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Haven Episode 1.1 1. Crazy Nuts

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  • Haven Episode 1.1 1. Crazy Nuts

    This is the first episode of "Haven", an original series written by me. I hope you enjoy reading it! If you have any feedback, positive or critical, please post it here, thank you

    Haven Episode 1.1 1. Crazy Nuts

    Written and Produced by Alex Hart

    Special thanks to Heather; without her help and encouragement, "Haven" would not haven taken off

    Disclaimer: The series “Haven”, its characters, locations and ideas are all creations belonging to Alex Hart. The work is fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only. No unauthorised usage of anything in “Haven” is permitted without prior permission, thank you.


    OPEN ON:


    CUT TO:


    Everything is still. Suddenly a figure runs into view. We cut to the figure running towards the camera as it moves away; a young man with almost no hair, wearing a hooded grey jacket and dark blue jeans. There is a look of terror on his face as he runs.

    Suddenly the sound of a gun firing is heard. The man gasps and falls to the ground, rolling once. Mud smears his face and some of his clothes as he lies; he breathes slowly once or twice, gasping slightly, before he dies.

    We see a close up shot of the man’s body. It goes out of focus as the background focuses instead. A figure is walking away from the scene: the murderer.


    FADE TO:


    CUT TO:


    A man walks along the road, purpose clearly evident in his dark eyes. He is in mid 30s, his brown hair greasy and spiked up, his chin covered in rough stubble. He is wearing fairly cheap and casual clothes, fit for winter weather: gloves, a scarf and a large thick jacket. His sharp breaths are clearly seen in the cold night air as he walks onwards with haste. Cars pass on the road behind him, and other people walk in both directions past him. He appears oblivious to them. After a few more moments he stops, bathed in the light of the building next to him. He looks up at the shop’s sign. It says “SUMMERTIME GENERAL”. The man looks sceptical as he takes a small piece of paper from his jacket pocket. He looks at it and then back at the sign. Police sirens are suddenly heard and the man looks alarmed. He quickly makes a decision and walks into the building.

    CUT TO:


    The man walks in and looks glad to be out of the cold. He takes off his gloves as he sniffs and exhales deeply, somewhat relieved. The shop is a very small convenience store, with all the typical merchandise one might expect to see. A sales assistant is sat behind the till on the far side of the shop, her chin resting in her palm as she flips over the page of a magazine absent-mindedly, while chewing gum and reading. She has shoulder length blonde hair and is wearing a work uniform.

    The man looks around as he walks further into the shop, approaching the sales assistant. A second sales assistant is placing boxes of cereal on the top shelf of one of the aisles. He has fairly short blonde hair and is also wearing a uniform. The man who we’ve been following so far finally reaches the counter and coughs to gain the sales assistant’s attention. Her eyes flick upwards but she doesn’t move or respond. The man looks a little uncertain. The sales assistant sighs and closes her magazine and smiles, not in an unfriendly way, yet not particularly encouragingly either. We can see that her name tag says “Tegan”.

    Tegan: Hi. What can I do for you?

    Man: Uh…do you sell, um…

    The man looks at the piece of paper again.

    Man: …crazy nuts?

    Tegan’s expression suddenly becomes more animated and she nods and smiles a little more genuinely. The man does not see, but she presses a button underneath the counter.

    Tegan: We do, uh, but they’re in the back, I’ll go and show you if you’d like?

    The male sales assistant nearby looks up at hearing this. Tegan glances at him.

    Man: Uh, yes please.

    Tegan nods.

    Tegan: This won’t take long.

    She then presses a button underneath the till. We focus on Tegan’s name badge. The “a” in her name is slightly darker than the other letters.

    CUT TO:


    The man can be seen in black and white on a small screen, close up, as if seen from Tegan’s perspective, or at least from her name badge’s. A hand appears and types something on a keyboard. A computer screen is shown, and the words “Search in progress” appear. Many photos of people can be seen as the computer searches through them. It eventually stops on a photo of the man. A verification noise is heard as a profile appears for the man. There is a close up of a pair of eyes reading the profile. Then a close up of the words “Criminal Record” on the computer screen. The person next to the computer presses a red button on a control panel.

    CUT TO:


    Tegan turns back round and walks over to open a gap in the counter.

    Tegan: Follow me please.

    The man nods and Tegan then heads through a door behind the counter followed by the man. The male sales assistant then puts down the cereal box he is holding and walks over and past the counter. Another sales assistant is working on the other aisle. The first coughs causing the second to look up.

    Sales assistant #1: You’re on till Mark.

    The second assistant (Mark) nods and gets up as the first enters the same door Tegan and the man passed through moments ago.

    CUT TO:


    The stairway is dimly lit as Tegan, the man and the male sales assistant walk down. The man turns around to look at the male sales assistant and looks uncertain. The sales assistant smiles kindly.

    Sales assistant: (with a British accent) It’s ok. Name’s Gael.

    The man nods hurriedly.

    Man: Larius.

    Gael nods, smiling kindly. They begin walking again until Tegan reaches a door. She inputs a code of some kind and the sound of mechanisms turning can be heard, internally. Then there is a click and Tegan opens the door. Tegan turns to Larius.

    Tegan: Got anything metal on you?

    Larius hesitates and then hands her a cigarette lighter. Tegan takes it and then indicates the door.

    Tegan: Ok, walk on through.

    He does so. He looks at the frame of the door as he does. Nothing happens. Tegan and Gael look satisfied and after Tegan presses another code, they follow. The three of them walk into a small room, which is also dimly lit, with no noticeable door. Tegan and Gael walk over to the opposite wall and move their hands across the wall for a second before they both slide a panel across revealing a palm and retinal scanner. They both place their hands on the scanners and stare forwards as Larius watches, uncertain of what to expect. After a few moments the scanners both show “IDENTIFCATION CONFIRMED” and the wall in between the two scanners moves back and to the left to reveal a new entrance. Tegan turns to the man who takes the hint that he should enter. He does so and Tegan and Gael follow. They reach a pair of double doors. Tegan pushes one open with each hand. They reveal what appears to be a fairly small reception area.

    Tegan walks forward and behind the reception desk as two other women appear. One is Korean and has dark flowing hair, and is wearing a waitress uniform, while the other is blonde, tall and is wearing a black, fitted shirt and matching black jeans and boots. Gael closes the double doors, which lock, as Larius looks around, intrigued. The blonde smiles as Gael stands back next to her. All four of them look at Larius, as the camera shows them from his point of view, waiting helpfully.

    Blonde Woman: Hello Mr Darnes, I’m glad you’ve been able to find us.

    Larius looks glad and smiles. Suddenly the double doors leading to another room burst open, wood splintering across the floor. A rugged looking man hits the ground and slides along. Another man stands in the doorway looking angry.

    Man: You better stay the hell away from me *******, less you want me to show you why I’m in here.

    He glares at the rugged man who looks in pain but is gathering himself. The man who threw him looks at the blonde woman.

    Man: Add it on to my tab for me Jules.

    The blonde woman (Juliet) nods and smiles looking awkward. Tegan smiles to herself from behind the counter. Juliet looks at Gael who realises and goes to help the man on the floor. Juliet turns back to Larius who looks slightly concerned. Juliet smiles, her eyebrows raised.

    Juliet: Welcome to Haven.

    A sharp piano jingle sounds as:



    THEMESONG: “Not Gonna Get Us” - Tatu

    The eerie start of the song plays as we see grey smoke. “Haven” in black, torn letters fades in. It disappears as the drums start. The smoke is gone also. There are a series of quick shots: a gun being fired. A high-heeled foot stepping next to a pole. A syringe injecting someone’s arm. A knife being raised. A key turning in a lock. Coins scattering on a table. . A close up of a woman’s lips as she applies lipstick. A shovel being forced into the ground. A close up of someone handcuffing another person’s wrists. A hand flicking a cigarette lighter on. A pair of pliers approaching someone’s finger. A dagger covered in blood hitting the ground. A hand grabbing on to someone’s arm. A close up of an eye opening wide.

