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Shadow Stalker - 2.02 - The Contract (Part Two)

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  • Shadow Stalker - 2.02 - The Contract (Part Two)

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 2.02 ? The Contract (Part Two)
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season Two starts alongside Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 4 of Angel and is in affiliated with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Broken Destiny (Joe); Wishful Thinking (Ben); and Raven (Alexander Brown).

    SEPHY (V/O): Previously on Shadow Stalker.

    The camera shows XAKIEL killing CHARLIE and cuts to CATE and TOOLE discovering her body. Then to XAK flying away in the aeroplane and him walking out of Wolfram and Hart.

    SEPHY (V/O): The hero's walk of life became one with questionable motives.

    The camera shows DANTE and XAK in a meeting together and then to him leaving PETRINA to die by the hands of the vampire.

    SEPHY (V/O): While some people found themselves without a path to walk at all.

    The camera shows CATE cleaning glasses at The Bronze and then to her crying by CHARLIE'S grave. The camera then shows SEPHY in the alleyway talking with XAK and to her putting her head in her hands in the apartment in L.A.

    SEPHY (V/O): But what no one had anticipated was that no matter what path they walked?

    The camera shows XAK saving PETRINA?

    SEPHY (V/O): ?They would find each other once again.

    ?The camera shows XAK arriving back home in his drenched suit and he's talking to SEPHY?and CATE and TOOLE.




    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The camera pans around the furnishings; the apartment looks the same as it ever did but slightly messier. A variety of items of clothing belonging to CATE are strewn across the lounge of the apartment. The sound of a key turning in the lock can be heard and as the door begins to open, the camera pans around to the door. CATE and TOOLE enter.


    They look tired and CATE simply drags herself over to the sofa. She flops over the back of the sofa and sighs deeply and she manages to drag with her an array of clothes, which fall on top of her making her hidden.

    CATE: (muffled) Ow?

    The camera cuts back to TOOLE who smiles slightly; he takes off his jacket, leaving the front door open slightly. He throws his coat on to CATE who makes an annoyed groan.

    TOOLE: You wanna drink babe?

    CATE'S face manages to appear in between the cleavage of a bra.

    CATE: Tea please.

    He winks at her then moves to the kitchen.

    CATE: (shouting) Tonight was immense.

    TOOLE (O/S): I know, but it kept ya busy right?

    CATE: Uh huh.

    TOOLE (O/S): Good. You did well tonight, are you sure you've never done bar work before?

    CATE stares at the ceiling, then something catches her eye. Her eyes widen.

    CATE: (distant) Positive?

    TOOLE enters the lounge again with the tea, and he's shocked by what he sees. So shocked he nearly drops the mugs causing a slight spillage of hot liquid to splash on to the carpet. The camera cuts around to show SEPHY standing at the door in a black tank top and jeans. She smiles nervously at them both.

    SEPHY: Hello you two.

    The camera cuts to CATE who struggles to stand under the pile of clothes. Eventually she does and she hurries over to SEPHY and gives her a hug.

    CATE: My god, we've been so worried, how have ya been?

    SEPHY: Thank you dear. I just needed some time away after?everything.

    CATE and TOOLE nod, understanding.

    SEPHY: But now I'm back, and I'm not alone.

    She looks down slightly cautious. CATE and TOOLE look slightly confused.

    TOOLE: I don't get it.

    SEPHY moves out of the way, behind her is XAK. He looks at them both nervously. CATE gasps, she puts a hand to her mouth while TOOLE'S face just drops.

    CUT TO ? L.A

    The colours on the screen are normal again, and the camera shows a present day CATE and TOOLE sitting and looking at XAK after hearing his startling revelation

    SEPHY (O/S): Oh my?

    XAK: I know, it's kinda huge, but it seems right, I know it is.

    TOOLE: Not to bring our spirits down or anything but how are we gonna pull this off?

    SEPHY and XAK look at one another, slightly beat.

    SEPHY: He is right; this will be a difficult plan to execute, especially considering they could predict this move.

    CATE (O/S): Uh, I have an idea?

    Everyone looks at her as she smiles at concocting her plan.





    The camera shows a full moon in the night sky with the caption "SHADOW STALKER" tattooed
    across the view. The words streak across the scene with a slight red tint as the music starts up.

    The camera then cuts to CHARLIE walking down the street in her red dress towards XAK. The camera shows several quick cuts of XAK transgressing and eventually him killing CHARLIE.

    The camera then shows XAK in a suit leaving the Wolfram and Hart building then to him in an alleyway, he looks dirty and unshaven and in dirty clothes. (The music below plays throughout)

    "It's bugging me, grating me
    And twisting me around


    The camera then shows XAK and CATE both running down the streets of L.A desperately. The camera then focuses more on CATE and cuts to her in The Bronze serving drinks, and then to her armed with a sword glaring angrily. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Yeah i'm endlessly caving in
    And turning inside out
    'Cause I want it now
    I want it now
    Give me your heart and your soul


    The camera shows TOOLE in a suit walking through an office block and to him pinned against a cave wall by a demon. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And i'm breaking out
    I'm breaking out
    Last chance to lose control


    The camera then shows DANTE sitting behind his desk smirking but quickly cuts to him fighting off a demon with a large axe. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And I want you now
    I want you now
    I'll feel my heart implode


    As the song comes to an end the camera shows various quick caps of CATE by a grave and SEPHY walking into the Underworld smiling, then finally to XAK walking through the graveyard at night. The camera moves up and shows a high angle shot of him walking away and the shape of the dragon streaking across the sky causing the screen to fade to black. (The music below plays throughout)

    "I'm breaking out
    Escaping now
    Feeling my faith erode


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    The scene is continued from the Teaser. SEPHY and XAK are now both sat and they, as well as TOOLE, are all listening to CATE'S plan.

    XAK: I dunno Cate.

    CATE: What why? Come on it's not like I come up with these sorts of things often.

    She laughs nervously.

    XAK: I know but I don't like the thought of putting either of you in any more danger.

    TOOLE: I know, and neither do I, but it does sound like this could work.

    SEPHY stands and breathes deeply.

    SEPHY: If this is a plan we are taking as a course of action, I wish to be a part of this.

    The others look just at her as if she's insane. TOOLE looks at XAK and points at SEPHY.

    TOOLE: Ok now that's an idea that won't work.

    SEPHY looks at him slightly annoyed.

    XAK: I'm with Toole on this one.

    SEPHY turns to XAK, incredulous.

    SEPHY: What, why?

    XAK: You said it yourself, you can't get too deep in this one, it's too dangerous for you.

    SEPHY: Oh as Cate would say, (mocking) "whatever!"

    CATE laughs behind her hand.

    SEPHY: Seriously though, this is something you'll need my help in, there needs to be a fourth person in this.

    XAK looks at CATE.

    CATE: (sighs deeply) She's right. (resolute) Of course the plan is flawless.

    She looks immensely proud of her plan and TOOLE rubs her shoulder smiling. XAK sighs slightly and looks at SEPHY.

    XAK: You're sure.

