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  • Raven Remastered 1.01 "All Good Things"

    1.01 - "All Good Things"
    Rated: 14a


    Open to a large and dark graveyard, midnight. Screams are heard; a man is being ripped apart by a pack of vampires. Three or four ambushed the man, hissing and growling, ripping at his skin with their claws and fangs. A gun shot is heard in the distance; the vampires pause looking, letting the man fall to the ground in a puddle of his own blood.

    Vampire 1: Who's there?

    A woman steps from the shadows. She is dressed in a brown leather coat and a cowgirl hat. Her dirty blonde hair is let out. She holds an old fashion revolver in her hands. The woman, Carmen, smirks as she approaches the pack.

    Carmen: Feeding times over.

    Vampire 2: You're going to fight us with a gun?

    Vampire 3: Fool! Bullets are useless on us!

    Carmen: Are you sure about that?

    Carmen lets out one shot, which hits one vampire straight in the chest. The vampire grins.

    Vampire 3: Like I said?

    The vampire gasps. The vampire begins to crack around the bullet wound, turning into dust.

    Carmen: Doesn't look good to me.

    The vampire bursts into dust, the others around him look shocked, staring at Carmen in fear.

    Vampire 1: How did you??

    Carmen: There's wood on the bullet. My little secret.

    Vampire 1: Get her!

    The vampires charge, Carmen jumps up into the air firing off more rounds. Carmen back flips in the air, landing on her feet. A few bullets hit one vampire, quickly causing it to burst into the flames. The other two avoid being hit.

    Vampire 4: Don't let her escape!

    Carmen pulls out a phone from her belt and quickly hits a few numbers.

    Carmen: Make your big entrance soon.

    Carmen quickly places the phone away and begins firing her gun again. The vampires avoid the bullets and one reaches Carmen, quickly pushing her to the ground. Carmen drops her gun, falling on her back.

    Vampire 1: Time to die.

    Woman: (OS) Not yet.

    The vampire turns. Leora stands dressed in all black. Her long trench coat flows in the wind along with her long dark hair, various purple streaks in her hair. Both her hands are surrounded by bright flames. A black raven flies above her, its eyes both silver, its talons sharp.

    Vampire 1: Bitch.

    Leora: Watch your tongue.

    Leora sends a fireball at the vampire on Carmen, causing it to instantly burst into flames, Carmen quickly kicks it off her and jumps up out of the way as the vampire explores.

    Carmen: Quickly, don't let the last one escape!

    Leora turns around.

    Leora: Calm down Carmen. I got it covered. Astro.

    Leora looks up to the raven, which begins to soar following the vampire.

    Leora: Good boy.

    The vampire tries to run away, but Astro the raven is hot on its trail.

    Vampire 4: Crazy bitch!

    Leora: Now, now, what did I tell you?

    Leora sends out a blast of fire, the fire surrounds the raven turning it into a soaring flaming phoenix.

    Leora: Take ?em down!

    The raven screeches as it gains speed, the vampire jumps over a few tomb stones trying to get away, but the raven is moving too quickly. It rips right through the vampires chest causing it to burst into flames and dust. The raven flies back, the flames die, to Leora and Carmen. Leora smiles as the raven lands on her shoulder.

    Carmen: You always do come in handy with those fireballs.

    Leora: What can I say?

    Leora looks around.

    Leora: Hmm, that was the fifth pack of vampires we fought in the three days. Where are they all coming from?

    Carmen: Well with the Hellmouth destroyed I guess they are trying to find new homes.

    Leora: But why in Canada?

    Carmen: Less sun? The cold?

    Leora: Har-har.

    The two begin walking out of the graveyard, watching from the trees is a woman dressed in a red silk dress, her mouth covered with a mask. Her dark hair tied back as she watches the two.

    Scarlet: Get ready Katana.

    Below the tree Katana, a younger woman dressed in dark blue, her hair wrapped up in a bun sits before a small fire. In her hand a small gold vase with Egyptian writing over it. Scarlet jumps out of the tree and lands before the fire.

    Scarlet: It's time.

    Katana: Yes mistress.

    Katana starts to pour the ashes from inside the vase into the flames. Scarlet begins chanting.

    Scarlet: As D'Hoffryn wishes, may the first murderer come to me.

    Scarlet closes her eyes, and then reopens them. They are both now pure white.

    Scarlet: With the flames of a witch I summon forth the blood or man. Taken from the time of beginnings I summon forth the killer hand. I call on now through time and space bring to me the murder's face. Awaken again, once more to me, take my hand and follow my wish.

    The flames begin to form a man.

    Scarlet: Come forth to me Cain, first killer and rule by your queen's side.

    A muscular shapely made is formed, his body is dressed in tattered brown clothing, his arms are chained. His head is shaved, his eyes pure white and his mouth stitched with metal thread. Scarlet smiles, Katana keeps her head lowered.

    Scarlet: Welcome Cain.

    Scarlet runs her hands along his arms; she places her hands on the chains and breaks them off. Cain grunts.

    Scarlet: Don't worry Cain, you'll like this town. It'll be fun to watch it turn to hell.

    Cut to black. End Teaser.

    Open Credits: Evanescence ? "Eternal"

    Kate Beckinsale ? Leora Byrne
    Eliza Dushku ? Faith
    D.B. Woodside ? Robin Wood
    Tilda Swinton ? Scarlet
    And AJ Cook as Carmen White

    Special Guest Star:
    Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg

    Guest Starring:
    Michael Vartan ? Arthur Rayne
    Chris O'Donnell ? Cain
    Wes Ramsey - Saffire
    And Kelly Giddish as Katana

    Created By:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Consulting Producers:
    Ryley Smith
    Benedict Keefe
    And Thomas Wright

    Originally Written By:
    Alexander Brown

    Rewritten By:
    Travis Truant-Simpson

    New Scenes By:
    Travis Truant-Simpson
    With Alexander Brown

    Edited By:
    Alexander Brown

    Based On: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. No profit is being made off this fanfiction.
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    Act I:

    Open to a moving train. The train isn't a passenger train, but a cargo train. In one of the carts, pleasuring moans can be heard as two people enjoy sexual intercourse. In the cart, which is filled with various boxes, a woman with dark brown hair sits wearing a black bra, her leg stretched over a dark man's shoulder as he thrusts forward (nothing is seen). The woman cocks her head back; it's Faith, her eyes open.

    Faith: This isn't doing it for me.

    The man, Wood stops.

    Wood: What?

    Faith puts her leg down and grabs her shirt from the floor and places it over her bra.

    Faith: I thought screwing would get my mind off everything, but it really isn't working.

    Faith walks to the other side of the cart, pulling her jeans up. Wood grabs his pants and follows, walking around shirtless.

