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Shadow Stalker - 1.15 - Hubris (Season Finale)

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  • Shadow Stalker - 1.15 - Hubris (Season Finale)

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 1.15 ? Hubris (Season Finale)
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart
    Rating: UK Rating 15 (Violence, Language and scenes of an extremely upsetting nature)

    Shadow Stalker is officially affiliated with Rogue Redemption, an awesome spin-off created by Amber.

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season One starts alongside Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 3 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Raven (Alexander Brown); Sorceress Of Crimson Falls (Travis); and Wishful Thinking (Ben).





    The camera shows the sun rising over the town of Sunnydale.


    The light washing away any evil that may have roamed the night before. The camera shows the outside of XAK'S apartment, curtains already open. (The music below plays throughout)

    "I had a dream
    Strange it may seem
    It was my perfect day

    The camera then cuts away to the graveyard, the Iris flowers still blooming in all their lilac glory. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Open my eyes
    I realise
    This is my perfect day

    The camera then cuts to the interior of RACK'S place. The lobby, desolate of any junkies looking for the latest of the warlock's potent tonics and drugs. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Hope you never grow old
    Hope you never grow old

    The camera shows his dingy kitchen. It's empty and has various viles of potions and half used syringes lying on the table. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Hope you never grow old
    Hope you never grow old

    The camera then moves to CHARLIE'S empty bedroom. Last time it was shown, it was strewn with clothes, drawers opened and empty. Now things look tidied as if someone was expecting them to be re-filled sometime soon. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Birds in the sky
    They look so high
    This is my perfect day

    The camera then cuts to the outside of The Bronze. The rays from the sun manage to just creep through the alley in order to reach the doors of the club, lighting it slightly. (The music below plays throughout)

    "I feel the breeze
    I feel at ease
    It is my perfect day

    CAPTION: MAY 7TH 2002

    The camera moves down and towards the front doors. They begin to open and the camera passes through?


    "Hope you never grow old

    The song begins to die down as it shows the interior of the club. Inside The Bronze dozens of workers are busying themselves. While two men are at the bar filling and stocking the fridge, a couple are nearby moving and arranging chairs and tables out of their usual positions. The camera passes by two men who are carrying band equipment and setting it up on stage. Everything has a bronzed theme. The camera then passes round to XAK who is standing in front of the stage looking around at everything. A small smile forms on his face.

    MAN (O/S): Hey!

    XAK looks up, dazed. TOOLE is on a ladder hanging a banner on the edge of the balcony.

    TOOLE: You're supposed to be the "is it level?" guy.

    XAK: Well that's not so much the issue?

    TOOLE looks at it to see it hanging upside down.

    TOOLE: Oh?crap.

    XAK laughs, and TOOLE begins untying it to put it up the right way. He reaches to the left side and ties that side tightly.

    TOOLE: (reaching to the right side) Yeah, yeah. laugh all you want, but not even this?.

    He ties the last knot and begins to climb down the ladder.

    TOOLE: ?Will or can, ruin this evening.

    He jumps off the bottom of the ladder and stands next to XAK. They both look at the banner. It reads "Welcome to The Bronze Ball 2002". They then both turn around to see the club being laden with bronzed decorations.

    XAK: Gotta say, it looks good man.

    They nod in satisfaction.

    TOOLE: Yep, tux's rented, dates dated, evil beaten?

    XAK: You're right, no power in the ?verse can ruin this evening.

    They high five one another. The camera closes in on their hands touching.


    The camera shows a high angle shot of a crossroad in Sunnydale. The camera pans around to show The Fates standing on top of a building. LACHESIS is holding the file with the triangle and the bird on it. The file is open and both her and CLOTHO are reading the file, combing through the words in the hope of everything going according to plan. The camera then shows ATROPOS looking at them. They nod at her. She smiles.

    ATROPOS: Show time?


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    The camera pans around the mall and shows many people bustling and inhabiting the malls many stores. The camera then shows a shoe store, and CHARLIE and CATE walking out of it, each of them holding a bag each.

    CATE: Ok, new shoes, check!

    CHARLIE: So what's next?

    CATE: Well?

    She pulls out a piece of paper from her bag. It reads "The Schedule". CATE crosses off "Get gorgeous footwear" and looks at the final word on the list. She looks up at CHARLIE.

    CATE: Just the dresses!

    CHARLIE smiles.

    CHARLIE: Good. This whole shopping thing tires me out. I know it doesn't tire you out, ?cause it's your job an all but?

    CATE: (cutting her off) ?Was my job.

    CHARLIE looks at her.

    CHARLIE: Huh?

    CATE: I quit.

    CHARLIE looks surprised.

    CHARLIE: Why? I thought you loved this job, 40% discount on all stores, dressing people up so they look like you.

    She smiles cheekily.

    CATE: That was before all this though. Before I found out about you, about Xak and before I met Toole. Not to mention the goddess-body-sharing issue. There's just more important things than clothes?

    CHARLIE gasps. CATE nods as if what she's saying upsets her. CHARLIE smiles then holds CATE'S hand to reassure her. They stop walking. CHARLIE looks at her.

    CHARLIE: (making an emphatic sigh) One last shop?

    CATE smiles and nods. They laugh and continue walking down the mall towards some of the more expensive dress boutiques. The camera stays fixed on their backs walking away, slowly getting further from the camera.

    CHARLIE: So when should we start getting ready?

    CATE: Uh, well we have to pop in and see your dad, then an hour for hair, an hour for dressing, oh, an hour for make up and?an hour for nit picking on our appearances?

    CHARLIE: So about 3pm?

    CATE: Uh huh!

    CHARLIE: Cate, that was ten minutes ago.

    They both stop walking, then run towards the dress boutiques.


    The camera shows the boys coming out of the kitchen. Both are in their tuxes. XAK is in a black dinner jacket and suit trousers with a white open necked shirt with a large collar. TOOLE is in a more traditional dinner tux with a black bow tie.

    XAK: You've been in this world longer than me, what the hell do women do when they're getting ready?

    TOOLE shrugs.

    TOOLE: I dunno, I wanna say something to do with a chainsaw?

    XAK: Makes sense, all the weekly planning they've been doing. Gotta be building something.

    VOICE (O/S): I assure you, chainsaws are not what females use?

    XAK and TOOLE turn to see SEPHY standing in the doorway of the bathroom. She's wearing a long yellow dress and her hair is curled and hanging around her shoulders. As she moves the yellow of her dress sparkles and swims around her body like rays from the sun. Both XAK and TOOLE look at her, amazed.