    As the song suddenly becomes more energetic, there is a montage of criminal records, each face only seen for a fraction of a second.

    The camera zooms towards Juliet looking shocked.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Juliet walking with a neutral expression on her face. There is a shot of Juliet pointing a gun looking resolute. There is a shot of Juliet turning her face, looking serious. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of Juliet, the Korean woman and Tegan running. There is a flash of a woman screaming. There is a shot of the illuminated “Summertime General” sign.

    There is a shot of a man reaching out for something.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of the same man punching someone. There is a shot of him leaning against a wall. There is a shot of him smiling, a little smugly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a man looking upwards in despair. There is a shot of a little girl with a knife in her hand. There is a shot of a gun being fired into the air.

    There is a shot of Tegan typing on a computer.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Tegan turning, the flash of sirens causing her to shield her eyes. There is a shot of Tegan putting her hand over mouth. There is a shot of Tegan cocking her head slightly, smiling. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of swords clashing together. A shot of a woman walking down a corridor of Haven, purposefully. A shot of a man and a woman kissing.

    There is a shot of Gael holding out a large knife.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Gael hugging someone. There is a shot of a tear streaming down Gael’s face. There is a shot of Gael laughing. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of Juliet diving from gunfire. There is a shot of a hand being placed on the identification pad. A shot of the main entrance opening.

    There is a shot of the Korean woman carrying a plate of food.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of her putting her head in her hands. A shot of her putting her finger over her lips. A shot of her smiling a little. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of an explosion. A shot of the Korean woman crying in Gael’s arms. A shot of Devyn turning to Tegan looking shocked.

    There is a shot of a brunette-haired woman sitting in a chair, her index finger on her temple. She looks thoughtful.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of her turning, looking out of breath. A shot of her walking looking formidable. A shot of her examining a gun. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a corridor in Haven. The camera zooms through to the lobby, spinning around, backing through the front entrance. The doors close.


    Guest Starring:

    RYAN CARNES – Mark Newton
    JUSTIN CHAMBERS – Trey Caylin
    DANA DAVIS – Aura Lewis
    JOE FLANIGAN – Dustin Rose
    SARAH HAGAN – Kelcie Mannings
    ROBERT KNEPPER – Westler Knight
    JASON MOMOA – Josef Porter
    ADRIAN PASDAR – Larius Darnes
    JAMES PICKENS JR. – Royce Appleby
    SARAH THOMPSON – Carla Ross
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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    There is a close up of the door of the room as it opens and light from a hallway floods in as a hand appears and switches on the light. The hand is revealed to belong to Juliet who walks in followed by Larius. They are in the middle of a conversation.

    Juliet: The heating sometimes screws around at night but it kicks back in again.

    She turns to look at him.

    Juliet: Any other questions?

    Larius looks around the room. The bed is made and the room is decent enough but the walls and ceiling are shabby and the room is very bare and also small.

    Larius: This is…the best you have?

    Juliet stares at him looking irritated.

    Juliet: You were expecting cable and an en suite? Think about where you are Mr Darnes.

    Larius sighs and nods acceptingly. Juliet’s expression becomes more pleasant.

    Juliet: If you need anything you know where we are.

    She walks out. Larius looks around the room and drops his suitcase down next to him. He sits on the bed and lies down, staring at the ceiling. The only light coming from the lamp above him shines down, as he comes to terms with where he is.

    CUT TO:


    Juliet walks down some steps from where she has been into the reception. Voices and can be heard and people can be seen in the background, through the broken double doors nearby. Tegan is sat behind the reception desk, writing some forms. Juliet stops next to her.

    Juliet: Any more?

    Tegan looks up and shakes her head.

    Tegan: Nu-uh. Looks like the children were good today.

    Juliet: Well let’s hope they’re bad tomorrow.

    Tegan: Oh, yah, tomorrow I’m sensing some major bad.

    She nods earnestly. Juliet wrinkles her brow looking a little amused.

    Tegan: So, yay!

    Juliet: Yes…yay.

    Tegan smiles happily but then looks down at her forms and remembers something.

    Tegan: Oh and about the doors; I figure Josef’ll be paying for a few months.

    Juliet: Well he’ll come and go enough to pay it off. Not like he’s gonna disappear.

    Tegan: Unless…you know…

    Juliet: Tegan if he was gonna get caught then he would have already. Like, before the thirty-fourth crime. And that wasn’t even recently.

    Tegan: Well, you never know, they’re like seriously cracking down or something lately cause several of our regulars have just gone poof.

    Tegan waves her arms in an explosion gesture. Juliet looks concerned. Tegan notices.

    Tegan: Or they died?

    Juliet gives her a look.

    Juliet: How reassuring.

    Tegan: It is if we don’t want anyone narcing on us.

    Juliet glances away and doesn’t respond. She then looks at Tegan.

    Juliet: I need to get this paperwork done.

    Tegan: Mm, ok. But Jules, seriously, it’ll be fine. It’s not like crime’s suddenly gonna stop. Business’ll be booming again before you know it.

    Juliet smiles thankfully at Tegan’s reassurance. Tegan smiles back putting a hand on Juliet’s shoulder, and then walks away. Juliet’s smile fades as she stares into space.

    CUT TO:


    The Korean woman seen earlier is carrying a tray of several bowls, filled with what appears to be tomato soup. She places it down on a counter. Her name badge clearly says “Grace”. A teenage girl is stood opposite, and behind her the extent of a cafeteria can be seen. The girl looks at the soup and doesn’t look very enthusiastic.

    Girl: You got any asparagus soup?

    Grace: Sorry, no.

    Girl: How about…coriander?

    Grace looks slightly irritated.

    Grace: No…

    Girl: Mushroom?

    Grace sighs.

    Grace: You see this?

    She points to a blackboard menu nearby. The girl looks.

    Grace: That’s the menu. Everything we have is on the menu. If something isn’t on the menu? We don’t have it.

    The girl looks unenthusiastic. Grace rolls her eyes.

    Grace: So do you want tomato soup, or not?

    The girl sighs.

    Girl: I guess.

    She picks up one of the bowls and walks away slowly. Grace sneers and walks into another room, carrying several empty bowls.

    CUT TO:


    Grace walks through into the kitchen. Gael looks up at her. He is busy cooking a meal.

    Grace: You know, sometimes? I think it’d be easier to work in a cheap motel or something, where people expect bad food and don’t complain about it all the time.

    Gael smiles, amused, as Grace begins to put several bowls to soak.

    Gael: You love them really.

    Grace: No; I don’t.

    She frowns.

    Grace: And neither do you.

    Gael: I tolerate a few.

    Grace: You mean the hot ones?

    Gael: Some of the hot ones.

    Grace: You see that new guy?

    Grace smiles widely, her eyebrows raised and nods.

    Grace: I’m thinking watermelon!

    Gael looks at her, his brow narrowing.

    Gael: I’d say more coconut. He’s a little old for me.

    Gael opens a cupboard, and begins taking tins of food out.

    Grace: Well obviously the age factor comes into effect, but for thirty-whatever he’s at least a mango.

    Gael sighs.

    Gael: Whatever you say.

    He smiles and opens a drawer. Tegan enters from another door.

    Tegan: Hey you guys.

    Gael nods, smiling at Tegan. Grace glances over at her but still looks founded in the previous conversation. Tegan begins taking some papers down from a board.

    Grace: Hey Tegan…

    She looks back at Gael.

    Grace: He’s totally not a coconut.