    Wood: Faith?

    Faith: A new town, a new start?

    Wood: We both agreed it would be best to get away for awhile. While we could.

    Faith: I know, I know, but you saw the way B looked at me. I've never seen her greens eyes filled with so much hatred.

    Wood: Wait, I thought she had blue eyes.

    Faith scoffs.

    Faith: Of course you did. Men.

    Wood: Hey, I'm not the enemy.

    Faith: Well I need someone to push my anger onto. Those hobo vamps really didn't do it for me.

    Wood: We're almost there, there will be plenty for you to kill when we arrive.

    Faith: I hope so.

    Wood: The Watcher's Council won't find us there, we'll be safe? For awhile anyways.

    Faith: I still can't believe they thought we turned on them. Why on earth would we? We helped them fight the First, we have proven where our loyalty lies. I just don't get it.

    Faith bashes her hand into a box beside her, breaking it into pieces, letting the various box of pens fall out onto the floor.

    Faith: Pens?

    Wood: I guess I could bring some to the high school.

    Faith: They look cheap?

    Faith picks up a box and reads the back.

    Faith: Made in Canada.

    Wood: I would recommend not offending an entire nation while we live in their country.

    Faith: Bah.

    Wood: I'm serious Faith, we need to try and blend.

    Faith: Says the half naked man.

    Wood slips on a t-shirt.

    Faith: Don't worry about me.

    Wood: I'm not worried about you, I'm worried about the people you might beat up.

    Faith: I'm not the one who's going to be in a high school, I'm more worried about the kids you might beat up.

    Wood: I was a good principle at Sunnydale High.

    Faith: I don't understand how you got this job. Were they just hiring people?

    Wood: Burnaby Mountain High School has had a few? issues. As I was told by the overly chipper woman from the school board.

    Faith: I guess its better then me working.

    Wood: You, 9 to 5?

    Faith: Lose the smirk or I'll lose it for you.

    Wood: Just saying, you're more the sunset to sunrise type girl.

    Faith: It is my destiny.

    Wood: Not anymore? If you don't want it to be.

    Faith: Wood?

    Wood: I'm just saying.

    Faith stands and crosses her arms.

    Faith: I'm not doing this again.

    Wood: I saw what slaying did to my mother and-

    Faith: I'm not giving up slaying!

    Wood: Why don't you want a normal life?

    Faith: Because I'm not normal, we're not normal. The things we've seen? I've seen giant demons break out in a school library, I've seen a man fight himself in coma and I've seen an entire town crumble into nothing. I can't live past that.

    Wood: Why not?

    Faith: I won't. As long as I have this gift I will fight with it.

    Wood: Jump.

    Faith: What?

    Wood: This is our stop. We jump.

    Faith turns to the half open cart door, she sees forest.

    Faith: You can't avoid this fight.

    Wood: We're going to miss our exit.

    Faith rolls her eyes. She picks up a black duffle bag, Wood picks up one too. Faith pushes the door open fully and looks at the speeding ground before her.

    Faith: Try not to hurt yourself.

    Wood: Thanks?

    Faith jumps, Wood follows. Cut to the city, the streets are crowded with cars, buses, and people. The hustle and rush of the town is loud as people make their way to one point to another. Cut to a store, The Sacred Circle, a ?Help Wanted' sign is posted on the large window. The inside of the store is covered with shelves of magical items and books. Carmen sits behind the counter, in her hand a rifle, she is cleaning it. Leora stands on the other side Leora stands with a book in her hands.

    Leora: You know guns are illegal in Canada, right?

    Carmen: Well I'm not Canadian am I?

    Leora: I guess not? Southern US is pretty far away.

    Carmen: I left for a reason.

    Leora: Yeah I'm well aware. All that watching got to you. You had to change your life style.

    Carmen: Damn right.

    Carmen closes the gun and lets out a shot, Leora flinches. The bullet hits a target on the wall, bull's-eye.

    Leora: You really need to stop doing that.

    Carmen places the gun down.

    Leora: So how's that back badass?

    Carmen: It's fine. How's the bird?

    Leora: Astro is fine. He can handle his own.

    Carmen: I'm sure.

    Leora: Though my hands are still burning?

    Leora places the book down.

    Carmen: I still don't see why you don't cast spells like that every time.

    Leora: I don't plan on following the path of my parents.

    Carmen: Everything would be a lot easier.

    Leora: You don't want me to end up like my parents do you?

    Carmen: It would be easier?

    Leora sighs.

    Leora: I guess I should be heading off to class. Students need their knowledge.

    Carmen: Have fun.

    Leora: Oh I will?

    Leora grabs her bag and walks to the exit. As she opens the door a handsome man walks into the store, he gives Leora a smile. She exits as he walks to the counter.

    Carmen: Can I help you?

    The man is dressed in a snazzy suit jacket and dress shirt, no tie. He has light blonde, almost white hair.

    Saffire: My name is Saffire, Saffire Lisi.

    Carmen: I'm Carmen White. I own The Sacred Circle.

    Saffire: I've been a fan of this place for awhile.

    Saffire takes a look around.

    Saffire: One of the only real magic shops worth visiting. None of that cheesy love spell crap or money potions.

    Carmen: I got rid of that crap long ago. I try to make a respectable living here. So do you have a resume?

    Saffire: I do, but I don't think we need to worry about that.

    Saffire's eye glow bright white for a second, as do Carmen's. Carmen pauses for a moment just looking at Saffire. She shakes her head and snaps out of it.

    Carmen: L-let me get you some papers to sign.

    Saffire grins.

    Saffire: Okay.

    Cut to a man flipping through a dinner menu in an expensive restaurant. The man, Rayne, as short sandy blonde hair, and is dressed in a business type suit. A waiter comes up to him.

    Waiter: I can only hold this table for you so long, sir.

    Rayne: My friend will be here any moment. She's never usually late.

    Waiter: Will you order an appetizer at least?

    Rayne looks down at his menu and pauses.

    Rayne: I guess the free bread sticks don't count huh?

    The waiter rolls his eyes.

    Rayne: The prawns please.

    The waiter walks away. Rayne smirks and looks back down to the menu.

    Rayne: There goes your tip.

    After a few moments a redhead comes in. It's Willow Rosenberg, dressed up in a suit. She doesn't have her usual smile or presence, but almost like diet Willow. There is something missing, she just seems tired and angry. She sits across from Rayne.

    Rayne: I never expected to see you in such butch attire.

    Willow: I look better in mine that you do in yours.

    She pauses for a second.

    Willow: The suit not the butch attire because? yeah.

    Rayne: The suit is what makes you butch, but touch? my dear.

