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CHOSEN Episode 1.11 "Restitution"

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  • CHOSEN Episode 1.11 "Restitution"

    Episode 1.11 "Restitution"
    Written by: Me
    Produced by: Me

    *Disclaimer: This is the fine print. The universe that "Chosen" takes place in was created by Joss Whedon and structured by his TV children "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel." Those two shows and this universe/Buffyverse is property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, and the WB and UPN television networks. All characters that are not directly from the Buffyverse are all property of me. Ask before using.

    ~ ~ ~




    ELLA and PAIGE drag FAITH down a hallway. FAITH is unconscious with a black bag over her head while her hands are being held at the wrist by the other two women. The chambers are essentially one long hallway with several levels of cages in which hideous demons moan and scream. ELLA lets go of FAITH, leaving PAIGE to pick up the slack.

    PAIGE: Thanks a lot.

    ELLA: I don't do the dirty work. You do.

    PAIGE: Since when?

    ELLA: Since always.

    PAIGE drops the arm she's holding and FAITH slams down on the floor.

    PAIGE: I've just about had it with you and your damn big head.

    ELLA dramatically gasps and fakes crying.

    ELLA: I'm so hurt.

    PAIGE: You're going to be if you don't shut it.

    ELLA puts her hands on her hips.

    ELLA: Are you threatening me?

    PAIGE: Honey, I've just begun to threaten you.

    PAIGE throws a punch at ELLA, who dodges it. ELLA grabs her wrist and kicks PAIGE in the stomach.

    ELLA: You're a little rusty.

    PAIGE flicks her wrists at ELLA, who is hit with a blast of energy.

    PAIGE: You underestimate me.

    ELLA leaps through the air and tackles PAIGE. We hear the sound of running footsteps and both ELLA and PAIGE look up towards where FAITH was lying.

    ELLA: Dammit?

    CUT TO:


    FAITH dashes down the hallway, throwing the black hood she once had over her head down on the ground. Reaching to her belt, FAITH pulls out two daggers. She laces her fingers around the handles of each and keeps running. A blast of pink energy knocks FAITH off her feet and sliding across the floor. She rolls over and sees ELLA and PAIGE staring down at her. Quickly, FAITH throws both daggers in their direction but the two girls are too fast. They dodge both daggers as FAITH rushes to her feet and attempts to exit the door.

    PAIGE: You won't be getting far.

    FAITH runs to the door but collides with an invisible barrier that ripples with red energy as she hits it. The force from the collision sends FAITH flying through the air.

    ELLA: Did you do that?

    PAIGE: Satyr did.

    ELLA: Of course.

    They both turn slowly and we see FAITH flying into the wall at the far, opposite wall. She crumples on the floor under a pile of bricks.

    PAIGE: Idiot.




    Jennifer Garner as Andrea "Andy" Sullivan
    Maggie Grace as Natalie Price
    Aubrey Dollar as Elizabeth Holloway
    Ryan Reynolds as Brett Stewart
    James Marsters as Spike
    And Eliza Dushku as Faith

    Special Guest Stars:

    Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers
    Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg
    Amber Benson as Tara Maclay

    Guest Starring:

    Dina Meyer as Lynn Holloway
    Tina Majorino as Kayla Kaas
    David Anders as Gregory Carlisle
    Bradley Cooper as Grant Morrison
    Idina Menzel as Paige Santos
    Rose McGowan as Ella Karen
    Justin Theroux as Jared Satyr
    Lynsey Bartilson as Kris
    Kaley Cuoco as Summer
    Amber Rose as Demon Girl
    Alexander Brown as Inspector Travis Delaney

    **CHOSEN is officially affiliated with RAVEN, created by Alex (Master Brown) and Travis (DigitalLeonardo), and SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS, created by Travis (DigitalLeonardo).

    Edited by: QueenC (Amber)
    wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!


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    ACT I



    ANDY, BUFFY, and WILLOW stand in the middle of the room. The blue mats that are usually set up are now pressed against the walls, where the younger Slayers are standing, whispering.

    ANDY: No one told them, right?

    BUFFY: I don't think they need to be told what's going on.

    ANDY: True, but I'd rather keep this as under wraps as possible.

    WILLOW: They're teenage girls. I doubt they won't figure out what's happening.

    ANDY rolls her eyes.

    ANDY: Do you have everything?

    WILLOW: The Scythe.

    ANDY: The whaty?

    WILLOW: The Slayer Scythe. It's?

    BUFFY finishes for WILLOW.

    BUFFY: It's an ancient weapon made by old women who wanted to help the Slayers. We used it to give the Potential Slayers their powers.

    WILLOW: And I used it to take them away, too.

    ANDY: Uh-huh. Well, where is it?

    WILLOW: I think we left it at the hotel.

    BUFFY: We did?

    WILLOW: I think so. You said you'd take care of it.

    BUFFY: I so didn't say that. You know I lose everything.

    ANDY throws up her hands.

    ANDY: Wait, you lost the big important weapon thingy that we need for this spell to work?

    WILLOW: No, no. We didn't lose it.

    ANDY: Then where is it?

    WILLOW: I don't know.

    ANDY slams her arms back down.

    ANDY: Peachy?Just peachy.

    BUFFY: I can go find it, though.

    ANDY: No. With Faith gone, the Queen probably knows that we're down a Slayer. That makes us vulnerable.

    SPIKE and BRETT walk into the main room.

    ANDY (Cont'd): We'll send them!

    She points at the two men. SPIKE raises an eyebrow.

    SPIKE: What are you on about?

    ANDY: I'm (Mocking Spike's accent) "on about" you two going to fetch the Slayer Scythe.

    BRETT: How come we have to go?

    ANDY: Remember when I told you not to ask questions when I ask you do stupid things?

    BRETT shakes his head.

    BRETT: No, not really.

    ANDY: Well I'm saying it now then.

    BRETT: Okay, fine. I will go get the Slayer Scythe with Spike.

    ANDY nods.

    ANDY: That's what I'm talking about.

    She smiles and looks into BRETT's eyes. He smiles back. BUFFY notices this exchange.

    BUFFY: Chummy much?

    NATALIE (OS): Who's chummy?

    BUFFY glances over at NATALIE who has approached the group and motions at BRETT and ANDY.

    BUFFY: Those two. They've been like this since the big fight.

