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CHOSEN Episode 1.09 "Insurgence"

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  • CHOSEN Episode 1.09 "Insurgence"

    Episode 1.09 "Insurgence"
    Written by: Me
    Cowritten by: Amber (QueenC)
    Produced by: Me

    *Disclaimer: This is the fine print. The universe that "Chosen" takes place in was created by Joss Whedon and structured by his TV children "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel." Those two shows and this universe/Buffyverse is property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, and the WB and UPN television networks. All characters that are not directly from the Buffyverse are all property of me. Ask before using.

    ~ ~ ~

    ANDY (VO): Previously on "Chosen"?



    BRETT (VO): I work for Celestial Center. Or should I say "worked" for them. They're a black ops agency set below the CIA by hundreds of miles, literally. They create Operations for their workers to follow through with and it's headed by some guy on the other side of the world.

    GREG is bowing in respect after being promoted.

    ELIZABETH: What will we do about Brett Stewart? He's betrayed the Center.

    VOICE: But as long as he's with the Slayer, the longer he's a useful ally with us.

    CUT TO:


    ELIZABETH and LYNN are walking down the sidewalk, carrying shopping bags in their hands. ELIZABETH is decked out in pants and a tank top with sunglasses resting just above her forehead. LYNN, however, is more dressed up: clad in khaki pants and a denim jacket covering a white shirt with sunglasses covering her eyes.

    LYNN: It's been too long.

    ELIZABETH: What do you mean?

    LYNN: Since we did something like this. Your work usually got in the way of our outings. It's aggravating for a mother, you know? (Beat) Of course you don't. You don't have kids.

    ELIZABETH: I'm sorry, mom. I just get so caught up in work that there isn't much time for me to do what I want.

    LYNN: Then quit!

    CUT TO:


    KAYLA (VO): Everything is going perfectly. They actually think I'm on their side which is only slightly sad. (Beat) Of course I will. Now that I'm on the inside of their little circle, I can bring you whoever you'd like. I'll await your call, my Queen.

    The only light down the rocky caverns comes from torches that hang on the wall or the occasional fire pit that's burning in the middle of the walkway. KAYLA leads the same girls as before. They duck under a ledge and enter a much large cave. KAYLA stops once they're in the center of the room and she looks up at a monstrous cliff.

    KAYLA: I come bearing gifts, my Queen.

    KAYLA smiles.

    CUT TO:


    MARIONO (Yelling): You can't stop her! You can't kill a Changeling!

    ANDY stops and raises an eyebrow.

    ANDY: A?what?

    MARIONO: A skin walker, shape shifter, whatever you want to call her. She can turn into anybody she wants and make anyone or anything else look like whatever she wants. Elizabeth has more power than you could ever imagine.

    ANGEL: Why can't we kill her? She should die like every other demon.

    MARIONO: Not a Changeling. They don't evolve like humans do. They don't move on.

    ANDY: And so they can't die.

    MARIONO: Not unless it's by blood.

    ANDY: I'm lost.

    MARIONO: Blood to blood is the only way to counteract her Changeling blood. It'll mutate her into her true form and you can kill her from that point on.

    ANDY: How do we get the blood that we need?

    MARIONO: The family.

    CUT TO:


    ELIZABETH and MARIONO step out onto the pavement and walk over towards a red sportscar. ELIZABETH stops at the driver's door and MARIONO goes to the other side.

    ELIZABETH: Did they get the information I told you to give?

    MARIONO: They did. Just one question: Why feed them these lies? Even if they were true, why would you want them to know how to kill you?

    ELIZABETH opens her car door.

    ELIZABETH: I have my reasons.

    CUT TO:


    ELIZABETH stands in front of the group of White Hats.

    ELIZABETH: The Queen is relentless. She won't stop at just this warehouse. She wants it all.

    ANDY: And how do you know this?

    ELIZABETH: I have my sources.

    FAITH: That's pretty suspicious.

    ELIZABETH: I'm sure it is. I have no reason to deny accusations that I'm the Queen. If it instills enough fear in you, then I'm all for it.

    ANDY: Why are you telling us this?

    ELIZABETH turns around completely.

    ELIZABETH: Because Celestial Center can't take down the Queen and her army alone. We'll need support. (Beat) And that's where you come in.

    ANDY: I would never stand by your side.

    ELIZABETH: Even if it means saving the lives of all these people? That's awfully selfish.

    SPIKE: This army, you mentioned, what is it an army of?

    ELIZABETH: Slayers.

    ANDY puts a hand to her mouth in shock.

    ELIZABETH: She's been recruiting them. The murders of the girls around the world are covers. She has mystical forces to resurrect freshly dead bodies. No one knows how many Slayers she has but we know it's a lot. That's why we need you.

    ANDY: Slayer versus Slayer.






    KAYLA stalks down the dirt path that leads towards the entrance into the caverns. The sun is shining and the streets are busy with activity. She slips under the yellow tape that blockades the walkway and disappears into the caves.

    CUT TO:


    KAYLA continues deeper into the caves. The path is lit by burning torches that hang on the walls. We see individual rooms off to each side of the corridor, most of which have people inside working on something ? sharpening weapons, training, eating, cleaning, etc? - but KAYLA stops at one specific room. She enters.

    CUT TO:


    KAYLA stops in the doorway and watches as the NECROMANCER's hands glow a brilliant blue color. A dead body of a young woman lies on the tabletop with the sorcerer's hands plunged into her chest. The NECROMANCER pulls his hands out of the girl and she gasps for breath. He turns and sees KAYLA with his pure white eyes which quickly revert to normal.

    NECROMANCER: I don't like interruptions.

    KAYLA: Don't kill the messenger. The Queen would like to know if everything is going according to plan. Is it?

    NECROMANCER: Every body you have supplied me with is alive once more. So, yes things are going according to your plan. I believe I am owed my bounty, correct?

    KAYLA: Once the Queen wins this battle and when you aren't needed anymore is when you will get your bounty. For now, I order you back to your room.

    NECROMANCER: You do not have the authority to issue orders.

    KAYLA looks towards the stirring body of the young woman, who quickly reaches up and grabs him by the throat.

    KAYLA: I think she wants you to leave, too.

    She nods towards the young woman who quickly pulls away. The NECROMANCER gasps for breath and dashes out of the room. KAYLA helps the young woman to her feet.

    KAYLA (Cont'd): What's your name?

    The young woman's face is expressionless.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Samantha.

    KAYLA shakes SAMANTHA's hand and leads her out of the room.

    KAYLA: Welcome to your new home, Samantha. Don't worry, it's not gonna by this dark and nasty for much longer.

    SAMANTHA: What is this place?

    KAYLA: It's a place for girls, like you and I, who are gifted.

    SAMANTHA: What do you mean?

    KAYLA: We, the two of us and everyone else down here, are Slayers. Super strong and fast young women with a destiny to rid the world of evil. The Queen plans on putting an end to our fate by getting rid of the worst evils.

    SAMANTHA: The Queen?

    KAYLA: She runs this place. She trains us and shows us the way. Without her, we'd all be in the hands of bad people.

    SAMANTHA: This is really weird. I thought I was dead!

    KAYLA: I know. The Evil Ones killed you and we used our good magic to bring you back to life.

    SAMANTHA: I don't know whether to be thanking you for doing all of that for me.

    KAYLA: There's no need. We only care about your safety.

    SAMANTHA: How can I repay you for this?