    Willow: Always complimenting the ladies Mister Rayne. Even the lesbians.

    Rayne: I can always try, Miss Rosenberg. I've been known to change women from time to time.

    Willow: Well I may even give you a fair chance if you leave your penis out of it.

    Willow takes a deep breathe and sighs. Rayne waits a moment before making inquiries.

    Rayne: Kennedy?

    Willow: Ever since we've rebuilt the Watchers Council slayers have been acting like they're superior to everyone else.

    Rayne: I'm sure that's not the case.

    Willow: Well Buffy certainly has! She's been so irrational on her suspicions on what happened.

    Rayne: Dawn was her sister, Willow.

    Willow: Is her sister. Dawn is her sister.

    Rayne: So the Watcher's are on a hunt for Faith? One of their own?

    Willow: All because Buffy became a ?loose cannon'.

    Rayne: Have you heard from Faith yet? In Vancouver?

    Willow: She's just arrived.

    Rayne: And will Buffy suspect we know?

    Willow: I don't think so. We barely communicate now that the academy is up. Its like she has forgotten about Xander and I. She didn't even go to Cordelia's funeral.

    Rayne: I think I should talk to Giles.

    Willow: Arthur, no. He won't listen.

    Rayne: Giles has been reasonable in the past. Especially with my position.

    Willow: But he will side with Buffy. He never trusted Faith to begin with. Trust me? Faith and Watchers in general have never gotten along.

    Rayne: But Faith and Robin? He couldn't think Robin had anything to do with it.

    Willow: I just don't know anymore.

    Rayne: Well I think it's worth a try.

    Willow: Arthur?

    Rayne: You've changed Willow. What's happened has changed even you.

    Willow: Dawn was close to me too?

    Rayne: I knew you before that. The academy has changed you. I met you after you tried to destroy the world and even then you were more quirky. More youthful. More-

    Willow: Satisfied with things?

    Rayne: And now everything's changed because of the academy.

    Willow: We had to make it.

    Rayne: I know, to train the slayers.

    Willow: There was no other option than that spell.

    Rayne: There were. They just involved a bunch of skewered girls and maybe a chance at victory. Like half a percent of a chance.

    Willow: What I did, what we did. We messed with the balance.

    Rayne: And the balance is evidently fighting back.

    Willow: Yeah. I guess it is.

    The waiter comes back and sets down the prawns on the table. The waiter gives Rayne a look.

    Waiter: I see your friend has arrived.

    Rayne gives him a look to go away, the waiter smiles and leaves.

    Willow: Shrimp?

    Rayne takes one and dips it in the sauce.

    Rayne: Don't like them?

    Willow: I do it just? It just reminds me of a better time.

    Rayne gives Willow a fake smile. She slowly picks a prawn up and eats the end of it.

    Cut to:

    Burnaby Mountain Secondary School. Inside a classroom Leora leans against her desk in front of an entire class of high school students.

    Leora: So what we see in Winston's life is a world of depression and despair. Though this book was written post-World War II, events from the book can be paralleled to events today.

    The class seems uninterested. Leora rolls her eyes.

    Leora: And of course who can forget the giant robot fight between Winston and Big Brother?

    A few heads raise.

    Leora: The blood shed over the city and the deaths of hundreds. Though I guess the highlight of the film would be when America dropped the atomic bomb.

    A few kids nods.

    Joe: Yeah, the bomb. That was an interesting twist.

    Caitlin: I didn't think they would take real life events and use them.

    Leora: You're all pathetic.

    Joe: Huh?

    Leora: There are no robots in this book. Okay, so who actually read the book?

    No one raises their hands; everyone kind of avoids Leora's eye sight.

    Leora: So I guess if I handed out a test on the book the majority of the class would? Fail.

    Leora sighs placing the book down.

    Leora: Half the year is over and you're all falling behind.

    Caitlin: Maybe if you had a more interesting book?

    Leora: I have to follow a curriculum.

    Leora grabs a piece of paper from her desk.

    Leora: Maybe it would if some of you came to class on a regular basis. Look at all the absents over just one week. And even today. Where's Kayla? She hasn't been in class in a week.

    Joe: She's been? um? sick?

    Leora: I might as well just fail you all now.

    Cut to:

    The Sacred Circle. Carmen is dusting various shelves each with weird jars or random things. She's humming a song as she's on a chair reaching the top shelves. Her hand slips and hits a glass of dark sand.

    Carmen: Aw fuc-

    It hits the ground with a poof and makes the chair Carmen is standing on disappear. Carmen falls to the ground landing hard on her side. Smoke fills the air. Carmen waves her hand in front of her face to fan the smoke away. She slowly picks herself up.

    Carmen: I knew this should have been an adult toy shop?

    The phone rings. Carmen full stands and picks up the old looking phone beside the cash register.

    Carmen: What? I mean? Sacred Circle, Carmen speaking.

    The scene cuts between Carmen and Rayne. He is wearing a dress shirt, the first few buttons undone. He is standing a simple room, nothing much of decoration.

    Rayne: I hear you're as chipper as ever.

    Carmen: Leora is that you? You sound like a man, is it strep throat again?

    Rayne: It's me Carmen, Arthur Rayne.

    Carmen: Arthur? You're still alive? How was Japan?

    Rayne: A few years ago. Nice to see you're keeping tabs on me though.

    Carmen: Well when I handed in my resignation I heard some gossip.

    Rayne: You left the council?

    Carmen: Wasn't really for me.

    Rayne: Well aren't we a pair.

    Carmen: You're out of service too?

    Rayne: Just today actually.

    Carmen: It's the damn strictness. No drinking on the job, ha!

    Rayne lets out a polite laugh, though doesn't look amused. There is a pause between the two. Carmen leans on the counter. Her smile turns into a concerned look.

    Carmen: So why are you calling me?

    Rayne: I have time to kill.

    Carmen: And?

    Rayne: Does there have to be an "and"?

    Carmen: This isn't Pine Valley Arthur; people from the past don't just show up for the hell of it. What's going on? It's the Buffy thing isn't it?

    Rayne: No, no? I just wanted to let you know that there may be a surprise for you soon.

    Carmen: A surprise? a real job you mean?

    Rayne: Much better.

    Carmen: Money?

    Rayne: A visit from someone you love.

    Carmen thinks for a second, but draws a blank.

    Carmen: Leora's already here and I know Tom isn't leaving Kate anytime soon?

    Rayne: Well, think along the lines of sort of family.

    Carmen: Family?

    Rayne: Sort of.

    Carmen: Rayne, you really do know how to make a bad day worse.

    Rayne: Goodbye Carmen.

    Carmen: Don't hang up on-

    Rayne hangs up.

