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  • Shadow Stalker - 2.14 - One Of Us

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 2.14 ? One Of Us
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season Two starts alongside Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 4 of Angel and is in affiliated with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Broken Destiny (Joe); and Wishful Thinking (Ben); Raven (Alexander Brown).

    SEPHY: (V/O) In my absence?on Shadow Stalker?


    The camera pans around a large bricked room. On the wall there's a sign that reads "Humans Social Room". In the middle of the room is a pool table, a normal pool table. Holding one cue stick is an unshaven male, he looks beat up and rough. He's wearing old grey overalls, and is the source of the first voice. The camera slowly passes to the source of the second voice. She's female, and she's wearing torn overall trousers and a grey tank top. They're not demons?they're human. There's no one else in the room. They're the only humans in the prison by the looks of things. The camera cuts back to CHARLIE, TOOLE and CATE in the doorway of the social room.

    CHARLIE: (whispering) ?Melody?

    MELODY (V/O): (loudly) What did you do?!


    The camera shows a placid and calm closed Sunnydale Mall. Instantly the portal opens exactly where it opened before. First DANTE falls to the ground, then XAK who cushions the blow for CHARLIE. They smile at one another. Then CATE and TOOLE are next, landing side by side to one another. A few seconds after them, MELODY and LANCE land a few feet from them on their feet, instinctively. They both smile. MELODY looks around and she notices they're in the mall.

    MELODY: Home sweet home?


    CHARLIE: ?It's gonna take some time to get used to her being back, and not being a bitch to me.

    XAK: But you think she's doing ok? Adjusting and all?

    ASHBY (O/S): Uh?I think she's "adjusting" just fine.

    Everyone looks at ASHBY, he's looking out into the crowd at something. They follow his eyesight to see MELODY dancing in the middle of a group of boys. Her arms are draped around two of them and the others have their hands on her waist, hips and thighs. They're all moving to the music, and MELODY smirks happily sticking her tongue out seductively to the men.


    CATE: ?I thought you'd changed?

    MELODY: I have! But you gotta give me some time to adjust. For three years I haven't been able to wear a dress and have guys look at me as if I'm the best thing they've seen in years.

    CATE looks down.

    MELODY: I am different, and Cate, I have changed, but I do need to have some fun. I deserve some fun right?

    ?Something jumps over XAK and jumps into all three girls. The attacker is wearing dark clothes and it's hard to see any distinguishing features. All three of the girls fall back and scream. The girls go to help one another up in panic, as XAK quickly jumps on to the attacker and pulls it away from them. The attacker strikes with a knife, which just misses the girls and their feet. XAK grabs the attacker by the neck and turns it swiftly to the side. A swift break, a swift kill. XAK looks at it for a moment, not angry, just worried and scared? The girls are still lying on the floor, their attacker dead in front of them. XAK still holding the neck of the dead being. He slowly reaches for it's cloak and tears it away. The girls gasp. It's a BRINGER?


    SINEYA (O/S): Be that as it may. That day will be the day of reckoning for your army. Five warriors against darkness shall rise.

    CHARLIE: What? Five warriors?

    MELODY: (quietly) The Clique?

    SINEYA: (happily) The faction you refer to, are indeed the ones. The chosen.

    CATE looks down, her mouth open in shock. Images of CATE, MELODY, MARIE, BREE and SKYE at Sunnydale High flash on to the screen; Images of her killing MELODY, BREE and SKYE; Images of her exiling MARIE?

    SINEYA (O/S): While two have fallen, three remain. It is one of the three legends surrounding your friends?

    CUT TO ?

    Various montage images of MELODY in Season Two:

    Running out of the apartment into the alleyway; Grabbing ASHBY and kissing him passionately; Crawling out of the upturned car; Grabbing LANCE and leaving TOOLE inside?

    Finally we see MELODY grabbing the gun in the wooden shack and running towards XAK, CHARLIE, CATE, TOOLE, LANCE and SIN.

    CUT TO ? L.A

    MELODY spins round and kicks the assassin she's facing off with and then charges at the assassin which is hitting CATE with the baton. She punches him in the face and then grabs hold of his neck, breaking it. CATE looks at her with horror.

    CATE: Melody?

    MELODY looks back at her. She sighs.

    CUT TO ?

    ASHBY is shot?MELODY rushes over to him?She holds his body close?She clutches him, desperately?

    MELODY (V/O): You gotta do what you gotta do to survive?don't forget it?




    Water is gushing down the plug. A woman is stood in the shower, and we can see her feet. The sound of a strange distant whisper can be heard, but it is too faint to hear who it is and where it is coming from. Suddenly, one whisper sounds a lot louder than the others?

    WHISPER (V/O): Every girl?

    With this whisper the shots of the woman become refracted and cut quickly to shots of the shower head, the woman's read hair, her rouged lips, her hands?

    WHISPER (V/O): Are you ready?

    It's Melody?

    CUT TO ? L.A

    CATE is sat on the sofa, staring into space. She has her knees up to her chest and she looks upset.

    MAN (O/S): Is she ok?

    The camera moves over to the dining room table and shows XAK and LANCE sat at it. XAK looking down. LANCE is looking at CATE. On the table in front of them are various dishes and cutlery indicating lunch has been eaten recently.

    XAK: Who?

    LANCE: I dunno, Cate?Melody?Charlie?

    XAK sighs.

    XAK: Big question mark to all three?

    LANCE looks at him.

    LANCE: Yeah, I understand.

    XAK: No one's really talking. I don't know how anyone feels?I hate it. In an awful way I'm almost glad for the distraction tomorrow.

    LANCE: The funeral?

    XAK nods.

    XAK: I just hope it will help everyone?I've never done this before, I've never had to say goodbye like this?

    LANCE: I know, don't worry. It's not awful to want to occupy your time and worry about grief. There's so much going on, it's completely normal to feel that way?especially with Sin?

    XAK: (cutting him off) Don't?I can't even think about that right now. Right now I just want to focus on something else. I can't think about her?I?I have to help everyone, I have to help everyone grieve?

    A tear trickles from the corner of his eye quietly, hidden from LANCE. They both look down once again.

    LANCE: But?what are you gonna do when it's over?

    XAK looks up at him, almost angrily, but not with him.

    XAK: You don't want to know?

    LANCE: We'll get her back.

    XAK: Oh we will, and I'm gonna make the three of them pay for killing Ashby, and for taking my daughter out of her mother's hands?they're not getting away with this?

    LANCE nods.

    LANCE: (quietly, worried) Good?

    With this, he can't help but look over to CATE again, stuck in a state of emotional catatonia on the sofa.

    LANCE: ?Well whenever you're ready?we will be?

    XAK now looks over to CATE again too.

    XAK: I hope so, when I make my move I'm gonna need everyone on board?

    They look back at one another now.

    XAK: ?Just looking at everyone? I doubt it.

    LANCE: Why? I mean I know things are bad but, don't you think they'll help?

