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CHOSEN Episode 1.10 "Better Days"

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  • CHOSEN Episode 1.10 "Better Days"

    Episode 1.10 "Better Days"
    Written by: Me
    Co-written by: Amber (QueenC)
    Produced by: Me

    *Disclaimer: This is the fine print. The universe that "Chosen" takes place in was created by Joss Whedon and structured by his TV children "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel." Those two shows and this universe/Buffyverse is property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, and the WB and UPN television networks. All characters that are not directly from the Buffyverse are all property of me. Ask before using.

    ~ ~ ~

    ANDY (VO): Previously on "Chosen"?



    ANDY steps in front of the mats where the young Slayers are sitting.

    ANDY (VO): I opened this warehouse only because I wanted to protect all of you from a great evil. This evil wants you dead. At least, that's what we think she wants. Her nickname is "The Queen." She's killed fellow Slayers just and has kidnapped even more of them. Two days ago, we discovered that now is the time to take action. To bring down this Queen. That's why I've been pushing you all so hard this past few days. I need to get you all ready.

    CHANDRA (VO): For what, exactly?

    CUT TO:


    It's Slayer vs Slayer down in the caverns. Slayers fall to the ground while others fight right over them. We see ANDY fighting KAYLA

    ANDY (VO): For tonight. The big shabang. The be all, end all. Tonight, we'll raid the caves where the Queen is keeping Slayers hostage and we'll take down this threat.

    CUT TO:


    ELIZABETH and ANDY are fighting. ELIZABETH has two swords in her hands while ANDY is trying to dodge them.

    ELIZABETH: You can't keep doing this all night. You'll get tired pretty damn quickly.

    ANDY yelps with pain as ELIZABETH punches her in the gut, sending her flying through the air and smashing into the wall. ANDY slumps onto the ground. ELIZABETH grins.

    ELIZABETH (Cont'd): Are we done now?

    ANDY: Not quite.

    She hurls the dagger through the air and watches as it stabs ELIZABETH in the heart. ELIZABETH's eyes widen in shock as she screams. We cut directly to when ELIZABETH falls to the ground, dead.

    ANDY (Cont'd): I never get tired.

    CUT TO:


    The lights go out on BRETT, SPIKE, DIANNA, and the group of girls. They come back on to reveal the offices have transformed into a mausoleum.

    BRETT: This is strange.

    DIANNA: I guess she's dead.

    BRETT: Who's dead?

    DIANNA: The woman who disguised this place from the beginning.

    CUT TO:


    DIANNA (VO): It's over now. You can burn this place to the ground for all I care.

    BRETT, SPIKE, and the group of Slayers watch as the mausoleum that once was CELESTIAL CENTER burns.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY, FAITH, BUFFY, SPIKE, and BRETT are in the office.

    ANDY: We found a way to stop the evil Slayers.

    SPIKE: Why would we need to stop them? It's the bloody Queen we want dead.

    BRETT: I was thinking the same thing.

    BUFFY: That's what we thought until Willow got a vision from the Locator Spell.

    SPIKE: What did she see?

    FAITH: Dead Slayers. Everywhere.

    ANDY: So now our goal is to stop this war before it even begins.

    BRETT: And how do you plan on doing that?

    ANDY looks to the other two Slayers, who lower their heads.

    CUT TO:


    WILLOW sits in the middle of a circle of burning white candles. She has the Slayer Scythe before her.

    ANDY (VO): To destroy the Slayer Essence.

    There's a bright flash of white light as WILLOW is caught in the middle of a roaring, white vortex. FAITH flies through the air and lands on the ground as the air pulses with white energy.

    WILLOW (Shouting): I beseech of you!

    The scene is flooded with white light.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY, BUFFY, and the Slayers continue fighting as the white light pours down into the hall like water in a rapid. In a moment, everything is white.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY: We have to do this.

    NATALIE: And I won't be there.

    ANDY and BRETT both look at her, confused.

    CUT TO:


    NATALIE (VO): I'm leaving.

    NATALIE looks towards the door to make sure that no one is coming before opening a drawer by her bed. She pulls a silver tiara from its contents. The crown is embedded with blood colored jewels and has an elaborate gold trim. NATALIE smiles at it and places it in her suitcase.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY walks towards the bed where two candles are lit on the windowsill.

    ANDY: But at least that's over and I can be with you now.

    She slips under the covers and wraps her arms around an unknown figure. She leans up and blows out the candles, casting the room into darkness.





    SPIKE is sitting in one of the chairs, watching the news on the TV. BUFFY is on the floor next to him. We hear the NEWSWOMAN who is on the TV.

    NEWSWOMAN: The investigation into the burning of the Howard Mausoleum is ongoing and the police do not seem to have any firm leads. Whether it was an act of vandalism against the city or even a terrorist attack, the city officials are still looking into the possibilities.

    BUFFY: Is it even vandalism if you set a place on fire?

    SPIKE: Bloody unlikely.

    SPIKE grabs the remote and turns off the TV.

    SPIKE (Cont'd): The media's full of twits nowadays.

    BUFFY laughs and gets to her feet.

    BUFFY: This is very weird.

    SPIKE: What is?

    BUFFY: Being a normal person. But it feels like we erased an entire chunk of our lives by doing what we did.

    SPIKE nods.

    SPIKE: Reasonable.

    BUFFY: At least we can live normal lives now without running off to fight vampires.

    She walks towards the door.

    SPIKE: Where are you going?

    BUFFY: Shopping, obviously.

    She leaves the office.

    CUT TO:


    We see clothing scattered on the floor as we pan up to reveal ANDY sleeping in her bed. The sheets are ruffled but she has one pulled up around her. We don't see behind her. We only get a shot of her front side and nothing else. Slowly, she wakes up and looks up at the clock. It reads "10:32 AM." She huffs and rolls her eyes. ANDY then starts to sit up and we see a skin colored shape behind her but it remains out of focus. When she sits upright, the scene comes into focus and we see that it was only a pillow behind her. ANDY looks over her shoulder and sees a note on the pillow. She grabs it and reads it: "Get ready. I'm taking you out to breakfast." She smiles.

    ANDY: I love this man.

    She slaps the paper back down on the pillow and gets to her feet. As ANDY stands, she pulls the sheet around her so it remains tightly in place and walks to her closet. She opens the doors and looks inside. We hear a door open and then close. Someone then taps ANDY on the shoulder and she turns around. We see BRETT, wearing a towel, standing behind her.

    BRETT: Hello there.

    ANDY smiles and kisses him.