    SEPHY: But, various other weapons have been known in the creation of an evening appearance.

    She smiles at them, they both still retain their shocked faces.

    SEPHY: (rolling her eyes) For goodness sake. Yes, I have breasts.

    TOOLE shakes his head and looks at XAK.

    TOOLE: Dude, that's your girlfriend's mom!

    XAK looks embarrassed.

    SEPHY walks towards them and walks past them towards the front door.

    SEPHY: (laughing) Even goddesses can be ladies Xak. Now shall we be departing?

    The boys shake off their embarrassed faces and look slightly confused.

    XAK: Shouldn't we wait for the girls?

    SEPHY: (annoyed) Unfortunately, they're stopping by to see Charis' father before they come home. I thought I would come with you two and help supervise the earlier hours of the event.

    TOOLE: Like a chaperone?

    SEPHY: I can assure you, goddesses do not chaperone balls?we merely look incandescent.

    She smiles.

    SEPHY: Now come. I wish to frolic.

    TOOLE: (whispering to XAK) Behave.

    XAK elbows him in the side, before him and TOOLE go to leave. The camera closes in on SEPHY'S face. She looks less than happy?


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. It's the scene from the previous week when CHARLIE and SEPHY were visiting RACK?RACK gives a weak and an unconvincing smile. SEPHY notices, she turns to CHARLIE.

    SEPHY: Honey, would you mind if I had a few words with your father?

    CHARLIE looks at her then to RACK.

    CHARLIE: Uh sure, I'm sure you have plenty to catch up on.

    SEPHY: (calmly) This won't take long.

    CHARLIE nods and she turns and walks towards the door. She opens the door, a small smile forming on her face.

    RACK (O/S): (to CHARLIE) We'll talk soon?

    CHARLIE looks back to him.

    CHARLIE: Sure.

    She leaves and closes the door behind her. The camera cuts back to SEPHY and RACK.

    SEPHY: I think we need to have a talk?don't you?

    The camera shows RACK'S face looking in her direction, then pans round to see what he sees. GLORY standing behind SEPHY. SEPHY looks at him with a blank expression then slaps him sharply across the face. His head is thrown to the side, but he turns back to her, surprised.

    RACK: Jeez, what was that for?

    SEPHY: The past twenty years?and for trying to kill Xak. What has he done to you, to merit such vindictive behaviour?

    RACK: He took away Charlotte.

    SEPHY: (shouting) Use her real name!

    RACK looks down.

    WOMAN (O/S): I dunno, I like Charlotte, it's sassy.

    SEPHY turns around to see GLORY standing there thinking. She looks at her disgusted and then turns back to RACK.

    SEPHY: You've aligned yourself with this ghost of the beast?

    GLORY: Hey honey! Standing right here.

    SEPHY: (with her back to GLORY) I know that you vile tramp?

    RACK: Now now ladies, as much as I enjoy watching two goddesses fight?we all have much bigger issues.

    GLORY: That's right. Xakky boys being messed with.

    SEPHY: The Fates?

    RACK: Right.

    SEPHY shakes her head.

    SEPHY: Xak is not a danger any longer I assure you. He will do nothing to harm Charis or anyone else. We've seen to it?

    She stands up and looks at the two of them.

    SEPHY: Now execute this ridiculous charade?

    She looks at RACK.

    SEPHY: ?She doesn't need your protection anymore. (thinks) She doesn't need protection anymore.

    She lets her look upon him linger for a moment, before turning and leaving to the lobby. RACK looks at GLORY who looks a bit annoyed at SEPHY'S outburst.


    RACK runs to the lobby where SEPHY is about to pass through the mystical front door, she looks a bit upset at having to shout so harshly at RACK.

    RACK: Sephy?

    She turns to him.

    RACK: ?You know everything I did?I never stopped?

    She holds up a hand.

    SEPHY: (slightly tearful) Me either my darling.

    She gives him a small smile before passing through the door, where he knows he can't follow. He sighs, then walks back into the room where GLORY is. The camera stays on the door for a moment then pans around to the mystical front door that SEPHY left from. As it does, the colours on the screen slowly begin to turn back to normal, until eventually landing on the front door.


    As this happens, CHARLIE and CATE walk through the mystical door, laden with shopping bags. We are now back to May 7th 2002.

    CATE: Ok, so we'll stay for a bit.

    She looks at her watch.

    CATE: (sighing) There goes a half hour of nit picking my outfit.

    CHARLIE rolls her eyes.

    CHARLIE: (shouting) Dad?

    The door opens slowly. RACK peers through. He smiles on seeing them. He walks into the lobby.

    RACK: Hey babe.

    CATE watches them both slightly unsure. He turns to her.

    RACK: Cate, it's good to see you?at last.

    He smirks.

    CATE: (smiling slightly) You too.

    RACK: So Hecate scampered huh?

    CATE: (looking down) Yeah she left.

    CHARLIE looks at her then turns to RACK.

    CHARLIE: Sorry we can't stay long.

    RACK: It's cool. You got the big ball to go to right?

    They both nod.

    RACK: Wish I could be there.

    CHARLIE: Why don't you come?

    RACK: I can't leave, you know that.

    CHARLIE looks down.

    CHARLIE: Ok.

    RACK looks at her desperately.

    RACK: (uncomfortable) But uh, why don't you bring everyone round tomorrow. We'll have some dinner or something, I dunno.

    CATE looks excited.

    CATE: I'll cook!

    CHARLIE looks up at him blankly.

    CHARLIE: We'll bring take out.

    He laughs, causing CHARLIE to laugh as well. CATE just looks mockingly annoyed. The camera shows both RACK and CHARLIE smiling.

    RACK: It's good to have you back?Charis.

    She looks at him, slightly unsure?then smiles.

    CHARLIE: Thanks.

    CATE looks at them both.

    CATE: Charlie?we better be going.

    RACK nods in agreement. CHARLIE walks up to him and hugs him. He looks slightly uncomfortable but hugs her back. Suddenly CATE jumps on them both too and joins in the hug. CHARLIE laughs. She breaks the hug.

    RACK: (rolling his eyes) Tomorrow then?

    CHARLIE: (smiling) Yeah, tomorrow.

    Both her and CATE turn and slowly leave through the front door. The camera shows RACK sighing, and walking back into the room from where he came. The whole goodbye mirrors that of his goodbye to SEPHY a week ago. The door closes.


