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CHOSEN Episode 1.06 "The Usual Plan"

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  • CHOSEN Episode 1.06 "The Usual Plan"

    Episode 1.06 "The Usual Plan"
    Written by: Me
    Produced by: Me

    *Disclaimer: This is the fine print. The universe that "Chosen" takes place in was created by Joss Whedon and structured by his TV children "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel." Those two shows and this universe/Buffyverse is property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, and the WB and UPN television networks. All characters that are not directly from the Buffyverse are all property of me. Ask before using.

    ~ ~ ~




    BRETT and NATALIE are in the office alone. BRETT's head is in his hands and NATALIE is sitting cross-legged in her chair.

    BRETT: I seriously missed that much?

    NATALIE: Yes, yes you did. (Beat) Though it sounds like you've had your own battle on your hands in the meantime, huh?

    BRETT shakes his head.

    BRETT: Finding out your girlfriend's married to your ex-girlfriend's stepbrother isn't that bad compared to what you went through.

    NATALIE: Nah, that's not possible. What you dealt with was totally worse than protecting a demon from a coven of psycho witches and then finding out that the woman separated from the demon committed suicide to be in Heaven completely.

    NATALIE sighs. The two slouch in their chairs now.

    NATALIE (Cont'd): We are seriously screwed up.

    BRETT: Yeah, just slightly.

    NATALIE: What're you gonna do? About Gina and her case?

    BRETT: I haven't decided yet. I actually can't bear to think about it all right now. What about you and your troubles?

    NATALIE: Crazy demon chick left to go get more Slayers for us to train.

    BRETT: Ah, that sounds good. Do you think Andy's mad?

    NATALIE: Why would she be mad?

    BRETT: Because I completely disappeared to deal with personal things rather than the bigger picture.

    NATALIE: You had all the right reasons in mind and I think she'll appreciate that. At least you weren't running around with Elizabeth and the whole Celestial Center gang like in your Golden Days, right?

    BRETT: Those days definitely weren't golden. More like bronze.

    NATALIE: Like sexy beach tan bronze or ugly scrap metal bronze?

    BRETT: Ugly scrap metal bronze.

    NATALIE: Eww?so not spiffy.

    BRETT laughs with NATALIE. They both stand and head for the door.

    BRETT: I hope I don't get a beating for not being here.

    NATALIE: Trust me: you won't.

    NATALIE reaches for the door but BRETT reaches out and stops her. NATALIE turns and faces BRETT, who's looking down into her eyes. Quickly, they both move towards each other and kiss. After a few moments, they pull away. NATALIE's eyes are wide and BRETT's eyebrows are raised. NATALIE yanks the door open and quickly walks out of the room.

    CUT TO:


    Loud music is pumping throughout the club. People dance on the floor while others sit at tables or at the bar drinking. The camera moves across the counter and towards the wall just behind the large shelving unit holding various alcohol bottles. The camera then "makes contact" with the wall and we pass through it.

    CUT TO:


    A man flies through the air and slams against the wall. We pan around to reveal a small, young GIRL standing next to a garbage can. She's crying. Her skin is deathly pale with dark circles under her eyes. Her hair is pulled back and she's dressed in a dirty gown. The GIRL looks to be around 6 or 7. A VAMPIRE crosses the alley towards the GIRL and kneels down in front of her. The VAMPIRE strokes her cheek gently. The GIRL tenses.

    VAMPIRE: It's alright, little girl. You're safe now.

    He laughs and reaches for the GIRL's face again. This time she's ready for him. She grabs his wrist and snaps it backwards. The camera focuses on her face to reveal glowing white eyes. The GIRL places her palm against the VAMPIRE's chest.

    GIRL: You're safe now.

    Blood pours out of the VAMPIRE's mouth, nose, ears, and the corners of his eyes. He tries to scream, but can't. The GIRL hits the VAMPIRE in the jaw, knocking him up into the air. He smashes into the brick wall. Upon impact, his body turns to water, which splashes down onto the stone ground. The GIRL walks down the alley towards the other man. She stokes his face and her eyes quickly revert to normal.

    GIRL (Cont'd): I'm sorry, but I must do this.

    Her eyes instantly glow again and the man's body transforms into water. The GIRL stands, walks towards the mouth of alley, turns the corner, and disappears.




    Jennifer Garner as Andrea "Andy" Sullivan
    Maggie Grace as Natalie Price
    Aubrey Dollar as Elizabeth Holloway
    Ryan Reynolds as Brett Stewart
    And James Marsters as Spike

    Guest Starring:

    David Anders as Gregory Carlisle
    Krissy Alfonzo as Mary
    Tina Majorino as Kayla Kaas
    Chandra Wilson as Dianna Preston
    DB Woodside as Robin Wood
    Eliza Dushku as Faith

    **CHOSEN is officially affiliated with RAVEN, created by Alex (Master Brown) and Travis (DigitalLeonardo), and SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS, created by Travis (DigitalLeonardo).

    Edited by: QueenC (Amber)
    wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!


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    ACT I



    A train roars into the train station and stops. We hear the brakes and a moment later people are flooding the sidewalk around the vehicles. Among them is a WOMAN, dressed in jeans, and a dark skinned MAN, wearing a long brown coat. We do not see their faces, only their backs are visible.

    MAN: Do you think that's her?

    The WOMAN's hand snaps downwards and a long, sharp piece of wood is seen ? tightly in her grip. Over their shoulders we see someone wearing all black, with a head garment wrapped around her head.

    WOMAN: If it's not then I'll be damned.

    We quick pan around in front of the WOMAN to reveal her as FAITH. Panning over, we see ROBIN WOOD standing next to her.

