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Shadow Stalker - 2.09 - Labour Costs (Special Extended Episode)

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  • Shadow Stalker - 2.09 - Labour Costs (Special Extended Episode)

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 2.09 ? Labour Costs (Special Extended Episode)
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: N/A For This Episode

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season Two starts alongside Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 4 of Angel and is in affiliated with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Broken Destiny (Joe); and Wishful Thinking (Ben); Raven (Alexander Brown).



    The screen is black. The sound of a fight being played out can be heard. The sound of two men shouting encouragement and support also can be heard. A scream.

    We know these people, they're our heroes?


    We see the screaming woman. It's CHARLIE. She has a cut head, blood pouring over her face. She's sweating too, and breathing quickly. Her eyes are closed shut. The camera begins to pan out. We can see she is sitting on the floor, leaning her back against it. She's wearing her maternity dress MELODY bought her. The red one. As the camera pans out we can see that the dress is torn, and she is lying in what appears to be a wooden room?Either side of her are two men, the camera is angled so we can just see their arms, and not their faces.

    MAN 1 (O/S): Come on Charlie.

    MAN 2 (O/S): (to MAN 1) Maybe we should take it easy on her.

    MAN 1 (O/S): There's no time, we need to get this baby out of her now?(to CHARLIE) Come on, now I know it hurts but it'll be over with soon.

    She looks at him.

    CHARLIE: (crying, tired) Make it stop?please?

    MAN 1 (O/S): I can't, but you can. Come on Charlie?another push. You're so close.

    She breathes heavily holding tightly on to both their hands. As she screams hard, we can only just hear the fight off screen.

    WOMAN 2 (O/S): Not again?

    She groans in pain as she's thrown through a window.

    WOMAN 1 (O/S): Ok, gonna need some help here?

    As she says this, the sound of her being thrown against the wall can be heard. She quickly gets up and goes back to fighting the best she can.

    MAN 2 looks at MAN 1. CHARLIE, tired looks at them both.

    CHARLIE: (crying) I can't do this on my own!

    MAN 2 sighs and looks at her.

    MAN 2 (O/S): (to MAN 1) It's ok, I'll go?(jokingly) you suck at fighting.

    MAN 1 (O/S): (offended) I do not!

    MAN 2 (O/S): You haven't lived like I have?

    MAN 1 goes to protest.

    MAN 2 (O/S): Look stop being the hero tonight, they need help, I'm going!

    He stands, and walks away.

    MAN 2 (O/S): (as he's walking away) And take it easy on her?

    He abruptly ends by punching something, just as the sound of it punching WOMAN 1 away can be heard. She crashes into something and falls to the floor with a definitive thump?MAN 2 now fights the unknown attacker. MAN 1 turns back to CHARLIE.

    MAN 1 (O/S): (vacantly) Can you believe him, I mean what a?

    CHARLIE screams again in pain.

    CHARLIE: Look I love you but shut up!

    MAN 1 shakes his head, annoyed with himself.

    MAN 1 (O/S): You're right I'm sorry?

    CHARLIE: (cutting him off) It hurts?please?

    MAN 1 (O/S): I can't?I'm sorry. Now I love you Charlie, we all do, and we all believe in you?

    The camera shows the foot of WOMAN 1 lying on a wooden floor. Not moving.


    The camera now cuts to the foot of WOMAN 2 lying in the bushes outside of the room they all seem to be in, but where?

    MAN 1 (V/O): We're not just fighting for our own lives here?


    The camera cuts back to inside, a shot of the feet of MAN 2 as he fights the attacker. He's moving quickly but he doesn't seem to be making any headway or any hard hits; he's making no damage.

    MAN 1 (V/O): ?We're fighting for both of your lives too.

    The camera finally moves back to MAN 1 and CHARLIE by the wall. She's looking at him with blurred eyes and a quivering lip.

    CHARLIE: (weakly) Ok?

    MAN 1 (O/S): Ok! Then let's do this. You can do this. Push?

    She nods and then she breathes deeply before pushing again.

    CHARLIE: (loudly, screaming) What can you see?!

    Reluctantly, knowing he has no choice, he checks?

    MAN 1 (O/S): (to CHARLIE, surprised) I can see the head?keep on pushing Charlie! You're almost...

    She breathes deeply and then pushes once more, screaming bloody pain. MAN 1 is cut off by being picked up and hurled into MAN 2. Both of them fall to the floor like bowling ball skittles. She looks up at what approaches her, continuing to push. The attacker kneels down and grabs her by her throat, pushing her against the wall.


    CHARLIE: (choking) I love you?



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    The lounge is empty, and now obviously void of a futon. CHARLIE enters the lounge rubbing her stomach. She's bigger than ever now, and the baby seems to be sleeping, allowing CHARLIE to feel slightly more rested. She's wearing the red maternity dress that MELODY bought her. She sighs softly and looks out at the window at the sun shining in at her. She smiles and pats her stomach.

    CHARLIE: Ok bambino, time for this senorita to get her waist back?come on?out you come!

    She looks at her still stomach, and sighs.

    CHARLIE: Or you know you could not?

    The front door opens, someone looks at her, she returns the look, blankly.

    CHARLIE: Hey?

    The camera finally turns to reveal it is LANCE. He has a rucksack with him. His cuts and bruises, practically invisible now, but still noticeable.

    LANCE: Hey.

    CHARLIE: (quietly) Where have you been?

    CHARLIE moves over to the sofa and sits down. LANCE sighs and follows her, he sits down on the opposite side with this being the only seating left in the apartment. He places his rucksack on to the floor. He doesn't look directly at her.

    LANCE: I just took off. Thought it would be best to give everyone some space.

    CHARLIE nods.

    CHARLIE: Could have told us, considering the trouble it took us to get you and Melody here and all?

    She looks, quizzically at LANCE.

    CHARLIE: ?Where is she by the way?

    LANCE: (surprised) She's not here?

    CHARLIE: Nope, thought she was with you.

    LANCE looks confused.

    LANCE: Please, I was in a cell with her for a year?that's about as much as I can handle of her.

    CHARLIE gives in and half smiles to this jibe at MELODY. He notices his charm isn't working quite the same with her this time. He doesn't want to have to talk about it, but he knows he must?

    LANCE: Look I'm sorry Charlie. I'm sorry for everything, but this whole thing with Cate, it's nothing.

    CHARLIE: (angry) Oh, I'm pleased my best friend means nothing to you.

    LANCE: (exasperated) No! I just meant, I didn't mean to hurt anyone? I just wanted to help her, she seemed so alone.

    CHARLIE sighs.

    CHARLIE: I know?

    LANCE looks at her finally.

    CHARLIE: ?I do know that, and that's not the reason they broke up, that was just one of many problems they had?

    LANCE looks worried.

    LANCE: What? They broke up?

    CHARLIE nods sadly.

    CHARLIE: Yeah?

    LANCE sighs, putting his head into his hands.

    LANCE: Are they ok?

    CHARLIE nods slightly.

    CHARLIE: They're getting there, slowly. Been fairly quiet, and seeing as it's just me and them at the moment, it kinda sucks!

    LANCE: (realising) Woah woah?what happened with Xak?

    CHARLIE: Boy you picked a bad week to do disappear on us?

    LANCE looks at her expectantly, then notices?

    LANCE: Hey! What happened to my bed?

    CHARLIE: Uh, I can answer both your questions with one answer?


    XAK is slumped into a ball shape in the corner of the roof. He looks unshaven, sleep deprived and unclean. CATE appears in the doorway. She looks at him sympathetically and we can see that in her hands is a tray with some food on it. She sighs and slowly walks over to him.

    CATE: (upbeat) Wakey wakey, eggs and bacon!

    He looks up startled at CATE, squinting through the blinding sunlight at her.

    XAK: (gruffly) Cate?

    CATE: Of course. I bought you some breakfast. I feel like some sorta prison warden, except without the unflattering lesbian burley-ness.

    She places the tray on the floor and edges it closer to him keeping a subtle distance from him.

    XAK: Is there ever a situation where you aren't spirited?

    CATE: (laughing weakly) Oh I can think of a few?

    He realises.

    XAK: Oh right, I'm sorry.

    CATE: About what?

    XAK: You and Toole, he told me.

    She sighs and kneels down on the floor.

    CATE: (trying to be upbeat and happy) Yeah, it sucks, but strangely it seems right. I guess we were just too different?

    XAK: Sometimes you're alike. So alike it's kinda scary?

    He laughs but she doesn't see the funny side. He looks at her in the eyes.

    XAK: You've changed Cate. You used to be so careless, letting vampires attack you. You were weak.

    She looks at him, contemplating what he's saying. He looks serious, almost as if he has to say this, as if he feels he doesn't have much time.

    XAK: You're not now. I've noticed it. Not just on patrols, on everything. You're not the Queen Bee anymore, she gave up her crown a long time?

    She looks at him sharply, almost as if she's worried he's going to convince her it was a mistake to end things with TOOLE.