    NATALIE: Oh really?

    ANDY glares at NATALIE.

    ANDY: What?

    NATALIE: Need I say more than "Ooo" to make my point?

    ANDY: Oh my god.

    ANDY playfully pushes BRETT away from her.

    ANDY (Cont'd): You two are screwed up.

    She shakes her head and turns back to BRETT and SPIKE.

    ANDY: Go get the weapon and hurry back. We need to start this as soon as possible.

    BUFFY pulls out a key card from her pocket and hands it to SPIKE. BRETT nods and starts to walk off with SPIKE. As they get to the door, he looks back at ANDY and she winks at him. He smiles and leaves with SPIKE.

    BUFFY: And so we wait.

    The four women look at each other, expressionless.

    CUT TO:


    SPIKE and BRETT open the door and enter the hotel room. It's a large room with both carpeting and wooden flooring in different parts of the space. Two beds are set up in different quarters while a TV and a table is situated in the center of the room near the window. It is one of the hotel's finest suites.

    BRETT: Schnazzy place.

    SPIKE: That it is. (Beat) Let's just find the damn thing and get out of here.

    BRETT: That is definitely why we're here so that's definitely what we'll do.

    He glares at SPIKE and stalks off to a different part of the hotel room. SPIKE lingers over to what we assume is BUFFY's corner of the suite. On the nightstand is a recent picture of BUFFY, WILLOW, and XANDER smiling happily. His gaze shifts onto a candle. He stares at the wick, lost in thought.

    BRETT (OS): Found it!

    SPIKE snaps back and spins around to see BRETT holding a duffle bag in the doorway.

    BRETT (Cont'd): Having a private moment?

    SPIKE: Just get moving.

    SPIKE breezes past BRETT and leaves.

    CUT TO:


    NATALIE exits the building and pulls out a cell phone. She flips it open and dials a number.

    NATALIE: Satyr? It's me. How is the plan playing out?

    We hear JARED SATYR on the other end.

    JARED (OS): Just as planned. The Slayer is locked up and I have my two assistants keeping an eye on her.

    NATALIE: Good. Just make sure she stays locked up. Faith is a tricky girl.

    JARED (OS): We won't let her slip through our fingers, my liege.

    NATALIE: I'll be in touch.

    CUT TO:


    We see JARED on the phone by the exit.

    JARED: I'll be waiting.

    He hangs up the phone and looks over his shoulder at PAIGE.

    JARED (Cont'd): How is she?

    PAIGE: She's still bound, gagged, and blinded.

    JARED: You're sure she won't be going anywhere?

    PAIGE: Even if she did escape the restraints, the barrier around the building won't let her through.

    JARED: Good.

    PAIGE: So who was that? On the phone just now, I mean. Was it her?

    JARED nods.

    JARED: She was making sure things were playing out appropriately.

    PAIGE: I really don't trust that woman.

    JARED: And that's fine by me. Just don't let her know that you don't trust her.

    PAIGE: Trust me, I won't.

    She smiles at him.

    CUT TO:


    We find FAITH chained to a wall with a blind fold over her eyes and a cloth in her mouth. ELLA stands over her as FAITH moans.

    ELLA: Shh, little darling. Keep quiet.

    FAITH's scream is muffled by the cloth.

    ELLA: I'll take out the rag if you promise not to scream. (Beat) Not that it matters. No one can hear you.

    ELLA laughs and reaches out to pull the rag from FAITH's mouse.

    FAITH: You son of a bitch.

    ELLA: Now, now. Don't be nasty.

    FAITH: Untie me and I'll show you what nasty really looks like.

    ELLA: Threatening me won't get you loose any faster, darling.

    FAITH: Stop calling me that.

    ELLA squats down next to FAITH.

    ELLA: What's it like not being able to see? Is it aggravating?

    ELLA waves a hand in front of FAITH's face and grins.

    FAITH: Not really. It pisses me off.

    ELLA: What'd I say about being nasty?

    FAITH: What did I say about me being nasty?

    ELLA stands.

    ELLA: Personally, I liked it better when you were mute.

    She flicks her hand at FAITH's mouth and the rag appears between her lips.

    ELLA (Cont'd): So shut it.

    ELLA walks off, leaving FAITH hanging on the wall.

    CUT TO:


    WILLOW is shaking her hand furiously as ANDY and BUFFY approach her.

    ANDY: Hey, Epilepsy Girl, do we have to call 911?

    WILLOW places both hands to her temples.

    WILLOW: I'm not having a seizure.

    ANDY: Oh?alright.

    BUFFY: What are you doing?

    WILLOW: My arm fell asleep.

    ANDY: That explains it, then. (Beat) Are you almost ready?

    WILLOW: Just need the pointy weapon and then I'm set.

    BUFFY: How long does the spell take?

    WILLOW shrugs.

    WILLOW: Taking the power away didn't take too long so bringing it back shouldn't be any lengthier.

    ANDY: How do we know if it worked or not?

    WILLOW: Things should get glowy if it worked. If not?

    ANDY: No powers for us. At least we know what to look for.

    The front door to Slayer Central opens and BRETT and SPIKE follow NATALIE inside.

    NATALIE: Look who I dragged back in!

    ANDY: Why were you outside?

    NATALIE: I was on the phone.

    ANDY: With who?

    NATALIE: My parents, duh. They're kind of wondering I just up and left. Who'd you think I was talking to? My drug dealer?

    ANDY: Okay then. (To Brett) Did you get it?

    BRETT holds up the duffle bag.

    BRETT: We got it.

    WILLOW rushes over and grabs the bag from BRETT.

    BRETT (Cont'd): You're welcome.

    WILLOW nods.

    WILLOW: Thanks.

    SPIKE: Now we can do this thing?

    BUFFY: Yeah, but we have to pray that it works.

    NATALIE: Trust me; I've got my fingers crossed.

    WILLOW: Can we turn off the lights?

    BRETT stalks off towards the opposite wall to cut the lights. WILLOW then sits cross legged in a circle of candles that were set up before the scene. She lights the candles with a lighter.

    WILLOW (Cont'd): Don't freak out if things go crazy lightshow-like.

    ANDY: Does excited count as freaked out? ?Cause if so, then I'm so totally screwed.

    WILLOW: Just don't move. It might distract me and mess this all up.