    Gael rolls his eyes. She begins washing up. Tegan glances round.

    Tegan: The fruit thing again?

    Gael: Oh it’s so much more than that Tegan.

    Tegan: I’m sure.

    Grace points the spatula she has been holding at Tegan.

    Grace: You cannot hate on our fruit metaphors. It’s a way of keeping me sane when guests ask for guacamole or whatever.

    Tegan smiles. Grace puts the spatula down and returns to the washing up. Gael nods in agreement with Grace.

    Gael: Try it.

    Tegan: Um ok, uh…Josef is…a guava?

    Grace and Gael both look at Tegan strangely.

    Grace: Your fruit is meaningless.

    She shakes her head. Gael starts to open the tins of food. Tegan looks disappointed.

    Tegan: Well, what am I?

    Grace gives her a disapproving look.

    Grace: Do you plan on sleeping with either of us?

    Tegan: Not really…

    Grace: Well there ya go. You get no fruit.

    Grace returns to the washing up. Gael grins. Tegan nods, somewhat defeated. She looks at the papers she was sorting out. She frowns, her eyes widening.

    Tegan: Oh my God! There’s soup on these!

    She picks one up and waves it about. Her eyes widen as she looks from Gael to Grace. Grace runs over and grabs her arm attempting to stop her waving it.

    Grace: Yeah this is the kitchen; soup is made here!

    She takes the paper from Tegan and places it down on the table. Gael stares at the scene, his eyebrows raised. Grace stares at Tegan. Tegan stares back for a second. She then closes her eyes and sighs. She opens them again, a calmer look on her face.

    Tegan: I’m sorry. Lately my life has become the life of a stressed person.

    She looks at the paper which has been splashed with soup and shakes her head, placing it back on the pile.

    Gael: Bad huh?

    Tegan: Could be better. As in, I could just be doing the two jobs I’m paid to do instead of all the financial stuff as well. But that’s not gonna happen without someone new, and actually proficient with numbers.

    Grace begins to dry up a glass.

    Grace: Juliet’s browsing isn’t she?

    Tegan: Mm I see a lot of browsing. I don’t see any employing.

    Grace walks over to a cupboard and starts placing the glasses and bowls she has dried up in it. She looks over at Tegan.

    Grace: It’s not like she can just give the job to the first person who walks in off the street.

    Gael: Isn’t that how you started working here?

    Tegan smiles. Grace turns and glares.

    Grace: I was selected from...from an elite group.

    Tegan: Of waitresses?

    Gael grins. Grace smiles falsely at Tegan.

    Grace: You can joke, but you know things would be screwed around here without me.

    Tegan nods smiling more genuinely.

    Tegan: Yeah I know. Unfortunately things may become screwed anyway if we don’t get some help with all this soon. From someone...interestingly adept. Someone like...

    Gael: ...the hot guy that just walked in?

    Gael is staring through the small window in the door between the kitchen and the dining area. A man in his early thirties is seen talking with Juliet. He has short brown hair, and slight stubble. He is wearing a black leather jacket, which is open revealing a white shirt. His trousers are also black. Tegan and Grace walk over to see through the window. The three of them stare through.

    Grace: Oh!

    She looks impressed. Tegan raises her eyebrows as she glances at Grace looking less excited about the newcomer. Grace however looks at Gael.

    Grace and Gael: Banana!

    Tegan rolls her eyes. She turns to walk back to her papers. The camera moves slowly towards the window, and the man and Juliet.

    Tegan OS: Maybe banana peel.

    The foreground begins to blur as Grace turns to look at Tegan in shock.

    Grace: Oh come on!

    She goes off screen as the camera focuses directly on Juliet and the newcomer.

    Tegan OS: Hey, I booked him in earlier. You guys haven’t had the pleasure yet.

    Gael OS: You didn’t tell us about him?

    CUT TO:


    The camera moves across the dining area. The girl from earlier who asked Grace about the soup looks at her bowl, unsatisfied. Josef can be seen with several other men, having a conversation. The camera stops on Juliet and the man.

    Juliet: Anything else you need to see?

    The man smiles confidently.

    Man: Thanks but I think I can work the rest out.

    Juliet: Do you?

    Juliet looks like she is used to this attitude and wishes she wasn’t. The man nods.

    Man: Yeah, I mean I got a while haven’t I?

    Juliet begins to walk towards the lobby.

    Juliet: You do.

    The man begins to follow her.

    Man: Can’t be too difficult to figure this place out.

    Juliet: I’m glad you feel so at ease here Mr Rhys.

    Man: Call me Devyn sweetheart.

    Juliet continues walking. She looks irritated.

    Juliet: All right then.

    Juliet walks on. Devyn looks around as he follows her.

    CUT TO:


    Juliet steps over the wreckage of the door into the lobby. Mark, seen earlier, is clearing it up, with another woman. Juliet smiles a little at them and walks on, followed closely by Devyn. He looks down at the splintered pieces of wood and raises his eyebrows.

    Devyn: This place is safe, isn’t it?

    Juliet: Safer than out there.

    Juliet goes around the side of the front desk.

    Devyn: Oh I don’t doubt that for a minute, I just, you know, don’t wanna wake up to find some thug pointing a nine millimetre at my skull.

    Juliet looks at him.

    Juliet: Calling other guests “thugs” is one way you can make your time here less comfortable.

    Devyn looks a little concerned.

    Devyn: Hey I didn’t mean any offence.

    He suddenly realises what he has said.

    Devyn: Not that you’re a thug, or anything.

    Devyn narrows his brow. In the background, Mark and the other woman smile at one another, clearly amused. Juliet simply stares at Devyn, looking irritated. A door opens behind the front desk. Tegan walks out with her papers. Juliet turns to look at her. Tegan looks up. Her neutral expression begins to change as she sees Devyn. Devyn half smiles.

    Devyn: We meet again.

    Tegan smiles and is about to turn away. Juliet smiles.

    Juliet: Tegan! Could you please show Mr Rhys to his room?

    Tegan sighs. She places her papers down.

    Tegan: K.

    Juliet looks grateful. She smiles at Devyn a little falsely.

    Juliet: If you’d like to follow her.

    Devyn: Uh, sure.

    Devyn smiles uncertainly and follows Tegan as she begins walking down the corridor. Juliet sighs.

    CUT TO:


    Tegan is walking along, followed by Devyn. He looks around, and then looks at Tegan.

    Devyn: You worked here long?

    Tegan: A few years.

    Devyn: Aha. You like it?

    Tegan: It has its moments.

    Devyn: Like when ruggedly handsome men come to stay?

    Tegan spins round on the spot. Devyn grins.

    Devyn: Just kidding.

    Tegan: Do you think that could not talk maybe, at all, from now on?

    Devyn raises his eyebrows.

    Devyn: You guys really don’t get out much do you?

    Tegan looks irritated.

    Tegan: No, actually. But welcome to the staying in club. This is your life for the next few months so, enjoy!

    Tegan walks past him. Devyn watches her go and shrugs. He walks over to a room and opens the door. His eyes suddenly widen as he stares at the sight.

    Gael and Grace are in the bed, involved in something quite intimate. Devyn looks surprised. Gael and Grace look up in surprise.

    Devyn: Oh! Oh...ok, uh, sorry...

    Gael and Grace look awkwardly at one another as Devyn closes the door, Grace’s mouth wide as she seems to ask Gael “what the hell” with her expression. As he walks away down the corridor to his own room he smiles to himself, looking surprised.

    The camera moves past him along the corridor slowly; Room 9. Room 10, each door looking exactly the same as the last. We focus on Room 11, the door slightly ajar. The sound of “Scar Tissue” by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers playing on the radio can be heard through the crack.

