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  • Shadow Stalker - 1.13 - Three

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 1.13 ? Three
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart
    Rating: UK Rating 15 (Scenes of a sexual nature, Language and Violence)

    Shadow Stalker is officially affiliated with Rogue Redemption, an awesome spin-off created by Amber.

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season One starts alongside Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 3 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Raven (Alexander Brown); Sorceress Of Crimson Falls (Travis); and Wishful Thinking (Ben).

    RACK (V/O): Previously on Shadow Stalker


    The music stops abruptly and the camera pans around and shows many office workers working and typing away at computers. Even though it is night, people are still working. As the doors to their office swing open suddenly, they look up. Fear encases their expression as they look in pure horror at the people walking in. It is the YOUNG WOMAN, the MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, and the OLD WOMAN. They are dressed in the same style suit, and standing next to one another. Together, they look almost identical, just different ages. They are walking with immense confidence through the room, weaving amongst the desks to a door at the far end. The door has a name engraved on it saying, "DANTE TURNPIKE" they don't knock, the door opens of its own accord.


    DANTE is sitting at a desk, (he is played by Chris Evans). He looks at them as they enter. They stand opposite his desk, he smiles.

    DANTE: Ladies, what an honour.

    YOUNG WOMAN: This is not a social call Mr Turnpike.

    CUT TO ?

    DANTE sits and pulls open a file that simply has a triangle on it with a symbol of a bird in the middle. No name.

    CUT TO ?

    A montage of the mysterious three women blasts on the screen. We see the YOUNG WOMAN and the OLD WOMAN at The Bronze with XAK, then to the MIDDLE AGED WOMAN killing the shopkeeper. The final images are of the OLD WOMAN uttering the words, which began to transgress XAK. The camera shows TOOLE noticing.

    CUT TO ?

    OLD WOMAN: Mr Turnpike is correct. It was The First?it attacked at the establishment where he was working using an ancient dark force.

    DANTE looks at the OLD WOMAN, curious.

    OLD WOMAN: It's working alongside an old friend to take out our protagonist.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (angrily) Ra?

    DANTE: (cutting her off) Uh?

    They all look at him, wondering why he would cut them off.

    DANTE: Be that as it may. This was not the problem I was referring to?

    They look at him, he replies with a fearful expression.

    DANTE: (shakily) ?She's here.

    The camera closes in on the women's faces. Their eyes widen, the first sign of panic on their faces.


    SEPHY: I'm looking for someone, I believe you know her.

    TOOLE looks at her confused.

    TOOLE: Who?

    SEPHY: My daughter.


    CHARLIE: (seriously) Please?I've been lied to my whole life. I thought I could forget about it all, but with you here now?I can't take anymore lies and secrets?

    SEPHY smiles.

    SEPHY: You're right.

    She breathes deeply.

    SEPHY: My name?

    The camera closes in on her face.

    SEPHY: ?is Persephone?

    The camera cuts to CHARLIE'S face as she gasps, slightly, her hand covers her mouth. She looks at her mother with fear, almost feeling compelled to cower at the being before her.




    The camera shows the exterior of a building with lots of children running around and talking happily. The sound of a school bells sounds and the camera moves towards the building entrance.


    As the bell dies down, most of the class are in their seats, except one. As the teacher is already in the classroom he looks down at his watch expectantly and sighs.


    The camera shows a teenage girl running down the corridor. She comes to the classroom and seeing the teacher now writing on the board she sneaks in?


    The girl quickly, but silently goes to sit at the empty desk. On her way over a girl sticks out her foot and trips her up prompting the class to laugh as the teenage girl falls on her face. The teacher turns around.

    TEACHER: Amber Jacobson?

    The teenage girl looks at the girl with a seething anger who smirks and laughs behind her hand.

    AMBER: (almost growling) Present?

    TEACHER: I don't think so Amber, to be present you would have had to be in your seat before the bell.

    AMBER: (with sarcasm) Sorry Mr Goddard, I feel just awful I missed you putting little ticks next to our names. I hope it won't be on the final.

    He looks at the class who have begun to laugh at AMBER'S comments. She sits down with a smile on her face.

    MR GODDARD: Well, now we've recovered from Amber's sparkling wit, (quieter) note the sarcasm?

    AMBER glares at him from her seat.

    MR GODDARD: ?Perhaps we shall continue with the lesson. Today we'll be focusing on the Greek goddess, Persephone.

    The class look around confused. The girl who tripped up AMBER raises her hand.

    GIRL: Uh, sir?what does this have to do with the course?

    MR GODDARD: (sighing) In case you've forgotten Meghan we're studying great women in history. We've completed case studies on Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I, and Cleopatra?I thought we'd go further back and talk about one of the most ancient and fallen women of all time.

    MEGHAN: (beat) Oh?

    She backs down and AMBER laughs slightly.

    MR GODDARD: So class, does anyone know anything about?

    AMBER: ?She was the Goddess of the Underworld.

    MR GODDARD looks at her, startled by her ability to exert knowledge.

    AMBER: She was taken by Hades into the darkness, and forced to live half a year in darkness with him, and half a year on earth with her mother, Demeter. The Greeks believed she helped define the seasons. When she was in the Underworld, the flowers would not grow and they believed this caused Autumn and Winter, and when she walked the earth, flowers would grow. They believed she then caused Spring and Summer?

    Her voice trails off as she looks around the room, her classmates are all staring at her as if she's crazy. MR GODDARD is looking at her with one eyebrow raised.

    AMBER: What? It's true?

    MR GODDARD is at a loss of words.

    MR GODDARD: Yes. Well?it's a start at the very least?

    He turns with his back to the board looking extremely annoyed at having being beaten by a teenage girl. The camera shows AMBER behind him smirking.


    It is night. The camera instantly shows SEPHY'S face smiling. She's looking through some bushes at something and we can hear a fight playing out in the background. The camera cuts round to show CHARLIE fighting a VAMPIRE. He's got the upper hand on her and hits her knocking her to the floor. She looks up at him.

