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  • Shadow Stalker - 2.11 - Our Exeunt

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 2.11 ? Our Exeunt
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season Two starts alongside Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 4 of Angel and is in affiliated with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Broken Destiny (Joe); and Wishful Thinking (Ben); Raven (Alexander Brown).




    LEIGH'S phone rings. She runs into shot, frantically, and looks at the caller. She answers.

    LEIGH: (worried) What did you tell him?

    She listens.

    LEIGH: What? Are you serious?

    CHRISTIAN appears in the doorway of her bedroom, looking just as serious as she is. She has her back to the door though, and doesn't see him.

    LEIGH: So what do you want us to do? (she listens) No it's fine, we'll do it.

    She hangs up the phone. She looks up, a sense of relief washes over her.

    CHRISTIAN: What did he say?

    LEIGH turns round, surprised, but looks relieved to see it's CHRISTIAN. She looks at him, and a smile forms on her face.

    LEIGH: It'll end today.

    CHRISTIAN: (surprised) What?

    LEIGH: Dante, he's gonna die. Today?


    The gang, including SEPHY, minus SIN are sat around the lounge. XAK is stood, awaiting a response from the conversation they've just had. MELODY looks infuriated.

    MELODY: Why do we have to come?

    XAK: You don't. That's why I'm asking you.

    She rolls her eyes. CHARLIE looks at her.

    CHARLIE: I know what we're asking is a lot, too much.

    SEPHY: But it's the only way, we've read it profusely, and there really is no margin for error. We have little time, and it must be now. In addition to this factor, the mouth to the hells below has already begun its assault on this plain. To stay here, with two Potentials and a child, would suppose death.

    CATE and MELODY look down, they wonder if The First's attack on Sunnydale has anything to do with their Legend.

    XAK: She's right guys, so you have a decision to make.

    The gang are quiet for a moment, then CATE raises a hand.

    CHARLIE: (smiling) It's ok sweetie, it's a free for all discussion.

    CATE: Oh, right. Well you can count me in.

    She smiles back at CHARLIE.

    CATE: I haven't left your side before; I'm not about to, so I'm in.

    LANCE nods.

    LANCE: Me too.

    XAK nods, appreciative at CATE and LANCE. He turns to TOOLE who is looking down, in thought about CATE and LANCE both in agreement?

    XAK: Toole?

    TOOLE turns to XAK now, surprised.

    TOOLE: Huh?

    XAK: Are you in? I know it's more difficult for you, what with The Bronze.

    TOOLE: No, it's fine. Of course I'm with you guys on this, besides if what The Seph-ster says about this hell mouth is true, then business will just get worse. I'll have to talk to Ashby about it later?

    MELODY smirks hearing ASHBY'S name.

    MELODY: I'll talk to him.

    LANCE turns to her; he knows she's up to something.

    XAK: Uh ok, you need to do it now then. I take it this means you're coming?

    MELODY nods.

    MELODY: Sure, why not. Not like there's anything better to do.

    CHARLIE looks to XAK, disappointed in her attitude. MELODY puts her hand on an envelope nearby and pockets it. XAK watches her, suspiciously, LANCE notices. She stands and walks towards the door. LANCE stands also.

    LANCE: I'll go with her, we can get some supplies while we're gone.

    XAK: Good idea.

    LANCE nods and then leaves with MELODY. CATE and TOOLE exchange a look.

    SEPHY: (to XAK) We are to ready the child at once.

    XAK: She's sleeping at the moment?

    He turns to CHARLIE, CATE and TOOLE.

    XAK: If I were you I'd pack, everything you need, take. We won't be coming back, we're leaving Sunnydale, now.

    They nod, and all stand. SEPHY moves towards the kitchen area. CATE and TOOLE move towards their bedroom and CHARLIE makes her way to her room. Before she goes to open it though, the door opens?

    CHARLIE: Oh honey, I thought you were sleeping?

    The camera pans down to show SIN standing in the doorway. She's a toddler now, of about 3 or 4 years old. She has short curly black hair and she's wearing a pink floral dress. She's holding on to a toy bunny and she's rubbing her eyes. She looks upset, and CHARLIE picks her up.

    CHARLIE: Aww baby. Did you have a bad dream?

    The camera moves back to show XAK watching them both.

    SIN: (upset) Yeah?

    He looks at them both, a mixture of adoration and fear fills him. She was growing so fast?and there was nothing he could do. It's out of his hands, and he has no idea what she's growing into?





    The camera shows a full moon in the night sky with the caption "SHADOW STALKER" tattooed
    across the view. The words streak across the scene with a slight red tint as the music starts up.

    The camera then cuts to CHARLIE walking down the street in her red dress towards XAK. The camera shows several quick cuts of XAK transgressing and eventually him killing CHARLIE.

    The camera then shows XAK in a suit leaving the Wolfram and Hart building then to him in an
    alleyway, he looks dirty and unshaven and in dirty clothes. (The music below plays throughout)

    "It's bugging me, grating me
    And twisting me around


    The camera shows CHARLIE in her cell, scared and alone and then cuts to her standing in XAK'S apartment, and her eyes glowing a bright green.

    "Yeah i'm endlessly caving in
    And turning inside out


    The camera then shows XAK and CATE both running down the streets of L.A desperately. The camera then focuses more on CATE and cuts to her in The Bronze serving drinks, and then to her standing next to MELODY, both their fists raised, in a battle-like pose. (The music below plays throughout)

    "'Cause I want it now
    I want it now
    Give me your heart and your soul


    The camera shows TOOLE punching someone to the floor and then to him looking through a barely opened door, his eyes widen. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And i'm breaking out
    I'm breaking out
    Last chance to lose control


    The camera then shows DANTE sitting behind his desk smirking but quickly cuts to him holding something in both arms and looking out the window while the sun succumbs to darkness. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Its hurting me, morphing me
    And forcing me to strive


    The camera shows MELODY running through the prison in L'Azura and then to her sitting on a rock, sand surrounding her. (The music below plays throughout)

    "To be endlessly cold within
    And dreaming i'm alive


    The camera then shows LANCE sitting on the floor of the apartment laughing with someone and then to him clutching on to CHARLIE'S hand and shouting. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And i want you now
    I want you now
    I feel my heart implode


    As the song comes to an end the camera shows various quick caps of CATE by a grave; SEPHY walking into the Underworld smiling; MELODY and LANCE falling through the L'Azura portal; DANTE staring into the darkness with black eyes, then finally to XAK walking through the graveyard at night. The camera moves up and shows a high angle shot of him walking away and the shape of the dragon streaking across the sky causing the screen to fade to black. (The music below plays throughout)

    "I'm breaking out
    Escaping now
    Feeling my faith erode


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    ASHBY is sat at the bar, he's looking at an empty glass that remarkably resembles the one MELODY was using, but it is not necessarily the same one. The camera pans back to show MELODY entering The Bronze. ASHBY turns to see who it is, he smiles.