    KAYLA smiles.

    KAYLA: How about by helping us take out the people who killed you in the first place?

    SAMANTHA fidgets slightly and KAYLA continues to smile at her.




    Jennifer Garner as Andrea "Andy" Sullivan
    Maggie Grace as Natalie Price
    Aubrey Dollar as Elizabeth Holloway
    Ryan Reynolds as Brett Stewart
    James Marsters as Spike
    And Eliza Dushku as Faith

    Special Guest Stars:

    Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers
    Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg

    Guest Starring:

    Dina Meyer as Lynn Holloway
    Tina Majorino as Kayla Kaas
    David Anders as Gregory Carlisle
    Chandra Wilson as Dianna Preston
    Jaclyn Colt as Nadia Colton
    Dana Davis as Chandra Briggs
    Luciana Carro as Maria Delgado
    Erica Durance as Gina Krone

    **CHOSEN is officially affiliated with RAVEN, created by Alex (Master Brown) and Travis (DigitalLeonardo), and SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS, created by Travis (DigitalLeonardo).

    Edited by: QueenC (Amber)
    wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!


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    ACT I



    The camera is set so that all that we see is the ceiling of the TRAINING ROOM. We then see someone dressed in black clothing go flying across the room. The camera then pulls up to normal POV, and we see that the person is SPIKE. He is now leaning against a wall, and holding his head.

    SPIKE: Bloody hell!

    The camera cuts over to FAITH, ANDY, and BUFFY.

    FAITH: See gals? Team work.

    She smirks. We then see a group of slayers on the other side of the room. A girl raises her hand. ANDY points to her.

    ANDY: Yeah?

    GIRL: Shouldn't we learn to fend off vampires by ourselves? We're not always going to be in a group.

    ANDY: You're absolutely right.

    She grins and starts to walk over to SPIKE. SPIKE gets up from the ground.

    SPIKE: Oh, yeah. Great idea.

    He rolls his eyes just as ANDY punches him in the face. He just stays completely nonchalant about it, clearly used to it by now. She then does a high kick, which knocks him on to the ground. She straddles his chest and puts a stake right above his heart.

    ANDY: And that's how you kill a vampire by yourself.

    She stands and smiles proudly. SPIKE gets up off of the floor, and wipes dirt from his duster.

    SPIKE: Except, when you girls do that, it better not be me.

    ANDY: Not that he would be much trouble.

    She smirks. SPIKE raises an eyebrow, and then looks at the girls.

    SPIKE: No, no trouble at all. I'd kill you instantly.

    He grins. ANDY looks shocked, and then hits him in the stomach.

    ANDY: (quietly) That is not appropriate.

    SPIKE looks up to her.

    SPIKE: Yeah, but it's amusing as hell.

    ANDY rolls her eyes, and turns toward the girls.

    ANDY: And so you see, with the help of some experienced Slayers, you'll be excellent fighters in no time.

    SPIKE: Am I done now?

    ANDY nods.

    SPIKE: (cont'd) Good.

    He walks out of the training room.

    ANDY: And make sure you get him first.

    She winks at them, and there are chuckles heard from various points of the room.

    CUT TO:


    We see ELIZABETH, DIANNA, and GREG sitting at a table in an office. DIANNA leans forward.

    DIANNA: We need a plan.

    She puts her hands on the desk and folds them. She looks to them.

    DIANNA: (cont'd) Any suggestions?

    ELIZABETH shrugs.

    ELIZABETH: I was basically thinking a "kill them all" scenario would work.

    DIANNA: That is what we plan to do to some extent. But I don't think that we should go in so blindly, Elizabeth.

    ELIZABETH gives her a glare. Suddenly, the phone rings. GREG hits the conference call button and the VOICE is heard on the other end.

    GREG: Good evening, sir.

    VOICE: Hello, Mr. Carlisle. Dianna. It is nice to talk with you again.

    ELIZABETH: How does he do that?

    DIANNA stares at her, coldly.

    DIANNA: And you as well.

    VOICE: And Ms. Holloway is here as well. What a pleasure.

    ELIZABETH rolls her eyes.

    ELIZABETH: (sarcastically, not too noticeable) Charmed, I'm sure.

    There is a pause. DIANNA gives ELIZABETH an annoyed look.

    VOICE: Now, down to business. Is everything running according to plan?

    DIANNA: That it is.

    VOICE: Good to hear. So I assume you have a plan?

    DIANNA: For the most part, we do. There are still kinks that need to be worked out but we'll be ready.

    VOICE: Very well, I shall be in touch. I want to be updated regularly.

    DIANNA: Of course.

    There is silence.

    DIANNA: Goodbye, sir.

    There is a long, continuous beep. The VOICE has hung up.

    GREG: That seemed?brief.

    ELIZABETH: It was. And I'm glad.

    DIANNA gets up.

    DIANNA: You need learn to respect those who are in authority more often, Ms. Holloway. I didn't let you back into Celestial Center to screw things up for me. Understood?

    ELIZABETH gets up from her chair as well.

    ELIZABETH: Yes, ma'am.

    And with that, she walks out the door. DIANNA shakes her head. GREG stands and goes after her.

    CUT TO:


    BRETT is sitting at a table, waiting for GINA to arrive. His agitation is showed by his fingers ? which are drumming the side of the table. A WAITRESS walks up to his table.

    WAITRESS: May I help you, sir?

    She gets a pen and a pad of paper.

    BRETT shakes his head.

    BRETT: I'm actually waiting for someone?

    The WAITRESS is about to walk away.

    GINA: (O.S.) Wait, I'm here!

    She is walking fast up to the table, and then stops, and sits.

    GINA: (cont'd) See? Here.

    BRETT looks away and the WAITRESS clearly senses tension.

    WAITRESS: Okay then, miss. May I take your order?

    GINA: Yeah, um?a French Vanilla cappuccino please.

    The WAITRESS writes on the notepad. She then turns toward BRETT.

    WAITRESS: Got it. And you, sir?

    BRETT: Just regular coffee.

    The WAITRESS writes the order down.

    WAITRESS: Okay, that should be out in a few minutes.

    BRETT and GINA nod, and the WAITRESS walks off. GINA takes a deep breath.

    GINA: How was your day? Return any phone calls lately?

    BRETT: I'm not in the mood for small talk, Gina.

    GINA: Okay then. Why did you call me here?

    BRETT: I know the real reason you had me look into Waylon's life. You were married to him for three years with a year old son.

    GINA: What are you talking about?

    BRETT slams his hands down on the table.

    BRETT: Dammit, Gina! Don't lie to me! There was never a sister in rehab. Everything was a lie so you could get a divorce from Waylon and keep your son to yourself. I did the research and this time it was on you.

    GINA notices the eyes on them.

    GINA: Do you have to cause a scene?

    BRETT: Give me a good reason not to.

    GINA looks away.

    GINA: I'm sorry.

    BRETT: Sorry doesn't cut it. If you couldn't tell by now, we're through.

    GINA: I figured as much.

    BRETT: You already have your son back since Waylon's death. He's yours now. For good.

    The WAITRESS walks up to the table and sets down their orders.

    WAITRESS: There you go! Enjoy!

    BRETT's face is still red and he grabs his coffee from the WAITRESS. He stands, throws a five dollar bill on the table and leaves. GINA takes her drink and sits in silence.

    CUT TO:


    NATALIE walks into the room, to find NADIA sitting on the couch, reading something. She walks over to her. She gives a tiny waving gesture, and then smiles.

