading. A dark look appears across his face as he walks out.



    THEMESONG: “Not Gonna Get Us” - Tatu

    The eerie start of the song plays as we see grey smoke. “Haven” in black, torn letters fades in. It disappears as the drums start. The smoke is gone also. There are a series of quick shots: a gun being fired. A high-heeled foot stepping next to a pole. A syringe injecting someone’s arm. A knife being raised. A key turning in a lock. Coins scattering on a table. . A close up of a woman’s lips as she applies lipstick. A shovel being forced into the ground. A close up of someone handcuffing another person’s wrists. A hand flicking a cigarette lighter on. A pair of pliers approaching someone’s finger. A dagger covered in blood hitting the ground. A hand grabbing on to someone’s arm. A close up of an eye opening wide.

    As the song suddenly becomes more energetic, there is a montage of criminal records, each face only seen for a fraction of a second.

    The camera zooms towards Juliet looking shocked.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Juliet walking with a neutral expression on her face. There is a shot of Juliet pointing a gun looking resolute. There is a shot of Juliet turning her face, looking serious. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of Juliet, Grace and Tegan running. There is a flash of a woman screaming. There is a shot of the illuminated “Summertime General” sign.

    There is a shot of a man reaching out for something.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of the same man punching someone. There is a shot of him leaning against a wall. There is a shot of him smiling, a little smugly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a man looking upwards in despair. There is a shot of a little girl with a knife in her hand. There is a shot of a gun being fired into the air.

    There is a shot of Tegan typing on a computer.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Tegan turning, the flash of sirens causing her to shield her eyes. There is a shot of Tegan putting her hand over mouth. There is a shot of Tegan cocking her head slightly, smiling. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of swords clashing together. A shot of a woman walking down a corridor of Haven, purposefully. A shot of a man and a woman kissing.

    There is a shot of Gael holding out a large knife.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Gael hugging someone. There is a shot of a tear streaming down Gael’s face. There is a shot of Gael laughing. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of Juliet diving from gunfire. There is a shot of a hand being placed on the identification pad. A shot of the main entrance opening.

    There is a shot of Grace carrying a plate of food.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Grace putting her head in her hands. A shot of her putting her finger over her lips. A shot of her smiling a little. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of an explosion. A shot of Grace crying in Gael’s arms. A shot of Devyn turning to Tegan looking shocked.

    There is a shot of Stevens sitting in a chair, her index finger on her temple. She looks thoughtful.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Stevens turning, looking out of breath. A shot of her walking looking formidable. A shot of her examining a gun. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a corridor in Haven. The camera zooms through to the lobby, spinning around, backing through the front entrance. The doors close.


    Guest Starring:

    RYAN CARNES – Mark Newton
    JUSTIN CHAMBERS – Trey Caylin
    PERCY DAGGS - Sam Shaw
    DANA DAVIS – Aura Lewis
    SARAH HAGAN – Kelcie Mannings
    JASON MOMOA – Josef Porter
    ADRIAN PASDAR – Larius Darnes
    JAMES PICKENS JR. – Royce Appleby
    KEVIN RAHM – Neil Greys
    AMANDA SEYFRIED – Bethany Thyme
    KEITH SZARABAJKA – Jacob Tomlinson
    SARAH THOMPSON – Carla Ross
    RACHEL WEISZ – Rebecca Jade
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