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Shadow Stalker - 2.08 - The Snowball Effect

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  • Shadow Stalker - 2.08 - The Snowball Effect

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 2.08 ? The Snowball Effect
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Amber Jacobson

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season Two starts alongside Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 4 of Angel and is in affiliated with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Broken Destiny (Joe); and Wishful Thinking (Ben); Raven (Alexander Brown).

    SEPHY (V/O): Previously on Shadow Stalker.

    The camera shows a montage of the scenes between CATE, TOOLE and LANCE from the previous episode; TOOLE and MELODY talking in the alleyway; CHARLIE overhearing them, worried; and CATE crying on her bed.

    SEPHY (V/O): It would appear the concept of a happy relationship could not be fulfilled.

    The camera shows XAK and SOFIA in CHARLIE'S cell in the Wolfram and Hart dungeon; A brief clip of A.I.D.A; and CHARLIE'S eyes glowing a bright green.

    SEPHY V/O): And with one more on the way, everything's falling apart.

    The camera shows DANTE and LEIGH breaking into Wolfram and Hart.

    SEPHY (V/O): Everyone wants it.

    The camera shows LEIGH trying to leave the Lower Vault and the alarms and security defences starting.

    SEPHY (V/O): But when all looks bleak, and darkness surrenders. Who will obtain this prize?

    The camera zooms in on LEIGH'S terrified face?





    CATE is asleep in her bed, wrapped warmly under the covers. She's wearing the same clothes from 2.07 indicating it is still the night she kissed LANCE, and the night she put her relationship with TOOLE in jeopardy. The camera looks at her now peaceful face, only lit by the open doorway to the lounge. The camera pans up to the doorway. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Baby, Baby I think its time we move on now
    Baby, Baby I think its time we move on now

    CHARLIE is stood in the doorway looking at her friend. She looks pained to see her experiencing this sorrow. She rubs her stomach softly and looks down half smiling at the baby inside her. She thinks. Processing what she's just heard MELODY saying. How could she say these things. What was she up to? Causing trouble? She moves away from the doorway. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Looking out my bedroom window
    See the planes take off from Heathrow
    One by one they come and go
    On and on, on and on


    The door opens and CHARLIE enters. The sound of XAK still cleaning and dressing LANCE'S wounds in the background can be heard. She moves towards the bed, and sighs softly as she sits on the edge of it, looking down. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Red light blinking in the twilight
    Tracing in a path right out of here and now
    Red light blinking in the twilight
    Tracing in a path right out of here and now

    The music comes to a sinister end as CHARLIE looks in physical pain. So much so she can't make a noise. She merely grabs her stomach, compelled to do so. She falls back on her bed. She gasps as the pain continues?Suddenly, flashing images appear. Fragmented shots of DANTE, SOFIA and A.I.D.A appear, along with the sound of their echoing voices.

    DANTE: (echoing) Well?

    A.I.D.A: (echoing) Yes, she is moving along nicely. Bless her.

    SOFIA: (echoing) We're monitoring her.

    The images continue to flash until?

    CUT TO ? L.A

    LEIGH is cornered. She looks around frantically at the weapons, aimed and poised at her. She clutches XAK'S soul in one hand, hiding it behind her back. With her other hand she reaches to her earpiece?

    LEIGH: (through gritted teeth) Uh, Hell Boy?dog is off the leash, I repeat?leash?is?off?

    The guns begin to click as if they're angry she's made contact. There's no answer from DANTE?

    LEIGH: (whispering in fear) Oh holy crap?

    VOICE (O/S): Heel?

    In an instant, the guns retreat and they recede to the floor and ceiling. The siren also stops.

    LEIGH: (unsure) Um?yay?

    She looks around and then touches her ear piece again.

    LEIGH: Was that you?

    Again there is no reply from DANTE.

    VOICE (O/S): No Miss Sinclair. It was not Turnpike?

    She looks to the corner of the room from where the voice is coming from. From the shadows emerges HERMES. He looks at her smiling, not angry. She looks at him with an eyebrow raised.

    LEIGH: A hobbit? The guns were scarier.

    HERMES ignores her feeble jibe.

    HERMES: I don't think we were ever introduced. My name is Hermes. I am the liaison to the Senior Partners. The conduit in the White Room. Well one of many faces of the conduit.

    LEIGH: Oh?

    HERMES smiles, noticing the recognised authority he has. He looks at LEIGH'S hand, the one holding XAK'S soul.

    HERMES: So it appears you were stealing Xakiel Thorn's soul? How quaint?

    LEIGH: (unconfidently bold) Well you know I was in the neighbourhood?

    HERMES: Relax Leigh. I'm not here to punish you.

    The sense of worry fades from her face, replaced by confusion.

    LEIGH: Huh?

    HERMES: I just received a very interesting phone call?

    LEIGH still looks confused. The camera moves in on his face as his smile turns into a sadistic smirk.

    HERMES: I have a proposition for you?





    The camera shows a full moon in the night sky with the caption "SHADOW STALKER" tattooed
    across the view. The words streak across the scene with a slight red tint as the music starts up.

    The camera then cuts to CHARLIE walking down the street in her red dress towards XAK. The camera shows several quick cuts of XAK transgressing and eventually him killing CHARLIE.

    The camera then shows XAK in a suit leaving the Wolfram and Hart building then to him in an
    alleyway, he looks dirty and unshaven and in dirty clothes. (The music below plays throughout)

    "It's bugging me, grating me
    And twisting me around


    The camera shows CHARLIE in her cell, scared and alone and then cuts to her standing in XAK'S apartment, and her eyes glowing a bright green.

    "Yeah i'm endlessly caving in
    And turning inside out


    The camera then shows XAK and CATE both running down the streets of L.A desperately. The camera then focuses more on CATE and cuts to her in The Bronze serving drinks, and then to her standing next to MELODY, both their fists raised, in a battle-like pose. (The music below plays throughout)

    "'Cause I want it now
    I want it now
    Give me your heart and your soul


    The camera shows TOOLE punching someone to the floor and then to him looking through a barely opened door, his eyes widen. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And i'm breaking out
    I'm breaking out
    Last chance to lose control


    The camera then shows DANTE sitting behind his desk smirking but quickly cuts to him holding something in both arms and looking out the window while the sun succumbs to darkness. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Its hurting me, morphing me
    And forcing me to strive


    The camera shows MELODY running through the prison in L'Azura and then to her sitting on a rock, sand surrounding her. (The music below plays throughout)

    "To be endlessly cold within
    And dreaming i'm alive


    The camera then shows LANCE sitting on the floor of the apartment laughing with someone and then to him clutching on to CHARLIE'S hand and shouting. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And i want you now
    I want you now
    I feel my heart implode


    As the song comes to an end the camera shows various quick caps of CATE by a grave; SEPHY walking into the Underworld smiling; MELODY and LANCE falling through the L'Azura portal; DANTE staring into the darkness with black eyes, then finally to XAK walking through the graveyard at night. The camera moves up and shows a high angle shot of him walking away and the shape of the dragon streaking across the sky causing the screen to fade to black. (The music below plays throughout)

    "I'm breaking out
    Escaping now
    Feeling my faith erode


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    LEIGH sits down in a chair, the soul still tightly in her grasp. Around her HERMES walks around the desk which is situated in front of her to his seat on the opposite side. She looks around at the White Room, this being her first visit. HERMES observes her.