    BUFFY: Good luck.

    WILLOW smiles back at BUFFY and opens the black duffle bag, pulling out the crimson Slayer Scythe. She places it on the floor before her and rests a hand on either end of the weapon while whispering several Latin words.

    WILLOW: Goddess, a mistake was made and remorse overtakes us. We implore that you return the power of the women and instill the essence for generations to come.

    WILLOW's breath becomes forced and her eyes flutter.

    BUFFY: What's happening?

    ANDY: Don't move!

    WILLOW: I ask that you return the power to those who have earned its presence. I beseech of you.

    WILLOW's voice falls into a faint whisper.

    WILLOW (Cont'd):: I beseech of you.

    The flames that are burning on the candle wicks grow momentarily and then are extinguished by an invisible force. WILLOW collapses on the floor. We barely hear WILLOW's whispering voice.

    WILLOW (Cont'd): I beseech of you?


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      ACT II

      FADE IN


      The scene seems softened and glowing. We pan through the bedroom to find WILLOW sleeping under the covers. The soft sound of music is heard in the background as she stirs in her sleep. We hear the door open slowly and WILLOW rolls over, facing the door, and her eyes flutter open.

      TARA (OS): Hey sleepy head.

      WILLOW's eyes fly completely open, wide in amazement. Standing no more than a foot away from her is TARA, alive and dressed in a brilliant white skirt and tanktop.

      WILLOW: This?this can't be.

      TARA: What can't be? I guess you really haven't been doing well.

      WILLOW starts to breathe heavily.

      WILLOW: Where am I?

      TARA rests a hand on WILLOW's shoulder. WILLOW looks down at it in awe that TARA's corporeal.

      TARA: I don't think I'm one to explain that, Will. It's kind of complicated.

      WILLOW: How are you...Are you?

      TARA: No. I'm not alive.

      WILLOW looks down, saddened. TARA lifts WILLOW's chin slowly and stares into her eyes.

      TARA (Cont'd): But I'm not gone either.

      WILLOW: I don't get it.

      TARA: I've always been alive. I was living through you. You held onto me. You remembered me. That kept me alive.

      WILLOW: Then why can't you come back? I miss you.

      TARA: Because you saw me pass on. You held my body as my life slipped away. I'm alive in spirit, not in flesh.

      WILLOW: This is torture. I still don't understand why I'm here!

      TARA's hand moves onto WILLOW's shoulder.

      TARA: I'm sorry, but I can't answer that. Only you can.

      TARA lets her hand slip off WILLOW's shoulder and dangles it at her side.

      TARA (Cont'd): Now c'mon. I've got something to show you.

      TARA motions for WILLOW to follow here. Hesitantly, WILLOW lifts the covers and slips out onto the floor. She is wearing a black tanktop and pink pants with cartoon-style horses printed on white clouds. She then stands and walks after TARA.

      CUT TO:


      TARA leads WILLOW towards the large glass door and stares out into the bright light. WILLOW does the same but gets agitated when she sees nothing but extremely bright light.

      WILLOW: I don't see anything.

      TARA: You have to concentrate.

      WILLOW: On what? I don't know what's out there.

      TARA rests a reassuring hand on WILLOW's shoulder.

      TARA: Concentrate on your thoughts. On what you think you should see.

      WILLOW closes her eyes as TARA's hand slips from its resting place. A moment later, WILLOW's eyes snap open and the camera spins around to get a shot out the window. Outside is a wasteland full of burning trees, buildings, and whatnot while piles of dead bodies lay scattered on the dirt ground. A closer shot at the corpses reveal them to be women, all of which with blood dripping from the corner of their mouth.

      WILLOW: Oh no?

      TARA: What do you see?

      WILLOW's eyes widen in fear as the camera whirls back in position near the window to show NATALIE, donning a shining tiara and holding a blood stained sword in one hand while keeping a finger locked on the trigger of the gun in her other hand.

      WILLOW: Something that?something that can't be?

      NATALIE raises the gun.

      NATALIE: Having a flashback, Willow?

      WILLOW flinches as NATALIE fakes pulling the trigger.

      NATALIE (Cont'd): Don't try the exits. You're not leaving this cabin. Not until I'm through with you.

      NATALIE laces her fingers around the trigger and pulls it as WILLOW tackles TARA to the ground and away from the door. The glass shatters and NATALIE enters the cabin.

      CUT TO:


      GRANT drums his fingers along the edge of his desk, waiting for someone or something. As his thumb strikes the desk, the door to his office flies open and INSPECTOR TRAVIS DELANEY enters.

      TRAVIS: Are you sure what you told me is correct?

      GRANT: Yeah. I'm positive.

      TRAVIS: I have the team ready to be dispatched and the warrant's on my desk.

      GRANT: When will you give the order?

      TRAVIS: Whenever you're sure you're confident in this.

      GRANT looks down at the desk and then changes the topic.

      GRANT: What has happened with the Kaas case?

      TRAVIS: You're changing the subject.

      GRANT: I know.

      TRAVIS rubs his chin.

      TRAVIS: Nothing has happened. She refuses to talk.

      GRANT shrugs.

      GRANT: I wouldn't expect her to spill anytime soon.

      TRAVIS: We're still pushing her, though. We can't give up on her case, even if her purpose was to close one of our other cases. This brings us back to?

      He gestures towards GRANT.

      TRAVIS (Cont'd): You have to decide at some point. The sooner the better.

      GRANT drums his fingers again.

      GRANT: Go through with it. I'll take the evening watch shifts.

      TRAVIS nods.

      TRAVIS: Good decision.

      GRANT: I hope it is.

      CUT TO:


      KAYLA is at the payphone. She picks up the phone, inserts a few coins, and punches in a number. We hear a dial tone before someone picks up. It's KRIS.

      KAYLA: How are things going?

      KRIS (OS): Kayla? About time you called! Did they lock you up?

      KAYLA: Not yet.

      KRIS (OS): We've been trying to hold our own here. Summer ? you know Summer? she's still trying to keep the business organized and the other girls are getting restless. It's total hell.

      KAYLA: Don't give up yet and definitely don't give in to anyone. Keep things going as smoothly as possible. If something happens, you know how to contact me.

      KRIS (OS): That'll be kind of hard considering you're in jail.

      KAYLA: Just do it if you need help.

