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CHOSEN Episode 1.04 "Flesh and Blood"

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  • CHOSEN Episode 1.04 "Flesh and Blood"

    Episode 1.04 "Flesh and Blood"
    Written by: Me
    Produced by: Me

    *Disclaimer: This is the fine print. The universe that "Chosen" takes place in was created by Joss Whedon and structured by his TV children "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel." Those two shows and this universe/Buffyverse is property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, and the WB and UPN television networks. All characters that are not directly from the Buffyverse are all property of me. Ask before using.

    ~ ~ ~

    ANDY (VO): Previously on "Chosen"?



    The coloring is bluish and it's obviously a flashback?

    ANDY dashes down a dark alley, pursuing a vampire. It leaps over a garbage can and tackles a young woman. To the ground, it goes to sink it's teeth into her and ANDY yanks him off of the girl and throws the vamp into the wall. She looks down and, over her shoulder, we see NATALIE laying helplessly and wide eyed on the ground.

    CUT TO:

    ANDY pulls a wooden stake out of pocket and throws it down into the vamp's chest and he explodes into a poof of ashes and ANDY stumbles forwards since she no longer has a footrest.

    NATALIE: So who are you again? I've gotta meet the girl who saved my life.

    ANDY steps up to her and holds out her hand which NATALIE openly accepts.

    ANDY: I'm Andrea Sullivan.

    NATALIE: Can I call you ?Andy?'

    ANDY nods.

    ANDY: That'd be great, actually.

    NATALIE: I'm Natalie Price. Just don't call me ?Nat' yet considering I just met you.

    CUT TO:


    BRETT (VO): The name's Brett. Brett Stewart if you want to be all formal and whatnot. My friends call me "Slick."

    ANDY moves her eyes over to see BRETT standing in the doorway with a crossbow loaded and taking aim on GREG. The newly fired arrow zooms towards GREG.

    CUT TO:


    BRETT (VO): I work for Celestial Center. Or should I say "worked" for them. They're a black ops agency set below the CIA by hundreds of miles, literally. They create Operations for their workers to follow through with and it's headed by some guy on the other side of the world.

    GREG is bowing in respect after being promoted.

    ELIZABETH: What will we do about Brett Stewart? He's betrayed the Center.

    VOICE: But as long as he's with the Slayer, the longer he's a useful ally with us. (Beat) We'll be in touch very soon.

    ELIZABETH: This should be interesting.

    Slowly, she leans in and kisses GREG who returns the kiss.

    ANDY (VO): What do you want? My protection?

    BRETT (VO): The first option was good enough for me.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY helps her friend inside, closes the door, and looks back at BRETT.

    ANDY: You know the way back?

    CUT TO:


    GINA: So what are you all planning on doing with this place, if you don't mind me asking?

    NATALIE: We're kind of opening up a school.

    BRETT: Of sorts.

    GINA: So you're teachers?

    ANDY: Not quite. It's more of a program for young girls to come.

    GINA: So it's like the YMCA?

    NATALIE: Yeah? It's like that?

    CUT TO:


    BRETT slides the door shut after GINA steps outside. They walk towards her car.

    GINA: I've got a boyfriend you know. A very big, strong, jealous boyfriend.

    BRETT: Why am I not surprised?

    GINA: But a little date wouldn't hurt, now would it?

    BRETT: I didn't ask you.

    GINA: So you don't want to go out with me?

    BRETT: I didn't say that either.

    GINA: So then you can pick me up from work tonight. I get out at 6:30. Be there.

    BRETT: Will do.

    BRETT opens her car door and GINA steps inside.

    CUT TO:


    BRETT looks past ANDY and NATALIE, but we don't see what he's looking at.

    BRETT: This is private property, man. You really should leave.

    ANDY and NATALIE turn around to see a peroxide-blonde man dressed all in black and a blue skinned woman dressed in a red outfit with blue streaks in her hair. Several young girls step into view. They vary in race, but the general age is around 17, 18, or 19.

    SPIKE: I think these belong to you?





    "Pain" by Jimmy Eat World plays as we pan down from the ceiling and see at least fifteen girls on a blue mats set up in a large square towards the middle of the warehouse. Some are stretching, others doing sit-ups off towards the edges of the square, and the last group are practicing combat skills. We pan upwards.

    CUT TO:


    We see only from the knees down and gradually work upwards. The person is wearing black jeans over a set of dull boots. As we continue moving up, we see the gleaming blade of a butcher's knife pressed against the thigh of the person. We stop moving, which allows the person to keep walking towards the balcony and down the stairs. As they move down the stairs, we see that it is SPIKE ? but we see no details of his face, only his blonde hair..

    CUT TO:


    SPIKE, his face still hardly visible, crosses the room and we follow him from behind. The girls on the mats scurry out of the way as he passes. The girls shout at him as he passes, but their words don't faze him.

    CUT TO:


    The door shuts and we see ANDY walk away from it. In the corner, ILLYRIA stands, staring blankly at BRETT, who's seated behind the desk, feet up and hands folded.

    ANDY: They won't be ready. For anything. Especially if he does something here. And even more so after what happened last night.

    BRETT: Don't you think you're over thinking this? Those girls know what they're doing and obviously can fight. Natalie said that they held their own for the most part.

    ANDY: And you saw how they got beaten to a bloody pulp.

    BRETT hangs his head.

    CUT TO:


    We see SPIKE approach the door and he reaches for the handle, knife in hand. He opens the door, and we see from behind.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY glances quickly over her shoulder and BRETT tenses when he sees SPIKE's face ? which is still off screen for us. ILLYRIA cocks her head to the side, raising her chin slightly.

    ILLYRIA: The half-breed has arrived.

    ANDY turns slowly.

    CUT TO:


    We hear muffled yelling and screaming coming from behind the door to the office. The young Slayers stop what they're doing to stare at the wooden door.

    CUT TO:


    Our view is locked onto a wall as blood splatters against it.




