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CHOSEN Episode 1.15 "Slashed"

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  • CHOSEN Episode 1.15 "Slashed"

    Episode 1.15 "Slashed"
    Written by: Me
    Produced by: Me

    *Disclaimer: This is the fine print. The universe that "Chosen" takes place in was created by Joss Whedon and structured by his TV children "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel." Those two shows and this universe/Buffyverse is property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, and the WB and UPN television networks. All characters that are not directly from the Buffyverse are all property of me. Ask before using.

    ~ ~ ~




    ANDY and NATALIE park close to the building and get out of the car. ANDY is moving slowly, still in shock and disbelief, while NATALIE is seemingly in a hurry to get inside.

    NATALIE: Can't you hurry up a little?

    ANDY remains silent and trails behind NATALIE as they approach the large door to the warehouse. NATALIE reaches into her purse and grabs her keys. She slips them into the keyhole?and realizes that the door is already unlocked. ANDY suddenly looks panicked.

    ANDY: What just happened?

    NATALIE glances over her shoulder as she pulls open the door.

    CUT TO:


    We get a wide shot of the main room with NATALIE and ANDY both blurry due to them being out of focus.

    NATALIE: I'm not sure. The door was just unlocked.

    A small drop of blood falls from above and lands on the ground. NATALIE and ANDY come into focus as they enter the warehouse. The camera begins to follow them around instead of focusing on the blood.

    ANDY: Where's Spike? (Beat ? Looking around) And Kennedy?

    NATALIE: They're probably in the office or something. Maybe Kennedy went back to her hotel room or something? I mean it is past midnight?

    NATALIE pushes up the office door and looks inside. The room is empty but the lights and the television are all on.

    NATALIE (Cont'd): I think the second option is most likely.

    ANDY: They're not in the office?

    NATALIE turns around and shakes her head.

    NATALIE: Lights are on and so is the TV. That at least means life was in fact in that room?Or undead life if it was Spike?You get my point.

    ANDY: Call Spike. Find out where he is.

    NATALIE: What am I your freakin' secretary?

    NATALIE pulls her phone out of her purse and dials a number. She puts it to her ear and waits, hearing only a dial tone.

    CUT TO:


    A cell phone is heard ringing as the camera pans away from the lake and onto the sandy shore that backs up right onto the pavement that is the alleyway behind Slayer Central. We see SPIKE's cell phone halfway beneath the sand with a light flashing on the top of it. The ringing stops.

    CUT TO:


    NATALIE hangs up her cell phone.

    NATALIE: He didn't answer. I just got the answering machine.

    ANDY runs a hand through her hair and walks towards the office.

    ANDY: Was there a note or something on the desk, maybe? They wouldn't have?They shouldn't have just left like that.

    ANDY enters the office and NATALIE follows. The two fade out of focus and the camera remains stationary as it slowly lowers to ground level. Slowly the camera pans up the wall and towards the high ceiling over 30 feet above the ground. Another drop of blood falls from the ceiling before we see where it is coming from?

    Pinned to the ceiling is a body. Slowly the camera pans from the feet up until we see whose body it is.

    Cut, slashed, and bleeding is KENNEDY.




    Jennifer Garner as Andrea "Andy" Sullivan
    Maggie Grace as Natalie Price
    Aubrey Dollar as Elizabeth Holloway
    Ryan Reynolds as Brett Stewart
    James Marsters as Spike
    And Eliza Dushku as Faith

    Special Guest Stars:

    Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers
    Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg
    Iyari Limon as Kennedy
    Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn Summers

    Guest Starring:

    Dina Meyer as Lynn Holloway
    Chandra Wilson as Dianna Preston
    David Anders as Gregory Carlisle
    Tina Majorino as Kayla Kaas
    Justin Theroux as Jared Satyr
    Idina Menzel as Paige Santos
    Lynsey Bartilson as Kris
    Ellen Pompeo as Isobel Gaines
    Jonathan Bennett as Sean Cainsbridge

    **CHOSEN is officially affiliated with RAVEN, created by Alex (Master Brown) and Travis (DigitalLeonardo), and SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS, created by Travis (DigitalLeonardo).

    Edited by: QueenC (Amber)
    wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!


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    ACT I



    ANDY storms out of the office, phone in hand. She is in the middle of a conversation with BRETT, who is on the other end of the phone line. NATALIE, a few feet behind ANDY, takes off her high-heeled shoes as she walks.

    ANDY: Yeah, I know they were supposed to be here but they're not. There's no note, no answering of their phones, nothing!

    BRETT (OS): Are you sure you didn't get a message on your phone while you were getting your at the orphanage or something?

    ANDY: I didn't think of that?But wouldn't it have been smarter if they had left a freakin' note somewhere for us to find and for us to not be worried.

    ANDY spins around and points from NATALIE to NATALIE's purse that is still slung around her arm. NATALIE sighs and pulls out her cell phone.

    ANDY (To Natalie): Check your messages.

    NATALIE (Mocking): ?Check your messages!' (To Andy) ?Fetch me coffee' is coming next, isn't it?

    ANDY rolls her eyes as NATALIE checks her messages.

    ANDY (To Brett): She's checking her messages now.

    NATALIE shakes her head a moment later.

    ANDY (Cont'd): And she said that there's nothing.

    ANDY rubs her forehead, stressed out.

    CUT TO:


    BRETT is in the passenger seat, still on the phone, while WILLOW is driving and FAITH is in the backseat.

    BRETT: We're almost at the warehouse.

    WILLOW (To Brett, about Andy): Did she check the rooms? She should check the rooms.

    WILLOW is clearly panicked, too. FAITH seems laidback about it all, lounging on the backseat comfortably.

    BRETT (To Andy): Did you check all the rooms in the warehouse?

    ANDY (OS): We yelled their names fifty-two million times and no one answered.

    BRETT: Just check the rooms.

    There's a moment of silence on the other end.

    ANDY (OS): Fine, we'll check the rooms. But there's no way they're there which worries me even more.

    BRETT: Don't worry. Everything will be fine. I'm sure they have some logical explanation for not being there. We'll talk when we get there. Bye.

    BRETT hangs up.

    WILLOW: They still can't find them?

    BRETT: Don't worry. I'm sure everything's fine.

    WILLOW still seems panicked despite BRETT's attempt to comfort her.

    CUT TO:


    We only see KENNEDY's dead and bleeding face, her eyes still wide opened with fear that's long gone by now. The camera then pans down across her body, detailing every slice through her clothing. Slowly, the camera pans away from KENNEDY and follows a trail of her blood that defies gravity, much like KENNEDY is, and remains flowing across the ceiling. Slowly we zoom away from the ceiling, getting the full image in the shot. KENNEDY's blood is circulating around the ceiling in the same intricate shape as the flaming symbol in the field from 1.14.

    The camera then pans down towards the floor where ANDY and NATALIE are standing. Now with the camera at their level, we see ANDY hang up her cell phone.

    NATALIE: Okay, I'll check the upstairs since then I can like?change out of my fancy dress that I only got to wear for an hour.

    ANDY rolls her eyes.

    ANDY: Fine. Then I'll check down here, I guess. If you find Spike or Kennedy, let me be the first one to kick their asses, got it?

    NATALIE: Psht! Yeah right. Scolding is my other mysterious skill.

    NATALIE makes her way up the stairs and onto the catwalk that circles the warehouse. She places a hand on either railing to her left and right only to yank her right hand away after touching something wet.

    NATALIE (Cont'd): Okay eww! We really have to get this place cleaned!

    NATALIE looks down at her hand and sees that it is fresh blood that she touched. Her jaw drops. ANDY, on the bottom floor looks up at NATALIE but sees something totally different. Her attention turns towards the ceiling, where she sees the bloody symbol before spotting KENNEDY's dead body. NATALIE notices ANDY's dead stare at the ceiling and finds what she is looking at instantly. The two remain silent as they stare at KENNEDY as her blood circulates around the ceiling.

    CUT TO:


    DIANNA is seated at the end of the long table. Across from her is GREG, with his hands folded neatly over each other. Between them is the usual telephone. The double doors into the conference room burst open and ELIZABETH enters.

    ELIZABETH: Awww! Waiting for me, I see? How quaint!

    DIANNA glares at her and straights up in her seat.

    DIANNA: Miss Holloway, as glad as I am to have you back at Celestial Center, you do not have the authority to be a smartass. This meeting was called for one reason and for one reason only. If that reason leaves this room, I will have both of your heads on my desk. Understand? (To Elizabeth) Shut the doors.

    ELIZABETH: Oo! It's confidential! I'm getting tingly all over.

    ELIZABETH slams the doors shut and sits down in the chair next to GREG.

    ELIZABETH (Cont'd): So what is the big issue we need to discuss?

    DIANNA slides two manila envelopes down the table to ELIZABETH and GREG. The two begin to open their respective envelopes.

    DIANNA: Celestial Center has begun a new operation revolving around recent prophetic events occurring around the city. At midnight tonight, the first event happened on the outskirts of the city. In the packets you've both received are satellite images of a flaming symbol in the ground.

