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Shadow Stalker - 2.12 - ...Envy

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  • Shadow Stalker - 2.12 - ...Envy

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 2.12 ? ?Envy
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season Two starts alongside Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 4 of Angel and is in affiliated with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Broken Destiny (Joe); and Wishful Thinking (Ben); Raven (Alexander Brown).




    CATE and LANCE are stood in the middle of the lounge. He's trying to keep a straight face but she just looks annoyed.

    LANCE: It's not that bad?right?

    CATE: It's worse! She completely ignored my very detailed plans.

    LANCE: Do you mean those doodles drawn on the back of an old napkin?

    CATE: They were not doodles?and anyway?it weren't that old. The point is, she just disregarded everything I wanted.

    We now look around to see the lounge area. The room has expanded more by magic; the kitchen area is still in the far corner but has extended and looks more modern. On one side of the kitchen is a door to TOOLE and LANCE'S room. There is a bathroom on the other wall, and next to the bathroom is CATE and MELODY'S bedroom.

    LANCE (O/S): Is this about sharing a room with Melody?

    CATE (O/S): No, but she is a slob, now you mention it.

    LANCE (O/S): You don't have to tell me twice, I shared a cell with the woman.

    CATE (O/S): (intrigued) Did she throw her bras in your face too?

    LANCE (O/S):

    Their voices fade. On the next wall is a large bedroom for XAK, CHARLIE and SIN. Next to that one is another bedroom for SEPHY. In the lounge area there is a similar futon to the one in XAK'S old apartment in Sunnydale, this is for ASHBY. There are also other sofas and chairs, as well as a small dining room table.

    CATE (O/S): (sighing) I'll get over it?eventually?one day?

    The whole apartment has a modern feel to it, and looks beautiful?but apparently not to CATE. Voices and movements can be heard in some of the rooms. The camera moves back to show CATE and LANCE.

    CATE: (eyeing SEPHY'S room) I mean I respect her choices and all but she does live in the Underworld, she's hardly the queen of interior design.

    LANCE laughs.

    LANCE: You really can't let that go can you. Anyway should you be saying that so loudly, she'll hear you.

    On the other side of the room, TOOLE enters, he goes into the kitchen and begins making a coffee, the others don't acknowledge him.

    CATE (O/S): Nah she won't. She left this morning, gone soul searching to try and find out some information about Sin, and ways to stop this prophecy.

    LANCE: Fun stuff.

    CATE smiles at him and she smiles at him too. They continue their conversation as the camera moves away to show TOOLE is watching them, he tries to avoid watching them.

    GIRL (O/S): Tooley!

    He turns and sees SIN running towards him. She's grown again. She looks to be about 5 or 6 now, and the gang still hadn't figured out how or why she was growing. Her hair looks longer now, less curly but still dark brown. He smiles as she comes right up to him.

    TOOLE: (laughing) It's just Toole kid. What do ya want?

    SIN brushes her new dress. It's blue.

    SIN: (happily) Look at my pretty new dress! Charlie magick-ated it for me!

    TOOLE: Well what with you growing like a pretty sunflower, you're outgrowing all your clothes! "Mommy" has to magick-ate them so they grow with you.

    She laughs at the sunflower image.

    SIN: (laughing) Charlie's cool like that!

    TOOLE rolls his eyes, and he looks up to see CATE and LANCE laughing, she playfully touches his arm. TOOLE feels an anger fill him seeing the scene. SIN looks up at TOOLE but then sees he's looking at CATE and LANCE, she turns and looks at them both too. She watches them too with a sinister look to match TOOLE'S.

    CUT TO ? L.A

    HERMES is sat at his desk, a woman is sat opposite him but we don't see who it is.

    HERMES: I have to say, I was a bit surprised when I'd heard they were sending you so quickly.

    The woman doesn't say anything.

    HERMES: Of course you do understand the special reasons in your summoning? Wolfram and Hart are looking for new faces. New CEO, new liaisons to the Senior Partners, the works. The firm has gone downhill recently and they have foreseen fortune in a new team. Unfortunately, the current liaison and Child has proved unwilling to decease. Two, trusted agents, however are working on the problem at hand.

    WOMAN (O/S): Trusted? These agents have proved themselves?

    HERMES: (nodding) Countless times they have proved to be worthy allies to the firm and have constantly maintained a loyalty to us, instead of to their superior.

    WOMAN (O/S): Hm, they have the ability to lie to their superior officer, and you trust them? Seems stupid to me.

    HERMES looks angry at being thought a fool.

    HERMES: You are without authority in this firm yet, so I wouldn't be bold enough to make accusations about a pair of agents you have no history with?

    WOMAN (O/S): Well let's hope they are trustworthy?

    The camera begins to turn round to show the woman sat opposite him.

    HERMES: Trust me, they are, and when they have done their job, it will be time. It will not be long; I trust patience is a fair request?

    The woman is EVE.

    EVE: ?It is, for now?

    She smiles wickedly. The Senior Partners were already lining up the next Child of the Senior Partners?DANTE'S time was almost up?now it just comes down to who will get to him first. The goodies? The assistants? Or the bosses?





    The camera shows a full moon in the night sky with the caption "SHADOW STALKER" tattooed
    across the view. The words streak across the scene with a slight red tint as the music starts up.

    The camera then cuts to CHARLIE walking down the street in her red dress towards XAK. The camera shows several quick cuts of XAK transgressing and eventually him killing CHARLIE.

    The camera then shows XAK in a suit leaving the Wolfram and Hart building then to him in an
    alleyway, he looks dirty and unshaven and in dirty clothes. (The music below plays throughout)

    "It's bugging me, grating me
    And twisting me around


    The camera shows CHARLIE in her cell, scared and alone and then cuts to her standing in XAK'S apartment, and her eyes glowing a bright green.

    "Yeah i'm endlessly caving in
    And turning inside out


    The camera then shows XAK and CATE both running down the streets of L.A desperately. The camera then focuses more on CATE and cuts to her in The Bronze serving drinks, and then to her standing next to MELODY, both their fists raised, in a battle-like pose. (The music below plays throughout)

    "'Cause I want it now
    I want it now
    Give me your heart and your soul


    The camera shows TOOLE punching someone to the floor and then to him looking through a barely opened door, his eyes widen. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And i'm breaking out
    I'm breaking out
    Last chance to lose control


    The camera then shows DANTE sitting behind his desk smirking but quickly cuts to him holding something in both arms and looking out the window while the sun succumbs to darkness. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Its hurting me, morphing me
    And forcing me to strive


    The camera shows MELODY running through the prison in L'Azura and then to her sitting on a rock, sand surrounding her. (The music below plays throughout)

    "To be endlessly cold within
    And dreaming i'm alive


    The camera then shows LANCE sitting on the floor of the apartment laughing with someone and then to him clutching on to CHARLIE'S hand and shouting. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And i want you now
    I want you now
    I feel my heart implode


    As the song comes to an end the camera shows various quick caps of CATE by a grave; SEPHY walking into the Underworld smiling; MELODY and LANCE falling through the L'Azura portal; DANTE staring into the darkness with black eyes, then finally to XAK walking through the graveyard at night. The camera moves up and shows a high angle shot of him walking away and the shape of the dragon streaking across the sky causing the screen to fade to black. (The music below plays throughout)

    "I'm breaking out
    Escaping now
    Feeling my faith erode


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    CHARLIE is stood in front of a chest of drawers, she carefully and almost ritualistically places the last of some clothes in them and turns around to face XAK who is sat on the bed watching her.