    SEPHY: Indeed. I'll be returning to the Underworld soon, what exactly do I have to lose. It's about time this goddess showed everyone she does not abide by rules.

    CATE snaps her fingers, TOOLE laughs. The image of both CATE and TOOLE looking happier then changes as the scene fades into the next one.


    The screen fades from the last scene to this one. The first thing we see is CATE and TOOLE'S shocked faces. The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. As the camera pans around to show SEPHY and XAK we know this is continued from the flashback we saw in the Teaser.

    CATE: Oh you've gotta be kidding me?

    XAK moves towards her.

    XAK: Cate, just let me explain.

    She backs away.

    CATE: (seething) Stay away from me.

    TOOLE puts down the mugs of tea and walks towards CATE not keeping his eyes off XAK but arranging his arm, protectively, around CATE. SEPHY looks at them both desperately.

    SEPHY: I know this is hard to accept but please listen to us.

    TOOLE: Us? You two are what, best pals now?

    XAK looks down, beat

    SEPHY: I can't excuse quite what happened on that night, but I didn't just lose Charis.

    CATE: What do you mean?

    SEPHY: Ras is dead as well.

    CATE looks upset at this and she feels herself welling up, overwhelmed by the whole meeting. TOOLE grips her shoulder, reassuring her.

    CATE: Did he do it?

    She looks at XAK. XAK looks incredulous.

    XAK: No!

    CATE: Well you can hardly blame me for wondering now, can you?

    XAK: What I did was by my hands but not my head. You're just looking for someone to blame, and those bitches ain't here to take it.

    CATE looks down, and folds her arms. XAK looks on the verge of tears.

    XAK: Now I loved that girl, more than I ever thought I could?

    Before he can finish, SEPHY steps forwards.

    SEPHY: (To XAK) Well perhaps the past tense would not be an appropriate one to use.

    CATE looks up, intrigued and almost happy to change the subject of blaming XAK.

    CATE: What, what are you talking about?

    SEPHY looks at XAK and pauses before answering, unsure of how CATE and TOOLE will react to the news.

    SEPHY: Well, Xak and I have reason to believe that Charis is still alive.

    CATE gasps and both her and TOOLE look at one another in shock.

    CUT TO ? L.A

    The camera shows DANTE reading over the contract. He looks troubled, and as the camera is only focused on him we can't really see what is written. He has a notepad next to him and he's making notes on it in preparation for XAK'S initiation. He looks tired and worn out. The floor to his office is also still wet. He sighs slightly and reaches for a cup of coffee. He goes to take a sip from it but looks disappointed. He holds the cup upside down indicating that it's empty. He scoffs in anger and he throws the cup across the room. He presses a button on the phone on his desk.

    DANTE: (angrily) Christian!

    CUT TO ? L.A

    DANTE (O/S): (angrily) Christian!

    The camera shows CHRISTIAN'S phone on his desk, the sound of DANTE'S voice is coming from it on loudspeaker. The camera pans up to show CHRISTIAN sleeping, lying back in his desk chair. He looks completely exhausted.

    DANTE (O/S): (shouting) Christian!!

    The camera shows a wider establishing shot of the office outside DANTE'S office. On one side we can see there are no people at their desks, on the other side there is CHRISTIAN'S desk, with him sleeping in his chair, and another woman's desk with a blonde woman sitting behind it. With DANTE'S last shout CHRISTIAN awakens, startled. The camera shows the blonde woman laughing. Her name is LEIGH SINCLAIR, she's a businesswoman, blonde hair, late twenties who also works for DANTE. She is played by Rachel McAdams. CHRISTIAN looks at LEIGH embarrassed and presses a button on the phone on his desk.

    CHRISTIAN: (nervous) Uh yeah Sir?

    DANTE (O/S): Get me some frickin' coffee you idiot. If you're sticking around make yourself useful.

    CHRISTIAN looks down, upset. He presses the button again.

    CHRISTIAN: Sure, I'll uh, get it right now.

    He releases the button and lies back in his chair again. The camera pans around to LEIGH, who is tapping a pen in between her teeth curiously. She looks at CHRISTIAN who looks at her back.

    CHRISTIAN: (threatened) What?

    LEIGH holds up her hands in surrender.

    LEIGH: Nothing.

    She goes back to her work at the computer but then rapidly turns back to him.

    LEIGH: It's just?you let him boss you around so much. Why?

    CHRISTIAN looks to her.

    CHRISTIAN: He's our boss Leigh, we have to show him respect.

    She looks a bit shocked.

    LEIGH: He treats you like dirt Chris, you shouldn't have to put up with that. I don't.

    CHRISTIAN scoffs.

    CHRISTIAN: Oh yeah, ?cause he really comes down on you.

    LEIGH: What, he does!

    She looks like she's searching for something to say.

    LEIGH: Oh like the other day, he thought I'd used Times New Roman as a font on that report I had to do on the phoenix when really I'd just, (she slows down), used Century Gothic for you know, irony, and he just lost control and like?glared.

    She looks at CHRISTIAN nodding.

    CHRISTIAN: God I feel like a martyr all of a sudden.

    LEIGH: I thought that's what I could smell.

    She laughs, and CHRISTIAN smiles at her, looking embarrassed.

    DANTE (O/S): Hey! Where's that damn coffee! And none of that vending machine crap, it just eats up change anyway.

    CHRISTIAN grits his teeth and presses the button on his desk phone.

    CHRISTIAN: Starbucks on its way?sir.

    He makes a special emphasis on the "sir", causing LEIGH to laugh. CHRISTIAN looks at her.

    CHRISTIAN: I better?

    He motions to the door to indicate he better go, LEIGH smiles at him and he smiles back. He gets off his chair and goes to the door. LEIGH smiles and bites her bottom lip and goes back to typing on her computer.

    CUT TO ? L.A

    The camera shows XAK in the kitchen area, he's making two cups of tea. There is no one in the lounge with him. He stirs in the milk and the sugar, and as he does this the sound of one of the bedroom doors opening can be heard. He doesn't turn around but the camera shows it to be SEPHY. She looks at him and smiles.

    SEPHY: I didn't think you'd be asleep.

    He turns around holding the mugs of tea.

    XAK: Right back at ya.

    He indicates the cups of tea. She looks enticed and walks over to him, she takes one of the mugs and they both walk over to the chairs, she sits down in a seat and sips on the mug.

    SEPHY: Mmm, you know I sorely miss hot beverages in the Underworld, all we have there is?well lava, and heed my warnings when I tell you it is not as refreshing as it may sound.

    XAK laughs. SEPHY looks at him, curious, cocking her head to the side slightly.

    SEPHY: That's the first time I've seen you laugh in four months.

    XAK shrugs off the laughter.

    XAK: I dunno, I guess I have a reason to be happy.

    SEPHY: You do, and don't let anyone take that away from you.

    XAK looks down, unsure.

    XAK: Thanks.

    SEPHY smiles, but her smile slowly fades.

    SEPHY: Xak, I have been meaning to ask you?

