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CHOSEN Episode 1.05 "Penetration"

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  • CHOSEN Episode 1.05 "Penetration"

    Episode 1.05 "Penetration"
    Written by: Me
    Produced by: Me

    *Disclaimer: This is the fine print. The universe that "Chosen" takes place in was created by Joss Whedon and structured by his TV children "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel." Those two shows and this universe/Buffyverse is property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, and the WB and UPN television networks. All characters that are not directly from the Buffyverse are all property of me. Ask before using.

    ~ ~ ~

    ANDY (VO): Previously on "Chosen"?



    The coloring is bluish and it's obviously a flashback?

    ANDY dashes down a dark alley, pursuing a vampire. It leaps over a garbage can and tackles a young woman. To the ground, it goes to sink it's teeth into her and ANDY yanks him off of the girl and throws the vamp into the wall. She looks down and, over her shoulder, we see NATALIE laying helplessly and wide eyed on the ground.

    CUT TO:

    ANDY pulls a wooden stake out of pocket and throws it down into the vamp's chest and he explodes into a poof of ashes and ANDY stumbles forwards since she no longer has a footrest.

    NATALIE: So who are you again? I've gotta meet the girl who saved my life.

    ANDY steps up to her and holds out her hand which NATALIE openly accepts.

    ANDY: I'm Andrea Sullivan.

    NATALIE: Can I call you ?Andy?'

    ANDY nods.

    ANDY: That'd be great, actually.

    NATALIE: I'm Natalie Price. Just don't call me ?Nat' yet considering I just met you.

    CUT TO:


    BRETT (VO): The name's Brett. Brett Stewart if you want to be all formal and whatnot. My friends call me "Slick."

    ANDY moves her eyes over to see BRETT standing in the doorway with a crossbow loaded and taking aim on GREG. The newly fired arrow zooms towards GREG.

    CUT TO:


    BRETT (VO): I work for Celestial Center. Or should I say "worked" for them. They're a black ops agency set below the CIA by hundreds of miles, literally. They create Operations for their workers to follow through with and it's headed by some guy on the other side of the world.

    GREG is bowing in respect after being promoted.

    ELIZABETH: What will we do about Brett Stewart? He's betrayed the Center.

    VOICE: But as long as he's with the Slayer, the longer he's a useful ally with us. (Beat) We'll be in touch very soon.

    ELIZABETH: This should be interesting.

    Slowly, she leans in and kisses GREG who returns the kiss.

    ANDY (VO): What do you want? My protection?

    BRETT (VO): The first option was good enough for me.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY helps her friend inside, closes the door, and looks back at BRETT.

    ANDY: You know the way back?

    CUT TO:


    ELIZABETH and LYNN are walking down the sidewalk, carrying shopping bags in their hands. ELIZABETH is decked out in pants and a tank top with sunglasses resting just above her forehead. LYNN, however, is more dressed up: clad in khaki pants and a denim jacket covering a white shirt with sunglasses covering her eyes.

    LYNN: It's been too long.

    ELIZABETH: What do you mean?

    LYNN: Since we did something like this. Your work usually got in the way of our outings. It's aggravating for a mother, you know? (Beat) Of course you don't. You don't have kids.

    ELIZABETH: I'm sorry, mom. I just get so caught up in work that there isn't much time for me to do what I want.

    LYNN: Then quit!

    ELIZABETH stops and looks at LYNN, one eyebrow raised.

    CUT TO:


    GINA: So what are you all planning on doing with this place, if you don't mind me asking?

    NATALIE: We're kind of opening up a school.

    BRETT: Of sorts.

    GINA: So you're teachers?

    ANDY: Not quite. It's more of a program for young girls to come.

    GINA: So it's like the YMCA?

    NATALIE: Yeah? It's like that?

    CUT TO:


    BRETT slides the door shut after GINA steps outside. They walk towards her car.

    GINA: I've got a boyfriend you know. A very big, strong, jealous boyfriend.

    BRETT: Why am I not surprised?

    GINA: But a little date wouldn't hurt, now would it?

    BRETT: I didn't ask you.

    GINA: So you don't want to go out with me?

    BRETT: I didn't say that either.

    GINA: So then you can pick me up from work tonight. I get out at 6:30. Be there.

    BRETT: Will do.

    BRETT opens her car door and GINA steps inside.

    CUT TO:


    VOICE (VO): I have hired a second president, myself being the first, of Celestial Center to care for it in my absence.

    ELIZABETH and GREG sit across from each other at the long wooden table in the middle of the conference room. They're both silent, looking at each other in different ways: ELIZABETH looks at him in thanks, while GREG looks as if he's trying to figure her out

    VOICE: On the contrary, it was never that way, Miss Holloway. Mister Carlisle and yourself are the vice presidents of Celestial Center. You control only what is given to you. You have been given the New York Branch.

    GREG: When did Celestial Center branch out? I don't recall being told this?

    ELIZABETH: Oddly, neither do I.

    VOICE: The moment that the Slayer located in New York City chose to take the other, new Slayers into her custody was when I decided it was time we took more ground.

    ELIZABETH: When will this guy be here?

    VOICE: Very shortly, Miss Holloway.

    The line goes dead.

    CUT TO:


    BRETT looks past ANDY and NATALIE, but we don't see what he's looking at.

    BRETT: This is private property, man. You really should leave.

    ANDY and NATALIE turn around to see a peroxide-blonde man dressed all in black and a blue skinned woman dressed in a red outfit with blue streaks in her hair. Several young girls step into view. They vary in race, but the general age is around 17, 18, or 19.

    SPIKE: I think these belong to you?

    CUT TO:


    GINA (VO): Problem is, her husband hasn't done an official divorce yet and now he's asking for custody of the baby. With my sister in rehab, I have to go to court and fight for her side since they can't just take her out of it for a month.

    GINA invites BRETT inside and they sit down on the couch.

    BRETT: I'm gonna help you get your sister's child in your custody. I'll do anything my power to make sure that it stays out of the ex's hands and into yours ? where it belongs. I promise.

    GINA: That's sweet of you, but?

    BRETT leans in and kisses GINA passionately.

    BRETT: But nothing. I'll do it for you. I promise.

    They return to kissing.

    CUT TO:


    KAYLA: Wow. Good for him. (Beat) When was the last time you saw him?

    NATALIE stops pacing and looks down at the ground.

    NATALIE: Four years. The last time was the night I left and came to New York.

    KAYLA: Let me guess: He was pissed that you just up and left to go to a place where it's "dangerous" and "wrong?"

    NATALIE: Pretty much.

    KAYLA: I hate my dad for that. He's too clingy and attached to me that he can't accept the fact that I'm bound to move on.

    NATALIE: He's your father. He just loves you too much to let go.

    KAYLA: Well they do say love is blind, right?

    NATALIE: I'm sure he'll be proud of you the second he finds out why you're in New York.

    KAYLA: Either that or he'll see you all for the last piece of lint in your pocket. (Beat) I like it here more than I liked it with my parents. I feel happy and safe?






    GINA and BRETT are on a blanket that is rested over a patch of grass. A basket is opened and food. BRETT is lying down, his head in GINA's lap, as she runs her hands through his hair.

    GINA: Three weeks.

    BRETT looks up at her.

    BRETT: What about three weeks?

    GINA: We've been together for three weeks and I'm already doing the hair thing.

    BRETT: Is this a regular pattern here or something? ?Cause I can live with it.

    He grins and she leans down and kisses him. BRETT reaches blindly into the basket and pulls out a manila folder. He holds it up to GINA.

    GINA: What a romantic gift!

    BRETT: It sure is.

    GINA opens the folder and looks down at the documents. She quickly snaps it closed.

    GINA: What is this?

    BRETT: Since we can't afford an amazing, top notch lawyer to fight for your side, I figured that we needed some dirt on your sister's ex-husband.