    ASHBY: Melody?

    LANCE appears behind MELODY. They look like they've been arguing, and both look fairly angry. ASHBY'S face drops slightly seeing LANCE but he tries to maintain a smile.

    ASHBY: ?And Lance. Hey guys!

    MELODY rolls her eyes and walks towards him.

    MELODY: (casually) We just dropped by to let you know, we're leaving.

    ASHBY looks to and from them both.

    ASHBY: What do you mean?

    MELODY: Sunnydale, we're leaving for good. Today.

    ASHBY: Oh?wait, who's "we"?

    MELODY: The gang, plus Charlie's mother. Turns out psychotic parents are on the buddy list.

    LANCE looks down, but keeps an eye on her.

    ASHBY: What Toole too? What about The Bronze?

    LANCE: He's closing it. He looked at the books recently, profits gone down by half. Not to mention the fact you're now the only barman in town, well the only human barman that is?

    ASHBY looks depressed, his dedication to The Bronze has always been extreme.

    ASHBY: (worried) I know it's been quiet but I saw on the news, half the town has like left. I'm sure it'll perk up, when they come back!

    LANCE: They're not coming back. His mind's made up man. Sorry. He said he'll give you some compensation.

    MELODY pulls out an envelope, the one she picked up from the lounge in XAK'S apartment. She hands it to ASHBY. He takes it and looks at it sadly.

    ASHBY: Don't I get to say goodbye?

    LANCE: (apologetically) I wish there was time, I really do. We're just going to the store quickly then we're gone.

    ASHBY looks down, sadly. LANCE turns and leaves. The camera shows him leaving, over MELODY'S shoulder. She's watching ASHBY, intently.

    LANCE: (as he's leaving) Melody?come on?

    He walks out of The Bronze. ASHBY looks up at MELODY sadly, she smiles trying to hide the fact she's actually upset too.

    MELODY: (softly) You should leave too. The people after us, they know you know us. It's not safe for you here?

    She touches his arm and kisses his cheek. She turns then, without another moment's thought and walks towards the door after LANCE.

    ASHBY: Will I ever see you again?

    MELODY turns back and smirks, putting her game face on.

    MELODY: (playfully) You wish?

    She turns back to the door and exits. ASHBY looks around The Bronze. The many occasions that have happened in here?


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. We see various montage clips of the various happenings in the past year in The Bronze.

    LANCE'S death in the cellar.

    XAK and CHARLIE having a drink in 1.01 ? Hitch Hiker.

    CATE meeting TOOLE in 1.04 ? Sticks And Stones.

    The Coma attacking XAK in 1.11 ? Hell Hath No Fury

    The Bronze Ball?

    All these momentous occasions for them, the moments that had changed them. The gang are truly sacrificing their lives in Sunnydale for SIN. The gang had waited for her for almost a year now. She's changing their lives already, but this is only the beginning?


    The colours on the screen are back to normal now. XAK and SEPHY are sat on the floor, watching two other people at the other end of the room. By the front door there are now an arrangement of bags.

    XAK: I'm doing the right thing right?

    SEPHY: Depends if you class defying fate right? Either way, it is the option I would have chosen.

    XAK: "?it is only when they combine in the dales of the sun itself that the world will be known to the name of Sin?"

    SEPHY: Sunnydale?to leave this town would approximate a larger chance of escaping such written constraints.

    XAK: I know?but leaving here? Our whole lives are here.

    SEPHY: Lives should not be confined to the walls of a citadel. Life is how you make it. Your life can be taken in whichever direction you may need it to go.

    She looks at him, and smiles.

    SEPHY: This crossroad will be the first of many you will have to face.

    XAK: (quietly) I know?I just hope I'm doing ok.

    SEPHY: You're doing fine. I admire such courage in a leader.

    XAK: Courage has nothing to do with it?

    A giggle is heard from the other side of the room. The camera pans around to show CATE tickling SIN on the other side of the room. SIN looks happy, and oblivious to the fact she's growing so much, changing every second. CATE looks at her, she smiles but she clearly looks worried about something.

    XAK: ?It's guessing what's gonna happen next?

    SEPHY sighs.

    SEPHY: She is growing fast, it is daunting. Even for a goddess to see.

    XAK: Everyone's been so supportive. Cate and Toole are amazing with her, and Charlie's coped so well. Even Lance and Melody have their moments with her. But I?

    SEPHY: You're scared?

    He nods.

    XAK: (quietly) I'm petrified, and I'm leading my friends into a battle on no grounds.

    SEPHY: (sighing) Yes, I know this is unfamiliar territory, but I know where we should go?

    The camera moves around to show TOOLE entering the room. He looks at SEPHY and XAK then turns to CATE and SIN playing on the other side of the room. He watches CATE with a keen eye. The camera shows her laughing and smiling with SIN. The camera moves over to CATE and SIN.

    SIN: Stop! I don't wanna be tickled no more.

    CATE laughs.

    CATE: That's ok Pumpkin, I'm all tickled out.

    SIN sighs and sits cross-legged in front of CATE, causing her to roll her eyes.

    CATE: Again?

    SIN: I wanna look pretty like you!

    CATE smiles.

    CATE: You're already pretty.

    CATE then attends to SIN'S commands and begins brushing her hair with a hairbrush on the floor nearby. SIN smiles.

    SIN: (oddly happily) Why do people look at me, like I'm different?

    CATE looks at her smiling.

    CATE: You are different. Good different. Don't let anyone let you think otherwise ok? (quieter) You're amazing?

    SIN looks straight ahead; her young mind processing what CATE'S just told her. TOOLE continues to watch CATE, filled with dormant adoration and love for her.


    LEIGH and CHRISTIAN run into the office and hurry to DANTE who is suited in lightweight dark armour. He's strapping various weapons to the armour. They look worried.

    CHRISTIAN: Dante, this is absurd.

    LEIGH: You really think this is the best option?

    DANTE straps a sword into its sheath on his back.

    DANTE: (quietly) It's what they want me to do, my transport is outside, I have to go now?and finally I can finish this.

    He says it with a sense of relief in his voice. CHRISTIAN looks at LEIGH, she returns his look with a nod.

    CHRISTIAN: But he'll kill you. He bested you before, he'll best you again?

    DANTE: Not if I kill him first?

    He turns to them, he looks at them both.

    DANTE: Thank you for all your work, you've done good by me.

    He grabs a mace and then walks towards the door. He opens it and walks through it, letting it close behind him. LEIGH crosses her arms and sighs.

    LEIGH: (sighing) Well that's that, I'd say he's ended, wouldn't you?

    CHRISTIAN: You really think Xak will kill him?

    LEIGH: He's not just going up against Thorn, he's going up against a witch, two Potentials and a goddess. He's got no chance, the Senior Partners know that, and with the way he's behaved of late, they probably just want rid of him.

    CHRISTIAN: We've got to stop them.

    LEIGH: Why? It's kinda good if he dies?he's an ass?