    ELIZABETH pulls out the black and white picture and looks at it. It is a shot of New York City, fitting the entire island in the shot along with more of Long Island and upstate New York. Near the edge of the city is a small, but clearly visible, white symbol ? the same symbol from 1.14. GREG is doing the same thing but is less amazed by the image. DIANNA grabs a document a few inches in front of her and paraphrases what the paper says.

    DIANNA (Cont'd): It's called the Pillar. Prophecy reads that "When the fire hits the sky, the Heavens shall rain an eternity upon us."

    ELIZABETH: Is our top operation to build an arc, Noah?


    DIANNA: The same satellite that captured the images of the Pillar picked up on a batch of meteors that are expected to break through the atmosphere at nightfall and make impact by midnight.

    GREG: This meteor shower, is it one of the Prophecies? Or is it linked to the Pillar?

    DIANNA: It's the second phase, yes. The Shower is said to open a window of power. When the meteors rip through the atmosphere, they rip through reality and pull down immense energy from other worlds that coincide with ours.

    ELIZABETH: Won't this tear through everything out of balance? Six years ago the barriers were almost torn down and chaos was almost unleashed on the earth. Can't that happen again?

    DIANNA: The effects are only temporary. Once the meteors hit earth, the energy is destroyed and the holes in the barriers close themselves.

    GREG: Why does this matter to Celestial Center?

    DIANNA: We want to seize control of the opportunity before anyone else can. The Prophecies are known to many of the major factions on the planet. If we're the first to absorb the power, our long-term project can officially be set in motion.

    ELIZABETH: Long-term project? Clearly I missed a lot since I died. What is it?

    DIANNA looks up at ELIZABETH.

    DIANNA: At the moment, it is irrelevant. You will know what you need to know when I feel you need to know it. For now, this meeting is dismissed. Your jobs are listed in the envelope. I expect them to be complete by nightfall.

    ELIZABETH and GREG stand up to leave.

    DIANNA (Cont'd): There is one more thing. We will need to start preparing these offices for the President of Celestial Center.

    GREG: May I ask why?

    ELIZABETH: Is he actually showing his face for once?

    DIANNA ignores ELIZABETH yet again and continues.

    DIANNA: He has contacted me and informed me that he will arrive at this office some point this week. When he will be here, I don't know. But we have to be prepared for anytime. (Beat) That's all. Leave.

    ELIZABETH pulls open the door, exits, and doesn't bother holding it open for GREG.

    CUT TO:


    ELIZABETH pulls out a sheet of paper from her envelope as GREG breezes past her.

    ELIZABETH: What's your problem? Daddy take your T-Bird a way?

    GREG doesn't stop walking and ELIZABETH follows him.

    ELIZABETH (Cont'd): Are you not getting any since I've been dead? I think that that could cause rapid irritability. Oh! I know! You're having a sudden let down from that oh-so enjoyable thrill you get of trying to convince a mother that they're own daughter is dead. Right? Am I right?

    GREG turns around.

    GREG: You were supposed to be dead. You were supposed to be gone from everyone's lives. I was supposed to get your job. I regret to inform you that your sudden reappearance at Celestial Center is far from welcome.

    ELIZABETH: And I regret to inform you that I don't give a damn.

    GREG: You've yet to explain why you faked your own death. That is the most curious question of them all.

    ELIZABETH: And if I do explain why, won't it just ruin this whole game we're playing?

    GREG: No, it would ruin this fa?ade you're convinced is for the better.

    GREG starts off down the hallway.

    GREG (Cont'd): Now if you'll excuse me, I have an energy barrier to build.

    He turns the corner and disappears from the scene. ELIZABETH stands alone.

    CUT TO:


    The door slides open and BRETT, WILLOW, and FAITH enter the building. They rush inside and look around.

    BRETT: Andy? Natalie?

    BRETT spots ANDY in the corner of the room, mopping up the floor.

    BRETT (Cont'd): Andy? Honey, what are you doing?

    He hurries over to ANDY's side and looks down at the now-clean ground.

    BRETT (Cont'd): We tried to get here as fast as we could be the black market is much farther away than it seems?Why are you mopping?

    ANDY's voice is nearly a whisper when she speaks.

    ANDY (Whispering): It can wait?

    WILLOW seemingly doesn't hear ANDY whenever she speaks.

    WILLOW: Did you find Spike and Kennedy? Are they alright?

    ANDY (Whispering): Just?wait?

    WILLOW, still not hearing ANDY, continues.

    WILLOW: Are they alright? Where are they??

    ANDY looks up at WILLOW and we see that she's been crying.

    ANDY (Shouting): Shut up! Everything's not alright. Nothing is alright. They're all gone. Everyone is gone.

    WILLOW stumbles a few steps backwards and her eyes widen.

    WILLOW: W-what are you talking about? W-what happened?

    ANDY looks down at the ground again, her tone now lowered again.

    ANDY: The girls are gone. We checked all the rooms and nobody's here. Spike is missing but we found his cell phone out back. And? (Beat) Kennedy is dead.

    WILLOW gasps and a tear runs down her cheek.

    WILLOW: W-what? M-my?My Kennedy?

    ANDY slowly looks up at the ceiling and the other's gaze follows her's. WILLOW is sobbing now, FAITH looks away, disgusted, and BRETT looks down and covers his eyes. ANDY closes her eyes as WILLOW collapses to her knees, crying and looking up at KENNEDY's dead body.

    WILLOW: Baby?No! N-not my baby! No! No, not my baby! Kennedy!

    FAITH crouches down next to WILLOW and tries to rest her hand over WILLOW's, but she pushes FAITH away, gently. FAITH stands up and storms over to BRETT and ANDY.

    FAITH: How did this happen?

    ANDY, still choked up, struggles to respond.

    ANDY: If I knew how it happened, if I knew what happened, I would be the first to tell you. But I don't. I don't have the answers this time.

    NATALIE (OS): It had to have been her.

    ANDY, BRETT, and FAITH turn towards the office and we see NATALIE, now changed into sweats and a black tank-top, slowly walking over to them with her arms folded across her chest.

    NATALIE (Cont'd): It must've been the Queen. No one else would want those girls.

    BRETT: We don't know?

    NATALIE: Yes, we know that. Celestial Center wants us dead, not them. How else can you explain all the Slayers missing and Kennedy dead?
    FAITH: Spike's missin', too. Why would she want him?

    ANDY: She wouldn't. He must've seen too much and they got rid of him. I just don't want to say he's dead. I can't?I cannot handle that right now.

    BRETT: Why? Why kill Kennedy? They'd want her, too, since she's more experienced than the rest, right?

    NATALIE: Andy and I have discussed this three times by now. We have agreed that she must've resisted too much and they killed her because of it. Personally, I'm not exactly in the greatest mood to go over everything again.

    The four of them remain silent. NATALIE then starts to walk over towards WILLOW when FAITH grabs her by the arm.

    FAITH: Don't. She wants to be alone.

    NATALIE: But we have to get the body down.

    FAITH: You're kiddin' me. You want her to bring Kennedy down?

    NATALIE: Unless you suddenly have the ability to fly, it's our only option. I don't want to have to have Willow do it but we can't leave the body up there. We can't.

    FAITH lets go of NATALIE's arm. NATALIE then walks over to WILLOW and kneels down beside her. WILLOW doesn't acknowledge NATALIE in the slightest.

    NATALIE (Cont'd): Willow? I don't want to have to ask you this but I need to. We need you to get the body down.

    WILLOW stares at NATALIE, partially disgusted.

    WILLOW: What? You can't ask me that! I just lost the woman I love and you want me to get her down from there?

    ANDY hurries over and rests a hand on NATALIE's shoulder. NATALIE stands up.

    ANDY: It can wait. (Beat ? To Willow) I'm so sorry, Willow. If there was anything I could've done to prevent this?

    WILLOW: Just stop. Please just go!

    ANDY nods solemnly and wanders back to BRETT and FAITH with NATALIE.

    BRETT: She just needs time and we're going to have to give it to her.

    ANDY: I know, we will. But I'm just afraid?I'm afraid that we don't have the time to spare.

    BRETT wraps his arm around ANDY's waist and she rests her head on his shoulder.

    BRETT: We'll find the time.

    FAITH: What about bleach boy? Spike? How are we supposed to find out where he is?

    The group remains silent for a moment.

    CUT TO:


    We see a body floating under a bridge-like structure where two large pipes are cut out of the wall with metal gratings covering them. A closer shot shows that the body is SPIKE as he slams into the wall. His face is badly beaten and his clothes are ripped where gashes are across his body. Slowly his eyes open.

    ANDY (VO): I don't even know where to begin with that. But we'll find him. We have to.

    SPIKE weakly pulls himself along the wall to get to the other edge of the water. He then attempts to pull himself up out of the river and onto the walkway two feet above the water's surface but slips and falls. He tries again and makes it, rolling onto his back with his head only inches from sunlight. SPIKE passes out again.

    CUT TO:


    The front door to the hotel suite opens and BUFFY and DAWN enter, both carrying duffle bags.

    DAWN: I'm so hanging that picture of Andrew with the apple sauce on my wall. Who knew a spoon could bend so much?

    BUFFY rolls her eyes.

    BUFFY: I'm glad that Andrew's okay and all but we can't get too cheery. Not just yet.

    BUFFY drops her bag on the table and DAWN heads into BUFFY's room, depositing her own bag.