    GINA: You dug very deep, didn't you? I mean, you've got car accidents, his high school grades, and even doctor's prescriptions!

    BRETT: What? I figured there might be something worth bringing up in court considering that he's got a pretty damn large amount of leverage against your sister.

    GINA: Thank you.

    BRETT: No need to say thank you. I'm doing this for you and your sister and baby Jeffery.

    GINA laughs and kisses him again.

    GINA: Do me a favor, though?

    BRETT: Sure thing.

    GINA: Dig deeper.

    BRETT: Oh you badass, little girl!

    He leans up and rolls around the blanket with GINA, kissing her.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY throws a piece of broken table toward the floor and grabs one of the weapons off the carpet to put back into her Bag of Death. NATALIE is opposite her, doing the same work.

    NATALIE: This place looks like a freakin' war zone! You couldn't have kept it a little cleaner?

    ANDY: It was a fight! Who keeps the place where they're fighting clean?

    NATALIE: Normal people!

    ANDY: We're not normal!

    NATALIE looks around at the mess.

    NATALIE: Obviously!

    She sits back on the floor and wipes her forehead. Her blonde hair is up in a ponytail and she's wearing a white tank top and jeans. ANDY has her hair up similarly and is wearing all black.

    NATALIE (Cont'd): I think it's time we let this place go.

    ANDY (Sarcastic): What gave you that idea? But I am not leaving with my weapons or my clothes.

    NATALIE: You can never leave clothes behind. That's just a given rule!

    ANDY laughs. NATALIE grabs the last piece of weaponry from beneath the splinters and tosses it into ANDY's bag. FRED/ILLYRIA walks out from the hallway that leads to NATALIE's room and looks at them.

    FRED/ILLYRIA: This is a terrible mess! (Beat) I've seen worse. Caves aren't too clean.

    NATALIE looks to ANDY, confused. ANDY just shrugs and gets to her feet.

    ANDY: Listen freaky, just keep up this act until we get back to the warehouse. Then you can go back to your normal, strange self, got it?

    NATALIE: Like this isn't strange?

    ANDY: More like morbid.

    FRED/ILLYRIA looks at them funny and replies in ILLYRIA's generic voice.

    FRED/ILLYRIA: You mock me for my power. Others would appreciate such glory while you ridicule it.

    NATALIE (Sarcastic): Trust me: If I could change my appearance into a woman who died, I most certainly would. (Beat) Forgive me for thinking that this whole?look is a little off.

    ANDY: Trust me; you're not alone in thinking that.

    She looks around the apartment.

    ANDY (Cont'd): We'll be back.

    ANDY leads the way out of the apartment with FRED/ILLYRIA leaving last.




    Jennifer Garner as Andrea "Andy" Sullivan
    Maggie Grace as Natalie Price
    Aubrey Dollar as Elizabeth Holloway
    Ryan Reynolds as Brett "Slick" Stewart
    And James Marsters as Spike

    Guest Starring:

    David Anders as Gregory Carlisle
    Erica Durance as Gina Krone
    Tina Majorino as Kayla Kaas
    Dana Davis as Chandra Briggs
    Luciana Carro as Maria Delgado
    Megalyn Echikunwoke as Carla Brooks
    Traci Shaw as Susan Sidell
    Amy Acker as Illyria/Winifred "Fred" Burkle
    Chandra Wilson as Dianna Preston

    **CHOSEN is officially affiliated with RAVEN, created by Alex (Memoirs) and Travis (DigitalLeonardo), and SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS, created by Travis (DigitalLeonardo).

    Edited by: QueenC (Amber)
    Promo Art by: Peace (Nadia)
    wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!


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    ACT I



    ANDY, NATALIE, and FRED/ILLYRIA enter the warehouse. ANDY pulls the new front door shut and it squeaks loudly and she glares up at the track that it slides on.

    ANDY: Stupid piece of crap door. You'd think that the repairman could've at least oiled the freakin' track!

    NATALIE laughs. FRED/ILLYRIA looks down at her hand and we see it slowly transform back to the blue skin. The transformation moves up her arm and down her body, her face and hair are affected last. As the last blue streak comes into place, she looks down at her now red leather clad body and grins slightly. ANDY walks up behind her and flicks her hair up.

    ANDY (Cont'd): You missed a spot.

    ILLYRIA grabs her by the arm and spins ANDY around.

    ILLYRIA: You do not have the right to touch me, vermin.

    ANDY: "Vermin," huh? Apparently you don't have a problem touching one.

    She looks down at ILLYRIA's hand.

    ANDY (Cont'd): You better let go before you catch cooties.

    ANDY pulls ILLYRIA off of her and the demon simply cocks her head to the side and stares at her. ANDY heads off towards the office, leaving ILLYRIA alone. She walks over towards the large, stained glass window and turns slightly to look at her hair in the reflection. We see that a large portion on one side of her head is still the same light brown color as FRED's. ILLYRIA reaches for it and opens her eyes wider as she examines the hair more.

    CUT TO:


    DIANNA PRESTON sits at the end of the long wooden table. The room is darkened slightly and a large computer screen is bolted to the wall behind her. She reaches towards the table and grabs a bottle of champagne, which she pours into a tall glass. Sipping it, she smiles. The door opens and ELIZABETH enters, alone. DIANNA motions towards the seat at the other end of the desk and ELIZABETH hesitantly sits.

    ELIZABETH: You asked for me to come alone so I did.

    DIANNA: Good. Champagne?

    ELIZABETH: No thank you. (Beat) May I ask why you called me in here?

    DIANNA: I need to get to know my new employees. Especially if they're as high up as you. I do this every time I'm hired somewhere new.

    ELIZABETH: That's reasonable.

    DIANNA: You're a very young vice president, Miss Holloway. Quite an achievement you've made.

    ELIZABETH: It is.

    DIANNA: And it's always the young ones who rebel the fastest.

    ELIZABETH looks at her, confused. She sits up straight and DIANNA continues.

    DIANNA (Cont'd): I want to make it clear to you on how this place will be run from now on. You work for me. Not the other way around. Expect major changes to come, little girl, and trust me that you won't be getting away with murdering a man publicly so easily. I will not cower on the other side of the world and give orders through a speakerphone. You want something from me? Chances are you won't get it. I'm the head honcho. That's how Celestial Center is going to be. I suggest you get used to it.

    ELIZABETH, taken back by how upfront DIANNA just was with her, stands up slowly and heads for the door.

    DIANNA (Cont'd): I didn't dismiss you.

    ELIZABETH: You don't need to.

    ELIZABETH leaves the scene and DIANNA stares towards the doorway, aggravated. A moment later, GREG enters the conference room and looks down at DIANNA.

    DIANNA: Loosen her up for me, will you Gregory?

    GREG: Of course.

    GREG bows briefly and leaves. DIANNA drinks her champagne once more and throws the empty glass against the wall.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY sits behind the desk and NATALIE is in one of the chairs reading a magazine. ILLYRIA looks at the magazine curiously.

    ILLYRIA: Who is this "Brad Pitt" this tome speaks of?

    NATALIE laughs and closes the magazine quickly. She looks up and sees ANDY watching the door.

    NATALIE: Who exactly are you waiting for?

    ANDY: Spike. After last week I've gotten really agitated with him. I do not want to get killed.

    NATALIE: And I don't want to go back in time and save you again.

    ANDY gives her a snide look and NATALIE grins. The door opens, ANDY sits up, and BRETT enters. ANDY slouches back into her seat and her hopeful expression falls.

    BRETT: Don't be too let down to see me.

    ANDY: I was waiting for someone else.

    BRETT: Who?

    NATALIE: Spike.

    BRETT: So you like him now or something?

    ANDY throws a pencil at BRETT, who ducks and starts laughing with NATALIE.

    ANDY: I do not like him! Jeez! What are we in eighth grade?