    NATALIE: Hey there.

    NADIA looks up from what she is reading.

    NADIA: Oh, hey.

    She returns the smile. NATALIE sits down on the couch with her.

    NATALIE: Whatcha reading?

    NADIA: Oh, this?

    She holds up a magazine.

    NADIA: (cont'd) Some lame magazine that makes up fake stories?amusing, really.

    NATALIE nods.

    NATALIE: I'm sure it is.

    There is a long pause. Then NATALIE looks at NADIA with a serious expression on her face.

    NATALIE: How have you been doing?

    NADIA doesn't look up from her magazine.

    NADIA: Good.

    NATALIE: I meant how's the baby?

    NADIA sets the magazine down and sits up fully. She uses her hands to do so. She sighs.

    NADIA: Pretty good?healthy?besides the fact that it feels the need to abuse me.

    She chuckles a bit. NATALIE does too.

    NATALIE: That's good to hear. Not the abusive part.

    NADIA: I know what you meant.

    NATALIE: Do you know when your next appointment is?

    NADIA: Sometime this week. The due dates not for another three, though he wants to make sure everything's going?

    Suddenly, NADIA widens her eyes. NATALIE gets a confused expression on her face and looks behind her. She then looks back at NADIA.

    NATALIE: What is it?

    NADIA looks frightened.

    NADIA: My water just broke.

    This time, it's NATALIE who widens her eyes.

    CUT TO:


    WILLOW walks into the office with a spell book in her hands and a bag looped around her wrist. BUFFY turns her head and sees her walking in.

    BUFFY: Got everything?

    WILLOW: Yup?except, ya know, the Slayers.

    She smiles. BUFFY'S face remains blank.

    WILLOW: (cont'd) Anyways?

    She goes over to the desk and sets the book down. She then kneels onto the floor and places three candles around her ? forming a triangle. ANDY enters the office, wiping her face with the towel. FAITH is close behind.

    ANDY: You do know Spike left, right? Fetching me some glorious Slayers.

    BUFFY: I know, he told us before he left.

    ANDY: Figured as much. So, you've got everything. Good.

    FAITH: Can we start now?

    WILLOW looks slightly annoyed, but then nods.

    WILLOW: Yeah. You each have to sit on the floor are each point of the triangle.

    ANDY: Alrighty then.

    She sits down, and BUFFY and FAITH sit down as well. WILLOW looks to them.

    WILLOW: The locator spell can be some pretty powerful mojo. You just can't break the triangle or things will get really messy.

    ANDY: So the hand holding is a good thing. Got it. Let's get going.

    WILLOW: Okay. No need to be nasty.

    She turns to ANDY, and then to FAITH and BUFFY. She motions towards the three of them while seating herself in the center of the triangle.

    WILLOW: Take each other's hands.

    ANDY, BUFFY, and FAITH grab each other's hands. WILLOW lets out a deep sigh.

    WILLOW: It's been a while.

    BUFFY: You can do it, Will.

    WILLOW grabs the spell book.

    WILLOW: I hope so. (Beat) Goddess, we implore thee. We search for what has been lost, and what has not been found. We search for the descendants of the First Slayer. Goddess, please accept our request.

    She then starts to murmur words in Latin. A light suddenly appears within the circle and the view flashes white.



    The coloring is distorted: everything is black and white except for key items ? which remain bright and colorful. We see everything through WILLOW's perspective. The camera pans down to reveal the dead bodies of young girls scattered across the stone floor. We then see the shadows of one person running another through with a sword. The stabbed shadow falls to the floor. We hear footsteps and WILLOW moves faster through the caves.

    She enters a large pit. As she enters, the walls seemingly catch fire and flames appear in all directions. WILLOW screams. A moment after, a crimson liquid appears on the floor. It's blood. Panning down even further, we see three dead bodies lying in a triangle, touching each other at the feet. A quick glimpse of their faces reveal them to be FAITH, BUFFY, and ANDY. The blood pools around them ? keeping WILLOW safe from the liquid. She starts gasping for breath.



    WILLOW opens her eyes.

    WILLOW: Oh my god.


    wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!



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      ACT II

      FADE IN


      WILLOW is pacing the office. ANDY is running her hands through her hair, BUFFY is sitting in a chair, and FAITH leans against one of the walls.

      BUFFY: So you saw us?dead?

      WILLOW: All non-lifey and all.

      ANDY: In a pool of blood?

      WILLOW nods.

      FAITH: In a cave?

      WILLOW: It wasn't just one cave. It was a whole bunch of them.

      ANDY: Did you see anything else that was important? Maybe a woman in a tiara?

      WILLOW: No tiara. Just a lot of dead bodies of young girls.

      FAITH: Dead girls?

      WILLOW: My guess is that they were Slayers. Which is making me feel really icky about this whole thing.

      BUFFY: But I thought that the spell was supposed to show you where the Slayers are. Does that mean that they're all dead?

      WILLOW: I think that the spell worked. It showed me the caverns that Brett, Natalie, and I read about the other day. But I don't think that they're all dead.

      FAITH: Then what was the point of showing you that at all.

      ANDY: A warning.

      There's silence.

      BUFFY: That begs a different question: Who's the warning from?

      ANDY: I think we know who it's from.

      FAITH: The Queen? How do we know if that girl's powerful enough to send a message through Willow?

      ANDY: We don't, but who else could it be from? Elizabeth wants to work with us. She wouldn't send us a vision that would possibly scare us off.

      BUFFY: Unless it was just showing us what will happen if we go in alone and without them. She said that Celestial Center wants to work with us to take out the Queen since we both see her as a threat. There's still the chance that she's behind it and not the Queen.

      WILLOW raises her hand.

      WILLOW: Can I just have my say on this situation as I'm the one that I saw it?

      The three Slayers turn to look at WILLOW.

      WILLOW (Cont'd): I think it was a warning. It was someone's way of telling us that we can't beat this Baddy. I hate to say it, but that's the truth. Those bodies weren't of the missing Slayers; they were the bodies of the girls just outside this office. The message was telling us to get ready and to save (Pointing towards the door) Their lives.

      ANDY looks down at the floor, FAITH looks towards the wall, and BUFFY closes her eyes, resting a hand over her forehead.

      ANDY: So how do we stop a bunch of evil Slayers?

      The room then falls back into silence. A moment later, the door busts open and NATALIE comes rushing in.

      NATALIE: Pregnant lady is no longer pregnant.

      ANDY: What?

      NATALIE: Nadia! Her water broke! (Motioning towards the main room) Out there on the couch!

      ANDY: Yucky. What are you still doing here? Take her to the damn hospital!

      NATALIE stops for a moment.

      NATALIE: Is there a reason why I didn't think of that in the first place?

      ANDY: Just go already!

      NATALIE rushes out of the office.

      CUT TO:


      NATALIE sits in one of the chairs as the door opens and NADIA is rolled into the room in a wheelchair. She is now wearing a hospital gown. The NURSE helps NADIA onto the bed.

      NURSE: The doctor should be in shortly to check in on you.

      The NURSE smiles at NADIA and leaves. NATALIE sits upright in her chair.

      NATALIE: Did the baby make the ultrasound machine explode?

      NADIA: No, why would it do that?

      NATALIE: Just checking.

      NADIA: It's not going to be a normal baby, is it?

      NATALIE looks at her, concerned.