    ROBIN: Did you happen to see where the guy went after she took him in the bathroom?

    FAITH: Honestly, I don't wanna know what happened to him.

    ROBIN: I guess it's the usual plan, then?

    FAITH: You got it.

    ROBIN crosses the sidewalk in front of FAITH and breezes right in front of the person in black. Their body tenses up and stops moving before following ROBIN up the stairs. FAITH stops for a moment, stashing the stake up her sleeve again, and then quickly goes after the two. As FAITH leaves, four POLICE OFFICERS stop where she was standing.

    CUT TO:


    The doors open and ROBIN, nearly jogging, exits the train station with the other person and FAITH close behind. He leads the two women down an alley a block away from the train station.

    CUT TO:


    ROBIN stops when he reaches the end of the alley and spins around. We see that the person from the train station is standing right behind him. She lifts her head some to reveal the face of a vampire beneath the headdress.

    ROBIN (Whispering to himself): Come on Faith.

    VAMPIRE WOMAN: Hush, hush little boy. Momma's here now.

    She pulls ROBIN close and kisses him on the lips. Abruptly, the VAMPIRE WOMAN is pulled off ROBIN and thrown backwards down the alley. She lands in a crippled slump on the pavement. Behind where the VAMPIRE woman once stood is FAITH.

    FAITH: Back off my man, bitch.

    ROBIN: I didn't willingly kiss her.

    FAITH: Sure.

    ROBIN: She called me "Little Boy" and acted like my mother! That's just wrong!

    FAITH: Hey, hey! Guys are into some kinky stuff. You never know nowadays.

    ROBIN is about to speak when he nods his head towards the VAMPIRE WOMAN, who's standing up slowly from where she was laying. FAITH takes a few steps away from ROBIN as he steps back towards the wall. The VAMIPRE WOMAN comes closer to FAITH. A moment later, FAITH jumps into the air and spins around, kicking the VAMPIRE WOMAN in the face. FAITH lands on her feet.

    FAITH (Cont'd): Here's some advice: play dead next time.

    FAITH runs towards the VAMPIRE WOMAN and punches her up into the air. The slayer pins her to the brick wall. The wooden stake in FAITH's sleeve falls down into her hand again. FAITH then stabs the VAMPIRE WOMAN in the chest. A second after the stabbing, the VAMPIRE WOMAN turns into ashes.

    ROBIN: We should make a drinking game out of this. Each time we kill a vampire we take a shot.

    The sound of police sirens draw near.

    FAITH: How ?bout each time they're following us?

    ROBIN hurriedly climbs onto the dumpster that is pressed against the wall and starts to climb over the brick fence. FAITH, however, gets a running start and leaps up and over the structure. ROBIN then disappears over the edge.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY is on the mats with a group of the young slayers. They're doing basic karate moves. ANDY stops doing the exercises and takes a deep breath.

    ANDY: You all did really great this time. I think there's some hope for most of you.

    She laughs with the girls and heads towards the office. BRETT sweeps out of the office, however, and stops her.

    BRETT: Are you mad at me?

    ANDY: Oh! You're back. About time, don't you think?

    BRETT: You're mad at me.

    ANDY: No I'm not. I understand why you weren't here and I respect the fact that you have your own issues to deal with. I'm definitely not mad.

    BRETT: Thank god.

    ANDY: When are you leaving again?

    BRETT walks with ANDY towards the office.

    BRETT: Not sure.

    ANDY: Why aren't you sure?

    BRETT: That's a long story.

    They enter the office.

    CUT TO:


    BRETT and ANDY enter the office and shut the door behind them. ANDY sits behind her desk and turns on the computer. BRETT falls into one of the chairs. He glances over at the other one that NATALIE was sitting in the night before and quickly looks away.

    ANDY: Did she dump you?

    BRETT: Huh?

    ANDY: Is that why you're not leaving again?

    BRETT: No, actually. It's a lot worse.

    ANDY looks at her computer screen.

    ANDY: Worse than a crazy killer running around New York City?

    BRETT: Yeah, probably.

    ANDY: Wow, then whatever happened must be really sucky since this chick's an escapee from a jail in California.

    BRETT: California? She's crossed the country and hasn't gotten caught? After all that work she doesn't deserve to go back to jail.

    ANDY: What if I said that she has killed quite a few people?

    BRETT hesitates.

    BRETT: How many?

    ANDY: This girl's a murderer. As in the killing kind. She deserves to go back to jail for those crimes.

    BRETT: Yeah, I agree she deserves to be sent back to prison for killing people, but it's obvious the cops can't hold her. She'll just escape again. The police just seem incapable.

    ANDY raises and eyebrow and glares at BRETT.

    ANDY: The police are incapable?

    BRETT: I didn't mean it like that. Besides, you're not a cop anymore.

    ANDY: Still, I know people who are cops.

    BRETT: Are you mad at me?

    ANDY: Yes I am.

    CUT TO:


    ELIZABETH briskly walks across the large space where cubicles are cramped close together. She stops at one of them and enters through the gap that serves as a doorway. Inside is a man, KEVIN REED, ? early 30's, short brown hair, and dressed in a black suit ? sitting at the computer typing away. Hanging on the walls of the office are surveillance pictures ? the subjects of each marked with a bright red crosshair over their head.

    ELIZABETH: Are you busy with something?

    KEVIN spins around in his chair to look at ELIZABETH.

    KEVIN: For you? I'm never busy.

    ELIZABETH: If I ask a favor of you, what will it cost me?

    KEVIN: Depends on the favor.

    ELIZABETH: What's the generic price range you've got running?

    KEVIN: A new office. Actually, this isn't even an office.

    ELIZABETH: Don't you think that you're being greedy?