    XAK: Well your brother's blaming himself?he shouldn't. (sighing) I know now, none of this was his fault?or yours. But, I think after what happened, the realisation of what we're in, is too much for him, it's too much for any of us.

    LANCE nods, appreciative, and understanding.

    LANCE: What about Charlie? I mean I thought more than anyone she'd be more eager to fight, now the stakes have raised.

    XAK: A week ago I'd have agreed but she's not herself, not right now anyway. She's not in the frame of mind to be fighting, or using magicks, and I wouldn't want her to.

    LANCE: I noticed, what with the bed-ridden-ness and all?

    There is a sound of heavy breathing off screen?

    XAK: (nodding) ?And then the people I really need, the big guns?

    WOMAN (O/S): (quietly) Xak?

    XAK and LANCE immediately look round to the source of the sound. CATE is gripping the side of the sofa, breathing heavily with wide eyes. She looks shocked but it's clear in this one clear moment she realises that wallowing and shutting down is not her path?

    XAK: Cate?

    CATE: Let's just say, I wouldn't worry about me?

    XAK looks at LANCE and then back to her.

    XAK: What do you mean?

    All of the sudden CATE'S grip on the side of the sofa seems to heighten and she rips off the arm of the sofa. XAK and LANCE look at her shocked. CATE also looks shocked and sense of fear fills her?

    CATE: I think I just upgraded?

    She releases her grip on the sofa arm and it falls to the floor with a thud. She looks at her hands?a Slayer's weapons?

    CUT TO ? L.A

    MELODY is stood still in the shower. We focus on her feet and she isn't moving. The camera moves up her body and just as we reach her thighs the camera cuts to her head. The shower water has beat her red locks around her head and we cannot see her facial expression but her breaths are low and heavy. With one arm she's leaning against the shower, the camera cuts to her other arm. Her hand. It's clenched into a fist, her long manicured nails piercing her skin causing thick droplets of scarlet blood to merge and sift into the water flowing down the plug hole?Her first injury as a Slayer.





    The camera shows a full moon in the night sky with the caption "SHADOW STALKER" tattooed
    across the view. The words streak across the scene with a slight red tint as the music starts up.

    The camera then cuts to CHARLIE walking down the street in her red dress towards XAK. The camera shows several quick cuts of XAK transgressing and eventually him killing CHARLIE.

    The camera then shows XAK in a suit leaving the Wolfram and Hart building then to him in an
    alleyway, he looks dirty and unshaven and in dirty clothes. (The music below plays throughout)

    "It's bugging me, grating me
    And twisting me around


    The camera shows CHARLIE in her cell, scared and alone and then cuts to her standing in XAK'S apartment, and her eyes glowing a bright green.

    "Yeah i'm endlessly caving in
    And turning inside out


    The camera then shows XAK and CATE both running down the streets of L.A desperately. The camera then focuses more on CATE and cuts to her in The Bronze serving drinks, and then to her standing next to MELODY, both their fists raised, in a battle-like pose. (The music below plays throughout)

    "'Cause I want it now
    I want it now
    Give me your heart and your soul


    The camera shows TOOLE punching someone to the floor and then to him looking through a barely opened door, his eyes widen. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And i'm breaking out
    I'm breaking out
    Last chance to lose control


    The camera then shows DANTE sitting behind his desk smirking but quickly cuts to him holding something in both arms and looking out the window while the sun succumbs to darkness. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Its hurting me, morphing me
    And forcing me to strive


    The camera shows MELODY running through the prison in L'Azura and then to her sitting on a rock, sand surrounding her. (The music below plays throughout)

    "To be endlessly cold within
    And dreaming i'm alive


    The camera then shows LANCE sitting on the floor of the apartment laughing with someone and then to him clutching on to CHARLIE'S hand and shouting. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And i want you now
    I want you now
    I feel my heart implode


    As the song comes to an end the camera shows various quick caps of CATE by a grave; SEPHY walking into the Underworld smiling; MELODY and LANCE falling through the L'Azura portal; DANTE staring into the darkness with black eyes, then finally to XAK walking through the graveyard at night. The camera moves up and shows a high angle shot of him walking away and the shape of the dragon streaking across the sky causing the screen to fade to black. (The music below plays throughout)

    "I'm breaking out
    Escaping now
    Feeling my faith erode


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    CATE is stood now, she's pacing the floor with XAK and LANCE watching her still shocked.

    LANCE: Do you maybe wanna sit?

    CATE: I'm not sick?I don't know what I am?

    XAK smiles happily, almost feeling glad for the godsend of more power; not realising the curse upon his friend.

    XAK: You're a Slayer?

    CATE stops.

    CATE: (shaking her head) No, I can't be?

    Without a moments thought or letting her finish her sentence XAK picks up one of the knives amongst the cutlery on the table. He throws it at CATE and it spins rapidly, cutting through the air. She watches it but doesn't move, surprised. Instinctively, she swings her leg into the air and her foot smashes into the side of the knife sending it flying into the wall where it stabs the wallpaper. She looks at the knife, her leg still raised, but then all of a sudden turns back to XAK.

    CATE: Oh my god, holy crap!

    XAK: See? Even at the best of your training, you couldn't do that.

    He smiles incredulous.

    CATE: I wasn't holy crapping to that! You threw a knife at me!

    He rolls his eyes.

    XAK: (apologetically) I'm sorry?but the proof is in the wall.

    He indicates the knife, embedded into the wall.

    CATE calms down now, relaxing her eyes from a narrow glare to searching the room.

    CATE: But how? How on earth can I be a Slayer, and hello, random timing or what?

    LANCE: Well ordinarily, a slayer is called when the previous one dies, so that means?

    CATE: Buffy's dead?

    CATE and LANCE look down at the morbid thought.

    XAK: Not necessarily?

    LANCE: (looking at XAK) How do you mean?

    XAK: Maybe the timing isn't as "random" as you think. Do you remember what Sephy said? The Hellmouth was waging war on Potentials, that's why that Harbinger attacked you and Melody that time in the graveyard?

    He pauses. The camera pans around to CATE who is watching him curiously, trying to piece things together as he says them.

    CATE: What? What is it?

    XAK: The First Evil?it told me it had bigger plans, it wanted me to kill the Slayer's sister?it wanted to hurt the Slayer?stop her?

    LANCE: Why?

    XAK: Maybe for an event like this? What if she found a way to make there be more than one Slayer.

    CATE: Pfft, what a lame idea?

    XAK: Well I had heard Buffy's not the only Slayer?and let's not forget what you found out in the desert?.it's mpossible.

    He stops. A nerve has been touched, he knew it, eve. CATE looks down.

    CATE: "And when friends turn to foes, powers will imbue unto them all, and they shall become more than false icons they will become sisters against darkness. One will prosper over the others, while the remaining will fall."?I've not forgotten one word?one syllable of what she told us. Every day I've told myself it won't come true, that Melody and I would be safe?

    She looks up slightly now.

