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Shadow Stalker - 2.05 - We Used To Be Friends

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  • Shadow Stalker - 2.05 - We Used To Be Friends

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 2.05 ? We Used To Be Friends
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season Two starts alongside Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 4 of Angel and is in affiliated with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Broken Destiny (Joe); and Wishful Thinking (Ben); Raven (Alexander Brown).

    SEPHY (V/O): Previously on Shadow Stalker.

    The camera shows various shots of XAKIEL killing CHARLIE; CATE killing MELODY; TOOLE'S flashback to his parents being killed; and CHARLIE and TOOLE discovering LANCE'S flayed body in the cellar of The Bronze.

    SEPHY (V/O): Hearts, elders, siblings were broken and torn away.

    The camera shows XAK in an L.A alleyway in the rain; CATE crying in the alleyway in the rain after her secret was revealed; TOOLE in his hospital bed on his own after being haunted by his brother.

    SEPHY V/O): And some found it too hard to cope on their own.

    The camera shows the gang's escape with CHARLIE from Wolfram and Hart; Her transporting the gang to L'Azura; CHARLIE and TOOLE finding MELODY and LANCE in the social room; Close ups of MELODY and LANCE.

    SEPHY (V/O): But with the return of one, two more saw fit to return to the fold?

    The camera shows MELODY, LANCE and the other's returning back to this reality through the portal; LEIGH and DANTE talking in the alleyway, they look at one another.

    SEPHY (V/O): ?Catalysing the imminent destruction of all sacred.

    The camera shows DANTE sitting in the dark glaring with pure rage.




    The scene opens on four pairs of feet belonging to four people lying on what looks like a bed in the lounge. The camera pans up the legs to reveal XAK, CHARLIE, TOOLE and CATE, (in that order on the bed). TOOLE nudges CHARLIE.

    TOOLE: Hey fatty, move up.

    CHARLIE scoffs.

    CHARLIE: Don't make me sit on you. Besides this thing's not built for four people.

    The camera moves to CATE who looks at TOOLE, a small worried smile on her face.

    CATE: She's right baby.

    TOOLE: (worried) She's gonna sit on me?

    The sound of a thump can be heard and TOOLE and CATE both turn in the direction of CHARLIE to see an empty spot next to her. She's looking at it shocked. XAK appears from the floor, rubbing his head, indicating he's just fallen off the bed.

    XAK: (annoyed) She means the size jackass.

    TOOLE looks down trying not to laugh.

    CHARLIE: (quietly) Sorry!

    TOOLE: Anyway, it's not for us four, you all just got lazy putting it out. This futon is for my brother and Melody. They've been sleeping on the floor for too long, it's not fair.

    CHARLIE: Well I think it's an awesome gesture, the only problem is I don't think I can get up from this thing so they'll have to share with me.

    XAK smirks.

    XAK: Lucky them, first the death, then ass squishing.

    The camera moves away from CHARLIE and XAK to CATE who sighs. TOOLE looks at her, an eyebrow raised.

    TOOLE: What's up hon?

    CATE: Just, they've been kinda distant since they've been back, ya know with them being out at night, like all night.

    The others nod in agreement.

    CATE: I just think we should do something with them, like give Lance his old job back and I could take Mel shopping or something?

    TOOLE: Could do, but that would require him working, which he never did. (sighing) I never got over the whole hiring slacker types.

    XAK: At least I still work for you.

    TOOLE: (sarcastically) Yes, you are my ray of sunshine.

    CATE rolls her eyes.

    CATE: Seriously though, you'll think about it? I mean we should include them more in everything. Right Charlie?

    CHARLIE: Right on, I dunno if its this kid or what but I'm warming to Melody.

    CATE nods happily.

    CATE: She's different, we're all so growed up, that's why! Xak's no longer the scaled one, Toole and I have our friends slash brother back, and Charlie's making more of us! It's a happy time for us people!

    The others smile and lie back down on the futon and look at the ceiling happily, and the camera shows a birds eye view of them all lying down. After a moment CHARLIE wriggles uncomfortably and pushes XAK off the bed again. TOOLE and CATE continue to smile at the ceiling. CHARLIE does also, with the extra space.


    The camera shows a close up of a smiling DANTE. As the camera pulls back we can see a bandage wrapped around one of his hands. Although it's late he appears to be remarkably awake and alert. The camera pans around to CHRISTIAN and LEIGH standing in their pyjamas yawning profusely. LEIGH looks annoyed and more irritated than CHRISTIAN.

    LEIGH: Can we get on with this? It's not as if my sleep hasn't been disrupted enough lately with nicotine withdrawals riding me and all, but now it's been disrupted to stare at your buck toothed grin?

    CHRISTIAN'S eyes widen. DANTE just laughs.

    DANTE: You know without your wit Leigh I don't know how I'd face each day.

    She gives him a fake patronising smile.

    DANTE: Anyway, I've been thinking?it's time we cranked things up a bit.

    LEIGH: About time. The Senior Partners are pissed to the extreme. And I'm talking Jack Nicholson, cabin fever pissed.

    DANTE: (serious now) First Charlie, then Melody and Lance?I will not have my name be mocked by Thorn and his friends. They think their lives are in the happy ever after stage already but we haven't even reached the dramatic twist?

    CHRISTIAN: What are you gonna do?

    DANTE'S hands move down and rest on a folder in front of him.

    DANTE: Well I managed to dig up some dirt on the old brother's grimly, and it turns out the Emory boys ain't got such a squeaky clean past.

    CHRISTIAN and LEIGH look at the folder.

    CHRISTIAN: How do you mean?

    LEIGH: Yeah, does this point you know, have one?

    DANTE rolls his eyes and pats the file in front of him. There's a picture on it.

    DANTE: Let's just say for now, I've found out something that could sway Tayler and Lance in our direction?

    The camera moves down as DANTE'S mouth forms a wicked smile. Eventually we see the picture on the file. It's on the top page of a very thick folder, branded "Highly Confidential" by thick red ink. The picture is of a man, we've seen this man before. It's TOOLE and LANCE'S father. He is played by Kyle Secor.





    The camera shows a full moon in the night sky with the caption "SHADOW STALKER" tattooed
    across the view. The words streak across the scene with a slight red tint as the music starts up.

    The camera then cuts to CHARLIE walking down the street in her red dress towards XAK. The camera shows several quick cuts of XAK transgressing and eventually him killing CHARLIE.

    The camera then shows XAK in a suit leaving the Wolfram and Hart building then to him in an alleyway, he looks dirty and unshaven and in dirty clothes. (The music below plays throughout)

    "It's bugging me, grating me
    And twisting me around


    The camera shows CHARLIE in her cell, scared and alone and then cuts to her standing in XAK'S apartment, and her eyes glowing a bright green.