    KEVIN: Not really.

    ELIZABETH: Fine.

    KEVIN: So what's the job this time?

    ELIZABETH: I need you to do some digging for me.

    KEVIN: And who will I be looking into?

    ELIZABETH grabs a piece of paper off KEVIN's desk and writes a name on it. KEVIN picks up the scrap and reads it.

    KEVIN (Cont'd): I am not doing this job.

    ELIZABETH: You want a new office, don't you?

    KEVIN: I'll get fired! Or, in the slightly positive approach, killed! Sorry, Elizabeth, this one's a no go.

    ELIZABETH: You're worried about getting fired? If you don't do this job, I'll fire you myself just before killing you slowly. How would you like that?

    KEVIN stares at her, blankly.

    ELIZABETH (Cont'd): Daily reports would be great, thanks.

    ELIZABETH turns and exits the cubicle. On her way down the hallway, the front doors open and several men in white coats enter the building. One of them is pushing a large, steel crate. DIANNA comes out of her office and stops in front of the men. We see them talk and ELIZABETH crosses the room to stand by DIANNA's side.

    ELIZABETH (Cont'd): What's going on?

    DIANNA: I don't think it concerns you.

    ELIZABETH: I think it does when these guys come in here and (Looks down the hall) bring their little package into my division of the company.

    DIANNA: You don't need an explanation.

    ELIZABETH: You're right: I deserve an explanation.

    DIANNA: Like I said, Miss Holloway, things are different now. Get used to it.

    DIANNA walks off and reenters her office. ELIZABETH hesitates before following the men down the hallway.

    CUT TO:


    The men roll the crate across the tile floor while keeping a general square formation around it. ELIZABETH is close behind.

    GUARD 1: What if this girl gets out of here?

    GUARD 2: She won't.

    GUARD 3: If she's as powerful as Missus Preston says she is, anything's possible.

    GUARD 1 is pushing the crate while GUARDS 2 and 3 are in front of it. GUARDS 4 and 5 stand directly behind GUARD 1. The group turns the corner and ELIZABETH stops at the edge to look after them.

    GUARD 4: You're all being foolish.

    GUARD 2: What side are you on then?

    GUARD 5: Just shut up. All of you.

    GUARD 5 punches a security code into the keypad just outside a metal door. A moment later, it slides open and the group enters. The door closes behind them. ELIZABETH takes this opportunity and walks towards the door. Unexpectedly, it slides open and ELIZABETH slams herself back into the corner, out of sight as the GUARDS leave the room. The last GUARD turns the corner; ELIZABETH quickly moves out of her corner and pounds a number into the keypad. She impatiently taps her foot before the door slides open. She steps inside.

    CUT TO:


    ELIZABETH steps inside and we hear circus music playing in the background. She takes a few more steps inside the room until she stands in the center of it. Looking up, ELIZABETH sees a large skylight.

    GIRL (OS): Would you like to have a tea party with me?

    ELIZABETH spins around, startled, and we see the same GIRL from the beginning of the episode. The GIRL is brushing her doll's hair and is still dressed in the dirty white dress.

    GIRL (Cont'd): My name is Mary. What's yours?

    ELIZABETH raises an eyebrow and takes a step away from MARY.

    CUT TO:


    NATALIE walks with ANDY down the sidewalk. Their hands are free and they seem careless.

    ANDY: Brett's been acting weird lately.

    NATALIE: Why would you say that?

    ANDY: We were talking this morning and he said some intriguing stuff.

    NATALIE, worrying that BRETT may have told ANDY about their kiss, folds her arms across her chest and looks down at her feet.

    ANDY (Cont'd): Do you know why he thinks I'm mad at him for doing a job that he needed to do? (Beat) Did that come out as a complete ramble, or was it just me?

    NATALIE sighs in relief and laughs.

    NATALIE: Total ramble.

    They laugh together. On their walk down the street, they pass an electronics store and several TVs are tuned in on the news. ANDY glances over and we see FAITH's picture on the screen followed by a police officer making an announcement which can't be heard through the glass window. Distracted by the TVs, ANDY does not see the WOMAN behind her push in front of NATALIE and her. ANDY stumbles slightly.

    ANDY: Excuse you!

    The woman glances back quickly and we see a glimpse of FAITH's face. ANDY's eyes widen and her jaw clenches. ANDY rushes up in front of FAITH and stops her from walking.

    ANDY (Cont'd): You're Faith Lehane, aren't you?

    FAITH looks back over her shoulder quickly and punches ANDY up into the air and down an alley. FAITH then storms down the passageway and stands over ANDY. ROBIN and NATALIE run down the alley and stand behind where FAITH and ANDY are.

    ROBIN: Faith! What happened?

    NATALIE: Oh my god! What was that for?

    ANDY gets to her feet and looks towards the other two people along with FAITH. Their eyes then lock on each other again.


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      ACT II

      FADE IN


      ANDY quickly looks away from FAITH and takes a step back.

      ANDY: So you're the murderer on the loose, huh? You're not very discreet, are you?

      FAITH throws a punch but ANDY catches her fist and twists it backwards.

      ANDY (Cont'd): Nuh-uh. You're not hitting me again.

      ANDY forces her leg up to kick FAITH in the stomach, but FAITH wraps her free hand around her ankle.

      FAITH: You're fast. I'm faster.

      ANDY tries to pull free, but can't.

      ANDY: On the count of three, we'll release.

      FAITH is hesitant, but nods.

      ANDY (Cont'd): One?Two?Three!

      ANDY yanks her foot free and FAITH pulls her arm back. The instant that they're both released, the two Slayers kick each other in the stomach, sending both across the alley and to the ground.

