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  • Shadow Stalker - 2.10 - Sin

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 2.10 ? Sin
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season Two starts alongside Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 4 of Angel and is in affiliated with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Broken Destiny (Joe); and Wishful Thinking (Ben); Raven (Alexander Brown).




    SEPHY looks down, almost panicking?

    SEPHY: I'm far too late?

    The next few moments don't happen in slow motion this time, now we see them in real time.

    SEPHY pauses for a moment then runs at XAK and the baby, as she passes MELODY she grabs the gun out of her grasp and aims it in their direction?she pulls the safety off, her finger squeezing the trigger. CHARLIE gasps, in shock, and despair.

    CHARLIE: (screaming) NOOOOOOOO MOM!

    XAK'S eyes widen, seeing SEPHY charge at them with a gun, he holds his daughter close. He holds her with love. He can't move, he's never been this scared before. He just stands there. He holds the baby tightly, and closes his eyes in fear. He breathes heavily then opens his eyes just in time to see SEPHY squeezing the trigger. He turns his back just as she shoots. The bullet splitting the air and wounding his shoulder. He groans in pain and falls to his knees, still clutching his daughter tight. CATE screams, clutching her mouth in shock. CHARLIE goes to get up but LANCE holds her back, as does TOOLE.

    TOOLE: No! Charlie!

    SEPHY looks at XAK, the smoke sifts and dissipates from the gun, as her face looks wondering at what she's just done. Did she do it? Did she succeed? XAK slowly turns, he holds his daughter with his stronger arm. He glares at her, and walks slowly towards her. She aims the gun at him looking at him with a mixture of fear and anger. He punches her around the face and she falls to the floor. She shoots the gun but only hits the wall. He kicks the gun out of her hand, it flies through the window into the woods. The camera finally cuts to MELODY who has her hands clasped over her mouth, her hands shaking. CATE finally removes her hand slowly from her mouth.

    CATE: Ok?what the hell?!

    SEPHY snaps her head back to XAK, her nose bleeding. She shakes her head, breathing heavily.

    SEPHY: You have no idea what?

    XAK is not interested in listening to what she has to say. Still holding his daughter tight, he grits his teeth in pain and uses his wounded arm to grab SEPHY by her throat. He rams her against the wooden wall. CHARLIE looks indifferent at the scene, tears feebly streaming her face in thin waves. TOOLE and LANCE look at one another and loosen their grip on CHARLIE slightly now. She looks to and from XAK and SEPHY, completely and utterly confused.

    XAK: I don't care! You're gonna tell me right now, what the hell is going on?

    SEPHY: You'll understand. You'll see the path I chose to walk was the correct one. The right avenue. It had to be?

    He slams her against the wall again.

    XAK: (misunderstood) No! Look I know what you probably saw. I know I hurt Charlie, and everyone, but?

    SEPHY looks into his eyes and laughs.

    XAK: Do not laugh at me?you may be a goddess but I do not?

    SEPHY: I apologise. Perhaps my aim was not clear?

    XAK: Which aim? The gun or your purpose?

    SEPHY: (shouting) Both! I wasn't shooting at you, you na?ve fool. Don't you see?

    XAK looks down. The baby?

    SEPHY: Yes. In stopping me you may have just caused the end?

    XAK looks confused, he looks at her, still maintaining a tight grip on her throat. He looks at his daughter who is amazingly still sleeping, almost careless in her worries.

    XAK: I-I?don't understand?

    SEPHY: What you are holding is not a child?it is not the product of love, but of hubris and hybrid combined?

    XAK looks to CHARLIE, both of them pondering the concept of their daughter being more than just a child to them?

    SEPHY: ?a combination that will destroy the world?

    TOOLE looks at CATE worried. MELODY still retains her shaking hands to her mouth. XAK snaps back to looking at SEPHY.

    XAK: (shouting) Why on earth should I believe you? When you left you couldn't wait to come back to us?and now you're here you're to kill my daughter! None of this makes sense!

    SEPHY'S eyes widen causing her to glow a shining aura. XAK is thrown backwards. He lands on his back on the floor. CHARLIE rushes to his side, worried about the child. CATE and TOOLE look on in desperation. XAK and CHARLIE both check that the baby is fine?amazingly?she's still sleeping. XAK passes the baby to CHARLIE and snaps back to SEPHY who is still at the wall.

    XAK: Ok?that is the last time you attack me and my daughter?

    She sighs.

    SEPHY: (angrily) Oh abandon the threats.

    She sighs.

    SEPHY: Xak, I am not the enemy.

    She pulls back her cloak to reveal a scroll tied to a black belt around her waist. She pulls it out with caution, almost as if it is precious, and delicate?

    SEPHY: You need to see this?

    She hands it to XAK, who looks at it unsure.

    SEPHY: I believe the girls have already encountered one of these with Sineya, the first daughter to darkness and light combined?

    MELODY removes her hand now and looks at CATE. They remember?

    CATE: The legends. This is the second?

    LANCE looks at MELODY angry. TOOLE looks at CATE wondering.

    TOOLE: What do you mean the legends? What was the first?

    SEPHY: Correct. The second of the combined legends.

    CATE looks at him, she realises she hasn't told him this. Another secret in their relationship. XAK slowly turns to CHARLIE who is nestling the baby in her arms, he looks at her surprised. The girls hadn't told them this small detail. The legend of The Clique Slayers was first?and now this? XAK turns back to SEPHY he looks at her and then looks at the scroll in his hands. Did he want to read it, could he bring himself to believe what was written inside. He opens the scroll?





    The camera shows a full moon in the night sky with the caption "SHADOW STALKER" tattooed
    across the view. The words streak across the scene with a slight red tint as the music starts up.

    The camera then cuts to CHARLIE walking down the street in her red dress towards XAK. The camera shows several quick cuts of XAK transgressing and eventually him killing CHARLIE.

    The camera then shows XAK in a suit leaving the Wolfram and Hart building then to him in an
    alleyway, he looks dirty and unshaven and in dirty clothes. (The music below plays throughout)

    "It's bugging me, grating me
    And twisting me around


    The camera shows CHARLIE in her cell, scared and alone and then cuts to her standing in XAK'S apartment, and her eyes glowing a bright green.