    CHRISTIAN sighs.

    CHRISTIAN: No Leigh, it's not good. He can't die. If he does, the plan becomes pointless. Wolfram and Hart win?

    LEIGH: (casually) Oh right?silly me. Of course, Dante is kinda the focal point of Phase Two. He won't die, don't worry.

    CHRISTIAN: But all they've given him is transport, armour and hand weapons?

    LEIGH: It won't happen?I promise you?

    She turns and picks up her cell phone and dials a number?

    LEIGH: He deserves everything he gets but he's gonna get it from us?trust me?

    CHRISTIAN nods. LEIGH waits for a response at the other end?



    XAK and the gang are standing in the lounge. One by one they all leave the apartment. First is MELODY and LANCE. They pick up some of the many bags by the door and leave through front door. Neither of them really make any distinguishing facial expressions about leaving. They hadn't gone through enough here to feel upset. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Spending all your money
    Ain't it funny how the time goes by?

    CATE and TOOLE both then go to leave. They both go to reach for the next bag together and their hands end up touching. He looks embarrassed and smiles. She smiles back but then reaches for another bag. They both leave, taking one last look at the apartment before they leave. (The music below plays throughout)

    "First you start believing
    Then you're leaving for no reason
    And you're wondering why

    CHARLIE then looks at XAK, he nods. She smiles at him then walks towards the door. SEPHY follows her and they pick up some bags. She takes a look back at SIN who's sitting on the floor playing with a doll. She's bashing it's head on the floor. She smiles at her daughter but she doesn't see. CHARLIE and SEPHY leave the apartment. (The music below plays throughout)

    "So till the morning breaks
    Go and make your mistakes
    Don't be surprised if your head hurts

    XAK watches them all leave, all the bags now gone. He looks around at every room. The kitchen, the bathroom, CATE and TOOLE'S bedroom?his room. He finally looks over to SIN. He walks over to her. He picks her up and kisses her head. She giggles and hits him playfully with her doll. They walk towards the door. XAK doesn't look back but SIN does. She looks at the room with a blank expression. She's thinking about something?(The music below plays throughout)

    "Life is for the living, the forgiven and for leaving town alive
    Life is for the living, the forgiven and for leaving town alive


    As the sun begins to set DANTE exits into the alleyway outside laden with weapons and his armour. He looks at his transport. It's not just one thing?it's three. It's not a car, but the sound of the three separate calls can be heard, mixing them all into one almost abnormal sound. He looks down, he knows he doesn't have a chance, but there's a sense of curiosity in fulfilling the Senior Partners wishes? (The music below plays throughout)

    "Whisper in the ways
    Watching days and moving on


    The gang are piling into a huge black Winnebago. SEPHY gets into the drivers seat, and XAK in the passenger seat. Everyone else is in the back. She puts the vehicle into reverse and manoeuvres out of the alleyway. They drive away?(The music below plays throughout)

    "You wake up every Monday then suddenly it's Sunday
    And the week is gone


    The camera shows various landmarks of the town. The graveyard. The Bronze. The high street. The mall. The alley where RACK'S place was usually. The camera then shows the whole skyline and shows the sun beginning to set?(The music below plays throughout)

    "So till the morning breaks
    Go and make your mistakes
    Don't be surprised at the sunrise
    Life is for the living, the forgiven and for leaving town alive


    The roads are busy, the Winnebago is in the queue to leave Sunnydale. The cars are beeping their horns infuriated. The gang wait in line. They know they're close?they're leaving behind the past, and looking towards a new future. The road looks like it's going through the desert into the sunset. The camera moves to the side to show a green road sign?.

    "You are now leaving Sunnydale
    Please come back soon

    The music comes to an slow end?

    "Life is for the living, the forgiven and for leaving town alive?"




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      ACT TWO


      TOOLE, LANCE and MELODY are playing cards with SEPHY. She's holding cards and looking rather puzzled. CATE is reading a magazine nearby and XAK is driving, concentrating on the road, which is now moving slowly forward down the highway.

      SEPHY: I do not understand this form of procrastination from boredom. Various coloured symbols on paper?

      TOOLE: It's called poker.

      SEPHY: Poker? And this symbol on this paper, what is it called? This one with the one enlarged club in the centre?

      The others widen their eyes.

      SEPHY: I have four of them in different forms. Two are ebony while the others are deep red.

      Everyone throws their cards on the table. SEPHY looks confused.

      MELODY: That's the third time! She's cheating. No way can you have four aces, not six games in a row?

      TOOLE and LANCE roll their eyes.

      SEPHY: I don't cheat Melody I assure you. I am merely lucky to obtain such high suits.

      MELODY: Whatever, I'm gonna have a shower. (teasing) Why don't you play strip poker, Lance always liked that game.

      TOOLE looks to LANCE an eyebrow raised and SEPHY looks curious, eyeing up LANCE.

      She smirks and then moves away from the table and moves through the corridor, she passes a small bed at the other end of the area, which CHARLIE and SIN are sleeping on. There is also a small cupboard nearby. MELODY opens another door however revealing a small cramped shower.

      LANCE: (O/S) You try spending a year in a demonic hell prison, there's not a lot to do.

      MELODY slams the door behind her, waking up SIN. The small girl looks at CHARLIE and pokes her.

      SIN: Charlie?

      CHARLIE doesn't reply, she just makes a groggy noise.

      SIN: ?Charlie, are you dead?

      CHARLIE laughs slightly.

      CHARLIE: God I hope not?

      She sighs.

      CHARLIE: ?And my name is Mommy.

      SIN: But Cate and the others call ya Charlie.

      CHARLIE: But Cate's crazy sweetie?trust me, mommy knows best.

      SIN smiles and strokes her mother's hair.

      SIN: Ok Charlie!

      CHARLIE rolls her eyes. The camera moves over to CATE sat with the others at the table. She is looking at SEPHY with a fearful face as she questions LANCE on the rules regarding strip poker. Feeling freaked, CATE moves over to XAK and sits in the passenger seat.

      CATE: How's it going?

      XAK nods, pleased slightly.

      XAK: Roads are clearing, most people have turned off by this point, we should be there soon.

      CATE: That kinda saying only works when we know where we're going. Trust me, Cate knows best.

      He decides not to tell her that he and SEPHY know where they're going.

      XAK: I'm sure she does.

      CATE: Anyways, I didn't mean the driving, I meant you. How are the whole day's events taking their toll on Xak?

      XAK: Is this an interview?

      CATE rolls her eyes.

      CATE: Seriously, you ok?

      He pauses, sighing at the thought.

      XAK: I'm ok.

      CATE: Oh, ok good; ?cause here was me thinking you'd be vague.

      XAK: What do you want me to say? That leaving the hometown that practically made me a man was the best decision?

      CATE: Uh hello? It was! You're saving us all and your daughter, and by the way?Sunnydale did not make you a man. You made you a man, with a little help from us of course.

      She smiles thanking herself.