    CATE: And Marie?wherever she is?

    LANCE looks down also, but XAK walks over to her and puts a hand on her shoulder.

    XAK: Cate, you mustn't forget?

    She looks up blankly.

    XAK: These legends?we can't stop them from starting, but we can stop them from finishing?

    WOMAN (O/S): How awe inspiring?

    XAK, CATE and LANCE look around to show MELODY stood in the doorway to the bathroom. She's wearing jeans and a long red leather jacket. She's watching them all with an eyebrow raised.

    CATE: Mel?are you?

    MELODY scoffs and walks towards the front door. LANCE watches her sadly.

    MELODY: If you ask me if I'm ok one more time I'll?

    CATE turns to her as she opens the door.

    CATE: No, Melody that's not what I?

    The door slams?MELODY'S left. XAK looks at CATE worried, and unsure of what just happened. MELODY'S actions this past week were erratic, and unpredictable; a mere indication of how much she wasn't letting people in.

    CUT TO ? L.A

    MELODY ties up her jacket and pulls out something in her pocket; a stake. She pockets it once more, tapping the fabric lovingly. She smirks and walks away down the corridor, her high heels echoing?


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. There is a young man being pulled away down a corridor, he's shouting angrily and his body is flailing. He's being pulled away by the same guards we saw last time we were in L'Azura. It's LANCE. The camera pans around to show MELODY watching with her arms folded, she watches LANCE disappearing with a sad weak expression. Behind her the sound of howling and a savage beating can be heard. Opposite her is an open cell door?

    MALE VOICE (O/S): Humans?should never be put in here?

    MELODY looks over at the voice. It's coming from within the cell. She looks intimidated as the sound of footsteps from within the cell approach her. The person appears?or to be more precise?the demon appears. It's KAKISTOS?

    MELODY: (scared, but trying to be brave) Yeah?well we didn't ask for it?

    He snarls and looms closer to her.

    KAKISTOS: None of us did so stop bleating! I hate small girls like you?they break too easily?

    MELODY tries not to look him in the eyes.

    MELODY: I'm tough?

    KAKISTOS slams his cloven hand against the wall behind MELODY, trapping her and causing her to release a small yelp out of fear.

    KAKISTOS: You'll break just as easy as the next bit of curl that comes in here red. That boy was the only thing protecting you in here as of late, and now the Lycans have turned on him?looks like you're all alone.

    He leans in and puts his sharp teeth near her ear.

    KAKISTOS: You're so weak?I could crush you with a blink of my scarred eye?

    He laughs in her face, his demonic breath and vicious tone oppressing her. She looks down, quivering in fear. As quickly as he threatens her he disappears back into his cell slamming the door behind him. MELODY breathes a sigh of relief and slumps to floor resting her head in her knees crying. She was weak?

    CUT TO ? L.A


    The music starts as the colours return to normal on the screen and we can see that the evening is fast approaching. MELODY bursts out of the doorway; the rouged rogue reeling off of her body. She looks down the alleyway, a huntress in the amazon. She's a changed woman?but why?

    CUT TO ? L.A

    TOOLE is lying on his bed on his side. He hasn't been crying but he certainly hasn't been smiling. Lying on the bed next to him is the trench coat he wore the night of ASHBY'S death, the one that without meaning to, saved his life?LANCE appears in the doorway?(The music below plays throughout)

    "Emotionless the city lies
    Cruel it is, it clouds my eyes"

    LANCE looks at him sadly, wanting to tell him the good news about CATE but is completely unsure about whether or not it is in fact good news or not?

    "The dull the dark shades on my day
    I live inside this place"

    CUT TO ? L.A

    CHARLIE is lying under the duvet, staring into space, clutching the covers for comfort. As with TOOLE and LANCE; XAK appears in the doorway and looks at her sadly. Their daughter was missing, perhaps she was dead?(The music below plays throughout)

    "Locked up inside my metal cage
    Always tense and filled with rage"

    He moves towards her, and sits on the edge of the bed. He cautiously, breathing slowly, puts his hand on her side. (The music below plays throughout)

    XAK: Charlie?

    "Above the concrete fields below
    With you I wanna go, wanna go"

    She doesn't answer. She stares ahead, and swallows sadly, finding it difficult to talk to XAK. He looks down finding it too hard to face her. In many ways he finds it easier to be away from her?(The music below plays throughout)

    "I see only what I wanna see
    I'll be only what I wanna be?"

    They continue to stay in their silence, saying nothing, beating with the silence that's keeping them apart, but at the same time welcoming it?scared of dealing with what's happened?(The music below plays throughout)

    "My blanket covers me?"

    CUT TO ? L.A

    The air is close, furniture old and torn, the room filled with ancient monsters; a vampire nest. Presently, there are four vampires present. They laugh and throw various objects at one another in a masculine play fighting session.

    WOMAN (O/S): Wow, advanced?

    They turn to the source of the voice to show MELODY standing in the doorway. She smiles at them.

    MELODY: Moved out of the mortal coil and all you've managed to do is throw objects at one another?

    They stand and face her, snarling. One of them moves closer to MELODY.

    VAMPIRE #1: Get out of here girl?

    MELODY: (laughing) Girl? You boys have no idea?

    She lets the stake slide into her hand from her sleeve.

    MELODY: ?Of what I am?

    Without letting any of them answer she throws the stake and it impales VAMPIRE #1'S chest. She runs towards him and as he turns to dust and falls to the floor she grabs the stake. She's caught their attention now. One jumps on her back but with her new Slayer reflexes she flips him off and kicks him into the wall impaling him on a tacky faux Deer head on the wall; the antlers seeking the vampire's heart. She looks at him turning to dust with a morbid satisfaction?

    MELODY: (whispering) ?Of what I've become?

    One of the other vampires approaches her with a baseball bat and hits her back from behind. She looks slightly stunned but not phased. She turns to him and grabs the other end of the bat as he swings again. They pull against one another's strengths and eventually she raises an eyebrow and pushes it towards the vampire's face knocking him back. While he is on the floor she rams the stake effortlessly into his chest. Turning to the final vampire she notices he is gone?run away in fear?in fear of MELODY.

    MELODY: (smirking) Now?that's evolution?

    She smiles, and even in the vile vampire den, shrouded in dust and death she still retains an err of glamour, class and more importantly, power?

    CUT TO ? L.A

    MELODY walks out of the dingy room and therefore exits the warehouse she was in, her first crime scene as a slayer; her first victory ground. The music from before quietly plays in the background but gradually gets louder?She looks either direction of the alleyway, one way leading to the high street, buzzing with people and darkness fast encroaching upon it. In the other direction?ASHBY'S final stand. She looks upon the entrance to the warehouse where her lover died with a blank expression. What was she going to do? (The music below plays throughout)

    "Alone within myself again
    I try to veil away my pain
    The dirty grey surrounding me 'round
    And now I hear no sound..."