      ANDY (Cont'd): You're tough. I'm tougher.

      ANDY charges FAITH and flips into the air. She brings her foot down on FAITH swiftly, but the other Slayer deflects the attack. FAITH pulls a dagger from her belt and presses it against ANDY's throat.

      FAITH: Like knives?

      There's a clicking sound and ANDY raises her gun so it rests on FAITH's forehead.

      ANDY: Like guns?

      NATALIE puts a hand to her mouth and gasps.

      NATALIE: Isn't there a peaceful way to go about solving this problem?

      ROBIN looks at NATALIE.

      ROBIN: Who are you?

      NATALIE: I could ask you the same thing.

      ROBIN: I suggest you get out of here before you get hurt.

      NATALIE turns and puts her hands on her hips.

      NATALIE: Okay, there's no need to get an attitude towards me, buddy. My friend didn't attack your lady friend.

      ROBIN looks down at NATALIE and then quickly shoots his gaze back towards FAITH and ANDY.

      ROBIN: Ladies, let's put the weapons down and no one will get hurt.

      FAITH: She's gotta ditch her's first.

      ANDY: Like that's gonna happen.

      ROBIN walks over to the two Slayers and looks both of them in the eyes once.

      ROBIN: Do I need to pull you two off each other? Lord knows I've done it enough times as a Principal.

      ANDY and FAITH are both breathing heavily. ANDY squints and glares at FAITH as the other SLAYER does the same.

      ROBIN (Cont'd): Are we ready to act like the mature little women we are?

      ANDY and FAITH quickly pull away from each other and stare at ROBIN.

      ANDY & FAITH (Simultaneously): Little women?

      ROBIN: Wrong thing to say.

      He backs away.

      ANDY: So, Faith, you must be a little special, huh?

      FAITH: What are you implyin'?

      ANDY: No one moves that fast or has that much overwhelming strength unless you're special.

      FAITH raises an eyebrow and tilts her head to the side slightly.

      ANDY (Cont'd): Oh for crying out loud! You're a Slayer, aren't you? An "S-L-A-Y-E-R." Slayer.

      FAITH: Nice guess. I imagine you're the same.

      ANDY: No, I'm Wonder Woman.

      ANDY grins childishly.

      ANDY (Cont'd): What are you doing in Manhattan, anyways? It's not the best place to hide from the cops.

      FAITH: That's a long story that you don't need to know.

      ANDY: Really? I don't see you rounding up the newbie Slayers. I should technically be dragging you back to Slayer Central right now.

      ROBIN: "Slayer Central?"

      NATALIE steps closer.

      NATALIE: It's the warehouse where we train new Slayers.

      FAITH: Train new Slayers, huh? Take me there.

      ANDY: Excuse me? You think I'm gonna let a serial killer step foot in the place where a dozen young Slayers are? Dream on.

      FAITH: I'm not a killer anymore. I'm not the same person anymore.

      ANDY: And how do I believe that?

      ROBIN: Believe me. Do I look like someone who'd hang around with a psychopath?

      ANDY looks ROBIN up and down and notices the nice, new clothes he's wearing.

      ANDY: Good point.

      FAITH stands with the other three people and puts her hands on her hips.

      FAITH: We gonna go now or are we gonna keep on chatting?

      CUT TO:


      Night has fallen and ELIZABETH is now sitting on the floor across from MARY. MARY brushes the hair of her doll once more while ELIZABETH looks at her, curiously. MARY breaks the silence.

      MARY: Why am I in here?

      ELIZABETH: You don't know?

      MARY: I woke up in here. I only remember the alley.

      ELIZABETH sits up straighter.

      ELIZABETH: What alley?

      MARY: Where I killed the men.

      ELIZABETH's eyes narrow.

      ELIZABETH: I don't get it.

      The doors to the lab slide open and ELIZABETH pushes herself out of the way. MARY, startled, looks towards the doors and her eyes quickly roll to the same eerie white as before. A GUARD walks into the room and, before he can see MARY on the floor, grasps his throat as blood pours out of his ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. He moans miserably. ELIZABETH looks from MARY to the GUARD in awe. The GUARD then falls to the ground and splashes into a pool of water. ELIZABETH nods.

      ELIZABETH: You just did that, didn't you?

      MARY nods and her eyes roll back to normal.

      ELIZABETH (Cont'd): No wonder you're in here.

      ELIZABETH stands up and starts to leave. MARY grabs her leg.

      MARY: Please don't leave me! You can't leave me alone!

      ELIZABETH looks down at her and smiles.

      ELIZABETH: I'll come back. I promise.

      MARY smiles back and releases ELIZABETH's leg. ELIZABETH then leaves the room. MARY grabs her doll and holds it to her chest.

      CUT TO:


      ELIZABETH steps out into the hallway and starts to walk away.

      GREG (OS): So that's where you've been hiding?

      ELIZABETH spins around and sees GREG moving away from the corner of the hallway.

      ELIZABETH: What are you doing here?

      GREG: I was looking for you.

      ELIZABETH: And you just assumed I was in there?

      GREG shrugs.

      GREG: Something like that.

      ELIZABETH: Or maybe it has something to do with the little microphone in my purse?

      ELIZABETH holds up a small black device and lets GREG inspect it.

      GREG: Where did that come from?

      ELIZABETH: Don't play dumb. I found it this morning and guess what else I found? Some great black cameras to match. Wanna know the best place to hide a camera?

      GREG looks at her, acting confused.

      ELIZABETH (Cont'd): Not above a doorway.

      ELIZABETH throws the camera at GREG and starts to storm off. GREG follows her.

      GREG: Can we talk about this?

      ELIZABETH: What's there to talk about? You're either one major pervert or you're flat out stalking me.