      There's silence.

      KRIS (OS): Fine. (Beat) What happens if she comes back?

      KAYLA: If who comes back?

      KRIS (OS): The Queen. What if she comes back and you're not here?

      KAYLA looks around her nervously and then lowers her voice to a whisper.

      KAYLA: Don't tell her anything. Don't tell her why I'm not there. Don't tell her what's going on. Nothing. Clear?

      KRIS (OS): Crystal.

      KAYLA: I've gotta go now. Just don't screw up until I can come back and fix your mistakes.

      KRIS (OS): Fine.

      KRIS hangs up her end and KAYLA does the same. She then takes in a deep breath, exhales, and walks off.

      CUT TO:


      ANDY, BUFFY, and SPIKE stand over WILLOW's comatose body.

      BUFFY: How are we supposed to know when she'll wake up?

      ANDY: I don't know. I'm more worried about the fact the spell doesn't seem to have worked.

      SPIKE: You haven't bothered to test your abilities yet. I don't think it'd be the best idea to jump to conclusions.

      ANDY: Well something must've changed since you've jumped from being the pessimist to the optimist around here.

      SPIKE glares at her.

      BUFFY: I still think we should take her to a hospital. She can get proper treatment there.

      ANDY: But if we take here there, we'd have to concoct some bogus story to cover up what really caused her to fall into the coma.

      SPIKE: We're still unsure as to why that happened anyway.

      BUFFY: Exactly. Maybe the doctors could find some anomaly in her that can tip us off with what caused her coma.

      ANDY: And maybe they won't find anything physically wrong with her.

      BUFFY looks at her, confused.

      BUFFY: What do you mean?

      ANDY: Maybe something's wrong mentally and emotionally. Maybe there's a strain on her subconscious because of all this magic she's done recently. Maybe it was too much for her.

      BUFFY: Willow's a powerful witch. She's cast major spells before and hasn't fallen comatose.

      ANDY: But has she done them so many times in a row?

      BUFFY looks down at her feet.

      ANDY (Cont'd): We need to wait. Then Willow will wake up and, hopefully, be able to explain what happened to her.

      BUFFY: What if she doesn't make it?

      The morbid thought lingers between the three of them.

      CUT TO:


      The coloring of the scene has changed from bright colors to shades of gray with fiery accents. The "softness," or blurriness, has remained the same, however. We pan around the kitchen to show that all of the windows are shattered and the glass is scattered about the floor. The camera continues to move around the room before it locks onto WILLOW and TARA, who are crouched in the corner of the room, far away from the windows and glass. They whisper to each other.

      TARA: Do you think she's gone?

      WILLOW shakes her head.

      WILLOW: I don't think she's going to leave us alone anytime soon.

      TARA: Who is she?

      WILLOW looks down at the ground.

      WILLOW: Someone I thought I knew.

      We hear the clicking of a gun before a shot is fired into the cabinet just above them. WILLOW screams as NATALIE walks around the corner.

      NATALIE: Don't be scared. I just want to thank you for returning their powers.

      TARA's gaze shifts from NATALIE to WILLOW.

      WILLOW: The spell didn't work.

      NATALIE: You're wrong. It worked and it worked damn well, too. So thank you.

      WILLOW's questioning glare turns to fear as NATALIE raises the gun on her.

      NATALIE (Cont'd): And now you're not needed anymore.

      She fire the gun as the scene slows down. TARA's hand flies up into the air and begins to glow as the other closes around WILLOW's hand. Eventually the entire scene is engulfed in white light.

      FLASH TO:


      We fade in via a glowing lamppost and the camera pans down onto the street where we find ANDY and BUFFY walking down the deserted sidewalk. We hear a scream and ANDY glances over at BUFFY.

      ANDY: Are you ready to test Willow's spell?

      BUFFY: I still don't think this is a great idea. We could end up killed.

      ANDY: Spike and Brett said they'd trail us incase something goes wrong.

      BUFFY: A vampire and a human backing us up isn't always that reassuring.

      ANDY rolls her eyes.

      ANDY: Would you prefer someone got killed?

      BUFFY shakes her head.

      ANDY (Cont'd): Then shut up and let's keep moving.

      ANDY and BUFFY pick up the pace and dash down an alley just a block ahead of them.

      CUT TO:


      A MAN is thrown up against a wall by a female VAMPIRE as ANDY and BUFFY hurry into the alley. The VAMPIRE is dressed like a modern day cowgirl with a studded collar and headband.

      ANDY: Nice chaps, cowgirl. How about you let the poor guy go?

      VAMPIRE: How about no?

      The VAMPIRE slams the MAN back against the wall for emphasis of her point.

      BUFFY: We don't have to hurt you. Just like you don't have to hurt him?or us.

      ANDY shoots her a dirty look.

      VAMPIRE: What makes you think I'd bargain with you?

      ANDY: What makes you think we're bargaining?

      The VAMPIRE spins and tosses the MAN at BUFFY, who catches him in her arms before stumbling backwards. The MAN looks up at her in awe.

      MAN: Mother of god?

      VAMPIRE: Slayers? Rumors said you were extinct!

      ANDY: I guess not.

      ANDY charges the VAMPIRE but swerves out of the way before hitting into her. She leaps up against the wall and lands on a crate of wooden boxes which shatter beneath her. Reaching down, she snatches up a splinter of wood and jumps at the VAMPIRE with her foot extended. ANDY's heel smashes into the VAMPIRE's jaw while ANDY jams the stake into the demon's chest. As ANDY's foot connects with the opposite wall, the VAMPIRE falls to dust. ANDY lands on her feet and turns around. Her jaw drops in shock. Parked at the mouth of the alley is a police car with two OFFICERS standing with their guns drawn on both ANDY and BUFFY.

      OFFICER 1: Put your hands up and nobody gets hurt.

      BUFFY begins to panic with ANDY.


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        ACT III

        FADE IN


        The coloring is the same gray and fiery scheme as before and keeps the same blurriness/softness as in the previous scenes at the cabin. We find the Bronze empty as WILLOW and TARA dash through the front door.

        WILLOW: How?How can this be? This place was destroyed when Sunnydale became a crater!

        TARA: But the Bronze still exists in both of our memories. I tapped into those memories and brought us here.

        WILLOW: This is so weird.

        WILLOW stops moving and TARA spins around.