      XAK: Thank you Cate, that's put my mind at ease about leaving Sunnydale with all my friends, my girlfriend, her mother and my ever growing daughter.

      CATE: It should, it's enough.

      XAK: Why should it be? I'm running away from something that may or may not happen, and I'm running with a girl who has no comprehension of what's happening to her.

      He sighs contemplating the dangers surrounding SIN.

      XAK: I don't even get to celebrate her birthday, she'll never have friends, she'll never get a chance at a real childhood?and I don't know why. She's just advancing so much. Her speech, her age?everything.

      CATE looks down.

      CATE: I know, it scares me too.

      She doesn't know if she should say this but it's been worrying her so she feels she should.

      CATE: Actually, what scares me is?what's she growing into?

      XAK: I can't even think about that right now.

      CATE looks down, having to accept this for now. Dealing with their departure was enough for now?

      XAK: I just wanna know that whatever the hell it is I'm doing is the right thing?

      CATE looks at him.

      CATE: I have seen you Xak. You've grown so much in these past two years. You're not a monster, and thanks to you, none of us are anymore. That town did not make us, we made eachother and we should have left sooner. Right now Sin needs us to help make her, no matter how fast she's growing. A place doesn't make a home, the people around you make it home?

      He nods thinking about this.

      CATE: ?Which is awesome ?cause that means you can take it anywhere.

      XAK laughs.

      XAK: That's what Sephy said.

      CATE looks surprised at this.

      CATE: Wow! I'm on par with a goddess?

      SEPHY (O/S): ?So the winner is the person who is without garments first?

      XAK nods to CATE.

      XAK: Sounds about right.

      She glares at him mockingly, then looks ahead at the road thinking about what CATE and SEPHY had said. They were right, he was doing the right thing, and although he didn't want to deal with it?he could help think about what CATE said?

      "What scares me is?what's she growing into?"

      The camera moves away, past XAK and CATE at the front of the vehicle, past the discussion of strip poker, back to CHARLIE and SIN. CHARLIE has fallen back asleep and SIN is nestled in the nook of her arm. She's looking at XAK and CATE, almost as if she could have heard what they were saying.


      The room is covered in sweeper agents from Wolfram and Hart. They're dressed in black clothes from head to toe and carry small knives. Large guns are strapped to their backs. They're searching the place. Rooting through cupboards, tearing apart the rooms and all the furniture. LEIGH is stood on her own near the door to her bedroom. Her bedroom has also been ransacked. Emptied and searched; she clearly looks worried and has lost whatever confidence she had earlier.

      LEIGH: Look! What the hell is this about?

      One of the sweeper agents turns to her.

      CHIEF SWEEPER AGENT: Just stay back Ms Sinclair, this doesn't concern you.

      LEIGH looks worried and scared. She has no idea why they're here. What if the Senior Partners realised that LEIGH and CHRISTIAN were double crossing them?what would happen?

      CHRISTIAN (O/S): Leigh?

      He's stood at the door holding two take out coffees in his hands. He looks just as surprised and worried at the sweeper agents and their presence. LEIGH turns to him.

      LEIGH: Where the hell have you been?!

      CHRISTIAN: Uh coffee?

      She storms over to him and snatches one of the coffees from his hand.

      LEIGH: Why thank you! While you were making mooneyes at Chihiro downstairs, these lovely men from Wolfram and Hart have torn apart the office!

      CHRISTIAN looks back to the agents and then turns back to LEIGH.

      CHRISTIAN: What on earth?why?

      LEIGH: Duh, don't you think I asked them that? They aren't telling me anything?

      She moves closer to him.

      LEIGH: (whispering) ?What if they know?about double-crossing them, about Phase Two?

      CHRISTIAN looks worried at the obliteration of Phase Two. He puts his coffee down and moves over to the CHIEF SWEEPER AGENT.

      CHRISTIAN: Excuse me? Would you mind telling me what's going on?

      The CHIEF SWEEPER AGENT looks him up and down with a blank expression.

      CHIEF SWEEPER AGENT: You Christian McArthur?

      CHRISTIAN: Uh, yes?

      CHIEF SWEEPER AGENT: A raid has been instructed for all information Dante may have had on the company?precautionary measure?

      CHRISTIAN: But he's not dead?

      CHIEF SWEEPER AGENT: (laughing) Yeah, like he'd survive that attack they sent him on. Anyway, this is for you. It regards the replacement for Mr Turnpike. The Senior Partners predict he will not overcome this battle, and therefore a replacement has been lined up for such an event.

      He pulls out a letter and shoves it into CHRISTIAN'S chest. He smiles mocking him, then turns around and pulls apart the material off an armchair. CHRISTIAN moves back over to LEIGH. She looks at him expectantly.

      LEIGH: So? What did big, bad and bald say?

      CHRISTIAN: In his best manner? They're taking all his documents so no one finds them, barbarians.

      LEIGH: (nodding) Anything else?

      CHRISTIAN: The Senior Partners think Dante's dead. (smiling) Idiots, are already lining up a replacement.

      LEIGH smiles also, relieved that neither one of them have been discovered.

      LEIGH: Well that's not needed?not until Phase Two is completed. We've seen to that.

      CHRISTIAN: We have. Now when these nice people have gone, lets play along to the company's little games.

      LEIGH nods.

      LEIGH: Summon The Coma.

      CHRISTIAN: Correct?and then we'll see how true this prophecy is.

      They smile at eachother then turn and watch the apartment being torn apart with a smile on their faces.


      The sound of the shower stopping can be heard and soon MELODY exits the bathroom into the main Winnebago area. She has a towel wrapped around her and as she exits the bathroom CHARLIE and SIN look in her direction. CHARLIE smiles weakly, knowing MELODY'S not fully on board with the concept of leaving Sunnydale. SIN looks at MELODY questionably though.

      SIN: Mel?

      MELODY: (brushing her hair) What is it squirt?

      SIN: Wanna play hide and seek?

      MELODY: In here? I don't think so, besides there's nowhere to hide.

      SIN: (certain) Oh yes there is?.

      CHARLIE: Melody's right honey. I know it's boring for you but soon all the boring stuff will be over with.

      As she says this an axe smashes through the back of the Winnebago window. CHARLIE and SIN scream. SEPHY, TOOLE and LANCE instinctively throw their cards down and look in their direction. XAK and CATE do the same, XAK panics but tries to maintain the vehicle steady, a few cars hoot their horns at him.

      XAK: What the hell was that?!

      The camera moves back to show MELODY stood deadly still, an axe embedded into the wall, an inch away from her head. She breathes heavily, but then rushes to CHARLIE and SIN.

      MELODY: (concerned) Get under the bed, hurry!

      They both nod, and CHARLIE takes SIN'S hand and pulls her, worried, underneath the bed. MELODY then rushes to the bathroom pulling some clothes inside with her. The camera now moves back to XAK and CATE at the wheel.

      XAK: Charlie?! You ok?

