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Shadow Stalker - 1.14 - Cutting The Apron Strings

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  • Shadow Stalker - 1.14 - Cutting The Apron Strings

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 1.14 ? Cutting The Apron Strings
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart
    Rating: UK Rating 15 (Language and Scenes of an upsetting nature)

    Shadow Stalker is officially affiliated with Rogue Redemption, an awesome spin-off created by Amber.

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season One starts alongside Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 3 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Raven (Alexander Brown); Sorceress Of Crimson Falls (Travis); and Wishful Thinking (Ben).

    RACK (V/O): Previously on Shadow Stalker


    There is a high angled shot above of XAK, CHARLIE and CATE standing in the alley post-fight. XAK is looking confused, CHARLIE is looking embarrassed and CATE is still beaming with excitement.

    CATE: I can't believe it, I haven't seen you in like?a long time!

    CHARLIE: (happily) That's because I hate you.

    CATE removes her hand from her neck and begins straightening her hair with her fingers.

    CATE: Oh come on Charlie, still harbouring bitter feelings.

    CHARLIE: Cate, you tried to have me hung drawn and quartered in school!

    CATE rolls her eyes.

    CATE: A misunderstanding, I've said I'm sorry like three times. You know how it is, mob mentality and all; I got caught up in all the drama!

    CUT TO ?

    Various images of CATE murdering The Clique blast on to screen. The knife, BREE'S neck breaking, SKYE impaled, her foot twitching, MELODY being stabbed?

    CHARLIE (V/O): You were my oldest friend Cate. When I first moved to Sunnydale, you took care of me, looked after me everywhere I went. Then high school hit, and you went.


    SHADOW DEMON: In aiding you both, he wishes for you to know, he loves and misses you?

    Both CHARLIE and SEPHY look at him upset, but quickly their expression of woe fades to fear as the SHADOW DEMON is split in two and behind its doubled carcass stands a black eyed XAK. He's different to the last time he changed. More advanced. His hair is vibrating like electricity and his skin shows black veins all over his body and face. He glares at the body before him. CHARLIE holds on to SEPHY'S arm.

    CHARLIE: Xak?baby?

    Behind him someone touches him on the shoulder. He growls and turns around punching the person behind him. CHARLIE screams.

    CHARLIE: Toole?Cate!

    The camera shows a slow motion shot of TOOLE touching XAK'S shoulder and XAK turning round to punch him. He punches TOOLE so hard that he soars back into CATE. In hitting his girlfriend with such force, TOOLE causes CATE to fly back into a crypt, while he slumps to the floor near her.. The camera shows CATE hitting her head hard on the stone wall and falling to the floor with her eyes closed. CHARLIE runs towards them both, as does SEPHY. SEPHY stops at TOOLE while CHARLIE carries on running towards CATE. The camera shows XAK who's evil nature just halts and falls away from him. His black veins and eyes lose their darkness and his hair falls down.

    XAK: (quietly) What have I done?


    TOOLE: Look, I know we don't talk about it but?.about what's inside you?

    CATE looks down.

    CATE: I know?it's evil?

    TOOLE: I don't care?I know what's really inside you Cate. Good, beauty, and love. That's all I need to know.

    She still looks down, slightly tearful.

    TOOLE: And the thought of that being harmed in any way?destroys me.

    She turns to him slowly and smiles.

    TOOLE: I won't let him, or anyone else hurt you again?I promise?

    She hugs him tight and looks over his shoulder at XAK'S bedroom door.

    CATE: (whispering) This isn't gonna have a happy ending is it?

    TOOLE doesn't answer, he just glares angrily over CATE'S shoulder, holding her with love.


    XAK: (quietly, almost tearful) I'm sorry?I'm so?so sorry?

    She hugs him tight, she doesn't know how to respond, but she closes her eyes.

    CHARLIE: (softly) Shh?

    She kisses his shoulder. He reciprocates by slowly moving to kiss the top of her head. She moves and kisses his neck, causing him to kiss her forehead. They then both kiss one another's cheeks. They break apart and look at one another, searching one another's eyes. Despite what happened?they can only see the need to help, protect?and love. The prospect alone draws their lips together in a passionate embrace. They fall back on to the bed with CHARLIE on top. He pushes her coat and top off and rolls her over so he is on top. He kisses her neck and she rips his top off. The camera shows him writhing on top of her, and as he does so?.large black scales begin to form on his back?


    The camera cuts back to the crypt where CATE was lying. There's something there. A body. A GLOWING WOMAN; glowing, ethereally. She looks up, holding her head. (She is played by Lena Olin)

    GLOWING WOMAN: Oh?this is a problem?




    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. It is night. The camera pans around the wood and shows younger Sunnydale wood swaying in a late 20th Century breeze. As the camera pans around it shows a young brunette running through the woods. She's crying and breathing heavily letting branches whip her face as she passes them, devoid of care towards the physical cuts they leave her with. The camera shows her running towards the camera, revealing the woman to be a younger, more fearful CHARLIE. She looks over her shoulder, and when she turns back, she stops, gasping, breathless.

    CHARLIE: Cate?


    The camera pans around to show a younger CATE standing still looking at her. She looks calm, but emotions seem to have abandoned her. She has her hands behind her back. She stares at the quivering girl before her.

    CATE: This isn't personal Charlie?

    CHARLIE shakes her head.

    CHARLIE: Cate, look I know we've had our differences?but please?

    CATE shakes her head.

    CATE: No?I can't let you live. I have to kill the bad girls?

    CHARLIE backs away and CATE reveals a noose behind her back. CHARLIE screams as CATE maniacally jumps on CHARLIE and ties the noose around her neck. The camera pans away to show ATROPOS standing amidst a bush in the distance watching the event smiling. The camera flashes to show quick images of CATE'S mad and enraged face, and CHARLIE crying then cuts to?