      GREG reaches out and spins ELIZABETH around.

      ELIZABETH (Cont'd): No, just no. We don't have anything to talk about. You lied to me. You betrayed me. And what was it all for? What did you get out of it? Did she offer you a raise? Or maybe Missus Preston wanted you to have a bigger office?

      GREG shakes his head and tries to stop her. ELIZABETH throws up her hand.

      ELIZABETH (Cont'd): And what about the stalker guy who followed me around the City a few days ago? He was hired by you, wasn't he? (Voice rises to a yell) I cannot believe this!

      GREG: Let me explain?

      ELIZABETH: Just shut up already! You can't redeem yourself for this. It doesn't matter who you are or what Dianna promised you in return for videotaping me. If I catch anywhere near me outside of this building, I'll promising you something else that you won't want.

      ELIZABETH turns back around and storms off. GREG stands alone.

      CUT TO:


      ANDY and FAITH stand on the edge of the mats, watching a group of Slayers training.

      ANDY: So you killed the guy accidentally and then went rogue? Why did it take you so long to want to redeem yourself? It doesn't make any sense.

      FAITH: It would if you killed a guy. Your perspective changes and you gotta adjust to it however you can.

      ANDY: And jail was the only option you could think of, I assume?

      FAITH: Only true way to get redemption.

      ANDY: What now? Does running from the cops qualify as proving yourself good?

      FAITH: No, but I figured saving the world would.

      ANDY: That's true. That's very, very true.

      ANDY looks up at the balcony and sees SPIKE talking to ROBIN. ROBIN points at SPIKE and turns to shout down over the edge of the balcony.

      ROBIN: Look who's here.

      FAITH turns and sees SPIKE. FAITH stands up and starts towards the stairs. ROBIN leads SPIKE down the flight of metal steps. SPIKE and FAITH exchange casual nods.

      FAITH: Thought you were dead.

      SPIKE: So did I until I came back to life. How've you been?

      FAITH: Been runnin' from some cops.

      SPIKE: They're still after you?

      ROBIN: After us. Someone told them that I've been hanging around with Faith.

      ANDY steps up and joins the circle of old friends.

      ANDY: Sorry to interrupt but I love gossip.

      FAITH: I should probably hit the sack for the night. Been a long day.

      ROBIN (Cont'd): I don't know how crowded hotels will be.

      ANDY: I'm sure you'd be alright staying here. I think we have a room open upstairs somewhere. Especially if you like medical supplies.

      ROBIN looks at her, trying to figure out what ANDY meant.

      ANDY (Cont'd): Forget it. (Pointing behind her) Upstairs, third room on the left.

      ROBIN nods and guides FAITH towards the stairway. ANDY looks at SPIKE and takes a deep breath before letting it out.

      ANDY (Cont'd): So?

      SPIKE: Yeah?

      ANDY jerks her thumb over her shoulder.

      ANDY: I'll be over there.

      SPIKE: Yeah.

      SPIKE goes towards the office and ANDY steps onto the mats with the other Slayers. SPIKE looks back over his shoulder at ANDY as she steps onto the mats nods slightly. He reaches for the handle but realizes the door is open and he slams into BRETT, who's standing in the doorway.

      BRETT: Stalker.

      SPIKE: What are you on about?

      BRETT: The glances. Those "innocent" glances. Yeah, I saw you.

      SPIKE: I'm surprised you're not off with your girlfriend
      BRETT: I'm surprised you're not off pretending you've got Andy as your girlfriend.

      SPIKE: Sod off.

      SPIKE pushes BRETT out of the way and enters the office. BRETT shakes his head and laughs, walking away from the office and slamming the door shut behind him.

      CUT TO:


      The camera pulls away from the silver door that encloses the warehouse and we see the legs of a dark figure. A second later, a long sword falls into view and the moonlight shines off it's blade.


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        ACT III

        FADE IN


        The doors slide open and ELIZABETH enters the lab. Underneath the skylight, MARY sits on the ground playing with her doll again. ELIZABETH crouches down in front of her and smiles.

        ELIZABETH: I'm back.

        MARY: They tried to hurt me again.

        ELIZABETH puts a hand on MARY's head.

        ELIZABETH: Did you hurt them instead?

        MARY: I didn't mean to.

        ELIZABETH: It's alright. You did the right thing. These people are really bad people. Don't ever let them come in this room again, okay?

        MARY nods.

        MARY: Why are you here?

        ELIZABETH: Because I said I'd come back. And now, I'm going to get you out of here. But you have to promise me something.

        MARY nods again.

        ELIZABETH (Cont'd): If anyone tries to stop us on our way out of this building, you'll hurt them. Promise?

        MARY: But why?

        ELIZABETH: Like I said: These people are really bad.

        MARY stands up with ELIZABETH and holds her hand tightly. She keeps her doll beneath one arm and walks towards the door with ELIZABETH.

        CUT TO:


        ELIZABETH and MARY breeze through the office of Celestial Center. GUARDS try to stop them but they end up flying through the air and smashing into the walls as nothing more than water. GREG runs out of his office.

        GREG: Elizabeth! Just stop!

        ELIZABETH looks back over her shoulder.

        ELIZABETH: Screw you.

        GREG stares at her in awe as ELIZABETH and MARY push through the glass doors and leave the building. DIANNA comes out of her office.

        DIANNA: What the hell just happened?

        GREG: She ran off with the girl.

        DIANNA: She wasn't told about how dangerous that girl is?

        GREG: I don't believe so.

        DIANNA puts her hands to her head.

        DIANNA: You are not on my good list right now.

        She storms back into her office and GREG looks back at the door.