    HERMES: Quite a sight isn't it.

    LEIGH cuts back to him,

    LEIGH: How about you just tell me what this is about?

    HERMES sighs, slightly infuriated with her attitude.

    HERMES: Your friend, and colleague, Mr McArthur contacted me earlier on tonight.

    LEIGH feels a slight shiver run down her spine.

    HERMES: It would appear you're plotting to ruin Dante Turnpike.

    LEIGH: (laughing, nervously) Wha-what?! Christian?Ha! As if, like?

    HERMES: (with a soothing tone) Relax Leigh, my intent is not to punish you?

    She looks at him surprised, worried.

    HERMES: (smiling) ?It is to encourage this behaviour.

    LEIGH: What?

    HERMES: Dante as valuable as he was, is not a necessity to this company. He's replaceable, in fact we already have his replacement lined up.

    LEIGH: Oh?

    HERMES leans in.

    HERMES: Now tell me?what is your plan?

    CUT TO ? L.A

    DANTE is sitting at the wheel of the car, tapping nervously. The car is parked by a secluded street corner out of sight. Where is LEIGH? She's late?The door to the car opens. DANTE looks at the passenger side to see LEIGH getting into the car, out of breath, the soul, surprisingly still in her hands.

    DANTE: Where the hell have you been? We were supposed to meet an hour ago.

    LEIGH: (sarcastically) Oh, I'm sorry. Next time you infiltrate Demon Inc. you see how easy it is to get out. Plus, this cat suit is giving me a wedgie?

    DANTE rolls his eyes.

    DANTE: Did you get it?

    She shows him the soul. His eyes widen and he goes to take it but she doesn't let him have it. He looks annoyed.

    LEIGH: Your driving is bad enough without having this to hold too.

    DANTE looks at her, then sighs and turns the engine on. The car begins to move away from the curb, LEIGH looks behind her as they drive off, looking at the shadow of Wolfram and Hart behind them. The camera pans up out of the car to the sky, observing the nearly full moon high above them. The moon begins to fade showing the next day beginning to start. The camera pans down once more to?


    ?Sunnydale. The next day.


    CHARLIE'S eyes begin to slowly open. She's lying on the bed, in her night clothes. She looks down surprised. When did she get changed? When did she go to bed? What happened last night? She looks as XAK walks into the room with a mug of coffee. He smiles at her.

    XAK: Hey you.

    CHARLIE: (confused) Uh hey?

    XAK: I bought you some coffee.

    He passes it to her.

    CHARLIE: (vacant) Thanks?

    He looks at her, an eyebrow raised.

    XAK: You ok?

    CHARLIE: I dunno?When did I go to bed last night?

    XAK: Uh, I'm not sure. When I came in you were asleep.

    CHARLIE: I was?

    XAK nods.

    CHARLIE: Maybe I was just dreaming?

    XAK: Are you ok?

    CHARLIE nods, then looks up hopeful.

    CHARLIE: Does that mean all that stuff with Cate and Toole?

    He looks at her, slightly depressed.

    CHARLIE: ?Was that a dream too?

    XAK: No. I'm sorry.

    CHARLIE sighs, depressed.


    On the left hand side of the screen, TOOLE is lying on the sofa, looking at the ceiling but faded into the right hand side of the screen is CATE lying in bed, also staring at the ceiling.

    CHARLIE (V/O): Then I don't know how they're gonna get through this?


    LEIGH is on the phone staring into some cracked mirror in a rundown gas station just on the outskirts of Sunnydale. She's changed now into more civilian looking clothes. She looks infuriated at her "cracked" scalp, but breathes a sigh of relief when she realises it is the glass which is refracting her perfect face. She's listening to the voice on the other end with some annoyance.

    LEIGH: I don't wanna hear it! What on earth were you thinking about going to the Senior Partners about this?!

    CHRISTIAN (O/S): (faintly) I'm sorry Leigh! I just knew this would go wrong and I thought it would be best if we had them on side.

    LEIGH: (sighing) It was risky. If they were loyal to Dante we could have majorly pissed them off. Make that the biggest understatement in the history of all understatements.

    CHRISTIAN (O/S): (faintly) No way. I wouldn't have put us in danger. They didn't even tell him they had taken Thorn's soul. They don't trust him at all?

    LEIGH looks down. She can't deny that if it weren't for CHRISTIAN'S actions?she would be dead by now.

    LEIGH: I guess so.

    CHRISTIAN (O/S): (faintly) I know so?look where are you now?

    LEIGH looks around, disgusted.

    LEIGH: Some gas station, we're about a half an hour away.

    CHRISTIAN (O/S): And you have the soul?

    LEIGH taps the jar, which is resting in the sink in front of her.

    LEIGH: Hasn't left my sight since we left?I still can't believe they let me walk out with it.

    CHRISTIAN (O/S): Well if all goes to their plan it doesn't matter who has the soul.

    LEIGH: True?

    There's a silence for a short while.

    CHRISTIAN (O/S): (faintly) Ok, well when you're back we'll talk, and don't worry?I have a plan?

    LEIGH looks up at the mirror again looking at her refracted image in the mirror. Could she even recognize herself anymore?


    CHARLIE is making a sandwich in the kitchen. She puts some cheese and some mayonnaise on the bread then opens the cupboard under the sink. She retrieves something from inside. A can of oil. She looks at it, contemplating.

    CHARLIE: (to herself, whispering) No?this is too weird.

    She goes to put the can back but instead she collapses in a sudden spasm of pain. The oil drops to the floor and spills across the floor. She tries getting up again but the oil causes her to slip. She bangs her head on the floor?

    CUT TO ? L.A

    CHARLIE'S eyes are closed. We can hear her breathing, huskily and strained. She then opens her eyes slowly as she hears voices close by. Two female voices. She recognises them both. She spots them standing nearby, observing a screen on a monitor system. It's A.I.D.A and SOFIA.