    CHARLIE: Misogyny is so over rated?

    She looks at her hands, which she faces towards her.

    CHARLIE: (whispering) Stre-Fluxom?

    A static electrical charge emits from her finger tips and surrounds her hands subtly.

    VAMPIRE: (smirking) We'll see bitch?

    She smiles at him sweetly.

    CHARLIE: Yes we will?

    She faces her hands towards him.

    CHARLIE: Adsterno.

    The static charge from her hands shoots from her grip and hits the VAMPIRE dead on who falls backwards.

    CHARLIE: Wait!

    She holds up her hand and just before he hits the floor he is suspended, frozen. His eyes look around, worried, as CHARLIE stands and walks over to him.

    CHARLIE: You know, something about this just ain't right.

    She taps her chin thinking.

    CHARLIE: Ooh, I know!

    She goes over to a bag on a grave and reaches in to retrieve a stake. She makes her way over to the VAMPIRE who looks at her with fear. She kneels down and places the stake underneath his back nestling it in a patch of grass so it stands. She stands back up, and takes a step back.

    CHARLIE: (casually) Ok, you may continue falling?

    He looks at her then she waves her hand and he falls back on the stake causing him to dust. CHARLIE smiles.

    CHARLIE: Told ya?misogyny? Sucks.

    There is a warm laugh and an applause. CHARLIE turns round to see her mother walking towards her. Her green dress flowing in the soft breeze caused by the VAMPIRE dusting.

    SEPHY: Extremely impressive, and also quite exhilarating. To see my daughter destroy evil so beautifully.

    CHARLIE shrugs, and looks down, she laughs slightly.

    CHARLIE: (embarrassed) All in a days work.

    SEPHY smiles.

    SEPHY: I highly doubt that. Come. I want to learn more of your life. I have seen your powers, now I wish to learn more of your casual side of living.

    She smiles and holds out a hand. CHARLIE looks at it, slightly unsure. Eventually she takes it and they walk off. The camera watches them walk off from a high angled distance. The camera pans around to show three pairs of feet standing on top of a crypt. The camera pans up to show three figures standing, watching. It's the three women?


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    The camera shows CATE sitting at the bar sipping on a glass of water. XAK emerges from the other side of the bar.

    XAK: Go easy with that.

    He smiles, she looks confused.

    CATE: Oh, there's no alcohol in this.

    TOOLE comes out from the office, and walks towards them both holding a pile of coloured paper. XAK shakes his head and looks at him.

    XAK: You know it's bad enough trying to be funny, without having to explain jokes to her.

    TOOLE smiles.

    TOOLE: Tell me about it.

    CATE turns and looks at the paper, almost entranced by the colours. XAK looks also.

    XAK: What are those?

    TOOLE hands one to them both.

    XAK: (reading) "The Bronze Ball, May 7th 2002, Evening Dress, A night of Bronzed entertainment, with live bands and free alcohol. Tickets available at bar."?Huh?

    He looks at TOOLE who is smiling happily. The camera cuts to CATE who looks exasperated by the whole concept.

    CATE: Toole! Why?

    TOOLE: I know they haven't been as popular as I'd have hoped in the past but this one is gonna be different!

    CATE: How?

    TOOLE takes her flyer and points at the "free alcohol" written on it. Both her and XAK look at one another. They shrug.

    XAK: (quickly) Sounds good I guess.

    CATE: (quickly) Yeah I think so.

    TOOLE smiles feeling superior, then he picks up the rest of the flyers.

    TOOLE: Good, ?cause I'm gonna need your support in promoting them.

    CATE scoffs.

    CATE: That should be fun, seeing as the only people we know are Charlie, her godly mother?oh, and her junkie dad?should be a hootenanny!

    XAK: Toole, you know I hate to say this but maybe Cate's right.

    TOOLE looks at him shocked.

    XAK: Not that I don't support us losing profits in free alcohol, but is this really the best time?

    TOOLE looks at them both for a moment.

    TOOLE: In many ways this has been the best and worst year of my life?and I guess that could be said for all of us so why shouldn't we celebrate?

    CATE touches his arm.

    CATE: Aw, baby don't get me wrong I wanna party like it's 1999 all over again, ?cause you know I didn't have ID then, but what with Sephy here, is a party really pro-active?

    WOMAN (O/S): A party? How novel.

    XAK, CATE and TOOLE turn to the door to see SEPHY and CHARLIE standing there. No longer is she dressed in her green dress. She's wearing some pale boot cut jeans and a green long sleeved top. They look at her unsure, CHARLIE turns to her also.

    CHARLIE: I wouldn't get too excited, it's hardly the event of the year.

    TOOLE: (scoffing) Thanks.

    SEPHY moves towards TOOLE, smiling at him reassuringly.

    SEPHY: Don't listen to my daughter, you have my full support and admiration. I for one shall certainly attend. We shall all attend! It will be a ball of extravagance to commemorate our time together.

    She smiles, beaming at them all, her eyes come to rest upon XAK. He tries not to make eye contact.

    SEPHY: Xak?

    He looks up quickly, almost surprised. CHARLIE watches expectantly.

    SEPHY: I was hoping to converse with you later in this day.

    XAK looks at CHARLIE unsure, but CHARLIE just smiles at him. He turns back to SEPHY.

    XAK: (nervously) Uh, sure?

    The camera cuts to SEPHY looking immensely happy, but then pans round to XAK who's exhibiting signs of worry in his facial expression.


    The camera shows DANTE sitting in his chair, clicking the lid on a fountain pen on and off repeatedly. In front of him is the YOUNG WOMAN. She looks at him with extreme annoyance.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (sighing) Would you stop that?

    DANTE smirks and puts the pen down.

    DANTE: You know you should be careful, attitude like that, someone may mistake it for hatred.