        CUT TO:


        ANDY knocks on the doorway and FAITH jerks upwards.

        ANDY: Good morning sunshine.

        FAITH glares at her.

        ANDY (Cont'd): Where's Robin? Oh my god, you didn't kill him did you?

        ANDY puts her hand to her mouth and gasps, jokingly. FAITH continues to glare at her as ROBIN stands up from on the side of the bed.

        ROBIN: Good morning.

        ANDY slaps her hand on one of the beds.

        ANDY: These are beds. You sleep on them.

        ANDY stomps her foot.

        ANDY (Cont'd): This is the floor. You don't sleep on it.

        ROBIN: The beds are uncomfortable.

        ANDY: For a room for injured people, I'd say that uncomfy beds are a problem.

        FAITH: What do you want?

        ANDY looks up at the ceiling for a minute.

        ANDY: You know how vandalisms another crime for which a lot people seek redemption?

        FAITH continues to look at her, puzzled.

        ANDY (Cont'd): Yeah, you might wanna come outside and look at this pretty work of art.

        FAITH quickly climbs out of bed and follows ANDY out of the room.

        CUT TO:


        ANDY leads FAITH out the front door and towards a group of girls who are examining the vandalism. We cannot see what it reads, though.

        ANDY: Alright girls. Get back inside. There's nothing to see here. Move it along.

        ANDY ushers the Slayers back inside and FAITH steps closer to the wall.

        FAITH: What the hell?

        ANDY stands next to FAITH now and looks up at the wall.

        ANDY: Yeah?That's exactly what I said.

        Over their shoulders we see a picture and words engraved into the stone wall. The picture is of a wooden stake and the words read "Slayers Aren't Murderers."

        FAITH: It was one of them.

        ANDY: Yeah, that's I figure, too. But none of them should know about you killing that guy.

        FAITH: Word spreads fast.

        FAITH starts into the building, followed by ANDY.

        CUT TO:


        The second both of them are inside, FAITH whistles loudly. The girls quickly spin around and face her.

        FAITH: Sit down.

        The girls drop the ground on the blue mats. ANDY grabs FAITH by the arm.

        ANDY: You're just gonna tell them about what you did?

        FAITH: I'll avoid it.

        FAITH moves so she is all of the young Slayers' view. ANDY stands right behind her.

        FAITH (Cont'd): Does anyone wanna confess?

        The girls whisper to each other. FAITH whistles again.

        FAITH (Cont'd): This isn't a joke. None of this is. You're all Slayers and you're all supposed to be mature enough to handle situations like these.

        A SLAYER whispers during the silence and is heard by FAITH and ANDY.

        SLAYER: And Slayers aren't supposed to kill normal people.

        ANDY raises an eyebrow and glares at the SLAYER.

        ANDY: Excuse me? What exactly are you talking about?

        SLAYER: I'm talking about her.

        She motions towards FAITH. ANDY steps in front of FAITH.

        ANDY: This is ridiculous. Do you all think I'm an idiot? Do you really think I'd let a murderer come into this building while all of you are here? That's insulting, really. Faith wants to be forgiven for what she did and after all she's been through, I'd say she deserves it a hell of a lot more than half of you girls do for any petty crime you may have done in your short lives.

        ANDY paces the ground in front of the mats.

        ANDY (Cont'd): You wanna distrust Faith? Go ahead. Keep in mind that, by having any form of mistrust in her, you're not trusting me. By wanting Faith gone or by vandalizing my warehouse, you're getting yourself the boot right out of this place. I don't care who you are and I don't care what you want to threaten me with. Faith is your superior. She's my superior. If you don't respect her, then leave.

        KAYLA stands up from the center of the group of girls.

        KAYLA: Can you blame us? I trust you completely, Andy, but I don't know how I could ever trust her. She killed people and had fun doing it. Am I supposed to just forget all that and act happy and safe? That's not right.

        ANDY starts to reply but FAITH shakes her head and nods behind her. ANDY takes a step back.

        FAITH: You probably won't ever be able to trust me or act like everything's perfectly fine. It's not. I admit that what I did was wrong and that I was a different person then. Look at me now. If I was a killer, do you really think I'd give a damn about you girls? Do you really think I'd be trying to prove myself to you all so that I can help Andy get you ready for whatever's going to come? That's just ridiculous. Stop hating and stop acting like I'm here to force you to be like me.

        ANDY: And stop vandalizing my warehouse.

        FAITH: Are you all just gonna sit there? Or are we gonna do some training?

        The sound of police sirens is heard coming closer to Slayer Central. KAYLA shakes her head.

        KAYLA: No.

        The sirens stop after becoming increasingly loud. A man on a megaphone is heard as ROBIN, SPIKE, NATALIE, and BRETT join the group.

        POLICE OFFICER: Faith Lehane and Robin Wood. Come out of the building and no one will get hurt.

        FAITH looks to ANDY and ROBIN rushes over to her side.

        ROBIN: What's going on?

        FAITH glares over her shoulder at KAYLA.

        FAITH: Someone called the cops.

        ROBIN: How're we going to get out of this one?

        FAITH: We can't.

        ANDY: You are not going out there! Not now!

        FAITH: What am I supposed to do? I can't keep running. It's not right.

        ANDY: And neither is abandoning these girls and leaving me to train them. That's not right.

        FAITH looks down at her shoes, shaking her head slowly.

        ROBIN (To Faith): She's right, you know?

        FAITH: I know she's right.

        ANDY: Then stay.

        POLICE OFFICER: Faith Lehane and Robin Wood, please exit the building now.

        ROBIN (To Faith): The usual plan?

        FAITH: The usual plan.

        ANDY: What's the usual plan?