    XAK: Hm?

    SEPHY: This contract you've taken with Wolfram and Hart, it's got a catch hasn't it?

    XAK looks at his tea, he doesn't look at her, but he nods slowly.

    CUT TO ? L.A

    It is dark and the camera is focused on the door and it can be seen that there is a figure standing by the door, listening to what XAK and SEPHY are talking about. The person who is listening to their conversation opens the door slightly just in time to see SEPHY ask XAK about the contract. With the light from the lounge we can see that the person is TOOLE. He's smiling from what they've said before this but his face drops slightly when he sees XAK nodding in answer to SEPHY'S question.

    CUT TO ? L.A

    The camera shows a dank and dripping dungeon corridor. Various doors leading off, all metal and with large locks. The sounds of various demonic groans and snarling can be heard. The sound of someone walking can be heard. Loud clopping heels can be heard coming from one side of the seemingly eternal dungeon. The camera pans down to show SOFIA ROSE. A woman in her early thirties. She has mocha skin and her dark chocolate hair is tied back into a ruthless bun, she is wearing glasses and a stunning jet-black suit. She is played by Morena Baccarin. She's carrying a clipboard and she's walking with purpose. She comes to an elevator door on her left where there are no dungeon doors, it is merely dank walls for a few feet. We are shown various fragmented shots of SOFIA, and in all of them we can see the eternal walkway either side of her. She taps her shoe and watches the door intently until it opens. The camera shows the perspective of whoever is occupying the elevator. Whoever it is, is looking at SOFIA. We can see her looking annoyed.

    SOFIA: You're late.

    The camera pans to the side of SOFIA and shows DANTE walking out of the elevator with his hands in his suit trouser pockets. He smirks and he's sipping on a Starbucks take out coffee cup.

    DANTE: Sorry momma, daddy needed some sugar.

    He winks at her and downs his coffee. Gulping it down, he throws the coffee cup on the floor. She looks at the cup on the floor with disgust.

    SOFIA: You're intolerable Mr Turnpike, follow me.

    She walks back in the direction she was walking, DANTE watches her go and checks her out before running to catch up with her.

    DANTE: What's your deal sugar?

    SOFIA: (scoffs) I'd appreciate not being referred to as a sweet confectionery covering thank you. I have no deal, except for dealing with snide little children such as you.

    DANTE: Ouch kitten, that stung. Anyone would think you're unhappy to see me again?

    He runs in front of her and presses himself up against her. She looks at him disgusted.

    SOFIA: Two words. Wine. Mistake.

    He smirks.

    DANTE: (whispering) Well maybe you and Miss-Take could come on over soon, have one hell of a night.

    SOFIA: (smiles) Or maybe we could just go and see A.I.D.A, it ain't happy.

    DANTE looks beat, he sighs.

    DANTE: How is the old crone?

    SOFIA: Two words. Annoyed. Understatement.

    She pushes him out of the way and carries on walking.

    DANTE: Oh I'm sure that ain't true.

    SOFIA: (laughing) You're calling it a liar?

    DANTE: No?

    He smiles.

    DANTE: Not to its face.

    He smiles at her, trying to win her over. She just looks even more annoyed.

    SOFIA: Well you've managed to mess up everything again Mr Turnpike. Letting Mr Thorn sign the contract tonight was a careless business move.

    DANTE: Says?

    They both stop walking. She turns to him, furious.

    SOFIA: (shouting) Oh grow up Dante! You're so completely obsessed in Xakiel Thorn! You're taking it out on everyone to get him in this company.

    DANTE looks at her, beat, the camera focuses on his face.

    SOFIA (O/S): Everyone's talking about you and your new power, and don't think I haven't heard what's written in that contract you made him sign.

    DANTE: I didn't make him do anything.

    SOFIA: (softly) You knew he would sign. You made the stakes too high not to.

    She moves closer.

    SOFIA: And because you've raised those stakes, you're gonna ruin everything this company has worked for over the past months.

    She steps away from him and leaves him standing in the dungeon.

    SOFIA: (walking away) You don't need to come with me. I shall inform A.I.D.A straight away. It'll all be ready tomorrow, providing everything goes well. It better do?

    With her final words the camera pans around to DANTE again as he glares at SOFIA walking away. The sound of her shoes echoing down the eternal tunnels of the Wolfram and Hart dungeon.




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      ACT TWO


      The lights are off in the apartment and it's dark. The camera pans around the lounge to show the silhouette of XAK and SEPHY sleeping on the chairs in the lounge. The camera shows SEPHY curled up into a ball and resting her head on her knees. The camera then pans around to show XAK who looks troubled while he's sleeping. He's lying back in the chair with his head drooped slightly. Behind him someone begins massaging his shoulders. He stirs slightly breathing softly and calmly.

      XAK: (quietly and half asleep) Mmm that's nice.

      The person who's massaging his shoulders leans down. It's CHARLIE. She laughs softly and nuzzles his ear.

      CHARLIE: You forget I know what you like.

      XAK opens his eyes, he's slightly more awake.

      XAK: I didn't forget.

      CHARLIE: You remember then, what happened?

      XAK'S eyes open fully.

      XAK: You know it wasn't my fault.

      CHARLIE smiles and rests her chin on his shoulder.

      CHARLIE: I know that baby.

      She sighs.

      CHARLIE: But I didn't mean that.

      XAK turns his head slightly towards her, but doesn't look at her. Almost afraid that she either won't be there or that she'll be as he left her.

      XAK: (confused) What did you mean?

      CHARLIE: I mean what we did, both of us.

      XAK looks even more confused now, she notices his confused look. CHARLIE looks at SEPHY briefly who still sleeps peacefully in the chair opposite him and then looks back to XAK.

      CHARLIE: (whispering) Please remember Xak. It's important, and it's gotta be stopped.

      VOICE (O/S): What you doing?

      The image of XAK and CHARLIE together at the chair fractures completely and we now see XAK'S eyes are now closed as he lies, asleep, in the chair. He snaps awake suddenly to see TOOLE standing in front of him looking at him. XAK looks around for CHARLIE, she's not there. SEPHY is still asleep in her chair. XAK looks at TOOLE, he sighs slightly.

      XAK: Sorry, I'm just dreaming.

      TOOLE smiles and nods before walking to the kitchen. He grabs a glass and fills it up with some tap water. XAK sits more upright in his chair and rubs his face taking a deep breath and yawning.

      XAK: What are you doing up?

      TOOLE: Couldn't sleep, and Cate kept elbowing me emphatically in my sleep, you know either that bed is too small or Cate's getting stronger.

      XAK laughs slightly.

      TOOLE: I mean why couldn't Sephy cloak a bigger apartment?

      XAK looks to her.

      XAK: She's done well hasn't she.

      TOOLE looks at her sleeping as well.

      TOOLE: She bought us lot together again.

      XAK: (curious) Which is a good thing right?

      TOOLE looks from SEPHY to XAK. He looks unsure on how to answer but looking into his friend's eyes he knows.

      TOOLE: Of course.