    Jennifer Garner as Andrea "Andy" Sullivan
    Maggie Grace as Natalie Price
    Aubrey Dollar as Elizabeth Holloway
    Ryan Reynolds as Brett "Slick" Stewart
    And James Marsters as Spike

    Guest Starring:

    Erica Durance as Gina Krone
    Tina Majorino as Kayla Kaas
    Jaclyn Colt as Nadia Colton
    Dana Davis as Chandra Briggs
    Luciana Carro as Maria Delgado
    Michael Muhney as Owen Stockholm
    Sean Faris as Jacob Silcon
    Amy Acker as Illyria/Winifred "Fred" Burkle

    **CHOSEN is officially affiliated with RAVEN, created by Alex (Jack Twist) and Travis (DigitalLeonardo), and SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS, created by Travis (DigitalLeonardo).

    Edited by: QueenC (Amber)
    wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!


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    ACT I



    48 HOURS EARLIER appears on the screen as the camera becomes fixated on the blue wrestling mats laid out across the wooden floor. Currently there's nothing visible but blue and a bit of brown flooring at the very bottom. A foot then slams down onto the mat and we begin to pan upwards.

    ANDY: Welcome to your new home. You've been here for a while so I'm sure each of you have started to get adjusted to the new way of living.

    We continue upwards to reveal ANDY standing with her hands on her hips and a large group of girls before her. They vary in size, race, and age while each of them conveys the same emotion: fear and anticipation.

    ANDY (Cont'd): This won't be easy, nor will this be fun. That's the hard truth. You'll all be working hard and learning more than you normal do. Each of you will bring something to the table and each of you will be able to fend for yourself when worst comes to worst.

    One of the girls, NADIA COLTON, raises her hand. At age 19, with light skin and blonde hair, she stands, visibly pregnant. ANDY looks at her and nods, smiling.

    NADIA: When you say "worst comes to worst," does that mean that we might get killed?

    The girls stir.

    NADIA (Cont'd): And how much can a pregnant girl bring to the table?

    ANDY laughs and holds up her hands to get the girls quiet. They slowly stop their worried rambles.

    ANDY: "Worst comes to worst" can mean anything at this point. You all shouldn't be worried with a vampire, a slayer, two capable humans, and a?

    ANDY looks towards the corner of the warehouse, where ILLYRIA stands in the corner, staring at it curiously.

    ANDY (Cont'd): I'm not sure what she is.

    KAYLA: If I get killed, you're so getting sued by my father.

    ANDY: Trust me when I say that, if any of you get sued then my little pink piggybank's gonna be stolen from me. (Beat) For now, I want all of you to get introduced to everyone. You'll be spending an awful lot of your time with each and every girl in this room.

    There's hesitation. ANDY makes hand gestures at the other girls.

    ANDY (Cont'd): There's at least twenty of you here already and many more on their way! Get a move on! Mush! Mush!

    ANDY leaves the mats and the girls form a large mob of chatter. She stops before entering the office and looks to ILLYRIA.

    ANDY (Cont'd): C'mon Freaky!

    ILLYRIA turns and looks over her shoulder ANDY. Her eyes slowly widen and the demon walks to ANDY. She stops and straightens her posture to look into ANDY's eyes.

    ILLYRIA: You do not have the authority to speak to me in that manner. I am above your primitive race. I walked the earth as an Old One while your kind hid and cowered from my people.

    ANDY: Yeah, yeah. And I'm a Taurus. Get in.

    ANDY opens the door and ILLYRIA glares at her, entering the office. ANDY looks back at the group of Slayers and smiles before following ILLYRIA into the room. The door shuts behind her.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY's hand releases the door handle and she walks over towards the opposite side of the large, wooden desk set up against the back wall. NATALIE is sitting in a chair towards the side of the desk, BRETT leans against a wall, and SPIKE mirrors him.

    ANDY: So? What'd I miss?

    SPIKE: I spilled my bared my soul for all to see and you missed the big reveal.

    ANDY rolls her eyes and looks to NATALIE.

    NATALIE: Actually, that was pretty darn close to a perfect retelling of the past half hour.

    ANDY: You've gotta be kidding me.

    BRETT: Neither of them are. I listened to Vamp-Boy ramble. Boy can he ramble.

    SPIKE: Would you like an encore, little miss?

    ANDY sits in her chair behind the desk and folds her hands.

    ANDY: Cliff notes version will be best.

    SPIKE pushes off the wall and approaches ANDY. He sits on the other side of the table.

    SPIKE: Me? I'm a vampire with a soul. Blue Girl was an Old One, an almighty demon from the dawn of time, and, last year, became as powerful as me and you.

    ANDY: What brings you here, then?

    SPIKE: The Watchers' Council.

    BRETT: They let a vampire become a Watcher?

    SPIKE: No, I'm their conduit to you.

    ANDY: Oh yay! I get a special conduit! So by "Souled vampire," does that mean you're like?neutered? No biting, no killing, none of that nonsense?

    SPIKE: Can I finish my bloody story?

    ANDY: Fine

    She looks at him and raises an eyebrow.

    SPIKE: Since I'm a conduit between the Council and you, I'll be retrieving the Slayers from America that Buffy doesn't have and get them here for you to train.

    ANDY sits up straight.

    ANDY: Wait, what? "Buffy" as in the other Slayer?

    SPIKE: One of the other Slayers. Faith's in Cleveland.

    NATALIE: Who goes to Cleveland?

    ILLYRIA turns, slowly becoming interested in the conversation but not showing any bit of it through her face.

    SPIKE: Can I finish talking?

    BRETT: Please do.

    SPIKE: I'm your conduit with the Council and will bring you Slayers.

    ANDY: You said that already.

    SPIKE huffs and rolls his head back. NATALIE glares at her.

    ANDY (Cont'd): Can you blame me for a being a little hesitant to letting a vampire into the place where twenty Slayers are living?

    NATALIE: He has a soul, though! He can't hurt them now.

    SPIKE: At least someone's been listening carefully.

    ANDY: So what happens once you bring me the Slayers? You disappear, never to be seen again?

    SPIKE: Let's worry about that when the time comes around, love.

    ANDY stands and SPIKE does the same.

    ANDY: Sounds good to me. This way I can focus on the current situation at hand. I hope you won't mind me doing a basic background check to make sure you're legit?