    CHARLIE: That's it?

    XAK: That's it?

    CHARLIE: That's it!

    XAK: We're moved in?

    CHARLIE: We are most definitely moved in!

    She walks over to XAK who kisses her, she sits next to him.

    CHARLIE: You know two weeks ago if someone had told me I'd be living in Los Angeles, I wouldn't have believed them.

    XAK: You know two weeks ago if someone had told me I'd have a six year old daughter, and be living with Ashby, I think I'd have dropped dead from disbelief.

    She laughs.

    CHARLIE: It is kinda insane isn't it?

    XAK: It sure is, I just hope it doesn't get much more insane.

    CHARLIE: The mere fact you've spoken that sentence proves it will happen. In saying that, we've not been attacked in a week, and mom should have some news when she returns, so all seems to be on the up!

    XAK: True, but we haven't been attacked because we haven't left the apartment.

    CHARLIE looks nervous and laughs.

    CHARLIE: Oh yeah?about that?

    XAK looks at her, curious.

    XAK: What?

    She knows he won't like this?

    CHARLIE: (awkward) Uh well, she cornered me this morning and said how we needed some food shopping and how she couldn't get it by herself, and well I thought it was a good idea?

    XAK: (seriously) Charlie, who left the apartment?

    CHARLIE: Melody?and Ashby.

    He rolls his eyes and sighs. He wasn't all that surprised. No one was by MELODY'S erratic behaviour?

    CUT TO ? L.A

    MELODY and ASHBY are walking down the high street, it is busy and if it wasn't for MELODY'S trademark red hair, she'd be difficult to spot. ASHBY looks nervous as they walk down the sidewalk.

    ASHBY: Xak's gonna flip when he finds out we're not there?

    MELODY: Big deal?

    She looks around to see ASHBY looking in practically every direction at once, nervously. She laughs.

    MELODY: You look like a cat that's been let out the house for the first time.

    She moves next to him and puts her hand over his.

    MELODY: Just relax, it's your world, not theirs. Everything is just yours for the taking?don't be weak?

    He breathes deeply and smiles as he feels MELODY'S grip reassuring him. They carry on walking; he looks down at the fact she's holding on to his hand. He looks at her but she's too busy looking in all the shop windows.

    ASHBY: So um, Los Angeles is nice huh?

    MELODY: (vacantly) It's ok I guess?

    ASHBY: Well the company is at least?

    MELODY looks at him, an eyebrow raised.

    MELODY: What?

    ASHBY: (smiling) I meant, being here with you?it's ok.

    MELODY removes her hand from his grasp and carries on walking faster, laughing.

    MELODY: (walking off) You're cute...

    She laughs slightly and he watches her leave, but continues to follow her, regardless.

    CUT TO ? L.A

    LEIGH and CHRISTIAN are walking through the various offices of Wolfram and Hart. They both look different. LEIGH'S hair is brown now, she's dyed it and CHRISTIAN has grown his hair longer. They're both wearing expensive suits and look the part of Senior Officers or Special Agents as HERMES called them. They smile at various people as they walk through the office.

    LAWYER (O/S): Hey Chris, welcome back.

    CHRISTIAN: Hey Chester, nice to see you.

    TYPIST 1 (O/S): Leigh! Love the hair?

    LEIGH: Oh thanks! It's "bitter sweet chocolate".

    TYPIST 2 (O/S): It's so you.

    LEIGH: Thanks Miranda.

    TYPIST 2 (O/S): I'm Amanda.

    TYPIST 1 (O/S): Yeah, I'm Miranda.

    LEIGH: Great, good for you?

    They walk far out of view from them all and into a vacant corridor.

    LEIGH: (seething) Harpies?

    CHRISTIAN: (smiling) You forgot their names.

    LEIGH: ?Who cares what fat and fatter are called anyway. You seen Dante yet?

    CHRISTIAN: Not yet.

    LEIGH: I don't get it, we've been back a week and we haven't seen him.

    CHRISTIAN: That's a good thing.

    LEIGH: I guess.

    CHRISTIAN: Don't forget the story Hermes told us. We have to stick to it no matter what.

    LEIGH: Don't worry, I'm not a blonde anymore, I can remember things now.

    CHRISTIAN: A bottle of dye on your head for an hour and you can remember things better? If only more people knew?

    She laughs sarcastically, both their joking attitudes soon end when they turn the corner and see DANTE walking towards them. He's wearing a pinstripe suit and smiles on seeing them.

    DANTE: There you two are?

    LEIGH: (smiling fakely) Dante, how nice to see you?

    DANTE: It's Mr Turnpike now we're here Ms Sinclair?and yes, it's nice to see you both too.

    He looks happy, sincerely happy, almost too happy. CHRISTIAN and LEIGH look at one another confused at his sudden imposing of authority upon the two of them.

    LEIGH: (to DANTE) Where have you been?

    DANTE: Cleaning myself up, reorganising my office, getting people prepped for the extraction of the girl, talking to the boss upstairs?

    CHRISTIAN: Busy week then?

    DANTE looks at him.

    DANTE: Quite. Anyway, I wanna see you both in my office this evening after work; we've got lots to do?

    He smiles again at them both and carries on walking past them, they watch him leave, completely thrown.

    LEIGH: (hoping) Ok, fade out! Screen wipe! New scene?

    DANTE is still walking down the corridor, and is resolute in his upbeat attitude.

    LEIGH: ?Nope, didn't do it, one day I'll get that to work. (indicating DANTE) What the hell is with him?

    CHRISTIAN: That was odd?

    LEIGH: Either he's a changed man, he's completely flipped?

    CHRISTIAN: ?Or he suspects something. Keep your wits about you.

    She nods and they continue to watch him walk down the corridor until he disappears from sight.

    CUT TO ? L.A

    Although XAK and CHARLIE have moved all their stuff in, CATE and MELODY clearly haven't. Clothes are strewn across the room and a huge bag of MELODY'S stuff by the door. CATE goes to enter her "bedroom" and sighs.

    CATE: (to herself) I'm gonna kick that girl's ass when she gets back?

    She picks up the bag and walks towards MELODY'S bed. On her route however she manages to trip over an array of clothes hangers MELODY had left there the other day. She falls with a scream and MELODY'S bag flies through the air, hitting the wall with a thud. CATE lands on the floor and recoils in pain, grabbing her foot.

