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  • Shadow Stalker - 2.15 - Dubius Sum

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 2.15 ? Dubius Sum
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season Two starts alongside Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 4 of Angel and is in affiliated with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Broken Destiny (Joe); and Wishful Thinking (Ben); Raven (Alexander Brown).

    SEPHY: (V/O) In my absence?on Shadow Stalker?


    The sound of heavy breathing can be heard as the camera comes into focus with CHARLIE leaning against the sink. One hand bracing herself on the basin itself, gripping tightly. The other has one finger pointed, touching the mirror. Her eyes begin to regain focus and she notices her finger touching the mirror. She looks at the mirror, and in shock she gasps. She recoils, putting her hand to her mouth.

    CHARLIE: Oh my god?

    The camera pans around to the mirror. In her breath on the mirror, a message is written?

    "I'm sorry. I didn't want to scare you, I just wanted you to know. There are bad people, and I won't let them hurt you. See you soon."

    CHARLIE (V/O): ?Right now I'm too close to risk losing this baby?

    CUT TO ? L.A

    CHARLIE and SIN and pulls SIN by the scruff of her collar and drags her kicking and screaming towards the doorway. As LEIGH passes XAK she blows him a kiss; a kiss from the queen of wrath?

    CHARLIE (V/O): ?I can't have any risks around me?

    CUT TO ? L.A

    LEIGH drags SIN into the van and throws her across the van floor. DANTE still in shock is thrown into the back too by CHRISTIAN who runs to the driver's side of the van and jumps in. XAK and CHARLIE run towards the van, but it skids away just as they're approaching it. CHARLIE cries profusely, unable to maintain decorum and a tear falls down XAK'S face as he watches his daughter driven away over enemy wheels at an alarming velocity. Too fast for them to chase?He turns to CHARLIE and puts an arm around her. She tries to fight him off but she's weak and devastated. They collapse to the floor holding one another.

    CHARLIE (V/O): ?I'm sorry?


    XAK enters in a pair of jeans, he has a towel in his hand and he's drying his hair. CHARLIE is asleep in the bed. He looks over at her and sighs. Slowly he walks over to her and kisses her head.

    XAK: (whispering) I'll get her back?I promise?

    He reaches for a t-shirt and stands, walking back towards the doorway to the lounge. As he walks he pulls on the top. The camera pans down to show CHARLIE lying on her side peacefully. Or so it would appear. All of sudden her eyes burst open, again it's too dark to see whether it's the darkness making her eyes seem darker or if it is infact a mystical influence. A green energy spark crackles around her, then dissipates quickly.

    CHARLIE: (whispering to herself, repeatedly) He'll get her back?he'll get her back?he'll get her back?





    The song bursts brightly on to the screen, and unexpectedly as it shows a woman running through a park. The camera pans up to show her wearing retro 80's leggings and a big baggy top saying "FRANKIE SAYS RELAX"?(The music below plays throughout)

    "Let's get physical, physical?
    I wanna get physical

    The camera finally pans up to show that the woman is CATE. She's puffing and panting and running with headphones in her ear, attached to a walkman which is located in a fanny pack on her stomach. Her hair is also matching her outfit and is tied back with a headband. She looks lost, not only in an era of time but a sense of retro determination and angst is building up inside her. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Let's get into physical
    Let me hear your body talk, your body talk

    As she runs she suddenly feels a vibration and reaches into the fanny pack to retrieve a mobile phone?(The music below plays throughout?then comes to an abrupt end)

    "Let me hear your body?"

    CATE: (answering the phone) Toole?

    TOOLE (O/S): (on the phone) Yeah it's me.

    CATE looks around confused.

    CATE: Where are you?

    TOOLE (O/S): (on the phone) Look over by the fountain.

    CATE looks around to see no fountain.

    CATE: There isn't one?

    TOOLE (O/S): (on the phone) The one about a state and a half back.

    She laughs and spots him about half a mile away, puffing and panting by a fountain, clutching on to a bottle of water desperately. She smiles slightly.

    CATE: I'm sorry, was I going too fast?

    TOOLE (O/S): (on the phone) Yeah just a bit?Frankie's not the only one who says relax.

    CATE: (smiling, and walking back in his direction) I'm sorry! Not used to the whole Slayer speed thing.

    TOOLE (O/S): (on the phone) It's only been a day, you'll get used to it?

    CATE: I hope so. Maybe Mel will come next time, then we can really put you to the test!

    TOOLE (O/S): (on the phone) Ha?yeah sure, like she'd stand a chance. Mind you now she's back to herself who knows?

    CATE: I didn't know Melody had a specific self to get back to?but she's definitely changed. It's just gonna take a bit of time.

    TOOLE (O/S): (on the phone) Yeah, well she's got us?we've got her back.

    CATE smiles looking at him in the distance, gradually getting closer to him.

    CATE: (sighing, relieved) Yeah, she does?

    TOOLE (O/S): (on the phone) Listen uh?we should get home. It's almost time for?

    She nods to him, getting closer.

    CATE: Of course?

    She sighs and continues walking, hanging up the phone. She pockets it and walks off screen.

    CUT TO ? L.A

    MELODY is sat on her bed. Her feet are turned inwards and she's looking at the floor. She's dressed in a gorgeously morbid black dress. Her hair flows elegantly, now growing in length once again, around her shoulders. Her eyes look tired and worn, the toils of last night still hanging heavy on her mind. She doesn't move, she just sits.

    CUT TO ? L.A

    CHARLIE and XAK are also dressed in morbid clothes. XAK in his suit from Wolfram and Hart, with a black shirt. CHARLIE in a black top and black suit trousers. They're sat on the bed, like MELODY, but not saying anything to one another. XAK looks to her and breathes softly.

    XAK: I'll see if the car is here?

    She nods slightly. He sighs quietly and stands walking towards, and into, the lounge. Alone in the room CHARLIE looks around, knowing she's on her own again. A tear rolls down her cheek and she stares blankly at the floor, seemingly without energy, and oblivious to the fact that green energy is beginning to spasm and crackle around her. She continues to unwittingly ignore the magical hazard that is encircling her?even when SIN'S bed starts to shake?slightly at first, then violently. Eventually it breaks and explodes in a plethora of wood and feathers. On this, CHARLIE calmly turns around and looks at the wreck with an angry glare. The power for revenge burning through her.





    The camera shows a full moon in the night sky with the caption "SHADOW STALKER" tattooed
    across the view. The words streak across the scene with a slight red tint as the music starts up.

    The camera then cuts to CHARLIE walking down the street in her red dress towards XAK. The camera shows several quick cuts of XAK transgressing and eventually him killing CHARLIE.

    The camera then shows XAK in a suit leaving the Wolfram and Hart building then to him in an
    alleyway, he looks dirty and unshaven and in dirty clothes. (The music below plays throughout)

    "It's bugging me, grating me
    And twisting me around


    The camera shows CHARLIE in her cell, scared and alone and then cuts to her standing in XAK'S apartment, and her eyes glowing a bright green.