      He smiles and the camera shows a high angle shot of the two in the lounge together. Passing up into the dark ceiling as the scene changes?


      ?The camera pans up from the lounge's pitch-black ceiling and eventually shows grass. The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The camera keeps panning up to show that the grass is shrouded in darkness and that it belongs to the desolate ground of the Sunnydale Graveyard. It is dark, but we can see SEPHY with her arm around CATE, reassuring and comforting her. CATE'S head is rested on SEPHY'S shoulder and they are both holding torches aimed at something. They are both wearing the same clothes as they were before, indicating this is the same night as the last flashback.

      CATE: (quietly) I cannot believe we're doing this, it's illegal for one thing.

      SEPHY: I know sweetie but it's something that must be done.

      CATE sighs and slowly as she feels slightly more relaxed she allows the torch she's holding to slip and the light falls on the gravestone in front of her. It's CHARLIE'S. As the light shines on her name, we can also see that there is a coffin-sized hole in the ground in front of the grave.

      VOICE (O/S): Could you keep it steady?

      A head pops up from the hole. It's TOOLE. He's shirtless and next to him in the hole is XAK who's also shirtless. They're digging. CATE'S attention is suddenly fixed and more precise.

      CATE: Oh sorry babe.

      She re-adjusts the torch to the grave.

      CATE: (whispering, to SEPHY) You know, normally the sight of those two, half naked and sweating would get me kind of hot?but you know, when they're digging up your best friend's grave? Not so much.

      SEPHY smiles weakly and tightens the grip on CATE'S shoulder.

      SEPHY: It'll all be over soon, then we'll know if I was right or if?

      She's cut off as the sound of spades hitting wood can be heard. Both her and CATE look at eachother as the sound of the men testing the wood on the coffin with their spades resonates. XAK looks up at them both.

      XAK: Ok, we're there.

      He looks more to SEPHY.

      XAK: You better be right about this?

      SEPHY breathes deeply. She closes her eyes and holds on to CATE, who can't seem to keep her eyes off the sight of the dirty coffin lid. The camera cuts to XAK and TOOLE, who are both breathing heavily and looking at the coffin.

      XAK: (to TOOLE) Ready?

      TOOLE looks at him and nods. Without a further hesitation, XAK slams his spade down in one swift motion on to the lid of the coffin, breaking it. TOOLE hurries to tear away splinters of the lid, until a gaping hole is in the lid of the coffin. We see a view from inside the coffin, looking out at the gang. In the front of the shot is TOOLE looking horrified. Behind him is XAK who shares his horrified look. At the back we see SEPHY'S eyes widen and CATE who has covered her mouth with her hand.

      SEPHY: I think this proves things?

      The camera closes in on SEPHY and continues panning around until we see from her point of view, and what she sees inside her daughter's coffin. It is empty.

      SEPHY: She's alive.

      XAK turns to her angrily.

      XAK: Except it doesn't prove that at all. All it proves is that someone out there has her, and I'm gonna make them pay.

      CATE looks at them all, overwhelmed.

      CATE: (shakily) What do we do now?

      XAK: We go back to L.A?

      TOOLE: You sure that's the best plan?

      XAK: I'm sure, if Wolfram and Hart have her, I'll find her. I'll get to her.

      TOOLE looks confused as if this name sounds familiar. He shakes it off.

      TOOLE: How?

      XAK looks down thinking then looks back up to TOOLE.

      XAK: If Wolfram and Hart played a part in Charlie's death then they'll know how valuable I could prove in the field. I could join them.

      SEPHY: A field agent? An interesting concept, one most plausible.

      CATE: (quiet) What about us.

      She indicates TOOLE. SEPHY sighs.

      SEPHY: Perhaps you should stay my dear.

      CATE looks at her, shocked.

      CATE: Hell no, I let her down once, I ain't doing it again. I'm coming with.

      TOOLE nods in agreement.

      SEPHY: Then this is a problem.

      TOOLE: Why?

      SEPHY: Wolfram and Hart are bound to research into Xak's life, up until this point he's made no contact with you. If they know he's still associating with you two they will doubt his true loyalty to the company?

      XAK: ?And I'll have to prove myself to get to Charlie.

      He looks to SEPHY to check he's following correctly.

      SEPHY: Correct. So now, we have to decide how to bring Cate and Toole with us.

      Everyone looks deep in thought.

      XAK: Well, the apartment in L.A is cloaked, how difficult is it to cloak them?

      SEPHY looks unsure.

      SEPHY: Hmm, it would be time consuming, we don't have much time, if only there was?

      She smiles.

      SEPHY: (with attitude) Oh, I'm good?

      XAK: What?

      SEPHY: I know a spell once taught to me. An ancient spell, which causes people to appear to be, somewhere where they aren't.

      XAK: A glamour?

      SEPHY: Deeper than that. The whole day is on a loop, and the subject is the centre?if I can sustain the magicks to focus on the couple in question it will appear that they're living in Sunnydale as normal.

      She looks happy and pleased with her idea. TOOLE looks also pleased at being able to work at The Bronze without having to actually be there. Everyone looks from one person to the other.

      XAK: Then Sephy, fire up the magicks, we'll make a quick stop at the apartment for clothes but then we're gone, Sunnydale is dead to us

      Everyone nods, in agreement. Phase one of the plan, in progress.

      CUT TO ? L.A

      The colours of the stock image are normal indicating this is the present day morning. Some tense music begins to play as we see the sun rising on the morning of the initiation?

      CUT TO ? L.A

      CHRISTIAN is sitting on his desk, he's sipping on a cup of coffee and in front of him is LEIGH who has perched herself on the desk sipping on some coffee too. Around them people are starting to arrive to work. They're mid conversation.

      LEIGH: ?It only happened once.

      CHRISTIAN: Sofia and Dante?

      LEIGH: Uh huh, I spoke to her the morning after, she was less than happy and was considering going celibate but I talked her round.

      She laughs and sips on her coffee again. CHRISTIAN looks slightly disgusted at the concept of DANTE and SOFIA together. Before they can continue their conversation the door to DANTE'S office opens and he storms out. He looks angry and stressed.

      DANTE: Leigh, back to work now.

      She rolls her eyes in CHRISTIAN'S direction before hopping off his desk and moving back to her desk. DANTE looks around at the other workers who all hurry to their desks and then he moves towards CHRISTIAN.

      DANTE: Christian, did you get Sofia's report?

      CHRISTIAN: (to himself) In a sense?

      DANTE moves closer.

      DANTE: (seething) I heard that.

      CHRISTIAN looks down.

      DANTE: Next time you wanna make jibes at my personal life and listen to idle office banter, have the guts to say it to my face you worm?

      The camera shows LEIGH at her desk beginning to work but she's listening, along with the rest of the office. She looks upset at seeing CHRISTIAN get put down again. The camera cuts round to show from her point of view. DANTE is telling CHRISTIAN something. Whatever it is, causes CHRISTIAN'S eyes to widen and then causes him to jump out of his seat and run out of the office. LEIGH stands.