    SPIKE: Look all you'd like. We'll be in touch.

    There's panicked knocking on the door as SPIKE opens it. We see NADIA on the other side.

    NADIA: Miss Sullivan? I think we have a problem.

    ANDY walks around the desk, followed by NATALIE and BRETT. She passes SPIKE and exits the office. The rest tag along.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY exits the office and walks over towards the mats. NATALIE looks in the direction that ANDY's heading ? it's something off screen ? as the Slayer disappears from sight. NADIA quickly hurries to keep up. We pan around in a large circle to see ANDY approaching the large mob of Slayers. Panning upwards, getting an aerial shot of the group, we see the center hollowed out and two young girls fighting. ANDY pushes through the group and we pan down into the circle.

    ANDY: Hey! Hey! Break it up, ladies!

    ANDY throws her hands inbetween the two fighters, but they continue to throw punches and kicks. SPIKE enters the ring behind ANDY. He grabs one of the Slayers, MARIA DELGADO, by the shoulders and pulls her away, as ANDY makes a move towards the other Slayer, CHANDRA BRIGGS. CHANDRA tries to punch ANDY, but the scene becomes a slow-mo. We pan back towards the outside of the mats and see NADIA, BRETT, NATALIE, and ILLYRIA looking at the group, confused.

    ANDY: Hey! Hey! Break it up, ladies!

    NATALIE looks at BRETT, confused.

    NATALIE: Didn't she say that already?

    The camera cuts back towards the group and we see that SPIKE is reentering the mob.

    NADIA: This all has happened already.

    We see ANDY fly out of the circle, sliding across the floor before smashing into the wall. SPIKE, too, is knocked upwards and lands hard on the wooden floor. NATALIE rushes over to the two with BRETT and NADIA following close behind.

    NATALIE: What the hell happened?

    ANDY slowly sits up and looks towards the fighting girls.

    ANDY: That's a good question.

    CUT TO:


    CHANDRA and MARIA are each pushed down into two chairs situated on each side of the room. ANDY sits down on the edge of her desk with SPIKE, NATALIE, and BRETT at her side. ILLYRIA is in the corner, looking down at her hand curiously. We see that it is no longer blue, but a normal skin color.

    ANDY: So what happened?

    CHANDRA looks at ANDY curiously.

    CHANDRA: "What happened?" She came at me like a bat out of hell!

    MARIA: I came at you? What are you on?

    ANDY: We both saw you two punching each other. I'd say you're both responsible for whatever happened.

    CHANDRA glances over at MARIA and laughs.

    CHANDRA: The pregnant dog attacked me. She said I was very *friendly* person who needs a new life.

    MARIA: You don't agree?

    ANDY looks at SPIKE, who shrugs. ANDY motions towards the door.

    ANDY: You both should get out of here. But if either of your lay a hand on the other one, I'll kick you both out of training.

    CHANDRA and MARIA leave, exchanging confused glances. ANDY stands up.

    BRETT: Am I the only one who is worried now? These girls might go at each other ? especially in such closed quarters.

    SPIKE: The girls have never fought like that when I was gathering them for the Council.

    NATALIE: Maybe this has something to do with the whole?time turning backwards thing? I mean maybe it's making them act up and forget what they're doing and just?got at it?

    ANDY: But then Spike and I wouldn't have forgotten what happened before the point when you said time reset. (To Spike) What about her?

    ANDY motions towards ILLYRIA, whose hair is slowly fading into brown.

    SPIKE: Like I said before: her powers are gone. She's got a hell of a lot of strength, but she's not a god anymore. Though something similar to this has happened before when Blue Girl had her powers.

    ANDY: Well whatever's going on is making my head hurt.

    NATALIE drums her fingers on the table.

    NATALIE: And to get off this topic: What are we going to do about Nadia?

    ANDY: What about her?

    NATALIE: She's pregnant! How are we going to train a pregnant Slayer? Let alone, how is she going to be capable of keeping herself safe? And what about when the baby's born?

    ANDY: I didn't think of that yet, but we're gonna have to do something.

    BRETT: I've got a friend who works at Social Services. Maybe I can get a meeting arranged.

    ANDY: But if you go, you might risk Elizabeth finding you.

    NATALIE: I'll go to the meeting if Brett gets it all ready. Should I bring Nadia, too? I mean, she's got a right to know what we're doing and should have a say in every step that's taken.

    ANDY: Yeah, of course. (To Brett) Get that meeting set up and fast. We should get prepared before she has the kid. (To Spike) And you have a new job.

    SPIKE: Oh really? And what would that be, love?

    ANDY: To help me figure out what the hell happened out there.

    SPIKE: Sounds good to me.

    BRETT: What about Illyria? That's her name, right?

    ILLYRIA spins around to reveal that she has changed her appearance to WINIFRED BURKLE. She talks like FRED once did; happy, perky, and generally excited.

    FRED/ILLYRIA: I'll be fine! Don't you worry about me!

    BRETT's eyes widen at this new site and he looks to SPIKE.

    BRETT: Does she do that a lot?

    SPIKE: Depends on the day, mate.

    NATALIE: Who is that, though?

    FRED/ILLYRIA walks over to NATALIE and holds out a hand which NATALIE shakes.

    FRED/ILLYRIA: I'm Winifred Burkle! But you can call me Fred. Most people do anyway.

    NATALIE: Oh?Hi?

    She looks at the other people in the room. FRED/ILLYRIA thingys her head to the side and speaks in ILLYRIA's normal voice.

    FRED/ILLYRIA: You quiver in fear. Why?

    NATALIE lets go of FRED/ILLYRIA's hand and backs away. She pulls BRETT towards the door.

    NATALIE: Let's get going, Brett.

    NATALIE opens the door and pushes BRETT out before exiting the scene. FRED/ILLYRIA turns to ANDY.

    ANDY: Okay then! Where do you propose we start?

    CREATURE: From the beginning?

    An invisible blast of energy knocks ANDY up into the ceiling and pins her against the wall. SPIKE jumps back and FRED/ILLYRIA does the same. In puffs of black smoke, three FIGURES appear. They were the ones who spoke a moment before. One of them has their hand raised towards ANDY ? the one keeping her against the wall ? while the other's stare at FRED/ILLYRIA and SPIKE.