    DAWN (OS): Yes, who needs happy-go-lucky anyway? I mean, it's not like we didn't make a huge development or anything.

    DAWN reenters the living room, holding a lollipop in one hand.

    BUFFY: Where did you get that?

    DAWN: Get what?

    BUFFY: The lollipop!

    DAWN reaches into her pocket and tosses another candy to BUFFY.

    DAWN: I snatched it off Andrew's food tray.

    BUFFY: Dawn, I thought you were over the stealing epidemic.

    DAWN laughs and pulls the wrapper off her sucker.

    DAWN: When it comes to candy, gimpy's going down.

    She holds out her lollipop to BUFFY.

    DAWN (Cont'd): We deserve a toast for such a wonderful job we did in getting Giles sane again.

    BUFFY removes the wrapper from her lollipop and holds it up, too.

    BUFFY: No way we made him saner. He's beyond crazy after all these years. But we'll toast to Andrew and to the incriminating video tape.

    DAWN: That's the spirit! To Andrew and incriminating surveillance footage!

    The two sisters clash their lollipops together before depositing the candy in their mouths. We hear a phone ring and BUFFY pulls her cell phone out of her duffle bag.

    DAWN: Who is it?

    BUFFY: It's Faith.

    BUFFY flips open her phone and answers the call.

    DAWN: Oh, that always sounds promising!

    BUFFY: Hello?

    We don't hear what FAITH is saying on the other line. DAWN turns and skips off towards BUFFY's room.

    DAWN (Singing): I'm walking on sunshine! Oh! I'm walking on sunshine?

    BUFFY suddenly appears saddened as she listens into the phone. DAWN continues singing and dancing in BUFFY's room, though she is out of focus and blurry.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY puts the mop away into a supply closet and kicks the door shut behind her. She looks around the room, saddened, but never glances up at the ceiling. BRETT and FAITH are seated on the couch, seemingly waiting for something. The office door opens and WILLOW enters the main room, wiping her eyes. Behind her is NATALIE, who also appears depressed but not as much as WILLOW. BRETT and FAITH perk up slightly at the sight of WILLOW.

    WILLOW: I-I think I'm ready.

    ANDY: There's no rush, hun.

    WILLOW: No, I?I want to do it now.

    ANDY nods.

    BRETT: What about the blood? I know that sounds gross and morbid but what about the blood?

    WILLOW: I can try and pull down... (Beat) Kennedy first and then the blood by itself.

    ANDY turns back towards the closet and pulls out the mop and bucket again. FAITH and BRETT stand up and push the couch back against the wall. NATALIE, ANDY, and WILLOW all take a few steps backwards, too. Slowly, WILLOW raises her hands, palms facing the ceiling, and closes her eyes. A tear falls from her face again as she slowly lowers her hands towards the ground. As she does this, KENNEDY's dead body drifts down until it's a few feet from the blue mats. WILLOW prepares to turn the body over when NATALIE stops her.

    NATALIE: I'm sorry but wait a minute. Please.

    NATALIE moves a little bit closer towards the body and examines a highly detailed carving into KENNEDY's back. It is the same symbol that was carved into the dead girl's back from 1.10 and the same symbol that was on fire in 1.14. ANDY notices it, too.

    ANDY: Oh my god.

    NATALIE hurries into the office and returns with a notepad and a pencil. She quickly sketches the symbol on the piece of paper and turns towards WILLOW. NATALIE nods and WILLOW turns KENNEDY's body over before lowering it completely to the ground.

    BRETT: What is it?

    NATALIE: It's the symbol. The same symbol that was on fire in the field last night.

    FAITH: There was a fire last night?

    ANDY: In the grass right outside Newhart Orphanage. That's when I saw Elizabeth.

    BRETT: Wait, excuse me? Elizabeth is alive?

    WILLOW (Whispering): Can this please?

    ANDY: Things are so hectic here that I didn't think to bring it up.

    WILLOW (Shouting): Can this please wait! I'm trying to get over the fact that my baby is dead. That Kennedy is dead. Please save this for another time.

    NATALIE: We're sorry. We didn't mean.

    WILLOW wipes her tears away as the main door slides open. BUFFY and DAWN hurry inside and hug WILLOW tightly.

    BUFFY: I'm so, so sorry, Will. I wish we could've been here sooner.

    They remain embraced for several moments when DAWN walks closer to the body. She appears to have been crying but is calm at the moment.

    DAWN: What happened?

    ANDY: We're not sure.

    BUFFY releases WILLOW but still keeps her arm wrapped around her.

    BUFFY: We might have an idea about what happened. But that's going to wait.

    WILLOW: I still have to get the blood down, too. It's hexed to stay up there but?

    BUFFY: So it's hexed to stay up there, it'll stay up there. We'll worry about it later.

    BUFFY hugs WILLOW again. ANDY turns towards NATALIE, BRETT, and FAITH. She speaks quietly to them.

    ANDY: We have to start looking into this symbol and fast.

    The three of them nod, in consensus with what ANDY told them.

    CUT TO:


    The sun is setting on the horizon as we find DIANNA standing on the balcony, looking up into the sky. We see a batch of clouds forming in the sky. Not everything is covered, however. There is a hole in the clouds where a patch of stars can be seen twinkling in the darkening sky. GREG steps out onto the balcony with ELIZABETH close behind. DIANNA glances at them, about to say something when ELIZABETH interrupts.

    ELIZABETH: Everything's ready for the meteor shower, don't worry.

    GREG: I see this balcony was added onto the floor plans when the building was rebuilt. Interesting addition.

    ELIZABETH: I still don't know how you managed to rebuild this place so fast. It's unnatural.

    DIANNA: That's because it was unnatural. We used hexes and charms to get the job done faster. Now if you two will please cut the small talk.

    The world around them is almost completely dark with nightfall.

    ELIZABETH: And the show begins. (Beat) Where are we supposed to look?

    DIANNA: Where do you think?

    ELIZABETH spots the hole in the clouds and watches as a batch of bright red lights come into sight.

    CUT TO:


    The meteors break through the atmosphere and burn as they do so. We see sparks fly out from around the large rocks.

    CUT TO:


    PAIGE stares at the computer screens before her and runs her finger from each meteor to the next.

    PAIGE: It's just like connect the dots.

    She grabs the phone next to her, dials a number, and stands up. As she does this, we see a dozen dead bodies of security guards scattered behind her.

    PAIGE (Cont'd): It's happening.

    She stalks out of the room and the camera zooms in on the computer monitor.

    CUT TO:


    The meteors, still sending sparks out from around them, slowly disappear as a shroud of white smoke surrounds them.

    CUT TO:


    The same symbol from 1.14 is painted on the ground with black paint. Standing around it is KAYLA, JARED, KRIS, and all the other Slayers ? complete with new additions to the Queen's Slayers bound in the back of the room. The symbol glows and the entire room is covered in white light.


    wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!



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      ACT II

      FADE IN


      DIANNA stands in front of ELIZABETH and GREG, all three of them admiring the meteor shower as it passes through a green wall of energy.

      GREG: At least that worked as it was supposed.

      DIANNA: You're lucky.

      The clouds surrounding the meteors fade away as they pass over New York City skyline.

      ELIZABETH: There's a team position within a mile radius of the expected impact point. Don't get your panties in a bunch.

      DIANNA ignores ELIZABETH and glances back at GREG.

      DIANNA (To Greg): Double check that everything is running smoothly.

      GREG nods and heads towards the building.

      ELIZABETH: Your trust in me is truly inspiring me to be a better person.

      DIANNA whirls around and smacks ELIZABETH across the face, sending ELIZABETH to the floor.

      DIANNA: You think this is cute, don't you? Faking your death, leaving everyone to clean up your mess. Things are gonna change whether you like it or not. The first thing is the lying. Your sneaking around isn't gonna work. I expect your act to be put back together by the time Mister President arrives. If not, I'll show no mercy.

      ELIZABETH slowly stands up, wiping a drop of blood from the corner of her lip.

      ELIZABETH: Is that a threat? Are you threatening me, Missus Preston?

      DIANNA glowers at ELIZABETH.

      DIANNA: Mark my words, Holloway. You want to play some sort of game against a pro, go ahead. Consider this a warning or a threat, even. But don't think I'm not telling you the truth.

      ELIZABETH takes a few steps closer to DIANNA.

      ELIZABETH: You made me bite my lip.

      She wipes another drop of blood from her mouth and pushes past GREG as he returns to the balcony. He glances from ELIZABETH to DIANNA curiously but DIANNA ignores him.

      DIANNA: Everything is going according to plan?

      GREG: Yes, it is.

      DIANNA: Good. Alert the African sector. Let them know the ball is in our court now.

      GREG nods and turns to leave again. With his back to DIANNA, he grins as he reenters the building. DIANNA continues to stare at the horizon as the meteors hit the earth, sending a cloud of smoke, ash, and fire up into the air.

      CUT TO:


      ANDY spreads out several pictures across the surface of the desktop. Every photo is a shot of a dead girl, all of them teenagers or in their early twenties. NATALIE has a book open in her lap and BRETT is searching through a folder of documents.

      ANDY: Look at all of these.