    'Scar tissue that I wish you saw
    Sarcastic mister know it all'

    CUT TO:

    INT. ROOM 11

    The camera moves away from the door, and over to the bed. Larius is sat on the side of the bed, his jacket on the closet door. He looks tired.

    'Close your eyes and I'll kiss you 'cause
    With the birds I'll share'

    He places a cigarette between his lips, inhaling slightly. He turns to look at the clock on the wall. It shows the time to be 1:20am. He looks behind him to where a window would be, if he were in any other hotel. He wearily takes something from his pocket.

    'With the birds I'll share
    This lonely view'

    It is a piece of wood, carved to a pointed edge and tip. He examines it slightly and places it under his pillow. He takes another drag from his cigarette, before standing up, and out of view. The camera moves slowly toward the pillow.

    'With the birds I'll share
    This lonely view'

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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Grace and Gael are both lying on their sides facing one another under the covers, their exposed shoulders bare. Grace opens her eyes slowly. Gael is already awake. Grace smiles, closing her eyes.

      Grace: Hey.

      He smiles back.

      Gael: Morning.

      Grace narrows her brow, closing her eyes, but still smiles. She groans.

      Grace: Do you have to remind me?

      Gael: We can always pretend it's not.

      Gael raises an eyebrow suggestively. Grace grins.

      Grace: I'm not really in the mood to go again.

      Gael makes a "puppy" face. Grace rolls her eyes.

      Grace: And now I'm definitely not.

      She sits up. Gael sighs, smiling.

      Gael: Sorry, I'm just a sex addict.

      Grace turns to him as she slips a pair of trousers on. She smiles mischievously.

      Grace: Just the effect I have on people.

      She turns away as she says this, smiling to herself. Gael shakes his head smiling as he too puts some trousers on. Grace has put a bra on and is now pulling a long sleeved top over her head. Gael seems to consider something.

      Gael: Did that new guy walk in on us last night?

      Grace makes an awkward expression.

      Grace: I wanna say no but...I have a feeling I'm gonna be disappointed.

      Gael smiles awkwardly.

      Gael: Oh well. I just hope he doesn't think I'm exclusive to the ladies.

      Grace: You know no one could think that.

      Grace smiles. Gael laughs. Grace stands up, facing Gael. A second later, a thought appears to strike her. She hesitates but then decides to continue.

      Grace: I uh...I meant to ask last night...but forgot in all the foreplay; have you spoken to Jacob?

      Gael looks surprised at being asked this.

      Gael: Didn't see that one coming.

      Grace's smile becomes awkward.

      Grace: We can pretend it didn't, if you want. I just...never mind, we need to be out of here soon anyway.

      She begins to make the bed quickly. Gael watches her for a second, looking hesitant.

      Gael: No. To answer your question. I haven't.

      Grace nods. Gael picks up his shirt and begins to button it up.

      Grace: Are you...going to?

      Gael stares at her and exhales, biting his lip a little. He shrugs, smiling a fraction.

      Gael: Tried not to think about whether I am or not.

      Grace: Uh huh.

      She looks understandingly at him.

      Gael: Was quite enjoying just, you know, being here with you.

      Grace smiles knowingly.

      Grace: Me too. But...I think we both know that-

      Gael: This can't last forever? Don't worry, I'm not falling for you.

      They share a smile.

      Grace: I'll shed a tear in my own time.

      Gael looks at the ground smiling and then looks back at Grace. She exhales and begins to walk round the bed.

      Grace: Look, your life is your own. God, I'm the last person to give advice...

      She smiles, shaking her head at herself. Gael narrows his brow very slightly.

      Gael: No, I appreciate it. It means something coming from you.

      Grace smiles back as she looks into his eyes.

      Grace: Well then...I think you should talk to him. Soon. Maybe tonight.

      Gael bites his lip once more, nodding vacantly.

      Grace: I don't get much deeper so, there you go. See you downstairs.

      She raises her eyebrows smiling a little, and walks away. Gael watches her go and considers what she has said.

      CUT TO:


      Juliet walks into the lobby from the ground floor corridor. A man of about 50 appears to have just finished mopping the floor. Juliet smiles pleasantly.

      Juliet: Royce. Good morning.

      Royce looks up at her. He nods slightly, his expression not really changing.

      Royce: Juliet.

      Juliet: How are you?

      Royce: Fine, thank you.

      He looks down at the bucket of water next to him and picks it up. He begins to walk past Juliet. Juliet watches him go. Her expression indicates she is trying to find something to say.

      Juliet: Nice floor.

      Royce turns to look at her. Juliet smiles awkwardly.

      Juliet: This place was filthy last night. You did a great job. As usual.

      Royce nods, smiling very slightly, but as soon as the smile appears on his face it is gone again. He walks down the corridor that Juliet appeared from before. Juliet sighs; it's clear that this is not the first time that communicating with Royce has been difficult.

      As Royce vanishes from view, Tegan walks into the lobby. She looks behind her as she walks towards Juliet.

      Tegan: Somebody looks animated this morning.

      Juliet: He said four full words just now.

      Tegan looks surprised as Juliet walks round to the other side of the reception desk.

      Tegan: Wow, is that like a record?

      Juliet smiles as she begins typing on the computer, leaning over it. Tegan joins her behind the desk.

      Tegan: So uh, about finding someone new...

      Juliet looks round at her.

      Juliet: Oh, I'm uh, still looking.

      She turns back to the computer. Tegan smiles awkwardly.

      Tegan: Yeah...see, the thing is Jules, I can only continue doing the finance stuff for so long...before I lose my mind.

      Juliet looks round. Tegan raises her eyebrows. Julie sighs and smiles. She stands up straight.

      Juliet: I know. But you're doing really good.

      Tegan: I'm doing really fourteen hours a day.

      Juliet looks awkward. She begins to walk round the other side of the desk again. Tegan frowns but continues.

      Tegan: You know I'm fine with the long hours, in general, I wouldn't be here otherwise, but I wanna come home for once and you know, have an actual conversation with Dustin, or eat something that's not microwavable or maybe even have sex, without falling asleep on the couch in the outfit I have worn for four days straight, do you see where I'm coming from, Juliet.

      Tegan looks a little desperate. Juliet looks a little taken-a-back, but her expression indicates that she empathises with Tegan.

      Juliet: I do. And I'm sorry. I will find someone soon. Just, you know what our regulars are like, most of them are...

      Shouting can be heard from nearby. Both Juliet and Tegan look over at the dining area. Two men are fighting, one shoving the other's head down on the table. The man being shoved is the man Josef threw through the door to the dining area earlier. Josef is sat nearby and seems to be enjoying watching them fight. Mark and Gael appear, pulling the men apart.

      Juliet looks back at Tegan.

      Juliet: We need someone new. Brand new.

      Voice OS: Hello ladies.

      Juliet and Tegan turn to see Devyn smiling confidently at them from nearby. Both of them look less than pleased by his arrival.

      Tegan: I'm gonna get a muffin.

      Tegan swiftly turns and heads to the kitchen. Juliet turns, her eyes widening as Tegan leaves her with Devyn. However an alarm begins to sound, coming from the computer. A red light is flashing from on top of the monitor. Tegan stops in her tracks and turns. She glances at Juliet who raises her eyebrows. Tegan looks annoyed and walks towards the reception.

      Tegan: There better be one left when I get there.

      Juliet smiles and walks towards a small door to the left of the main entrance. Devyn looks curiously from her to Tegan.

      Devyn: What's going on?

      Juliet: New arrival.

      Juliet opens the door and begins to walk up a flight of stairs. Devyn walks over to the reception. Tegan has sat down and is typing. She glances up and then back at the monitor.

      Tegan: Do you want something?

      Devyn leans on the reception. He looks over at the door Juliet just walked through.

      Devyn: Just figured I'd watch what's going on, is all.