    Carmen: Bastard child. He better mean him?

    Cut to:

    The hallway of Burnaby Mountain. A girl, Kayla, walks through the empty halls alone. She stops at her locker and opens it.

    Kayla: This whole week is so messed up? I can't believe my parents are making me going to class.

    Kayla drops a book on the ground.

    Kayla: Crap?

    Kayla kneels down and picks up the book, as she stands Katana appears behind her, though she is dressed in regular clothing. Kayla gasps as she sees Katana in the mirror on her locker door. Kayla quickly turns around.

    Kayla: What the hell?

    Katana: Sorry?

    Kayla: God what are you lost or something?

    Katana: You're Kayla aren't you?

    Kayla: Yeah?

    Katana: Perfect.

    Katana grins.

    Kayla: God not another dy-

    Katana pulls a dagger from her pocket and quickly slices it into Kayla's gut. Kayla gasps; Katana quickly covers Kayla's mouth, pressing harder on the dagger. Kayla tries to scream but is muffled.

    Katana: Don't worry slayer?

    Kayla falls to the ground, lifeless. Blood splatters onto the floor, a symbol of a circle with an upside down triangle appears in Kayla's blood.

    Katana: Pretty soon not even your kind will stop us.

    Katana grins and teleports away. A few girls walk down the hall chattering.

    Girl 1: Oh my god did you see Tiff?

    Girl 2: I know it was-

    The girls step into the puddle of blood and pause.

    Girl 1: What's on the?

    The girls spot Kayla's dead body.

    Girl 2: Oh my god!

    The two girls scream. Cut back to Leora's classroom, the screams are heard. Leora quickly looks to the door, as does the rest of the class.

    Leora: Nobody move.

    Leora quickly rushes out into the hallway. Leora walks down the hall to the screaming girls.

    Leora: What's-

    Leora gasps as she spots Kayla's dead body.

    Leora: Call 9-1-1. Now.

    Leora kneels down to the dead body, she quickly spots on the symbol on the ground.

    Leora: Oh Kayla?

    Leora pulls a cellphone from her pocket and dials a few numbers.

    Leora: Carmen?

    Leora places her hands over Kayla's eyes, closing them.

    Leora: We have a slight problem.

    Cut to a dark room, only a few candles are lit. Cain is standing looking at the flames, Katana appears. Scarlet steps from the shadows.

    Scarlet: Well?

    Katana: She's dead.

    Scarlet: One more slayer down.

    Katana looks to Cain.

    Katana: Why is he watching the fire?

    Scarlet: I don't know. Being ash for hundreds of years cause people to go a little crazy.

    Katana: What has D'Hoffryn said?

    Scarlet: He's happy to see Cain alive again, but he's unsure if even Cain will stop the evolution of slayers.

    Cain ponders into the flames, the fire reflecting in his dark soulless eyes.

    Scarlet: (OS) He's the only hope the demons have?

    Cain growls, the flame dies out

    End Act I: Commercial Break


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      Act II:

      Open to Burnaby Mountain Secondary School. Wood sits in an office, looking at a sheet of paper. His face looks angered, his first clutching a pen tightly. A knock is heard at the door.

      Wood: Come in?

      Leora opens the door, making her way into the room.

      Leora: Principle Wood?

      Wood looks up.

      Wood: Ms. Byrne was it?

      Leora: You can call me Leora.

      Wood: I'm not sure it's the right time to be casual.

      Leora: I understand.

      Wood places his pen down.

      Wood: Is there something I can help you with?

      Leora: I just wanted to let you know all the students have left and the police have taken the body. They are just waiting for you.

      Wood: I'll be right out.

      Leora: I'm sorry this happened on your first day.

      Wood: I'm use to it.

      Leora: Excuse me?

      Wood: I mean? The last school I was at the death rate was above average.

      Leora: Where was that?

      Wood: Sunnydale.

      Leora: You mean the town that-

      Wood: -is no longer a town? Correct.

      Leora: I'm sorry to bring up bad memories.

      Wood: It is alright. Tell the officers I will be out in a moment? I still need to phone Kayla's parents.

      Leora: Oh?

      Wood: It is taking longer then I thought it would.

      Leora: No one is rushing you. This isn't something you should rush into.

      Wood: Thank you.

      Leora gives him a small smile and leaves, closing the door behind her. Wood picks up the phone and dials a number.

      Wood: Faith?

      Wood pauses.

      Wood: We have a slight problem.

      Cut to the school hallway. Leora stands with a few officers, Wood approaches.

      Wood: I'm sorry I took so long.

      Officer: No worries Principle Wood. We understand that you need to gently break the news.

      Wood: So what do you think happened?

      Officer: The victim-

      Wood: -Kayla.

      The Officer arches a brow.

      Officer: Kayla? She has a deep stab wound in her gut. It probably killed her in a matter of seconds. There is blood around her mouth, most likely the killer's hand covering her mouth. The strange thing is? There is no foot steps.

      Wood: What do you mean?

      Officer: Well all this blood you would expect the killer to at least leave a trail of blood from their hands or shoes, something at least. But it looks like the person just vanished.

      Leora: Though they did leave something.

      Wood: What?

      The Officer points the blood on the ground.

      Officer: A strange symbol, a triangle in a circle. I doubt it was accidental. It maybe a calling card of sorts.

      Wood: Have you seen it before?

      Officer: No, but I have one of my guys checking to see if its showed up else where.

      Wood: Good.

      Officer: We want you to close the school for a couple of days.

      Wood: I was thinking the same thing.

      Officer: We also need all the teachers and anyone else off the premises so we can start a full investigation and try to find the murder weapon.

      Wood: Of course.

      Wood looks to Leora.

      Wood: Ms. Byrne would you inform the teachers in the lounge that they need to leave.

      Leora: Of course.

      Leora walks off; Wood turns back to the officer.

      Wood: What else can I do for you?

      Cut to The Sacred Circle. Carmen sits on the counter looking through a small black book of various names and numbers.

      Carmen: Lily? Lily?

      The door opens, Carmen looks up. Leora walks in ? exhausted.

      Carmen: You're home early honey; I haven't finished the roast yet.

      Leora: You're always there with a joke.

      Carmen: I do try.

      Leora: I can't wait for you to get knocked up.

      Carmen: Ouch, I felt the actual burn on that one. What happened? Murder on Campus?

      Leora doesn't respond.

      Carmen: Oh?

      Leora: A girl was killed in the hall during class. Kayla Stephens.

      Carmen: So?

      Leora: I don't think it was a regular teenage killing? Well I guess teenage killings are never regular.

      Carmen: Go on.

      Leora: A weird symbol showed up in the blood.

      Leora grabs a piece of paper and draws it out with a black pen.