    The girls come out on to the street in a similar spot to that of where XAK and CHARLIE first passed through it all those months ago. They begin walking down Revello Drive.

    CATE: You know, we're not gonna have any time for nit picking!

    CHARLIE: Is it essential?

    CATE: Charlie! It's the essential step in becoming shallow!

    CHARLIE: (nodding) Right. In that case, I'm not too bothered?

    Her words are cut off as a man cuts in between them and pushes past them.

    CATE: (shouting after him) Uh! Rude!

    He turns slightly towards them. It's WARREN. CATE turns back to CHARLIE.

    CATE: You ok hon?

    CHARLIE: (a bit winded) Yeah?

    The camera shows a high angle shot of the girls standing next to one another. The camera then pans over to WARREN cutting into a garden. The sound of gunshots being fired can be heard, and a window smashing. The woeful scream of a scorned witch quietly whistles through the wind.




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      ACT TWO


      The camera shows a magnificent and slightly familiar hallway in a mansion. Through the windows the countryside of Westbury can be seen. A loud knock on the front door can be heard and an elderly woman hurries to answer it. She opens the door. It's GILES.

      GILES: I came as soon as I heard.

      The camera pans around to show ALTHANEA. (She is played by Judi Dench)

      ALTHANEA: Rupert.

      She smiles.

      ALTHANEA: I wish our re-acquaintance had been under better circumstances.

      She frowns.

      GILES: What's happened?

      She beckons him inside. They walk down the hallway and into a large room. Inside a large group of women can be seen sitting in a circle.

      ALTHANEA: A dark power is rising in Sunnydale.

      GILES looks at the coven then to ALTHANEA, grimly hoping.

      GILES: Good heavens, does Buffy know?

      ALTHANEA: The Slayer's knowledge has not yet come to pass. She's fighting for her own life as we speak.

      GILES looks horrified.

      ALTHANEA beckons to a young SEER nearby who makes her way towards them both.

      SEER: One of our sisters has fallen.

      GILES looks at her expectantly.

      GILES: Who?

      SEER: Tara Maclay. She was shot dead?

      GILES' face drops, he looks sad. He sighs and then looks up at ALTHANEA, realising.

      GILES: The dark power?

      ALTHANEA: Fuelled by grief.

      GILES: (mortified) Willow?

      ALTHANEA nods.

      ALTHANEA: You must stop her Rupert. We will provide all mystical assistance.

      GILES: Of course, I'll leave at once.

      He walks into the centre of the circle of witches. ALTHANEA turns to him.

      ALTHANEA: There is more at stake than you realise Rupert. Willow Rosenberg's powers has the capability to destroy sacred lives.

      He nods, and stands with his eyes closed in the centre of the coven's circle. ALTHANEA nods to the SEER who moves to complete the circle. The witches begin chanting and soon GILES begins to glow. A white light fills the room and when it dies down, GILES has disappeared. ALTHANEA looks at the empty spot where GILES was standing. ALTHANEA turns to a dark corner of the room.

      ALTHANEA: It is done. The power we have bestowed unto him will not prevent what you have written, but will stop her from disrupting your powers. Her murder of the world, will wilt.

      From the shadows, ATROPOS moves into the light.

      ATROPOS: Very good Althanea?

      She smiles at ALTHANEA who returns the smile. The other members of the coven look at one another, in fear.


      RACK is stood talking to a man, a young man full of fear. WARREN. RACK has just told WARREN about WILLOW; he's insanely scared. He grabs some money from his pockets and shoves it into RACK'S chest.

      WARREN: ?Take it. All right, there's that, and I can get more. Just give me something.

      RACK looks at the money casually.

      RACK: Hide or fight?

      WARREN: Both. All of it. I, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, but it's not enough. I need, I need a cover, and I need lots of fire power.

      RACK: I can't guarantee anything. Not this time. (softly) The girl is running on pure fury. I've never felt anything like it.

      WARREN: Thank you for the tip, Nostradamus. Just load me up, okay?

      RACK smirks then moves to his case full of syringes. He picks it up and walks back to WARREN.

      WARREN: (worried) Wha-what's that?

      RACK: (smirking) Hope you're not scared of needles boy.

      He opens it and pulls out a few syringes full of potions.

      WARREN: (gulping) No?

      RACK: Good.

      He punches WARREN'S arms with the needles of some syringes and pumps the potion into him. WARREN'S eyes flicker as the potions begin to take effect. WARREN falls backwards.

      RACK: Give it an hour or so. Get out.

      WARREN looks freaked and scrambles out of the doorway. As the door slams behind him, it reveals GLORY standing behind the door. RACK resorts to picking up the empty syringes.

      GLORY: Anyone told you, your customer service skills suck? Oh and your "shop" face is so obviously not the real you honey pie.

      RACK: Whatever.

      GLORY: Why are you even still doing this gig? It's pointless, Charlie knows everything, so does?everyone!

      RACK sighs.

      RACK: I'm gonna stop. I wanna show Charis I've changed. I'm getting enough money to leave, get a place of my own. I'll tell her tomorrow.

      GLORY rolls her eyes.

      GLORY: Those girls of yours, they're such bad influences.

      RACK: I don't care what you think.

      She moves quickly, and gets close to him.

      GLORY: Now you listen to me Rack. You may be the big bad warlock-maestro to cretins like Warren Mears, but to me you're a means to an end. You may wanna "change", but you will make sure your Mrs keeps to her word about Xak because I have bigger plans than this and I can't be delayed any longer.

      RACK looks at her angry.

      RACK: And what are you gonna do if I don't curls?

      GLORY folds her arms smiling.

      GLORY: Oh, I don't have to do anything.


      The camera shows darkness now surrounding the alleyways of The Bronze. Night has descended on the day of May 7th 2002.


      The club is filled with over 250 people. All drinking and having a good time. Everyone is dressed to impress with the men's suits shining next to the women's array of beautiful dresses in all shapes and colours. The band Vertical Horizon are just setting up, dressed in bronzed suits. The camera passes around to TOOLE who is not at the bar but admiring the crowd. XAK is next to him as is SEPHY.

      SEPHY: I must say, the capacity is quite overwhelming.

      TOOLE: You're telling me?I thought only a few tickets would be sold.

      XAK: Nah, never underestimate the power of Cate propaganda?no one is safe!

      Something catches SEPHY'S eye.

      TOOLE: Speaking of which, shouldn't the girls be here by now? It's late?

      SEPHY smiles, she taps the boys on the shoulders.