    "Yeah i'm endlessly caving in
    And turning inside out


    The camera then shows XAK and CATE both running down the streets of L.A desperately. The camera then focuses more on CATE and cuts to her in The Bronze serving drinks, and then to her standing next to MELODY, both their fists raised, in a battle-like pose. (The music below plays throughout)

    "'Cause I want it now
    I want it now
    Give me your heart and your soul


    The camera shows TOOLE punching someone to the floor and then to him looking through a barely opened door, his eyes widen. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And i'm breaking out
    I'm breaking out
    Last chance to lose control


    The camera then shows DANTE sitting behind his desk smirking but quickly cuts to him holding something in both arms and looking out the window while the sun succumbs to darkness. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Its hurting me, morphing me
    And forcing me to strive


    The camera shows MELODY running through the prison in L'Azura and then to her sitting on a rock, sand surrounding her. (The music below plays throughout)

    "To be endlessly cold within
    And dreaming i'm alive


    The camera then shows LANCE sitting on the floor of the apartment laughing with someone and then to him clutching on to CHARLIE'S hand and shouting. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And i want you now
    I want you now
    I feel my heart implode


    As the song comes to an end the camera shows various quick caps of CATE by a grave; SEPHY walking into the Underworld smiling; MELODY and LANCE falling through the L'Azura portal; DANTE staring into the darkness with black eyes, then finally to XAK walking through the graveyard at night. The camera moves up and shows a high angle shot of him walking away and the shape of the dragon streaking across the sky causing the screen to fade to black. (The music below plays throughout)

    "I'm breaking out
    Escaping now
    Feeling my faith erode


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    The camera pans around the lounge as the sound of someone shrilly singing can be heard coming from the bathroom. The front door opens.

    VOICE (O/S): Melody?

    The camera shows MELODY walking in through the door, she has dozens of bags of clothes in her hands.

    MELODY: Present.

    The camera moves around to show CHARLIE coming through from the kitchen.

    CHARLIE: Oh there you are.

    She notices the bags.

    CHARLIE: You went shopping?

    MELODY: Yeah, kinda, figured I was bored of borrowing Cate's last seasons so I thought I'd go to the Autumn sales.

    She holds up the bags excited.

    MELODY: I mean I couldn't have asked for a better time to escape from another dimensional demon prison!

    CHARLIE nods, knowingly.

    MELODY: And look?

    She reaches into the bag and pulls out a maternity dress, it's gorgeous and very fashionable. CHARLIE looks at it worried. It's red.

    MELODY: ?I bought you this, as a thank you, and a sorry for?everything, it's not much but?

    CHARLIE stares at it for a moment. MELODY looks at her, worried now.

    MELODY: Charlie?

    CHARLIE shakes her head, smiling awkwardly.

    CHARLIE: Are you kidding? I love it!

    She moves over and hugs MELODY. MELODY looks slightly uncomfortable but smiles weakly.

    MELODY: You sure?

    CHARLIE: Please, the rate this baby is growing this is the exact kinda stuff I need.

    MELODY stares at CHARLIE'S stomach almost transfixed.

    MELODY: It's happening so fast isn't it?

    CHARLIE: Tell me about it, I can't quite believe it myself?

    MELODY: How do you deal?

    CHARLIE: With what, the baby?

    MELODY: Everything, I mean you died and now you're here.

    CHARLIE: (sighing slightly) The same way you and Lance are handling things. I took each day at a time and had support from my friends?and Xak.

    She smiles and MELODY reciprocates.

    MELODY: You're lucky to have him.

    CHARLIE: I am. He's been, amazing throughout all of this.

    MELODY: And you don't blame him, you know?for what happened?

    CHARLIE: (wondering) Do you blame Cate?

    MELODY shakes her head, they understand one another?

    CHARLIE: Now listen, about her, she thinks we're going shopping today so hide those clothes. She'll be devastated if you've already shopped once.

    She motions towards the bathroom door, indicating it is CATE singing in the shower.

    MELODY: Only ?cause she didn't get to come.

    CHARLIE: Precisely.

    They both move towards XAK and CHARLIE'S room to hide the clothes.

    MELODY: (whispering) Uh, where are the boys?

    CHARLIE laughs slightly.

    CHARLIE: Working?


    The camera shows XAK and TOOLE stood behind the bar watching someone. The camera pans around to show LANCE standing and looking at the club, noticing all the changes.

    LANCE: You replaced the balcony?

    TOOLE: Had to, some big guy with an epic hammer smashed it up.

    LANCE: (smiling) Gotta say bro, it's good to be back here.

    TOOLE: It is?

    LANCE: Well I mean, I won't go into that cellar ever again, but you know the bar work, I loved this job.

    XAK: (to TOOLE) See, he loves it here.

    TOOLE rolls his eyes.

    TOOLE: Ok, you can have your old job back.

    LANCE smirks.

    TOOLE: Remember though, this is a job, not a pick up joint.

    LANCE: (rolling his eyes) Some things never change.

    He then turns and begins walking around the bar, checking everything out at the other end of the club. XAK, making sure LANCE can't hear him.

    XAK: Ain't you being kinda hard on him? I mean he's not been back long.

    TOOLE: (sighing) I just know him. Ok yeah, that place may have changed him and Melody but who's to say that this transition isn't just gonna change them back?

    XAK: Don't they deserve the benefit of the doubt?

    TOOLE: You know me Xak, I'm cautious.

    XAK frowns slightly.

    XAK: He's your brother?

    TOOLE: Exactly, so I know him more than anyone.

    XAK looks at LANCE who's checking out the material on the sofas. XAK nods.

    XAK: Ok, we'll play it your way, for now.

    TOOLE smiles slightly.

    XAK: Just think about what I said.

    TOOLE looks to him.

    TOOLE: I will.

    He then turns back to LANCE and looks at him, wondering. No smile, no frown on his face. He's just unsure.


    LEIGH is perched in the window frame, one leg is bent and perched on the ledge, her hands are resting on it and her other foot is twitching and hanging loose. She's staring out the window at the sun filled afternoon over looking Sunnydale. People busying around, ignorant. Behind her CHRISTIAN approaches and puts a hand on her shoulder.

    CHRISTIAN: You ok?

    LEIGH shakes her head.

    LEIGH: I wish I could be that lady.

    She points at this blonde woman walking down the high street. She's on her cell phone and she's happily talking with a few expensive shopping bags in one hand.

    LEIGH (V/O): She shops, she chats, she has friends which can leave immortal lawyer jail-like businesses and I bet you she dates.

    The camera cuts back to LEIGH and CHRISTIAN but over their shoulders we can see the woman about to cross the road.

    LEIGH: I mean why can't I have a life like hers?