    SOFIA: That was insane. Just look at her charts.

    A.I.D.A sighs and looks closely at a print out of the monitor. It shows a fast heart rate and an exceptionally fast pulse. Then suddenly it slows down, exceptionally quickly?

    A.I.D.A: (sighing) Oh deary me. This is a problem.

    SOFIA: Isn't it doing what we wanted?

    A.I.D.A: Well, yes in many ways, but she's still healing. Her body isn't strong enough for the baby.

    SOFIA: Oh?the mood swings?

    A.I.D.A: They're dangerous. She managed to bridge the gap momentarily between here and L'Azura again today.

    SOFIA: What should we do? I mean if the baby is capable of doing this now, what will happen when it progresses?

    A.I.D.A: Well first of all, keep Dante Turnpike out. He's a distraction and he angers my little phoenix. I won't be having that. Keep her on muscle relaxants. Keep her unconscious. She needs to heal, she must heal?

    The camera now pans up CHARLIE'S body, instead of seeing things from her point of view. Her whole body is in some sort of straight jacket. She's strapped to the bed. Her skin is still scarred, burnt. But gradually it's disappearing, replaced by new fresh skin.

    A.I.D.A (O/S): I need to figure out how to control this thing?before it's too late?

    WOMAN (V/O): Charlie! Charlie!


    CHARLIE is still lying on the floor in oil. CATE is looming over her worried. CHARLIE opens her eyes slowly.

    CHARLIE: (groggily) Wha-

    CATE: Hon are you ok? Jesus?

    CHARLIE looks around.

    CHARLIE: What happened?

    CATE: I dunno, you either fainted or you slipped on this oil I dunno. Were you making food again?

    CHARLIE nods.

    CATE: (rolling her eyes) Oh you silly?Are you ok though?

    CHARLIE looks vacant, thinking about what she just saw?

    CHARLIE: (quietly) Yeah I'm fine.

    MAN (O/S): (worried) Are you ok?

    Both of them look at the doorway to see TOOLE standing there. He's looking to and from both of them, making as little eye contact with CATE as possible.

    CATE: (looking down) Which?

    TOOLE: Both of you?

    CATE looks a CHARLIE.

    CATE: We're fine.

    She begins to help CHARLIE off the floor now.

    CATE: (to CHARLIE) Come on, let's get you into some clean clothes now?

    TOOLE moves to help them both.

    TOOLE: Here let me help.

    CATE: (annoyed slightly) I got her Toole?

    TOOLE: I just wanna help?

    CATE: (shouting) Well don't!

    He steps back, slightly upset at CATE pushing him away. In one quick movement CATE helps CHARLIE up. CHARLIE looks down, feeling slightly awkward in this feud. CATE looks at him.

    TOOLE: (weakly) Cate?

    CATE shakes her head, and walks out into the lounge with CHARLIE. CHARLIE looks behind her and gives TOOLE a reassuring smile. He smiles back, feeling his efforts are hopeless. How are they going to get through this?




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      ACT TWO


      Outside the doorway is sat XAK and TOOLE looking down, they look slightly awkward. Eventually XAK looks to TOOLE.

      XAK: You ok?

      TOOLE: Not really.

      XAK: Spoken to either of them?

      TOOLE shakes his head and looks down.

      XAK: You should, try at least.

      TOOLE: I have. I just think she needs time.

      XAK notices that TOOLE doesn't refer to LANCE in this exchange.

      XAK: What did you say?

      Someone sighs annoyed, not either of the men.

      MAN (O/S): Is this delivery getting here anytime today?

      They both look to the side to see ASHBY perched on an empty crate stand, bored and oblivious to the conversation the two men were having.

      TOOLE: For the fifth time I don't know, now if you don't mind we're having a male bonding session here.

      XAK: Yes it's full of depth and extremely moving.

      ASHBY rolls his eyes, and XAK turns back to TOOLE.

      XAK: So what did you talk about?

      TOOLE: (shrugging) Nothing much, she was just helping Charlie.

      XAK looks alarmed.

      XAK: Charlie? Helping? What happened? The baby?

      TOOLE: (calmly) Nothing's wrong, she just slipped on some oil I think.

      XAK: (sighing) Eating again?I better check on her.

      He stands and walks away, but then turns back to them.

      XAK: You guys be ok here?

      ASHBY indicates the lack of a delivery.

      ASHBY: (sarcastically) Oh yeah, I mean we might struggle but?

      TOOLE: (cutting him off, rolling his eyes) We'll be fine.

      XAK nods and turns, leaving. For a while, TOOLE and ASHBY are quiet. Neither one says anything, they just stare into space. ASHBY taps his fingers on the metal stand, still bored. TOOLE looks ahead, blankly, depressed.

      ASHBY: So things with Cate are a bit bad huh?

      TOOLE: Oh yeah, bit bad?that's how I'd describe it.

      ASHBY looks up, observing XAK leaving.

      ASHBY: You know that's what you should be doing.

      He nods knowingly, TOOLE just looks confused, and then follows ASHBY'S eye line to XAK. He raises an eyebrow.

      TOOLE: (worried) What?staring at Xak's ass as he leaves?

      ASHBY looks embarrassed.

      ASHBY: No! I mean going after your girl! I mean sitting here with me for a delivery that's never gonna show is just not on. Go?

      TOOLE looks at him, once again appreciating what ASHBY has to say.

      TOOLE: (quietly) Thanks?

      ASHBY nods, smiling. TOOLE slowly gets up and follows in the wake of XAK'S departure and ASHBY'S advice. ASHBY sighs happily, feeling fulfilled with helping his friend. The camera opts for a high angled shot of the alleyway to show a delivery truck pulling up in front of The Bronze, masking ASHBY completely.

      ASHBY: (from behind the van) Crap?


      CHARLIE is sitting on the bed, she looks tired and slightly run down. She looks ahead blankly, but her stomach obscures her view. She knows something is up. She's so close, what she's seeing aren't just dreams. They're visions?flashbacks.

      MAN (O/S): Charlie?

      She snaps out of her day dream, and looks to the side to see XAK entering the room. He goes to her bedside, worried.

      CHARLIE: Hm?

      XAK: Are you ok? Toole told me about earlier. I'm sorry I wasn't here.

      CHARLIE smiles slightly vacantly.

      CHARLIE: (reassuring) It's fine, I'm ok. Just not used to this baby being this heavy.

      XAK looks down at her stomach.

      XAK: We're close.

      CHARLIE: Yep, week to go. We did it.

      XAK smiles at her.

      XAK: You reckon we're ready?

      CHARLIE: Honestly? You think there's anything that can be thrown at us we haven't already dealt with? Death, multiple times.