      SEPHY: I believe your ladies are here?

      The camera cuts to the door. Both CHARLIE and CATE have entered. CATE is dressed in a long black dress with black high heeled shoes, and her hair is straightened. CHARLIE'S hair is also straightened, and she has a similar dress to CATE'S but hers is red. Next to one another, they look the inverted version of one another, and extremely beautiful. XAK and TOOLE smile at them. They smile back. The girls begin walking and the boys meet them halfway.

      XAK: (to CHARLIE) You look beautiful?

      She smiles, slightly embarrassed.

      CATE: I know right. And she didn't even nit pick!

      XAK: Huh?

      CHARLIE rolls her eyes.

      CHARLIE: Never mind. Come on handsome?

      She smiles cheekily and takes his hand. They walk towards the bar. The camera stays focused on TOOLE and CATE. She folds her arms.

      CATE: (firmly) Ok you better compliment me right. This took forever.

      He just looks at her speechless.

      CATE: Good answer.

      She smiles and kisses him. The camera cuts away to the bar and XAK and CHARLIE are drinking champagne.

      CHARLIE: (looking around) Gotta say, I'm a little relieved to see you and Toole have actually been working your asses off here this past week.

      XAK looks confused.

      XAK: What did you think we were doing?

      She smiles cheekily and laughs into her glass.

      WOMAN (O/S): Did you speak with your father?

      CHARLIE turns to the side to see SEPHY standing there, looking at her quizzically.

      CHARLIE: (thrown off slightly) Uh yeah I did.

      SEPHY: And?

      CHARLIE: He just invited us all for dinner is all?why do you ask?

      SEPHY smiles, looking relieved.

      SEPHY: No reason. I hope you enjoy the night and the festivities.

      She walks away and meanders through the crowd. CHARLIE looks at her walking away, she feels slightly upset that her mother barely acknowledged how she looked.

      MAN (O/S): (shouting) Everyone?can I have your attention?

      XAK and CHARLIE turn to the source of the voice. TOOLE is standing on the stage speaking through a microphone. CATE moves and stands next to XAK and CHARLIE, smiling. The camera moves around the crowd to show everyone turning to face TOOLE.

      TOOLE: First of all, welcome to The Bronze Ball 2002!

      The crowd cheer with a special "woot", "yeah baby!" and wolf whistle coming from XAK, CHARLIE and CATE.

      TOOLE: I know this town isn't as normal as you'd expect?

      He gives his friends a look who smile back at him.

      TOOLE: ?but I say for this one night, it is!

      The crowd murmur in agreement.

      TOOLE: So I'd like to welcome Vertical Horizon on to the stage! Hope you enjoy your night everyone!

      Everyone applauds and TOOLE leaves the stage.


      He jumps down and walks towards XAK, CHARLIE and CATE stood by the bar area. (The music below plays throughout)

      "So you sailed away
      Into a grey sky morning

      TOOLE: (to CATE) Dance?

      She smiles, and takes his hand. (The music below plays throughout)

      "Now I'm here to stay
      Love can be so boring

      They both move towards the dancefloor and TOOLE puts his arms around CATE as she puts her arms around his neck. (The music below plays throughout)

      "Nothing's quite the same now
      I just say your name now

      TOOLE: You know, I think I've fallen in love with you Cathryn?

      She smiles and blushes slightly.

      CATE: You too, Tayler?

      TOOLE: Man, I'm gonna kill Xak.

      She laughs and just kisses him. (The music below plays throughout)

      "But it's not so bad
      You're only the best I ever had
      You don't want me back
      You're just the best I ever had

      The camera moves away to XAK and CHARLIE who are watching them in their moment of bliss. (The music below plays throughout)

      "So you stole my world
      Now I'm just a phony

      CHARLIE: You ever gonna actually ask me to dance?

      XAK: Oh right, Charlie would you like?

      CHARLIE: (cutting him off) Hell yeah!

      She pulls him over to the dance floor so they're next to CATE and TOOLE. (The music below plays throughout)

      "Remembering the girl
      Leaves me down and lonely
      Send it in a letter
      Make yourself feel better

      CATE and TOOLE smile at XAK and CHARLIE who begin swaying slowly to the music. Around them, lots of other couples become absorbed by the music. (The music below plays throughout)

      "But it's not so bad
      You're only the best I ever had
      You don't need me back
      You're just the best I ever had

      As CHARLIE rests her head on XAK'S shoulder, his eyes widen slightly, realising something.

      XAK: (whispering) Charlie?

      She lifts her head to look at him.

      CHARLIE: Yeah?

      XAK: I just remembered?I have a surprise for you at home?

      Her face lights up.

      CHARLIE: Oh?

      XAK: Yeah, I'll be back soon, I need to uh?sort it out.

      He winks at her. She reciprocates by kissing him and then he breaks away and leaves. The song continues to play in the background. The camera shows XAK smiling as he walks towards the door, and then passes to CHARLIE who watches him leave, unsure. In the background SEPHY watches her.


      The camera shows CHARLIE'S bedroom and RACK appearing in the room. He goes to her dresser and sees the diamond resting on top, the one that he gave to CHARLIE all those months ago. He looks into it, and fractured images of XAK, CHARLIE, CATE, TOOLE, SEPHY and himself all sitting around a table eating dinner can be seen. He smiles slightly, and puts it to rest on CHARLIE'S pillow. He goes to the door and walks downstairs to his clients. The arrival of the black witch imminent?


      The song has finished and CHARLIE, CATE, and TOOLE are now sitting in the couch area. CATE is sitting next to TOOLE, leaning slightly into him, while CHARLIE is sitting on a chair sipping on a cocktail. She looks confused.

      CHARLIE: Toole, what exactly is in a Bronzed Cocktail?

      TOOLE: Uh, cheap, powerful alcohol.

      CHARLIE: Oooh?another one please!

      She finishes the drink quickly.

      CHARLIE: So what's this surprise, he's planning?

      TOOLE taps his nose. CHARLIE scoffs.

      CATE: (excitedly) I bet it's a present!

      She thinks then hits TOOLE.

      CATE: I don't get a present!?

      TOOLE: Ow! And no you don't ?cause neither does Charlie.

      CHARLIE: So it's not a present, we're getting closer.

      She smirks, thinking.

      TOOLE: Charlie, the point of a surprise is that it's one of the prizes which is you know?unknown!

      She sighs.

      CHARLIE: Fine, I guess I'll just have to find out the old fashioned way.