    Behind LEIGH we can see the woman crossing the road just as a car turns the corner and heads towards her. Talking on her phone she doesn't see the car heading towards her. The car driver beeps the horn but it's too late. Her happy smile soon turns into a frown as the car ploughs into the woman sending her crashing into the windscreen. Her body crumpled into the broken glass and her hand still clutching her shopping and her phone. Throughout, the camera still focuses on LEIGH and CHRISTIAN who, due to their backs being turned, see none of this.

    CHRISTIAN: When this is over, you can do all that.

    LEIGH: Don't you mean if this is ever over?

    CHRISTIAN: I know it's taking a while, but with Melody and Lance back everything's gonna be fine.

    He smiles at her, she looks at him and seeing him smile she looks away towards the office uncomfortably.

    LEIGH: Dante's screwing it up.

    CHRISTIAN: Unintentionally, he doesn't know anything.

    LEIGH: He can find out. He could find out we stole the information about Charlie from Sofia's department. He'll piece together what we're doing. Everything about Melody and Lance.

    CHRISTIAN: (whispering) Shh Leigh. We don't know what he knows, but for now we'll just play it low key. Trust me.

    LEIGH looks to him at last.

    LEIGH: I do.

    He smiles reassuringly.


    The camera shows a shot of both CHRISTIAN and LEIGH in the window of the office looking at one another. Eventually the camera pans down the building, which in full afternoon sunlight shows the building for what it really is.

    CHRISTIAN (V/O): I just hope it ends soon, for everyone's sake.

    The camera shows that DANTE'S office is in fact above the coffee shop where the gang have had coffee on numerous occasions. At the moment the coffee shop is fairly empty as most customers have rushed outside to witness the destruction of the luckiest woman in the world.


    TOOLE and LANCE are sitting at the bar area and they're going through some inventory lists and it looks as if TOOLE is explaining to his brother how everything is working. A knock can be heard from the back door. Both TOOLE and LANCE look up and they see XAK hurrying towards the door.

    XAK: It's cool guys. You two stay, keep bonding. Lay the cement, good foundations and all. Keep it up.

    LANCE looks to TOOLE with an eyebrow raised.

    LANCE: Is he always this peppy?

    TOOLE: It's just imminent fatherhood, it'll pass. Soon he'll be back to his broody dragon murdering self, except hopefully without the dragon, and the murdering part?there's an in between, I'm sure.

    LANCE laughs slightly as XAK looks back from the open door to TOOLE.

    XAK: DJ Bitch is here.

    TOOLE: (confused) DJ Bitch!? Uh ok, sure. Must be new?

    XAK nods and then goes outside to help the new DJ with his equipment. LANCE is looking down trying not to laugh.

    LANCE: Uh we hire bitches now?

    TOOLE ignores his comment.

    VOICE (O/S): Well this place is the bitchin' place to be?

    Both TOOLE and LANCE turn around to see DANTE standing on the stairway to the balcony looking at them and admiring the club.

    DANTE: ?I mean all the cool kids come here right?

    TOOLE: Must be why I haven't seen you here before?

    DANTE laughs.

    DANTE: Darn, am I missing out on the latest tunes from DJ Bitch?

    TOOLE: Is there something you wanted or did you wanna just lurk in the shadows until Xak had left?

    DANTE begins walking down the stairs.

    DANTE: Ooh Thorn, he's so scary. His girl has more bite than he does.

    LANCE just looks at DANTE, not saying anything for a while.

    LANCE: (calmly) It took you long enough.

    DANTE looks at LANCE and smiles slightly.

    DANTE: It did.

    LANCE: But you're not here for Mel and me. Otherwise you'd wait until we're both together.

    DANTE: That's right. Intuitive.

    He looks at him almost admiring him, and begins moving towards them both.

    DANTE: I'm not here to condemn you, I'm here to offer you something.

    TOOLE: What on earth could you have to offer us?

    DANTE: Hmm, what indeed?

    TOOLE: We're not coming with you.

    DANTE sighs.

    DANTE: I figured you'd resist. Unfortunately for you?

    He runs over to LANCE and TOOLE so quickly he's a complete blur, his movements mirror those of GLORY'S velocity. He ends up standing behind the brother's and holds them both by the collar. They both gasp surprised. DANTE leans in between both of them and smirks menacingly.

    DANTE: (whispering) ?I wasn't asking.

    Effortlessly, DANTE picks them both up by their collars and in the blink of an eye runs out of The Bronze. The brother's disappeared, he's taken them both.




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      ACT TWO


      CHARLIE, CATE and MELODY are all sat at a table by the window, outside the police are still cornering off the road from where the woman was killed earlier. CHARLIE looks out the window, solemn.

      CHARLIE: It's awful isn't it?

      She frowns, and looks down in respect.

      MELODY: I know, I mean they didn't have my size or anything, you were so lucky?

      CHARLIE looks at her confused and finds MELODY admiring CATE'S high-heeled shoes she's wearing. There is a shoebox nearby indicating CATE has just purchased the shoes, clearly the shopping trip has happened. CATE also admires her feet with pride. CHARLIE rolls her eyes.

      CHARLIE: Jimmy Choo's aside I more meant the woman who got run over.

      MELODY and CATE look briefly, CATE sighs.

      MELODY: Oh that sucks, for her I mean.

      CATE: Yeah, but come on girls, lets not have rain on this perfect day!

      MELODY smiles.

      MELODY: Agreed, I know stuff like that sucks but this is exactly what we're celebrating?

      CHARLIE raises an eyebrow.

      CHARLIE: Hit and runs?

      MELODY: No, I mean the fact that months ago only one third of us three were actually alive.

      CATE looks confused for a second but then clicks. CHARLIE looks at MELODY solemn for a moment then smiles slightly.

      CHARLIE: You're right Melody. A new start.

      MELODY reaches out a hand and smiles warmly at her, CHARLIE takes her hand happily, and they both join their other hands with CATE.


      CHRISTIAN and LEIGH are sat on two armchairs with some take out coffee in their hands.

      CHRISTIAN: One of the perks about living above the coffee shop.

      LEIGH: Home delivery?

      CHRISTIAN: Exactly.

      She smiles slightly.

      LEIGH: Thanks Chris.

      CHRISTIAN: For what?

      LEIGH: Taking my mind off things, don't think I don't appreciate it.

      CHRISTIAN takes a sip and smiles awkwardly, not knowing if she's flirting with him or not. Whatever confused emotions he's feeling are quickly interrupted, as the door bursts open with a blurring velocity and in its wake appear three blurred figures. The figures stop suddenly revealing DANTE standing in between a dazed TOOLE and LANCE. DANTE doesn't look dazed, he looks used to this. He looks to CHRISTIAN and LEIGH glaring, who look at the scene with horror at seeing LANCE.

      DANTE: Get out.

      CHRISTIAN nods and grabs LEIGH. They both head to the door rapidly before the brothers come to full consciousness. CHRISTIAN and LEIGH slam the door behind them, causing DANTE to look at the door. He smirks before turning back to TOOLE and LANCE. TOOLE looks at DANTE and blinks to try and keep himself in consciousness.