    BRETT: Okay, fine then. We'll act mature.

    NATALIE nods.

    BRETT (Cont'd): Do you want to bear his children?

    The two crack up laughing as ANDY huffs. ILLYRIA looks at the group strangely.

    ILLYRIA: Why do you howl at the obscene mention of younglings?

    BRETT gazes at ILLYRIA and shakes his head. There's a knock on the door and KAYLA enters the room.

    ANDY: What can I do for you?

    KAYLA: Is there a no cell phone policy or something here? I need to call someone and I only have my cell.

    ANDY: That's fine. It's not like this is a school or anything.

    KAYLA smiles and exits. NATALIE looks towards ANDY.

    NATALIE: It's not like you've taught them anything yet.

    ANDY (Offended): I have so taught them stuff!

    NATALIE: Like what? How to get introduced to the other Slayers you'll be bunking with? I wouldn't count that as educating them.

    ANDY: What am I supposed to do?

    BRETT: My first suggestion would be showing them proper fighting techniques.

    NATALIE: Or introducing them to different types of demons.

    ANDY looks down at the desk, thinking.

    NATALIE (Cont'd): You said you'd train them. So train them.

    ANDY looks up and sighs.

    ANDY: You're right. I just don't know where to begin.

    NATALIE: We'll both help you! It'll be easy!

    BRETT looks at her, afraid.

    BRETT: It will?

    NATALIE glares at him and stands. She grabs both of ANDY's hands and swings them.

    NATALIE: Let's do this.

    ANDY laughs and pulls free. Opening the door, she steps out into the main room.

    CUT TO:


    There are only a select few girls roaming the main room, many of which are sitting cross legged on the floor talking. ANDY approaches these girls and kneels down next to them. She smiles.

    ANDY: Why hello there, little girls! I don't think we've formally met each other yet, now have we?

    One of the girls shakes her head and holds out her hand. She has dark skin and long, straight hair that reaches her hips. Her name is AMBER WELLS and is roughly 17 years old.

    AMBER: Hi! My name's Amber Wells. You're Andrea Jones, right? The vampire guy told us about who you were since the Watcher's Council filled him in on all the information that he'll need to tell us. That way we don't go into this place thinking you're some freaky pedophile, you know? But I thought that?

    ANDY's eyes widen at how fast the girl is rambling. She starts to stand. One of the other girls in the group is KAYLA. She throws up a hand and covers AMBER's mouth.

    KAYLA: Don't mind her. You can never start up a conversation with Amber unless you want to submit yourself to a meaningless ramble.

    ANDY smiles.

    ANDY: Did you call whoever you need to call yet?

    KAYLA pauses for a minute and wrinkles her brow, thinking.

    KAYLA: Oh right! That? (Beat) Yeah I called the person a few minutes ago and got things settled. It was no big deal.

    ANDY: Okay good. I'm glad to hear that.

    She stands and dusts off her pants. She turns around and sees NATALIE staring at her with her arms crossed. BRETT is just behind her. NATALIE motions towards the girls and ANDY turns slowly to look back at the Slayers.

    ANDY (Cont'd): I was thinking about may be doing some training with you girls. What do you think?

    KAYLA looks at AMBER and then to the other girls around them. They nod and stand up.

    AMBER: That'd be so awesome! (Beat) Should I change so that these pants don't get all dirty and sweaty?

    ANDY just looks at AMBER ? baffled by the question and amazed that she even asked it.

    AMBER (Cont'd): I'm gonna go change.

    ANDY looks over her shoulder NATALIE ? who smiles and winks. ANDY's gaze then falls on BRETT who has both of his thumbs up and is grinning like a child. ANDY shakes her head and turns around before leading the Slayers towards the center of the mat.

    CUT TO:


    SPIKE is sitting at the head of a long table with his feet up on the desk and arms folded behind his head. A watcher, DANIEL CREED, enters the room and hits SPIKE's feet off the table.

    DANIEL: I see you're back to your normal self?

    SPIKE nods.

    SPIKE: Never been better, mate.

    DANIEL: And you said that you weren't sure exactly how you became possessed.

    SPIKE: The bloody twit did something with his eyes. All I caught before things when black.

    DANIEL: What I don't get is why everything got erased so quickly. (Beat) It's possible that the time reversal did something to weaken the hold on you but it all just doesn't seem right.

    SPIKE stands and leans on the table to look at DANIEL.

    SPIKE: I'm better now.

    DANIEL: The Watcher's Council would prefer it, however, that you stay with us until it's proven that you're perfectly normal again. We can't risk another incident like the on that occurred last week.

    SPIKE: I'd prefer not to, actually, mate.

    SPIKE heads towards the door and DANIEL jumps to his feet.

    DANIEL: You will not leave this building, Spike! I'll have security stop you before the elevators even reach this floor!

    SPIKE continues down the hallway and DANIEL slouches in his chair.

    CUT TO:


    The front door opens and we see a figure enter the room. Only the silhouettes of the legs are visible. The figure walks across the living room and stops at the small coffee table. They grab some envelopes from the wooden top. The mail is then dropped back onto the table. The intruder heads towards the kitchen and sees that the voice mail is blinking on the phone. They hit the flashing button and a voice comes to life. BRETT is on the answering machine.

    BRETT: Hey Gina, it's me. I think I hit a gold mine here that might be enough to get your ex off this case for a while. Call me back the second you get this message.

    There's a beep and the light turns to a solid glow on the answering machine. The intruder steps away from the counter. The doorknob to the front door turns and the door opens. We pan back towards the entrance and see GINA enter. She flips a switch and reveals that she's carrying several brown paper bags. GINA drops them on the table and walks into the center of the room where we hear wind howling. She looks around and we don't see the intruder, rather there's an open window. GINA walks over and closes it. The light on the answering machine catches her eye and she hits the button to play the message again. BRETT's voice repeats the beginning of the message as we pan towards the originally open window and exit the apartment to go outside.

    CUT TO:


    We see that the black clad legs of the intruder are standing on the ledge just outside of the window GINA just shut. We pan up and see that the entire body of the person is clad in loose black clothes and black mask. We see the gleam of a silver dagger in the right hand of the person as they pull it up towards their chest.

    CUT TO:


    SPIKE opens the door and enters the office. He looks towards the mirror and we see no reflection, which isn't a surprise to neither Spike nor the audience. He turns away, frowning.

    ANDY (OS): You like looking at nothing in the mirror?

    SPIKE turns around and sees ANDY leaning against the doorway.

    ANDY (Cont'd): Where've you been?

    SPIKE: Nowhere you'd be interested in.

    ANDY: Did it involve brutal murder?

    SPIKE: No.

    ANDY nods and smiles.

    ANDY: Then you're right; I don't care. (Beat) Small talk sucks.

    SPIKE looks over his shoulder ANDY and laughs.

    ANDY (Cont'd): I don't get why you're doing all of this. Why give up the past couple hundred years of your life to be good?

    SPIKE: You've done your research.

    ANDY: I have. Now answer the question.

    SPIKE: Love.

    ANDY: Love? Wow. Must've been some powerful mojo on you.

    SPIKE nods and walks back towards the door, which he reaches to open.

    SPIKE: I need to go. Got places to be.

    ANDY: Like where?

    SPIKE: Places.

    ANDY: Oh that's real specific. You officially deserve the title of "Mr. Blatantly Obvious."

    SPIKE opens the door and starts to leave when ANDY shouts after him.

    ANDY (Cont'd): Gonna get me more Slayers?

    SPIKE stops and looks down at the ground.

    SPIKE: Not bloody likely.

    He then walks towards the stair case and heads up to his designated room. ANDY shrugs slightly and turns back towards her desk.

    CUT TO:


    NATALIE walks down the hallway, away from her room, holding a large cardboard box full with personal items. FRED/ILLYRIA is sitting on the couch, staring blankly at her hand. NATALIE notices and drops the box on the floor next to a pile of similar packages.