    Jennifer Garner as Andrea "Andy" Sullivan
    Maggie Grace as Natalie Price
    Aubrey Dollar as Elizabeth Holloway
    Ryan Reynolds as Brett Stewart
    James Marsters as Spike
    And Eliza Dushku as Faith

    Special Guest Stars:

    Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers
    Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg

    Guest Starring:

    Dina Meyer as Lynn Holloway
    Tina Majorino as Kayla Kaas
    David Anders as Gregory Carlisle
    Chandra Wilson as Dianna Preston
    Bradley Cooper as Grant Morrison
    Idina Menzel as Paige Santos
    Rose McGowan as Ella Karen
    Justin Theroux as Jared Satyr
    Lynsey Bartilson as Kris
    Kaley Cuoco as Summer
    Alexander Brown as Inspector Travis Delaney

    **CHOSEN is officially affiliated with RAVEN, created by Alex (Master Brown) and Travis (DigitalLeonardo), and SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS, created by Travis (DigitalLeonardo).

    Edited by: QueenC (Amber)
    wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!


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    ACT I



    BUFFY and WILLOW are walking down the sidewalk, shopping bags in hand. The sky is cloudy, threatening to rain on them, but the two keep walking. They seem happy though we can see that they're both holding back emotions. BUFFY stops walking and points into a store's window.

    BUFFY: Oh looky! They sell pretty handbags!

    WILLOW: We are in New York City, Buffy.

    BUFFY: Doesn't change the fact that they're pretty.

    WILLOW laughs.

    WILLOW: No it doesn't.

    BUFFY: How are you feeling?

    WILLOW glances at her, confused.

    BUFFY (Cont'd): After the other day. How are you feeling?

    WILLOW: A little shaky. (Beat) Okay, very shaky but that's expected! I cast some serious mojo. I still feel all tingly all over.

    BUFFY: Sorry to hear that?

    WILLOW: No, it's spiffy. It's like a buzz that fades out over a few days. It happened when I gave the Slayers powers so it's obvious that it'd happen again? (Beat) When I took them away.

    BUFFY puts a hand on WILLOW's shoulder.

    BUFFY: Will, I know it's weird for you.

    WILLOW: It's not weird. It's? wrong. I feel like we're being cruel people by taunting those girls with amazing power only to take it away?

    BUFFY: Because they were being used by a powerful evil lady. We did the right thing.

    WILLOW: I doubt it. Even you, Faith, and Andy are powerless. There's no one left to protect the other Hellmouths an definitely no one to help those people who get attacked by vampires.

    BUFFY: Angel's still out there.

    WILLOW: That's one person.

    BUFFY: And Spike is helping. You can, too.

    WILLOW: I can help? I think I've done enough.

    BUFFY wraps her arm around WILLOW.

    BUFFY: Will shopping make you feel better?

    BUFFY pushes through a glass door and enters a store with WILLOW.

    CUT TO:


    The duo enter the store and breeze towards the shoe department. BUFFY and WILLOW are browsing when WILLOW spots a pair of sparkly, red shoes.

    WILLOW: Oh, aren't they gorgeous?

    She holds them in front of BUFFY. BUFFY raises an eyebrow.

    BUFFY: Alright, Dorothy.

    WILLOW: But Dorothy killed the Witch! I'm the Witch! (Beat) Except for I'm not evil?anymore.

    She sighs, and frowns.

    WILLOW: (cont'd) Well, I like them.

    With that, she sets the shoes back where they were. They continue to walk around the shop. When they get to the section of the store where the high heels are BUFFY picks up a pair of black ones.

    BUFFY: These are nice.

    WILLOW: Yeah, and the best shoes to be wearing for slaying vampires!

    BUFFY gives her a look of annoyance.

    WILLOW: (cont'd) Hey, if you can insult my shoes, I can insult yours.

    BUFFY: It's not like I'll be slaying vampires anytime soon, remember? I can look good in these without messing up my hair.

    WILLOW: Yeah, okay. I'm getting total Cordelia flashbacks from you right now.

    BUFFY laughs and sets the shoes back down. They continue to walk through the store. BUFFY crosses her arms across her chest. WILLOW turns to her, but then looks forward again. BUFFY notices this.

    BUFFY: What is it?

    WILLOW turns to BUFFY again.

    WILLOW: Well, it's just?I miss this. You know, the best friend things we used to do together. It's been so long.

    BUFFY: Yeah?I miss it too.

    WILLOW smiles weakly.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY and BRETT walk down the stairs and into the main training room. SPIKE is there.

    SPIKE: I'm catching on to you two.

    ANDY looks at BRETT, panicked.

    BRETT: Really?

    SPIKE: Oh yeah.

    BRETT pushes ANDY slightly to get her to keep walking. ANDY complies and steps down onto the floor. She then moves towards SPIKE.

    BRETT: And what are you catching on to?

    SPIKE: Oh you know.

    ANDY steps behind SPIKE.

    BRETT: No, I don't. Tell me.

    SPIKE starts to explain but falls to his knees after ANDY elbows him in the back.

    SPIKE: Oh you bloody wanker!

    He glares up at BRETT.

    BRETT: You caught on to the fact that I was distracting you? Wait, then you wouldn't be on the floor right now.

    SPIKE: Do I care? Not bloody likely. You know full well what I'm talking about.

    BRETT shrugs.

    BRETT: Not really.

    BRETT grins and walks over to ANDY's side. They walk out the door but the camera remains stationary. ANDY is shaking her first.

    ANDY: God that hurt.

    SPIKE looks back over his shoulder, shakes his head, and struggles to get to his feet.

    CUT TO:


    KAYLA exits the diner and heads towards the street. Next to her is another girl, KRIS ? teenager, red hair, and pale skin. Her skin is scratched and bruised like KAYLA's ? which leads us to believe she was a Slayer who fought alongside the Queen. Police sirens are heard in the distance but they continue walking.

    KRIS: You've been quiet recently.

    KAYLA: I know.

    KRIS: Why?

    KAYLA rolls her eyes and moves faster to get ahead of the other girl.

    KAYLA: Does it matter?

    KRIS: I don't know. You tell me.

    KAYLA: Listen, I get that you care about what I'm dealing with right now and that you're worried about me. Thanks for that. You seriously do feel like a sister to me because of it. But some of the things I'm going through are better off left private, trust me.

    KRIS: Sure, whatever. Just don't start cutting yourself, because that's just so un-cool.

    They share a laugh and keep walking.

    KRIS (Cont'd): Where do we go now?

    KAYLA: What do you mean?

    KRIS: Well, the other chick's raided the compound already and there's nothing left for us to do. The Queen fled and now we're left here to clean up her mess.

    KAYLA: It's not that big of a mess.

    KRIS: Who are you kidding?

    KAYLA: Okay, fine. It's a huge mess. But I know we'll get through this. All of us will. (Beat) Did you tell the other girls where to go?

    KRIS: The only ones left standing, you mean?

    KAYLA: Yeah, that's what I mean.

    KRIS: Of course I did. I told them their mission statement and where to meet up once the job's done. We'll have more girls in no time.