      TOOLE: (groggily) You, I'll make?You'll, pay?

      DANTE rolls his eyes and walks towards them both. With a simple nudge he pushes them both to the chairs that LEIGH and CHRISTIAN were sat in.

      DANTE: Chilling threat. Seriously, I got a little shiver.

      He laughs and then walks towards the desk. He picks up the folder on the desk, the folder we saw in the Teaser. LANCE and TOOLE now regaining their consciousness more after sitting down look to DANTE.

      LANCE: What do you want?

      DANTE looks over to LANCE and smirks.

      DANTE: What do I want? I've got an offer for you.

      He pulls a chair over to the brothers.

      LANCE: Huh?

      DANTE sits on the chair and opens the file. He begins to read.

      DANTE: "Mrs Caitlin Emory; Maiden name, Johnson; Occupation, housewife; Age at time of death, 35"?wow he didn't even give her a chance did he?

      TOOLE: Mom?

      The camera shows the picture on the page that DANTE is reading. It's of CAITLIN EMORY, (She is played by Kelly Rowan), TOOLE and LANCE'S mother. DANTE looks up from the file to TOOLE.

      DANTE: Oh, you remember her? That's good?

      The camera closes in on TOOLE as he looks at LANCE, remembering?


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. A YOUNG TOOLE is playing on the floor of the bedroom with a toy super hero. He looks to be about three or four years of age, fairly young and innocent looking with a head of blonde mopped hair. The camera moves around to the open door of his bedroom. CAITLIN EMORY appears and leans against the doorframe. She smiles at her son.

      CAITLIN: Breakfast is almost ready, I made pancakes.

      YOUNG TOOLE: Ok mommy.

      CAITLIN walks over.

      CAITLIN: You didn't say goodbye to daddy this morning?

      YOUNG TOOLE shrugs.

      YOUNG TOOLE: He was quick.

      CAITLIN laughs.

      CAITLIN: He's always in a hurry. You know he works hard so you and I can have the best right?

      YOUNG TOOLE sighs.

      YOUNG TOOLE: Why can't I go outside and play then?

      CAITLIN'S face drops.

      YOUNG TOOLE: ?With all the other boys?

      CAITLIN: Tayler, sweetie. We've been through this. You know you can't, otherwise mommy and daddy will get into trouble and you might not be able to live with us anymore.

      YOUNG TOOLE doesn't reply, he just looks down, upset. CAITLIN looks at him regretfully then moves closer to him.

      CAITLIN: I know it won't seem like much but I have good news.

      She smiles and he looks up at her.

      CAITLIN: Don't tell daddy I told you this but?

      She leans in and whispers in his ear.

      CAITLIN: ?You're gonna have a baby brother.

      His eyes widen at hearing this news and screen fills with a white light.


      As the light dies down, we can see the colours have returned to normal and TOOLE is looking at LANCE, who looks puzzled, with wide eyes.

      LANCE: I don't get it. What does mom have to do with any of this? She's dead, she can't have done anything.

      TOOLE cringes at his brother's bluntness. DANTE smiles, noticing.

      DANTE: Your mother was an interesting woman, a fine woman, but sadly, kinda pointless.

      TOOLE and LANCE both glare at him angrily.

      TOOLE: I would be very careful how you talk about our mother?

      DANTE ignores him and turns the pages in the folder. He comes to a page with a picture on it we've seen before. He pulls the picture out the folder and holds it up so the brothers can see. LANCE responds with a shocked expression. The picture is of their father?

      LANCE: That's?

      TOOLE: (sharply) Dad.

      TOOLE looks down, reliving painful thoughts about his father's cruelty before his death. He shakes his head and stands.

      TOOLE: Why should I have to listen to this? Any of your crap Turnpike about offers, and deluding us with pictures of our parents?

      He looks to LANCE.

      TOOLE: ?Come on Lance.

      LANCE looks at DANTE for a moment, wondering but then stands and both brothers walk slowly towards the front door.

      DANTE (O/S): He was tall, like you.

      TOOLE stops, and turns back.

      TOOLE: What?

      DANTE: Tall, I remember when I met him, intimidated.

      LANCE turns back now.

      LANCE: You met our father?

      DANTE: I had the pleasure?years back. Me and Charles have something in common, something I now share in common with you both?

      TOOLE looks to LANCE, concerned.

      DANTE: Now will you take a seat? We have a lot to go through?

      TOOLE looks at DANTE. He's curious, but unsure.

      CUT TO ? L.A

      SOFIA is humming happily and walking down the dank corridor of the Wolfram and Hart dungeon. While many prisoners wail in terror and fury she ignores them, smiling vacantly.

      SOFIA: Oooh?

      She stops and reaches into her lab coat pocket and retrieves a few coins. The camera shows that next to her is a vending machine with "Hershey's" plastered across it in neon letters. She smiles cheekily and places the coins inside and presses a button.

      VOICE (O/S): I hate you. I bet you can eat those and it just does nothing to your figure.

      SOFIA retrieves her chocolate bar and looks up to see HEATHER standing by the closed elevator doors nearby.

      SOFIA: (smiling) Actually being in charge of work at the moment means I don't have time to eat as much so, hello lower dress size!

      HEATHER: And here was me thinking dieting was the way to go?

      SOFIA laughs, HEATHER looks at her suspiciously.

      HEATHER: What's up with you Ms Perky?

      SOFIA: I dunno really, just everything's been so easy these past few weeks. I've had a lot of spare time. So much so, I even got to leave the lab early last night.

      HEATHER: God bless Dante screwing up.

      SOFIA: I don't think it's so much Dante that's keeping the Senior Partners occupied at the moment.

      HEATHER sighs.

      HEATHER: Apocalypse rock demon and the whole everlasting night thing, does make things seem gloomy huh?

      SOFIA: Well if it means less work for me, then I'm fairly de-gloomed.

      HEATHER: True, wanna come upstairs and see the crazed outside world with me?

      SOFIA smiles warmly, touched almost.

      SOFIA: No thanks, I thought I'd use the extra time to train the new girl.

      HEATHER: New girl?

      SOFIA: Yeah, I guess they're finally replacing A.I.D.A. About time.

      HEATHER looks interested all of a sudden.

      HEATHER: (eager) So what is she like?

      SOFIA: Um, she's about my age I guess which means she's young enough to learn but old enough to bring some experience to the job. She's nice.

      HEATHER looks disappointed.

      HEATHER: No sordid past I can gossip to the other assistants about?

      SOFIA laughs.

      SOFIA: Afraid not.

      HEATHER smiles again and as the elevator doors opens she goes to walk in, but keeps looking at SOFIA.

      HEATHER: I'm glad things are getting better for you. You deserve it.

      SOFIA: Thanks.