    "Yeah i'm endlessly caving in
    And turning inside out


    The camera then shows XAK and CATE both running down the streets of L.A desperately. The camera then focuses more on CATE and cuts to her in The Bronze serving drinks, and then to her standing next to MELODY, both their fists raised, in a battle-like pose. (The music below plays throughout)

    "'Cause I want it now
    I want it now
    Give me your heart and your soul


    The camera shows TOOLE punching someone to the floor and then to him looking through a barely opened door, his eyes widen. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And i'm breaking out
    I'm breaking out
    Last chance to lose control


    The camera then shows DANTE sitting behind his desk smirking but quickly cuts to him holding something in both arms and looking out the window while the sun succumbs to darkness. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Its hurting me, morphing me
    And forcing me to strive


    The camera shows MELODY running through the prison in L'Azura and then to her sitting on a rock, sand surrounding her. (The music below plays throughout)

    "To be endlessly cold within
    And dreaming i'm alive


    The camera then shows LANCE sitting on the floor of the apartment laughing with someone and then to him clutching on to CHARLIE'S hand and shouting. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And i want you now
    I want you now
    I feel my heart implode


    As the song comes to an end the camera shows various quick caps of CATE by a grave; SEPHY walking into the Underworld smiling; MELODY and LANCE falling through the L'Azura portal; DANTE staring into the darkness with black eyes, then finally to XAK walking through the graveyard at night. The camera moves up and shows a high angle shot of him walking away and the shape of the dragon streaking across the sky causing the screen to fade to black. (The music below plays throughout)

    "I'm breaking out
    Escaping now
    Feeling my faith erode


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    The music plays softly in the background until it finishes. We see a high angled shot of an empty grave. Finally the camera cuts to a coffin being carried to the grave on the shoulders of XAK, TOOLE, LANCE and some other men supplied by the funeral directors. They all look sombre and sad, and stare straight ahead, proud to feel the burden of a fine man. (The music below plays throughout)

    "You can hold her hand
    And show her how you cry
    Explain to her your weakness
    So she understands
    And then roll over and die?

    As they move away off screen there is a small pause until three women pass on to the screen. In the middle is MELODY who looks at the coffin with a furrowed brow, a frowning mouth and tearful eyes. CATE is latched on to her arm supportively and CHARLIE is on MELODY'S other side also linked arms, and looking at the coffin. (The music below plays throughout)

    "You can brave decisions
    Before you crumble up inside
    Spend your time asking everyone else's permission
    Then run away and hide?

    As they moves off the screen the camera fades into a more slow moving montage. We see the coffin being lowered into the ground slowly revealing the gravestone at the top of the graveyard. It is rustic and elaborate, it looks expensive. It reads?

    "Here lies
    Ashby Torrent
    20th January 1982 ? 29th April 2003
    A brave man.
    Unappreciated in life, but immortalised a hero.

    The camera then cuts to a priest reciting a sermon looking gravely at the scene before him.

    PRIEST: Life is a journey. One from birth to death. Those of us lucky to find people on this journey are truly honoured. Those of us lucky to love and be loved, are the divine. We lay to rest a premature journey, but one filled with the divinity bestowed unto him by his friends?

    (The music below plays throughout)

    "Or you can sit on chimneys
    Put some fire up your ass
    No need to know what you're doing or waiting for
    But if anyone should ask
    Tell them I've been licking coconut skins
    And we've been hanging out
    Tell them God just dropped by to forgive our sins
    And relieve us our doubt?

    The camera then cuts to LANCE and TOOLE approaching the grave and picking up some dirt. They frown and sadly scatter the dirt on to the coffin. (The music below plays throughout)

    "La la la la la la la..."

    Next is CATE and CHARLIE. CATE is crying but CHARLIE doesn't look like she could cry anymore. Instead of scattering the dirt in separately they hold on to one another and do it together. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Oh you can hold her eggs
    But your basket has a hole
    You can lie between her legs and go looking for
    Tell her you're searching for her soul

    Next is XAK?He approaches slowly and looks down on ASHBY'S grave and shakes his head. A tear falls down his face and he doesn't care that everyone can see. As with the others, he completes the goodbye ritual?dirt in hand?(The music below plays throughout)

    "You can wait for ages
    Watch your compost turn to coal
    Time is contagious
    Everybody's getting old

    The camera pans up the next person to approach ASHBY'S grave. MELODY. She doesn't pick up dirt like the others. She has a rose in her hand, which she holds delicately. She cries and whispers something to him before letting the rose flutter on to the dirty wooden lid of ASHBY'S bed. (The music below plays throughout)

    "So you can sit on chimneys
    Put some fire up your ass
    No need to know what you're doing or looking for
    But if anyone should ask
    Tell them I've been cooking coconut skins
    And we've been hanging out
    Tell them God just dropped by to forgive our sins

    The camera pans up to CHARLIE watching MELODY. As the rose falls she breaks away from XAK'S hold and walks away from the funeral procession. XAK looks after her desperately but CATE stops him, and she follows after CHARLIE. MELODY looks behind her to CHARLIE and CATE walking away and frowns. The camera now follows CHARLIE who is looking straight ahead and is now approaching the gates. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And relieve us our doubt
    La la la la la la la...

    CATE (O/S): Charlie?

    She comes into view, behind CHARLIE. CHARLIE does not stop walking?

    CHARLIE: Go back Cate?say goodbye.

    CATE: Come with me.

    CHARLIE: I can't do that?

    She now opens the gates to the graveyard. CATE looks at her confused.

    CATE: Why? Where are you going?

    CHARLIE looks back at CATE, briefly. In the background someone else is approaching CATE who has now stopped walking.

    CHARLIE: (resolute) To make sure nothing like this happens again?

    CATE watches her desperately but feels she shouldn't follow. CHARLIE disappears from the graveyard?

    MAN (O/S): Where's she going?

    CATE turns around to see XAK approaching, his eyes dead ahead, watching CHARLIE disappear.

    CATE: (quietly) Honestly, I don't know?but you need to stop her because the mood she's in?not even I wanna stand in her way?

    CATE frowns and walks back towards the funeral, which is now coming to an end. XAK looks down at the ground at what CATE has said. He doesn't go with CATE?He follows the mother of his child.

    CUT TO ? L.A

    For the first time in a long time we see a familiar face. HERMES. He's sat behind his desk staring at the person on the other side?something clearly is being thought over methodically in his head.

    HERMES: You are sure?

    The camera cuts round to the person sat behind the desk. It's DANTE. He's wearing a long sleeved top and a pair of jeans. His head is closely shaved and he has stubble dotted roughly around his face. He nods.

    DANTE: I want out. Out of the company, out of this chair, out of evil?out?

    HERMES: Why?

    DANTE: Oh come on?I'm not that dumb. I know what's going on, you've been playing me for a while now.

    HERMES: I won't lie; your inadequacies have proved problematic for the reputation of the company.

    DANTE: (sarcastically) I'm sorry my mistakes sullied Hell Inc. I feel just terrible?