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      ACT TWO


      CATE emerges from her bedroom with her denim jacket. She pulls it on and heads to the front door with a worried expression on her face. XAK emerges from his bedroom with a sad expression but seeing CATE leaving the apartment his expression turns to confusion.

      XAK: Cate?

      She turns to face him as she reaches for the door handle.

      CATE: I have to find her?

      XAK: She's still not back?

      CATE shakes her head.

      CATE: No, and she could be anywhere. If she's?

      She pauses.

      CATE: ?Like me?I have to find her.

      XAK nods, agreeing.

      XAK: I know you do but we need to figure this out first?if Melody's off the wagon I wouldn't want to go up against her, especially if she's a Slayer now?

      CATE crosses her arms.

      CATE: (sighing) I guess you're right?

      She sits down on the sofa.

      CATE: ?What are we gonna do?

      XAK: Well the way I see it?we have two scenarios?

      She looks up at him expectantly, and he doesn't seem particularly pleased to divulge either of them.

      XAK: Scenario one?You're the Slayer because Buffy died, then Melody or Marie will only become the Slayer when you die?

      She nods, knowing what he means?

      CATE: And at this point I would slowly reach for the handle on door number two?

      XAK sighs, not sure if she's thought it through?

      XAK: Or Scenario Two, the three of you are Slayers and Melody's gonna see it as a battle for survival?

      CATE stands and walks over to her bedroom.

      CATE: No?

      He watches her go to the bedroom.

      XAK: I know it's harsh, but we're too far into this now to sugar coat everything that could happen?

      She turns back.

      CATE: Don't you think I know that?!

      XAK: Cate?

      CATE: Don't you think I kinda realised the day Charlie died that what we're into is much more than high heels and lipstick? Ever since then I've known that I'm part of something so much more.

      XAK: Then why can't you accept what could happen?

      She looks incredulous.

      CATE: Um hello pot, kettle and some form of discriminating phrase! You ran away from Sin's prophecy!

      He looks down, annoyed.

      XAK: That's different?

      CATE: No Xak it is not. It's not different at all?you couldn't accept it and we all followed, we all helped you?why can't you do the same for us?

      XAK: (looking back up) I am Cate?It's just?I've seen what ignoring these prophecies can do?

      She shakes her head.

      CATE: I'm not ignoring them?

      XAK: Maybe not now?but you'll learn to.

      She pauses.

      CATE: You're wrong. If it has started?then I can't stop this from beginning?I know that. I don't expect to stop it from coming.

      She looks at him resolute, sighing almost, relieved.

      CATE: But I will stop it from ending. This is my life?not theirs.

      She turns and walks towards her bedroom, she slams the door behind her. XAK looks down, unhappy, hoping CATE is right, hoping that they can stop this, and get SIN back?

      CUT TO ? L.A

      XAK and CATE'S argument hasn't fallen on deaf ears in this room. CHARLIE is listening intently, absorbing what they've both said. She's heard it?but she gives no indication in her facial expression of what she's going to do with the information.

      CUT TO ? L.A

      TOOLE and LANCE have also heard what's been said, they too process it, but unlike CHARLIE they give an indication as to their reactions. They smile, hopeful?

      CUT TO ? L.A

      The roads are full with people streaming the sidewalks and roads. There are no cars, except for the parked ones, and many people seem to be celebrating some sort of event. She doesn't seem phased at all by witnessing the location of her lover's last stand. She's smiling now, clearly relishing with the gift cursed upon her. As she meanders the crowd the camera pans down to her hand. She reaches into her other jacket pocket and pulls out a knife?

      CUT TO ? L'AZURA

      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. LANCE is chained to the wall, all of his limbs restrained for a reason unknown at this point in time. He looks weak, cut and bleeding. He has long rugged hair and stubble and he's extremely dirty. The clanking of his cell door unlocking can be heard. A L'AZUREAN GUARD enters and growls at him.

      L'AZUREAN: Visitor?

      He moves aside and shows MELODY standing meekly behind him looking down. LANCE nods and the L'AZUREAN GUARD leaves the room muttering to MELODY?

      L'AZUREAN: Five minutes?

      She nods and enters as the L'AZUREAN GUARD moves outside of the room and stays motionless in the corridor. LANCE looks at MELODY, but she looks down, almost shy?

      MELODY: (quietly) Cute digs?

      LANCE: What are you doing here?

      MELODY looks up at him now, sighing.

      MELODY: You gotta stop fighting Lance, you just have to stop this?

      LANCE: Why? It's the only way these things take notice of who's strong and who is weak?

      MELODY moves closer, almost pleading to him with her desperate eyes.

      MELODY: Well in case you haven't noticed, I'm weak Lance! I need you to stop this, because I need you.

      LANCE: Thinking of yourself as always, why you can take care of yourself for once?

      MELODY: Ordinarily I would, but in this place the high school queen bitch rules don't really work?

      She paces the room.

      LANCE: You'll survive?

      MELODY: (sarcastically) Thanks for the support?

      She sighs and stops pacing.

      MELODY: You know, when they bought us back I thought we'd have a chance in here, together. Not much?but a chance to change who we are. But now look at us?

      LANCE looks down now. Tears form in her eyes.

      MELODY: Forced to turn on our friends, forced into hell...forced to be like this?

      She puts a hand to her mouth, crying.

      MELODY: (quietly) So please, please if not for me, then for us?for a change?

      LANCE looks at her, and sighs, shaking his head slowly after a brief pause.

      LANCE: I can't Melody?I can't change who I am?

      She looks incredulous that he wouldn't help her.

      LANCE: No more than you can?

      She looks at him devastated. Whatever he was, he could stay that way?but she was not going to stay weak for one moment longer. With these words from LANCE she turns and hurries out of the cell into the corridor.

      CUT TO ? L.A

      The colours on the screen have returned to normal once again. MELODY retains her unnatural smile at the scene. After recollecting such an upsetting experience she is not upset. Thinking back to a weaker moment in her life makes her stronger?but there was a weaker moment?one she had yet to remember?

      CUT TO ? L.A

      TOOLE is sat at the dining room table and he's sighing, fondling an object on the table. There is no one else in the room. The sound of a door opening can be heard. He panics and holds on to the object and rushes into the nearest bedroom?

      CUT TO ? L.A

      TOOLE hides in the room and closes the door, leaving only enough of a gap for him to peer into the room. It's CATE. She peers into the lounge and notices the coast is clear. She's wearing her coat and still with her determined look glazing her face. She silently sweeps towards the front door and slides out of the front door. All the while TOOLE watches her with a repressed longing to tell her something.

      WOMAN (O/S): (quietly) What are you doing?

      TOOLE turns around startled dropping the object. The sound of it rolling along the floor can be heard. He looks to see CHARLIE watching him from the bed. TOOLE has hidden in XAK'S and CHARLIE'S room. She's half sat up, confused. She hasn't noticed he's dropped whatever he was holding. He looks embarrassed.

      TOOLE: (stuttering) Uh?um, where's Xak? I've been looking for him?