    The camera shows more recent images of CATE and CHARLIE then to them sitting on the sofa together. The colours on the screen are back to normal now. CATE is eating from a tub of ice cream causing her to make various orgasmic noises from the taste. CHARLIE looks at her trying not to smile. CATE turns to her.

    CATE: Mmm?are you sure you don't want any?

    CHARLIE: After that performance? No thanks Sally?and anyway?

    She touches her stomach.

    CHARLIE: Still not eating well.

    CATE points her spoon at her.

    CATE: That's nerves that. All bad ass under pressure but before you're like jelly?

    She thinks?

    CATE: ?Jelly goes good with ice cream right?

    CHARLIE'S eyes widen and she nods quickly.

    CHARLIE: Uh, yeah?but we have none.

    CATE looks annoyed and goes back to eating her ice cream. CHARLIE looks at CATE eating the ice cream without a care in the world.

    CHARLIE: What's with you anyway? You're remarkably chipper since you hit your head.

    She looks like she's thinking, then adopts a mocking shocked face.

    CHARLIE: You think you're healed?

    CATE laughs.

    CATE: Very funny missy, but I wasn't sick!

    CHARLIE rolls her eyes.

    CHARLIE: Seriously though, I mean if my best friend's boyfriend had just attacked me I'd be freaked.

    CATE: I think it annoyed Toole more than me, Toole's wound tight, he doesn't like being hurt, me?

    CATE contemplates this thought then shrugs and goes back to eating the ice cream.

    CATE: ?All in a day.

    CHARLIE looks down.

    CHARLIE: Cate?

    CATE looks up at CHARLIE, resolute.

    CATE: Look, we've been through worse, all of us have. What happens to Xak when he's like that isn't his fault, I should know more than anyone how he feels?

    CATE looks down.

    CATE: ?so who am I to judge?

    CHARLIE looks at her and gives her a soft smile.


    The GLOWING WOMAN seen from the end of the previous episode, (played by Lena Olin), is wandering the empty streets. Her glow is fading slightly and she walks the streets stumbling across the ground as if she's not used to her surroundings much.

    FEMALE VOICE (O/S): Well well?

    The GLOWING WOMAN turns around to see SEPHY standing there, looking at her.

    SEPHY: ?This is a surprise.

    The GLOWING WOMAN'S eyes widen and she looks at SEPHY with shock.


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    The camera opens on the girls still sitting on the sofa, CATE has the ice cream tub on her face and she's trying to get her tongue to the bottom of the tub. She makes various straining noises in trying to get to the bottom and CHARLIE looks at her with wonder. CATE emerges from the tub smiling.

    CATE: That is good ice cream?

    The camera shows her face now having a circle of ice cream going around her face from where it touched the rim of the tub. CHARLIE smiles back.

    CHARLIE: I'm sure it is, um?Cate you have a little?

    She gestures at her own face to suggest there is something on CATE'S. CATE looks shocked and then rubs her mouth only removing half of the ice cream.

    CATE: Gone?

    CHARLIE nods.

    CHARLIE: Uh huh.

    As she says this the front door bursts open and SEPHY enters. She looks angry. CHARLIE'S eyes widen. She turns to CATE and wipes the rest of the ice cream off her face herself. CATE looks shocked at what CHARLIE is doing and then gives CHARLIE a small glare when she realises. Quickly, and simultaneously they both turn back to SEPHY.

    CHARLIE: We were just um?devising a new battle strategy?

    She looks at CATE for help.

    CATE: Right! So far we have a catapult in design?

    CATE'S words trail off as she sees that SEPHY is dragging something behind her. The camera shows both CHARLIE and CATE looking shocked, then cuts back to SEPHY dragging in the GLOWING WOMAN by her hair. She looks pained and her ethereal glow is throbbing slightly.

    CATE: Who's the brunette?

    The GLOWING WOMAN looks up at CATE. CATE however is transfixed on the fact SEPHY is pulling her by her hair.

    CATE: Sephy, does she have like bad roots or something?

    SEPHY: (angrily) Cate, do you remember I spoke with you regarding your powers speaking to you? Well, they're about to?

    She looks down at the GLOWING WOMAN who looks up at CATE. CATE'S face drops. Behind her, TOOLE emerges from the spare bedroom, his hair is messed up and he looks tired. He rubs his face.

    TOOLE: Jeez, can you guys keep it down; men, sleeping, men, awake, men, angry.

    SEPHY looks at him, sharply.

    SEPHY: Postpone your anger, wake up Xak.

    She looks at CHARLIE.

    SEPHY: I need you to create a containment field. Can you do it?

    CHARLIE looks confused.

    CHARLIE: Uh, yeah, I can try?

    She looks at the GLOWING WOMAN and holds a hand out to her.

    CHARLIE: (shakily) Vincire

    A green ooze emits from CHARLIE'S hand, SEPHY pushes the GLOWING WOMAN aside and the ooze hits her and surrounds her waist. The GLOWING WOMAN'S head is thrown back and she lifts into the air. CHARLIE looks at her then to SEPHY.

    CHARLIE: Wha?

    SEPHY: It would be safer to contain her and her powers. There is no predicting what she could do next.

    She looks at the GLOWING WOMAN who floats in a momentary state of catatonia. SEPHY sighs, then walks over to CATE who is just staring at the GLOWING WOMAN. She touches CATE'S arm.

    SEPHY: It's ok now.

    She smiles warmly at her. The camera moves to TOOLE behind CATE who looks at them both then hurries to XAK'S bedroom door. He opens the door...


    The room inside is full of darkness, the curtains are closed. The camera pans down to the floor, and continues panning down?