    "Yeah i'm endlessly caving in
    And turning inside out


    The camera then shows XAK and CATE both running down the streets of L.A desperately. The camera then focuses more on CATE and cuts to her in The Bronze serving drinks, and then to her standing next to MELODY, both their fists raised, in a battle-like pose. (The music below plays throughout)

    "'Cause I want it now
    I want it now
    Give me your heart and your soul


    The camera shows TOOLE punching someone to the floor and then to him looking through a barely opened door, his eyes widen. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And i'm breaking out
    I'm breaking out
    Last chance to lose control


    The camera then shows DANTE sitting behind his desk smirking but quickly cuts to him holding something in both arms and looking out the window while the sun succumbs to darkness. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Its hurting me, morphing me
    And forcing me to strive


    The camera shows MELODY running through the prison in L'Azura and then to her sitting on a rock, sand surrounding her. (The music below plays throughout)

    "To be endlessly cold within
    And dreaming i'm alive


    The camera then shows LANCE sitting on the floor of the apartment laughing with someone and then to him clutching on to CHARLIE'S hand and shouting. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And i want you now
    I want you now
    I feel my heart implode


    As the song comes to an end the camera shows various quick caps of CATE by a grave; SEPHY walking into the Underworld smiling; MELODY and LANCE falling through the L'Azura portal; DANTE staring into the darkness with black eyes, then finally to XAK walking through the graveyard at night. The camera moves up and shows a high angle shot of him walking away and the shape of the dragon streaking across the sky causing the screen to fade to black. (The music below plays throughout)

    "I'm breaking out
    Escaping now
    Feeling my faith erode


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    CUT TO ? L.A

    HERMES is sat at a table. For a while there is silence. He looks fairly complacent and then looks at the person sitting opposite him.

    HERMES: Well done.

    The camera turns now to see DANTE sitting opposite him. He raises an eyebrow.

    DANTE: Huh?

    HERMES: I'm congratulating you, in a sense.

    DANTE: So no ass-kicking, no shouting?

    HERMES: There will be no form of punishment, verbally or otherwise. Thorn and his friends finally got a taste of what crossing Wolfram and Hart is like, so The Senior Partners are in gratitude for this.

    DANTE rubs his hands together pleased, and nods happily.

    DANTE: Well all right then!

    HERMES: Not quite.

    DANTE: Cue the loophole in the celebrations.

    HERMES indicates the empty jar placed on the desk. The jar that used to contain XAK'S soul.

    HERMES: I would consider what happened to be a considerable loophole.

    DANTE: What are you talking about? You wanted this to happen!

    HERMES: Not entirely true. Yes, we wanted the child to demonstrate it's powers but?these powers are beyond what we anticipated.

    DANTE: (infuriated) We knew this would happen! The Legend spoke of all these events.

    HERMES: Be that as it may, legends have proved unpredictable, feasible at times to avoid. In this case we only predicted that the "light" it spoke of, was Thorn's soul?while we were right to predict this move, it would be unwise to predict what will happen next. So I'm afraid we're taking no action as of yet to collect the child.

    DANTE again looks quizzical of HERMES' intentions.

    DANTE: Why?

    HERMES: The Senior Partners would prefer to observe the child's development. If the translation of the legend we have is correct, we need only await for the right time to obtain her.

    DANTE: And how do you propose we observe? I think they'd notice me peering through the window on a baby.

    HERMES: As commendable a plan as that is, you forget that we are linked to Mr Emory?

    DANTE nods.

    HERMES: ?He will be our eyes, our ears. He will be their downfall.

    DANTE looks down. He doesn't smile. Ordinarily the thought of destroying XAK would cause him to smile, but not now. He knew something was wrong. The Senior Partners would never act like this, especially over something so precious. He'd worked there long enough to know someone or something was playing him?but what?

    CUT TO ? L.A

    CHRISTIAN and LEIGH are standing looking out the window smiling.

    LEIGH: Can you believe this!

    CHRISTIAN: I know. Senior Officers.

    The camera pans out to show they're in DANTE'S old office.

    LEIGH: I'm sure there will be a pay rise, which means?

    CHRISTIAN: The Senior Partners trust us.

    LEIGH: I was gonna say more shoes but sure?

    CHRISTIAN rolls his eyes.

    CHRISTIAN: You want some coffee?

    LEIGH crosses her arms.

    LEIGH: You're not the errand boy anymore.

    He laughs.

    CHRISTIAN: Nostalgia.

    LEIGH: (laughing) Ok, for old times sakes!

    She smiles as he leaves the room. For a moment she looks around the room happily. Then, CHRISTIAN'S phone rings. LEIGH runs to pick it up.

    LEIGH: Hello, you have reached the phone of Christian, how may I be of service to you?

    HERMES (O/S): Ms Sinclair?

    LEIGH: Speaking?

    HERMES (O/S): It's me.

    LEIGH: Hey! Feather boots, nice to hear from ya. How's it going up on the white floor?

    HERMES (O/S): (angrily) I would appreciate it if you kept your volume down!

    LEIGH smirks cheekily. Outside the office, CHRISTIAN has arrived at the coffee cart.

    LEIGH: Relax! I'm in Dante's old dusty digs, you know you guys overpay him, I say demote him, give us his money.

    HERMES (O/S): (sighing) Take it up with pay roll.

    LEIGH sits down at DANTE'S desk, putting her feet on the desk.

    LEIGH: Relax I'm only joking. So, how'd it go with big boots? Is he getting a bit big for them?

    HERMES (O/S): Of course; this is Dante we're conversing about.

    LEIGH laughs.

    LEIGH: What did you tell him?

    HERMES (O/S): I told him The Senior Partners would not take any action for his meddling with the soul and that we would wait to see what the baby could do before we took action by observing through the eyes of Mr Emory.

    LEIGH nods.

    LEIGH: Sounds moving, did you get an Oscar for that little performance?

    HERMES (O/S): Fortunately acting is apparently a firm attribute of mine.

    LEIGH rolls her eyes.

    LEIGH: So what do you want Chris and I to do? Smile but have an angry subtext underneath?

    HERMES: (O/S) We'll keep it low key for now, keep him on side. He could be suspicious.

    LEIGH: Ok, well I'll look forward to your call. Or Chris will?

    The sound of Hermes hanging up causes her to look at the phone in disgust.

    LEIGH: Rude?

    She then notices the screen?


    ?She looks at CHRISTIAN, he's still at the coffee cart, pouring milk in now.

    LEIGH: (to herself) He won't mind, after all I answer his phone, and plus he only talks to me and Dante so?

    She presses the button on the phone to read the message. It appears on screen?

    "Christian, I need to see you. It's urgent, things are bad here. I need you."

    LEIGH raises an eyebrow.

    LEIGH: (confused) Huh?

    She then scrolls down the message to look at the sender of the message.

    LEIGH: (quietly) "Annette Du Pirk"?