      She leans back in her chair and as a barman walks past her chair she grabs a Bronzed Cocktail, which is on his tray.


      XAK comes out of the bedroom, he closes the door behind him so nothing can be seen. He can't help but smile. He quickly checks the door is properly shut then leaves out the front door.


      The camera stays on XAK walking down the empty streets of Sunnydale, he comes across a familiar looking crossroad. He stops at the centre and looks at all the exits. One of them leads to The Bronze. He looks at the other three exits. All is silent. There's no noise. All the exits are empty, but he's sure there's something wrong. He keeps a close eye on all three exits as he slowly backs away to the exit leading to The Bronze.

      WOMAN (O/S): Hello Xakiel.

      He spins round. The Fates are in front of him. ATROPOS is standing in the middle and LACHESIS and CLOTHO are either side of her, they're smiling wickedly at him.




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        ACT THREE


        The camera shows a high angle shot of The Fates standing in front of XAK. Slowly CLOTHO and LACHESIS move around him so he's in the middle of a triangular shape.

        ATROPOS: (while the other two move) Xakiel, you're quite an interesting character aren't you.

        XAK: And you're an old crone, are we done here?

        ATROPOS: Not quite.

        XAK: Whatever hold you thought you had over me is gone.

        ATROPOS: Yes Xakiel. You'd think so wouldn't you?

        She looks around.

        ATROPOS: But where are these alleged anchors? No more witches, no goddesses, no annoying barmen?no one.

        XAK: (angrily) My name?is Xak.

        LACHESIS: Be that as it may, we've come to claim what you rightfully owe us.

        XAK turns to her.

        XAK: What?

        CLOTHO: The agreement you had with us?

        XAK turns to her, looking at all three of them completely confused.

        CLOTHO: Oh?you've forgotten?

        LACHESIS: Let us refresh your memory?

        They hold out their arms to one another and a large triangular light forms with each one of The Fates being a corner of the light, with XAK in the middle. Slowly the whole screen fills with a blinding white light?

        CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

        The camera shows a high angle show of XAKIEL and BROGAN in the cave. The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. It's the same vision XAK had last week.

        BROGAN: ?You should know, there is word of your punishment. They're gonna make an example of you. I dunno what it is, but I thought I should tell ya?

        He picks up a carcass of an unknown creature, which he was pulling behind him. He lifts it with ease and then moves it in front of XAKIEL'S jaw.

        BROGAN: (sighing) Come on Xakiel, ya gotta eat?who knows when?

        He stops. He cocks his head to the side as voices are heard. He jumps and hides behind XAKIEL who begins to open his eyes wider after seeing BROGAN'S sudden movement. His eyes widen further, revealing his yellow and black eyes to the cave, as he hears footsteps approaching him quickly. The first person XAKIEL notices is the GOD that appeared to him before. She looks upon him, sighing.

        GOD: Oh Xakiel, you're out of my hands now?you're there's. I cannot be responsible for you any longer.

        She looks down and leaves the cave revealing three figures. They step into the light. The Fates.

        ATROPOS: Hello. You know who we are?

        He snarls in agreement.

        ATROPOS: (smiling) Good?Clotho, if you wouldn't mind.

        She turns to CLOTHO who pulls out a file from her briefcase. She opens the file and begins to read it.

        CLOTHO: (reading) "Xakiel Thorn, committed countless acts of murder and treason on behalf of the god, Glorificus. Furthermore, after her exile, has resisted arrest on many opportunities, attacked and murdered guards, not to mention attempt to attack the gods themselves."

        ATROPOS holds up her hand to stop her.

        ATROPOS: That will do, thank you. Quite an impressive profile. Just my kind of guy.

        He growls.

        ATROPOS: Now it isn't ordinary that we would align ourselves with creatures in hell, but unfortunately, this is not an ordinary situation. Lachesis?

        She turns to LACHESIS who pulls out two files from her briefcase. She opens one. She begins reading in the same way CLOTHO did.

        LACHESIS: "Ras Adrastos, committed hubris by coupling himself with a goddess and by conceiving a child with her. Now attributed with the alias of Rack, he has taken up residence in Sunnydale, the same town in the same dimension as Glorificus."

        ATROPOS: And the other one.

        LACHESIS opens the second file.

        LACHESIS: "Charis Adrastos, daughter of said Ras Adrastos, has been equipped with the alias Charlotte, or Charlie. Living in said town also, oblivious of the fact she has committed the crime of disrupting the equilibrium between the gods and the humans."

        She finishes reading.

        ATROPOS: Two renegades. Two people we want eliminated.

        XAKIEL snarls defiantly.

        ATROPOS: I'm afraid you don't have a choice in the matter, it is this or death.

        XAKIEL thinks for a moment, then snarls.

        ATROPOS: You may do whatever you see fit to eliminate them, no rules, no catches. Do this, and you will live a free life again.

        LACHESIS: (whispering) It's time, The Key?

        ATROPOS nods and steps back, as do CLOTHO and LACHESIS. In front of them a giant swirling portal begins to develop. It's a white ball of energy, formed?from The Key. The gateway from this world to many others. XAKIEL backs away as much as he can from the ball of energy.

        ATROPOS: (shouting) It is time Xakiel. The test of your existence has begun!

        The power of the energy draws him closer?his chains break, he's free from his shackles. He roars angrily as the light of the energy consumes him. The Fates watch him disappear, happily. The light from the energy ball eventually fills the cave completely.


        The light dies down and shows XAK breathing heavily. The colours on the screen have returned to normal. He looks from one Fate to the next.

        XAK: (breathing heavily, incredulous) No?

        ATROPOS: (nodding) Yes. It's your destiny.

        LACHESIS: To destroy everything you touch.

        CLOTHO: It's all you're made to do.

        XAK: (angry) I will never hurt her.

        ATROPOS: And Ras?

        XAK looks her, thinking.

        XAK: No. It would destroy her.

        ATROPOS sighs.

        ATROPOS: Well then we do have a problem?easily fixed?


        The door opens. The camera is showing it from someone's point of view. It reveals a male junkie lying on the floor with his eyes closed, holding a lit cigarette. The camera moves over to RACK who is sitting on the floor between the sofa and the table, laying out rune stones on the sofa. He doesn't look at the camera.

        RACK: Hey, babe. I've been waiting for you.

        He lays down another stone and looks over. The camera now shows DARK WILLOW standing in the doorway.

        RACK: Guess the rehab didn't take, huh. That's the way it goes sometimes.

        He gets up and walks slowly toward her.