      LEIGH: (shouting) Chris!

      She hurries away from her desk and runs after him. DANTE watches her leave, he has a smile on his face, a wicked one.

      DANTE: I said, back to work Leigh.

      She turns to him, glaring.

      LEIGH: Bite me.

      She runs out the office. He laughs. The other office workers look worried, as if DANTE might take his wrath out on them. He just laughs and points to the door LEIGH left from.

      DANTE: Damn, I like that girl.

      He keeps laughing and turns and walks back into his office

      CUT TO ? L.A

      The camera pans around the rune symbols on the walls of the apartment that have kept the gang hidden for all these months. The camera moves away from the walls and shows the gang standing in a circle. SEPHY is pruning XAK'S suit. It's a different suit this time, a grey suit with a white shirt and a grey tie. She looks at him as she tightens his tie with a sense of pride. CATE and TOOLE are stood a little out of the picture, we can just see their faces in the background. Not what they're wearing.

      SEPHY: Ok I think you're set.

      CATE (O/S): You've been nit picking for an hour.

      SEPHY: I expect nothing but perfection.

      CATE (O/S): Ok Mary Poppins, but its time to go.

      SEPHY nods at her and TOOLE before turning back to XAK.

      SEPHY: This is it, you are ready?

      He looks at her then nods. Looking determined.

      XAK: As I'll ever be.

      CUT TO ? L.A

      The camera shows two figures on top of the Wolfram and Hart building. They're sat on two large metallic crates staring out at the Los Angeles skyline. The sun beating down on them as they absorb the view. The camera moves in and reveals the figures to be CHRISTIAN and LEIGH. They're both smoking.

      CHRISTIAN: Is this as rebellious as it gets?

      LEIGH exhales her cigarette.

      LEIGH: What? Smoking on the roof, hell yeah?we're the envy of work forces everywhere.

      CHRISTIAN smiles weakly.

      CHRISTIAN: I just wanna hit him where it hurts?one day, I'll find something that'll bring his world down to his feet?

      LEIGH inhales but looks a bit freaked.

      LEIGH: Wow, morbid?

      She throws her cigarette to the floor.

      LEIGH: ?But you know, if you're serious about this, maybe I can be of assistance?

      CHRISTIAN: How do you mean?

      LEIGH: I've got an idea that could blow his empire from under him, if you're interested of course.

      She smiles wickedly at him, before we see him answer, the camera drops over the side of the building and goes to the bottom of the building, showing the street in front of the building

      CUT TO ? L.A

      The camera shows the exterior of the building, the camera shows the sign, with the company's name on it. Outside the building's entrance a delivery van pulls up to the entrance. One man gets out and says something to the other man. He goes and gets a parcel out the back of the van and walks into the building. As he walks in a woman in a black trouser suit walks into the building with a briefcase. She's talking on the phone and sounds immensely annoyed. It's an ordinary day or as ordinary as any day at Wolfram and Hart can be.

      CUT TO ? L.A

      While the delivery guy goes to the desk and the suited woman stands by a potted plant, infuriated, another person enters the building. Someone who proves that this may seem like a normal day, but is far from it. It's XAK. As he enters he notices two large security guards standing by the door. DANTE was right, he had made sure Wolfram and Hart was more secure this time. He walks confidently through the lobby and walks around the corner to where the elevators are.

      CUT TO ? L.A

      The camera shows DANTE standing outside his office door with his arms folded. He looks around the office at his workers. Everyone's eyes are transfixed on the elevator door. CHRISTIAN and LEIGH are still not back. The sound of the elevator door opening can be heard, but the camera simply remains on DANTE and moves in on his mouth. He smiles.

      DANTE: Let the games begin.




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        ACT THREE


        The camera shows the elevator opening again. Slowly XAK walks out. DANTE smile at him from the other side of the office.

        DANTE: Mr Thorn.

        XAK looks at him, then begins walking slowly towards him.

        XAK: I see you decided to up the security.

        DANTE: I'm a man of my word.

        XAK: Except you've got them guarding the doors.

        DANTE: (confused) And?

        XAK: I came in the window, dumbass.

        A titter of laughter can be heard throughout the office. DANTE maintains a smile, but grits his teeth. He motions towards his office door.

        DANTE: Shall we?

        He raises an eyebrow. XAK does as he did the day before and walks past him, almost pushing him out the way. DANTE follows him in quickly learning not to wait for a reaction from his workers.

        CUT TO ? L.A

        XAK is standing looking around the office as DANTE follows him inside his office, closing the door behind him.

        DANTE: (clapping his hands together) So you ready?

        XAK: Why wouldn't I be?

        DANTE: No reason, just gotta check.

        He moves over to his desk and perches on top of it folding his arms across his chest.

        DANTE: The initiation will test the three areas the Senior Partners are most interested in.

        He walks over to the elevator and presses the button at the side of it.

        DANTE: (continuing) Your physical stamina, your mental state and your spiritual faith?

        XAK: And then?

        The elevator doors open and DANTE enters.

        DANTE: And then, we'll see.

        XAK watches him cautiously then follows and enters the elevator.

        CUT TO ? L.A

        As the elevator door closes we see DANTE pressing a variety of buttons on the elevator until a mystic white button appears at the top of the ordinary buttons. He presses it. XAK looks unimpressed by the whole ordeal.

        DANTE: Not everyone gets to see that.

        XAK: (maintaining his unimpressed expression) I'm honoured.

        DANTE: (casually) Remove your clothing.

        XAK looks at him shocked.

        XAK: Huh!?

        DANTE: Don't wanna get blood on that suit now do we?

        XAK looks at him, wondering. Then removes his jacket and his tie. DANTE keeps his eyes straight ahead as XAK takes off his shirt and slides off his trousers. Underneath his trousers we can see he's wearing black shorts, DANTE notices and raises an eyebrow.

        XAK: I had a feeling there'd be a physical.

        Before DANTE answers, the elevator doors sounds and the doors open. White light floods into the elevator. DANTE looks at XAK.

        DANTE: We're here.

        He steps out into the White Room?

        CUT TO ? L.A

        XAK walks out of the elevator and looks around the room. It's unbelievably white and he's easily noticeable in the room with his tanned skin, black hair and shorts. DANTE stands looking at him.

        DANTE: The test will begin in a moment. Now we'll see the true strength of Xakiel Thorn?

        He nods and walks past XAK.

        XAK: How will I know when?

        He turns to look at DANTE but DANTE is no longer there. A faint whispering can be heard instantly. XAK looks around trying to find the source of the sound.

        WHISPER: Xakiel Thorn?

        XAK keeps turning around.

        XAK: I know that voice?

        WHISPER: We know you.

        XAK turns around sharply, before him is his foe. It, like XAK stands out distinctly in the White Room. A foe XAK has faced before. Faced, and beaten. It is a shadow demon. This one is not like the others however. It's larger, and it looks like a shadowed form of XAKIEL himself. He's human though, not a dragon, but he does look like a transgressed form of XAK. His darker side. It's wielding a large ancient axe with ancient written into its design. It looks at XAK with contempt, and anger.