    CATE: (resolute and dismissive) It was going to happen, sooner or later, I'd prefer it to be sooner rather than later, don't handle emotional pain good.

    She smiles weakly. XAK watches her, hoping she's taken on board some of what he's said.

    XAK: Ok?I'm sorry I didn't mean to?

    CATE: No it's fine Xak. It's just I know this. I know I'm different, bye bye crown hello stake. I get the drill, I know what I am. I know what I could be, and I certainly know what I was. All three of those, can't have him in them?either way one of us will get hurt. I can't do that.

    She takes an sharp intake of breath and smiles convincingly. Looking rather happy, but clearly wanting to change the subject.

    CATE: It's fine Xak?

    XAK: Ok, if you're sure?

    CATE: Yep!

    They sit awkwardly for a while, until CATE'S frantic and "spirited" nodding becomes unbearable to witness. He tries to stand but he just falls back down. He kicks the chains frustrated.

    XAK: How long am I going to have to stay like this? I just wanna see Charlie, I wanna know she's ok.

    He rattles the chains on his legs and arms.

    CATE: Honestly, I don't know.

    He runs his fingers through his hair.

    CATE: (pleading) If you really wanna know she's ok, then we have to make sure Xak! Her due date is today, once we know the baby is ok and Wanky Turnpike is not being all Puppet Master, then we can end the bondage fun.

    XAK: (whispering) Her due date is today?

    CATE nods, just about hearing what he was saying.

    CATE: Yep, she's ready to pop, although I hope not literally, but with this baby who knows really?

    XAK: (cutting her off) Tighter?

    CATE: Huh?

    XAK: The chains, I want them tighter?

    CATE raises an eyebrow.

    CATE: Are you finding the bondage fun just a little too much fun?

    XAK: No! Look if her due date is today, Turnpike will know that too. If he's going to plan something, today's the day?I want these chains tighter now?

    CATE: Oh ok?I'll go and get my wrench.

    XAK: You have a wrench?

    CATE: (rolling her eyes) Don't ask.

    She stands and walks over to the doorway, but she turns back and looks at him.

    CATE: She does love you, you know. She really does. What's going on with you and her at the moment, it's not like Toole and I. It's not a long past, present, future issue?it's just a moment of insanity bought on by an evil lawyer and his henchmen of nasty lawyer friends?

    XAK looks at her, blankly.

    XAK: Thanks?you always know just what to say.

    CATE: (quietly) So do you.

    She smiles at him and turns around leaving through the doorway. He smiles at her too, but looks worried as she leaves, worried about his chains, worried about his girlfriend, worried about his child?


    CHARLIE and LANCE are still situated on the sofa. He's moved closer to her now but still isn't violating her proxemics. He's shaking his head, in dismay and shock.

    LANCE: I can't believe it.

    CHARLIE nods, sighing.

    CHARLIE: Yep, it was the last thing I was expecting to have happened. I mean I knew Xak had made a deal with the devil, I just didn't realise he'd made the ultimate deal?

    LANCE looks at her now.

    LANCE: At least it shows he loves you.

    CHARLIE: I know. I know he loves me, and I love him so much but?

    LANCE: But what?

    CHARLIE: What if, he's always gonna be like this? How am I supposed to love him?

    She puts her head in her hands.

    LANCE puts an arm around her.

    LANCE: Charlie, what was the last thing you said to him before you died?

    CHARLIE looks at him shocked.

    CHARLIE: What?!

    LANCE: (resolute) What was it?

    CHARLIE: I told him?I told him I loved him?

    LANCE: Even when he was going to kill you, you still loved him. He loved you so much in return he sold his soul to get you back. Even when you're both at your worst you love eachother, unconditionally?that's what your love is.

    She smiles softly at him.

    CHARLIE: (laughing slightly) Now I know understand why Cate went to you?

    LANCE: It's the charm isn't it? Always getting me in trouble.

    She laughs.

    CHARLIE: I bet it does. Whether it's good or bad, it's helped me.

    LANCE: How dya mean?

    She sighs and rubs her stomach.

    CHARLIE: Since I've been back?everyone's been running around after Xak, Dante, not to mention their own problems. They're too busy trying to protect me to even ask me how I'm doing recently.

    LANCE: Ah, the problem with caring?

    CHARLIE: I sound ungrateful don't I? It's not that, it's just that?

    She looks up at the ceiling, almost as if she's talking to XAK.

    CHARLIE: ?Just when we were starting to get close again, it happens. He disappeared from me again.

    She now looks back to LANCE.

    CHARLIE: And last time that happened?

    Her hand shakes, almost nervously and she puts them by her side instead of having them over her stomach.

    CHARLIE: (tearful) ?I can't have that happen. Not again, and certainly not now?

    LANCE smiles, warmly. CHARLIE doesn't see this however as she looks mainly at her hands.

    LANCE: It's not selfish, it's not ungrateful. You're a mother Charlie.

    She looks from her hands to him.

    LANCE: Soon you'll have something that will crave every bit of your attention, something that will love you, something that won't hurt you. That baby is gonna love you so much, and I've just got this feeling?

    He looks down, thinking. CHARLIE watching him intently, clinging on to every one of his words.

    LANCE: ?I've got this feeling, that everything is gonna be fine. It's gonna be fine Charlie.

    She sighs, relieved. She doesn't know whether or not to believe it or accept it. Either way, she just needed to hear it?

    CHARLIE: Thanks Lance, you're a good guy. I'm sorry if I was hard on you?

    The presence of a third person in the room forces CHARLIE to stop talking. She looks over to the front door to see TOOLE standing there, he has some shopping in his hands. It looks like he's been shopping at a baby store. He looks at the two of them. CHARLIE looks at him worried about his reaction, LANCE slowly turns around.

    LANCE: Hey bro?I'm back?

    TOOLE: So?

    He looks at CHARLIE.

    TOOLE: (to LANCE) Not everyone is willing to accept you with open arms "bro"?

    He looks at CHARLIE, then walks over to the kitchen, and disappears inside. CHARLIE looks at him leave, then goes to stand.

    LANCE: No?

    She looks at him.

    LANCE: ?I'll go, this is my fault.

    She nods, and sits down quietly. She looks at her large, nine month large to be precise, stomach.

    CHARLIE: Just me and you bambino?

    She sighs.

    CHARLIE: ?Again.

    Still no movement from the baby.


    TOOLE is taking the various items out of the shopping bags and placing them on the counter. LANCE enters, he just hovers by the doorway.

    TOOLE: (still unpacking, not making eye contact) So, where you been?

    LANCE: At a friends.

    TOOLE raises an eyebrow, sceptical.

    LANCE: What? I have friends, well I did have before the whole death fiasco, lucky for me they're still lazy nobodies who live in their mom's basements?

    TOOLE rolls his eyes and then goes back to unpacking the bags.

    LANCE: Just thought you could have done without me here for a while.

    TOOLE: (quietly) Perceptive.

    For a moment they're silent.

    LANCE: I heard about you and Cate.

    TOOLE: Happy now?

    LANCE: Happy? How can you ask me that?

    TOOLE: You kissed her.

    LANCE sighs and moves closer.

    LANCE: Honestly?when have you ever seen me show Cate any interest?

    TOOLE: Um I don't know, how about when you told her all about what happened with Dante?

    LANCE looks down.

    LANCE: I didn't mean to?it just came out. We were talking, it all just came out. She told me about her feelings?it just came out.

    TOOLE: She shouldn't have found out that way. Not by you?

    LANCE: (boldly) Well it's not as if you were ready to tell her anything.

    TOOLE: (angrily whispering) I was scared!

    LANCE looks at him.

    TOOLE: You have no idea how scared I was, telling her, scared that this would happen.

    LANCE: If you'd just been straight with her from the beginning?

    TOOLE: Don't you think I know that? There's only so much retrospect I can get?

    LANCE: (cutting him off) It might not be over.

    TOOLE shakes his head.

    TOOLE: It is?she's been hurt too much.

    LANCE: She just needs some time. Just like Xak and Charlie?

    TOOLE: (sighing) No. I've screwed up too much this time?

    LANCE moves closer and puts an arm on his shoulder.

    LANCE: I'm sorry?I am?I only wanted to help, I didn't mean to kiss her. It just?

    TOOLE: ?Happened?

    LANCE nods.

    LANCE: Yeah?

    TOOLE: Well that doesn't make this any easier, and it certainly doesn't change the fact that neither one of knows who actually still has this link to Wolfram and Hart?

    He puts the last item from the shopping bags on to the counter, he then shrugs off LANCE'S grasp and walks out of the kitchen.


    LANCE follows him out of the kitchen as he heads towards his old bedroom. He soon stops as he sees CATE emerging from the bedroom clutching a wrench, she looks to and from the two Emory brothers, surprised to see LANCE and also surprised to see them in the same room after everything. CHARLIE looks to and from them both. She just observes the scene with a sombre expression. The sound of the front door opening doesn't even affect their resolute expressions.