        TARA: We have to keep moving. She'll know we left and will probably come and find us here.

        WILLOW: But?Is this real?

        TARA: No. It's in your head. The spells you have cast strained your subconscious to the point that you fell into a coma. This?this is all by your control.

        WILLOW: So nothing is the truth in here? Not even you?

        TARA grabs WILLOW gently by the wrists.

        TARA: I'm real. Like I said, I'll always live through you.

        WILLOW's face falls into a saddened expression as she looks towards the door.

        WILLOW: But her?Natalie. Is that really her? Is she really evil?

        TARA: You seem to think so and that has projected her into your dream.

        There's a rumbling noise her around the Bronze and it echoes off each wall.

        TARA (Cont'd): She's here?

        The doors are blown inwards and NATALIE holds up a shotgun.

        NATALIE: Don't run this time.

        NATALIE fires. TARA, acting on instinct, holds up both hands and creates a blue shield around both her and WILLOW. She winces in pain as the bullets bounce off the pulsing energy. She then collapses on the floor.

        TARA: Willow!

        NATALIE walks slowly towards the two witches.

        TARA (Cont'd): Stay away!

        She snaps her head to the side, causing invisible magic to send NATALIE flying to the side. NATALIE slides across the floor and slams into the wall. WILLOW's eyes open slowly.

        WILLOW: We need to get out of here.

        TARA: If we split up, she won't get both of us.

        WILLOW: I won't leave you. Not again.

        TARA places a hand on WILLOW's cheek.

        TARA: We have to. I can't let you die. Not now. Even if that means having you let go of me.

        WILLOW's eyes are glassy, she's holding back tears.

        WILLOW: I'll always love you.

        TARA smiles.

        TARA: I love you, too.

        She kisses WILLOW on the forehead and helps her to her feet.

        TARA (Cont'd): Be safe.

        WILLOW smiles, a tear rolling down her cheek, and runs off hesitantly. TARA turns to face NATALIE ? who is now standing and has her shotgun raised.

        NATALIE: Bring it on, Witch.

        NATALIE grins and pumps the gun.

        CUT TO:


        FAITH rolls her head around. She is no longer gagged, nor is she blindfolded. Only the chains keep her from moving. She looks around the room, looking for something though we don't know what it is.

        DEMON GIRL (OS): This is hell on earth.

        FAITH stares in the direction that the voice came from as the DEMON GIRL steps out of the shadows. Her eyes a all black, her skin a pale teal color, and open cuts allow for blood to drip down her face, neck, arms, and legs. She wears a dirty white dress and has her hair pulled back in a bun.

        FAITH: Who are you?

        DEMON GIRL: A prisoner. Just like you.

        FAITH: Why would they keep one of their own down here?

        DEMON GIRL: I'm not one of them. They're different.

        FAITH: They don't seem so different compared to you.

        Unexpectedly, the DEMON GIRL appears right in FAITH's face.

        DEMON GIRL: I suggest you take that back.

        FAITH: You don't scare me.

        DEMON GIRL: I may not, but they do. You are intimidated by them. They have defeated you and you're afraid that they can kill you, as well.

        FAITH: Get out of my face.

        As fast as she appeared, the DEMON GIRL disappears back into the shadows.

        DEMON GIRL (OS): You cannot deny the truth. It lurks. It hurts. It kills.

        FAITH glares around, looking for the DEMON GIRL.

        DEMON GIRL (OS): It can also save you.

        The DEMON GIRL's last words echo around the chambers as FAITH angrily pulls at the chains.

        CUT TO:


        BUFFY is sitting on one of the bunk beds while ANDY has her face pressed against the bars of the cell.

        BUFFY: I hate you.

        ANDY spins around.

        BUFFY (Cont'd): You convinced me to leave the warehouse and that's why we're here; because you got us caught.

        ANDY: You chose to leave, too. It's not just my fault.

        BUFFY: Yeah but I wasn't the one who killed the vampire.

        ANDY holds up both hands.

        ANDY: Can you not use the word "killed" in a police station? Especially when talking to me.

        BUFFY: Just shut up.

        BUFFY tries to lie down on the stiff bed. ANDY turns back to the bars. We see GRANT walking down the hallway.

        ANDY: Grant? Grant!

        GRANT stops in front of their cell.

        ANDY (Cont'd): What is going on? They don't have enough proof to hold us here.

        GRANT: The officers saw you kill that thing. Whatever it was, it was murder.

        ANDY: We were saving that man!

        GRANT: Vigilance is also frowned upon by the government.

        ANDY frowns.

        GRANT (Cont'd): Look, I'm sorry. I don't want you to be here, trust me. But you have to be here.

        ANDY: Why is that?

        GRANT looks down at his feet.

        GRANT: We have surveillance footage of the two of you, along with two unknown people, attacking Elizabeth Holloway only a week before she was murdered. We can also link (Talking about Buffy) her to the death of a man in Rome a few months ago.

        BUFFY perks up.

        ANDY: So we're suspects in a murder case?

        GRANT: I don't think you did it. But I think you know who did.

        ANDY looks back at BUFFY.

        BUFFY: When can we get let out of here?

        GRANT: When you're no longer connected to either death.

        BUFFY: Which could be never? Great.

        GRANT: What does that mean?

        ANDY steps in.

        ANDY: She doesn't mean anything. She was just talking about the fact that the legal system can take a while.

        GRANT nods.

        GRANT: I'm not supposed to do this but if you need anything, just call for me. You may be in jail, but I can still care about your wellbeing.

        ANDY smiles.

        ANDY: Thank you.

        GRANT walks off and BUFFY grins. ANDY doesn't even look back at BUFFY, but jabs her thumb in BUFFY's direction.

        ANDY (Cont'd): Shut up.

        BUFFY continues to grin.

        CUT TO:

        LYNN is sitting behind her desk with the lamp on. She is reading a book when the door to her office opens. GREG enters and LYNN looks up.

        LYNN: Mister Carlisle?

        GREG nods.

        GREG: Missus Holloway.

        LYNN: It's Miss Holloway and you can call me Lynn.

        GREG: Yes ma'am.

        LYNN: It's not ma'am either. (Beat) Sit down.

        GREG complies.

        LYNN (Cont'd): My daughter told me a lot about you.

        GREG: I am not surprised.