      BRETT stands up and walks over to the desk to look at the pictures. NATALIE simply sits up little higher, glances at the pictures she can see, and sits back down.

      NATALIE: I'm not in much of the gory mood at the moment.

      ANDY: Fine, don't look. No matter how important all of these pictures are, you'll be useless when Brett and I discover all we need to know.

      NATALIE huffs and puts the book down. She then moseys over to the desk.

      ANDY: Okay, I'll let you two do the math here. What do all of these victims have in common?

      NATALIE: They're all girls?

      ANDY rolls her eyes.

      ANDY: Why thank you Dianne Sawyer for that ever so obvious statement! What else?

      BRETT raises his hand like a student.

      BRETT: Oo! Oo! The carvings in their backs. It's the same on every victim?Including Kennedy.

      ANDY pats BRETT on the head.

      ANDY: Now you get a cookie. But seriously, if Buffy and Faith can get a meeting with the Council arranged, then we'll be able to use their library to find out whatever this symbol means.

      ANDY glances around at the few books scattered across shelving units.

      ANDY (Cont'd): ?Cause that's not gonna be enough and we all know it.

      BRETT: When did these murders begin?

      ANDY pulls another sheet of paper out from beneath the photos and looks it over.

      ANDY: Since we raided the Queen's headquarters and took away the Slayer Essence.

      BRETT: How could we not notice these things? It's not like we're never watching the news.

      NATALIE, still looking at the book in her lap, responds without even glancing up at BRETT and ANDY.

      NATALIE: Because gruesome murders are usually early morning/late night type of topics. We tend to watch the news in the evening.

      ANDY: The load of sense you make is so intimidating.

      BRETT: What are the chances of us getting into the Watcher's Council's library?

      ANDY: I'm not entirely sure, honestly. I'm hoping that they're pretty good, though.

      NATALIE slams her book shut and looks up at the two of them.

      NATALIE: So we're gonna go to a gigantuous library, research?Then what?

      ANDY looks down at the ground while BRETT turns back towards the pictures.

      NATALIE (Cont'd): Seriously. Are we gonna just use the information we can gather and then go chase after the Queen? We don't have an army anymore. What good will figuring out what this symbol means if we can't use it against her?

      They fall silent, lost in thought.

      ANDY: Maybe the Watcher's Council will have an idea?

      NATALIE: Oh c'mon! Since when do we need to rely on the Watcher's Council for ideas? We both know you're not the kinda of person, Andy. Seriously. I don't understand why we can't just do this on our own.

      BRETT: We don't have the resources. It's only us. We need the Council to support us?

      ANDY: You couldn't understand. You weren't the one who took this whole situation into your own hands only to fall right on your ass.

      NATALIE: We took this job together! We all agreed that we would deal with this Slayer thing and that we could handle it. Can't we handle it, Andy?

      BRETT steps inbetween the two girls to interfere.

      BRETT: Where is this coming from? Both of you? (To Natalie) Since when do you care so much about doing this on our own? (To Andy) And you, why are you suddenly feeling so incapable?

      Neither of them replies to BRETT.

      BRETT (Cont'd): We can wait here ?til sunrise if we have to.

      NATALIE: I think we can handle this. I think we can develop our own ideas without the Watcher's Council. We've done it for so long now and I just don't see the point in running for help.

      BRETT nods, seemingly agreeing with NATALIE. ANDY is staring down at her feet as she shuffles them.

      BRETT (To Andy): Your turn.

      ANDY sighs.

      ANDY: I?I don't know. I was so sure that everything was gonna run smoothly when I took these girls in but now they're all gone, Spike is missing, and Kennedy's dead. I've failed. I can't even handle something as basic as keeping a group of teenagers safe. How could I possibly take on an entire empire of rogue Slayers?

      The three of them fall silent again. After a few moments, NATALIE pipes up.

      NATALIE: You're not incapable. We just?hit a setback in everything. I know you, Andy. You'll bounce back. Everything will bounce back. We just have to give it time.

      ANDY: We don't have time.

      NATALIE: We'll find the time.

      NATALIE throws her arms around ANDY and hugs her tightly. BRETT backs away slowly.

      BRETT: I feel an Oprah moment coming on. I' out there.

      BRETT points towards the door but ANDY grabs him by the wrist and pulls him towards her. They remain embraced for several moments.

      CUT TO:


      ELIZABETH slams an empty suitcase down on the couch and unzips it. LYNN comes out of a bathroom, brushing her teeth and dressed in a fuzzy white bathrobe and pajamas.

      LYNN: W-what's going on?

      LYNN pulls her toothbrush out of her mouth and looks from ELIZABETH to the suitcase nervously.

      ELIZABETH: You have to leave.

      LYNN hurries back into the bathroom, turns on the water, and reenters the room a moment later with a towel in hand as she wipes her mouth.

      LYNN: What are you talking about? I just moved in here and now I have to move again? Lizzy, honey, this is insane.

      ELIZABETH squeezes past her mother and into the bedroom.

      LYNN (Cont'd): What's wrong? Did something happen?

      ELIZABETH steps past her mother, holding an armful of clothes that she crams in the suitcase.

      ELIZABETH: They bugged you, remember? They put a needle in your neck and bugged you. You're at their liberty now and that's why you have to leave. You're not safe here.

      LYNN: I'm safe anywhere then!

      ELIZABETH: If you're above their radar then you won't be.

      LYNN raises an eyebrow.

      LYNN: What do you mean above their radar?

      ELIZABETH stops hurrying around and faces her mother.

      ELIZABETH: Celestial Center operates below the government. Their abilities can reach only so far before the feds start to notice them. You're in the financial district. That puts you close enough to their range.

      LYNN: So where am I going to go?

      ELIZABETH: The only options are to put you out of the picture completely, which will not allow to happen, or to put you closer to the government so Celestial Center can't reach you without compromising themselves.

      ELIZABETH heads back into the bedroom to get more clothes.

      LYNN: What about you? You'll come with me, right?

      ELIZABETH places the rest of the clothes into the suitcase and zips it closed, avoiding LYNN's question.

      LYNN (Cont'd): Right?

      ELIZABETH: I can't. I'm in too deep already. If I were to leave, things would get messy. Too messy. Even I don't want that.

      LYNN heads into the bedroom and comes back holding two pairs of shoes. She rests them on top of the luggage.

      LYNN: Is this the last time I'll see you?

      ELIZABETH: I'm not sure. I'm really not.

      LYNN: Do you know where I'm going, exactly?

      ELIZABETH pulls out an envelope and hands it to LYNN. LYNN opens the envelope and pulls out a plane ticket.

      ELIZABETH: Washington DC.

      Fighting back tears, the two of them laugh.

      LYNN: Can't get any closer to the government than that, right?

      ELIZABETH hugs LYNN tightly.

      ELIZABETH: I'm so sorry, mom.

      LYNN kisses ELIZABETH on the forehead and brushes hair from her face.

      LYNN: No. Don't be. Everything happens for a reason, doesn't it? I have to believe that there's some twisted logic behind all of this.

      ELIZABETH pulls away from her mother and LYNN tries to put on a smile.

      LYNN (Cont'd): Promise me you'll be safe.

      ELIZABETH: I will.

      LYNN: Is that a promise? That better be a promise.

      ELIZABETH nods and laughs.

      ELIZABETH: It's a promise.

      LYNN glances down at her plane ticket to see the time of the flight.

      LYNN: Oh a red eye. Lovely.

      ELIZABETH: I'm?

      LYNN holds up a hand to stop her daughter from finishing that sentence.

      LYNN: You apologize one more time and I'll be forced to ground you.

      LYNN opens the suitcase and places one pair of shoes inside while pulling out a shirt and pants.

      LYNN (Cont'd): I guess I'll just change and then be on my way.

      ELIZABETH wipes a tear from her eye as her mother heads back into the bedroom to change.

      ELIZABETH: Mom?

      LYNN turns around.

      ELIZABETH (Cont'd): You do know that I love you, right?

      LYNN nods.

      LYNN: I know you love me.

      She then turns the corner and into the bathroom to change. ELIZABETH looks down at the ground and takes a deep breath to prevent her from sobbing. The camera then pans up towards the wall behind ELIZABETH where a painting of a house buried in snow is hung on the wall. We get closer towards the picture and see the lens of a camera tiny camera hidden in the wooden carvings of the frame.

      CUT TO:


      KAYLA is wandering around the top floor of the chambers, watching the crowd of girls train all around her. Occasionally, she glances down over the balcony to examine the symbol painted on the ground, which is still glowing faintly.

      KRIS (OS): Watch out!

      KAYLA takes a step back as a dagger flies past her face and pins itself into one of the large pillars that run around the chambers. KAYLA pulls it out and spins it between her fingers. KRIS hurries over to get the weapon back.

      KRIS (Cont'd): It slipped.

      KRIS reaches out for the dagger but KAYLA pulls it away.

      KAYLA: It slipped?

      KRIS: It did! What do you think I have it out for you now?

      KAYLA grins.

      KRIS (Cont'd): Oh c'mon!

      Swiftly, KAYLA spins around, arm extended, and hits KRIS across the neck.

      KAYLA: Should I use the knife next time?

      KRIS gropes at her neck and stands up straight.

      KRIS: This is gonna be cute.

