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  • Lex
    If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and i usually comment on the feedback as well!


    - So the final two main cast members have joined, Melody and Lance are back! And they're really gonna mix things up for everyone!

    - Did you notice that L'Azura was one of the worlds Illyria talked about visiting in AtS 5.17 - Underneath? She said, "I travelled all of them as I pleased. I walked worlds of smoke and half-truths, intangible. Worlds of torment and of unnameable beauty. Opaline towers as high as small moons. Glaciers that rippled with insensate lust. And one world with nothing but shrimp. I tired of that one quickly." Clever huh?

    - Heather's appearance as?Heather was to reciprocate my role in her Season One finale of her awesome VS, Chosen!

    - I changed a lot of L'Azura when I was writing it. Originally, I was gonna have the gang just find Melody in the Social Room and then she would take them to the solitary confinement area where Lance would have been for trying to escape the prison once. But page issues meant the episode would have been immensely long!

    - There was a debate I had with some people about whether or not HMV actually is in America, some said yes, some said no?.and you know what? It's my show and what I say goes!

    - Dante's line about the "ass cake of a situation" was inspired by Amber and mines drunken raves about Ass Cakes one night a long time ago. We had lots of fun with it?

    - I changed the ending of this episode three times! At first I was gonna have it so Melody and Lance recognised the name Wolfram and Hart, then I thought I'd end it with Dante watching the security footage of Melody and Lance leaving L'Azura, but then I thought I'd end it with Dante just insanely cranky?

    - Again this episode was written fairly quickly. One major reason is I was so excited about bringing Melody and Lance back and also I've been quitting smoking so I wanted something to take my mind off things. Also, note the comment Leigh makes about smoking?bit of an autobiographical moment there?

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  • Lex


    The camera shows CATE, TOOLE, MELODY and LANCE sitting on the sofa, they're all talking. The camera pans around to show XAK and CHARLIE by the kitchen door. They look tired, but happy at the way everything's panned out.

    CHARLIE: What an insane day, went shopping, and we came back with some dead friends.

    XAK laughs slightly.

    CHARLIE: Not to mention my insane glowing self. Be sure to stop me next time my hormones open dimensions.

    XAK: Will do, I'll wave something shiny in front of your face.

    CHARLIE: (groggy) Mmm, shiny?

    XAK smiles, and laughs.

    XAK: Anyway, you're not insane, we'll get through this babe, and you and this baby are gonna have bushels of fun. I mean first you tear down dimensional walls, but next you could be robbing liquor stores or something!

    CHARLIE: Ok Mister Hilarity, glad you see the funny side.

    XAK: (smiling) Well, see Cate and Toole happy makes me happy. And seeing Melody and Lance here, makes me feel things are gonna turn out good.

    She looks at him with one eyebrow raised, he winks at her.

    CHARLIE: Ok, so you're Mister Optimistic now? You think everything's gonna pan out good? You can give birth to the baby then.

    XAK'S laughter stops, and his face drops. He looks at her, and she reciprocates with a serious smile.

    CHARLIE: Trust me, I have the power?

    He looks at her, and she maintains her serious look. Then she punches him in the stomach and laughs.

    CHARLIE: Doy! Joking! You're so easy.

    XAK looks at her with an eyebrow raised.

    XAK: I'll be pleased when your weird ass mood swings end.

    CHARLIE shushes him by kissing him on the cheek, apologetically. The camera then moves over to CATE, TOOLE, MELODY and LANCE.

    CATE: I'm sorry we can't offer you guys anything more. But the sofas are comfy.

    MELODY: In comparison to a cell two by four?

    LANCE: Yeah I hated sharing with you Mel?

    CATE and TOOLE laugh. MELODY rolls her eyes and turns to them both.

    MELODY: Seriously though, it was cool of you guys to do that. You didn't have to.

    CATE: No way we could leave you guys there, it's the very least we could do.

    MELODY smiles at her, but her smiles fades as she looks down.

    MELODY: I mean God knows what sorta trouble we'll be in now?I just don't know how much more I coulda taken.

    LANCE nods.

    LANCE: It was bad. I mean we couldn't even socialise with anyone else. Those bitches screwed us over bad.

    CATE looks annoyed, and sighs.

    CATE: They had that effect on us too.

    TOOLE: Not to mention Dante?

    LANCE and MELODY look at one another, confused.

    LANCE: Dante?

    TOOLE: That guy from the prison, he was the reason Charlie lost it. Wound her up good and proper.

    LANCE: So then what, she got angry, and then poof you were there?

    CATE nods.

    LANCE: Wow, good job Charlie got cranky then.

    TOOLE: (sarcastic) Except we were graced with the presence of Dante all day.

    CATE: (emphatically) He's a jerk, I mean I never even found him attractive!

    TOOLE rolls his eyes.

    TOOLE: Yeah, me either. (to MELODY and LANCE) He works at Wolfram and Hart.

    MELODY'S eyes widen.

    MELODY: (quietly) Wolfram and Hart?he works with them?

    She looks to LANCE, worried?

    CATE: (confused) You guys know them?

    MELODY and LANCE look to one another; they don't know how to answer?


    The camera shows CHRISTIAN and LEIGH together in exactly the same place as they were earlier that day. A small pile of cigarette butts at their feet. LEIGH throws her cigarette, which has just been lit, to the ground; a disgusted look fills her face.

    LEIGH: My mouth feels like a tar pit, next thing I know dinosaurs will be sinking into my gums?

    CHRISTIAN laughs, but LEIGH sighs.

    LEIGH: I thought Sofia was out of this, Chris?

    CHRISTIAN: She is.

    LEIGH: (shouting) Then why have the Senior Partners got her doing their bitch work for them? They're using her to keep an eye on things here, which means she's not out of this at all!

    CHRISTIAN silences her by moving towards her and putting his arms around her. She breathes deeply, and inhales his scent, which calms her.

    CHRISTIAN: I'm sorry Leigh, I didn't want this to hurt you, or Sofia?

    LEIGH nods.

    LEIGH: (quietly) I know.

    They break the hug and look at one another in the eyes.

    LEIGH: What are we gonna do?

    CHRISTIAN sighs.

    CHRISTIAN: I dunno. We'll have to see what Dante's next move is. I've predicted a lot of things about this plan, but honestly? I have no idea what he's gonna do now.

    LEIGH nods.

    LEIGH: He seemed mad when he came back didn't he?

    CHRISTIAN: He seemed homicidal.

    He looks down.

    CHRISTIAN: I've never seen him like that before Leigh. It's like he's lost control of everything.

    LEIGH shakes his head.

    LEIGH: He hasn't lost it yet.

    CHRISTIAN: No, but with Melody and Lance back? He soon will?


    The camera shows DANTE sitting alone in the dark with a glass of whiskey in front of him. He's on the phone.

    DANTE: (huskily) I've screwed up?

    The sound of SOFIA'S voice at the other end of the phone can be heard.

    SOFIA (O/S): (sarcastically) Well you managed to leave me to clear it up. Thanks.

    DANTE sighs.

    DANTE: The Senior Partners pissed?