      NADIA (Cont'd): Screwing a demon and having it's spawn could cause some complications, you know? What if it comes out looking?

      NATALIE: Like a demon? Don't worry about it, hun. I'm sure I can concoct some whacko lie to save you the trouble of explaining.

      NADIA smiles.

      NADIA: You don't really need to be here.

      NATALIE: Who else will sit by and listen to your crazy, pregnant woman rambles?

      NADIA: I still have some people to call.

      NATALIE: If that's what you want, then I can call them.

      NADIA: I mean, it's not like I don't want you here, but don't you have to deal with the big battle coming up?

      NATALIE looks at her, shocked.

      NADIA (Cont'd): We all know about it. Word got out yesterday when our training became top priority.

      NATALIE: Everyone knows?

      NADIA: Everyone.

      NATALIE: Andy's gonna be pissed.

      NADIA: That's why you should go back to the warehouse. I'll be fine by myself for a while. Thank god for telephones, otherwise I'd be lonely and might start talking to my pillow.

      NATALIE stands.

      NATALIE: Call your parents. I'm sure they'd want to be here.

      NADIA takes a deep breath.

      NADIA: That'll be an adventure of its own.

      NATALIE: Are you sure you'll be alright?

      NADIA: If the baby comes out, you'll hear me yelling.

      NATALIE smiles and leaves.

      CUT TO:


      ELIZABETH leans against the gas pump, sunglasses covering her eyes. She's dressed in a long black jacket, black dress pants, and a white blouse. KAYLA exits the building just a few yards in front of ELIZABETH. KAYLA stops and looks at her, worried.

      ELIZABETH: Is this your car?

      KAYLA backs away slowly and stuffs the money in her hand into her pocket.

      ELIZABETH (Cont'd): Don't worry. It's not like I want to hurt you.

      KAYLA: Then who are you? A cop?

      ELIZABETH: No. I'm more of a?special agent.

      KAYLA: Are you going to arrest me for something? I didn't do anything wrong.

      ELIZABETH: You mean aside from starting a riot in Europe that killed a man and the fact that you kidnapped a group of girls? Why would I arrest you?

      KAYLA: I don't know what you're talking about.

      ELIZABETH: Don't worry. I'm not here to take you into custody. I'm not that kind of special agent. I know that you work for the Queen.

      KAYLA rushes forwards and grabs ELIZABETH by the arm, dragging her behind the building. She slams ELIZABETH against the wall.

      KAYLA: I'm not afraid to kill you.

      ELIZABETH: But I thought that the Queen was a good guy?

      KAYLA: She is.

      ELIZABETH: But Slayers don't kill.

      KAYLA looks away.

      ELIZABETH (Cont'd): Don't worry. I'm a bad guy, too. Or at least, from my perspective and not your brainwashed copy of it.

      KAYLA: What do you want?

      ELIZABETH: What do I want? I want you to do me a favor.

      KAYLA: Why would I do that?

      ELIZABETH snaps her wrist down and a dagger falls out of her sleeve and into the palm of her hand. She raises it to KAYLA's throat.

      ELIZABETH: Because I'm holding all the cards here. Or, at least, all the good ones.

      KAYLA: What favor?

      ELIZABETH: I need you to lure the lead Slayer away from the crowd. Detain her in a small room, alone, and leave. I can handle the rest.

      KAYLA: What?

      ELIZABETH: Tonight, an attack will be made on the Queen. Another team of Slayers will make their move and many of you will die. If you get the lead Slayer alone, I can kill her and remove any threat to you and your friends.

      KAYLA: How can I trust you? You've got a knife to my throat.

      ELIZABETH pulls the knife away.

      ELIZABETH: I'm not the dangerous one in my eyes. (Beat) You are.

      KAYLA looks into ELIZABETH's eyes, questioningly.

      CUT TO:


      ANDY is asleep on her desk. The door opens and NATALIE enters with BRETT. NATALIE is holding a cup of coffee while BRETT has the newspaper. NATALIE puts the cup down in front of ANDY.

      BRETT: Wake up, Sunshine. Got a long day ahead of you.

      ANDY doesn't move.

      NATALIE: Oh god. Is she dead?

      BRETT shakes his head and smacks the newspaper on the table. ANDY's head flies backwards.

      ANDY: My god! You could've given me a freakin' heart attack!

      BRETT: Sorry.

      NATALIE: I brought you coffee. Nice, hot coffee to make you perky and hyper because nobody likes a depressed Andy.

      ANDY: Oh, I'm already depressed. (Beat) What time is it?

      BRETT looks at his watch.

      BRETT: 10:30.

      ANDY: That late? Jeez! We were supposed to be at Gale Industries hours ago!

      ANDY jumps to her feet.

      NATALIE: Why are we going there?

      ANDY: To get Lynn Holloway's blood. Or at least enough to kill Elizabeth.

      BRETT: Now we're going to kill Elizabeth before we kill the Queen?

      ANDY: That's the plan.

      BRETT: That's bold.

      NATALIE: It's smart.

      BRETT shrugs.

      ANDY: Where's Buffy and Faith?

      NATALIE: Training the girls.

      ANDY grabs her jacket and puts it on.

      ANDY: We'll be back soon.

      ANDY leaves the office. BRETT looks at NATALIE.

      BRETT: For a depressed woman, she sure does move fast.

      NATALIE: Why exactly is she depressed?

      BRETT: I don't want to know.

      CUT TO:


      LYNN enters her office with her SECRETARY. They cross the room and she sits behind her desk.

      LYNN: When's the conference call?

      SECRETARY: Noon, ma'am.

      LYNN: I told you not to call me ma'am.

      SECRETARY: I'm sorry, Miss Holloway.

      LYNN takes a deep breath.

      LYNN: It's alright. I'm just stressed for some reason. There's nothing big planned for the next week is there?

      SECRETARY: Aside from a few meetings? No. It's really quiet, actually.

      LYNN: I don't get it.

      SECRETARY: Get what?

      LYNN: I've got this nagging feeling that something's going to go wrong and I just don't know what.

      SECRETARY: I wouldn't worry about it, Miss Holloway. Schedules never lie.

      She smiles at LYNN and leaves. LYNN flips through the files on her desk just before the lights go out in her office. The blinds over the windows slide shut and the entire room is cast into darkness. LYNN gets to her feet.

      LYNN: Who's there?

      She yelps with pain and spins around to hit whoever was standing by her.

      ANDY (OS): Don't call security.

      LYNN: Who's there?

      ANDY (OS): We don't want to hurt you.

      LYNN: I think you already did. What did you do to me?

      ANDY (OS): We need a sample of your blood.

      LYNN: Why? Who are you?

      ANDY (OS): Don't ask any questions. We will leave but we ask that you don't call security. We have our reasons for doing this.

      LYNN: For doing what?

      ANDY (OS): The right thing.

      The lights flash on and LYNN looks around, panicked.

      CUT TO:


      ANDY leads BUFFY and FAITH out of the building and down the sidewalk.

      ANDY (To Faith): Got it?

      FAITH holds up a red-stained knife.

      FAITH: Got it. Though the chick almost smacked me.

      BUFFY (Sarcastically): That would've been very bad.

      BUFFY grins at FAITH as the three Slayers walk down the street.

      CUT TO:


      NATALIE snaps her cell phone shut.

      NATALIE: Apparently Nadia's mom drove down here during the night.

      BRETT: Well at least you don't have to spend so much time there.