        FAITH slides the door open and leaves the building with ROBIN.

        ANDY (Cont'd): That's not a good plan! Not a good plan at all!

        ANDY starts to go after the two but stops at the sound of grunting and yelling. FAITH flies through the air and hits the warehouse floor hard. ROBIN spins backwards and lands at ANDY's feet. She helps him up.

        ROBIN: Those aren't cops.

        BRETT helps FAITH to her feet and she limps over to ROBIN and ANDY.

        FAITH: Somethin' else entirely.

        ANDY looks towards the doorway again and sees at least fifteen demons gazing back at them.

        ANDY: They're definitely not the same cops I know.

        The lead demon, CH'NOE, motions for FAITH and ROBIN to come to him.

        CH'NOE: You're coming with us.

        ANDY and FAITH tense up.

        ANDY: You're not going to get them, you know that right?

        CH'NOE: And who are you, girly?

        ANDY: Killer of your kind. I stab; you fall to the ground and moan. Ever heard of that wonderful cycle?

        CH'NOE's face is expressionless.

        ANDY (Cont'd): How about if I say we're Slayers? All of us are Slayers.

        CH'NOE: Men cannot be Slayers.

        SPIKE: They can be vampires.

        He moves towards ANDY's side.

        CH'NOE: You're foolish to think we'll leave without Lehane and Wood.

        ANDY: And you were foolish to step foot in my warehouse. I guess we're pretty even.

        CH'NOE: They know where our offspring is.

        ANDY: Excuse me? Your what?

        CH'NOE: Our offspring. Our child.

        ANDY: You all must've made one ugly baby.

        FAITH glares at ANDY. They whisper to each other.

        FAITH: What are you doing?

        ANDY: The usual plan.

        ANDY winks at FAITH.

        CH'NOE: Just give them to us and we will leave.

        ANDY walks towards the demons.

        ANDY: I don't think so.

        The sound of a gunshot rings out in the warehouse. We pan down to reveal ANDY holding her gun to CH'NOE's chest. All of the demons begin to moan as blood pours from their ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. A moment later, they fall to the ground as a puddle of water.

        ANDY (Cont'd): Did I do that?

        ELIZABETH (OS): No, she did.

        ANDY glances out the door and sees ELIZABETH holding hands with MARY.

        ELIZABETH (Cont'd): And something tells me that she's not going to like you.


        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV

          FADE IN


          ANDY, FAITH, ROBIN, SPIKE, and the rest of the group face ELIZABETH and MARY who remain in the doorway.

          ANDY: So who's the father of your super child?

          ELIZABETH: I'm assuming that they were.

          ANDY: So you slept around and now you don't know who the father of your baby is? That's sad.

          ELIZABETH: Mary isn't my kid, so nice try.

          BRETT quickly makes his way to ANDY's side and looks at ELIZABETH.

          BRETT: How did all of those demons have a normal looking kid like her?

          FAITH reviews MARY's appearance.

          BRETT (Cont'd): Did you say her name was Mary?

          ELIZABETH: Did you go deaf too, Brett?

          BRETT: Do you even know who's standing right next to you?

          ELIZABETH: A poor girl who was held captive by Celestial Center.

          BRETT: More like the Princess of a demon tribe.

          SPIKE looks at BRETT, lost.

          NATALIE: Demon tribes have Princesses?

          ELIZABETH: That's ridiculous.

          BRETT: Is it? Did you see how much power that girl has? What were you thinking letting her out of Celestial Center's custody?

          ELIZABETH: For someone who abandoned the company you certainly do praise it an awful lot.

          BRETT: I'm not praising anyone here and especially not you. That girl isn't human and could explode at any minute.

          FAITH: Explode?

          SPIKE: The demon part of her is too much for the human body to hold. It happened with Illyria.

          ANDY: And how did you prevent her from going boom?

          SPIKE: We drained powers.

          ELIZABETH: You people are pathetic. Mary may be part demon but that doesn't mean she'll explode.

          NATALIE points towards MARY.

          NATALIE: What about that?

          ELIZABETH looks down and sees MARY starting to convulse as her veins bulge. ELIZABETH pulls away.

          ANDY: What happens if she explodes?

          SPIKE: We'll probably die.

          NATALIE: That's comforting.

          ROBIN: What now? We can't kill a little girl and we can't drain the demon's powers. Are we just supposed to wait for her to kill us all?

          MARY's body stops shaking.

          ELIZABETH: You do nothing.

          The camera pans around to reveal ELIZABETH holding a knife that's stabbing MARY in the back.

          NATALIE: Oh my god!

          A moment later, MARY's body dematerializes into water that splashes on the floor. ELIZABETH looks down at the puddle and turns. She hurriedly jogs back towards her car.

          BRETT: That was awkward.

          ANDY: Does this mean that there won't be a boom?

          ROBIN: I doubt it.

          FAITH: I got lost back when the demon cops popped up.

          SPIKE turns and starts to walk away. FAITH shakes her head and is followed by ROBIN up to their room. ANDY strolls over to BRETT and NATALIE, who stand a good distance apart.

          ANDY: Our lives are seriously screwed up.

          NATALIE: That's what I said.

          BRETT: I can only get better, right?

          ANDY: Let's hope.

          NATALIE looks at her watch.

          NATALIE: It's technically time for breakfast. Anyone up for good ol' IHOP?

          ANDY: Oh, I so can't eat anything right now.

          BRETT: Me neither.

          NATALIE shrugs.

          NATALIE: Suit yourselves.

          ANDY (To Brett): Thank god you're back. Otherwise we'd all have gone kaplat! That so wouldn't have been good.

          BRETT glances at NATALIE and then quickly looks away.