    SOFIA (O/S): Hmm, I can't lie to you it's bad. With them back, the Senior Partners think Thorn and his friend are making a mockery of their authority. Assaulting me, stealing Charlie and now this?you have to do something Dante?and fast?

    The sound of the phone hanging up the other end can be heard as the camera zooms in on DANTE'S face, he throws the phone down. The camera cuts to his hand, he squeezes the glass tight, until it bursts. His hand is bleeding and there's glass stuck into his hand but he takes no notice. He simply glares hard into the darkness, so hard that his eyes begin to mirror the darkness themselves and turn a deep seething shade of discord. Black.





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  • Lex


    The camera is focused on MELODY and LANCE, looking at the three of the gang members, amazed. The camera moves back round to TOOLE, he doesn't know whether to smile or frown.

    TOOLE: Bro?

    LANCE and MELODY charge towards them. CHARLIE looks worried, she passes CATE to TOOLE as MELODY approaches her. MELODY pushes her against the corridor wall.

    MELODY: What did you do?

    CHARLIE looks at MELODY'S hand touching her. She's corporeal, not a ghost, not an image. Real.

    MELODY: (louder) What did you do?!

    CHARLIE: (quietly, shocked) I don't?I don't get it.

    MELODY: Why are you here?! How?

    The camera shows LANCE and TOOLE just looking at one another, incredulous. The sound of MELODY'S voice causes XAK and DANTE to turn back. XAK sees MELODY'S hand on CHARLIE and runs towards her.

    XAK: Hey!

    He pulls MELODY off CHARLIE, then looks at her.

    XAK: Melody?

    He looks towards LANCE.

    XAK: Lance?

    MELODY and LANCE look at one another. DANTE looks at them both worried. This is what he feared would happen?

    LANCE: What the hell are you guys doin' here?

    XAK: (confused) Basically, Charlie got angry.

    MELODY: (to CHARLIE) Damn girl, those are some powerful mood swings?

    CHARLIE is confused, does MELODY know she's pregnant?

    CHARLIE: Listen, Melody, I know this is probably not on your to do list but, Cate's injured, we need some help.

    MELODY looks at CATE and pauses before she replies. She sighs.

    MELODY: (quietly) The med wing is just down the hall, but you gotta move quick. The guards are doing a sweep soon, our social time is almost over.

    XAK nods, he takes CHARLIE reassuring her that they have more pressing matters to attend to. They both carry on walking towards the medical wing. DANTE looks at the two prisoners again before moving with XAK and CHARLIE. The camera turns back to TOOLE, he looks at LANCE, unsure of what to say.

    TOOLE: Are you coming?

    LANCE looks at MELODY.

    LANCE: Sure?

    TOOLE nods, before picking CATE up and carrying her in the direction XAK, CHARLIE and DANTE are walking. LANCE and MELODY linger for a moment, they look behind them then follow.


    DANTE and XAK appear in the doorway of the empty medical wing. There's a dank bed with shackles on it in the centre of the room. They nod to the others, and TOOLE rushes in and places CATE on the bed. CHARLIE then enters, with MELODY and LANCE behind her. CHARLIE hurries to stand next to TOOLE who looks at her.

    TOOLE: What do we need?

    MELODY (O/S): Here, give her this.

    TOOLE turns and MELODY throws him a syringe full of clear liquid. She's standing next to a medical cabinet, LANCE next to her. In the medical cabinet there are hundreds of syringes similar to this one. TOOLE looks at MELODY cautiously. She rolls her eyes.

    MELODY: Trust me it'll help.

    LANCE looks at him and nods.

    LANCE: She's right bro, they use it on us to wake us up every morning. Revives ya, and leaves a minty fresh feeling in your mouth.

    TOOLE lingers for a moment, then he pierces CATE'S arm with the syringe, and he pushes the liquid into her blood stream. Almost instantly, CATE sits up catching her breath. She looks around to see CHARLIE and TOOLE next to her, they smile, relieved.

    CATE: Woo, quite a ride huh guys!

    She looks around and sees DANTE standing next to XAK, neither one of them look very happy, she then notices the room, she looks disgusted.

    CATE: Ew, where are we, Crap Land?

    She realises something, and opens and closes her mouth repeatedly.

    CATE: Oooh minty?

    She notices everyone looking at her.

    CATE: What?

    CHARLIE and TOOLE look at one another, before moving out the way, revealing MELODY and LANCE behind them. MELODY looks at CATE. CATE looks at MELODY. CATE screams.


    CATE'S scream echoes into this scene as the camera shows the dead L'AZUREAN GUARD'S armour lying on the rocky floor outside the prison. Two guards approach the armour, they look at it, and then they look at one another briefly before running away at a rapid speed.


    LEIGH and CHRISTIAN are still sat at DANTE'S computer. They both look a bit disgusted.

    LEIGH: Damn, Dante has a lotta porn on this thing?

    CHRISTIAN: Vile.

    The phone rings. LEIGH looks relieved.

    LEIGH: Thank the lord, ?cause if I have to look at that position for much longer?

    She picks up the phone.

    LEIGH: Hello? Sofia! Hey! How're?

    She's stops?

    LEIGH listens, after a while of listening her face drops and she looks at CHRISTIAN seriously.


    CATE has stopped screaming but she remains looking at MELODY and LANCE.

    CATE: Are we dead?

    MELODY: No sweetie. No one is in this place. Prison isn't so painful when you're dead you see.

    CATE stands and walks towards MELODY. She looks upset. She reaches out and touches MELODY'S shoulder.

    CATE: You're real?

    MELODY just looks at her.

    CATE: (on the verge of tears) I'm so sorry Mel?

    MELODY just looks at her, uncomfortable. The camera moves away from them both half-talking to TOOLE who's looking at LANCE. LANCE is currently looking at MELODY and CATE, warily and then looks to TOOLE, feeling his eyes on him.

    TOOLE: You ok?

    LANCE: Ok as you can be when you're forced into an eternity of prison.

    TOOLE: But why, I don't get it? Why are you both here, what did you do.

    LANCE: That Clotho chick? She used us to attack you guys. She thought she'd hurt Xak by hitting him where it hurts?

    XAK: (quietly) My friends?

    MELODY: But we defied The Fates. We tried warning you about what they were doing, so they punished us.

    CHARLIE: How?

    MELODY: By not letting us rest in peace. By bringing us back and putting us here, forced to live here, forever?in bad clothes?

    CATE looks down, feeling guilty. TOOLE moves over to her and puts an arm around her. He looks at LANCE, feeling just as awful and upset as CATE.

    TOOLE: You know what, I can't speak for Cate but everyday I think about it, since you've been gone Lance, it's just been like?

    He's too choked up to finish. LANCE moves towards him. He gives MELODY a soft smile, which she reciprocates.

    LANCE: You remember what I said bro.

    TOOLE thinks.

    LANCE: Last year? Don't forget I don't blame you. You only ever looked out for me.

    He touches his shoulder, and gives him a cheeky smile. CATE rubs TOOLE'S arm, reassuring him. CATE looks at TOOLE for a moment but then realises something, and turns to MELODY.