    HERMES: I apologise for the devious nature we sought, but can you blame us?

    DANTE doesn't reply. He just looks ahead at HERMES blankly.

    HERMES: You proved how impeccable you can be at business, ever since last year. But now, now Thorn and his daughter have been brought to the field you have ruined your name, and ours?you've been so obsessed in them you've left this company's expectations in the dust. So much so we've relied on others to do your job?

    DANTE: I am obsessed in them, but my obsession in them is not for evil exploits like the rest of this company. For me?It's not because of their power, it's because they have something I don't?

    HERMES: And what would that be?

    DANTE pauses, he looks down, slightly embarrassed.

    DANTE: (honestly) Friends, family, true love, honour and loyalty, to name a few. I know what I did, I'm well aware of how I've tarnished this company, but I wouldn't change my past actions for anything?not anymore, because they brought me to this chair and they made me realise where I should be?

    HERMES: (not caring) Well that was very moving, you should become a chat show host?Now?

    He pulls out a file.

    HERMES: ?We're not interested in your reasons Dante; we gave up on your reasoning months ago. (reading through the file) I can't say we weren't expecting you to leave the company; I'm just surprised you've kept your wits about you to leave in one piece.

    DANTE: I'm wily like that.

    HERMES: I've noticed?but as I said, we were expecting your resignation, in whatever form, so?

    He looks to the side, and so does DANTE. The sound of high heels approaching can be heard. EVE comes into view smiling. DANTE laughs.

    DANTE: This is Dante Junior? She's not as pretty as me.

    She rolls her eyes and stands by HERMES.

    EVE: (to HERMES) I see why they created a woman this time.

    DANTE: (smirking) Oh no doubt you'll be eye candy for whoever it is you're doing?I mean serving?

    EVE: Believe it or not Mr Turnpike but some of us have restraint around our workers.

    She raises an eyebrow knowingly. He doesn't reply.

    EVE: Now if we're done playing maybe we can get to business?

    HERMES: Of course, Dante you'll need to sign this. It basically says that you're abandoning your position because of disloyal, erratic behaviour and that Eve here will be your replacement. I'd also like to point out that we are not responsible for any "mishaps" that may happen to you now you've left?

    HERMES slides a piece of paper that looks like a contract over to DANTE.

    DANTE: (sarcastically) Ooh quick, pass me a pen?

    EVE does so, smirking.

    DANTE snatches it off her and reads it through. He sighs, the pen poised a few inches away from the paper. He takes a deep breath and signs his name on the paper. HERMES and EVE smile. DANTE slides the paper back to HERMES, without regret. DANTE stands.

    DANTE: You know?

    He turns to EVE.

    DANTE: (warning) The Senior Partners don't just make us their spawn. They make us eternal humans, to walk on earth because they can't. They give us the looks, the mind, the power?but they give us emotions too. They try to suppress it but they're not humans, they can't hide them completely. You'll see?when you least expect it, you'll see?

    EVE looks at him with an eyebrow raised.

    EVE: Well that was very gay?and just to clarify, you're not an eternal human anymore?you're just a pointless and worthless man?

    DANTE: Depends on your point of view sweetheart?

    HERMES: (firmly, interrupting) That's enough. Goodbye Dante?you're business here is done?

    DANTE: (to HERMES) Oh my business here is not done?I'm just done with the business.

    DANTE turns and walks towards the elevator, leaving HERMES and EVE by the desk, watching him leave.

    DANTE: (whispering, to himself) I'm far from done?

    HERMES and EVE watch him leave, smirking. DANTE walks off screen a sense of determination filling him. DANTE TURNPIKE; A now mortal man, not a reformed man, not necessarily a good man?just a man who forgot his path and has just found a trail of breadcrumbs leading him back to where he used to be?

    CUT TO ? L.A

    The wardrobe is opened and CHARLIE is rummaging through it. She's moving everything out of the way relentlessly and throwing things behind her and into the rubble of SIN'S bed.

    CHARLIE: (annoyed) Where is it?

    MAN (O/S): What is this?!

    CHARLIE turns around to see XAK standing there. He's focused on SIN'S destroyed bed and then he looks over to CHARLIE. She doesn't look ashamed, she doesn't look emotive at all. She turns back and continues rooting through the wardrobe.

    CHARLIE: It doesn't matter?

    XAK: I'd say it does, since when did destroying her stuff become not important?

    She turns back to him angrily.

    CHARLIE: (shouting) Since in everyone seems to assume she's never coming back!

    XAK: (shaking his head) Is that what you think?

    CHARLIE: Well I don't see any pro-active behaviour, do you?

    XAK: Charlie, it's Ashby's funeral?

    CHARLIE: Exactly, he shouldn't even be having one! He should be alive with us, and she should be here too!

    XAK: I know and we'll get her back?I told you I would.

    CHARLIE: Yeah well I'm tired of waiting; I'm tired of not knowing how she is. Doesn't it destroy you to not even know how old she is?

    XAK: Of course it does?but you've seen how much ass Wolfram and Hart can kick, we need to come up with a plan, not just go in all guns blazing.

    CHARLIE: Yeah well that's your plan?and this is mine?

    XAK looks down, half watching as she continues to loot, her anger increasing as she cannot find what she's looking for.

    XAK: (quietly) It's not there?

    She turns around and looks at him.

    CHARLIE: What have you done with it?

    XAK: I gave your mother all your potions and books before she left. She agreed, you're in no state of mind to be using magicks?

    She stands now.

    CHARLIE: (seething) What?

    XAK: (loudly) Look at you, you've been in bed all week, you're running out of funerals, destroying your daughter's bed and now you're going alone on a rescue mission?you think this is the best way to act?do you?

    She walks towards him, and as she does the green energy begins to crackle around her body again.

    CHARLIE: Do you honestly think that it's going to stop me?

    He looks at her worried, shocked at the energy crackling.

    XAK: Charlie look?let's just talk about this?we can work something out, come up with a plan together?

    CHARLIE stops a few feet in front of him, the energy still crackling around her. She closes her eyes?it stops. She sighs.

    CHARLIE: (slowly, softly) I can't?

    With one sudden movement her eyes burst open and the energy crackling around her blasts into XAK. It thrusts him back and blasts him through the wall and flying into SEPHY'S bedroom. He hits the furthest wall and collapses on the floor, the rubble and broken plaster piling on top of him?

    CUT TO ? L.A

    The camera shows him lying unconscious on the floor to the bedroom. His eyes are closed and he has a large cut on his head where blood is seeping out. The camera pans up to the whole in the wall, where CHARLIE was stood?but now the scorned mother is gone?




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      ACT TWO


      The door opens. CATE, TOOLE, MELODY and LANCE enter. MELODY and LANCE enter first. She looks quiet and so does he but they walk over to the sofa and sit down upon it. CATE and TOOLE walk towards the kitchen area.

      TOOLE: Drink?

      CATE nods, appreciatively.