    WOMAN (O/S): Hey hey hey!

    CHARLIE turns now, a look of surprise fills her face now.

    CHARLIE: Melody?

    The others turn now looking at the door. MELODY is standing there with a suitcase. She looks fresh, vibrant and her hair cut a lot shorter now. She looks to and from them all, everyone still maintaining their depressed faces. LANCE however looks at her, almost angrily.

    MELODY: Oh my god?it's the hair isn't it? Is it too short? Oh god is it the colour?


    XAK stares ahead, his breakfast in front of him, untouched. He's not hungry, he can't eat, he can barely move. He's lacking energy, all his energy is focused on the sun. Waiting for it to set?waiting for the day to end.




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      ACT TWO


      Everyone is still how they were when MELODY surprised them all by returning?and with shorter hair. She's still looking at them all desperately. Worried. CHARLIE looks at her, questioning her with a look. She trusted LANCE, she didn't trust MELODY?not after what she'd heard. TOOLE and LANCE just stare at the floor awkwardly. CATE rolls her eyes and hurries over to MELODY.

      CATE: Not at all! It looks awesome. Come with me, I'll show you what I was thinking of doing with my hair!

      MELODY looks extremely thrilled about this concept.

      MELODY: Ok!

      They both hurry towards CATE'S bedroom. TOOLE and LANCE go their separate ways. On her way past TOOLE, CATE hands him the wrench.

      CATE: (whispering) Take this to Xak?

      He takes it and nods, then walks out the front door. LANCE looks at CHARLIE and smiles. She smiles back but he soon goes into the bathroom. The front door, the bathroom door, and CATE'S bedroom door all close simultaneously.

      CHARLIE: What the hell is going on today?seriously!

      She crosses her arms, annoyed and lies back on the sofa.


      MELODY hurries with her suitcase to the bed, almost jumping, excited at the prospect of giving hair advice. She sits on the bed smiling widely but her smile soon fades as she sees that CATE is breathing a sigh of relief and leaning against the door, not sharing her happy expression.

      MELODY: Uh?something tells me that this has kind of nothing to do with hair?

      CATE looks at MELODY and then hurries over to her.

      CATE: Where the hell have you been?!

      MELODY: (slightly thrown) I just went to see my folks. After my little "debut" in The Bronze, word got back to them I was here. Had to feed them some story about running off with a guy to Europe?

      She laughs.

      MELODY: Parents are so gullible, god love ?em. Oh by the way, could you call them later and pretend to be Jan Von Bergstrum, my boyfriend's Russian mother?

      CATE rolls her eyes then looks at her, almost apologetic for shouting.

      CATE: Oh?I'm sorry, of course you should have seen them?

      MELODY looks at her, worried.

      MELODY: That's ok hon. What's wrong? Has something happened?

      CATE frowns, looking at her, upset.

      CATE: Toole and I broke up?

      MELODY'S face drops.

      MELODY: Oh?

      CATE: Yeah, all the stuff that's happened recently, it's just too much.

      MELODY puts her hand on CATE'S. She half smiles, unsure of whether it's inappropriate or not.

      MELODY: Well that's understandable. It can't have been easy for either of you to get over what happened.

      CATE: It still isn't. It hurts so much Mel?

      She looks on the verge of tears now.

      CATE: ?I haven't been able to talk to anyone. I can't go to Lance, like ever?Toole and I are only capable of stoicism, Charlie's too pregnant?I don't wanna worry her.

      MELODY nods, understanding.

      CATE: I tried talking to Xak, but with him being in chains and all?

      MELODY raises an eyebrow, suddenly feeling the conversation taking a twist in her direction.

      MELODY: I beg your pardon?chains?

      CATE nods, provoking MELODY to smirk wickedly.

      MELODY: Finally a Xak I can get on board with?


      LANCE stands in the middle of the bathroom, staring around the room. He sighs.

      LANCE: (to himself) Why did I hide in here?

      He looks around the room again.

      LANCE: (to himself) Why am I hiding?!

      He shakes his head, figuring there must be a reason?


      The sun looks like it is ready to set soon. XAK gripping his fists tightly is staring at the sun, almost scared to let it go down, but hoping it will at the same time. Hoping that the day will end?eventless?boring. Just another mundane day chained to the roof.

      MAN (O/S): I believe this is for you?

      XAK turns sharply to the source of the voice, surprised. It's TOOLE, waving the wrench in his hand.

      XAK: Huh?

      TOOLE: The wrench?

      He looks at it slightly confused.

      TOOLE: Cate just shoved it into my hand with some blunt order. I'd say our relationship is improving.

      He gives XAK a sarcastic thumbs up. XAK gives him a half smile. TOOLE now walks over to him.

      TOOLE: So buddy, maybe you can clear things up. What exactly am I doing with a wrench on a roof? Not that I'm not happy to get away from the awkwardness of the apartment.

      XAK: Things are that bad?

      TOOLE: Well with cameo appearances from my brother and Melody?

      XAK: They're back?

      TOOLE: Oh yeah, tension is high, but not has high as Melody's new haircut?

      XAK laughs slightly.

      XAK: How's?

      TOOLE: (smiling) She's fine. The day's almost over and apart from perhaps us all spending the rest of it awkwardly avoiding one another, I have a feeling it's just gonna be one of those days.

      XAK: (to himself, sure) But it's her due date?

      TOOLE: So? Babies are late all the time, just as much as they are early? So please stop worrying, everything will be fine?

      XAK shakes his head, certain.

      XAK: I still don't wanna take any risks.

      He holds out his wrists, indicating the chains. He motions his head towards the wrench. TOOLE looks confused.

      TOOLE: You wanna forget our troubles with a hand shake?

      XAK doesn't share TOOLE'S comic attitude on the subject. TOOLE'S comedy was long overdue, and in XAK'S opinion, it wasn't welcome.

      XAK: No.

      He's serious now.

      XAK: Make them tighter?

      TOOLE: Xak, there's no need to?

      XAK shakes his head, angrily.

      XAK: (shouting) Toole goddamn it just do it, don't question me, your decisions have hardly been great in the past few months, so just do it!

      TOOLE looks at him, he looks down and nods, giving in. He moves closer to XAK.

      TOOLE: Fine?

      He applies the wrench to the chains and begins to tighten them. XAK doesn't look at him, he merely looks out at the sun, almost setting. So close?It's almost over?


      LANCE is still sat on the bathroom floor. He's musing over the purpose of him being here.

      LANCE: (figuring) Oh! Right?it's ?cause it's awkward out there?

      The camera opts a higher viewpoint.

      LANCE: That's dumb?


      MELODY looks shocked.

      MELODY: Oh, I see?

      CATE: Yeah.

      MELODY: Well I sure picked a hell of a week to go away didn't I.

      She laughs slightly, CATE laughs slightly too.

      CATE: You sure did?

      MELODY sighs.

      MELODY: Well look, I'm back now. We'll patrol tonight, see if we can find Dante and put an end to this ok?

      CATE: But Xak?

      MELODY: Pfft! We can handle ourselves Cate, I dusted a few vamps while I was away, we're so ready to do this.

      CATE: (surprised) You did?

      MELODY: Hell yeah! Even took on a demon too!

      CATE: What?! Ok, jealous now?

      MELODY smirks.

      MELODY: See, we can totally do this.

      CATE: (sighing) Ok?

      MELODY nods, awkwardly.

      MELODY: So?fancy making a transatlantic phone call?

      She smiles fakely.

      CATE: Or we could check on Charlie, she's alone out there?

      MELODY: Ok sure?it'll give you time to brush up on your Russian accent.

      CATE: (sarcastically) Well that seems like a very good idea.

      MELODY claps and then jumps up, heading for the door.

      CATE (O/S): (protesting) Melody wait?

      MELODY turns back.

      CATE: Is he out there?

      MELODY opens the door to see the room empty except for a rather lonely CHARLIE.

      MELODY: Nope, just Charlie. As we predicted, she is alone.

      CATE: Bless her, I feel bad Come on, let's go talk to her?

      MELODY: Sure, plus we can't patrol for a few hours so we might as well kill a few hours. Personally I like brushing up on accents but hey?

      CATE looks at her.

      CATE: (seriously) Melody?

      MELODY: What? I'm only kidding.

      She smiles cheekily at CATE who rolls her eyes in return.


      CHARLIE is sitting on the sofa still, looking depressed and alone. She looks out the window to see the sun setting.

      CHARLIE: Well thank god this day is almost over with?


      TOOLE is walking away from XAK, now tied tightly in his chains. The sun begins to fall behind the edge of the horizon, XAK is looking at it again, transfixed on the sight?


      LANCE sighs and gets up, he opens the door?


      CATE and MELODY move towards the door and open it?