    CATE: Melody, I found out what it was that killed you?

    MELODY: Yeah I know?I found out too. That gossip was so hundreds of hours ago.

    CATE: How?

    MELODY: There's not a great deal to do here, we get a lot of demon gossip from your world. I love it. We found out about Xak and Charlie, about her escape, and pregnancy?

    CHARLIE looks up.

    CHARLIE: So you do know?

    MELODY: (nods) We found out from this new chick, she's kinda screwed up.

    CHARLIE looks down, knowing who told them about MELODY and LANCE. MELODY turns to CATE gasping.

    MELODY: Oh my gosh?did you hear about Justin and Britney breaking up? I mean granted I was dead when they got together but still!

    CATE nods and smiles, laughing.

    CATE: I know it destroyed me?I mean no more Bustin?

    She looks down, beat.

    CATE: Anyway, seriously, it does destroy me hon, it was at my hands and, I'm sorry. (quietly) I wanna make it up to you.

    MELODY smiles and rolls her eyes.

    MELODY: I assume you mean the killing and not the break up?

    CATE nods, laughing. MELODY smiles back.

    MELODY: Oh come here you half wit.

    CATE laughs and walks towards MELODY. They hug one another, both smiling. The moment is interrupted by a phone ringing. Everyone looks around. DANTE reaches into his jean pocket. He looks at his phone.

    DANTE: Ooh! It's me!

    XAK looks at him annoyed.

    XAK: You have a phone on you? That works in other dimensions?

    DANTE: Sh, it's my assistant.

    He opens his phone.

    DANTE: Christian? Yeah I know it's an ass cake of a situation. What? Are you sure? Ok. Bye.

    He hangs up the phone and looks at everyone, who returns his glance with confused raised eyebrows.

    DANTE: Uh, apparently a portal's being opened to take us home.

    CHARLIE: When?

    DANTE pauses for a moment, he knows what will happen.

    DANTE: (quietly) Half an hour, same way we arrived.

    Everyone looks to MELODY and LANCE.


    The two guards that discovered the L'AZUREAN GUARD'S body outside the prison, run past the social room, they stop however. They go back, and look inside to find MELODY and LANCE no longer there. They look to one another.


    The camera shows XAK looking at CHARLIE who smiles at him weakly.

    XAK: Ok, well we better get moving.

    TOOLE looks to XAK.

    TOOLE: I'm not leaving them here?

    XAK: What?

    MELODY and LANCE look at eachother, curious. CATE turns to XAK nodding.

    CATE: You got Charlie, we want them.

    CHARLIE: It's a bit different honey.

    CATE: Is it? So Xak's guilt for your death barely touches the guilt Toole and I have?

    XAK looks at CHARLIE.

    CHARLIE: No?

    MELODY (O/S): Don't we get a say in this?

    Everyone turns to MELODY and LANCE. As they do however, their attention is torn between the prisoners and the L'AZUREAN GUARD'S which have appeared in the doorway. They both are looking at MELODY and LANCE and advance towards them. XAK and DANTE move to go in front of the guards but they stop when?

    LANCE: We can handle this?

    He jumps into the air a short distance as MELODY crouches and puts her hands under his feet. She lifts him up and he flips into the air so he is on the opposite side of the two guards. One of the guards moves to MELODY and she punches him in the face, he stumbles and reaches for his axe but she spins around and kicks it out of his hand. Meanwhile, the other guard and LANCE are grappling. LANCE has his hands wrapped around the guard's throat attempting to strangle him, but the guard over powers him and pushes him to the floor. As LANCE lands he sees MELODY kicking the axe out of the guard's hand and he picks it up and throws it into the back of the guard MELODY was fighting with. He roars in pain and crumples to the floor, leaving only the armour. MELODY smiles at LANCE.

    MELODY: Thanks hon.

    The other guard roars and turns to LANCE annoyed he rushes towards him but LANCE pushes his legs up into the guard's chin. LANCE jumps to his feet as the guard staggers back into MELODY. She grabs it by its head and twists it sharply. A loud snap can be heard from the guard's neck, and the guard's armour crumples to the floor. The camera shows XAK, CHARLIE, CATE, TOOLE and DANTE looking at them both surprised. MELODY and LANCE laugh.

    LANCE: What? You gotta look out for number one in this place.

    MELODY smiles but then sighs.

    MELODY: (to LANCE) I'm so over this place?

    He looks at her and nods.

    LANCE: We're in.

    XAK nods, causing both TOOLE and CATE to smile at MELODY and LANCE, while DANTE looks annoyed and angry. He can't do anything against all six of them.

    XAK: Ok well let's go.

    They all run out the room, hurriedly.



    The camera shows the gang with MELODY and LANCE in tow running through the corridors in slow motion. They all look determined as an alarm sounds. They rush to the next block of stairs. The camera pans around to show that a few seconds behind them are a large set of L'AZUREAN GUARDS. Various roars and cheers from the surrounding prison cells sound as MELODY and LANCE make their escape. (The music below plays throughout)

    "If it can be broke then it can be fixed, if it can be fused then it can be split
    It's all under control


    The camera shows the door bursting open and the seven humans running out. They look at the distant shore and a small tear in the air begins to appear. XAK points it out before running towards it, with the gang in tow. The guards hot on their tails. (The music below plays throughout)

    "If it can be lost then it can be won, if it can be touched then it can be turned
    All you need is time


    The camera shows the small tear forming a large portal, similar to the one they arrived in. The gang are close, XAK and CHARLIE are in front. CHARLIE looks back at the guards. Her eyes briefly glow green and a wall of energy forms behind MELODY and LANCE. The guards run into the barrier and are stopped instantly. CHARLIE blinks the glow away and smiles but her smile quickly fades as DANTE pushes past the gang to ensure he gets through the portal. He makes a sudden dash and makes it through. XAK holds CHARLIE'S hand and they both make it through next. As TOOLE and CATE approach they look back at MELODY and LANCE and smile. They then are next through the portal. Finally it's MELODY and LANCE. They look at one another and look back at the prison, which used to hold them. They beat it, they smirk and smile at one another before jumping through the portal, and it closes quickly behind them. (The music below plays throughout)

    "All you need is time"


    The camera shows a placid and calm closed Sunnydale Mall. Instantly the portal opens exactly where it opened before. First DANTE falls to the ground, then XAK who cushions the blow for CHARLIE. They smile at one another. Then CATE and TOOLE are next, landing side by side to one another. A few seconds after them, MELODY and LANCE land a few feet from them on their feet, instinctively. They both smile. MELODY looks around and she notices they're in the mall.

    MELODY: Home sweet home?

    CATE smiles and laughs slightly. CHARLIE looks at CATE happily and TOOLE looks at his brother, a smile on his face. XAK however, notices something. He looks around?DANTE'S gone. The camera shows a high angled shot of the six people in the darkness of the Sunnydale Mall, alone but together. (The music below plays throughout)

    "We will not be the last?"