      Leora: It was just in the blood, like it was magically put there.

      Carmen: Okay, that is a little bit strange but doesn't exactly scream "supernatural being on the rampage for hot-young-teenage girls".

      Leora looks up.

      Carmen: What?

      Leora: I don't think it was her looks the thing was after. I think Kayla was a slayer.

      Carmen: Really?

      Leora: She's been acting weird the last little while? I felt something strange coming from her and if she was killed because she was a slayer then that means we may need to go to some bigger guns.

      Carmen: Ever since the slayer thing everyone's been after the slayers. Why should we care?

      Leora: I'm sorry, were you NOT a watcher?

      Carmen: Was. Key word? Was.

      The door opens again, Saffire walks in.

      Carmen: Back from your break?

      Saffire: Yeah. I guess I'll go reorganize the back?

      Carmen: Enjoy.

      Saffire walks into the back. Leora pauses.

      Leora: You already hired someone?

      Carmen: Its just a trial period.

      Leora: It's the ass isn't it?

      Carmen: Shut up and show me the damn blood symbol.

      Leora: Right?

      Leora holds up the paper.

      Carmen: Not very unique.

      Leora: That's what I was thinking. Any book that may narrow it down?

      Carmen: Maybe?

      Leora: Okay?

      Carmen: What?

      Leora: Can you do anything better?

      Carmen: Fine.

      Carmen stands and walks to a few old dusty books.

      Carmen: I still think you are on a wild chase for nothing.

      Leora: A girl is dead.

      Carmen picks up one of the books and flips through it.

      Carmen: Hmm.

      Leora: What?

      Carmen: It kind of looks like the scene of D'Hoffryn.

      Leora: D-who?

      Carmen: D'Hoffryn, lord of the vengeance.

      Leora: So maybe it wasn't about her being a slayer? Maybe a wish gone bad?

      Carmen: Maybe. It says the symbol is used for D'Hoffryn's top assassin Scarlet. She has been known for centuries as one of the must ruthless killers around.

      Leora: That sounds fun.

      Carmen: The only person to ever come close to killing her was a female warrior in the last 18th century. Scarlet escape by ripping out the warriors heart.

      Leora: Most likely a slayer.

      Carmen: Sounds like it.

      Leora: I guess we should go fight her?

      Carmen: I can just see it now.

      Leora: Well we have to do something.

      Carmen: Fine?

      Leora: We'll go to my place to pick up some stuff.

      Carmen: Like an army?

      Leora: We've faced worse.

      Carmen: No? no we haven't.

      Leora doesn't reply.

      Carmen: Thought so.

      Cut to:

      An airport. The place seems empty as a clock in the back says it's three in the morning. Rayne is looking out the window at the airplanes outside. His luggage is behind him on a seat in the seating area. Willow walks up behind him.

      Willow: Arthur.

      Rayne doesn't acknowledge her.

      Willow: Arthur, Giles is sorry for what he did.

      Rayne gives a fake laugh.

      Rayne: Well that makes it better, doesn't it.

      Willow: He didn't want you to quit.

      Rayne: You know what he said to me? That I was a useless Watcher!

      Willow: I know?

      Rayne: After all I've done for this place he has the nerve to do that!

      Willow: Arthur-

      Rayne: Good riddance! I'll find the truth better on my own anyways.

      Willow looks concerned as Rayne continues to look at the landed planes. There's a pause.

      Willow: You know? I believe you.

      Rayne: I know you do.

      Willow: And? and I'll come help when I can.

      Rayne: Willow?

      Willow: I owe it to you. No one else has spent so many hours hearing about me and my girl issues as you. Not even my best friend.

      Rayne: You're needed with the coven.

      Willow: They led me to trust you, Arthur.

      Rayne: And Giles seems to want to cut their funding as a result.

      Willow: Well, yes, but at least I know who I can trust.

      Rayne: You can trust your friends. Just not their intellect.

      Willow smiles.

      Willow: That was always my place in the group.

      Rayne: And it shouldn't be any other way.

      Willow looks at all Rayne's stuff. Pause.

      Willow: So you haven't even checked in yet.

      Rayne: The gates opening in a moment.

      Willow: You really want out of here.

      Rayne: There's only so much Respect Shores can do for me.

      Willow: Or is it there's only so much you can do for Respect Shores before it can't comprehend the rest.

      Rayne: God the population here is full of British rednecks!

      Willow: You'd think it was an oxymoron till you came here.

      Rayne: You really would.

      Willow: So where is the wind taking you?

      Rayne: I'm thinking I'll head to Vancouver.

      Willow: Following Faith and Wood huh?

      Rayne: I have a friend there. I think she'll come in handy in finding the truth.

      Willow: I don't know what to say.

      Rayne: Who really does?

      The two pause.

      Rayne: See you soon Miss Rosenberg.

      Willow: Goodbye Mister Rayne.

      Willow smiles and the two hug. Willow closes her eyes holding back tears, Rayne places his hand on the back of her head. Rayne grins.

      Rayne: Stop trying to feel me up luv.

      Cut to Leora's apartment. The apartment isn't anything special, average size, bare decorations and furniture. Leora and Carmen walk in, Leora walks to a golden cage which houses Astro, the raven. Carmen looks around placing her bag on a table.

      Carmen: You really did nothing with this place.

      Leora: I got a blender.

      Carmen: Wild child.

      Leora smiles at Astro.

      Leora: Hey baby.

      Carmen: You and that bird?

      Leora: Shush.

      Carmen: We should probably hurry up. Scarlet will probably attack some time tonight.

      Leora: Yeah, I just gotta change.

      Leora walks to her bedroom, Carmen takes a seat on a couch and looks at Astro.

      Carmen: You are never going to replace me.

      Carmen turns, a few minutes pass as Carmen stares around the empty apartment. Leora walks out of her room now dressed in a leather trench coat, pants and white top. A katana is attached to her belt. Her long hair pulled back into a braid.

      Leora: I'm ready.

      Carmen: About time.

      Carmen stands, and opens her bag up.

      Carmen: I guess we get to go play.

      Carmen pulls out two revolvers and places them in two holds on her belt. She then pulls out a submachine gun and places in a holster tied to her back.

      Leora: Wow.

      Carmen: I pulled out all the stops.

      Carmen pulls out two chains of ammo and wraps them around her belt.

      Carmen: One wooden and one regular? Just in case we get a few vampire visitors.

      Leora: Is that everything?

      Carmen pulls out three grenades and places them in a pocket on the back of her belt.

      Leora: Grenades?

      Carmen: The biggest foe we've ever faced. I would have brought a missile launcher if I could fit it on me.

      Leora walks over to Astro's cage and opens the door.