      CHARLIE'S gazing out of the window is disrupted as she notices CATE, TOOLE, LANCE and MELODY all entering the lounge. She looks at them all with a smile on her face, finally some company. CATE, TOOLE and LANCE look at one another, nervously. At the same time they all begin to move again moving to separate doors. MELODY, caught up in the drama, follows.

      CHARLIE (O/S): (shouting) Ok! Stop!

      Immediately all four of them stop and look at CHARLIE. She's stood and she has an angry expression on her face.

      CHARLIE: One word?Seriously!?

      CATE: I?

      MELODY: We?

      TOOLE: It's just?

      LANCE: Bathroom?

      CHARLIE holds up a hand to silence them all.

      CHARLIE: I don't wanna hear it!

      She looks at them all.

      CHARLIE: Now I know you all have messed up relationship problems, I know that and I sympathise but in case you haven't noticed I'm frickin' pregnant here! Nine months to be exact, exact to this very day! This baby is going to arrive sooner or later and I would rather not have my boyfriend chained to a roof and I'd rather not have to play musical chairs with my friends!

      CATE: (nervously) Hon, it's for your best interest with Xak up there and all?

      CHARLIE: I said?I don't wanna hear it. I'm fed up with being lonely and tired, and fat! I'm going into the kitchen and I'm going to make myself a cup of tea?

      CATE goes to protest once more.

      CHARLIE: ?Without oil!

      She moves over to the kitchen, and disappears inside, slamming the door behind her.

      CHARLIE (O/S): When I come back all attention better be on me!

      They all look at one another, nervously. TOOLE looks at CATE. CATE looks at LANCE. MELODY looks at TOOLE. No one is watching MELODY, except LANCE?


      There are various fragmented shots of CHARLIE making a cup of tea. The kettle boiling. The tea bag being put into the cup. The milk being poured in. The sugar next. CHARLIE stirs the tea with a spoon as she happens to look at the items TOOLE had purchased earlier that day. She smiles looking at the items, one of them a CD of music. Baby Music. She looks at the play list on the back of the case and smiles at one of the tunes, beginning to hum it.

      "The Ronettes ? Be My Baby"

      A bang. A scream. Another scream, this one more manly. More screams. CHARLIE'S tea begins to ripple with each bang, each scream. She clutches the side of the counter and looks around. Nothing. Only silence.

      CHARLIE: (nervously) Guys?

      Slowly, leaving the tea on the counter, she edges towards the door to the kitchen. Suddenly it bursts off its hinges and is pulled backwards. The whole door is thrown into the lounge. CHARLIE screams. She got what she wanted?attention was all on her?




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        ACT THREE


        Slowly, the feet, the hands, the arms, the legs, the body of XAKIEL, creep into the room. CHARLIE'S eyes widen as the camera opts for an extreme close up of her eye, showing the reflection of XAKIEL approaching CHARLIE through the doorway. The camera moves out to show her shaking her head.

        CHARLIE: (boldly) Let him go Dante, this is nothing to do with you anymore. You're not taking anything else from me, from us?this is nothing to do with you?

        XAKIEL: (roaring) Wrong! Xak's bound to me just like you were when The Fates signed your smoking corpse over to me. I own you all?

        CHARLIE: We'll see?

        He roars in anger and jumps at CHARLIE. She drops to the floor, causing XAKIEL to fly over her and crash into the cupboards and the refrigerator, destroying a good part of the kitchen. She scrambles to the door but he grabs her foot. She kicks him in the face causing him to recoil. Struggling, and scrambling to her feet, she manages to make her way into the lounge.


        CHARLIE: (desperately) Cate! Toole?

        Her voice fades as she sees the lounge more trashed than last time. The front door torn off its hinges, claw marks deeply scorning the wood. CATE is no where to be seen, LANCE either. MELODY and TOOLE are lying near eachother, their noses bleeding by CATE'S bedroom door. CHARLIE hobbles over to them, her foot hurt from XAKIEL'S cruel grasp.

        CHARLIE: Toole! Toole god, please wake up!

        She begins to cry, and she turns to see XAKIEL now stood in the doorway, something else catches her eye, a hand from behind the sofa. It twitches, she recognises the hand, and gasps?

        CHARLIE: No?

        XAKIEL: Sorry babe, but it's time for me to take the kid now.

        He reveals a knife.

        XAKIEL: And if you're gonna be selfish and not stick to the due date?

        CHARLIE looks at him in fear, tears now running down her face, in her tearful eyes she manages to see something behind him?

        XAKIEL: ?Then I'll cut it out of you.

        He smirks as he reveals one of the knives from the kitchen appearing from one of his sleeves.

        WOMAN (O/S): (weakly) Or you know, you could not?

        XAKIEL turns and sees CATE standing behind him. Her head is cut, she looks weak. Somehow though she still manages to retain her boldness.

        XAKIEL: You?

        CATE: (rolling her eyes) I know d?j? vu huh? This time though?

        She punches XAKIEL and he falls to the floor. MELODY begins to stir. She looks at TOOLE and shakes him, her arm looks like it's hurt.

        MELODY: Toole, goddamn it get up?

        The camera cuts back to CATE who quickly hurries to CHARLIE'S side. She looks at all three of them, TOOLE beginning to stir too.

        CATE: You guys ok?

        TOOLE: (groggily) Yeah?

        MELODY: My arm's hurt.

        CATE: Can you fight?

        MELODY: What?

        CATE: Melody we don't have time, you wanna patrol, well there's our demon?

        She points at XAKIEL who begins to stand.

        CATE: So are you ready?

        MELODY: (scared) I lied?

        CATE: What?

        MELODY: I didn't do all that slaying?

        CATE look at her, angrily. A female hand clutches TOOLE'S, he looks at it, then to the woman holding his hand, his eyes widen?

        CATE: (monotonously) Well, now you can?come on?

        MELODY nods, slightly scared, they both go to stand. The sound of a woman breathing heavily can be heard.

        TOOLE (O/S): Guys?

        CATE and MELODY turn back to him to see that he's holding CHARLIE'S hand tightly. They're both looking at the floor by her feet. Her legs are wet, as is the floor. She looks shocked, and worried, scared mostly.

        MELODY: Is that her?

        CATE: Her waters broke?

        XAKIEL appears in between CATE and MELODY.

        XAKIEL: Woah, you're leaking babe. Looks like I won't need this, (indicating the knife), anymore?

        He throws it at the wall and grabs the two Potentials by the hair throwing them backwards through the apartment. He smirks and looks at them as they land on the opposite side of the room.

        XAKIEL: (to MELODY) Oh, and I love the hair?

        His smile soon fades as he feels a chair being thrown over his head. XAKIEL falls to the floor once again and he turns and sees LANCE standing there, blood seeping from a cut on his forehead.

        LANCE: How about mine?

        XAKIEL: (nods) Not bad Abercrombie, not as good as mine though?

        He looks behind him to see the coffee table situated behind him. He rises, and places a hand on it.

        XAKIEL: ?See how it waves in the wind, all majestic and handsome!

        He smirks as he turns back in LANCE'S direction, his hair swishes as he pulls the table up, and throws it at him effortlessly. Out of nowhere TOOLE pushes LANCE out of the way of the table, allowing it only to just clip the top of TOOLE'S shoulder, cutting him. He winces in pain, then looks to LANCE. XAKIEL meanwhile laughs dangerously.

        XAKIEL: Oh the twists and turns tonight is offering, I like it.

        He turns to CHARLIE now cowering in a corner, breathing heavily.

        XAKIEL: Don't ya think Mommy?

        He walks over to her and looks at the mess on the floor in front of her.

        XAKIEL: Ew?you know I don' think you can rely on chains and freaky baby saves this time round. I think it's too busy trying to get out of you?

        CHARLIE: (scared) Maybe not?but you forgot one thing?

        XAKIEL: What would that be sugar?

        CHARLIE: (boldly, glaring) I'm a witch?bitch?

        She moves her hand in a circular motion creating an almost invisible small shield. She then pulls her fist back and punches the shield. XAKIEL'S eyes widen as the shield propels into him, driving him backwards at an incredible velocity. He flies through the window in the apartment, falling out into the alleyway, with a loud crash. CHARLIE breathes, relieved before clutching her stomach in pain. TOOLE and LANCE both look at her. MELODY and CATE stir also, seeing XAKIEL soaring through the window. MELODY rubs her head and checks her hair in the process.

        TOOLE: Charlie?

        CATE stands and hurries over, TOOLE does also.

        TOOLE: What's happening?

        CATE: Contractions? I don't know! I've never done this?

        TOOLE: We need to get her to a hospital, like now?

        CATE: (nodding) Right, and fast before he comes back?

        They help her up and begin to move towards the door. MELODY and LANCE stand now too, LANCE helping her up. TOOLE looks to CATE, questioning.

        TOOLE: (worried) You can stop him right?

        CATE: (looking at MELODY) I'll try?

        She smiles at him, he smiles back.


        A door bursts open and MELODY and LANCE exit, they keep an eye out. The coast is clear. They motion to the others. CATE and TOOLE emerge from the doorway, holding CHARLIE, who is breathing heavily.