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  • Lex


    The sound of heaving breathing can be heard. The sound of a man breathing. It's dark. The sound of a woman and a man talking can be heard softly. Finally we start to see the image of the surrounding area come to focus. A soft white mist fills the screen, but we can still see that there is a light in the distance surrounding the air in a warm blue glow. The man looks around, nearby he can see DANTE standing and looking around, he's not talking. He looks to another direction and sees CHARLIE and TOOLE surrounding CATE who is lying on the floor unconscious. The man groans as he attempts to move towards them. CHARLIE turns, hearing the noise.

    CHARLIE: (to TOOLE) He's awake.

    TOOLE turns, but stays near CATE. The camera cuts around as CHARLIE moves towards the man, who is now revealed to be XAK.

    CHARLIE: You ok baby?

    XAK: (weakly) Where are we?

    The camera shows DANTE turning around to look at both of them.

    CHARLIE (V/O): I dunno.

    DANTE: You ok pretty boy? Gotta keep your wits about you in this place?

    The camera cuts back to CHARLIE and XAK who look up at him with disgust. XAK stands and shakes off his dizziness. He looks over at CATE and walks over to TOOLE, confused, he kneels down next to him.

    XAK: Is she ok?

    TOOLE: Charlie said she hit her head.

    The camera shows CATE unconscious, her eyes are closed and there's a small cut above her left eye.

    CHARLIE (O/S): One minute I'm talking with you guys about A.I.D.A, next thing I'm in this place with Mr Sleaze-pike and I see Cate hit her head.

    The camera shows DANTE finding it interesting that while her eyes were glowing, CHARLIE doesn't remember what happens. XAK looks at DANTE. They both know this is to do with the baby?

    XAK: (turning back to TOOLE) But is she gonna be ok?

    TOOLE frowns, worried.

    TOOLE: I dunno, she might need help.

    XAK nods, then turns to DANTE.

    XAK: Turnpike, you know this world?

    DANTE: Uh, duh, who doesn't?

    TOOLE: (raising his hand) Uh four fairly bemused people right over here.

    DANTE rolls his eyes as he turns back in the direction he was looking in. The camera cuts to a high angled shot of the five humans placed on the corner of a large rock. Surrounding the rock is calm water, which laps luxuriously at the edge of the land.

    DANTE: This is L'Azura, the plane closest to ours. It's a hell dimension consisting of millions of islands, each one holds it's own tower?

    The camera shows a few miles away from the gang is a huge rock like tower of opaline structure and colour. The camera pans up revealing it to spindle at the end into a sharp point. Millions of barred windows dot randomly around the tower.

    DANTE: ?The towers are dungeons, prisons for the most poisonous and vicious creatures in every dimension. Each island relates to its own world, so this is our prison?

    The camera cuts back to XAK, CHARLIE, TOOLE and CATE.

    XAK: So we're what in the hell dimension that punishes the creatures on our earth?

    DANTE: (smirking) Only the worst kind, the most dangerous.

    TOOLE: (infuriated) Great, this is all dandy and all but can we get Cate some help?

    CHARLIE nods, a determined look on her face.

    CHARLIE: I agree, I don't know how we got here but we need to get some help.

    TOOLE looks at her raising an eyebrow, while DANTE looks to XAK smirking.

    DANTE: (to XAK) If we get back, you gotta put her straight.

    He rolls his eyes, CHARLIE looks at XAK confused, but XAK maintains a firm look on DANTE. TOOLE looks worried.

    TOOLE: Uh, "if"? You mean "when" right?

    XAK: Don't worry we'll find a way.

    He gives TOOLE a reassuring smile, before turning to DANTE.

    XAK: But first?these prisons got medical facilities?

    DANTE: (shrugging) I guess so?my experience of L'Azura has never been first hand but I know the floor layouts?

    He stops.

    DANTE: ?Wait, you're not suggesting, we go in there? Just for a plaster!

    XAK nods, before moving over to DANTE so he's close to him.

    XAK: This may be a hard concept to grasp but we look out for own.


    He takes CHARLIE'S hand and begins walking towards the base of the tower. DANTE looks at TOOLE, as TOOLE picks up CATE, he puts her arms around his neck and follows XAK and CHARLIE. DANTE watches the two couples walk off towards the tower and slowly he follows them. The camera pulls back to show a far away shot of them all walking across the island, From this angle we can see the sharp top of the L'Azura opaline tower almost piercing the underneath of a small blue moon. The light of which floods the island with the warm blue glow, piercing the soft mist that plagues the island. (The music below plays softly throughout)

    "Love, you are foolish, you're tired
    Your sleeplessness makes you a liar
    The city is burning, the ocean is turning
    Our only chance is the lighthouse


    The camera shows both LEIGH and CHRISTIAN sat at DANTE'S computer going through files on his computer. LEIGH shakes her head.

    LEIGH: I can't believe it's happened so quickly, that woman's a time bomb.

    CHRISTIAN sniggers.

    CHRISTIAN: She's doing an A.I.D.A on us, all those drugs they kept her on, they're backfiring.

    LEIGH: Poor gal, I sorta feel bad for her.

    He puts a hand over hers.

    CHRISTIAN: I know, and it's gonna hurt her, but we can't let anyone guilt us out of this. Dante needs to pay?

    LEIGH looks at him, frowning.

    LEIGH: Do you think Xak and his friends will find them?

    CHRISTIAN: If they're in L'Azura. They'll have no where to go but the prison. They'll find them?


    The camera shows the gang at the base of the tower on L'Azura. DANTE is walking ahead of the others now. He looks around warily and as he walks past the camera the camera shows XAK walking in between TOOLE, who is holding CATE, and CHARLIE. CHARLIE looks at DANTE, cautiously.

    CHARLIE: How does he know this world?

    XAK: Probably condemns people to a sentence here.

    TOOLE: You think the demons in there are you know, really dangerous?

    CHARLIE: Yeah, maybe?

    XAK: We just need to be careful, as much as I hate to admit it, unless Charlie has another glow attack, he's all we got.

    CHARLIE looks confused.

    XAK: We'll talk later babe?

    DANTE (O/S): ?Sh!

    The gang look at him to see he's silencing them with his hand.

    DANTE: If you're done talking about me?

    He motions with his head around the corner. A cloaked demonic guard is standing there. Behind him is an open wooden door to the prison. The L'AZUREAN GUARD is large and muscular and dark green in colour. He's wearing brown metal armour and a cloak over his head covers his face. His breath is husky. The gang look at him worried.

    DANTE: (whispering) Ok, you wanna get blonde some help, that's the way in.

    He points at the open door.

    TOOLE: (whispering) Uh, am I the only one who can see the big obstacle in our plan?

    XAK: (whispering to DANTE) How strong are they?

    DANTE: L'Azurean Guards? Well, I dunno I mean?

    XAK: Good enough for me?

    He steps away from the gang and walks towards the L'AZUREAN GUARD

    CHARLIE: (whispering loudly) Xak, get back here! Xak!! Ok, good luck!

    The camera cuts to the L'AZUREAN guard admiring the moonlight.

    XAK (O/S): Hey cloaky guy.

    The L'AZUREAN GUARD turns around startled slightly, he glares at XAK.