    NATALIE: You know, you'd creep me out a lot less if you just looked like your normal self when not in public. (Beat) I can't believe I'm not freaked out by a scary demon lady.

    She ruffles her brow and shakes her head. FRED/ILLYRIA stands and speaks in FRED's voice.

    FRED/ILLYRIA: I don't know what's wrong with me.

    NATALIE, with her back turned away from FRED/ILLYRIA, laughs.

    NATALIE: Now I didn't say there was something wrong with you. Though there probably is.

    FRED/ILLYRIA: I can't change back.

    NATALIE spins around abruptly and looks at FRED/ILLYRIA, a worried expression on her face.

    NATALIE: You're kidding, right?

    FRED/ILLYRIA: I wish I was.

    FRED/ILLYRIA moves her hand, clearly wanting it to change back to the blue color it should be.


    wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!



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      ACT II

      FADE IN


      BRETT leads GINA up a flight of stone steps towards one of the local libraries in the city.

      GINA: What a romantic date. You take me to a library, let alone in the middle of the day, to do research.

      BRETT: We're not doing any research. I've just gotta show you what I found. It's important, trust me.

      He keeps pulling her by the hand and they enter the library.

      CUT TO:


      BRETT and GINA breeze down the hallway and stop at a large memorial of bricks labeled with names of extremely generous donors. BRETT points at one of the bricks. It's marked with the name "Waylon Gale" ? the father of GINA's sister's baby ? followed by a large sum of money just above a million dollars. A little bit below that is a date ? June 24, 2005. GINA gasps.

      GINA: That's an awfully hefty amount of money he donated there.

      BRETT: Yes, yes it is.

      GINA: And it isn't very reassuring for me in the slightest.

      BRETT drags her down the hall towards several rows of computers. He stops and one and pushes GINA down into one of the chairs. Leaning over her head, he types something into the search engine and clicks the mouse. The next page that opens up has a large scan of a newspaper article titled "Gale Industries Goes into Bankruptcy."

      GINA (Cont'd): I don't get it.

      BRETT points to the date just below the headline.

      BRETT: Look at that.

      GINA leans closer to see the date better and we can clearly make out "June 17, 2005."

      GINA: And I still don't' get it.

      BRETT: Waylon's business filed bankruptcy before he donated money to the library. Through my wonderful bit of research, I came upon a list of other places he has donated money to. Now get this: He gave all of them money after his business went down the drain.

      GINA's mouth spreads into a grin of satisfaction.

      GINA: Which means he's drowning in debt to these places. (Beat) Right?

      BRETT: That's what I was thinking. (Beat) Originally.

      GINA: ?Originally?' What is that supposed to mean?

      BRETT types something into the search engine and clicks the mouse once more. The new page displays a large copy of a police report. BRETT highlights a portion of the paragraph within the report and points at it for GINA to read. We don't get to see what the section says.

      GINA: Wow. (Beat) That could be a deal breaker.

      BRETT: Yes, yes it could.

      GINA looks up at him with a smug grin on her face.

      CUT TO:


      ELIZABETH steps out of her bathroom, wearing a white towel around her torso and her wet hair wrapped up in another. She crosses the room towards her closet and opens the door and enters. A moment later, the doorbell rings. Startled, ELIZABETH exits the closet ? now wearing jeans and the towel over torso still remains in place. She leaves the bedroom.

      CUT TO:


      ELIZABETH walks down the hallway towards the front door. She looks through the peak hole and unlocks the handle.

      ELIZABETH: Come in.

      She turns and heads back to her bedroom. GREG opens the door and steps inside.

      ELIZABETH (Cont'd): I'll be in the bedroom.

      GREG: Not a problem.

      He circles the table in the middle of the dining room and reaches to his pocket. He retrieves a small black device that he puts in the center of a flower arrangement. GREG heads to the other side of the room and puts another black device on the underside of a countertop.

      ELIZABETH (OS): What are you doing?

      GREG spins around and sees ELIZABETH standing behind him.

      GREG: I was just looking for my phone. I believe I left it here the other night. Have you seen it?

      ELIZABETH: No, I haven't.

      GREG moves closer to ELIZABETH and wraps his arms around her waist.

      GREG: I was actually thinking of staying in today. That way Dianna Preston won't have a reason to be angered by us this afternoon.

      ELIZABETH smiles and leads the way towards the bedroom. GREG reaches to his pocket and pull out another black device, this one is clearly a camera, as they enter the bedroom.

      CUT TO:


      The front door slides open quickly, startling the few Slayers on the mats. NATALIE, with FRED/ILLYRIA's arm slung around her shoulder, helps the demon into the warehouse and across the room slowly.

      NATALIE: Somebody help me!

      KAYLA dashes from out of the crowd with CHANDRA. They both grab one of FRED/ILLYRIA's arms and NATALIE stops moving. She hunches over panting. ANDY bursts through the office door. She motions for KAYLA and CHANDRA to bring FRED/ILLYRIA into the office. They do so. She then rushes over to NATALIE's side.

      ANDY: What the hell happened?

      NATALIE: At the apartment she said she couldn't change back from (Beat) that appearance. Then, in the car, she started having seizures and then she couldn't walk!

      ANDY: And you have no idea why this happened?

      NATALIE: Hell no! I was just caught up in the commotion.

      ANDY takes a deep breath and lets it out quickly as SPIKE shouts down to her from the balcony.

      SPIKE: I think we might have a problem, love.

      ANDY rolls her head around on her neck and closes her eyes.

      CUT TO:


      ANDY is pacing before her desk, SPIKE is sitting in the chair behind it, and FRED/ILLYRIA stands with NATALIE.

      ANDY: So this Coven wants Illyria dead and they're magically burning her up from the inside?

      SPIKE: Much like she did to Fred.

      NATALIE: But why? Illyria's good now, isn't she?

      SPIKE: I guess they don't feel the same way.

      ANDY: I'm still lost about one thing: since when does the Council make house calls?

      SPIKE: They're not coming here. They expect us to do the job.

      ANDY: Well they called you, didn't they? Hence, it was a house call.

      NATALIE shakes her head and turns towards the door.

      ANDY (Cont'd): Where do you think you're going?

      NATALIE: To get ready. I am not going out to Montauk without a sweater.

      CUT TO:


      CUT TO:


      CUT TO:


      CUT TO:


      NATALIE's car pulls into the parking lot at the base of a monstrous lighthouse. The doors open and SPIKE, ANDY, FRED/ILLYRIA, and NATALIE exit the vehicle. The group slowly walks towards the lighthouse, FRED/ILLYRIA being helped by Spike to walk.

      NATALIE: Jesus it's cold!

      ANDY: Good thing you brought a sweater, right?

      NATALIE shakes her head and leads the way towards the lighthouse. She reaches for the door when a hand, out of no where, clamps down around her wrist. We pan up to reveal SPIKE as the hands owner.

      SPIKE: You're just gonna open the door?

      NATALIE: Yeah, actually. (Looks to Andy) Is that wrong?

      SPIKE: You don't just walk into a building without checking it out first!

      NATALIE: But there're no windows.

      SPIKE puts a hand to his forehead and pushes open the door. NATALIE smiles and he follows her in. ANDY stands outside. She looks at FRED/ILLYRIA's limp form leaning against ANDY for support.

      ANDY: I'll just be waiting here, then.

      The door slams shut.

      CUT TO:


      We see silhouettes of SPIKE and NATALIE. NATALIE jumps when the door mysteriously shuts.

      NATALIE: Did you do that?

      SPIKE: No.

      NATALIE (Panicking): Oh dear god. (Beat) Turn on a light dammit!

      SPIKE: Sod off, blondie.

      There's a sharp scratching sound against the wall above them. SPIKE quickly flips a switch and the lights turn on ? starting at the base of the lighthouse and working upwards to each level. NATALIE has a hand to her chest, panting.