      NATALIE: True.

      The office door opens and ANDY, FAITH, BUFFY, and SPIKE enter.

      BRETT: Did you get the blood?

      FAITH holds up the knife.

      SPIKE: So what's the plan?

      ANDY looks to BUFFY and then to FAITH.

      ANDY: Where's Willow?

      NATALIE: She's in the storage room looking for something.

      ANDY: Can you go get her?

      NATALIE nods.

      NATALIE: Sure.

      NATALIE leaves.

      BRETT: What's going on?

      ANDY: We found a way to stop the evil Slayers.

      SPIKE: Why would we need to stop them? It's the bloody Queen we want dead.

      BRETT: I was thinking the same thing.

      BUFFY: That's what we thought until Willow got a vision from the Locator Spell.

      SPIKE: What did she see?

      FAITH: Dead Slayers. Everywhere.

      ANDY: So now our goal is to stop this war before it even begins.

      BRETT: And how do you plan on doing that?

      ANDY looks to the other two Slayers, who lower their heads.

      ANDY: By destroying the Slayer Essence.

      SPIKE's eyes widen and BRETT simply stares at her in shock.


      wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!



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        ACT III

        FADE IN


        BRETT and SPIKE still look shocked.

        BRETT: Did you just say what I think you just said?

        SPIKE: I think she did.

        BRETT: Why would you do that? It'd leave everyone vulnerable for attack!

        SPIKE: The man's got a point.

        BUFFY: That's our problem in doing it. If we go into those caves, it'll be a slaughterhouse. Everyone will die and no one will win.

        FAITH: It's sacrifice or death. I don't wanna die.

        ANDY: The issue is how we do it. Not if we do it.

        BRETT: But, again, you'll leave everyone in danger if you go through with it. Not only those girls, but the entire world. Slayers are needed to keep cosmic balance. There has to be a level of good to balance out the level of evil. Take out the good, evil overrules.

        ANDY: We know that.

        BRETT: Then how could you possibly consider going through with this?

        ANDY: Because we have to! I don't want to threaten anyone's safety but I don't want to lose the lives of a hundred girls tonight! I wouldn't be able to live with myself if that happened! This is the only way, though I don't think it's the best option. We have to do it.

        BRETT: We can find another way.

        ANDY: No we can't. We don't have time. We'll attack tonight. Once we're inside, Willow will cast the spell to take the Slayer Essence from the people within the cave, and we'll assassinate the Queen.

        SPIKE: That's not the best plan.

        BUFFY: Of course it isn't. We're too rushed. There's no way any of us will be ready.

        NATALIE (OS): Ready for what? (Beat) Did I miss something while fetching the witch?

        NATALIE steps into the scene with WILLOW.

        WILLOW: I take it you told them?

        BUFFY: We had to.

        NATALIE: I feel really left out right now.

        ANDY: I'll tell you later.

        NATALIE: No. I want to know now. Stop treating me like a kid. I can deal with this stuff now. Lord knows I've lived with it for so long now. You can tell me.

        ANDY looks down at the floor.

        ANDY: We're destroying the Slayer Essence to prevent all of these girls dying. We'll kill the Queen once we're inside.

        NATALIE's eyes widen.

        NATALIE: Isn't that?Wrong? Do those other Slayers even know?

        ANDY shakes her head.

        ANDY: They can't know. They'll be mad and their anger will blind their judgment.

        NATALIE: So that's your plan? Enter the caves, strip everyone of their powers, and kill the Queen? How do you expect it to go so easily?

        ANDY: We don't.

        NATALIE: Then you're stupid. People will still die. There's no way to prevent that.

        ANDY: We're just going to try our best.

        NATALIE: It's not going to be enough.

        ANDY looks down at the ground.

        NATALIE (Cont'd): You know that and you're still going through with this plan.

        BUFFY steps in.

        BUFFY: We all decided on this. It's for the best.

        NATALIE: All of you? This obviously isn't including them, right?

        She motions towards the door.

        NATALIE (Cont'd): Because why do they matter? It's their lives that you're changing more than anyone else's. It's their lives that you're risking.

        ANDY: We have to do this.

        NATALIE: And I won't be there.

        ANDY and BRETT both look at her, confused.

        NATALIE (Cont'd): I'm leaving.

        BRETT: When?

        NATALIE: Before this all goes down. I don't want to be caught in the middle of this big war anymore. It's not like I'm doing any good for anyone. I'll come back, don't worry. Just don't expect it to be very soon.

        Tears start to form in both NATALIE's and ANDY's eyes.

        NATALIE (Cont'd): You know how to call me. Just don't do it until I'm useful.

        NATALIE turns and leaves the office.

        ANDY: Natalie, wait!

        ANDY chases after her. BRETT, SPIKE, BUFFY, FAITH, and WILLOW avoid eye contact in silence.

        BRETT: What now?

        CUT TO:


        ELIZABETH and DIANNA are alone in the conference room. DIANNA hands her a file.

        ELIZABETH: What is this?

        She opens it and looks inside.

        DIANNA: Your new job offer.

        ELIZABETH: A job offer? This is from within the company.

        DIANNA: I'm promoting you.

        ELIZABETH: How much higher could one get?

        DIANNA: I'm not forcing you to accept it, though it'd be in your best interest.

        ELIZABETH: What if I quit?

        DIANNA: You can't. At least, not now. Not tonight, especially.

        ELIZABETH: I take it that you won't accept a letter of resignation then.

        DIANNA: You better be joking.

        ELIZABETH: I'm not.

        ELIZABETH starts to leave.

        DIANNA: I won't allow for it. You're too much of a benefactor to Celestial Center. We can't lose you.

        ELIZABETH: That's the risk you take when hiring a young person for such a high position, right Dianna? They tend to revolt.

        ELIZABETH stops in the doorway.

        ELIZABETH (Cont'd): I'm taking the First Wave at sundown. We'll blindside their first wave as Gregory leads our second troop.

        DIANNA nods and ELIZABETH leaves.

        CUT TO:


        NATALIE is packing clothing into a suitcase. ANDY sits on the bed.

        ANDY: You can't be serious. We do need you here, Nat!

        NATALIE: And what good am I?

        ANDY: You're our moral support! Without you, we'd be hoohah-less! (Beat) I should rephrase that.

        NATALIE laughs.

        NATALIE: Like I said, I'll be back. You just have to remember to call me when this whole ordeal is done with.

        ANDY: I won't forget. I'll leave extra sticky notes hanging around with "CALL NAT" scribbled all over them.

        ANDY stands and hugs NATALIE.

        ANDY (Cont'd): I'll call you the morning after. I promise.

        NATALIE: You better. I'm not sure how long I can stay at my parent's house.

        They laugh and ANDY hugs NATALIE again.

        ANDY: I'll miss you.

        NATALIE: Just get the job done quickly.

        ANDY: I will.

        ANDY walks towards the door, waves goodbye, and leaves. NATALIE looks towards the door to make sure that no one is coming before opening a drawer by her bed. She pulls a silver tiara from its contents. The crown is embedded with blood colored jewels and has an elaborate gold trim. NATALIE smiles at it and places it in her suitcase.

        CUT TO:


        ANDY walks down the stairs and onto the floor of the main room. BUFFY and FAITH are both waiting for her at the base of the staircase. There's a crowd of Slayers on the mats.

        ANDY: What's going on?

        BUFFY: We figured that you should probably say something about what's going on now.