      XAK: Not to mention ressurections, multiple times.

      CHARLIE smiles, looking on the bright side. XAK reciprocates.

      XAK: We'll be fine. You're gonna make a great mom.

      She sighs slightly, hoping he's right, and hoping it's going to be that simple?

      XAK: So you relax, have a rest, then maybe a shower or something?

      She smiles at this soothing thought.

      XAK: ?I'll just get you some food.

      He kisses her head and goes to leave. CHARLIE smiles then looks up to him.

      CHARLIE: Oh?

      XAK: (as he's leaving, cutting her off) No oil?

      She sighs and smiles again. As XAK closes the door behind him, she hears a soft voice in her ear.

      SOFT VOICE (V/O): Now?

      She widens her eyes and sharply intakes breath as?

      CUT TO ? L.A

      Once again we see from CHARLIE'S point of view. She looks down to see her arms and legs tied to a chair. She's just starting to show that she's pregnant. She breathes heavily and is less husky than before, indicating she's healed somewhat since the last vision. In front of her is SOFIA and A.I.D.A as before, they're wearing protective clothes this time, and both holding clipboards. SOFIA looks worried.

      SOFIA: You're sure this is the best plan?

      A.I.D.A: (sighing) No my dear I don't, but unfortunately the big cheeses upstairs have plans for this little one so they want her tested.

      SOFIA: We've already tested her enough. How much can she handle?

      A.I.D.A: With the baby inside of her? Lots. She'll be considerably weaker without it obviously, no one knows what will happen to her. She could die, she could live, we just don't know.

      SOFIA looks at CHARLIE, an err of concern on her face. A.I.D.A looks to the side.

      A.I.D.A: (annoyed) Ok, are you ready?

      MAN (O/S): Hell yeah?

      CHARLIE looks to the side and sees DANTE standing there. He's smirking, a sleazy expression glazed across his face. The sight of this man causes her to thrash angrily in her chair, he begins to approach her.

      DANTE: Woah woah woah. Easy there firecracker.

      She breathes heavily, but calms down slightly, still cautious. He gets closer, looking into her eyes.

      DANTE: Calm down baby. As your daddy would have said, I just wanna take a little tour?

      CHARLIE'S eyes widen and suddenly a green glowing mist pushes DANTE, and sends him flying across the room. A.I.D.A and SOFIA watch with immense satisfaction and a small smirk appears on A.I.D.A'S fascinated, intoxicated face. CHARLIE'S eyes are now glowing a bright green.

      CHARLIE: (echoing) You would do well not to disrespect my heritage!

      DANTE looks up from the other side of the room, he looks at SOFIA.

      SOFIA: Happy now?

      The camera moves back to CHARLIE who's now looking drained and groggy.

      SOFIA (O/S): The baby has immense magical abilities, alarming velocity, can bend time and space to it's will, and just recently we've learned it can appear to other people, in other places, in any form it wishes.

      A.I.D.A (O/S): And these are just the preliminary tests. There is much more work to be done.

      The camera moves back to DANTE who's looking surprised at what just happened.

      DANTE: (smiling) Amazing.

      A.I.D.A: Quite. Now if you're done taunting this poor woman I suggest you leave. I dislike you being near her in any way.

      DANTE: Fine. I'll report on what I've seen. Nothing else?

      She looks to CHARLIE and then to SOFIA, as DANTE stands and prepares to leave.

      A.I.D.A: Be a doll and take her back to her cell. She's had quite a day, and she's beginning to hear too much?

      SOFIA nods, and walks towards CHARLIE. DANTE is now nearing the door, but he stops, and turns back.

      DANTE: One more thing ladies?

      A.I.D.A looks at him, her arms crossed and SOFIA looks up from tending to CHARLIE.

      A.I.D.A: What?

      DANTE: The Senior Partners are interested in the gender. Any word yet?

      A.I.D.A looks to SOFIA, SOFIA looks back at her unsure.

      A.I.D.A: Of course. My little phoenix is going to have a?


      CHARLIE'S eyes snap open. She breathes heavily, loudly. She's unsure whether she instigated the end of the vision or not. Did she want to know the gender? No, not yet.

      CHARLIE: (looking around the room, scared) What's going on?

      She expects someone to be close by, someone doing this to her. The camera moves down her body and lands on her stomach.


      CATE is stood by the bed on the side furthest away from the door. She's making the bed, with new linen, clean. TOOLE enters the room, but stays near the doorway, unsure of how she will react. She looks up briefly, acknowledges him, then continues making the bed.

      CATE: (quietly) I'm not ready to talk to you yet.

      TOOLE enters the room now.

      TOOLE: Too bad, ?cause I am, and being the wronged party, I say we need to talk.

      CATE looks up, slightly shocked.

      CATE: Define "wronged party".

      TOOLE: (quickly) You kissing my brother.

      She sighs frustrated with the duvet cover and throws it to the side. She looks down, unsure of what to say, then sits on the edge of the bed.

      CATE: I didn't go to Lance for that.

      TOOLE watches her, MELODY'S words echoing in his mind.

      CATE: I didn't go to him for anything. Just to talk, he's the only one who would listen.

      TOOLE gives in to her. He knows this is mostly his fault. He sits on the bed, but on the other side.

      TOOLE: Look I know I wasn't around, and I'm sorry. I can't imagine what you were going through.

      CATE looks to him now.

      CATE: What changed? Why now?

      TOOLE: I guess you don't realise how much you love someone until you've almost lost it?

      She sighs softly.

      CATE: I know what you mean but?

      She has tears in her eyes, she shakes her head slightly.

      CATE: Things have changed Toole. They really have, and it sucks. I don't know?

      TOOLE looks at her worried.

      TOOLE: Don't know what?

      CATE: (softly) I don't know if I can do this anymore.

      TOOLE'S face drops.

      TOOLE: Cate. Look I know I'm just about as useless as I can get, and I know I don't deserve to have you back?

      She looks down, thinking.

      TOOLE: ?But if there is any part of you in there that still loves me half as much as I do you?please?don't throw this away.

      The camera moves closer to CATE'S face?


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. TOOLE jumps down from the stage and walks towards XAK, CHARLIE and CATE stood by the bar area. It's the night of The Bronze Ball?

      TOOLE: (to CATE) Dance?

      She smiles, and takes his hand.

      They both move towards the dancefloor and TOOLE puts his arms around CATE as she puts her arms around his neck.

      TOOLE: You know, I think I've fallen in love with you Cathryn?

      She smiles and blushes slightly.

      CATE: You too, Tayler?

      He smiles, looking at her. He really does love her?