      SPIKE (Cont'd): Good idea with the light.

      The camera pans up beneath NATALIE so we see a ground angle up at NATALIE's chin and her face. We also see the ceiling. Pinned to the stone is a woman. The camera angle snaps back to normal. SPIKE sniffs the air and looks up above NATALIE and pushes her out of the way as the WOMAN falls down onto SPIKE. She screams wildly into his face and he quick vamps out. Pushing the WOMAN off of him, SPIKE gets to his feet and walks over to NATALIE. His face then returns to normal.

      NATALIE: What the hell is wrong with these people?

      SPIKE: I don't want to know.

      In the blurred background we see the WOMAN stand up and her hands start glowing.

      CUT TO:


      ANDY is sitting down now. We pan back over her shoulder to reveal FRED/ILLYRIA lying in the grass, rolling uncomfortably and moaning. We cut back to ANDY who rests her hands in her head, tired of FRED/ILLYRIA's restlessness.

      ANDY: Listen freaky, I know whatever's going on hurts, but your consistent moaning really isn't?

      ANDY spins around and her jaw drops.

      ANDY (Cont'd): Helping. (Beat) Where the hell did that come from?

      We see over ANDY's shoulder a large boat pulling into the beach. There are no lights and the boat looks to be a big fishing ship. The mast is billowing in the wind despite that there isn't even the slightest breeze. We see a figure appear on deck dressed in all white who quickly disappears in a poof of smoke.

      ANDY (Cont'd): Illyria, you need to get out of here now. (Beat) Now!

      FRED/ILLYRIA tries to move but oddly can't. ANDY's body tenses as if every bone in her body has frozen. The ground flashes white and then fades back to black. ANDY tries to move her head, but can't. Unexpectedly, ANDY is ripped backwards through the air ? as if a giant, invisible hand is pulling on her by her jacket ? and smashes into a small restroom building. An entire wall collapses inwards and water sprays up into the air. We pan back towards FRED/ILLYRIA to reveal another woman standing with her, CARLA BROOKS. She has dark skin and wild, black hair. Her eyes are solid black, also, and she wears all white.

      CARLA (Darkly): Stay the hell out of my way Slayer.

      She looks down at FRED/ILLYRIA and frowns.

      CARLA (Cont'd): Retribution's a bitch. (Beat) Susan?

      The door to the lighthouse is blown outwards and SPIKE is blasted through the air, followed by NATALIE. The woman attacking them inside steps out. She is SUSAN SIDELL. SUSAN's eyes are black, too, and her hands are still glowing.

      SUSAN: Took you long enough.

      CARLA: I'm here aren't I?

      SPIKE charges the duo from behind but is smacked upwards into the air by a large piece of wood that is telekinetically controlled by CARLA.

      CARLA (Cont'd): Down boy.

      SUSAN flicks her wrists are him and SPIKE slides across the grass and into the mess of wood with ANDY and NATALIE. SUSAN then turns back to CARLA.

      SUSAN: Can we do it now?

      CARLA nods.

      SUSAN: Shall I summon the others?

      CARLA: You shall.

      SUSAN whispers a few Latin words and several clouds of white smoke poof up from the ground to disappear and reveal individual women in their place. CARLA looks down at FRED/ILLYRIA.

      CARLA: I've already done the tough part of this job. (Beat) Now it's time for the real hell to set in.

      More clouds appear around FRED/ILLYRIA. The smoke clears to reveal light candles in a circle around her body. SUSAN looks at CARLA and nods.

      CARLA (Cont'd): Hold hands girls. This is gonna be one hell of a spell.

      The witches hold hands and look towards the ground. CARLA takes a deep breath and looks towards the sky.

      CARLA (Cont'd): Osiris, Keeper of the Dead, I ask that you commune with us on this darkest night to bring retribution to the one who seeks it most.

      FRED/ILLYRIA writhes in pain within the circle.

      CARLA (Cont'd): She has murdered many and does not deserve to walk this Earth anymore. Take back what has been given and return this world to the way it should.

      Lightning flashes through the sky and we see FRED/ILLYRIA's face split into two halves ? one side is FRED's normal face and the other is ILLYRIA's.

      CARLA (Cont'd): Osiris, let her crossover!

      The candles around FRED/ILLYRIA immediately grow to an abnormal height ? the size of an average human and start swirling. The demon inside them is no longer visible. The wind mysteriously picks up and gust blows the hair of all the people at the lighthouse into messes. Thunder rumbles, lightning flashes, and everything becomes still as the landscape returns to normal.

      CARLA (Cont'd): It is done.

      SUSAN: Are you sure?

      CARLA nods.

      CARLA: Winifred Burkle is restored.

      ANDY sits up slowly from the debris and we see bloody cuts all over her face, same goes for SPIKE who looks towards the coven along with her. NATALIE remains unconscious. A figure stands up from within the circle of candles. ANDY and SPIKE both squint to see who it is. Another figure then stands up next to the other.

      ANDY: Oh my.

      We see that WINIFRED BURKLE is standing, naked, next to ILLYRIA. FRED looks afraid and confused, hair tussled and eyes half open. ILLYRIA looks down at the ground and grins. ANDY slowly gets to her feet, as does SPIKE. She walks over to NATALIE and helps her friend stand up. SPIKE begins to approach the coven but ANDY stops him. She motions back towards a large, jagged piece of wood sticking up from the ground.

      ANDY: Wanna land on that next time?

      SPIKE stops walking and falls behind, helping NATALIE stand on her feet while ANDY keeps walking towards the coven, silently. She lowers her body as CARLA and SUSAN turn around to look at the other members of the coven.

      CARLA: My fellow sisters, together we shall look upon this fiend and spit where she walks. (Turning to face Fred) And we shall accept another into our circle.

      FRED looks around confused and glances down at her naked body. She gasps and turns away. ANDY slowly rises and grabs one of the witches, covering her mouth, and bends her over her knee.

      ANDY: Why hello there!

      ANDY elbows the witch in the face and kicks the legs out from beneath another one nearby. CARLA notices the movement and starts towards ANDY with SUSAN close behind. ANDY punches out two of the witches and kicks another in the gut. This leaves CARLA and SUSAN.

      CARLA: Why do you wish to let a great evil kill so many?

      ANDY: Because she hasn't killed anyone yet. Why are you so quick to judge?

      CARLA: Her past is unforgivable.

      SPIKE: Then kill me too.

      SPIKE steps forward and rests a hand on his heart dramatically. NATALIE stands by herself against a tree.

      SPIKE (Cont'd): This little thing stopped beating over a hundred years ago. Kill her, kill me.

      SUSAN's hands begin to glow again. CARLA motions for her to let it go.

      CARLA: This is not your battle to fight.

      ANDY: And it's not yours either.

      CARLA: You have no idea who you are dealing with, Slayer.

      ANDY looks at her, amazed that the witch recognized what she was.

      CARLA (Cont'd): I can sense your power. Anyone can. (To Spike) And you're a mere vampire. (She blinks) With a soul? That's a change.

      SPIKE: A bloody big one at that.

      SUSAN looks back towards FRED and ILLYRIA ? both of them remain in the circle of candles. SUSAN turns back towards the group.

      ANDY: Let Illyria and Fred go.

      SUSAN: Or what? You'll stake us?

      She lets out an airy laugh.

      CARLA: We don't have time this kind of nonsense. I suggest that you leave if you want to remain living.

      ANDY and SPIKE stand their ground. CARLA nods at SUSAN and SUSAN's hands glow purple. A second later, two bright blasts of energy send both ANDY and SPIKE up into the air and down right in front of their car.

      CARLA: Let's finish the job, Susan.

      They both turn around and find no one standing behind them. We hear a car start and the headlights flash on. The witches turn around and we see SPIKE duck into NATALIE's car, with NATALIE at the wheel and FRED squeezed in between the two of them.