        FAITH: Just without the losing the Slayer Essence part.

        ANDY: Uh-oh.

        BUFFY: What?

        ANDY: I don't do speeches. "Andy" and "Speech" just?don't work together in the same sentence. Can't one of you do it?

        FAITH: They trust you.

        ANDY stomps her feet and huffs like a child.

        ANDY: Oh c'mon! Be true friends!

        BUFFY and FAITH shake their heads. ANDY huffs and storms past them.

        ANDY (Cont'd): I'm so gonna bite you both in the ass after this is over.

        BUFFY: If we even have asses to bite when this is over.

        FAITH: Don't get her started on that, now.

        ANDY glares at them and steps in front of the young Slayers who are crowded onto the mats. Some sit cross-legged while others stand in the back. ANDY forces on a smile and looks at them.

        ANDY: Hi! Umm? I'm not entirely sure what to say now but I guess you all want the truth, right? That's only expected. If I were you, I'd want to know what the hell was going on and why I was getting trained like crazy.

        FAITH and BUFFY look at her. BUFFY motions for ANDY to move faster.

        ANDY (Cont'd): Right, I'm rambling now. I should just get right to the point, huh? (Beat) I opened this warehouse only because I wanted to protect all of you from a great evil. This evil wants you dead. At least, that's what we think she wants. Her nickname is "The Queen." She's killed fellow Slayers just and has kidnapped even more of them.

        ANDY starts to pace the mats in front of the girls.

        ANDY (Cont'd): Two days ago, we discovered that now is the time to take action. To bring down this Queen. That's why I've been pushing you all so hard this past few days. I need to get you all ready.

        CHANDRA: For what, exactly?

        ANDY: For tonight. The big shabang. The be all, end all. Tonight, we'll raid the caves where the Queen is keeping Slayers hostage and we'll take down this threat.

        There's a vast amount of whispered discussions from panicked girls.

        ANDY (Cont'd): You don't need to worry, though. We have a plan. One that will make sure we all go in and get out of those caverns alive. It'll be hard, no doubt about it, but I trust you all. I know some of you to be fast learners and hard workers.

        The camera gets a shot of CHANDRA and the group of girls around her.

        ANDY (Cont'd): Others of you are still struggling but are just as amazing as everyone else in this room.

        The camera gets a shot of MARIA and the girls around her.

        ANDY (Cont'd): Most of you have so many issues to deal with and are still struggling with the fact that you're here and not at home with your family or at school with your friends.

        CUT TO:


        NADIA is in labor with her mother holding her hand tightly. Doctors and nurses are in the room. We don't hear anything from the room but we see NADIA scream.

        ANDY (VO): Tonight is the grand finale.

        CUT TO:


        NATALIE comes down the stairs and sneaks out the door.

        CUT TO:


        NATALIE opens her car door, slings her bag inside, and takes a long look at the warehouse.

        ANDY (VO): Even if I don't know you as well as I'd like to or as well as you'd like to, know one thing: I respect you.

        NATALIE gets inside her car, shuts the door, and drives off.

        CUT TO:


        BRETT, SPIKE, and WILLOW leave the office and come out to hear ANDY's speech.

        ANDY (Cont'd): Normal people wouldn't be as willing to train to become amazing fighters while leaving behind their old lives. You all did this for me. Even if it wasn't intentionally for me, you still agreed to come to this warehouse, my warehouse, and train for me.

        She stops pacing and looks into the eyes of each of the girls.

        CUT TO:


        ANDY leads BUFFY, FAITH, WILLOW, and a group of the young Slayers down towards the caverns. WILLOW has a large bag slung over her shoulder.

        ANDY (VO): Now I ask that you do one more thing for me. Fight for me.

        ANDY stops moving and the group holds up behind her. She looks down into the darkness at the entrance of the archway.

        CUT TO:


        ELIZABETH grips her two swords tightly as a horde of soldiers walk up over a hill and stop behind her. They all have guns.

        ELIZABETH: Lock and load, boys.

        She grins.

        CUT TO:


        An army of Slayers raise their swords in preparation and brace themselves to fight. We see KAYLA standing on a large, rock stage. Panning up, we see the flash of a silver tiara in the shadows and glint of a sword, though the person is masked by the darkness.


        END OF ACT III
        wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!



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          ACT IV

          FADE IN


          ANDY spins around and faces BUFFY, FAITH, and WILLOW. WILLOW drops her bag on the ground and we hear a loud clang.

          WILLOW: Sorry.

          ANDY: Do we all know the plan?

          BUFFY motions to both ANDY and herself.

          BUFFY: Wave One.

          FAITH quickly points at herself.

          FAITH: Wave Two.

          WILLOW is visibly shaken and nervous.

          WILLOW: Spell girl?

          BUFFY looks WILLOW in the eyes.

          BUFFY: You can do this, Will. I know you can.

          WILLOW: The last time I did a major spell like this?

          BUFFY: Your hair went white and you got a magical high off it.

          WILLOW: I did not get high!

          BUFFY: Whatever. You get my point. I trust you. We trust you. Now you just have to trust our trust in you and do the spell.

          WILLOW shrugs.

          WILLOW: Fine.

          ANDY: When we're ready, I'll send Maria up to you.

          WILLOW: Who's Maria?

          ANDY points at MARIA and WILLOW looks at her.

          ANDY: Don't listen to anything anyone else says. If they're persistent, use some magical type stuff on them. Maria doesn't know the specifics of the spell. She just knows that you're casting a spell. That's it.

          FAITH: And I lead the cavalry down once Willow starts the spell.

          ANDY: Exactly.

          BUFFY: We fight, the spell goes off, and we kill the Queen.

          ANDY: And hopefully nothing goes wrong to screw that plan up.

          CUT TO:


          The Soldier's guns click and ELIZABETH turns to face them.

          ELIZABETH: Do we all know and understand the plan?

          HEAD SOLDIER: Of course we do. We're not idiots.

          ELIZABETH: I wouldn't be too sure of that.

          HEAD SOLDIER: What are you implying, lady?

          ELIZABETH glares at him and raises an eyebrow.

          ELIZABETH: "Lady?" I wouldn't be too demeaning when you talk to me. I could have you fired. Or worse: killed. I'm your superior here, General, so get used to me barking the orders and not you.

          The HEAD SOLDIER looks down at her and frowns.

          ELIZABETH (Cont'd): We enter the caves after the first wave of Slayers. Then we find the Queen and kill her.

          HEAD SOLDIER: What about the Slayers who interfere?

          ELIZABETH: Kill them.

          Her face is expressionless.

          CUT TO:


          ANDY is pacing again. BUFFY checks her watch.

          BUFFY: Five minutes until sundown.

          ANDY runs her hands through her hair.

          ANDY: This is nerve wracking.

          BUFFY: Try doing it multiple times in a row.

          ANDY: I think I would die.

          BUFFY: I did. Two of the times.

          They laugh.

          FAITH: I think you should start going.

          ANDY takes a deep breath.

          ANDY: We probably should. Taking them by surprise could cut back on the number of injuries.

          BUFFY: I guess, but I don't know if they're really preventable.

          ANDY: We need to try.

          BUFFY nods as ANDY moves towards the crowd of girls.

          ANDY (Cont'd): If you'll all separate into the two groups we put you in back at the warehouse, we can get started. The faster we starter, the faster it ends.

          The girls hesitantly move apart into their groups. FAITH steps in front of one half while BUFFY and ANDY take the other.