    ?The camera eventually shows the top of a dark cave. The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The camera shows a battered and beaten up XAKIEL. His scales are bleeding at various areas of his body. There are scratches on the side of the cave and his chains have been re-enforced since we last saw him. Both signs of an unsuccessful break out. He's lying on his stomach breathing heavily. Smoke snakes from his nostrils.

    MAN (O/S): Hey, Xakiel?

    XAK'S vision is hazy but he looks up. His eyes consume every ray of light emitting from the small torches dotted around the cave to make out the figure of a man. Recognising the voice he makes a fiery snort. The voice laughs and the figure walks into the light.

    BROGAN/MAN: That's right man, it's me, Brogan. Jeez look at you?what did they do?

    The MAN is played by Jensen Ackles. He moves closer stepping into more of the light. He seems to be wearing various animal skins for clothing and a knife is tied to his hip. His hair is messed up and he seems to be pulling something behind him.

    BROGAN: ?I heard about the break out. That was stupid.

    XAKIEL growls.

    BROGAN: Why did ya do it? You thought you could get away from them?

    XAKIEL'S voice box rumbles slightly.

    BROGAN: You should know, there is word of your punishment. They're gonna make an example of you. I dunno what it is, but I thought I should tell ya?

    He picks up a carcass of an unknown creature, which he was pulling behind him. He lifts it with ease and then moves it in front of XAKIEL'S jaw.

    BROGAN: (sighing) Come on Xakiel, ya gotta eat?who knows when?

    He stops. He cocks his head to the side as voices are heard. He jumps and hides behind XAKIEL who begins to open his eyes wider after seeing BROGAN'S sudden movement. His eyes widen further, revealing his yellow and black eyes to the cave, as he hears footsteps approaching him quickly. As the footsteps sound louder, getting closer to the cave, a voice can be heard?

    MALE VOICE (V/O): Hey?Wake up?


    The camera shows XAK in bed, sleeping. The voice echoes in his mind. As a hand reaches for him he jumps up. The camera shows behind XAK and shows black scales covering his bare back. In front of him is TOOLE with a hand held out, ready to shake him awake, he looks at XAK cautiously. XAK looks mad, but upon seeing TOOLE he calms down, and the scales on his back begin to fade away.

    TOOLE: (retracting his hand) We have a development?

    XAK: (groggy) A ? what?

    TOOLE: Cate's powers?they're here?

    XAK looks around the room.

    XAK: Am I still dreaming?

    TOOLE just looks at him.

    TOOLE: (firmly) Just get dressed?

    He turns to leave and walks towards the door. He reaches for the door handle with his back to XAK. Before he opens the door, he turns his head slightly in XAK'S direction.

    TOOLE: (quietly) Xak?

    XAK looks in his direction.

    TOOLE: Remember, you hurt her in anyway, you're fired?

    XAK looks down.

    XAK: I know.

    TOOLE: And I don't just mean The Bronze?

    He turns the handle on the door and walks out into the living room, the sound of the girls talking can be heard off screen. The camera cuts back to XAK who looks beat that his friend still hasn't forgiven him.


    The camera shows TOOLE re-emerging into the sitting room and nodding at SEPHY who is still at CATE'S side. She's touching her arm re-assuring her. CATE'S eyes are transfixed on the GLOWING WOMAN whose head has now slowly tilted back upright.

    CATE: (shakily) Who are you?

    The GLOWING WOMAN looks at CATE then looks to SEPHY who nods.

    SEPHY: Tell her, you've used her for twenty one years. She deserves the truth.

    CATE looks down, cringing at the thought. The GLOWING WOMAN looks at CATE.

    GLOWING WOMAN: My name?

    Before she reveals her name, XAK emerges from behind the door in jeans and a t-shirt.


    CATE looks at her. Her mouth opens slightly. TOOLE looks over at CATE frowning slightly. CHARLIE looks at him and then to XAK. She gives him a weak smile, which he reciprocates. The camera eventually cuts back to CATE.

    CATE: Oh?another goddess?

    HECATE: When I saw that Persephone was pregnant all those years ago, I had to do something to protect her.

    SEPHY turns to CATE.

    SEPHY: (with a tone of resentment) You see my dear, Hecate had helped me before, she'd been the one to help me return home after I was abducted into the Underworld all those years ago. She's my protector. And now my daughter's.

    HECATE looks over at CHARLIE.

    HECATE: (smiling) Yes, and what a passionate and loving woman she has blossomed into.

    CHARLIE: (nervously) Uh?hi?

    CATE turns to SEPHY.

    CATE: (distant) Why are you so mad at her, before you were calling her your ally?

    SEPHY looks surprised at CATE'S acceptance of the situation.

    SEPHY: (taken aback) Uh?Well if The Fates found out about her presence residing inside of you, they would punish her severely. While I appreciate her generosity in her guardianship, she has not maintained a low profile?

    TOOLE: (worried) The Fates saw Cate's powers?

    SEPHY turns to TOOLE.

    SEPHY: They have seen Cate's powers numerous times, however they merely see what we do, a glazed eyed girl, with magical powers. To them, Cate is no more powerful than a Wicca.

    CHARLIE: So how did this happen? Why is she, (indicating HECATE floating), here?and not (indicating CATE), there?

    HECATE: (glaring at XAK) Since Cate's impact with the tomb, I was quite literally forced from her. That's why Persephone is angry. If they find me, we'll all be punished.

    XAK looks down and then walks into the kitchen. CHARLIE follows. TOOLE watches them both leave into the kitchen. The camera turns back to CATE who's thinking.

    CATE: (To HECATE) So they don't know about you, that's good?

    SEPHY looks at her, still maintaining a shocked look.

    HECATE: Not yet, no.

    There is a brief pause, everyone's eyes on the floating goddess.

    TOOLE: So what now? Could they find you? ?Cause if Cate gets hurt again I'll?

    The sound of the front door opening and closing suddenly can be heard. SEPHY and TOOLE turn to the front door. CATE'S gone.