      He looks at Tegan.

      Devyn: I mean it's kinda exciting isn't it? Wondering who's gonna come through that door?

      Tegan: Carla Ross, age 28, born in Boston, arrested in May on suspicion of smuggling crack.

      Tegan looks from the monitor to Devyn who looks surprised that she knows so much information.

      Tegan: We don't like to guess here. We like to know. So we know what we're dealing with.

      Devyn: And you think knowing what they've done...that you know what you're dealing with.

      Tegan pauses.

      Tegan: Working here as long as I have? You begin to learn how the criminal mind works. That's not to say I'm not surprised every now and then. But we all work in a similar way. We want the same things, and we think about things in the same order. More or less.

      Devyn frowns a little.

      Devyn: We?

      Tegan hesitates, as Juliet walks back into the lobby and towards the reception. She looks at Tegan.

      Juliet: Room 7's free?

      Tegan: Uh huh.

      Juliet: Good.

      Juliet smiles looking satisfied. Devyn has been looking at Tegan curiously. Juliet notices, her brow narrows.

      Juliet: Mr Rhys, maybe you'd like to have some breakfast? It can get a little crowded in here, sometimes.

      Devyn tears his gaze away from Tegan and looks at Juliet. He smiles at Juliet.

      Devyn: Sure, I'll uh, go check out what you guys have got on offer.

      Juliet smiles, nodding. Devyn walks away. He turns as he walks.

      Devyn: And I told me Devyn.

      He winks at Juliet before walking through to the dining area. Tegan rolls her eyes. Juliet looks unimpressed as she stares after him.

      Tegan: That man...

      Juliet sighs, looking at Tegan.

      Juliet: Choir, preaching, to.

      The main entrance doors open. A woman, presumably Carla Ross, is being escorted by Grace and the woman seen with Mark earlier. She now has a name tag which says "Aura". Carla has light brown hair and is wearing a large red coat, an inch of a black skirt falling just below the bottom rim. She looks around, her arms clutching one another. She is clearly uneasy. Grace looks at Carla.

      Grace: Here we are.

      She looks at Juliet and gives her a look. Juliet seems to understand this and walks over to Carla.

      Juliet: Carla Ross. My name is Juliet DeLuise.

      Carla looks at her disdainfully.

      Carla: You own this?

      Juliet: I run it. If you like I'll show you to your room.

      Carla looks up at the ceiling, the artificial lights surrounding her. She looks as if she is about to cry.

      Carla: Oh God...this place...

      Her mouth is a distinct frown, her eyes filling with tears. Grace rolls her eyes, though out of Carla's view. Aura looks weary. Juliet however knows she must remain professional.

      Juliet: I know it's a lot to take in. But it's better than jail. Right?

      Carla looks at her. She nods woefully.

      Juliet: Your room's downstairs. If you'd like to follow me?

      Carla nods again and attempts to regain her composure. She begins to follow Juliet down the corridor. Grace and Aura watch, as they vanish around the corner.

      Aura: Girl shouldn't even be here.

      Tegan OS: Where else could she be?

      Grace and Aura both look over at Tegan. She glances up at them, still typing. Aura nods slightly as she considers what Tegan has said. She exhales and walks away toward the dining area. Tegan is looking back at the monitor as she types. Grace walks over to the reception.

      Grace: You sleep here last night?

      Tegan stops typing and raises an eyebrow.

      Tegan: Do you really not know the answer?

      Grace smiles a little sympathetically. Tegan sighs but looks more optimistic.

      Tegan: I am going home tonight though. That is, if Dustin hasn't rented out my room to a struggling art student with a slight substance abuse problem.

      Grace: Well you better have a good time tonight.

      Tegan smiles knowingly.

      Tegan: I plan to.

      Grace smiles back. Gael walks through.

      Gael: Hey you two.

      Tegan: Gael! Please tell me you have muffins.

      Tegan looks eager. Gael looks awkward.

      Gael: Uh, we did...

      The girl who complained about the soup earlier walks past with a muffin. She takes a bite. Gael, Grace and Tegan watch her. Tegan narrows her eyes. Grace looks at the girl with distaste. Gael looks awkward.

      Gael: Sorry.

      Grace: That girl does not deserve your muffins.

      Gael smiles a little. Grace looks at him and returns the smile. Tegan narrows her eyes and her mouth opens slightly.

      Tegan: You two totally did it last night!

      Gael and Grace both look at her surprised.

      Gael: How did you-

      Grace widens her eyes at him. Tegan shakes her head, smiling a little.

      Tegan: You sluts.

      Grace looks at her.

      Grace: Hey! Slutiness is a state of mind.

      Tegan: Uh huh.

      Grace rolls her eyes and begins to walk toward the main entrance. Tegan begins typing again.

      Tegan: I just hope you remembered to throw away the condom this time.

      Grace looks outraged and turns around. Gael also looks at Tegan in shock.

      Gael: That was one time.

      Tegan: Oh we all remember.

      Grace and Gael share a look. Grace glares at Tegan.

      Grace: Well I hope you like your art student.

      Tegan mocks a gasp as Grace smiles and walks away. Gael shakes his head at Tegan, smiling. Tegan smiles back.

      Tegan: You know I'm kidding. You're allowed to sleep with whoever you want.

      Gael: I'll keep that in mind.

      Gael grins and begins to walk away. Tegan's smile wavers a little as she watches him go.

      Tegan: Gael, uh....

      Gael turns, waiting for Tegan to continue. However he seems to tell something from her expression. He narrows his brow and kisses his teeth.

      Gael: Are you about to ask me about Jacob?

      Tegan smiles awkwardly.

      Tegan: I...yes.

      Gael hesitates and looks at the floor.

      Gael: Everyone's so interested.

      Tegan: Or maybe, concerned? He left you in a pretty bad way-

      Gael: Yes. He did.

      Gael looks directly at Tegan.

      Gael: It's not like it's the first time. And it's not like I haven't been able to deal with things every other time.

      Tegan frowns.

      Tegan: This is a little different.

      Gael: This is just Jacob being Jacob. Of course he screwed me around. I'm used to it, all right? And I'll deal with it when I want to, and I will tell you how it goes, if it goes at all.

      There is a slight pause. Tegan smiles supportively.

      Tegan: Just don't wanna see this eat you up.

      Gael smiles back, realising that Tegan is only trying to help.

      Gael: There's not gonna be any eating. Just me...and Jacob...

      Gael sighs, staring into space.

      Gael: And the money.

      Tegan frowns looking concerned for her friend.

      CUT TO:


      Juliet closing Room 7's door behind her. The sound of Carla crying becomes fainter as the door is closed. Juliet sighs looking serious; there is nothing she can do to help Carla, a woman she doesn't know. Juliet turns round. She jumps as she sees Devyn next to her. He smiles.

      Devyn: Hey there.

      Juliet closes her eyes, relaxing. She smiles falsely and opens her eyes, exhaling through her nose.

      Juliet: Devyn. Hello again.

      Devyn: Sorry if I scared you.

      Juliet: No, it's fine, I welcome potential heart failure.

      Juliet begins to walk away. Devyn looks awkward and follows.

      Devyn: So uh, Tegan was talking to me.

      Juliet looks unconvinced and raises an eyebrow without turning to Devyn.

      Juliet: She was?

      Devyn walks faster to walk alongside Juliet.

      Devyn: Yeah. She was talking about criminals, which I know, isn't unusual for a place like this, but...she was kinda talking like she was one too.

      Juliet: Maybe cause she is. Just like everyone else employed here.

      Devyn looks surprised.

      Devyn: You're kidding?

      Juliet narrows her brow.

      Juliet: Why would I be?

      Devyn doesn't respond. Juliet stops walking, Devyn follows suit.