    KAYLA: Good, because when the Queen comes back she'll want more girls than ever.

    KRIS: I still don't get why she needs them.

    KAYLA: To protect everyone from the bad people in the world.

    KRIS: Much good she's been doing recently. The body count's higher than ever in the City. Haven't you seen the news?

    KAYLA: Of course I've seen the news, but I haven't paid attention to it. I trust the Queen. Nothing more, nothing less.

    KAYLA stops walking and turns around, confused.

    KAYLA (Cont'd): What's the address again?

    KRIS: Hold on, I have it in my pocket.

    She reaches for her back pocket but pulls back empty handed.

    KRIS (Cont'd): Well, I had it in my pocket.

    KAYLA: You dropped the address?

    KRIS: No? (Beat) I think I just left it?

    KAYLA finishes her sentence.

    KAYLA: By the payphone. Great. Why not put up a flashing neon sign above the place saying "Slayers Here! Blow Our Doors Wide Open!" Dumbass.

    KRIS: Hey, hey! I resent that.

    The police sirens are on top of the two girls now and KAYLA turns to see a car pull up alongside the curb. A cop gets out with his gun latched to his belt.

    COP: Are you Kayla Kaas?

    KAYLA raises her hand.

    KAYLA: I am. Why?

    Another cop exits the other side of the car, this time with his gun drawn and aimed.

    COP 2: You're under arrest.

    KAYLA: For what?

    COP: For the murder of a man in Rome a few months ago.

    KRIS looks at KAYLA, shocked.

    KRIS: What are they talking about?

    KAYLA ignores her.

    COP 2: Keep your hands raised where I can see them.

    COP 2 walks over to KAYLA and pulls her arms behind her back, slapping a pair of handcuffs around her wrists.

    COP 2: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

    KRIS looks at KAYLA as COP 2 pushes her inside the car. The first COP nods in her direction and enters the vehicle. In a moment, the siren's blaring and the cop car is speeding off into the distance.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY sits across from BRETT in a booth next to a large window. They have cleared plates in front of them, both with napkins resting on top of the leftover mess. A WAITRESS comes over and grabs both plates.

    WAITRESS: I'll have your check out in a minute.

    BRETT nods.

    BRETT: Thank you.

    ANDY: I should call her.

    BRETT: Call who?

    ANDY: Natalie. I told her I'd call her when the whole big battle thingy was over. It's over. Now I call her.

    BRETT: Can't it wait until we get back to the warehouse?

    ANDY: It could, but I'd rather get it done now.

    BRETT shrugs and smiles.

    BRETT: I'll meet you outside then?

    ANDY nods and heads out of the restaurant.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY steps outside and flips open her cell phone, pressing a speed dial button, and then holding it to her ear. After a few minutes of ringing, we hear the other line pick up. NATALIE is there on the opposite end of the call.

    NATALIE (OS): Hello?

    ANDY: Nat? It's Andy.

    NATALIE squeals.

    NATALIE (OS): Halleluiah! God I don't think I can stay at my parent's house for one more day.

    ANDY: Well I'm glad I'm alive, too.

    CUT TO:


    We find NATALIE sitting on a bench before a lake. She's on her cell phone, talking with ANDY.

    NATALIE: Yeah, that too. How did things go?

    ANDY (OS): Only three major casualties on our part but there were more on the Queen's side of things.

    NATALIE: That sucks.

    ANDY (OS): We're having a special ceremony tomorrow to remember the people that were lost. If you can get back here by then you can be there, too.

    NATALIE: I'll try. (Beat) Did you do what you said you would?

    CUT TO:


    ANDY is pacing the sidewalk.

    ANDY: What do you mean? The spell? Yeah, we did.

    There's silence on the other end.

    ANDY (Cont'd): Look, I know you think that what we did was wrong but?

    NATALIE (OS): It was wrong. It was stupid, too. Did you see the news lately? Do you know how many people have died in Manhattan over the past four days? It's absolutely insane.

    ANDY: I'm sorry.

    NATALIE (OS): I know you are and I get that that was the only course of action you guys had up your sleeves.

    ANDY: Doesn't change the fact that it was careless, like you said.

    NATALIE (OS): No, it doesn't.

    ANDY: Nice. Real supportive of you, Nat.

    NATALIE (OS): Whatever. I'll try to get back to the City as soon as possible.

    ANDY: We miss you.

    NATALIE (OS): Who wouldn't?

    They laugh.

    ANDY: I'll see you soon, then.

    NATALIE (OS): You so will.

    ANDY hangs up and puts the phone in her pocket as BRETT exits the pancake house. The two walk towards the car.

    CUT TO:


    NATALIE hangs up her phone and puts it in her purse. A man, JARED SATYR, walks down the path and sits down next to her.

    JARED: Everything is ready?

    NATALIE smiles.

    NATALIE: It so is.

    JARED leans over and kisses NATALIE.

    CUT TO:


    FAITH is sitting cross-legged in the middle of the main room. Before her is a metal case that she unlocks and opens. Inside is an emerald-painted weapon that lies disassembled in the box. She pulls out each piece and pieces together the device. FAITH stands, keeping the full weapon hidden out of sight behind her before turning to face the wall to her right. She raises a large bow, equipped with a sniper-sight. An arrow is held in place by FAITH's fingers as she takes aim on a bulls eye pinned on a punching bag. A moment later, she releases and the arrow whizzes through the air, penetrating the bulls eye in the dead center.

    SPIKE (OS): Nice shot.

    FAITH turns and sees SPIKE, arms folded, standing behind her.

    FAITH: Wish you could do better?

    SPIKE: No, I know I could do better.

    FAITH: Hey, I hit the center man.

    SPIKE: Wrong again, you were off by quite a bit.

    FAITH: I. Hit. The. Center. Man.

    SPIKE laughs and shakes his head.

    SPIKE: Give me the damn thing.

    FAITH pulls away.

    FAITH: Hell no. This is my baby.

    SPIKE: Oh c'mon! What damage could I do?

    FAITH: Don't get me started.

    SPIKE rolls his eyes.

    SPIKE: Bloody drama queen, that's what you are?

    There's a rumbling sound a moment before a large demon charges through the steel door to the warehouse. He runs into SPIKE, sending him slamming into the balcony above him. The demon turns to FAITH and grins. FAITH's grip on the box tightens.

    FAITH: Damn.

    The demon throws out his fist, striking FAITH square in the chest, and knocks her backwards into the wall, never letting go of her weapon. She crumbles on the floor as rocks fall out of the wall where she seemingly left an indent from the impact. The demon continues to grin, revealing yellow and brown teeth.


    wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!



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      ACT II


      The young, former Slayers come out of their rooms and stand around the balcony while others peek out into the main room via cracks they create between their doors and the door-jam. SPIKE gets to his feet from up on the balcony and launches himself through the air, landing on the demon's back. FAITH, however, is slowly regaining consciousness and strength while moving to get back up to her feet.