        LYNN: None of it was good. Because my daughter never spoke highly of you, I won't bother to either.

        LYNN stands up behind her desk.

        LYNN (Cont'd): I need to know about the last time you saw Elizabeth and I need to know it all.

        GREG shakes his head.

        GREG: I'm afraid I cannot do that.

        LYNN: You have to or else you won't leave this building.

        GREG looks down.

        GREG: What I tell you is in the strictest confidentiality. It cannot be repeated anywhere else but here.

        LYNN: I understand.

        GREG takes a deep breath and begins.

        CUT TO:


        NATALIE and PAIGE are standing just outside the large building that is known as the chambers. NATALIE is dressed in a black turtleneck and long black pants that flare out at the bottom. Her hair hangs loose and black eye shadow emphasizes her eyes. PAIGE, on the contrary, is wearing a white outfit with black pinstripes. The two are silent for no obvious reason.

        NATALIE: She doesn't know who her captors are, right?

        PAIGE nods.

        PAIGE: She's seen our faces but don't know our names. There's no way she could.

        NATALIE: I don't care about you. She can't know who I am. She can't see me, either.

        PAIGE steps in front of the closed door, as if to protect NATALIE's identity even though FAITH couldn't see anything in the darkness of the chambers and especially everything on the other side of the door.

        PAIGE: She can't and won't. Trust me.

        NATALIE: Has there been any form of contact made from the other side yet?

        PAIGE: No. Not yet. Are you really expecting one?

        NATALIE: Not at all. They're gonna make the first move and it won't be as friendly as a letter or a phone call. They'll contact us and they'll come kicking and screaming.

        JARED (OS): Who'll come kicking and screaming?

        NATALIE turns herself from the pelvis up to look back at JARED, who is approaching them slowly.

        NATALIE: The other Slayers.

        JARED: Ah, yes. What should we be prepared for?

        NATALIE: The witch is in a magic induced coma because she was too weak to handle casting two spells in a row. I'd imagine that the vampire would be left behind to protect the girls that remain in the warehouse. The only threat I would get ready for is Andy and Buffy.

        JARED smiles.

        JARED: We'll be ready for them.

        NATALIE: Good because I have to leave.

        NATALIE starts off down the dirt road. The camera remains stationary but focuses on NATALIE.

        NATALIE (Cont'd): Remember not to leave the name of your boss or you won't say another word.

        She disappears into the darkness.

        CUT TO:


        ANDY is sitting in the corner of the cell while BUFFY is pacing the floor near the bunk beds. There's the jingle of keys before a guard walks down the hallway to the door.

        GUARD: You're out of here.

        ANDY jumps to her feet.

        ANDY: Wait, what? Why?

        GUARD: Miss Lynn Holloway brought evidence to us that we didn't have previously. You two are off the case.

        He opens the door to the cell.

        BUFFY: What about what those two cops saw?

        GUARD: They admitted that they made the whole thing up. (Beat) Look, do you want to get out of here or not, ladies?

        ANDY: Oh hell yes!

        She rushes out of the cell with BUFFY two steps behind.

        CUT TO:


        ANDY and BUFFY come out of a backroom and enter the offices of the station.

        BUFFY: Why would those cops say they made up what they saw?

        ANDY: I don't know but I'm not gonna start asking questions.

        We see ANDY's gaze shift to a certain desk near the window before looking in the direction of a red headed woman. The woman turns around and turns out to be LYNN. LYNN excuses herself from the desk where she was talking with a detective and hurries over to ANDY and BUFFY. Her facial expression is sad and angry while still giving off a hopeful vibe.

        ANDY: Are you Lynn Holloway?

        LYNN: Yes and I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry that you got caught up in this mess.

        ANDY nods and smiles.

        ANDY: Thank you for getting us out of it. Though I'm not sure why they let us out, in all honesty.

        LYNN looks down at the ground before locking eye contact with ANDY.

        LYNN: I have made a new discovery. One that is making me rethink what has happened in the past week. It's changed my way of thinking on a lot of things and that's why I needed to apologize to you.

        BUFFY: But we should still be in jail.

        LYNN leans closer to BUFFY.

        LYNN: Money goes a long way. Consider it my gift to you. My way of asking for forgiveness.

        ANDY: There's no reason for you to want forgiveness from us. You've done nothing wrong.

        LYNN: But I can't help but feel like I'm responsible for this whole incident. Thank god you were only in here for a few hours. If it were longer I think I'd have gone insane, in your place.

        ANDY smiles.

        ANDY: I know how you feel. (Beat) Thank you, again, for helping us out. We appreciate it greatly.

        LYNN: You're very welcome.

        ANDY and LYNN shake hands before ANDY and BUFFY leave the offices. LYNN smiles happily and walks over to the desk she was at previously.


        END OF ACT III
        wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!



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          ACT IV

          FADE IN


          The same coloring and blurriness as in all the other scenes in the "coma." The camera pans across the top level of the Bronze before locking onto a form in the darkness. It is WILLOW scrunched up in a ball, hiding in the shadows of the balcony. She peers between the bars of the railing to see the bottom floor but there is no activity, no movement, or anything at all. WILLOW slowly gets to her feet, keeping herself hidden in the darkness, and takes slow steps out onto the balcony. As she takes her first few steps, we hear sound of a blade scrapping against metal coming from behind WILLOW. She spins around and we see nothing behind her. WILLOW takes a few steps back before turning and screaming. NATALIE stands a foot in front of her, grinning and holding the gun to WILLOW's head.

          NATALIE: Stupid girl.

          NATALIE's grip tightens on the handle of the gun. WILLOW, however, punches NATALIE across the face. The gun fires but the bullet flies off into the distance, shattering a light fixture. WILLOW takes advantage of NATALIE's downtime to run down the stairs to the bottom floor. NATALIE moans and takes off after her.

          CUT TO:


          WILLOW dashes towards the pool tables with NATALIE just coming down the stairs. NATALIE fires the gun and WILLOW leaps to the floor and slides towards the tables.

          NATALIE: You can't hide from me. Especially not under the tables.

          TARA (OS): Leave her alone.

          NATALIE whirls around and sees TARA staring back at her. TARA's eyes are pure white and she seems to be glowing.

          NATALIE: How about no?

          TARA holds up her palms so they face NATALIE as white energy swirls around them.