          BRETT: Thank god, indeed.

          ANDY breezes through the gap between BRETT and NATALIE. They stand there, avoiding eye contact with one another.

          CUT TO:


          ELIZABETH flips on the switch and drops her purse onto the counter. There are tears on her face and she quickly wipes them away.

          DIANNA (OS): You made a crucial mistake taking that girl out of our custody.

          ELIZABETH spins around and sees DIANNA sitting on a stool behind the counter.

          ELIZABETH: How did you get into my house?

          DIANNA: I know some people.

          ELIZABETH: Like Greg? You're brainless pawn in penetrating my life?

          DIANNA gets off the stool and walks around the counter.

          DIANNA: I only had him bug your apartment to make sure you were loyal. After today's little outburst?

          ELIZABETH: Don't bother firing me. I quit.

          DIANNA: That's a shame, really. There is so much capability and something, that I don't understand, drives you to pick the best option. After today's outburst, I saw why you were chosen to be the vice president of Celestial Center and agree completely with the decision. I won't accept your resignation.

          DIANNA stands up and heads towards the door.

          DIANNA (Cont'd): I hope to see you in your new office tomorrow.

          ELIZABETH: New office?

          DIANNA opens the door and exits the apartment.

          ELIZABETH looks after her for a moment and turns away.

          CUT TO:


          NATALIE is sitting cross legged on the floor, reading a magazine. There's a knock on the door and it swings open to reveal BRETT in the doorway.

          BRETT: Can I come in?

          NATALIE closes the magazine and stands up.

          NATALIE: Yeah, come in.

          BRETT steps inside and goes over towards the window.

          NATALIE (Cont'd): Is this about the other night?

          BRETT: Am I that transparent?

          NATALIE: No, it's just obvious.

          BRETT: I was drunk.

          NATALIE: Huh?

          BRETT: I was drunk. I went to a bar after finding out about Gina and didn't get home until the morning. I wasn't myself.

          NATALIE: That's good to know.

          NATALIE sits on the edge of her bed and laughs.

          BRETT: Why are you laughing?

          BRETT smiles and sits down next to her.

          NATALIE: Oh nothing?

          BRETT: What? Why are you grinning like a little kid?

          NATALIE: Because I was just counting the days until something like this happened. I knew it was bound to happen at some point and now that it did I just feel?Psychic.

          BRETT stands up and laughs with NATALIE. He walks towards the door.

          BRETT: Who could resist this? Seriously, now!

          He stands in the doorway and poses goofily.

          NATALIE slaps her forehead with the palm of her hand and BRETT breaks down, laughing.

          CUT TO:


          FAITH and ROBIN are kissing on the bed. FAITH rolls ROBIN over and climbs on top of him. She smiles down at him, and he returns the expression.

          ROBIN: You know what happens next, right?

          FAITH: Do we need to get descriptive? Or can we get busy?

          ROBIN leans up and kisses FAITH again.

          ROBIN: I should leave and go to Rome.

          FAITH: I'll go with you.

          ROBIN runs a hand through her hair.

          ROBIN: You can't. You need to stay here and help train these girls. I saw how you controlled them this morning. You amazed me.

          FAITH looks away to hide her glassy eyes.

          FAITH: So you'll just leave me here?

          ROBIN: I can't keep running from the cops and our original plan was to go to Rome anyway. I should finish the journey and you should stay here.

          FAITH: Will you ever come back? Or was this a one shot deal?

          ROBIN kisses FAITH again.

          ROBIN: Of course I will. Just promise me one thing, will you?

          FAITH nods.

          ROBIN (Cont'd): Don't get caught.

          FAITH laughs and ROBIN rolls her over on the bed and they continue kissing.

          CUT TO:


          ANDY sits next to SPIKE in the chairs opposite the desk. They're throwing cards onto the tabletop with emotionless faces.

          ANDY: This sucks.

          SPIKE: Completely.

          ANDY tosses another card and SPIKE does the same.

          CUT TO:


          KAYLA stands in the center of a large group of girls. It isn't all of the Slayers in the warehouse, but it's a good chunk of them. They're all infixed on what KAYLA's saying.

          KAYLA: You saw how those demons wanted to kill Faith. If that girl hadn't killed them, we'd all be dead. Not to mention the fact that there's a murderer living in this warehouse now. How could that be safe? Andy's even sticking up for her and that's not right. We all know that. We can't trust either of them. I say we leave before things get worse.

          SLAYER: And go where?

          KAYLA: I know a place which is a lot better than here with them.

          A smug smile stretches across her face.

          CUT TO:

          INT. CAVERNS ? DAY

          The only light down the rocky caverns comes from torches that hang on the wall or the occasional fire pit that's burning in the middle of the walkway. KAYLA leads the same girls as before. They duck under a ledge and enter a much large cave. KAYLA stops once they're in the center of the room and she looks up at a monstrous cliff.

          KAYLA: I come bearing gifts, my Queen.

          KAYLA smiles.

          CUT TO:


          The doors open and ROBIN enters. We see the legs of a woman walking alongside him. Both figures stop. The camera pans up and the other woman is out of the scene. We don't see who ROBIN's talking to.

          ROBIN: I'm sorry to interrupt something personal. Thought you should probably know about Faith.

          He stands up a little straighter.

          ROBIN (Cont'd): She's in New York training Slayers.

          The camera pans up to reveal long black pants, a black shirt, and eventually the dark hair of another woman. We only see her back. She grabs a string of pearls from the dresser before her and puts them on.

          WOMAN: Why am I not surprised?

          The woman turns around to reveal BUFFY. The camera shot widens and the first woman who walked in with ROBIN turns out to be WILLOW.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers
          Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg
          wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!