        CATE: Ok, breathe two three four, breathe two three four?

        TOOLE: She's in labour not in the army, you're gonna give her asthma!

        CATE: Well I don't know what I'm doing!

        TOOLE: None of us do?

        MELODY looks around the alleyway.

        MELODY: (panicking) Where now?

        LANCE looks around the alleyway spotting a nearby white car nearby. The same one DANTE and LEIGH had used in their soul searching mission to L.A.

        LANCE: There's a car.

        MELODY: Oh so we're above the law now are we?

        LANCE: In case you haven't noticed when did any laws particularly matter to us?

        MELODY: Whatever.

        She storms past LANCE and walks towards the car. TOOLE and CATE, carrying CHARLIE, follow in tow, knowing there's no option should XAKIEL choose to return.


        LANCE elbows the front passenger window of the car, smashing it. The alarm doesn't go off. He reaches inside and unlocks the door, he gets inside the front passenger seat.

        TOOLE: I'll drive, Melody?

        MELODY: On it.

        MELODY takes the weight of CHARLIE.

        MELODY: (to CHARLIE) It's gonna be ok hon.

        She half smiles in between deep breaths, CATE smiles also. Both the Potentials help CHARLIE into the back of the car, as TOOLE moves around to the drivers side. The doors close and the sound of someone hot wiring the car can be heard.

        TOOLE: When did you learn to?on second thoughts?never mind?

        We don't know who he's talking to but the car soon drives off, quickly, skidding the road with thick black tyre marks.


        The camera shows the point of view of the alleyway from where the gang emerged from the apartment. The car driving off in the street. The sound of a crashing can be heard, splintering glass, as the shadow of a former hero begins to emerge into view?


        CHARLIE screams in agony.

        CHARLIE: It hurts! God it hurts?

        She clutches on to CATE and MELODY'S hands tightly.

        CATE: I know hon, I know?keep going you're doing just great. We'll get some help soon I promise.

        She smiles weakly, MELODY sees this.

        MELODY: Toole, can't this thing go any faster?

        TOOLE: We're almost there!

        LANCE: Are you sure the hospital is the best place to go?

        TOOLE: Well I was considering the Doublemeat Palace but I thought what with all the doctors and nurses at the hospital, it might be more appropriate?

        LANCE: I mean what if he finds us? Or Wolfram and Hart send something else?we'll be trapped?

        MELODY: Well unless you have a better idea Lance?

        LANCE: Get out of town?

        CATE: What?! We can't?

        LANCE: Why not?

        No one can answer him, LANCE looks in the rear view mirror at the girls in the back, but something else catches his eye.

        LANCE: Ok seriously guys, I think we should do it?now?

        TOOLE looks at him, briefly, trying not to take his eyes off the road. He notices his brother looking in the mirror.

        TOOLE: What cops?

        LANCE: No, worse?

        CATE and MELODY look at eachother worried, CHARLIE is in too much pain to notice. TOOLE'S face drops.

        TOOLE: Is he coming?!

        LANCE looks out his window behind them.

        LANCE: Oh yeah?

        The camera moves outside the car to show XAKIEL flying after them, his serpent-like eyes glowing in the darkness. He speeds up dramatically and rams the car. The girls scream, and TOOLE'S eyes widen trying to keep the car steady. They pass the hospital. XAKIEL rams the car again. This time the car almost lifts off the road. The radio turns on causing "Petula Clark ? Downtown" to blare through the car.


        CATE: Jesus!

        LANCE: Keep going Toole.

        TOOLE: (straining to control the car) I'm trying?

        He accelerates faster. XAKIEL, disappearing now. LANCE looks in the mirror once more and breathes a sigh of relief. (The music below plays throughout)

        "Don't hang around and let your problems surround you
        There are movie shows ? downtown

        LANCE: We're losing him.

        TOOLE: We can't stop, he'll catch up.

        CATE: Looks like Lance is right Toole?we can't stay here?

        LANCE looks at TOOLE awkwardly?TOOLE looks ahead, focused.

        TOOLE: Yeah?looks that way?

        CHARLIE looks shocked, sweat now beginning to run down her face. (The music below plays throughout)

        "Maybe you know some little places to go to
        Where they never close ? downtown

        CHARLIE: (crying) But?the hospital?

        MELODY: We can't go back it's too dangerous.

        The car now approaches the edge of the woods?(The music below plays throughout)

        "Just listen to the rhythm of a gentle bossa nova
        You'll be dancing with him too before the night is over
        Happy again

        CATE turns to look at CHARLIE.

        CATE: Don't worry babe, we'll sort something. We just need to get?

        Before she can finish her sentence XAKIEL swoops out of the darkness from the side and rams the side of the car.

        "Downtown - don't wait a minute more
        Downtown - everything's waiting for you

        The car flies into the air, and topples into the woods, flipping upside down. Screams and shouts from the gang inside can be heard as the car crashes down against a tree, knocking one over. Everything is upside down?(The music below plays throughout)

        "Downtown, downtown, downtown, downtown ..."


        "Everything's waiting for you?"



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          ACT FOUR


          The sound of the car horn being continuously pressed can be heard. The lights from the smashed headlights beam into view, blinding the screen. The camera moves around showing the whole car. We can see a small flame on the underside of the car, now revealed to the skies of this bleak night. The camera moves to the side of the smashed white car to show the people inside. TOOLE and LANCE are still tied to the front seats. TOOLE'S head resting on the steering wheel, blood dripping on to the roof beneath him from his head. LANCE is half hanging out the car, only his seatbelt refraining him. Both of the Emory brothers, motionless. The camera now moves to the back seats showing MELODY lying flat out on the roof of the backseat area. Glass and blood matting her adorable new hairstyle. She begins to stir, the sound of the car horn awakening her. She coughs, putting her hand into the broken glass. She crawls out of the car. She looks around.

          MELODY: Lance?

          She crawls over to LANCE and unbuckles his seatbelt causing him to fall to the floor. The landing causes him to awaken suddenly breathing in sharply. As he falls to the ground, a gun falls out of the passenger glove compartment?

          MELODY: Lance are you ok?

          LANCE looks over to TOOLE, ignoring MELODY.

          LANCE: (almost crying) Tayler?

          MELODY looks at TOOLE, seeing the blood drip from his head.

          MELODY: (softly, tearful) He's gone Lance?he's gone?

          LANCE begins to cry, MELODY pulls him from the car.

          He struggles to stand, suddenly crying profusely.

          LANCE: No?no?no!

          MELODY watches him upset.

          MELODY: I'm sorry?

          She looks, seeing oil beginning to leak from the car?

          MELODY: Lance, we have to go?

          LANCE: No?I can't leave him.

          MELODY slaps him.

          MELODY: Lance! Cate and Charlie are missing, she's in labour!

          LANCE looks at her now, alarmed.

          MELODY: There's nothing we can do for him now?nothing?

          LANCE: (quietly) But he saved me?he rescued us?

          MELODY looks at him sadly.

          MELODY: I know and Lance I'm sorry but come on?

          LANCE looks at her, desperately.

          LANCE: Can we come back for him?

          MELODY looks at the flames?then the oil?

          MELODY: Sure?of course we can, but we have to help the others?wherever they are?

          LANCE breathes deeply before nodding. Both of them look both ways. MELODY notices a trail leading into the woods?

          MELODY: Come on?

          She takes his hand and they run into the woods. The camera pans down to show TOOLE'S still body tied to the seat of the car?about to go up in flames?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          It is dark, almost pitch black, the sound of a whimpering woman can be heard. She is unseen however. An explosion. The car. Bright fiery rage lights the area, illuminating a bleeding CHARLIE scrambling through the woods, her legs are in pain. She looks back at the car, she cries?her friends, gone? She stops. What could she hear? Rustling? She was not alone?She begins to move faster, but the light of the car on fire is not the only light we can see?two eyes?

          CHARLIE: (whispering) No?please?

          She groans in pain, feeling another contraction, they were becoming frequent now, and more painful. She tries to move faster, despite the pain. She notices something. The light of the fire illuminated a large wooden shack, nearby. She scrambles faster for salvation, but her predator has noticed what she's doing. The thick trees suddenly begin to become uprooted, torn from the ground effortlessly. XAKIEL. He's getting closer. She whimpers in pain, she's getting weaker now. She's so close?

          XAKIEL: (echoing) Oh Charlie?

          CHARLIE: (repeating) No, please stop?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          About two foot away from her a tree is uprooted revealing XAKIEL. CHARLIE screams. He smirks at her. They're now right outside the shack. She turns looking at him, she's too weak to use magic?

          XAKIEL: There you are! I have to say you put up a good fight for a resurrected ex-junkie goddess-witch thing?

          She whimpers, in complete fear.

          XAKIEL: ...But no more running Charlie.

          WOMAN (O/S): She's crawling?