      They smile at one another, and together they break their gaze as HEATHER disappears into the elevator to return upstairs, and SOFIA turns and walks down the corridor of the dungeon. Which way has a darker route is debatable?


      The door to the back entrance bursts open and CHRISTIAN and LEIGH hurry out, worried. They throw their coffee against the wall in unison and hurry down the alleyway, out of breath.

      LEIGH: (panting) Ok, that was too close, right?

      CHRISTIAN: Right.

      LEIGH: What on earth are we gonna do?

      CHRISTIAN: I dunno, but this is something a white chocolate mocha with whipped cream and pine nuts cannot solve?

      They both turn a corner and huddle by a dumpster.

      LEIGH: I can't do this Chris. I'm sorry?

      CHRISTIAN looks to her.

      CHRISTIAN: (firmly) You have to.

      LEIGH: (shouting) I can't!!

      She starts crying.

      LEIGH: I can't be this person. I can't lie to people and destroy their lives! I'm not a bad person, I ca-can't do this?

      She can't finish her sentence she's crying so hard. She sinks to the floor and lowers her head into her knees. CHRISTIAN looks at her worried.

      CHRISTIAN: Ok, it's ok.

      LEIGH: No, it's not.

      He kneels down in front of her and touches her shoulders knowing it will comfort her.

      CHRISTIAN: It is. You want out, you got it. I can do this on my own?

      She looks up, a sense of complete relief on her face.

      LEIGH: Thank you.

      She embraces him and hugs him. He looks over her shoulder, glaring angrily at the alley wall.


      It's dark outside, the sun is setting. CATE and MELODY are both sitting in the on the sofa in dressing gowns with glasses of wine in their hand. Both them have their hair in curlers and next to them are bags with dresses inside. They're both laughing.

      CATE: I really did miss this

      MELODY: So did I, but that might just be the whole living with Lance in a demon prison.

      CATE: It could be!

      She sips her wine.

      CATE: I just never would have thought things would be like this. Ever.

      MELODY: (looking down) I know.

      CATE: I mean one minute you're in the high school clique bullying the daughter of a goddess, the next you're living with said daughter who's pregnant with a dragon's child?

      They both nod in agreement.

      MELODY: Except it was more three years than one minute but whatever.

      CATE rolls her eyes.

      VOICE (O/S): Well?

      CATE and MELODY turn to see CHARLIE standing in the doorway in her red maternity dress, which although clings to her stomach tightly hangs elegantly around her legs and shoulders. Her hair is beautifully curled and her make up is professionally done.

      CATE: Oh?my?gah!

      CHARLIE: I look ok?

      CATE: You look awesome!

      MELODY: Girl you're on fire!

      CHARLIE looks down awkwardly and a bit unintentionally hurt, CATE looks at MELODY.

      CATE: (whispering) Different compliment.

      MELODY: You look beautiful.

      CHARLIE smiles weakly.

      CHARLIE: Thanks guys. For all of this, I mean this was supposed to be about Melody today.

      MELODY finishes her wine and stands up, one of the bags in her hand. She walks towards the bedroom.


      MELODY: Oh don't worry sugar, Melody's gonna have her beauty time.

      She walks towards the bedroom and closes the door behind her, CATE and CHARLIE look at one another, as the music begins to play.


      The camera simply shows various fragmented shots of MELODY dressing herself. Her holding a green dress in front of her. Her pulling her top off from behind. Her pulling on the dress. Her spraying some perfume. Her extending her leg whilst perched on the end of the bed and pulling on some knee length boots. Her applying some lip gloss. Her pulling the rollers out of her hair. Her applying some green eye shadow. (The music below plays throughout)

      "Everybody look at me, me
      I walk in the door you start screaming
      Come on everybody what you here for?
      Move your body around like a nympho
      Everybody get your necks to crack around
      All you crazy people come on jump around
      I want to see you all on your knees, knees
      You either want to be with me, or be me!


      CHARLIE and CATE smile as the door to the bedroom opens and MELODY appears. She looks gorgeous and she smiles, fluttering her eyelids in a Hollywood fashion. CATE walks towards her holding one of the other bags. Her and MELODY slap hands.

      MELODY: Tag, you're it.

      She smiles and moves over to CHARLIE as now CATE goes into her bedroom, closing the door behind her. (The music below plays throughout)

      "Maneater, make you work hard
      Make you spend hard
      Make you want all, of her love
      She's a maneater
      Make you buy cars
      Make you cut some cards
      Make you fall real hard in love


      There are various shots of CATE, in exactly the same style as MELODY and we see the same shots of CATE getting ready. (The music below plays throughout)

      "And when she walks she walks with passion
      When she talks, she talks like she can handle it
      When she asks for something boy she means it
      Even if you never ever see it
      Everybody get your necks to crack around
      All you crazy people come on jump around
      You doing anything to keep her by your side
      Because, she said she love you, love you long time!


      CHARLIE and MELODY watch as CATE makes an entrance in a slinky yellow dress. The girls applaud at CATE'S entrance. They all laugh and CATE joins them all by the sofa. The camera shows a high angled shot of the girls standing in a triangular shape. In unison they snap their fingers.

      CHARLIE: (synchronised) Bad!

      CATE: (synchronised) Bad!

      MELODY: (synchronised) Bad!

      They all laugh and head for the front door letting it slam behind them. They have no idea that this evening will change everything for them?




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        ACT THREE


        XAK is at the bar area, he's serving drinks to a big group of people. He looks stressed and worried. He looks around the crowd.

        XAK: (muttering under his breath) Damn Emory's?

        He looks to his side to see a young man with his back to XAK cleaning the empty area of the bar.

        XAK: (shouting) Ashby!

        The man turns around. He is played by Jamie Bell. His name is ASHBY TORRENT. He's a young man, probably only recently twenty one, and he looks daunted by the whole clubbing experience. He also looks fairly shy.

        ASHBY: Huh?

        XAK: Come and give me a hand ok?

        ASHBY moves slowly over to XAK'S side of the bar.

        XAK: Here, this lovely, and very patient lady needs two beers and a vodka straight.

        He motions to a mature woman sitting at the bar next to the big group of people, who is not put off by XAK'S flirtatious nature. ASHBY looks nervous.

        ASHBY: But I don't know how to mix drinks.

        XAK looks to him with an eyebrow raised.

        XAK: It's a frickin' beer and vodka straight! You take two bottles of beer out the fridge, and you pour vodka into a glass.

        ASHBY: Oh.

        XAK: Jeez?

        The camera moves away from XAK and ASHBY at the bar to the front door, just as DJ Bitch's pumping R n B music pumps throughout the club.