    She looks more confused now and looks up to CHRISTIAN again, he's walking towards the office door. Who was ANNETTE DU PIRK, and more importantly, how did LEIGH not know of her? She knew all there was about CHRISTIAN? What was he hiding?

    CHRISTIAN (O/S): Ok!

    The door opens. CHRISTIAN enters with coffee.

    CHRISTIAN: Caffeine should help get through today.

    LEIGH puts his phone down on the desk, closing it. She smiles; fake.

    LEIGH: Yeah sure.

    She takes a coffee from him and takes a sip, watching him, cautiously, wondering.


    A chair. One of the only ones left. The room still stricken with rubble. Someone is sitting on the chair, tied to it with chains and ropes. Someone wearing a long black cloak; SEPHY. She looks down solemn, XAK approaches her; he looks serious. A bandage now wrapped around his arm where she had shot him. TOOLE and LANCE are nearby, clearing the apartment.

    XAK: So Cate and Melody are destined to be slayers as are the rest of their old crew?now this. What's the third?

    SEPHY: It doesn't work like that way. The Legends reveal themselves as they come to pass. When the Potentials became aware of their destiny, their Legend began. When the child was born, so did hers. The third is unknown?

    XAK nods.

    XAK: I see?

    SEPHY: Xak this is absurd, untie me at once.

    XAK: Don't worry, these chains are old friends of mine, they'll keep you company until we know you can behave.

    SEPHY: A goddess demoted to a felon, never has an image been created of me.

    XAK: Things change?roll with it.

    SEPHY: Then you'll have to accept the truth sooner or later.

    XAK looks at the scroll, which is resting on the floor nearby.

    XAK: You mean some old piece of paper?

    SEPHY looks incredulous.

    SEPHY: How can you deny those words that are written?

    XAK: They're just words.

    SEPHY: The Potentials were not quick to doubt what will come to pass.

    XAK: Funny, they didn't mention it to us. They can't be that bothered by it.

    SEPHY: Perhaps they had more pressing matters to attend to.

    She glances at TOOLE and LANCE nearby who aren't listening to the conversation.

    XAK: Perhaps. Or perhaps they'd rather live their lives than by the dictatorship of ink and parchment.

    SEPHY shakes her head.

    SEPHY: You'll see Xak?I promise you?

    He looks at her curiously as the camera moves away from them both to his bedroom.


    The camera pans up the bed to show CHARLIE and CATE lying either side of the wriggling baby. CATE is allowing the baby to clutch on to her fingers tightly.

    CATE: (smiling) She's so cute.

    CHARLIE: (quietly) Yeah?she is.

    CATE: I think she has my nose!

    CHARLIE raises an eyebrow.

    CHARLIE: Yeah, she's the spitting image of you.

    CATE looks up at her, smiling. She notices CHARLIE isn't as happy as she could be.

    CATE: What's wrong? It's not the whole shooting thing is it?

    CHARLIE: (sarcastically) Jeez, I wonder why that would be worrying me.

    CATE: It'll blow over. You know your parents, too overprotective.

    CHARLIE: I guess.

    CATE: I know ok? Now stop worrying and enjoy the fact that we're all safe, Xak's back to his normal broody self and is no longer his broody murdering self.

    CHARLIE half smiles.

    CATE: And most importantly, enjoy the fact that you're lying next to your daughter!

    CHARLIE looks at her baby, she sighs softly.

    CHARLIE: I am glad she's here, of course I am?It's just?

    CATE: (smiling, but clearly emotional) What?

    CHARLIE: I can't be happy, not yet.

    CATE'S smile drops slightly.

    CHARLIE: I can't be happy until this whole thing ends. Until Wolfram and Hart stop?

    CATE: They might have already, we don't know.

    CHARLIE nods.

    CHARLIE: Exactly. We don't know anything. Right now, I for one can't be na?ve about anything regarding forces I have no control over. From what's happened this past year I doubt they will have just "stopped" now their hold on Xak has gone.

    CATE nods, she knows CHARLIE'S right. She suddenly feels na?ve to contemplate that everything will be ok?she doesn't know that anything will?

    CATE: What about this whole Legend thing?

    CHARLIE looks down.

    CHARLIE: I haven't seen it, I'm not ready. (trying to change the subject) At least with Wolfram and Hart, I can expect the unexpected. This whole thing with my mom though?I didn't see it coming. I don't see how she could do this, unless it was for the best, and that scares me?

    She looks down at her daughter, unable to comprehend that she's anything but just a child.

    CHARLIE: I'm not ready Cate. I'm not ready to accept that something's happening but it feels like everyone knows what's happening but us?everyone but me?

    CATE looks down. She hears what CHARLIE'S saying, she knows it can apply to another context?She should have said this a long time ago.

    CATE: I'm sorry.

    CHARLIE looks up now, clearly she wasn't ready for that either.

    CHARLIE: What for?

    CATE: For not coming to you, about slaying, about Lance?about Toole?

    She looks up at CHARLIE, her eyes welling up with tears.

    CATE: ?I should have. The old me would have. I just?

    CHARLIE: (tearful) It's ok.

    Even though she's sad, she's glad to be distracted from her prior worries, and glad CATE is finally coming clean. She's ready for this, she has been for a while. CATE smiles, even though the tears are starting to fall down her face.

    CHARLIE: (crying) I understand Cate, and you don't need to be sorry. It's been so hard recently, for everyone. We've all been so alone, and we've only been a few feet away from eachother?

    CATE: I know?

    They clutch one another's hands over the baby's stomach. They smile at one another. They have eachother. They're never alone. The camera now moves over to the baby?They also have her now. After a moment the camera moves over to the doorway of the bedroom. MELODY is peering through. She's watching the two of them, observing keenly. Her eyes narrow into a deep glare?




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      ACT TWO


      TOOLE and LANCE are stood near the broken window, carefully retrieving shards of glass from the frame and depositing them into refuse sacks.

      TOOLE: Do you think you could finish up here? I should really check in with Ashby?

      LANCE: I'll do it, don't worry.

      TOOLE: You sure?

      LANCE: Yeah, of course.

      TOOLE wants to smile, but he can't forget what happened?not yet?LANCE notices. The both of them up until this point have been trying to keep out of what XAK and SEPHY are talking about nearby, LANCE can't help but glance over.

      LANCE: So, she's really a goddess?

      TOOLE: Yeah.

      LANCE: And she's Charlie's mom?

      TOOLE: Yeah.

      LANCE: Wow?

      TOOLE: You'll get used to her, amidst the shooting and these supposed Legends she's kinda cool.