    XAK: Is this the prison? ?Cause I think I've been naughty.

    The L'AZUREAN GUARD roars and pulls out an axe from his belt. XAK looks at DANTE, worried.

    XAK: You didn't say anything about axes!

    DANTE: (smirks) I didn't? My bad?

    XAK rolls his eyes and is knocked back to the floor with one swipe of the L'AZUREAN GUARD'S hand. He swings his axe to the floor but a hand stops it. XAK looks surprised as he looks up to see DANTE holding on to the axe, just before it touches XAK. DANTE looks at the L'AZUREAN GUARD apologetically.

    DANTE: I'm sorry dude, but can't let you kill him. Seriously, I am sorry.

    The camera shows CHARLIE and DANTE sharing a look, surprised. The L'AZUREAN GUARD looks annoyed at DANTE'S interference and goes to hit him, but DANTE grabs his other hand with his spare hand and head butts him. DANTE is strong, he knocks back the L'AZUREAN GUARD and he falls to the floor. DANTE slams his foot down on the L'AZUREAN GUARD'S neck, causing it to swiftly snap in two. As the L'AZUREAN GUARD dies his physical form wanes and all that's left is the armour he was wearing. DANTE looks at the guys.

    DANTE: Don't think of this as any sign of amiable behaviour. The sooner we find a "plastic surgeon", the sooner we get out of this hellhole.

    He walks towards the open door and both XAK and TOOLE give him an evil glare, while CHARLIE looks at CATE, worried. DANTE stands at the doorway, looking back at them all expectantly.

    DANTE: You coming?

    CHARLIE looks back to XAK, she sighs.

    CHARLIE: Temporary truce baby?

    XAK: Fine?

    He stands and walks towards the doorway, both him and DANTE enter the doorway. CHARLIE smiles weakly at TOOLE and gives him a hand to the doorway with CATE. They all enter, and close the door behind them, which whispers to a close.

    CUT TO ? L.A

    The camera focuses on the elevator door, standing outside is HERMES, expectantly. The door opens?

    HERMES: (smiling) Welcome.

    The camera shows inside the elevator. It's SOFIA. She's still in her lab coat and she looks around The White Room, open mouthed.

    SOFIA: Whoa, it's?white.

    HERMES laughs slightly.

    HERMES: Shrewd observation Ms Rose. Come.

    He turns and walks towards a desk nearby and sits behind it. SOFIA walks slowly into the vastness towards the desk, she sits down on the chair. HERMES looks at her for a while, SOFIA looks around, uncomfortable.

    SOFIA: (confused) Sorry, don't get me wrong. I'm honoured to be here.

    HERMES smiles at SOFIA'S gratitude.

    SOFIA: I just don't get, why I am here? I mean, no one's told me.

    HERMES sighs.

    HERMES: Are you aware of the situation that occurred in Sunnydale Mall at 2.04pm?

    SOFIA: (still confused) No?

    HERMES: It appears Mr Thorn and his friends were transported to L'Azura.

    SOFIA gasps.

    SOFIA: How?

    HERMES: It would appear the same way A.I.D.A met her demise. Ms Adrastos' hormones.

    SOFIA: Oh?

    She realises.

    SOFIA: Does Dante know? I mean for Thorn and the others to land in L'Azura is not uncommon considering its metaphysical closeness to this realm, but if Ms Rittle and Mr Emory are with them, he should be warned.

    HERMES: We are aware of this concern regarding Ms Rittle and Mr Emory, and we will deal with the two people in question should they pose a threat. However what we're more concerned with at the moment is according to the mall security footage, Mr Turnpike was conversing with Mr Thorn and his friends when this incident occurred. His status is unknown, and also in L'Azura.

    SOFIA sighs and rolls her eyes.

    SOFIA: He was the catalyst no doubt. Probably pissed her off, he has that way with women.

    HERMES laughs softly, then she looks down wondering if she was being too bold by letting her personal feelings interrupt her professional conduct.

    HERMES: (not noticing) No doubt. However the Senior Partners still regard him as some form of use to them still. We need him back.

    SOFIA nods.

    HERMES: The Senior Partners would find it most appreciative if you and Ms Alexandria would take the responsibility of opening a portal to L'Azura and retrieving everyone.

    SOFIA: (surprised) Everyone?

    HERMES: All of them are valuable.

    He ends sharply. SOFIA nods, smiling.

    SOFIA: Of course, I'll make it a priority.

    HERMES smiles.

    HERMES: I apologise to be asking you to do this but with A.I.D.A's fall?

    She looks down, depressed at having to do more work.

    SOFIA: (sighing) It's no problem.

    HERMES looks at her, and smiles.

    HERMES: You're an amazing woman Sofia Rose. You're going to do great things for this company?

    SOFIA looks down, unsure?



    The music starts as the camera pans around the dank small corridors of the L'Azura Prison. The gang have managed to make it up to the thirteenth floor without detection. The corridors are quiet and dark in colour. Bricking the walls are metal doors of all shapes and sizes, all padlocked and named. XAK and DANTE lead the way, they look wary and alert. Behind them are CHARLIE and TOOLE who both share the burden of carrying CATE. They pass a door that makes CHARLIE stop. XAK turns back.

    XAK: Charlie? Come on, Turnpike says we're close.

    CHARLIE looks at the door, but we can't see whose it is. TOOLE looks at CHARLIE, who's standing in his way of the name on the cell.

    CHARLIE: Sorry?

    She carries on walking, pulling CATE and TOOLE with her. As she moves we see the name on the door:


    The camera cuts back to XAK and DANTE, when they come to an intersection, DANTE veers left, XAK follows, so do the others.

    XAK: You better not be leading us to death.

    DANTE: Uh, duh, I'm with you too.

    XAK: Something tells me you can hold your own.

    DANTE: I can. Well I did with that guard back there anyway, more than you did.

    XAK: One guard? Good job security is lack around here.

    DANTE: Well it's unheard of people wanting to break into this joint, only insane whack jobs would wanna break into a place full of?insane whack jobs?

    DANTE stops. The sound of laughing and talking can be heard.

    DANTE: (whispering) Shh?.the medical wards through there.

    XAK: (quietly) Why are we shushing?

    DANTE: ?Cause that there?

    He points to an open door, next to an open window.

    DANTE: ?Is the social room. The only free time these head cases get, you don't wanna be seen by any of them, if we're to pass through undetected.

    XAK looks down, beat.

    DANTE: Comprendez pretty boy?

    XAK: Just keep going.

    XAK turns and motions to the others to be quiet as they move near the door of the social room. DANTE passes undetected, as does XAK.

    1ST VOICE (O/S): Damn girl?

    CHARLIE, CATE and TOOLE go to pass?

    2ND VOICE (O/S): I own your ass.

    The voices cause CHARLIE and TOOLE to open their eyes widely. They turn and look inside the social room?