    XAK is leaning against the counter and CHARLIE is next to him leaning on his shoulder.

    XAK: This just keeps getting worse.

    CHARLIE looks at him sympathetically. She knows he's not talking about HECATE.

    CHARLIE: Just give him time, he'll come round.

    XAK: I don't know?things are just getting worse. First your dad, then your mom, The Fates?and now this?


    The camera shows CATE sitting on a wooden crate in one of CHARLIE'S jackets. She's smoking a cigarette and looks repulsed with every breath she inhales. Behind her, TOOLE approaches.

    XAK (V/O): ?I just don't know how much more we can take.

    TOOLE smiles weakly as he walks towards her.

    TOOLE: You're smoking now?

    She looks at him, then throws the cigarette away.

    CATE: Oh, they were in the pockets, guess Charlie smoked?dirty girl?

    He laughs and kneels down next to her.

    CATE: ?Sorry, just needed some space.

    TOOLE: It's fine, I understand.

    There is a long pause. CATE just stares at the floor.

    CATE: You have no idea what it's been like. My whole life?to have this thing hurting the ones I love?

    Tears begin to form in her eyes.

    CATE: ?And to have no control over it?none at all?

    TOOLE looks at her upset. He puts a hand on her cheek.

    TOOLE: You deserve some answers, and that bitch can give you them?everything you wanna know, she can tell you.

    CATE looks at him, she puts on a brave face.

    CATE: Oh I know. I'm the Queen Bee baby?no one trumps me?

    He smiles and kisses her.

    TOOLE: Damn straight?

    She sighs heavily.

    CATE: I just need some rest first. Ice cream made me sleepy.

    TOOLE laughs slightly, he watches her, then stands and holds out a hand. She smiles and doesn't reply. She takes his hand and stands. They walk hand in hand through the dark alley, back towards the apartment, and the answers CATE desires.




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      ACT TWO


      It is morning now. DANTE is eating a bagel and has a cup of coffee in front of him. The camera pans around to show the door opening and The Fates entering. He swallows a mouthful of coffee and gestures to them.

      DANTE: Oh, excuse the food, but hey, I'm a sucker for cream cheese.

      He winks at CLOTHO who rolls her eyes.

      DANTE: (gesturing at the chairs) Please take a seat.

      ATROPOS: Mr Turnpike, Clotho will be overseeing the birth of triplets in ten minutes, Lachesis will be deciding whether or not the hormonal mother kills one of them in a few days time, and if that is the case, then I myself have some business to attend to?

      LACHESIS crosses her fingers.

      ATROPOS: ?So we don't have time for idle banter.

      DANTE stops eating his bagel.

      DANTE: Right, quite a week for that woman then.

      LACHESIS: She'll start fancying her doctor next, I bet?

      CLOTHO turns to LACHESIS.

      CLOTHO: Stop betting! You've become so casual in your decisions.

      CLOTHO bites her lip to stop from laughing, as does LACHESIS. ATROPOS rolls her eyes.

      ATROPOS: I understand the diagnostics are back from the laboratory.

      DANTE reaches for a file.

      DANTE: They are, it appears the medics believe Xakiel's condition will reach optimum level within a week.

      The Fates smile.

      ATROPOS: Oh my, that is interesting indeed?.

      The camera shows DANTE looking at the pleasure on her face. A slight sense of fear in his eyes.


      The camera passes around XAK'S apartment. The morning glow of the sun washes through the room and lies on two hostile women. HECATE, still in her magical prison has her eyes closed. And SEPHY, watching her, guarding her. As the morning birds begin to chirp and chatter, the rest of the gang begin to stir from their rooms. The first to emerge is XAK. He comes out in just his pyjama bottoms and goes to the kitchen. When he reaches the door, he realises something and turns back.

      XAK: (to SEPHY) Have you been here all night?

      SEPHY: I don't trust her, I always keep a close eye on the people I don't trust?

      She turns to him. He looks at her. They exchange a glance before the door to the spare room opens and TOOLE comes out fully clothed. He sees them both looking at one another.

      TOOLE: Uh Xak?

      XAK turns to him.

      XAK: Yeah?

      TOOLE: Remember we have to get to work early today. I know it's not great timing but?

      XAK: No it's fine. There's a lot to start planning, what with The Bronze Ball next week. I'll just get dressed.

      He smiles at TOOLE who returns with a weak smile. SEPHY watches them both, curiously. XAK then sensing the awkward silence goes back into his bedroom. SEPHY turns to TOOLE.

      SEPHY: His intentions are pure you know.

      TOOLE: (sighing) I know.

      SEPHY: Yet you insist on leaving him in this platonic purgatory?

      TOOLE: Well look at the result of his actions?

      He gestures towards HECATE.

      TOOLE: ?And now Cate's head is messed up.

      SEPHY smiles.

      SEPHY: I would have thought you'd have felt the opposite. What with the truth floating in her home now?

      TOOLE looks unable to properly answer.

      SEPHY: Xak's actions may have been terribly dangerous, but they were unwittingly done. In the long run, he's helped you much more than he's hurt you.

      TOOLE looks at her thinking. From XAK'S room the sound of a sleepy CHARLIE can be heard talking groggily to XAK. He re-emerges from his room now fully clothed in a black sleeveless shirt and black trousers. He looks at SEPHY and TOOLE who are just stood there.

      XAK: (to TOOLE) Ready?

      TOOLE turns to him, he smiles slightly more authentically.

      TOOLE: Sure, let's go. We'll get some breakfast on the way.

      XAK smiles, as does SEPHY. As they leave the apartment, SEPHY touches XAK'S arm reassuringly. As the door closes SEPHY turns back to HECATE to see that she's now awake. HECATE is looking at the now closed front door.

      HECATE: You've become foolish if you trust one of his kind near your daughter.