          TARA: You have no leverage here. This isn't your place to be in.

          NATALIE: Neither do you. You're a spirit, nothing more than that.

          NATALIE points a finger at WILLOW.

          NATALIE (Cont'd): She's the one who created this mess. She's the one who'll die for doing so.

          TARA: You won't kill her.

          NATALIE: See, I'd rather kill you.

          NATALIE blinks once and her eyes are taken over by darkness. She holds up an open hand and then clenches it into a fist. TARA's glowing aura disappears as she seemingly chokes.

          NATALIE (Cont'd): But seeing as you're already dead, I don't think you'll be that much of a problem.

          With a flick of her wrist, TARA is thrown across the ground and smashes through the tables. NATALIE's attention turns back to WILLOW?who is no longer where she was before.

          NATALIE (Cont'd): Dammit.

          We see WILLOW running near the wall to NATALIE's left. WILLOW stops at TARA's side and kneels down next to her. TARA's eyes are closed and she isn't breathing.

          WILLOW: What did you do to her?

          NATALIE: I didn't kill her if that's what you're thinking. Like I said, I can't kill her. I can only remove her from this state of being.

          Tears run down WILLOW's cheeks as her pupils begin to dilate, filling her entire eye. She slowly gets to her feet and glares in NATALIE's direction.

          WILLOW: Does that mean I can remove you, too?

          Lightning forms around WILLOW as NATALIE smirks.

          CUT TO:


          We see a black van parked in the center of the parking lot. There is no sign of life inside due to the black windows. The camera pans around towards the doors to Slayer Central where we see BRETT leaning against the doorway. SPIKE is on the opposite side though they're both staring out at the van. They step inside and slide the door shut behind them.

          CUT TO:


          BRETT locks the door as SPIKE makes his way towards ANDY, BUFFY, and NATALIE ? who are all standing in the center of the room.

          BRETT: This is freakin' ridiculous. I thought you said that they don't think you're involved anymore?

          ANDY: I don't know. I guess these guys didn't get the memo.

          NATALIE: Maybe they don't want to get the memo. Maybe they're sure something weird is going on.

          ANDY: That's crazy.

          NATALIE: I don't think it's that crazy. I mean, two cops saw you kill a vampire. That's a little suspicious, if you ask me.

          ANDY: Okay, Debbie Downer, you may have a point. But Lynn said we were off the case.

          NATALIE: I'm just saying.

          ANDY: Yeah, well I'm just saying as well, tall, dark, and gothic one.

          BUFFY steps inbetween the two of them.

          BUFFY: So, now that we've got our powers back?

          BRETT: And you're not wearing orange jumpsuits.

          BUFFY: How do we rescue Faith?

          ANDY: I say Spike, you, and I go. It'll be a stronger offense.

          BUFFY and SPIKE nod, but NATALIE replies calmly.

          NATALIE: No.

          ANDY looks at her oddly.

          ANDY: Qu??

          NATALIE: Brett and I can't protect all of these girls if someone attacks here. Spike should stay behind to help if something does happen.

          ANDY shrugs.

          ANDY: Fine. Spike will stay and Buffy and I will go alone. But if I get killed, you're so going down with me.

          NATALIE: Deal.

          ANDY: I just want to grab something before we leave.

          BUFFY nods and ANDY runs off to the office.

          BUFFY: I'll be in the car.

          BRETT: Are you sure you know where to go?

          BUFFY: Not really.

          BRETT: That could be a problem.

          ANDY comes back over to them.

          ANDY: We'll follow the demons. They'll lead us there.

          BRETT: Okay then. Good luck with that.

          NATALIE: I'll be in the office then.

          SPIKE: So will I. Got nothing better to do.

          NATALIE has a strange expression on his face when she looks at SPIKE and heads towards the office. BUFFY goes outside, leaving ANDY and BRETT alone.

          BRETT: Be safe.

          ANDY: When am I never? (Beat) Should I rephrase that?

          BRETT smiles and kisses ANDY on the forehead.

          BRETT: I love you.

          ANDY: I love you, too.

          ANDY grabs a black case from near the door and stops before leaving.

          ANDY (Cont'd): And if I do end up dead, promise me something.

          BRETT: What?

          ANDY: Practice abstinence.

          BRETT laughs and ANDY leaves.

          CUT TO:


          ANDY and BUFFY approach the large OGRE who now stands in front of the entrance to the black market. ANDY is holding the black case while BUFFY has her arms folded across her chest.

          OGRE: Who are you and what business do you have here?

          BUFFY: We're vampires and need to do a little trading.

          ANDY holds up the briefcase and shakes it.

          OGRE: Prove yourselves.

          BUFFY: What are you talking about?

          OGRE: Prove to me that you are what you say you are. The last time I let a vampire through these doors, she turned out to be a Slayer.

          Unexpectedly, a dagger flies through the air and penetrates the OGRE's chest. He falls to the ground, dead. We see ANDY's hand up in the air after having thrown the dagger.

          ANDY: He talked too much.

          ANDY and BUFFY breeze to the entrance and enter, seeing as it was left unlocked while under the OGRE's guard.

          CUT TO:


          We get an aerial shot of ANDY and BUFFY weaving through the masses of people who mingle through the shops. There are vampires, demons, and other evil creatures about. ANDY and BUFFY clearly stand out amongst them all due to their clothing, higher level of hygiene, and stature. The camera lowers down to their level again as a hand flies out in front of the two of them. SUMMER appears to be the owner.

          SUMMER: Well I'll be damned. If it isn't two more Slayers.

          The crowd buzzes, shocked.

          ANDY: I think you're confused, little girl. Let us through.

          SUMMER: Not gonna happen.

          ANDY: Fine then. We didn't want to have to start some trouble, but you've left us no choice. We're vampires here on business. I don't know why you have this screwed up idea we're Slayers but I don't like it.

          ANDY punches SUMMER in the jaw and she falls to the ground. ANDY stands over her, menacingly.

          ANDY (Cont'd): Now you're gonna take us to where that Slayer's being held. We've got something to tend to with her.

          SUMMER spits on ANDY's shoes. ANDY simply brings up her foot and it connects with SUMMER's face once more.

          ANDY (Cont'd): Then we'll do this the hard way.