    SPIKE: And who might you be?

    FIGURES: The End.

    CUT TO:


    NATALIE opens the front door and enters. BRETT and NADIA are close behind. She drops her keys on the table and heads towards her room that's off to the left. BRETT goes to the kitchen to retrieve the phone and NADIA stands awkwardly. BRETT notices.

    BRETT: Oh! You can sit.

    NADIA: Thanks.

    She sits down slowly, hand on her large stomach. BRETT starts talking to whoever's on the other line.

    BRETT: Hey, Owen? It's Brett. Yeah, Brett Stewart. Long time no talk, eh? Are you still part of that Social Services clinic?

    At the mention of social services, NADIA becomes startled. NATALIE reenters the room, holding her purse.

    NADIA: Why is he talking to someone from Social Services?

    NATALIE: We need to find out if there's anyway that we can assure the safety of your baby, Nadia?

    NADIA: You are NOT taking him from me.

    NATALIE: Nadia, that's not what we're trying to do.

    NADIA: Then what are you trying to do? What other way is there to protect my baby when it's born?

    NATALIE: It's not that we're worried about when the baby being in danger once it's born. (Beat) It's that we're worried that there's a chance you might not be there.

    NADIA goes quiet and looks away, tears slowly forming in her eyes.

    NATALIE (Cont'd): We're trying to think in your best interest here.

    NADIA's silent for a few minutes then looks up.

    NADIA: Thank you.

    NATALIE smiles. BRETT puts the phone back on the counter and walks over.

    BRETT: Owen can see us whenever we show up.

    NATALIE (To Nadia): Do you wanna go now?

    NADIA wipes her eyes and nods. She stands and exits the apartment.

    BRETT: What did you say to her?

    NATALIE: The truth.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY's still pinned to the wall and SPIKE is fixated with fighting one of the three FIGURES. FRED/ILLYRIA throws a punch at the remaining FIGURE and knocks it to the floor. ANDY squirms, watching SPIKE knock one of the FIGURES to the ground, and waits for him to hit the creature that's restraining her over the head. Once he does this, ANDY falls to the floor. SPIKE turns to the FIGURES.

    SPIKE: Now's a good time for the big reveal, eh? Who are you?

    FRED/ILLYRIA lets her FIGURE go and it walks over to the rest. FRED/ILLYRIA slowly transforms back into ILLYRIA's normal appearance in the background. The other two FIGURES stand up.

    FIGURES: We are the conduits through which the Wolf, Ram, and Hart pass.

    ANDY, out of the FIGURES' view, sneaks behind the desk and opens a drawer to pull out a knife. She stands, slowly, and keeps the knife hidden. SPIKE looks nervously at her.

    ANDY: Does it mean that if you die, the window gets closed?

    FIGURES: It's not that?

    The knife in ANDY's hand is thrown into the forehead of the first FIGURE. SPIKE reaches out quickly and snaps the second's neck and ILLYRIA punches into the last one's stomach. ANDY and SPIKE breathe heavy.

    ANDY: So who are the Wolf, Ram, and Hart?

    SPIKE: That's a long story for another time, love.

    ANDY: Actually, I think now's the perfect time for a nice long story. Especially after being nearly choked to death by one of the delightful characters.

    Something catches SPIKE's eye and he looks back to the FIGURES. On each of their chests is a glowing, crimson symbol. The first is a wolf, the second a ram, and the last a deer.

    ANDY (Cont'd): Is the distant gaze for intensifying the drama?

    ANDY follows his gaze and sees them.

    ANDY (Cont'd): Why are they glowing? Should they be glowing?

    SPIKE kneels down next to the FIGURES and touches the glowing wolf. Quickly, he yanks away his now smoking hand.

    SPIKE: Got anywhere for body disposal?

    ANDY: I've got a dumpster.

    SPIKE reaches to grab the body with the wolf burned onto him but pulls back as it crumbles into dust. He waves his hand through a lingering cloud of smoke that puffed up from the deterioration of the body. ANDY looks down at the other two and watches them disintegrate like the first.

    ANDY (Cont'd): You're so cleaning that up.

    ILLYRIA: We need to leave.

    SPIKE and ANDY look to her, confused.

    ILLYRIA (Cont'd): Something is coming. Something powerful.

    Off ANDY's worried look.

    CUT TO:


    NADIA sits with NATALIE in front of a desk. Behind it sits OWEN STOCKHOLM ? early thirties, dark hair, and slightly tanned skin. The desk is neatly organized with folders and various paperwork stacked along the edge.

    OWEN: Do you have family in the area?

    NADIA: No. My parents are in California and my sister's living somewhere in Colorado.

    OWEN: What about the father?

    NADIA: Jacob? He couldn't care less about this baby.

    OWEN: Have you talked to him since?

    NATALIE: We tried calling him before we came here and there was no answer.

    OWEN (To Nadia): Was this a one night stand? Or was it something serious that just spun out of control too fast?

    NADIA looks down to avoid eye contact.

    NADIA: It was something more than just a quickie.

    OWEN: Did you two love each other?

    NATALIE: I think this is getting a little too personal.

    OWEN (Defensively): I'm just doing my job.

    NADIA (Quickly): It's alright, honestly. (Beat) I loved him and I think he loved me.

    OWEN jots something down on the piece of paper and BRETT stands up, reaching to his belt for his cell phone. He holds up the device and looks at the ID of the caller ? "Andy."

    BRETT: I'll be right back. I've gotta take this call.

    NATALIE looks at him, worried slightly, and then turns back towards OWEN. BRETT exits the scene and goes into the hallway.

    OWEN: And you said you haven't made contact with him in how long?

    CUT TO:


    BRETT flips open his phone and answers ANDY's call.

    ANDY: Ever heard of Wolfram and Hart?

    BRETT: The evil law firm? Who hasn't? Celestial Center's had some major deals made with them a few years back during the whole apocalypse fiasco down in LA.