      CHARLIE is holding SIN tightly under the bed.

      CHARLIE: We're both fine! What the hell is going on?!

      CATE: On it?

      She opens the passenger window and sticks her head out of the window. For a few minutes her head remains pocked out of the window then she comes back in. She sits on the seat looking surprised and shocked. XAK looks at her desperately.

      XAK: Cate! What is it? What's out there?

      She almost laughs.

      CATE: I don't think you'd even believe me if I told ya?


      The camera shows an exterior viewpoint of the Winnebago, we can see CATE telling XAK something through the front window but the camera soon pans up. We can see the Winnebago driving at a fast speed, illuminated by various road lamps and car lights as it zooms past. A few cars are around but they soon pass in panic, leaving the Winnebago on it's own?but not entirely. Either side of the Winnebago, charging at an immense velocity are two beasts. It is only when they past the road lamps that we can see what they are. On one side is a giant black wolf. It's eyes are burning red with the wolfram and hart emblem emblazed on it's forehead. It barks and roars at the vehicle. On the other side is a similar sized black hart. It's horns scrape alongside the side of the vehicle and it bleats a demonic sound. As the camera pans higher, above the Winnebago, we can see something else in the distance, making immense progress on shortening the distance between it and the vehicle. A ram. Same sized as the others with something else atop it. DANTE. He's holding on to the horns, staring blankly at the Winnebago.


      XAK and CATE look like they've been talking. CATE nods and she turns to SEPHY.

      CATE: Think you can do it?

      SEPHY: It's been a while since I performed such a task but it will be done.

      She smiles and nods.

      XAK: (to CATE) Where's Melody?

      MELODY appears now, pulling a top over her head. Her hair still wet, but she now is clothed.

      MELODY: Here, but my hair's wet.

      XAK: Fancy airing it out?

      MELODY: Thought you'd never ask?

      CATE and her then nod at one another, CATE moves towards the passenger door.

      XAK: Be careful guys?if it's too much just come back?Sephy can do the rest.

      CATE smiles but looks at MELODY.

      CATE: We can do it right?

      MELODY: Of course we can?

      She gives CATE a slightly fake smile before the two of them clamber through the passenger window. SEPHY then clears the table and places her hands firmly on the table. TOOLE and LANCE watch her intently, as she begins to chant under her breath. The camera moves down to her hands which begin to glow?


      With the Winnebago moving at a fast speed, CATE and MELODY manage to get on to the roof. They struggle at first to maintain their footing and MELODY falls, CATE helps her up. DANTE sees them on the roof and picks the mace that is tied to his waist up. He throws it from the ram he is situated on.

      MELODY: Watch out!

      She manages to see the mace being hurled. She pushes CATE to her stomach. It still hurtles towards MELODY however and she watches it intently. As it approaches her she readies her hand and goes to catch it. It cuts her hand and slashes her palm but she manages to hold on to it. She screams in pain. CATE watches, worried?


      TOOLE and LANCE look to the roof, hearing MELODY'S screams. They both worry.

      LANCE: We've got to do something.

      TOOLE: How? What are we supposed to do?

      SEPHY remains concentrating on her chanting as the light continues to brighten. LANCE looks down worried?but about who?


      CATE looks at MELODY worried as she grabs her hand in pain, blood gushing from the cuts.

      CATE: Are you ok?!

      MELODY glares at her, then flips the mace to it's handle and throws it at the hart. She manages to hit it right between the eyes. It roars in pain and sifts into the darkness. One down. DANTE looks at it disappearing, angrily.

      DANTE: (shouting) Is this the best you got!? Bring it on Thorn!

      The Winnebago overtakes a car now. The wolf jumps over it causing the occupants to scream. The wolf makes a jump for the vehicle but XAK swerves it out of the way. As DANTE and the ram approach the car the ram literally tosses it aside; more screams from the occupants ensue. CATE and MELODY look in terror at the scene.

      MAN (O/S): Cate!

      Both the Potentials turn to see LANCE hanging half out of the Winnebago, in his hand is a crossbow. CATE smiles at seeing a weapon. She crawls along the roof to pick it up while MELODY watches. The snarl from the wolf distracts her. She turns around to see the wolf eyeing the vehicle up. He spots a nearby roadside hill that the Winnebago is approaching, and he heads towards it. MELODY spots it too. She turns to CATE as her and LANCE are figuring out how to work the crossbow.

      MELODY: Cate! Hurry!

      The hill approaches, as does the wolf?

      CATE: (to herself) Come on you bitching thing?

      As the Winnebago passes the hill, the wolf rushes up it's slope and jumps at CATE and the others. CATE, turns suddenly with the wolf only a few feet away?the wolf poised with razor sharp teeth and claws. She clicks the crossbow into position. She widens her eyes seeing how close the beast is from her, but quickly shoots it. An arrow pierces its heart causing the wolf to yelp in pain. With CATE being too late in hitting the wolf, she has no time to move and the wolf although killed by her skilful shot pushes her off the side of the Winnebago. The beast thuds to the side of the road, wasting into the shadows like the hart did. CATE also falls off the side of the vehicle?

      MELODY: Cate!

      She drops the crossbow as she falls but LANCE manages to grab her hand. She looks at him desperately.

      LANCE: I got ya?

      He manages to pull her up into the passenger window and back into the vehicle. They fall to the floor inside?MELODY takes one look back to DANTE who is glaring at her, the death of his two beasts angers him. MELODY looks at him for a moment and he looks at her. She then heads for the passenger window now, entering the Winnebago once again. DANTE, angry, hits the ram to make it move quicker?


      MELODY jumps into the passenger seat, XAK looks to her, noticing her hand.

      XAK: You ok?

      MELODY: I'm fine, just a scratch..

      He looks at her deep cuts.

      XAK: I can see that.

      TOOLE is watching CATE and LANCE on the floor together, CATE looks to be thanking her as she rubs her hands, in pain. He looks down sighing, disliking the image. MELODY pulls apart the bottom of her top and wraps it around her hand. She's hiding the pain well. CHARLIE pokes her head out from under the bed...

      CHARLIE: Is it safe to come out now?

      MELODY: There's still one more, and Dante's dry humping it?

      CHARLIE: What are we gonna do?

      TOOLE: Xak, let me take the wheel?

      XAK nods.

      XAK: Good idea.

      SEPHY (O/S): No need?

      The gang have been so busy they failed to notice that SEPHY'S spell is complete?Her eyes glow a white light as do her hands. The white light fills the whole vehicle.


      As DANTE once again gets closer to the Winnebago he pulls his sword from its hilt and aims it at the back of the vehicle where CHARLIE and SIN are hidden. Then, in an instant, the vehicle vanishes from sight. Nothing, but air and the dark empty road ahead?a city in the distance, a familiar city. Angry and tired he rams the sword hard into the rams head, killing it. Due to the ram disappearing into the darkness, DANTE stops suddenly and falls to his knees in the middle of the road?