          From the side MELODY tackles XAKIEL to the ground. She jumps up, standing over him.

          MELODY: (angrily) Jackass?

          LANCE and CATE from no where rush to CHARLIE'S side and help her. She smiles at them.

          CHARLIE: You're here?you're?you came back?

          CATE: (jokingly)Well duh! Like I have anything better to do!

          She smiles at her then motions to LANCE to help her up, moving towards the shack.

          XAKIEL: (laughing) Woo! Red's got some spark after all.

          MELODY: (smirking) Oh you like my spark?

          She knees him in the groin causing even XAKIEL to wince in pain. He recoils, paralysed in a pain no man or demon should ever have to endure. MELODY jumps off of him smiling and then hurries with the others to the shack.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The door bursts open, MELODY standing there. LANCE, CATE and CHARLIE hurry in. CATE helps her to the floor against the furthest wall, furthest from the door and therefore danger. The room is lit only by the car fire not far away. The room is large but empty, only a few basic items of furniture decorating it. Two windows are on one side of the shack, both smashed. LANCE and MELODY close the door, moving a nearby cabinet in front of it. CATE looks around.

          CATE: (worried) Where's Toole?

          LANCE looks at sympathetically. He gulps and shakes his head.

          LANCE: I'm sorry?

          MELODY looks down, sadly. CHARLIE is too busy pre-occupied with labour to notice. She begins to spread her legs and leans against the wooden wall. She grabs her stomach with one hand and CATE'S hand with the other. CATE looks at her, a tear rolling down her cheek. She wipes it away, sighing softly. She then smiles at CHARLIE.

          CATE: It's gonna be fine?I promise?

          She glares at LANCE.

          CATE: Sit with her?check her breathing.

          He nods.

          LANCE: What will you do?

          CATE: (determined) It's time to end this.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          XAKIEL is no longer outside?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          LANCE is now sitting with CHARLIE. He's gripping her hand tightly. MELODY is stood with CATE watching the door intently. They stand, warriors, looking at the door. A loud banging begins to be heard on the door from the outside.

          CATE: (sighing) Oh crap?

          MELODY looks at her, beyond worried.

          MELODY: This is bad right?

          CATE: (monotonously) Big bad?

          MELODY: I'm sorry about?

          The banging stops.

          CATE: Don't just?

          Suddenly, a crashing noise from the ceiling causes both girls to disrupt their concentration. XAKIEL appears from the roof, sinking down into the room, his wings beating allowing him to descend with a demonic grace. He smirks. LANCE moves in front of CHARLIE, protecting her.

          XAKIEL: You weren't gonna start the party without me were you?

          CATE: No way?

          MELODY: Just getting started baby.

          XAKIEL: Good, so lets see exactly what Thorn has been teaching you girls?

          The camera moves in on his face. The camera then pans around the gang's faces. First CATE. She looks sad.

          CATE: (to herself) For Toole?

          Then MELODY, she looks worried, scared for her own life.

          MELODY: (to herself) For Us?

          Then LANCE, he looks at CHARLIE, cowering in pain behind him.

          LANCE: (to himself) For Charlie?

          Finally CHARLIE?She screws up her face, another contraction

          CHARLIE: (to herself) For my family?

          The camera then cuts back to CATE, MELODY and XAKIEL. The Potentials charge at XAKIEL. He throws a punch at them, they both dodge it. MELODY sinks to the floor and vaults CATE over his head. XAKIEL now sandwiched in between the two women. MELODY jumps up, undercutting XAKIEL'S chin with a strong punch. CATE ducks down and kicks his legs, bringing him to the ground. Although he's on the floor, he spins around, hurling his legs in all directions. CATE and MELODY are thrown into the cabinet by the door, breaking it, and the door in the process. A gaping hole now showing in the front of the shack. XAKIEL laughs.

          XAKIEL: Aw I'm sorry, did the wood hurt the plastic?

          He rushes over with alarming velocity and picks them both up, just as he did before. He hurls them through the window on one side of the room. Both girls land in a thicket outside the shack. He watches them fly.

          XAKIEL: Bye bye Barbie?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          CATE and MELODY land with a thump in the bushes. They're not hurt much by the fall.

          CATE: Come on?

          She pulls MELODY unwittingly to her feet?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          XAKIEL sniggers at CATE and MELODY'S departure. He now turns to LANCE who is still protecting CHARLIE. The sound of CHARLIE breathing heavily can be heard, she's close?very close?XAKIEL looks at them both.

          XAKIEL: Nice try Ambercrombie?I have to say. You've done good, getting this far. Unfortunately, it's time you joined your brother?

          LANCE notices something behind him.

          LANCE: Or?

          A gunshot. XAKIEL is shot in the shoulder. He falls in pain. Behind him standing in the gaping hole of the shack is TOOLE. Blood still pouring from his head, he looks physically weak. He's staring at XAKIEL with wide eyes, the gun from the glove compartment of the now blown up car held tightly in his blood stained hands. He moves into the shack, keeping his eyes poised on the wounded XAKIEL. LANCE looks at him a smile beaming on his face, along with a welcoming tear rolling down his face.

          LANCE: Toole?

          TOOLE: Is everyone ok? Charlie?

          LANCE moves out of the way to show CHARLIE, sweating, bleeding and crying. TOOLE smiles at her warmly, she doesn't see.

          TOOLE: Where are?

          CATE (O/S): Here?

          He turns to see CATE and MELODY making their way into the shack now. CATE looks at TOOLE, a worried, relieved smile to see him here. MELODY just looks awkwardly at him. He lowers his gun looking at CATE happily.

          CATE: You're ok.

          TOOLE: I am at that. You?

          CATE: Well I was pounding on this mother but he threw me through a window.

          TOOLE smiles, but his smile soon fades as he feels something gripping the hand with his gun in it. The gun shoots a bullet into TOOLE'S leg and he falls to the floor.

          LANCE (O/S: No!

          CATE gasps. As TOOLE falls to the floor, he reveals XAKIEL.

          XAKIEL: Rudeness, well Barman, didn't think you had it in you?

          He kicks TOOLE while he's down and he smashes into the wall of the shack, he falls to the floor. MELODY looks back at TOOLE, but CATE charges at XAKIEL, spinning around and kicking him in the head. She follows with a barrage of punches, he blocks them all.

          XAKIEL: Ooh blondey, not bad?

          He backhands her and she flies backwards into TOOLE. He catches her.

          CATE: (pained) Thanks?

          He winces, his leg bleeding.

          CATE: ?You ok?

          TOOLE: I think I'm out of this fight.

          He smiles quickly but it fades seeing XAKIEL advance on a cowering MELODY. He then looks at LANCE who's holding CHARLIE'S hand tightly. CATE notices.

          CATE: Can you walk?

          TOOLE: I dunno, I could pull myself along the floor at a rapid pace.

          CATE nods.

          CATE: Do that. Go to Charlie?

          She looks him in the eyes.

          CATE: ?Help your brother?

          He looks unsure, but nods eventually.

          TOOLE: What about you, can you handle him?

          CATE: This weasel? Hell yeah?

          He gives her a half smile, worried for her safety. She stands, he begins to move along the floor. TOOLE heading to CHARLIE and LANCE, CATE heading to MELODY and XAKIEL, who is rapidly advancing on MELODY.

          XAKIEL: Why are you even fighting? A cowering girl, afraid of me? You're gonna be a Slayer, give me a break?

          MELODY'S eyes widen, burning with rage. CATE joins MELODY'S side just as MELODY breathes in deeply and charges at XAKIEL. CATE charges too, but before we can see the fight between the Potentials and XAKIEL, the camera cuts to TOOLE now at CHARLIE and LANCE'S side. She looks at him desperately.

          CHARLIE: (crying) I'm so tired?Toole?

          TOOLE: (joking) Tired? All you've done is sit.

          She looks at him incredulous, he looks embarrassed.

          TOOLE: Right ok?not the time for joking. (more seriously) Do you feel like pushing?

          She's too weak to answer.

          LANCE: Her contractions are only a minute apart?she's ready right?

          TOOLE nods. He doesn't know a lot about childbirth, but he knows when they're that frequent she should be pushing. He turns to CHARLIE, attempting to make eye contact.

          TOOLE: Ok, Charlie, you're gonna need to push ok?

          He turns to his brother.

          TOOLE: Put your sweater underneath her, we're gonna need to wrap this baby up, it could be hurt.

          LANCE nods and removes his sweater, he puts it in between CHARLIE'S legs.

          LANCE: (to TOOLE) Is it gonna be ok?

          TOOLE: Honestly, I don't know, after tonight, the car crash, the attack, some serious damage could have been done?

          CHARLIE cries now even more.

          CHARLIE: Oh god my baby?please help me?please?I can't do this?not here?

          TOOLE grabs one of her hands, LANCE tightens his grip on her other one.

          TOOLE: Oh yes you can. You're an amazing woman, Charlie. You survived death itself, you survived Wolfram and Hart, you survived tonight. Most importantly?you just survived. You've never stopped amazing me. Don't stop now?