      CATE: (quietly) The priest was nice, it was?(feeling inappropriate)?perfect.

      She pauses for a moment.

      CATE: It was good of you to pay.

      TOOLE opens the fridge and reaches inside to retrieve two sodas. He pulls one out and hands one to CATE. She smiles slightly.

      TOOLE: It's the least I could do, I just wish I could have gotten hold of his family?

      CATE: You did your best, but he kept himself to himself and anyway, maybe someone will see the obituary you put in the paper.

      TOOLE: That's true. Thanks for helping me with?

      He stops. The sound of coughing and a groan can be heard off screen. The four of them look towards the door. SEPHY'S door. CATE looks cautious for a moment, then she slowly walks towards the door?

      TOOLE: Cate?

      She puts up a hand to silence him and continues to make her way towards the door curiously.

      CUT TO ? L.A

      The door swings open. CATE'S arm outstretched, indicating she'd pushed it. The curtains are drawn so it's dark.

      CATE (O/S): Sephy?are you back?

      She walks into the room, and her eyes widen, fixated on the large hole in the wall. She peers through and looks at XAK and CHARLIE'S bedroom, fearing the worst?

      CATE: (hoping) And did you?you know, want another window in your room or something?

      Another groan?

      CATE turns suddenly to the pile of plaster and rubble to see XAK trying to crawl out from underneath it all, with little strength. She gasps.

      CATE: Oh my god, what happened?

      XAK: (feebly) What do you think?

      Her eyes widen and she rushes to his side and pulls the excerpts of wall off of him effortlessly.

      TOOLE (O/S): Is everything ok?

      CATE: Toole it's Xak?hurry!

      CUT TO ? L.A

      The camera focuses on MELODY and LANCE sat on the sofa. LANCE watches TOOLE hurrying into SEPHY'S bedroom, but the grieving Slayer retains her gaze downwards. As TOOLE disappears into the bedroom, LANCE turns to MELODY.

      LANCE: Look like she's flipped?

      MELODY: (quietly) Yeah?

      She sniffs and wipes her eyes with a tissue. LANCE notices.

      LANCE: Hold it together Melody.

      MELODY: (sarcastically) I'm so sorry I had to bury my boyfriend today.

      LANCE: (ignoring her) You remember what I said to you don't you?

      She looks at him.

      LANCE: Do not forget who you are?

      MELODY: Who I am?

      LANCE: (seriously) I mean it?don't let grief get the better of you. Don't forget who you are, who you were, who you're supposed to be. Because they're always gonna be the same?and they won't have forgotten, I promise you.

      He nods at her, with a furrowed, worried brow. MELODY doesn't answer?She looks away from him and casts her gaze to the floor, sadly staring into space considering the plurality of meaning behind LANCE'S words.

      CUT TO ? L.A

      The sun is almost set and the workers are all heading home to wherever it is they live. The camera pans around to show one female worker still working and then eventually pans around to DANTE'S office door. The door opens and he exits. Wearing the same clothes as he was before. He breathes a sigh of relief and leaves his office without regret, without doubt, and without looking back. In his hand is his laptop. He stops just outside the doorway as he pockets it into his shoulder bag. He then reaches into his jean pocket and pulls out a piece of paper. He looks at it nodding and making sure he has everything. The piece of paper is the same one we saw him working on last episode. There are more arrows this time however, more words?more sense has been made from it.

      WOMAN (O/S): So you're really leaving us huh?

      DANTE panicking, pockets the list again, and looking over to the source of the voice. SOPHIE PRICE. She's sat at her desk as usual and she looks at him sympathetically.

      DANTE: (sighing) Yeah, I'm leaving.

      She shakes her head and looks down.

      SOPHIE: Lucky?

      He laughs and walks over to her desk.

      DANTE: Pleased to see I'm not the only one who thinks that way.

      She types away on her computer.

      SOPHIE: Definitely not?

      DANTE: You could leave too if you wanted?and if there's anything I could advise you, it would be to do that now while you're still young and still have a notion of what humanity is.

      SOPHIE: I won't ever forget?but, I can't right now. Not while I'm under the thumb of the dreadful duo?

      DANTE: (whispering) Yeah I know the feeling?

      He looks down and she looks up, surprised to hear this. She smiles slightly pleased to know she is not alone in her silent agony.


      SOPHIE: So uh?where are you going now? Big plans, exotic huts on beaches or something?

      DANTE: (smiling) Ha?not quite? (more seriously) No, I have some things to tie up here first.

      SOPHIE nods. (The music below plays throughout)

      "The clock's running down
      The team's losing ground

      SOPHIE: Say no more?I understand. Well if there's anything I can do?

      He smiles.

      DANTE: Thank you.

      SOPHIE: Anytime, just don't forget not everyone hated you.

      DANTE: As evident from the non-existent going away party?

      SOPHIE pauses for a moment, then reaches into her bag. She pulls out a party hat and puts it on, embarrassed. (The music below plays throughout)

      SOPHIE: Surprise?

      He looks at her warmly, a sense of humanity and emotional pride filling him. (The music below plays throughout)

      "To the opposing defence
      The young quarterback
      Waits for the snap
      When suddenly it all starts to make sense?

      DANTE: Again I thank you?

      SOPHIE: Lame but hey!

      She smiles back at him, and he turns around and begins walking through the office towards the exit. The camera follows him as he walks through the various offices with people watching him, knowing who he is and what's happened to him. He passes them all, not looking at any of them, a smile fixated on his face. The easiest escape, the perfect escape. (The music below plays throughout)

      "He's got all kinds of time
      He's got all kinds of time
      All kinds of time
      He's got all kinds of time
      All kinds of time?


      CUT TO ? L.A

      CATE is in the kitchen. She turns off the tap and rushes towards the sofa with another damp cloth.

      CATE: (incredulous) I can't believe she did that?

      She passes it to XAK who is sat on the sofa, battered and bruised. The bleeding stopping on his head but his lip and cheek is cut and he has a black eye. He takes the cloth and dabs his head, wincing slightly. TOOLE is sat opposite him with MELODY and LANCE.

      XAK: (to CATE) Yeah well she did?and I don't know what she's gonna do next but all I know is we can't ignore this any longer?

      TOOLE: Did she say where she was going?

      XAK: No?she just said?I had my plan, and she had hers.

      LANCE nods.

      LANCE: She's gone to get Sin hasn't she?

      XAK: I hope not?I mean yeah we need to get her back but she can't do it on her own. They'll kill her?without a moment's thought.

      CATE: Or not?

      XAK looks at CATE who is looking down, thinking.

      XAK: What?

      CATE: Well I know what they're capable of but I also know that when a daughter of a goddess and a powerful warlock can blast you through a wall?it's not exactly a true indication of their power, and I imagine even Wolfram and Hart would struggle?

      XAK looks down.

      XAK: I know, I just don't know how to stop anyone right now.

      CATE: Xak she's just upset?she's missing her daughter. Right now she'll do just about anything to get her back.

      XAK: I get that but right now she's seeing red and?