    YOUNG WOMAN: This arrangement is going to end soon Mr Turnpike, and when it does, It will be a pure pleasure to take out a contract on your life this time.

    DANTE: Maybe, but who will represent you and do your dirty work?

    He smiles cheekily, and the YOUNG WOMAN looks about ready to throttle him when the door opens and the MIDDLE AGED WOMAN and the OLD WOMAN enter, forcing her to recoil and remain dignified in her seat.

    DANTE: (embracing the women with his gestures) Ahh, ladies, this is becoming a bit of a habit, these last minute meetings. You know I do have other priorities, it would be appreciated if you could turn up on time.

    The YOUNG WOMAN looks at the other two infuriated once again. The MIDDLE AGED WOMAN places her hand on the YOUNG WOMAN'S hand to calm her.

    MIDDLE AGED WOMAN: Your colloquialisms are not appreciated Mr Turnpike, we're becoming tired of them.

    DANTE: Gee I'm sorry, just thought we were becoming like close buds and all that.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (laughing) You really think women of our calibre require friends?

    Now the OLD WOMAN silences her also.

    OLD WOMAN: Be that as it may, it appears Mr Turnpike was correct in his original convictions about Persephone. She has indeed arrived in Sunnydale and made contact with Charis and her band of imbeciles.

    DANTE nods smiling.

    DANTE: So I assume you'll be following protocol? Not getting personal I hope?

    They look at him.

    MIDDLE AGED WOMAN: (seriously) Mr Turnpike, in case you've forgotten this got personal over two decades ago.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Its about time Persephone felt what it was like to lose everything.

    DANTE: (curiously) And how do you propose to do that?

    The camera closes in on the women's faces.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (in unison) War.

    MIDDLE AGED WOMAN: (in unison) War.

    OLD WOMAN: (in unison) War.

    They smile.


    It is evening now, and the club is beginning to fill slightly. The camera cuts to the seated area where XAK is sat with CHARLIE, they're watching CATE run around the club handing out various "Bronze Ball" leaflets to some disgusted and annoyed customers. At times she resorts to sneaking them under their drinks as coasters and putting them in people's jacket pockets while they're dancing.

    CHARLIE: Stealthy?

    XAK: (laughing) Yeah.

    CHARLIE turns from looking at CATE'S antics to XAK. She picks up a cocktail on the table.

    CHARLIE: You ok?

    XAK: With my demon side showing itself in a random fashion?

    CHARLIE: (upbeat and slurping her drink) Uh huh, that.

    XAK: (rolling his eyes) Yeah, just taking each day at a time?anyway, shouldn't I be asking you that?

    CHARLIE: Probably.

    She smirks. He smiles back.

    XAK: Seriously though.

    CHARLIE sighs.

    CHARLIE: It was weird at first, I mean my mom's a freaking goddess but?it just made everything else make sense ya know? Plus I get my mom back, which is all I wanted.

    She smiles weakly, and puts down her drink.

    CHARLIE: I know it's dumb.

    XAK puts a hand on hers.

    XAK: After what you've been, there is nothing dumb about it.

    CHARLIE: (looking down) Thanks. It's not all great though, I get the sense she's trying to find out everything about me in order to see my dad again. She wants a family, and I can't give her that, not ever.

    XAK looks at with a frown on his face.

    XAK: She adores you Charlie, she won't expect anything less than what you can give her.

    CHARLIE gives him a weak smile.

    CHARLIE: You won't be so supportive when she has her little chat with you later.

    XAK looks at her surprised, worried almost.

    XAK: Huh?

    CHARLIE: She's kinda intense at times. I don't know why she wants to speak to you but there'll be a reason behind it I bet.

    WOMAN (O/S): Never gamble dear.

    They turn suddenly to see SEPHY standing before them again in casual attire.

    CHARLIE: Oh, mom?

    SEPHY: Hello honey. If you don't mind I'd like to partake in that conversation with Xak now.

    CHARLIE looks at him to see him looking down then looks back to SEPHY.

    CHARLIE: Uh, sure. Looks like Cate could do with some help anyway.

    She stands and moves away from them both. SEPHY sits in her seat.

    SEPHY: (breathing deeply) Well, where to begin?

    XAK looks up at her.

    XAK: I'm not gonna hurt her. A woman of your status is bound to know what I am, but I feel deeply for your daughter. She's shown me a way of life that I cannot leave or escape from?

    SEPHY looks at him curiously, she looks down, her smile fades slightly.

    SEPHY: Hmm?

    XAK looks at her, firm.

    XAK: What?

    SEPHY: Interesting. The concept of you harming my daughter had never entered my mind. I can see your devotion to her growing every moment. I never suspected you'd hurt her?

    She looks up at him.

    SEPHY: ?Till now?

    XAK looks at her, he sighs. She looks at him then something catches her eye behind him.

    XAK: I?Look, I understand wanting to be protective over her, but I have only ever been there for her this past year?

    He looks to see the horrified expression on her face.

    XAK: ?What?

    SEPHY: Goodness?

    He turns and sees the three women who have walked in together, they're looking around the room.

    XAK: Oh god?those women?

    He looks shocked at the fact they all look similar, he looks at them amazed. SEPHY grabs his wrist.

    SEPHY: (firmly) You know them?

    XAK: Um, sorta. They come in now and again, why?

    SEPHY: (to herself) This could be worse than I had originally anticipated?

    She sighs deeply then looks up at XAK.

    SEPHY: ?Get the others, we have to leave now.

    XAK looks at her confused.

    XAK: Why, what's going on? I thought you wanted to talk?

    SEPHY: A novelty on my behalf?.this is more important. These women are dangerous!

    XAK: What? Why? Who are they?

    The camera closes in on SEPHY'S face.

    SEPHY: They're?The Fates?