    CATE: (screaming) Ow!

    The commotion attracts TOOLE who appears in the doorway, clearly bothered by the sound of his ex-girlfriend in pain.

    TOOLE: You ok?

    She looks up at him.

    CATE: Oh I'm just dandy! Sitting on Melody's bras just fills me with pleasure?

    He laughs but notices her rubbing her foot, clearly in pain.

    TOOLE: You're hurt.

    CATE doesn't answer. TOOLE moves closer to her and crouches down.

    TOOLE: (inspecting the foot) It's minor in comparison to other injuries you could have sustained.

    CATE: Wolf roof attacks? Tell me about it?

    TOOLE smiles.

    TOOLE: Let me?

    He begins to massage her foot. She looks at him, but he's too busy massaging her foot to notice. She smiles weakly, in pain but liking the feel of TOOLE near her once again.

    TOOLE: ?Good job?(he pauses) Good job Lance was there to help you.

    CATE smiles again remembering fondly how LANCE saved her life, this time however TOOLE sees.

    CATE: Yeah, he saved my life.

    TOOLE looks at her, a small rage burning inside him towards his brother; a sin that develops in such occasions. He continues to focus on the foot as he massages them, trying to get the image out of his head of his brother kissing his girlfriend.

    CUT TO ? L.A

    LANCE is relaxing on his bed reading a book called "The Mill On The Floss", he looks immensely bored. As someone enters the bedroom he turns his head. It's TOOLE.

    LANCE: Hey?

    TOOLE doesn't look at him.

    TOOLE: Hi?

    LANCE: What you up to?

    TOOLE: Helping Cate move into her room at last, you?

    LANCE: Reading about the trials and tribulations of a young Maggie Tulliver. Some boring novel I found in the Winnebago?

    TOOLE: (vacantly) Cool?

    LANCE looks at his brother then decides to put the novel to the side.

    LANCE: You ok?

    TOOLE: Uh huh?

    LANCE: You sure?

    TOOLE turns.

    TOOLE: Lance, what are you getting at, do you not want me to be fine or something?

    LANCE: No, it's just you've been off with me, since?

    TOOLE: Since you kissed my girlfriend?

    LANCE looks down beat.

    LANCE: No, not that, that's become a customary silence between us?

    TOOLE: (not disputing this fact) Then what other thing am I "off with you" about?

    LANCE: Call me crazy but ever since I saved Cate?

    TOOLE doesn't reply, he just leans back against the wall and looks down.

    LANCE: (astonished) It is that isn't it?

    TOOLE: I know it's selfish but yeah it is?it should have been me to help I, I wanted to.

    LANCE: Do you know how ridiculous you sound? Throwing a tantrum because I saved her instead of you doing it? She would have died, would you have liked that, amidst our arguing Cate could have died?

    TOOLE doesn't answer. LANCE knows he agreed with that point so he pleads further?

    LANCE: ?And Melody was up there as well you know, but it was Cate who came to me for the weapon, not Mel. I'd have caught her if it had been the case.

    TOOLE: Oh of course, I forgot about you and your pal Melody. She's your new favourite isn't she?

    LANCE looks confused.

    LANCE: Huh?

    TOOLE: All these secret meetings, making sure she got out of the car instead of me?

    LANCE looks disgusted at the thought.

    LANCE: You're so wrong?we thought you were dead?

    TOOLE: (sarcastically) Well thanks for taking a whole two seconds to come to that decision?

    LANCE: It was the hardest thing I ever had to do?walk away from you?

    TOOLE: I thought you'd have been used to leaving your family to die, or remind me, did you leave or watch mom and dad get slaughtered?

    TOOLE now moves more towards him now, he's hurt at the prospect of all his friends leaving him to die. He did know that they were trying to protect CHARLIE, and he could have died?

    TOOLE: (as he's walking) You know I don't wanna take this any further than I have to, but trust me when I say this?

    LANCE looks shocked and upset by what TOOLE is saying. His eyes begin welling with tears.

    TOOLE: ?Back off Lance, and stay away from Cate.

    He stops in front of LANCE and then turns and walks away into lounge, where the sound of her and TOOLE talking off screen can be heard. He sounds surprised that she's in the lounge. The camera shows LANCE putting his head in his hands and he looks down. After everything, his parents' death, kissing CATE, leaving TOOLE in the car to die?he feels he deserves it?




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      ACT TWO


      LEIGH and CHRISTIAN are stood outside DANTE'S office, they look nervous.

      LEIGH: Guess we're gonna have to go in huh?

      CHRISTIAN nods, then knocks on the door.

      DANTE (O/S): (inside the office) Come in.

      The two of them open the door?

      CUT TO ? L.A

      DANTE is dressed much more casually now. He's not in his suit and he has a beer in his hand. There's a cooler on his desk with many beers inside it. He puts his on the table and holds out two of them for LEIGH and CHRISTIAN.

      DANTE: Welcome to the party!

      LEIGH: Da-?Mr Turnpike, this is?have you had a lobotomy?

      DANTE laughs.

      DANTE: No Leigh, just thought you know, there's no harm in keeping it friendly while we work this case?

      LEIGH and CHRISTIAN look at eachother unsure. CHRISTIAN is the first to move towards the desk and retrieve a beer from DANTE.

      CHRISTIAN: A noble gesture, thank you sir.

      LEIGH looks at CHRISTIAN, raising an eyebrow. DANTE gestures the beer in LEIGH'S direction. She takes the beer cautiously.

      LEIGH: Yes, thank you, "sir"?

      DANTE smiles at them both.

      DANTE: Well we have a lot of work ahead of us this evening?

      CHRISTIAN: Is there any news about the girl's whereabouts?

      DANTE: Well last I saw of them they were heading towards L.A, but they could be anywhere by now. I'm readying a sweep team to clean it up, as soon as we locate them.

      LEIGH: Shouldn't we wait to find her first?

      DANTE: No harm in being prepared; besides the Senior Partners want to move as quickly as possible.

      He smiles and then the phone on his desk rings. He picks up the phone.

      DANTE: Hello? Ok thank you, I'll send someone down.

      He puts the phone down.

      CHRISTIAN: Who was that?

      DANTE: Chinese delivery thought we could eat while we work.

      CHRISTIAN and LEIGH look even more suspicious now, and share a brief but shocked look at DANTE'S hospitality.

      DANTE: Christian, you wouldn't mind getting it would you?

      CHRISTIAN: (trying not to laugh) Uh no sir, not at all.

      DANTE: Call me Dante; we're out of hours now.

      CHRISTIAN has to leave the office now to stop himself from laughing at DANTE'S hospitality. LEIGH keeps taking sips at her beer to maintain decorum, but as CHRISTIAN leaves and it is just her and DANTE, a silence erupts. DANTE sits at his desk and sips his beer as he types on the computer whilst they wait for CHRISTIAN. LEIGH looks curious as to why he's doing this and if he in fact suspects something.