      DANTE: (seething) I don't know what is going on?sorcery, trickery, fraud. I will get to the bottom of this?this is not over?

      He knew. Something was up. XAK and the gang would have wanted to kill him for what he did to them, why didn't they? And why did CHRISTIAN and LEIGH want him to stay, not to mention the weird behaviour from HERMES and the Senior Partners. Something was definitely wrong?and he knew it.


      XAK pulls the vehicle to a stop, allowing it to skid slightly to the side of the road. We can't see where they are. He breathes a sigh of relief?

      XAK: We're safe?

      He turns around to SEPHY and smiles.

      XAK: Thank you.

      SEPHY returns the smile.

      SEPHY: Anytime.

      XAK: Is everyone ok?

      They all look to him and nod. CATE and MELODY, although hurt, seem fine. TOOLE still looks at CATE, wishing he could have helped. CHARLIE and SIN crawl out from under the bed. SIN runs over to XAK and gives him a hug.

      XAK: (to SIN) You ok?

      SIN: Uh huh! That was fun.

      XAK: Well let's hope there's no?

      Before he can finish his sentence the cupboard door bursts open and someone falls out on to the floor. The gang look in shock at ASHBY who is lying on the floor nervously. He looks up at them all with a weak smile. XAK looks at him angrily as do TOOLE and LANCE.

      ASHBY: Uh?surprise?

      SIN tugs at MELODY'S ripped top.

      SIN: See Mel! There are places to hide!

      MELODY looks down at ASHBY a frown forming on her face...




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        ACT THREE


        One by one the sweeper agents are leaving the room, each laden with various documents. LEIGH is stood by the door holding the door open hurrying them out one by one.

        LEIGH: Goodbye! Thanks for raiding our home!

        As she says this, the CHIEF SWEEPER AGENT passes her.

        CHIEF SWEEPER AGENT: It's not your home any longer Ms Sinclair.

        LEIGH: (confused) Huh?

        CHIEF SWEEPER AGENT: With the vacation of the girl from this town there is no need for either of your presences, and with Mr Turnpike eliminated, you are to return to L.A. Your flight leaves in three hours.

        He hands her two plane tickets. She takes them and looks down at them, knowing she has to go back to her old life, both her and CHRISTIAN upsets them. The CHIEF SWEEPER AGENT leaves and LEIGH closes the door. She walks over to CHRISTIAN who is stood near the back.

        LEIGH: I can't go back there?

        She soon gets distracted by noticing CHRISTIAN is on the phone?

        CHRISTIAN: (to the person on the other end) Are you sure? Ok?I understand. Bye?

        He puts the phone down and turns to LEIGH.

        CHRISTIAN: He's alive. He's on his way back to L.A?

        LEIGH'S smiles?

        LEIGH: Thank god?for a minute there I thought?

        She stops as she realises something?

        CUT TO ? DESERT

        DANTE leaves the phone box, hanging up the phone. He sighs, looking depressed and pained. He carries on walking down the road, out of sight.

        CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

        The lights are off in a room and the voices from approaching members of the gang can be heard. The door opens and XAK, SEPHY, CATE, TOOLE and LANCE enter the room. They turn on the light. CATE and TOOLE shake their heads. Each of them are carrying some bags with them.

        TOOLE: I can't believe you brought us back here?

        The camera shows where they are. It's the apartment in L.A. The one with the symbols on the wall, the one that hid XAK, CATE, TOOLE and SEPHY earlier in the season from Wolfram and Hart.

        SEPHY: This is the best decision I know it is. With a bit of magic I can create quite a beautiful abode for us all. Plus we know it's safe.

        XAK: It's know it's close, I know it's risky?but?

        SEPHY: ?they'll never see it coming. They didn't find it last time and they won't this time, I promise you all.

        The camera moves out into the corridor?

        CUT TO ? L.A

        CATE (O/S): (to SEPHY) Well you're gonna have to work your mojo hard lady ?cause there's nine of us now?

        MELODY and ASHBY trudge into view, laden with the last bags. She looks annoyed.

        ASHBY: It's not that bad?

        She stops and turns to him. He stops also.

        MELODY: You're an idiot, plus Xak is pissed about it and that's never good.

        ASHBY: He's just worried, but there's no need. I can help.

        MELODY: How? By serving drinks and asking people how their day was?

        ASHBY: (annoyed) I can help?besides?that's not why I came.

        MELODY: Why on earth would you hitch hike? You're whole life is in Sunnydale.

        ASHBY: Oh yeah and what a great life that is. Serving drinks every night, no family, no friends?until recently?

        MELODY: Sounds all right to me, no ties.

        ASHBY: I was miserable, until?

        MELODY: Until what?

        ASHBY: ?You!

        She shakes her head.

        MELODY: You shouldn't have come?trust me; I'm not worth it.

        She picks up the bags again and walks into the apartment. ASHBY watches her go and looks down, depressed. Did he make a mistake in coming?


        LEIGH looks to be panicking.

        LEIGH: We have to tell the Senior Partners he lived. We have to make sure they cover their tracks, we all have to get our stories straight. He'll know otherwise.

        CHRISTIAN: No problem. We'll phone Hermes, tell him Dante survived and that he's heading back to L.A. Then they can tell Dante they flew us back to L.A with all of the documents so we can reconvene there. It's an easy fix Leigh?

        LEIGH: (sighing) How do you keep your cool with all this lying? I can't?

        CHRISTIAN pauses for a second, looking at her.

        CHRISTIAN: (with a different tone, almost matter of a fact) I've been doing it for a long time?

        LEIGH: I just need this over with?

        CHRISTIAN: It will be, soon. Just keep your cool ok? Right now, I suggest packing?

        She sighs, happy and relieved to do something she knows how to do.

        CHRISTIAN: And I will take care of that other matter?

        LEIGH: Oh right, The Coma?would you mind? It's just I'm no good with that ancient language stuff, I end up rolling my tongue too much and I almost chipped a nail on the sandalwood last time.

        He rolls his eyes.

        CUT TO ? L.A

        The camera shows the outside of the Winnebago situated outside the apartment block. XAK, MELODY and ASHBY walk out of the door to the apartment block and walk towards the Winnebago which is now visible once again.

        XAK: (to MELODY) Thanks for your help back there.

        She looks awkward, almost as if she'd never expected XAK to praise her.

        MELODY: No problem, and listen about Ash, don't worry. He won't be any trouble.

        XAK looks to ASHBY then to her.

        XAK: Ash? When were you too so close?

        She looks embarrassed, XAK nods, smiling.

        MELODY: (laughing nervously) You know, we had, a thing once?

        XAK: (widening his eyes) Oh?I see?well, that's?great?

        He smiles weakly, surprised, and walks into the Winnebago. MELODY watches him enter and her face turns almost as red as her hair. She doesn't appreciate being looked down on. It makes her feel weak?he made her feel weak?once again?

        CUT TO ? L.A

        CHARLIE and SIN are sat on the bed waiting. She looks at XAK expectantly.