          BUFFY (To Faith): We'll see you down there.

          FAITH nods.

          BUFFY: Ready?

          ANDY: As ready as I can be.

          BUFFY: Then let's get going.

          ANDY and BUFFY lead their group of Slayers down into the caves. FAITH looks to WILLOW, who smiles back nervously.

          CUT TO:


          The Slayers enter the part of the caves that is lit by flaming torches.

          ANDY: At least there's light.

          She grins at BUFFY. The group continues deeper into the caves, holding their weapons tightly ? though only a few have them. They stop before a set of double, wooden doors. ANDY turns.

          ANDY (Cont'd): Get ready. If they fight, fight back harder.

          Some of the girls nod in response while others look on, afraid. ANDY turns to BUFFY. BUFFY nods.

          BUFFY: Let's do this.

          ANDY: On three?

          BUFFY: On three.

          ANDY: 1?2?3.

          ANDY and BUFFY both kick the double doors, which fall to the floor with a loud bang. They look inside the next room and their jaws drop. Over their shoulders we see a greater amount of Slayers than ANDY and BUFFY have.

          ANDY (Cont'd): Oh dear god?

          KAYLA steps forward on the podium.

          KAYLA: It's time to welcome our guests.

          The crowd roars and raises their weapons.

          KAYLA (Cont'd): Let's show them what a real Slayer is.

          The crowd roars even louder and charges.

          CUT TO:


          ELIZABETH jumps to her feet at a loud bang as roars come from inside the caves. The HEAD SOLDIER steps up.

          HEAD SOLDIER: It's time.

          ELIZABETH: That it is.

          She grabs both of her swords from off the ground and stalks down into the caves.

          ELIZABETH (Cont'd): Let's go boys.

          The soldiers follow her and disappear into the darkness.

          CUT TO:


          A Slayer from ANDY's side slams another Slayer of the opposite side into the wall, knocking her unconscious just before a blow hits the ANDY's Slayer over the head and sends her sprawling on the floor. We see more hands on fights as ANDY's Slayers disarm the QUEEN'S Slayers with ease, only to be knocked across the room or rendered unconscious by the other side. ANDY has taken personal interest in finding the QUEEN, knocking out any of the Slayers that try to stop her. As she charges the rock stage, KAYLA kicks her in the jaw. ANDY stumbles backwards as BUFFY runs over to her side to keep her balanced. They both look up at KAYLA with fury.

          ANDY: You're gonna regret doing that, girly.

          ANDY swipes her arms out beneath KAYLA, who jumps and avoids them.

          KAYLA: I doubt that.

          ANDY puts a foot on the stage and rebounds up into the air, spinning. While twirling in the air, she throws out her foot and it catches the side of KAYLA's face. BUFFY takes this opportunity to knock the sword from KAYLA's hands. It clatters to the floor. ANDY lands and runs up to grab KAYLA by the throat. ANDY jumps on the stage, still restraining KAYLA, and pushes the other Slayer into the wall.

          ANDY: Where's the Queen?

          KAYLA: I would never tell you.

          ANDY: Why's that? Do you enjoy getting brainwashed?

          KAYLA: Do you enjoy seeing your Slayers being knocked out and brutally wounded?

          ANDY looks back over her shoulder with BUFFY and they see unconscious bodies scattered about the floor.

          BUFFY: Oh my god.

          KAYLA head butts ANDY, who is forced to release her.

          KAYLA: This battle's won. And just wait to see what happens when these girls get their swords back.

          ANDY: You wouldn't.

          KAYLA: Oh, I would. I'm in charge here.

          ANDY: Did the Queen flee the scene? Is she now cowarding outside in the forest?

          KAYLA: I doubt that.

          A bullet whizzes inbetween ANDY and KAYLA and smashes into the rock. Both Slayers leap apart from one another and slide across the rock floor, scraping their arms. ANDY looks towards where the bullet came from. We see ELIZABETH and her soldiers in a different entrance into the large hall. They have their guns raised and are taking aim on the Slayers that are still standing.

          ANDY: The knife. Give me the knife.

          BUFFY reaches to her belt and hands over the blood stained dagger. ANDY takes it and pushes herself up.

          ANDY (Cont'd): Keep control of the situation here.

          BUFFY: Where are you going?

          ANDY: To take care of her.

          BUFFY looks at ELIZABETH as ANDY dashes off the stage. The soldiers run try to block ANDY from passing, but she punches them aside effortlessly. She stops in front of ELIZABETH.

          ELIZABETH: What now?

          ANDY: I end this.

          ANDY raises the bloody knife so ELIZABETH can see just before kicking her in the stomach and deeper into the hallway. They disappear from sight. BUFFY rolls over and grabs the sword from the ground. KAYLA attempts to steal it back but gets kicked in the face by BUFFY.

          BUFFY: Nice try.

          BUFFY gets to her feet and races over to MARIA, who's thankfully still standing.

          BUFFY (Cont'd): Go to Willow and stop her from starting the spell. Now!

          MARIA nods and takes off up the hallway and towards the surface. BUFFY looks towards the soldiers and grins.

          CUT TO:


          MARIA speeds up the walkway and towards the light. We see FAITH waiting in the entrance but before MARIA can get there, a sword slices through the air and cuts straight across MARIA's torso. FAITH runs down into hallway and pins the KILLER to the wall. She takes the sword from the other girl and throws it. Swiftly, she punches the girl's face and knocks her out. FAITH drops to her knees at MARIA's side. MARIA hardly speaks but does.

          MARIA: Don't?do?the spell.

          FAITH: Why?

          MARIA: Army?with guns?Need backup.

          FAITH feels MARIA die in her arms and she carries the body up towards the surface.

          CUT TO:


          FAITH lowers the body on the grass beside WILLOW.

          FAITH: Don't do the spell. I'm taking them down.

          WILLOW: How will I know when to start?

          FAITH: I'll come back up.

          WILLOW nods. FAITH motions towards the cave.

          FAITH (Cont'd): Let's go!

          FAITH and the rest of the Slayers race down the walkway and into the chaos.

          CUT TO:


          ELIZABETH slices through the air with her swords but ANDY dodges them. ANDY roundhouse kicks ELIZABETH into the wall and leaps through the air, smashing her foot into ELIZABETH's wrist, forcing her to drop the sword. ELIZABETH punches ANDY and rolls across the floor, swiping her weapon at ANDY's ankles. ANDY jumps to avoid being cut.

          ELIZABETH: You can't keep doing this all night. You'll get tired pretty damn quickly.

          ANDY: But you won't?

          ANDY swings her leg through the air but ELIZABETH catches her foot at the ankle.

          ELIZABETH: I doubt it.

          ELIZABETH swings her sword up and runs it down ANDY's leg. ANDY yelps with pain as ELIZABETH punches her in the gut, sending her flying through the air and smashing into the wall. ANDY slumps onto the ground. ELIZABETH grins.

          ELIZABETH (Cont'd): Are we done now?

          ANDY: Not quite.

          She hurls the dagger through the air and watches as it stabs ELIZABETH in the heart. ELIZABETH's eyes widen in shock as she screams. ELIZABETH falls to her knees.

          ANDY (Cont'd): Blood to blood.

          ELIZABETH's face contorts with pain and fury as her body flashes with bright white light. With each flash, she changes her appearance to a different person. Ultimately, it stops on ELIZABETH's normal appearance, but this time her skin is peeling away, revealing golden scales underneath. Her eyes transformed to a glowing purple and her hair begins to turn black. A moment later, she falls to the floor, dead.