      LEIGH: Well, this is, nice?

      DANTE: (looking up from the computer, smiling) It is isn't it?

      LEIGH: So, this week was kinda boring huh?

      DANTE: Uh huh.

      LEIGH nods, smiling. She then decides just to say it?

      LEIGH: You know people have been talking.

      DANTE: You know better than anyone not to listen to idle office banter Leigh.

      LEIGH: Oh I know, it's just it got me thinking; don't you think it was kinda odd Thorn didn't kill you?

      DANTE thinks for a moment, playing along.

      DANTE: (lying) Don't you mean try to? (smiling) Not really, he's taking a more defensive role, protecting the brat, and you can tell that to whoever's taken your crown as the gossip queen.

      LEIGH looks surprised that DANTE is not probing too much into this, she puts on a face.

      LEIGH: Ha ha! Very funny?we thought you were a goner you know. You looked like you'd given up hope.

      DANTE: Well looking at my odds I wasn't hopeful, but I showed those Potentials a thing or two?

      LEIGH: I'm sure you did.

      There is silence for a few minutes. Now it's DANTE'S turn?

      DANTE: So I didn't see you guys much this week?when did you guys leave Sunnydale anyway? After I spoke to Christian?

      She looks slightly thrown?

      LEIGH: Oh you know, Christian told me you'd survived, we phoned the firm to tell them you'd fortunately lived, and to scold them about sending you on a suicide mission?

      DANTE raises an eyebrow.

      LEIGH: ?Ok, so I praised them and used the word unfortunately.

      They both laugh, jokingly.

      LEIGH: Anyway, when they found out you were alive they told us to pack up our stuff and come home. They said that we'd reconvene here?

      DANTE takes a swig of his beer; something she's said has caused more suspicion?

      DANTE: Hm?

      LEIGH: What?

      DANTE: Nothing, just similar to what Hermes told me.

      LEIGH: Why's that weird? Of course it would be similar.

      LEIGH goes to take a swig of her beer?

      DANTE: You should know, when I use the term similar?I'm talking about word for word similar?

      ?She stops. She looks at him, as his eyes search hers. He was looking for a figment of a liar in her eyes. He'd answered his question well, but she hadn't?

      CHRISTIAN (O/S): Ok, won tons and sweet chilli beef here we come?

      In the background, in soft focus, CHRISTIAN appears. He looks at the two of them who seem to be staring one another out. He walks closer, cautiously, wondering what was said whilst he was gone.

      CHRISTIAN: (looking at them both) Is everything ok?

      DANTE: (smiling) It's fine?

      CHRISTIAN looks at LEIGH.

      CHRISTIAN: Leigh?

      LEIGH: You know I'm feeling a bit tipsy, you know me, lightweight when it comes to alcohol. Sorry Dante, it's been a long day?I'll catch up in the morning?

      He doesn't nod, he just looks at her.

      CHRISTIAN: Oh ok?

      LEIGH: (to CHRISTIAN) I just need to get some sleep, I'll wake you at 7am?

      CHRISTIAN nods. She smiles at him and touches his arm. She gives DANTE a look before turning and walking to the office door. CHRISTIAN watches her go with a sad face, and also unsure as to what LEIGH has actually said to DANTE in his absence. DANTE looks at CHRISTIAN, smirking. He was making them nervous?he was on to something?

      DANTE: So uh, what was that about sweet chilli beef?

      CHRISTIAN turns, almost forgetting he was also with DANTE. He passes the bag containing the Chinese to DANTE, who takes it to the desk. CHRISTIAN looks at DANTE unpacking the delivery almost awkwardly. He hadn't been alone with him for a while and given everything that had happened recently, he wasn't sure how to act?

      DANTE: (with his back to Christian) Help yourself to a beer Chris, got plenty to get through?

      With LEIGH gone, DANTE'S friendly attitude didn't seem so funny anymore?

      CUT TO ? L.A

      MELODY is sat on the sofa flicking through the pages on a magazine while LANCE and ASHBY are sat opposite her watching the new wide screen television that SEPHY had summoned as an extra touch. LANCE still looks hurt from earlier. CATE is in the kitchen cooking. XAK is stood with her and SIN is sat on the kitchen counter with them both, she's entranced by watching CATE cook.

      XAK: I was thinking you know, now Melody's proved how it's safe to go out?

      CATE smiles nervously.

      CATE: Yeah sorry about that, she's a determined woman, and there is the whole cabin fever issue.

      XAK laughs.

      XAK: ?True. Anyway I was thinking maybe we should start training again? We could go out tonight and go for a quick patrol, the three of us?

      CATE: Yeah, I think after last week it would be good you know, to be more prepared.

      She looks in MELODY'S general direction. Someone else enters the room now, and walks towards XAK, CATE and SIN.

      CATE: I'll check in with her later.

      It's TOOLE. He smiles at seeing them both.

      TOOLE: Hey.

      CATE: Hey.

      XAK: Hey man, what's up?

      TOOLE: Uh, you mind if I have a quick word with Cate?

      XAK: Say no more?

      He scoops SIN up in his arms.

      SIN: Aww but I wanna watch the chicken?

      XAK: Well when your mom is finished having her bath, it's time for your bed, the chicken is for grown ups to eat.

      SIN looks to be in a mood with her father.

      SIN: I wanna be a grown up, then I can be mean like you?

      CATE and TOOLE looks down, knowing this will hit home with XAK. He smiles however at CATE and TOOLE, and then leaves with the girl. CATE and TOOLE watch them leave.

      TOOLE: Sweet kid?

      CATE: (nodding) She really is?so, what did you wanna talk about?

      TOOLE: Actually, I just wanted to ask you something?

      CATE: Sure.

      She looks at him expectantly, while TOOLE looks at her almost embarrassed to ask.

      TOOLE: Well I just thought now the non-leaving rule is lifted, maybe we could both leave together?

      CATE looks confused.

      CATE: What do you mean?

      TOOLE: Together, you know. Maybe we could go get some coffee or something? Or a drink?

      CATE looks down at her chicken, with TOOLE and LANCE in her peripheral vision. After a while she looks back up.

      CATE: Sure, coffee sounds great.

      TOOLE smiles.

      TOOLE: Awesome.

      CATE: Could you just watch the chicken?

      TOOLE: Uh sure?

      CATE: It's just; times like these call for girlie chats?

      She indicates MELODY. TOOLE looks over.

      TOOLE: (laughing) Oh, right sure!

      CATE nods, and walks over to MELODY who is trying to shuffle further away from ASHBY. TOOLE stands watch over the cooking bird with a smile on his face. Maybe after everything?thing's can get back to how they were?

      CATE: Sorry Ashby, I need to borrow your girlfriend for a minute?

      MELODY looks embarrassed.

      MELODY: Whoa, wait he is not my boyfriend?