      TOOLE (V/O): I don't care about Lance. I don't care what you did. There's nothing you could tell me that would make me doubt how I feel right now?


      The camera cuts quickly back to CATE'S face. The colours are no longer blurred, or static?everything is crystal clear. She looks to TOOLE, who's looking at her, with a hopeful expression.

      CATE: Nothing?

      TOOLE: No, nothing.

      He smiles at her, not realising that she could tell him something that would make him change his mind. CATE nods, let the test begin.

      CATE: I know Toole?

      His smile doesn't fade, he doesn't understand.

      TOOLE: Know what?

      CATE: Everything, Dante, your parents, the spell?

      His face drops, a shiver running down his spine?

      CATE (O/S): ?I know, everything?

      He looks at her, incredulous.


      CHRISTIAN is sitting on his bed once more. He's sifting through the paperwork on CHARLIE. He just puts a piece of paper regarding the baby's gender underneath the big pile of notes that A.I.D.A and SOFIA had made. It happens so quickly, we don't see what the gender is. His eyes glaze over the piece of paper he's reading now?His eyes widen?

      CHRISTIAN: Oh?

      As he says this, he hears the front door open.

      DANTE (O/S): Woo ee! Daddy brought home the bacon!

      CHRISTIAN stands and walks over to the door, he opens it and stands in the door frame just as LEIGH is entering the office.

      LEIGH: (to DANTE) Well actually, you just drove the bacon home?

      DANTE, who is excitedly hurrying over to a cabinet, tuns back to her.

      DANTE: Duh, that is bringing home the bacon.

      LEIGH rolls her eyes and then turns to CHRISTIAN. For a while they just look at eachother, unsure of what to say. Meanwhile in the background DANTE laughs, as he opens the cabinet revealing various mystical items and gadgets. LEIGH notices that DANTE is too busy, like a kid in front of a confectionery aisle in a supermarket. She, still holding the soul in her hands, places it down on the nearby coffee stand, and pushes CHRISTIAN into his bedroom, closing the door slightly.

      LEIGH: Ok spill, plan, now. We don't have much time before Dante goes all voodoo child on us with Thorn's soul, which by the way would be bad?

      CHRISTIAN: Don't worry Leigh.

      LEIGH: You just made a deal with the big bad's boss, uh?cue me, worried!

      She sighs, then looks at CHRISTIAN.

      LEIGH: They asked me about our plan.

      CHRISTIAN looks shocked, worried.

      CHRISTIAN: What?

      LEIGH: What did you expect? You made a phone call about our little secret plan, they had to know.

      CHRISTIAN: You didn't tell them?

      LEIGH: Of course not. I just fed them some **** and bull story about how we're just making him think that going against the Senior Partners is the best plan and that in doing this we'll lead him into a trap. They think they're helping us in with this "trap".

      CHRISTIAN: They believed it?

      LEIGH: I'm here aren't I?

      CHRISTIAN nods.

      CHRISTIAN: So, the Senior Partners think they're working with us to take down Dante right?

      LEIGH: Uh huh?didn't I just say this? Cue me?confused. Actually no, cue me repeating myself and confused?

      CHRISTIAN: Well you know what they're like? Send an assassin here, a bomb there?nothing too drastic. We can do that. That way Dante will think it's the Senior Partners, and he'll keep going against them, he wants to come out on top. Trust me. Meanwhile, they think we're on side, no one will suspect us when we?

      LEIGH nods, figuring.

      LEIGH: Carry out phase two.

      CHRISTIAN nods, smiling.

      CHRISTIAN: Exactly, and then Dante, the Senior Partners and Thorn and his little friends won't know what will have hit them, played by the PA and the typist.

      LEIGH: (smiling) Wow, I gotta say I'm impressed. The errand boy picked up a strike.

      They smile at one another. Leigh blushes, wondering if perhaps in them trying to fool DANTE about their feud, perhaps she was just fooling herself. How did CHRISTIAN really feel? CHRISTIAN looks awkward.

      LEIGH: (changing the subject) So while we're on the subject of that?

      She checks and can still hear DANTE by the cabinet.

      LEIGH: (whispering) ?What's happening?

      She crosses her arms and smiles playfully.

      LEIGH: I mean I presume you've actually been doing some work?

      Her playful attitude soon fades as she sees CHRISTIAN looking serious.

      LEIGH: What is it?

      CHRISTIAN: I looked over Sofia's notes?

      LEIGH recoils slightly, hearing her name.

      CHRISTIAN: ?It's next week.

      LEIGH: What? Already?

      CHRISTIAN: I know, we've been so wrapped up in sorting out Dante and his snowballing idiocy that we just forgot.

      LEIGH: So what do we do? The Senior Partners won't have forgotten the due date.

      CHRISTIAN: I know, first of all we should?

      LEIGH is cut off before she can divulge any more information. DANTE shouts happily from the other room.

      DANTE (O/S): Hey! Workers! If you're not too busy kissing and making up, you might wanna see this?

      They roll their eyes and walk back into the main office?


      The lights are dimmed now, and in the dark we see CHRISTIAN and LEIGH'S eyes widen. The camera moves over to the desk. DANTE is stood behind it, his eyes are fixated on what is on the desk. He's chanting in an ancient language. LEIGH quickly looks to the side to where she put the soul down. It's gone?

      DANTE: (demonically) Finally?it's mine?

      The camera pans down his body and follows his eye line to what is on the desk. XAK'S soul. The lid to the jar is off, he sprinkles something inside the jar, and then delves a hand deep inside?




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        ACT THREE


        CATE is looking at TOOLE, expecting answers. He just stares at her blankly, then looks down, embarrassed almost.

        TOOLE: Who told you?

        CATE: Who do you think?

        TOOLE nods, figuring.

        TOOLE: Lance?

        CATE: Yeah.

        He doesn't say anything else.

        CATE: You could have told me.

        TOOLE: No I couldn't have.

        She looks at him, angrily.

        CATE: (angrily) If you can't tell me this then what on earth am I doing with you? You found out my deepest darkest secret, and you still wanted me. How much disrespect do you have for me, to not even do the same?!

        TOOLE: Cate, I'm sorry, I was scared. I was scared of what would happen. I was scared this would happen?

        CATE: None of this would have happened, not if you'd told me. If you cared for me, you'd have done this a long time ago.

        TOOLE: Cate I'm sorry, I don't know what to say to make this right. I love you?

        She sighs deeply.

        CATE: I'm not sure that's enough.

        She looks away as he looks back to her. He goes to put a hand on hers but she stands, she moves around to the door.

        TOOLE: (upset) Please?