      SPIKE: Son of a?

      The demon twirls around and throws SPIKE off his back. SPIKE crashes, hard, on the floor just inches from the mats. FAITH is now standing, leaning against the wall for support, and raises her bow to take aim on the demon, who's back is turned to her while he stands over SPIKE. A moment later, FAITH releases an arrow. The scene becomes a slow-mo shot as the metal weapon flies through the air and strikes the demon in the shoulder. The arrow, however, simple shatters on impact.

      FAITH: Oh sh?

      ANDY (OS): We just got this damn door fixed!

      FAITH's head jerks towards ANDY and BRETT, who stand in the doorway to Slayer central.

      ANDY (Cont'd): Who is he?

      FAITH: Demon.

      ANDY: Clearly. Why is he here?

      FAITH: Why are they ever?

      The demon spins around and runs towards ANDY.

      ANDY: Holy crap!

      ANDY screams and she leaps out of the way while BRETT does the same but in the opposite direction. They roll along the floor. The demon holds up and growls, showing his teeth again.

      BRETT: Nasty.

      ANDY: It's a shame dental hygiene wasn't introduced in the demonic world.

      ANDY shakes her head and scrambles to her feet and drops into a fighting stance. SPIKE glares at her.

      SPIKE: What exactly do you plan on doing, love? He'll pummel you into the ground before you make you first move.

      ANDY: I'm praying that I can move fast enough, honestly.

      SPIKE: Then we'll be mourning your death tomorrow as well.

      ANDY shoots him a dirty look a second before the demon's massive fist closes around her neck. The demon lifts her off the ground.

      ANDY: Help me!

      BRETT throws a punch into the demon's chest but pulls away in pain. The demon thrusts up his knee and it connects with BRETT's jaw ? which knocks him to the ground.

      SPIKE (OS): I guess it's time for me to play the hero, love.

      There's the sound of metal being hit against other pieces of metal.

      SPIKE (OS): Hey, Blocky!

      The demon spins around as SPIKE hurls a hammer over his head and smashes it down on the demon's skull. The tan skin on his body begins to fade away, revealing muscles organs the melt away as well, leaving behind a skeleton that turns to dust. ANDY drops to her knees.

      ANDY: Oww?

      SPIKE: You're welcome.

      BRETT helps FAITH over to the couch before running to get ANDY up and walking again.

      SPIKE (Cont'd): I'll just be in the office, then.

      No one replies and SPIKE, seemingly disappointed, walks off. As SPIKE falls out of focus, the camera lowers to reveal a small, golden medallion with a red jewel embedded in the center.

      CUT TO:


      CUT TO:


      CUT TO:


      CUT TO:


      "'Til Kingdom Come" by Coldplay plays throughout ELIZABETH's funeral and the Lost Slayer's memorial. We hear nothing but the music.

      Steal my heart and hold my tongue.
      I feel my time, my time has come.
      Let me in, unlock the door.
      I've never felt this way before.

      We find LYNN crying before a table that has a picture of ELIZABETH resting on it. DIANNA stands close behind.

      The wheels just keep on turning,
      The drummer begins to drum,
      I don't know which way I'm going,
      I don't know which way I've come.

      The camera pans around to reveal GREG sitting in a chair at the back of the church. A line of people are moving towards the table to say their condolences to LYNN, though he seems uninterested.

      CUT TO:


      Hold my hand inside your hands,
      I need someone who understands.
      I need someone, someone who hears,
      For you, I've waited all these years.

      The lights are out and a circle of girls stand around ANDY, FAITH, BUFFY, WILLOW, BRETT, and SPIKE. Before the five of them, and in the center of the circle, are 3 pictures and a bouquet of red roses. Everyone is holding a white candle, while ANDY, FAITH, and BUFFY hold purple ones.

      For you, I'd wait 'til kingdom come.
      Until my day, my day is done.
      And say you'll come, and set me free,
      Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me.

      CUT TO:


      LYNN is shaking hands with DIANNA while holding back tears. DIANNA turns away from LYNN and walks towards the doors, her face expressionless. The camera pans to the side to show GREG getting to his feet and following DIANNA out of the funeral home.

      In your tears and in your blood,
      In your fire and in your flood,
      I hear you laugh, I heard you sing,
      "I wouldn't change a single thing."

      The wheels just keep on turning,
      The drummers begin to drum,
      I don't know which way I'm going,
      I don't know what I've become.

      CUT TO:


      ANDY, BUFFY, and FAITH set their candles down in front of each picture. WILLOW says a few words that are unheard by us and then the candles are each blown out slowly around the room.

      For you, I'd wait 'til kingdom come,
      Until my days, my days are done.
      Say you'll come and set me free,
      Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me.
      Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me.
      Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me.

      (The song ends and sound is restored)

      CUT TO:


      DIANNA pulls out her keys and unlocks her car as GREG walks up to the passenger's door.

      GREG: Do you think the mother knows anything?

      DIANNA: No. There's no way she does.

      GREG: Why so?

      DIANNA: Because she doesn't know about Celestial Center.

      GREG nods. DIANNA sits in the driver's seat and shuts her door. GREG does the same. A moment later, the car pulls out and drives off.

      CUT TO:


      The lights come back on and the girls head to their rooms. We see some crying while others are trying to comfort them. ANDY takes a deep breath and shakes her head.

      ANDY: Damn shame.

      BUFFY: I know. They were so young.

      BRETT: There was nothing we could do to prevent their deaths. It was inevitable.

      WILLOW: We didn't have to make the first move.

      SPIKE: But waiting wouldn't have been the best option.

      FAITH: That much even I can agree with.

      ANDY holds up her hands and clenches her jaw.

      ANDY: Do we have to do this now? Right now? Can't it wait until later or tomorrow or some other time when we're not mourning the loss of several young women? Please.

      The group looks at her, shocked. ANDY shakes her head and heads towards the office.

      BUFFY: She's got a point.

      FAITH: Course she does.

      They stand quietly.

      CUT TO:


      ANDY slams the door shut behind her as she puts both hands to her forehead. She huffs and shakes her head, aggravated with herself and what happened a few days earlier. ANDY drifts out of focus when the camera locks onto a picture of her and NATALIE. In the background is a purple bird with glowing yellow eyes. It moves and flaps its wings as the camera refocuses on ANDY. She sits down in her chair behind the desk and rubs her temples again. There's a flash of purple light and the bird from within the picture soars out of picture and into the office. ANDY jumps to her feet.

      ANDY: Hello!

      The bird perches itself on top of one of the overstuff chairs opposite the desk, staring at ANDY devilishly.

      ANDY (Cont'd): Shoo, Birdy! Shoo! Shoo!