    The camera pans around a large bricked room. On the wall there's a sign that reads "Humans Social Room". In the middle of the room is a pool table, a normal pool table. Holding one cue stick is an unshaven male, he looks beat up and rough. He's wearing old grey overalls, and is the source of the first voice. The camera slowly passes to the source of the second voice. She's female, and she's wearing torn overall trousers and a grey tank top. They're not demons?they're human. There's no one else in the room. They're the only humans in the prison by the looks of things. The camera cuts back to CHARLIE, TOOLE and CATE in the doorway of the social room.

    CHARLIE: (whispering) ?Melody?

    TOOLE: (quietly) ?Lance?

    The camera cuts around showing the man and the woman raise their heads in the midst of their pool game, equally shocked. It's MELODY, and LANCE. The woman CATE killed. TOOLE'S brother. While LANCE'S eyes linger on his brother, MELODY looks at CHARLIE, then to TOOLE. Finally, her gaze lands on CATE'S unconscious form. Her eyes widen.



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  • Lex


    The camera shows CATE and TOOLE both sitting cross-legged near the deceased bookstand. While all the splintered wood has been cleared away, they're sorting through some of the books and placing them in boxes. While TOOLE looks busy, CATE looks confused by some of the books.

    CATE: Ok, gay poetry aside, which of these books actually belong to Xak?

    TOOLE looks up, smiling.

    TOOLE: I dunno, I don't think he's the book-ish type, unless it's about dragons or defeating Fate-like entities.

    CATE thinks.

    CATE: Uh, I have Hercules on DVD somewhere, the Disney version, you know it's got those pot women with those funky thighs? Maybe he'd like that!

    TOOLE: Uh, that's not a book honey.

    CATE: He could put the subtitles on!

    She beams happily, TOOLE just shakes his head laughing.

    TOOLE: You're right though, these books are weird?

    He picks one up. The book is open and as he holds it up to CATE some of the words are missing.

    TOOLE: I mean, since when has Xak needed an "Insect Encyclopaedia"?

    CATE looks confused.

    CATE: We should just blame them on Doc, he's dead and plus we never met him so you know, guilt free!

    TOOLE half ignores the comment, he's too absorbed in the bug book.

    TOOLE: I mean look at this, this whole section on Spiders is missing?

    CATE raises an eyebrow.

    CATE: Babe you're way too into that?I'll have to burn it before I lose you forever?

    She looks down, picking up a few books.

    TOOLE: But seriously, don't you think that's weird?

    CATE throws the books on the floor in despair.

    CATE: Oh for crying out loud, maybe Charlie like glared at it or something with her funky baby hormones. If I were those words I'd have scuttled away too?

    TOOLE nods.

    TOOLE: She has been scary lately, in a "When Carrie Met Misery" way, I mean the other day she thought I used her toothbrush so she felt the need to burn every brush in the apartment, then buy a whole new set?

    CATE'S eyes widen?

    CATE: (worried) Even?the?hair?brushes??

    TOOLE nods. CATE looks up.

    CATE: Dear lord here she comes?

    The sound of the bedroom door opening can be heard.

    CATE: (whispering) Quick hide the bugs!

    TOOLE: (whispering quickly) Hide the brushes, I'll meet you on the moors by sunset and hopefully we'll be home safe by midnight?.

    CATE looks at him utterly confused, her head swimming with the thought of moors and sunsets. The camera shows CHARLIE coming out of the bedroom.

    TOOLE: (ecstatic) Hey!

    He beams happily, worried. She looks at them both on the floor. She doesn't look like she's in any particular mood, she just looks at them both quizzically.

    CHARLIE: What are you two up to?

    TOOLE: Just?you know, catching up on our reading.

    CATE'S eyes widen and she hides her face inside a book.

    CHARLIE raises an eyebrow, the camera cuts quickly between shots of all three of them, classic dramatic build-up music playing, with Toole and Cate looking worried, until?

    CHARLIE: (rolling her eyes) Whatever?

    She smiles, happily.

    CHARLIE: Listen, I was thinking we should all go to the mall today?

    CATE looks up, suddenly interested.

    CATE: Mall?

    CHARLIE: Yeah, well I got this feeling that we're gonna need to be ready for this little one.

    TOOLE looks at CATE.

    TOOLE: Practical shopping honey.

    CATE smiles sincerely.

    CATE: Sounds fun! I'm so in!

    CHARLIE turns to the bedroom door.

    CHARLIE: (louder) See babe, they think it's a good idea!

    XAK emerges from the bedroom looking a bit aggravated.

    XAK: But baby shopping, it's so?blah?

    TOOLE: (nodding) I'm with blah boy.

    CATE and CHARLIE look at eachother and then roll their eyes simultaneously.

    CATE: Ok then, you boys go do some manly shopping, video games, music, dvds whatever?Charlie and I will be on baby shopping duty.

    XAK smiles, liking this idea, as does TOOLE.

    TOOLE: (mocking) Sounds fun! I'm so in!

    CATE picks up a book and throws it at him.


    The camera shows LEIGH sitting on a crate in an alleyway, she's smoking a cigarette and on her arm is a shoulder bag. Opposite her is CHRISTIAN who's standing looking at her, also smoking. Around them the fog is drifting aimlessly making it hard to see anything around them.

    LEIGH: This sucks.

    CHRISTIAN: I know.

    They both sigh.

    LEIGH: The buildings are too small here.

    CHRISTIAN laughs.

    LEIGH: But we can make it work right?

    CHRISTIAN: Absolutely, us being here just shows he trusts us.

    LEIGH nods.

    LEIGH: True, and Phase One is still in operation?

    CHRISTIAN: It is, providing the information you got from Sofia's computer about Charlie's condition is accurate?

    He looks at her, expectantly. She sighs silently and pulls out a file from her shoulder bag.

    LEIGH: It's all there?

    She looks down feeling guilty. CHRISTIAN takes the file and begins sifting through the information on it.

    CHRISTIAN: Good work, this gives us a head start in knowing what they've done to that baby.

    LEIGH: Yeah, I guess it does?

    CHRISTIAN looks at her.

    CHRISTIAN: You did well Leigh, and the hard part's over, Sofia never has to know. With her gone, she's out of this now.

    LEIGH looks up at him and smiles weakly, she sighs.

    LEIGH: I just hated using her like that.

    CUT TO ? L.A

    SOFIA is stood in front of the laboratory desk, there is a lot of paperwork concerning A.I.D.A on the table top and she looks stressed and tired. Behind SOFIA a woman appears in the doorway. She's young, mid twenties and she's beautiful. She is dressed in a lab coat too, indicating she works in this division of the company. Her name is HEATHER ALEXANDRIA. (She is played by Heather Alexandria) She looks at SOFIA and sighs softly.

    HEATHER: Ms Rose?

    SOFIA turns to her, she rolls her eyes.

    SOFIA: Heather, I've told you, just call me Sofia.

    HEATHER smiles.

    HEATHER: Thanks, I just wanted to see how you were?

    SOFIA sighs.

    SOFIA: Stressed. All this A.I.D.A stuff, and?

    HEATHER: Turnpike up and leaving?

    SOFIA looks at her sternly.

    SOFIA: Don't be bold now.

    HEATHER smiles cheekily, and SOFIA succumbs to smiling eventually too.