        SHADOW DEMON/XAKIEL: You've attempted a guise.

        XAK looks cautious and begins circling the shadow demon.

        XAK: No guise.

        SHADOW DEMON/XAKIEL: It is unnecessary to forge untruths. There is no one listening. No briefcases or reports in this stage.

        XAK looks at himself encased in shadows.

        XAK: I'm just being myself.

        SHADOW DEMON/XAKIEL: (indicates itself) This is you. You are unaware of it now but you shall see it one day, she will show you the way.

        XAK looks at him, choosing to ignore this reference.

        XAK: What are you, really?

        The shadow demon moves towards him.

        SHADOW DEMON/XAKIEL: We are The Coma.

        This time when he speaks, as well as hearing XAKIEL'S voice, the sound of many shadow demons can be heard. XAK looks around the room looking for the voices.

        SHADOW DEMON/XAKIEL: We were first. Before the old ones, before light shed the earth. We roamed freely, a dark and empty world, it was ours.

        XAK looks at himself, wondering.

        SHADOW DEMON/XAKIEL: But then light came?

        XAK: (quietly) The sun.

        SHADOW DEMON/XAKIEL: ?And we paled. Exiled to follow behind mortals and demons, away from the sun.

        XAK: Shadows?

        SHADOW DEMON/XAKIEL: A half existence?

        XAK: Why attack me, what have I done.

        SHADOW DEMON/XAKIEL: Further questions are not prohibited. All knowledge you are now in thought of, will be eradicated.

        It tightens its grip on the axe. XAK'S eyes widen.

        SHADOW DEMON/XAKIEL: I will be your undoing Thorn. I am your end. That time is now.

        The shadow demon roars and charges at XAK. XAK reacts quickly by dropping to the floor on his front. As the shadow demon runs over him, its momentum too great to stop it in time, XAK flips to his feet and jumps on to the back of the demon. He clings on to its neck as it flails angrily. It runs towards a nearby pillar and while XAK attempts to strangle it, it turns around and rams backwards into the pillar. XAK recoils and falls to the ground. The shadow demon turns around and looks at XAK.

        SHADOW DEMON/XAKIEL: This is without meaning. There is no purpose.

        XAK: (in pain) I have more purpose than you could know.

        SHADOW DEMON/XAKIEL: Allow me to demonstrate the meaning behind my words.

        He swings the axe at XAK who manages to duck by lying flat on his back. XAK looks and sees the axe is now embedded deep into the pillar, the shadow demon's strength is immense. XAK flips to his feet and he goes to punch the demon that blocks his punch, holding on to XAK'S wrist. XAK tries punching with the other fist but the demon just does the same thing. XAK, realising he's trapped runs backwards up the pillar and he flips over so that the demon's grip on his wrists weakens. XAK head butts it and it steps backwards, surprised. XAK then spins in the air and kicks it with such a force that it flies backwards and slams into the white floor a few feet away.

        XAK: (breathing heavily) Allow me to demonstrate mine.

        He turns around and with one quick motion pulls the axe from the pillar. He flips it from one hand to another and walks towards the shadow demon, which has now begun to stand up.

        SHADOW DEMON/XAKIEL: You would dare to quip yourself with an opponents weapon?

        XAK: I dare, I quip. I'm a bad man.

        SHADOW DEMON/XAKIEL: Another false answer. You swim with light and love. It sickens us.

        XAK smiles.

        XAK: Shucks, just when I thought we were best pals.

        The demon roars in anger and pulls out a sword from within its body. Its blade edge is etched with dark writing, ancient writing.

        XAK: Jeez, you think you'd remember eating something like that huh?

        The shadow demon merely twirls the sword within its dark fingertips ethereally.

        SHADOW DEMON/XAKIEL: Idle taunts. An inherent weakness within your mortal self. You cannot hurt me, you only hurt yourself. Undone is you, and that time is now.

        It charges at XAK and swipes the sword at him, XAK blocks it with the axe and flips the axe around ramming the handle into XAKIEL'S face inside the shadow demon. The shadow demon looks weaker after this move. It shakes off its minor defeat and then swipes the sword at XAK cutting his chest. XAK winces as blood begins to trickle down his body, a deep and shallow waterfall. Using one hand to hold his chest, XAK uses the other hand to swipe the blade of the axe into the wrist of the shadow demon. The axe passes freely through the shadow demon's wrist as if the axe had cut through water. The shadow demon uses its free hand to punch XAK to the floor. XAK looks up, his lip bleeding. He realises something.

        XAK: (repeating) "You cannot hurt me, you only hurt yourself".

        As the demon goes to strikes XAK on the floor he rolls out the way and jumps to his feet. He moves a distance away from it as the shadow demon turns to him.

        XAK: Undo this.

        He hurls the axe into the image of XAKIEL'S face deep within the body of the shadow demon. The demon roars in pain and wilts, collapsing to the floor dead.

        VOICE (O/S): Always the answer?

        XAK turns sharply to his side to see SEPHY standing a few feet away from him in a flowing white dress. He's shocked to see her and drops the axe. She looks disappointed.

        SEPHY: ?Why do you answer every problem with violence.

        XAK looks at her, horrified. He then looks back to see that the shadow demon has disappeared. He quickly turns back to SEPHY.

        XAK: It was trying to kill me!

        SEPHY: And that makes it just?

        XAK: It was evil.

        SEPHY: And you're not?

        XAK looks beat. He realises he must play along, SEPHY is the conduit.

        XAK: I'm myself.

        SEPHY: I doubt you Xak. How could I ever trust you near the ones I loved. Ras paid the price, as did Charis. They're both your victims.

        XAK watches her as she begins to circle him.

        SEPHY: Is that what you want, to be a plague on innocent lives.

        XAK: It's all I ever am.

        SEPHY: You find it a suitable existence, a profitable lifestyle.

        XAK looks at her.

        XAK: I'm made to kill. This human disguise is no excuse.

        SEPHY smiles. Pleased with his response.

        VOICE (O/S): That's not what you used to tell me.

        XAK turns around. TOOLE is now standing there, he's wearing a blinding white suit. He's frowning.

        XAK: Toole?

        TOOLE ignores him.

        TOOLE: You know I really started to believe in you man.

        He begins to walk around XAK in the same fashion as SEPHY.

        TOOLE: But no, you're just another let down in my machine.

        XAK: Machine?

        TOOLE: Machine, cog, tool?I was tryin' to make a joke but whatever.

        XAK looks at him confused for a second, then shakes it off.

        XAK: Toole I'm sorry, but this is me. This is what I am.

        TOOLE glares at him sharply.

        TOOLE: And this is me.

        XAK looks confused again.

        XAK: What do you mean?

        TOOLE: Oh come on Xak!

        He laughs.

        TOOLE: You're more than willing to stand there and let me verbally abuse you, but you never retaliate.

        XAK: I have no reason to.

        TOOLE cocks his head to the side curiously.

        TOOLE: Don't you?

        XAK looks at him shocked.