      Juliet: Think about it. The people working here are just as guilty as the guests. Maybe more in some cases.

      Devyn considers this.

      Juliet: I couldn't trust anyone who wasn't hiding from the world up there. That's why we always check for an activated conviction chip on our guests.

      Devyn: You can tap into the information on that?

      Juliet: With the equipment we have available? Yes.

      Devyn looks impressed.

      Devyn: You really are running an operation here aren't you?

      Juliet: That's why we were recommended to you.

      Juliet kisses her teeth and then walks on. Devyn hesitates for a second as he considers all he has just learnt. He then thinks of something else. He rushes up behind Juliet.

      Devyn: S-so you know what I've done?

      Juliet stops; she looks irritated for a second but then notices that Devyn looks a little more genuine than usual. Her expression softens.

      Juliet: Yeah. I know.

      Devyn looks awkward.

      Devyn: How?

      Juliet exhales. She realises that it is best to tell Devyn what he wants to know, perhaps then he will back off.

      Juliet: Follow me.

      Juliet walks away. Devyn follows, curious.

      CUT TO:


      Juliet walks down the steps, in the dim light. Devyn follows, now looking a little uncertain.

      Devyn: This is deep.

      Juliet looks back at him.

      Juliet: That's the point.

      She looks back at the door in front of her. She puts her hand on a sensor next to the door. After a few seconds a green light appears. Juliet then flips open the metal casing below the sensor to reveal a keypad. She enters in a code. After a few seconds the sound of the door unlocking can be heard. Juliet pulls the handle and walks through. She turns back to Devyn.

      Juliet: Coming?

      Devyn makes an expression as if to say "what the hell" and walks on through.

      CUT TO:


      Devyn looks around in the darkness. Juliet flips on the lights. Devyn shields his eyes for a second and then looks around in awe. Cut to a wide shot of the room. There are rows and rows of shelves, all of them with cabinets. Juliet walks forward, next to Devyn.

      Juliet: This is where we keep the files and records.

      She looks out at the rows.

      Juliet: Everyone who's ever stayed in Haven, worked at Haven, or been involved in Haven in any way is here.

      Devyn steps forward, looking taken-a-back.

      Devyn: This is...this is like the entire city.

      Juliet: Just over twice as much, actually. We get people from all over the US, sometimes further.

      Devyn looks at her. A thought strikes him.

      Devyn: Where's yours?

      Juliet's expression stiffens. She looks awkward.

      Juliet: That, is not something you need to know.

      Devyn: You get to know mine.

      Juliet: I get to know everyone's. That's my job.

      Juliet holds open the door, indicating that it's time to go. Devyn hesitates and smiles a little, walking out. Juliet smiles back, not as falsely as before, but as Devyn walks past her, she stares into space looking awkward. It is clear that her crime, whatever it is, is not something that she wants to discuss. She switches off the light and closes the door, leaving the room in darkness.

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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        Grace cleans one of the tables. Josef and the man who was fighting earlier are sat together at another table nearby. The man talks to Josef.

        Man: ...he better not start anything again or I’m not gonna hold back.

        Josef nods, taking a swig of beer. Juliet walks past, oblivious to their conversation. She walks up to Grace.

        Juliet: Hi, got a sec?

        Grace looks at her. Juliet raises her eyebrows hopefully.

        CUT TO:


        Grace and Juliet are stood, talking. Grace looks displeased.

        Grace: I am so not.

        Juliet: Please, please Grace I am asking you as a friend, a good friend.

        Juliet looks anxiously at her. Grace looks unimpressed.

        Grace: Do you know how much free time I have had today?

        Juliet: I know, it’s bad, the hotel is a bad, free timeless place right now, I wish I could change that, but I can’t. Tegan’s gone home, and I really, really need you and Gael right now.

        Grace looks annoyed and hesitates.

        Grace: Can you not just get Mark or Aura to do it?

        Juliet: Then they’d be full time and they’d get extra pay which we can’t afford.

        Grace: Oh, right, so you can afford to make me and Gael work for no extra cost?

        Juliet looks awkward. She smile, her eyebrows raised attempting to diffuse things a little.

        Juliet: Yes.

        Grace sighs. She shakes her head.

        Grace: You so owe me.

        Juliet smiles looks relieved.

        Juliet: Thank you!

        Grace: And you so need to employ someone else, right now. We are in a damn hotel full of people who steal and cheat for a living; I find the notion that none of them can work figures, completely unacceptable.

        Juliet sighs.

        Grace: What about that Devyn guy? He’s gotta have some experience, he’s a-

        Juliet: I know. But no.

        Grace frowns looking confused.

        Grace: Why? He’s hot too. Banana, hot.

        Juliet raises an eyebrow, perhaps less concerned about this than Grace.

        Juliet: Uh huh. He’s also everywhere I don’t want him to be.

        Grace: Well...yeah ok, he did kinda walk in on me and Gael earlier when...

        Juliet smiles a little, looking interested. Grace rolls her eyes.

        Grace: The point is that I’m doing an extra four hour shift until 2am because you don’t like the new guy.

        Juliet raises a finger.

        Juliet: You do not know, Grace. Ask Tegan, tomorrow, she will tell you that I am right.

        Grace: You think I’ll be capable of producing a coherent sentence after my four hours sleep?

        Juliet smiles awkwardly, not wanting to annoy Grace. Grace glances to one side and does a double take. Muffled shouting is heard. She looks annoyed.

        Grace: Oh crap not again.

        Grace quickly heads to the dining area. Juliet turns to look through the glass between the kitchen and the dining area. She quickly rushes after Grace. The man Josef was talking to and the man he attacked before (Westler) are fighting in the dining area.

        CUT TO:


        Josef is sat nearby looking bored this time. The girl complaining about the soup is stood at the side of the room looking scared. Several other guests are watching the fight with mild curiosity, some of them a little more fearful. Grace walks up to the fighters quickly. She widens her eyes at Josef, holding out her hands, asking him why he is doing nothing. He simply raises his drink and looks bored. Grace turns from him, exasperated and pulls Westler, away from the fight.

        Grace: Hey, hey-

        Westler elbows Grace in the face. She gasps in pain, grabbing her nose with her left hand. Josef stands up, as Juliet sees if Grace is all right. Grace looks up nodding as the man talking to Josef prepares to punch Westler in the face. However Westler grabs a bottle, smashing it. He is about to attack the other man with it when someone grabs his arm. He turns to see it is Juliet. She quickly knees him in the stomach and throws him over the table with relative ease. He hits the ground behind the table, groaning in pain. Josef, Grace and the others watch with surprise as Juliet stares at the man looking resolute.

        Juliet: Either you stop, or you get out. Your call.

        Westler pushes himself off the ground. He looks angry, his face smeared with blood from a cut on his left temple. He looks around at Josef, Grace, the man he was fighting and the other guests. He focuses on Juliet, snarling.

        Westler: Not worth this. You’ll soon know.

        He shakes his head. He suddenly grabs the broken bottle still on the table. Juliet’s mouth opens to say something but it is too late. Westler drags the glass across his throat. He splutters as blood pours down his shirt. A hollow piano tune begins to play. He falls to his knees. Everyone else watches, perhaps shocked into doing nothing as Westler dies in front of them. Westler falls on his side, gasping several times and then dying at last. Juliet looks serious and closes her eyes.

        The other man in the fight looks at her, shocked at the turn of events. The girl stands against the wall; this is something she hasn’t seen before. Josef looks grave; he hated Westler, but he didn’t want this. Juliet looks at Grace, both of them silently regretting the last few minutes. Juliet exhales slowly.

        Juliet: I’ll clean this up.

        Man: No. Juliet.

        Juliet turns to look at him. Josef looks at him also.

        Man: Let me.

        Juliet hesitates but the nods slowly.