      At the mention of XAK'S name, she seems to accept this is why he was here.

      CHARLIE: Oh, in the shower?

      TOOLE: Oh ok, I just wanted to talk to him about something?

      She nods.

      CHARLIE: Oh, ok?he should be out soon. He just likes to think over stuff when he showers?

      She looks down, sighing.

      CHARLIE: ?He's been doing it a lot recently.

      He nods, and walks towards her slowly.

      TOOLE: Yeah, I can imagine?

      He sits on the edge of the bed, but she doesn't look up. She looks wanting to change the subject?

      CHARLIE: What did you wanna talk to him about?

      TOOLE: Oh?uh Cate.

      CHARLIE: What about her?

      TOOLE: You're telling me you didn't hear about "I'm So A Slayer 2003"?

      She looks down.

      CHARLIE: (quietly) I guess I heard something along those lines?

      TOOLE: Yeah it's a big mess?

      CHARLIE: (monotonously) She'll sort it out?

      She looks blankly ahead.

      CHARLIE: ?She's strong.

      TOOLE nods, agreeing.

      TOOLE: She is?

      There's a small pause after this.

      TOOLE: So are you?

      She looks up at him.

      CHARLIE: Don't?

      She lies back down, shielding herself with the duvet once again. She breathes slowly, trying to remain composed and to not break down again. He looks at her.

      TOOLE: I'm sorry?

      CHARLIE: Don't apologise, I don't want apologies?

      She looks up at him.

      CHARLIE: ?I just want my daughter back?

      TOOLE: (promising) We will?we'll do it together?

      The camera moves away from TOOLE down to CHARLIE'S face. Because of the darkness in the room it's difficult to tell whether her eyes are appearing dark purely because of the shadows or if they have a darkly magical taint. Either way TOOLE doesn't see?

      CHARLIE: (whispering) We'll see?

      CUT TO ? L.A

      The night is at it's optimum. MELODY is stalking the thinning streets bored and unable to apply her new powers to her new world. Her eyes scan the alleyways hoping for a clue to a danger she can stop?she finds one. Various shadows begin to thrash and wildly flail in a nearby alleyway.

      MELODY: Imminent death?excellent?

      She runs over towards the alleyway?

      CUT TO ? L.A

      There is a young woman being attacked by two men. One is holding her back while the other is trying to pull her bag off of her, ignoring her desperate screams. She struggles and tries to break free of the men and their frightful grasp?

      WOMAN (O/S): Last year's Louis Vuitton?

      The men stop and turn to the voice. It's MELODY. She looks at the bag and then looks at the woman.

      MELODY: Trust me sweetie, they're doing you a favour?

      The men smirk and grab the bag. They push the woman to the floor, tears of fear pouring out of her feeble eyes. The men smirk at one another and go to walk past the motionless MELODY. With a quick flick of her fist into one of the mugger's stomachs, MELODY sends the mugger holding the woman's bag, soaring into the concrete alleyway wall. He falls to the floor unconscious.

      MELODY: ?On the other hand?

      She turns to the other mugger who looks at her scared.

      MELODY: (seething) I hate men like you?

      She shoves him against the wall and pulls out the knife. He scrunches his eyes immobilised with a sudden fear for his life. The sound of the woman whimpering nearby can be heard.

      MELODY: So consider this a favour?to the world?

      She raises the knife and goes to slam it into her neck but she suddenly feels her wrist restrained by a female hand. She turns around to see who has stopped her committing murder?It's CATE.




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        ACT THREE


        MELODY glares at her friend, her fellow Slayer and warrior. CATE looks at her angrily. In one of MELODY'S hands is the mugger looking at CATE desperately and in the other is the knife inches away from his face; stopped only by CATE. Suddenly?MELODY smiles.

        MELODY: (upbeat) Cate, what are you doing here?

        CATE stares at her incredulous.

        CATE: I wanted to ask you something?but I think I already got my answer?

        MELODY: Well why don't ya ask me anyway?it would be rude to presume?

        CATE sighs, worried profusely about MELODY'S behaviour.

        CATE: Are you?

        She stops, worried about asking considering.

        MELODY: ?What? A Slayer? Heck yeah sister.

        CATE sighs. MELODY looks at CATE'S hand, stopping hers; figuring.

        MELODY: You got it too?

        CATE looks away and nods.

        MELODY: Awesome?

        She lets her grip go of the mugger's neck and he slumps to the floor with the whimpering woman. CATE relinquishes her grasp on MELODY'S hand and they both seem to relax more.

        MELODY: ?You know how it happened?

        CATE: (shaking his head) No. Xak thinks Buffy did something?but I think it's something to do with the prophecy?maybe it started now thing's are bad?maybe they need us to fight?

        MELODY looks back to see that both the whimpering woman and the muggers have disappeared. She scoffs and pockets the knife?

        MELODY: (turning back to CATE, annoyed) Why do we "need" to fight?

        She storms past CATE and back on to the high street?CATE hurries after her.

        CUT TO ? L.A

        MELODY winds amongst a crowd of people, carelessly, with CATE hot on her heels.

        CATE: To get Sin back of course! And also?whatever we've been given this gift for?it's not for what you were doing back there?

        MELODY stops and turns back to her.

        MELODY: What do you know? We've only been training for a few months, we've had no contact with any slayers, I mean for crying out loud, we were trained by a demon/human hybrid?groomed to do his bidding in case anything happened to the brat. We're so much more than that.

        CATE storms towards her, pointing a finger.

        CATE: We're supposed to help people, and right now we're helping some extremely terrified parents! A Slayer is more than a killer?she's a protector?

        MELODY: Well you'd know all about justifying killing wouldn't you?

        CATE is hurt by the comment and looks down.

        CATE: (looking down) What the hell has happened to you?

        MELODY rolls her eyes and turns, walking away from CATE.

        MELODY: I got strong?

        A mixture of sadness and pure strength imbues her stance and posture?

        CUT TO ? L'AZURA

        The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. MELODY is walking down the corridor near KAKISTOS' cell once again. She's wearing the same tattered clothes that she was wearing when she went to see LANCE, indicating this she is just on her way back from visiting LANCE. She passes the open cell door, and feels his presence inside. Something about it makes her stop?so she does. She moves back to the cell door and peers inside. KAKISTOS is lying horizontal on the floor grunting through numerous rapid press ups. She just watches him.

        KAKISTOS: (without turning around) What do you want?weakling?

        MELODY looks scared.

        MELODY: Uh?nothing, never mind?

        She turns to leave.

        KAKISTOS: How's your puppy?

        He laughs slightly under his breath. She doesn't.

        MELODY: He's ok?he'll be out soon. I know it.

        KAKISTOS: Let out of one prison into another prison?lucky guy.

        He stops his exercising and stands up quickly.

        KAKISTOS: I give it a week?he'll be back in and you'll go back to being the pathetic little girl that nobody wants to play with.