          ANDY bends over and picks SUMMER up by the throat and pushes her out in front of BUFFY and herself. She then reaches to her pocket and pulls out another dagger, which she presses to the back of SUMMER's neck.

          ANDY (Cont'd): Get moving, bitch, or else you're dead.

          SUMMER complies angrily and moves quickly in the direction of the chambers with BUFFY and ANDY right behind her.

          CUT TO:


          The doors creak open and we see ANDY's, BUFFY's, and SUMMER's silhouettes in the doorway. ANDY's hand raises and snaps back down on the back of SUMMER's neck and she falls to the ground unconscious. ANDY and BUFFY then walk into the chambers cautiously. No one is around, as they soon notice, and ANDY takes the lead in running to the back of the room, hunting for FAITH. As BUFFY falls behind, looking more carefully, a hand flies out of the shadows and closes around her mouth. The glow of orange energy is seen and we see ELLA as BUFFY's attacker. ANDY keeps moving, oblivious of what happened, until she finds FAITH ? who perks up and looks afraid.

          FAITH: What are you doing here?

          ANDY: We're here to save you because you're absolutely retarded.

          FAITH: Who's ?we're?'

          ANDY: Me and?

          ANDY looks over her shoulder for BUFFY, who's not there.

          ANDY (Cont'd): Buffy?

          A buzzer sounds and the cell doors, keeping the demons inside their cages open. The demons within leap out like monkeys and land on the floor as the lights come back on. We see ELLA holding BUFFY, PAIGE with her hand glowing, and JARED, who's staring them down threateningly.

          JARED: And the fools rush in.

          FAITH (To Andy): It was a trap all along.

          ANDY (To Faith): Obviously.

          JARED: I'm so glad you could join us here, too bad it's the last time we'll see each other. The demons will rip you apart before you even breathe. There's one way out of here and you won't find it before your blood spills.

          ELLA throws BUFFY forwards.

          JARED (Cont'd): Best of luck to you three.

          ELLA, PAIGE, and JARED disappear in a flash of light and demons begin to growl.

          ANDY (To Buffy): Grab a chain!

          BUFFY runs over to them and does as ANDY say. Together, they pull the chains out of the wall, freeing FAITH ? who shakes her wrists and stands up.

          FAITH: ?Bout damn time.

          ANDY: Any ideas, girls?

          BUFFY: Not this time.

          FAITH: I think I might know, but it's a long shot. Find the little girl and kill her.

          ANDY: That definitely is a long shot. Why would that help?

          FAITH: They allowed her to be out of the cage so they must've had her under some sort of control. I think she controls them.

          BUFFY: Kill the master, kill the pawns?

          ANDY: Mama likey. (Beat) Get going. I'll find the girl.

          FAITH and BUFFY run into the crowd of demons as ANDY drops to her knees and opens the brief case. We see that FAITH's red bow weapon is inside and ANDY assembles it before standing. In the crowd, FAITH swings the heavy chains that are shackled to her, beheading demons or choking others. One of them wraps around a demon's throat and FAITH tugs, hard, on it, pulling the demon through the air and into the crowd. BUFFY, on the other hand, has two long daggers in hand while kicking at the demons. ANDY fires arrows into the demons that confront her, though her concentration is on finding the DEMON GIRL.

          ANDY (Cont'd): Come out little girl. Don't you want some candy?

          ANDY glances towards the corner of the chambers and sees the DEMON GIRL glaring back at her.

          DEMON GIRL: I'm not a little girl.

          ANDY winces in disgust.

          ANDY: No you're not.

          She takes aim and fires an arrow which sinks into the DEMON GIRL's chest.

          DEMON GIRL: Get better aim.

          ANDY: I hit your heart!

          DEMON GIRL: Try harder.

          ANDY loads the weapon again and, this time, aims at the DEMON GIRL's forehead. The DEMON GIRL screams and runs just as ANDY fires the arrow into her head. In a burst of teal light and smoke, the DEMON GIRL disappears, dead. Spinning around, ANDY sees the same event occur as the rest of the demons die.

          ANDY: Nice long shot, Faith.

          FAITH swings the chains arrogantly and smiles.

          CUT TO:


          WILLOW has both hands raised as NATALIE writhes in pain, black energy piercing her body. NATALIE screams.

          WILLOW: How does it feel?

          NATALIE screams once more as WILLOW's hand clenches.

          WILLOW (Cont'd): Get out of my head!

          NATALIE's cries fade out as her body crumples to the ground as a burnt corpse.

          TARA (OS): What have you done?

          WILLOW spins around, her eyes reverting back to normal and sees TARA glowing behind her. Though one thing stands out the most, one thing that wasn't there before: a bloody gunshot wound on TARA's chest.

          TARA (Cont'd): Willow, you can't use magic like that. You killed her.

          WILLOW: She was evil, baby! I had to!

          TARA hangs her head.

          TARA: You can't do this anymore. Magic doesn't work like that.

          WILLOW: But it's a part of me. I can't just give it up.

          TARA: You're right, you can't. But you can't use it like this. You can't kill with it. You can't defeat someone with it.

          WILLOW: Then what good is having power if you can't use it?

          TARA frowns, as does WILLOW as she realizes the truth.

          WILLOW (Cont'd): That's why I'm here? That's what you needed to show me: that I can't use magic?

          TARA looks up at her.

          TARA: No. You're here to see what will happen if you use magic to defeat your greatest enemy: you'll lose me again.

          WILLOW: I don't want that.

          TARA: Neither do I.

          TARA's wound darkens as blood drips from it.

          TARA (Cont'd): Never forget me, Willow. Don't let anyone make you forget me.

          The glowing aura around TARA brightens, fading out her face and features, before she disappears completely.

          TARA (OS): Just hold on?

          WILLOW cries.

          FLASH TO:


          WILLOW's head flies upwards as she wakes up, sweating with tears rolling down her face. She pulls the sheets off her body and jumps out of bed, moving out the door at a brisk pace.

          CUT TO:


          The lights are off and no one is in the room. There's a knock on the door before it opens and WILLOW enters. WILLOW hurries, searching through all the drawers, boxes, and the closet in NATALIE's room. She reads through journals, pieces of papers, and stops her search when she opens the bottom drawer of NATALIE's dresser. WILLOW reaches in and pulls out a tiara. Her eyes widen in shock.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE
          wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!