      The bird extends its wings as another flash of light appears again. When the light clears, the bird is gone and in its place is a golden dagger with a purple jewel set into the handle. The door to the office flies open and BRETT and FAITH stand in the doorway.

      BRETT: What was with the light show?

      ANDY: I have no idea. There was a bird, a raven I think, and then it was gone.

      FAITH notices the dagger and picks it up.

      FAITH: What's with this?

      ANDY shrugs.

      ANDY: I seriously have no idea whatsoever.

      BUFFY (OS): Guys, look at this.

      BUFFY enters the office and holds out the medallion that was lying on the floor after the demon was killed.

      BUFFY (Cont'd): One of the girls found it in the back corner by the stairs.

      ANDY: What is it?

      BUFFY shrugs. BRETT looks at both items.

      BRETT: They have the same inscriptions.

      The sound of struggling out in the main room is heard. BRETT, BUFFY, and FAITH turn to face the doorway.

      ANDY: What is going on out there?

      CUT TO:


      SPIKE flies through the air and slams into the wall. WILLOW throws up both hands, creating a magical, blue barrier in front of her and SPIKE. The camera spins around to reveal a woman, PAIGE SANTOS ? dark hair with two purple streaks, tan skin, golden eyes, and dressed in black leather. PAIGE holds out her palm and sends a blast of purple energy at the shield, where it bounces back towards her. She flips out of the way as the blast strikes the wall.

      PAIGE: I'll break that shield eventually.

      ANDY (OS): Good luck with that.

      PAIGE glares over at ANDY and company who exited the office.

      WILLOW: Get out of here!

      PAIGE: No, stay. This party's just getting started.

      A flash of green light appears next to PAIGE. As the light fades away, we see another woman, ELLA KAREN ? similar dark hair but with two orange streaks, pale skin, red eyes, and dressed in the same outfit as PAIGE.

      ANDY: What is this? The freakin' Dominatrix?

      ELLA: Not quite.

      ELLA flicks her wrist at ANDY and sends a blast of orange energy at her. ANDY and the group crash to the ground. PAIGE high fives ELLA.

      PAIGE: Just in time.

      ELLA: You know I'd never miss a fiasco like this one.

      PAIGE: So true.

      PAIGE grins at ELLA.

      WILLOW: Hey, bitch!

      The camera whirls around to show WILLOW, eyes now pitch black, staring them down as blue lightning glows in her palms.

      WILLOW (Cont'd): I need to RSVP.

      WILLOW sends the blue sparks at the other two women. The blasts knock them off their feet and to the floor.

      WILLOW (Cont'd): Want more?

      PAIGE: We should go, now.

      ELLA: But we'll be back, trust me.

      The two women disappear the same way to first appeared ? in colored flashes of light. WILLOW's eyes roll back to their normal color and she falls to her knees. BUFFY dashes over to her side.

      BUFFY: Oh my god, Will! Are you alright?

      WILLOW's voice is weak.

      WILLOW: I'll be fine.

      SPIKE: This is the second time I've been thrown about like a bloody rag doll. Something is clearly wrong with that.

      ANDY looks at BRETT and then FAITH, nervously.

      CUT TO:


      KAYLA sits at a silver, metal table underneath a single light. Across from her is INSPECTOR TRAVIS DELANEY ? blonde hair, mid-20's, muscular build, and dressed to kill. He has an open file before him.

      TRAVIS: Are you ready to talk now?

      KAYLA: Not quite.

      TRAVIS: You need to be ready to talk soon, then.

      KAYLA: No, I don't.

      TRAVIS sighs as the door opens. GRANT MORRISON enters holding a video.

      GRANT: I got the footage.

      TRAVIS nods.

      TRAVIS (To Kayla): Can you tell me anything about what I'm about to show you?

      KAYLA: I don't know. You haven't shown me yet.

      TRAVIS (To Grant): Put it in.

      GRANT slides the video into the VCR and turns on the TV. We see black and white footage of building with Roman architecture. GRANT fast-forwards to when a man, the IMMORTAL appears in the shot ? though his face isn't visible. A group of girls move up to him as a blonde woman that is a few years older then the girls comes to his side. After a moment's worth of talking from the IMMORTAL, we clearly see KAYLA step up in front of the group as she motions towards the IMMORTAL while talking. A second later, the girls charge him once KAYLA pulls out a gun. We see her fire at the IMMORTAL and hear the blonde woman scream as she gets away from the group, but stays in the shot. GRANT pauses the video.

      TRAVIS (Cont'd): Want to talk now?

      KAYLA hangs her head.

      KAYLA: No comment.

      TRAVIS: Well, you better find one and fast.

      He stands and leaves the room with GRANT, who grabs the file from the table and follows. KAYLA runs a hand through her hair as the camera zooms in on the video footage on the screen. We see an up-close shot of the blonde woman and see that it is BUFFY.


      wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!



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        ACT III

        FADE IN


        WILLOW sits behind the desk, typing away on the computer. Opposite her is FAITH, who is examining both items left behind by the two attacks. She runs her finger along the patterns engraved into the surface but stops at the jewel on the dagger, which she stares at in awe.

        FAITH: Damn thing must coast a fortune. Got eBay?

        WILLOW: I think selling evil trinkets is illegal.

        FAITH: We could get serious big bucks off ?em, though.

        WILLOW rolls her eyes.

        WILLOW: No. (Beat) Can I have them?

        FAITH places them down in front of WILLOW on the desk.

        FAITH: Any luck?

        WILLOW: No, not really. Though I have narrowed the amulet down to two different things. It's either: the Jewel of C'khran, from popular folk lore, or the Head of Fertility.

        FAITH: Kinky.

        WILLOW shakes her head.

        WILLOW: Something tells me it's neither. The Jewel of C'khran lacks this pretty pattern and the jewel is purple. The Head of Fertility? It's not that one.

        FAITH: A demon might wanna knock one of us up. You never know.

        She laughs and gets to her feet.

        WILLOW: So you're going to leave me here to research by my lonesome?

        FAITH: Sure.

        FAITH reaches for the door.

        WILLOW: Wait!

        FAITH spins around. WILLOW's eyes are locked onto the amulet and the dagger.

        WILLOW (Cont'd): Look at this.

        FAITH gets closer to the desk and hunches over, watching WILLOW as the moves the two items closer together.

        FAITH: What am I looking at?

        WILLOW points at the end of the dagger and the amulet before seemingly connecting them. She holds up the two, now combined, pieces.

        WILLOW: Something tells me there's a third.

        FAITH inspects the creation and notices a specific cut out in the amulet and a similar cropping in the handle of the dagger.

        FAITH: Something tells me we're in for another attack.

        WILLOW and FAITH exchange nervous glances.

        CUT TO:


        LYNN paces the floor behind her desk, wiping tears from her eyes. The curtains are drawn, casting the room into darkness, and the door is shut. A quiet knock is heard before the door opens slightly to reveal DIANNA.