      Leora: Stay here until I call you.

      Leora looks back to Carmen.

      Leora; Ready?

      Carmen: Hell yeah!

      Carmen grins, "Maneater" by Nelly Furtado begins to play.

      Everybody look at me, me
      I walk in the door you start screaming
      Come on everybody what chu here for?
      Move your body around like a nympho
      Everybody get your necks to crack around
      All you crazy people come on jump around
      I want to see you all on your knees, knees
      You either want to be with me, or be me!

      Cut to outside, night. Carmen and Leora walk along a stone path surrounded grass and graves. They seem to be in slow motion as they make their way through the grave yard. Leora has her katana in hand; Carmen has her hands by her sides ready to pull her weapons out at any time.

      Maneater, make you work hard
      Make you spend hard
      Make you want all, of her love
      She's a maneater
      make you buy cars
      make you cut cords
      make you fall, real hard in love
      She's a Maneater, make you work hard
      Make you spend hard
      Make you want all, of her love
      She's a maneater
      make you buy cars
      make you cut cords
      Wish you never ever met her at all!

      Fade to an apartment, Faith slips on a dark shirt and a jean jacket, which matches her pants. She looks in the mirror giving it a sly looking and flipping her hair back. She walks out of the dark room and into the living room, which is filled with unpacked boxes. She grabs a few stakes and places them on a belt, then puts it on. She puts on a silver cross necklace and grabs a crossbow from a box. She walks to the door.

      And when she walks she walks with passion
      when she talks, she talks like she can handle it
      when she asks for something boy she means it
      even if you never ever seen it
      everybody get your necks to crack around
      all you crazy people come on jump around
      you doing anything to keep her by your side
      because, she said she love you, love you long time!

      Fade to a small opening in a clump of trees. A small fire is made, Katana sits by the fire looking into it. Scarlet stands a few feet away, slipping on a pair of long black elbow length leather gloves. She pulls her hair back into a bun and places on a mask over her mouth. She turns to face Cain, who is standing with his head looking down.

      Maneater, make you work hard
      Make you spend hard
      Make you want all, of her love
      She's a maneater
      make you buy cars
      make you cut cords
      make you fall, real hard in love
      She's a Maneater, make you work hard
      Make you spend hard
      Make you want all, of her love
      She's a maneater
      make you buy cars
      make you cut cords
      Wish you never ever met her at all!

      Fade to a three way screen. Leora and Carmen are stilling walking, looking fierce. Faith is now also walk, though a profile view of her is shot. She passes a few trees, her cross bow tightly in hand. The third window is Scarlet who is now standing over the fire, which has now grown bigger.

      Never ever met her at all!

      End Act II: Commercial Break


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        Act III:

        Open to Scarlet, Katana and Cain all standing around the large fire.

        Scarlet: Its time.

        Katana holds out a small jar over the fire.

        Scarlet: Blood of the slayers, blood of the wolf, blood of the life.

        Katana drops the jar in the fire, causing the flames to ignite higher, turning the flames more of a blood red color.

        Scarlet: We come baring these gifts in the name of D'Hoffryn. Now open to use, the portal. Open!

        The flames explode causing a bright light. Scarlet begins to laugh, Katana quickly covers her eyes, Cain does the same. Scarlet embraces the pure white light.

        Katana: Mistress!

        Scarlet: There is no need to fear!

        The light dims and before Scarlet is a large red and white whirling portal. The portal has various jolts of lightning around it, causing flashes. The part is sucking in, causing a few rocks and other debris to get sucked in.

        Scarlet: We did it.

        Cain looks up to the portal. Scarlet pauses and turns to Cain.

        Scarlet: I want you to go patrol. We cant' have anyone interfere, not now. We still need to fully open the portal to bring forth the end.

        Cain nods and grunts and walks off. Katana slowly looks up, a bit scared.

        Scarlet: Go as well Katana. Kill anyone who is snooping around.

        Katana nods and quickly rushes away. Scarlet turns back to the portal. Cut to a little ways away from Scarlet. Leora and Carmen stop, from their point of view various lights can be seen through the trees.

        Carmen: What the hell is that?

        Leora: I think we found the jackpot.

        Carmen: Great?

        Carmen pulls out both her revolvers.

        Carmen: Let's get going then.

        The two start running to the area. They stop behind a few bushes and duck down onto their knees. They see Scarlet standing in front of the portal.

        Leora: A portal.

        Carmen: She doesn't look to tough. I could take her.

        Leora: We need to surprise her.

        Carmen reaches for a grenade.

        Carmen: I got an idea.

        Heavy breathing can be heard.

        Carmen: Stop breathing so loudly Leora. You sound like a man.

        Leora: That isn't me?

        Carmen and Leora both pause. They slowly turn their heads to see Cain standing behind them, breathing heavily.

        Leora: Oh cra-

        Cain punches both Carmen and Leora, sending them flying through the bush they were hiding behind. The two land on their sides a few feet away from Scarlet, who quickly turns around.

        Scarlet: Cain! I said keep them away!

        Leora looks up.

        Leora: You must be Scarlet.

        Scarlet gives her a grin.

        Scarlet: That I am.

        Carmen: Leora?

        Leora: What?

        Carmen quickly jumps up and grabs Leora. Scarlet pauses, and turns to where Carmen was laying. A grenade rests in the dirt, unclipped. The grenade explodes, Leora and Carmen jump out of the way of the blast. The flames cover Scarlet who screams. Cain doesn't move. Leora and Carmen quickly look up.

        Carmen: Ha! All we needed was a few high tech toys.

        Leora: I'm not to sure.

        The fire begins to fade, Scarlet stands untouched.

        Scarlet: That's the best you got?

        Carmen: You take her, I'll take big and hunky.

        Leora: Good luck.

        Carmen: I don't need luck when it comes to men.

        Carmen begins to run, Cain follows. Leora turns her attention to Scarlet, Scarlet tilts her head.

        Scarlet: What's your trick?

        Leora's hands become engulfed in flames. She smirks.

        Cut to:

        Faith and Wood's apartment. The door opens as a tired Wood walks in.

        Wood: Faith?

        Wood turns on a light and drops his brief case and jacket onto a box. Wood walks to the kitchen.

        Wood: Faith, where are you?

        Wood sighs as we pulls a note off the fridge door.

        Wood: You are really trying to make this work, aren't you Faith?

        He crumples up the note and throws it to the ground. He punches the wall in anger. He grabs the phone, as he does he notices the machine is blinking, meaning a message. He presses the play button, Willow has left a message.