          ANDY (Cont'd): I never get tired.

          ANDY slowly gets to her feet and limps out of the room.

          CUT TO:


          SPIKE and BRETT walk down the sidewalk carrying to black duffel bags.

          BRETT: Why couldn't we get the good job?

          SPIKE: This is the good job.

          BRETT: Maybe for you but definitely not for me. Besides, aren't you anti-fire?

          SPIKE: Doesn't mean I can't enjoy settings things on fire. Just as long as it ain't me.

          BRETT: What if I set you on fire by accident?

          SPIKE glares at him.

          SPIKE: How much farther?

          BRETT: One more block.

          The shot widens and we see a group of girls follow BRETT and SPIKE.

          CUT TO:


          FAITH's Slayers knock out the remaining QUEEN's Slayers though some fall to the floor unconscious. FAITH races over to BUFFY's side as the other Slayer is hit across the face.

          FAITH: Are you alright, B? What happened?

          BUFFY: Soldiers with guns. Big guns.

          FAITH: Anyone dead down here?

          BUFFY: Thankfully, no. What do you mean down here?

          FAITH lowers her head.

          FAITH: Where's Andy?

          ANDY: Right here.

          ANDY limps over to BUFFY and FAITH.

          ANDY (Cont'd): She's dead.

          FAITH: Who's dead?

          BUFFY: The Wicked Witch.

          FAITH: Oh.

          ANDY: Get Willow to start the spell.

          BUFFY: Is it even worth it anymore?

          ANDY: I was just in the weapon room.

          BUFFY: What does that have to do with anything?

          ANDY: You don't want these girls getting those weapons.

          There's a loud creaking sound and the three Slayers turn to see a large horde of girls entering the hall. All of them have swords, daggers, and other weapons.

          FAITH: We got some company now, too.

          ANDY: Go to Willow.

          FAITH nods and dashes up towards the surface.

          ANDY (Cont'd): And we'll take care of them.

          BUFFY: I don't think we can.

          We then see even more girls flood the hall.

          CUT TO:


          SPIKE and BRETT have stopped walking and formed a mob in front of the main doors.

          SPIKE: Let's do this.

          BRETT (To the Slayers): Pour the gasoline around the building. The rest of you, follow us. Time to make sure no one's home.

          SPIKE kicks in the doors and the group enters the building.

          CUT TO:


          The group storms the building and some of the Slayers start dumping gasoline on the floors. One of the main offices doors opens and DIANNA steps out with a gun raised.

          DIANNA: Stop or I'll shoot.

          SPIKE: Much good that'll do for ya.

          DIANNA fires the gun and the bullet grazes SPIKE's shoulder.

          BRETT: We're taking this place down, whether you like it or not. And no gun is going to stop us.

          DIANNA: I will not let you destroy this building.

          BRETT: You need to leave.

          DIANNA: I will not.

          SPIKE pushes DIANNA out of the way and pours more gasoline on the ground. The lights overhead flicker before going out completely, casting the room into darkness.

          SPIKE: What the hell's going on?

          The group looks around, worried. A moment later, the lights come back on but they're no longer standing in the offices of Celestial Center, rather they're inside a massive mausoleum. Papers and computers are still scattered around the building.

          BRETT: This is strange.

          DIANNA: I guess she's dead.

          BRETT: Who's dead?

          DIANNA: The woman who disguised this place from the beginning.

          BRETT looks confused. DIANNA enters her office and grabs her bag.

          DIANNA (Cont'd): It's over now. You can burn this place to the ground for all I care.

          She pushes through the group and leaves. SPIKE glances at BRETT and nods. BRETT motions for the girls to leave the building. BRETT and SPIKE exit, too, but right after they each throw a match into the depths of the mausoleum.

          CUT TO:


          BRETT, SPIKE, and the Slayers walk away from the building as it goes up in the flames. The group disappears from sight but we remain watching the burning building.

          CUT TO:


          FAITH rushes up to WILLOW ? who is now seated in a circle of lit white candles.

          FAITH: Do your thing.

          WILLOW nods and pulls her bag closer to her and opens it. She reaches inside and pulls out the Slayer's Scythe.

          WILLOW: My handy-dandy conduit.

          She grins nervously at FAITH and places the scythe on the ground.

          WILLOW (Cont'd): You might wanna back away. This could get whacky.

          FAITH takes a few steps back as WILLOW rests both of her hands on either side of the scythe. She then chants several Latin words.

          WILLOW (Cont'd): Goddess, we ask that you take back what was granted of the wise women that walk this earth. With gratitude we took the power and with remorse we give it back. Restore what was and remove what is, I beseech of you.

          There's a bright flash of white light as WILLOW is caught in the middle of a roaring, white vortex. FAITH flies through the air and lands on the ground as the air pulses with white energy.

          WILLOW (Shouting): I beseech of you!

          The scene is flooded with white light.

          CUT TO:


          ANDY, BUFFY, and the Slayers continue fighting as the white light pours down into the hall like water in a rapid. In a moment, everything is white.

          FLASH TO:


          ANDY is half asleep on her desk with FAITH and BUFFY in the same condition in their chairs.

          BUFFY: That was hell.

          FAITH: Never again.

          ANDY: God I hope we never have to do that again.

          The door opens and WILLOW enters with SPIKE and BRETT. ANDY perks up a little.

          ANDY (Cont'd): Is Celestial Center up in flames?

          SPIKE: Of course it is.

          BRETT: Did you kill her?

          ANDY nods.

          BRETT (Cont'd): Funny thing is that I always thought that I'd be there when it happens.

          ANDY: At least it happened.

          BRETT starts to head for the door.

          ANDY (Cont'd): Where are you going?

          BRETT: I'm gonna go make up for a mistake I made.

          ANDY looks at him oddly and he leaves. SPIKE starts to follow.

          SPIKE: I should probably go to the Council and let them know what happened last night.

          SPIKE leaves.

          BUFFY: I just want to go to bed.

          FAITH: I hear ya.

          WILLOW: Check out's not for another four hours.

          BUFFY: I don't think that that matters anymore. I think we should stick around just in case.

          WILLOW nods.

          WILLOW: I want to go sleepy-sleep as soon as possible.

          BUFFY stands.

          BUFFY: I so agree.

          The two head out the door. FAITH and ANDY are left alone.

          FAITH: What now?

          ANDY: I don't know.

          She looks down, saddened.

          ANDY (Cont'd): I can't help but feel that we did the wrong thing here.

          FAITH: I think we did.

          ANDY: We'll have to deal with the consequences when they come up, huh?

          FAITH: I guess so.

          ANDY stands.

          ANDY: God I'm pooped.

          FAITH yawns and exits the office with ANDY ? who stops and turns off the lights before leaving.

          CUT TO:


          ANDY opens the door and steps into the darkness. We see two candles lit on the windowsill and a rose rested at the foot of the bed. ANDY takes off her jacket and tosses it to the floor while kicking off her shoes.

          ANDY: Last night was hell in the caves. You're so lucky you weren't there.

          ANDY removes her shirt and pants and walks towards the bed, dropping them on the floor.

          ANDY (Cont'd): But at least that's over and I can be with you now.

          She slips under the covers and wraps her arms around an unknown figure. She leans up and blows out the candles, casting the room into darkness.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE
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