        XAK: What?

        TOOLE: How well do you really know me Xak? The barman at The Bronze with the dead brother?

        XAK looks down, thinking. TOOLE watches him.

        TOOLE: See, you don't know me. You don't know what I've done?

        His voice echoes on the next part?

        TOOLE: ?Or what I will do.

        XAK looks at him while he says this, TOOLE'S mouth is closed. XAK looks at him, wondering if it was really TOOLE that said it.

        XAK: I don't care. You're a better man than I'll ever be. What you've done and what you will do doesn't affect me anymore, and neither should it affect you what I do?

        TOOLE'S serious face fades into a smile. Pleased with his response.

        VOICE (O/S): Does the same apply to me?

        XAK looks to the other side now. It's CATE. She's wearing the same white dress as SEPHY. She's looking confused.

        CATE: I mean, do you like care about my past?

        She drops her head slightly, but still looks at XAK with a menacing glare.

        CATE: Do you not care that I hung your missus up by her neck?

        XAK looks down.

        XAK: I've done worse to her.

        CATE laughs and begins circling him like TOOLE and SEPHY.

        CATE: Oh Xak even me with my pretty blonde roots knows that, but that don't answer my question.

        XAK: Once I cared, it scared me.

        CATE: You mean I scared you?

        XAK: You had power, power that wasn't yours.

        CATE: (annoyed) And what you think you deserve power, more power than you have?

        XAK: I'm not asking for power.

        CATE: You're asking to work for powers though right?

        XAK: I've worked for powers before, remember?

        CATE: None like this, none so eternal and unstoppable.

        XAK thinks.

        CATE: I mean how can they trust you, you've been with us, fighting the good fight.

        XAK glares at her.

        XAK: I've been in this world only a year, I've been out of it a lot longer.

        CATE looks at him curiously. Then smiles. Pleased with his response. This time he watches her fade away. Behind her is CHARLIE. She's not wearing white. She's wearing her red dress. It's not burnt, and neither is she. She looks normal. She looks healthy. XAK'S jaw drops seeing her. He moves towards her. She's admiring herself, her skin and her dress.

        XAK: (incredulous) Charlie?

        She looks up at him finally, she smiles.

        CHARLIE: My god?Xak?

        XAK looks on the verge of tears.

        XAK: Charlie, is it really you?

        CHARLIE: I dunno, I think so.

        XAK: (with feeling) Charlie?

        He stops himself. He keeps his mouth tight. He fights back any sign of emotion.

        XAK: (more serious) ?What are you doing here?

        She looks at him slightly confused.

        CHARLIE: Your guess is as good as mine.

        XAK: (quickly) You're a test.

        CHARLIE: (laughing) If you say so.

        She moves towards him. He backs away.

        XAK: No. You're my past. This is my future Charlie, it's what I do.

        It pains him to say this, but he knows he must. He's hiding his emotions well. CHARLIE looks a bit shocked.

        CHARLIE: Wh-what? How can you say that, it's me.

        He swallows.

        XAK: No, it's not. You're not Charlie, and even if you were, it doesn't matter.

        The sound of someone clapping can be heard behind him. XAK turns around. It's SOFIA. She's leaning against a pillar. On her arm, his suit is rested.

        SOFIA: Good work.

        He turns around and sees CHARLIE is gone.

        SOFIA: Thought they'd get you with that Charlie one but nope, you did brilliantly. The Senior Partners are impressed.

        She smiles at him.

        XAK: Who are you?

        She walks towards him and holds out her hand.

        SOFIA: Sorry I should have introduced myself. I'm Sofia Rose.

        XAK looks around confused.

        XAK: (slightly distant) Where's Dante?

        She rolls her eyes.

        SOFIA: Lucky for you, Dante has other responsibilities in this company. He's too busy to attend to this matter as of now. Here's your suit.

        She smiles warmly and hands him the suit. He begins pulling on the trousers and then buttons up his shirt.

        SOFIA: Come.

        XAK pulls on his jacket but leaves the tie. SOFIA walks towards the elevator doors, which have opened again. XAK follows her inside.

        XAK: Where are we going?

        The lift doors close.

        CUT TO ? L.A

        The camera shows a worn out XAK in the lift with SOFIA. She gives him an occasional glance but mostly just looks straight ahead. She still hasn't answered his question. He looks at her.

        XAK: (repeating, more firmly) Where are we going?

        She smiles.

        SOFIA: I would have thought I did not need to answer that question.

        XAK: Why?

        SOFIA: Must be the initiation, it's very distracting and quite disorienting.

        She laughs.

        SOFIA: You know what the reward was for joining Wolfram and Hart, and passing the initiation, with flying colours may I add.

        He smiles, pleased, but then he realises and his expression changed.

        XAK: (whispering) Charlie?

        SOFIA smiles at him and nods.

        XAK: She's here?

        SOFIA: Downstairs. We're going to see her now.

        The lift stops. SOFIA looks surprised.

        SOFIA: Oh, we're here already. How time flies when you're in good company for a change.

        The lift door opens.

        CUT TO ? L.A

        SOFIA walks out of the lift into the eternal dungeon walkway. XAK follows her, he looks up and down the corridor, amazed.

        SOFIA: Really something isn't it?

        He nods, still looking around.

        SOFIA: This way.

        She begins walking down the corridor in one direction. He runs and catches up with her.

        XAK: Uh, why is she here.

        SOFIA: The dungeons? Well it wouldn't do having someone like her walking around the offices.

        XAK: Is she?

        SOFIA: (finishing off his sentence) ?normal? Quite. The drugs we gave her helped the burns and scarring, but she really didn't much medical attention.

        XAK: What do you mean? How is she alive?

        SOFIA: The answer to both of those is simple, she healed herself.

        XAK: How is that a simple answer?

        She stops and turns around.

        SOFIA: (ignoring his question) We're here. You have five minutes.

        Both her and XAK are standing outside a large door with the emblem of a phoenix burned deep into the metal. SOFIA smiles and pulls a key out of her pocket. She enters it into the ancient lock and the door creaks open. XAK looks afraid to peer inside. He does eventually. The camera shows inside the room. It's dark, and only one light sheds from a small window at the top of the cell. The light it sheds shows a figure in the far corner of the room. It is unclear who it is, but on hearing the door open whoever it is, turns to look at the door. We can see from the person's point of view. They're looking at XAK, who looks back at them with a shocked and horrified expression. The camera shows who it is. It's CHARLIE. She's alive?




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          ACT FOUR


          The camera shows CHARLIE, dressed in a long grey gown huddled in the corner. She has a few cuts, which have almost healed on her face but apart from that she looks completely normal. XAK looks at her, in complete amazement. He walks into her cell.

          XAK: Charlie?baby?

          She looks scared. Her hair is stringy and wet and it covers most of her face.

          XAK: Charlie it's me. I'm here.

          CHARLIE: (shaky and quietly) No no no no you're a figment, just a figment.

          She repeats this over and over again. He begins to cry.

          XAK: (softly) Are you ok?