        Willow: (Off Screen) Hey guys. Buffy and Giles still have no clue where you guys are, so you should be safe for awhile. Though they have sent out troops of slayers to Rome, California and Boston. Just be careful okay? They have all the slayers looking for you guys, so try and not get spotted. Maybe dye your hair Faith, um Robin? maybe grow hair? Arthur Rayne has left Respect Shores, he said he is making his way to Vancouver, but he may stop in a few other places first. Keep an eye for him, he has some friends in Vancouver who may come in handy.

        Willow pauses.

        Willow: (Off Screen) I can no longer keep touch with you two. Everything is being bugged? So this is goodbye for now. Be safe.

        The message cuts out. Robin sighs looking to the phone in his hand.

        Cut to:

        Carmen running through an opening of graves. She stops and turns.

        Carmen: Come on big boy!

        Cain follows, grunting. Carmen pulls out her revolvers and begins to fire in Cain's direction.

        Carmen: Let's see you stop these!

        Cain keeps running. The bullets hit him, but they just deflect off him. Carmen keeps the open fire, and Cain keeps running towards her. Cain grunts as he bushes into Carmen, using his right side to attack. Carmen screams flying in the air, she bashes through a tomb stone and lands rolling onto her back. Both her guns have dropped from her hands.

        Carmen: Damn it?

        Carmen rolls onto her side and begins to sit up. Cain quickly grabs her by the hair and pulls her up. Carmen lets out a scream as Cain pulls.

        Carmen: Let go of me!

        Carmen struggles. She tries to kick him, but the attack is useless against him. Cut back to Leora and Scarlet, Leora jumps back ? sending a blast of fire at scarlet. Scarlet grins holding her hand out, the flames stop mid air and quickly become smoke.

        Scarlet: Not good enough.

        Scarlet holds out another hand, a long black whip appears from thin air. Scarlet whips it forward, Leora jumps out of the way, rolling forward.

        Scarlet: You should have stayed home tonight witch. You can't stop the portal.

        Leora: Watch me!

        Leora sends a blast of fire at the portal, the fire is just sucked up.

        Scarlet: What did I just tell you?

        Cut to another part of the grave yard. Faith is walking alone, looking for anything to fight.

        Faith: Not a single vampire insight? I have no clue why we had to come to Canada?

        Faith's phone rings, she quickly pulls it out of her jacket pocket.

        Faith: Yeah?

        Cut between:

        Faith and Wood, who is in their apartment.

        Wood: Where did you go?

        Faith: Slaying.

        Wood: You are just avoiding me.

        Faith: No, I'm not. I am here so I thought I might as well do something and try to save a few people.

        Wood: Bull.

        Faith: The night calls me.

        Wood: You couldn't have waited for me to come with you?

        Faith: You would have slowed down.

        Wood: I do believe I held me own up against The First.

        Faith: Yeah, you went and got yourself stabbed through and through. That is totally holding your own.

        Wood: You can't fight everything alone.

        Faith: Fine, I wanted to be alone. So what?

        As Faith and Wood talk, Katana approaches. Faith doesn't' notice, she is too busy arguing.

        Faith: You need to understand I-

        Katana spin kicks Faith in the back. Faith flies forward dropping her phone.

        Wood: Faith!?

        Katana walks over to the dropped phone and steps on it, breaking it. Faith looks up, pissed.

        Faith: You're going to regret that.

        Katana: A slayer.

        Faith jumps to her feet, pulling out a stake.

        Faith: Yeah, what the hell does that make you then?

        Katana: Your killer.

        Faith: Big words for a small chic.

        Katana lunges forward, Faith grabs her leg and spins her into a tree. Katana gasps as she hits the tree hard. Faith jumps back and pulls out her crossbow. She quickly fires, Katana grabs the arrows before it hits her.

        Faith: Fast.

        Faith cartwheels forward and punches Katana in the gut.

        Faith: But not fast enough.

        Katana screams pushing Faith off her. She then spins, kicking Faith in the chest, sending her back a few feet. Faith lands on her feet, Katana runs forward. Faith jumps into the air and kicks forward, Katana ducks and grabs Faith's foot, pulling her down face first into the ground. Cut to Carmen being thrown to the ground. Cain stands over her.

        Carmen: Damn fool?

        Carmen quickly pulls a dagger from her pocket and stabs Cain in the ankle. Cain jumps back, Carmen takes the opportunity to stand. She quickly pulls the submachine gun off her back.

        Carmen: These may not hurt you, but damn it will slow you down.

        Carmen begins firing the machine gun. The bullets don't hurt Cain, but they do keep him from moving. He tries to stop forward, but the push against him is too much.

        Carmen: Hurry up Leora!

        Cut to Leora and Scarlet. Leora and Scarlet are now fist fighting. Leora kicks Scarlet in the gut, but Scarlet grabs Leora's leg and snaps it. Leora screams, pulling her leg back. Leora falls to the ground, blood running from her mouth. Scarlet just looks at her.

        Scarlet: I haven't even broken a sweat.

        Scarlet begins to walk forward.

        Scarlet: I guess you did last longer then most. I usually kill my opponent within seconds? a simple snap to the neck.

        Leora just looks up.

        Scarlet: There is no shame in dieing fighting me. Better have tried and failed, you are just another number.

        Leora: Not? (gasp) quite? Now!

        Scarlet pauses unsure what is going on. Astro appears from no where, Leora quickly sends a fireball up into the air. Astro dives into it, fully becoming enflamed.

        Scarlet: What the fu-

        Astro quickly strikes into Scarlet's chest, flying right through her. Scarlets torso becomes engulfed in flames, Scarlet screams falling to her knees, wrapping her arms around her chest.

        Scarlet: Witch!

        Leora quickly stands to her knees and looks to the portal.

        Leora: Damn it.

        The portal has gotten bigger and stronger. Cut to Carmen and Cain. Carmen keeps firing at Cain, who pauses and turns to the other direction.

        Carmen: Had enough?

        Cain begins running off, as if he heard something. Carmen stops the firing.

        Carmen: Hey! I'm not done with you!

        Carmen quickly begins to follow. She picks up one of her revolvers off the ground as she follows. Cut to Faith and Katana. Faith tosses a large bolder at Katana, who is hit and pushed to the ground. The bolder shatters as it hits her.

        Faith: Who are you working for?

        Katana doesn't respond. Faith grabs her by the neck and holds her up, pushing her against a tree.

        Faith: Who the hell do you work for?

        Katana just starts laughing.

        Faith: You find this funny?

        Katana nods as Cain appears behind Faith. He grabs her by the arms and pulls her up. Faith gasps.

        Faith: Hey-

        Before Faith can do anything, Cain throws her aside. Carmen runs up to the fight, before she can do anything Faith is thrown onto her. The two fall to the ground, Carmen looks to Faith.