      She turns and runs away from KAYLA but as she approaches the wall at the end of the balcony, she presses her foot against the concrete and pushes herself up into the air, spinning. She throws out her foot and kicks KAYLA in the chest. The other young Slayers begin to crowd around them as the fight continues.

      KAYLA spins the knife in her hand again and throws it towards KRIS, who flips backwards to dodge it. She then pulls the dagger from off the ground and stands up straight, taunting KAYLA with the weapon.

      KAYLA: Remember how this works?

      KRIS: Fight ?til the other one falls.

      KAYLA: So you're not as stupid as I thought.

      KAYLA laughs and throws out her foot, knocking the knife out of KRIS' grasp. As KAYLA prepares to throw another punch, however, KRIS drops to the ground and kicks her feet out from under her. KAYLA falls but takes KRIS down with her by locking hand around KRIS' ankle.

      KRIS: That's so not fair.

      KAYLA: This isn't about playing fair.

      KAYLA jumps to her feet and dashes towards the knife, falling to her knees as she slides across the floor and grabs the knife. She spins it once and throws it. KRIS, unprepared to defend herself, screams with pain as the blade sinks into her abdomen. KAYLA stands up, panting and unfazed by the fact that she just hurt her friend.

      KAYLA (Cont'd): Bring her to the infirmary.

      Two girls step out of the crowd voluntarily and grab KRIS by the arms, lifting her to her feet. KRIS grins weakly at KAYLA.

      KRIS: Next time I'll? (Beat ? coughing) So whoop your ass.

      KAYLA laughs.

      KAYLA: Glad that knife didn't pierce your sense of humor.

      She then turns and pushes through the crowd as KRIS is carried towards the infirmary. JARED is leaning against the balcony as KAYLA approaches him.

      KAYLA (Cont'd): What's going on?

      JARED: Nothing. Everything is going just as we planned. We managed to absorb all of the power from the meteors before they ever finished breaking through the atmosphere.

      KAYLA: So what happens now? Do you know?

      JARED: I'm not completely aware, no.

      KAYLA frowns and rolls her eyes.

      KAYLA: So much for the Queen's right hand man.

      She stalks off down the stairs and towards the bottom floor. JARED glances in her direction before returning his gaze to the glowing symbol.

      CUT TO:


      BUFFY and FAITH are seated at the end of a long, glass table. FAITH leans over towards BUFFY.

      FAITH (Whispering): They stuffy like the others were?

      BUFFY rolls her eyes.

      BUFFY: No. They've changed a lot.

      FAITH shrugs and sits up straight as the office door opens and SEAN CAINSBRIDGE enters.

      SEAN: Miss Summers! This was unexpected.

      BUFFY: Call me Buffy, please. I don't like Miss Summers.

      FAITH: It makes her sound old.

      BUFFY glares at her and SEAN laughs.

      SEAN: And you are??

      BUFFY: She's just tagging along for fun.

      BUFFY elbows FAITH.

      FAITH: Faith Lehane.

      SEAN: Figured as much. So how may I help you two?

      SEAN sits on the edge of the glass table.

      BUFFY: We were hoping we could set up an appointment for as soon as possible. Like?for today.

      SEAN: But you're already here now.

      FAITH: Yeah but we weren't invited in.

      SEAN ruffles his brow at her comment.

      BUFFY: We need to use your resources to research something and we really need to talk to the guy in charge around here. It's extremely important.

      SEAN suddenly appears panicked.

      SEAN: Can I ask why? Did something happen with the girls?

      BUFFY lowers her head and FAITH glances out the window. The conversation falls silent until SEAN speaks up.

      SEAN (Cont'd): Come in whenever you want. The facilities are open to you.

      BUFFY and FAITH stand up to leave. BUFFY shakes SEAN's hand.

      BUFFY: Thank you so much.

      FAITH salutes SEAN and starts out the door.

      SEAN: When did it happen?

      BUFFY turns around.

      BUFFY: Two nights ago. All the girls are gone, one of our friends is dead, and another is missing.

      SEAN: I'm sorry.

      FAITH: So are we.

      FAITH and BUFFY leave and shut the door behind them. SEAN reaches for the phone and hits a button.

      SEAN: Hello? This is Sean Cainsbridge from the Ruins Division. I think we need to to have a change of plans.

      SEAN listens into the phone, intently.


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        ACT III

        FADE IN


        ANDY slams a book down on the table. Seated at the same table are NATALIE, BRETT, and FAITH. BUFFY and DAWN come up from behind her, both carrying a large stack of books.

        ANDY: These are all the books that are related to the symbol in the slightest. Take your pick and get crackin'.

        NATALIE pulls a book off the top of the stack and opens it in front of her. Not a moment later does she stand up.

        NATALIE: Anyone want coffee? Do they have coffee here?

        ANDY rolls her eyes at NATALIE.

        NATALIE (Cont'd): I'll take that as a yes. My offer for caffeine still stands.

        DAWN: You looked at that book for like?a minute.

        NATALIE: Yes, little one, I can see that it'll be a long, long day.

        DAWN looks up at BUFFY, who rolls her eyes.

        BUFFY: I'll take some.

        BRETT: Same here.

        ANDY waves her hand in the air. NATALIE does a quick count and turns to get coffee. Everyone then opens a book and look over the pages.

        FAITH: We figure out what comes next?

        ANDY looks up.

        ANDY: Can't we go just five minutes without a random interruption.

        DAWN: It's not that random.

        ANDY sighs.

        ANDY: No. We haven't decided what we're gonna do next. It all depends on whether or not we can find out what this symbol means.

        DAWN (Hopeful): So if it means kill-kill-kill then we get all choppy with swords?

        They all stare up at DAWN.

        DAWN (Cont'd): My friend just got killed by the Queen. I don't exactly want this woman living at the moment.

        NATALIE (OS): Did we ever think that maybe it's not a woman?

        NATALIE wanders over to the table, carrying three cups of coffee.

        ANDY: Why would somebody who's not a woman title themselves "The Queen."

        NATALIE places a cup down in front of BRETT, then ANDY.

        NATALIE: We are in New York City. You know the place with Broadway and loads of clothes stores?

        She then looks from the last cup in her hand to BUFFY.

        NATALIE (Cont'd): Damn. Here you can have this one and I'll get another cup.

        BUFFY shakes her head.

        BUFFY: No, you can have it. I'll go get myself one.

        NATALIE: I can seriously go get another.

        BUFFY: It's not a problem, really.

        BUFFY wanders off out of the library and down the hallway.

        NATALIE: Where were we?

        DAWN: We were discussing the chances of the Queen being a homosexual.

        NATALIE: Right?

        She sits down and looks at the book in front of her and frowns.

        NATALIE (Cont'd): Is there a way to make this job fun?

        BRETT: Like what? The first person to find the symbol gets whatever they want? (Beat) We won't be doing that. Dirty minds here?

        BRETT props the book up to cover his face.

        FAITH: How ?bout we just get this over with and the first person to find the symbol gets the first punch at the Queen?

        ANDY: See, I like your logic.

        ANDY turns the page of her book and sips from her coffee cup.

        CUT TO:


        WILLOW is leaning against one of the statues that tower over the sidewalk. BUFFY breezes over to her and taps her on the shoulder.

        BUFFY: Will?

        WILLOW turns around.

        WILLOW: Hey.

        BUFFY: Are you alright?

        WILLOW shakes her head and looks down at the ground.

        WILLOW: No, I'm not...but I think I'm gonna have to be alright soon. (Beat) Did you guys find something already?

        BUFFY folds her arms across her chest and shakes her head.

        BUFFY: No, actually we haven't. Which isn't much of a surprise.

        WILLOW: Well, yeah, that's true.

        She falls silent. BUFFY puts a hand over her eyes to block out the sun.

        BUFFY: What are you thinking?

        WILLOW: I don't know.

        WILLOW turns completely to face BUFFY.

        WILLOW (Cont'd): I might be thinking that I have no idea what to do with my life now. Or maybe I'm thinking about how much I want to kill whoever did that to Kennedy.

        BUFFY: Willow?

        WILLOW: I know. I'm not that girl anymore. I'm not going all vengeancey. Not this time. But I can't help but think about it.

        BUFFY: You'll never stop thinking about it. Remember when Riley came back to Sunnydale with his wife? I wanted to slap her right then and there for marrying him because I couldn't. Granted that's not as severe as what you've been through, I can still understand.

        BUFFY rests a hand on WILLOW's shoulder.

        BUFFY (Cont'd): You'll get through this, Will. And you won't do it alone. Trust me.

        WILLOW hugs BUFFY tightly as a tear falls across her face.

        WILLOW: Thank you, Buffy. I don't know what I'd do without you.

        BUFFY: Let's not think about that morbid thought at the moment, shall we?

        BUFFY keeps one arm around WILLOW and the two start off from the front doors to the Watcher's Council.

        BUFFY (Cont'd): What do you think the chances are of the Queen being a guy??

        They push through the doors and enter the building.

        CUT TO:


        SPIKE drops down from out of the scene, his back is smoldering from the sunlight that follows him. Quickly, he rolls out of the beam of light and into the darkness. He moans.

        SPIKE: Bloody hell?