        The song starts as three elegant beauties enter the club. CHARLIE, CATE and MELODY enter arm in arm. They all smile, especially MELODY who looks at the club with a sense of repressed belonging. The sight of the three women cause a lot of attention. A lot of men check all of them out, causing a few women to become annoyed. Most women have a different reaction however as they clearly are ex-Sunnydale High students and are well aware of who MELODY is. Lots of them point and stare in awe and shock. Back at the bar, XAK smiles, noticing the girls.

        ASHBY: Dude, check out the hot chicks. Though one is kinda fat but hey, I like the red better.

        XAK slaps him round the back of the head.

        XAK: That's my girlfriend jackass, and she's pregnant with my kid.

        ASHBY: Oh, sorry man.

        XAK: Look here they come, mention anything about the baby, or red heads I'll get both to eat you alive. Trust me, they would?

        ASHBY looks nervous as CHARLIE, CATE and MELODY arrive at the bar. XAK leans over the bar and kisses CHARLIE on the cheek with a smile on his face.

        XAK: You look gorgeous.

        CHARLIE looks away embarrassed slightly.

        CHARLIE: This old thing, just something Melody picked up today in a fashion boutique for a ridiculous price?nothin' special.

        He laughs, ASHBY nervously chuckles attracting the attention of MELODY and CHARLIE.

        MELODY: Who's the kid?

        ASHBY: Asby Horrent. I mean Hasby?

        XAK: (cutting him off) Toole hired him. He's new.

        He rolls his eyes. ASHBY looks down annoyed, MELODY smirks.

        MELODY: New kid, how about fixing this girl a drink? Vodka slammer should get this party started.

        ASHBY looks at XAK nervously then pushes a bottle of vodka and a glass towards MELODY. She laughs.

        MELODY: (to XAK) I like him.

        She pours herself a large glass and downs it in one. She then blows them all a kiss and moves over to the dancefloor heckling the nearby men. The camera then turns to CATE who is looking around the crowd.

        CATE: Where's my boyfriend?

        XAK: (sighing) You tell me. Him and Lance disappeared this afternoon.

        CATE: And you didn't think to look for him?

        XAK: Cate what do you expect me to do? I have a baby on the way that I need to support, you went out, without your cell, I had no choice. Saturday night is huge here, you know that.

        CATE sighs annoyed.

        CATE: Well good job that shopping soothes me, otherwise I'd be immensely annoyed right now.

        She sinks into a bar stool, grabbing the bottle of vodka.

        CATE: (sulking) He didn't even see me all pretty.

        XAK and CHARLIE roll their eyes, before they turn to one another.

        XAK: So shopping was good?

        CHARLIE: (smiling) It was despite us witnessing a hit and run.

        XAK: Ouch.

        CHARLIE: Yeah, but it was good for Melody you know, for her to feel welcome.

        XAK: (smiling) Yeah it was.

        CHARLIE: I mean it's gonna take some time to get used to her being back, and not being a bitch to me.

        XAK: But you think she's doing ok? Adjusting and all?

        ASHBY (O/S): Uh?I think she's "adjusting" just fine.

        Everyone looks at ASHBY, he's looking out into the crowd at something. They follow his eyesight to see MELODY dancing in the middle of a group of boys. Her arms are draped around two of them and the others have their hands on her waist, hips and thighs. They're all moving to the music, and MELODY smirks happily sticking her tongue out seductively to the men. (The music below plays throughout)

        "Can't stop won't stop, rock it to the rhythm
        Cause we - ah get down, cause we - ah get down
        Cause we - ah get down, cause we - ah get down
        And we seeing that, there's some hoes in this house
        There's some hoes in this house

        The line "There's some hoes in this house" repeats as the camera passes back to the gang watching MELODY making herself quite at home, her reputation in the town seems to be withstanding. As she dances the camera slowly moves upwards to show two figures standing on the balcony, watching?


        The camera scans the floor of DANTE'S office, there is a lot of paper scattered on the floor, and most of the paper is from the file DANTE was holding concerning TOOLE and LANCE'S parents. Eventually the camera lands on TOOLE, DANTE, and LANCE who are still sat where they were. LANCE is now sat back in his chair looking bored, but TOOLE is sat more forward, watching DANTE intently. DANTE flicks over the last remaining pages.

        DANTE: Ok. What's next?

        There is a long pause. TOOLE eventually scoffs and kicks some paper, which is by his feet.

        TOOLE: How about something that actually makes sense. I mean you say you know my father, then you tell us about how we weren't allowed to leave our house as kids?

        LANCE: But we did.

        TOOLE: Huh?

        LANCE: Well I was.

        DANTE smirks.

        DANTE: You're right.

        He taps his chin, sarcastically.

        DANTE: I wonder what happened in between those days and Lance's birth?Hmm, what indeed?

        He snaps his fingers.


        CAITLIN is sitting on the sofa in the lounge smiling at the baby she's bouncing on her knee. The baby giggles at the motion. In the hall appears her husband. His name is CHARLES EMORY. He's wearing a suit and he smiles unconditionally at his wife and newborn son. He looks a lot different than the last time we saw him, mostly because he looks smart and is sober. Behind CHARLES we can see TOOLE, who looks only about a year older than when we saw him talking to CAITLIN in the last flashback. He looks a bit jealous of the attention baby LANCE is getting. CAITLIN notices both CHARLES and TOOLE nearby.

        CAITLIN: You have to see his laugh.

        CHARLES hurries over and takes LANCE from his wife smiling. CAITLIN looks over to TOOLE.

        CAITLIN: Tayler, don't you wanna hold your little brother?

        TOOLE doesn't answer, he simply turns and runs upstairs. CAITLIN looks beat. There is a knock at the door. CHARLES looks up worried.

        CAITLIN: (reassuring) Relax sweetie, I ordered pizza. Too tired to cook.

        She smiles and stands, putting on a brave face. She walks over to the door, and opens it. She looks confused.

        CAITLIN: (worried) Oh, hello?

        VOICE (O/S): Hello, I'm looking for a Mr Charles Emory. Does he live here?

        CAITLIN: (scared) Y-yes?

        The person, who spoke, enters the house looking around. It's DANTE. He looks the same as he does in the present day. An immortal Child of the Senior Partners. In one hand he has a briefcase. He looks around the house nodding, while CAITLIN swiftly move to her husband and takes LANCE away protectively. She moves to the mantelpiece holding him tightly. Eventually DANTE looks round to CHARLES.

        DANTE: Charles.

        CHARLES: Have they sent you?

        DANTE: (nodding) I am Dante Turnpike.

        CHARLES: I know what you are.

        DANTE: (nodding) Then you know why I'm here.

        CHARLES looks down, almost shaking.

        DANTE: I'm here to end you.

        He opens his brief case. CAITLIN'S eyes widen.

        CAITLIN: (shouting) No!

        DANTE continues opening and pulls out, not a weapon, but a piece of paper. He holds it towards CHARLES.

        DANTE: It's over.

        CAITLIN looks relieved.