      CATE rolls her eyes.

      CATE: Whatever Harp, bedroom now?

      MELODY sighs and throws her magazine on the sofa, before quickly moving towards hers and CATE'S bedroom. LANCE watches her leave.

      CUT TO ? L.A

      CATE paces the room while MELODY sighs and stands near the door, which she has closed behind her.

      MELODY: What is it?

      CATE: (quickly) Toole wants to go for coffee, is it too fast? I mean I kissed his brother and this is hardly the right time what with the never-ending evil and growing child of doom!

      MELODY: Whoa whoa whoa?

      CATE stops herself now, breathing.

      MELODY: It. Is. Just. Coffee.

      CATE: It's never just coffee?

      MELODY: Well maybe this is! After everything is it so crazy that he just wants you both to go out and get away from it all for a couple of hours. Heck I did today.

      CATE: Yeah that just proves my point! This is turning too coupley?

      MELODY: (sighing) Ashby and I are not a couple!

      CATE rolls her eyes.

      CATE: You're more than friends?

      MELODY goes to protest. The camera moves up to an air vent at the top of one of the bedroom walls?

      CUT TO ? L.A

      CHARLIE has her clothes on but her hair is wet and the remaining of the bath water is slipping down the drain. She is wearing her skinny jeans, impressed that she has managed to gain her slim waist. She brushes her hair but she soon becomes distracted as she hears the not so distant sound of CATE and MELODY'S conversation in the room next door.

      CATE (O/S): (interrupting) ?Deny that and I promise you I will destroy you.

      CHARLIE looks up curiously at the air vent, listening intently to what is being said next door. The sound of MELODY sighing, infuriated, can be heard.

      MELODY (O/S): (moving on) Well if you're worried that you and him are moving too fast, then make sure he knows that?

      CUT TO ? L.A

      MELODY: ?He'll understand, Toole's cool about being talked to about relationship stuff.

      CATE nods, then looks confused.

      CATE: How would you know?

      MELODY looks worried now, she didn't mean to let slip she'd talked with TOOLE about breaking up with CATE?

      CUT TO ? L.A

      CHARLIE listens to this point intently?

      CUT TO ? L.A

      MELODY: I spoke to him when things were bad with you guys. Just talked to him?made him see sense?

      CATE considers this. She then smiles, thinking MELODY persuaded TOOLE to talk to her.

      CATE: Oh ok. Well it seemed to have worked. Thanks.

      MELODY: (relieved) Anytime!

      CUT TO ? L.A

      CHARLIE looks from the air vent to the door of the bathroom sadly. She had forgotten about the woes of her best friend, about MELODY and TOOLE'S discussion in the alleyway post-brother kissing. She shouldn't have. If things with XAK, SIN and SEPHY were not so time consuming she'd have had time to save CATE and TOOLE'S relationship?maybe it was not too late?

      CUT TO ? L.A

      The elevator at one end of the corridor opens and out comes LEIGH. The light from the outside window is shining in indicating a new morning. She is dressed but looks tired at the early rise.

      LEIGH: (yawning, to herself) You better be up Chris?

      She arrives to a door and knocks on it.

      LEIGH: Chris, wake up call?

      There is no answer, but there is a sound from within the room; water is running. She knocks again.

      LEIGH: Chris?

      She tries to open the door, it is unlocked. She opens it slightly and enters?

      CUT TO - L.A

      There are bottles of beer on the carpet and the sound of water running can be heard stronger now. The camera pans up LEIGH'S body to show her shocked face at the mess before her. She looks quizzical as she sees a mass lying under the duvet on the double bed across the room. The water running is from the bathroom, a shower?

      LEIGH: Chris?

      The lump moves suddenly revealing CHRISTIAN. He's naked but covered by the duvet. His hair is messed and he is clearly feeling the repercussions of drinking. He looks around the room at the mess before him, before fixing his eyes on LEIGH.

      CHRIS: (gruffly, rugged) Leigh?

      LEIGH: Wake up loser we have a big day ahead of us and you should?

      The shower stops running. LEIGH looks at the bathroom surprised, then back to CHRISTIAN who looks horrified.

      LEIGH: Who's here?

      CHRISTIAN: Leigh?I?

      The sound of someone entering from the bathroom. The person has a towel wrapped around them but is naked underneath clearly. The person has a rippled body and rugged good looks?

      LEIGH: (horrified) You?

      DANTE TURNPIKE?LEIGH looks upon him with pure sin burning in her eyes. All of them burning within her at once. He looks at her, smirking.

      DANTE: (to LEIGH) Surprise?




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        ACT THREE


        The scene is continued from the previous Act. LEIGH is still stood by the door, she looks shocked. DANTE looks at her smirking, while CHRISTIAN looks in horror at LEIGH'S presence, suddenly feeling much more awake. All of a sudden, LEIGH starts laughing.

        LEIGH: Ok, fade out! Screen wipe! New scene?nope?still the same, funny, thought I'd at least be able to erase this image?

        CHRISTIAN: Leigh?

        LEIGH: (seething) I really wouldn't speak my name right now?

        He looks down, upset. LEIGH glares at him.

        LEIGH: ?What the hell is this?!

        DANTE: Would you prefer a diagram? A play by play?

        LEIGH: (quietly) ...Shut up?

        DANTE: ?Or you know we can film it next time and you can catch the live show.

        LEIGH: (shouting) I said, shut up!!

        DANTE smiles at her, almost laughing. He walks towards her, still with only a towel around his waist. He leans in and whispers in her ear, she glares ahead at CHRISTIAN throughout.

        DANTE: (whispering in her ear) Don't think I'm not on to the two of you, I know you're planning something, and I know you're playing me. But you forget who you're playing "Ms Sinclair"?and believe me when I say, if you carry on playing me, well, this is only a mere indicator of the power I have over you two?

        LEIGH: (seething) ...We'll see?

        He smiles at her then walks towards the door. His smile fades, as he wonders what they're up to?LEIGH just confirmed there is something to be worried about?but is DANTE the sort of man who worries about these things? He used to be invincible, a man of unstoppable power?but someone was sapping it away, slowly?gradually, he was beginning to find this out?he was going to stop it. He opens the door and walks out of the room. LEIGH continues to glare at CHRISTIAN.

        LEIGH: Well? Care to elaborate, without details please?

        CHRISTIAN shuffles towards the end of the bed, covering himself with the duvet.

        CHRISTIAN: I should have told you.

        LEIGH: (laughing incredulously) So this has happened before?

        CHRISTIAN: (quietly) Before I even knew you?

        LEIGH shakes her head.

        LEIGH: ?How? How could you go near him after Annette?

        CHRISTIAN looks down. LEIGH watches him?for a moment there is a pause, then she realises.

        LEIGH: Annette Du Pirk?lovely anagram there Chris. Dante Turnpike? I can't believe you lied to me?

        CHRISTIAN: I know! I'm sorry?