        CHARLIE: So, we're staying?

        XAK: (nodding) We are, all of us?

        He gives a look to ASHBY causing him to smile nervously, before turning back to CHARLIE.

        XAK: Don't worry, it's safe, believe me.

        CHARLIE: (smiling) I trust you.

        He smiles, MELODY moves towards CHARLIE.

        MELODY: Come on, we should get you both inside, it's late.

        CHARLIE looks at her, surprised in her sudden concern. She reaches for SIN'S hands and stands. They all move to the door, ASHBY goes to pick up the last few bags, as does XAK, as the girls leave, XAK turns to ASHBY.

        XAK: Hey?

        ASHBY: Sorry, did you want me to take those?

        XAK looks down, he sighs, then looks back up to him.

        XAK: Ashby?you saw what happened at The Bronze, we're in it deep, I mean abyss deep. If you wanna stay with us then by all means do, if you feel safe, then stay?

        ASHBY looks to be thinking.

        XAK: But if it's too much, if the danger is too much, and you can't handle this?

        ASHBY: (quickly) No, I can totally handle this. Always ready for a?

        CHARLIE (O/S): (screaming) Xak!!

        XAK looks at ASHBY.

        XAK: This? Right now?this is what I mean?

        ASHBY'S eyes widen, and they rush to the door of the Winnebago.

        CUT TO ? L.A

        MELODY is standing in front of CHARLIE and SIN who look scared and fearful at what's in front of them.

        XAK (O/S): (concerned) Charlie what's wrong?!

        She looks over to him.

        CHARLIE: I think some old friends want to say hello?

        She nods in the direction of the streets. XAK turns and he and ASHBY see who?or what, is there. The Coma. They slip and slide through the alleyway. Their red demonic glare piercing through the darkness.

        THE COMA: (echoing) We found them?

        MELODY shakes her head at these words.

        MELODY: Uh uh?no you don't?

        She charges at them.

        XAK: Melody! No!

        The Coma surround her and she swipes her fists at them all, her hands going straight through them. She turns to XAK.

        MELODY: Ok what the hell am I fighting, a cloud?

        XAK: You can't hurt them?

        THE COMA: (echoing) This is a correct statement. We, fortunately, can?

        She turns to see her fist being held by one of The Coma. She looks into their red eyes, fearful, as they throw her against the alley wall. She hits her head and falls to the floor. ASHBY watches in horror.

        ASHBY: Melody!

        XAK holds him back. CHARLIE looks worried, and protects her daughter closely who is completely hidden from view.

        XAK: (to ASHBY) Go, protect Sin. Charlie and I can handle them?

        ASHBY: But?

        XAK: Go!

        He nods, looking at MELODY lying on the alleyway floor unconscious, then quickly moves over to CHARLIE. She smiles at him nervously. She releases SIN and lets ASHBY guard her. CHARLIE joins XAK as ASHBY reassures the small child that mommy and daddy will be back soon. CHARLIE and XAK look at the slowly advancing darkness before them.

        CHARLIE: Standard tactics?

        XAK: Of course?

        With this word, she nods and falls to her knees. She begins circling herself with her arms, touching the ground with her fingertips. Her eyes are closed, and as she opens them, she glares at The Coma who are merely a few feet away from her. She smashes the ground with her hands, which causes the solid ground to reverberate through the army. They scream in pain as they become solid, and corporeal. XAK smiles.

        XAK: Good job?

        She looks up at him happily.

        CHARLIE: Do your thing sweetie?

        She's cut off as one of The Coma, now corporeal kicks her across the floor. She ends up near ASHBY and SIN. SIN looks at her mother worried, seeing her eyes closed and lying on the floor, she looks almost curiously at what she's doing. XAK turns back to The Coma, anger burning throughout him. He charges and attacks. He smashes two of The Coma's heads together, smashing them like rocks. CHARLIE had literally turned them into rock. Another golem from The Coma army tries to attack, but XAK twists its arm and breaks it off. He then uses it as a baseball bat to smash the heads of the others. Soon however, the sheer number of The Coma begin to overpower him. They smother him, crushing him with their weight. His agonising groans, muffled under the quarry. ASHBY looks to be panicking. He looks at MELODY; still unconscious, then to CHARLIE; still unconscious.

        ASHBY: (scared) I have to do something?

        He looks to the door, it's too far away to alert the others who are upstairs. SIN peers from behind ASHBY and looks at her beaten mother, and then to her father who is soon to be overpowered. She stands and runs from behind ASHBY.

        ASHBY: Hey!

        He tries to grab her but the small child slips through his fingers. She waddles towards The Coma, almost fearless. She picks up a stone and throws it at the mountain, surrounding XAK.

        SIN: Hey! Meanies!

        The Coma all look to see their latest foe. They stop. They look up, their red eyes scanning SIN entirely, washing her in a dangerous, red glow. She looks at them angrily. ASHBY looks surprised. He doesn't know whether to move, to stop her or not?.Slowly?The Coma stand. They move into a grid and face SIN.

        THE COMA: (echoing) Our liege?our mistress?our queen?

        They kneel in unison. In between the grid, XAK stands, he looks over to SIN, aching, in pain. He looks at The Coma all kneeled, submissive in worship?He looks at ASHBY who looks just as confused, but as the sudden realisation washes over him?

        XAK: (repeating?whispering) "?darkness shall kneel?"

        The camera pans over the silent and still army, in pure adoration to their mistress.

        XAK (O/S): (repeating?whispering) "?the world will be known to the name of Sin."

        As he says this the camera pans over SIN. She stands in front of The Coma slightly confused, a sense of wonder fills her about what these creatures are worshipping. That's really the question?what are they worshipping?




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          ACT FOUR


          The scene is continued from before. ASHBY and XAK are watching as the formidable, dark mass that is The Coma are on their knees, worshipping SIN. She looks at her father, unsure of what to do. He's still in shock; he's looking at The Coma, not at her. MELODY begins to stir now. She turns around and feels the back of her head in pain.

          MELODY: (groggy) Mother of fu-?.

          She stops suddenly, seeing the sight before her.

          MELODY: Whoa?

          ASHBY looks at her happily; she's all right. The camera pans away from him to show CHARLIE awakening too now. She rubs her head in slight pain, but not much. She also looks at what is happening. Unlike XAK, MELODY or ASHBY though, she does something about it. She stands as soon as she can and runs to SIN, putting her arms around her?

          CHARLIE: Baby, come on. We have to go?

          SIN: But they love me.

          CHARLIE: No sweetie they don't, a lot of people love you, but not those things?please come on?

          SIN looks at CHARLIE.

          SIN: Can I say goodbye?

          CHARLIE looks at the pure non-threatening nature of The Coma any more. She nods reluctantly. SIN looks at The Coma.

          SIN: You should go now. You're making Charlie cross.

          The Coma all stand at once and look upon SIN. CHARLIE grabs her once more, while XAK disappears in the crowd.