        MELODY looks down and breathes deeply and then looks up to his scarred face laughing at her. She looks upset.

        MELODY: I'm not weak?

        KAKISTOS: Oh really? So you really think you're strong?

        MELODY: Well I think could be?with your help.

        She looks at him coyly. He just laughs once again.

        KAKISTOS: And why would I want to do that?

        MELODY: Well I would say out of the goodness of your heart but?

        This time he seems to laughs out of actual hilarity. She doesn't know whether to smile or not, but she has one attribute that can work to her advantage?her sexual prowess.

        KAKISTOS: Good one?

        She walks towards him.

        MELODY: Come on, can't you even admit you're a little curious?

        He looks at her wondering where this new confidence is coming from.

        KAKISTOS: (growling) More annoyed than curious, and you don't wanna see me when I'm angry. Get out?

        MELODY: ?To see how far I'll go?

        He smirks, folding his arms, attempting to tuck his cloven hooves under his arms.

        KAKISTOS: Trust me you'd break?women break so easily. I've seen stronger women than you break under me?

        She breathes deeply and moves closely towards him.

        MELODY: I have a high thresh hold?

        KAKISTOS: A thresh hold for what?

        MELODY: You name it?

        He looks at her for a moment, musing on what she's asking him.

        KAKISTOS: (quietly) You really wanna be strong?

        She nods.

        KAKISTOS: Then there's only one way to do it?

        He unfolds his arms and walks towards his cell door. She watches him wondering what he's doing?

        CUT TO ? L'AZURA

        The camera shows a head on view of his cell from the corridor. He walks towards the door, partially covering up MELODY behind him. He smirks and puts one of his hooves on the door.

        KAKISTOS: ?You gotta take all the power away?

        With one swift motion he slams the cell door to a close. It slams shuts with an echoing bang. There is a silence for a few moments before a blood curdling muffled scream can be heard from inside of KAKISTOS' cell. Whatever vile act he is doing to her?whatever lesson he's teaching her?it's ignored. Many prisoners, demons and guards walk past the cell door without even taking notice of MELODY'S cries for help?

        CUT TO ? L.A

        The colours are normal. MELODY'S face almost burning with rage and tears, recollecting what happened to her. She's still walking away from CATE, who is now approaching her from behind.

        CATE: You do not get to walk away from this, you need to talk to me?

        Angrily, MELODY spins round and uppercuts CATE'S chin with a swift punch. CATE soars through the air and smashes into a car bonnet. She crashes into the metal with a thud. She expects more pain than she actually received. She looks at herself shocked, then up to MELODY. They begin to attract the attention of passers by. MELODY stares angrily at CATE, relishing in her power?

        MELODY: I owe you nothing! It's because of you all of this happened, because of your friends I have lost everything!

        CATE: I know you're hurting?

        MELODY: Oh I'm beyond hurting?now I have this?

        She clenches her fist smiling.

        MELODY: I'm finally doing something on my own, I don't care about anything. Anything I've done?anything I've agreed to do, anything I will do?I don't care. I'm stronger than anything!

        CATE jumps off the car bonnet.

        CATE: Being this does not make you stronger than anything Mel!

        MELODY: And sitting in that apartment waiting for Xak's next idea to get one of us killed is?

        CATE: He didn't kill Ashby?

        MELODY'S eyes narrow hearing his name?

        MELODY: Don't talk to me about?

        CATE notices she's touched a nerve, she pursues it?

        CATE: Come on Mel?say his name?do something other than this. For crying out loud, grieve for him!

        CATE is now as close to her as she can be.

        CATE: Do something so I know you still have human emotions!

        MELODY in anger lashes out and goes to punch CATE but her fist is blocked skilfully by a quick reflex of CATE'S hands. She then headbutts MELODY to the ground. MELODY looks back up, also slightly surprised at the lack of pain she received from something that ordinarily would have. CATE looks down at her, apologetically.

        CATE: Ok so you feel anger?I kinda asked for that. (sighing) I'm sorry Melody, I just want you to stop this. We can do so much good with these powers?

        MELODY: Don't apologise for using your strength, never apologise for that?

        She spits out some blood and then stands and looks at CATE.

        MELODY: ?Powers like this are not used for good?they're rooted evil and they fight evil, that doesn't make them, or us, good?

        CATE shakes her head.

        CATE: You're wrong?

        MELODY: Come on sweetie?you know as well as I do what it comes down to?

        She moves close to CATE smiling sweetly.

        MELODY: It's about power?

        CATE turns and begins to walk away, a circulating crowd observing the confrontation.

        CATE: (repeating) You're wrong?

        MELODY: No, I'm so right Cate and you know it?

        CATE turns and screams?

        CATE: No! You're wrong!

        She spins round and kicks MELODY dead on in the stomach. MELODY flies into a shop display and smashes through the glass. She lies in the shop window laughing, a bed of glass beneath her. CATE moves to look at her, her sympathy exiled.

        MELODY: That's right Cate?embrace it?

        CATE: I will, if it means stopping you?I will?but I won't kill?

        MELODY rolls her eyes and jumps to her feet.

        MELODY: Yes you will?once you have a taste for it, you just want more, it's like a drug.

        CATE: Like that assassin?

        MELODY Heck yeah like him! (smirking) And like I tried to with Toole and Xak too?

        CATE'S face drops?

        CATE: (quietly) What do you mean?

        MELODY smiles and walks to the front of the shop window display, resting against the shattered frame.

        MELODY: Too busy that night to notice me huh?

        CATE: (confused) You?you tried what? I don't understand?

        MELODY: I tried to end them?

        CATE'S eyes widen.

        CATE: (upset) What?why?

        MELODY: The night Sin was born?you may have all been trying to save precious Charlie-kins but as far as Xak was concerned?I was taking matters into my own hands?


        The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The camera focuses on MELODY who's now glaring at the gang. SIN has just been born?MELODY rushes forward?

        MELODY: (whispering to herself) He's not gonna get away with this?

        ?She reaches down and picks up the gun, walking towards them?

        CATE (V/O): How could you?

        CUT TO ? L.A

        The colours return to normal and the camera focus on CATE'S completely disgusted face. Eventually it turns to MELODY who stares at her almost as shocked.

        MELODY: How could I not?! He was a killer?he almost killed his own girlfriend and child! He should have died?(seething) No one should treat a woman that way?

        CATE: And Toole?

        MELODY: Oh him? I didn't so much try to kill him, I just didn't save him. I left him in the car. He should be spread all over Sunnydale right about now in tiny charred chunks of barman. He was for you?

        CATE: (sarcastically) Damn have I been sending out death vibes again to you?

        MELODY: (ignoring her sarcasm) He was holding you back?he made you weak?he made you cry?

        CATE: (shouting) And that merits death!?

        MELODY: You have no idea what something like that can do to a person. I was saving you?I was trying to make you stronger?

        MELODY stands now and walks towards her sighing, disappointed.