        Juliet: All right.

        The man nods back, but doesn’t make any immediate movement. Devyn appears at the doorway leading to the lobby. He stares at Westler’s body, shocked. Juliet turns to look at him. He makes eye contact with her. There is a wide shot of the scene, as everyone stands in silence, waiting for what will happen next.

        CUT TO:

        INT. HALLWAY

        A door opens. Tegan’s face appears as she walks through. She is holding a KFC bucket under her arm. She begins to walk down the hallway, which is painted a bland shade of beige, several small paintings decorating it.

        CUT TO:


        A man is sat on a sofa, watching TV. He has a can of beer in his hand. He takes a swig. Tegan walks just past the threshold from the hallway. The man looks at her. She smiles at him.

        Tegan: Hey hun!

        The man (Dustin) smiles a little, but his eyes reveal that he is not as happy about seeing Tegan as she is about seeing him.

        Dustin: You brought dinner.

        Tegan: Oh, yeah, I know it’s late-

        Dustin: I already ate.

        Tegan’s smile fades a little, but she does her best not to lose it.

        Tegan: Oh. Well, that’s ok; I shouldn’t have expected you to wait.

        Dustin glances at the wall. He then looks back at Tegan. Tegan looks at the TV. She walks a little closer to the sofa.

        Tegan: Friday Night Lights is on?

        Dustin takes another swig of beer, staring back at the TV.

        Dustin: Yeah, it’s almost done.

        Tegan looks at him smiling. She sits down next to him, kicking her shoes off.

        Tegan: Awesome. It’s been way too long since we spend some time together...

        Tegan places her hand on Dustin’s but he recoils his arm. He looks at her.

        Dustin: Actually, I’m kinda tired.

        Tegan’s smile fades completely this time as her brow narrows.

        Tegan: You’re tired?

        Dustin responds to Tegan’s tone.

        Dustin: I had a long day.

        Tegan laughs in disbelief as she stares away. She looks back at Dustin looking upset.

        Tegan: I’ve been working since 6 this morning. I got up at 5:30, and you think you had a long day?

        She looks angry now. Dustin shakes his head looking weary.

        Dustin: I’m gonna watch the rest upstairs.

        Dustin grabs the remote and turns the TV off. He stands up and begins to walk out. Tegan watches him walk away, rage overcoming her. She stands up.

        Tegan: I came back tonight to see you.

        Dustin turns back to her sharply.

        Dustin: Wanted to do me a favour?

        Tegan looks at Dustin in shock.

        Tegan: (coldly) I wanted to be with you.

        Dustin stares at her.

        Dustin: If you wanted to be with me you woulda come home more often than once a week.

        Tegan narrows her eyes.

        Tegan: You know I have to work-

        Dustin: At Summertime General? For days on end? Right.

        Tegan realises what Dustin is insinuating. She walks towards him.

        Tegan: You think I’m cheating on you?

        Dustin doesn’t reply. Tegan shakes her head.

        Tegan: Oh my God...

        Dustin: What the hell am I supposed to think, Tegan?

        Tegan looks up, making eye contact with Dustin. She purses her lips together.

        Tegan: You’re supposed to trust me. You know, like couples do?

        Dustin: And that’s what we are huh? A couple?

        Tegan stares at Dustin bitterly. Dustin shakes his head.

        Dustin: You haven’t been here. Even when you’re physically around...I don’t feel it’s you, Tegan. I don’t feel that you’re the woman I fell in love with.

        Tegan looks away from him.

        Dustin: I think I should move out.

        Tegan stares at him, speechless. “I Wasn’t Prepared” by Eisley begins to play in the background.

        'Oh, when the day is blue'

        Tegan: I...I’m...I have never cheated on you-

        'I'll sit here wondering about you'

        Dustin: It doesn’t matter, Tegan. I don’t care anymore.

        'Oh, how the pollen fell'

        Tegan looks lost by what Dustin has just said. Dustin turns away.

        'All around your face in strange yellow patterns'

        Tegan: Is it that easy for you to break my heart?

        Dustin looks back and then walks upstairs. He is gone. The song overwhelms all other sound of the scene.

        'But, I wasn't prepared for this, oh...'

        Tegan stands, staring at where Dustin was just moments ago.

        'I wasn't prepared for this, oh...'

        She doesn’t cry. Tears aren’t enough for this moment.

        CUT TO: BLACK
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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:

          INT. ROOM IN HAVEN

          We see Grace in a mirror that she is holding up to her face. She has a bruise on her cheek from where she was elbowed. She looks unimpressed.

          Gael OS: At least you aren’t bleeding.

          Grace lowers the mirror. She looks over at Gael sat next to her on the bed.

          Grace: I could wash blood off. This is gonna stick around.

          She points to her bruise. Gael puts his hand on hers. Grace exhales and stares forward. She shakes her head.

          Grace: God, look at me. That Westler guy is dead and here I am worried about a tiny bruise.

          Gael looks serious.

          Gael: You concentrate on the things you can change. I remember.

          Grace looks at him. She smiles sympathetically.

          Grace: I don’t think this situation really compares to your mom.

          Gael smiles back.

          Gael: Maybe not, but, I figured making logic out of your insane self-obsession could do you a favour.

          Grace laughs a little, mock punching Gael’s arm. Gael smiles back. Cut to a long shot of the two of them sat together.

          CUT TO:


          Royce is seen mopping the floor where Westler lay before. The girl who argued with Grace about the soup is sat in the corner, staring at him working. Aura walks up to her. The girl looks at her.

          Aura: Hey. Kelcie right?

          The girl nods slowly. Aura smiles.

          Aura: I’m Aura.

          Kelcie acknowledges this and looks back at the ground which was covered in blood only hours before. Aura follows her gaze and looks back at Kelcie.

          Aura: Listen, I don’t mean to be some kind of patronizing bitch, but...I don’t think you should stick around here staring at the ground where some guy died.

          Kelcie looks up at her.

          Kelcie: He wasn’t just “some guy” to everyone. He musta had a family...friends...

          Aura: Sure as hell had enemies.

          Kelcie frowns.

          Kelcie: You’re not even shocked by this are you?

          Aura pauses and sits down next to Kelcie.

          Aura: I’ve seen a lot of stuff. Nastier than this. Girls like you, thrown away like garbage.

          Kelcie stares at her.

          Kelcie: You don’t know me.

          Aura: I know you aint seen a lot of people die. In fact I’m guessing he was your first.

          Kelcie looks away but nods slightly.

          Aura: Aint no use letting it affect you girl. Not like this anyhow. Cause I doubt that guy was the last you’re gonna see die in here.

          Kelcie continues to stare into space.

          Kelcie: I didn’t wanna come here. My mom made me.

          Kelcie looks at Aura.

          Kelcie: You know I slept with a guy. For some money.

          Aura nods her head.

          Aura: Yeah. And you aint the first girl I’ve known who had to do it either.

          Kelcie: My mom said it was my choice. And this was gonna be my prison cause of it.

          Aura sighs.

          Aura: Whatta you think?

          Kelcie watches Royce as he walks away from the scene, holding his mop and bucket.

          Kelcie: All I know is that I couldn’t listen to my mom cry through the walls anymore. She was in so much pain after her operation...and we needed the money.

          A tear runs down Kelcie’s cheek. Aura stares, seriously.

          Aura: Then you didn’t have a choice.

          Kelcie looks at her. Aura smiles kindly.

          Aura: C’mon, let’s get out of here.

          Aura takes Kelcie’s hand. Kelcie nods, smiling thankfully. The two of them make their way toward the lobby.

          CUT TO:


          Mark walks up to the entrance. He flips the “Open” sign to “Closed”. He is about to lock the door when a figure appears on the opposite side of the door. Mark looks surprised to see Tegan facing him. He opens the door.