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      ACT TWO


      The camera pans around the living room showing XAK, CHARLIE, CATE and TOOLE sitting on one sofa looking curiously at SEPHY who is sitting on the sofa opposite them. Without looking down, XAK'S hand finds CHARLIE'S. He squeezes it tight as CHARLIE looks at her mother expectantly. SEPHY looks at them all but when her gaze lands on CHARLIE she sighs softly. She looks down.

      SEPHY: The Fates, as you may have guessed have an Ancient Greek origin like me?there are three?


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The camera pans around an unknown office, the camera eventually reveals the YOUNG WOMAN sitting behind a desk, she opens a file.

      SEPHY (V/O): The first, is Clotho.

      The camera shows her face smiling at the file before her. She looks incredibly intrigued.


      The camera shows a younger JOYCE SUMMERS and HANK SUMMERS bringing a baby into the house from the front door. A young BUFFY SUMMERS runs to the door to meet them and to look at her new baby sister.

      SEPHY (V/O): She is regarded the maiden of life, the spinner. She spins the thread that brings all beings into existence.


      The camera shows a different but similarly unknown office. This time the camera shows the MIDDLE AGED WOMAN sitting at a desk, she has several files open before her.

      SEPHY (V/O): The second is known as Lachesis?


      The camera shows a dark room and TARA MACLAY opening her door to see WILLOW ROSENBERG holding a candle and looking at her expectantly. TARA smiles and blows out the candle.

      SEPHY (V/O): She is considered the matron of life, the caster. She measures the thread of life and influences all life choices we make and ones that have yet to be made.


      The camera shows another office, the same style as the last two, but just as ambiguous to its whereabouts. This time the final lady is shown. The OLD WOMAN sits behind a desk and looks at a file smirking.

      SEPHY (V/O): And the last, and most deadly is Atropos?


      The camera shows a desperate JENNY CALANDER running through corridors looking incredibly fearful. Closing a door behind her, she looks back, and runs into something. She turns to see ANGELUS standing before her.

      SEPHY (V/O): She cuts the thread of life, the crone and unbending of the three Fates?

      ANGELUS swiftly pushes his hand up into JENNY'S chin breaking her neck, causing her to fall to the floor dead.


      The camera shows all three of them walking towards DANTE'S office. They walk in unison and smile at the people working around them, who look at them fearfully.

      SEPHY (V/O): They are probably the most unstoppable force known in myth and reality?eternal beings. The extent of their power is unknown. Too much lies blurred with truth to be able to distinguish their true capabilities.


      The colours on the screen turn back to normal. The camera shows SEPHY looking complacent and slightly worried, but then pans around to show the core four looking just as shocked as she does.

      TOOLE: ?Well um?at least we have The Bronze Ball to take our minds of things?

      CHARLIE and XAK look at him annoyed, CATE nods in acceptance of this being a good point.

      SEPHY (O/S): Xak?

      He looks back to her.

      SEPHY: You said you've seen these women before?

      XAK: Uh yeah. Clotho was in The Bronze once, so was Atropos?

      SEPHY: What were they doing?

      XAK: Talking to me, they were asking about Charlie?

      SEPHY'S eyes widen. On hearing "Atropos" TOOLE looks down, thinking.

      SEPHY: Oh my goodness?

      CHARLIE looks concerned.

      CHARLIE: Mom?

      SEPHY stands.

      SEPHY: This could be extremely severe. When I first saw them I just assumed they were partaking in a surveillance of my movements considering my over due arrival in this world and the proximity to your father.

      CHARLIE shakes her head.

      CHARLIE: (confused) What?

      SEPHY: My relationship with him was knowledgeable to all beings in the other realms. Considering my past, our relationship was pardoned. You however were not known to exist?until perhaps now?If they have followed me they may know about you, and they will try to kill you and your father for hubris.

      CHARLIE: (quietly) They know about me?

      SEPHY: It is a possibility we must take into consideration.

      CATE: (under her breath) So glad you're keeping her safe then.

      XAK: (loudly to mask CATE'S voice) How is all this happening now? It doesn't make sense.

      SEPHY looks at him understandably then back to CHARLIE.

      SEPHY: I'm sorry I've been side-tracked.

      She moves towards CHARLIE and covers her hands with her own.

      SEPHY: It's just been so long. I've been encapsulated by your presence this last week?but it's time you knew the truth.

      CHARLIE looks at her as if she's been waiting for this moment for too long. SEPHY looks around as if wondering where to begin. Eventually she looks up

      SEPHY: You spoke to me of a spell you performed?

      CHARLIE: (quietly, finding it hard to speak) Yeah, after he used Onyx Tonic on me I knew he was erasing something from my memory, I guess that was you.

      SEPHY: Hmm, this may well be?your father always saw my origin as a taint in the family. He wanted to hide you both?from me?from danger.

      CHARLIE nods slowly.

      SEPHY: (sighing) What did you see throughout the duration of the incantation?

      CHARLIE looks at the others for help. CATE raises her hand excitedly as if they're in a classroom.

      CATE: Oh there was that guy with the cheese!

      SEPHY looks down confused.

      SEPHY: Hmm?I don't care for dairy?

      XAK: (to CHARLIE) Didn't you say you kept seeing that guy in the suit?

      CHARLIE nods. SEPHY looks up at her.

      SEPHY: A man in a suit? What was the context?

      TOOLE: Uh, I think Rack was paying him off?

      CATE nods in agreement.

      SEPHY: Charon's deceit, it makes sense your father would hide him from you. He was a key link between your father and I.

      CHARLIE looks down thinking. She looks back up.

      CHARLIE: Charon? The boatman?

      SEPHY smiles at her knowledge.

      SEPHY: Shrewd knowledge my dear, impressive. Indeed. When I learnt of your father's re-location to Sunnydale through a reliable source?

      She blinks slightly, which causes CATE to shiver.

      SEPHY: ?I began to request my arrival on earth to be in a different location than that of the cottage. The desert.