      LANCE: Yeah, plus she's all hot and stuff?

      TOOLE raises an eyebrow.

      TOOLE: Lance, she's like a thousand years old, and a grandmother?

      LANCE: Well she is.

      TOOLE rolls his eyes, LANCE smiles and looks at his brother.

      LANCE: Thanks again for last night, it can't have been easy shooting him?

      TOOLE looks back to the glass now, intently clearing up the mess?

      TOOLE: (monotonously) You gotta do what you gotta do. I had to stop him, so I did.

      LANCE: Oh come on, it was kinda huge?

      TOOLE: (cutting him off) Lance.

      LANCE stops smiling now.

      TOOLE: ?Thing's aren't totally fine with us ok? I want them to be?but I just can't. Not yet.

      LANCE sighs and looks down.

      LANCE: I understand?

      TOOLE: I'm sorry?

      LANCE: (weakly smiling) Don't be. I can't expect everything to be?

      The door to XAK'S bedroom opens and CATE walks into the lounge. She's wiping her eyes with a tissue. Everyone in the room turns to her. MELODY appears in the doorway to the kitchen, her arms folded.

      CATE: Oh, ignore me, just happy baby tears.

      XAK half smiles at her.

      XAK: She ok?

      CATE tries not to look at SEPHY, who is watching her intently with sad eyes.

      CATE: She's doing fine. They're napping.

      He nods, and she looks over at TOOLE and LANCE who are attempting to not look in her direction. The camera pans around to show MELODY standing in the background behind CATE.


      The music begins to play as CATE looks at them, she smiles ever so slightly. Content with making her peace with her best friend.

      CATE: Yeah, everything's fine.

      MELODY now comes into sharp focus. She looks at CATE, upset. She turns to the front door and runs towards it. Opening it, and slamming the door behind her. CATE turns to her, the only one who noticed. She looks slightly confused.


      The lyrics to the chorus burst into sound as MELODY appears in the alleyway from the apartment. She looks upset, bothered by something. She looks down the alley, each way, before eventually running in one direction, the camera watching her leave as she disappears into the distance.

      "Light up, light up
      As if you have a choice
      Even if you cannot hear my voice
      I'll be right beside you dear?

      CUT TO ? L.A

      The song comes to an end as we see LEIGH, sat at her old desk, she looks confused, the thought of ANNETTE still running through her mind. She logs on to the computer rapidly, and clicks on the Wolfram and Hart database. She looks up, keeping an eye on CHRISTIAN on the other side of the room, he's conversing with another office worker. He's not looking in her direction. She types the words "Annette Du Pirk" in the box marked "search all areas for any words containing?"

      LEIGH: Ok secret texter, lets see who you are?

      She presses enter. She looks surprised at what turns up.

      LEIGH: Or you know?we won't.

      The camera pans around to the screen.

      "There a 0 entries containing the words ?Annette Du Pirk'"

      She taps her fingers, thinking. She then looks over to a woman nearby.

      LEIGH: Bingo!

      She stands and walks over to the woman who is sat at her desk typing. Her name is SOPHIE PRICE, she's a young intelligent worker, she has a lot of computer knowledge and access to the Wolfram and Hart files. (She is played by Sophie Pierce) She doesn't look up at LEIGH.

      LEIGH: Sophie! Long time no see.

      SOPHIE: (annoyed) What do you want? I'm busy?

      LEIGH: You know how we were always close, well I was wondering if you could?

      SOPHIE looks up now.

      SOPHIE: What you mean how you bullied me into giving you my last cigarette each and every break, and forced me to take the brunt for certain font mishaps on reports?

      LEIGH: Oh pfft! What's a bit of nicotine and Century Gothic between old friends?

      SOPHIE: (smiling fakely) Goodbye Leigh?

      LEIGH'S happiness now fades.

      LEIGH: Listen you little wench. I out rank you; now if you'd like me to take this to the top floor, so help me I will.

      She now copies SOPHIE'S fake smile, but SOPHIE'S has now disappeared with a bitter angry look.

      SOPHIE: What would you like?

      LEIGH: A simple easy task. I want you to run a name search into the whole company, you have higher level of clearance on the computers, and you might be able to get something I couldn't.

      SOPHIE sighs.

      SOPHIE: What's the name?

      LEIGH: Annette Du Pirk

      SOPHIE: Hyphenage? How many n's and t's?

      LEIGH: (thinking) None, two and two.

      SOPHIE rapidly types on the computer. She shakes her head.

      SOPHIE: Nothing?

      LEIGH sighs and then goes to walk away from the computer.

      SOPHIE: Wait?

      LEIGH turns back.

      LEIGH: What is it?

      SOPHIE: An email address.

      LEIGH: (surprised) What?

      SOPHIE: Registered to Wolfram and Hart apparently.

      LEIGH: An ex-employee?

      SOPHIE: Maybe, or they're given out sometimes to family.

      LEIGH: What like, sisters, moms?

      SOPHIE: Not quite, more like wives.

      LEIGH'S mouth drops.

      LEIGH: I'm sorry you're gonna have to repeat that I think I blacked out slightly there.

      SOPHIE rolls her eyes and picks up some papers.

      SOPHIE: Look for yourself, I'm going to have a cigarette. You know it's funny, I have so many more nowadays, go figure.

      She walks away, and LEIGH watches her for a second before hurrying to the computer to see ANNETTE DU PIRK'S email address on the screen.

      LEIGH: (whispering to herself) Wife?but Christian's not married?


      The door opens and MELODY breezes in to the club. She looks annoyed. In the background, some mellow music is playing. The club is empty, the lights are on and there's no one at the bar.

      MELODY: Jeez, security is so lack in this place?

      She heads over to the bar, and looks around before jumping over the bar counter. She then begins pouring herself a drink.

      MAN (O/S): Hey!

      MELODY turns around to see ASHBY.

      MELODY: Oh it's you, for a second there I contemplated the thought of being scared.

      He looks annoyed.

      ASHBY: You're not supposed to be behind there!

      MELODY: (sarcastically) Am I not? No wonder I always get the most wasted every time I go clubbing.

      ASHBY: I'm serious, you need to get out before?

      MELODY turns around with a glass in her hand.

      MELODY: What? You tell Toole? Like I'm scared of him.

      She looks ASHBY dead in the eyes.

      MELODY: I ain't scared of no one.

      ASHBY: Well?finish that one then you should leave. Toole could come in later, or Xak.

      MELODY takes a sip of her hand, and raises an eyebrow.

      MELODY: Doubt it. Not if Toole can put his dustpan and brush down long enough to take Xak away from chains.