      SEPHY: Shades of grey Hecate?

      HECATE: If you say so.

      She turns back to SEPHY and looks at her worried.

      WOMAN (O/S): Are you fighting again?

      They both turn to see a yawning CHARLIE standing in the doorway to her bedroom. She's wearing pyjamas and some comic slippers with a cartoon witch patterned over them. SEPHY smiles.

      SEPHY: Oh no dear, don't worry. All hostilities left with the night. Would you like some breakfast?

      CHARLIE makes a sickly face.

      CHARLIE: Urgh breakfast?

      SEPHY: Hmm, perhaps Cate would like some?

      CHARLIE nods.

      HECATE: Where is she?

      CHARLIE: Sleeping, she's been doing a lot of it lately. She had a lot of space in her head before this but now, what with her not sharing her body with a goddess and all?

      CHARLIE looks down, shaking her head, unable to finish her sentence.

      CHARLIE: ?How could you do that to her? She'd never hurt anyone?and you had her kill people.

      HECATE: (laughs) She was rebelling, attempting to have a life away from you. I had to get her back on track. That Melody cretin was a useless waste of space, and the other two were just as bad. I had no qualms in having her kill them?

      CHARLIE looks at her, incredulous at how casual she is. SEPHY however is not so incredulous when facing a conversation about death. She simply looks at HECATE wondering.

      SEPHY: Did Atropos not see your murders?

      HECATE: (smirking) You know me Persephone, I'm crafty at hiding things?

      The camera shows CHARLIE looking more angry.

      CHARLIE: (angry) Well if you were supposed to be "protecting" me, where were you three years ago when I needed it most?

      HECATE: Three years ago, when Hans and Greta Strauss attacked Sunnydale I was busy with a request from a Miss Amy Madison?

      CHARLIE thinks.

      CHARLIE: (realising quietly) She asked to be turned into a rat, I remember my father telling me?

      HECATE: (nods) Exactly. I was busy with her wish, too busy to notice Cate has been corrupted by Hans and Greta?

      CHARLIE rests her hand on her throat.

      CHARLIE: (upset) I know the rest?

      The camera closes in on CHARLIE'S face, the developing realisation about the brutal truth is proving to be too much for her.


      The camera shows XAK and TOOLE walking down the street. They are just finishing a take out breakfast. TOOLE puts their rubbish in a nearby bin.

      XAK: You know, there was nothing about that pastry that wasn't good.

      TOOLE: The solaces of Sunnydale, in our caf?s?who'd have thought.

      XAK shakes his head smiling slightly.

      XAK: I appreciate this Toole.

      TOOLE: Appreciate what?

      XAK: You just?(thinks)?being cool with me.

      TOOLE: I was too harsh, I know it wasn't so much you as it was the demon inside you.

      XAK: (quietly) Yeah?

      TOOLE: What's done is done, we can't change that?

      His face drops. He looks annoyed

      TOOLE: ?Oh crap!

      XAK turns to him suddenly.

      XAK: What?

      TOOLE: Oh nothing, I just forgot I said I'd meet with one of the DJs for next week. Can you go to The Bronze and start with the cleanup?

      XAK: Of course.

      He smiles and then walks in the direction of The Bronze. TOOLE watches him leave, his expression, blank. He turns and walks across the road and down a side alley.


      The camera shows TOOLE walking down the shady alleyway, he looks serious. He approaches a MAN who is standing in a doorway smoking a cigarette. The man looks almost as shady as the alleyway.

      MAN: You're late.

      TOOLE: Sorry, I ran into some complications.

      MAN: Do you have the money?

      TOOLE reaches into his trouser pocket and takes out a wad of cash. He hands it to the MAN who counts it.

      TOOLE: (rolling his eyes) It's all there.

      MAN: Gotta make sure?

      He reaches into his jacket pocket and retrieves a small package. It is wrapped in a cloth.

      MAN: There's no way this can be tracked back to me right?

      TOOLE: Don't worry, I don't want this getting traced back to anyone either.

      The MAN smiles and hands TOOLE the package. The camera shows TOOLE unravelling the package but the camera cuts to TOOLE'S face just as he pulls out the item inside. He looks at it, thinking.

      TOOLE: Perfect?


      The camera shows SEPHY and HECATE, all where they were previously. CHARLIE emerges from her bedroom, now dressed. HECATE turns to her, seeing that she still looks upset.

      HECATE: I know it's a difficult memory to relive

      CHARLIE nods.

      HECATE: You should know Atropos had a hand in that event, I had to maintain a low profile for a few years?she couldn't know.

      CHARLIE: How was she involved?

      HECATE: She summoned the demons to assassinate you and your father. Hans and Greta, The Gentlemen, she even played a role in the Mayor's ascension?

      CHARLIE looks up.

      CHARLIE: These were all things my father warned me about?

      HECATE nods.

      HECATE: Indeed. Your father has been a great protector, a cowardly one, but great none the less. You should return to him, he will be a valuable ally.

      SEPHY turns to CHARLIE.

      SEPHY: (sighing) Perhaps, it would be wise to meet with him?

      CHARLIE shakes her head.

      CHARLIE: No, Mom, the things he did!

      SEPHY silences her.

      SEPHY: I know honey. But you won't be alone?I'll come with you.

      CHARLIE looks down, thinking.

      CHARLIE: (quietly) What about her?

      She looks up at HECATE. SEPHY turns to her as well.

      SEPHY: She won't be going anywhere.

      She smiles at HECATE, then turns to CHARLIE, holding out a hand. CHARLIE breathes deeply and they both go to the front door. They leave. On hearing the front door close, the door to the spare room opens. CATE appears in the doorway. HECATE looks at her. CATE returns her look with a menacing glare.

      CATE: (angry) Alone at last?