        Slowly, SPIKE picks himself up off the ground with the support of the wall next to him. Still leaning against it, SPIKE limps down the tunnel, avoiding any light that falls through the metal gratings in the tunnels' ceiling. We see several large gashes across his back which appear to be causing most of his pain. His left leg is wrapped up with a piece of cloth, though, which is making him limp when he walks. After a few moments, he collapses in pain.

        FLASH TO:



        The coloring is different from most flashbacks. Everything is black and white here except for a select few items. Think ?Sin City.' We find KENNEDY flipping backwards once and standing in a fighting stance.

        KENNEDY: Bring it on big guy.

        The camera spins around and we see SPIKE facing her.

        SPIKE: We don't need to make this messy.

        KENNEDY: But we're setting an example for these girls. "How to fight a killer blonde man."

        SPIKE rolls his eyes and lunges at KENNEDY. She catches him and they roll backwards. Using the added momentum, both of them roll onto their feet and face each other once again. The shot widens and we see the young Slayers in a large circle around KENNEDY and SPIKE, watching them fight.

        Jumping into the air, KENNEDY spins around and kicks SPIKE across the face.

        KENNEDY (To the Girls): Learned that trick from Buffy.

        KENNEDY charges at SPIKE, rolls over his back, and slams her fist down on SPIKE's back.

        KENNEDY (Cont'd): And that one's from Faith.

        SPIKE glares at KENNEDY, whose back is facing him.

        SPIKE (Under his breath): Here's one from China.

        Quickly, he takes a few steps back and pushes off the ground and into the air, flipping over KENNEDY and landing a foot away from her. He then throws out his fist and punches her square in the chest.

        SPIKE (Cont'd): How'd you like that one?

        KENNEDY throws her head up and grins.

        KENNEDY: Nice?

        A blast of energy flies through the wall and hits SPIKE in the knee. His legs fly out from under him and he falls to the ground. Slowly, he looks up at the attackers but when we see them, they're only a blur. The young Slayers scream with panic, some fight back as a crowd of figures attempt to grab them while others try to run away. KENNEDY is among those few that fight back.

        SPIKE gets to his feet slowly and runs at the nearest attacker, who easily swats him out of the way and up into the air.

        ATTACKER: Perform the ritual. This is taking too long.

        The ATTACKER punches KENNEDY across the face, sending her flying into the wall behind her. SPIKE stands up again and kicks the ATTACKER in the back. The figure stumbles forward, turns around, and punches him. SPIKE spins around and the ATTACKER makes another move. Raising their hand, several bolts of blue energy slash across SPIKE's back and he falls to his knees.

        There's a flash of light that fills the room and everything falls silent. As the light fades away, we see KENNEDY standing up straight, just like all the other young Slayers in the room. The attackers head for the front door with the young Slayers following behind them. The main ATTACKER holds out their arm in front of KENNEDY, stopping her.

        ATTACKER: Wait.

        The last of the young Slayers leave the building as two figures step forward. SPIKE, still laying near the wall, looks up at them.

        ATTACKER (To the Figures): Leave the message.

        The blurry figures nod and the main ATTACKER leaves the warehouse. One of the blurry figures draws a knife and pushes KENNEDY to her knees. Swiftly, the same figure slashes KENNEDY across her body with the weapon. Under some sort of spell, KENNEDY doesn't scream in response, rather she remains quiet and completely out of it.

        The second figure rests a hand under her chin and lifts her head to stare her in the eyes. KENNEDY appears completely blank during all of this. The second figure whispers a few words in Latin and lowers their hand. The figure walk around towards KENNEDY's back and says a few more words. A moment later, KENNEDY's body is blasted up into the air and pinned to the ceiling. The figure says a few more words and KENNEDY's blood splatters across the ceiling, flowing in a circular pattern. The blood then takes the shape of the intricate symbol and continues to flow.

        The two figures then look towards SPIKE, who is slowly getting to his feet. They grab him by the arms and begin to drag him out the backdoor. Through the doorway, we see them empty his pockets before throwing SPIKE out into the water.


        FLASH TO:


        SPIKE gets to his feet and limps down the tunnel and deeper into the darkness.

        CUT TO:


        NATALIE is perusing the shelves before her, not really looking for any specific book but still browsing the titles and running a finger along the bindings. She jumps, however, when a book is pulled through the shelving unit and out onto the other side. We see ISOBEL GAINES' face peaking through.

        ISOBEL: Oh I'm so sorry! Did I startle you?

        NATALIE rests a hand on her chest and looks down at the ground, shaking her head slightly.

        NATALIE: No, you definitely didn't startle me.

        ISOBEL hurries around the side of the book shelf and faces NATALIE, holding out her hand. NATALIE takes her hand and shakes it.

        ISOBEL: I'm Isobel Gaines.

        NATALIE: Hi, I'm?

        ISOBEL: Natalie Price. Yeah, I know who you are.

        ISOBEL smiles and fixes her glasses on her nose. NATALIE smiles and looks away.

        ISOBEL (Cont'd): Oh! So?So?How is the research going?

        NATALIE, still smiling, speaks through her teeth.

        NATALIE: It's going great.

        ISOBEL: Good! Good to hear!

        SEAN (OS): Isobel! There you?

        SEAN appears behind NATALIE.

        SEAN (Cont'd): Oh hey?Natalie, right?

        NATALIE, still smiling, nods.

        NATALIE: That's me.

        SEAN: How are you? How is the research going?

        ISOBEL: She says it's going great. Isn't that good to hear?

        SEAN nods and claps his hands together.

        SEAN: Very good to hear!

        NATALIE, again still smiling, looks at both of them.

        NATALIE: You know the research thing? Yeah?Not happening with you two standing there.

        ISOBEL: Oh, right! We're so sorry!

        SEAN: Yeah, very sorry. Can we talk to you for a minute, though?

        NATALIE: It's been two.

        SEAN: And one more minute won't hurt. Umm?Right over here would be good.

        SEAN motions for NATALIE to sit on a long leather couch. Hesitantly, she sits down and ISOBEL plops down next to her. SEAN perches himself on the edge of the coffee table before them.

        NATALIE: What do you want to talk about?exactly??

        ISOBEL: How are you?

        NATALIE looks at her, confused.

        NATALIE: That's what you want to talk about?

        SEAN: Not entirely.

        NATALIE: Then please can we just cut to the chase because there are lots of books to be looked at.

        ISOBEL looks up at the ceiling and SEAN nods.

        SEAN: We were hoping you could describe what happened the night you found the Slayers missing and Kennedy dead.

        NATALIE folds her arms across her chest and leans back in the couch.

        NATALIE: Of course. (Beat) We entered the warehouse, saw nobody around, and started looking for Spike and Kennedy. We called them and they didn't answer so we called Brett to see if he knew what was going on. He didn't, obviously, and then Andy went out back, found Spike's cell phone, and we started panicking. That's when we noticed that all the girls were gone, too. A few minutes later, we're looking up at the ceiling with Kennedy's dead body staring down at us.

        They fall silent.

        NATALIE (Cont'd): Are we done here?

        ISOBEL: I'm sorry about what happened.

        NATALIE: So am I. Can I please go now?

        SEAN scoots forward a little more and takes a deep breath.

        SEAN: We'd actually like to hear your opinion on something. Something pretty important.

        NATALIE: Can you make it snappy?

        NATALIE motions for SEAN to continue.

        SEAN: What do you think about Andy and Faith getting Watchers?

        NATALIE stares at him, blankly. ISOBEL leans forward and stares at her.

        ISOBEL: Is she still conscious?

        NATALIE glares at her.

        NATALIE: No, I sleep with my eyes open. Of course I'm conscious!

        SEAN: Well then, what do you think?

        NATALIE closes her eyes, thinking. She rubs her forehead for a moment and then speaks.

        NATALIE: I don't think it's a smart idea. Andy is perfectly capable of thinking and working on her own. She doesn't need a Watcher. Faith? I think you'll be in danger if you give Faith a Watcher.

        ISOBEL: But don't you think that a Watcher could help with situations like these?

        NATALIE: Situations like these? We haven't come running to you guys for help every time the going gets rough. We can handle this on our own.

        SEAN: We don't think you?

        NATALIE shoots him a dirty look.

        NATALIE: But you wanna know what I think??

        BUFFY approaches them from behind and clears her throat.

        BUFFY: Oh, sorry if I'm interrupting. (To Natalie) Nat, they were wondering what was going on with the books you said you were going to get.

        NATALIE nods, realizing that BUFFY is making up an excuse to get NATALIE away from SEAN and ISOBEL.

        NATALIE: Right, sorry. (To Sean and Isobel) I guess we'll discuss this another time.

        ISOBEL: It was lovely meeting you, Natalie Price.

        NATALIE walks away from them without another word. BUFFY, glancing back over her shoulder to make sure they are alone, pulls a disc out of her jacket pocket.

        BUFFY: I was hoping you both could do me a favor.

        She hands SEAN the disc, who looks at her curiously.

        SEAN: What is it?

        BUFFY: It's security video footage from our estate in Rome ? the place where we trained Slayers with the Immortal. There was an attack there a week ago.

        ISOBEL: We know about that, yes.