          She looks at him, both of them bleeding, tired and hurt. She nods.

          LANCE: Just squeeze our hands?

          TOOLE: We're right here?push?

          She breathes deeply and screams in agony as she begins pushing, for several seconds. Until she's out of breath from screaming she stops?The camera moves in on her face as the music begins to play?


          Until the song ends, none of the speech is actually heard?all we can see is their lips move, only hearing the sound of the singer. The music is played intermittently, only played in the moments of dialogue below. The tune of the song continues to play throughout the various pauses?

          CHARLIE: I?I just can't?

          "You wake up every morning, go to school every day, spend your nights on the corner just passing the time away"

          TOOLE: Come on Charlie.

          LANCE: (to TOOLE) Maybe we should take it easy on her.

          TOOLE: There's no time, we need to get this baby out of her now?(to CHARLIE) Come on, now I know it hurts but it'll be over with soon.

          "Your life is so lonely like a child without a toy
          Then a miracle-a boy
          And that's called ? glad

          She looks at him.

          CHARLIE: (crying, tired) Make it stop?please?

          TOOLE: I can't, but you can. Come on Charlie?another push. You're so close.

          "Now my mom is a good mom and she loves me with all her heart
          But she said I was too young to be in love and the boy and I would have to part

          She breathes heavily holding tightly on to both their hands. As she screams hard, the camera moves around to show CATE and MELODY fighting against XAKIEL. He has the upper hand. He pushes CATE away and grabs MELODY by the throat.

          MELODY: Not again?

          She groans in pain as she's thrown through the second window.

          "And no matter how I ranted and raved, I screamed, I pleaded, I cried-she told me it was not really love but only my girlish pride
          And that's called ? bad

          CATE'S eyes widen and she charges at XAKIEL.

          CATE: (loudly) Ok, gonna need some help here?

          As she says this, XAKIEL spins and kicks her. She's thrown suddenly against the wall. She quickly gets up and goes back to fight?now fighting solo.

          LANCE looks at TOOLE. CHARLIE, tired looks at them both.

          "Now if that's happened to you, don't let this?"

          CHARLIE: (crying) I can't do this on my own!

          LANCE sighs and looks at her.

          LANCE: (to TOOLE) It's ok, I'll go?(jokingly) you suck at fighting.

          TOOLE: (offended) I do not!

          LANCE You haven't lived like I have?

          TOOLE goes to protest.

          "I packed my clothes and left home that night?"

          LANCE: Look stop being the hero tonight, they need help, I'm going!

          He stands, and walks away.

          LANCE (O/S): (as he's walking away) And take it easy on her?

          He abruptly ends by punching XAKIEL, who now turns to LANCE to face him. With one swift move of his hand he punches CATE away. She crashes into some nearby shelves and falls to the floor with a definitive thump?lying still on the floor.

          "Though she begged me to stay, I was sure I was right?"

          LANCE now fights XAKIEL alone. The camera moves back to TOOLE and CHARLIE who have not seen what has just happened.

          TOOLE: (vacantly) Can you believe him, I mean what a?

          CHARLIE screams again in pain.

          CHARLIE: Look I love you but shut up!

          TOOLE shakes his head, annoyed with himself.

          TOOLE: You're right I'm sorry?

          CHARLIE: (cutting him off) It hurts?please?

          "And you know something funny?
          I forgot that boy right away?

          TOOLE: I can't?I'm sorry. Now I love you Charlie, we all do, and we all believe in you?

          The camera shows the foot of CATE lying on a wooden floor. Not moving.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera now cuts to the foot of MELODY lying in the bushes outside of the shack. Like CATE, she's lying still?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera cuts back to inside, a shot of the feet of LANCE as he fights XAKIEL. He's moving quickly but he doesn't seem to be making any headway or any hard hits; he's making no damage. The camera finally moves back to TOOLE and CHARLIE by the wall. She's looking at him with blurred eyes and a quivering lip.

          CHARLIE: (weakly) Ok?

          TOOLE: (smiling) Ok! Then let's do this. You can do this. Push?

          She nods and then she breathes deeply before pushing again.

          CHARLIE: (loudly, screaming) What can you see?!

          Reluctantly, knowing he has no choice, he checks?

          TOOLE: (surprised) I can see the head?keep on pushing Charlie! You're almost...

          She breathes deeply and then pushes once more, screaming bloody pain. The camera briefly moves away to show one of XAKIEL'S wings sweeping down and knocking LANCE off his feet. He turns to TOOLE and CHARLIE?he knows she's close?He cuts TOOLE off by being picking him up, effortlessly and throwing him into LANCE who has just stood up once again. Both of them fall to the floor like bowling ball skittles.

          CHARLIE: No?

          "Instead I remember being tucked in bed and hearing my mama say?"

          She looks up to show XAKIEL approaching her. He grabs her by the throat, even though she's still pushing. He kneels down and grabs her by the throat, choking her.

          "Hush, little baby, don't you cry"

          She looks at his deep black eyes?it's over?Dante's won?Tears of regret and sorrow fall from her eyes, mixing with the blood and sweat. XAKIEL growls at her angrily, smirking.

          CHARLIE: (choking) I love you?

          "Mama won't go away"

          The moment lasts for only a second. The pain ends. It's over?

          A thump?

          TOOLE, LANCE and CATE look up?

          CATE: Oh god?

          LANCE: It's?

          CHARLIE falls to the floor, her eyes closed. A blinding green light. XAKIEL, CATE, TOOLE and LANCE scream?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE


          The light from the shack blasts out the window with immense force, shadowing the fading light of the car fire. The camera shows MELODY lifting her head looking at the light in wonder. As quickly as it came, it disappears. She stands and runs to the door once again.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          She appears in the doorway and goes to run through but something stops her?shock.

          MELODY: Oh god?

          CATE, TOOLE and LANCE now open their eyes. All four of them have no more cuts and bruises, their injuries are healed. CATE grabs her hand in shock at the sight.

          "Do you ever get that feeling and wanna kiss and hug her?"

          The camera now cuts to XAKIEL to show one major difference?he's no longer XAKIEL. He's XAK. His shirt is torn but he's healed. He looks tired and groggy. He blinks and looks up. He looks to CATE, TOOLE, LANCE and MELODY. TOOLE looks at him, still in shock, he nods behind him. XAK turns around to look at what they are looking at?

          "Do it now
          Tell her you love her

          CHARLIE?with her eyes closed.

          "Don't do to your mom what I did to mine"

          The camera moves down?on LANCE'S jumper. A baby. A small naked pink baby. Clean, void of attachment to its mother. Its legs and arms waving feebly, looking at CHARLIE.

          "She grew so lonely in the end
          Angels picked her for a friend

          CHARLIE is clean, her cuts are gone but she looks tired?she looks beaten, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She opens her eyes slowly, her eyes falling on her new born child?


          What CHARLIE says next can actually be heard, as well as the singer's voice.

          CHARLIE: (weakly) My baby?

          "And I can never go home
          Never anymore

          She smiles softly?

          CHARLIE: My baby?my baby girl?

          "And that's called ? sad"

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF ACT FOUR


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            ACT FIVE


            The room is almost pitch black, only the moonlight now lighting the room, quite strongly due to it's brightness. TOOLE is standing next to CATE who is now holding the new born baby girl. They're standing by the window. They're both smiling brightly.

            CATE: She's so beautiful.

            TOOLE: She really is.

            She moves closer to TOOLE.

            CATE: (quietly) Now I'm no midwife but that was some freaky ass birth right?

            TOOLE: I'd say so?I mean this girl is gonna be something special?I can just feel it?she's?

            He doesn't know how to finish the sentence. CATE nods.

            CATE: I know what you mean, I can't put my finger on it.

            The camera moves in on the baby girl's face. She's sleeping.

            CATE (O/S): Just the whole L'Azura thing, A.I.D.A, Dante going all witch doctor with Xak, and then the freaky light show and hey presto! No more wounds. I just think, it's all for a reason. I just can't believe it's for this little tiny baby?

            She looks at TOOLE then back at the baby, as the baby hiccups. CATE almost dies of adoration.

            CATE: Oh my god! Did you see that?! I could just squeeze her so hard until she pops all sunshine and roses!

            TOOLE raises an eyebrow.

            CATE: I know I know?she won't?

            CATE looks at him, smiling.

            CATE: I'm glad you're ok.

            TOOLE: I'm glad you are too. You fought well.

            CATE: Man I was so scared.

            TOOLE: So was I?

            CATE: I thought you were dead.

            TOOLE sighs and looks out of the window.

            TOOLE: I thought I was too?


            The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. MELODY and LANCE are running off into the woods. The camera moves over to TOOLE, his eyes are closed. The oil begins to move under him, the fumes wafting into his nostrils. He suddenly opens his eyes, coughing and spluttering. He smells the oil and he hurries to unbuckle his seatbelt. He falls to the floor, groaning in pain, finally the sound of the car horn stops. He notices the gun on the floor and hearing footsteps running away from him he starts to crawl out of the car...