      ASHBY: Huh?

      She crunches on an ice cube and looks at him curiously.

      MELODY: God you're really not inner core are you?

      She looks him up and down, flirtatiously.

      MELODY: Want Melody to pull you in a bit more?

      ASHBY looks slightly fearful of this remark.


      SEPHY looks tired now; her arms look red and sore. XAK looks at her, his arms folded. The room is empty, other than those two.

      XAK: You want me to let you go?

      SEPHY looks at him.

      SEPHY: If I say yes you'll respond with a comment about telling you the truth, and if I say no, you'll probably respond the same way.

      XAK: Then just do it, tell the truth.

      SEPHY: It is not my truth to tell. The words utter their own promises.

      XAK: Promises? Whose promises? Is it Atropos?

      SEPHY shakes her head.

      SEPHY: No, The Fates had no hand in this. This is before the world of Ancient Greece.

      XAK: Then who?

      SEPHY: I don't know Xak. I wish I did, I wish I could discredit them, I wish I could discredit the marking they have plagued her young skin with?

      XAK looks confused.

      XAK: What?

      SEPHY: Did you forget the first line of the Legend?

      XAK: (thinking) The mark?

      SEPHY: (surprised) Have you not checked?

      XAK looks at the scroll nearby, then to his bedroom. How could he forget?

      SEPHY (O/S): Oh Xak?you were so quick to discredit the truth you have yet to open your eyes.


      The music begins to play as?


      MELODY now has a few empty glasses next to her, and ASHBY is leaning against the counter. He looks shocked. (The music below plays throughout)

      "Three months in here
      Can't catch the tears
      Time never lands

      ASHBY: Wow?

      MELODY: I know right. Who needs television?

      ASHBY: So if the baby's here, and there's some crazy goddess firing on all cylinders, then why are you here pouring our profits down your throat?

      MELODY looks at him, almost respecting his keen observation. She puts down her glass.

      MELODY: Tell me Torrent, do you think I'm weak?

      ASHBY looks awkward. (The music below plays throughout)

      "Our love is all that stands now
      Streets feel strange
      And longer lives can never change

      ASHBY: Huh?

      MELODY: Do I look weak to you?

      ASHBY: I don't know what you mean.

      MELODY: Do I look like I can be beaten?

      ASHBY: Uh no?I guess?

      MELODY jumps off the counter and moves closer to ASHBY.

      MELODY: You guess? You don't sound too sure of that?

      ASHBY: I-I don't know you?

      MELODY: Well if you want some convincing?

      She jumps at him, locking her lips with his. He looks stunned but is soon seduced by her, and both of them fall to the floor. (The music below plays throughout)

      "I'm so glad to have you
      And it's getting worse
      I'm so mad to love you
      And your evil curse




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        ACT THREE


        XAK enters the bedroom. He looks over at the bed to see CHARLIE sleeping with the baby, the baby dressed in one of the baby suits that TOOLE bought her. He can't help but smile at the scene. He walks over to them both and sits on the edge of the bed. CHARLIE feels the extra weight on the bed and opens her eyes, she smiles at him.

        CHARLIE: (sleepy) Hey.

        XAK: (smiling) Hey.

        CHARLIE: Was I asleep long?

        XAK: Forever. But it's ok, no one noticed.

        She laughs softly.

        CHARLIE: Where is everyone?

        XAK: Cate seemed emotional, I think she went patrolling. Nothing sorts out emotional stress like sticking wood in dead things.

        CHARLIE raises an eyebrow.

        XAK: I asked Toole to the store to get more baby stuff and I dunno where the other two are. I'm not sure; I've been a bit preoccupied with?

        She nods understanding.

        XAK: But you're ok?

        CHARLIE smiles, then looks to the baby, who's resting. Her small chest rising and falling with each tiny breath.

        CHARLIE: Oh yeah, I mean I love sleeping and she sleeps a lot, so motherhood is going good so far!

        XAK: She's a growing baby, she will do.

        As he says this, the baby opens her eyes. She writhes, looking at XAK, she begins to cry.

        CHARLIE: Oh crap, I jinxed it. I'm the world's worst mom.

        XAK laughs, he picks up the baby, and holds her close, making her cries soon fade. He looks at her smiling, but his smile soon fades.

        CHARLIE: What is it, does she need changing?

        There is a pause. XAK'S stare at his daughter breaks as his head slowly rises to look at CHARLIE.

        XAK: (worried) Charlie?we need to talk.

        CHARLIE'S face drops. She suddenly feels more awake.

        CHARLIE: She's got to you hasn't she, my mom.

        XAK reaches into his back pocket and retrieves the scroll.

        XAK: You need to read it.

        CHARLIE: (protesting) No! Ok, she may not be the world's most normal baby but she's not whatever that thing says she is!

        XAK: Please Charlie?

        CHARLIE looks upset. She doesn't understand.

        CHARLIE: Why?

        XAK: Because then we can both make a decision together?as parents?

        CHARLIE looks at him. She knows he's right. She sighs and slowly takes the scroll from him. She unfolds it and her eyes scan the page. XAK watches her, his face frowning. Throughout, he still holds the baby with love. CHARLIE looks confused, and slightly fearful.

        CHARLIE: It's not?It's not true. It can't be. She's not?That's not her name!

        XAK: I know?I wish it weren't true.

        CHARLIE: (tearful) Then why do you believe it!

        XAK: I didn't. I've spent all day not believing it, but then I saw?

        CHARLIE pauses, worried. She notices him looking at their daughter.

        CHARLIE: (quietly) Saw what?

        He sighs and pulls down her baby suit. On her chest is a small ancient tattoo of a sun with a crescent moon surrounding it. The mark. The Legend is true?


        The door to the broom closet opens and MELODY exits. The club is busy already and clearly open for business. She manages to remain unnoticed due to the mass amounts of people. She buttons up her top and pulls out a deathly rouged lipstick from her pocket. She applied it to her lips and smiles.

        MELODY: (to herself) That was fun?Now what else is there to do for a little helpless girl like me?

        She says the last few words with a bitter undertone as she moves out of the shot. The camera then shows the door to the broom closet swinging open. ASHBY is sat in a bucket, naked. His hair is messed up and he looks completely dazed.

        ASHBY: (croaky) Woah?

        The door closes on him, no one notices?

        CUT TO ? L.A

        LEIGH and CHRISTIAN are on the roof. They both have cigarettes in their hands and they're both watching the sunset over the city. They're both quiet.

        CHRISTIAN: Remind me again why we're smoking?

        LEIGH: (thinking about something else) I stole them from Sophie.