        BUFFY: Well this disc shows everything that happened?Or, at least, we think it does. We tried to playback the footage but everything was distorted. (Beat) Is it possible for you guys to un-distort it?

        SEAN sighs and hands the disc to ISOBEL.

        SEAN: We can try. It might take a few hours, though.

        BUFFY: As long as we know what's on it, I'm fine. (Beat) Thanks.

        ISOBEL smiles, even though she is clearly worried, while SEAN nods. BUFFY heads away from them and towards the table where everyone is seated.

        CUT TO:


        NATALIE is sprawled out across the book she's reading, half asleep. BRETT turns the page in his book and sighs while FAITH is tossing her's up in the air and catching it. DAWN and BUFFY seem slightly interested in what they're reading while WILLOW is thoroughly enthralled in her research. ANDY slams her head on the closed book before her and moans.

        ANDY: I'm hungry.

        BRETT: You slam your head on books when you're hungry?

        NATALIE: I pass out on books when I'm hungry?Or when?Nevermind.

        FAITH: You think this place has Chinese?

        DAWN: Or stuffy, imported British food? (Beat) It sounded funny in my head.

        BUFFY looks at WILLOW, who is continuing to scan over the pages of the book in front of her.

        BUFFY: Will, hun, take a break.

        WILLOW looks up momentarily and sees everyone lounging in their chairs. She sighs and takes the pen cap from out of her mouth and sits back.

        WILLOW: You're right. (Beat) Chinese sounds great, though.

        ANDY pushes her chair back and stands up, stretching. She pulls out her phone and starts to dial a number?but stops.

        ANDY: I need to have the Chinese place on speed-dial.

        BRETT holds out his phone.

        BRETT: It's six down on the list.

        ANDY takes his phone and smiles.

        ANDY: No wonder I like you.

        NATALIE moans.

        NATALIE: Oh gag me.

        ANDY flicks her on the back of the head and flips open the phone.

        ANDY: You have no reception in here. What crappy service are you on??

        She begins to wander off down the hallway. Behind her, DAWN is flipping through her book again.

        CUT TO:


        ANDY stops walking when she approaches a large, stained glass window. She flips open the phone again and opens BRETT's address book. As she skims down the page of phone numbers and names, she stops on one.

        It says "Elizabeth" followed by her phone number.

        Curious, ANDY selects the number and the cell phone's display changes to an information page. ANDY presses a button and a list of dates appears on the screen beneath the words "Last Dialed."

        The first date on the screen is "Today, 7/29/06 at 2:12 am."

        ANDY stares at the screen and scrolls down ? seeing "Today, 7/29/06 at 12:34 am" and "Yesterday, 7/28/06 at 4:52 am." She continues scrolling down the list as her free hand moves to cover her mouth in shock.

        DAWN (OS): I think I found something!

        ANDY doesn't seem to have heard what DAWN said. Instead, she leans against the wall next to the window and closes her eyes.


        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV

          FADE IN


          ANDY is standing behind her desk, staring at the wall. Instead of just plain maroon paint covering the concrete and dry wall, there are now printed pieces of paper and photo copies of pages from books pinned into it. Over her shoulder, we see the symbol detailed on the papers along with descriptions beneath it. There's a knock on the door and she turns around to see NATALIE, FAITH, and BRETT entering the office.

          NATALIE: Good morning, sunshine.

          She pats ANDY on the head and heads to the coffee maker on the long cabinet against the wall. BRETT leans across the desk and goes to kiss her on the lips but ANDY turns her head to the side, forcing him to kiss her cheek instead.

          FAITH: I sense hostility.

          ANDY rolls her eyes.

          ANDY: Don't be ridiculous.

          FAITH shrugs and plops down in one of the chairs.

          BRETT: What's wrong with you?

          ANDY doesn't look him in the eyes at all. Instead, she tries to find ways to keep herself busy.

          ANDY: I'm fine. What makes you think otherwise?

          BRETT (Sarcastic): Oh, absolutely no reason at all.

          He laughs and sits down in the chair next to FAITH.

          ANDY: I'm just stressed out, okay. I mean, it's not like we didn't just find out about a whole apocalyptic trio of prophecies.

          NATALIE sips from her mug of coffee but appears to be struggling with the decision to say something or not. She chooses to stay quiet for the time being.

          FAITH: Yeah, but we can handle it.

          ANDY: We think we can handle it. I mean, those papers don't explain how stop this whole power transfer thing from happening. If they did? Well, yeah, then we'd be able to handle it. But they don't.

          BRETT: There must be a loophole or something to all of this. A deadline, maybe? Like, the Queen must take on this power before a set amount of time or something?

          ANDY: Yeah and if there isn't a loophole?

          NATALIE: Then we face the wrath of Super-Bitch and her Incredible Slayer Army. (Beat) I think you should know something?

          ANDY: Were you programmed to know how this power transfer thing happens by any chance?

          NATALIE: No, but I know that the Watcher's Council wants you both to have Watchers.

          FAITH's face becomes clenched as she stares at NATALIE. ANDY raises an eyebrow.

          ANDY: Excuse me??

          FAITH: You gotta be jokin'.

          NATALIE: What if I'm not?

          ANDY and FAITH continue to stare at her in disbelief.

          BRETT: When did you hear this?

          NATALIE: Well?Somewhere between the ransacking and the Chinese?

          ANDY: W-what did they say exactly?

          NATALIE places her cup down on the cabinet and starts to pace around the office.

          NATALIE: Well?Umm?Basically they said that the Council doesn't think that you two can handle these big situations alone and without their support.

          BRETT: I guess that that means you and I are useless?

          NATALIE shrugs.

          NATALIE: I got that impression from them, too, but I think they mean "Professionals."

          FAITH: I am not havin' another Watcher. I don't want one. I don't need one.

          ANDY: I'm kinda insulted by the fact that they think we need Watchers!

          NATALIE: You were kinda thinking that we needed them to help us fight the Queen earlier, though?Weren't you?

          BRETT nods in agreement.

          ANDY: That's different. You talked sense into me. I know now that I'm capable?We're capable enough to take her down alone.

          BRETT: Though it would be nice to have those resources at our dispense?

          FAITH: But then we'll be forced into takin' orders from them. We'd have to do everything they say.

          ANDY: Goodbye freedom?

          NATALIE: But you have to admit that the extra hands around here would be useful...

          ANDY sighs and rubs her temples.

          NATALIE (Cont'd): And you won't have to be so stressed when it comes to planning because the Watcher's Council will plan it for us! You can't deny the fact that there are plenty of good things that could come from you two getting Watchers.

          FAITH: Yeah, and plenty of bad things, too. They give us Watchers and I might as well go back to jail.

          ANDY (To Natalie): What happened to you being so dead-set against them?

          NATALIE shrugs.

          NATALIE: I slept on it and saw the sense behind them helping us. Hell, I love freedom as much as the next girl but if it means that we lose our freedom for safety and a helping hand, so be it!

          BRETT: Can we please worry about this later? It's not like they're just gonna give you two Watchers without hearing your input, right? At the moment we have to worry about the third prophecy. I'd say that that's a helluva lot more important.

          ANDY sits down on the edge of her desk.

          ANDY: Right, right. "The Massacre."

          NATALIE (Sarcastic): Such a cryptic name. It really makes you wonder what's gonna happen.

          FAITH: How do we know it didn't already happen?

          BRETT: Because it's the last of the three. There's the Pillar?

          ANDY holds up a photo of the fiery symbol from 1.14.

          ANDY: Which we saw?

          BRETT: Then the Shower and then the Massacre.

          NATALIE: What's the Massacre for, though? Just for the sake of killing people?

          BRETT: It's the sacrifice that needs to be given in order for the power from the meteor shower to fully be enhanced.

          ANDY: And it's gonna happen soon. Really, really soon.

          There's a knock on the door and we see BUFFY, dressed completely in black, standing in the doorway.

          BUFFY: Hey.

          FAITH turns around in her seat to face BUFFY.

          FAITH: Hey B. What's shakin'?

          BUFFY rolls her eyes and moves deeper into the office.

          BUFFY: Willow and I?We're thinking about having a funeral for Kennedy today. Nothing too fancy but something. Willow said that Kennedy told her that she wanted to be cremated so we want to honor that somehow.

          ANDY nods.

          ANDY: That sounds really nice. When is it today? And where?

          BUFFY: Out back, on the river, in like?an hour or two. I mean, we think we need to do something.

          NATALIE nods.

          NATALIE: We understand. We'll be there.

          BUFFY smiles weakly and nods.

          BUFFY: Thank you. All of you. Thanks.

          She turns and leaves the office, leaving a sad note hanging in the air.

          CUT TO:


          ANDY and FAITH push a small wooden raft holding KENNEDY's body out into the river. It slowly floats along as they turn around and walk up the sandy shore towards the others. WILLOW stands in front of everyone with BUFFY and DAWN close behind. BRETT and NATALIE, who is holding flowers in her hands, are a few steps back, respectively showing their remorse and giving the others space. ANDY stands next to NATALIE, opposite BRETT who stands on the other side of her. FAITH takes a spot just behind BUFFY and DAWN.

          DAWN: Should we?I don't know?Say a few words? Something?

          WILLOW wipes her teary eyes and looks out at the water.