      He gives a look to MELODY.

      XAK: ?I can't let that happen. I won't lose anyone else in this war. We will get her back, and they will pay but until we know what we're dealing with?

      TOOLE nods.

      TOOLE: It's ok, we understand.

      XAK smiles appreciative. He dabs away the last of the blood on his head and then he stands.

      XAK: But regardless of what I'm ready to do or not, we need to find Charlie.

      CATE: Right. I think we all agree that the last thing anyone wants is her all off the wagon.

      TOOLE: Yeah what she said?can't have her in anymore danger than we're all already in.

      XAK: Yeah...

      CATE and TOOLE stand too.

      TOOLE: So that's why, we're coming too?

      XAK looks at them both.

      XAK: Guys?

      CATE: Don't you "guys" us. I'm a Slayer remember, I will kick your ass. Come on Xak?this is Charlie we're talking about?she of the motherly loving kind. Not the kind who wants to hurt her friends, and stamps on some lawyer toes. She's just "upset"?

      He nods.

      XAK: I hope you're right?

      CATE: I am. I always am.

      TOOLE nods.

      TOOLE: She is?it's painfully annoying.

      XAK: Ok then, if you guys take the outskirts, I'll take the main roads. If you haven't found anything by midnight?come home. We'll reconvene here.

      They nod and move to the door. XAK doesn't, he turns to MELODY.

      XAK: (sympathetically) I'm sorry this happened today.

      She shakes her head.

      MELODY: She can't help feeling loss?no one can.

      XAK: I just hope grief is all that's fuelling this?and not something worse?

      She smiles at XAK slightly, and he smiles back before heading out of the front door. When the door closes, MELODY turns to LANCE and glares.

      MELODY: I'm sorry I'm grieving?I wish I weren't but I am?

      She stands now and walks towards her bedroom door, he watches her leave curiously. At the sound of MELODY'S bedroom door closing, he sighs and leans back in his seat.

      CUT TO ? L.A

      The doors open and DANTE exits the building, a smile on his face. He walks away from the building and begins to walk down the steps. There are lots of people, families, business, children, gangs walking along the busy streets of Los Angeles. As DANTE descends the first step, the ground begins to rumble. The ground shakes so much he is forced to clutch on to the banister. A couple of people scream and fall the ground.

      YOUNG BLACK WOMAN #1 (O/S): Since when do we have earthquakes?!

      YOUNG BLACK WOMAN #2 (O/S): Hell I know girl!

      He looks over at them worried then over to one of the main roads where various people are running away from something towards DANTE'S direction. He looks up in their direction panicking?His eyes widen, spotting something in the distance. The camera suddenly zooms away from DANTE down the main road where people are running from. The camera moves so quickly the scene blurs and distorts but one prominent image seems to remain. Green. The camera stops on the face of CHARLIE. She's hovering in the air her arms outstretched and green energy crackling around her.

      CHARLIE: (whispering) Acer?Adflictatio

      The static smashes some of the windows nearby and hits some of the passers by, immobilising them dead in their tracks. Her eyes look dark and her hair whips around her face in a majestic wind. She pushes herself forwards with her hands, and the energy, fuelled by grief and sorrow pushes her carries her weight. Although her eyes remain focused on Wolfram and Hart in the distance, she doesn't look completely comfortable, an err of broken confidence fills her as she moves?

      MAN (O/S): Hey?

      Someone moves in front of her way. She stops moving suddenly and looks down at the person, shocked. It's XAK.




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        ACT THREE


        CATE and TOOLE are walking down an alleyway. They're looking in all directions for any sign of CHARLIE. TOOLE moves over to a dumpster and lifts the lid looking inside. CATE raises an eyebrow.

        CATE: I doubt she'll be hiding in a dumpster?

        TOOLE: I dunno?I've never done this before, I just always see people on television doing that when they look for people.

        CATE: What on earth kinda shows have you been watching?

        TOOLE: Inaccurate ones apparently.

        She laughs, but her smile soon fades.

        CATE: I hope she's ok?

        TOOLE moves away from the dumpster and moves over to her. He gives her a reassuring smile and touches her arm.

        TOOLE: We'll find her I promise?

        CATE: Oh the mood she's in, I'm sure she'll make herself known?I'm just scared we won't be able to reach her. What if it's been too much for her?

        TOOLE: I'm sure it has?

        They begin walking again down the alleyway.

        TOOLE: ?But we'll help her.

        He pauses and looks at CATE with a sense of longing.

        TOOLE: Whatever's next we'll get through it. We always do.

        CATE: I hope you're right?I hope we can get her through this.

        TOOLE: (softly) I wasn't talking about Charlie.


        The music starts as she stops. He carries on walking a few steps before noticing her presence behind him. He turns to her. They move so slowly it's almost as if they're in slow motion (The music below plays throughout)

        "Understand the things I say, don't turn away from me,
        'Cause I've spent half my life out there, you wouldn't disagree

        He looks at her, his face washed in an urban glow and she looks at him warmly. Her face confused, and her eyes searching him, curiously?(The music below plays throughout)

        "Do you see me? Do you see? Do you like me?
        Do you like me standing there?

        She moves closer.

        CATE: I?I don't know what you mean?

        She's not sure if what she's saying is true or not. He moves closer to her and doesn't say a word, his eyes welling up, as do hers. He doesn't pull her closer, they just meet, their lips become re-aquatinted? (The music below plays throughout)

        "Do you notice?
        Do you know? Do you see me? Do you see me?
        Does anyone care?

        They cling to one another crying and embracing one another, their lips seeking one another in the darkness, in their darkest hours? (The music below plays throughout)

        "Unhappiness was when I was young,
        And we didn't give a damn,
        'Cause we were raised
        To see life as fun and take it if we can?

        CUT TO ? L.A

        The music slowly comes to an end, over come by the crackling of energy of CHARLIE'S grief. She looks down at XAK, worried. Blinking, struggling to maintain a grip on her powers?

        CHARLIE: (weakly) What are you doing here?

        XAK: Well I figured with there being no walls for you to throw me through?that we could talk.

        CHARLIE shakes her head, more confidently.

        CHARLIE: I'm done talking?it's time for a different approach.

        XAK: Hey I'm not against that?but not this way.

        She descends to the floor, standing firmly on the ground.

        CHARLIE: Why?why are you defending them? Look at what they have done to this family! To Ashby!

        XAK: (shouting, angrily) I'm not!

        CHARLIE: Then let me pass so I can finish it.

        XAK: You're not strong enough?you don't know what the people in that company are like, they're smart. We have to take them down a different way?the way I got you back.

        She walks towards him.

        CHARLIE: (shouting) I died! I was rotting in a cell, forced under tests for months while you waited to get me back?trying to win me round with that promise doesn't exactly cut it.

        XAK shakes his head, hurt.

        XAK: That's not fair?

        CHARLIE: (ignoring him) ?And the one person who took care of me, the one person who made sure I would survive?who saved my life, was her?

        She shakes her head?crying.