            TOOLE (V/O): I was all alone?

            CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

            The colours are now back to normal. CATE looks awkward now, almost embarrassed.

            CATE: I'm sorry?it's just I saw Charlie trying to get away. I lost her but I had to try and find her?I'm sorry?

            TOOLE: It's ok. You should have gone?

            TOOLE looks at his brother, wondering why he left him. He could understand CATE?but LANCE?

            CATE (O/S): I just figured with you, Melody and Lance out of it, thing's would be perhaps safer for you three? Stupid I know, but then Melody and Lance showed up saying how they got out the car just in time?they didn't say anything about you.

            TOOLE looks upset, but the camera quickly cuts to CATE looks down at the baby, feeling happier once more, intoxicated once more.

            CATE: (sighing happily) At least we're all ok?that's the main thing?

            She looks at TOOLE and thinks he is looking at CHARLIE.

            CATE: She is gonna be ok?right?

            TOOLE: Well there's no bleeding, she seems to be breathing normally. She's just tired, not that I'll ever know but having a baby must be kinda brutal.

            The camera shows LANCE sitting with CHARLIE, she has her head resting on his shoulder.

            CATE: (nods, resolute) I would imagine so, yes. What about him?

            They look over at XAK who is huddled in one of the corners, far away from them all, staring into space. MELODY is nearby, staring at the gun on the floor that TOOLE dropped. TOOLE sighs.

            TOOLE: I'll talk to him?

            CATE nods, happy to have the baby all to herself. TOOLE moves over to XAK.

            TOOLE: Hey?

            XAK doesn't reply. TOOLE kneels down and looks at him, sighing.

            XAK: (softly) I'm sorry?

            TOOLE: It wasn't your fault. It wasn't you.

            XAK: I could have killed you. I could have killed her?

            We don't know who he's referring to by "her"?

            TOOLE: No one blames you, so don't blame yourself. It's over now?

            He smiles warmly at XAK, but XAK remains staring at space.

            TOOLE: So?how do you feel?

            XAK: How do you mean?

            TOOLE: Well you're a dad now.

            XAK: Lighter?

            TOOLE looks confused.

            TOOLE: Relieved?

            XAK: I dunno, I just?I feel lighter. It's all I can say?

            XAK looks at him now. TOOLE smiles at him, who attempts a smile back. The camera moves behind TOOLE'S shoulder to show CATE smiling at them both. She looks at MELODY briefly before turning to LANCE and CHARLIE.

            CATE: (to the baby, in a baby-like voice) Come on puddin' shmuddin! Let's go to mommy!

            She carries the baby over to the resting CHARLIE, who opens her eyes seeing CATE coming over.

            CATE: Hey honey. I don't know about you?but, there's a little girl here who wants a word with you!

            She smiles, LANCE moves slightly further apart now as CATE kneels in front of CHARLIE.

            CHARLIE: (weakly) Can I hold her?

            CATE looks slightly disappointed.

            CATE: Oh?okay?

            CHARLIE laughs softly and takes the baby from CATE'S arms. The camera closes in on the baby. Her small podgy face forms a small smile as her new brown eyes open, so the baby can look upon her mother. She grabs one of CHARLIE'S fingers with her whole hand.

            CHARLIE: Hey baby girl?

            She reaches down and kisses her soft fuzzy head. She smiles, ecstatic.

            CHARLIE: (quietly)?I got your message?thank you?

            The baby looks at CHARLIE, happily. CATE wipes a tear from her face, happy. LANCE does as well but tries to be more masculine in doing it. CHARLIE looks up to XAK on the other side of the room.

            CHARLIE: (louder) You wanna hold her?

            XAK looks up, shocked.

            XAK: You?sure?

            CHARLIE nods.

            CHARLIE: Of course I'm sure?daddy.

            He smiles, sighing, relieved. Both him and TOOLE stand and walk past MELODY, walking slowly towards XAK'S girlfriend and his new daughter. He kneels down and CHARLIE, carefully, passes her daughter to the father.

            He holds her tightly. He smiles as the baby's eyes are now closed.

            XAK: Wow?

            CATE moves and sits down next to CHARLIE.

            CATE: I know! You're a daddy Xak!

            XAK looks up at CHARLIE.

            XAK: You're amazing?

            CHARLIE smiles at him.

            CHARLIE: Thank you.

            XAK: I love you so much?

            CATE looks at TOOLE awkwardly, only briefly. The camera now looks back at CHARLIE. She looks XAK in the eyes. Eventually she sits up, weakly but she feels stronger knowing XAK is by her side now. She puts an arm on the back of his neck, smiling.

            CHARLIE: I love you too.

            She leans in and kisses him. CATE can't help but smile.

            CATE: Ok seriously?the kid is gonna be scarred if you keep doing this in front of it?

            The newly parents laugh, breaking apart from one another.

            LANCE: You know we've been referring to the baby as "it" and "her" for the past hour?you got any names?

            XAK and CHARLIE look at one another, confused.

            CHARLIE: Uh?

            XAK: Hm?

            CHARLIE: Well to be honest with you, so much has been going on, it's hard to discuss names?

            She looks at XAK, quizzically?

            XAK: I'm sure one will come to us?

            CHARLIE nods in agreement, smiling. The camera moves to show XAK looking down at his daughter. He smiles, incredulous at the child in his arms.

            XAK: Now I see what all this fuss was about?

            He strokes her warm head and runs a finger along the side of her head.

            XAK: (whispering to her) ?Who wouldn't want you?

            CHARLIE smiles looking at him. The camera now moves over to MELODY now who's now glaring at them all. She rushes forward?

            MELODY: (whispering to herself) He's not gonna get away with this?

            ?She reaches down and picks up the gun, walking towards them. CHARLIE looks up, hearing the footsteps.

            CHARLIE: (gasping) Oh my god?

            The gang turn to see what she's looking at. MELODY stops?she realises they're not looking at her. She turns also, confused, the gun now holding limp in her hand.

            CHARLIE: (smiling) You're?you're here?

            The camera now reveals who it is?It's SEPHY?She's wearing a long black gown, a long black hooded cloak is covering her head. She pulls down the hood revealing her flowing brown hair. Her gorgeous, alluring eyes captivate LANCE and MELODY who are meeting her for the first time. MELODY is so taken aback she moves to the side, allowing SEPHY to gain a bigger, more dominating presence in the room. SEPHY stands in the derelict doorway, but she moves forwards slightly into the shack. XAK follows CHARLIE'S example and smiles also, looking at her. CATE is almost crying, so overwhelmed with happiness at how the whole evening has turned out. TOOLE smiles warmly at his dear friend. SEPHY just looks upon them all, her face filled with a sense of wonder. Every one of them is completely ignorant to the fact that MELODY is holding a gun?

            SEPHY: (softly) Is?Am I too late?

            XAK turns around to show the baby in his arms, he stands.

            XAK: I'm afraid so, look?she's already here.

            CHARLIE shakes her head.

            CHARLIE: No Xak?

            She turns to her mother.

            CHARLIE: You're never late?you always arrive just on time?

            SEPHY'S eyes widen seeing her new grand daughter.

            SEPHY: Oh my goddess?

            CHARLIE'S smile fades slightly, worried.

            CHARLIE: Mom? What's wrong?

            SEPHY: Xak is right. I'm afraid this time?I am my dear?

            She looks down, almost panicking?

            SEPHY: I'm far too late?

            The next few moments all happen in slow motion.

            SEPHY pauses for a moment then runs at XAK and the baby, as she passes MELODY she grabs the gun out of her grasp and aims it in their direction?she pulls the safety off, her finger squeezing the trigger. CHARLIE gasps, in shock, and despair.

            CHARLIE: (screaming) NOOOOOOOO MOM!

            XAK'S eyes widen, seeing SEPHY charge at them with a gun, he holds his daughter close. He holds her with love. He can't move, he's never been this scared before. He just stands there. He holds the baby tightly, and closes his eyes in fear.

            FADE TO BLACK

            There is a gunshot. CATE screams and TOOLE shouts in protest. A punch. There is a pause, then another gunshot?silence.

            END OF EPISODE


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              - Well there you go, Xak and Charlie's baby is here? But what is her name? What exactly is she?

              - Sephy! The surprise guest of the episode! She's certainly back on the scene and what a welcome she's given her grand daughter?

              - This episode was originally supposed to be just the normal episode length but so much was happening in it, I thought it would be best to do a Special Extended Episode because this episode is soooo huge!

              - What's Melody up to?did she know Toole was alive? Who was she intending to shoot?

              - Has Xak's soul been restored?

              - I was originally going to have three songs in this episode, but I'm now using the final song in 2.10.

              - All these questions and more?I can't answer them I can only propose them for you to muse on?as Shadow Stalker now goes on a long break?