        LEIGH: Why do it? Even if Annette was a lie, he treated you like dirt?

        CHRISTIAN: Everything I told you about Annette was true?apart from the names, it's all true!

        She looks down.

        CHRISTIAN: I fell for him when he was in England on a mission, a Hellmouth beneath my college, it was a long term job, there was something about him, we just clicked.

        LEIGH: Was it the ability to be a skanky liar?

        CHRISTIAN: (ignoring her, continuing) My parents couldn't accept us, so when the demons were taken care of, I came back to L.A with him. He pulled some strings and got me a job as his personal assistant. It didn't take long before the Senior Partners found out and they wouldn't accept it either?I was a distraction. Soon Dante became so absorbed in his role, absorbed in Wolfram and Hart?and I lost him.

        LEIGH: (sarcastically) Very heartfelt?I'll bring in the violins any minute now.

        CHRISTIAN: Look I know you have no reason to believe me but I'm telling the truth now. I have tried to get over him, believe me. But, every time I get close to someone, I just can't put him out my mind?this is the wake up call I needed, it's over.

        LEIGH nods, laughing.

        LEIGH: I'm so happy for you.

        CHRISTIAN pauses for a moment.

        CHRISTIAN: This doesn't change anything.

        LEIGH: (shouting) Wrong! It changes everything! You have sat there for almost a year and schemed with me about how we're going to destroy him and end it, when all the time you and him have been laughing behind my back!

        CHRISTIAN: It wasn't like that! Last night was a one-time thing after a very long dormant relationship?it won't be happening again, and besides, he knows nothing!

        LEIGH: He's on to something Christian, how could you be so stupid. You know what, whatever! Bounce around on the boss for all I care?we're done.

        She turns and walks towards the door.

        CHRISTIAN: (shouting) No! You do not get to end this, this is an agreement, and you don't get to back out of it because you saw something you didn't like.

        She stops and listens to him.

        CHRISTIAN: Now I started this, and I was there when we stole Sofia's information, I was there when we both saw Phase One follow through, and I will be there when Phase Two executes?every little part of it?

        LEIGH turns now and looks at him. He looks at her too.

        CHRISTIAN: (sincerely) ?I'm sorry we're not doing this for the same reasons, but believe me when I say this only makes me more determined to kill him?

        LEIGH sighs and crosses her arms.

        LEIGH: You're right. We're not doing it for the same reasons. I'm doing this to take down the man who has destroyed my life, and then hopefully regain whatever fragment of freedom I have?

        She looks him up and down, blankly.


        LEIGH: (quietly) ?I'm not doing this to get over him.

        The music begins as CHRISTIAN looks at her sadly, and she turns and leaves the bedroom now, through the same door DANTE exited from. CHRISTIAN runs his fingers through his hair and looks down, putting his head in his hands. (The music below plays throughout)

        "Oh, when the day is blue
        I'll sit here wondering about you
        And how the pollen fell
        All around your face in strange yellow patterns

        CUT TO ? L.A

        LEIGH walks out CHRISTIAN'S bedroom into the corridor. She takes a deep breath and wipes her eyes. (The music below plays throughout)

        "But, I wasn't prepared for this"

        She turns and walks in the opposite direction from where she came, away from the elevator. As she disappears from the frame, a towelled DANTE appears from behind a corner. He's heard everything?He looks at LEIGH leaving, curiously, and then to CHRISTIAN'S bedroom. What was Phase Two? What was Phase One? This wasn't all he was thinking?Sofia's information, freedom? It was starting to add up?but not entirely?(The music below plays throughout)

        "Oh, no, I wasn't prepared for this?"

        CUT TO ? L.A

        TOOLE and CATE are walking into the caf?. They sit outside on the sidewalk at a table for two. A waitress comes over to take their drinks order, and walks away smiling. CATE smiles at her and looks down to see TOOLE looking at her in adoration. The music from the previous scene is now playing from within the caf? itself. The song plays quietly in the background.

        CATE smiles at him slightly.

        CATE: It's nice here.

        TOOLE: Ashby said he saw it yesterday, thought it looked nice, but Melody refused to be seen with him.

        CATE nods.

        CATE: Oh right.

        TOOLE sighs.

        TOOLE: Are you ok?

        CATE: I'm ok.

        TOOLE: Is that ok spelt n-o?

        CATE looks away, looking almost a bit angry now.

        TOOLE: Look I know things haven't been easy but you and I have been getting on better recently?

        CATE: We've hardly spoken?

        TOOLE: ?But I want us to. Now we know where we stand, we can work on this, I want us to work on it.

        CATE: I want that to?but it's not that easy.

        TOOLE: Why not?

        CATE: Because of how you spoke to Lance last night?

        TOOLE looks down.

        CUT TO ? L.A

        The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. It is yesterday. CATE emerges from her bedroom and looks around the lounge for something. She spots her item; scissors. She walks over to a cabinet next to the doorway to TOOLE and LANCE'S bedroom. She picks them up and goes to walk away when she hears the argument from within the bedroom.

        TOOLE (O/S): ? Remind me, did you leave or watch mom and dad get slaughtered?

        CATE looks shocked at hearing this.

        TOOLE (O/S): You know I don't wanna take this any further than I have to, but trust me when I say this?

        She looks awkward and moves further away from the door, to make it look like she's just left her bedroom.

        TOOLE (O/S): ?Back off Lance, and stay away from Cate.

        He then emerges from the bedroom angry. His angry face turns into a smile upon seeing CATE.

        TOOLE: Hey.

        CATE looks at him, unsure. Then smiles falsely.

        CATE: Hey?

        CUT TO ? L.A

        The colours are back to normal. TOOLE is looking down as CATE looks away at people walking past.

        TOOLE: (quietly) I thought you hadn't heard?

        CATE: Yeah, well I did.

        He sighs.

        TOOLE: I'm sorry you did.

        CATE: You shouldn't be apologising to me, you should be apologising to Lance for saying those awful things?

        TOOLE: I just?

        CATE: You're being a typical man. You see me getting close to Lance and you think we're up to something.

        TOOLE: It's not you?it's him?You don't know what he's like. He's a cheat, a liar and a burden.

        CATE: Maybe he used to be all those things, but not anymore. Do you honestly think I'd give him the time of day if he were?

        TOOLE can't answer.

        CATE: The only reason I'm close to him because he's a good man and he was there for me when others weren't. I'm not getting close to him because I want him?

        TOOLE looks up to her guiltily.

        CATE: I'm finding it too difficult to get over the last guy I was with?

        She gives him a look, upset.

        TOOLE: Did he hurt you?

        She looks teary eyed now, she looks down.

        CATE: Yeah?he really did.

        TOOLE: Me too?

        They both look away upset; from behind them the waitress appears with their coffees. She senses an atmosphere and places their drinks in front of them before leaving. Both CATE and TOOLE look at one another, then to their drinks and then slowly move their eyes away.