        CHARLIE: ?And I won't leave her there! Not for another night!

        She clutches her head again.

        XAK: (trying to be strong) You're not the only one?I wish I could just storm in there?I wish I could take her now and that we could leave?but it won't be long?I promise?

        At the hearing of the word "promise" she winces and recoils. He doesn't notice her beginning to break?

        XAK: (losing ways to win her over) ?Now we have Slayers?we're stronger, we?we can win?

        With one quick motion she slams the palm of her hand into his chest.

        CHARLIE: (screaming) Commeatus!

        He flies back and she clutches her hand in shock; unaware of her strength, unaware that her powers are getting the better of her. XAK smashes into the floor further away. The danger surrounding the two of them causes many people to flee from the scene, except one. DANTE, during this, has managed to secretly meander up the streets, staying hidden in the nook of nearby alleyways. He watches them both with wide eyes. XAK doesn't look too injured, but winded slightly. He sits up as he sees CHARLIE walking towards him. She's crying and energy is crackling around her more erratically than before. It causes various windows to smash.

        CHARLIE: No?no no no?E-elevo?

        Although she tries to fight it, she can't. She clutches her head as a spasm of energy causes two cars to lift into the air and smash into one another. The crushing of the cars mid-air causes a plethora of glass to shower the ground; the alarms ringing loudly. XAK shields his face as shattered glass covers him.

        CUT TO ? L.A

        CATE and TOOLE are still kissing. Holding on to one another passionately. CATE breaks away suddenly. She shakes her head.

        TOOLE: What? What's wrong?

        CATE: I can't?not when Charlie's missing. For all we know Xak could have found her and he could be through all kinds of walls.

        TOOLE nods understanding, feeling guilty.

        CATE: I just?I need to find her, afterwards then?

        She is silenced by the faint sound of smashing cars in the distance and people running past the alleyway along the road near them. CATE'S eyes widen and she turns to TOOLE.

        CATE: Wait?where are we?

        TOOLE: About half a mile from the centre of town.

        She nods.

        TOOLE: Afterwards then?

        CATE: Yeah, I'd get back to me in about an hour or so?

        With this they both turn and run out of the alleyway running against the torrent of scared Los Angeles citizens, hopefully towards their friend?

        CUT TO ? L.A

        LANCE approaches the door to CATE and MELODY'S bedroom with a mug of coffee. He knocks on the door.

        LANCE: (sighing) Melody? I bought you some coffee?

        There's no answer.

        LANCE: Look, I'm sorry I was hard on you earlier ok?

        He waits for another reply but still there isn't one. He looks curiously at the door, confused. He reaches for the handle and opens the door slowly.

        LANCE: Mel?

        CUT TO ? L.A

        LANCE looks around the bedroom. It's empty, except for one minor detail. The window is open. He looks over at it glaring angrily.

        CUT TO ? L.A

        MELODY still clad in her mock-widow outfit is lying on ASHBY'S grave. She lies on her side with her arms outstretched as if she's holding someone?

        MELODY: (smiling) I know it's stupid me being here?I only just left?

        She looks down at the grass, and pats it lovingly.

        MELODY: You'd have been embarrassed at the service, all that fuss over you. You'd be a blushing like a schoolboy most probably.

        She laughs fondly for a few moments before letting her smile fade.

        MELODY: I've done some terrible things Ash?I've made choices that?

        She stops. A tear falls down her cheek and glazes the grass.

        MELODY: I was too ashamed to tell you while you were alive?it's stupid I know, but that's me? (quietly) ?It's how I work?

        She sighs and pauses, and stares into space?into the darkness.

        MELODY: But I'm not afraid anymore?I have to tell someone?I have to confess?

        She cries.

        MELODY: Ash?

        She waits, almost for a reply.

        MELODY: I have something to tell you?something not even Cate knows.

        The camera opts for a bird's eye view and hovers over MELODY lying on the grass amidst confession with her dead lover.

        MELODY: (whispering?echoing?) I have a secret?

        CUT TO ? L.A

        XAK is covered in shattered glass, the annoying resonating ringing of the car alarms can be heard. He throws the glass off of him, minute cuts covering his face. CHARLIE looks at him shocked, the cars still elevating in the air. The energy not crackling as much now, a sense of reality kicking in. DANTE continues to watch nearby curiously.

        CHARLIE: (holding out her hand) Xak?I?can't control it?it's too hard?

        She reaches out her hand and unwittingly causes the cars to crash down in between her and XAK. The cars smash to the floor and the alarms come to a sudden crashing halt. CHARLIE shields her face, scared. After a few moments she looks up.

        CHARLIE: (shouting) Xak!

        She looks around the wreckage, hoping to see him. Eventually she hears a coughing sound and a battered XAK moves around the wreckage. Beaten and bruised and looking angrily through slightly bloodshot eyes at her. The sound of running footsteps can be heard and behind CHARLIE; CATE and TOOLE arrive at the scene. TOOLE looks on in horror at the scene and CATE clutches her mouth. She tries to hurry forward but TOOLE holds her back. XAK notices them but tries to keep his eyes focused on CHARLIE who has yet to notice their presence.

        XAK: Is this what you wanted!

        He indicates his wounds and injuries. She looks horrified?the reality setting in.

        XAK: Huh? What is it going to take to show you this is not the way?

        Tears continue to taint her rouged face.

        CHARLIE: I?I?

        XAK: I know you want her back, I want her back too?I miss her so much?

        He moves closer to her slowly, not cautiously, just because he's unable to move fast.

        CHARLIE: You do?

        XAK: More than anything?and now I know it's killing you this much?I will not rest until we get her back.

        CHARLIE: But when?

        CATE and TOOLE begin to move closer, now, together.

        CHARLIE: ?I can't bear waiting, I can't bear going through this on my own. I can't bear putting anyone through anymore pain?not again?not any longer. I?I..

        She looks down sadly.

        CHARLIE: I need her...

        XAK is now in front of her?the energy dissipating almost completely. He reaches out. She looks at him hopefully.

        CHARLIE: And?I-I can't control this Xak?not, not on my own?

        XAK: You don't have to?I can?You're never alone.

        She cries uncontrollably.

        CHARLIE: (intermittent through tears) I need her Xak?I need her?

        He cuts her off as CATE reaches for her arm. She places it on her shoulder, and CHARLIE turns seeing them both. They look at her, supportively. XAK, CATE and TOOLE. Together they saved CHARLIE before, and they'll do it time and time again?


        The music softly begins to lull the scene as CHARLIE holds on to her friends. She grabs XAK first and holds him closely. (The music below plays throughout)

        "Couldn't save you from the start
        Love you so it hurts my soul
        Can you forgive me for trying again?

        CHARLIE: (whispering) I'm so sorry?I love you?I love you so much.

        XAK: I love you too?no matter what?

        They hug closely and CATE and TOOLE put an arm around one another and put their remaining arms around XAK and CHARLIE. They stand there holding one another, the core four friends, united. (The music below plays throughout)

        "Your silence makes me hold my breath
        All the time has passed you by?