        CATE: No, I'm sorry Toole. If it has to be this hard for you, and this hard for me?it's just not worth the pain.

        He looks down, almost crying. She picks up a glass on the bedside table. He notices that she picks it up, and he goes to speak as she goes to leave the room. She knows what he is going to say?

        CATE: (quietly) I won't tell them.

        She leaves the room. TOOLE looks down?It's over?


        The shower is running. It stops. CHARLIE walks out of the shower and grabs a towel. She smiles, and sighs feeling a lot more relaxed unaware of danger and that her friends have just broken up. She moves to the sink and looks in the mirror, applying some face cream. She stops, and leans forward in agony?

        CHARLIE: (pained) Not?again?

        CUT TO ? L.A

        It's a different day. This time, A.I.D.A and SOFIA are wheeling CHARLIE on a hospital bed through the never ending corridors of the Wolfram and Hart dungeons. She's asleep but slowly her eyes open, recoiling due to the bright lights. Her skin is all healed now, she's normal again.

        SOFIA: ?Just proved that.

        A.I.D.A: I know. I've noticed it too, it's really something.

        SOFIA: So what are we gonna do? If this other persona Charlie has, becomes too strong?

        A.I.D.A: (smiling) It won't. She's been fighting it, her memory is weak when this persona takes over, but in time she'll fight that too. The baby might be strong but until it reaches optimum age, it isn't indestructible. At the moment Charlie's stronger.

        SOFIA: She's healed well.

        A.I.D.A: Yes she has?

        A.I.D.A looks down at CHARLIE and sees her listening to what they are talking about. SOFIA notices too.

        SOFIA: Oh god, again?

        A.I.D.A: (angrily, to SOFIA) Go and get the formula.

        SOFIA looks at her slightly cautiously.

        SOFIA: Is that the best idea? It could affect the healing process, and as you said, her memory is already weak?

        A.I.D.A turns to her, angry.

        A.I.D.A: It was not rhetoric, it was an order! Go!

        SOFIA nods, looking at CHARLIE, sympathetically. CHARLIE looks at them both blankly, slightly confused and dazed. SOFIA leaves, doubting her superior and A.I.D.A turns back to CHARLIE.

        A.I.D.A: You. You may be a miracle, and I have been helping you?but that does not mean you get to listen to all of my little secrets and plans.

        CHARLIE shakes her head, scared. A.I.D.A places a finger on CHARLIE'S lip.

        A.I.D.A: Now?I don't wanna hear another peep out of you missy. This conversation will be the last thing you remember in the dungeons of Wolfram and Hart?I promise you that.

        CHARLIE looks at her scared, then gasps as she feels a needle piercing her arm. She looks to the side and SOFIA is standing there holding a syringe. SOFIA looks regretful at doing this, but she does it regardless. Orders are orders.


        The sound of heavy breathing can be heard as the camera comes into focus with CHARLIE leaning against the sink. One hand bracing herself on the basin itself, gripping tightly. The other has one finger pointed, touching the mirror. Her eyes begin to regain focus and she notices her finger touching the mirror. She looks at the mirror, and in shock she gasps. She recoils, putting her hand to her mouth.

        CHARLIE: Oh my god?

        The camera pans around to the mirror. In her breath on the mirror, a message is written?

        "I'm sorry. I didn't want to scare you, I just wanted you to know. There are bad people, and I won't let them hurt you. See you soon."


        CATE is in the kitchen, in the background a bang is heard but she's too distracted to notice. She looks upset, and a tear rolls down her cheek. She turns on the tap in the sink and puts the glass she picked up into the basin and begins pouring water it. She brings the glass to her lips and takes a small sip. Suddenly, a hand grabs her and pulls her back?


        CHARLIE'S eyes glaze over the message, tears forming in her eyes. Instinctively, she looks down. Her stomach is moving?

        CHARLIE: (looking at her unborn child) How did you?

        A bang, the same one CATE heard. Startled she looks to the bathroom door as she hears the noise. She hears footsteps approaching the bathroom.

        CHARLIE: (timidly) Hello?

        There's a small pause.

        XAK (O/S): Charlie. Come out here.

        She looks at the door confused.

        CHARLIE: Xak? Hang on?

        She goes to grab some clothes, which are on the floor nearby. She looks at the mirror, the message beginning to fade.


        The camera is focused on the bathroom door. It opens, just as CHARLIE is pulling her hair out of her top.

        CHARLIE: (looking down as she exits the bathroom) Xak is everything ok? I heard a?

        In front of her is XAK. He's smirking, a smirk similar to that of DANTE'S. His eyes are deeply black, and his skin seems to be shrouded in a dark mist, a shadow. Even though his eyes are a deep black, his eyes seem to have slits, almost lizard like, yellow irises. On his back are two wings, scaled, dark wings. He's fallen. A puppet to DANTE. CHARLIE looks at him with fear, remembering what happened the last time this happened, XAKIEL'S back, except this time its not him that's being toyed with, it's his soul. Before she can scream for CATE or TOOLE, or anybody, he back hands her and she soars backwards into the bathroom. Before she hits the wall however a green aura stops her from hitting the wall itself. She merely floats to the floor, slumping into the corner of the bathroom, she looks down, breathless. XAKIEL snarls in annoyance, he runs at her. CHARLIE'S head snaps upwards hearing his rapid approach. Her eyes glow a bright green, resembling that of the aura.

        CHARLIE: (echoing) You're a bad man?

        As XAKIEL gets closer, she holds out her hands. He stops in his tracks and immediately flies backwards. He is flown into the futon sofa that TOOLE bought. It breaks in two and it lies as rubble in the corner of the lounge with XAKIEL covered underneath it. There is silence for a moment, and then from the bathroom emerges CHARLIE. She breathes quickly, nervously. She looks to CATE'S bedroom to see the door open, ajar. She moves over to it. She opens the door slowly and peers inside?they're gone. CATE and TOOLE aren't there. Her eyes widen.

        XAKIEL (O/S): Well that just sucks don't it Charlie.

        She turns, shocked. XAKIEL is now stood in the rubble. He begins to circle the room, blocking any exits.

        XAKIEL (O/S): Who'd have thought that sugar and spice and all things bronzed would just up and abandon you.

        He stops circling the room, stopping in between the front door and the kitchen. CHARLIE watches him intently shaking her head slightly.

        CHARLIE: Where's Xak?

        XAKIEL holds out his arms.

        XAKIEL: Right here baby. Look at the man I am. You remember me don't you? The man who burnt you to a cinder? Tell me, just how hot is fire?

        CHARLIE nods, figuring.

        CHARLIE: I get it?

        XAKIEL: Good for you sweetness.