        RACK: But I gotta say ... I could feel you coming a mile away, the power you got. And you know something, sweetness? I liked it.

        He keeps moving closer, in his archetypal sleazy manner. DARK WILLOW doesn't react, she simply stands there.

        RACK: When you first came to me, you were just a little, slip of a girl.

        He gets right up behind DARK WILLOW and puts his hands on her shoulders and moves them down out of shot.

        RACK: Look at you now, all?growed up. So full of dark juice.

        He moves to the other side of her, still behind her, his hands on her shoulders. He reaches up and brushes hair back from her face, nuzzles her ear. She still just stands there.

        RACK: And you still taste like strawberries. Only now, (moves around in front of her) you're ripe.

        He stays right there in her face, almost like he's about to kiss her. He even puts his hand on her chin.

        RACK: You came because you want something. Don't you?

        DARK WILLOW nods slowly.

        RACK: I thought so. (stroking her cheek) So tell me, Strawberry...

        Now his mouth is barely an inch away from DARK WILLOW'S as he continues to caress her cheek with one hand.

        RACK: ...what on this earth do you want?

        DARK WILLOW lifts her own hand to touch RACK'S face the same way. But then she starts to squeeze.

        DARK WILLOW: Just to take a little tour.

        Suddenly her other hand comes up and smacks onto RACK'S chest. Magic begins to flow. RACK gasps and groans helplessly. His body glows and little sparks of lightning flash around him. She continues to hold him by the chin with one hand with her other hand on his chest, slowly lifting him up off the ground as the magic crackles between them. RACK continues making little pained groaning noises. His eyes widen. Images of CHARLIE, SEPHY, the cottage, CHARLIE being born, all flash before his eyes. Spasms of regret. A final reminder of the life he's lived, reminding him of the kind of man he really is. His murderess, the pure embodiment of his actions, a woman he helped destroy. Would there be others? AMY MADISON? CATE? CHARLIE??His eyes close?his final thought, is of his daughter's future, and how her life will unfold as a result of his actions. He dies, an incomplete man. RAS ADRASTOS?his own worst enemy; the epitome of hubris.


        The camera cuts from RACK'S dead face immediately to CHARLIE'S looking worried. The camera pulls back to show her and CATE now at the bar. CHARLIE keeps looking at the door. CATE pays the barman and then pulls two more Bronzed Cocktails towards them both. CATE notices her expression.

        CATE: Stop worrying!

        CHARLIE turns to her.

        CHARLIE: Sorry I know I'm no fun, I just worry.

        CATE nods.

        CATE: Uh huh, I know, but Ms Worry-A-Lot needs to worry not.

        CHARLIE looks confused at her.

        CHARLIE: Huh? Look I think I'm just gonna go find him, I'll feel better if I did.

        CHARLIE jumps off her stool, she goes to walk away but CATE grabs her arm.

        CATE: Charlie stay!

        CHARLIE: (shaking her head) No. I really should go. We'll both be back soon. I promise.

        She smiles and hugs CATE, before turning and leaving. CATE watches her go, TOOLE looks over from the stage area. He's been talking to the band. He walks over to CATE.

        TOOLE: Where's she going.

        CATE: (sighing) To find Xak.

        TOOLE puts an arm around her.

        TOOLE: She'll be fine. Trust me.

        The camera shows them watching CHARLIE leave. Then cuts to her just about to open the door.

        WOMAN (O/S): Honey?

        CHARLIE turns to see her mother standing there.

        CHARLIE: (sighing) I'll be back soon ok, just gonna get Xak?

        She turns to leave again.

        SEPHY: I just wanted to say?

        CHARLIE turns back and looks at her expectantly.

        SEPHY: ?You look beautiful tonight.

        CHARLIE gives her a small smile.

        CHARLIE: Thank you.

        She opens the door and leaves The Bronze. The camera stays on SEPHY who looks down sighing slightly. Next to her a hand appears on her shoulder. She looks around. It's CATE. They exchange a reassuring look to one another, as does TOOLE who has moved towards them both as well.


        The camera shows CHARLIE leaving The Bronze. She looks either side of the alleyway casually then sees someone running towards her looking scared. It's the male junkie that was in RACK'S place when he was killed. He looks scared and constantly looks behind him to check something isn't following him. CHARLIE recognises him as a regular, she watches him run past her, then looks in the direction he was running from. She closes her eyes and holds out a hand, she senses his place is near?

        CHARLIE: Dad?

        She looks at the alley worried slightly, then walks slowly towards it.


        The camera opens on ATROPOS' face smiling wickedly.

        ATROPOS: One down?

        XAK'S face looks horrified.

        XAK: Oh god?Charlie?

        LACHESIS: Actually the other one.

        XAK looks down?

        XAK: You have no right to orchestrate events in such a way?

        ATROPOS: If we don't who will. Humans are so futile without guidance.

        XAK: Well?we'll see won't we.

        She laughs.

        ATROPOS: And you are to show us the ways of human strength?

        XAK: (resolute, and confident) This whole year I have. I will never harm her.

        The camera moves in on his face.

        XAK: I love her?and till the end of my days I will show that to her.

        The camera cuts to CLOTHO and LACHESIS looking at one another shocked and annoyed. They both turn in unison to ATROPOS.

        ATROPOS: (smiling) Then you have broken your agreement with us.


        The song starts and runs alongside the camera moving sideways and showing fragmented images of The Fates and XAK standing in the streets of Sunnydale.

        ATROPOS: It's time this ended. You choose to defy your agreement with us. You choose death.

        They hold out their hands in unison and weapons swirling from darkness appear at their hands. ATROPOS holds a long sword. LACHESIS an axe, and CLOTHO a mace. They stand armed. (The music below plays throughout)

        "It's bugging me, grating me
        And twisting me around
        Yeah i'm endlessly caving in
        And turning inside out

        XAK looks at the three of them. He looks unsure, he breathes deeply.

        XAK: If this is what it takes?