      ANDY (OS): How do you like that for a big exit?

      We pan to the side and see both ANDY and ILLYRIA staring at the witches, grinning.

      ANDY (Cont'd): Try this on for size.

      ILLYRIA raises her hands and a blast of blue light hits the two witches over the edge of the cliff and down into the dark waters below.

      ANDY (Cont'd): And now we run.

      The two turn and quickly walk back to the car. They enter the backseat and NATALIE drives the vehicle away from the lighthouse.


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        ACT III

        FADE IN


        NATALIE helps FRED into the room. FRED is now dressed in some of NATALIE's clothes and she's shaking, still shocked at what had just happened. Her eyes are wide and her speech can be barely made out.

        FRED (Stuttering): T-thanks for the c-clothes.

        NATALIE smiles.

        NATALIE: It's no problem, sweetie. Is there something I can get for you? Maybe some water? Something to eat?

        FRED: I don't think I can keep anything down in my stomach. Sorry.

        NATALIE: It's not a problem.

        NATALIE helps FRED sit down in one of the overstuffed chairs and then leans against the desk, facing FRED.

        NATALIE (Cont'd): Would you mind if I asked you something?

        FRED: No, I wouldn't.

        NATALIE: What was it like?

        FRED: What was what like?

        NATALIE looks down at the floor and then back up to FRED.

        NATALIE: The afterlife.

        FRED doesn't respond immediately.

        NATALIE (Cont'd): I'm sorry. That's a really stupid question to be asking. Especially right now.

        FRED shakes her head.

        FRED: I can't remember.

        NATALIE looks at FRED, intrigued.

        FRED (Cont'd): It's all just a blur to me now. (Beat) I do remember lights. Lots of lights. And silence.

        NATALIE cocks her head to the side as FRED retells what she remembers.

        NATALIE: Did you see anyone you recognized? They say you see your deceased loved ones Up There, you know?

        FRED: Wesley.

        NATALIE: Who is Wesley?

        The office door opens again and ANDY, SPIKE, and ILLYRIA enter. SPIKE says FRED's name and hugs her tightly.

        SPIKE: I've missed you.

        FRED, gasping for breath.

        FRED: I missed you too, Spike.

        NATALIE: You're choking her, Spike!

        SPIKE looks down and pulls away from FRED.

        ANDY: They're gonna come after Illyria now that they're split apart.

        SPIKE looks at ANDY and sits down.

        SPIKE: Of course they will, but we'll be ready. Not to mention Blue Girl's got some hidden talents there.

        ILLYRIA: My powers were suppressed by the humanity that the shell possessed. When we were split apart, my full essence was unleashed.

        ANDY: And now you're an almighty, evil lunatic again? Great. Just great.

        ILLYRIA: When my powers were ripped from my body previously I was weakened greatly. I am not the full god I once was.

        NATALIE: That's very good news.

        FRED: What about me? They want me, too.

        ANDY: But they don't want you dead. They just want you in their coven. (Beat) Even though you're not a witch.

        SPIKE: I don't understand that little bit, either.

        ANDY: I guess it's just a blatantly obvious thing to say, but I'll say it anyway: We're gonna need to keep them safe. (Beat) Even if one's a very violent demon.

        NATALIE: Yeah, but how do we protect a very violent demon? Especially one that could technically protect us while we protect her.

        SPIKE: I'll watch after Blue Girl, there. (To Natalie) You should look after Fred.

        ANDY: He's right. She doesn't need to be kept safe as much as Illyria. (To Fred) No offense.

        FRED: None taken. (Quietly) This is just so much.

        Caught up in the moment, the characters ignore FRED's comment.

        SPIKE: Where should we keep them? The warehouse isn't a safe bet since all the Slayers are here.

        FRED, starting to rock back and forth.

        FRED: I need to get out of here.

        Still not hearing FRED, ANDY continues the conversation.

        ANDY: I don't know. The apartment isn't exactly a great place to protect them since it's so open. (Beat) What about the Watcher's Council?

        FRED: Let me out.

        NATALIE: Would they really do that? I mean, it'd danger their lives quite a bit. I doubt they'd be up for that responsibility.

        ANDY turns to FRED, who is now sweating profusely.

        ANDY: Fred? What's wrong?

        FRED doesn't respond. NATALIE kneels down beside her, placing a hand on either side of FRED.

        NATALIE: Fred? Fred! Calm down! What's wrong?

        FRED: I can't breathe!

        She starts to hyperventilate and NATALIE looks to both ANDY and SPIKE. ILLYRIA stands near the door, looking down at them.

        NATALIE: What's wrong with her?

        FRED grabs NATALIE's face and pulls her close.

        FRED: Send me back. Send me back now!

        FRED, pumped with adrenaline, throws NATALIE back across the room and into the wall.

        ANDY: Did we happen to invest in sedatives recently? ?Cause I think we'll need a good handful of those! How do we calm her down?

        SPIKE: Like hell I should know!

        ANDY: Was Buffy like this? When she was brought back to life was she this insane?

        SPIKE: From what I've heard she was just without her senses.

        ANDY: And not ranting like a looney toon?

        SPIKE: Not quite.

        The chaos within the room then comes to an abrupt stop and FRED quickly relaxes. She sees the worried and confused looks on everyone's faces.

        FRED: What's wrong?

        ANDY: I think getting her to the Watcher's Council would be just a grand idea.

        NATALIE gets to her feet and we cut away from ANDY's aggravated look.

        CUT TO:


        BRETT sits opposite GINA at the kitchen table, drinking coffee. Only the light over their heads is on, leaving the rest of the apartment in the dark.

        BRETT: Calling me so late at night isn't a very nice thing to do.

        GINA: I was just afraid. I told you that.

        BRETT: But you won't tell me why. This is why I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee in front of me to keep me fully awake.

        He rests his hands over GINA's.

        BRETT (Cont'd): What's wrong, Gina?

        GINA: I think someone was in my apartment last night.

        BRETT: Why didn't you tell me this before when we were at the library?

        GINA: Because I didn't want to worry you! You seem so happy to be doing all this research that if I were to put this whole theory on you then you'd get weighed down. I don't want that.

        BRETT: I can multitask very well, just so you know.

        He smiles and GINA looks away.

        BRETT (Cont'd): What do you want me to do, exactly? Set up surveillance cameras? I have contacts but not those kinds of contacts.

        GINA looks back to him.

        GINA: Stay with me.

        BRETT raises an eyebrow.

        BRETT: Couches are very comfy if I have a nice blanket with me.

        BRETT grins. GINA looks completely serious.

        GINA: Stay with me.

        BRETT takes the hint and leans across the table to kiss GINA.

        CUT TO:


        ANDY is laying her head on her desk, arms folded beneath her forehead, as SPIKE enters the room. He walks over to the desk and puts a hand on ANDY's head. She jerks upwards and SPIKE quickly pulls away.

        ANDY: What are you, some freaky molester?

        SPIKE laughs and turns away.

        SPIKE: I thought of something.

        ANDY: And so you came in here to grope my head?

        SPIKE: I came in here to run something past you.

        ANDY: Run away.

        SPIKE sits down in an overstuffed chair and looks at ANDY.

        SPIKE: How did those witches split Fred and Illyria into two separate bodies?

        There's silence.

        ANDY: Are you gonna tell me or is this a guessing game?

        SPIKE: There would've had to have been a piece of Fred's soul still inside her body that they could pull out of Illyria.

        ANDY: Then where's the other half?

        SPIKE looks up at the ceiling.

        ANDY (Cont'd): I'm afraid to say that that theory actually makes more sense than an actual resurrection.

        SPIKE: Then why did the big bad wiccan contact Osiris.

        ANDY: It could've been all for show. (Beat) I have no idea. I'm just pulling ideas out of my ass here.