    ANDY: I remember that. Must've been hell. (Beat) No pun intended. So they are evil?

    BRETT: Yeah, of course. Why do you ask?

    ANDY: Bleach-y here just explained to me that he used to work for them just before tearing the place apart with a few identified cohorts and Illyria. Hence, some devil incarnates attacked us.

    BRETT: You were attacked? Is everyone alright?

    ANDY: Yeah, yeah. The fight was contained and we got rid of the problem pretty quickly. But Illyria said that more are coming.

    BRETT: Obviously it wasn't a clean break between the two groups then.

    ANDY: Obviously not.

    The door to OWEN's office opens and NADIA and NATALIE exit with OWEN right behind them. He shakes both of their hands.

    OWEN: I'll be in touch with you, Miss Colton.

    NADIA: Thank you.

    OWEN: Not a problem. You should thank Brett for setting up the meeting, though.

    NADIA: I will.

    OWEN nods towards BRETT and enters his office.

    BRETT: We need to go. Now.

    NATALIE: Why?

    BRETT: Spike and Illyria brought something extra to New York than some Slayers.

    NATALIE: It's a bad something, isn't it? Something that's gonna get us killed or severely wounded?

    BRETT leads the way down the hall and towards the elevators ? which they enter and the doors shut. An office door opens and GINA exits and steps into the hallway. She looks down at the elevator and sees BRETT just before the doors shut. She looks back towards in front of her and walks down the hallway.

    CUT TO:


    ANDY clears the dining room table, knocking the contents onto the floor. She places the Bag of Death on it and begins to pull the vast array of weaponry from within. SPIKE walks up from behind her and FRED/ILLYRIA is on his tail. She speaks in ILLYRIA's voice.

    FRED/ILLYRIA: They will see through this guise.

    ANDY: It's worth a shot. We don't want to loose either of you ? especially if you'll be getting me the slayers I need.

    SPIKE: Then why put on the blood act? They'll kill her anyway.

    ANDY stops unpacking the weapons and turns to glare into SPIKE's eyes.

    ANDY: Listen, buddy, you're serving a purpose here. If they kill you, then I won't have you to do that job. You'll be useless and won't bring the girls to me. I need you here and as alive as you'll ever be for a vampire.

    SPIKE grabs one of the weapons off the table and looks at it. He grins.

    SPIKE: Then we'll raise hell.

    CUT TO:


    NATALIE, in the driver's seat, pulls her car up in front of Slayer Central and BRETT and NADIA quickly exit. NATALIE trails behind them as they rush up towards the building and stop in their tracks. A young man, JACOB SILCON, walks out of the shadows and approaches them. Half of his face looks to be terribly scarred ? completely with a fiery red eye ? while the other shows a good looking, normal boy.

    NATALIE: Who are you?

    BRETT walks towards JACOB, getting ready to hit him. NADIA steps up.

    NADIA: Don't! (Beat) It's Jacob.

    NATALIE's eyes widen and BRETT takes several steps back. JACOB looks down at NADIA's stomach and reaches out, touching it. He smiles and she mirrors his emotions.

    JACOB: I'm sorry.

    NADIA: Don't be.

    She leans closer to him and begins to kiss him. BRETT looks at NATALIE, whose hand flies up to cover her gaping mouth.


    wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!



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      ACT II

      FADE IN


      BRETT and NATALIE stand while NADIA and JACOB sit in the chairs before them. The sitting couple can't seem to take their eyes off each other, while the two others in the room can't keep their eyes off JACOB's hideous half of a face.

      BRETT: What did you say happened to you?

      JACOB answers, but doesn't take his eyes off NADIA.

      JACOB: I didn't. I was born like this. My mother was part Ch'klus demon.

      NATALIE looks back at BRETT and her eyes widen once more. BRETT motions his head towards the computer that's resting on the desk and NATALIE takes the hint. Within a quick moment, she's sitting in the chair and typing away on the keyboard.

      BRETT: How exactly did you two meet?

      NADIA: Through my brother. He worked for some company that dealt with Jacob's financial troubles. (To Jacob) I've missed you so much.

      JACOB: I'm sorry I left, Nadia.

      He kisses her again. NATALIE waves BRETT over to the computer. He looks at it.

      NATALIE (Whispering): Guess what Ch'klus demons are known for?

      BRETT reads the page that is displayed on the computer screen.

      BRETT (Whispering): "Altering time." Now it makes sense. Nadia was in the room with us when time reset?

      NATALIE: ?And she is carrying the half-breed baby whose father just so happens to be Ch'klus and whose mother is a Slayer.

      BRETT: Double the power.

      JACOB: What was that?

      NATALIE: Nadia, I think we figured out why time reset earlier today.

      NADIA: Why did it happen?

      BRETT: Because of you. Actually, because of your baby. Ch'klus demons can change time and with the added power from your Slayer side, your baby reversed the day back a few minutes.

      JACOB: Our baby did that?

      JACOB rests a hand on his girlfriend's pregnant stomach and smiles.

      BRETT's cell phone rings and he quickly answers it. ANDY's on the other end.

      ANDY: Where the hell are you?

      BRETT: The warehouse. (Beat) Where are you?

      ANDY: The apartment! I thought you'd be here an hour ago!

      BRETT: Well you never told me I should go to the apartment.

      ANDY: It's common sense! The Slayers are all there and we can't risk their lives while fighting these guys! Ugh? (Beat) Just get here quickly. Tell Natalie to stay there with the girls.

      BRETT: Will?

      ANDY hangs up.

      BRETT (Cont'd): ?do. (To Natalie) I'm gonna go the apartment to meet with Andy and the other two. She said that you need to stay here with the girls.

      NATALIE nods.

      NATALIE: Will do. Make sure you all come back alive and in one piece, will you?

      BRETT laughs and heads towards the door.

      BRETT: I think that that's a general consensus.

      He leaves.

      CUT TO:


      The sun sets outside the window of the apartment and BRETT enters through the front door. ANDY and SPIKE are sitting on opposite sides of the table, discussing tactics and the weaponry. FRED/ILLYRIA is slowly walking around the entire apartment, tracing the walls with her fingertips.