        He then drops to a handstand so he's balancing on his hands. He spins around on the spot, and uses his legs to kick all three Fates with a tremendous amount of force. They each go flying back in their respected directions. (The music below plays throughout)

        "'Cause I want it now
        I want it now
        Give me your heart and your soul
        And I'm breaking out
        I'm breaking out
        Last chance to lose control

        One by one, they stand, insanely mad. CLOTHO runs at XAK and hits him on the back with her mace, he falls to his front. He turns over on to his back and just as CLOTHO screams and goes to shove the mace in his face he blocks her and flips her over his head. He jumps to his feet, facing against LACHESIS. She throws her axe at him, which hurtles towards him. He leans back and manages to catch it by its handle. He leans forwards again and throws it back towards her. It hits her dead on in the chest and she falls backwards?slowly, she fades away, as does the axe. (The music below plays throughout)

        "It's holding me, morphing me
        And forcing me to strive
        To be endlessly cold within
        And dreaming I'm alive

        'Cause I want it now
        I want it now
        Give me your heart and your soul
        I'm not breaking down
        I'm breaking out
        Last chance to lose control

        XAK looks smug at having LACHESIS gone. ATROPOS fuming, charges at XAK but before she swings he manages to punch her in the face causing her grip on the long sword to loosen. XAK then swings round and kicks the long sword in the direction of CLOTHO who has now stood up. The sword skewers CLOTHO and she looks at ATROPOS desperately. ATROPOS turns to her and looks at her with shock as CLOTHO slowly dissipates into nothing, the sword falling to the floor with a clang. (The musical interlude to the song plays throughout)

        ATROPOS: (with pure anger) How DARE you!

        XAK: I'm sorry, was my human strength beating your skanky old ass?

        She screams enraged and punches XAK repeatedly in the face, she pushes him to the floor and kicks him in the face. He groans, in pain. She picks him up effortlessly and throws him in the direction of where CLOTHO was. He lands with a thud and sees the sword on the floor next to him. Behind him ATROPOS begins walking towards him, full of wrath.

        ATROPOS: This ends now?

        As she approaches him he turns and grabs the sword?he swings it round and manages to impact the sword with her neck. (The music interlude ends, and the music below plays throughout)

        "And I want you now
        I want you now
        I'll feel my heart implode
        I'm breaking out
        Escaping now
        Feeling my faith?

        The music ends abruptly as ATROPOS' head separates from her body. Her head flies across the street and lands against a wall. Her body simply slumps to the floor. XAK stands breathing heavily, battered and bruised by ATROPOS. He walks over to her head, dropping the sword on the floor.

        XAK: (whispering to himself) It's over?

        ATROPOS' eyes dart towards XAK, he's taken aback startled.

        ATROPOS: (weak) It will be?

        Her body fades away, and her head begins to?

        ATROPOS: (weaker) ?Umbra Coma?

        She disappears, all The Fates finally removed from this reality. Despite her weakness, we can finally hear what she's saying loud and clear. XAK'S eyes widen.


        The camera shows RACK'S body hanging, and then pans around to show DARK WILLOW, DAWN and BUFFY disappearing slowly on one side of the room. As they disappear, the door handle begins to turn. The person, trying to open the door, realises that it's locked. The person whispers a spell and the door unlocks. The door opens. A female hand begins to push it open. It's CHARLIE.

        CHARLIE: Dad, are you?

        Her eyes fall on her father's body. Her whole face drops, and she covers her mouth with her hand.




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          ACT FOUR


          CHARLIE runs from the door to her father, she instantly starts crying. She looks at RACK completely oblivious as to what to do.

          CHARLIE: (hysterical) Da-Daddy! Oh no no no no?

          She hits him to try and get him to wake up.

          CHARLIE: (shouting) Please! DAD!

          His body sways as she hits him. She steps back almost retching, feeling sick at the sight of her father's body.

          CHARLIE: Dad! I'm gonna be right back?I need to get help! I'm gonna be right back?

          She keeps repeating it over and over again and stumbles out the doorway.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera shows CHARLIE stumbling out of an alleyway on to the streets. Her eye make up smeared and she clutches her stomach to hold herself together. She looks up and down the street, at one end is XAK. He's standing at the crossroad with his back to her. She looks at him desperately and begins running towards him.

          CHARLIE: (shouting desperately) Xak! Xak!

          She gets closer to him, but he still keeps his back to her.

          CHARLIE: (crying still) He's dead?Xak?my dad's dead?

          XAK: (monotonous) I know.

          He turns to her. He looks at her, his eyes black.

          CHARLIE: (confused) What, I don't understand?

          He looks her in the eyes.

          XAK: It's over now, trust me. Look at me Charlie. It's over?

          CHARLIE: Xak?you're freaking me out?

          XAK: (breathing heavily) Charlie?keep me here?

          CHARLIE looks at him, scared.

          CHARLIE: I don't know how!

          He screams in pain, and he collapses to the floor. Slowly, the human form of XAK begins to disappear and the transgression begins to occur. It happens quicker than it has done previously, ripping his suit into shreds. The scales plague his skin with immense speed. The wings sprout from his shoulders and fully form. This time though?he's not just a hybrid?he's become the dragon. CHARLIE steps back as XAKIEL towers over her. She looks horrified at her lover before her. His tail snakes around his body and his whole dragon form fully becomes into being, finally. His snaking eyes glare at her and he growls at the woman before him.

          CHARLIE: Xak?baby?

          He roars at her. She loses her breath, the force is so strong. He glares deeply at her, and then he growls deeply, a message of doom. CHARLIE closes her eyes.

          CHARLIE: (whispering) I love you?

          She clutches her stomach. The camera cuts to XAKIEL, his neck leans back and then shoots forward causing a giant funnel of fire to emit from deep within his throat. The flame thrower of heat consumes CHARLIE and the camera shows her screaming in thick black smoke. The same image GLORY showed XAK all those months ago. Another woman's scream can be heard.

          All is quiet.

          XAKIEL roars in anger as he slowly turns back into XAK. The scales, wings, snake eyes all disappear, leaving a naked XAK standing there in the middle of the street. The camera shows him breathing heavily. All that can be heard is his breathing?He looks ahead of him, a woman in a red dress is before him, where CHARLIE stood. It's GLORY.

          GLORY: Uh oh, who's been a bad boy?

          XAK just looks at her confused.

          GLORY: You see the only reason I've been chilling my heels with your sorry crowd this past year is ?cause?your Charlie dies? I disappear. The equilibrium between the gods and the humans is restored. And you know me honey, I can't stand equilibrium.

          He looks around, still confused.

          GLORY: But who'd have thought, despite that icky-librium being restored, such an evil act?just makes me stronger. Thanks Xakky?

          She smiles.

          GLORY: (softly) ?We really do make a good team.

          She smiles and fades away. As GLORY fades away, she reveals something behind her. XAK'S eyes widen.