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The camera shows SEPHY walking slowly through a black and desolate wasteland. The wind is strong and it causes her hair to blow elegantly in the dead breeze, as does her long jaded dress. Her bare feet touch the hot rock beneath her causing steam to rise from where she stands. She doesn't exhibit any sign of pain, in fact, she's smiling. The camera pans around behind her to see her approach an old rowing boat moored at the side of a deep black river, streaming with lost souls. Beside the boat is the SUITED MAN/CHARON looking her with a blank expression. SEPHY approaches him with her arms held out.

      SEPHY (V/O): Charon would usually bring me to earth every sixth months, the day before I bore the sweetest seasons upon the earth?

      As she approaches him, her arms drop, as does her face. She looks at him with disappointment. He sighs and begins explaining something to her.

      SEPHY (V/O): ?However one year, he informed me of your father's decision and of his gain in respecting that choice. He insisted on my silence and co-operation, all in aid of keeping you safe.

      He looks at her apologetically, and she turns back to look at the wasteland behind her. A tear drops from her face and sizzles on the dark ground. Slowly, she turns and begins walking back towards her crypt.

      SEPHY (V/O): As much as I resented his cowardice I respected your father's choice to keep you safe?

      The camera shows a long shot of SEPHY walking slowly away.


      The colours on the screen are back to normal. The camera shows a shot of SEPHY looking down, and then cuts round to the others looking at her sympathetically, even CATE looks upset.

      CHARLIE: I'm sorry?

      SEPHY looks up and smiles, bravely.

      SEPHY: My dear, none of this is your doing, it is something I forced upon myself. I was foolish to think I could be attributed with happiness?

      XAK: But you're here now? Why? And how come the "sweetest seasons" still came?

      SEPHY looks at him. CATE sniggers slightly.

      SEPHY: Charon's agreement with Ras was executed. The Fates had noticed a gradual rise in his finances, which prompted an investigation, resulting in severe punishment?


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The camera shows SEPHY walking almost the identical path as before but this time she isn't looking as happy, she's looking pessimistically hopeful as to whether she'll be able to return to earth. As she approaches the edge of the river she notices something different about CHARON. He is not in his suit anymore and he is propped against a large wooden stick. He's wearing a cloak also. As SEPHY approaches, he looks up at her. She gasps.

      SEPHY (V/O): As a result of being punished?this year?when I returned to the river, as I did every sixth months, hopeful, Charon finally chauffeured me back home. I knew when I saw him, he had been compromised. I knew the deal had ended.

      The camera shows CHARON'S face. He has no skin, no muscle, he is just a skeleton. He nods to the boat slowly. SEPHY looks at him upset. She slowly moves towards the boat and boards. She sits on the wooden floor and CHARON pushes the boat away from the shore. The camera shows the boat sailing away into darkness.


      The colours on the screen are normal once again. SEPHY is looking at her daughter seriously.

      SEPHY: I saw at first hand what Atropos can do, she in particular is dangerous, and when she feels The Fates have been deceived, she will stop at nothing to end the deceiver?

      CHARLIE: Oh?

      She looks down. TOOLE looks confused.

      TOOLE: But, none of this explains how the seasons still happened, and also why that Clothing chick didn't see Charlie's birth?

      SEPHY sighs, prompting CATE to snigger once again.

      SEPHY: ?The seasons occurred because I have a powerful ally who has been most helpful in returning me to my daughter. The same ally managed to hide the birth of my daughter from Clotho. It was most rare, but fortunate that another female was born at the exact same time as Charis, she cloaked the arrival of my spawn.

      She looks at TOOLE quizzically.

      SEPHY: Now if that will be all?

      He nods, thinking. She looks at the others who also nod.

      SEPHY: Good, I have found this exchange most tiresome?I wish to rest. We will discuss The Fates and predict their next move in the morning.

      She stands to leave and walks into the kitchen. The sound of the kettle boiling can be heard in the background. The camera shows CHARLIE looking worried and scared and XAK next to her. He puts an arm around her and holds her tight. The camera then shows CATE looking at the two of them, she looks scared.


      The camera shows SEPHY in the kitchen slowly stirring a mug of tea. The image of her stirring the tea turns into soft focus as the image of CATE walking into the kitchen behind her becomes more prominent. She looks slightly nervous and unsure. SEPHY hearing her approach turns to her. She smiles slightly.

      SEPHY: Cate, would you like some tea?

      CATE: Oh uh, no thanks?

      SEPHY nods and returns to stirring her tea, CATE still stands there.

      SEPHY: Was there something you wanted?

      CATE: ?Um this ally guy, who is he?

      SEPHY smiles and picks up the mug of tea and turns to face CATE.

      SEPHY: Why do you ask?

      CATE: Just uh, you know so we can uh, ask for help and stuff I dunno?

      SEPHY: A likely story my dear.

      She walks towards CATE, she places one hand on her cheek.

      SEPHY: My dear, when my ally is ready to contribute to this war?

      She leans in to CATE'S ear.

      SEPHY: ?She'll tell you?

      She smiles and breaks away from CATE returning to the living room area. CATE looks around, she breathes deeply, looking complacent.


      As SEPHY enters, she notes XAK and TOOLE talking by the door to the spare room, they both look at her.

      TOOLE: I don't like this one bit?those Fates?

      XAK: I know.

      TOOLE: It's that Atropology chick man. She's the one turning ya, I know it.

      XAK: I hope she does?

      TOOLE looks at him, amazed.

      TOOLE: What?

      XAK: If being near her turns me into my old self, I'll tear them apart before they can even contemplate hurting my girl.

      TOOLE looks at him worried. He smiles weakly.

      XAK: Next time I see them?they're dead.

      The camera shows his angry expression then TOOLE looking at him, they continue talking but the camera moves away to SEPHY who moves towards CHARLIE. She is sitting with a blanket wrapped around her on the sofa.