        CHRISTIAN: Ah, old habits.

        LEIGH: (childish) Whatever, that witch deserves it.

        CHRISTIAN laughs slightly, taking a drag of his cigarette. LEIGH takes her eyes off the sunset and turns around to CHRISTIAN. She watches him for a moment before finally speaking.

        LEIGH: You tell me everything, right?

        CHRISTIAN: What sort of question is that?

        LEIGH: Do you?

        CHRISTIAN: Who else have I to talk to? Except Dante and that helpful coffee delivery girl Chihiro. You know I think they're starting to get annoyed we keep asking for deliveries, what with us being only a floor away.

        LEIGH remains her serious watchful eye on him.

        LEIGH: I'm serious. You do right?

        CHRISTIAN: What are you getting at Leigh?

        LEIGH: Annette Du Pirk?

        CHRISTIAN'S face drops.

        LEIGH: I see it rings some bells?

        CHRISTIAN: (quietly) How did you find out about her?

        LEIGH: I saw a text message on your phone. I'm sorry I looked, I know I shouldn't have but I did.

        CHRISTIAN doesn't look angry.

        CHRISTIAN: What did it say?

        LEIGH: Something about needing to see you and it being bad where she is.

        CHRISTIAN pauses for a moment, absorbing what she's saying.

        CHRISTIAN: I should go?

        He throws his cigarette off the side of the building then stands and walks to the entrance to the lower levels. LEIGH stands.

        LEIGH: (protesting) Chris, wait! Who is she?

        CHRISTIAN: It's better if you don't know?

        LEIGH: Well I'm not asking about what's better for me, I'm asking you to tell me.

        CHRISTIAN sighs and stops walking.

        CHRISTIAN: It was almost six years ago?

        LEIGH looks at him, listening intently.

        CHRISTIAN: ?Annette and I, we were married.

        LEIGH: (shaking her head, to herself) I knew it.

        CHRISTIAN: She was my first love. She had come to my college in London as a foreign exchange student from L.A. When we finished college we saved our money and moved back to L.A. to live, away from my parents, they didn't like her much.

        LEIGH: Why?

        CHRISTIAN: She was, kind of wild?

        LEIGH: Hey, no need for details, don't worry. Don't forget you're preaching to the choir here. (with a slightly more serious tone) So what happened next?

        CHRISTIAN: When we moved to L.A we struggled for money, her parents didn't wanna know either. I managed to get an internship at a lawyers firm?

        LEIGH: Wolfram and Hart.

        CHRISTIAN: Yes?

        He sighs and then moves closer to LEIGH.

        CHRISTIAN: So I began working as Dante's lap dog, doing his dirty work. Before long it took up so much of my time, a distance formed between Annette and I. She didn't love me anymore, and soon I became so transfixed in building bridges with her, it began affecting my work?so Dante did something about it.

        LEIGH: Oh god?what did he do?

        CHRISTIAN: He seduced her. He slept with her.

        LEIGH looks immensely annoyed and infuriated.

        LEIGH: That skanky little whore!

        CHRISTIAN sits back down next to LEIGH now.

        CHRISTIAN: Don't talk about Annette that way?she's a lot of things but?

        LEIGH: I was talking about Dante?

        CHRISTIAN looks down, upset now, but at the same time, a sense of relief fills him finally being able to talk to someone about it.

        LEIGH: So you divorced her?

        CHRISTIAN: She divorced me, she left with half my money, and I couldn't leave Wolfram and Hart?

        LEIGH: Your contract?

        CHRISTIAN: Yeah.

        LEIGH puts and arm on CHRISTIAN'S shoulder.

        LEIGH: God I'm so sorry. I truly am?

        CHRISTIAN: It's ok, I'm?I'm used to it now. I've had to get used to it.

        LEIGH: So why do you think she's contacting you now?

        CHRISTIAN shakes his head.

        CHRISTIAN: I have no idea. I haven't heard from her since she left?

        LEIGH sighs.

        LEIGH: I'm so sorry?but this will be over soon. You know that right?

        CHRISTIAN smiles weakly.

        CHRISTIAN: Yeah?yeah I guess it will be.

        The camera pans up to the moon, newly forming in the darkness.

        CUT TO ? L.A

        The camera shows the night beginning to reign the sky.


        The camera now shows the fully developed night sky over Sunnydale.


        The camera pans down over the graveyard to show a MALE VAMPIRE is walking through the graveyard, game face on, snarling.

        WOMAN (O/S): Tell me?

        The vampire stops, looking around.

        WOMAN (O/S): ?Do you think I'm weak?

        His eyes finally land on a nearby crypt. MELODY is leaning against the wall looking at him. She looks deathly pale and she now has a red ribbon tied around her neck. Her lips look rosy red, which matches her hair, and her dark clothes give her a gothic look.

        MALE VAMPIRE: You. I've heard of you?

        MELODY simply looks him in the eyes, not daunted, not scared, she just looks at him.

        MELODY: You're not answering my question. That's rude.

        The MALE VAMPIRE looks her up and down.

        MALE VAMPIRE: You look kinda trashy, weak? I wouldn't know, ain't had the pleasure of killing garbage. Not yet anyway.

        She raises her eyebrows interested and begins walking towards him. She removes her scarf. His eyes widen. MELODY smirks.

        MELODY: How about now?

        The camera moves down to show two teeth marks on her neck, a vampire bite.

        MELODY: To imply I am weak, would mean you are too.

        He looks at her confused as she seductively saunters towards him. She is now in close proximity with him. She runs a finger down his body.

        MELODY: Pretty strong now, wouldn't ya say?

        She smiles, and the MALE VAMPIRE smiles back, he runs a hand over her cheek.

        MALE VAMPIRE: (seduced) Right you are?

        MELODY leans in to kiss him.

        MELODY: (whispering) Am I?

        Instead of kissing him, she head butts him. Before he can do anything to block her, she knees him in the groin and then undercuts his chin with one swift punch. She jumps on the MALE VAMPIRE and punches his face repeatedly. She looks tearful

        MELODY: (screaming, crying) HE thinks I'm weak! I am not! I'm strong! I'm gonna be the strongest there is! I am NOT weak!

        The MALE VAMPIRE tries to defend himself.

        MALE VAMPIRE: What are you doing?! You're insane! You don't fight your own kind!

        MELODY stops punching and recoils her hand. She rubs off the two bite marks on her hand. Make up.

        MELODY: I am nothing like your pathetic kind.