        Carmen: Who are you?

        Faith: I think that's a question I should be asking you.

        Carmen looks to Cain and Katana.

        Carmen: Got any super powers?

        Faith: A few.

        Carmen: Then you take stitches over there, I'll take chic.

        Faith pauses for a moment, not sure if she can trust Carmen. She looks to Cain and Katana, then back to Carmen.

        Faith: Fine.

        Faith and Carmen stand. Cain and Katana stand opposite them.

        Carmen: Ready?

        Faith: Let's kick some demon ass.

        The two charge. Cut back to Leora, she stands in front of the portal sending a continues stream of fire into the portal. Scarlet, who is still on fire, looks up.

        Scarlet: You won't close it that way.

        Leora turns to Scarlet, not responding, she just keeps the fire going.

        Scarlet: This fire won't keep me down forever. The moment I get out of this I will snap your neck.

        Leora closes her eyes, trying to concentrate harder. She then opens her eyes.

        Leora: I got it.

        Leora stops the attack and turns to Scarlet.

        Leora: Tricky, you were going to use the portal to give yourself more powers weren't you?

        Leora laughs.

        Leora: This had nothing to do with killing all the slayers. You just needed the blood to awaken more power.

        Scarlet: What? No? I?

        Leora: Better luck next time.

        Leora runs towards the portal.

        Scarlet: No!

        Leora jumps in, causing the portal to quickly close behind her. The flames leave Scarlet, which quickly stands.

        Scarlet: No! Damn witch!

        Scarlet teleports to Cain and Katana, who are in the middle of the fight. Scarlet sends out a gust of wind at Faith and Carmen, pushing them away from the two demons. Scarlet is very pissed.

        Scarlet: Let's go now.

        Katana: What about-

        Scarlet: Now!

        Scarlet teleports, Katana and Cain follow. Carmen and Faith stand up and look around.

        Faith: What was that about?

        Carmen: Leora!

        Faith: Huh?

        Carmen begins running to where the ritual was taking place. Faith follows, Carmen stops at the opening. Scorch marks are on ground, where the portal was. Carmen begins to panic.

        Carmen: Leora?

        Astro flies onto Carmen's shoulder.

        Carmen: Where is Leora?

        Faith: Are you talking to that bird?

        Faith looks around.

        Faith: What exactly is going on?

        Carmen looks to where the portal was.

        Carmen: I dunno?

        Cut to Leora's apartment. Carmen stands pacing back and forth, Faith sits on the couch.

        Faith: That's pretty impressive? I know a witch with those kinds of powers. It almost killed her.

        Carmen: She is very careful with what she does. She is afraid her powers may over take her.

        Faith: So what exactly are you?

        Carmen: Long and complicated.

        Faith: Well you don't have any superpowers, or else you won't be fighting with guns and bombs. So are you just human?

        Carmen: That I am.

        Faith: Cool. It's neat to see you stand your own.

        Carmen: I try.

        Faith: Maybe you should sleep? From what you told me this Leora chic can do more then stand her own. She's probably-

        A portal opens in the middle of the living room. Carmen steps back, Faith quickly stands.

        Faith: Or?

        Leora jumps out of the portal, as she leaves the portal closes and vanishes. Leora lands on the ground, her arms and hands are cut. She looks up, cuts on her face.

        Carmen: Leora?

        Leora breaths heavily, looking to Carmen. She then looks to Faith.

        Leora: Who's that?

        Faith just holds up her hand.

        Faith: Faith.

        Leora: Hi?

        Carmen: What happened?

        Leora: Hell dimensions are never an easy place?

        Carmen: Why did you jump into the portal?

        Carmen and Faith help Leora onto the couch.

        Leora: My fire wasn't working.

        Carmen: Why didn't you just throw Scarlet in?

        Leora: That's what she wanted. Inside was a hell with a power core that if Scarlet got? well lets just say not even the slayer population could beat her.

        Faith: She didn't look that tough.

        Leora: I have the broken rib to prove you wrong.

        Leora sighs.

        Leora: Where did she go after I closed the portal?

        Carmen: I dunno, she and her band of merry friends just vanished.

        Leora: So this isn't the end.

        Faith: That look she gave us, no way at all.

        Leora: So I guess you want to join the fight?

        Faith: Well you won't get the entire army population, but how about one of the original slayers.

        Carmen: Wait, you're THAT Faith?

        Faith nods.

        Carmen: This could work.

        Carmen takes a seat, Faith stays standing.

        Faith: So what's the plan?

        They keep talking, but the dialog cuts out. Fade to the spot the portal was open; it's still night and quite. The portal opens again; this time a large three headed dragon-like demon steps out. Large wings spread as it hisses. The portal closes behind him as he takes a step forward, his feet leave imprints into the ground. A man appears before him.

        Man: Not now?

        The camera spins around, it is Saffire standing.

        Saffire: You are not welcomed here.

        Saffire's body begins to change. His short white hair begins to grow up and braid into small braids. His clothing changes from regular clothing to white leather covering his chests and legs, leaving his arms bare. Tattoos being to be drawn over his arms, his outfit begins to be written on as well, like spells and symbols. His hair stops growing as it reaches his waist, his eyes glow dark, his hands in fists.

        Saffire: This is my town?

        Saffire's hair extends and wraps around the demons three necks. All three necks snap, the demons falls to its death, Saffire's hair returns back to him.

        Saffire: My town to destroy.

        Saffire grins. Cut to black, end ACT III.

        End Episode.

        Caitlin Wachs ? Student Caitlin
        Hayley West ? Student Kayla
        Alex Brown ? Student Joe


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          Wishful Thinking created by Ben Keefe
          Witch created by Yosso

          - This episode was originally called "Beginnings" and can be found in the Raven Index
          - The original 1.01 was 12 pages. This episode was 42.
          - The original RAVEN series pilot was by Travis Truant-Simspon, where as the remake of the series (the current series known) was written by Alexander Brown. This rewrite of that episode continues to trend between the two writers.
          - The idea of rewriting the series was based on the current Tomb Raider Anniversary project, which is a remake of the original Tomb Raider game.
          - Though all the scenes from the original episode are used, many have been rewritten and extended, though some scenes do have word-for-word rewrites.
          - Rayne and Willow, though not in the original episode, were added to help expand the episode and set up the character for their future arrivals.
          - Wood's role in the episode is extensively bigger in this episode then the original.
          - Future main character Caitlin Smith makes a quick cameo.
          - Three scenes were written and not used:
          1. Rayne confronts Giles and leaves the Watcher's Council.
          2. Carmen phones her sister Lily (and Aunt Betty).
          3. Willow confronts Giles and Buffy about what their new attitudes have caused.
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