          THE COMA: As you wish, mistress. We shall await your beckon.

          Instantly, the rock shell that CHARLIE encased them with cracks and implodes. From them, various small shadows emerge and skulk out of the alleyway. Gone. ASHBY hurries to MELODY, to check if she's ok. CHARLIE now turns to XAK, seeing him standing there doing nothing. His fears confirmed, what he thought was true, came true.

          XAK (O/S): There isn't time?

          CUT TO ? L.A

          The camera shows XAK looking at the gang, all situated at various points around the lounge.

          XAK: ?There isn't time to be afraid; to be scared of whatever's coming.

          The camera pans over to MELODY and ASHBY. He's looking down thinking these words are specifically about him. MELODY is doing the same?

          XAK: I've been scared, I am scared, to know that whatever we do, wherever we run, we cannot run far enough?

          The camera now moves to CATE who is sat in between TOOLE on one side of the room, and LANCE on the other. Both of the Emory brothers are staring at the floor, while CATE watches XAK.

          XAK: ?But I say we don't run. I say we face these prophecies that they're throwing at us. We face them and we face our enemies. Now we faced our enemies twice today and we survived?we can do this. It's gonna take some team work, it's gonna take some training, and it's gonna take a lot of strength?

          CHARLIE and SIN are sat nearest him. SIN is sleeping in her mothers lap and is curled up sleeping. CHARLIE looks at XAK with a smile. She saw him scared outside, so scared he couldn't do anything, and he's still leading?

          XAK: ?And believe me when I say that we will come out on top. We will win this?

          The camera moves back to him now, and shows his face looking down away from all his friends?

          CUT TO ? L.A

          XAK (V/O): (whispering to himself) ?We have to?

          XAK comes into view. He's stood against the alley wall. A battle axe in his hand, staring at the empty alleyway before him; void of anything apart from the Winnebago. CHARLIE appears in the doorway.

          CHARLIE: Anything?

          XAK sighs.

          XAK: Not yet.

          She nods, content.

          CHARLIE: Quite a speech.

          XAK: It was?

          She sits down next to XAK, he puts the battle axe down once again.

          CHARLIE: Of course it was! Can't you see, we all have faith in you. From my mom to Ashby. We all believe in you Xak.

          She puts an arm around his and rubs his arm, he laughs slightly.

          XAK: Yeah, great leader I am. I send two non-slayers to fight my battles, I stand around while this dark army I've been fronted with so many times worships the ground our daughter walks on?

          CHARLIE: We're still here. We're alive, and we managed to keep our family together another day.

          XAK: Is that enough?

          CHARLIE: I know we're not like a conventional family, but even they have to hold it together everyday.

          XAK nods.

          XAK: I guess.

          CHARLIE: No, I know. Be sure of yourself Xak, after tonight, I can name nearly a dozen people who are sure of how good a leader you are. You can win this?

          She entwines her fingers with his.

          CHARLIE: (softly)?We can win this.

          He turns to her.

          XAK: Thanks.

          She smiles at him.

          CHARLIE: Anytime.

          She leans in and kisses him, he kisses her back. They break away slowly, relaxed more now.

          CHARLIE: You coming upstairs. It's great to watch Cate's face as the walls change colours every two minutes.

          XAK rolls his eyes, as CHARLIE stands.

          CHARLIE: Mom uses such simple enchantments, they work every time.

          XAK thinks.


          XAK: I'll be up soon?

          He smiles at her, and she nods, smiling too, before moving into the building once again. He thinks about his friends, about their faith in him. Maybe he can do this. Breaking away from Sunnydale is what he needed, to get away; start a fresh, on a new stage. The camera pans up as he stares ahead at the alleyway once again, he firms his grip on the battle axe once more as he picks it up. He stares long and hard into the darkness, and watches?(The music below plays throughout)

          "I would like to leave this city
          This old town don't smell too pretty and?

          CUT TO - L.A

          It's chaos. CATE is charging after SEPHY pointing at the ever changing walls. They both leave the frame, a small smile forming on SEPHY'S face. CHARLIE and SIN are resting on the sofa; SIN is asleep, CHARLIE isn't. MELODY is trying to ignore a doting ASHBY who is trying to see if her head is still hurt, resulting in her punching him in the stomach. Finally the camera moves to LANCE who watches CATE with a smile?behind him is his brother, TOOLE, who, amidst the unpacking, watches CATE and LANCE. Either his dormant love for his ex girlfriend, or his dormant jealousy for his brother just erupted.?(The music below plays throughout)

          "So here I go still scratching around the same old hole
          My body feels young but my mind is very old
          So what do you say?
          You can't give me the dreams that are mine anyway
          You're half the world away?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          Chaos, again. The camera pans around the office to show the ruins of what used to be Dante's Sunnydale empire. On his desk, some sandalwood and magical ingredients used to summon The Coma, slowly wilt. Panning up to the door we can see CHRISTIAN and LEIGH wheeling their suitcases out of the office. They both take one last look with a blank expression before leaving, the door closes behind them, tickets in hand. The last ones to leave Sunnydale?(The music below plays throughout)

          "And when I leave this planet
          You know Id stay but I just cant stand it and
          I can feel the warning signs running around my mind
          And if I could leave this spirit Id find me a hole and Ill live in it ?cause
          I can feel the warning signs running around my mind

          CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

          As the sun begins to rise in the horizon, it begins to expose the silhouette of Los Angeles in the distance. (The music below plays throughout)

          "So here I go still scratching around in the same old hole
          My body feels young but my mind if very old

          Along the roadside DANTE appears into view. Dusty, tired and worn. Almost done, but not yet. He'd give up be it not for his thirst for answers. He knew something was happening and he had to find out what. He stops. (The music below plays throughout)

          "So what do you say?
          You can give me the dreams that are mine anyway
          You're half the world away?

          He looks at the outline of the citadel where he spent most of his immortal life, but standing here, on the roadside of a dusty lonely road where no one knows him. None of that seems to matter anymore. Slowly, he takes a step, then another, walking towards his answers. With every step he becomes more determined?(The music below plays throughout)

          "Half the world away
          Half the world away
          I've been lost, I've been found but I don't feel down

          FADE TO BLACK

          "No I don't feel down
          I don't feel down?

          END OF EPISODE


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            - Probably one of my favourite episodes of Season Two so far. I dunno why, I think I just liked the new music I played in the episode plus it's kind of a landmark episode for the series.

            - I knew when I had decided to do the series that the gang would have to leave Sunnydale at one time or another, purely because of the time scale differences in the series. Why not think of various other things that have happened in Buffy and Angel that will undoubtedly shape the gang and their path?

            - Notice any similarities between this episode and the "Spiral" episode in Buffy? It kind of inspired me to write this episode. It was an effective way for the gang to leave town, and plus it just rocks don't it?

            - So Ashby's tagging along with the gang? How will he be an asset to them? Or more importantly, will he?