        DANTE: (shaking his head) Did you honestly think the Senior Partners wouldn't find out about your family life. Making more children makes you more expendable Charles, you know that.

        CHARLES shakes his head.

        CHARLES: I wouldn't trade my wife and children for anything.

        DANTE: (sighing) But you apparently would trade everything you are for them.

        CHARLES: Monitering the non existent hellmouth?

        DANTE: The mission is what matters. You knew that.

        CHARLES: It's not enough.

        DANTE: How about eternal life? Endless power, just at your fingertips.

        CHARLES looks at CAITLIN.

        CHARLES: It's nothing without them.

        He smiles at CAITLIN who smiles warmly and nervously in return. CHARLES then turns to DANTE and takes a pen from his pocket and signs the contract immediately, without a moments thought, or consideration to the consequences.

        DANTE: Ironic.

        CHARLES: What?

        DANTE: You think it will be that easy? You defied the Senior Partners. They're not gonna let you get off that easy. If your family is the most important thing in the world to you, then the Senior Partners will see to it that they will become nothing.

        CHARLES moves next to his wife, he has all the power he needs.

        CHARLES: (serenely) Just get out?

        DANTE smiles and looks at the baby. He looks up to CAITLIN.

        DANTE: (resolute) I'm sorry you got dragged into this, it's just business.

        CAITLIN: (seething anger) Not anymore it isn't. Now get out?

        DANTE looks down, then turns and leaves, he opens the door and closes it behind him. As the door closes, we can the shadow of a young boy perched at the top of the stairs. The shadow lasts for a moment before disappearing as the screen fills with a blinding white light.


        The light dies down on LANCE and TOOLE'S faces, their eyes filled with tears at what they've just seen.

        DANTE (O/S): Ugh, how nice I was all those years back? It's times like those you just look back on and cringe. Of course since then, the Senior Partners have come to expect more of their children?

        During this time, the camera has turned round to DANTE.

        TOOLE (vacantly) This can't be true.

        DANTE: Sorry to burst your bronzed bubble but I'm afraid you're a part of something much bigger.

        LANCE: How?

        DANTE: You're father was a Child of the Senior Partners?did any of that make sense?

        They still look slightly dazed, as if the information hasn't sunk in, and if it had, they couldn't understand it.

        DANTE: (gesturing) Both of you. Part of your father's powers will have distributed into you. And you thought all he gave you was good cheek bones huh?

        TOOLE shakes his head looking down.

        TOOLE: You're wrong.

        DANTE: I am many things Mr Emory, but I am not wrong. We're conduits to the Senior Partners, they see our thoughts, we are the blood that runs through their veins, and their blood runs through ours?

        On hearing this TOOLE jumps up and grabs DANTE he pulls him up and then punches him. Surprisingly, he hits him so hard he falls to the floor, blood dripping from his nose. LANCE stands and moves next to TOOLE. Both of the brothers look down at DANTE.

        TOOLE: You made a mistake coming to us today Dante.

        DANTE wipes the blood that is dripping from his nose.

        DANTE: (laughing) Is that so.

        TOOLE: What were you hoping would happen? We'd betray our friends and family's values and join you?

        DANTE: Would that be so bad?

        TOOLE'S face drops slightly.

        DANTE: Immortality, powers you couldn't dream of. It's all at your fingertips, all you have to do is say yes?

        TOOLE just looks at him, imbued with fury. DANTE smiles at him, his evil smirk accompanying his unbelievable offer. For a moment the image of TOOLE standing there is replaced with the image of CHARLES standing there instead. TOOLE shakes his head.

        TOOLE: We're leaving Lance?

        He turns and walks towards the front door. LANCE doesn't move, he's simply standing still looking down. DANTE observes him, wondering.

        TOOLE: Lance?

        TOOLE looks at him worried.

        DANTE: All you ever wanted is family Lance. You can have that with us?

        LANCE looks from DANTE to TOOLE. Both look at him desperately. LANCE doesn't say anything. He merely walks towards TOOLE and passes him, walking out the door. TOOLE smiles and looks at DANTE.

        TOOLE: See? When it comes down to it, we're the only family we've ever needed?

        He turns also and walks out of the door, closing it behind him. DANTE frowns, which soon turns into a smile. He even ends up laughing. He stands and moves towards the desk. Tiny droplets of blood drip from his nose to the floor as he walks.

        DANTE: If that's how they want it. Ok. We'll stick to the original plan then.

        He smirks and moves towards his laptop. On his laptop is a list of names:

        "Xakiel Thorn", "Charis Adrastos", "Cathryn Rittle", "Tayler Emory", "Melody Harp", "Lance Emory".

        He highlights TOOLE'S and LANCE'S names, and presses delete.


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          ACT FOUR


          The door opens and TOOLE enters, closely followed behind him is LANCE.

          LANCE: You think Xak will be pissed?

          TOOLE shrugs.

          TOOLE: I'm not too bothered. He can handle one night of actual work. I'll call him in a bit, say we went to do some brother bonding or something.

          LANCE moves to the far sofa and collapses on it. TOOLE leans against the back of the nearer sofa and rubs the back of his neck and looks down.

          LANCE: I didn't mean that. I meant more about the whole, "the enemy is us" thing.

          TOOLE: (quietly) Don't say that?

          LANCE: Well we are. Dante is right. Everything he said in there was true?

          TOOLE looks up at him.

          TOOLE: I don't care where we came from.

          LANCE looks shocked.

          TOOLE: Look, I love mom, and dad, but none of that has helped us Lance. You ended up dead, and I ended up a nobody, alone.

          LANCE: You're not alone, you have Cate, Xak?

          TOOLE: Exactly. They came along, and they saved me. That's why, they can never know.

          LANCE sits up, surprised.

          LANCE: What?

          TOOLE: I can't imagine their faces if they found out. I saw what happened when they found out about Cate. I saw what I did to her?

          LANCE looks down.

          TOOLE: ?I just can't tell them. I love them too much to break them like this. You didn't see what Dante's "family" did to Charlie?

          LANCE sighs and nods slowly.

          LANCE: (quietly) Ok?

          TOOLE: Thank you.

          LANCE: So, what do we do now?

          TOOLE: We keep it to ourselves, look into ways of blocking whatever link we have with Wolfram and Hart.

          LANCE: You think we can? I mean we don't really know what we can do, do we?

          TOOLE: I know. But, there are ways to stop things like this.

          LANCE: Like?

          The camera closes in on TOOLE'S face.

          TOOLE: Magic.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The club is emptying, it's late and nearly closed. From the balcony we can see ASHBY clearing up the counter while the last remaining customers stagger out.

          VOICE (O/S): Thanks for tonight, and?sorry, again.

          The camera pans around to show LEIGH leaning against the banister. She looks to her left and smiles at CHRISTIAN who is next to her. They were the figures on the balcony we saw before.