      SEPHY: How are you feeling?

      CHARLIE looks at her suddenly. She was daydreaming.

      CHARLIE: Just tryin' to take everything in?

      SEPHY: I know it's difficult to absorb this knowledge but you're coping remarkably. I'm most proud.

      CHARLIE: I think you're confusing coping with held together by a thread?

      SEPHY sits next to her, and places her tea on the table in front of her.

      SEPHY: You need to be ready. It is probable they will come here, and I need to know you feel ready to fight for your right to remain?

      CHARLIE looks away, tearful almost. She breathes deeply and looks as though she's thinking something through with detail. Eventually she turns back to her mother.

      CHARLIE: (quietly) I'm ready?they want me, they're gonna have to fight for me?

      VOICE (O/S): As you wish.

      XAK, TOOLE, CHARLIE and SEPHY turn suddenly, their eyes widen. CATE appears in the kitchen door and looks just as shocked. CLOTHO, LACHESIS and ATROPOS are standing by the open front door. They smile wickedly, staring at CHARLIE.




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        ACT THREE


        The camera shows an isometric viewpoint of the apartment, and The Fates looking at CHARLIE. The camera cuts to SEPHY who stands and moves towards them.

        SEPHY: (resolute) No?don't you dare move closer.

        LACHESIS: My my Persephone?you've been a bad goddess haven't you.

        CLOTHO: How you felt you kept her hidden for over two decades is beyond my comprehension. Of course we knew of her whereabouts?

        SEPHY looks shocked.

        CLOTHO: ?It appears we both have a powerful "ally". Tell me, how did you come to find your family again?

        She smiles.

        SEPHY: I will never reveal my secrets Clotho?All you need to know is I will do anything to protect my daughter and keep her out of harms way.

        Behind her CATE'S fists begin to clench and we can see her eyes glaze slightly. Slowly XAK moves towards CHARLIE and TOOLE towards CATE.

        ATROPOS: Then why create her? Put her in the hands of a mortal man?

        SEPHY cannot answer. She looks at CHARLIE who now has XAK beside her glaring at The Fates.

        XAK: (angrily) She's not in the hands of a mortal man.

        ATROPOS: (laughing) No, she certainly is not my boy.

        She winks at him, causing TOOLE to look at XAK worried.

        TOOLE: (nervously, but firm) Come on ladies?

        The Fates turn to TOOLE as if he is beneath them.

        TOOLE: ?Why, uh, don't we re-convene to a more suitable location, talk this through rationally.

        SEPHY rolls her eyes at TOOLE'S naivety. The Fates look at one another and then look back to gang.

        LACHESIS: A re-location would be wise?

        LACHESIS smiles at CHARLIE and clicks her fingers. In an instant, everyone in the room has disappeared.


        The camera shows RACK sitting on the sofa in the lounge. In front of him on the coffee table is an old torn box. He lifts the lid off the box and smiles slightly. Inside is a wilted Iris flower and a pile of old photos and letters written in an ancient language. He picks up the Iris flower and stares at the faded petals.

        CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

        The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The camera pans around a forest full of brightly coloured flowers and trees, blossoming with happiness and spring. The camera shows a high angle shot of a young RACK walking through the forest. He's humming and smoking some form of mystical cigarette causing him to exhale various forms of light purple smoke. He smiles as he hears a soft humming resonating throughout the trees. As he hears it he drops the cigarette and begins to run following the humming. The camera shows him hurrying in between the trees, and then cuts to a clearing where a woman's hand waves over a blank patch of dry land. As she does. Blue bells begin to grow. The camera shows the lower arm of the woman and RACK appearing in the background. He looks at her with pure admiration and devotion. The camera cuts round to show SEPHY blessing the area with flowers. She looks at him with curiosity, but then mirrors his appreciation.

        WOMAN (V/O): Hey, earth to Rack!

        The image of the two of them in the forest fractures and disappears?


        The colours on the screen return to normal, shakily. The camera focuses on GLORY/THE FIRST who is standing in front of RACK with her hand raised. He blinks quickly and then looks at GLORY/THE FIRST who sighs.

        GLORY/THE FIRST: Finally! I was slapping you but?

        She goes to slap him hard but her hand passes through him.

        GLORY/THE FIRST: ?Just as well, I coulda hurt my hand.

        She looks at the palm of her hand. RACK looks at her angrily.

        RACK: What do you want?

        GLORY/THE FIRST folds her arms.

        GLORY/THE FIRST: They've launched an attack. Rude huh?

        RACK'S eyes widen. He stands and runs out the lounge area, followed by GLORY/THE FIRST.


        The camera pans around the dead graveyard. The moon floods the night floor with a pale wash, blissfully unaware of the dark presence nearby. Lightning crackles around the area, the air becomes static, and in a nearby clearing The Fates along with XAK, CHARLIE, CATE, TOOLE and SEPHY appear. The gang stand on one side of the graveyard. CATE'S eyes glazed over and her fists are clenched. Next to her is XAK who looks angry and glares at The Fates with pure rage. SEPHY watches them with curiosity, while TOOLE looks slightly scared. CHARLIE?looks ready. The camera pans around to show The Fates standing opposite them all brandishing large swords. The gang one by one notice the swords. LACHESIS looks down at the swords.

        LACHESIS: Oh these? Well?we couldn't swing them properly in that box apartment could we?

        CHARLIE (V/O): Guys?

        The gang turn to her. She's not speaking, she's using telepathy.

        CHARLIE (V/O): Don't look!

        They snap their heads forwards.

        CHARLIE (V/O): This is how we're going to do it?

        The camera shows CHARLIE looking at ATROPOS.

        CHARLIE (V/O): Cate, Toole?go for Atropos, she may be powerful but she's old.

        CATE: (quietly) Got it.

        CHARLIE (V/O): Mom? We'll go for Lachesis, she's no match for the both of us?

        The camera shows SEPHY smiling at her daughter.