        CUT TO ? L.A

        SIN is scrunched up into a ball on the sofa. CHARLIE is sat near her looking infuriated. XAK is serving up some food on to a small plate in the kitchen. MELODY is sat nearby watching television with LANCE, and ASHBY emerges from the bathroom.

        CHARLIE: Sin come on, you have to eat.

        SIN: (muffled) No!

        ASHBY walks over.

        ASHBY: (to CHARLIE) Everything ok?

        MELODY and LANCE look at him surprised. CHARLIE looks at him.

        CHARLIE: She won't eat her dinner.

        SIN: (muffled) It's gross!

        CHARLIE: I dunno what to do; she's been like this all week.

        ASHBY smiles reassuringly then looks at SIN.

        ASHBY: Sin?hey listen. If you eat your dinner for mom and dad, I'll go down to the store and pick you up whatever toy you want.

        SIN looks up from the cushion.

        SIN: Really?

        ASHBY nods. SIN smiles at him and then runs towards XAK for her meal. CHARLIE looks at her sadly then back to ASHBY.

        CHARLIE: How did you do that?

        ASHBY: She's a six-year-old girl; she's not a baby. You were prepared for a baby; well I'm guessing, right?

        CHARLIE: Something like that, I'm just not very good at this. I have to protect her and be a mother, and pretty soon she won't need either?

        XAK looks over from the table where he is sat with SIN helping her with her dinner. MELODY and LANCE look down sadly.

        ASHBY: (sympathetic) All you can do is be there for her, adapt as best you can like she is. It's scary for everyone but you've done your best so far, and you've kept her safe. For an ordinary child that's great?but for Sin? That's incredible.

        CHARLIE smiles at him. XAK also smiles overhearing. MELODY looks at ASHBY happily, LANCE notices and catches her eye, which causes her to look back at the television.

        ASHBY: I bet it's scary, but hey you have us. Not that I'm much use but you got any troubles? Come to the barman?

        She gives him a hug, which allows him to see XAK and LANCE looking at him smiling. SIN is busy eating and MELODY is trying to avoid his eyeline, and trying to avoid smiling by biting her lip. ASHBY breaks away from the hug, embarrassed.

        ASHBY: Ok, no need to go all Kodak on me?

        CHARLIE laughs slightly and stands. She walks over to the table and sits on XAK'S lap. He puts an arm around her and they watch SIN, smiling, and feeling more confident as parents. CHARLIE strokes her hair, which causes SIN to look up and smile at her.

        CHARLIE: I love you?

        SIN looks at both her parents. She smiles but doesn't answer, she returns to eating her meal in anticipation of ASHBY'S promise.

        CUT TO ? L.A

        LEIGH and CHRISTIAN are standing outside DANTE'S office. She's staring ahead, but he tries to get her attention by looking at her.

        CHRISTIAN: Are you not talking to me?

        LEIGH: Looks that way?(realising) apart from that.

        CHRISTIAN: I'm sorry?this is my problem, not yours.

        LEIGH: It is if you told him anything.

        CHRISTIAN: Do you think we'd still be here if I had? It kills me I hurt you?it truly does?

        She sighs and looks at him.

        LEIGH: Don't ever lie to me again?

        CHRISTIAN: I promise.

        He smiles and reaches out for her hand. She looks at it surprised?he wanted to be close remembering what happened the last time she tried to get close to him. She looks scared and worried but holds his hand.

        CUT TO ? L.A

        There is a knock at the door. DANTE opens it. CHRISTIAN and LEIGH are stood there. They're not holding hands anymore. DANTE looks surprised.

        DANTE: Well well well, it's the assistants.

        LEIGH: (in acknowledgement) Mr Turnpike.

        CHRISTIAN: (nodding) Sir.

        DANTE looks to and from them both. Anyone could see they were fuming underneath the surface. He smiles and plays along as if nothing's happened.

        DANTE: Well I'm glad you're both here?

        He turns and walks towards his desk, a laptop is open. LEIGH and CHRISTIAN enter and follow him towards the desk.

        DANTE: ?Something very interesting has happened.

        LEIGH: Hm, how very ominous, did you figure out a way to kiss your own ass?

        DANTE: I did, but I have workers to do that for me?

        He looks at CHRISTIAN who doesn't notice, but LEIGH does. She looks bothered. They all move around to look at the laptop. CHRISTIAN taps on the laptop for a few seconds, and then presses enter. A continuous, repetitive beep can be heard, it's slow but steady.

        LEIGH: What's this?

        CHRISTIAN knows.

        CHRISTIAN: You found them?

        LEIGH looks at CHRISTIAN, shocked. DANTE stares at the computer screen smiling. He'd found the gang?


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          ACT FOUR


          CHARLIE emerges from her bedroom, and sighs happily. XAK looks over to her, he's washing up in the kitchen.

          XAK: Everything ok?

          She nods and walks over.

          CHARLIE: Straight to bed. She wanted to play with her new dragon toy but I told her no.

          XAK smiles, and turns back to washing the dishes.

          XAK: Yeah I'm gonna have words with Ash about buying that for her.

          She smiles and puts her arms around his waist and leans her head on his back.

          CHARLIE: We're doing ok right?

          XAK: You don't need to keep asking that, we're doing perfect.

          CHARLIE: But it's not always going to be like this.

          XAK: I know, we'll know more when your mom comes back.

          CHARLIE: I wish it were soon. She's the only one with mom-experience and answers.

          XAK: She'll be back soon, with answers.

          He turns around, now finished washing the dishes. He gives her a hug.

          XAK: In the meantime we have another stand in mom-experience-r.

          CHARLIE laughs and they both look over in ASHBY'S direction. He's sitting next to MELODY on the sofa; she's trying to not look too comfy lying against his arm. CATE is sat next to TOOLE at the table, they're eating. He looks to her.

          TOOLE: Thanks for this.

          CATE: That's ok, thanks for coffee.

          He smiles weakly.

          TOOLE: Anytime.

          CATE: So what are you going to do?

          TOOLE: Talk to him I guess?

          CATE: What about?

          TOOLE: You, and?

          He looks around at XAK and CHARLIE, they're not listening or looking in their direction.

          TOOLE: ?the Wolfram and Hart thing.

          CATE: Oh, of course?

          TOOLE: I think that could be a root to our problems, if we talked about it, got it out in the open?

          CATE: Are you gonna tell the others?

          TOOLE: Not yet, I'm not ready?

          CATE: That's ok?

          She smiles at him and puts her hand on his. He looks at her and smiles too. As he does the front door opens and LANCE enters. They both look in his direction. He looks at them, and looks down before heading towards his bedroom. CATE motions at TOOLE to go after him.

          CUT TO ? L.A

          LANCE is taking his jacket off when TOOLE appears in the doorway. He looks guiltily at his younger brother.

          TOOLE: Hey, could we talk?