        The camera moves away from them all to DANTE who is still watching them nearby. His eyes fixated on the love and devotion between them all. It almost pains him to watch it when he doesn't have it; his humanity a firm attribute of his character now?(The music below plays throughout)

        "Ooo, for so long I've tried to shield you from the world
        Ooo, you couldn't face the freedom on your own?

        CUT TO ? L.A

        LANCE is lying on the sofa, a beer in his hand. He stares at the ceiling blankly. (The music below plays throughout)

        "Here I am
        Left in silence

        CUT TO ? L.A

        MELODY is still lying on ASHBY'S grave. Content and quiet. She lies peacefully at ease?knowing she's finally told someone a secret darker than the one she told CATE. A secret that will become known soon?(The music below plays throughout)

        "You gave up the fight
        You left me behind
        All that's done is forgiven
        You'll always be mine
        I know deep inside
        All that's done is forgiven

        CUT TO ? L.A

        It is quiet. The room is still in desolation. Both XAK and CHARLIE enter, holding on to one another. They walk slowly to the bed as the ethereal music comes to a slow end. They wind through the debris and sit on the edge of the bed. They sit quietly for a few minutes. He looks at her worried.

        XAK: (softly) Do you want anything?

        CHARLIE: Shouldn't I be asking you that? I did just blast you through a wall and throw cars at you.

        He kisses her head.

        XAK: I'm fine, don't you worry about me. Besides, I killed you, let's call it even.

        She smiles slightly.

        CHARLIE: You'll always be here won't you? You won't go away?not again?

        XAK: I'll never leave. No matter what happens, I'll be here.

        CHARLIE: You promise?

        XAK: If I say it this time, will you shower me with glass?

        CHARLIE: I hope not.

        XAK: (cautiously) I promise.

        Nothing happens. CHARLIE looks at her hands calmly, feeling no magical urges of mystical influences.

        XAK: See?I'll be here, to make sure nothing happens?always.

        She smiles slightly, then she realises?

        CHARLIE: Beer?

        XAK: What?

        CHARLIE: I could really use a beer.

        XAK: (smiling, fondly) Well I think Lance had the last of them, but I'll get you some.

        He kisses her head again and stands.

        CHARLIE: Do you think they'll honestly serve you looking like that?

        XAK: I'll pretend I'm a threatening tramp or something and put on a gruff voice. Don't worry, I've thought it through.

        She laughs slightly, and he smiles seeing her happy.

        XAK: I'll be back soon, why don't you have a bath and relax.

        She nods smiling. He smiles again at her.

        XAK: And then in the morning?

        CHARLIE: (cutting him off) ?In the morning?we'll take everything as it comes.

        He nods, agreeing, then turns and leaves the bedroom. CHARLIE looks around the room, alone once again. She sighs and looks down at her slim stomach. Missing the large bump, the physical attachment to her daughter.

        CUT TO ? L.A

        XAK stumbles out of the liquor store with a paper bag full of beer. He smiles laughing at the screams of obscenities after him from the STORE ASSISTANT.

        STORE ASSISTANT (O/S): Don't come back you bum! There'll be no scum in my store again! And that goes for all of you?

        XAK shakes his head in disbelief and begins walking down the street normally, his bum guise faded.

        STORE ASSISTANT (O/S): (distantly now) ?Yeah I mean you?yeah you in the poncho at the back?

        The sound of the STORE ASSISTANT'S proud wails soon fade as XAK turns to walk down an alleyway. The camera stays focused on the street but we can see his shadow walking away through the night?closely followed by another shadow?

        CUT TO ? L.A

        CHARLIE enters the room again...She looks refreshed but it's obvious she's been crying relentlessly. She sits on the edge of the bed and shuffles her feet, trying to relax once again. Without knowing, and by accident?she kicks something. She reaches down and picks the object up. It's a box. She opens it.

        It's an engagement ring.

        She looks at it for a few moments and then closes it?




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          ACT FOUR


          CATE is in the kitchen fixing herself a snack. TOOLE approaches her curiously. He leans against the counter. On the sofa is LANCE, still lying down with his beer, he looks like he hasn't moved at all.

          TOOLE: So we got her home ok, right?

          CATE nods.

          CATE: Shrewd Toole, well done.

          She smiles and laughs slightly. He doesn't say anything, he just looks at her.

          CATE: What? You're being weird?

          TOOLE: Aren't you forgetting something?

          She looks at him smiling and finally figuring his obvious sly code. She's soon distracted by the front door opening. She turns to see MELODY entering.

          CATE: Hey?

          MELODY: Hi?

          CATE: (indicating the plate) I was just making you some food, thought you might be hungry?

          MELODY nods, smiling slightly.

          MELODY: Thanks.

          CATE: You ok? I mean, considering.

          MELODY: Yeah, just needed a walk?some closure?

          She looks at LANCE who is looking at her also. The sound of another door opening can be heard. It's the door to XAK and CHARLIE'S bedroom. CHARLIE enters from her room. CATE looks over again. She smiles?

          CATE: Hey sweets?

          CHARLIE: Hey. Is uh, Xak here?

          TOOLE: No he'll be back in a bit with your beer though, so don't worry you booze hound.

          CHARLIE rolls her eyes, pleased almost to feel a sense of normality once again, but her eyes eventually look down to her enclosed hands. CATE notices.

          CHARLIE: Um, confused comes to mind?

          TOOLE: How do you mean?

          CHARLIE: I think?

          She pauses. LANCE sits up now, wondering what is going on. MELODY is also turned in her direction.

          CATE: (confused, to CHARLIE) Hon?

          Instead of telling them anything she just opens her hands and reveals the box. The others look confused and it isn't until she opens the box that they realise?

          CUT TO ? L.A

          XAK continues to walk down the alleyway, laden with beer. As he walks he furrows his brow confused. He suddenly stops walking and then realises he isn't the only one in the alleyway. Confirmed by footsteps sounding from behind him. He looks behind him slightly. Then looks forwards and carries on walking down the alleyway.

          CUT TO ? L.A

          CATE is incredulous. LANCE looks confused and MELODY even smiles warmly, feeling a sense of relief that something good is happening. CHARLIE looks at them expecting a response.

          CATE: Oh my god! Are you freakin' kidding me!

          She walks up to CHARLIE and picks the box out of her hand inspecting the ring.

          CATE: And wow?white gold, princess cut?and?

          She shows it to MELODY for a about a second. MELODY nods.

          MELODY: Nine carat easy.

          CHARLIE smiles at her then looks back at CATE.

          CHARLIE: This is good right?

          CATE: Are you joking? Of course it is! But isn't that something I should be asking you?

          CHARLIE: No it is?it's?amazing but?

          TOOLE: (curiously) But what?

          CHARLIE: But what should I do with it? I mean should I tell Xak I found it?

          TOOLE looks down.

          TOOLE: I don't think so.

          CATE turns to him, shocked.