        SEPHY: (whispering) Of course baby.

        CHARLIE (V/O): And Xak?

        Before she can finish XAK growls and jumps forwards at CLOTHO.

        CHARLIE: (shouting) Xak!

        CLOTHO aims her sword at XAK smirking, he's too enraged to hear CHARLIE. As he flies towards her she takes a wide stance. His movements are viewed in slow motion and as she goes to slash the sword at him he quickly kicks the sword snapping it in half. He lands on the floor in front of her. She looks at the half a sword in front of her. LACHESIS and ATROPOS look at him in disbelief, then they turn back to the others who stand in their pairs looking at their attributed foe.

        LACHESIS: Huh?interesting?

        She runs with her sword raised towards them and slashes at them. CHARLIE hits herself with a spell forcing her to flip backwards. She lands in a crouched position and smirks. SEPHY watches and smiles at her daughter.

        CHARLIE: Couldn't agree more.

        ATROPOS glares at her, before a green light surrounds her sending her flying back into a grave. In front of her is a glazed eyed CATE whose hand shows a remnant of a green light. She smiles, and TOOLE watches the situation worried. He sees ATROPOS has dropped her sword and runs to pick it up. Behind him CLOTHO attempts to stab XAK who dodges and elbows her in the face. Knocking her back, but at the same time she manages to trip him up causing him to fall back also.

        XAK: Bitch?

        CLOTHO: (smiling and breathing heavily) Oh babe, you have no idea.

        As they both flip on to their feet, LACHESIS runs at CHARLIE with her sword. SEPHY who had turned to see ATROPOS fly backwards, turns out of shock and holds her hand at CHARLIE.

        SEPHY: Quartz?

        As she says these words, CHARLIE becomes encased in stone causing the sword to crack and shatter when
        it impacts with CHARLIE'S shell. LACHESIS looks as shocked as CLOTHO did when her sword suffered the same fate. The rock encased CHARLIE stands, a golem.

        CHARLIE: (demonic) You have no idea what we're capable of?

        She punches LACHESIS causing her to spin backwards. ATROPOS looks up from the floor to see LACHESIS flying towards her. Just before she lands, ATROPOS rolls out of the way. ATROPOS looks at LACHESIS, and scoffs at her set back. ATROPOS gets to her feet and charges at CATE.

        ATROPOS: What magick is this?

        CATE: I think you're familiar with this power.

        She smiles at ATROPOS who approaches her. Behind ATROPOS, TOOLE has situated himself. He swings the sword at her neck but it shatters on impact. All swords now depleted. ATROPOS turns to TOOLE. She grabs his neck and throws him into CATE, forcing them both to fall to the floor. ATROPOS steps back and helps LACHESIS up. The camera turns to XAK who blocks two punches from CLOTHO and as she spins to kick him he takes a hold of her and throws her into the other Fates. All three of them look shocked by their minor defeat. XAK moves back to the others and SEPHY helps TOOLE up. As CHARLIE helps CATE up her ground state disappears. The gang look at The Fates looking slightly smug.

        ATROPOS: You have no idea what we're?

        Her words are silenced as a swarm of black and red whispers plague the graveyard. Everyone looks at the new presence, the shadow demons. The gang ready themselves to fight them, but instead they move past them all and clash with The Fates. The Fates look surprised as the shadow demons form three groups and each group picks up each one of dark women. CLOTHO and LACHESIS are carried into the air. They scream and disappear into the darkness. The final group of shadow demons take more effort carrying ATROPOS and as she disappears?

        ATROPOS: (whispering) Um?Co?

        Only parts of her words can be heard through the dark enslavement of the shadow demons. She's gone. There is silence. The gang look at the now empty sky. The wind whistling past them uttering cool victory chants. CHARLIE smiles, SEPHY holds her hand.

        SEPHY: That's my girl.

        CHARLIE turns and smiles. The camera moves down the line of them to show CATE and TOOLE. Her eyes fade away to her normal colouring. She looks at the sky resolute.

        TOOLE: Let's go home?

        She looks at him, then takes his hand and they begin to walk off. As they walk off a SHADOW DEMON floats from the sky and moves towards them. SEPHY tightens her grip on CHARLIE'S hand. They stand ready for round two.

        SHADOW DEMON: Peace I bring?

        As the SHADOW DEMON approaches, CHARLIE feels the words reassuring and loosens her grip on her mother's hand. The demon lands and walks up to them both.

        SHADOW DEMON: In aiding you both, he wishes for you to know, he loves and misses you?

        Both CHARLIE and SEPHY look at him upset, but quickly their expression of woe fades to fear as the SHADOW DEMON is split in two and behind its doubled carcass stands a black eyed XAK. He's different to the last time he changed. More advanced. His hair is vibrating like electricity and his skin shows black veins all over his body and face. He glares at the body before him. CHARLIE holds on to SEPHY'S arm.

        CHARLIE: Xak?baby?

        Behind him someone touches him on the shoulder. He growls and turns around punching the person behind him. CHARLIE screams.

        CHARLIE: Toole?Cate!

        The camera shows a slow motion shot of TOOLE touching XAK'S shoulder and XAK turning round to punch him. He punches TOOLE so hard that he soars back into CATE. In hitting his girlfriend with such force, TOOLE causes CATE to fly back into a crypt, while he slumps to the floor near her.. The camera shows CATE hitting her head hard on the stone wall and falling to the floor with her eyes closed. CHARLIE runs towards them both, as does SEPHY. SEPHY stops at TOOLE while CHARLIE carries on running towards CATE. The camera shows XAK who's evil nature just halts and falls away from him. His black veins and eyes lose their darkness and his hair falls down.

        XAK: (quietly) What have I done?

        SEPHY (O/S): He's ok?

        CHARLIE (O/S): She's ok too!

        XAK closes his eyes and breathes a sigh of relief. He moves towards SEPHY and TOOLE.