      BRETT: How long do we have?

      SPIKE: Who knows? The bastards could show up at anytime.

      ANDY: We're gonna play this out better than we did last time when the three incarnates show up. When they attacked earlier, we weren't ready and it took too long to get rid of them. This time, we'll be prepared.

      ANDY tosses BRETT a sword ? which he catches and stumbles backwards.

      ANDY (Cont'd): Be careful! That's not a toy.

      BRETT glares at her and walks over to the table.

      BRETT: So the three of them show up and we storm them?

      SPIKE: That's the idea.

      BRETT: I like it.

      FRED/ILLYRIA: It will not work.

      ANDY: What is up with her freakin' prophesizing? She doesn't shut up with her negativity. Is she a psychic demon, too?

      FRED/ILLYRIA: I do not need clairvoyance to identify the weakness of your plan.

      ANDY: And what is that weakness?

      There's a swirling sound of wind and the camera pans to the right to reveal three figures standing behind ANDY, BRETT, and SPIKE.

      WOLF: That you are focusing on?

      RAM: One possible situation?

      HART: And not looking over every other.

      The front door is kicked down and the windows around the apartment are blown out. Black clad assassins flood the apartment. ANDY throws her head back and knocks the WOLF off his feet. SPIKE grabs a dagger from the tabletop and stabs the RAM in the chest. The incarnate falls to the floor and crumbles into dust. BRETT attempts to spin around and slice the HART but is grabbed by the shirt and thrown across the room. FRED/ILLYRIA reaches out to grab him, but is knocked to the floor by his force.

      BRETT: That didn't work too well.

      ANDY grabs her gun from the table and takes aim on the WOLF's forehead and fires. After a moment, it turns to dust like the other did. She turns on the HART and fires three shots into it's back and the incarnate meets the same fate as the others.

      ANDY: Let the fun begin.

      She and SPIKE charge the crowd of assassins.

      CUT TO:


      NATALIE paces around the blue mats on which several of the girls are exercising and training with each other. KAYLA KAAS and CHANDRA BRIGGS are among them. KAYLA, a girl nearing 20 with dark hair and slightly tanned skin, looks at NATALIE.

      KAYLA: You don't seem like the kind of girl who would show her face around here? Hell, I'm not the kind of girl who'd show her face around here.

      NATALIE smiles.

      NATALIE: You're a Slayer, right?

      KAYLA: Yeah, duh.

      NATALIE: Then you belong here.

      KAYLA: When my dad finds out I've been here, he'll freak beyond belief.

      NATALIE: My dad would've too.

      KAYLA: Is your dad a fancy-schmancy CEO?

      NATALIE laughs.

      NATALIE: No, actually he's a fancy-schmancy lawyer in LA.

      KAYLA: Wow. Good for him. (Beat) When was the last time you saw him?

      NATALIE stops pacing and looks down at the ground.

      NATALIE: Four years ago. The last time was the night I left and came to New York.

      KAYLA: Let me guess: He was pissed that you just up and left to go to a place where it's "dangerous" and "wrong?"

      NATALIE: Pretty much.

      KAYLA: I hate my dad for that. He's too clingy and attached to me that he can't accept the fact that I'm bound to move on.

      NATALIE: He's your father. He just loves you too much to let go.

      KAYLA: Well, they do say love is blind, right?

      NATALIE: I'm sure he'll be proud of you the second he finds out why you're in New York.

      KAYLA: Either that or he'll see you all for the last piece of lint in your pocket. (Beat) I like it here more than I liked it with my parents. I feel happy and safe?

      The main door into Slayer Central is blown into the building; the force of the blast knocks the training Slayers and NATALIE to the floor. NATALIE slowly pushes herself up, but not to her feet, and looks at fifty assassins dressed solely in black. The other Slayers exit their rooms; others come out of the second floor and onto the balcony to look down at the situation.

      ASSASSIN LEADER: Where is the vampire and the demon?

      NATALIE stands to face the ASSASSIN LEADER.

      NATALIE: Who are you?

      The ASSASSIN LEADER approaches NATALIE and rests a hand on her face, stroking her cheek slightly.

      ASSASSIN LEADER: Give me who I want and I'll let your pretty face be happy again. Got it?

      He snaps and hits NATALIE across the face. KAYLA, still on the ground, spins around and kicks the ASSASSIN LEADER's feet out from beneath him. He falls and she grabs him by the throat.

      KAYLA: You made a big mistake coming here.

      There's a clicking sound of guns being loaded and KAYLA looks over her shoulders.

      ASSASSIN LEADER: And you made a big mistake attacking me.

      We see NATALIE's worried look.

      CUT TO:


      ANDY punches an assassin across the room and kicks the next one in the jaw. BRETT swings his sword, occasionally successfully catching one of the attackers off guard and taking them down. SPIKE, on the other hand, has the majority of the crowd on him ? as does FRED/ILLYRIA. FRED/ILLYRIA ducks as an attacker sails towards her. He smashes into the wall. She then focuses on her original target and snaps his neck.

      CUT TO:


      The assassins attack the Slayers, who try to hold their own against the trained killers. NATALIE smashes a vase over the head of an attacker and kicks him in the back, causing him to collapse to the floor. She smiles. The Slayers fight, but many are smacked out of the way and brutally hit and kicked. NATALIE turns towards them. JACOB and NADIA step onto the upstairs balcony and look down. JACOB coaxes NADIA back into the room and he dashes down the stairs. He sees NATALIE about to take a blow from the ASSASSIN LEADER but leaps into the way, taking the hit. The force sends him smashing into the wall and the ASSASSIN LEADER takes a knife from his pocket and throws it into JACOB's chest. JACOB is dead.

      CUT TO:


      SPIKE swipes two assassins against the wall and stabs them with a dagger. One of the two assassins stares SPIKE in the eyes and the irises of both men glow purple before fading back to normal. Both assassins die and SPIKE spins around. The other assassins stop what they're doing.

      ASSASSIN LEADER 2: Retreat!

      ANDY stops and looks at the attacks before they disappear in clouds of smoke. The dead bodies on the floor do the same. ANDY turns and looks to SPIKE.