          CATE: What? Why not! This is good news Toole.

          He looks up now.

          TOOLE: Well I hope so?but not necessarily for Charlie?

          CHARLIE and CATE look at him confused, as do the others. He looks at CHARLIE.

          TOOLE: I'm sorry?

          He walks towards CATE and takes the ring from her hand. Everyone watches him silently, as he descends to one knee in front of her. He looks up at her, smiling. She watches him, her mouth open slightly in shock, and confusion.

          TOOLE: Cathryn?

          She shakes her head.

          CATE: But?but Charlie had the ring in her room?

          TOOLE: I know?

          He looks up to CHARLIE but she's looking down.

          CUT TO ? L.A

          The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. TOOLE is sat at the dining room table and he's sighing, fondling an object on the table. The camera pans down to show what the object is this time?the engagement ring in its box. There is no one else in the room. The sound of a door opening can be heard. He panics and holds on to the box. He hurries, and rushes into the nearest bedroom?

          CUT TO ? L.A

          TOOLE hides in the room and closes the door, leaving only enough of a gap for him to peer into the room. It's CATE. She peers into the lounge and notices the coast is clear. She's wearing her coat and still with her determined look glazing her face. She silently sweeps towards the front door and slides out of the front door. All the while TOOLE watches her with a repressed longing to tell her something.

          CHARLIE (O/S): (quietly) What are you doing?

          TOOLE turns around startled dropping the object. The sound of it rolling along the floor can be heard. Instead of looking at TOOLE and CHARLIE the camera shows the box rolling along the floor and eventually coming to a stop by the bed?

          CUT TO ? L.A

          The colours have returned to normal now?a sense of realisation hitting them all. CATE looks at CHARLIE sadly, almost apologetically.

          CATE: Oh?

          TOOLE: I was gonna get it back when things were quiet and it was, you know, more appropriate?but well now it's come up?

          CATE: I don't know what to say?

          He holds up the ring to show her.

          TOOLE: (to CATE) I love you?ever since I met you I knew you were special, unique. I know why?you're unique because for me?you're the one.

          She feels a shiver run down her spine?

          TOOLE: I know things have been difficult I know that but I know something else?things are gonna get better?

          The camera passes around the room. CHARLIE is keeping her eyes on the ground cautiously and MELODY and LANCE watch intently, awaiting her answer.

          TOOLE (O/S): For everyone?for us?

          The camera cuts back to TOOLE, pouring his heart out to her.

          TOOLE: ?And when they do, I don't want to spend it with anyone else?only you?

          He smiles at her brightly.

          TOOLE: Marry me Cate?

          He looks at her expectantly?The camera pans up to her face. She looks at him desperately confused, unsure of how to answer?Yes? Or No? Before she answers, CHARLIE moves over to her bedroom door, giving the gang a weak smile before leaving.

          CUT TO ? L.A

          CHARLIE re-enters again, a wash of embarrassment covers her, a sense of self-inflicted humiliation fills her. She slowly meanders the wreckage of her bedroom to the bed. She falls back on to the mattress and lies on her back, staring at the ceiling. For a moment or two she just stares blankly, she has no reason to do anything else. Then?slowly?the room fills with a blinding white light and the outline of a figure appears in a corner. A figure she's met before. A figure she knows. Her eyes widen in shock.

          CHARLIE: Hi?

          CUT TO ? L.A

          There is a figure walking down the alleyway. The one where XAK was walking down not so long ago. Suddenly the figure grapples with another figure and one throws a punch at the other. The one who throws the punch then slams him into the wall and lets the moonlight show who it is. The man who threw the punch?the man slamming the other one against the wall?is XAK. The other, DANTE. XAK'S eyes widen in anger.

          XAK: (seething) You really must have a death wish?

          DANTE: Something like that?

          XAK headbutts him causing DANTE'S head to bleed.

          XAK: What is this, a distraction? If you tell me your lackeys are storming the apartment right now then I swear to every god from the hell I came from that I will use your head as a hammer against this nice red brick wall.

          DANTE: It's not a distraction?Christian and Leigh?they would never attack, they've got what they want?

          XAK: (horrified) Sin?

          DANTE nods, breathing heavily.

          DANTE: They've got the girl and I promise you they will kill her to get what they want?

          XAK relaxes, wanting to hear what he says now.

          XAK: And what do they want?

          DANTE: Apocalypse?

          XAK'S eyes widen.

          XAK: (angrily) How, how do you know this? And why should I believe you!?

          DANTE smiles.

          DANTE: Because I've quit Thorn?it's over?Wolfram and Hart are dead to me?

          XAK looks surprised?is it true?

          XAK: That still doesn't mean I should believe you?

          DANTE: You've got no other choice?

          CUT TO ? L.A

          We see TOOLE still kneeling in front of CATE with the ring, waiting for her answer?Yes? Or No?

          DANTE (V/O): I know how to get you in, I know how to get to them, I know how to stop them?

          CUT TO ? L.A

          The blinding white light is still blinding the room?the figure now approaching CHARLIE?her eyes still wide with shock.

          DANTE (V/O): ?And if I'm wrong?

          CUT TO ? L.A

          XAK still has DANTE pinned to the wall.

          DANTE: Then you can kill me in a heartbeat, and I'll hand you your weapon?

          XAK looks at him, wondering.

          DANTE: So what's it gonna be Xak? In?or out?

          XAK'S angry glare retains itself?is it this simple to end it all?is DANTE the key to SIN'S safety?

          He goes to answer?

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE


          Special Guest Stars:
          RON RIFKIN as HERMES

          Extremely Special Guest Stars:
          and the voice of ALEX HART as STORE ASSISTANT

          Special Mention:


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            If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and i usually comment on the feedback as well!


            - This is it guys! The penultimate episode of Season Two?

            - A MEGA episode. Three reasons?

            - 1. I wrote it in just over a week because I'm so excited about the end of Season Two

            - 2. I included FIVE SONGS which is a SS record!

            - 3. There were three cliffhangers?How will Cate answer? Who is the figure in Charlie's room? Will Dante be the key to saving Sin?

            - All three answers will come to light in the SEASON FINALE of Shadow Stalker next episode.

            - The whole episode sort of resonated Dark Willow vibe but I didn't want to make too much of a big deal about it, I won't be making this a theme in Charlie's magicks. She was just upset !

            - Not meeeega chuffed with the episode, I think it's one of the weaker ones of Season Two but I think we all needed to see Charlie's angry face, and I needed an episode for Dante to quit W+H not to mention the three cliffhangers. It all just was a bit too much in one episode and was hard to do, so I feel it probably was a bit too rushed, but I hope you enjoyed it and I will be taking a lot more consideration and LOADS of time on the finale, as I want it to be just perfect.

            - Dubius Sum is Latin for "I Am At Loss", which was suggested by my editor, Alex Hart. I thought it was very fitting for the episode full of Latin spells, loss, goodbyes and just plain loss!

            - While we're on the subject of my editor?he made a guest voice appearance in this episode!! HA!