        He smiles at her, but his smile quickly fades and he charges at CHARLIE. Before he gets too close however TOOLE, out of nowhere jumps on his back. He wraps his arms around XAKIEL'S neck, and tries to bring him down.

        CATE (O/S): Charlie?

        CHARLIE looks around and eventually notices her hiding in the kitchen.

        CHARLIE: Cate!

        CATE: What's going on!

        CHARLIE: It's Xak. I know what's going on but first we just have to?

        TOOLE: (straining) Could use some help here! Where's Melody! Where's?

        CATE: (cutting him off) I don't know!

        In a split second, XAKIEL rolls TOOLE off of him and he falls into CHARLIE, bowling her to the floor. Both of them look up, and TOOLE, instinctively tries to protect CHARLIE. XAKIEL laughs and advances towards them both. He stops. Behind him someone taps him on the shoulder. The camera reveals it is CATE standing behind him. He turns, and CATE looks at him, oddly confident.

        CATE: Hi!


        LEIGH looks at CHRISTIAN desperately.

        LEIGH: This could ruin everything!

        He nods, knowing this. CHRISTIAN looks at DANTE.

        CHRISTIAN: Dante! Stop it!

        DANTE ignores him, and focuses forward, as if he is looking at someone else. LEIGH breathes deeply, then runs at him. She tries pulling out his hand. DANTE looks to the side at her.

        DANTE: This is not your business! You can't stop this?

        He punches her with his spare hand and she falls to the floor. CHRISTIAN seeing this, runs at him, but DANTE deflects him and he falls to the side of the office, DANTE now stares ahead, more focused, glaring.


        CATE knocks on XAKIEL'S forehead.

        CATE: Knock knock. Xak?you in there? It's me Cate.

        XAKIEL: (looking to the side) This is not your business! You can't stop this?

        CATE: Uh oh?did I knock too hard?

        XAKIEL punches her, her head moves to the side but she doesn't fall down.

        CATE: Clearly not hard enough.

        The next moment moves in slow motion. CATE brings her arm back, and as she does the scene quickly moves to?


        LEIGH now on the floor, her lip bleeding. She stands and hurries at DANTE, still focused on the jar. CHRISTIAN stands also and runs towards him. Simultaneously, LEIGH grabs the jar and CHRISTIAN hits him round the face. He falls to the floor and his hands leave the contents of the jar...


        ?The camera now cuts back to CATE, her hand now collides with XAKIEL'S face, he immediately turns back into XAK, and he falls backwards across the floor. CATE looks shocked and CHARLIE looks at TOOLE surprised. CATE holds her hands up, worried.

        CATE: (worried, rapidly) I didn't do it!

        CHARLIE stands, with help from TOOLE. All three of them look at XAK lying on the floor, eyes closed.

        CHARLIE: I don't think you did?(she sighs, then looks at TOOLE). What happened?

        TOOLE: I dunno. I heard Xak in the lounge, he looked like he was in pain. I went out to see him and he started changing. He hit the wall, and I ran into the kitchen?

        He looks up at CATE.

        TOOLE: I knew Cate was in there.

        CATE looks at him, but she doesn't say anything, she turns to CHARLIE.

        CATE: What did this?

        CHARLIE looks down at XAK?She knows.




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          ACT FOUR


          DANTE is sat on the sofa looking blankly ahead. He's lying back, relaxed almost intoxicated by what happened earlier.

          LEIGH (O/S): You're a fool Dante?

          He looks to the side to see LEIGH and CHRISTIAN pacing the room. Her lip isn't bleeding anymore, but she looks slightly bruised. So does CHRISTIAN.

          DANTE: (sighing, relaxed) Shut up?

          CHRISTIAN: No she's right.

          He looks at CHRISTIAN, annoyed.

          DANTE: You too. You're both my workers in case you hadn't forgotten, I rule this hive?

          LEIGH: (laughing) Oh and you're just doing a top notch job?

          She moves closer to him as she sees he hasn't really taken what they've said on board.

          LEIGH: I mean it Dante. You have no idea what you were doing with that soul!

          DANTE rolls his eyes and stands, he looks at her.

          DANTE: I know what I'm doing Leigh. For over 30 years I have known what I'm doing with powers like this. You're just an office worker who's in way over her head.

          LEIGH: Oh you don't wanna get me angry Dante. You have no comprehension of what I could do.

          He looks at her curiously, while CHRISTIAN just looks scared?what if she tells him? DANTE smiles now, and moves closer to her.

          DANTE: That's all fine and dandy sugar but right now, you answer to me, so I will decide just how broad my comprehension of you really is.

          She looks at him, gritting her teeth.

          LEIGH: Well seeing as all of us answer to the Senior Partners, I think you should worry about their comprehension of you?

          He laughs.

          DANTE: Senior Partners don't scare me. Anyway they'll be glad of what I did.

          LEIGH: Uh, in what warped dimension do you live in? ?Cause I'm fairly certain stealing Thorn's soul, using it to attack his friends, and then punching Chris and myself may be frowned upon in their oh so judgement-loving eyes.

          He smirks, and taps his temple.

          DANTE: Initiative Leigh?all comes down to initiative. They can see what I'm doing, see what a monster I truly am?they won't doubt my initiative, they'll praise me for it?

          LEIGH shakes her head, sighing?out of energy.

          LEIGH: You're insane. Goodnight.

          She turns and leaves towards her bedroom. CHRISTIAN looks at her leaving and then looks at DANTE who's staring at the soul, which is now back in the jar and on the table. He doesn't notice LEIGH leaving or CHRISTIAN watching him. Eventually CHRISTIAN edges towards LEIGH'S room.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          She's stood at the window, she doesn't turn but she feels his presence.

          CHRISTIAN: Leigh?

          She doesn't turn so we can't see her face.

          LEIGH: (intermittent) We uh, have to tell the Senior Partners. Tell them what Dante has predicted about their reactions. They can play up to him, make him think they're on his side?

          CHRISTIAN nods, noticing she sounds depressed.

          CHRISTIAN: Of course, that's sounds like the best way to handle this.

          LEIGH goes to pick up her phone.

          LEIGH: I should do it now?

          CHRISTIAN: No! Leigh?not now.

          She stops. The camera panning round to see her face. Her face covered with tears, her mascara running down her cheeks.

          CHRISTIAN (O/S): It's enough today. You've done enough?I'll call them in the morning but now?just stop?

          She doesn't say anything, her silence is all he needs to hear. He looks down, and then leaves the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The air is warm, spring is almost upon the town. CHARLIE, CATE and TOOLE are all standing on the roof, looking at something in the corner, near a pole.