        DIANNA: Miss Holloway? May I come in?

        LYNN stops pacing, wipes her eyes again, and opens the door completely for DIANNA.

        LYNN: Of course you can. What can I do for you?

        DIANNA: I was just checking in to make sure you were alright. Losing a loved one is extremely hard. Losing a daughter is beyond my imagination.

        LYNN nods solemnly.

        LYNN: I can't seem to let go of her and embrace the fact that she's gone. It's just so hard.

        DIANNA: I know, I know. (Beat) I wanted to talk to you about Elizabeth, actually, but I wanted to make sure you were holding up before I brought this issue to your attention.

        LYNN: I can deal with it. What is the issue?

        DIANNA closes the door behind her as LYNN leads her to the chairs. DIANNA leans against one, making a motion that means she doesn't want to sit.

        DIANNA: I'm sorry if this is insensitive, but I'm afraid I must ask: what happened to the body?

        LYNN is stunned by this question.

        LYNN: Excuse me? What does this have to do with anything?

        DIANNA: It can help me?Help us determine whether your daughter is really dead.

        LYNN: Don't be ridiculous. Elizabeth wouldn't fake her own death. She has no reason to.

        DIANNA takes a deep breath.

        DIANNA: She was experiencing some?distance from work for a few weeks before she died. I don't think anyone can eliminate the possibility that she's not really dead.

        LYNN throws up her hands.

        LYNN: Enough. I know my daughter. I know what she's capable of. Better yet, I know she knows me. She knows I can't live without her. She's my anchor in life. If Elizabeth faked her death, then she must have forgotten about me and forgotten about everything I worked for in life. Don't give me false hope that my daughter is alive. Just don't.

        DIANNA looks away.

        DIANNA: Then who found out she died if there is no body?

        LYNN looks up at her, anger in her eyes.

        CUT TO:


        ANDY sits cross-legged in the middle of the floor, soothing music playing in the background. Her eyes are closed and she's taking shallow breaths. Abruptly, the door opens and BRETT enters.

        ANDY (Singing quietly): Momma keeps whites bright as the sunshine?

        BRETT: Willow found?something. What are you doing?

        ANDY: Yoga.

        BRETT: You do yoga? Since when?

        ANDY: Since all hell broke loose and when the rule to knocking before entering was thrown out the window.

        BRETT: Sorry.

        BRETT helps ANDY to her feet.

        ANDY: Doesn't matter. You know you won't be able to get perfect serenity when you start singing the freakin' Clorox commercial in your head.

        BRETT: Is that the one with the evil bear?

        ANDY: No, it's the one where momma keeps whites bright as the sunshine. Momma's got the magic of Clorox bleach.

        BRETT tries to hold back a laugh.

        BRETT: You know that how?

        ANDY: Same way you know Snuggles.

        BRETT breaks up laughing.

        BRETT: You scary, scary woman.

        ANDY and BRETT head out the door but the camera remains stationary.

        ANDY: So why did you interrupt my singing?

        CUT TO:


        BRETT and ANDY walk across the balcony and down the stairs to reach the main room.

        ANDY: So she doesn't know what it is?

        BRETT: Not yet.

        ANDY: But she's sure we're gonna get knocked around again?

        BRETT: Pretty damn sure.

        ANDY: God this sucks. Why do I ask questions? Seriously!

        They enter the office.

        CUT TO:


        WILLOW notices ANDY and BRETT entering and goes to speak but ANDY holds up a hand.

        ANDY: I know, I know. Thingies fit together, thingies need a third thingy to make a complete thingy, third thingy gonna come via demon attack.

        WILLOW: That's what you told her?

        BRETT: No, I only used "Thingy" twice.

        WILLOW glares at him.

        ANDY: Do we know when this third demon's gonna attack?

        FAITH: Not a clue, though we know it'll be soon.

        BUFFY: I still don't get how you're so sure it'll happen soon.

        SPIKE: Because, demons don't attack in threes with large gaps inbetween. Otherwise every demon attack could be considered attacking in a group.

        BUFFY: My, Willow, how your voice has changed!

        SPIKE rolls his eyes.

        SPIKE: I know this stuff.

        ANDY: I'm not surprised.

        ANDY paces the floor.

        ANDY (Cont'd): So we've got a demon on the way, no idea who it is, and a big thingy that remains a mystery. Isn't this peachy?

        Suddenly, ANDY is thrown up against the wall by an invisible force. Simultaneously, BRETT, BUFFY, and FAITH are hurled across the room.

        SPIKE: Finally, I'm not the one getting?

        Out of nowhere, a knife whizzes through the air and sinks into SPIKE's shoulder. He spins around and lands on the desk, hard. WILLOW is left standing as books fly off the shelf and start levitating in thin air.

        WILLOW: Uh-oh?

        The books shoot towards her but WILLOW's ready. A shield instantly appears, knocking the books back at the invisible attacker.

        WILLOW (Cont'd): Done yet?

        The invisible attacker throws ANDY's limp body at WILLOW, who is knocked off her feet. Quickly, she scrambles to get up and shouts latin words at the attack.

        WILLOW (Cont'd): Exorior appareo!

        As the door to the office is blown off it's hinges, the attacker becomes visible as he runs across the doorway. He spins around.

        ATTACKER: Son of a?.

        WILLOW throws up her hands and the attacker freezes. She then walks over to his side and examines the scales on his body and wild eyes.

        SPIKE: Demon?

        WILLOW: It's a demon.

        WILLOW closes her eyes briefly and opens them to reveal fully black eyes. She tilts her head to the side and blinks again. The attacker vanishes from thin air as WILLOW's eyes revert back to normal. She winces as she moves her arm. Looking down, she sees a large cut in her forearm.

        WILLOW: Yuck, paper cut.

        BUFFY slowly stands and looks around. ANDY's unconscious, as is FAITH. BRETT, however, is just waking up.

        BUFFY: What did you do with him?

        WILLOW: Sent him away. No where nice and pleasant, though.

        ANDY (OS): Oww?

        BUFFY spins around and we see ANDY sitting up slowly, wincing with pain.

        ANDY (Cont'd): Can I emphasize the suckiness of the situation?

        SPIKE: Trying getting knocked around three times in two days. Not that fun.

        BUFFY: Did the guy leave anything behind?

        BRETT (OS): Like this?

        The camera pans over to BRETT opening a book. He holds up an arrow head.

        BRETT (Cont'd): The book was opened to this page with this as the bookmark.

        ANDY: And the plot thickens?

        WILLOW: That doesn't look like it fits into the puzzle, though.

        ANDY: Maybe it's not meant to. Maybe it plays a different role in this.

        BRETT looks up from the page.

        BRETT: I think she's right. I think the missing piece to the puzzle is right here.

        WILLOW: What do you mean?