        She pulls out the eye liner she used to create the fang marks, and drives it deep into his heart. He dusts and MELODY falls to her knees on the ground. She breathes heavily, and stares transfixed at the ground. She's so occupied, she doesn't notice who's watching her through the metal fence surrounding the graveyard, with a look of fear. The person clasps her throat, worried and upset with what she's just seen. It's CATE?


        The camera focuses on SEPHY sitting on the chair. She looks tired and worn out. Beat from the day's trials. She looks up at the person who approaches her. XAK.

        SEPHY: It was there wasn't it?

        He looks at her, and nods slowly.

        SEPHY: (weakly) Then release me?You cannot restrain me forever?

        XAK: Then tell me it's not true.

        SEPHY shakes her head, tears filling her eyes.

        SEPHY: I can't?You know I can't. You've seen it's true?

        XAK looks upset.

        XAK: But she's my daughter?isn't she?

        SEPHY: Yes. She's just so much more than that.

        XAK: (upset) She's not a child is she?

        The door to his bedroom opens and CHARLIE appears in the doorway, SEPHY does not seem to notice. CHARLIE doesn't say anything, she just watches.

        SEPHY (O/S): I don't know. From what I've heard?she isn't.

        The camera moves back to XAK now, he looks at SEPHY, worried.

        XAK: What have you heard?

        SEPHY looks down.

        SEPHY: When I discovered the words?I moved through the hells and deeper for answers. The nymphs and demons spoke of "A Fallen Angel" born from both heaven and hell?I knew I had to stop her, before you grew too attached, before the pain overwhelmed you both

        XAK: A Fallen Angel?

        SEPHY: That is what they speak of?

        CHARLIE (O/S): So what now?

        They both turn to look at CHARLIE.

        XAK: Charlie?it's fine, I can handle?

        She shakes her head.

        CHARLIE: No. She's my mom, and this is my daughter we're talking about.

        XAK looks down, but SEPHY smiles slightly.

        CHARLIE: So we're making this decision as a family?

        She looks at her mother but she doesn't smile, then she turns to XAK.

        CHARLIE: ?Untie her. We've got enough problems at the moment, she's not one of them. I know that now.

        XAK moves towards her, but as he does, SEPHY stands, the chains dissolving to nothingness as they hit to the floor. XAK and CHARLIE look stunned.

        SEPHY: You didn't think metallic restraints would hold me did you?

        XAK: Then why stay there, all day?

        SEPHY sighs.

        SEPHY: (softly) Because I couldn't make you see it my way, which by the way I apologise profusely for. So I had to let you see it your way?

        She turns to CHARLIE.

        SEPHY: ?And honestly. I needed to see it your way.

        CHARLIE tries to avoid eye contact with her but can't avoid it. She looks up to her mother's smiling warm face. What she needed all these months to see, to feel protected by her mom. She smiles eventually.

        CHARLIE: (quietly) Thank you?

        XAK moves and puts his arm around CHARLIE, he smiles briefly at SEPHY too.

        XAK: Yeah?thank you.

        CHARLIE reaches into her back pocket and pulls out the scroll, she holds it out to SEPHY.

        CHARLIE: I think this is for you. You know more about it than any of us.

        SEPHY retrieves the scroll from her daughter.

        SEPHY: Thank you.

        XAK: So what's going to happen next?

        SEPHY: Well?we have much work to do?

        She sinks to her knees and unravels the scroll on the floor. XAK looks at CHARLIE and rubs her arm in support. She smiles back, and they both sink to the floor with SEPHY. The camera shows a birds eye shot of the three of them encircled around The Second Legend. The camera moves closer, eventually wedging in between the three of them to finally show the legend?

        "When hubris and hybrid fuse, she will be born unto this world, bearing the symbol of both night and day. Light shall fester shadows, darkness shall kneel. The mirror reflecting reality and perception shall shatter, the fabrics of time and space will become formless. Sense will erode, all that is good shall perish, and while she shall walk under both noon and moon, it is only when they combine in the dales of the sun itself that the world will be known to the name of Sin."




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          ACT FOUR


          The camera shows MELODY walking out of the graveyard. She blots the fake teeth marks with a tissue until they're gone. She sighs and begins walking back to the apartment. She doesn't notice that CATE is standing behind her a couple of feet away, stood by the entrance to the graveyard. CATE looks wary. She begins walking behind MELODY.

          CATE: (cautiously) Melody?

          MELODY turns, shocked.

          MELODY: Cate? What are you doing here?

          CATE: (lying) Patrolling. You shoulda said if you were out too.

          MELODY: I wasn't patrolling.

          CATE: Oh, you weren't? Where ya been?

          MELODY: What is this, twenty questions? I just wanted out of the way of the baby, they creep me out.

          CATE smiles weakly.

          CATE: Well there's been nothing going on here anyway, graveyard's dead.

          MELODY: Yeah well they tend to be, anyway I'm going home, I'm tired?not that I have a bed to sleep in.

          CATE: You can share with me if you want?

          MELODY: (quizzical) Why?

          CATE moves closer to her.

          CATE: ?Cause none of this is your fault, and you deserve a bed.

          MELODY looks at her. She swallows almost not expecting this hospitality.

          CATE: So, I won't take no for an answer?

          MELODY still just looks at her blankly.

          MELODY: Fine?

          CATE: So, we going home?

          MELODY: Whatever.

          She turns and carries on walking in the direction she already was going in; home. CATE watches her with a sad expression on her face before eventually following her. The camera shows the two Potentials walking home, together but a distance already wedged between them. A distance because of their Legend?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The club is emptying now. ASHBY has begun to mop the floor. He stares almost transfixed at the spot he's been cleaning.

          MAN (O/S): I think that bit is clean enough.

          ASHBY turns around shocked. It's LANCE.

          ASHBY: We're closing now.

          LANCE: Uh ya think?

          He begins looking around.

          LANCE: You must be Ashby?

          ASHBY raises an eyebrow.

          ASHBY: And you must be who?

          LANCE: I'm Lance, Toole's brother.

          ASHBY: Ohhh, you used to work here huh? But then you died?

          LANCE: (embarrassed) I see my reputation precedes me.

          ASHBY: Sorry, just a lot to take on with Toole and his friends, it's hard to remember everything.

          LANCE: Ha, yeah I guess it is. Listen Toole just asked me to come and check in, see if everything's alright.

          ASHBY blushes, realising that LANCE must know MELODY.

          ASHBY: Yeah, well it is.

          LANCE looks at him quizzically.

          LANCE: I can see that.

          ASHBY looks nervous, and LANCE notices a lipstick mark on his top.

          LANCE: (indicating his top with his head) Get lucky did ya?