          CHARLIE: They use crystals. They're helping me. It's all so clear. C-c-crystal clear.

          XAK moves closer, he crouches in front of her and puts a hand on her arm. She begins to shake.

          XAK: (whispering forcefully) I am so sorry babe. I'm gonna make this up to you ok?

          CHARLIE laughs loudly.

          XAK: Your mother, Cate and Toole they're all outside.

          CHARLIE looks up at him.

          CHARLIE: A soldier with an army. Just like ants, ants in a nest. Marching.

          The camera shows that SOFIA has moved into the doorway. She notices his hand on her.

          SOFIA: Mr Thorn, please refrain from using physical contact. Charlie shouldn't be touched, and she knows that. She's?unpredictable.

          XAK doesn't respond. SOFIA rolls her eyes and walks into the cell.

          SOFIA: Please don't take liberties of our generosity Mr Thorn, it's not?

          Before she can finish, she places a hand on XAK'S shoulder. He turns around sharply and punches SOFIA with such a force she flies back and hits her head on the cell. She falls to the floor unconscious. CHARLIE gasps, and covers her mouth with her hand.

          CHARLIE: Uh oh, angry ant?

          XAK: (worried) Come on we have to go.

          CHARLIE looks surprised.

          CHARLIE: But my flight is not for months.

          He ignores her insane state, and pulls her to her feet. She's weak. He holds her completely in his arms, and then carries her out of the cell. He looks both ways down the dungeon corridor before hurrying back to the elevator doors.

          CUT TO ? L.A

          The camera shows XAK holding the grey gowned CHARLIE in his arms. He looks around before leaving the elevator then hurries to the corner to check the coast is clear. He peers around the corner and looks at the front door. The guards are still at the door. The woman in the suit is also still there, sitting on a chair reading a magazine and the delivery guy is on the phone.

          CHARLIE (O/S): Xak is that you?

          He turns back to her. She looks at him, she looks saner. It's almost as if being confined in that cell physically and mentally drained her. She looks around confused.

          SONG: PINK ? RUNAWAY

          He smiles at her as the music starts.

          CHARLIE: Where am I?

          XAK: Home.

          CHARLIE: Where did I go?

          XAK: We lost you.

          CHARLIE: (tearful) Am I found?

          XAK: (tearful also) Yes.

          He rests a hand on her cheek. (The music below plays throughout, but quietly)

          "I've got my things packed, my favourite pillow
          Got my sleeping bag, climb out the window
          All the pictures and pain, I left behind
          All the freedom and fame, I've gotta find

          She groans slightly, as if she's in pain.

          XAK: It's ok, I'm gonna get us out of here, come on, can you stand?

          She looks at him, her green eyes filled with desperation. She shakes her head. The desperation and need to live once more fills her. (The music below plays throughout, slightly louder)

          "And I wonder how long it'll take them to notice that I'm gone
          And I wonder?

          The camera quickly shows the suited woman walking towards the door, as does the delivery guy. XAK jumps up, holding CHARLIE securely. (The music below plays throughout, louder, at a normal volume)

          "?How far it'll take me"

          The camera shows XAK running through the lobby. He has an extremely determined expression on his face, and he holds CHARLIE with love and complete comfort. As he approaches the door, the suited woman and the delivery guy turn around. It's CATE and TOOLE. They both look at CHARLIE for a second, a happy expression fills their faces. Then CATE turns and hits one of the guards round the head with her briefcase knocking him to the floor and TOOLE punches the other guard, and pushes him into a nearby plant allowing XAK safe passage through the front door. CATE and TOOLE run quickly after him. (The music below plays throughout)

          "To run away, (it don't make any sense to me)
          Run away, (this life makes no sense to me)

          CUT TO ? L.A

          The camera shows a brief slow motion moment of all four gang members running out of Wolfram and Hart. XAK still maintaining his determined expression, his sweat mixing with his tears. CATE running on his left, looking behind her to check they're not being followed. She smiles. TOOLE on XAK'S right looking slightly more worried than CATE but happy none the less. The finally to CHARLIE who looks bewildered by the whole process. All four of them run towards the delivery van. The back of the van is open and they all run and jump inside. (The music below plays throughout)

          "Run away, (it don't make any sense to me)
          Run away (it don't make any sense to me)

          CUT TO ? L.A

          As they all land into the van, CATE and TOOLE pull the doors shut. The man who was with TOOLE in the delivery van turns around. He tears off his moustache and beard and pulls his hat off, revealing long flowing brown hair. It's SEPHY. She looks at CHARLIE, her face fills with warmth.

          SEPHY: We got her?

          CATE: Just step on it Thelma!

          SEPHY nods and turns around pressing her foot hard on the accelerator, the van speeds off. The camera cuts back to CHARLIE who has passed out in XAK'S arms. CATE and TOOLE are breathing heavily. Everyone looks at her with wonder, and love.

          CUT TO ? L.A

          The camera shows the van driving at an immensely fast velocity down and towards the edge of L.A (The music below plays throughout)

          "I was just trying to be myself, have it your way I'll meet you in hell
          It's all these secrets that I shouldn't tell I've got to run away
          It's hypocritical of you, do as you say not as you do
          I'll never be your perfect girl, I'm bound to run away?

          CUT TO ? L.A

          The music slowly and softly stops momentarily as the image of the van driving off fades into the interior of DANTE'S office. As the image comes into focus we see CHRISTIAN and LEIGH standing looking scared by the office door, a glass is thrown and smashes on the wall behind CHRISTIAN. The camera pans around to show it is DANTE who threw the glass. He's pacing the room, furious, with pure wrath.

          DANTE: (shouting) How on earth could this happen!?

          LEIGH: (quietly) Sofia, sir, Mr Thorn knocked her out and Ms Rittle and Mr Emory took out the security.

          DANTE clenches his fists.

          DANTE: Never send a lackey to do a man's job. We need to get Charlie back here now! We need what's inside her!

          CHRISTIAN: With all due respect sir, what's inside her is a person.

          DANTE: (roaring with fury) I don't care! I want Charlie Adrastos and her baby back here?NOW!


          The camera shows the delivery van screeching to a halt. They've found out about Charlie's secret?she's pregnant? (The music below plays throughout, softly)

          "It don't make no sense to me
          It don't make any sense to me

          FADE TO BLACK

          "Life don't make any sense to me?"

          END OF EPISODE



          Special Guest Stars:

          Special Mention:
          PINK - RUNAWAY


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            If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and I usually comment on the feedback as well!


            - I love Rachel McAdams and I had to cast her in Shadow Stalker, she's gonna be seen a lot more in the series, as will Morena Baccarin.

            - Who or what is this A.I.D.A thing?

            - The Coma, what do they want?

            - No Petrina Rae?surely it won't be the last we see of her?

            - So Charlie's back?the fifth main cast member. She's back and by gosh it's not gonna be easy for her. She's pregnant for crying out loud! How? And how is she alive? Why does Dante want her so much?

            - So Xak broke his agreement with Wolfram and Hart?uh oh?