        BRETT shows the page to them. It has "Pectus Malum Regalis" written in script across the top of a worn, yellowed page. Beneath it is a drawing of a market. To the left of the drawing is a passage written about it.

        BRETT: "Pectus Malum." Three guesses as to what that means.

        ANDY: "Trap?"

        BRETT: Close, but no cigar.

        WILLOW: I only see the ?Evil'?

        BRETT: It says ?Heart of the Evil.'

        BUFFY: What is it?

        BRETT reads more from the passage.

        BRETT: A black market, apparently. To enter you need a key, but there's no picture showing what the key looks like.

        SPIKE: I think we've got that covered already.

        He gestures towards the connected dagger and medallion on the desk.

        ANDY: What do they sell, exactly?

        BRETT: Illegal items. Ones banned by both the mortal government and the Demonic Hierarchy.

        BRETT closes the book and puts it on the desk. He gets to his feet and walks over towards the group.

        ANDY: They have their own government now? What has the world come to?

        WILLOW: But why leave behind the key?

        ANDY: I told you it screams "Trap."

        SPIKE: The question is "Who would set the trap?"

        BUFFY: The Queen.

        BRETT: But didn't we beat her already?

        ANDY: No, she's still out there. And if this is a trap, it's probably a ploy to lure us out and kill us for defeating her.

        BUFFY: We should've killed her.

        ANDY: We couldn't have.

        BRETT: So what do we do?

        WILLOW: No one can try and get into the place.

        All eyes move onto her.

        WILLOW (Cont'd): Stop look at me like that!

        ANDY: You can't say something like that and then back down from it. What are you talking about?

        WILLOW: Only Spike and I can defend everyone in this building. Sending anyone in would be suicide without either of us there to back you up.

        SPIKE: She's right. The three of you can't even hold your own in against a bloody demon.

        BUFFY: Then you'll come with us.

        WILLOW: I won't.

        ANDY: Why not? These attacks could keep on coming until we give in. People could die.

        WILLOW: People will die if we try to get infiltrate the black market anyway.

        BRETT: It's a no win situation.

        BUFFY: Will, this could be your chance to help pick up the slack with saving people. If you help us take out this Black Market, you could be saving lord knows how many people. Isn't that what you want?

        WILLOW: It is, but that doesn't mean I want to sacrifice your lives.

        They're left in silence.

        ANDY: Fine. We won't make a move. Not yet. (Beat) We should put the key somewhere safe along with the?

        ANDY turns towards the desk to grab the book and the key, but they're not there.

        ANDY (Cont'd): Book... Where are the book and the key?

        BRETT: What are you talking about?

        ANDY: I would say "Jingle-Jingle" right now but "Clank-Clank" is the more appropriate noise. Neither of them are on the desk.

        BUFFY glances back towards the wall and we see that FAITH is gone.

        BUFFY: And Faith's not here either.

        The group stares at the spot where FAITH was sitting to see that she's gone.

        CUT TO:


        FAITH is riding ANDY's motorcycle through the street. We see the key poking out of her pocket and the book is hidden under her jacket. The camera remains stationary as FAITH rides down the road.


        END OF ACT III
        wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!



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          ACT IV

          FADE IN


          TRAVIS sits with his legs up on the table while KAYLA remains silent. GRANT is drinking from a coffee mug that he refills during the silence.

          TRAVIS: A few hours can usually help people's decision making skills.

          KAYLA looks up and rolls her eyes.

          KAYLA: I'm sure it does.

          TRAVIS: Did the time help you?

          KAYLA: No.

          TRAVIS: I'll take my chances.
          KAYLA: Then go right ahead and ask me your questions. I'm not promising any answers, though.

          TRAVIS: Again, I'll take my chances.

          He opens the file again.

          TRAVIS (Cont'd): So, will you tell me why you led the group of girls that killed that man.

          KAYLA: He wasn't a man.

          TRAVIS: Then what was he?

          KAYLA: Something you wouldn't understand.

          TRAVIS: Try me.

          KAYLA: I'd rather not.

          TRAVIS takes a deep breath.

          TRAVIS: Then tell me why you killed him.

          KAYLA: Because She told me to.

          GRANT sits up in his chair.

          TRAVIS: Finally, a breakthrough.

          GRANT: Who's your boss?

          TRAVIS glares back at him. GRANT shrugs.

          KAYLA: I don't know who she is.

          TRAVIS: Yet you work for her?

          KAYLA: I know her face, not her name.

          GRANT: That's not very safe. You get told to kill a man but you don't know your boss' name incase you get busted?

          TRAVIS: Grant?

          KAYLA: I trust her.

          Their voices get louder.

          GRANT: Sometimes trust isn't good enough.

          KAYLA: Sometimes you need to do what it takes to get rid of the foul play. I'm sure you know that.

          GRANT: So murder is your way to punish the evil?

          TRAVIS: Settle down?

          KAYLA: It's the necessary precaution in Her eyes.

          GRANT: So you still stand by her even when you're facing a lifetime sentence to jail?

          TRAVIS (Shouting): Both of you shut the hell up!

          The two keep eye contact while TRAVIS attempts to intervene.

          TRAVIS (Cont'd): Will you help us find the woman you work for?

          KAYLA doesn't look away.

          KAYLA: What do I get out of it?

          TRAVIS fumbles through her file.

          TRAVIS: I'll shoot for shortening your sentence for a start.

          GRANT shoots TRAVIS a dirty look.

          GRANT: Can I talk to you outside?

          TRAVIS nods and gets to his feet, following GRANT out the door.

          CUT TO:


          TRAVIS shuts the door behind him.

          GRANT: Are you out of your mind? You can't shorten a murderer's sentence.

          TRAVIS: For all we know, she could've been forced into doing this job. If we find her boss, we may be able to prevent her getting the blame.

          GRANT: Why do you care?

          TRAVIS: Because we need her help with the Holloway case.

          GRANT stops for a minute.

          GRANT: Wait, what a "Holloway case?"

          TRAVIS: Her mother, Lynn Holloway, wants us to find out what happened to her daughter.

          GRANT: Elizabeth.

          TRAVIS: I thought you weren't following the case.

          GRANT: I wasn't, but I think I am now. How do you think this girl that we have will help us with the Holloway case?

          TRAVIS: The other woman in the video, the blonde one that was standing next to the dead man, was with Elizabeth Holloway. We have footage from a security camera that shows the blonde woman, two other girls, and two guys in a parking garage fighting. If Kaas can tell us who the woman is, we can crack two cases with one stone.

          GRANT: Where's this footage?

          TRAVIS: I have it in my office. Why?

          GRANT: I need access to it.

          TRAVIS: Fine, but why?

          GRANT: You don't wanna know.

          GRANT spins on his heels and leaves TRAVIS, who reenters the interrogation room.