    SOFIA: Yes, with "him" leaving too, it does make things difficult.

    HEATHER: Figured, but on the plus side you know, the psychotic one has left the building.

    SOFIA nods.

    SOFIA: Can't say I'm not happy, but?

    She looks down and back at her paper work.

    SOFIA: (quietly) ?I don't know if I can do this on my own.

    HEATHER: Work a bit too much?

    SOFIA: Yeah.

    HEATHER: I had noticed.

    SOFIA: I just never really understood how much A.I.D.A did around here, I mean she was like one woman with a thousand personalities. I'm just one person, with one?

    She sighs, depressed. HEATHER looks at her sympathetically, then moves over to her and stands by the paperwork. SOFIA looks at her.

    HEATHER: Well with two people, we'll get this done twice as fast.

    SOFIA smiles weakly.

    HEATHER: Besides, my personality is huge!

    SOFIA: Thanks Heather, I appreciate this.

    HEATHER smiles sweetly.

    HEATHER: No problem. In this company, you're never on your own.

    SOFIA looks down, not sure if this is a good thing or not.


    The camera pans around the furniture store, located in the upper level of the mall, and lands on the baby cribs, which are located, near the store window. Near them all are CHARLIE and CATE who are both "aw"-ing at all the baby cribs.

    CATE: Oh my god they're so beautiful.

    CHARLIE nods in agreement.

    CHARLIE: Drag me out this shop now, we can't afford this stuff. Not with Xak not working last summer.

    CATE: Duh that's shopping?but?ok!

    She pulls CHARLIE to the side and they laugh together walking out of the shop until they bump into someone.

    CHARLIE: Oh sorry, I?

    She looks at who it is, it's DANTE. He looks at her, he laughs in shock. He's dressed in his black t-shirt and he's holding a receipt, indicating he's just purchased something from the furniture shop. CATE looks confused but CHARLIE looks at him with anger, she must remember him from her time at Wolfram and Hart?

    DANTE: Well hey there?


    The camera shows TOOLE picking up a "Disney's ? Hercules" DVD and showing it to XAK. Loud thumping rapping can be heard in the background.

    TOOLE: Uh have you seen this?

    XAK: This is manly shopping? I can do without?

    He looks around the shop and then his gaze lands on the shop door, his face drops. In the background he can hear TOOLE attempting to explain the ethics of the Hydra, but his eyes are more focused on CHARLIE and CATE standing in front of DANTE. He rushes out of the shop.

    TOOLE: ?You know it's just a misunderstood, multi-headed purple monster?

    His voice cuts off as he notices XAK run out the store and in the direction of the others. He looks confused but runs after him none the less.


    The camera cuts back to CHARLIE, CATE and DANTE. DANTE and CHARLIE are exchanging glances. CATE looks him up and down.

    CATE: (flirtatiously, to CHARLIE) Who's your friend?

    DANTE: You gonna tell her? Or should I?

    CHARLIE shakes her head?she does remember

    CHARLIE: (seething) You bastard?

    XAK (O/S): Charlie!

    All three of them turn in the direction of the voice, the camera shows XAK rushing towards the girls with TOOLE in tow. When he arrives, he positions himself in front of both CHARLIE and CATE. While CATE looks confused, CHARLIE clutches on to XAK'S side, protectively.

    XAK: Back off Turnpike?

    DANTE looks him up and down as TOOLE approaches.

    TOOLE: (simultaneously) Turnpike? Oh?

    CATE: (simultaneously) Turnpike? Ew?

    DANTE laughs. He looks at both CATE and TOOLE.

    DANTE: So the whole gang's here? Scary?

    He laughs more.

    DANTE: ?Little old A.I.D.A wasn't enough to end you all I see.

    XAK smirks. The camera shows that a few people are starting to take notice of the commotion.

    XAK: That old hag? Sending little ladies to do your dirty work for you now?

    DANTE: She weren't a lady?(quietly) Dumbass?

    CATE: What actually was she, a transsexual?

    DANTE laughs.

    DANTE: In a sense yeah. She was a leech, whatever she touched?she became.

    An image of CHARLIE hitting A.I.D.A with the metallic tray?and A.I.D.A's eye turning metallic can be seen.

    DANTE (V/O): But her powers were always volatile, extreme mental or emotional stress would always push her over the edge. She'd lose control of her powers.

    An image of A.I.D.A hitting the bookstand can be seen from a different angle this time, and the camera shows her hitting the "Insect Encyclopaedia", and as she stands, the words and the wood stick to her body, she jumps and attaches herself to the ceiling?like a spider. The image of A.I.D.A ends with the camera returning to the gang standing opposite DANTE in the mall. TOOLE has now moved next to CATE and he has an arm around her. CHARLIE looks angrier now.

    CHARLIE: And that's why she wanted me, she wanted my powers?

    DANTE raises an eyebrow.

    DANTE: (casually) Actually, she wanted that thing inside you, she wanted its powers, but whatever?

    CHARLIE begins to shake slightly with anger. As she shakes, the floor begins to reverberate. The camera shows everyone except CHARLIE and DANTE looking down at the floor confused.

    DANTE: ?Of course, our drugs always kept her in place, and we extracted most of her powers for our own use.

    He smiles proudly at CHARLIE. The camera cuts back round to CHARLIE, her eyes begin to glow green.

    CHARLIE: (furious) Is that how you keep people in line?

    She pushes XAK aside. She's strong and XAK falls into CATE and TOOLE causing them all to fall to the floor. CHARLIE moves, and she steps up in DANTE'S face.

    CHARLIE: (almost sub-human) ?You have no idea what you've done.

    DANTE still smiles and he looks at her unfazed as the ground begins to shake violently. Various screams can be heard from surrounding people. XAK tries to get near CHARLIE but he can't seem to get physically close. TOOLE holds on to CATE, who both watch the scene desperately. DANTE leans in and whispers in CHARLIE'S ear, so only CHARLIE can hear what he's about to say.

    DANTE: (whispering) You're my bitch, sweet cheeks. That "baby" of yours will be my greatest work, other than you know assisting in your death. Tell me, just how hot is fire?

    With these words she screams shrilly. Everyone except XAK, CHARLIE, CATE, TOOLE and DANTE freeze in their positions. The camera shows various shots of people mid-walking, mid-shopping, and mid-observing, all frozen still, motionless. XAK, CATE and TOOLE look around, before looking at CHARLIE. Her green eyes glow strongly now, XAK notices, worried. DANTE doesn't look around at all, he just looks at CHARLIE smirking.

    XAK: Charlie!

    With XAK'S call, a sudden ripping sound can be heard and the air near them seems to rip like paper and tear into a rugged shredded portal. They all look at the portal, as a heavy loud wind flows quickly into the hole. Even DANTE turns now, and CHARLIE looks at him with rage. DANTE screams as he feels himself being pulled into the hole, he is lifted off his feet and he flies into the hole. Just before he leaves, he grabs CHARLIE, who looks blankly at the whole situation with her glowing eyes. Her feet slowly leave the floor but then rapidly, both her and DANTE, disappear into the portal. The camera cuts back to XAK, CATE and TOOLE who look astounded at what's just happened.