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        ACT THREE


        The camera shows CATE at the book case. She seems calm. She makes various "um" and "ah" noises at the books before her. Eventually she pulls out a book and runs her hands over it. She opens it and turns a few pages.

        CATE: Ah?here we go?Hecate.

        She looks at HECATE.

        CATE: (reading) "Hecate was originally perceived to be the goddess of childbirth and wilderness, partaking in the well being of all animals. However, due to her being the dark link to the Underworld, considering her participation in Persephone's escape, Hecate is now shown to be a goddess of sorcery and dark witchcraft?"

        She closes the book.

        CATE: ?Well, aren't we a busy bee-atch?

        HECATE looks at her blankly as CATE throws the book against the wall and walks towards her.

        CATE: (shouting) So tell me Underwhore?why? Why put me through this. What did I do?!

        HECATE looks at her curious.

        HECATE: You would really like to know?

        CATE just looks at her, of course she does. HECATE'S eyes glaze over the same way CATE'S eyes used to. The whole room fills with a blinding white light.

        CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

        The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The camera pans around the room to see a heavily pregnant SEPHY breathing heavily on the bed. By her side is RAS and in front of her is HECATE.

        HECATE: Ras, you should have invoked my help sooner?

        RAS looks her, panicked.

        RAS: (angrily) This whole pregnancy has happened so fast! I've hardly been prepared for anything.

        HECATE: (rolling her eyes) Persephone, I'm here. This child is gonna be born just fine ok?

        SEPHY shakes her head, breathing heavily.

        SEPHY: (straining) No, Clotho?she'll?see! If she sees?They'll kill my baby!

        RAS looks at HECATE desperate.

        HECATE: (quietly) Oh no she won't?


        Another heavily pregnant woman is lying in a hospital bed. A man is next to her holding her hand tightly. A female nurse is standing at the foot of the bed and the whole image mirrors that of the bedroom in the cottage.

        NURSE: Ok, Mrs Rittle, keep pushing?she's almost here?

        MRS RITTLE breathes heavily.

        MR RITTLE: Come on honey, we're gonna have a baby girl.

        He smiles and kisses his wife on the forehead.

        MR RITTLE: Just a bit more?

        She screams and begins pushing again.

        NURSE: That's it, here she comes!

        The crying of a baby girl can be heard and MRS RITTLE begins laughing with joy. The camera moves in on the clock in the room, the time 1.14 am.

        CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

        HECATE looks upwards, as if knowing something.

        HECATE: (loudly) Persephone, you have to push now. The child must arrive, now!

        RAS looks at HECATE in shock. SEPHY looks at HECATE knowingly, then closes her eyes and pushes, screaming. RAS squeezes her hand and kisses her head, and before long the sound of a baby girl crying can be heard. HECATE smiles, and picks up the baby.

        HECATE: (smiling) Oh Persephone, it's a girl?she's gorgeous?

        She passes the baby to her. The camera shows the time on the clock on the wall. 1.14am. The camera cuts back to SEPHY holding the baby, she looks at RAS.

        SEPHY: (laughing) She's really here.

        He smiles as well.

        SEPHY: Charis?

        She looks up to HECATE.

        SEPHY: How about that for a name H?

        Her face drops slightly as she sees that HECATE has disappeared. The camera shows a high angle shot of SEPHY'S face going from a frown to a small smile and she kisses the top of her new daughter's head.


        MR and MRS RITTLE are lying on their hospital bed. MRS RITTLE is holding their new daughter.

        MR RITTLE: You know, we still haven't got a name for this little critter.

        MRS RITTLE laughs, but as an ethereal whisper passes through her ear she shakes her head and gasps.

        MR RITTLE: Honey?

        MRS RITTLE: (shakily) I'm fine, just tired I guess?

        MR RITTLE: It's fine, I'll let you get some rest.

        He gets up and goes to leave the room.

        MRS RITTLE (O/S): How about Cate?

        MR RITTLE turns back. He looks to be thinking.

        MR RITTLE: (to himself) Cate, Cathryn Rittle?

        MRS RITTLE: But we'll uh, call her Cate?

        MR RITTLE smiles.

        MR RITTLE: I love it?

        He leaves the room. The camera turns back to MRS RITTLE holding baby CATE. She looks at her daughter with fear as the baby's eyes open, glaring at her mother with a white glaze. The room fills with a blinding white light.


        As the light dies down, the colours on the screen return to normal and we can see CATE teary eyed. She looks up to HECATE.

        CATE: (quietly) It was me?I was the girl?

        HECATE nods. The camera shows an isometric viewpoint of the two in the room looking at one another.


        It is now late afternoon. The Bronze is still empty, and looks cleaned and ready for the next night. The camera shows XAK looking at a clipboard astonished. TOOLE comes out of his office and walks over to the bar area where XAK is.

        TOOLE: Good job with the clean up, looks good.

        XAK looks up, distant, then back to the clipboard.

        XAK: Thanks?

        TOOLE looks at XAK absorbed in the information on the clipboard.

        TOOLE: What's up?

        XAK passes him the clipboard. TOOLE'S eyes scan the clipboard, he laughs happily.

        TOOLE: No way.

        XAK: (nodding) Over 200 tickets sold for The Bronze Ball?

        He holds up a hand which TOOLE high fives.

        TOOLE: You think I'll have to keep to my word about that whole free alcohol thing?

        The camera cuts away to the balcony.

        XAK (O/S): Well for the first hour at least.

        TOOLE (O/S): Yeah I guess so?

        Their conversation trails off as the camera pans around the balcony to show ATROPOS walking towards the edge of the balcony. She looks at the two of them talking and she smiles. She leans over the edge of the railing. The camera moves in on her lips.

        ATROPOS: (barely whispering) Umb?Com?

        As like before, only part of her whispering can be heard. The camera cuts back to XAK and TOOLE talking.