          CUT TO:


          ANDY and BUFFY walk towards the center of the room from opposite directions.

          BUFFY: She's not upstairs.

          ANDY: And my keys are gone, too. (Beat) Why the hell would she go to the black market?

          BUFFY: You clearly haven't known Faith for very long. She has the habit of defying rules.

          ANDY: Well that better stop very quickly.

          BUFFY: What do we do now?

          ANDY runs her hands through her hair.

          ANDY: I have no idea.

          SPIKE (OS): She'll probably get killed.

          ANDY glances back over her shoulder at SPIKE, who is approaching the two Slayers with WILLOW and BRETT.

          ANDY: Optimism isn't really your thing, now is it?

          SPIKE: Not quite, love.

          BRETT: Now do we infiltrate the market? We can't stand on the sidelines.

          WILLOW: We can't go running to save Faith, either. We'll all get killed.

          BUFFY: We're useless.

          ANDY: That's simply put. "Powerless" is more like it.

          WILLOW lowers her head for a moment before it snaps upwards
          WILLOW: That's it!

          ANDY and BUFFY look into her eyes, realizing what she thought up.

          BUFFY: No. We can't do that.

          ANDY: We'll be in more danger if we do that than if we just charge the black market without any backup.

          BRETT leans over to SPIKE.

          BRETT: What are they talking about?

          SPIKE: I have no bloody idea.

          WILLOW: But that's just it! We'll have backup!

          BUFFY: But then she'll come after them again. They won't be as safe as they are now.

          WILLOW: That's just it! They're not safe now! They're useless just hanging around doing nothing.

          ANDY: But then they'll get attacked.

          WILLOW: But then so many people won't die around the world! Think about it! We could undo the damage we've done!

          BRETT: I'm so lost.

          We hear footsteps as he speaks.

          NATALIE (OS): Don't be.

          BRETT and SPIKE look back in shock at NATALIE, who drops her duffel bag on the floor.

          NATALIE (Cont'd): They're fixing things. (Beat) About time, too.

          She smiles.

          CUT TO:


          FAITH walks up to a large gate, the key in hand. The gate is made of black-painted metal with gold engravings running towards the center, where a large padlock is located. FAITH lifts the key and puts it in the padlock before turning it slowly. The gate shimmers away along with the key. She takes a few steps back as she sees a large forest extending before her with huts and fires set up along a dirt path. A large OGRE steps out from behind the gate. FAITH jumps.

          OGRE: May I help you?

          FAITH: I'm here to look around, bub. Let me in.

          OGRE: What are you?

          FAITH looks at him questioningly.

          OGRE (Cont'd): Of what species of demon do you come from?

          FAITH stares down at the ground before snapping her head up.

          FAITH: Vampire. Now do you need my full life story, ?cause that can be arranged.

          The OGRE growls.

          OGRE: Pathetic species, vampires are. Lowest on the food chain they'll remain. Enter.

          FAITH breezes past him. The camera lifts upwards and we follow FAITH as she walks through the black market via an aerial shot.

          CUT TO:


          Night is clearly beginning to fall as torches are lit outside of the huts. FAITH has the book she stole from Slayer Central closed in her hand.

          GIRL (OS): I know you from somewhere, don't I?

          An arm closes around FAITH's and spins her around. The other girl is younger than FAITH and has bleach blonde hair with black streaks through it.

          FAITH: Excuse me?

          GIRL: I'm Summer. Summer Glenns. And you're Faith, the Vampire Slayer.

          Heads turn to glare at FAITH and SUMMER.

          FAITH: I think you're wrong, little girl.

          SUMMER: I don't think I am. I guess the plan worked perfectly.

          There's a glow of pink, orange, and red light behind SUMMER and ELLA, PAIGE, and another man, JARED SATYR, appear.

          JARED: Why yes it did.

          He snaps his fingers and ELLA and PAIGE strike FAITH with two blasts of energy, sending her flying up into the air and smashing down through the roof of a hut.

          PAIGE: Lock her up?

          JARED: Of course.

          ELLA: I think I know just the place.

          She grins at JARED as PAIGE stalks off to grab FAITH.

          CUT TO:


          ANDY, NATALIE, and BRETT sit in the office, talking with each other. Only one light is on.

          NATALIE: So Elizabeth's dead?

          ANDY: That she is.

          NATALIE: Damn. I actually wanted to kill her.

          BRETT: Since when do you think about killing?

          NATALIE: Since I got kidnapped twice and wounded both times. It does that to people. Messes them up badly.

          ANDY: Anyway, with Faith at the market we'll have to find a way to save her.

          BRETT: And Andy's pissed off about it, too.

          ANDY: Of course I am!

          NATALIE: So now we're back to fixing your mistake.

          ANDY: Fixing our mistake. All of us did it.

          NATALIE: Not me. I was dead set against it.

          ANDY: Of course, of course.

          BRETT: But how do we do it? Is there maybe a way to localize the spell so it only affects the people in the building?

          ANDY: I don't know. I don't cast spells. That's Willow's territory.

          ANDY stands and stretches.

          ANDY (Cont'd): And we need to do it fast because I'm about to pass out.

          NATALIE: So tomorrow we'll do it?

          ANDY: No, tonight we'll do it.

          NATALIE: Good decision. Waiting would be careless.

          ANDY rolls her eyes.

          ANDY: No, what we did was careless and wasn't thought out. Tonight we'll fix that. Tonight we'll bring back the Slayer Essence.

          BRETT: Then things will be back to normal.

          ANDY: Hopefully. (Beat ? to Brett) Get Willow ready.

          BRETT nods while ANDY follows him out of the office. NATALIE sits there as a grin stretches across her face.

          CUT TO:


          GRANT is watching the TV screen intently, though we don't see what's on it. He grabs the remote and hits rewind to watch the footage again. The camera pans around to lock onto the TV screen and we see ANDY, FAITH, BUFFY, and ELIZABETH fighting in the parking garage from 1.07 "Locus Desperatus." We move back towards GRANT who grabs his phone.

          GRANT: Trav, I think I know the person you're looking for.

          His face is expressionless.

          CUT TO:


          The rain begins to fall as we see the feet of two girls. Panning upwards, we see that one of them is KRIS while the other is someone we don't know.

          OTHER GIRL: Is she...?

          KRIS nods.

          KRIS: She really should've followed the directions.

          OTHER GIRL: Do you think that the Queen will be mad?

          KRIS: Of course she'll be mad. But that doesn't matter now. One of our sister Slayers is dead.

          The camera pans down to show the dead body of blonde girl lying in a pool of her own blood. Her throat is slashed and open cuts are all about her body and face. The camera moves around to show her back and we see a detailed symbol carved into her now bare skin: a ring with thorns extending inwards to connect at a strange diamond shape.

          KRIS (OS): We mourn and move on.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE
          wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!