      BRETT: Why did they just disappear?

      ANDY: I dunno, but I love how they go "poof" without a messy clean up.

      She stops to look around the rest of the apartment. Windows are shattered, the white walls are stained with blood, furniture's shattered, and papers are torn.

      ANDY (Cont'd): ?Cause this is already too much to explain to the carpet cleaners.

      SPIKE: The girls.

      BRETT: What about them?

      ANDY realizes where SPIKE's going with this.

      ANDY: Uh-oh.

      She leads the way out the front door with SPIKE at the end of the group. He looks back at the apartment and his eyes glow purple once more.

      CUT TO:


      ANDY, BRETT, ILLYRIA, and SPIKE stand in the doorway. ANDY dashes over towards the group of bloodied girls who are scattered across the floor. She drops to her knees next to NATALIE.

      ANDY: Oh dear god. (To Natalie) Did they do all this?

      NATALIE nods.

      NATALIE: Just before they vanished.

      She motions her head towards the corner of the warehouse where NADIA sits, cradling JACOB's dead body in her arms, crying. ANDY looks down in respect and turns back to NATALIE. She helps her to her feet and looks back at the other Slayers.

      ANDY: Please tell me that we have a mighty big first aid kit upstairs.

      BRETT: We'll get a room ready for people to be patched up in.

      ANDY: Do you know anyone who has the big first aid kit that we're lacking?

      BRETT: I don't think so. Its possible Gina has something.

      GINA (OS): What is it possible that I have?

      The camera pans around towards the doorway as BRETT turns around to look at GINA.

      GINA (Cont'd): It looks like a tornado ripped through this place! Jeez!

      Her eyes fall onto the girls.

      GINA (Cont'd): Oh my god! What happened?

      She runs over towards BRETT, looking over her shoulder at SPIKE and then at ILLYRIA ? at which point her mouth opens and brow scrunches.

      BRETT: Someone attacked us. Do you have a first aid kit or bandages or something we can use?

      GINA: I-I'm not sure. I might. I know I have something at my apartment a few blocks away. It'll only take a few minutes to get it.

      BRETT: I'll go with you.

      ANDY: Just hurry. We'll work with whatever we've got here.

      GINA and BRETT leave through the doorway and head towards GINA's car.

      NATALIE: I can't believe we didn't stock up on Band-Aids.

      She grins and ANDY shakes her head. SPIKE simply looks down at ANDY, while ILLYRIA examines the injured girls scattered across the floor.

      CUT TO:


      GINA turns on the light and BRETT follows her into the bathroom. She opens a cabinet and grabs bandages, gauze, among other things.

      BRETT: So where's that big jealous boyfriend you threatened me with?

      GINA: In my head. I have to intimidate my men before I go on dates with them. (Beat) Do you wanna tell me why you were at Social Services earlier today?

      BRETT: How did you know?

      GINA: I was there too.

      BRETT: Wanna tell me why you were there, then?

      GINA: After you, of course.

      BRETT: I was helping one of the girls at the warehouse out. She's pregnant and needed to find out what to do incase something happens to her.

      GINA: Speaking of the warehouse: why are all those girls there?

      BRETT hesitates and sits down on the edge of the bath.

      BRETT: They're special. They've got some?strengths that we're trying to help them control and train them to use them.

      GINA: That's nice of you. Though I'm sure that after tonight things got screwed up, right?

      BRETT: Pretty much. (Beat) So why were you there?

      GINA turns around and opens a drawer to retrieve a plastic store bag. She dumps the contents of her cabinet into the bag.

      GINA: My sister. She's had a problem with some medication thanks to a screwed up doctor who gave her a bad prescription. She wants to get cleaned up, but her husband left her and no one can watch her baby. (Beat) She wanted me to take care of him while she's in rehab.

      BRETT: So you went there to find out how you need to go about doing it?

      GINA: Yup. Problem is, her husband hasn't done an official divorce yet and now he's asking for custody of the baby. With my sister in rehab, I have to go to court and fight for her side since they can't just take her out of it for a month.

      BRETT: That sucks.

      GINA: Yes it does. But I think you might have it worse.

      BRETT: I doubt that.

      GINA: Yeah, I was just trying to comfort you.

      She smiles and BRETT walks her out of the bathroom.

      CUT TO:


      NATALIE sits on the bed with NADIA ? who's leaning on her shoulder, crying. NATALIE holds her hand while the other rubs NADIA's arm. There are three other girls in the room ? all of which have severe cuts, bruises, and other problems.

      NADIA: It isn't fair.

      NATALIE: I know it isn't. But when is life ever fair?

      NADIA: He died because of me. If I wasn't here and if I didn't call him, he wouldn't have been there to?

      NATALIE: You don't know that. (Beat) But he died a hero. He saved my life.

      NADIA: And gave up his. (Beat) I'm sorry. That was insensitive.

      NATALIE: You have every right to be.

      NATALIE strokes NADIA's hair and rests her head on top of it.

      CUT TO:


      SPIKE stands in the middle of the room, staring into a large mirror with a bloody knife in hand. We pan upwards to reveal large gashes across his cheeks and forehead. His eyes are glowing purple again and his face contorts into a wicked smile. He wipes the knife clean on his jeans.

      SPIKE: Let's raise hell, love.

      CUT TO:


      "Pain" by Jimmy Eat World plays as we pan down from the ceiling and see SPIKE walking down the balcony, knife at his side.

      CUT TO:


      We pan towards the office door to see ANDY, BRETT, and ILLYRIA standing outside the door and out of view. They weren't there in the original shot from the Teaser due to the fact that the office side of the warehouse was never shown. They're whispering.

      ANDY: Something's different about him. That's obvious.

      ILLYRIA: I sense a rebellion within the half breed. There is something more within him than ever before.

      BRETT: I think we've got that, thanks.

      ANDY looks up towards the stairs and we see SPIKE making his way down to the main room. She opens the office door.

      ANDY: Get in and get ready.

      BRETT and ILLYRIA enter. She looks back towards SPIKE ? who's now cutting through the girls on the mats. ANDY looks at SPIKE's scratched face and then enters the office, shutting the door behind her.