          CATE: I just don't get it. I mean when Xak went all big bad before, he just kinda went black and static, this was different?

          CHARLIE: It's different this time. Last time he had something added to him, this time, something was taken away?

          TOOLE looks at her shocked.

          TOOLE: His soul?!

          CHARLIE nods.

          CATE: Wait?this is beyond weird, how did he lose his soul?

          CHARLIE looks at them both.

          CHARLIE: Actually guys, you wouldn't mind if I had a moment alone with him would you?

          CATE looks at TOOLE.

          CATE: (to CHARLIE) You sure that's a good idea?

          CHARLIE smiles warmly at her.

          CHARLIE: I'm sure, I'll be fine.

          TOOLE: Ok, we'll be downstairs if you need anything.

          She nods and walks forward slightly. CATE and TOOLE walk back towards the steps, which lead down into the apartment. Just before TOOLE descends, CATE stops him.

          CATE: Thanks by the way. For what you did back there. Helping me?

          TOOLE: (smiling) That's no problem.

          CATE looks down.

          CATE: But it doesn't change anything?

          TOOLE: (nods, complacent) I know.

          He descends now. CATE watches him leave for a while, then follows. The camera moves back to CHARLIE now. Opposite her, we can see what the gang were looking at. XAK is tied to the roof. His legs, and arms are wrapped in chains and tied to a pole nearby. His eyes are still closed.

          CHARLIE: Wake up?Xak?wake up?

          Slowly his eyes begin to open. He's groggy.

          XAK: Charlie, wha-what's going on?

          CHARLIE: When did you do it?

          XAK: Huh? Do what?

          CHARLIE: Lose your soul.

          He's suddenly very awake. He looks at her, and she reciprocates his look, with an expecting reply, one filled with answers.

          XAK: (quietly) How did you know?

          CHARLIE: You said things to me when you were him. Things Dante had said to me before, it's him isn't it? He's been playing you?So when, tell me when?

          XAK: (sighing, quietly) Last year. I traded my soul with Wolfram and Hart?for you.

          She almost laughs, incredulous.

          CHARLIE: (pacing) How could you be so stupid! I mean seriously, what were you thinking!?

          XAK: I did it for you! To save you, Charlie, I don't care what happens to me, I only want you safe.

          CHARLIE: Safe? Whether I'm in that dungeon or in the apartment it makes no difference! It seems I'm doomed wherever I am! Everyone wants me dead because of this baby!

          XAK: (with meaning) I don't.

          CHARLIE: (calmer) No, I know?

          She sighs, and looks down. She thinks and remembers how the only one who's protected her throughout her pregnancy?is herself. Her baby.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. XAK and CHARLIE are facing opposite one another on the crossroads. She's wearing her red dress?

          XAK: (breathing heavily) Charlie?keep me here?

          CHARLIE looks at him, scared.

          CHARLIE: I don't know how!

          Before her, XAK transgresses fully into XAKIEL?

          CHARLIE: Xak?baby?

          He roars at her. She loses her breath, the force is so strong. He glares deeply at her, and then he growls deeply, a message of doom. CHARLIE closes her eyes.

          CHARLIE: (whispering) I love you?

          She clutches her stomach. The camera cuts to XAKIEL, his neck leans back and then shoots forward causing a giant funnel of fire to emit from deep within his throat. The flame thrower of heat consumes CHARLIE and the camera shows her screaming in thick black smoke?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera shows a close up of her face, the colours normal, nothing blurred, it makes sense now.

          CHARLIE: ?But right now I'm too close to risk losing this baby, I can't have any risks around me. Not for a while.

          XAK: (confused) What are you saying?

          CHARLIE: (upset) I'm saying?you can't be around me Xak. Not until this thing blows over. I already love this baby too much to let anything bad happen to us?

          She looks at him, with regret and sorrow.

          CHARLIE: I'm sorry?

          SONG: SKYE ? LOVE SHOW

          She walks away, and as the music starts, the camera shows a high angled shot of the roof. XAK chained up, unable to help?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          TOOLE is lying on the floor, next to the rubble of the futon, which broke earlier that night. He has a duvet on him and his head is rest on the hard floor. He literally has fallen on hard times. He lies there contemplating his purpose. A single barman, once again alone?(The music below plays throughout)

          "Sit down, give me your hand
          I'm gonna tell you the future
          I see you, living happily
          With somebody who really suits you
          Someone like me

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          CATE'S lying in bed, this time though she's lying over the covers, almost scared to lie underneath them, officially alone. She stares ahead, thinking. (The music below plays throughout)

          "Stand still
          Breathe in
          Are you listening

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          CHARLIE lies in her bed also. She's under the covers though, and smiling. Oddly content with being on her own, for now anyway. In a week's time she won't be. (The music below plays throughout)

          "You don't know
          Somebody's aching
          Keeping it all in
          Somebody won't let go
          Of his heart but the truth is
          It's painless
          Letting your love show

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          LEIGH lies wrapped in a duvet, crying profusely. She's still in the clothes she was wearing earlier, and in her hands is woven a picture of her and SOFIA, smiling happily. The camera moves in on the picture. She holds it closely to her tainted heart. (The music plays throughout)

          "You don't know
          Somebody's aching. Keeping it all in
          Somebody won't let go
          Of his heart but the truth is
          It's painless
          Letting your love show

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          XAK stares ahead, depressed. His chains refrain him from wiping away any tears, so he just sits, staring ahead at nothing. The camera moves backwards, higher. XAK is unaware of what will happen next week, how he will act, how he will lose himself, as the birth of his child looms ever closer?(The music below plays throughout)

          "Somebody's hurting
          Holding it all in
          Somebody can't let go
          Of his heart but the truth is
          It's painless
          Letting your love show
          Love show
          Letting your love show

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE


          Special Guest Stars:
          RON RIFKIN as HERMES

          Special Mention:
          HARD FI ? MOVE ON NOW
          SKYE ? LOVE SHOW


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            - Well well?2.09 is next, the birth of the baby?

            - Coole is no more, what is going to happen to them both?

            - This episode marks the halfway point in Season 2.

            - I thought the scenes in 1.15 would be appropriate for this episode, as they show how the couples have changed truly since that night.

            - This episode was also edited by Amber and not Alex as he was away the night I wanted to release it! Never mind, he'll be back, he always is

            - This episode is also the first of Shadow Stalker to have a Trailer for the next episode at the end of it. All Shadow Stalker episodes will have this from now on! A momentous and landmark episode!!

            - I was going to use Skye's "Love Show" in the final ever episode of Shadow Stalker but I have found a much more memorable, rarer, moving song! Yay!