        MELODY: ?But what a waste of time. Here you are still fighting for others, no one covering your back. You know what that is?

        CATE: (whispering) Enlighten me?

        MELODY: Pathetic?

        CATE punches her around the face angry, cutting MELODY'S face with the ring on her finger. Blood seeps from the cut, and around them they seem to have amassed quite a following of avid viewers.

        MELODY: Good girl?that's how it works?

        MELODY retaliates by pushing CATE back and jumping into the air and kicking CATE in the chest. She's winded slightly but not for long, she turns and sweeps MELODY off of her feet knocking her to the ground. MELODY quickly recovers by jumping to her feet and pulling out the knife. She spins and slices CATE'S arm, creating a clean tear. CATE gasps in pain and MELODY looks at her cautiously.

        CATE: Bitch?what the hell?

        MELODY: You know as well as I do there's only one outcome to this fight Cate?

        CATE knows what she's referring to?

        CATE: You're such a hypocrite! You talk about being free from powers and being your own woman but you're just trying to make sure you come out on top on some bogus prophecy?

        MELODY: What can I say babe, I'm always on top?

        CATE: Yeah well "babe"?I got news for you?

        She indicates the cut on her jacket.

        CATE: This jacket? It's yours, and ew?

        MELODY glares angrily and strikes at CATE with the knife but CATE smacks the knife out of her hand. MELODY looks shocked and punches CATE in the mouth cutting her lip. CATE is knocked back slightly giving time for MELODY to majestically back flip to her weapon. She lands just behind it and slides it up her sleeve just as CATE charges towards her and kicks her across the floor. She stands ready as MELODY flips to her feet once again.

        CATE: We can stop this Mel?we can find Marie, we can end whatever the hell is written on that piece of paper?

        MELODY shakes her head.

        MELODY: No?there's only gonna be one?one of us?

        Without a moments thought she lunges at CATE pulling out the knife from her sleeve. The pointed end of the weapon poised and aimed at CATE?

        CUT TO ? L.A

        The camera scans the room. It's empty. Void of furniture, plants and ornaments. Even the files are gone. All that remains is a small desk lamp sat atop an empty built in desk. The curtains are open allowing the moonlight to shower the office with some light, as well as the small contribution from the desk lamp. The office isn't empty either. It's owner is still here. DANTE is sat cross legged on the desk. He's wearing casual clothes and he looks tired. He has his back to the door and he looks unshaven and not his usual self. He's busy scribbling a note on a piece of paper, his mind buzzing with thoughts?The camera pans down to the piece of paper?it reads as a mind map?arrows going to various words?

        "Christian McArthur  Agreement?  Leigh Sinclair"

        "Me  ?suspcious, allegedly on to something?'"

        "Destruction  Me  Plot"

        "Sofia Rose?  Sin  Information?"

        "Phase One?  Turning Point?  Potentials?/L'Azura?/Sin?/Other?"

        "Christian  Death  Sin  Me?" (This is written in various orders?)

        Leigh + Chris + ?= Power?

        The camera finally shows arrows on the piece of paper going from all of these words to two words?

        PHASE TWO?

        The camera pans up to DANTE'S face. His eyes widen?

        DANTE: (quietly) I know?

        The camera moves away from him as he stares at the list silently and quietly. In the background we can see a man walk past the office, he looks depressed as if he's been recently rejected. A sense of worry fills him but also he looks troubled about something else. Almost as if he's bearing a burden he shouldn't be bearing, a burden cursed upon him?ANGEL?




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          ACT FOUR


          XAK enters in a pair of jeans, he has a towel in his hand and he's drying his hair. CHARLIE is asleep in the bed. He looks over at her and sighs. Slowly he walks over to her and kisses her head.

          XAK: (whispering) I'll get her back?I promise?

          He reaches for a t-shirt and stands, walking back towards the doorway to the lounge. As he walks he pulls on the top. The camera pans down to show CHARLIE lying on her side peacefully. Or so it would appear. All of sudden her eyes burst open, again it's too dark to see whether it's the darkness making her eyes seem darker or if it is infact a mystical influence. A green energy spark crackles around her, then dissipates quickly.

          CHARLIE: (whispering to herself, repeatedly) He'll get her back?he'll get her back?he'll get her back?

          CUT TO ? L.A

          TOOLE is stood in the kitchen a glass of water in his hand. He's looking at the doorway to XAK and CHARLIE'S bedroom but as XAK re-emerges, now fully clothed, he looks elsewhere. XAK looks in his direction, noticing they're the only ones left in the room.

          XAK: You ok man?

          TOOLE: Yeah I'm good?

          XAK: Listen uh?

          He sighs and walks over to TOOLE, running a hand through his damp locks awkwardly.

          XAK: I'm sorry about before?

          TOOLE: Don't be, you were right, it was all my fault.

          XAK: No it wasn't. You may have been linked with them but you'd never harm us, I know that?and I can't apologise more for saying what I did.

          TOOLE smiles warmly and smacks XAK'S arm; a masculine form of exhibiting appreciation and gratitude.

          TOOLE: Thanks.

          XAK smiles back too.

          TOOLE: So uh, what do we do now?

          XAK: Oh well I don't know, I guess I'd just about feel comfortable with a hug?

          TOOLE: Not me and you, I mean the gang?

          XAK breathes a sigh of relief and blushes, slightly embarrassed.

          XAK: Well I'm gonna need everyone on side?

          TOOLE: Well I don't know about the others but you got me?I'll be ready?

          XAK smiles. Any doubts he had about TOOLE'S loyalty and strength have gone.

          XAK: Thanks?I'm pleased?I just hope the others feel the same way.

          TOOLE: Yeah?

          XAK: Charlie's really not ready to deal with what's going on, she's pushing me aside I can barely get close to her?

          TOOLE: Yeah I noticed?

          XAK: You spoke to her?

          TOOLE: Well yeah earlier today, but everyone's noticed how she's been acting. She's finding it too hard, she's bottling everything up and it's not healthy?

          XAK: (looking down) I know?I've been trying to help. But she came out of our room which is a plus?

          TOOLE: No I saw her in your room.

          XAK: What do you mean?

          TOOLE: Um, well it's kinda stupid really. I saw Cate and I stupidly hid from her and I did it in your room.

          XAK: (curious) Why were you hiding from Cate?

          TOOLE: (lying) After the argument you two had? I didn't wanna stop angry denim-clad Cate?

          XAK: What do you mean, she was in her room last time I saw her?

          TOOLE: No?she's gone out. I saw her about an hour ago.

          XAK sighs, biting his bottom lip.

          XAK: She's gone after Melody?

          TOOLE: Is she in danger, should we help?

          XAK: Probably but?getting in the way of bitchy Slayers who need to work out their personal issues with one another doesn't sound like a good idea, least of all for two men.

          TOOLE: True?it's their deal, once they retract the claws they'll come home.

          XAK: (nodding, agreeing) You're probably right, just can't help but be worried, the state Melody's been in recently, I don't know if Cate could handle her if she's a Slayer.