          CHRISTIAN: It's ok. I was just being selfish.

          LEIGH: Don't beat yourself up, it was my idea too.

          CHRISTIAN: I think I got a bit carried away though?

          LEIGH: Dante Turnpike deserves to suffer for what he does. I'm all for that part of the plan but it's the?.

          She can't barely finish her sentence.

          LEIGH: (quietly) ?I just can't do that to them. It happened to me, and I would never wish that upon anybody.

          CHRISTIAN looks down, sighing.

          CHRISTIAN: Oh god Leigh?I didn't even think.

          He turns to her, she turns to him too.

          CHRISTIAN: I'm so sorry.

          He looks her in the eyes, the pulls her in and hugs her closely. She shivers slightly at having CHRISTIAN hold her. Slowly she breaks away from the hug and leans in slowly to kiss him. For a moment their lips meet, but then CHRISTIAN pushes LEIGH away from him.

          LEIGH: Chris?

          CHRISTIAN looks away, almost upset.

          CHRISTIAN: I can't, I'm sorry Leigh.

          He turns and runs away down the stairs leaving LEIGH on her own on the balcony. She looks at him go, a part of her slightly destroyed.

          CHRISTIAN (O/S): God?I'm so sorry?

          Slowly she sinks to the floor of the balcony and leans against the banister, partaking in the same pose that she did in the alleyway, only this time, she's on her own.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          XAK and CHARLIE are walking hand in hand through the graveyard.

          XAK: Well that was hell.

          CHARLIE raises an eyebrow.

          XAK: Ok hell if you live a normal life, at least.

          CHARLIE: Agreed.

          CHARLIE: But at least Melody's settled in, and from what you told me, Lance and Toole seem to be doing ok?

          XAK: They were, before the big disappearing act.

          CHARLIE: Give him a break babe. He just wanted to see his brother.

          XAK: I know, I do get that, it's just I feel like I might be replaced you know.

          CHARLIE: How do you mean?

          XAK: Lance is his brother, blood brother, and I'm just a?

          CHARLIE: ?Friend?

          XAK nods.

          CHARLIE: Toole loves you, in a platonic sense of course. Everyone just needs a bit more time to get used to things. Melody, Lance?

          She rubs her stomach.

          CHARLIE: (smiling) ?Our baby.

          XAK smiles and CHARLIE takes his hand and puts it over hers on her stomach. Suddenly, both XAK and CHARLIE jolt. XAK looks shocked, CHARLIE laughs slightly.

          XAK: Was that?

          CHARLIE: The baby kicking.

          She laughs again.

          XAK: (vacant) Wow.

          He looks at the stomach, in shock. There's something real in there. CHARLIE takes his hand again and they carry on walking, she keeps smiling.

          CHARLIE: Just a bit more time babe.

          They move out of shot and as they walk away the camera now focuses on MELODY and CATE who are walking together. Well, CATE is walking, MELODY appears to be bopping to the beat of the music she's reliving.

          MELODY: (singing deeply) There's some hoes in this house?.there's some hoes in this house!

          She smiles.

          MELODY: I'm a ho in this house!

          CATE: That's not the line sweetie.

          MELODY: Heck I know.

          CATE laughs slightly.

          CATE: You're awful.

          MELODY smirks.

          MELODY: Only just noticed that huh?

          CATE: I noticed it after the millionth guy you got with.

          MELODY: Just making up for lost time.

          CATE: (beat) Ok.

          MELODY'S smile fades as she sees CATE is taking this seriously.

          MELODY: Look it's fine Cate, this is what I do.

          CATE: It's what you used to do, I thought you'd changed?

          MELODY: I have! But you gotta give me some time to adjust. For three years I haven't been able to wear a dress and have guys look at me as if I'm the best thing they've seen in years.

          CATE looks down.

          MELODY: I am different, and Cate, I have changed, but I do need to have some fun. I deserve some fun right?

          CATE looks to her, and before she can answer, something catches everyone's attention. There's a rustling sound nearby. XAK and CHARLIE look at one another before turning to CATE and MELODY.

          CHARLIE: You guys hear that?

          CATE and MELODY nod worried, and they move next to XAK and CHARLIE. The rustling is getting louder, the three girls move next to one another, and look nervous. XAK turns to the girls.

          XAK: It's ok guys, just stay together and?

          Before he can reply something jumps over XAK and jumps into all three girls. The attacker is wearing dark clothes and it's hard to see any distinguishing features. All three of the girls fall back and scream.

          XAK: (realising) No?

          The girls go to help one another up in panic, as XAK quickly jumps on to the attacker and pulls it away from them. The attacker strikes with a knife, which just misses the girls and their feet. XAK grabs the attacker by the neck and turns it swiftly to the side. A swift break, a swift kill. XAK looks at it for a moment, not angry, just worried and scared. He moves over to the girls who are still on the floor in shock. Slowly the scene fades into the next?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera pans around the living room. Sitting on one sofa are MELODY and LANCE, they have they're sitting apart from one another looking down. The camera continues panning around to show CATE sitting next to TOOLE, he has an arm around her, reassuring her. Next to TOOLE, is CHARLIE who is perched on the arm of the sofa holding her stomach. In between both set of sofas is XAK, standing. He is standing like a leader and is looking serious. He looks to MELODY and LANCE.

          XAK: I'm sorry. I wish we had more time for you both to adjust. I really do. But tonight just proves we don't have that time.

          He then turns to CHARLIE, CATE and TOOLE.

          XAK: We don't have much time at all. The baby could arrive at anytime, Turnpike hasn't made a move in a while?

          TOOLE and LANCE exchange a quick glance to one another.

          XAK: ?and now this. And all we're doing is sitting around thinking things are gonna be ok, when quite clearly they're not.

          Everyone looks down, beat. The camera slowly closes in on XAK'S face.

          XAK: We're all guilty of it. It's time to stop with the jokes, ?cause things are getting serious, and too fast. We're not ready. You know, we used to be friends?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The girls are still lying on the floor, their attacker dead in front of them. XAK still holding the neck of the dead being. He moves over to the girls. He says something to all three of them, but we can't hear what it is, however they nod.

          XAK (V/O): ?But we can't be that anymore?

          XAK then frowns and turns towards the attacker. He slowly reaches for it's cloak and tears it away. The girls gasp. It's a BRINGER?

          XAK: (V/O): ?We have to be an army.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE


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            - Probably one of my favourite episodes. I dunno what it is about it, just that everything changes for everyone, and how I get to tie in Season 7 of Buffy and Season 4 of Angel.

            - Hmm, so who's the Potential? Charlie? Cate? Melody?

            - It dawned on me, I never cast Toole's parents in 1.06, so if you ever read that episode again?just imagine Kelly and Kyle.

            - This will be the last episode before I take a little hiatus and settle into University life. I'll just leave you hanging on to that cliff for a moment?