          ASHBY: What? Mel?no?!

          LANCE looks at him, his face drops slightly hearing the beginning of MELODY'S name?did he hear right?

          LANCE: Uh?right yeah.

          He walks away towards the front door, ASHBY watching him, nervously.

          LANCE: (as he's leaving) I'll tell Toole everything's fine?

          As he leaves, his face slowly frowns, wondering what MELODY'S been up to.

          CUT TO ? L.A

          The room is empty except for two women. LEIGH and SOPHIE. SOPHIE is collecting her stuff at her desk. LEIGH is stood by her desk, she's holding a bag and her jacket, she looks over at SOPHIE and frowns. She sighs and walks over to her.

          LEIGH: Sophie?

          SOPHIE slams her bag on the desk.

          SOPHIE: What now?

          LEIGH: I uh, just wanted to?

          SOPHIE reaches into her bag and throws her cigarettes at LEIGH which she catches.

          SOPHIE: (quietly) Here, now go away?

          LEIGH looks at the cigarettes and then places them down on the desk.

          LEIGH: I didn't come here for cigarettes.

          She reaches into her bag and pulls out a some quitting gum. She takes one out and places it in her mouth, she then puts the rest of them in front of SOPHIE.

          LEIGH: (sincerely) I'm sorry?and thank you for earlier. I appreciate it.

          She smiles warmly then turns and walks towards the door. SOPHIE watches her leave, and as she does she smiles slightly too, placing the quitting gum in her bag.

          CUT TO ? L.A

          CHRISTIAN is stood in the lobby, he's talking to DANTE who is stood opposite him. DANTE is holding a folder in his hands. LEIGH approaches them, and glares at DANTE.

          LEIGH: (as she approaches them, to CHRISTIAN) Hey.

          DANTE turns seeing her there. She doesn't acknowledge him.

          CHRISTIAN: Hey.

          LEIGH smiles quickly at him then turns to DANTE.

          LEIGH: Do we have everything?

          DANTE: Yeah, we got it all. I can find them, wherever they go.

          LEIGH looks at him coldly.

          LEIGH: Oh, I bet you could.

          She moves in between them both and exits the building. CHRISTIAN looks at her, then follows. DANTE watches them both leave with a curious look. He watches them wondering. Why was LEIGH so bitter? Something odd was going on?everyone was acting differently?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          XAK, CHARLIE and SEPHY are still encircled around The Second Legend, which is on the floor before them. CHARLIE sighs. XAK shares her concern.

          XAK: (to SEPHY) You're sure?

          SEPHY: The words speak for themselves. If we wish to avoid the truths they speak of, this would certainly be one way to do it.

          CHARLIE turns to XAK.

          CHARLIE: She's right isn't she?

          XAK looks down and nods. As he does, the front door opens. CATE walks in, followed by TOOLE who is holding some shopping bags. MELODY and LANCE are behind them both. Each one of them looks shocked that SEPHY is untied. XAK turns to them all.

          TOOLE: What's this? Are we befriending shooters now?

          MELODY raises an eyebrow.

          MELODY: You shot him. Maybe we should tie you up.

          TOOLE: (embarrassed) Well he was evil!

          MELODY: And she's not?

          XAK: (protesting) Guys! It's fine. It's sorted?

          He stands, as does CHARLIE. SEPHY looks down.

          CHARLIE: It really is fine guys?

          She smiles weakly.

          CHARLIE: But I'm afraid there is something we have to talk about?

          As she says this, they hear the baby crying. CHARLIE turns concerned. XAK touches her arm.

          XAK: I'll go.

          She smiles at him, and he walks towards the bedroom door. CHARLIE turns back to the gang.

          CATE (O/S): (to CHARLIE) What is it hon?

          CHARLIE (O/S): Well?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The baby is crying in her crib. She clenches her minute fists in anger as she writhes crying, screaming for attention. The door opens, allowing some light to enter the room, as well as XAK. The sound of CHARLIE explaining to the gang what they must do can be heard. The sound of TOOLE replying is followed?

          XAK: (to his daughter) Hey?

          He approaches the crib, and picks up the baby. He holds her close and sways slightly to silence her.

          XAK: I know, cribs aren't as comfy as mommy's bed. Sucks huh?

          The baby silences eventually, being held close to her father comforts her. XAK sighs.

          XAK: It won't always be this easy, will it?

          The baby doesn't answer.

          XAK: Well?at least we know your name. Sin?

          He kisses the top of her head.

          XAK: It's not what I would have picked but I don't think it'll matter what we call you. Even if it was "Pumpkin" like Auntie Cate suggested?

          He looks ahead now.

          XAK: ?You'll always be Sin.

          He looks at her, she's asleep once more. XAK smiles and places her back into the crib. He watches her for a few moments.

          XAK: Sleep well?

          He turns and walks towards the door, he opens it fully and rejoins the group outside who appear to be protesting to what CHARLIE has suggested. Slowly, the camera pans down to SIN in her crib. She looks peaceful, almost at home in the darkness. There is no light, except for the moon shining through the window on her crib. The way XAK has placed her in the crib has forced her baby suit to reveal the mark. The moonlight washes the top of SIN'S chest, causing the mark to glow. As it does?SIN begins to grow. She now longer looks like a baby of only a day old?she looks to be almost a month old?

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE


          Special Guest Stars:
          RON RIFKIN as HERMES

          Extremely Special Guest Star:

          Special Mention:
          SNOW PATROL ? RUN


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            - Oooh creepy moonlight baby changes, what's going on there?

            - I had mused on the name of the baby for quite some time. I originally came up with Umbra, which is Latin for "Shadow", which you may remember is what Atropos uttered in order to provoke Xak's transgressions in Season One. Of course that was the original plan until Alex pointed out that Umbra sounded like "Umbrella"?and the idea of the baby connoting an anti-rain device did not quite cut it.

            - Melody and Ashby? See it coming? And indeed, is there actually anything to see, or is Melody the new Faith?

            - Alex is back as the editor from this episode onwards! Yay! I missed him?not that Amber and I didn't do a wicked job! WUB ya Amber!

            - If you're looking for Sophie Pierce in Google you'll probably find nothing as she is in fact a close personal friend who asked for a bit part in the series. I asked her what she wanted for her name and she said "Sophie Price"?she has no relation to Natalie in "Chosen"

            - I actually didn't use the third song I said I was going to use in 2.09?but I still would love to use it at some point!

            - Originally I was going to post this on 20th January 2007 for Amber's birthday but I found out I had to go home that weekend and wouldn't be near a laptop! Doh!