        SPIKE stands and heads for the door.

        SPIKE: You should get some sleep.

        ANDY smiles.

        ANDY: So should you.

        SPIKE looks away and leaves the office.

        CUT TO:


        ELIZABETH walks down the sidewalk, alone, wearing her sunglasses on her forehead. Her red hair is in a ponytail behind her head and her hands are full of shopping bags. She's smiling, happy about something that is unknown to the audience. We see over her shoulder that there is a man dressed in a black suit and sunglasses following ELIZABETH. It turns out that she knows this too. ELIZABETH takes a sharp turn into one of the shops and the PURSUER enters after her.

        CUT TO:


        ELIZABETH cuts across the store, not looking back at the PURSUER due to her confidence in her plan. The PURSUER is right on her tail as ELIZABETH heads towards the dressing rooms. She grabs a pair of pants off a shelf as she breezes past and enters the dressing rooms. The PURSUER close behind.

        CUT TO:


        ELIZABETH enters a one of the rooms and closes the door behind her, though we don't hear the lock click. The PURSUER leans against the door, thinking it's locked, but it swings open and he falls into an empty space. ELIZABETH is gone.

        ELIZABETH: It's rude to play the Peeping Tom.

        ELIZABETH turns the corner of the dressing room and is standing the doorway. She pushes the PURSUER into the room even further and shuts the door behind her, this time locking it.

        PURSUER: How did you get out of here?

        ELIZABETH: I move fast. Now it's my turn to ask the questions. Who are you?

        The PUSUER avoids the question. ELIZABETH punches him across the face.

        ELIZABETH (Cont'd): Why did Dianna Preston send you to follow me?

        PURSUER: Dianna who?

        ELIZABETH: Don't play dumb with me. Dianna doesn't trust me. I can see it in her eyes. Anyone can. So she sent a stupid goon like you to stalk me until she gets enough evidence to fire my ass from Celestial Center.

        PURSUER: I don't know what you're talking about.

        ELIZABETH: If Dianna Preston finds out about this little confrontation or about anything else you've seen after following me for god knows how long, I'll be sure to personally slit your throat and bleed you to death. Understand?

        The PURSUER nods and quickly slips out of the dressing room. ELIZABETH, now alone, holds the pair of pants she grabbed up, unfolding them. She looks at them in disgust.

        ELIZABETH (Cont'd): Oh god no.

        She tosses them to the ground and leaves.

        CUT TO:


        NATALIE, ANDY, and FRED walk up the stone steps towards the Watcher's Council.

        NATALIE: I really don't like this place.

        ANDY: You've only been here once.

        NATALIE: And that one time scarred me for life. It was the second time in two weeks that I got caught by the baddies. Might I add that that is so not fun?

        FRED leads the way up the stone steps and into the building.

        CUT TO:


        FRED, ANDY, and NATALIE enter the Watcher's Council.

        FRED: You said that a dead guy runs the Council now?

        ANDY: That's how I interpreted the whole "takes a while to summon a ghost" thing from a few weeks ago when I first met the man.

        FRED: Do you think Wesley's ghost could be here?

        NATALIE stops and turns around in front of FRED and ANDY.

        NATALIE: Who is Wesley?

        FRED: He was the man I loved. He died a little bit after I did.

        NATALIE: How do you know he died? Were you watching over him or something?

        ANDY: I have a feeling that Fred wasn't all in Heaven. Part of her was probably still inside Illyria. That's how the coven separated them ? by transforming that half of Fred's soul into it's own body.

        NATALIE: Then what about the other part of Fred?

        FRED: It's still up there.

        ANDY: That's why Spike and I think Fred's little outburst last night was caused by not being complete ? so to speak.

        NATALIE: When did you and Spike talk last night? We didn't get back until four o'clock in the morning!

        FRED changes the subject.

        FRED: How do we talk to the Head Watcher?

        NATALIE: Last time we set up a meeting. (Beat) Obviously this is a lot more important and we don't have as much time. Yeah I'm useless.

        ANDY laughs and takes the other two people up to the SECRETARY who sits behind the desk.

        SECRETARY: Miss Sullivan! It's so nice to see you again.

        ANDY: You remembered my name?

        SECRETARY: Of course I did. You're practically the celebrity around here.

        ANDY looks back at NATALIE and grins.

        ANDY: Hear that? I'm a superstar.

        NATALIE sticks her tongue out at ANDY and laughs. ANDY looks back to the SECRETARY.

        SECRETARY: What can I do for you, Miss Sullivan?

        ANDY: I need to talk to Quentin Travers. It's kind of important.

        SECRETARY: May I ask what the topic is?

        NATALIE: This girl here needs protection along with the demon she was separated from.

        The SECRETARY looks around both NATALIE and ANDY, confused.

        SECRETARY: What girl?

        ANDY glances at NATALIE for a moment and then spins around. We see that FRED is no longer standing with them.

        NATALIE: Oh lordy.

        ANDY: Not another outburst.

        CUT TO:


        ANDY and NATALIE dash out the doors and down the stone steps, ANDY pushes two men out of the way who are walking towards them and NATALIE just keeps running. She comes up alongside ANDY once the Slayer stops moving. We see NATALIE's car drive off down the street. NATALIE slams her hands down at her side while panting.

        NATALIE: What now?

        ANDY's eyes are wide with fear.

        ANDY: I have no idea.

        CUT TO:


        NATALIE's car zooms down the street, swerving between lanes and cutting off other cars.

        CUT TO:


        FRED is at the wheel, sweat pouring down her face and her eyes wild with mixed emotions. Tears start to mix in with the sweat and drip off her chin.

        FRED: Make me whole again.

        FRED steps on the gas and the car accelerates.

        FRED (Cont'd): Please.

        CUT TO:


        We pan out of the car and get an aerial shot of it as it enters an intersection. Another car moving in straight towards FRED enters the intersection and slams into the driver's side of the vehicle. Both vehicles spin out of control into another lane where one more car makes a lethal impact on the passenger's side of NATALIE's car. We circle the car wreck before zooming in on the black roof of one of the damaged cars.


        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV

          FADE IN


          ANDY and NATALIE run down the sidewalk in the direction of sirens. Two ambulances rush past them on the street and the duo run faster. They eventually come to the intersection where FRED was in the car accident. We see two paramedics pushing a stretcher covered with a black sheet towards one of the ambulances and another set of paramedics tending to one of the drivers in the accident.

          NATALIE: Over there!

          NATALIE points towards a brown haired woman across the street, being patched up by a paramedic. She dashes towards her with ANDY following. NATALIE steps in front of the woman and frowns. We pan around and see that the woman is not FRED.

          NATALIE (Cont'd): It's not her.

          NATALIE looks towards her ruined car and then towards the stretcher with the covered body. Her eyes water slightly as ANDY rests a hand on her shoulder.

          ANDY: She can be happy now.

          NATALIE: But she just got back! That isn't fair!

          ANDY walks NATALIE away from the mob of people and towards an alley.

          ANDY: And it wasn't fair to keep part of her here on earth and the other up in Heaven. She needs to be whole to live. Now she can be.

          NATALIE: It just isn't right.

          ANDY: It is right. You just don't want to accept it.

          NATALIE hugs ANDY and ANDY rests her chin on NATALIE's head. NATALIE cries on ANDY's shoulder. We pan upwards from the two and ANDY runs her free hand through NATALIE's hair.

          CUT TO:


          ANDY and NATALIE slam the door open and we see SPIKE sitting behind the desk with ILLYRIA leaning against a wall nearby.

          SPIKE: What happened?

          He looks around.

          SPIKE: Where's Fred?

          NATALIE: She's dead.

          SPIKE: Wait, what? How?

          ANDY: A car accident. She wrecked Natalie's car after stealing it and running away from the Watcher's Council.

          NATALIE: She was dead before we even knew she was missing.