          WILLOW (Softly): She loved the water. We'd always go down to the lake right down the hills in Rome. Remember it? She just loved to sit under the trees and stare at the water. (She laughs) I thought it was boring but I'd sit there with her anyway because I knew she'd do the same for me.

          She wipes her eyes again and takes a deep breath.

          WILLOW (Cont'd): I'm gonna miss those times so, so much. And it hurts knowing that I won't be able to sit with her again. I-It's stupid. This shouldn't have happened. Not to her. I loved her so much.

          WILLOW closes her eyes and lets the tears roll down her face. BUFFY rests a hand on her shoulder. WILLOW opens her eyes again and looks out towards the raft as it floats farther out into the water.

          WILLOW (Cont'd): I love you Kennedy. I'll miss you so much.

          BUFFY: We all will.

          WILLOW wipes her eyes again and holds out both hands, palms facing the water. Slowly, flames rise up around the edges of the raft until the entire wooden boat is consumed. WILLOW lowers her hands and hugs BUFFY tightly. DAWN places a supporting hand on her shoulder as a tear runs down her face.

          In the background, the group lowers their heads in respect. NATALIE moves forward and hands WILLOW the bouquet flowers she is holding. WILLOW accepts them and hugs NATALIE.

          NATALIE: I'm sorry.

          WILLOW nods and hugs FAITH and BRETT as they each come up. ANDY is the last.

          ANDY: I'm so sorry, Willow. If only there had been something for me to do to stop this?

          WILLOW smiles weakly and hugs ANDY.

          WILLOW: There was nothing anyone could've done. I get that now.

          She pulls back from ANDY wipes her eyes.

          WILLOW (Cont'd): But thank you.

          ANDY holds WILLOW's hand for a minute then lets go.

          BUFFY: I don't think Kennedy would want us mourning for too long. She didn't seem like that kind of person.

          DAWN: She wasn't. (Laughing weakly) She'd want us to party at her funeral.

          BUFFY wraps her arm around WILLOW's waist and starts to lead her towards the warehouse.

          BUFFY: C'mon. Let's go inside.

          WILLOW glances back at the raft as it slowly sinks into the water.

          CUT TO:


          The group enters through the backdoor?Only to stop dead in their tracks.

          ANDY: Oh my god?

          The camera turns around slowly to reveal SPIKE, laying unconscious on the floor and just inches from the sunlight that's flooding in from the open front door.

          ANDY (Cont'd): Somebody help him!

          ANDY rushes over towards the front door and slams it shut as BUFFY and BRETT help SPIKE onto the couch. BUFFY examines the wounds on SPIKE's body, which appear to have healed slightly.

          BUFFY: Oh my god.

          ANDY: He'll be alright. He heals fast. He has to be alright. (Beat) Someone go get the first aid kit.

          NATALIE rushes up the stairs and into one of the rooms, only to pop back out again carrying a white box. She runs back down the stairs. Slowly, SPIKE's eyes begin to open.

          BRETT: Umm...He's waking up.

          BUFFY rests a hand on SPIKE's forehead as he comes to. She plants a kiss gently on his cheek.

          BUFFY: Are you okay? What happened?

          ANDY: Buffy, we have to put bandages on him.

          BUFFY nods and moves away. SPIKE tries to speak.

          SPIKE: I?I saw it all?

          He swallows hard and looks over at WILLOW.

          SPIKE (Cont'd): Sorry?So sorry?

          WILLOW appears choked up again and DAWN holds her again. ANDY looks down at SPIKE's arm.

          ANDY: Oh god. He's burnt really badly. (To Spike) Spike? Spike! Were you out in the sun unprotected?

          SPIKE swallows again and closes his eyes momentarily.

          SPIKE: Y-yes?In the water?The river?

          BRETT: He was in the river?

          ANDY: They dumped him in the river.

          SPIKE tries to nod but winces in pain.

          ANDY (Cont'd): No, don't move. You'll just make everything hurt a lot more. (Beat) The vampire in super-healing will make everything get better faster but these wounds are really severe. It could take a few more days.

          BUFFY kisses SPIKE's forehead.

          BUFFY: I was worried.

          SPIKE smiles slowly.

          SPIKE: Good.

          His eyes drift closed and he passes out. BRETT wraps the bandages around SPIKE's arms while ANDY tears his shirt open to clean up the wounds on his chest. NATALIE wanders over to WILLOW and DAWN and watches from afar.

          CUT TO:


          Night is slowing falling outside the window. SEAN is seated behind his desk, staring at the computer screen. The camera pans around and we see him working on cleaning up a video ? most likely the one BUFFY gave him. There's a knock on the door and ISOBEL enters.

          ISOBEL: Should I call Miss Summers and tell her that the video is taking a little longer to clean up than we thought?

          SEAN shakes his head.

          SEAN: I don't think so. I'm almost done with it.

          ISOBEL tosses a three-ring binder onto the desk.

          ISOBEL: Those are the directions to the software.

          SEAN: I don't need directions.

          ISOBEL: That's what they all say but in the long run you're gonna need them. The camera pans back around the desk to see the computer screen from over SEAN's shoulder.

          SEAN (Cont'd): And last, but not least, the face?

          The camera rotates back around the desk so the computer screen is no longer visible. He clicks the mouse one last time?And shakes his head in disbelief.

          ISOBEL: What is it?

          SEAN: No?No this cannot be right?

          A loud explosion rocks the building.

          ISOBEL: What was that?

          Outside the office, people scream in terror.

          ISOBEL (Cont'd): Sean? Sean, we have to leave!

          SEAN: Hold on?

          Quickly, SEAN saves the cleaned up video, pops out the disc, and grabs his cell phone ? not bothering to turn off the computer. The two rush out of the office and into chaos.

          CUT TO:


          Papers are flying around as debris and chunks of the ceiling and walls fall around the people that are running in fear. SEAN and ISOBEL look around, panicked.

          ISOBEL: Where are we supposed to go?

          SEAN grabs her hand and pulls her through the crowd of people who are running the other way.

          ISOBEL (Cont'd): We're going into the fire? That's not very smart!

          SEAN cuts a quick left as another explosion sends the building into even more chaos. The two are now in an elevator lined hallway.

          ISOBEL (Cont'd): What are you thinking? The elevators are going to be shut down by now!

          SEAN: I'm not thinking about the elevators.

          SEAN looks at each of the panels of buttons to the side of each elevator, still holding ISOBEL by the wrist. He stops at the third one down on the left side and presses both the up and down button at the same time. He then presses the top button twice and the bottom button once. There's a slight rumbling sound as a small passageway, no bigger than an air duct, appears below the panel.

          SEAN (Cont'd): Get in. Quick!

          ISOBEL ducks down and crawls into the vent, followed by SEAN. Once inside, the doors slide shut behind them.

          CUT TO:


          ISOBEL and SEAN crawl out of a similar air vent that opens behind the large front desk. The dead bodies of the secretaries are scattered across the floor, their blood leaking out and forming a mess beneath their bodies.

          SEAN (Whispering): The side door.

          ISOBEL listens and crawls to the left, pressing herself right up against the desk. SEAN is right behind her. The two quickly, but silently, make there way to the side door as another explosion sends chunks of plaster and drywall falling down around them. Just as silently as before, ISOBEL pushes up the door and sneaks out into the night with SEAN right on her tail. The door quietly gets shut by SEAN.

          The camera begins to pan up and over the desk to reveal dead bodies lying all over the ground. Slowly, the ATTACKER comes into view and we see?

          It is ILLYRIA.

          Her arms are extended, sending off blasts of pure blue energy and causing another explosion. A group of young women come out from a stairwell and approach her.

          YOUNG WOMAN #1: The top floor's secured. 37 are dead.

          YOUNG WOMAN #2: This makes the current death toll 328.

          ILLYRIA smiles.

          ILLYRIA: This will do.

          She fires one last explosion off and turns for the door. The camera zooms out, up and away from the ground, which reveals more young women coming out of the woodwork and following ILLYRIA out of the building.

          CUT TO:


          ANDY is seated on a stool, drinking from the bottle of beer in her hand. She's staring at the wall of alcohol in front of her, lost in thought. An older, female bartender approaches her, cleaning a glass.

          BARTENDER: Would you like another, miss?

          ANDY nods.

          ANDY: That'd be great, thanks.

          The bartender disappears from the scene as ANDY finishes off the last sip from her beer. She reappears, opening the bottle for ANDY and setting it down in front of her.

          BARTENDER: This is such a stereotype but you look like you're down in the dumps. Somethin' troublin' you?

          ANDY takes a swig from her beer and sets it down, nodding.

          ANDY: Yeah, yeah I'd say something's bothering me.

          BARTENDER: Boy troubles?

          ANDY laughs.

          ANDY: The biggest. Well, the biggest I've dealt with.

          BARTENDER: He cheatin' on you?

          ANDY shrugs.

          CUT TO:


          The scene is a slow-mo. A knock on the door is heard and ELIZABETH answers it. On the other side is BRETT, holding flowers in his hand. He hands her the flowers.

          ANDY (VO): I don't know.

          The camera zooms in on BRETT and ELIZABETH's faces as they lean into kiss each other. And though their lips don't touch yet we?

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE
          wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!