          TOOLE: Cate's a strong woman, she's got a good heart, a heart that will penetrate even Melody?and you'll help Charlie?things just need a bit more time.

          XAK looks at his bedroom door wondering.

          XAK: Do we have anymore time to give? Sin?

          TOOLE: We'll get her back. We will.

          XAK: (quietly) I hope you're right?

          TOOLE: (robotically) I am Toole. I am always right.

          There is a small pause between them both and the camera lingers on them both for a few moments now. TOOLE looks almost awkwardly at the tension and tense atmosphere in the room.

          TOOLE: (seductively, breaking the mood) So, do I get that hug now?

          XAK: You wish?

          CUT TO - L.A

          MELODY, without a moments thought lunges at CATE pulling out the knife from her sleeve. The pointed end of the weapon poised and aimed at CATE?with an elegant move, CATE drops backwards and flips MELODY over her head into a nearby lamp post, causing it to dent and fall across the street. Some of the crowd scream and move out of the way of flying slayers and posts. CATE looks back at her.

          CATE: Don't forget?I learnt that one from you?

          MELODY picks herself up from the ground anger filling her. She throws the knife at CATE which she dodges effortlessly. The two of them walking towards one another quickly; their arms and fists poised ready to fight. MELODY in one corner, fighting for survival and strength. CATE in the other corner, fighting for her both of their survival.

          CATE: Let me help?

          MELODY goes to swing at CATE but CATE avoids the punch by leaning back. She lifts her leg up and kicks MELODY back. MELODY staggers back.

          MELODY: I don't need help?

          CATE swings at her but this time MELODY manages to block and she moves her elbow swiftly into CATE'S face. CATE looks shocked and spins round to back hand MELODY across the face but MELODY stops her mid spin.

          MELODY: You however, could use a hand with your pirouette?

          With a swift shove of her palm into CATE'S back, MELODY sends her friend flying through the air crashing into a brick wall. She groans in pain, feeling it more now as the wall crumbles slightly under the impact. CATE crashes to the floor, her hair and face layered with a thin sheet of dust.

          CATE: (weakly) We shouldn't be fighting?we should be stopping this?together?

          MELODY: Duh?I am. Stopping this from ever coming true?

          CATE: (sadly) You'd kill me?

          MELODY doesn't know how to answer.

          MELODY: You killed me?

          CATE stands now, weakly. A new strength fills her; the need for the truth.

          CATE: (angrily confused) You know that wasn't me! Seriously Melody, what happened to you? You're not a killer, you don't go against the people who stand by you, and even you know how to show emotions. So what happened?Was it The Clique? Ashby? L'Azura?

          MELODY glares at her sharply.

          MELODY: Don't you ever mention that place to me?you have no idea what it was like?

          CATE: (nodding) So it was there?

          MELODY: (seething) Shut up?

          MELODY storms towards her angrily and goes to punch her. CATE deflects her and slams MELODY into the wall, holding her there?

          CATE: (whispering) What happened there?

          MELODY'S eyes widen in fear?

          CUT TO ? L'AZURA

          The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. There is a sound of heavy breathing, a soft breath. The camera pans over the floor of the dirt ridden cell to show a bruised female foot. The camera pans up the cell to show the leg of a woman shrouded under a large dusty, grimy sheet. The leg is shaking, fearful. As the camera pans up the body of the woman we can see a bruised and cut arm too and finally the woman's face. It's barely recognisable as MELODY'S. Devastated beauty; covered in bruises and cuts. She whimpers clinging to the sheet terrified, crying?someone walks past the screen?

          KAKISTOS (O/S): Every time someone makes you feel like that?you make them feel ten times worse?you can only derive the biggest strength when you're at your very worst?

          MELODY looks at him as he passes. The sound of him leaving the room can be heard.

          KAKISTOS: (O/S) (his voice fading) Here ends your lesson?

          MELODY'S tears and breaths turn from weakness into strength as she stares ahead much more determined. Her scarred face left her with a deeper scar; the lesson she's never forgotten?

          CUT TO - L.A

          MELODY pushes CATE back on to the road and turns around.

          CATE: (pleading, with a calm and soothing tone) Tell me Melody?I can help you?we all can?it doesn't have to go this way!

          MELODY: You can't help me?

          CATE: Yes I can?you're just scared of letting me in?scared of telling me?

          MELODY glares at her as CATE begins walking slowly towards her.

          MELODY: (scared) Don't! You can't just offer me something like that?it's not that simple.

          CATE: Why isn't it?


          The instruments in the song begin to play as MELODY stares at CATE with tears in her eyes. CATE'S stance becomes more relaxed as she realises MELODY'S nature seems less threatening. She can't hold it in any longer?remembering it?she just wants to burst?

          MELODY: Because you have no idea what it was like to be alone there! You have no idea what it's like to be alone?full stop. Even at your very worst you shared a body with someone else. That was your strength?

          CATE looks at her sadly, hearing the truth; it's starting to set it?

          MELODY: So you do not get to stand there and offer solace for something you have no comprehension of! What I went through?I went through alone, and for what?! For saving you?for helping you and your friends I was put there!

          She breaks down.

          MELODY: (intermittent through tears) And I don't even blame you?none of you?I?I blame myself for the way I treat people?the way I treated my friends?everything that's happened, everything that's gonna happen, it's all my fault?and now he's dead?because of me?

          CATE looks at her sympathetically, tears in her eyes also hearing MELODY'S confession. CATE rushes towards her as MELODY'S legs look weak. CATE catches her as she falls and holds her as she sobs; and as she does the music and it's lyrics burst into sound. (The music below plays throughout)

          "And she will be loved
          She will be loved?"

          CATE holds on to her tightly and hugs her. They both cry together, completely fearful of their lives to come. (The music below plays softly throughout)

          MELODY: (softly) I'm so sorry?.I'm so sorry?

          "I don't mind spending everyday
          Out on your corner in the pouring rain?"

          CATE: (quietly) It's ok?it's ok?we'll stop it?I promise?

          MELODY clings to her apologetically pouring her sorrow and pain out of her grieving eyes. The camera pans up to a high angle of them both. CATE and MELODY in a fearful embrace, alone together against the world?(The music below plays throughout)

          "Try so hard to say?"

          FADE TO BLACK


          END OF EPISODE


          Special Guest Stars:
          and the voice of SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR as BUFFY SUMMERS

          Special Mention:


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            - The inclusion of Kakistos was a last minute idea. Originally I was just going to choose a random creation of demon that would show Melody how to be strong, but I feel this is a much more dramatic and has a bigger impact on Melody's character.

            - I'm never going to actually say what happened to Melody with Kakistos?I think it's better to leave it to the reader's imagination as it could be quite horrific and life altering?

            - Dante is only in one scene! What's he up to?

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            - Lance wasn't in this episode much either, I didn't see the point in including him much except for in Melody's flashbacks as that is where he is important in this episode.

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