        XAK: Oh and by the way, I signed for a delivery while you were away, Mr Tayler Emory?

        XAK smiles raising an eyebrow, TOOLE looks embarrassed.

        TOOLE: Uh yeah, see this is why I just go by Toole, it's more elusive, now I sound like some footnote or something like?

        His words are cut off by XAK who clutches the side of the counter in pain. TOOLE looks at him with worry.


        The camera shows the door closed to the lobby, there is a knock. The camera pans round to show RACK meditating on the floor. He opens his eyes.

        RACK: Come in?

        The door opens slowly. It's SEPHY. RACK looks at her with pure amazement and wonder.

        SEPHY: (smiling) Hello lover.

        He smiles back at her.

        RACK: It's been too long.

        SEPHY raises an eyebrow.

        SEPHY: Well that would be your doing, wouldn't it.

        He doesn't reply, and just as he's about to she begins moving around the room. As she moves, she reveals CHARLIE standing behind her. She has her arms folded across her chest and she looks at her father, teary eyed. His mouth drops slightly seeing her.


        The camera shows CATE leaning on the back of the sofa looking at HECATE. She looks like she's thinking, then she laughs.

        CATE: I get it?

        HECATE looks at her confused.

        HECATE: What?

        CATE: My name?He-Cate?it's you, your mark on me. Well hey, thanks for not peeing on me!

        She puts both her thumbs up. HECATE looks at her.

        HECATE: It's a pretty name, you should be honoured.

        CATE scoffs.

        CATE: Everything in my life has been out of my hands, I feel a little less than honoured.

        HECATE: You expect pity?

        CATE: No?

        HECATE: (smiling) Ras pities you?

        CATE looks at her.

        CATE: You met with him?

        HECATE: Yes, to get him to succeed in his annihilation of Xakiel.

        CATE looks at her shocked.

        CATE: Why would you want him dead?!

        HECATE: (sighing) Why do you think I had you integrated back into Charis' existence? I knew he was a danger.

        CATE: (attempting to convince herself) He's not a danger. Not really?

        HECATE: (ignoring her) I swore to protect Charis since her birth by infiltrating your body. It is just as well I bought you back into her life, I could see her feelings for him deluding her from the truth?

        CATE: What truth would that be?


        The camera shows XAK leaning against the counter. He's breathing heavily, in a lot of pain. His eyes slowly turn black forcing him to scream in pain.

        HECATE (V/O): He's a killer. A murdering demon, who will continue to be manipulated until his uses are no longer.

        Two large lumps form on his back and he rips his shirt off and scratches at them. They grow bigger and eventually two wings begin to develop. They stop growing, only formed halfway. They are torn. XAK'S skin also begins to cover in the black scales we saw from the previous episode. His screams turn into a roar. The camera turns round to TOOLE who is looking at his hybrid friend with a mixture of rage and horror.


        The camera shows RACK standing where he was before. He attempts to move closer to CHARLIE who flinches.

        RACK: Charlotte, why are you here?

        CHARLIE: Your last secret is out?Hecate.

        RACK looks down, then to SEPHY.

        SEPHY: Look on the bright side, at least things cannot get worse.

        RACK raises an eyebrow.

        RACK: (to CHARLIE) So how did you find out about Cate's dirty little secret?

        CHARLIE: (angrily) It's not her fault! None of this was?all those hostilities between you two?

        RACK: ?All Hecate. She hated me. Always has, always will.

        CHARLIE: Why?

        RACK: She resented me hiding you from your mother. She always knew I was doing what I thought was best but still, she hated me.

        He moves towards her once again, this time, she doesn't move.

        RACK: You have to know, I kept everything from you, not because of your mother or Cate? but because I will always do what I can to protect you.

        CHARLIE: (quietly) You still shoulda told me?

        RACK turns to her.

        RACK: Not a day went by when I didn't hate myself for what I did and for keeping it all from you babe.

        SEPHY now begins to pay attention to their conversation

        RACK: I'm sorry?I had to do it?

        She looks at him, still tearful.

        CHARLIE: I believe you?

        He moves towards her closer, he puts his arms around her and hugs her. She sobs and clutches on to him. The camera cuts away from them hugging to SEPHY who simply watches them, a sense of loneliness fills her.


        CATE is pacing up and down the room she shakes her head.

        CATE: Nu uh, no way. He wouldn't hurt us.

        HECATE: (desperately) Cate you must watch him?with Xakiel becoming a mannequin to The Fates, there is no telling what his limitations are.

        CATE stops, she looks unsure.

        CATE: What if I can't do it?without you I mean?

        HECATE: (smiling) It wasn't just me who protected Charis. It was you as well. You have a natural instinct to look after your friend. I believe in you.

        CATE: (folding her arms) And here was me thinking that you were this bad ass ghetto goddess of the Underworld?

        HECATE looks confused.

        CATE: ?But, you're really just a good guy?aren't ya?

        HECATE looks at her thinking.


        The camera returns to TOOLE'S face looking at XAK, who flexes his muscles unwittingly, admiring his new form.

        TOOLE: Xak?

        XAK looks up at TOOLE and growls.

        XAK/XAKIEL: (demonic) My name is Xakiel?

        TOOLE nods.

        TOOLE: I thought so?

        He reaches into his back trouser pocket and pulls out the package he retrieved earlier. He unravels it, and reveals a handgun. He aims it at XAKIEL, whose eyes widen at seeing the gun. TOOLE breathes heavily as he moves slowly round so XAKIEL is standing with his back to the bar, and TOOLE is standing more towards the dance floor. He doesn't move his eyes from XAKIEL who is reciprocating with a menacing glare.

        TOOLE: I didn't want it to come to this?

        XAKIEL: (laughing) Death is what everything comes down to.

        TOOLE'S hand begin to shake.