          SPIKE hangs his head in his hands.

          SPIKE: We just got her back though!

          NATALIE: I know. But Andy was right: Fred deserved to be complete again. Her death was for the best.

          SPIKE lifts his head, eyes glassy.

          SPIKE: What now?

          ANDY: We kick some Wiccan ass.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          A small white car pulls into the parking lot and ANDY, SPIKE, NATALIE, and ILLYRIA exit the vehicle.

          NATALIE: Rental cars suck.

          ANDY nods in agreement and looks to SPIKE ? who is already a bit ahead of them and trudging towards the lighthouse.

          ANDY: Where are you going?

          SPIKE: To get retribution.

          ANDY: We're not gonna kill them!

          She runs up and spins SPIKE around.

          SPIKE: Then why did we come here? To just teach them a lesson? I don't work like that, love.

          ANDY: We're hear to avenge what they did to both Fred and Illyria, yes. But we won't kill them.

          SPIKE: Then what's your plan?

          ANDY looks down at the ground and shuffles her feet.

          SPIKE (Cont'd): Oh! You don't have one do you?

          ANDY pushes SPIKE out of the way and stops at the door to the lighthouse. She kicks it down and enters. Flipping a switch, the lights turn on and the group enters.

          CUT TO:


          ANDY starts up the steps towards the top of the structure, follow by SPIKE. NATALIE and ILLYRIA stay at the bottom.

          NATALIE: Well stay here just incase things go wrong.

          ILLYRIA: How can something without proper organization go wrong?

          NATALIE: I haven't quite figured that out yet, honestly.

          The tail of SPIKE's jacket disappears as he ascends the staircase behind ANDY.

          CUT TO:


          ANDY and SPIKE stop at the top of the stairwell and look around. We see that the top of the building is very spacey and there is a small door that leads out onto a balcony. SPIKE looks up at the ceiling.

          SPIKE: Better make sure no one's hiding.

          ANDY pokes her head out of the little door and glances around the balcony. We hear struggling behind ANDY, though we don't see what's going on.

          ANDY: It's all clear out here.

          ANDY spins around and we see SPIKE pinning SUSAN to the wall.

          SPIKE: Little Miss, here, was hiding. (To Susan) Wasn't she?

          SUSAN: Go to hell, demon.

          SPIKE pulls his arm and the witch back before slamming her even harder against the stone walls.

          SPIKE: Where's the head witch?

          SUSAN: Like I'd ever tell you!

          She spits in SPIKE's face and the vampire releases her. SUSAN tries to run but ANDY sticks out her foot and trips her to the ground. ANDY rolls the witch over with her foot and forces her to the ground with her foot.

          ANDY: Wanna tell me?

          ANDY pulls a knife from her belt and points it towards SUSAN, threatening her.

          CUT TO:


          SUSAN is pushed out of the lighthouse with ANDY keeping the sharp point of the dagger pressed against her back. SPIKE, NATALIE, and ILLYRIA follow.

          SUSAN (Shouting): Carla? Come out of hiding. They've found us.

          CARLA seemingly appears out of nowhere in front of the group. She's grinning.

          CARLA: I knew you would come back.

          ANDY: I'm not sure whether I should be thanking you on Fred's behalf or punching your face in.

          ANDY looks back to SPIKE.

          ANDY (Cont'd): What do you think?

          SPIKE: I'd prefer the violent method, but we're not here to kill anyone.

          SPIKE glares at CARLA.

          CARLA: What do you want to accomplish here, Slayer? If you won't kill us, then what do you want? An apology?

          ANDY: That'd be very nice, actually.

          SUSAN: Like you'll ever get one.

          ANDY pulls SUSAN's head back by her hair.

          ANDY: I've just about had enough of you and your mouth.

          CARLA: Despite that she's right? I would never apologize.

          ANDY: Your loss.

          ANDY kicks SUSAN's legs out from beneath and punches her in the center of her back. SUSAN flies through the air and smashes into CARLA. The two witches are knocked up into the air and land, hard, on the ground near the destroyed, wooden shelter from before.

          SPIKE: That's not fair.

          ANDY: Life's not fair.

          NATALIE steps up in front of the two.

          NATALIE: I think you've learned your lesson, right ladies?

          There's moaning from the two witches and NATALIE nods towards the car. ANDY wraps her arm around NATALIE and the group walk towards the rental car. ILLYRIA stands alone.

          ILLYRIA: Thank you for freeing me from my suppression.

          ILLYRIA raises both her hands and the same blue energy from earlier in the episode flows through the air from the center of her palms. Both CARLA and SUSAN are incinerated instantly.

          NATALIE (OS): Illyria! Get over here or we'll leave you here!

          ILLYRIA briskly moves towards the white car and enters the vehicle. A moment later, the car turns on, pulls out of the parking lot, and drives off down the street.

          CUT TO:


          DIANNA is pacing the room when the doors open. GREG and the PURSUER from before enter the room and face the second president.

          DIANNA: Did you find out anything useful?

          GREG: Nothing, unfortunately.

          DIANNA: Does she know that you were following her?

          GREG: Mister McMichael was caught by Elizabeth this morning, though she shouldn't be aware of my part in this.

          DIANNA looks to the PURSUER and shakes her head. She laughs.

          DIANNA: You are completely useless, you know that don't you? The simplest task is given to you and you manage to ruin it all. You should be ashamed.

          She looks him up and down. The PURSUER tenses.

          PURSUER: I don't know how she figured out that I was following her.

          DIANNA: Were you even hidden from her view?

          There is no reply.

          DIANNA (Cont'd): Get out of my sight or I just might kill you.

          The PURSUER runs out of the room and slams the door shut behind him.

          GREG: Should I continue investigating Miss Holloway's activities?

          DIANNA: Of course. Just don't screw up.

          GREG turns and exits the conference room.

          CUT TO:


          The lights are off and no one is in sight. The front door then opens and the same intruder as before comes into the apartment. They move towards the counter and survey random notes on pieces of paper and the calendar hanging on the wall.

          BRETT (OS): Do you break into people's homes very often? Or is this a one time thing?

          We pan around and we see BRETT sitting at the dining room table.

          BRETT (Cont'd): Do you make it your personal business to ruin everything I do, Elizabeth? Or are you just scorned because I left you?

          We pan around to reveal the intruder removing the black mask on their head. We then see it's ELIZABETH. Her red hair falls down onto her back.

          ELIZABETH: Oh yes. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. That's just it. You've found me out.

          BRETT stands and approaches ELIZABETH.

          BRETT: What are you doing here, Elizabeth? This time, I'll get an answer.

          ELIZABETH: I'm doing my own research.

          BRETT: You don't have a lackey doing it for you? That's a first.

          ELIZABETH: This is a personal matter.

          BRETT: Personal because I'm involved?

          ELIZABETH: No, personal because my brother's wife is involved.

          BRETT looks at ELIZABETH, confused.

          ELIZABETH (Cont'd): Oh she didn't tell you? Wow! This is a total Kodak moment!

          BRETT continues to stare at ELIZABETH at she continues.

          ELIZABETH (Cont'd): Gina's married to my stepbrother. She's been lying to you all along and you were too stupid to even recognize it! This truly is priceless.

          ELIZABETH heads back towards the door, leaving BRETT alone in the darkness.

          ELIZABETH (Cont'd): Tell Gina that Waylon wants to talk to her for me, will you?

          She exits the apartment. BRETT stands alone.

          CUT TO:


          KAYLA stands in the parking lot outside of Slayer Central, talking on her cell phone. She's dressed in black and a hood is pulled over her head.

          KAYLA: Everything is going perfectly. They actually think I'm on their side which is only slightly sad. (Beat) Of course I will. Now that I'm on the inside of their little circle, I can bring you whoever you'd like. I'll await your call, my Queen.

          KAYLA snaps the phone shut and enters Slayer Central.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE
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