      CUT TO:


      We see SPIKE approach the door and he reaches for the handle, knife in hand. He opens the door, and we see from behind.

      CUT TO:


      ANDY glances quickly over her shoulder and BRETT tenses when he sees SPIKE's face ? which is still off screen for us. ILLYRIA cocks her head to the side, raising her chin slightly.

      ILLYRIA: The half-breed has arrived.

      ANDY turns slowly.

      ANDY: Spike! What's up?

      SPIKE: Foul whore. You denied her Majesty. That'll be your last mistake.

      He smacks ANDY across the face, sending her flying into the wall. BRETT charges him but SPIKE spins and slashes his throat. BRETT falls to the floor and we see blood splatter across the door. ILLYRIA walks briskly towards the vampire but he catches her off guard and quickly snaps her neck. She crumbles to the floor.

      ANDY: Oh my god!

      ANDY's standing again and has a hand over her mouth. SPIKE attacks her, but ANDY kicks him out of the way. He turns quickly and slices her across the stomach. She chops him over the head and he falls, once more, onto the desk. SPIKE punches ANDY in the stomach and gets to his feet. Pinning her to the wall, SPIKE stabs ANDY in the stomach. She screams.

      CUT TO:


      We the see Slayers **** their heads to the side, curiously, as they hear the screams coming from the office. They approach the door; busy conversations and speculation come from them all.

      CUT TO:


      NATALIE jerks upwards and jumps off the bed when she hears the screams. NADIA looks toward the door as NATALIE leaves. The other injured Slayers wake up abruptly at the sound of screaming.

      CUT TO:


      We see NATALIE rush down the stairs and through the crowd of Slayers.

      NATALIE: What happened? What's going on?

      KAYLA runs towards her.

      KAYLA: The vampire! He went in there!

      CHANDRA: Then the screaming started!

      NATALIE: Oh dear god.

      NATALIE starts towards the door but KAYLA stops her. NATALIE turns around and KAYLA hands a wooden stake into her hand.

      KAYLA: You might need that.

      NATALIE takes a deep breath and her eyes get glassy. She walks towards the office and opens the door.

      CUT TO:


      The lights are off and we see NATALIE's silhouette in the doorway. She flips the switch on the wall and the lights come to life. She looks towards the ground and sees BRETT's dead body lying in a pool of blood with ILLYRIA's lifeless form sprawled next to him. She gasps as her sight locks onto ANDY ? several bloody stab wounds in chest and bloody handprints on her face, she stares blankly towards the door. NATALIE starts to cry when she sees SPIKE's back facing the desk.

      NATALIE: You bastard! What have you done?

      SPIKE spins around and we see matching bloody handprints on his face. A second later, the wooden stake is flying through the air and jams into his chest. We pan back towards NATALIE and see that her hand is outstretched after throwing the stake. SPIKE looks down at the stake and collapses into a dust. NATALIE dashes out of the room.

      CUT TO:


      NATALIE runs into the room in a panic, tears rolling down her face. She grabs NADIA's hand. NADIA looks at her confused.

      NATALIE: You need to do something!

      NADIA: What happened?

      NATALIE: They're dead! Andy, Brett, Illyria.

      NADIA: I don't understand.

      NATALIE wipes her eyes and looks up at NADIA.

      NATALIE: Tap into your baby's power. Connect with him and reverse time. Go back to before this happened. Please!

      NADIA: I don't think I?

      NATALIE: Just try!

      NADIA closes her eyes and tightens her grip on NATALIE's hand. A moment later, the scene becomes a slow-mo. We catch a glimpse of a clock and the minute hand reverses slowly. The slow-mo stops and NATALIE looks up.

      NADIA: I think I did it.

      NATALIE charges out of the room. NADIA rests her hands on her pregnant stomach and smiles.

      NADIA (Cont'd): Thank you, baby.

      CUT TO:


      NATALIE races across the mats and quickly grabs the wooden stake from one of the Slayers' hands and grips it tightly, her face serious and distraught. We see SPIKE open the door to the office and NATALIE runs faster.

      CUT TO:


      SPIKE is now in the room. And ILLYRIA cocks her head to the side.

      ILLYRIA: The half-breed has arrived.

      SPIKE collapses to the floor, grabbing a bleeding stab wound in his stomach. NATALIE stands behind him, holding a now bloody stake.

      ANDY: Why'd you do that?

      NATALIE: He was going to kill you!

      ANDY: What? How did you know?

      NATALIE: Long story that I'm really not in the mood to explain right now. I'd much rather leave it at a really bad experience.

      ANDY looks at her, confused. BRETT shakes his head and ILLYRIA just stares down at SPIKE's unconscious form. NATALIE runs into ANDY's arms, pulling BRETT closer into a group hug.

      NATALIE (Cont'd): Thank god you're all alive!

      ANDY and BRETT look at her, puzzled.

      CUT TO:


      BRETT knocks on the door and looks back and forth down the hallway. He looks back towards the door and sees that it's open and GINA stands in the doorway, dressed in a pink shirt and pajama bottoms.

      GINA: You rang?

      BRETT: Hi.

      GINA: Hi. What are you doing on my doorstep?

      BRETT: I'm just a little too werided out with the warehouse right now. A whole big thing happened involving the blonde guy getting possessed and apparently killing me, Andy, and Illyria. But then time got reversed..

      He notices GINA's lost and appalled expression.

      BRETT (Cont'd): And I'm rambling a bunch of nonsense to you right now. Hopefully you'll get it in the future.

      GINA: Why are you really here instead of trying to sound like a raving lunatic?

      BRETT: I'm gonna help you.

      GINA: Help me with what?

      GINA invites BRETT inside and they sit down on the couch.

      BRETT: I'm gonna help you get your sister's child in your custody. I'll do anything my power to make sure that it stays out of the ex's hands and into yours ? where it belongs. I promise.

      GINA: That's sweet of you, but?

      BRETT leans in and kisses GINA passionately.

      BRETT: But nothing. I'll do it for you. I promise.

      They return to kissing.


      wittyCOMEBACK: updated 10/2/10!