          CHARLIE'S lying there, dead. Her body singed and smoking slightly. Her red dress burnt with small embers fringing the edge of her outfit. Her eyes are closed, peacefully. One hand is stretched out on the floor and the other rests on her stomach. XAK runs towards her. He looks at her, tears falling from his face. He kneels down and clutches her body. He buries his head into her body, repeating something over and over again. (The music below plays throughout)

          "Take it back, take it all back now
          The things I gave, like the taste of my kiss on your lips
          I miss that now
          I can't try any harder than I do, all the reasons I gave

          The camera moves closer in on CHARLIE'S face, contorted peacefully in death. It pans back to show XAK has now disappeared. (The music below plays throughout)

          "Excuses I made for you, I'm broken in two"

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera shows SEPHY leaving The Bronze with CATE and TOOLE. She hugs them both and kisses them on their cheeks. She breaks away from them and as she watches them leave, her face drops. (The music below plays throughout)

          "All the things left undiscovered
          Leave me empty and left to wonder
          I need you

          She turns to look in the direction of where RACK'S place is. She walks slowly in the direction we saw CHARLIE walking in, a feeling of dread filling her. (The music below plays throughout)

          "All the things left undiscovered
          Leave me waiting and left to wonder
          I need you, yeah I need you
          Don't walk away

          CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

          The camera shows DANTE sitting behind his desk, the file with the triangle and the bird on it in front of him is laid open. Pages on XAK, CHARLIE, RACK, SEPHY, CHARON, MELODY and LANCE are all open, all the files we saw throughout the season now make up this one file. DANTE frowns, he sighs and picks up all the paper, he puts it through the shredder beside his desk, watching it disappear. (The music below plays throughout)

          "Touch me now how I wanna feel, something so real
          Please remind me my love, take me back

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera shows the nearly complete Sunnydale High, and the camera rotates around to show GLORY standing in front of it smiling. (The music below plays throughout)

          "?Cause I'm so in love with what we were
          I'm not breathing, I'm suffocating without you
          Do you feel it too?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The door creaks open slightly and a female hand begins to push the door open. As the door opens more we can see it's SEPHY. She looks around the room expectantly and puts a hand on her mouth as she sees RACK'S body hanging from the ceiling. She removes her hand slowly and walks towards her dead lover. (The music below plays throughout)

          "All the things left undiscovered
          Leave me waiting and left to wonder
          I need you

          She approaches him and runs a hand delicately over his pained face, tears begin to fall from her woeful eyes. She kisses him lightly on the lips. (The music below plays throughout)

          "All the things left undiscovered
          Leave me empty and left to wonder
          I need you, yeah I need you

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera shows CATE and TOOLE walking down the street laughing, TOOLE'S face drops as he sees something ahead of him, CATE'S laughing but turns to look too. Her face mirrors TOOLE'S. They see CHARLIE'S body. (The music below plays throughout)

          "When I'm in the dark and all alone
          Dreaming that you'll walk right through my door
          It's there I know my heart is whole

          CATE runs towards CHARLIE, her heels break but she doesn't care. As she gets closer to her body she falls to her knees and skids along the ground cutting her dress and scraping her knees. She cries uncontrollably as she looks helplessly at her dead best friend. She looks up at TOOLE who has only just managed to keep up. She mouths something to him that looks like "Do something Toole!" He only looks at them both helpless. (The music below plays throughout)

          "There's a million reasons why I cry
          Hold my covers tight and close my eyes
          ?Cause I don't wanna be alone

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera shows SEPHY emerging from the hidden doorway to her dead lover's establishment. In her arms is RACK'S body. (The music below plays throughout)

          "All the things left undiscovered
          Leave me waiting and left to wonder
          I need you

          As his body fully passes through the portal, the building is finally revealed. SEPHY looks back at it and it implodes in on itself silently.

          "All the things left undiscovered
          Leave me empty and left to wonder
          I need you

          She breathes deep and walks away with RACK in her arms, her head held high. (The music below plays throughout)

          "I need you"

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera moves in through the front door, which opens on its own accord. The camera slowly moves towards the bedroom door. (The music below plays throughout)

          "?Cause I can't fake and I can't hate
          But it's my heart that's about to break

          The camera pushes through the bedroom door to reveal the floor covered in rose petals, with hundreds of unlit candles surrounding the room. The camera moves towards the bed, there's something resting on the pillows. It's an envelope. The word "Charlie" is written on it. (The music below plays throughout)

          "You're all I need, I'm on my knees
          Watch me bleed, would you listen please

          CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

          The camera passes around a floor and shows a suitcase, which has been smashed open, clothes strewn everywhere. The camera passes around to show XAK sitting against a wall in someone else's clothes. (The music below plays throughout)

          "I give in, I breathe out
          I want you, there's no doubt
          I freak out, I'm left out
          Without you, I'm without

          The camera shows him with his knees up by his chest and his arms resting on them. He's looking down, crying. He looks like he's been crying for a while. (The music below plays throughout)

          "I cross out, I can't doubt
          I cry out, I reach out

          The camera pulls back through the wall of where XAK is situated to reveal the side of a plane?


          It's flying through an early morning sky. (The music below plays throughout)

          "Don't walk away, don't walk away"

          The camera shows the plane flying off into the distance away from everything that happened the previous day. A new day, with it, bringing new starts?for everyone. (The music below plays throughout)

          "Don't walk away"

          FADE TO BLACK

          "Don't walk away"

          END OF EPISODE




          Special Guest Stars:

          Musical Guest Star:

          Special Mention:


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            If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and i usually comment on the feedback as well!


            - I originally planned to do 22 episodes, and have a subplot where Cate and Toole faced ridicule from their other friends about their relationship, and where the characters try to increase their strength but unfortunately swap abilities in the process. I thought this was all a bit pointless so i didn't do it!

            - The episode where we find out Xak's surname is Thorn and Charlie/Charis' is Adrastos.

            - One of the saddest endings ever to SS, i cried writing it.

            - I planned to kill Charlie off from the beginning but had no idea how popular she'd be and therefore hated myself for writing it!

            - Of course Rack had to die, we all saw Willow kill him didn't we!

            - I actually used a scene between Warren/Rack that was in a Season Six episode.

            - I used "Never Grow Old" as it featured in the pilot of Alias and i loved it, it's sooo moving. It's also the 2nd Cranberries song i've used in SS so far!

            - I tried to give an explanation to what The First was doing during Season Six of BtVS...gathering strength, ensuring it's survival!

            - The longest episode of SS, 30 pages long. This is now the customary length of episodes in Season Two!
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