          LANCE: (monotonously) I got the message yesterday.

          TOOLE: Well then you got the wrong one.

          LANCE looks at him now, surprised. TOOLE moves closer.

          TOOLE: I'm sorry Lance. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean those awful things I said; I know I can't take them back?

          LANCE turns away, avoiding TOOLE'S gaze as he hangs his jacket up.

          LANCE: Then why say them?

          TOOLE sighs.

          TOOLE: I dunno, because I'm an ass? I've been being that a lot recently. I was just?

          LANCE turns to him.

          LANCE: ?Jealous?

          TOOLE nods.

          TOOLE: It's pathetic, but truth is, you both mean so much to me and it destroyed me, what I saw.

          LANCE sighs now.

          LANCE: I know.

          TOOLE reaches out and puts a hand on his brother's shoulder.

          TOOLE: But I promise all that's in the past ok?

          LANCE stares at him.

          LANCE: Is it?

          TOOLE nods, smiling. LANCE smiles too. They both hug.

          LANCE: I missed you bro.

          TOOLE stares ahead.

          TOOLE: You too?

          He breaks away from the hug.

          TOOLE: There's just one more thing though?

          LANCE: What?

          TOOLE: The link?

          LANCE looks down.

          LANCE: Oh?right, I'd forgotten about that.

          TOOLE: I know, we haven't exactly talked about it with things being the way they are?but we need to, what with things being how they are now with Sin, and the others.

          LANCE nods.

          LANCE: You're right, what should we do?

          TOOLE exhales deeply.

          TOOLE: I dunno man, any suggestions?

          LANCE: What about that freaky Dementia chick?

          TOOLE: You think she has a cell phone?

          LANCE: Dude, she doesn't even have her own teeth?

          There is a pause.

          LANCE: You think she's still in Sunnydale?

          TOOLE nods.

          TOOLE: Probably, she just said to "let her know" when we needed her?

          LANCE raises an eyebrow.

          LANCE: So what we just think about her being here and she's, here?

          They look at one another perplexed about how to contact DEMENTIA and where she would be. They know they have to figure it out soon, there's not much time?

          CUT TO ? L.A

          CATE carries her and TOOLE'S plates into the kitchen and places them into the sink. XAK and CHARLIE are still in the kitchen. He rolls his eyes.

          XAK: (sarcastically) Oh good, more dishes. The glamorous life of a hero.

          CATE: Quit moaning; imagine it's a demon or something, an unclean demon that hates bleach.

          XAK raises an eyebrow at this thrilling experience. He turns and washes the final two dishes.

          CHARLIE: (to CATE) Everything ok with you and Toole now?

          CATE sighs softly.

          CATE: Yeah I think we're actually getting somewhere.

          CHARLIE: Getting somewhere as in, back together somewhere? Or somewhere else?

          CATE: Honestly, I couldn't tell you right now.

          CHARLIE smiles and rubs her friend's arm.

          CHARLIE: Progress is good, trust me I know. Today, I was a mother!

          CATE: Awesome!

          They smile at one another. XAK empties the dishwater and turns to CATE.

          XAK: Up for an actual patrol, as thrilling as slaying dishes are?

          CATE: Sure, but it was quiet last night.

          XAK: You never know what might turn up.

          CATE turns to MELODY and ASHBY who are still on the sofa. At this point, TOOLE and LANCE return to the room.

          CATE: (to MELODY) Hey lazy, enough of television, we're going patrolling.

          MELODY sighs and stands. ASHBY does too. XAK kisses CHARLIE goodbye, and smiles at her. CATE smiles at TOOLE who nods and smiles back, reassuring her everything is sorted. XAK and CATE move towards the front door. MELODY moves to, but then turns back and kisses ASHBY. Everyone stops, stunned. They look at her expectantly. She doesn't notice until she breaks away. She looks embarrassed, and looks at them all.

          MELODY: What?


          They continue to look at her, expectantly. She scoffs, and looks at ASHBY.

          MELODY: Ok, whatever, we're dating. Shut up about it already?

          She moves towards the front door and opens it, smiling but so no one can see. XAK and CATE smile at one another and leave the apartment after her. The camera moves back to ASHBY who smiles to himself and blushes at the thought of being with MELODY HARP. TOOLE looks to LANCE.

          TOOLE: Well that was romantic.

          LANCE laughs.

          TOOLE: I'm just gonna get some air?

          LANCE nods, and TOOLE leaves the apartment also. LANCE looks at CHARLIE who smiles at him. LANCE looks down smiling at the reconciliation between him and TOOLE: Happiness.

          CUT TO ? L.A

          TOOLE appears in the alleyway. He leans against the wall and takes several deep breaths. He turns and looks at the wall, he hits his hand lightly on the wall, gradually getting harder. He's getting angry. He thumps the wall repeatedly, rage burning on his face; Anger.

          CUT TO ? L.A

          DANTE, CHRISTIAN and LEIGH are still encircled around the laptop screen.

          LEIGH: How did you find them?

          DANTE: Emory's link. It triggered itself earlier.

          CHRISTIAN: How?

          DANTE: He's linked to Wolfram and Hart through his emotions. When he's angry, or happy it triggers it.

          LEIGH: So what, he's been complacent and calm this past week?

          DANTE: No, It took a while to find it, because wherever they are, it's hidden by ancient magic. Only a strong powerful emotion can trigger it.

          The beep suddenly gets louder and faster. LEIGH looks worried.

          LEIGH: What's wrong?what's happening?

          DANTE: Uh oh?

          CHRISTIAN: What?

          DANTE: Looks like the emotion is getting stronger.

          LEIGH: Where is he?

          DANTE looks at the location.

          DANTE: He's outside, in an alleyway?

          The camera moves round to show the beep is coming from an alleyway in Los Angeles.

          DANTE: Oh Tayler?you've just become the undoing of all your little family?

          He smirks as the camera moves in on the rapid and fast beeping indicating TOOLE is the link to Wolfram and Hart all along?

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE


          Special Guest Stars:
          RON RIFKIN as HERMES

          Special Mention:


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            - This episode is the second part to "2.07 ? Green With?" completing the phrase "Green With Envy", which of course relates back to the seven original sins?.sins?Sin; Xak and Charlie's daughter.

            - This episode marks the beginning of Melody and Ashby's relationship.

            - The book Lance was reading called "Mill On The Floss is a book by George Eliot which I recently studied at University and loved!

            - Leigh's hair dye colour, "Bitter Sweet Chocolate", is actually the colour I have my hair.

            - This episode is also the first episode where it is revealed that Dante is in fact Annette, and that Chante is the first homosexual ship in the series. Do you like it? Leigh certainly doesn't!

            - This episode is basically a build up for 2.13 which is considered the mid-season finale.

            - This episode is also the first episode to feature Eve, which we all know to be the liaison to the Senior Partners in Season Five of Angel?Dante's gonna be replaced soon, we all know it?But by who?