        XAK: Let me help.

        SEPHY glares at him. She stands and holds TOOLE effortlessly. His eyes flicker slightly, groggily.

        SEPHY: I'm fine.

        XAK looks over at CHARLIE, who has managed to get CATE up. She notices and looks at XAK unsure, with a slight look of fear in her eyes. She carries the weight of her unconscious friend and walks towards the graveyard exit with her mother carrying TOOLE next to her. XAK watches them leave then follows looking horrified. The camera shows them walking off and leaving the graveyard, then cuts back to the crypt where CATE was lying. There's something there. A body. A GLOWING WOMAN; glowing, ethereally. She looks up, holding her head. (She is played by Lena Olin)

        GLOWING WOMAN: Oh?this is a problem?




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          ACT FOUR


          RACK is sitting smoking the same type of mystical cigarette and exhaling concentric purple smoke rings inside one another. The camera shows GLORY/THE FIRST tapping her fingers on her hip.

          GLORY/THE FIRST: Those chicks got too close?

          RACK just inhales deeply and smiles.

          GLORY/THE FIRST: ?And that was a cheap move?

          He just continues to smile more?

          CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

          The camera shows DANTE sitting at his desk and smiling slightly behind his hand. He's looking at The Fates who are sitting opposite him. They look beaten up and windswept.

          DANTE: So I uh?see everything went to plan?

          CLOTHO glares at him.

          CLOTHO: As a matter of fact?

          She smiles at the others, who can't help but smile back

          CLOTHO: ?It went perfectly.

          LACHESIS laughs slightly, and ATROPOS even manages to snigger slightly.

          LACHESIS: Did you see him? So beautiful!

          DANTE: (surprised) So they really believe you're the ones who are gonna do it?

          ATROPOS: They indeed believe we are the enemy, the whole battle was amusing?although I could have done without Persephone's unhelpful presence.

          CLOTHO and LACHESIS nod in agreement. DANTE laughs slightly.

          CLOTHO: What now?

          DANTE: Oh?nothing. It's just?if you hadn't been so quick to punish Charon, the deal between him and Ras would have remained and, well, Persephone would have stayed gone?

          There is silence in the room for a moment, CLOTHO looks at LACHESIS who looks around at ATROPOS. She looks annoyed, and hits the chair she's sitting on.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera shows SEPHY and CHARLIE standing in the doorway to the kitchen, they're looking at CATE and TOOLE who are lying next to one another on the sofa. They look squashed but smile as if they wouldn't be anywhere else.

          SEPHY: You truly were something special tonight?

          CHARLIE: (pensive) All in a days work?

          SEPHY kisses her head softly.

          SEPHY: (softly) I highly doubt that?

          CHARLIE leans her head on SEPHY'S shoulder prompting SEPHY to stroke CHARLIE'S hair. The camera cuts away from them to CATE and TOOLE on the sofa. TOOLE kisses her head. She smiles weakly.

          CATE: Thanks?

          TOOLE: We should take you to a hospital.

          CATE: No, I feel fine?

          TOOLE: Cate?

          CATE: ?No Toole. I feel fine.

          She sits up.

          CATE: I feel?better than fine.

          She looks around, feeling strangely better than she's ever been. TOOLE looks at her and sighs slightly..

          TOOLE: Look, I know we don't talk about it but?.about what's inside you?

          CATE looks down.

          CATE: I know?it's evil?

          TOOLE: I don't care?I know what's really inside you Cate. Good, beauty, and love. That's all I need to know.

          She still looks down, slightly tearful.

          TOOLE: And the thought of that being harmed in any way?destroys me.

          She turns to him slowly and smiles.

          TOOLE: I won't let him, or anyone else hurt you again?I promise?

          She hugs him tight and looks over his shoulder at XAK'S bedroom door.

          CATE: (whispering) This isn't gonna have a happy ending is it?

          TOOLE doesn't answer, he just glares angrily over CATE'S shoulder, holding her with love.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera shows XAK sitting in the dark looking reclusive and staring at the floor. The door opens, CHARLIE enters. She closes the door behind her, prompting XAK to stand.

          XAK: How are they? I didn't hurt them too much did I?

          CHARLIE hurries towards him, she puts her hands on his shoulders to quieten him.

          CHARLIE: (softly) Shh?they're fine. They'll be making sarcastic comments and promoting The Bronze Ball in no time?

          She smiles at him, he looks at her.

          XAK: (quietly, almost tearful) I'm sorry?I'm so?so sorry?

          She hugs him tight, she doesn't know how to respond, but she closes her eyes.

          CHARLIE: (softly) Shh?

          She kisses his shoulder. He reciprocates by slowly moving to kiss the top of her head. She moves and kisses his neck, causing him to kiss her forehead. They then both kiss one another's cheeks. They break apart and look at one another, searching one another's eyes. Despite what happened?they can only see the need to help, protect?and love. The prospect alone draws their lips together in a passionate embrace. They fall back on to the bed with CHARLIE on top. He pushes her coat and top off and rolls her over so he is on top. He kisses her neck and she rips his top off. The camera shows him writhing on top of her, and as he does so?.large black scales begin to form on his back?

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          ALAN TUDYK as TOOLE
          JEFF KOBER as RACK


          Special Guest Star:

          Extremely Special Guest Star:


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            If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and i usually comment on the feedback as well!


            - Considered the mid-season finale, although not so much mid-season!

            - One of the more popular episodes of Season One and indeed the series.

            - Features Amber, (author of Rogue Redemption) as the school girl.

            - Mr Goddard is based on me surprisingly enough. I'm not a teacher, only the name is based on me as Goddard is my surname!

            - The first episode where The Fates are given their names.

            - The first episode to feature Lena Olin's character, who is not yet named in this episode!

            - The closing scene between Xak and Charlie is one of the most important scenes of the whole series. You'll find out why...eventually...
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