          Mark: Tegan, hey!

          Tegan looks tired but smiles.

          Tegan: Hi.

          She walks in. Mark looks curious.

          Mark: I thought you were going home tonight?

          Tegan turns to him. She looks around.

          Tegan: And now I’m here.

          Mark looks a little surprised. Tegan looks surprised.

          Tegan: Need a hand finishing up here?

          Mark nods slightly.

          Mark: Sure. Wanna talk?

          Tegan smiles.

          Tegan: Not tonight.

          Mark nods, knowing that Tegan is troubled, but he doesn’t want to pry. Tegan turns and begins walking to the counter.

          INT. ROOM IN HAVEN

          The walls of the room are icy, the low hum of the freezer generator the only sound that can be heard. As the camera moves over we see Westler’s body lying on a surface. The man he was fighting with walks away. Juliet is stood at the doorway, holding her arms in the cold. Juliet looks at the man. She manages a smile.

          Juliet: Thanks, Trey.

          The man (Trey) looks awkward.

          Trey: Don’t thank me for this.

          Juliet’s smile fades. Trey looks like he wants to say something else to make things less awkward, but there is nothing he can say. He simply walks past Juliet. Juliet hesitates. She looks at Westler’s body, but realises she shouldn’t dwell on what happened. She turns and closes the door.

          CUT TO:


          Juliet walks down the corridor. Room 7’s door opens. Carla walks out. She smiles slightly at Juliet and walks past. Juliet looks behind her, watching her go. She smiles to herself slightly as she sees Carla begin to adjust to life here. Juliet turns round as she hears the sound of another door opening. It is Devyn, closing Room 12’s door. Juliet hesitates. Devyn smiles civilly.

          Devyn: Hey.

          Juliet smiles back a little.

          Juliet: Hello.

          Devyn steps towards her, his hands in his pockets.

          Devyn: Listen, I’m not an idiot. I know you, and Tegan and maybe the others, don’t like me that much.

          Juliet: Devyn, this isn’t really the time-

          Devyn: I don’t try to be a jerk. I guess it just comes with the job.

          Juliet looks at him.

          Juliet: You don’t need to apologise to me. Believe me, I’ve seen my fair share of unlikeable people, you’re not that bad.

          She turns down the corridor. Devyn watches her.

          Devyn: I’m not done.

          Juliet turns back. Devyn steps forward again.

          Devyn: I can see you’re tearing yourself up about what happened today. You think it’s your fault.

          Juliet exhales.

          Juliet: You’re a conman, Devyn. Not a psychologist.

          Devyn stops walking. There is a pause.

          Devyn: Yeah. But I know a little about people. And how they blame themselves. And they need control.

          He steps forward once again.

          Devyn: From one criminal to another; let go of the control Juliet. Just a little. That guy was out of your hands.

          Juliet stares at Devyn. She starts to walk towards him slowl.y

          Juliet: Everything here is in my hands. Some of the people here have done things that chill me to the bone. Westler was a murderer, and, and a rapist. Did he deserve death? Sure, some people might say. He was bad. But what scares me more, than Westler, and every other criminal that’s been here, and every criminal up there that might decide to drop by tomorrow, or the next that the people who run this city are so much more dangerous. To everyone.

          Juliet is right in front of Devyn now, almost whispering. She looks into his eyes. She looks pained.

          Juliet: And I have to keep the control, to stop them from getting it.

          Devyn stares at her.

          Juliet: You’re lucky you never found that out about that the hard way.

          Devyn: And you did?

          “Shiny Happy People” by R.E.M begins to play. The instrumental introduction of the song plays in the background. There is a pause as Juliet stares at Devyn.

          Juliet: I did.

          She turns slowly and walks round the corner. Devyn is left staring after her, alone in the corridor. The song becomes livelier and louder.

          CUT TO:


          Juliet stands for a moment. She closes her eyes, perhaps trying to forget something she just uncovered.

          'Shiny happy people laughing'

          She begins to walk.

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN LOBBY

          The scene is now in slow motion. Juliet turns her head to the right as she walks onward.

          'Meet me in the crowd'

          Kelcie and Aura walk past talking together, Kelcie looking happier now.

          'People people'

          Juliet turns her head to the left.

          'Throw your love around'

          Carla holds a cigarette in her mouth as she stands in the corridor, taking a drag.

          'Love me love me'

          CUT TO:


          Juliet walks in. She looks to the left once again.

          'Take it into town'

          Trey walks toward the canteen, drinking a beer. Josef appears next to him.

          'Happy happy'

          Juliet looks forward

          'Put it in the ground'

          Larius is sat at a table on his own. Juliet hesitates and then walks toward him.

          'Where the flowers grow'

          Larius looks up. Juliet smiles at him for a second and then walks to get a cup of coffee, her smile fading. There is a wide shot of the Dining Area, so many people avoiding one another at the risk of a connection.

          'Gold and silver shine'

          The camera moves away from them fluidly, past Josef and Trey, Carla, Aura, Kelcie.

          'Shiny happy people holding hands
          Shiny happy people laughing'

          CUT TO:

          INT. ROOM IN HAVEN

          Gael is in a small room with only a bed and a small table in. Gael is sat on the bed looking at a photograph. He lowers it away from view as he decides what to do next.

          'Everyone around
          Love them, love them'

          CUT TO:

          INT. ROOM IN HAVEN #2

          Grace is in a similar room to Gael. She looks at her bruise in the mirror on the wall, deep in thought.

          'Put it in your hands
          Take it take it'

          CUT TO:

          INT. ROOM IN HAVEN #3

          Tegan is in another small room. She is sat on a chair. She takes the band out of her hair, letting it flow freely.

          'There's no time to cry
          Happy happy'

          CUT TO:


          The song grows quieter as the camera moves through the gap in an open door. Speaking is heard vaguely.

          'Put it in your heart
          Where tomorrow shines'

          A woman is stood in the room, facing a desk. A man is sat behind the desk looking interested in what the woman is saying.

          'Gold and silver shine'

          The song fades away.

          Woman: ...Phillip Reynolds killed Jamie Saxon in June, sir.

          CUT TO:

          EXT. DARK ALLEY

          The man seen in the first scene who was killed is lying on the ground, dead. The camera moves round to show his murderer walking away. We now see his face beneath a hood. He has sharp brown stubble and a dark look across his face.

          CUT TO:

          INT. OFFICE ROOM

          The woman’s identity can now be seen. She has shoulder length brunette hair and is wearing a blue suit. She is also the last woman seen in the main credits.

          Woman: He’s now securely in our custody.

          The man behind the desk intertwines his fingers thoughtfully. He is in his 50s, with grey hair and moustache.

          Man: And what is so interesting about this particular criminal, Stevens?

          The woman (Stevens) smiles a little looking confident. She reaches for a briefcase by her feet and pulls out a plastic, transparent wallet. It has a card in.

          Stevens: This was found on him, sir.

          Stevens hands it to the man. The man examines it and looks a little surprised by what he sees written in rushed, black handwriting:

          Crazy Nuts

          The man looks up at Stevens. He too now has a slight smile on his face.

          Man: The first evidence to connect these two. This is good work Stevens.

          Stevens nods appreciatively.

          Stevens: Thank you sir.

          The man smiles a little wider.

          Man: I think you’ve shown yourself to be the best candidate for this next operation.

          Stevens smiles darkly.

          Stevens: Believe me, sir; finding these people, and eliminating them...I’d enjoy nothing more.

          The man nods, sitting back in his chair.

          Man: Good. I’ll talk to the others, and brief you in the morning.

          Stevens nods and begins to walk away. The man stares into space. Stevens walks away. Both look like they have finally found what they’ve been looking for.

          CUT TO: BLACK

          THE END
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