        TOOLE: You don't have to let this happen. You have Cate, me?Charlie.

        XAKIEL cocks his head to the side upon hearing her name.

        XAKIEL: You believe her to be an anchor to my humanity?

        TOOLE: (whispering) I know she is?

        He clicks the safety off the gun?

        TOOLE: But, for now?I'll have to do?

        XAKIEL listens intently.

        TOOLE: ?And if that isn't enough?I guess you're just not cut out for this world?

        There is a long pause. After a while XAKIEL begins to walk towards him. Taking large and loud steps and growling as he moves. TOOLE takes a few steps back, keeping the gun aimed at his friend. As XAKIEL approaches him his eyes meet with TOOLE'S. He stops walking and he roars once again. Slowly his roar becomes more humane. The camera shows TOOLE looking relieved and he lowers the gun and breathes a sigh of relief. The camera cuts back to show XAKIEL disappearing and leaving XAK in his place. He collapses on the floor and breathes heavily on his knees. He looks up at TOOLE, who has the gun held by his side.

        TOOLE: You ok?

        XAK: (breathing heavily) Yeah?I'm good?

        The camera shows TOOLE smiling then cuts to ATROPOS on the balcony frowning.

        ATROPOS: (to herself) Mr Turnpike was right?It will take a week.




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          ACT FOUR


          The camera shows CHARLIE and RACK talking on the sofa. SEPHY is standing on the other side of the room. She looks at the two of them conversing casually. When she sees CHARLIE smiling she moves over towards them both.

          SEPHY: Perhaps we should be returning?the possibility of them both tearing one another apart is a risk.

          RACK looks up at SEPHY, he nods then looks back to CHARLIE.

          RACK: Uh, you're mother's right babe. You better get back before Xak has no apartment left.

          CHARLIE laughs slightly, then stands next to SEPHY.

          CHARLIE: I gotta say?

          She looks at the two of them.

          CHARLIE: ?I never thought I'd see the moment where the three of us would be in a room together like this. Weird huh?

          SEPHY and RACK look at one another.

          RACK: Sure is.

          He gives a weak and an unconvincing smile. SEPHY notices, she turns to CHARLIE.

          SEPHY: Honey, would you mind if I had a few words with your father?

          CHARLIE looks at her then to RACK.

          CHARLIE: Uh sure, I'm sure you have plenty to catch up on.

          SEPHY: (calmly) This won't take long.

          CHARLIE nods and she turns and walks towards the door. She opens the door, a small smile forming on her face.

          RACK (O/S): (to CHARLIE) We'll talk soon?

          CHARLIE looks back to him.

          CHARLIE: Sure.

          She leaves and closes the door behind her. The camera cuts back to SEPHY and RACK.

          SEPHY: I think we need to have a talk?don't you?

          The camera shows RACK'S face looking in her direction, then pans round to see what he sees. GLORY/THE FIRST standing behind SEPHY.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera shows TOOLE and XAK sitting on the edge of the stage area. TOOLE passes XAK a glass of water that's next to him.

          TOOLE: Here?

          XAK sips it.

          XAK: (quietly) Thanks.

          TOOLE looks at him and sighs.

          TOOLE: I'm sorry?

          XAK: What for?

          TOOLE: For not believing in you.

          XAK smiles.

          XAK: Doesn't matter. If I were you, I wouldn't trust me either. You just gotta know that what I'm like when I'm like that, it's no reflection on how I am.

          TOOLE: I know?now.

          He laughs awkwardly. The camera adopts a high angle shot of the two of them sitting there, finally comfortable in the fact that their friendship is back to as normal as their friendship is going to be.

          XAK: You weren't gonna actually shoot me were you?

          TOOLE: Maybe your leg.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          CATE emerges from the kitchen with a mug of coffee. She looks happy, almost like she's enjoying HECATE'S company.

          CATE: You know I was thinking, which is unusual for me but whatever, anyway?

          Her voice trails off as she sees the front door open and HECATE has disappeared from her prison. She has managed to escape. CATE looks shocked. She puts down the coffee and runs out of the apartment.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          CATE runs on to the street and looks either way. She sees HECATE hurrying down the street in the same direction people take when leaving town.

          CATE: (shouting) Hey!

          HECATE turns round.

          HECATE: Go back Cate.

          CATE runs up to her, she is slightly breathless.

          CATE: How?

          HECATE: (smiling) I'm the goddess of witchcraft remember?you think Charis' spell could keep me?

          CATE: Oh.

          She looks down.

          CATE: Why are you leaving?

          HECATE reaches out and touches CATE'S face.

          HECATE: Because my role as her protector has passed. It is no longer a burden we both share.

          CATE looks slightly tearful.

          CATE: You know last night I was just angry, but now, I'm kinda scared?

          HECATE leans into CATE and she kisses her lightly on the lips. She breaks away.

          HECATE: (whispering) You have every reason to be?

          She smiles and walks off.

          HECATE: Thank you Cate, I'll always remember your sacrifice in helping me?

          She continues walking away, eventually the image of her walking down the street fades away. The camera turns back to CATE, crying.

          CATE: (whispering) No?thank you?

          The camera shows a high angle shot of CATE standing on her own?for the very first time?

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          JEFF KOBER as RACK


          Special Guest Stars:
          LENA OLIN as HECATE


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            If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and i usually comment on the feedback as well!


            - The episode where Cate's surname, Rittle is revealed. This name is derived from a mixture of the words Rattle and Riddle as i originally had a character in a book called "The Rittle Snake" who spoke only in riddles. However as i hated writing this book in the end, i decided to give Cate the name of Rittle.

            - Toole's real name is revealed to be Taylor, and his surname is also revealed to be Emory in this episode. This means Lance's full name is Lance Emory as well.

            - The first episode to feature Hecate and Brogan.
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