    XAK: (shouting) Come on!

    He goes to stand, but TOOLE holds him down.

    TOOLE: (shouting) We don't even know where they've gone! It could be anywhere

    The camera shows CATE standing, she looks blankly at the portal, as if she knows something.

    TOOLE (O/S): We need to come up with another way to sort this?

    CATE blinks.

    CATE: Screw this?

    She runs and jumps into the hole. TOOLE looks at her, his face drops.

    TOOLE: (screaming) ?No!

    On impulse he stands and runs after her, following her through the unknown portal. XAK looks around him at the frozen people surrounding him. He panics as he sees the hole beginning to heal itself. In slow motion he runs and jumps through the portal, just as it ceases up. Instantly, the strong wind stops, and the people in the mall carry on their shopping, oblivious to the event that just occurred?


    The camera cuts quickly to a high angled shot of DANTE'S new office. Either side of the room, two doors open. On one side of the screen CHRISTIAN appears in one of the open doors, and on the other side of the screen, LEIGH appears in the other. They both look at one another, confused.

    LEIGH: Did uh, Phase One like just happen?

    CHRSTIAN: I dunno. Did it?

    They look at one another confused before simultaneously turning around and going back through their doors, closing it behind them.



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  • Lex
    started a topic Shadow Stalker - 2.04 - Mood Swings

    Shadow Stalker - 2.04 - Mood Swings

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 2.04 ? Mood Swings
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season Two starts alongside Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 4 of Angel and is in affiliated with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Broken Destiny (Joe); and Wishful Thinking (Ben); Raven (Alexander Brown).

    SEPHY (V/O): Previously on Shadow Stalker.

    The camera shows various shots of XAK, CHARLIE, DANTE and SOFIA in the Wolfram and Hart dungeons.

    SEPHY (V/O): Many discovered their own definitions of experiencing hell.

    The camera shows CATE murdering The Clique; CHARLIE and TOOLE discovering LANCE'S body; CATE and TOOLE'S first kiss in his office.

    SEPHY V/O): While some found solace in blaming themselves for the hells plaguing their lives.

    The camera shows CATE crying in the rain and TOOLE walking away from her, after discovering her secret; Various quick shots of A.I.D.A's attack, her crawling on the ceiling, crashing into the bookstand; CHARLIE ending A.I.D.A's attack; The aftermath, with XAK looking at CHARLIE curiously, wondering.

    SEPHY (V/O): Others found themselves questioning unknown dangers?

    The camera shows DANTE requesting a transfer to Sunnydale and having to choose between CHRISTIAN, LEIGH and SOFIA; LEIGH and CHRISTIAN on the roof smoking and scheming; CHRISTIAN and LEIGH in the alleyway and LEIGH looking upset and awkward.

    SEPHY (V/O): ?And a very different pair deemed fit to concoct desolation on all.

    The camera shows CHRISTIAN and LEIGH in the alleyway, LEIGH'S face differing from CHRISTIAN'S, the camera closes in on the ash of her cigarette dissipating.




    The camera pans around the bedroom, it's foggy outside and the room is fairly dark, as the sunlight cannot reach the windows. The camera shows CHARLIE lying on the bed on her side looking out the window. The camera cuts to the other side of the bed, XAK begins to stir, and his eyes open slowly. He looks confused by the darkness. He rolls over and looks at CHARLIE.

    XAK: (sleepy) Hey.

    CHARLIE smiles, but doesn't turn around.

    CHARLIE: (whispering) Hey.

    XAK looks from her to the window, he looks at the fog lingering at their window.

    XAK: Admiring your mother's work?

    CHARLIE laughs and turns around to face him.

    CHARLIE: (quietly) Somethin' like that.

    XAK smiles at her. He leans in and kisses her slightly on the lips. He puts a hand on her stomach and rubs it softly.

    XAK: Getting big.

    She smiles, beaming with happiness.

    CHARLIE: I know, so fast?

    She looks down and away slightly.

    XAK: Don't be scared.

    CHARLIE: I'm not, just worried. They're gonna come for it, I know.

    She begins to cry.

    XAK: Sh sh sh?don't cry.

    CHARLIE: (quietly dramatic) I can't help it, I'm just so emotional right now!

    XAK looks at her, thinking.

    XAK: (cautiously) A.I.D.A isn't coming back.

    CHARLIE: (offended) I know, she's gone, I'm not stupid.

    XAK: (casually, wondering) So, you don't remember about what happened to her?

    CHARLIE rolls over and looks the other way.

    CHARLIE: (sincerely annoyed) Of course not, just drop it?

    XAK looks at her. He doesn't understand, how can she not remember?


    The camera pans around a newly built office. It's clean, pristine and there are lots of boxes unopened lying around the office. The camera continues to pan around until we can eventually see DANTE. He's in casual clothes, black jeans and a black fitted t-shirt. He looks happy. He beams at his new office.

    DANTE: I think this is a much better location, able to keep a closer eye on everything?

    He looks around, rolls his eyes at the people in front of him.

    DANTE: Ok I know it's not much at the moment but we'll get a few accessories?

    He gestures at one of the people.

    DANTE: ?I imagine you're a woman who likes to accessorise?

    He smiles.

    DANTE: Good, welcome to your new home.

    The camera pans around to show the two other people in the room. The two people he chose. It's CHRISTIAN, and LEIGH.





    The camera shows a full moon in the night sky with the caption "SHADOW STALKER" tattooed
    across the view. The words streak across the scene with a slight red tint as the music starts up.

    The camera then cuts to CHARLIE walking down the street in her red dress towards XAK. The camera shows several quick cuts of XAK transgressing and eventually him killing CHARLIE.

    The camera then shows XAK in a suit leaving the Wolfram and Hart building then to him in an alleyway, he looks dirty and unshaven and in dirty clothes. (The music below plays throughout)

    "It's bugging me, grating me
    And twisting me around


    The camera shows CHARLIE in her cell, scared and alone and then cuts to her standing in XAK'S apartment, and her eyes glowing a bright green.

    "Yeah i'm endlessly caving in
    And turning inside out


    The camera then shows XAK and CATE both running down the streets of L.A desperately. The camera then focuses more on CATE and cuts to her in The Bronze serving drinks, and then to her armed with a sword glaring angrily. (The music below plays throughout)

    "'Cause I want it now
    I want it now
    Give me your heart and your soul


    The camera shows TOOLE in a suit walking through an office block and to him pinned against a cave wall by a demon. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And i'm breaking out
    I'm breaking out
    Last chance to lose control


    The camera then shows DANTE sitting behind his desk smirking but quickly cuts to him fighting off a demon with a large axe. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And I want you now
    I want you now
    I'll feel my heart implode


    As the song comes to an end the camera shows various quick caps of CATE by a grave and SEPHY walking into the Underworld smiling, then finally to XAK walking through the graveyard at night. The camera moves up and shows a high angle shot of him walking away and the shape of the dragon streaking across the sky causing the screen to fade to black. (The music below plays throughout)

    "I'm breaking out
    Escaping now
    Feeling my faith erode